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What is Being Said and Done at
the Metropolis.
Results of the Suspension of the Sacra
< mento and Placerville Boaii,
The Illegal Destruction of Fish In the
Streams and Lakes.
Etc «c Etc -
San Fhaxcisco, July — The cross
examination of Judge Irvine w»3 suspended
yesterday afternoon to take the testimony of
J. o'ls. Gann, Secretary of the Piacerville
and Sacramento Railroad.
Mr. Gunn was sworn and testified that El
Dorado county owned no stock in the rail
road : that there had been no resolution of
tha Board of Directors authorizing Judge
Sanderson to write a certain latter offering
ojrtain propositions ; that no meeting of the
Directors had been held in regard to the prop
ositions contained.
Counsel not being able to sgree upon cer
tain questions about bonds of the company,
the witness was excused, to be called again.
\V. EL .Brown, a commission merchant re
siding at Shingle Springs, stated th&t since
the suspension of the road he ha:l to ship his
good*, amounting to about 200 tons per
month, to FoUom instead of Shiugle Spring?.
The difference of the present rates and the
way by rai! differed about S3 50 to 84 per
ton. The discontinuance of the road had a
very disastrous effect on the farmers, lumber
diakr?. etc. The fruit-growers were almost
demoralized, net knowing how to realize any
amount. Same of them stopped planting.
The eif=ct upon the fiuit crop would be about
one-half a total loss. Ha said that two-thirds
of the county of El Dorado received their sup
ply by that line. The price of property at
present was very bad, and real estate had
depreciated one-third iv value in the Foiuh
ern part of the county. If the road was not
operated curing the present year it would
probably result in a less of $200,000 to the
people in that section. Mr. Brown offered
to lease the road and put it in running oper
ation within twenty-five day 3, provided the
tre.=tlewoik of the road was not wor9e than
■ cd. He stated that he made the prop
osition not co much on his own account as
for the benefit that would accrue to the peo
ple in having the road "in operation.
r_'e EL Williams, Judge oi the Superior
Court of El Dorado county, then testified
before the Commission, corroborating the
statements of Mr. Brown in regard to the
general ir j 'iry sustained by the people by the
-i: tension oi the railroad, and stating that
three-fourths of the residents were affected.
He also stated that the mails were received
very irregularly on account of the suspension.
.1. 11. Miiler, a farmer and stock-raiser of
Latrobe, testified that before the suspens-i ;n
of the road the freight from Latrobe to Sac
ramento had been 1"> cents per 100 pounds,
while it now costs him about 40 cents, an in
crease of about -! cents, lie had bfen com
pelled to close hia hotel for want of patron
age, a3 no mere people arrived there since the
of the road. There was a large
amount of lumber lying in the neighborhood
which could not be transported, and in gen
eral he corr iborated the statements made by
other vmces'ej as to the damage inflicted
upon the residents of that section by the sus
pension of tlie load.
The Board adjourned until 10 o'clock thus
Sab Frascibco, July 15th.— The Board
met at 10 o'clock this morning, all the Com
■i:ers present, and I'rcsident Cone in the
The matter of the petition of El Doradr
county to compel tin resumption of businege
on the Sacramento and Piacerville Railroad
was again resumed.
The testimony of A. J. Adamp, a merchant
of liitrobe, was taken, corroborating the evi
dence of other residents of X! Dorado county
who testified yesterday afternoon.
J. B. Wright, Superintendent of the S-vc
ramectoand Placerville B&ilroad, was Bworn,
acd examined by Mr. Cidwalader as to the
tl of the frop leadirg from the main
■ the branch line— the Sacramento and
:vi!le liiihoau. Mr. Wright t
• ie frog was removed that there might
; lii break in the main line and to get hi*
nut of the way of the Receiver of the
hrjnch line.
At the conclusion of Mr. Wright'* testi
mony the Board took a n a m nntil '_' p, m.
Eureka Consolidated declares a dividend
of 50 cents.
Sierra Xev»da levies an »s9e*»ment of $1,
and Gould A: Curry one of 50 cente.
A.N. Towne and wife, and J. C. Stubbs
and wife, have arrived in the city from a trip
to New Mexico and Ariz ma, where the gen
tlemen went some time ago to make Borne
business arrangements on behalf of the
Southern Pacific with the Atcbison, Topeka
and Santa Fe Railroad. Mr. Towns and Mr.
