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TOEBPAI ■ ....„..'.. .I-EBBI-A BY 10. ISBn.
fiicn&l Corn*, ; ,.,ri Irliriiiirv t:. : lr.su,
TIMS. | lAX TUlt llfll WtoU Kk'S.VttktU.
-i J '.. .:.... SO.O-2 44 81 S. ~l '-7T! Clear""'
•"A***- ,30.02 43 83 N. 5 ....Cloudy
8-02 AMI 30.05 44 hi , N 4 .... I Cloudy
2r. j* 29.85 53 GI N. 0 . . . . I Cloudy
B:<*3r. M 30.02 to bo 3. c, 4 .02!L't.m
Mi*, th-ir., 63 ileurecs. 'Aim. tiier.. 40 .iter*--.*.
Weethrr i'roo.iliilllle..
WatßtOntOtt, February Btb—Miiliiiu"iil.-Indica
tions for Pacific Coast regions: Partly cloudy
weather, with jjjhj rain?.
■i* 1 * 11 ***'-^^^—^■iiiiiww. ■ ■ 07.mmmmmm^^mrmtm ■•■■■im—
■LifVEXTISELU'MT J*i.*ii'iO:..
Lecture by Mayor 1. --. Kallocb, Wednesday.
British Mutual Benefit Society — Entertainment.
A. O. I.'. VV., Sacrameuto Lodge, at! r. M.
I •'. and A. M., Concordi *. Lodge, at 7r. M.
Cecelia Club— Musical notice.
.'.u.alOU :-UIS.
By Bell .. Co., at 10:30 a. M. to-day.
By Crowell .*c t'averly, at 10:30 a. m. to-morrow.
By Crowell ■- Cavcrly — i'ojtpoucment.
Btt=;*icsi Advertisements.
Ilousefor sale— Spinks k Acock.
Persfiial— Thomas Cameron.
Star Mills— Xcubourg £ Lages.
Estate of .Na'.::i Notice to creditors.
li. L. Simmons, 11. D. (Harv)-Card.
Capital Ale Vaults, 302 J street.
Emphatic Demai*. —H. S. Baal chief
usher .*. the Metropolitan Theater, emphat
ically denies the statement i f E. Muir that
at Saturday's matinee he or his assistants
made extra charge for reserved seats, or had
any knowledge of such charge being made.
He flenies positively that any seats wet*
umrked reserved which -were not in fact re"
served by bona fide auditors and spectators,
or that any seats marked taken were sold for
any extra price, or any price whatever after
Iving so marked, or after the doors opened.
He says the advertisement of the performance
announced that seats could be reserved for 25
cents extra, prior t.i the performance, and he
has no knowledge of anj* seats being reserved
by the management or employes to be sold
for an extra fee. Seats were Sold reserved
for the matinee prior to the performance, and
in accordance with the announcement. Fre
quently seats so reserved are not claimed by
the owners, who liml themselves unable to
attend, and Bend no notice of surrender of
seats. Such places remainining vacant might
lead some to suppose they were held by the
ushers. tie alii run that -ill the years he has
been usher at the .theater that he never prac
ticed, permitted or connived at " seat scalp
ing," an.l says he looks upon the practice as
simply swindling. Charles Myers, assistant
usher, j-.itis with Mr. Heals in a like full
denial of the charges made, and challenges
A Lively Ru.vawat.— Yesterday after
noon a team attached to a light wagon be
longing to King started from near Sec
ond and ■> streets and ran to L, and along L
to Eighth. In going up Eighth street to I*
the pole broke loose from the axle, and the
excited animals increased their speed and ran
on the sidewalk for a distance of two blocks.
The track was good, St. Julien's time was
surpassed, and the noise made sounded like
the charge of the heavy brigade of free lunch
fiends at a public reception. , The horses,
however, allowed an awning post to estrange
them, and while one went into the street the
other entered the Grangers* Store to discuss
the "middle-man" that had come between
BunGLAlts ABBAIONED. — Yesterday the
cases of James Daly, alias Harris, and
Henry Davi-j, charged with burglary and an
attempt to commit robbery, were called in
th* Police Court and continued to the llth.
Since their arreata few weeks f.ince by officers
Frazee and Bldred, for the burglary of Van
Orden's tailor store, they have been identified
by different Chinamen as the ones who at
tempted to rob a Celestial, and aiso sold
stolen tools and clothing.
That Tinker. — Our neighboring town,
■Washington, boasts of a tinker that has been
robbed thirteen times, and still lives. Yes
terday his cabin was visited by four tramps
at separate times. Each one demanded
money, though the demand of but one wassat
isfied. He refused ten cuts, and wanted
" four bits or you die." He got the money,
and was st on afterwards arrested by David
Knox and Constable Carpenter, but the coin
was gone.
A New Treasurer. James N. Porter yes
terday resigned hi*. position as City Treas
urer. Th^soard of Trustees elected W. E.
Chamberlain, of the bank of I). O. Mills k
Co., to fili the vacancy, a*. .1 salary of $1,000
per annum, with a bond of 8150,000. Here
tofore parties have been found eager to ac
cept the trust without salary, but since the
adoption of the new Constitution no benefit
accrues from the use of the money.
POLICE Court. — In the Police Court yes
terday Ah How, Chinese vagrant, charge of
petit larceny changed to vagrancy and pris
oner sentenced to 00 diys in the County .Tail ;
Ah Chuck and All Duey, smoking opium,
fined §10 and costs each ; Peter Smith, : : .-|
deposit forfeited : James Daly, alias Harris,
ami Henry Davis, burg'ary and attempt to
commit robbery, contiuued to the llth.
Bain' —It was a lowering sky all day yes
terday, and toward nightfall there came on a
light fail of rain which barely wet the surface
of the ground. At 1 o'clock this morning the
signs for rain are good, j The mountain re
port* are that it is snowing lightly, weather
warm and rain very probable soon.
The First Cylinder.— at the
('. P. E. I*- shops the first of the cylinders I
for the new stern-wheel river boats was put
into the lathe for boring. The cylinder when
finished will be 22 inches bore aud of 8 feet
stroke". The shafts for the first boat are com
pleted and ready for setting.
Warrants Issued. — A warrant was issued
by the Controller of State yesterday to An
drew Onderdonk, for improvement of wharves
and -Jock at San Francisco, for 815,577 25.
Also, a warrant in favor of l ..-tings College
of Law, interest for last quarter of IS7!', for
Pantaloon Thief. Two gentlemen living
on M street yesterday arrested a Chinaman
for the theft of a pair of pantaloons. He as
sertnl his innocence nnd willingness to be ar
rested, but when officer Dunlevy searched
him he found the stolen trousers.
Freight Movements. — There were sent to
the Mast yesterday 1 car load of whale oil, 1
of red oil, 1 of wine, 4 of quicksilver, and 3
of barley. One car load of coal. 1 of spikes,
1 of material, and 1 of merchandise were re- |
ceived here.
Another Runawat.— A horse ran away j
with a boggy belonging to Cyrus Coffin, of
J street, yesterday, stilting at Eleventh I
street and running into a stable near Eighth j
and J street-, without doing any damage.
Chain-Gash. — A correspondent advocates j
the establishment of a chain-gang to work j
the streets, and claims that prisoners can be j
made to earn their living, and that it will in- j
timidate other criminals.
Candidate.— Jerome C. Davis, an Argo
naut and a prominent citizen of Sacramento,
announces himself as • candidate for the
Second Trusteeship, subject to the nomination
of the Republican party.
Lecture.— l.' S. Kallocb, Mayor of San |
Francisco, is announced to .lecture at the
First Baptist Church. Ninth street, to-mor
row evening. His subject will be ' Can
Not a Rattler-— The City Railway Com
pany has pot a new street car on the street i
Use that does not rattle sufficiently to pre- ,
vent passengers from indulging in comers:.
