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T111'1WDAY....... JiMABY 1, Is 80.
Signal Corps* December 31, 187»,
rum. i ■SAA rill, ..ell wind Kis 10.i1., :
_____ a : i ___
4.02 a.m.... 30.47 j 32 .100 i N. 2 *.... : Foggy
»»•» *>.« . ,100 N. 4 .... 'Foggy
B*iA.u 30.48 32 100 N. 5 .....Foggy
2r. m 80.38 42 79 N. 5 ....Clear
8:02 r. M. . . . . 30.33 3a 82 N. W. 3■■ ■ . Clear
M .x. ther., 44 degrees. Mm. ther., 27 legrets.
Sacramento river, at 11 p. a., 15 feet 4 inches.
Weather Probabilities^
Washington, December __ls,t—Midnight.-Indica
tions for Pacific coast regions : Clear, except rain in
the North Pacific.
Races it Agricultural Park Saturday.
Public installation— Sons of Temperance.
Attention, Republican Sailor Boys.
Sacramento Battalion, I. 0. O. F., to-night.
Dr. Henry Slade, medium.
Military orders from Colonel Haymond.
Card of thanks— Sar jfleld Guard.
Auction Sale.
Crow ell & Caverly, Friday— Well kept furniture.
* Business Advertisements.
Ackcrmafl .': Co., crockery and glassware.
Lindley & Co.'s announcement.
A grand success— Lightning sawing machine.
To the public— C. 11. Stevens & Co. .
Report of the National bank of D. O. Mills & Co.
California Artificial Stone Paving Co.
11. N. lam',, oak-tanned belting and fcose.
Paciflc Business College San Francisco.
Iron pipe for gas and water— Montague Si Co.
Fairbanks' scales Huntington, Hopkins it Co.
Hostetter's bitters.
Ackerman A Co., glasswire, etc. ' •
Glidden's barb wire Jones & Givens.
Notice to those who stole wooden sausages.
Notice to creditors of insolvent.
Price's famous California carvers
Furnished house to let.
Buyers get their luckiest bargains.
No more rheumatism or gout.
[Written for the Hreo.ii.-I"sio>-. I
In Spare tti.
A year! a year!
A hope ! a fear !
Like ripples on tho stream.
Like moonlight's fading beam,
They come; they pass.
Ah me ! alas !
This life is vapor,
A flickering taper.
Pr flowing sympathies, in surging sorrows,
In hopeful ecstacics, in glad arrows,
This rapid [-resent runs its winding race,
And man at last awakes in death's embrace.
A truth! a l.c !
, A jay ! a sigh !
Flow, mingling, as a wave
That makes a oommon grave
For good and ill.
Hysteric is still—
Its surface vexed,
Its depths perplexed *
.th adverse passions that will never rest,
The art is teething in its troubled breast ;
Eager for joy, its seizes present pain,
And worships phantom allies o'er again.
A birth ! a breath !
A toil ! a death !
Then ope's the dreary tomb
To which all flesh must" come,
And life is done
Its goal is won ;
Dreams all are ended,
Plans all expended.
In awful silence now, the dust, asleep,
Throbs with no love, nor heeds if friendship weep.
The marble cold, the Bower-enameled knoll,
Conceal and guard the dwelling of a soul.
A soul ! a sin .
Ah, how and when
Shall these disparted be?
What healing ministry
Of suffering grace
For Adam's race
Has weeping heaven
In mercy given ?
A loving presence shines upon our night :
Incarnate truth diffuses living light ;
Man dies to sin, then dies no more forever.
But dwells in God, to be dissevered never. 0
Incorporations.— There were filed yesterday in
tbe otfice .if the Secretary of State articles of incor
poration of the Security Loan and Trust Company.
Capital, 850,000, in shares of $100 each. Directors-
K. 11. Magill.H. a. Palmer, F. B. Haswell, Charles
V. Hall ami J. II? Thine. The principal place of
business will be in Oakland Also, articles of in
corporation of the Joseph Mining Company — to'
operate in Calaveras county. Capital, (10, ,000,
in shares of $100 each. Directors— C. x. Hobbs,
liv. on Joseph, E. C. Sinrrletary, M. B. Levy and M.
A. Cat-hot vis... articles «.f incorporation of the
Bay city Insurance Company. Capital, 8200,000, in
shares of 8109 each. Directors — James L. King,
Edward Pulton, P. Crowlej . John Lloyd and Edward
Cbattin Also, articles of incorporation of the
Oakland Insurance Company. Capital, $200,000, in
shares of $100 each. Directors— ___. G. Cole, W. E.
Miller, George L. Bradley, George Vi. Grayson, J.
P. l>yar, A. v:. Dietz, Wallace Everson, A. J. Ral
ston, D. E. Martin, W. 11. Criin and Edward E. Pot
ter ... Also, articles if incorporation of the Texas
Consolidated Gold and Silver Mining Company.
Capital, $10,000,000, in shares of $100 each. Direct
ors—John K. Cr use, O. 11. Spencer, F. K. Catton,
George J. Bucknall and T. K. Keith Also, a cer
tificate of reuse of capital stock and continuance in
existence under the codes of the Germania la ling
and Loan Association of Sacramento— the increase
being from J. 600 shares to 10,000 shares Crtifi
cat..- of increase of capital stock of tbe California
Artifldal Stone Paving Company from $50,100 to
$100,006 Certificate of incr ase of capital stock
of the North Bleo • fi.ai.l Gravel Minim.' Company
from $5,000,000 to $10,000,000 Certificate of dimi
nution of capital stock of the Los Angeles Oil Com
pany bom $1,000,000 to $50,000 Certificate of
diminution of capita] stock of the Saratoga and Lick
Mill Paper Manufacturing Company from $180,000
to $18,000 Certificate of diminution of capita]
stock of the Los Angeles County Lank from .$300,000
to $100,000.... Certificate of diminution of capital
a-:..!, a.i the Farmers' and Merchants' Bank of Los
Angeles from $00,000 to $200 000. .. .Certificate of
Intention of the Continental Silver Mining Company
and the North Hlo ainrtjlai Gravel Milling Company '
to contiuue in existence under the provisions of the
Arrests for the Year.— During the year ending
at 12 o'clock list night the police mado2,lr__6arr
as follows ; Violating city ordinance, 115 ; disturb
ing the peace, 400 ; battery, 201 ; petit larceny, 188;
misdemeanor, 64 ; grand larceny, 75 ; burglary, 150;
robbery, .'4 ; embezzlement, 12; insane, "~ ; insane
en route, 57 ; drawing and exhibiting deadly weap
ons, 11 ; carrying concealed weapons, 8 : cruelty to
animals, 5; threats against life, 5 ; felony, 3 ; ma
licious mischief, 17; deserters from United States
,i, and navy, - ; manslaughter, 1: deserting a
child, 1 ; vagrancy, 104 ; suspicion of murder, 7 ;
kidnaping, 1 ; resisting an officer, 6 : escape fr.eu
city jail, 1; delirium tremens, S ; false imprison
ment, 1; keeping disorderly hous-8, 10; forgery, 5;
garrotlng, 4 ; gaining, 22 ; violating United States
Revenue law, 1 ; bribing a witness, I ; extortion, l ;
attempt to commit rape, 1 ; violating election
law, 2: fraudulent voter, 1; crime against
nature, i ; exposure of person, 6 ; murder,
4; escape frmn Oakland jail. 1; perjur .
