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The celebrated .Mr Combe of Edinburg’, is now
in Poston where lie in about to commence a aeries
of Lectures on his favorite science, Phrenology, Mr
C. is already favorably known, to the literary and
scientific, and his visit to this country must be partic
ularly gratifying to all true disciples of “Gall and
Epurzho m.’*
The results of the Pennsylvania election for In
•peotors, &c, augurs well for Ritner and the good
cause. Heretofore these elections have gone
•gainst the Whigs; but so far. all looks well for our
side, and our friends in that Stale seem to feel en
couraged, if wc may judge from the tone of the
press One paper finishes an account of the results
as follows :—
The sum of the whole matter is this—the Whigs
have done far bettor in every^Whig county nnd g1in- j
id larger majorities, than they had indulged ary I
hopes of doing; and they have cut down the Port r j
counties beyond all expectation. The election of
Mr Ritner, seems to be rendered certain.
JC^The protracted illness of the editor must be
the apology &.c.
rrwo learn from n letter, ^received by n gentlem-in
in this town, from a friend on board tlie U. S. Ship
North Carolina, that Mr. Seth Allen, of this town,
while conversing with some one, on deck, was so
severely injured by the falling of a “bolstcrer,” not
properly secured, which hit him on the head, that lie
survived but a few minutes.
In i owdoinhum, on Sabbath morning Inst, by Or- •
ringlon Lunt Esq. Mr SamuklH. ‘u l.rwia ofj
}*• rtland, to Miss Dolly S. Lunt of the former^
7n Phipaburg by Andrew Reed Esq, ('apt Horatio
mu. of . ruiisvvick, to Miss Rebecca Rogers of P.
! y the N iiiio, Mr homas Oliver, of l’hipsburg, to J
Bliss Hannah ,Greenlow of Georgetown.
•*. ' 1H IUI -— ——---——
.yk€s£ haRIvr list.
pnbr of n<§T*f~
O •*oher, 4'h.
Tl.-ig CVy Ion, Kwllcy, Boston;
S« li. Planet Robinson, do;
Oct. 6 Srh. Ri I rn >nd, Croo! er, f iveiponl N. 5.
Ship Orient, B i il«»y. »t;t ITr*. 25 I tv*. left
Ati;.r. 2!) Him* Cussander* dnm ell.fl'i B p'lin.
next day; Fliza Allen for Salem, 6 days;
Oatridgc, IInmmond, Boston, 4 days; Clar
issa Ann. Mnnson Bntli, 4 days; ship Calu
met for Boston, 10 days. I.at 42 15. Ion.
('0. spoko ech Only Son, 9 days from Gland
Ort fir Samuel Bartlett, Boston.
Col 7 hr Austin, Burrinston, I’rovidenee.
Sch Comet, Fkolfie'd, loston ; sch Azora,
I ensont, Mnib'ehcnd. ^
Oct 8 f h Manchester, Bosworth,Cadiz, 32 days Halt
to Geo. F. & J, rattens
Cct 10. i r ClnrissA Ann, Mnnson, St T'hes, 35 dav
Salt to S. (Iiiughton—left shipOn'arin,To ry
from Math & Calumet f ont Salem, in a few
day*. . Spoke br Henrietta of Portland 35
fCys from Amsterdam going in to St. Lbos.
fc«t. 3 Ship c heflicld, Bortor, Baltimore.
Jr Talleyrand, Flitncr, Barhadoas.
Br Llewi llyn, Adams, Berbicc.
Fr.h Adeline Co Wolf, St Domingo.
Get 6 Br Mississippi, (new) Schofield, St Croix. ‘
Br Cornelia, Gray, Guadaloupe.
Sch Texas, Small Baltimore.
Cat 7, Br Christiana, Cox, Baltimore.
Sch Boston, .1 core, do.
Brig James,Millay, Guadaloupe.
Ar at Savannah, Sept 27, ah Robert Isaac, from
At Sydney, 24th tilt, sell Hudson, of Bath, wait- j
in" cargo.
At Birtou, lHth nit Androscoggin, for Full River. '
waiting. /!
At St Then 2d ult. ship Ontario, Torrev, for Bath,
6 days: br < larissa Ann. Mnnson Bath, next day.
Ar at New Oilcans 20th, hr Somerset, Lewis, St
Maika Cl 27th, sch Mt Moriah,Hawthorn St Marks, j
At Philadelphia, Cth, bark Cftsilda, 'J heobaid,
At Newport 2d Mary, and Pochahontas, Thom
•aston for Now York. 2d I.ovo and lfe:o, Bangor f r .
N Haven; Franklin, 'I homnatnn, for Now York;
Robert and Rowland, La hoc for New Haven; Mac
donough, Hancock, Me for 5. Carolina
At Warri-n 2d, Grnnviilo, Thotuuston; 4th Maria
Jane, Gridmer.