Stubbs were extensively interviewed by re
porters as to the success of their effort?, and
to [your correspondent Mr. Slubbs answered
that a satisfactory settlement had been
effected between the Southern Pacific and the
Atchison-Toj>eka Hue regarding freight and
passenger traffic in Arizona. By the terms
agreed upon the Southern Pacific leases to
the Atchis<iu and Topeka road running priv
ileges over their line from Deming to Ber
son ; but bo fir as traffic is concerned it will
he as Feparate ai:<l distinct as if the Atchison
and Topeka had their own road. It was sim
ply a satisfactory settlement of the question
whether it was better for both compacies to
run parallel roads through that section of
country, than to compete for a trade not suf
ficient to pay the lunnir.g expenses of either.
The lease hat been signed, and can of the
Atchison and Topeka Company may be ex
pected to be running into Benson within the
next two months. Mr. Stubbs told the reporter
further that the Atchison and Topeka will
bull to the Sonora line from Benson, where
it will connect with the Sun ira Railroad,
which is now being constructed from Guaj.
dim to the northern boundary of the State of
The Workingmen't Municipal Convention
had an exceedingly stormy session last night,
and had it not been for the foresight of the
presiding officer in appointing an unnsually
large number of Sergeants -at- Arms to preserve
a semblance of order there would have been
numerous fights, as the opposing factions
were hitter in their harangues and very sug
gestive in their actions. The trouble arose
from the hot contest between the Desmond
-cohorts and the anti«. Desmond is a candi
date far Sheriff, and in order to have any
show for election be must get the indorse
ment of both Workingmen and Democrat*,
because if both parties have a candidate
Sedgwick. the Republican nominee for that
office, will have an going thing of it. If
nominated by the Workingraeo, Desmond \
confidently expects to be indorsed by the
Democrats, hence hi* strong fight But he
has many bitter enemies in the ward clubs,
from several of which delegates oppostd to
him were sent to the Municipal Conventijc.
His friends, however, got up the customary
contests against these delegation?, and last
night the contestants from all the ward
clubs, except in one instance, were allowed
seats in the Convention, and the others
ousted. This waa accomplished by
a vote bo large as to prove
that Desmond has the Convention
by a large insprity. Desmond* victory
also kills the project some delegates enter
tuned of nominating a straight ticket, and
running it regariless of consequences.
Kearney U never heard of in the Working
men's party nowadays ; and if ever » man
was buried uuder a structure he reared, Denis
ia that individual.
The Fi=h Commiisioners are receiving
many complaints against the destruction of
fish in brook?, creeks and likes in the State,
by persons whose piratical ways leave noth
ing in the way of £j?h in waters where they
depredate. These pirates use several kinds
of drug 3 which poison the waters, and giant
powder which kills everything in rang?.
Streams once grod fishing grounds in Maim,
Sonoma, San Mateo and Santa Ciara conn
ties have been almost cleaned out of fish by
these fellows. Several years ago a gentleman
living near a fine brook in San Mateo county
that had been cleared of trout by giant pow
der fishermen got the Fish Commissioners
tj stock it with brook trout. The adventure
succeeded admirably, and fjr a year or
two the fUh multiplied till they afforded
excellent sport. Thid did not last Jong, for
the giant powder man came along, and what
he did not succeed in killing the pc-iaon fiend
obtained with hia driv.'?. What made the
matter worse was the fact that the fellows
who did the work were mostly residents in
the vicinity of the brook. Pirates from the
city would have been guarded against, but no
idea waa entertained that the countrymen
themselves woul.] perpetrate to barbarous an
act, and they were not looked after. That
brook haß not been re3tocked the second time,
and will Dot bo until people iivins; around it
learn that gian 1 ; powder aad poison 3 are not
proper fishing implements. The above i 3 but
one instance out of many where the efforts of
the Fish Commi=s:oners have been made val
ueless by vandals, and the Bjard v getting
tired of these proceedings ; and if the piracies
are not stopped, the stocking and restocking
of fishing grounds iv the future will be con
fined to localities where some respect will be
paid to the laws of decency and of the State.
The usual split in the city Democracy oc
curred this evening, the Manhattan Club de
ciding to organize a bolting Convention next
Monday evening, composed of their candi
dates at the recent primary. There is no rea
son to suppose that the break will be more
formidable than generally occurs on similar
The stock market is in a decidedly unset
tled condition, and variations in prices, mall
in amount though large in ratio, have been
the rule since Monday ; lha general trend of
values, however, being downward. The pub
lic, from appearances, are not buyers, as a
few orders to buy or sell raises or depresses
any Btock dealt in. The belief entertained
by the street that there U a long season of
assessments and dead work ahead has a very
depressing effect at present,
The recent spurt in the wheat market is
apparently over. The session c f the Produce
Exchange to-day was quiet, but few sales be
ing made public. The scarcity of available
tonnage is a drawback to any activity in the
spot market, but there is a lively movement
in the interior, and producers have no diffi
culty in selling desirable parcels en a basis of
SI 42.} here, or even batter for select lots.