Paid to the State.— Hewitt, Treasurer j
of Los Angeles county, made quarterly set
tlement with State Controller Kenfie'd, and
paid in the sum of (84,6 *4 45.
A New Voter. — In the Superior Court
*-. rday. William 11. V. vis was admitted
to citizenship, upon the testimony of C. H. j
Hubbard and M. S. Cusliman. L f
ARBESTS. — The only arrests made yester- I
day were Ah Jack, for i«etit larceny, by offi
cer Dual*-'-'"'. and Amado Oordoza, for bat- ■
tery, by officer Dolan. J,ii7"Y
B -.tti-st. — Officer Dolan yesterday arrested
Ama-io Cordoza. for the battery of , John
Stevens, at the Friend & Terry lumberyard.
Tew TtniLDiyG.— A neat frame building is 1
being erected for the Capital Market
Seventh street, opposite the Court-house.
THE place for' bargains in Gn**&Cet H- I
H. Patik's Cat/t Grocery, bl4 is. street. 1
— i
The Undine Boat Club celebrated it? tenth I
anniversary list evening by a leap year full, :
dress party at Turner Hall. It was a large j
party and an elegant one.' There was much j
brilliancy of costumery, and the richness of ,
the ladies' toilets, set off by the pure white
of the canvased floor, and aided by the elab- |
orate decorations of the brilliantly lighted !
hall, produced a dazzling effect, as the gay
company swept about the hall in the graceful
mazes of the dance. The orchestra was a full
one, and played choice selections. Up to 12
o'clock the party was under the direction of
A. J. Johnston, C. L. Parsons, W. l-\
George, J. M. iV!.;. ..:•.; and H. A. Marvin.
After midnight the ladies took charge, under
the privileges of leap year, with Mi-** Jennie !
Lindley as floor director, assisted by Misses
Susie Garfield, Nellie Acock, Mary Milliken
and lice Wilaey. Pre programmes were
then distributed, bearing these paragraphs :
" Albeit it has in... become a put of the common
lax.; i.i regards to social relations ol life, that as
often as every bissextile years doth return the la
dyes have the sole privilege during the time it cou
tinueth of reversing the order of thing* generally,
and doing as it seemeth unto them projier."
1. Gentlemen trill please be lady-like in their de
meanor, ,
'1. Gentlemen will refrain from leaving their ssats
unaccompanied by ladies.
3. ;... lady iiust ie^ve her partner until properly
excusing herself.
11.. are requested not to engage all of their
;-.i ,:..:- best dances. i
The result of enforcing the fore-joins* rules
was very amusing and the source of much merri
ment. One of the most noticeable features
of the party was Ye preponderance of what
is now known as the dancing dres?, '.!. great
majority of the ladies, though nicely attired,
wearing dresses short enough to enable them
to dance with perfect freedom. Comparing
the ease and comfort of those thus costumed
to the discomfort of those who adhered to the
full train, and one could not but congratulate
the former and pity the latter. The hall was
very tastefully decorated, the boats, sculls
and" boating implements of the Club being
displayed in the midst of many banners,
much drapery, evergreens, streamers, lace
hangings and variegated window trimmings,
the whole being worked out by Boyne. after
designs of his own and of the Club. Henry
Fisher was caterer, and spread an acceptable
light collation of coffee, tea, cakes in variety,
sandwiches and ice cream. The Undines
have aiven balls which have been more largely
attended, but never one where there was so
much of fresh young beauty 0£ more delight
ful to the guests, for all that taste, good man
agement, attention to details, and liberality
could do to make the ball a refined pleasure,
was done.
Among the gentlemen present were noticed
Norton Bush. Charles F. Dillman, ('. K.
McClatchy, Wm. S. Keels, I). 11. O-.iinn, Dr.
G. G. Tyrrell, George T. Bush, W. F. Hun
toon, The*. Fox, W. H. Prouty, & H. Davis,
E. L. Warner, A. A. Van Voorbees, W. A. '
Curtis, Ed. Johnson, It. W. Taylor, Frank
John.-.:', G. W. Lorenz, T. H. lirown, A.C.
Freeman, John Longabauttb, Geo. Duncan,
F. T. Johnson. A. A. Redington, J. N.
Porter, P. A. Miller, S. P. Hoefer, W. S.
Marchant, W. S. Booth, San Francisco, B.
Wilson, H. J. Lask, E. J. Hitchcock, S. H.
Wood, T. G. Filers, A. E. T. Worley, E. B. |
'arson, A. L. Nichols, B. Arnold, A. P. ;
Booth, A. Wasson, Assemblyman Tyler, J. :
Q. Brown. Jr., Jose Auuirre, L. A. Upson, ]
George E. DeGolia, W. U. Pond, J. N. ,
Singer, I. N. Hartstall, Godwin McNeill,
P. B. Johnston, Joseph Steffens, H. Breck
enfeld, F. B. Adams, Wm. Lyon. W. H. Go
van. C. 11. Hubbard. W. 11. McKune, F. F.
Tebbitts, C. W. McKillip, D. C. Houghton,
Augustus Elkus, H. A. Weaver, C. W.
Paine, W. Dwinell, Byron McCreary, Gui
Lavenson, John Milliken, Charles Gardner,
C. S. Houghton, C. B. Parsons, D. F. Bev
eridge, W. P. Coleman, F. C. Parsons, J. W.
Schaffer, L. J. Lithauer, J. Wiseman, Jr.,
C. H. Putnam, J. C. Carroll, G. A. Fellows,
J. Mitchell, J. M. Kilgariff, H. A. Marvin,
John Hatcher, Henry Kilgaritf, W.
W. Marvin, Jr., E. Driscoll, Sena
tor A. B. Oarlock, W. Laadsbar
rough, A. J. Johnson, Robert Stafford,
Charles Altaian, H. Kimbrougb, B. Arnold,
G. A. Miller, A. Neilson, Howard Moore, 11.
I. Burr, A. V. Boyne, W. F. George, Sam
uel Marks, T. hi.*!. Riley, Senator Dickin- I
son,' H. B. Breckenfekl, Charles Bonte,
William Curtis, A. P. Booth, P. A. Miller,
O. Kimbangh, William Hynes, li. '•'•■ Ham
ilton, .':. .'. Mohan, James Stafford, G. W.
An... ii.; the ladies present were these:
Miss Kitty Quinn, Mrs. E. C. Parsons, Miss
May Miliiken, Miss Nellie Acock, Miss
Cosby, Lizzie Bernard, Miss Hannah j
Hauroi, Mrs. 11. A. Weaver, Mrs. Dr. Tyr- '
rell, Miss Mollie Ackley, Miss Lilly Boute.
Mrs. A. L. Nichols, Mrs". T. H. Berkey, Mrs. ! [
j Win. M. Lyon, Mrs. Jos. Stiffens, Miss -
Fannie Tyrrell, the Mi a Maggie and Min
nie Callaghan. San Francisco, Miss Tyler, Al- i
ameda, Miss Fox, Oaklaud, Miss Zoe Johnson,
Miss Celia Rivet', Miss Florence McKune,
Mrs. D. H. Quinn, Mrs A. A. Van Voorbees,
Miss Jennie Lindley, Mrs. J. N. Porter,
Misses < San, Emma and Alice Felter, Miss
Kattie Lyon, Miss Carrie Locke, Mrs. A. C.
Freeman, Miss Belle Johnson, Mrs. L. A.
Upson. Mrs. C. 11. Hubbard, Miss Susie i
Cart- I*l, Mis.* Emma Garfield, Mis* Mamie
Batcher, Miss Nellie Case, Miss Nellie Hen
ley. Miss Mollie Minis, Misses Josephine and
Alice Wilsey, Miss Hattie McKillip, Miss
Agnes Butter, Miss May Moore, Miss Alice
Smith. Miss Emma Arnold, Missis Anna
and Lucy Nichols, Miss Mary Ramage,
Miss Jennie Govan, the Misses Seeiy,
Miss Emma Hester, Mrs. E. 11. Hamilton.
