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iM-LY RECORD _~__lE_ -*ff OI_.AX.II-.VO. 4-.».
The Country Safe fop Another
Fonr Years.
An Almost Solid North Over
whelms the Solid South.
Station Upon One Side, Depression
Upon the Other.
Mobile, November 2d.— Returns indicate that all
Uie Democratic Congressmen are elected. The
Democratic irajority In the State ts 40,600.
Little Rock, November 2d.— The Indications «re
all four Democratic Congressmen are elected. Han
cock will carry the State by 3,000.
I lam, November 2d.— election is passing
off quietly. Good weather. A heavy vote is being
polled. The Republicans are confident.
Denver, November 2d.— logolden and Long
m mt counties the Republican majorities* are 75 and
87, respectively— Republican gain in Ingot-CD over
1876 of 250. It is estimated that Arapahoe county
gives from 900 to 1,000 Republican majority— a gain
of nearly 200. The Republicans carry the State
probably by an increased majority. Returns will be
late, owi.g to the length of the ticket and time for
closing the polls. **. "'p.
Golden Crrr, November 2d.- Garfield 73 major
ity—a Republican gain of 250.
Lonumont, November Garfield 337, Hancock
120, Weaver 83.
Denver, November Twenty-one towns and
prec nets give Garfield 1,248 majority. The Gov
ernor and Congressmen load the ticket. Ail the
towns show Republican gains.
Punter, November 2d.— indications now are
tiiat the Republican majority in Colorado will ex
ceed 3,000. The Republicans elect their entire
State and Congressional ticket, and will have a large
majority of tho Legislature.
New Em, November 2d.— A very large vote is
being polled. It looks as if the Democrats were
holding their own pretty well on the National
ticket Bigelow gains on English, though not as
much as was expected by some. The election is
pretty quiet, though objections are made to the
Deputy Marshals. Few arrests have been made.
Hartford, November 2d.— this city it is likely
that the Democratic majority will exceed 300. The
Republicans are getting out their full vote, and feel
very confident of carrying the State. Meiiden pre
dicts a majority of 300 for Garfield in that city, and
New Britain 100 sure. Vernon will have a Repub
lican majority.
Hartpord, November 2d.— Hwtford's majority
for Hancock is 226. Tilden's majority in 1876 was
978. The Democrats elect two Representatives in
Hartford, November 2d. The Indications are
that Garfield's majority in this State is 2,000 to
Hartporb, November 2d— p. m.- There is no
doubt but that Connecticut has gone for Garfield by
from 2,000 to 3,000 majority. The Democrat] give
it up at this hour.
9 Hartpord, November 2d.— John R. Back (Rep.)
has been elected to Congress in the First District by
1,000 majority. Waite (Rep.), for Congress, is
elected in the Third District.
II.VRTPORD, November 2d.— Ninety-three towns
give Garfield 31,365, Hancock 28,391. This includes
all the cities but Hartford, New Haven and Bridge
port -J •' ; JJ
Connecticut, November 2d. — Miles is elected to
Congress hi the Fourth District The Democrats
claim Phelps ln the Second.
Hartpord, November 3d— a. si.— The Legislature
is Republican. Bigelow, Governor, and the entire
Republican Stato officers are elected.
_ 1
Wilminoton, November 21.— The election was
rather excited. The police force was 200 larger
than usual, and a still larger supply of United States
officials. One conflict of authority between the po
lice and Deputy Marshals was settled by the arrest
of the latter, who were then discharged by the
Mayor, who sail he wished for no confl ct
WilminstON, November 2d.— lncomplete returns
nf this city show a Republican gain of 500.
Wilminoton, November 2d.— Returns received in
dicates a majority in the Slate of at least 1,000 for
Hancock. The Democrats will secure at least 14 of
the 20 legislators, as the probabilities are that the
entire ticket will be electe '.
Penh/cola, November 2d.— ln Sonta Rcsa eoanty
is estimated as giving 400 majority for Hancock- a
Democratic gain of 50 on 1376. Cambia county is
claimed for Hancock by 300— a Democratic gain of
Lake Crrr, November 2d. — The indications favor
the election of Bloxom (Dem.X for Governor, and
Davidson for Congress in the First District. The
Second District is close.
Jacksonville, Novembei 2d.— indications are
now that the Democrats will moke a clean sweep.
Until fuller returns ore had from the strong negro
counties, nothing positive can be affirmed.
Atlanta, November 2d— Hammond (Dem.), is
elected in the Kifth District, and Clements (Dem.),
beats Ktiton in the Seventh.
Savannah, November 2d— Black (Dem.) carries
the First District by 2,000. Turner (Dem.) is elected
in the Second District by 3,000.
Aram a, November 2d.— county gives Han
cock I,oo* majority. It gore Tilden a majority of
2,300 in 1876, The same ratio would give the State
to Honeock by 40,000. Probably, however, non
cock's majority will be 50,000 or 60,000, as the Re
publican vote here is larger than a. other points.
The indisatiOßS ore that the Democrats have car
ried oil the Congressional Districts. The election
here was very quiet. The negro vote was the larg
est in ten years, and they voted the Republican
ticket almost solidly.
Columbus, November 2d.— The election was quiet
everywhere in the State, according to sjiecial re
ports. The indications are all safe for the Demo
crats. The negroes, where they voted, went almost
solid for Garfield. '
COLUHEitB, November 2d.— The indications are
that tbe Hancock Electoral ticket will be successful
by a small majority in this district The friends of
Buchanan, Democratic nominee for the Fourth
Congressional District, claim his majority over Cox,
Independent, by from 3,000 to 4,000 in the district
Chicago, November 2d. Advices this morning in
dicate fine weather in all sections of the country,
and every prospect favors a large Republican vote
in this city. Everything is quiet, and the Repub
licans are turning out in unprecedented numbers It
is estimated that by 11 o'clock— hours after
the polls opened— half the vote of the city was cast.
Springfield, November 2d.— Republicans are
gaining largely The heaviest vote ever known is
being polled.'
Chicago, November 2d.— By 1 o'clock over half
the vote of the city was polled, "and balloting is pro
gressing rapidly. There is considerable scratching
on the local ticket. The vote will be larger than
ever before. There is a quiet and peaceable, but very
determined, - conflict ' between the United States
Supervisors and Deputy Marshals and the
city regular and special police *'.-. The '_ latter
hove arrested several I Deputy Marshals, but in
each cose the United States officer . has been boiled,
and in turn caused the arrest of tbe policeman mak
ing the arrest. Mayor Harrison caused some remark
in his own precinct— strongly Republican one- by
insisting on depositing his vote out of turn, a line ot
nearly 100 being ahead of him. ,' It is likely that the
vote in the city will be very close, and at present
there is no sign of a disturbance. - ' •• 7 A : -';" ■ -:'
• Chicago, November -2d.— The polls close in the
Western States at 7 o'clock, and the long city, coun
ty an! State tickets will cause much delay in getting
. ... .Pp Pi,.- .:.;v,.r p ■.-...-■ ... . = .-,.,.."
at the results of the TUe in Illinois. The compari
son will be made with the vote of 1876. In Chicago
no comparison can be made, as the city has been re
districted, and ther* is ni basis of comparison.
CniCAOO, November 2d.— Returns from 42 towns
and precincts in Illinois, outside of Chicago, show
a net Republican gain of 554.
CniCAOO, November 2d.— Later returns show
sweeping Republican gains in the city, and
the election of the entire city,- county.
State and national Republican candidates by a ma
jority of over 6,000. The returns from the country
towns may increase this majority to 9,000 or 10,000—
a heavy gain over the vote in 1876. -At 11 o clock,
00 out of 130 precincts in the city show a Republi
can majority of 5,506.
Cuicaoo, November 2d.— Returns from 34 out of
130 precincts in this city give a Republican majority
of 3,514. There seems to be a Republican gain in
several wards, but the amount cannot be stated,
nor can it be possibly stated whether the Republi
can gain will be sufficient tocarry the city. The indi
cations are that Aldrich, Davis and Farwell, Re
publicans, will be returned to Congress trom the
three city districts. Mayor Harrison, claiming that
the prec nets were not numerous enough to allow a
full vote, ordered that extra polling places ba
opened after the close of the polls in several wards,
and many votes were deposited in the ballot- boxes
there placed. There is no certainty that these votes
can be counted. * .
Cuicaoo, November 2d— ll p. M.— So far as learned
and estimated at this hour the Congressional dele
gation in this State will stand : Republicans— First
District, Aldrich ; Second, Davis ; Third, Farwell ;
Fourth, Sherwin ; Fifth, Hawk ; Sixth, Henderson ,
Seventh, Cullin ; Eighth, Heayson ; Ninth, Lewis
(probably); Tenth, Marsh: Thirteenth, Smith;
Fourteenth, Cannon ; Fifteenth, Forsyth (probably);
Eighteenth, .Thomas (probably). Democrats-
Eleventh, Singleton ; Twelfth, Springes (probably);
Sixteenth, Sparks; Seventh, Morrison (probably);
Nineteenth, Townsend. If this holds good in sight
of later returns, there will bo a Republican gain of
one Congressman.