About 37,500 ton?, good for wheat, is either
fully or overdue, the loading of which has for
the most part been secured at current rates.
Money in very plentiful, and no difficulty
is experienced in obtaining loans on good se
curity at 3 and 10 per cent, from commercial
banks or capitalists ; while 5 per cent, on
prime security 13 considered high for call
loans. The demand from the interior has
been somewhat greater lately en account of
movement of crop*, but every requirement
has been fully met. The low price of stocks
and tLe narrow margin* allowed by brokers
has cut off the demand from that quarter.
There is considerable building g -ling on
throughout the city, and in consequence an
increased want of money ; but the loaim are
mostly small, which are readily obtained at
the savings bank?.
The lust steamer from Australia brought
about 0100,000 iv gold.
Steps have been taken to reorganize the
Blue and Gray Legion.
The Mining Bureau has removed its mu
seum to Haywarri's building.
Senator Miller, in a letter to his brother,
declines a public reception on hi) return to
the city. The proposed plan of reception
has therefore been abandoned.
During the four weeks ending June lGtb,
twelve vessels sailed from Sydney and New
castle, Australia, with the bulk of 20,000
tons of coal for San Francisc >.
Sheriff Desmond has Bled with the Board
of Supervisors his annual report, showing
that $41,731 02, collected as fees in the Su
perior Court Department during the past
fiscal year, have been paid into the city treas
There were 8,000 postal notices sent out. of
the Tax Collector's offioe Thursday, notifying
ail persons whose names commence with If
si i A to appear at the office and settle their
personal property tax for the year, the tame
being now due and payable.
The Takou Mill and Mmm? Company has
incorporated, to carry on the business of mill
ing and mining ia Alaska Territory. The
Directors are Thomas Brown. A. Q. Platt,
Oeorge llinner, F. . S. Johnsin and H. S.
Rochholz. The capital stock 13 310,000.
Sir Samuel W. Br»ker, of Sanfoni, Orcas,
England ; Oamra] H. J. Warre, late Com
maLder-in-Chief of the Army in Bimbay,
acd Mr. War.-c. on a vi-it to the I'aciHc
ooa«t ; General W. H. L. Barnes and Mrs
Toland, were on Tnursdiy the cue<its of
Ctiirf Kngineer Scannell, and were shown the
workings of the Paid Department.
The woman who attempted to commit
ouicide Wednesday afternoon by jumpintr
into the bay from the bulkhead at tha foot of
Fowell street recovered sufficiently to state
yesterday that her name was Ann Evan,
and that she resiled with her family on
Broadway, near Polk street. Further than
that she positively declined to speak.
A teat case has been brought in the Su
preme Court to decide the question of a fall
election in the interior counties. A notice
was filed yesterday with the Clerk by W. B.
Treadwell to the SnpeTvilOA of Yolo county,
that on Monday next he will move the Court
for a peremptory writ of mandamus, direct
ing the Board to proceed to make prepara
tions for the registration of voters of that
The third quarterly meeting of the San
Francisco Fruit and Flower Mission lias been
held. The attendance was Urge, and all
were much interested in the progressive and
flittering rep-»rt< of the young ladies. The
Secretary reported that during the past three
months the hospital* and private houses of
the sick and poor hud been visited regularly
and supplied with flowers, fruit, food, cloth
ing and reading materials.
The Lake Pleaaanton Water Company has
incorporated, to supply the city of Oakland
and ti.H city with water ; also to supply
water for irrigation an 1 manufacturing pur
pases. The" capital stock is 310.000.000,
divided into 100.000 : shares at SUM) each.
Drnry Melone, Cltotoa Hastings, Simu;l
! Merritt, Robert Sherwood, James Muffin,
James Fhelan and G. F. Allardt are the |
Directors, and each subscribes 810,000.
Assessor Badlam has made out for Sir
veyor-General Shauklin a list of the mechan
ical , r.nd manufacturing industries of this
city, showing the number of . men. women
and Voj-k employed, the amount of manu
factured articles produced, and the value of
the manufactured product. The total value
of manufactures during the year ISSO wa3
572,3G4 080, according to the Assessor's figure?,
and the number of men, women and boys
employed was 23.232. 'y\-
The Pacific Coursing Club has resolved to
hold its fall meeting November 7th. f It was
orderfld that any irerriber^ f the clnb may ma
any dog, whether it be hU own or some other
person's, and in explanation it was stated
that in former years it was customary to al
low no dogs in the meet but those belonging
to the members of the club who run them.