M . s. Lyman Mi--* May Burnham, Mrs.
E. I. Robinson, Miss Florence Knights, Mrs.
Alfred Redington, Mrs. Nejlson, Miss Lizzie
Dillman, Mrs. E. M. Skaggs, Miss Ella
i Smith, Miss Sophie Stephenson, Mrs.
' John Muliiken, Miss Agnes Hum-
I mcl, Miss Kitty Henley, Miss Mamie
Wiseman, Miss Foster, S. F., Miss Emma
Dougherty, S. F.. Mrs. Wflley, Mrs. Buck
minster, S. F., Mrs. E. H. McKee, Miss
Alice Woods, Mme. Monnier. MissMonnier,
Miss Maggie Mcir, Mrs. G. W. Jackson,
Mrs. HynesjS. .', Mrs. Cooper, Del Norte,
I Miss Alice Harold, Miss Laura Plant, Miss
' Sadie Paine.
A Novel Bank. — A woman on L street, I
near Fourth, improved upon the barley bank
of 11. K. Wick, recently. Having a like dis- ;
trust of the ordinary places of security, she
secreted her money in her apology for a build
ing. A day or two ago she called in Ira San
ders, the carpenter, to repair the structure,
to do which lie was compelled to tear down j
some partitions and part of an inner wall. ]
While he was thus engaged the proprietress '
of the place took occasion to visit a neighbor. I
The carpenter found it necessary t.i destroy I
more of the wail than be had been instructed '
to do, and in doing so uncovered a bundle of
rags and refuse, from the midst of which there !
rolled Rome 81,200 in shining twenty-dollar !
gold pieces. He placed the coins in his apron.
On returning the w. man at once discovered j
that her bank had been broken literally, and i
insisted that the carpenter bad her money.
After a due amount of denial to increase her
fears be produced the coin, and received the
approving verdict of toe delighted depositor, j
" Yer an honest mon."
Incorporations. — Articles of incorpora- .
tion were yesterday filed in the office of the '
j Secretary of State of the Bailey Mining Com- !
| pan;.-, to operate in the Christo Lode. State of '
' Nevada, with headquarters of company at |
i San Francisco. Trustees — Patrick J. White,
l Thomas G. Tavlor. O. H. McKee. Thomas !
| Cole and Wm. Willis. Capital, 810,000,000 ; |
shares, 9100 each Also, articles of incor-
I poration of the Humboldt Mining Company,
| and the Alabama .Mining Company, to ojie- |
i rate in Christo Lode, Nevada ; each company -,
: having same amount of capital stock and
: same Directors as the foregoing.
Notaries Public. — The Governor yester- ;
day appointed the following as Notaries Pub- I
lie: J. M. Burt, of Oroville, for Butte :
county, vice self, term expired ; Albert Love
land, of Ferndale, for Humlxiliit county, vice ;
i self, term expired ; A. C. Kestler, of Camp
| Bidwell, for Modoc county, vice self, term
expired S. M. Swinerton, ot Salinas City,
for Monterey county, vice self, term expired ; '
; Thomas K. Jones, of iseviiile, for Placer !
j county, vicePullen, term expired : R. M. Dil- ;
1 ird, of Santa Barbara, vice Smith, removed •
j from county. .gj .: &1-; ■* *" ;,
Agent Appoint**!'.— Fortune Gold i
Mining Company, having its headquarters in !
New Y.-rk and doing a genera] raining just
] ness in Neva county. Cal., has appointed J. j
M. Wailing, of Nevada City, a special agent
of :;*i-l company, Idpcsa whom legal service j
may be served. Notice of appointment is .
filed with the Secretary of State.
Change Of Capital Stock.— The Bank
of -Watson ville ha- filed notice with the Secre- ,
tary of State of the reduction of its capital :
stock from 8200.000 to $140,000. Also, notice
was fi'ed ef increase of capital d ■!-: of Fia- .
ternity Hall Association, of Cnmpton, i. -
I Angeles county, from (8,000 to 84,000. "TV-
Second Trustee.— P. A. Miller, a citizen ;
well and favorably known, announces himself
| as a candidate for election to the office of i
[ Second Trustee, his Domination to be subject j
! to the choice of the Republican party. ,5-7-
Bt Oveblasd.— Another Lit of the de
licious fresh select oysters will arrive day
from Baltimore. . D. Deßeraardi £ Co., Noa.
308 and 310 X street. '. : : SmM%M£M
The Board of City Trustees met in regular
session yesterday, with all the members pres
. F.EPOI.T'.
I John A. Cunningham, Chief Engineer of
j the Water Works, reported that during the
past week the number of gallons of water
pumped was 10,215,218, and the quantity of
coke consumed was 1,017 cubic feet.
James N. Porter, City Treasurer, submitted
i his report for the month of Jann as fol
lows : On band January Ist, $42,273 8S ; re
ceived during the month, £35,088 92 ; total,
§77,3G2 80. Paid during the month—war
iant-, $10,853 52 ; street accounts, 1.001 44;
I bond redemption, $13,814 07; water works
' indebtedness, 89,208 78 ; coupons, -s!i,C3O;
total, 923,851 99.
City Treasurer Porter tendered his resig
nation, which was accepted, the same to take
effect when his successor shall have quali
fied. The Board then elected W. E. Cham
berlain to fill the unexpired term, at a salary
of $1,000 per annum, »nd bis bond fixed at
Trustee Johnson submitted an ordinance
to prevent the use of sling-shots, which was
pawed. It imp -sea a penalty of from £20 to
$-,00 on persons couvictedof using sling-shots,
or imprisonment from 20 to 500 days.
A communication was received from the
j Board of Fire Commissioners, through Secre
tary Richard Brown, to the effect that at
a special meeting of the Board, held on the
sth instant, a tax of 29 cents on each §100
was levied for the maintenance of the depart
ment for the year 1880. Placed on file.
A communication was received from City
Assessor Shepherd as follows : "To the Hon
orable Board of Trustees : In accordance with
the requirements of an order passed February
2, 1880, directing meto ascertain theamwintof
taxable property in the city of Sacramento
and Levee District No. 1, I have the honor
to submit the following: Assessed value
of property in the city. 810,185,185 ; iv Levee
District No. 1, 5572,005."
Ordered, that the Clerk of the Board be
directed to present a verified statement of
the cost of the work done ou the levees and
drainage canal, together with the cost thereof
to the Trustees of Levee District Ko. 1, j
which in the judgment of the Board the dis- j
trict is entitled to contribute ; and also file a j
bill of $2,354 '.'7. that being the proportion
ate amount due from the district on account
of the work already performed arid pud for j
by tha city.
The Board adjourned niter allowing the
following bills: H. A. Weaver, 8116; P.
Herzog. 88 05 ; C. O. Hancock, 860 ; B.
('...hen" (assignee), 844; P. A. Byrne, 84; 8.
H. Geriish. £10 ; Sweetser & Alsip, 525 ; Pa
cific Life Insurance Company. $10" 40; H.
I*. Osborn. $38 50; Capital Gas Company,
8534 55 ; L. L. Lewis & Co., 85 15; W. 1).
Comstock, $2 25 : 11. S. Jones, *-V, 25 ; P.
Cohen, *4 ; F. Foster. *S2 50 ; Ah Dan. $'8 ;
Yee Bean, $2 ; W. W. Gary, 81 50; K. W.
Dnnlevy, SI ; Root, Neilson & Co., .St'io 4-1 ;
Huntington, Hopkins & Co., 854 25; Whit
tier, Fuller & Co., Sii 75 ; J. G. Plummer, |
."-lIV 28 ; James McLaughlin (assignee),
§7 10 : H. Cribble (assignee), 88 50; C. Elli
ott, *10; M. Daly, 8108; R. Shay, 812;
Tom Barns, 817 ; James Lynch, 814 ; James
Tevis. §13 ; C. Kedy, 813; I. Grady, 813;
M. Nolan, *13; M. Kyne, SO; H. Boyle,
§10 ; P. Lynch, §10 ;P. McDonald, SlO ;M.