Indianapolis, November 2d.— The election passed
off without any disturbance in this city. The indi
cations arc that a smaller vote was polled than in
the October election. Comparisons to-night will be
made on the vote for Governor at the State election,
which gave a Republican plurality of 6,953. JX
Indianapolis, November 2d.— Returns thus far
received show about equal Republican and Demo
cratic gains. In 110 towns the net Republican gain
is 5, indicating a Republican majority in the State
of about the same majority given for Porter at the
October election.
Indianapolis, November 2d.— The total vote in
this city is 19,418—710 less than the vote of October.
In the Sixth Ward the Republicans gain 22. ln
Wayne township, this connty, the Republicans gain
32. Sixty voting places, from as many counties in
the State, show a Republican gain of 25 on the total
vote, and a Democratic lo»s of 46- a net Republican
gain of 71.
Indianapolis, November 2d.— Two hundred and
seventy voting places, or one fifth of the State,
show a net Democratic gain over the Governor's
vote in October of 124.

Cuicaoo, November 2d.— ln lowa the vote will bo
compared with that for Governor in 1879.
Dcs Moines, November 2d.— Returns from tbe ten
precincts in Polk, Madison, Adair, Dallas, Guthrie,
Waspella, Webster and Marshall counties, casting
about one and one-half per cent of the vote of the
State, show a net Republican gain of 306 over the
vote of last year. The precincts, so far as heard
from, in the Sixth Congressional District show a
[ Republican gain of 208.
I *
( Fort Scott, November 2d. The entire county
Republican ticket is elected here by 3,000 majority,
probably 5,000.
I'M I-I IN t.
New Orleans, November 2d.— Election das
passed quietly, with the exception ef a difficulty
between white men and a negro at the polls, in
which the negro was wounded by a pistol shot The
indication- point to a light vote here and through
out the State
New Orleans, November 2d.— Returns from all
parts of the State indicate the election of Demo
cratic candidates in all the Congressional districts.
Portland, November 2d.— 11 o'clock the city
vote stands : Garfield 967, Fusion 686, Weaver 10.
Republicans leading 271 against the Fusionists'
leading at the same hour in Se.-.tembsr. The Pro
hibition vote will be trifling in Maine.
Calais, November 2d-l p. a.— The election is
quiet The indications are that tho Republicans
will carry thia city by 300 majority, an increased
vole. ff- -
Cuicaoo, November 2d.— The total vote at Port
land, Me., last September, was: Davis 3,506, Fusion
ists 3,251. Davis' (Rep.) majority 257. The voto
to-day at 1 o'clock stood : Republican 1,883, Fusion
ist 1,397 ; Republican majority 426. The Republi
can gain at this rate in Portland over last year will
be nearly 400.
Banoor, November 2d— l v. M.-The Republicans
have a majority of 511 in the city. In the Septem
ber election Davis had a majority of 141.
Bangor, November 2—3 p. m.— Republican
majority in this city is 498. In Brewer, at half-past
2, there is a reported majority of 107.
Waterville, November 2d.— Returns frcm all the
wards except Ward Six indicate a Republican gain
of about 50 over the September election. The total
vote will fall short.of September about 100.
Belfast, November 2d.— No material change
here. Both parties c'aim a majority. The Demo
crats gain in two wards from September.
Portland, November 2d.— 3 o'clock Portland
stood : Republican 3,673, Fusion 3,124.
Augusta, November 2d.— 3 o'clock the Repub
licans have a lead of 223, and ore gaining.
Biddefokd, November 2d —At 3 o'clock it appears
as If the Republicans would make a gain over their
majority of September.
Rockland, November 21— At 2 o'clock about 1,
--500 votes have been cast, of which Garfield had 190
majority over all, leading in six of the seven wards.
Not more than 40 straight Greenback votes have
been cast - ■'•_; *::."
Calais, November 2d —3 p. a.— lncreased Repub
lican majority.
Bath, November 2d.— The total vote of this city
gives Garfield 1,175, Hancock 071— a plurality gaia
on the September vote of 336 for Garfield. The
official vote will not vary the result - 'rPi'JJ.-
Damariscotta, November 2d. —Garfield 204, Fusion
85, straight Greenback 17. Republican plurality
119— loss frun September. Saco gives 282 Repub
lican plurality— a gain of 45 over September. .
Lewlston, November 2d. — Garfield, 1,646; Han
cock, 1,404; Weaver, 14.
Portland, November 2d.— The Republicans of
this city have nearly doubled their plurality of
Portland, November 2d.— Garfield, 3,782; Han
cock, 3,288; Weaver, 78. Fifty towns in Maine give
Garfield 23,979 ; Hancock, 19,651 ; Weaver, 654.
The some towns gave in September : Republican,
23,088 ; Fusion, 20,802 ; scattering, 68. This is a
Republican net gain of 1,388 on the vote of last
September. XXXX.:
Portland, November Si?.— One hundred and forty
towns gve Garfield 41,054; Hancock, 33,041 ;
Weaver, 1,172. Republican gain over September,
2,167. p , ffi;
Portland, November 2d.— Ono hundred towns in
Maine give Garfield 36,138 ; Hancock, 29,172 ;
Weaver, 943— a Republican gain on September of
1,957. 'a. P. . PpP-r v :*-..■;.■. J > ,
f Augusta, November . 2d— B T. *.-- Senator Blame
has Just sent the following dispatch to General J.
A. Garfield, at Mentor, O.:
Maine has given yon a handsome majority over all
opposing tickets. Will send details later.
..-. Augusta, November Augusta gives a Repub
lic majority of 246-0 gain of 53 since Septem
ber. OflSciol vote : Garfield, 1,125 ; I usion ticket,
794 ; Weaver, 85.
Portland, November 2d.— The returns indicate a
Republican majority of 4,000. .
; Augusta, November 2d.— The Kennebec 'Journal
soys the State has gone Republican by from 4,000 to
5,000, and perhaps by a larger majority, as oil the
towns heard from generally give large gains over
the September vote. -. p" '"-
♦ :
Springfield, November —A very large vote is
being polled throughout western Massachusetts. * -
Boston, November 2d.— A Newburyport dispatch
states that Boynton, Democratic J and Greenback
candidate for Congress in the Sixth District, will be
elected by about 100 majority. -'." ; \
New Bedford, November 2d.— The v_te in this
city stands : For Garfield 2,867, Hancock 1,319. fJJf-
Fall River, November 2d. Garfield and Arthur
have 1,026 majority here.
Worcester, November 2d.— city gives Car
field 5,531, Hancock 3,663, Weaver 131, Dow 15. : For
Governor— Long 5,627, Thompson 3,651, Sargent
185, Almy 28. For Congress— Rice (Rep) 5,439,
McCafferty (Dom.) 3,553, Brown (Greenback) 177,
Clark (Prohibition) 175.
j Boston, November 2d.— city of Fitchburg
gives "* Garfield 1,399, Hancock 804, Long 1,390,
Thompson 793. For Congress— Ncrcross 1,307, Al
vord 799.
Fall Biter, November 2d.— city Is probably
Republican by 800 or 1,000. "
Boston, November 2d.— Eighty-two cities and
towns, including Worcester, Fitchburg and New
Bedford, give Garfield 36,976 ; Hancock, 19,762.
v Boston, November 2d. — Returns from the Fourth
Congressional District give F. B. Hayes (Rep.) a
majority of 247 over Morse. This is a gain of one
Congressman for tho Republicans. All the cities
and towns of the Sixth District except five give
Stone (Rep.) a majority of 2,477 over Boynton
(Greenback Dem.) Ninety-nine towns and wards in
the State give Garfield 50,883 ;-. Hancock, 37,209.
The same towns in 1576 gave Hayes 45,907 ; Tilden,
40,344. In the First District W. W. Crapo (Rep.) is
elected to Congress. ■ In the Second District S. Z.
Bowman (Rep.) is elected to Congress. W. A. Rus
sell (Rep )is elected in the Seventh District ; John
W. Couldcr(Rep.)iu the Eighth • District ; ,W. W.
Rice (Rep.) in the Ninth District ; Amos W. Nor
cross (Rep.) in the Tenth District ; Geo. D. Robert
son (Rep.) in the Eleventh District. Unless later
returns materially alter the rote, the Republicans
have carried every Congressional District.
| Boston, November 2d.— Later reports leave the
Sixth Congressional District in doubt, with the
probability favoring the election of Stone (Rep.)
The Ilerald says Morse (Dem.) is elected to C ingress
in the Fourth District by 115 plurality, while the
Journal figures up a plurality of 231 for Francis B.