It was also resolved that the prizes tor the
fall meeting be silver cups instead of money.
Several dogs were entered on the books.
The Committee of Arrangements of the
California Prison Commission for the con
templated Convention of Prison Reform held
a joint meeting- Thursday afternoon with the
Executive Committee of the Commission,
when the Secretary, Mr. Woodworth. re
ported that he had been in correspondence
with numerous persons familiar with prison
matter?, and that he had received promises
from different ones of papers upon various
branches of the subject, to be read at the
Convention. The prospect of success in the
matter seems to be highly encouraging-.
ere has been a very marked improve
ment in business this week, an. 1 much more
inquiry for resident and business property.
There is no speculative feeling whatever per
ceptible. Inquirers want ie-iderce property
f r homes or tenement* for investment The
demand for business property arises from the
( desire of those having money to make profit
able investments and from the necessity of
business men and firms owning their own
places of doing business. There ii also somn
inquiry from Eastern capitalists now in the
city for good-paying business property.
In Judee Haync's Court, in the suit i f the
Spring Valley Water Woiks against the
Board of Equalization, an order has been
made that the motion to Bqnaifa the writ of
review ba -p-cia!lv set for hearing on Thurs
day. July 21st. It was elso ordered that de
fendant have -the time extended for filing his
return until this motion is heard and dis
coned. In the suit of the San Francisco
Gas Company against the Board of Equaliza
tion the name orders were made. The ob
jects of the writs are to compel the Board to
reduce to £5,000 the tax levy nf several mill
ions upon their franchises. The Assessor's
assessed valuation of the franchises were
Thursday right a party of seven gentlemen
and one lady entered the elevator at the
Grand Hotel for the purpose of ascending to
their rooms on the floors above. When they
entered the elevator it was stationed on the
main floor, and when theyreachedthefirst fl or
above one of the party desired to get off, and
the elevator boy stopped the machine. At
this moment the balance-weight wire parted
and the elevator fell to the bottom of the
shaft, a distance of IS feet, resulting in a
general smashing of the globes on the lights
in it. Several of the occupants were slightly
cut by the falling gla?s, and the rope raised
an uncomfortable blister on the hand of the
man who had hold of it.
The will of the late Samuel Williams has
been filed for probate in the Superior Court
of Alameda county. The estate is left to
Lizzie B. Williams, wife of the testator, for
life, with remainder to his son. Harry Will
iams ; provided, that if Mrs. Williams Eh&ll
marry again, a sufficient portion of the in
come of the estate shall be applied to the ed
ucation of the said Harry Williams, the re
mainder to be invested until he shall attain
the age of twenty-one years, when the whole
shall come to him. Mrs. Williams is consti
tuted sole executrix, without bonds. Harry
Williams is now eighteen years of age. The
estate is valued at §10,000, and consists of a
lot on Post street, San Francisco, near
Aver} ; a lot on Averv street, near Po«t ; a
lot on C street, near Fourteenth, San Fran
cisco : a lot in Berkeley, on Chauucey Way,
near Fulton street ; 641.80 acres of land in
Fresno county ; two certificates of deposit in
the Bank of California for 8360 03 mid SGOO
respectively ; a certificate of deposit in Dono
noe, K»l!y & Co.'s bank for §180 ; 30 shuts
of the capital stock of the Oakland Gas Com
pany, and Borne promissory notes and ac
counts of uncertain value.
The French fete opened with a salute a.
sunri.-e. Salutes were also fired at noon ,md
sunset. Many houses were decorated pro
fusely with garlands and flags. The proces
sion was headed by a squad of police officers,
followed by the colon of America, France,
Switzerland and Mexico, the First Regiment
band, the command of Sapeurs of the La
fayette Guard, the Sumner Guard,' the Swiss
Sharpshooters, the Societe Suisse Liberate, a
detachment of the Juarez Guard, the Execu
tive Committee, Vice-President of the Day
and Grand Marshal, a delegation of partici
'pints from San Jose and La Societe C osle
Francai«e, and the Swiss Rtfis Club, the
Eighth Infantry Regiment bam', the Lafay
ette Guard, the French Zouaves, Le Ligue
Rationale, The end of the procession was
composed of a Ion? string of carriages full of
patriotic citizens and their families, and ra ii
aut with American and French fligs. The
fUjs of all nations displayed in the proces
sion were undoubtedly the finest ever ex
hibited in any parade in San Francisco. The
literary exercises took place at the Mechanics'
Pavilion, which was handsomely decorated.