( 'oilier, *-?14 ; A. King, §7*l 40 ; .'as. Wood,
87 ; C. Sullivan (assignee), §134 ; John Gard
ner, S3; George Murray, §i> 33 ; C. H.
Krebs (asai-jnee), 51,517 40; M. Enricht,
839 14 ; L. F. Baasett, 815 ; K. J. MerWev,
8583 09. ._
Irish BELIE* Committee. The meeting"
of the ' Irish Belief Committee held last
evening at St. Pose's Hall was largely
attended, and much earnestness was dit
plaj'ed by those present. The meeting was
called to order by the Chairman, John Ryan,
and the minutes of the last meeting read and
approved. A communication was received
I from the Manager of the Recoiid-Uxio**, '
agreeing to donate all necessary advertising
through its columns. The communication
was read and accepted, and a vote of thanks
extended for the offer. The Canvassing Com
mittees reported that they, had made a partial
canvass of the city, and had So far met wit}}
good success. The First Ward Committee
reported 8110 collected. The Committee at
Large reported s-000, including the subscrip
tion*! received by Mr. McCallion frcm the
I Legislature. The Hibernia Benevolent So
ciety has donated 8200, and the Ancient
Order of Hibernians, Division Xo. 1, $100.
1 It being necessary to change the style of ad
mission tickets to the coming St. Patrick's j
j Day Festival, the Secretary was instructed i
ito have new tickets printed. Persons having |
tickets can have them changed by applying I
to any of the canvassing committees. Mr. I
Tobin, one of the San Francisco Relief Com
mittee, being present, was called upon and
addressed the meeting. Addresses were
made by several others present, all expressing
themselves satisfied that Sacramento would
return a handsome sum to the sufferers. On
motion, the meeting adjourned to meet at
the call of the Chairman.
Garroteii. A few days ago a laborer!
came to Sacramento in search of work, arid '■
took a room at a hotel in the upper part of
the city. He was in search of work but had
some money. Day before yesterday he be
came briefly acquainted with two young men,
2 briefly ac-quainted with two young men,
who represented that they were from one of
the mountain towns and promised t.i give
him work nt '_-...id wages it" lie would go to j
their homes. The unsuspecting; stranger met
them again that evening. They then invited j
him to walk with them to see a friend, and
when they reached the alley between I. and M,
Fifth ami Sixth street**, and had entered a
short distance, he suddenly perceiving the ob
ject of the trip and announced his intention of
returning. One of them immediately affec
tionately threw an arm around hisneck, while
the other man attempted to secure about $12
i from the victim's pocket, but they had a
strong man with a stronger pair of lungs
than they had expected. The cries of
"Fire!" "Murder!" and "Help!" caused
the rascals to flee without securing booty.
in they had expected. The often, and
ire!" "Murder V and "Help!" caused
rascals to flee without securing booty,
li occurrences have happened often, and
as often have been related full}- by the pi*-***.-*.
Every oue mutt know the method adopted
by the smooth-tongued vagrants to deceive
victims, and any one who will place trust in
| the fully exposed tricks of that craft should
1 not expect much sympathy.
I Rolling Mills. — It is understood that the
Central Pacific Railroad Company has de
-1 cided finally upon the erection of its proposed
rolling mills, and tbat ou Saturday the local
authorities at the railroad shops in this city
i received notice that the works would be
( erected here at once, and to prepare immedi
ately for the construction of the machinery i
necessary. It is believed that a greater por
tion of it will be constructed at the railroad j
j shops here. So far as can be ascertained
I now, the one or the other of the plans for j
I buildings considered a rear or two !
| ago will be adopted. These contemplate j
| either a new building 300 feet
: in length, or else the extension of the present
I foundry to that length, in which case corru
! gated iron will be the material used. The
motive power of the new works will call for
I an engine and boilers larger than those vow
1 used in the railroad shops. It is understood
I to be the intention of the company not only
I to re-roll its rails as necessary, but to manu-
I facture its own steel rai's here, and for that
! purpose it will import direct the steel ingots
j from which to manufacture, as is done by
| mills at the East, tariff considerations making
■ j it advantageous to do so.
Uncalled fob Warrants. — There are
i warrants uncalled for in the. State Con
troller's office for these persons : M. M. Drew,
D. P. Malum. John Theisen, J. H. Camp
bell, William Davis, C. P. Hensly, Badger
Brother, W. Fisher. Oakland Ladies' Relief !
Society Orphan Asylum, St. Joseph's Branch
j Orphan Asylum, San Francisco, San Fran
cisco Koman Catholic Orphan Asylum, Pro
testant Fpispooal Church Home. San Fran
cisco, Pacific Dispensary for Women and
Children, San Francisco, L.dies" Benevolent
Society, Los Angel-is. Ladies' Aid Society,
I Petaluma, Natoma Water and Mining Com*
i pany, B. M. Hiatt, Frank 'dorse,
P. V. Walsh, Pacific Ice Company, Booth &
Co., V V;: ..-ty *t Co., J. G. Davis, Parson?,
i Kilgorr&C.i.,lY*."ke "fc Lavenson, 11. C. Kirk
j &Co., Mulcrew Brothers, Realdsbui-g Enter
prise, A. Fiohr, Dally Bee, Golden Era,
Mountain Den. ..ont, Napa Reporter, L. Lit
tle Geld, Philip Cohen, J. S. heeler. Pnyot,
Uphain & Co., John Skelton, 51. R. Base,
Painter & Co. . V ..Y: '\, : '7'7' :
ArcTioNS.— Bell & Co. sell horses, wagons,
baggies, mattresses, tables, ■ chairs, etc, to-
I Jay, at 10:30 A. il .. Crowell & Caverly ill
to-morrow at 10:30 A. M. sell all of the fixtures
1 and stock of the Grand Hotel Saloon, con
sisting of counter, shelving, liquor, beer and
win-* glass*-**, pictures, stores, regulator, etc.
Crowell & Cavcily's auction rale .. of
honsohnld furniture, set for to-day, is post-
I poned until further notice.
.T. F. CvHTER's Old BoCBBON.— This cele
brated Whisky : is for rale by all first-class
: druggists and grocers. Trade mark—
i within a Shield. *
7Y.V'., 7 I'NfuN. ■; 7, '"". ". '
. • .-■'•'"■" '
Cilnatotya in San Francisco to be Legally
Declared a nuisance. -
i-Y'.T;-: , ■-''-:-. '-..'.''■.' V-"V; ;
DeatH of an Officer or the City of Feeing
from SmaU-Fo*-.
Uaasuiiiy Deep Saow in Portions of
British Coiumtia.
: J-lalo S'ornial Sr!ioo]]on Fire.
San Jose, February 10:b.— The State
Normal School took fire at two minutes pas'
2 o'clock this morning. The entire upper por
tion of the building wast, on lire when the
alarm was sounded. The fire department is
doing its best to save it, but there is no hope,
owing to a lack of engines and the insuffi
ciency of water. The building is valued at
5250,000, and is one of the handsomest wooden
structures in the .State.
T:h* Proposed Tariff; on Chinese nice
and Starch.
San Fbakcisco, February 9th.— A meet
ing of merchants Was h'.-lii at W. T. Cole
man's office this afternoon, to consider the
question of a tariff on Chinese rice and starch.
Most of the starch manufacturers were rep
rented by agents, It was suggested that
Congressman Davis had already introduced a
bill to raise the duly on lice. It was there
fore lea. to lot that part of the question
alone. A resolution was adopted, asking
that the tariff on China starch be raised
from three to six cents, the specific ad valorem
rate to remain unchanged. - - •
Dentil from SuuiU-pox.
Sax Fraxcisco, February Oth.— Fir- As
sistant Engineer Collins, of the steamship
City of Peking, died at the .Small-pox Hospi
tal to-day, from disease contracted on board
the steamer.