At Fall River 4th, sell Susan, Pedloton, Bnn»or. j
At Salem 2d,Orr, Range-; Mt Hope, 'I hotiuuiun,
Antaret, Belfast; Rerthiu Pitcher, (irland.
At Portland 8<!.»ch On Jackson, Horton, Pan-j
per; New Packet, Colson,do ; si Traveler, Earn- i
*nn, Augusta, 4th, *ch honing, Dodge. Bangor ; si j
Poston Backet, Warren, Prospect for Hull, nth schs
Ira, Rider, rl homaston; Champion, Crowell, Hamp
den ; George Boyd, Belfast ; Gilchrist, Past
port; Flizabeth, Knight, Belfast, 6th schs Granito,
Hariis Bucksport; Eliza Ann; Burgess do; Edward,
Me rill, Frankfort.
Cl br George Turner, Hunt, Path.
At at Poston, 2d, sch Boston, Woodward, Bruns
wick ; Comet, Young, Belfast ; Peggy & Polly,
Hodgkins, Westport; Albion, Rich, Bangor ; Trux
i!lo, Ginn Rucksport; bark Valhalla, Stevens, New
castle 6th Mary (’ole, Watts, Pictou. C’l Eliza
Petse) Morse, Camden. Ar 7th, br M'Lellan, Lnr
rnbee, (of Rath) Havana 21st nit. Telegraphed, ship
Wm & John, of Tbonjaston, from Liverpool, 28th
Fehoojier Ftatirn, Morrison, for New Haven, nut
in to New York 28th Pept., in distress, having lost
the Capt (Ryan) and two men, of Yellow' Fever,
and split and blowed away hsi sails in the lute gale,
•o as to render the vessel unmanageable, with no
other help than that of one man ai d the cook, the
latter a Green Hand. She wag towed in by a piloj
AND other goods suitablo for the season, now
opening, by
OTIS KIMBALL.No. 4 Central wharf
Bntli Oct. 11th 4w
J^MBS F/RRIN ofBath has assigned tome
all Ilia property ofovery descriprion, uut'rxumptcd
hy law from attachment, for the benefit of his
eroditors, and threo month* are allowed to hP
cteditors to become parties to the same.
HENRY T.-ILLM^N. Awignoe
Hath Oct. 11, TS38. Iw
To the linn Nathaniel Groton Judge of
Prohate &lc for the County of Lincoln.
WILLIAM C. STINSON of Richmond in
said County of Lincoln, guardian of Charles
Umbc-.h ud, Junior of tho sulu Richmond, a n »n
compos mentis person, respectfully repr* -soots j
[lint the jut debts of the Raid Cli-'Hes Umbethind j
Jr., amount to twelve hundred dollars more than 1
liis personal Estate—that the Raid Charles is the ow
ner of several lots of land, aoperated from liis home
stead Inrm, which it is fir the rdvun’nge of said
Cnnrles to have *osld—the said Guardian therefore
pravathat lie rmiv he licensed and empowered to sell
I ho lots of land invent! red Israel ft.Dale lot 44 acres.
Leonard Dale lot 65 a>r •«», S tiitii lot 4 f acres or so
much oftlie same as may he necessary to pay the
debts aforesaid, together with incident charges.
Aug. 22d 1338. 23
1JNCOLN, as.—At a Probate Court bell nt
A Richmond w ithin and or the County of Lin
coln, on the twenty-filth day of September A D
J833. Oil the fnregoirg petition, ordered that 'h
sa d petitioner give notieo to all parsons interested
in said estate to appear n! a court of Probate to lie
li ddcti at Wiscasst ton the first Monday • f Decem
lii r next, by causing a copy of sai l petition with
tills order to hi> publi-hed til oo weeks successively
pr* v oiH 11 said Court in the Lincoln Tolegnphu
newspaper printed in Hath i i said Countv.
NATHANIEL GROTON, Judge of Probate.
To the Hon. Mathanid Groton Judge o
Probate within and for the County of
fc’H VLit Admin 8’iahix on the estate of M INO f
<!ROV ER late ol /,’ichmoml, in said County, de
ceased, '! h it the pursonal Estate id the said deceas
ed! it not sufficient by the sum of one hundred and
fifteen dollars sixty n in’! cents, to answer the just
debts which lie owed: there o e p a that she may
he empowered a pi lisensed (u g II so much of the •
Ren! Estate of the said deco- s. d «•* may he sufficient .
to raise ti c said sum with the incidental c harges: j
<ti public or private silo and agreeably to the statute j
iu such cusb made and pr >virlwL her
m ark
LINCOLN, SS. At a Probata Court held at Rich- ’
mot d .vithin and lor the County of Lincoln, on the
2"»th day of copti m'jer A V)- 183-1 On the Ibro
gomg . Petition, ordered, that the paid petitioner
•ii\c notice to ail perRom interested in said Estate,
to appear at a court of Probate to he holdcn at Wis
oasset on the third day of December next, by ciivk
mg a copy of said P. titiou with this orch r to be
puhli-hcd three week* suee.es ively previous to said ,
Court iu the Lincoln Telegraph at Hath.