M. A. G^ucheaui was President of the
Day and mads the opening address. M.
A. L-useau read the Declaration of
Eights, An ods to tho Republic
was then sung. It was written by Dr. De
-i-;rris. The »olos were sung fey Miss Ellen
Coarsen and Charles Pechin. Governor
Perkins then delivered the oration. Miss
Coursen then pang "The Star-Spangled Ban
ner," and M. V. Papilla delivered the address,
followed by Darl Levy, who abo delivered an
nddresF, speaking in French. Mile. Piodnla
Dopuy sang the "Marseillaise.'' and M. A.
Forzsnot cave a recitation, " Liberty," com
posed by M. A. Masson. A chorus by the
French Choral Society. M. August Van
vert de Mean, the French Consul, made the
clewing address. The recitation of one of
Victor Hugo's poems csncluded the exercises.
At night there was a torchlight procession to
Woodward's Gardens, where a ball, an illu
mination and pyrotechnic display fittingly
wound up the programme for the fete.
Westminster Presbyterian Church,
Sixth street, corner L — Prenchinsr by the Rev. 11. K.
■I m ■■;, of Oakland, tomorrow murning and even
Kingsley Chapel, ML E. Churoh,
Eleventh street, between II and I -Rev. David
Dent, pastor, l'rt Selling al W: iS a. m. aii'l 7 :."0 r. v.
Praise service at 7p. x. Sunday School at 12:40.
St. Paul's Episcopal Church,
Eighth street, between I and -There will be Di
vine service M 11 a. .m., Rev. W. 11. D} er officiating.
Sunday -school at 12:30.
M. E. Canrcti South,
Seventh ytrett, bftween .1 and K— Hev. T. 11. B.
Amiir-vin, puior Services at tl A. M. and Br.
m. Subject*: Murnlng— " i;lir.-t In his Church;"
evening : " The Philosophy of Prayer." The pub
lic are invite J.
Congregational Church.
The pastor, Rev. J. E. Dunnell, will preach to
morrow morning and evening at the usual hour;.
The public are invit«d.
Calvary Baptist Church,
I street, between Tnelflh !ui<l Thirteenth— Rev. .1.
<i. A. Henry, pastor. Preaching at 10:45 a. m. and
7: IS r. ■' Mornir? subject: "Parable of the
T*vi Hen who went up to Pray;" evening: "Ob
jv;:ions to the Doctrines if Prjycr urjud on Fcleu
titic Grounds." All are welcome at those services.
Sixth-Street Methodist Church,
fSetwwii X and L streets— Rev. R. Ber.tley, pa<<tnr.
!-cnices at 10:45 A v. Subject: " The Ambition
that is Recommended by Paul ; " and at BP. «.,
subject : " Whom will Ye that I Release uuto You."
All are invited. *
Clark, Jui. s -.\
Friday, July Isth.
The People vs. Ah Hoy, alias Ah Gee (information
for bursary)— Verdict of guilty of burglary .in the
s*»>nd decree.
The People vs. John lUueherty, defendant (ar
reigned upon information far burglary) -Plea of
not guilty. Case «et for trial July 19, lbSl, by con
The People v*. Ah Foik (information for burg
lary)— Ca»e continued until next Tuesday at 10 a. M.
James T. Day v». Mary I. Djy- Default hereto
fore entered set aside. ':.-■■ .
The People vs. Charles Colehower (information for
burjjlan)— Verdict of not guilty. • .
The People vs. " Baby " Houston (information for
gT»ml larceny)— Case set for trial July 19, 18S1.
Adjourned. ■
to-dat's CILRJIDAR.
Mary M Jackson" vi. Williun Beckmin et al. .
Elizibeth Harper vs. Willnm Beckman etal. .
Klizabeth Orifßlh vs. William Beckmtn et al.
Chr Wlewl v«. William Beckman etal.
A. B. C. Nnsbaum vs. William Beckman etal. ■%
Eleanor Mitchell vs. William Bickminet al.
Mary A. Davis t«. Wi Him B.ckman etal. "
U.S. Bealsvs. liana Beckman «( a!. ; "
All for argument.
San Francisco Produce Market.
«a>; Fraxcu-co, July lota— p. K.