Assessment— M»ull-pnx Cases—Unem
ployed "IVorliliißincn.
Sax Fraxcisco, February Oth.— Justice
levies an assessment of fifty cents.
The Board of Health to-day considered
matters in connection with the small-pox on
board the steamer City of Pekine, and as a
result of their deliberations the Quarantine
Officer will immediately take steps to prose
cute the Captain, First Officer and Surgeon
of the Peking. The pilot will also probably
be prosecuted.
The committee of unemployed Working
men, appointed at the cand-lot meeting on
Saturday, waited upon Mayor Kalloch to
day, with a view of making some arrange
ment for the employment on the public works
of those in need. The Mayor informed the
committee that he would talk to the unem
ployed men at any time that the committee
would get them together on the sand lot.
The ltlvnl Routes for un Inleroi
Sax Francisco, February Oth. — A com
mittee of the Board of Trade met this after
noon to discuss the question of the Inter
oceanic Canal by the rival Panama and
Nicaragua routes. The discussion was in
formal, and further action was deferred pend
ing the receipt of a copy of plans and surveys
of the Panama route, the committee being
already in possession of those if the Nicar
agua route.
U:;!Ioi-1i nml lie "it iirMiigiiien — The
; Mayor's .tss*:i*;i:H-'s.
" Sax -Fraxcisco, February Oih.— A large
number of unemployed Workingnieii as
sembled on the sand lot this afternoon, whpn
they wire addressed by Major !>:'!.— A large
■ of unemployed Workngmea as
bli ! oa the sand 1 it this afternoon, when
f *' . re addressed hy Mayor Kalloch. lie
save 'hem to understand that with a few days
Chinatown would be legally declared a nuis
ance, and that the work resulting from such
a declaration would give them employment,
lie counseled them tp refrain from illegal ox
injudicious action until they heard from him
Dropped Dead— Water Kale* Unlaced.
Sax Feaxcisco, February 9th. — .Mrs.
Mary J. Allen, wife of Commodore Allen,
dropped dead in her room to-night, as she
was retiring, of heart disease.
The Supervisors to-night fixed the water
i rat a of Spring Valley at 7 per cent, an
num on $11,500,000. This will reduce the
water rates to consumers.
Weather Report*.
Watsoxville, February Oth. — It began
raining last night, and has been showering
ever since. The farmers in this valley are
safe if we have a few inches more rain.
Gonzales, February Oth. — It blew a fear
ful gale all hist night, which resulted iv a
slight shower this morning and to-day, .Id of
an inch falling.
San Luis Obispo, February Oth. — It com
menced raining this morning at 2 o'clock, and
rained twelve hours. About ,7-"i of an inch
has fallen. Planting is about all done, and
tho prospects continue very flutteiing.
Petaluma, February oth. — The rain that
has threatened for several days set in to-day
in occasional shower**, which at 0 P. U, settled
into a persistent drizzle, with every prospect
of continuing through the night. The wind
is southeast.
Aa'iiir.'i In Lower California.
San Diego, February — Official infor
j mation was received to-day from San Kali.
■ Lower California, of the arrival there of
' General Marqttez. The forces of the Federal
Government are said to have made no opposi
tion to him. It 13 reported that Marquez,
after fixing things politically, will depart fur
Sonora, and carry on his movement against
Diaz in the northern States of Mexico.

3*:i-.st*isscrs Passing Carlin.
Carlin, February Oth. — The following
passengers passed Carlin to-day, to arrive iv
j Sacramento to-morro v : Nathan Dannen
| berg, Cheyenne City ; Mrs. B. Marvin, Mich-
I igan ; F. S. Mansfield, A. S. Mansfield, Bos-
I ton, Mass.; Thoa. Cook, New York; J. Leo
! LiUienthal, Sua Francisco ; W. C. Strohn
and wife, Ogden; 11. V. Ames, U.S.A.;
| Lieut. Colville P. Tetreta, U. S. A.; C. S.
i Gallager, New York; W. S. Rainey, Idaho ;
j John Cromer, Illinois ; W. T. I'r.ggett, H.
('. Metusdorffer, San Francisco ; Chas. F. A.
ii ni. New York ; John Cromer, Illinois;
; -lohn Moss, Colorado; 91 emigrants, includ
ing 72 males, to arrive in Sacramento Feb
ruary llth.
t'liarrli Kcnolit Indian Chief; Drugged
un Bobbed — Incorporation — Wheal
•liirlii-t- Wcallter— Circuit Court
< Business. Trouble. '.'
Poktlasd, February Oth. — Archbishop
I Seghers will deliver a lecture to-morrow eveu-i
■ ing on the subject, "Travels Through
1 Alaska." for the purpose of raising funds
with wkich to rebuild St. Francis' Church,
which was blown down by the recent storm .
in Fast Portland.
Kiideshan, one of the Alaska Chiefs who is
visiting here, was drugged last night by two
: white men, nnd a considerable sum of money
I taken from him.
*. The Blalock Flume and Lumber Company
have died articles of incorporation in the
j office of the Secretary of State. Its occupa
; tion and purpose is to construct and operate
I a canal from Blalock Mountain, in Umatilla
: county, to the Blue Mountain extension of
the Walla Walla and Columbia Fiver Rail
! road at or near Miltoji. for the purpose of
- transporting lumber, etc.
'i here is a firmer feeling in the wheat mar
ket to day. The quotations range fronts 1 80
to *7'l 87A, with a rare chance of getting *?1 '00
for very "excellent lots.''
The weather is clear and frosty.
The regular term of the State Circuit Court
commenced this morning. Judge Bellinger
presiding. ! The equity and law docket is
small, but there is a large number of criminal
oases to dispone of. On the convening of the
Court eloquent and fitting tributes were paid
to the memory of the late Wm. M. Evan*>,
who died some weeks ' ago, . by Hon. J. N.
I'olp'.i and Judge K. D.Shattuck. Resolu
tions of condolence were ordered spread on
the Court journal by Judge Bellinger, and
the Court adjourned for one day in respect to ,
the memory of the deceased attorney. *
The creditors of Louis Solomon, a merchant
\ of Junction City, Lane county, held a meet- |
ing in this city and proposed a basis for set- j
tlement,' which was ! rejected ' by Solomon.
He owes from KGO.OCO to $05,000, of which j
$45,000 is due wholesale merchants here, and
510,000 to -515,000 in San, Fraucisco. •■ Solo
■ll claims to be able to pay in full ar.d have
§--•0,000 left, •if leniency is extended. The
case is now in statu quo. ' 7-
.... ■„" : - -
Eastward Bound— Chinese Sow ..Tear.
Poet Townsend, February — Dr. Thos.
T. Mi nor,; Health. Officer of Pugent Sound
District and delegate-elect to the National
Republican Convention, left with his family
for the Eastern States to-day. . . _ ■
* The ' Chinese ' aro . celebrating their New-
Year in the usual form. ;
4 i ;.i».:i *•:*..; *. ■*.' «i-.;:e Sews. 7Y '-'■
Port Towsse.\», February 9th.— The bark
Camden arrived this afternoon, twenty-five
days out from .Honolulu. The barken tine
Victor, which left cine days before the Cam
den, has not yet been heard from.
The bark Cassandra Adams was spoken in
the Strait**'. She had Tier fore-tup-gallant
mast carried away during the passage.
Tee schooner Eodora has arrived from San
Francisco. She will engage ia piloting and
A Firm in I'laauclal TrnnWr.
Oltmha, February 9th.— Crosby, Davis &
Co., stationers, who have several suits pend
ing against them,' have petitioned the Court
for a stay of all proceedings and permission to
make an assignment for the benefit of their
creditors. A hearing will be had March 22 !.
■••--il-'l COLUMBIA.
Stack In Danger— l nu-ually Deep Snow.