Hayes (Rep.), his cponeut. This leaves two dis
tricts in doubt.
Boston, November 2d.— Morse (Dem.) is elected
to Congress in the Fourth District by 67 majority.
Boston, November 2d.— Boston complete gives
Garfield 25,524 ; Hancock, 27,659. .
Boston, November 2d.— The Massachusetts dele
gation to Congress stands 10 Republicans and 1
Democrat. Ihe Journal claims a plurality in Mas
sachusetts Of from 40,000 to 50,000.
Baltimore, November 2d.— The election is pro
ceeding in the most quiet and orderly manner. A
very heavy vote is being polled. Up to Ir. a. only
four arrests has been made.
Annapolis, November 21.- -The vote m this city
shows a Republican gain of 154. Wilmer (Rep.),
for Congress, has 85 majority.
Baltimore, November 2d.— Kent county gives a
Democratic majority of 117— a Republican gain of
Baltimore, November 2d.— The total vote of Bal
timore City gives Garfield 23,354, Hancock 32,677—
a Republican gain of 878.
til' I'M, IV
Detroit, November 2d.— The election is progress
ing here in the most quiet and orderly manner. A
large number of business houses are closed, and en
ergetic work is being put in by both sides. Noth
ing definite is known as to the condition of the vote.
Splendid weather prevails.
Detroit, November Twenty -six towns and
precincts in Michigan give Garfield 884 majority,
and Jerome, for Governor, 718 majority.
Detroit, 6:30 p. a.— November 2d.— One hundred
and thirty-two precincts wards and townships in
Michigan give Garfield 9,120 majority.
j'; MI.-iXf-SOTA.
St. Pail, November 2d— The Republicans have
carried the county ticket in St. Paul, and probably
elected two out of the three members of the Legis
lature. St. Paul is usually Democratic by 2,000
• ■
-y-y a ~
St. Lot is, November 2d.— There is no trouble, bat
everybody is on the alert at the polls. The vote is
Kansas Citt, November 2d.— The counting is
very slow, with many scratched tickets. In the
Eighth Congressional District, as far as counted,
Van Horn (Rep.) leads both the Democratic candi
dates in nearly every precinct.
St. Lm.is, November 3d.— Sessinghausc (Rep.) is
beyond doubt elected to Congress in place of Frost
(Dem.) in the Third District.
Omaha, November 2d.— Returns are slow in
coming in, but from those received, and from the
best estimates, it is safe to say that Nebraska goes
Republican by front 20,000 to 25,000 majority. Gov
ernor Vance and the entire State ticket, together
with Congressman Valentine, arc re elected, This
county gave a Republican majority of over 500 -
a handsome gain. There are heavy Republican
gains in nearly every town in the State. The Re
publican majority In Lancaster county is 2,000.
Reno, November 2d.— The weather last evening
looked stormy, but to-day is delightful. The vote
will be large. The prospects for the Republican
county and State ticket are not discouraging. Fair
has a man here with coin to buy votes. Tlie Repub
licans are working hard to stand him off.
Reno, November 2d.- Two Democrats have been
arrested for bribing voters.
Eureka, November 2d.— Dispatches received here
from Hamilton this evening slate that White Pine
county has gone Democratic by a considerable ma
jority, carrying the whole ticket. Lincoln county
gives 75 majority for the whole Democratic ticket.
Carson, November 2d.— The voto iv Corson gives
Hancock 831, Garfield 563. The whole comity
ticket is Republican. - ; *:*'•'
Reno, November 2d. — Returns from Washoe
county, as far as heard from, give Hancock a ma
jority of 82. The vote in Reno stands: Hancock
445, Garfield 412, Weaver 4. The majorities in other
precincts are as follows: For Hancock— Browas,
33; Franktown, 13; Verdi, 8; Ravine, 10 ; Clarks,
4. For Garfield— Glendale, 8 ; Pyramid, 10.
Elko, November, 2d.— E.ko Precinct gives Han
cock 137, Garfield, 107.
Virginia, November 2d.— Returns indicate the
election of a Democratic working majority in the
Legislature. The probabilities are strong that the
Democrats have carried the State and elected Cas
sidy to Congress. ;:'; ".--..
Ei'Rkra, November 2d.— ln Eureka the majority
will be small either way for the heads of the ticket.
The Democrats elect two-thirds, if not oil the
Legislative ticket Cassidy (Dem.), for Congress,
and Belknap (Dem.), for Supreme Judge, arc elected
by large majorities. „...■;.:-;..--'
I Reno, November 2d.— Complete returns from
Wadsworth Precinct give Hancock 66, Garfield 107.
This reduces Hancock's majority in Washoe county,
os far as heard from, to 37. A few small precincts
ore yet to hear from, which will probably moke a
slight change on the Republican side. The Demo
cratic gain in this county is due to the purchase of
the Italian vote. ■..'.-"" rAJPpK
Hamilton, November 2d.— Hamilton Precinct
gives 14 majority for the Republican Presidential
Electors. Rock Hill i Dem.), for State Senator, 4.
Partial returns received from Cherry Creek, the
largest precinct in the county, show heavy Demo
cratic gains. It is generally conceded that the
Democratic State, Senatorial and the Assembly
ticket of White Pine county is elected by 30 ma
jority. Beatty, for Supreme 'Judge, is 30 ahead in
this precinct. {J.
Elko, November 2d.— Carlin -Precinct cast I*l
votes. For Garfield, 71 ; for Hancock, 50; for Dag-
Rett, 83. ,:"■■ • ■':..;■ pf- p;f_..
\ Portsmouth, November 2d.— Republican gains
ore reported in Ward One, where the fight centers,
with indications favoring the election of Bell (R.).
for Governor. Though there will probably be a de
creased vote from last year, j Hall (R.), for Con
gress, shows a slight falling off since noon. At
Nashua the Republicans made gains.
Manchester, November 2d.— Much excitement is
eause-d by the discovery that 200 Republican ballots
have been cast in five of the wards for Henry A.
instead of Henry L. Tilton, one of their Presiden
tial Electors. The error was immediately corrected.
The Republicans claim that they will increase their
majority in the dty over that of 1878. i It is said
that they must carry the city by from 800 to 1,000
majority to defeat Frank Jones for Governor. 77J
■Concord, November 2d.— reports are that the
Republicans are ahead at 1 o'clock. Lisbon shows
a Democratic gain of 76 in the vote for Moderator.
and New Market of 10 for the same. Reports of
disorder at the polls received from parts of New
England. The Presidential vote of ten towns-give'
Garfield 1,627, Hancock 1,234-*' net \ Republican
loss of 47. The Gubernatorial vote for ten towns
s-M-*f«__l(B»hi*»__aj-™«M. _. . . .i™ = ...:„...;.' rr" pr "~
give Bell (Rep.), 1,608; Jones, 1,259 ; scattering, 11
—net Republican gain of 141. -
Concord. November 2d.— Presidential vote of
ten towns give Garfield 627, Hancock 1,243— a net
Republican loss of 47. The Gubernatorial vote for
ten towns give Bell (Rep.) 1,608, Jones 1,259; scat
tering 11— net Republican gain of 141.
Concord, November 2d.— Returns indicata the
election of Bell, Republican candidate for Governor,
by a popular vote, and the full Republican Electoral
ticket. JjTjJp. p. 7. ■ . „p7fA-X7
Boston, November 2d.— Chairman Huse, of the
New Hampshire State Republican Committee, claims
the election of the Republican candidates for Con
gress in the Second and Third Districts. The first
District is in doubt.
Net Brunswick, November 2d.— Democratic ma
jority, 7,000 ; Democratic gain of 500. It is esti
mated that three Democratic Congressmen are
elected— gain of two.
Ca.den, November j -Cumberland county
gives a Republican majority of about 4'"o— a Demo
cratic gain of 135. Jr:?J{7J'.7
Wateetowk, November Jefferson county,
complete, gives Garfield 2,400 majority.
Patterson, November 2d.— Passaic county gives
a Republican majority of between 1,200 and 1,400,
against 373 for President Hayes. Miles Ross is
probably elected by 5,700 majority.
New Yoke, November 2d. Late last night Super
intendent Walling, ol the Police Department, tele
graphed a general order to Captains, declaring that
his order of November Ist, regarding the serving of
warrants, must be obeyed, and informing the police
Captains that he would hold them to a strict account
ability if it was disobeyed, and stating further that
the Superintendent of Police was the only legal
officer empowered to issue orders to the police force.