Ft "B — inquiry on export account fives more
activity to the market. ■ Beat City Extra, s*"as 12$;
Baker's Extra, $4 7 \<»s : Supcrtine, S3 75(3i 25 ;
Interior Extra. 54 .">.-•! 75; Interior Superfine, S3 50
(rti ; Oregon Extra. $4 50<&4 75 ; Oregon buperfine,
$3 75(«4 : Wail* Walla Extra, $4 50-.<r4 75 %l bbi. :
• Wheat The Produce Exchange will probably to
morrow issue their customary aanual statement of
the stock on hand in the State on the Ist of July.
Business moves along in the same quiet groove, but
operators do not appear to be discouraged by the
inertness of the S'tuation. Shippers have evinced
more interest hi offerings for the past two or three
days, and tins action on their part is considered as
»M>sa|jlMg important operations in the near future.
Ships in lair number have arrived during the week,
and many others are about due. Most of these ves
sels will carry grain as outward cargo, the supply
ing of which will cause n>uch greater activity and
largely increase the volume of transactions. Hold
en real'ze these facia and are nut disposed 1 1 force
their offerings until a more propitious opportunity
is presented, Sales on 'Chaise to-day embrace 600
ctw milling, SI ■«■ ', ; 1,400 do No. 1 shipping, SI #21 ;
4,000 do, *1 41}; lEOO and 450 do *o. 2,« l 3"};
800 do off ; bOe, $1 30 ; 700 do poor, $1 15 $ ctl.
No. 1 is quotable a* $1 40^1 425, with an advance
for choice milling, and No. 8 at $1 [email protected] 37; $ ctl.
Barley— This week has been satisfactory to hold
era. Sales have been free and full rates hare been
obtained us a rule. To-day it looks as if the market
were wavering a little, though probably the tem
porary lull may be only the result of buyers haviLg
Stocked up in advance of immediate needs. The
only reported sales on 'Change was a lot of 300 sks
feed at 95c V ell. "A'e quote: Feed, C<2l(«97Jc;
Brewing, $1 [email protected] 20 ; Chevalier, $1 15(cjl 20 lor
choice b'.vadard Bay and 85(<ri>5c for coast.
oats- ■ Receipts arts making a better show ing, and
the market is leu firm. Sales are easier effected
than a week 32:0. There was but one transfer re
ported to-day of 100 bks California feed at $1 50 «t
etL We quite : Humboldi, SI 40C<?l 50 ; coast, SI ■'.■>
<S!1 40; Oregon and Washington 'lerritory, $1 [email protected]
1 55 : Surprise, $1 fS;TI 66 I' ctl.
Oui.n— The market d os not exhibit any great ac
tivity, theugb scarcely a day passes without some
transactions being recorded. This morning* busi
ness on ' Change comprised 4CG at d 200 ska large
V, iiiiwa t4 l 05, and a retail parcel of 12 sks small
do at - I 07 V ell. We quote yellow at SI 02*8
1 05 for large, and $1 Cst*£l 07£ for small ; White,
-1 [email protected]] 15 « Ctl.
BUCKWHEAT— $1 00 "1 05 V ctl.
Hat— Wheat, *8 [email protected] for new and ?10;ni2 60 for
old : Barley, S7;"'.i ; Wild O.i!, ?7 [email protected] new tr.d
SIS'3II 50 fur o.d ; Alfalfa, |8®10; Cow, $3-510 50
%t ton. :
Ilors— The circular of Phil Neis places last year's
crop on this coast at 500 bales, of which 8,540
b.de3 were grown in California, 4,890 do in Washing
ton Territory, and 1,635 do in Oregon. The quality
of California was somewhat mixed, that of Wash
ington Territory scarcely up to previous years,
owing to being partly frosted, while the Oregon
crop was no better than usual The prospect for the
new California crop is said 10 be rather discourag
ing, the indications at present painting to a shorter
crop thin last season. The vines of Washington
Territory are said to be looking better than for the
Ust two seasons, and if nothing interferes one
million pounds will be produced. The crop of Or
egon i 3 expo cted to show an Increase of 10 ps r cent,
over last j ear. Ihe best care has been given to the
yaids, and most el them just now promise a heavy
yield. At pre-sent the market is bare of a choice ar
ticle, not one bale, it is said, being in growers'
hanus. btock in warehouse is calculated at -M!)
bald", mostly of inferior quality. We quote: Fair,
15«18a; choice, [email protected]!2c'8» n..
Potatoes- Wharf rates show scarcely any change.
Prices range from 75(ja!i5e foriou in sacks, and >: "■'•
i ctl for box lots.
Onions— Are in good supply. Quotable at sQ(ft7oc
for Bed and [email protected] V ctl for SltvarsldLS.