Victoria, February 9th.— The condition
of stock in the interior of the mainland con
tinues very critical, and it is feared that un
less the weather quickly moderate? and the
snow disappears the season will prove ex
tremely disastrous to cattle-raisers, particu
larly to those of the central section of tho
province. . Ia the upper country the loss of
stock will not be nearly so great as it Will be
throughout the KaraloopSfNteala' and Oka
nagati districts. At the former place the
snow is itill three feet deep, and at Nicala it
is unusually deep. It is fully expected that
huge numbers of sheep will die at the latter
place. On the whole, the outlook for stock
raisers is far from encouraging.
Coti-*ress*can Berry left for Washington
The river falls slowly, anil now marks 11
feet 8 inches.
The steamer Harriet passed up the river
yesterday with barge, light.
" Twenty car loads of cattle passed through
from Nevada for San Francisco yesterday.
Officer Woods has recovered a coat stolen
from I. Kilbouru at the State House a few
days since.
The only merchandise passing Ogden Feb
ruary Oth was 5 barrels of whisky for Ad
ams, McNeill & Co.
G. J. Cross has a contract for raisin-; the
two-story brick building of Henry Hansche,
on Fourth street, near M.
At Grand Army Hall last evening a re
union and camp-fire was held. Several in
teresting addresses were made.
Any person who uses a sling-shot, when
convicted of the offense, will be fined from
$20 to $."-00, or imprisonment from '20 to 500
days. ....... ....
The body of . tlie nun who committed sui
cide in' Yolo county a law days since is still
at the Coroner's office, and has not been
Officer Woods yesterday recovered a buggy
robe that had been stolen from near Rose
villa. The man who had in his possession
claimed to have found it in the road.
Anniversary EstkbtalMDHTT. — Brit
ish Mutual Benefit and Social Society gives
its third anniversary entertainment at Pio
neer Hall to-night. A select musical and
literary programme has been arranged, also
an entertainment by O. W. Jester, ventrilo
quist, from the Koyal Polytechnic, Lond«n.
A ball will conclude the festivities.
K. or P.— The Grand Lodge of Knights of
Pythias will meet in Bed Men's Hall, corner
of X and.Sixth streets, at 8 o'clock this even
ing.j "
Department So. .'.
Satirdav, Fobruarj- 7th.
11,451— People vs. Smallman et al.— Argued by
Tyler for appellant and Roys l en and Barnes for re
siwcdont, and cause subn.iued.
' .■*.: — Estate of Itnlovicli, deceased— Anrued by
'Iv . .- : or appellants and'Splivalo for respondents,
and cause submitted.
Department So. J.
6103— I'hil'ips vs. Lowery el al. — OjiiT-inn filed.
Bourgneres vs. Boulon— Opinion filed.
Department .'.'.. •?.
.'.ioNi. ..v. February Oth.
llCol- -Cohen rs. Gray— to dismiss appeal
argued by Clin I -r respondent and Ca:iii bell for ap
-''.ii.- ami nw submitted.
60M— Harpeniiing vs. Myers ot (".-—Argued by
Olnev for a;.;.- Bant and Ackerm in and 8..L:-. for re
tpondei and cause submitted, with five days to re
si. mdeuls to Sis additional authorities,
D'partment .',.. 7.
Monday, February 9th.
. 6034— Brady vs. Kelly— Passed.
10,432— C01by vs. Superior Court of Santa Cruz
county— Motion of Ileinleo, for petitioner, fora writ
of review-an-J for leave to withdraw the record in
People vs. Colby, No. 10,177, submitted.
00S3— Douglas ct al. vs. l'ulda ct -Argued by
Sharp for respondents and Allen for appellant.-, and
judgment affirmed:
0115— Douglas et al. vs. Fulda et al. — Argued by
Allen for appellants and Sharp for respondents,
and appeal from Judgment dismissed and orders
li'll') — People ex rei. Burridge vs. Pearson — And
now on this day came the said respondent It. West
lean-on and [.leads ' ; not guilty* to the charges and
allegations raid information set forth, whereupon
it w:.s ordered that Bald information be and is here
by n furred to A. V.'. Hanna, Esq., to take the proof
herein, and report the tame to this Court with all
convenient dispatch. It is further ordered .hut
said Hanna issue snbpenat for the witnesses herein
and report any disobedience to the same to this
10,482 Colby vs. Superior Court of Santa Cruz
county — Proceedings herein referred to Department
No. l"
1.-.. pie ex rei. Cochran vs. Board of Education of
Oakland— On motion of Cohen for appellant, ordered
that this case bo hear.! in bank on Friday, February
lj!h, at 10 o'clock A. m
(10.'.3— S.in Francisco Gaslight Company vs. Shabcr
—Continued to Friday, February 13tb.
Court adjourned until to-morrow at 10 o'clock
A. M. .
Drxsos and Clark, Judges.
Monday, February Oth.
Oliver Scudder vs. J. P. Counts, Administrator—
Demurrer to complaint overruled and fifteen days
to answer.
Special venire ordered, and Sheriff directed to
sun mon fifty jurors, returnable on Tuesday, March
2d, st 10 o'clock A. 5!.
Oschner vs. Brady— Cause transferred, by consent,
to Solano county for trial.
William Hew-on Davis, a native of Australia, was
admitted to citizenship in on the testimony of 11. 8.
Cnshman and C. 11. Hubbard.
11. G. Smith, as-ig:ice, is. Samuel Poonnan et al.
—By consent, A. C. Freeman, substituted as attor
ney for plain iff Instead of H. W. Welty, and case
transferred to Placer county.
Estate if F. D. Tyrrell, deceased — Letters of ad
ministration granted to J. O. Burns; bond, 9500.
Appraisers, James Lansing. Frank Swift and .
Estate "i R. T. Brown, deceased— Final account
C. J. Zumwaldt vs. W. L. Pritchard— Demurrer
overrule"! and ten days to answer.
Estate "i John Kelly, deceased —Will admitted to
Guardianship of Annie Curry, a minor— So much
of the order heretofore entered, appelating P. Scan
lan guardian of Annie Curry, a minor, is set aside,
and. upon lot log, Andrew Lewick is ap]K.iuted
guardian of said Annie, upon filing a bond in the
sum of 8300.
' Estate of Belle Scudder, deceased— Account of J.
P. Counts, executor, confirmed.
E**tatc of Ham C. Harrison, deceased— Letters of
administration issued to. Al.bie A. Harrison; bond.
.-,' 0. Appraisers, 11. S. Deals, a. c. Freeman and
C. L. White.
George Mack vs. Joseph Miller Decree as prayed
__— . .
Recorded February 7th.
Marj- A. Frazee to It. S. Fr>z.-e, February -Ith —
West HI-*;-: feet of lot *', V and G, Eighteenth aud
Xineteeuth streets ; SICO.
Recorded Fehtuary 9th.
M. M Drew, Sheriff, to Samuel Cross, February
Oth— 1, -. 3 and 4, I" aud C, Twenty-ninth and
Think streets ; also lots '„ 6, 7 and 8, 1! and C,
Thirtieth and Thirty-first streets ; *1,100.
Bacramento Bank to Charles H. Swift, February
3d— Lot 5, E and F, Twelfth and Thirteenth streets.
James 11. Kerr lo L. M. Aldrich, October .-. 1870—
19} acres of section 31, township 7 north, range 6
cast: 81,281. .
John H. Kerr and wife to "Minerva Beauchamp,
Oitober 3, l»7f>— Lot 33 in Kerr's addition to Elk
Gn-vi-.; $1,100.' ' -
James Wilson and wifo to Charles 11. Fry, Febru
ary — N... ih.-ac-: ijuarter of section 9, township 7
nurtlj, ri!i_-i.* 7 east ; --1,300.
Joel It. Kay and Emma B. Kav to John CarmodJ'
and Fannie McUllnchy, febniary 3d— Lot 4, 11 and
X, Ei-titecmh and Nineteenth streets; -*-2,000.