6; dis iirbim; ideal meetings, 8; ction. 1;
defaulting jurors, 8: a«Biult, 4 ; assault to do a:
bodily injury, 6;. assault with deadly weapon, 5;
keeping bouses of ill-fame, 5; absconding debtors,
0 , sick people, 13 ; safe keeping, 142 ; (ran 1 ;
prisoners en route, Hi: arson, 11; suspicious char
acters, 80; false pretenses, fl; assault to commit
murder, 16 counterfeiting, 1; defaulting wit
ness a, 10; keeping opium dens. 11 ; buying and
receiving stolen property, 6; detained witnesses, 21;
suspicion of burglary, 4 ; haying bnnrlars" tools hi
possession, 4; rumiway boys. 39; runaway gills, 7 ;
drunks, 119. Tie nnmber of ''lodgers" accomm >-
dated with beds during the year was „i.
Xbw Tsar Socials.— At Central Hall las: evening
the Mechanics' Benevolent Union gave its first grand
Hall. Thft proceeds go to aid the sick fun. 1. There
was a fine attemkuice. The ball was neatly de in
rated md adorned with cveig-recr.s, mottoes and In
scription-. The ni':. '_ hi, was excellent and the
ball as. ialaueceaA Mr-. Chindkr spread '.:.■ sap
per. The committees were: Arrangements J. B.
llaffcrtv, M. MeK nm. G. B. Man, W. T. Ddlman ;
Reception— C. W. Biker, Robert Patterson, Burr
Love, Dani.l Fiynn ; '.''.■■ Director, C. E. Leon
ard ; Floor Commiticc— Andrew Charlatan, E. B.
Os er, Robert Barry, John 11. Collin-.. The Heiter
kcit Social Club itave last evening its usual Sew
Year's Eve ball. It was held at Turner Hall. There
was a very 1 rr.'C attendance, and a social and happy
result flowed from t he reunion. At niV.ni.rht, when
leap year was ushered In. tho ladies took charge of
the party and asserted their right to choose part
ners. The Club man iscment if the ball was under
thee* committees: Reception— E. Higolaluln, Cl ■.
Fuchs. J. Holier, A Weitzel, J. Weitzel, H. Stober,
N. CoffleM; Floor Diro lor. 11. Doha; Floor Com
mittee—Cu* Hugelatcin, E. Tamumui, T. J. Cerri
Further List tor New Year's Callers. — In ad
d tion to the list of names already published of
lilies who receive New Year's callers to-day, tie
fallowing announcements are made: Mrs. R. W.
Wilcox, 1020 F street, between Tenth and Eleventh,
will rcoeive, assisted by Mrs. J. V. Cheeney, Mrs.
H. C. Kirk, Miss Parry, of San Battel, Miss Bene
dict, of Oakla' d, iliss Kitty Tyrrell/Miss Wait and
Miss Lillie Wilcox . Mrs. 8. Katzenstein, with Mrs.
P. F. Dolan and Miss Annie Walker, will receive
from 1 p. a. till 10 p. M. at the residence 143 _S
street, between Fifth and Sixth. [No wines.l
Mrs. Bonte and daughters, with Misses An Nich- .
ols, Hattie Mitchell and Emma Gee, will receive at
the residence of Rev. J. 11. C. Bonte, corner Fif
teenth and G arrets . Mrs. W. 11. S. Foye will re
ceive at her residence, Third and o streets, assisted
by Mrs. Arthur Nicholls, Miss Stevenson, Miss Grace
Kellogg, of San Fraucisco, and Miss Lucy K. Nioh
atll — Misses J ,-i,- and Annie Rogers will receive
at the residence Fifth and N streets Miss Bauer,
assisted by Miss Mamie Paine and Miss Alena
Smith, will receive at the residence of Miss Bauer,
Third and J streets. [No wines.]
Personal.— Hon. J. K. Luttrcll and ex-Governor
Latham were among the passengers who went East
by yesterday's train. Mr.-. S. B. Gregory and two
children, of Sacrament ', will arrive by this morn
ing's train from the East. Senator B. J. Watson, of
Nevada county; Assemblyman A. Bennetti, of So
lano county; Assemblyman J. L. York, of Santa
Clara county ; Senator J. L. Salterwhite, of San
Bernardino county , Assemblyman Charles Mullr >l
land, of P. amis and Lassen counties, were in to.vn
yesterday. So also were D. M. K'.i.tU-'d, Controller
bM ; Judge T. P. oney, of Napa; 11. P. Liver
more, ..I San Francisco, and Hon. Gootffr Q. Blati
chard, of P!_.cer»ille " Uncle" John Gardner,
janit at the City Ball, who has been very ill of
pneumonia, is convalesing and will soon be out.
Clara Mori is and Iter husband, W. C. Harriott,
passed em. i yesterday, to arrive here January
4th. H. C. Lathrop, agent C. I' K. K. steamers,
whose health has n.i been of tbe best lately, goes
to Yuma, A. T., to-morrow, for a month, to recu
Temperature for DasßEaaaa, 1878. — The tamper
■tore, as computed by S. H. Gerr.sh, from observa
tions in this city at fa A. m., 2 i: m. and 9 i". a., is as
follows for December : The mean temperature for
the month, 4.">. 11 ; warmest mean day, the 2d, 56" ;
warmest "extreme, the Ist, 63"; coldes". mean day,
the 25th, 27.85"; coldest extreme, .the 2.lth, 18*.
Frost on the sih. lath, 14th, 15th, 21st, 23.1, 24th,
25th, 20th, 27th, 2Mb, 29th, 30th and 31st. The
mean temperature for December, 1878, was 40.51" ;
1877, 47.16' ; 1876, 42.25' ; 1875, 50' ; 1874. 39 50".
Rained on the Ist, 2.1, 3d, 4th, sth, 6th, 7th, 9th,
10th, 16th, 17th, 19th, 20lh, 21st, 22d and 2Sth-a
total of 2.938 inches. In December, ls7S, but .4SB
of an inch fell. The mean temperature for the year
1879 was 57.67*; 1878. 68.2:1'; 1377, 61.25"; 18".(i,
61.74' ; 1875, 02.50*( 1874, 59.50". Total rainfall for
1b79, 21.596 inches.
Police Court.— ln the Police Court yesterday
Cyrus McClintock was held to answer on a charge of
burglary. The charge of contempt of Court pend
ing against John Ebcrhardt was dismissed. He
was tried on a charge of disturbing the peace, con
victed and fined $32 50. The case of John H. Duffy,
for malicious mischief, was continued until January
2d. A. 11. Hajiemau pleaded guilty on a similar
charge, and was fined $5. .]..., Menke, also arrested
for malicious mischief, forfeited his bond by not ap
pearing in Court. Duncan McGregor was tried and
found guilty of disturbing the peace, and fined
•sl2 60. Ah Li c, charged with petit larceny, was di _-
charged, no complaint having been filed again.it
bim. The' eases of An Jim and Ah Tim, for violat
ing tue wash-home and fire ordinances, were con
tinued until to-morrow. Mrs. P. stwick was ad
judged guilty of disturbing the peace, and fined
ill 50.