Copy Attest HA ML. GRO TON, Judge of Pro.
M. Sil A VV , Il« gr.
SllJUiurr a *-Vi L> Isj .
rtTVNKEN «»n execution nndto bo sold nt Auction
M on the Premises, «»ti Moiid ay the fifth Day of
November next, at ten o’clock in the forenoon, all
lint ILglit in Ecu tv which George Mansion has to
redeem the fallowing Real Estate in Bath, and
!> untied S. utlterly hv the 20 foot road hiding
! a ferly from Front Street by land of ill* heirs ol
f onj mi n Davenport, Easterly by a 10 foot Lane,
Northerly by I md of'John Wilkinson and Poire?,
Westerly hv p.-irce’s land and land of Mrs. Gage
ami said Marstons she • lot. and Northerly by said
Store h t. and VV«Mterly by •■aid Street, the same
h.ivii g b ?en mortgaged to David G Magoun and
L i ver Moses*
R SMALL, Dept. Sheriff.
Hath Oct.G. 18 S3 j
"Tt^O ho S'dd al Public Auction, at the Hotel of
8J llr.-.vry Johnson in Augusta in the County of
Kennebec, on Saturday the 5241h day » f Novemder
next, al ten o'clock #-\. M all the right ’illo and
iiiter.iat that J* dm Puls, Into of Belgrade, Ksq de
ceased, had ;»» the time of hi- do case, in end to the
I’.vin : <1»m r.he I Pi reels of Real E-fate, situated
in the (hmn v of Lincoln and state of A/.iinti, t» vvit;
Pho West l*2 of lot No. 2 Range. 3d. on Rock
woods plan of live mils lot No. rt in Richmond—
containing in all 107 acres more or less.
All that part of the Smith 1-2 of lot No 3. Range
1. Titeoinlfs plan of said five, mile lot No 8 , lying
between Yeaton'ii lot mid the river road, fiacres,
more ol css.
West half of lor No. 2 Range G, between B Read
Jr's and mt e dd Smil. Harlow,containing GO acres
more or h -s in all.
A I land between high and low water mark, cm;
C. lihc-c e Pond, n • cal|« cl in Richmond.
Lot No. 1M un Mrlkt: rkni. s plan of great I*»is
1;>,V1 1, in \\ ; . c uMiiinit g ill nil ucrea .
mom nr ln-*J an I 01 l.nl the
All mull Pitta rijlit nt the time of Ilia rlrcoam to j
ilia S. ullioi lv half of lot Nn.GFirat Ilnnge un Rook-|
wood, plan iif n iniln lot No. a in Riclliiionrl, boun- j
drd ivfM'v ''V Inn! of S. P Blair. I
WI!.i.1 \M S BU.BDGE, .dilinini
"it ‘20. IBIH.
ft ST the arlithi, •' -ale l:v
OTIS KI.VlbALL, Central Wharf
llatlr Oct 1 Hi_4 iv.
Cfen the thirtieth day of Si p'omhcr last South
j?|\lsl friniiSeguin ahinit hmr leagues distant.nil
n,mt thirteen I'. ct long with ocm sail, one pair of
o r -. one 11 lid. T ilt, two K-ga ilirecC.ulli-li Lines,
on,- Trunk cnntaininiiig n a kerel gear, in • Furkin,
three Ibi-s mnrkid ll. N. Ilillnn. mm ptur Bants,
liwi Oil Cloth Ibirve.s, onenld pair Puntaloona, an
about nnc half quintal of Scalcfisli.
lie owner can lir.vn Said limit together with the
iihovcn lined articles,by proving propertv and pay
ing ein, g s and applying to—JOHN ANDREWS
JR at It < I vn’ting a iUJ3 at tl ’ 't.i ny il tr '"I
Oft 11.1 *38 _ 3 S3
MEETING of the Inhabitants of Pnth qinli
j$ tied hv law to vote on town all'airs will be held
nt Ills I own Hall, on Monday Hie twenty second
day of October A. D. 1HS3 ut 2 o'clock in the after
noon, fur the w»i ction of tow n business—as more
particularly set out in the warrant fur said meeting.
1 nth, October 4lh 1333.
JOSHU A PAGE ) Selectmen
NATll’L GROTON > Hath.