Minerva C. Be.iueliani;. to Emily A. Alctrivh, Oc
tober 3th— .^.t Si. Kerr's addition to Elk Grove. <
Michael 11. ie.lier-.on and wife to A. •'. Book,
Februaiy Oth— Lot 1, X and o, Miieteeuih a;.u
Twer.tielh , -.reels.
Edtrsird Kice, the only American com
poser who can tackle Dr. Sullivan upon
the "Pinafore" lie'iJ has anctharne*- opera
in course of cum oshion. It lie could only
meet a librettist at tor hi.3 own heart, our
managers would tot have* to vast* time in
plotting how to pirate "The Pirates of
Peu.-tiiic*"." — Spirit of the Tim' .
— -— '—
Mme. Pappenheirt made her greatest
| success in London as Ile-:!.i in "ODeroß."
Foun» Market, Fifth asd S Streets.
Our - code: "Live and Let Live." \ The
lir-rest, most complete ; and . best ; stocked
market in Sacraaiento. Everything in the
market line Si j prices to suit the times.
Have been -.elliiif" et-jpj for three days past at
'-5 cents per dozen. ..*■ ' "- : - *
~ JEvei'.tbodt v***.*.< Chealey's Uock & Rye. Al
first-class ealocns keep it. : , V 7 '..
The only Cash Grocer, H. H. Paulk, 814
X street. ',-.:.■■ * ,
23. 3E3 a&X OT 3E3 I>
Or.LEAN 3 EL"ILUi:."G .
■AsnrAcnruota j.so i.iipoktehs
" —or- ?
f PAINTS, DOORS,' -.T?~ \ '
•.una. CORD,
The best WHITE LEAD ■ now manufactured.
Guaranteed bIKICTLY PURE, and superior in
CuLOR, BODY :i'<! KINESES*?. Manufactured
from the raw material pr.itluced here. Is not sub-
ject to TWO FRElGHT**— hence, is told at a less
price than llie -m; ted article.
THE „_
..' - ■
{Bxlso feet (basement tune size).
tf A (rood opportunity lor the location of a
first-class business,
-. _
1 3-»c:n?'o3K','s , s:3^sl j
"* ' ■ ■— : — '----r-
Adams, Mcßeffl & Co.,
Royal Baking Powder,
Schumacher's Renowned OatMealr.
Empire Broom Factory.
California Powder Works.
Golden Harp Fine Out Tobacco.
Price's Baking Powders.
Nabob Whisky.
Venable's Red Tag Tobacco.
Royal Hams.
91. 93 and 05 front Slrcel. Kncramoiiln
«ia n 9
£■■.•*■ Mk ' m*: ' ' ?
111 gig 0 I
S * j/i"k7- ii i
Szl ImHw ■*-
i if JteH ®
R Ig SSpibr O j
nhM I i
H,|j , E^lj 01 j
s SIS fe^l -Tl =
;y.y§ g|i
2 s« i Jkr%jMlF& Li MS
ill* S£ P. *
all Wm DI a
I-'Ol'i. i.t.lMTi" ami d'sffustin'- expectoration ;
CIUCUUfI PAINS in the head find forehead ;
DEAFNESS ar.d loss of smelling power;
Ul-U.'tt'JllTl*. Hay Fever and other diseases.
7 . .
tln-uiiirli the iiiucou3 menibnne has been finally
diicovered. WEI WE BBtßni « IKE,
* ilise.i.se-i, ij as certain in its effects as vaccination
is for small pox.
REV. C. 11. TAYLOB, 140 Noble St., Erooklyn,
J*. V. : " I am radically cured of Catarrh."
D. G. McKELVEV, Gov't Inspector, 187 Jlott St.,
N. V. — Cured of very bad Chronic Catarrh.
It. G. BLACKBURN*, at Lord k Taylor's, Broad vny,
N. Cured of 3 yean Catarrh ; 1 park-
. age.'
S. BENEDICT, Jr.., Jeweler, C 37 Broadway, N. Y.
(lady)— -.1 terrible Hay Fever*
BEY. C. J. JONES, New Brighton, 3. I.—" Woith
ten times the cost."
RF.V. GEO. A. KIES, 109 Jay street, Brooklyn—
"It has restored me to ministerial labors."
REV. ALEX. FREESE Cairo, l*. V.— " has worked
wonders in six cases in my parish."
DR. It. G. DLT.KIN, Dentist, 331 Sixth avenue,
. N. V.— Cure' of ('atari Influenza.
M'LLE AIMEK, Opera Prima D.-.nna, Catarrhal
Uronchlll*: "Great benefit from its use."
'•' - ':.■'.■". " I .
JIR3. EMMA C. HOWES, 39 W. Washington Square,
N. V.— Catarrh :»» jean ; Cured br.2 pack-
Etc., ' Etc., Etc., Etc.
I with the most remarkable testimonials on record,
j Mont FRF.E, by his Agents, Messrs. D. B.
| DEWEY & CO., 46 Dey street, X. T. ; or by Drng-
! t -l*"3. The CIRE IS DEIIVEKEI» at 81 SO a
)*acia?e. Tliink of a REAL C'S KE fcr in ob-
■ stinate disease at this trifiing cont. [i7-lortpAa
: "fotarj' Public and Coir.njlsstossr ol DceA*.
- Real Estate Eongtt tad Sold ou Corajr.'Miou. ..
s £2THotues rs.*ie.l and rente c*j;iect«d."6t*l
.:■"-.- ..,---' "^ — *;. ■;■.'. ."„"■
Am-tt for the following lusurxnce Companies :
I IMVfcRIAL.-. .........of laotem
'LONDON ...v.... .;...:. .......of lonaos
; N'Ol'.riitUi;*i" ..................... o Lonilor
I QUEEX...V....."..."..V....;^..... of Liverp"' 1
1 ■ETXA7.Y......1 ....... .'.of Hartford, Conn.
Agzre&kte Cubital, -*JSS.:J3,fcf.3.
tfSo. 17 Fourth street, between J and X, Stc-
I r^m into, e-mcr of the alley. , ■ •*_' d23-lptl ■
-„"■( it .'■♦ Y',Y ; 'itii
xo. W FROST STREET, BETWEEN i X axh 1, rA«:*.*..""E\TO.
- _ : — ; . rj ■ „, : ;y,-Y%'fe
iw^mumm - champagne : WINES i
tf TMI prepara- „™. -_ /v . amr <ny h,^. _ r _ v 7*— /«-* ™» to *' ,c East *
t'oni.**; oistiiiation I 5™% g*^. /Br^t tt & Bjl lj\#ff^ I* -is a CERTAIN
of selected i:VL|»rf| Ifi _ £)K ,*-#£# Sc** Tf L™* l ; : „.:i" lIS
WHISKY and ruHE S & %.{? %.*■;» H X^. VsaKfc, fl U ll iLssO and COLD?, aud all
I*'" CANDY, :-*': !y_Y_^____- » — ™ iBXONCIHAL AF-
is having a wonder- ITIiAOK JIAUIi.] FECTIOXS.
splendid appetizer. Sold by all Leading Druggist* and Uroecrs. ,
."io. "i Front fjtrcel. belireeu J and Hi ; ""arrantenfo
Gold all Silver latches, Diamonds and Jewelry.
&3 In daily receipt of New Goods, direct frcm the factories, hence all my customers receive the
benefit of buying from first hands.
g^Sigii of the Town Clock, WjM.
V -i *«b — vX-U *■***,
e^AiTR .\«. 313 .1 STBES.T, RET. Tl*!*IO AXD FOl'ETil, SAt'HAMEXTO. YitYS
o2S :':-'.f •
Mg^.c^■■^■l-^■l^*a'-^^glP^eg^^Ju^ll^^Jlu^3J^J.'J^l' l^g^^^e^^^ — — i — |— pa
Simmond's ISs"abo"b "Whisky !
That excellent stimulant in c.> o cs of weakness or any kind of illness. It is the best anil purest
Whisky in the market. Bold by all druggists and grocers, by the bottle. {{one genuine- the name
of i; SI.MMOXD.-5 i** across the cork. -S le Agents for Sacramento : AWASH. *!!«•.% J.U.J «t <'«».