Land Office Statistics.— The United States Land
Office, Sacramento, is the business center of the
Sacramento Land District. El. P. Taylor is Regis
ter and Hon. 11. O. Beatty Receiver of Public
Moneys. The 'following is a summary of the busi
ness transacted at the office for the year ending
December 31, 18"9 : Total number of homestead ap
plications filed, 355; acres embraced therein, 44,000;
final homestead certificates issued, .."..".: acres em
braced therein, 18,000; pre-emption declaratory
statements filed, 2B2; acr l cs embraced then 31,
--0 pre-emption cash tn ries made, 100 ; acres em
braced therein, 25,000 ; applications filed for mineral
land, including placer, quartz, copper and iron, 55 ;
number of cash entries of mineral lands, 40; appli
cations for timber lauds, -l ; cash entries for timber
lauds, 4 ; timber culture entries, 3; desert land en
tries, 1, acres applied for as desert land, 440.
County Jailer's Report.— According to the re
port of County Jailer Newbert, 91 persona were
confined in the jail in December. Of these, 1 »■_.-.
for murder, charged with murder 4, assault to mur
der 1, assault 1, threats to commit crime 1, burglary
14, grand lan. ii, petty larceny (second offense) 2,
petty* larceny 20, battery 2, forgery 1, vagrancy 13,
disturbing the peace 1", robbery i, misdemeanor 1,
insane 2, drawing weapon 1, for safe-keeping 2, em
bezzlement 1. There are now 48 remaining in the
jail. The others were disposed of as follows: Sen
tences expired 22, by orocr of the Court 0, sent to
hospital 2, sent to Insane Asylum 1, released on sat
isfying Sues 1, sent to San Quenthl IX, released for
want i.l charge 3, escaped from Constable Harvey
while en route to trial 1, commitment recalled and
prisoner taken away 1, out on bond 1, out on his
recognizance 1.
The Lagoon Mi rher.— Yesterday Joseppe lii
marte and David Beveredge, charged with the mur
der of Charles Ballen, the sheepherder, appeared
before Justice Alexander for preliminary examina
tion. On consent of the parties, the case was con
tinued until Monday, January 12th, at II p. M.
Beveredge was admitted to bail in the sum At, rfl.'.
--000, each of his four bondsmen qualifying the
sum of $5,000. Besides these, two others have
been arrested for the same offense — Kelsey Hobday,
who was brought in Tuesday night, and Robert
Fiucher, who was arrested yesterday. The last two,
however, were released last night upon their own
Bonds Filed.— The following persons yesterday
filed their officii bonds with the County Clerk :
Hartford Anderson, Justice of the Peace at tfofaoni,
in tin- sum of $5,000, with S. Colin and Jacob Ilvnuii
as sureties ; A. D. Oakley, Justice of the Peace for
Natoma township, in the sum or $2,500, with J. F.
Wbyte and li. K. Wick as Burettes ; Henry L. Buck
ley," District AM an for Sacramento county, in the
sum of $30,000, with Christopher Green, L. Elkus,
George A. Putnam, It. Cavanaugh, 1". S. Smith, P.
J. Buckley, Chas. P. Nathan, J. 11. Devine, li. Po
litz, T. J. Clunie, L. S. Taylor, F. S. George and M.
J. Simmons is sureties.
To Attend the Ball,— lt is believed that the
number of San Franciscans in attendance upon the
inaugural ball will be larger than usual upon such
occasions. To accommodate them the railroad com
pany will Issue tickets at $5 each for the excursion,
and furnish special palace and parlor cars with latest
conveniences, leaving there at 8:30 A. m and 4:30 P.
m. January' 13th, arriving in Sacnunento at 1:30 p.
M. and 8:30 p. M., returning at 7:30 A. v. January
llth. .
The Weather.— The thermometer Ttfesday night
took a downward turn, and at 9 o'clock registered
28* 4? below freezing. At 11 o'clock the weather
was still and clear, and a fog came on of sufficient
density to moisten everything out doors and freeze
where it settled itself. At 6 o'clock yesterday morn
ing the mercury was down t0 23" 9' below freezing,
and everything was covered with a white frost and
seemed to have been out in a snow-storm. ■
The New Year.— boys, younir folks and old
folks, hail a jolly time last evening, and the New-
Year was ushered in with much enthusiasm, the
bells ringing, the Light Artillery firing a salute, and
there being a genera] fusillading of guns and pis
tols, reinforced by the tooting of innumerable
horns. The indications are thai "everybody " will
celebrate to-day, business being laid aside to as
great an extent as possible.
Merchandise Rsport.— The following freight f.ar
Sacramento passed Ogden December 29th : For
Hall, Luhrs *• Co., IS barrels hams ; -National Gold
Bank of D. O. Mills & Co., 1 box printed paper ; C.
Vojtcl, 1 t»x cigars ; Locke A Lavenson, 5 rolls car
pet; Weinstock & Lubin, 3 boxes day -joods, 4
boxes bats: D. Gillis, 1 chest tools, 1 box and 1
chest household goods ;. Continental Oil and Trans
portation Company, 1 tank oil.
Freight Movements. — The following through
freight was forwarded to the East yesterday : One
•■nr load of leather, 5 of wool, 1 of salmon, 1 of bar
ley ar.d 1 of merchandise. The following full ear
loads of local freight were received re: One of
wheat, 1 of wine, 3 of sundries, 6 of gravel, 1 of
bides, 3 of wood, 8 of lumber, 1 of flour, 11 of old
rat's. I of powder, 2 of coal, 1 of merchandise, 2 of
hogs anil 1 of fruit.
Arrests. The following arrests were made yes
terday : Philip Echmau, by officer Harvej , for bat
tery ; K. Parker, by Officer Harvey, for keeping a
disorderly house and disturbing the peace ; John
Marshall! by officer Dolan, furdisturbing the peace ;
Jul. Fox, by officer Dofam, for disturbing the peace
and threats to commit an offense against the person
of James MeLane ; Geo. Soule, by officer Dolan, for
PiiESESTATiOs —George J. Gee, the well-known
instructor In nv-siaa, now residing in San Francisco,
but formerly living in this city. wr_s visiting Sacra
mento last Tuesday, and that evening was presented
at Hammer's mode rooms by John McNeill, on bo
half of many friends, with a handsome rosewood
cave, with gold mounting and quartz setting.
Social or Tin: Pioneers.— annual social of the
Satrameiuo Association of California Pioneers will
be" held at Pioneer Hall to-morrow evening. By
resolution of the Society, none but members of the
Assoeiatioifand their families will be admitted. The
exercises will commence promptly at 7} o'clock.