WHEREAS the undersigned lias been accused of
slandering Mrs Rachel Farrin,he freely declares
that he has no recollection of using, and firmly be
lieves he never did use.tlio language mistakenly as
cribed to him; and that whatever hasty expressions
were used on the occasion wero applicable to another
person, whom he well knew, and not to Mrs I urrin,
with whom helms little acquaintance. And ho also
declares t. ut helinows nothing of .Mrs Farrin,accuses
her of nothing, and regrets lliut any thing he lias
been supposed to suy, may liuve been consideied
injurious to her chniac;er. 1,0, L.li'1 JORDAN,
tigned in Presence of tiLNjAJJlN RANDALL,
t ept. 7, 1638.
The Zion s Advocate and Faatern 1 aptist wil
please copy the above, and forward theii bibs to this
JTR) H E Subscriber hereby in forms tho public, that
bo In.h lately received, & has now on hand
]iute a variety of Watches, Silver Spoons, Jewelry
•I all kinds, IMntcd ware Looking glasses, C'utle ry,
irittaniu and Japaned ware, I tumbles,Thermometers
md other things to numerous to mention,which ho
vould b> very happy to exchange fhreash.
Bath Oct lltb 1838.
Coston Weekly T*mcs.
A BOUT six months have now elapsed sinco the
/ Y4. publicat ion of this sheet was comtnense,:; and
lliow it was then considered an expeiimen*. the re
mit •!'which, owing to the grant competition in the
newspaper pros**, was very doubtful, yet so great
lias been the voluntary accession of names to the ,
subscription list, that itft continuance is now no I ri
gor a matter of doubt and uncertainty. The pub
lisher lias taken no pains heretofore to force the
claims of this paper b. foro the people of New Eng
land. Indeed, it is as yet hardly known, away
from its immediate vicintv.that such a paper exists.
Hut believing as lie does, that it is a publication des
tined, with proper exertion, to become popular
throurout the country, he .is induced to take this
mode ofo tiling public a/tention to it.
The Boston Weekly Times is a miscellaneous
pi p r, made up of the reading matter published in I
the Boston Times (daily) for the entire week, and
thus embracing a quantity of original articles and
selections, well adapted, it is believed, to the taste
of the great mass of readers. Tim Daily Times
having nearly treble the eirrulatbn fo any daily
p: p r ever published in New England, it is but fair
to suppose that the weekly sheet will meet with a;
coresponding encouragement.
Tho Bistun Wftklv Times contains eight large
quait » pages to each number, in fine type—thus em
bracing a quaniit of reading matter seldom to be
found 1» a newspaper sheet. A comprehensive
price currant, and oncu-ional notices of the markets
— news of the results of all the general and local
elections* togillier with a full compendium of the
news of the day—police and other reports—popular
tales, poetry, *Xre. tKro.—from the outline of the plan
upon which this this paper is conducted, and no
partisan politics w ill be permitted to interfere with
its use fulness, and its general adaption to ;ho whole
Tiie price is two dollars per annum in advance*
Postmasters un i o hers who w ill act as agents, and
who actually collect and send tiie mdin v in ad
vance, can retain one fift.i as t'mir commission.
Jjr'Cotiuiry papers throughout Now England,
which will give this two or three insertions, slial
receive the daily » aper lor one year in exeliang ?.
N. E. office N. A. College of Health, 198
Tremont Street Boston,
Citizens op Ratii and Lincoln County
MR. 71. IIYDF. of Bath, lias been duly appointed
Agent for the sale of l he IV III A IN PIT KG ATI V U
1*1 |.|>, in tho County of Lincoln, an I he has this day
received his certificate of Agency together with a supply
of the Pills. Of him you can be assured ol obtaining thu
genuine Pills. For full particulars of the Exlrfn.rdi
nar y Fffi.ca.ry of the Indian Purgative Pills
read the*following and an advertisement in another part
ofthis paper.
It is writ fen in the book of Nature and Com
mon Sense, that the natural vegetable
productions of every climate, are sufficient,
if properly applied, to heal all the diseas
es incident to that climate.
A V C E with the vie vs of the mow learned physiolo
gists who have ever examined into the effects of vegeta
ble medicine upon the human system. It is a fact equal
ly notorious that the aboriginal inhabitants ofthis coun
try have attained a greater shill in the administration of
the simple remedies of nature, than the most scientific
physicians have,been able to compass with all their
nostrums. This fa^t has induced the North American'
College of Health to examine minutely into the medi
cines used by the most distinguished Indian doctors, nud
to subject them all to those chemic al tests so necessary
for ascerD* in'iig their precise effect upon the human sys
tem The result of these examinations and tests,preser
ved in for several years, is the compounding of a simple
and cheap vegetable medicine which the proprietors con
fidently believe, if administered seasonably, and in the
more incipient stages of disease, is adequate to the cine
of ail the “ills of the flesh” engendered in this climate.
piuce 25 errs per box.
ffT AII communications or applications for Agencies
must he addressed thus, office N. A. College of
Health, 19S Tremont street, Bolton.’'