BRASS— Bayos, 87^[email protected]$l 15; Butter, 81 [email protected]
120 lor small, and $1 20(31 25 for Urge ;
Castor, $3(&3 50 ; Lima, $2 20(82 50 ; Pea, 82 10
@2 30; Pink, 8&385 c; Red, >'"-7 ; .■■: small White,
82 10(S2 SO: huge White, 10 ¥ ctl.
Vegetables — market is well furnished, and
no buoyancy is apparent. We quote as follows :
Green Peppers, 50<a75c S box; Artichokes, 10c
V dozen; Parsnips, 75c; Beets, 05c; Car
rot?, [email protected]<SOc ; Tun 1 60c ¥ ctl ; Cauliflower, CO(ce
Gsc # .I'M ; Cabbifre, 75CJBJ1 ¥ ctl ; Garlic, ljc; Green
I Peas, lJigCiu ¥ a ; Tomatoes, 10<ftl5c V box for
Vacaville and ;■'■■■ 9. box for river; Sum
mer Squash, 25-£4oc ¥? box ; String licans, ljc
S !b; Cucumber*, 25(540c $ box : Green Corn, bat
121 c for Vacaville and 12J<ai5c %1 dozen for bay ;
Green Okra, [email protected] * »>; ligg Plant, 4Sr<sc V tb.
Fruit — Prices generally are well sustained. Can-
Den are free buyers, and the trjde demand" for
local consumption is quite active. Apricots, 3S4c
¥ Ib ; Apples, green, [email protected] V basket and 40©
60c $! box ; red do, 20(g50c V basket and 75c<&$:
?f box ; Pears, 200925 c V basket, and [email protected] box
for common, and -*l 6002 y box for Earile't ;
Blackberries, ?:>ji V chest: Cantaloupes, $1 MX/
--250 'Pease ; Currant*, tigs behest for lied and $10
@12 %» chest for Black ; Fiirs, 750 i' : %) box;
Grape?, : ■ isl Vb x; Raspberries, [email protected]^chest;
Peaches, 30ijJ40c +• basket and [email protected] V box for or
dinary kicdf>, and 75c-Srsl "' basket for Crawford;
German Prunes, 50(0 75c V basket ; Plums, 1^20%*
ib; Strawberries, S4EdrS behest; Watermelo Sls
(325 %l hundred ; Lemons, 18 '■' >• box for Sicily;
Limes, S?«9 $ box for Mexican ; Tama
rind?, l?«16c ¥ tt> ; Bxnauas. (2 6034 i) bunch ;
Cnvr.benT.fi, : l:rl! V 111; California Oisbsss,
75c(SSl 50 V box ; Tahiti do, 520(i25 *) M : Sugar
0 '.no, 81 60(32 bunch; Pineapples, $7<g& V dozen.
Honey— crop extracted h coming forward a
little more freely. Tte demand is fair and better
prices are realized, dome lolsof old are said to
have been melted over, and offering at prices below
our figures. Comb, 12'W14c; extracted, (■;■;?; ifor
d. rk and [email protected])c V &> for white.
1. n*— The warm weather for a week past has
had a bad influence on the condition of consign
ments. Strictly fine qualities are very scarce,
an 1 fuj! price! are realized for a prime ar
ticle. Wo quote : Fancy, 2Gjff{27c ■.'!.; good to
choice, 24;5ii'>e; inferior lots from country stores,
■•'•■' !■:■■: firkin, 22JQ25C; pickled roll, 27 Jc ; East
ern, 18322 cV- tt>.
Ciiessi— stores are generally well furnished,
but a good demand keeps values rather firm. Cali
fornia, [email protected] ; do, in drums, [email protected]; Eastern, 17
@20c; Western, 1 ■:■••;:■■■ 9 ft.
Kotig— All sales reported to day come within our
nu -'<■- A canvass of the situati* n did not nsult in
obtaining a sale this morning above our top quota
tions. California, 2>«25c; Dub, 22Jc ; Eastern,
18'<*21c ; Oregon, 22Jc V do«
Potn/TKT— A firmer feeling is apparent, «n 1 some
kinds sell at advanced rates Live Turkeys,
gobblers, 18»20c; do Ileus, 16ai8c; Roosters,
S5 s'^C for old and $6 BO '7 50 for young;
Hem, '6 <S7 59; BroUera, t'3i/4 50, aomrdine to
6i7.i".; Ducks. St.' r. V dozen; Uecse, t'i V pair for
01.l and $1 25&1 75 for young.