I'.ai-iio Satordat.— At Agricultural Park next
Saturday there will be an interesting trotting race,
mile heats. 3 in 5, for 820 a corner, and 520 added.
Tue entries are Frank Childs' Dot, Charles Sclilu
tius' Jack Nelson, and Vim. McConuiek'a Lady Low.
tba horses will start at 230 r. a.
Auction Sale— & Cirerlv will sell at
10:30 a. -i. to-morrow, at the residence of P. W.
Cafferty, Third -•- -.■:. hetween L ami M, all of tbe
well-kept furniture, including Hack walnut bed
steads, nnttrcs es, andiu fact everything necessary
fir housekeeping. .
Notaries Public — Governor . Irwin yesterday
commissioned the folio* ing Notaries Public : E. C.
Wlnchell, P>r Fresno county, to reside at Fresno;
Alex. Montgomery, for Mendocino county, to reside
at Gkiah ; It T. stcne, for Stanislaus county, to re
aide at Modesto. !>_';..'.
Metropolitan Theater. — The Pepper Mystery was
I given to a good house Ist evening for the benefit of
the Protestant Orphan Asylum. Boside the illusion
Miss Lizzie Francis, C. M. Gray, Kidder and O'Mera,
Ed. Leary and Flint, and Gleason of the Capital
City and Dramatic Club appeared in specialties. -
Sacramento Cadets.— Tbis fine company. Captain
____c3wa& commanding, was out with martial music
between II and 12 o'clock last night, and compli
mented its friends by firing salutes iv their honor.
The Record Union was among those remembered,
and acknowledges the compliment.
Eureka Lodoe.— Eureka Lodge No. 4, 1. 0. 0. F.,
elected the following officers last evening: N. G.,
Charles R. Parsons ; V. G., Benjamin Preston ; X
Sec, E. (Mover, P. G.>P. Sec., W. B. Davies, P. G.;
Treasurer, A. Lewiek, P. G.
For Gami.no— Oißcer Dolan last evening arrested
George Soule for gaming, on the complaint of C. B.
Adams. This is the second time the plaintiff has
had the defendant arrested on that charge within
two weeks.
Thanks.— acknowledge the receipt from Wein
stock & Luhin, last evening-, of a box of Victoria
Regalia cigars of such superior quality that in high
appreciation willing hands quickly disposed of them.
Painful Accident.— Last evening Mrs. W. L.
Pritchard slipped and fell upon the sidewalk in front
of her residence, at Fifteenth and II streets, and
broke one of the bones of her right wrist.
Jail Breaking at Woopland.- A dispatch was
received at the police office in this city last evening
from Woodland announcing that five 'persona, had
broken out of jail at that place.
But one car load of immigrants will arrive from
the East to-day.
The Chinese theater is again in full blast on Third
street, between I and J.
The police made 135 arrests last month, and 183
"lodgers" were furnished beds.
The l'ostoliiee will be open to-day from 9 until 10
a. a., and from 12 a. until 1 p. a. *
The net receipts of the fair recently given by tbe
ladies of the Congregational Church amounted to
$926 25.
Twenty five car loads of beef cattle passed through
the city yesterday, en route for San Francisco from
Yesterday the one-horse can were run to the new
depot, a turn-table having been put in at that cud
of the route.
Insurance Commissioner J. C. Maynard paid Into
the State Treasury yesterday *ICO, fees of his office
' pr December.
Steam fire engine No. 2, which has been out of re
pair, has been put in good order, and was out exer
cising yesterday.
Judge Denson yesterday granted a divorce to
Annie Hamilton from George Hamilton on the
ground of cruelty.
John Mackey has been appointed Superintendent
of the Haggin & Devil ranch (Morris grant), vice D.
C. Patten, deceased. •
Warrants for the Salaries of State officers and em
ployes for the month of December were issued by
the State Controller Saturday.
The steamer C. M. Small came down the river yes
terday, en route for San Francisco from Yuba City
and Marysville, with a barge load of train.
The remains of Miss Nellie Crocker of this city,
who died in Xew York a few days since, are to be
embalmed, placed in a vault until spring, and then
brought to sacrameuto for interment.
The lightning train from San Francisco was about
half an hour late in its arrival last night, having
been arram delayed at Suisun to make the connec
tion with the train from Vallejo and N"n;.a.
Governor Irwin and family have taken quarters at
the Golden Eagle Hotel, in order that the residence
recently occupied by them may be prepared for the
reception of Governor Perkins and family Saturday
next. ,
Officer Jackson's monkey, " Jocko," for so long a
time an object of interest to visitors at the station
house, died early yesterday morning of ooosump ion.
lie was a cunning" little specimen, and the officers
had become very much attached to him.
About 9 o'clock Tuesday night two members of
the demi-monde had a lively light on I. street, be
tween Second and Third, and hair was pulled and
scratching indulged in briskly fur some time, tire
combatants being finally separated. Oneof them
subsequently procured a knife and spoke of blood,
but tlio Coroner has not yet been called for.
Tin: Zither Hasp, which has so capti
vated our people and had such an extensive
sale through the holidays, may yet be had by
sending postal card or applying to Mr. Zim
merman, at the Western Hotel. The cheap
ness in price, simplicity of construction and
sweetness of tone of this little novelty are
truly wonderful. *
Swearing Off. — The usual custom of
swearing off for the Xew Year commences
to-day, and most the boys were thinking
strongly that way; but, confound the luck,
the Capital Ale Vaults, 68 J street, knocked
our good intentions clean out of sight by-an
nouncing one of their fine ham lunches, with
egg-nog. We'll be there just the same, and
-swear off after lunch. *
Dog Tags ! Dog Tags ! — City Collector's
office open as tisuai to-day. . • ' *
J. F. Cotter's Old Bourbon. — This cele
brated Whisky is for sale by all first-class
druggists and grocers. Trade mark —
within a Shield. *.
With pleasure we talk boots and shoes.
We claim to have the very best goods made
in the States, and with confidence we fully
warrant every pair that bears our brand — the
Red Ho'ise. - *
Welcome the New Year ! Elegant chro
mos given away to customers at the Red
House. • *
GOOD for a year's steady wear, and only
*;> __."i. We mean the justly-celebrated Red
House Loot. . * ,
GOLD, silver and jet hair-pins at 2.1 cents a
dozen. Elegant line of ladies' rolled .gold,
coral and jet jewelry at the Red House. *
Clothims and furnishing goodsevery
thing from a night-shirt to an overcoat and
stovepipe hat — is always found at the Red
House. *
Will Keep Closed.— To-day being New
Year's. Day, the Mechanics' Store will be
closed all day, and no business of any kind
will be transacted. t
Twenty oases on exhibition of our cele
brated Gilman Standard Screw French Calf
Boot, price 55, at the Red House. *
The State Bank Commissioners yesterday exam
ined into the affairs of the Capital Savings Bank of
this city and report as follows :
Sacramento, December 31, 1879.
To Hon. Jo Hamilton, Attorney - Dear
Sir: We beg to report that we have examined the
affairs of tho " C pita! Savings Bank"«f this city.
Herewith please find statement of its assets and
liabilities, on the 29th instant, at the close of busi
ness. Very respectfully,
Bank Commissioners.