NEW goodsT
D.4X1 EL M/HISTON has just received a new
'i.ssonnn nt of Domestic Goods—Pd *t Cloths
Br*»ad Cloths, Cassimerus «fcc., &p.
a great assortment of Groceries and Provisions,
liutli, O.-t 4tli 1333. tfJl
Sheriffs Sale.
IINCOI.N ss — October 3d 1833. Taken on ex
i ocution and will be soli at public auction on
Monday tlic ninetountli day of November A. D.
1838—at one o'clock in tlic afternoon, on tlic pre
mises in Lisbon in said C>Unty,all tlio riglit in
equity ofNatlianinl Jones of icdeuming n dwelling
bouse and lot of land and on undivided half ol a
Grist Mill, machinery, gear and water privilege be
ing Biluatc in Lisbon at Little River (so ceiled)—
which riglit in equity I attached on the original w rit.
JOHN SOUTHARD, Deputy Slieritr.
Sheriffs Sale.
LINCOLN hs.—October 3d 1333. Taken on
execution and will ho sold at public auction
on .Monday the nineteenth day of November A.4).
1-38, at 10 o'clock in tliu forenoon at William Cards
Spire in Hiiwdoin in said County, all tlio right in
I quitv of William Card of redeeming the real Es
t;,, wlterenn said Card now lives in said Riiwdnin
ami two iilliei parcels of land Hoar thereto— which
rinlit ill cquitv 1 iittaehed on llie nrigin.il writ.
3w27 " SIMEON P.dlNE, Coroner.
18 hereby given that the subscriber lias been duly
appointed administrator of tlio estate of John
Foule lute of Woolwich ill tlu County of Lincoln,
honsewright, deceased, and has taken upon himself
that trust hy giving bonds as the law directs. All per
sons having demand) against said deceased’s estate,
are requested to exhibit the same, and all persons in
debted to the same are called on to make paymeut.
Woolwich, Pept 29, 1833.
JA.ME' iM. SOULE, Administrator.
Rare Chance.
170R Sale, tlic following real Estate in Bntli. viz., the
. large two Story Brick House situated on the corner
of Washington nn I North Stiects.
Also, the lot of Innd opposite said House fronting a
Ixiut six rods on VVaahingtou street and eight rods on
North Stnet.
A 1*0, the two stores next north of that occupied by
Messrs Z. Hyde & Co.
Will also Fh> ruI I, one half of the low deck Sell Mar
garet, burthen 110 ton* about 6 years ol I.
AII of the above property will lie sold at Auction on
tlio premises on Thursday the eleventh day of October
next at 10 o’clock A. M. unless previously disposed of
at private sale. Terms made known at time of sale.
For further information apply to
Bath, Sept. 20th
TO ho Bold, in pursunn-e of the Inst Wii| of
John McFaddon late of Georgetown in tlm
County of Lincoln yeoman, deceased, nt the Com
mercial Hojso in Bath on Thursday tho
eighteenth day of October n*’Xt at 2 o’clock
P M.f nil the li^ht, title end interest which the said
MeFndden Ini^ in the #*»Ho wing 'Icscrihf d Lots of
Laud, si mi aiu on Arotisiek Islai.d in said Gcorm
tow n, \ iz.
One Lot 'containing eight acres morn or Jess m d
I ouaih-d, west on K-nn. l'cc River; no th on land
Willi.a n and Woodbury Potter; east hv the Drum
mond Marsh, so cal ed, and south by land of Lave
Ilea!; with t;u; Iniildings th.ire.on.
Also —One Lai! the double saw mill together with
one half of m'I ilia land, piling plan s, a id vvatejg
Iirivijeges, unto tile same belonging, situate on
-land, called and known bv the numb of Potter’
Jftrin—r^no b*f. situate on said Island, boundeil
west by Konnebei. River; nor.li oil land of James
and John Stinson ; o«*t bv land in possession of
Andrew MoF.idden and s u’li hv the heir* of John
and Gordon Snipe.coului ling GO acres tnoro or
Also One hit of Marsh on hack River in said Gcnrije
t"wn and hounded north on Marsh of Ezekiel
Drummond; east on Benjamin S.vcit, ur-d s«*utli
ami vest on said B Mijamin S.vett, con! lining lour
acres more or less.
—One other lot of marsh on hack River, ,
bounded north on marsh owned bv the heirs of John
and Gordon Snipe. East by Bet j. Swetl • south
on back Raver, ami west by Benjamin Swell—f>ur
acres, more or h-sq,
Al-o— Orm Thatch Bed, in hack River, lying at j
the south p it of Bilker’s Point, bo called and houn
dod north by land of Benjamin Svvett ; east and
south by the channel of hark River, and. west by |
Benjamin Swott and Thali.h Eland, containing H
acres more or le*s
Also—A lot of marsh near Potter'* mills bounded
north by marsh in possession of Andrew McFad
den; east hv land of James Preston, south by I nul
of Ezekiel Drummond and we t by a creek—con
taining about two acres—more or less.