Kept by all dru-r-jist-i and groceries. Also, Aieade Hotel and I'm y Exchange, No. 75 Front st. jail-Splm
i - 21_~^*—H111"1~" ■■—•—■"■"* r -*"■"*"*" IW— — —"l" ' ■« inai nmn ...ii--. ,m
■A.t- Houghton's Book Store,
taMP3Eaaarang-'*»iji imwnlM ii , * u.ijmii
j XBg:g>o-gt.'3P3S3EfcS-; j
iiLGmUEs !
* **» i
fc-. MIIIBI ■ I ■ M j
S3 We are offering the above justly celebrated I
brand of HAMS at very low figures — every HAil I
, - -■
s:t. ',:* tr.,'; JAVA COTTEB!
Tbe niesl COFFEU i ver brought to this mat
-Zm x zfsr "CB ™.. 33 "ST -As C -O „
No*. I!. 46 and -ISK hi.. Snei.-.i-.U'iito. Cal.
.....Ma...!-.. ...I iiimiiii. .*.i.. nm. iii.i.i.
Ve-s*iial>le*«. Ev.-;t?-, «"3ic-.*e,
Poultry, Oreen i.nd Dry Fruits, Honey, B-j&nD, etc.
***T l"ot--.tc***3 i.i o >r-1..:..t lota or less.
dffl-lfatf Nos. 21 -ail as J Street.
it. f.*-:vy,
V V and dealer In l'creijn sod Domestic Fruit*? I
Ciirars i.a.l Tobacco, .... Smokersf Articles,
Cutler** and Notions, Nuts, Candies, etc., No. 51 J
-jt.reet. Sacrsmento. dll-lnlm
»7. T. K"iKtV!'U A CO.,
Caaanlsslan .'icrr.hatifs anil Wholesale
i tetabies, Honey, Seeds, Alfalfa Seed, Etc.,
.Yon. .-'O aud If' .1 Street, Saem-iarntn.

complete in the State. Offered to the Trade
at tho lowest rates. Alfalfa, Bad Top, Timothy,
Blue Grass. Red Clover, etc. .
S3 We are aV*-i dealers in a 1 kinds of Green and
Dried Fruits, Nuts, Honey, and General lier-
■lif.n.Jise. .
All orders promptly attenaed to. Address,
Jalo-2mi3 Nob. C, 8 and 10 J stroet, Sixratrento
nan ii ■■■■— ■>■!■■ i»iii iim hi— ssj— i ht-^w— —-i — ■
I Qg . s-i 3*l
ti t< i^*" ii.it- ti KB
f.Pea I \l mm
h U.ri i I "-— B r- — O
ha r-r- © g* S S S I !
MP inJ.ua rj .tr~ ■ S •< I
\in « aJf I i , I
E I*3B - -rH l-_g g . f* 2 j
A . © S- ft § I *
J- N es: --§ -%l' b l jr
Q -sc htel s S i '
n Q.'-s-ij. a s = j
h^i^ m •=- is !> i*
-r vi **^S s = ■ ha S i
M [, — §|S fi -< aj ;
„ i ,ci c■e ■ ■ s ■*• l
t.-ft'CO |§ S■a .1
V* <Tl 4 2 ff-
t h£j <I 1 aJ;
-^^ r>,, ~-''^*** c^iiri''!*f' l '.iia^-'**-^''^ ,^^ > '^
:. THl—— -;
€rand Kotcl Property .
and lv streets, Sacramento city, direct.y op- j
prsrite the steamboat landing, and near the railroad
depot. The best location in the city for a hotel I
anil business property. Will be sold low, with favor- I
able terms So to payments, or leased for&teira o* j
mats .1 a low rental. Inquire of E. CADWALADER, !
No. ;l i street, Sucramento ; or 8. P. DEWEY, No I
JOS 111..: street. San Francisco. ■ ■.-•-.* d22*3ptf
■Ml lI W ■■ ■■ Ul JWH-FWWgrHCTUrf I'll lIIIMI—EIMWE.U 111 ■Mill I I -Wil.. 1-J ■■ ■WIB'.H-'W.U *J IWIWMI mwm*m MWHI
; Twenty-five bbl? ROCK CAVE RYE WHISKY, three summers old ; 10 bbls MELLWOCP WHISKY, two
aiumuer* old ; 10 J j,!;-, Marctt & Co.'a COGNAC,' from bord ; 10 J (ItgS si. and : 8. . lilack Swaa
GIN. from bond. : Also, fine OLD PORT and SIIEKKY, for family use. * -* '-■'■""- ':■'.'• ■ ■'
S3 On hand srenoral assortment of CHAMPAGNES, CLARETS, etc., and Proprietors of the Genu! .
Celebrated WILD CHERRY TONIC. :f^^^m3SS^^^^' t:a^ !^^S^ m e !^ ie^ : 'ir^^J^-
wu.tox.ro wees -* CO ..-...-, [02-3plm] SO. 805 X STEEET
"X. L. 0. P.," BRAND!
Extra Fat Shore Fish, heads and tails off, and
supply a want lon felt by the general trade, beiii'i
packed in such a manner as to avoid the unpleasant
and disagreeable handling of fish from the brine.
Tlie packages are far superior to any that have been
or can be placed on this market. The top of each
can or pail being made of soft metal, can be easily-
cut with a knife.
Tbe "X. L. C. R" MACKEREL are put up in
10 It. pails and i It. cans, full weight, handsomely
labeled, and are attractive shell goods.
■.- . *
S3' A sample order will convince all dealers of
their superior quality and attractiveness.
Corner At T"i'r-* .-inrt X atrfrti., Unrraiitrut*
o^'"WlW& Walk
■'■ k m%mS%!mo^
WHOOPI.\U (011.11,
Sample Bottle, lor : ::. -:ii;.,- .-size, ;.*>c.
Prepared from Pure Old Port Wine, Wine of Pepsin,
and Elixir of Calisaj-a (Peruvian Bark),
11. ('. KIRK i CO., General Agta, Sacramento.
Sir For sale by druggists and dealers everywhere.
PRICE, SI. f.'i'.-iplni
M. R. BEARD & CO.,
Wiapplag Paper, Etc.,
I., "l-illl _.
The Best G-Holc BaJise^ ,jr- % —^^_
is ran world is "-.^a':-;-.--**^^ty^i'J '•
THEaiCHMo:?m. W^^^tl
. Q-jiJ y-% «y.*l3
roasALßsr Jj"'~?i'*fB&£i^rh>
V. I. LEWIS & CO., ps*^fe-^-***^p
' 132 A 134 J Street. £er^ : ' ■'-, ," V** 6 -'-
-d**n*.-ioif —■■ms.y&T-U ' '
Bala A Co.'s. Dale A Co.*-.
33)-^L3Li3ES <Bs. 0-0-
"plm ■ .
i '. -i -.*.*.'; *
2.0. At'a^-«, y^~~\1.7. ■•.'.•:•-?' SmSem Tnilo'ii-- Ectel,
, "i^"\i..:r*.j/ ■ 'QeilMlufxilMntiTiiaxjlojnaLk
'J Erai fe ti* Ci2JE»iiiiMiJj •
• -. . la-tl-Splm -„ , . -
J. Gr. 13-22LT7-IS,
Of ever." description. *S^^i3P
Nn. 411 Ii street, hei. fourth and I'iftli.
■■■.-*: '■ '■:' '' di*. -'.'.plni ' "' -. '.'■.>-•■ :
Temple, corner X and Ninth streets, uB
Sacramento /, - jalJSplm mem
• UNION tor San Francisco, both for circulation
i.d adverti*w.ia..*nt*!, is In the tlfiee of Theodore
31aneejr, So. MS Montgomery street. Rooms 8
aid m. ". V ti> V '8-lot :

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