Banking house and lot $100,000 CO
Other real estate owned 411,314 87
Loans on real estate . 768,430 44
Invested in stocks an.l bonds 32,847 IS
Loans on stocks and bonds £(1,290 23
Loans on personal security 85,929 '23
Money on hand 128,215 20
Deposits fa other banks 134,281 00
Office furniture, fixtures and safes 3,4i0 00
I uteres! arrears 17,419 12
other assets 16,285 37
Total $1,784,403 23
Capital paid in coin ". .' $300,000 00
Surplus J 57906
Due depositors. 1,444,074 60
Interest, rents, etc 84,684 30
Taxes due 4,524 77
T0ta1.:.../ ....!;.... •«l > 7»1,i63 23
Sax Fkancisco, December 30, 1879.
6514 — Lc Roy vs. EstnUillo — Judgment and order
affirmed, .-md tbo opinion heretofore delivered will
stand as the ' opinion if the Court. . Remittitur
forthwith. . (I dissent upon the grounds set forth
in my dissenting Opinion heretofore filed. Wal
lace, C. J.) ■ ' .
10,334— People vs. Palmer— Judgment reversed
and cause, remanded, with directions to the Court
below to overrule the demurrer to the indictment.
Remittitur forthwith.
Tuesday, December 30th.
6333 — Wood vs. Tonilin«an -Ma'ti'ii for leave to
file petitiou for rehearing denied, -'t *.'_.':
6211— People vs. Rich— Order reversed. Remit
titur forthwilh. • "'-. '
6166— People vi. — .lodgment reversed
and cause remanded, with an order to the Court
below to sustain tha demurrer to the complain.
Remittitur forthwith i
6167— People vs. De'any, ___ People vs. Ram
sey, 6163— People vs. ferry, 6164— People vs. Dick
ins n. — People vs. McKinney — Jul. ir.cn re
versed and cause remanded, with directions to
sustain rr.,,. dejaurrerto the complaint. Keini.titur
forthwith. • . . "■•_■"
e.'.Tli- People vs. Knox- Judgment affirmed, re
mittitur forthwith. 7;-r?"
Hffrf DISTRICT COURT.-Desson-, Judge.
WnsnsnaT, Dscember 81, ls7:"i.^
Annie Hamilton vs. Ueorir" Hamilton— Decree
divorce in favor of plaintiff, on the ground ol
J. M Cpham vs Hanson Bros. — Defendant al
lowed 20 days additional time to prepare and serve
notice of motion for new trial. .-
Isaac E. Davia va. M. M. Drew— JjJgiuont for
y. rt B lor $80.
Call for Ihr .Republican .National Con
Washington, December 31st.— Cha'rma'i Came
ron, of the National Republican Committee, issued
to-day the following call :
The National Com eution of the Republican party
will meet at Chicago on Wednesday, the 2d day of
June next, for the nomination of candidates to
be supported for ' President and Vice Presi
dent at the next election. Republicans,
and all who will co-operate with them in
Bup|>orting the nominees of the party, are invito 1
to choose two delegates from each Congressional
District, four at large from each State, two from
each Territory, and two from the District of Colum
bia, to represent them in the convention.
J. D. CAM EBON, Chairman.
Thomas B. Keoqii, Secretary.
Outrages Committee! by Ihe I Irs.
Washington, December 31st.— Bclforil has
a letter, the accuracy of which cannot be doubted,
which he will present to Congress for the puqiose
of showing that the claim in behalf of the Indians,
that no outrages hare been perpetrated outside the
Reservations, is false. The letter is from a gentle
man well known in Colorado, and a list of the out
rages is appended. He says : "All of which I and
plenty of others, settlers in that country, can car.
tify to as having been committed by the l"t. „ and
absolutely without the slightest provocation. Dep
redations were committed at the house and corral
of F. Marshall, in Egeria Park, twelve miles east of
the northeast corner of the Reservation ; the house
of Vi. Springer Dorty, five miles from the Reserva
tion ; the house, stable and corral of D. G. Whitney,
over forty miles (ma the Reservation ; the houte
of A. 11. Swett, forty miles from the Reservation ;
the house of O. C. .Smart, hi the sam? nelghbor
hiavl; the house of R. Webster, at ths foot of
Gore range, over twenty miles east of the Reserva
tion. On October 1, 157:., the DtCS ran off the
horses of D. G. Whitney, fourtet-n in number, from
his place forty miles from the Reservation ; on Sep
tember 23, 1878, two I'tcs set fire to the grass sur
rounding forty tons of bay belonging to Smart ;
on July 1, 1879, ' Big Joe,' a Ute, set fire to the
grass and sagebrush surrounding the house of .Major
Thompson. To this list,'' the letter goes on, " I
would add the burning of B.yers' house and black
smith shop at Sulphur Springs in 1873 or 1874.
The Indians admitted this deed ; their testimony
was taken, and together with Bycrs' affidavit filed
in the Commissioner's ollice. I think his claim was
disallowed. The It s also burned the house belong
ing to A. H. Smart, two miles south of Hayden
Ruult county, or about July 9, 1879. To the best
of my knowledge and belief, more serious and more
numerous depredations have been committed by the
I'tes on Snake river, although I have not the docu
mentary evidence at hand."'
Tbe ! << Indian Situation.
Washington, December 31sL— Secretary Schurz
has received two dispatches from General Hatch,
written at Chile's ranch the 2uth an.l 30th instant.
One informs the Secretary, fat the first time, that
among the Indians offered for surrender on the r2. >th
instant, but whose surrender was not received, were
Douglas, the hostile chief, ami several other prin
cipals in the Meeker massacre. It is inferred that
General Hatch and his party do uot consider them
selves in danger, as this,- dispatches do not express
any apprehension of that kind.
The Trouble In Maine.
ArGt'STA, December "Ist. The Governor has pre
pared certain questions for the Supreme Court.
which he will submit in response to the letter of
Morrill. The questions will cover the essential
points in Morrill's communication, but are pot to be
made public until placed in the hands of tfte Court.
Ciiicaoo, December Slat. A Boston special says :
•-There is little doubt that, during the time that
Governor Gare-.d.iu has been making the loudest
protestations of peace, preparations have been qui
etly making for ■ defense of the State-house, in the
seizure of arms at various paints and the transfer to
Au.-usta of arms and ammunition from the arsenal
at Bangor."
A special from Augusta says there is good author
ity for the statement thai there arc now in the
State house 28,1 00 rounds of ammunition to he used
if wanted. Ten thousand rounds, it is sail, were
secretly placed there about two weeks ago. These
proceedings are evidently calculated to excite the
passions « the Republicans, but the counsels of the
wise and cool-headed will prevail. Although com
panies of men have been recently enlisted by the
Kusionists, there has not been the first warlike
movement on the part of the Republicans. Their
dependence Is on the justness of their cause and a
legal vindication of their course.
Itailroail leciileiit Korfiioule Escape.