Alsou lot of marsh near l otter’s M ills, bounded (
north on >tinson’s Dike, 90 called; Ea-t ■ n the
creek; westerly and southerly on Will.am Pollers j
land—about one acio.
Alsou lot of marsh near Pntte s Mills, bounded j
easterly and west rlv by land of IVm. Potter and ;
southerly by tho M.ll Pond, about t run acres more j
or !®ss
Also a lot of .Marsh bound'd Bontlierly bv tho 1
creek, utid northerly by Win. Potters land—Sucroa j
more or less.
For terms, apply to the subscriber, at Bath.
Bath, September *21 st 1HM.
To the County Commissioners <j the County
of Linrol'i.
Till'* un I.T.i^necl rnflpiwlfuHv ro;<n‘.Pnt, I lilt ;i
npwHcnd Irnrn tb* Mnrrvmnnlin^ liriilan in
'j’npsl'iiiii, t iMtiyall’R Fncturv at Lhbiin, wntilri bn
nfamat public umivi ninnce.tbnv thurrforn pray that
tbn same may 1)0 la d out and established according
to Law — 1H3.S.
WILLIAM V. MOSES, un i 93 others.
Lincoln, ss —At a meeting of th.i County
Commissioners begun awl holden at Tops
hum within and for said County, on the
| first Monday of September A I). 1838.
On the foregoing Petit ion, Ordered, that die I’etitimi
e-s give notice to riii persons an 1 corporations interested,
that the County Commissioners will meet at the Merry
j meeting Bii Ige in Topshatn on the 3 th day of October
’ L). 1838, at 10 o’clock, A. I\l., wiien they " ill pro
(cecl to view the mad described in their petition, and
| immediately after, at some convenient place in tin* vi
cinity, will hear the parties an I witnesses*, arid pro “ ao
to do such other things in the promises as by law nia^ ed
required, by cuusing'an attested copy of their petition 1 be
this order thereon, to be served upon the County Attond
ney, an I upon the town Clerks of the towns ofTopsham,
Bowdoin, L sbori, also by posting up copies of the same
in three public places in each of so id Towns and by pub
lish ȣ the same in the Lincoln Telegraph three weeks
successively, the service upon the County Attorney and
upon the town Clerks of the said Towns of Topshuin,
Bowdoin, Lisbon, and post ng up of said Copies, and the
(ir.st publication in the Telegraph to be thirty days at
least before the time of said meeting, that nil persons in
terested, may then an l there appear and shew cause, if
any they h;t\e, why the prayer o. said petitioners should
not be granted.
Attest—J \OOB S’WITH Clerk.
Copy Attest — I U').'i S Ai ITIf Ci. k r k.
Coniimssioners i\ otice.
TMIF un I rsigned, having been appointed by the Judge
of IVobate fir the County of Lincoln Commission
ers to receive and examine the claims of the several
creditors to the estate of
late of Bath in said County, merchant, deceased—repre
seated insolvent, hereby give notice that fix months arc
allowed to said Creditors to bring in and prove llwir
claims; an I that we will attend to that service, at the
office of \\ illiam Torrey in Bath,on the first Monday of
October tu xt, ail I on each first Monday of the lour fol
lowing mouths, at ten o clock in the forenoon of each o
said days.
' WILLIAM TORREY, > „ - . ra
BENJ. RANDALL J Cummisuuncis.
Bath Au*. 21, 1838. 24
\ 19 I’ci's o is *<
SN DEBT ED t »the subscribers hy tuvo or roc unit,
aro cal ltd upon to make pnmediu'c payment.
I) \NiKIj MARS i ON Jr., Y (’"■
public notice.
M i iis’oI in the C«*uniy of Lin c oin i.iul State ol
Maine had cda’ro hy Mortgage deed dated No- '
vnrnluT 14.h 1818 ami rtrotdcd in tin* Lincoln Reg- !
isfry Jan, f)lh 1811) L:b. 103 Fed, 131 to the ft 1 low- ^
ing described Real Estate lying in Bristol on Pent- ,
liquid Point so called containing thirty acres more
or less,hounded southerly hy land owned by Eph- |
raiin Tihhctts, easterly hy the sea, northerly hy Jam! I
of 8ainuel Martin and westerly by the town road.