This order of tho Superintendent was because of
the contradictory and confusing orders of the Police
Commissioners, who were generally regarded as
influenced by their politics. Tlie latest order of
Superintendent Walling aroused the Democrats, and
this morning Police Justice Duffy, accompanied by
several Democratic leaders and counsel, entered the
Superintendent's office, handed him forty-seven
warrants, and directed him to have them served, at
the same time exhibiting an order for the arrest of
the Superintendent if he refused. After some talk,
Superintendent Walling said he would have the
warrants served. A large number of arrests have
already been made for attempted illegal voting. A
United States Deputy Marshal was arrested, charged
with disorderly conduct at the polls. Police Justice
Kilbrett discharged him with a reprimand. Over
forty arrests of persons charged with illegal regis
tration have been made upon warrants issued by
Commissioner Davenport, who, with other
United States Commissioners, hold a Court in the
Federal building. All were discharged. One Deputy
Marshal was arrested for assaulting the Chief Mar
shal of one of the Assembly districts, and was
charged with drunkenness and neglect of duty. He
was held in $1,000 bail. A United States Deputy
Marshal was arrested, charged with protecting and
allowing illegal votes. The Police Justice remanded
him for examination. Three colored Republicans
were held to answer for alleged illegal registration.
Tliey vote i subsequently, and were rearrested.
Rochester, November 2d.— The police arrrestcd
four prominent Republican workers on a charge of
offering bribes. The charges were brought by the
persons sought to be bribed.
Trot, November 2d.— Several arrests fur illegal '
voting have been made. The total vote at noon
was 6,950, an increase in tho Republican wards of
103, and a decrease in tho Democratic wards of 812
The police arrested a number of United States Mar
shals. ,
New 'York, November 2d.— At the Demo ratic
National Headquarters it is claimed that Hancock
will run 5,000 ahead of his ticket in the city. The
Republicans express themselves as entirely satisfied
with the result. As the polls do not close until 4
o'clock, all reports of how the vote stands are the
merest guesswork. The ballot here is secret.
; Syracuse, November 2d.— At 1 o'clock three
fifths if the heavy registration was polled, showing
considerable Republican gains. All quiet. No ar
| Albany, November 2d.— The weather is fine, and
a very large vote is being quietly polled.
Ne» York, November 2d.— Twenty-three tojvns
in New York State give Democratic gains of 96,
Republican gains, 1,745. :i,:- ri'f p'ifA
IltriALO, November Twenty six election dis
tricts, one-half of this city, give Garfield 8,047, Han
cock 5,817— a Republican gain of 1,333. :<
At'SUilf, November 2d.— Auburn, complete, gives
tho Garfield Electors 1,053 majority.
New York, November 21.— One hundred and
sixty out of the 672 election districts give Hancock
about 11,000 majority. Returns from ten towns in
the interior of the State show a Republican gain of
867, and a Democratic gain of 32. ~
New York, November - 2d.--Ostego county gives
Hancock 5:1 majority— a Democratic gain of 17
Dutchess county, Poughkeepsie city complete,
gives Garfield 803 majority a Republican gain of
208. ; . r: :.-777p
New York, November2d.— Scattering returns from
the interior of the State-generally show Republican
Buffalo, November 2d.— Tho city government
remains Repub icaU.
New York, - November 2d — Foar hundred elec
tion districts of this city give Hancock 70,051, Gar
field 49,122.
Rochester, November 2d.— The complete returns
from Monroe county give Garfield 3,000 majority.
Nsw York, November Eight wards of Al
bany give a Democratic mojority of 265— a Demo
cratic gain of 1,278. According to the returns, the
indications are that Hancock's majority in the city
will be about 55,000. The vote so far shows a
Democratic loss of 25 per cent. Tho indications
from tho interior are that Garfield will carry the
State by 30,000 majority. .
BtKPALO, November 3d — Scattering returns indi
cate that Erie county gives Garfield 4,000 majority.
New York, November 2d. — Thirty-two towns or
words give Democratic gains of 160, and Republican
gains of 2,324.
Hancock's majority in this city will be obout 35,
--000 or 40,000. . The vote so far shows a Democratic
loss ot 25 per csnt. The indications are from the
towns heard from in the State that Garfield will
carry the State by 35,000 to 40,000 majority. -
Rochester, November 2d.— Garfield's estimated
majority in this city is 1,200.
New York, November 2d.— vote for Mayor is
exceedingly close, but the probabilities are that
Grace, Tammany candidate, it elected.
Buffalo, November 2d.— Thirty-nine districts of
the fifty -three election districts of this city give a
Republican gain of 1,854. Bush (Rep.) for Con
gress runs behind, but is elected by 1,000 majority.
Brookltk, November 2d —Sixteen of the twenty
five wards complete give Garfield 31,217, Hancock
31,540. The Democratic majority at this ratio will
hai dly exceed 10,000. - .-. J . .-v?,;."* J._i. „
Nbw Your, November 2d.— Ben beats Wood Mul
ler for . Congress by 2,000. He will be elected to
Congress by a large majority. 77. ...... trpirXi 7
.: New York, November 2d.— Returns from thirteen
of the sixteen wards of Albany show a net Demo
cratic gain of 2,046. jj Monroe county gives Garfield
about 3,500 majority— Republican gain of 1,900.
I Stbactjse, November Garfield 1,762 majority.
New York, November 2d.— The Commercial, in
on extra soys: The Republicans have carried the
Legislature. The figures show that Morton (Rep.)
is elected over Girard (Dem.) in the Eleventh Con
gressional District, by an immense majority. J < :
Brooklyn, November 2d.— is probable that in
the Third District Rev. J. Hyatt Smith (Dem.) is
elected to Con. over Congressman Simeon B.
Chittenden (Rep.). Rev. Mr. Smith ran independ
ent, but was indorsed by the Democrats. ' In the
Fourth Congressional District -Archibald -J Bliss
(Dem.) is re-elected over Tamaladge. j Isaac S. Cat
lin (Rep.) is elected District Attorney over ex Judge
James T. Roy (Dem.). -J JJJ, J . ■*-
New York, November 3d— a. m.— At midnight the
election of the Democratic city and county ticket is
conceded. ; Cook (Rep.) is ele ted '. to Congress by
over 2,000 majority. ,; CX7X777 X7 j
. m ■
Charlotte, November 2d.— Both parties polled a
full vote, which exceeds the vote of 1876. Every
thing is quiet.
OHIO. JJ; p-'r ff\
- Cincinnati, November 2d.— Election day is beau
tifully clear. -. Ths election is progressing very' qui
etly. I From the indications at noon it appears that
the vote will be a little lighter than at the October
election. The Republicans say the Democrats ex
hibit less activity about the polls than at the last
election, and on this base a hope of ■ Republican
gains.. '7-,... 'J'A.-r '.' r.i' Tyf-jr ■:. -p.-PP;
J Coli-mbcs, November 2d.— The weather J is well
near perfection, bright and clear. *_ The election is
passing off quietly. A full vote is being polled, and
in several wards one-third of the vote was in before
7 o'clock this morning. Leading citizens manifested
their great interest in the election by being at the
polls by hundreds soon after daylight, and many are
serving as rallying and challenging committees.
Cincinnati, November 2d— Twenty-nine precincts
of Hamilton county show a net Republican gain
over October of 3,757. This includes 5,000 in this
city. '■].'''■■' ~
Cincinnati. November 2d.— Murat Habited says
Ohio gives 40,000 Republican majority. . : - J
Columbus, November 2d -8:30 i. _*.— Wo haTe re
turns from 150 precincts, wards and townships,
which show net Republican trains of 2,600. The in
dications are that Garfield's majority iv the State
will not be less than 30,000, and may exceed 40,000.
— — — > — ••--*•
Portland, November 2d. — A heavy rain-storm is
prevailing, notwithstanding which fact the interest
in the election is unabated. Hundreds are gathered
about the ! various piling places distributing
tickets and discussing the probable results. Voting
has not proceeded far enough to tell with any de
gree of certainty how the result will be. The Re
publicans confidently claim this city and county by
SOO majority. '->•*?
* Portland, November 2d.— During the entire day
a heavy, drenching rain-storm prevailed. The rain
has extended over the entire valley, but not to sec
tions east of the Cascade mountains. It is thought
that the stormy weather has hindered many from
going to the polls who reside in the country pre
cincts, and consequently has reduced to an appre
ciable extent the total vote polled. The election has
been very hot here, but there have been no disturb
ances beyond a few knock downs. The vote in this
city and county is heavier than usual, and indicates
large Democratic gains. This city and connty will
not give more than 600 Republican majority, which
is less than one-half the majority given last June.
M. C. George, Republican candidate for Congress,
received 1,000 majority. Should there be an in
creased Democratic vote from Eastern Oregon,
doubts of carrying the State by only a small major
ity are entertained. Slight returns are received
from six counties lyirg east of the Cascades. The
returns are so meager that no definite idea of the
result there can be formed. ~ Eastern Oregon at the
preceding elections has given __ aggregate Demo
cratic majority of from 600 to 800. About the same
majority cat probably be counted on in
this election Owing to the great area
and imperfect telegraphic communication,
returns from that section will not bo known for
several days. Until the result from that part of the
State is known, it is impossible to estimate the
actual majority. Returns from counties in western
and southern Oregon are scattering and so frag
mentary that no very definite estimate can be
formed as to the figures. Up to a very late hour
the best and most reliable estimate places the Re
publican majority of the State at 500. From pres
ent indications there is every reason to Bet Oregon
down for Garfield, unless the Republican majorities
in the western and southern portions of the State
prove less.