St. P.. 1 1,, December 31 The through express
on the lowa and Minnesota division of the Chicago,
-Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway, was this forenoon
two hours late in reaching Mendota Junction, near
this city. While running at rather a high speed on
a high embankment along the Mississippi river, a
rail broke and three coaches, including the sleeping
car, left the track. The sleeper broke its coupling
and rolled down the embankment to the river, a
distance of sixty feet, but the fall was somewhat
broken by the Sioux City track, hall-way down the
descent. The car was smashed to pieces, and the
six passengers it contained were taken up insen
sible At first it was thought that one or more were
killed, but all are alive at the present writing,
though some are seriously injured. No one forward
of the sleeping ear was hurt.
The Boat/am My -.;_•.-> still Unsolved.
Boston, December 31st.— The death of Mrs. Helen
J. Ward continues the subject of universal com
ment. The dau.'hter, who, it is thought, shot her
mother, will probably remain in jail until January
7th, when an examination will occur. Medical ex
aminers made an autopsy on the body of Mrs. Ward
to-day, which developed the fact that two shots were
fired, one of them fracturing but not entering the
skull at the forehead, the other entering behind the
ear, passing into the brain, producing a fatal 'result.
The bullet in the brain was extracted, and a flat
tened bullet, which undoubtedly caused the wound
on the forehead, was found on the floor of the room.
Tin's discovery involves the casein a deeper mystery,
as the gentleman who loaned the revolver to the
ladies for their protection states that he left one
chamber unloaded.
Grant's Piogrcaa Soutlimml.
Augusta (Ca.), December 31st.— General Grant
and party arrived here this evening, anil were re
ceive by crowds at the depot, notwithstanding the
rumors that they would not reach the city to-night.
They were escorted to their hotel by the Mayor of
the town, with the Councilmen. The informal re
ception continued to a late hour. To-morrow a re
ception wili be tendered the party, and they will be
shown oyer the city. Their reception here is cordial
and neatty
Arrested Tor Libel.
CiNciNNATI, December 31st.— Richard Smith, of
the Gazette, was arrested at 1 o'clock to-day on a
warrant sworn out by.the Chief of Police, Wappen-
Steln, charging him with criminal libel. The mit
ter which gave rise to the warrant was an interview
published on Tuesday, the Gazette charging Wap
peiißtein with complicity with the gamblers. Smith
was released on his own recognizance.
Transfer or Gold.
Chicago, December 31st.— Four million dollars in
gold was sent here from New York to-day by .lames
Keene, and smaller sums by other owners of wheat
in this market, to conduct tlieir January deal. It
is not known what the intentions of Keene really
are, but it is supposed that he intends to carry the
wheat along for another month. • -' ■
nril-liounrt P.issencers.
Omaha, December Slst.— following through
passengers were on to day's train, leaving at 12:15
p. M, to arrive in Sacramento January* 4th : W. Q.
Harriott, Clara Morris, New York ; Rufus Brothers,
J. J. (.'orri_;rvi, Charles L. Wcatherbee, San Fran
cisco ; John 11. Hopkins, Philadelphia; Henry Man
ners, Lockport, N. Y. ; Clement Browne, Buffalo;
Hora-je Herman, Boston. Nineteen through cmi- ,
grants left on last night's emigrant train, to arrive
in Sacramento January' 7th.
BcKines* of the I 'ountry . .
Maw York, December 'ilst.— Public omits
its usual weekly table of Clearing-house exchanges
this issue, and compares the month with last De
cember and the entire year with 1878. The year's
comparison shows that there has been an increase
in the volume of business during the year at every
city except San Francises and Providence.
Government Finances.
WASRnraTOX, December 31st. --The total amount
of national bank circulation issued daring the year
end December 31, 18?), was 126,697,870; the
amount retried. §7,612,781 ; net increase of bank
circulation I during the I year 818.985,109 ; total
amount of national bank circulation outstanding
December 31, is:l4o',S-_B. OI _'. not including the circu
lation of the national gold banks, which was $1,
--426,120. -
? ojci.M_> ,\Effs.
Vol Diamonds nt All.
London, December 31st.— Mr. Ma kelyne, of the
Mineral Department of the British Museum, writes
to the Time* that after a thorough teat of the so
called crystallized forms of carbon obtained by James
McLean, ef the St. Kollox Chemical Works, whosup
posed that he had discovered a process of making
diamonds, be (Mr. Markelyne) has no hesitation iv
declaring that they are not lii.in at all, but
consist of a cjmpound of t-'lier. .'•,•--,--- ■'■*.: '
. A Former Hero in I>l--m'n<c.
St. PETsa«Bima, December 31st.- Adjutant Ear
aru ff, who b came famous during the Roaso-Tarkisb
■war as commander of the Vesta an old Russian
merchant vessel turned into a gunbont, in which he
whipped a Turkish it ancrlad af ter a five houra,' light
off Kustinjein July, has been Court-martialed and
dismissed the service for making usa of Insulting
iairi'U:ye in reference to the Ministry of Marine.
.'. . : Cold Wmiiipr. ---„" iv
_ Ottawa. December 31-t.— The weather continues
very .-.-•lii. It is 20' low here, and L^i' below at
Rejkliflc, on the upptr Ottawa. .'
Coroxkt.'s bamar.- Coroner Venniiya returned
yesterday from Folsom, to which place he bad ,gone
to hold an iirquct,- upon the body of a s*>n of Alex
ander Milroy. aged a little over 3 years, who was
drnwnei. Tuesday afternoon. it appears that his
irtCher was at work at the Branch Prison and bis
mother momentarily absent from home, wlieu tne
child, playing at a mining ditch In the rear of the
house, ted in and was drowned. The Coroner's
jury four.d thai the death was accidental. *
Sacramento, December 30— By Rev. T. H. E. Ander-
son, E. T. Mapel to Ida Grove, late cf Carthage,
111. ' -
a Saciatnentn, December 23— By Rev E 11. "War M.
' H. Bedolfe, of San Fraaeiseo, to _•_..--_-. A. ii»-i '.) ,
I of this tttj.
Sacramento, November 15— Wife of Tiioa. Cotter, a
eon- - - ■ i
Chico, December Wife of R. A. Noel, a sen. ' .
Oroville, December 16— Wifeof L. D. Freer, a eon. 1
' ■■"''■'; . " DIED.
Red Bluff, December iT Lvda Belle Endicott, 1
month and 3 days, ; •- - ■ >- ■•
lied Bluff, Decern 17— William VcKenser Hugher
34 years, 11 months u.il 17 day*. - -, '
■"• i^ M______a_MMM_,| __— _— Mm-i---^ ___ __-____.^-___-_-______________—
i !
HE_UllllA_lTF.ll* 1 Hl-a-T BvTrAUOS Im-ASTRV, 1 '
FoiiiTii Biugade, N. G. CL, x. : '
Sachamen-to, December 81, I&7_>. J
t&naiL Oiuiers No. 20.]
I. Companies A and Q of this Battalion arc
rhe.eby ordered to be in readiness tc receive the vis-
Itingoompanieefrom San Francisco on . the eve of
the inauguration of Governor I-erkins, and the vis-
iting companies from Chico and Stockton on the
morning of such inauguration.