Also, one other I t of land lying on Pcmnquid
Point aloresaid,containing thirty fix arms, more or
less,and hounded southerly by land owned by Wll
lianiNirl.ols, easterly by the town road, northerly by
land of Robert McFar and, Michael Kent and John
Nichols and westerly by Pern quid P tv—and is
Itio same land owned nnd occupied hy George
Rogers the mortgagor, late of Bristol deceased. ,/7rd
whereas the said William Chamberlain on the third
day of July A.I). I'34, assigned said Motlgag.
and Note of hand signed by said George Rogers and
oncJatncs fc5pragoalsol.il*! <>( said Bristol deceased,to
g- liter with all his right tit o and interest therein to
Henry Ci atnbori; in of Bristol aforesaid and w liereas
the conditions of*ho said mortgage intve Itcoit broken,
the said Henry Chamberlain claims to foreclose the
above mentioned mortgage agreeably loan net addi
tional to an act respecting mortgauns and the right
nnd tdnity ofrcdoinpt on Approvt d March 20,1838
Hated at Bristol. th s *24 It do of Seui H38
tlBpprcislice Bi aistul.
'&0-J .vN'l J L) immcdiblt l) , at the printing ! nsi
V *> n«>s, a simrt, active, at.d iiiielligem Ltd,
r.h*,t t 1 r> m Hi years of age N. i»o need apply, tup
is- thev can produce an ph- nacoit men da ions, as id
lioiieslj and good chart.* ter. Good encouragement
will be" riven * ft iipj lication to this Office.
Oct 4 1638— tf 27. ELISHA CL.-./2KE*
liEW i'AlWto®
AMJl/i R. Mi l e HELL, hair received a ne%o as
ncfiV-dU vj giica wliich he i tE ra lor t>nle,ui
lit© Brick Store, owned l.\ Clarke & SevxaJJ'
Bath | Se|it.>26| fpBQ. 3vr2Ci
. v •;
,-— ---—"V*,
To the Tlnn. County Commitsionere at a
Court to be holden at Topthmm, for and
within the County if Lincoln on the third
day of September A. D. 1838.
THE undersigned respectfully request that a pnfdie ,
lighway beginning at Smith's Bridge (so called) on th«
•mid leading from Wiscasset to Aina, or commencing on
raid road on Smith’s hill (so cnWwl) near the road lend
ug to Smith’s .Mill thence running from either point a*
nay seem best in a northerly direclioti soar to strike
icar tie* north east corner of Oaks F un.licit’* back field
[so called) in sai I Aina—thence to branch in two direc
ions, one branch to continue on In a northerly direction
ill it firikes the road leading to Francis Averill’s dwell
ing House in sai l Aina, to the head of the tide Village
fs> called) in said Aina,-the’otber branch to run in a
northeasterly direction so hs to strike the road leading
from sai l AverillV to ' heepe-it B. i Ig**, the last descri
be 1 branch may branch olT by Joseph Lai ton’ft south
line in n northeasterly direction, if in your judgment it
w il appear to be a better rout.
1st. Because ihe road r.ow traveled from Wiscasset
through Aina to Sheepscot Bridge passes over every Hill
end ledge of any magnitude that can be found throughout
ita whole course, nn l its location is such that for the
greater part of the winter season it is blocked up w ith
snow, ho as to render it impassable.
id. If a public highway us above described should be
lit itl out all the ditlicuities and obstruct ions that are now
met with in traveling the road leading from Wiscasset
to Sheepscoi Bridge as it now exists will be avoided—
as a road laid out as prayed for, will pass over a por
tion of tin* Country perfectly level.
3.1. Because by the 1 rati- n of the said road the dis
lanr.e from Wiscasset to tli« head of the tide village will
bo greatly shortened—sai I road will become part of tha
mail route—and the whole astern atld Western travel
will l»e greatly accommodated thereby.
For these and other reasons which will more fully.apr
pear, your petitioners request that a road may be laid
out as prayed for.
JOHN HOLMES, anl thirfy-nino others.
Li.vcoln ps.—At a meitintj of the County
Commissioners btpun and Iwlden at T»ps
ham within and for said County, on the
first Monday if September A. D. 1833.
ON the foregoing Petition,Ordered, That the Petition
ers give notice to all persons and corporations interes
ted, that the County Commissioners-will meet at Sheep
scot I ridge in Aina on the 15(h day November A. I).
1838, at 10 o’clock. A. M. when they will proceed to
view the road described in their petit ion,and immediate
ly nf er, at some convenient place in tiie vicinity, will
hear tin* parties artd witnesses, and proceed to do such
other things in the premises as hv law may be required,
by causing an attested copy of their petition and this or- *
tier thereon. to be served upon the County Attorney, and
upon the town Clerks of the towns of Aina and Wiscasset
also by posting up copies of the same in three public pla- '
ces in‘each of said ToUns, and by \ ubliidiing the same irt
the. LincoInT’elegrnph three weeks successively .the service
npon the County Attorney and upon the Town Clerks of
the said towns of Aina an 1 Wiscasset and posting up of
said copies, and the. first publication in the Telegraph to
be thirty days at least before the time of said meeting,
that all persons intent-tod, may then and there appear
an 1 shew cause, if -my they have, why the prayer of said
petitioners should not be granted.