PITTHBi'RG, November 2d.— Election day opened
brig', t and warm. Up to noon two-thirds of the
votes were polled. No disturbance, i
Philadelphia, November 2d.— Eleven wards show
a net Republican gain of 4,190.
Philadelphia, November 2d.— Seven wards of
Philadelphia show a net Republican gain of 2,693.
delphia, November 2d.— The indications are
.that Garfield's majority in this State will be from
30,000 to 40,000. JJJ.
Philadelphia, November 2d.— Twelve out of the
31 wards in Philadelphia give Garfield 15,425 ma
jority, indicating a Republican majority of 25,000.
This mokes the State Republican by not less than
30,000, and probably 40,000. Fourteen wards show
a net Republican gain over 1876 of 5,237.
Philadelphia, November 2d— ln Berks county
the Democratic majority is about 7,500.
Philadelphia, November 2d.— The Legislature is
probably Republican on joint ballot. Monroe
county gives a Democratic majority of about 2,500—
the same as in 1876.
Philadelphia, November 2d.— Monroe county
gives 2,500 Democratic majority.
_ .
Providescb, November 2d.— The vote in this city
comes in uncommonly full and early. At noon Gar
field hod 3,787, Hancock 1,255, Weaver 46.
Providence, November 2d. Reports continue to
favor an increased Republican majority in the State,
and both Congressional Districts. The Republican
majority in Providence at 2 o'clock is 2,747.
Providence, November 2d.— Returns from four
teen towns and two voting districts, including this
city, give Garfield 4,408 majority. Nelson Wold- .
rich is elected in the First Congressional District,
and Jonathan Choice in tho Second District, both
Providence, November 2d.— Partial returns from
this city and six towns and two districts give Gar
field a majority of 5,347.
Providence, November 2d.— Kent county gives
Garfield 17.555, Hancock 944, Weaver 14. Washing
ton county gives Garfield 2,010, Hancock 1,229,
Weaver 32. Chase (Rep.), for Representative, is
elected by 2,250, and Aldrich by 4,500 majority.
Providence, November 2d.— Returns from all
towns in the State but six give Garfield 15,197,
Hancock 8,953, Weaver 312.
New Yorr, November 2d -Tho following dispatch
was received to-day at the headquarters of the Re
publican National Committee :
SttMMRRTILLK (S. C), Nov. 2d.
To Hon. M. Jewell : All the polls in the Repub
lican strongholds are closed against us in thin pec
tion. Does this verify the Democratic declaration
of a free ballot and fair count? Answer.
77:77: W. T. MYERS.
An answer will bo sent on the return of Marshal
Jewell to this city. 7'pir-r
Augtsta (Go.), November 2d.— At Johnson's, in
South Carolina, a riot occurred between whites and
blacks. The latter tried to seize the ballot-box.
One negro was killed and three wounded. A tele
gram has been received here from Aiken, S. C,
stating that the negroes have threatened to burn
that town to-night, and asking for assistance.
Mn.rnis, November 2d.— The election is pro
gressing quietly. But little iuterest is manifested
by the Democrats. The Republicans are polling a
full vote, and the indications at this time point to
More, Republican candidate for Congress, carrying
this county J*
Chattanooga, November 2i.— total vote of
Chattanooga is 2,625— the largest vote ever polled
here. The Republicans claim the election of their
entire ticket by 500 majority.
* Nasuvillb, November 2d.— There is evidence of a
heavy vote all over the. State. The Republicans
carry Chattanooga by an increased majority over
1870. .*' ■••*_':; J J ." -
Ciiattanoooa, November 2d.— Dilbrel (Dem.) has
been reelected by from 3,000 to 4,000 majority in
the Tliinl Congressional District. Hamilton county
gives an increased Republic in majority of 5,000.
Louisville", November 2d.— Thirty eight of the
forty-four precincts of this city, with five precincts
in the county, give 4,026 majority for Hancock,
which is a gain over isfo. The same precincts in
the Congressional election j gave ' 8,277 votes for
Willis, the present representative, 2,685 for Hayes,
Democratic nominee, and 0,394 for Bums, Repub
lican nominee. ; Willis is re-elected. The election
was very quiet throughout the State. The election
of McKenzie in the Second District, Caldwell in the
Third, Mott in the Fourth, Carlisle in J the Sixth,
Blackburn in the Seventh, and Thompson in tht
Eighth, is certain— Democrats, and all members
of the present Congress. . J" -'-
• Louisville, November 2d.— Returns up to this
time are meager and wittering, but indicate con
siderable Republican gains in all ports of the State,
with a probable gain of one or two Republican Con
. • ■ • ■ ■ r &
Galveston, November 2d.— Unofficial . returns
.from a few scattering precincts indicate the usual
Democratic majority on the State and Congressional
tickets. Nothing definite is to be heard to-night.
• Galveston, November 2d.— Democratic Congress
men are elected in the First, Second, Third, Fourth
and Sixth Districts. J. The Fifth District is in doubt.
Shepard (Dem.) is thought | elected ,by about SOO
majority over Jones, Independent.' - : .
-r YEKHOKT. ; -
J Rctland, November 2d.— The indications ore that
the , Republicans will J increase the September ma
jority. AJ
Bexxinoton, November 2d.— Thc indications are
that Garfield's majority will be' larger than for Gov
ernor in September. X 'O""'* * J7PA-
1 White River Junction, November 2d.— One hun
dred and ten towns rive Garfield 30,343, Hancock
12,518 Republican gain over 1876 of 1,965.
- Petkrsiiiiro, November 2d- Noon.- There has
been no disturbance so far.'. The vote is half in.
Richmond, November] 2d. —Returas from two
thirds cf the city give the regular Democratic ticket
4,887,' Readjustee 362, Republicans 2,168. Fifty
two precincts in the State give the regular Demo
crats 9,391, Readjustee 1,958, Republicans 6,010.
, Lynchburo, November 2d.— city gives the
entire Democratic ticket 1,376, Readjustee 24, Re
publican 861. Fredericksburg gives a regular
Democratic majority of 212. Returns from 61 pre
cincts give a regular Democratic plurality of 1,564.
Norfolk, November 2d.— Goode (Dem.) for Con
gress has a plurality of 82. The election of Dezen
dorf (Rep.) for Congress from the Second District
is conceded— a Republican gain of one Congressman.
""" - ■
! Whetj.no, November Nothing in reference
to the 'longressioaal results can yet be told.'ji_Hvi_Q
Milwal'Kee, November 43.— The vote is the largest
ever polled.} All business is suspended.
Milwaukee, November 2d.— Thirty-five towns
heard from give 1,619 Republican majority, a Re
publican gain of 872 over the vote of 1876.
Milwaukee, November 2d.— Fifty-seven towns
give a Republican majority of 4,725 — Republican
gain of 917. Densler (Dem.) probably re-elected in
the Fourth District. Bouck (Dem.) is beaten by
Uuentker (Rep.) in the Sixth District. Bragg in
the Fifth District is re -elected by a reduced major
ity. The total result in the State on Congressmen
is that probably the Republicans gain ono.
Milwaukee, November 2d.— The Republican ma
jority in tbis State will be 30,000, with a gain of one
Kepublican Congressman. ~ ..
Seattle, November 2d.— Nine hundred and eighty
votes polled in Seattle Precinct Twenty-five votes
are counted, giving 16 for Burke, 8 for Brents, and
about the same result in favor of the Republican
candidate for Prosecuting Attorney Ballard. Par
ties just in from Newcastle, Blakely and Port Madi
son predict small majorities for Burke. Port Gam
ble will go strong for Brents. Clitsap countiy is
estimated about a stand off.
Cheyenne, November 2d.— The indications are I
that Swan (Rep.) is elected Delegate to Congress.
New York, November 2d.— All the towns in
Colorado heard from give Republican gains.
New Jersey is now claimed for Garfield.
So far the Republicans have gained 19 Congress
men in the country. _
The Pennsylvania Legislature is probably Repub
lican on joint ballot— a train by tho Republicans of a
U. S. Seuator.
The New York Legislature is Republican.
Louisiana sends a solid Democratic delegation to
Coni-rees. •
It is noticeable in most of tho returns that Gar
field has run ahead of the ticket
The Feeling at Chicago.
Chic abo, November 3d— A. a.— Mayor Harrison's
plan to allow voters the privilege of depositing bal
lots after the close of the polls did not succeed, as
only 37 votes were deposited In one of the boxes.