11. Companies A and G will be in readiness for or-
ders to assemble at the Pavilion on the day of inau-
guration, to attend the ceremonies thereof.
111. The Captains of Companies A and G will
make arrangements to give the officers and privates
of their commands immediate notice after the issu-
ance of such orders
IV. No furloughs will be granted, except by the
Commanding officer of the Battalion, nnd upon the
recommendation of ■ Captain.
V. The Captain of the Sacnunento Light Artillery
will report for orders ut Battalion Headquarters at
10 o clock a M. on inauguration day.
VI. The Sacramento Hussars, Sacramento Cadets
an.l Mei-r.uiaiit.. u.iea. ami all military organiza-
tions in this I .re are invited to participated with
this h.itt.,l nla the inaugural ceremonies. Alike
invitation is hereby extended to all civic organiza-
tions and ti delegation! from cities and towns. Mil-
itary or civic organizations accepting this Invitation
will report as soon as pt^ible to Adjutant Guthrie,
at No. J s reet. Baaramento, in order that ap-
propnatc places la th -,r line may be assl"nod
„. V t Lieutenant Jnhn T. Carev and Lieutenant
Wi E. Chesley are hereby specially assigned to pro-
vide proper entertainment on inaugural day for the i
militia companies, guests of the battalion. By
order of . CUKED HAYMOND,
Lieutenant Colonel Commanding.
J. Vt. Gitiirik, Adjutant. j a i.n
Addition. Republican Bailor Boys!
You are requested to meet HtIDAV EVENING at
Professor Howe's room, Masonic Temple, Sixth '
street, at 8 o'clock. Business of importance By
«■*« "^ F. A. SHEPHERD, Captain. '
H. E. Tibbals, Purser Jal if ,
Members Siirriimeulo Kill- .^Mmu,.
talion, Company A, I. 11. <). F., will ai&fSs-^
meet THIS (Thursday) EVENING, at '^<___^*£
Odd Fellows' Hell, at 7:30 o'clock, for "•feilwS**" ■
regular monthly business,
jal-lt |B. Cl J. If. MILLER, Secretary.
Public liist.'ill.'illon. oiliccr* dec!
of Sacramento Divhion. No. 218, S. of T., will be
installed FRIDAY EVENING, January '2d, at 7:30 •
o'cock, by P. G. W. P., Vi. O. Clark. Brother Clark
will present gifls to the members entitled tothe
same, according to promise made one year ago. The
exercises will be made interesiing. The members
and the public arc Cordially invited to attend.
A. Corns. R. S. j.ei it
_i.l Wooden Ornaments, representing Saunages,
in front of the Oriental Market, Ho. 418 X street, in
the night from tire 21th to the 'i.th ■.;" Dec mber, -
1879, are hereby reqn-ated to replace the same,
witliout delay, or they will be prosecuted to the full
extent of the law.
Sacramento, December 31, 1879.
Jal-lt <:. P. HARTMAJfW,
Ninth, between L rind M streets : during Hjitl
I'".- Legislature, with gas and water, Jal iw .JtiSilL
Armory Co. 0, Saaarm v Gi uu>, i
Sacaaastrro, Dec ruber 29, 1879. i"
The offleera and members of Company G de«ire
thus publicly to return their thanks to Lieoiaoant-
Odonel Haymond. Major White, and the stall olli-
of the Firm Battalion of Infantry ; Company A,
Captain Kearney ; Sacramento Light Artillery, Cap-
tain Atwood ; Sacramento Hussars, Captain Kuh-
■taller; Sjacnunento Cadets, Captain M. -tin an, and
the Inder-jienden' Drum Corps, Major Shields, for
their kin! expressions of sympathy and assistance
in paying the 1 1-" ■el tribute A respect to our late
comrade, Parker she- ban. By order of the Company.
T. W. SHEEHAN, Captain.
D. J. Loxo. O. S. Jal-lt
lfi admitted a member of the firm of C. 11.
julniitteil :i in* mber ftf the firm <>f if. H.
St EVENS & CO., Importer! of dry gofds, corner
Eighth and J streets, and will be pleased to sec all
his old customers and friends at i.is new place of
business, hespcctfully. etc.,
Sacramento, January I, ISSO. jal-2«il
»•.>:•:;•■'. JiMAicv 3, ismo,
heats, three in five, for $20 a corner, and
$10 added. -
Frank i'!,i!als names m Dot
Ch'9. Schlutius names br. Ii .lack Nelson
Wm. McCorini' names b. m Lady Low
Horses will start at -.HO P. M.
Admission , ."O cents
jal--2t [». Cl ROBERT ALLEN, Proprietor.
. — THE—
WOKLD-KE > «> *, i Ml D MKDII'M.
TT Eagle Hotel for three days only, commenc-
ing SATURDAY, January 3, ISSO. 'liii- is the lust
opportunity that rameii .;• - will have to witness
the marvelous manifestations that are given ti rough
this remarkable medium. - Jal-3t
Notice to Creditors of Insolvent.
of Sacramento. State of California. A. J.
wi'.TZl.Ait vs. HIS CREDIIOAS. Pom nt to an
oriier of Hon. Robert C, ("1 rk. Judge n(*aid County
Court, notice is hereby given to ill the creditors of
the said insolvent, A. .1. WETZtaAB, to be ami
appear before the -ni.i Judge, in open Court, at the
Court room of said Court, at Sacramento city, on
the 2d day of FEBRUARY, 18-0, at 10 o'clock A. a.
of that day, then anil there to show cause, if any
they can, why the prayer of said insolvent should
not be granted, and an assignment of his estate be
made, aril that he he discharged from his debts and
liabilities, in pursuance al the statute in such case
made and provided; and in the meantime all
proceedings against said insolvent be stared.
Witness, my hand and seal of said Court, this
Slrtdavof December, 1878 vj I i -
[seal.] THOMAS 11. BKRKEY, County Clfrk.
By Wa 11. Hamilton, Deputy Clerk.
W. A. Aasaasoa, Attorney for Petitioner.
■ Jil-law^wTh*
«llllt<OAl. anil ...,',• .......
W. W. MONTAGUE & fit
N" oa. 110, 112, 114, 116 and 118 ';
/ j jal-lt - .