Attest—JACOB SMITH Clerk.
To the County Commission*fs of the Coun
ty of Lincoln at a Court held at Tops
ham in said County on the first Monday
of Sept ember Jl. 1) 1838.
undersigned respectfully represent, that
J$L a new County road from Merrymneting Bridgn
in Tope'.Him to the upper Turner Bridge at Lend*
in the 0«»uuty <-! Kennebec, will he of great public
c« iivonicnco,thoy therefore pray that the same muy
bo laid out and established according to law.
WILLIAM M. ROGERS,and 207other*.
Lincoln ss.—At a meeting of the County
Commissioners broun and holdcn at Tops
ham within ami for said County, on the
first Monday of September A. D 1838.
ON the firegoing Petition, Ordered, that the pe
titioners give notice to nj! persons and corporation*
interested, that the County Commissioners will
c out at Merry-meeting Bridge in Topfclinni find havo
requested the County Commissione rs of the Coun
tv «»t Kennebec to meet with ilium on the 5th day of
November A. at 10 o'clock,A.M when they
will proceed to \io\v the road described in tlioi
petition, and immediately thereafter, at some c«n_
veni* ut place in the vicinity, vyill hear ti e pnrjie-"
and witnesses, ami proceed to #os"ch other tiling*
in the premises as by law may be required, b*
causing an attest! I copy c* filler petition and lliiy
Larder thereon, t<» be served upon the County Corns
inissioners for tin* said County of Kennebec and ri
se upon the County .tftturnevs for the Counties o
Lineoln and Kennebec upon the town Clerks op
tlie tou?Ls of Tops'.ain, Bowdoin, Lisbon, Wales
Green and Leeds, n’so by posting tip copies of the
s-iim; in three pul lie ph'ccs ill each of said towns,
and bv publishing the same in the Eastern Argus,
being the Newspaper printed by the Printer ro tho
•State.and also m the Lincoln Tf'egrnpli piinted at
Bath in the County of Lincoln and in the Kenne
bec Journal prinie i «t Augusta in the County of
Kennebec three week* successively, the service up
on tho County Attorney* and upon the town Clerk*
oflliu said towns cfTopsharn, Bowdoin, Lisbon,
Wrlrs, Green, Leeds, Monmouth ami Livermore
and posting up of said copies, ami tho first publica
tion in said Newspaper to be thirty days ntleast bo
liire tiie time of said mooting, that all netsnMjiiter*
i stud rr«ay then and there appear, and show^ause,
ifany they havo, why the prayer of said petitioner*
should not be grunted.
Ain-sf: JACOB SMITH,Clerk.
Cony A‘test* JACOB SMITH, Clerk.
3w 20
The Eastern Argus, and Kennebec Journal will
please copy tho above.
To the linn. County Commissioners of the
County of Lincoln at a Court to be held
at Topsham on the first Monday of Sep
tember A. D. 183S.
THE undersigned lull bitnntfiof said County respect
fully represent that a County road from the Merry
meeting Bridge in Topsham to the Cittlmncc bridge in
lhnydoinham, by the way of tlio bridge authorised by
the Legislature over Muddy river, will be of public con
venience; they therefore pray that the same uiny bo laid
out and established according to law.
BENJAMIN RANDALL and 161 bikers.
Lincoln, fs.—At a meeting of the County
Commissioners hi gun untl holden alTops
hamt y'ithin and for said County, on the
first M ndny vf September A. D. 1838.
On the foregoing Petition,Ordered,that the Petitioner*
give notice to nil persons and corporations interested,that
the County Commissioners will meet at Merrjmeeting
Bridge in Topshnm on the 2d day of November A. D.
1S3«, at 10 o’clock, A. M., when they will piorced to
vii wllte road described in their petition, and iuimedi
)y after at some convenient place In the vicinity, will
hear the parties and witnesses, and proceed to do
such other tilings in the premises as by law may be re
quired,by causing nil attested copy of their petition and
this order iln;rcon,t« to be served upon the County Attor
ney, and upon the town Clerks of the towns of Topsbam
anJ Bowdoiulmm also by posting up conies of the *an:o
in three public places in each of said Towns, and by
publishing the same in the Lincoln Telegraph Dire*
weeks succcqpivcdgjt the service upon the County Attor
ney and upon the town Clerks of the said towns dfTo| s
liani and dowdoinham and posting up of said CopttPAn|l
the first publication Hi the Telegmph to be thirty days
a> least before, the limej/l’saidpeeling, tliat all peris as
interested,may then and there appear ami shew cause , it
nny they have,why tins prayer of said peiiooers should not
be granted.
Copy Attest—JACOB MM1TB

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