The excitement is intense in the city. At midnight
a procession was formed in an irregular manner and
began marching about the streets, gathering in
numbers at every street corner, until the procession
became the largest ever seen here. It is estimated
as high as 50,000. They secured hinds, fireworks
and transparencies, and are still marching in the
early hours.
Elected Beyond all Donbt.
New York, November 12:30 a. a.— Returns
from the various States indicate that Garfield and
Arthur are elected beyond all doubt. The Republi
cans gain in every Northern State except New Jer
sey, from which the returns are as yet very incom
plete, p.yr -
Two II ii ml red nnd Two Electoral Votes.
New York, November 3d— a. m.— The Ilerald
gives the Republicans 202 Electoral votes sure, and
a working majority in both Houses of Congress.
Blot at Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, November 2d.— Republican
Clubs were assailed to-night while passing down
Broad street, near Chestnut. About 100 shots were
fired, and until Mayor Stokelv, with about 100
'officers, arrived on the spot the affair looked se
rious. All is quiet now. The streets have been
cleared by the police, who are patroliug the local
ity. Several men were seen to fall, but only one,
thus far, has been admitted into the hospital.
Few peoplo seem to bo in the slightest
degree aware of the structure of the horse.
As a test question, he would ask if any
one : present could tell him how many
springs there were inside a horse's hoof.
He himself did not know exactly, because
the number varied ; but there were some
where about 1,200 springs. The lecturer
then sketched upon the blackboard a hori
zontal section of the horse's hoof, showing
the outer hard, horny covering, and the
inner softer membrane, with the " springs "
radiating from it and overlapping other
curved springs proceeding from the frog of
the hoof. He described the springs as pro
ceeding from the tolerably hard underlayer
of tho hoof, each spring about as thick as
writing- paper, and all parallel and cloee
together ; these were joined by the curved
springs of the , _ "frog," into - which
they worked reciprocally, A perpendic
ular section of the hoof showed
that the . springs connected with
the sides ran • down and interlaced
with the springs of the frog. He had seen
bnt one adult . horse that had never been
shod. It was as difficult to find a hoof
unspoiled by the farrier as it was to see a
human foot innocent of the disfiguring
effects of the tortures inflicted by the shoe
maker. The horse he . referred to was
Hammel, the war-horse of the late King
Theodore of Abyssinia. Hammel had been
accustomed to the soil of rock and sand of
Abyssinia, and in England he had done his
full share of work ; yet his feet were a per
fect picture ; the hoof was hard and well
shapen, and the animal walked along nearly
silently, even on boards. . Look at the ele
phant—had any one ever heard the ele
phant walk ? His weight was as much as
that of many horses ; his legs were like the
trunks of trees ; yet his tread was noise
less. The reason was, that all the beauti
ful springs were in . their place ; no farrier
had hacked them away ; each was on its
bearing. --'-... ■ i-Ai. J.-;:.,.' 'rJAJt
. .
Taming Tigers. -^The veteran animal
tamer, Alfred . Still, says that too much
whipping makes a wild animal sulky and
vicious, but a certain amount of whipping
is necessary. , : To train a wild beast, he
said recently, yon most first make its ac
quaintance | from the outside of the cage,
and get the animal acquainted with your
face, bnt," above ' all,' J .with ; yonr * voice.
They become accustomed to voices sooner
than faces, and ' are governed J more ' by
sound than by sight. Having got accus
tomed .to your : beasts, ' and they accus
tomed to you, your next step is to, train
them to their tricks. Though these tricks
are simple they require a great deal of
time and patience and a good deal of whip
ping to accomplish them. Kindness that
is, anything bnt ordinary civility— ia abso
lutely thrown . away upon a wild beast.
With a tiger or tigress especially all affec
tion is literally wasted. .j A tigress is as
likely to eat you up after an intimate ac
quaintance of six years as one of six weeks.
As a rule, the whip is the most efficacious
instrument for training; ' It J can be used
quickly and it hurts.' If I were to drop
my whip th-3 beasts would fancy I had lost
all my power over them and would pounce
first on ' the whip \ and '. then igo " for J me.
Tigresses trained are estimated -." to *be
worth §32,000, but a good tiger, unbroken,
is not worth more than! s2,soo.-: "Lions are
worth abont $2,000 to $2,500 each ; pan
thers, $600 ; jaguars," $400 ; hyenas, $250,
if untrained ; leopards, J $250 to $400, * ac
cording to their kind.
■- ._ J . • — .-.;
Beoi-late . raa j Liver " with ; Hammer's Cascaro
Sagrada Bitten, and health is the result. *&
- : - ... * .*.. ._ — " gJI-BQB
| Hammer's Chscara Saorada Brims for hobituo
constipation. ' pf; „-. ' A Akmxmm
The Golden State Kemains in the
Eepublican Line.
That City Give, a Republican Major
ity of About 1,000.
San Francisco, November 2d— The vote of the
city, so far as counted, gives Garfield 1,069, Hancock
1,051, Weaver 37. The Republicans at headquarters
claim the city and State by a fair majority. Tha
Democrats are blue over Eastern returns, and say
but little about city or State. ~-
San Francisco, November 2d.— The total vote of
the city is 41,298. Republicans claim the city by
2,500. .-_-....- ' ;
Mavfield, November 2d.— Garfield 84, Hancock
108, Weaver 2. For Congress— Pacheco 84, Leach
110, Godfrey 2.
New Hope, November 2d.— Union Precinct, San
Joaquin county— Garfield 33, Hancock 32, Page 35,
Glascock 30, Sargent 45, Paulk 31, Patterson 30,
Baldwin 38, Henry 24, Denehy 40.
Pinole, November 2d.— Garfield 0, Hancock 53.
For Congress— Glascock 46, Page 16. „-' " s - '
Dutch Flat, November 2d.— Garfield 118, Han
cock 95, Weaver 3, Neal Dow 1, Page 119, Glascock
95. "Pf ...fT ■ ApJ. p
Chico, Ne<v ember 2d.— Butte County, Junction
precinct— Garfield 151, Hancock 128. For Con
gress—Geo. H. Knight, 150; C. P. Berry, 129.
Caciieville Precinct, November 2d.— Garfield
85, Hancock 52. For Congress— Knight 82, Berry 62.'
Davisville, November 2d— The Hancock Elect
ors have 31 majority; Berry (D.), for Congress, 31;
Baker (D.), for the Assembly, 6 majority.
North Grafton Precinct, November 2d.—
field 30 votes, Hancock 32, Weaver 1. For Con
gress-Knight 30, Berry 33. For the Assembly-
Scott 30, Baker 31.
Dote las Ilat, November 2d.— Garfield 24, Han
cock 32; Page, for Congress, 23; Glascock, 32. •
>*ord, November Garfield 88, Hancock 32,
Knight 26, Berry 24. " *:-„
Pf.nryn, November 2d. -Garfield 73, Hancock 18,
Page 73, Glascock IS, Hale 58, Hamilton 33.
Sl'isuN, November 2d.— tlmira precinct— Garfield
58, Hancock 111, Berry 111, Knight 68. Green
Valley precinct— Garfield 40, Hancock 74, Knight 40,
Berry 74. Montezuma precinct— Garfield 73, Han
cock 25, Knight 73, Berry 25. Denverton precinct-
Hancock 41', Garfield 31, Berry 12, Knight 30.
CAMPrONviLLE Precinct, November 2d. — Garfield
96, Hancock 85, Knight 91, Berry 87, Parks 98,
Brown 122, Bliss 70, Duhain 70.
Drttown, November 2d. Garfield 95, Hancock
45, Weaver none. . For Congress— Page 95, Glascock
45. Assembly— Eagon 92, Warkins 96, Swift 43,
Dunlap 44. * •
Latrobe, November 2d.— Garfield 9, Hancock 55.
For Congress— Page 10, Glascock 54.
Sycamore Precinct, November 2d —Garfield 34,
Hancock 34, Weaver none, Knight 31, Berry 37.
Princeton, November 2d.— Garfield 28, Hancock
49, Berry 60, Knight 27 ; Packer 41 for the Assem
bly (Rep.) ; Matthews 36 for the Assembly ( Dem.)
EaioRANT Gap, November . 2d. Garfield 44, Han
cock 31, Page 45, Glascock SB,
Bodie, November 2d.— Over 1,200 votes were cast
here to day. Terry, Democratic Presidential Elec
tor, and Leach, Democrat, for Congress, are con
siderably scratched. These latter are in favor of
East Lake Precinct, November 2d.— Garfield 26,
Hancock 16. For Congress— Knight 26, Berry 16.
Alta, November — Garfield 47, Hancock 25,
Weaver 1. Page 50, Glascock 22.
Cava, November 2d.— Garfield 19, Hancock 82,
Berry 32, Knight 19.
Rosv.YILLK, November 2d.— Garfield 62, Hancock
62, Weaver 11. For Congress Page 60, Glascock
64, Lowe 9, Todd 2.