Leather -Belting andl Hose]
... . .-, . -. '
. Satisfaction Guaranteed. The Finest Lacing iD
Cut Strings or Sides always ou hand. Mail, Express
and Bullion D ga. . jal-lt
Business College on the Paciflc coast. It Is
firstcla'j in all it- appointing ts. It MMM
superior facilities for imparting a first-class Com-
mercial Education, a practical _tno»-l*i_re nt Tele?
r.a]a!.v. and .-..'a.-'i instruction in the English
and Mathematical Branches. ... a -. ...
hie stu<»tiß>niPS. $:o,"
For full particulars, call at the Coll. go Office, No,
320 Vest street, or address as abjre. r.. . . jal-lt . ]
' —or Tire— ■
'" • " " - ■ ■
E'T at the close of business, December 12,
—Or Tint -
a, at the close of business, December I_>,
Loans and discount* ...... $450,555 10
Overdrafts 17*. , M
U. S. Bonds to secure circulation...'.'..'!.' 110,000 00
V.b. Bonds 1 . secure deposits 50 000 00
other stocks, bonds and mortgages 21 COS 40
Due from approved reserve ageurrs.. !.'.'.' M,'r,T.X »4
Due trom State Banks and bankers 429 019 00
Ileal estate, furniture and fixtures oj]o 0 00
Current expenses and taxes paid 10 SOS 07
If •""""- paid. • 1 000 00
Checks ami other cash items. .'. »,'«.>, 08
till- of other banks "'J, w £
" Peole .'.' 254.20J05
1 ' ,,i11 *1 .51 8,633 14
Capital stock rid in 15390,000 00
Surplus 'fund 41.000 00
Undivided profits 9U->7 46
National Bank notes outstanding".', jff" lis SHOO
Individual de|«wits subject to check . . 63 ' .i-_.7(>4
Demand certificates of depart. 215*1 SO
Unite.! Stales deposit . " Jo'iu 05
Doe to otlier National Banks. ..'fffj j 1'«77 (,___
Dm- to State Bank.-, and bankers ; 226,503 11
lota1 '" *1,515,f33 14
State of California, county of Sa.-raincii'o „. I,
Frank Miller, Cashier of the above-named hank, do
solemnly swear that the above statement is true to
the best of my knowledge and belief.
„ , „ , , FRANK MILLER, Cashier.
.subscribed and sworn to before mc this lilst day
of December, 11579.
-i u..| H1.N.1. D. KENNEDY, Notary Public L
Correct- Attest
C. 11. nußisAßn, ,
W. E CHAMBERLAIN, -Directors.
Jal-lt FRANK MILLER. ', j
GTIO JUT S^t.__C_iEl.
' ..'»•> I II A CAVERLY.. .... .Auctioneer*,
Will sell at auction on
At 10:30 O'clock sharp,
Al the residence or P. W. I'aiOVrly.
— AXD—
All of the Household Furniture contained in said
house. Sale positive and without reserve. ■
CROWELL A caverly, Auctioneers,
Jal-lt 331 J streel.
xy'' Utah i im-i-ni, -j_i _»_»_______a__»___a_,^
JF Isl ow- . \^__.
ft OC *• s J I
§ 2 ll '■_.: i
I Pn'H 113
J bj Sg 5 fl if]
T nCD fl M \* 4 * J "
1 Hi M "' •-• ■= I ,H 5 |
JL f\ r-a S -^ 0 S ' I
Lj i-..t f_; ■=•= v i
ft 2? fe Ji l ! * 3 « ]
LJ p §! i -< _-
I H S 1 I| • | §
f uj ?^ - T
- »
■■_.■■.; Fl
Huntington, Hopkins & Co.,
j-. I ll „ ; .
;u _ ■ ''•"'" j_
European Salicylica [j
ders sent by mail for $1. R. HENDRY, £9
Gentry street, San Francisco, Sole Agent for the Pa-
cific coast. Send for circular. - - j.illt
* i:\ll I-i.K
California Carvers
ma OWlt ask axd pans,
Beware of Imitations ! !
or Pairs— Home-made.
See the New GUARD RAZOR— lmpossible to cut
. the fl_t«h while Blmviar. Lat. st, and .he cele-
brated Bowie Knife, warranted to be driven
through three hull dollars at a single blow.
FANCY- POCKET KNIVES, In Cases, and a well-
' selected stock nf Ensrlish and American TALLE
KNIVES A -II FORKS. . ■- ' "■
M. PRICr, Pioneer rnllcr,
/ ■ ■
' f^PAixTS, DOORS, ... )
tW The I'rii-u for this Superior article HAS AGAIN
BEEN BKDCCED, and it is now the cheapest and
t I'll WHITE LEAD ill thio country;
One trlzontnl Engine, MbM cylinder,
J5 horse-]>o»er. In u.e for only a year
ami a liu.f ; In perfect order, nail as good
as new.
JE'OEa. Do£_E33a"T,
or tub SORTFI wiso or TUI
Containing about SEVENTY ROOMS, some
of wliieli are now occupied.
Will be rented low, if applied ior soon.
Inquire o us at Sacramento or San
i 3CnaC3E»o3Eg.Tt_'_E3Eg,-_3. T
H 5--'
We have received during the last week from the
East, via Central Pacific Railroad, the following
Cllletl's Standard Extract Lemon. 'J, 4, C
and 10" oz.
I. illi -il'» Double Extract Lemon.. 2, 4 andGcz
Biefaardson A Bobbins' Boned Chicken.
Kelly's Celebrated Key Wesl Clears.
Bouquet Conchas.
Pnniarirgn* Conchas.
Urorsies* Extra Selected 4'ndDsb.
lieor^les' Boneless toll 11 sli .". and 40 H. boxes
>cw Zanle CurriMils.
Pace's Tin Tag Band 12 inch Twist
Face's "<:" 0 and 11 inch Twiat
Ur. Price's Cream Baking Powders (all sizes).
Ex Shit Sam Watts:
. kentucky, DEXTER and KENTON county
Bourbon whiskies.
as- choke POLL bitteb. 'SJ
Adams, McNeill & Co.,
-i . - r
91. 93 and 9.1 front Sireet, Sacramento,
■I I Mil I __-_-__-_, I m 1.W.1,-,1 lIIMII .111,, lIHIIIII ll.__M-_-.1.
•i * ©
''ill |pi' E r | * •
H -"= <7'B!_l___i HH :
I - 1 1 4 'v''j£&A rH s
— B ■ lfo«Ki M XT* H
HBl Jj j]p|Bß| X <&■
ail-: bs=
X s* : ff^sa fm vr, j-'r- ft
s s- ' ■ jyF"?p i^ ** "
jjj g- 2 n.I.M pi S
MM M^i 5 I
A- lit SloK U £
j «« a j m ■■■■■a -.
Ml. T jjj '.%
Just the Thins Tor a Holiday Present
■I dlB-tojal ■
__T l 'i£_v2_t^M_l_____l^__3________________________l A V_3_^_a Vl____fl^__Hs
— -rov. — '■
Hand- or Windmill Power,
W. W. ! -IOm"GD£ & CO.,
. Nos. 110, 112, 114, 116 .-ii 1 119 -
' jil It j
' JL. jjfa\Sx - 'Ak _4\V'' *Bl^^__^_^B
.- ' 1- -
' Ji mWs'r.f^mM
fc BTOSIACH '_-^ Jpfr
Th© • ) t:i:i Is M-rnsllirned,
The lirer reffu'ated, the bowels pot in |>r«ipt;roriJcr,
tie bloo 1 enriched and purified, ana the nervous l
system rendered tranquil and vijrorous ty thia
', inestimable family medicine and caicenard against *
di*a^*, which is, mi_reover, a most agreeable ami-
effective apperiyer. and a cordial peculiarly adapted;
to the wants of lhe ar_;ed and i' firm.
. For sale by all DruL-iris-s and I>eJerg generally, ,
Jal-mS .

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