Belmont, November 2d.— Garfield 40, Hancock 15.
For Congress— roch-co 40, Leach 15.
Rocklin, November 2d.— Weaver 1, Uarftld 87,
Hancock 63, Page 97, Gloseock 53, Hale 63, Hamil
ton 87.
Durham, November 2d.- Garfield 22, Hancock 19.
Woodland, November 2d. Woodland polled 857
votes— nearly 50 more than ever before. The vote
has been correspond irgly heavy throughout Yolo
Cisco, November 2d.— Garfield 11, Hancock 3,
Page 11, Glascock 3.
Bartlett's Sprixos, November 2d.— Garfield 8,
Hancock 19, Knight S, Berry* 19.
Upper Lake, November 2d.— This precinct polled
112 votes, approximated at CO for Garfield and El
for Hancock— a Republican gain of 70.
Blue Canyon (Placer county), November 2d.—
Garfield 10, Hancock 12, Page 11, Glascock 11. .
Maxwell, November 2d.— Hancock 79, Garfield
23, Berry 79, Knight 28. .
Niles, November Garfield 40, Hancock 16,
Page 46, Glascock 16.
Borden, November 2d.— Garfield 26, Hancock 36,
Pacheco 27, Leach 34.
Mountain View, November 2d.— Gaifleld 75, Han
cork 110, Weaver 1. For Congress— Pacheco 77,
Leach 108, Godfrey 1. •
' Redding, November 2d.— Total vote, 160; Gar
field 94, Hancock 63, Weaver 3, Berry 63, Knight
Susantille, November 2d. — The votes just
counted here give Garfield 55, Hancock 69. Weaver
24, Knight 82, Berry CC, Musselman 20. For the As
sembly, Fibkc received 83, Kellogg 71, scattering 3.
Greenville Precinct, November 21.— Garfield 80,
Hancock 63, Knight 79, Berry 64. Assembly—
Fiske 68, Kellogg 63, Walker 3.
Vacaville, November 2d.— Republican candidates
100, Democrats 134.
Tatlorvillb Precinct, November 2d.— Garfield
61, Hancock 53. For Congress— Knight 61, Berry 63.
Caliente, November 2d.— Garfield 16, Hancock
12, Weaver none, Pacheco 16, Leach 12. For the
Assembly, Rnggles 12, Arick 16. - JAffpfipJ
Tehachapi, November 2d.— Garfield 19, Hancock
45, Pacheco 18, Leach 45.
San Juan South, November 2d.— Garfield 68,
Hancock 98. For Congress— Pacheco 64, Godfrey 6,
Leach 90.
Madison, November 2d.— Garfield 89, Hancock
114, Weaver 4. For Congress Knight 92, Berry
115. Assembly-Scott 102, Baker 102.
Antioch, ' November 2d.— Garfield 118, Hancock
130, Poge 115, Glascock 138.
Uriah, November 2d.— Garfield 117, Hancock 250.
r Vallicito PRECiNtr, November 2d.— Garfield 83,
Hancock 32, Glascock 32, Page 34. -
Crescent Precinct, November 2d.— Garfield 24,
Hancock 63, Weaver 1. For Congress— Berry 65,
Knight 22. Assembly— Kellogg (Dem.) .3, Fiske
(Rep.) 13.
. Orland, November 2d.— Garfield 46, Hancock 60,
Berry 65, Knight 47. . .
Mission San Joss, November Garfield 40,
Hancock 63, Page 41, Glascock 66, Alviso 39, Com
eron 41, Edwards 40, Inman 67, White 68, Hayes 68.
Sax Pablo, November 2d.— Garfield 72, Hancock
124, Page 60, Glascock 128. Assembly— Jones 67,
Thoeber 06. . 7~'X .X'p. ..' p '-'
... San Juan Precinct, November Garfield 95,
Hancock 56, Page 101, Glascock 60. *; *J ' i'X'Xi:
\\ Mt-Ri'iiT'B, November 2d.— Garfield 96, Hancock
60, Page 95, Glascock 66. ; ■'.' „f ; . rX'Jr
Princeton, November 21.— Garfield 28, Hancock
49, Berry 50, Knight 27. 'Assembly— Packer (Rep.)
41, Mathews (Dem.) 36. '■' 7 ,""J 'XJ ,
£ Lodi,' November 2d .— Garfield 177, Hancock 75,
Page 171, Gloseock 75, Sargent 173, Patterson 176.
Paulk 171, Baldwin 80, Dcnehy 58, Henry 70. '
Newhall, November 2d.— Garfield 46, Hancock
20, Weaver 1. For Congress- Pacheco 44, Leach 19.
- Rio Vista, November 2d.— Garfield 105, Hancock
89, Weaver 2, Knight 105, Berry 91, Howe I. ' - J: '•-.
Castro November 21.— Hancock 111, Gar
field 108, Weaver 20, Leach =9, Pacheco 106, Godfrey
12, Sargent 80, Heven Kilburn 121, Jolly 28. . '■'
East Lark Precinct, November 2d.— Garfield 20,
Hancock 16. For Congress-Knight 26," Berry IS. '',' .-."
Stcamore, November 2d.— Garfield .1, Hancock
34, Weaver none, Knight 31, Berry 37. . .; : , A
El DoßADo.'Novemhtr 2d.— Hancock 91, Garfield
81, Glasscock 92," Page 81. J 'J .
;•'■! Betas J; Precinct,' November ■ 2d. -Garfield 73,
nancock 9, Knight 75, Berry 7. ' .* ;
J Sfrwoiibld'.-.' Precinct, November. 2d.— Garfield
16, Hancock 17, Page 16, Glascock 17.
*'; Shaw's Flat Precinct, November 2d.— Garfield 34,
Hancock IS, Page 34, Glascock 18. J _""*";- ':* * * pr:
-J CoppEßOi-Us, November 2d.— The vote of Coppcr
opolis precinct was : 'i Garfield 56, Hancock 15. % For
Congress— Page 57, Glascock 14. . p.ff,: '- .*,.'- ." pp -
Colfax, November Garfield 141, Hancock 106,
Weaver l, Page 139, Glascock 108. Todd 1. J
Spanish-town, November : 2d.i-Total . vote,| 241.
Garfield 110, Hanoock 133/ Pacheco 116, ; Leach
•"-"■^J 1 * corb-bsiox -nR-rs.
»< «X '■-.. _XII-MC"HBB< 63.
I 131, : Felton, for the Assembly; 101 ; Richardson.
| for the Assembly, 111 J Greenback Electoral vote, 1.
■ .. lowa Hill, November Hancock 122 Garfield
vtyjppp- .' 7-
BENICIA, November 2d. - Garfield 220, Hancock
187. ' : 7a . - : Ap ' ■-.-_ . . '7y::r i .
San Mateo Precinct, November 2d.— Garfield 111,
Hancock 75.
i Redwood Cut, November 3d —Garfield 176, Hsu*
cock 146. '.: ■»" J* )Xi -■'■ J
Anaheim, November 2d.— Garfield 102, Hancock
i.a ■'" *.*"** 7'v-y-r
San Bernardino, November 2d. -This county is
close, both parties are claiming it by about 100
Antioch, November 2d.- Following is the rote of
Antioch precinct, Contra Costa county : Garfield
118, Hancock 136, Page 115, Glas"ock 138, Jones (It.).
Assemblyman 115, Thorber(D.), 138. :
Lavhrop, November 2d- Garfield 58, Hancock 43,
Page 64, Glascock 43.
Black Diamond (New York precinct. Contra Costa
county), November tu.— Garfield 40, Hancock 14.
Page 40, Glascock 14. J '-rp Tr. '":■'
Mohave, November 2d.— Garfield 4, Hancock 2.
For Congress— Pacheco 4, Leach 2. -
Uriah, November 2d.- Total vote polled 3«7.
Hancock 250, Garfield 117. There was but one fist
fight during the day.
fe Caspar, November 2d— Garfield 34, Hancock 40.
Smartstille, November 2d.— Mooney Flat Pre
cinct, Nevada County— Hancock 24, Garfield 18.
Smarisville Precinct- Ilansook 153, Garfield 51,
Knight 53, Berry 154.
:i Assembly— Parks (Rep.) 05, Brown (Rep ) 44,
Bliss (Tern.) 107, Duhaine (Dem.) 170.
Rough and Ready Precinct— Garfield 62, Hancock
46. ■ ': •'
Shingle . Springs, November 2d.— Garfield at,
Hancock CO. For Congress Glascock 65, Page 68.
White * Oak Precinct— Garfield 50, Hancock 39.
Congress— Glascock SB, Page 49. -
Elmira, November 2d.— One hundred and sixty
nine votes polled. Hancock 111, Garfield 58, Kerry
111, Knight 58, Leake 112, Goodyear 110, Beach 58,
Bennett 58— all straight tickets but four.
Chips Flat Precinct, November -Garfield 30.
Hancock 11. For Congress— Knight 30, Berry 11.
Forest City Precinct, November 2d.— Garfield
143, Hancock 50. Congressmen — Knight 142, Berry
Cent M. A Precinct, November 2d.— Garfield ii ,
Hancock 15, Weaver 5, Godfrey 16, Leach 10, Pa
checo 21.
San Gabriel Precinct,* November 2d. — Garfield
73, HancocK 100, Weaver 7, Leach 83, _FM_COO 88,
Godfrey 20, Del Valle 93, Ilcathuian 90, Crank 95,
Ramirez 81, Kioto} 82, Rushing 7.
San Diego, November 2d. — Complete returns from
8 precincts, Including the city, give the following
majorities: Garfield 197, Pacheco 120, Hendrlck for
Assembly) 131 -a Republican gain of 105 on the
Presidential vote.
Nelson, November 2d.— Garfield 28, Hancock 30,
Berry „1, Turner 25, Wertsbangher 25, Freer 31,
Henry 32
Amador City, November 2d.— Garfield 108, Han
cock 106, Page 108, Glascock 163.
Lower Lake, November 1.1. Garfield 42, Han
cock 75, Weaver 4, Knight 42, Berry 77.
Soledad, November Garfield 44, Hancock 31,
Weaver none. For Congress Pocheco 40, Leach 32,
Godfrey 3. .'.y . .
Delano, November 2d.— Garfield 7, Hancock 14,
Leach 16, Tacheco 6, Ruggles 7, AricA 14. .
Vina, Novtmber 2d.— The total vote here to day
was 88. divided as follows : Hancock 63, Garfield _).'■
Lakkport Precinct, November 2d. — Garfield 72;
Hancock 140, Berry 142, Knight 70.
Bitte City Precinct, November 2d.— Garfield 66.
Hancock 63. Weaver none. Fer Congress ßerry 63.
Knight 66.
Jacinto Precinct, November Garfield IS.
Hancock 68. Congress— Berry 76, Knight T.
Bath, November 2d.— Garfield 17, Hanccok 38,
Page 20, Glascock 36.
Todd's Valley, November 2d.— Garfield 38, Han
cock 10, Page 38, Glascock 18, nale 37, Hamilton 17.
Sheridan, November 2d.— Garfield 87, Hancock
59, Weaver nothing. For Congress -Page 36, Glas
cock 60, Hamilton 62, Hale 35.
Silveymli.e Precinct, November 2d.- Garfield*
193, Hancock 226, Weaver 4, Knight 197, Berry 222,
Howe none, Mussulman 3. Awcinbly— Leach ISA,
Bennett 173, Goodyear 219, Lea. 255.
Davenport Precinct, November 2d.— Garfield 16, .
Hancock 23, Pacheco 15, Leach 24, Ousel] 11, Q'la.*
--r-inghom 25.
Modesto, November 2d.— Garfield 880, Hancock
308, Pacheco 223, Leach 369. Briggs £6., Branch 369.
WESTroRT Precinct, November 2d.— Garfield 79,
Hancock 09, Pacheco 81, Leach 65, Briggs 82,
Branch 61. " . * .
Sadda Paacnti November 2d.- Hancock 60 ma
Anaheim Precinct, November 21. -Garfield 10*,
Hancock 173, Weaver 43, Leash 89, Godfrey 70, Pa
cbeco 90. Tr.'.- - 'XJ ■
Green Vallet. November 2d.- Garfield 40, Han
cock 74, Knight 40, Berry 74. For the Assembly-
Leach 30, Bennett 35, Goodyear 73, Leake 79— »
Republican majority of 28.
Forest Hill, November 2d.- Garfield fc7, Han
cock 83, Page 85, Glascock £3.
Forest Hill, November 2d.— Garfield 87, Han.
cock, 82, Page 84, Glascock 125.
Olimpo Precinct, November 2d.— Garfield 18, Han
cock 13. For Congress— Knight 18.' j.': ; J'-
Millvillb Precinct, November 2d.— Eleven ma
jority for the whole Democrats tiekcL
Kemiton's Precinct, November 2d.— non'-ook 81,
Garfield 19, Berry 22, Knight 18, Craddock 22,
Chandler 19.
Shasta, November 2d.— The total vote in Shasta,
precinct was 200, as follows : Garfield 106, Hancock
92. For Congressman— Berry 93, Knight 107. As
semblyman-Bush (Rep.) 1)6, McMnrray (Dem.) ■*»
Pino Precinct, November 2d.— Garfield 48, Han
cock 31, Weaver 2, Page in, Glascock SO, Todd 2.
Blacks', November 2d. -One hundred and fifty
votes cost — for Hancock, 73 for Garfield, Berry
74, Knight 74. A'aX.
Wheatland, November 2d.— The following is th*
vote East Bear River, township: Garfield 101,
Hancock 90. For Congress— Berry 117, Knight 82.
For Assembly— Parks 99, Brown 92, Bliss 101, Du
hain 97.
Bear Vallet, November Garfield, 10 ; Han
cock, 16 ; Weaver, 8 ; Page, 10 ; Gloseock, 16. i
Emigrant Gap,' November id.— Gaifleld, 45 ;
Hancock, 31; Page, 45; Glascock, 29; Hole, 42;
Hamilton, 33. v.- -'" :,
San Bernardino, November 2d.— The result ia
very hard to guess at. Tho town precincts or*
probably Democratic. Both parties claim the county
by about 100 majority. It will be very close. Saa
Tiemeto gives a majority of 12 and Colton 10. This
is only a report, but Is very probably correct. The
town precincts polled a vote of 790." Ague Manna,
a Spanish precinct, gives Pacheeo 1 majority over
Leach, and 9 majority In favor of Goodsell for the
Assembly. . -lyi. •
Clarrsville Precinct, November id.— Garfield
83, Hancock 45. CongrtßS-Pago 37, Glascock 40.
Georgetown, November 2d.— Garfield 13T, Ban*
cock 125, Weaver 3, Page 31, Glascock 141, Frooor
135, Foirchild 129, Coleman 140, Miller, 125.
Lincoln Precinct, November 1 2d.— Garfield 9..
Hancock 85, Weaver 13. For Congress— Page 98,
Glascock 88. •' For member of Assembly— Hole 91,
Hamilton 86. ■„ 7-7'XX7
■ Nortonvillb, Novemt er 5.1. — Garfield 128, Han
cock 17, Page 126, Glascock 18.
■. Benicia, November -Total vole polled, 407.
Garfield 220, Hancock 187. For Congress- Knight
222, Berry 181. . A majority of i.B was given for the
Republican legislative ticket. ■-.
.. Colton, November 2d.— Total vote, 60. Hancock
36, Garfield 24. For Congress— Leach (Dom.), 33 ;
Pacheco (Rep.), 27. J For the Assembly -Goodselt
(Dim.), 37 ; Streeter (Rep.), 23. J .
..-BvRON, November 2d. Garfield 60, Hancock 2?,
Page CO, Glascock 29.
'; Sas Fernando, November 2d.'— Garfield 61, Han
cock 27, Weaver 1. For Congress - Leach 27, Pacheco
62, Godfrey 2. :'■
. ; C'Lirrr.R GAr, November 2d.— Garfield .7, Honcock
li. Weaver 1, Page 23, Gbssc'ek 33, Hale 27, Hamil
ton 28,' Jewett 1. iAjp;
Jj! Gold J Run, November . -Garfield 42, Hancock
56, P_g> 42, Glascock 66, Hale 42, Hamilton 5«. No
polls open at Blue Canyon.
i Cisco, November 2d.— Garfield 11, Hancock t.
Page 11, Glascock 3, Hale 11, Hamilton 3. .
P- Ornia,- Nov ember 2d.— Garfield 79, > Hancock CO,
Weaver I,' Pago 79, Glascock CO, Todd .'. Hole 71,
Hamilton 63,' Jewett 57- ' J J' 7 J ■'. .-. '•' ". - '■■":
r-ENRv.v, November 2d.— Garfield 7;'. Hone*** li.
Page 73, Glascock IS, Hole 18, Hamilton 33.
3 Rcheville, November. 2d.— Garfield 62, nancock.
52,' Weaver 11, Page 60, Olascock '4, Bat* 55, " , '"*
ilton 66. : '*••■■* '; ; '■"■
f SosiKßsviLLE,|Novtmbor 2_.— Garfield Vf., Hancock
36, Page 84. . "._ „/ - ' .
, KrsosRURO, November 2d.— GaifielJ 47, Hancock,
. I, Weaver 6. "*;" For Congress— Leach fll. Fori." 58,
Godfrey 20.' :; - 'J " * JX-- 'J
-; Sierra Cm- J. Precinct, ' November ; id.— Garfield

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