Game— ln fair request Har\ 82Q2 50: Rabbits,
tl 50!-i»l 75 V dozen ; Venison, Cf<f9c V n>.
Provisions— The market has a firm tone. Business
is generally good. Eastern Hams, 15(HCo; Califor
nia Hams, 11 /rilio; Eastern Breakfast Bacon. l'.',\"t
14c; California Smoked Bacon, 12J'gl3c for heavy
and medium, and lS{ar!43 for licht and
eiitn light ; Clear Sides, 13 @lSjc; P«rk,»[email protected] 50
for Extra Prime, $17 [email protected] for Prime lle-w, $20 50
for liens, f2l 50 for Clear and 922*322 60 for Extra
Clear : Hits' Feet, [email protected] • bbl ; Mess Beef, $10 for
bbis and «C<g6 50 for half bbls ; Extra Mesa Beef,
«IO 50011; Family Beef, *13<»13 25 V bbi ; Cali
fornia Smoked Beef, [email protected]»c V Ib; Beef Tongues,
?8 « dozen; Easiern Lard, I.',] -riujc f Ib for a I
st}les anil sizes of packages: California do, 10-it
cases, 12J<ai3c ; 5-H) cs, 130131 c : nails, [email protected] ;
kegs, ami sizes packages for 10 14jc for 5-H»,
, 12JAtl:io ; 5-B> ra, i:ifrrl3in ; palls, i::}<ai4c ;
IV3IC ; Royal rlo, 14c foi 10 B>, 14* c for 6-n>,
and 11 Jc for 3-Di pails.
Wool/-- The volume of business done during the
past week has been limited. The most Important
transactions have been la Eastern Oregon, and these
I have own email and at a decline from last week's
quotations. But for the extreme views of holders
of Nevada and like heavy shrinkage wool?, which
are cloirre.l to be unwarranted by late East
ern advices, there would be more move
ment of the stock now held, which
lid liberal Fancy Sonoma, Bumboldt and Men
docino, 30<g31c; biskiyou, [email protected] for best
grades ; choice free Northern, [email protected] ; slightly de
fective do, 21<a23c; Calaveras ami Foothill Wools,
I 21<j/24c ; choice San Joaquin, 18S20c ; fair do,
18317 c; Southern Cosst. choice, 17i«19c; fair do,
111 17c # Ib ; Nevada, 20{*2(c ; Esstern Orceon, 19
(5:32 c Stt for heavy and [email protected] Vlb for good to
I choice ; Valley. 2s(/«:llc * ft.
Eastern au. 1 Foreign markets.
IkwroN, July 15th.
The demand for Wool has been fair, »nd the bmi-
I nrsi of tho week a good average. Supplies continue
I to arrive quite freely, the receipts <f domestic for
the pwt two weeks »mounting to some 13.000,000
lbs. There is now a fine assortment of all kinds of
fering. The Bales of the week have been 2,577,000
:h'. Washed fleeces lave been rather neglected, and
I tot them prices are a sh?;le lower ; but all other
kind" are very firm, Manufacturers are. now well
supplied with wool, bay ng been largo purchasers
on the street and to arrive. They have now con
cluded to draw out, and we look for a comparatively
quiet market for some weeks, sales of Ohio and
Penury vaoia fleeces have been at [email protected] for X and
I XX. Forty-two cents is now about the outside
I figure for good average lots of XX. Much
fleeces have been sold at 40c for X, but
buyers are holding back and are not inclined to pay
over::S«49c, which is ■ fferrd for large lot?. The
demand for combing and delaine is quietly active,
all available lots taken from trains bringing [email protected]«0,
medium and No. 1 combing [email protected], including Ken
tucky and Indiana, at the latter price. Unwashed
fleeces have been in demand, upwards of 3.000,000
pounds having been sold at [email protected] for low and
coarse, [email protected] for fine, and 2S«jS6c for medium.
California wool is quiet, but steady, with sales at
£703*: for spring, and 16iia22c for fall. Pulled
wools are quiet, prices ranging from [email protected] for
common and choice supers. In foreign wools trans
actions have not been m-ide to any extent. Cape
has been selling at 31}@32}c.
. New York, July 15th.
ER»ADS"rr/T78 — is quiet and Wheat is strong,
latter at $1 24(51 27. : y
Wool — Quiet.
Liverpool, July 15th.
', Wheat— Good to choice California, 9s 6dt<*9B Bd.
Near French L»ad, July 4— lobn Rogers to Philipa
Grass vlil<-y. July 9— OeorßC G. Nichols to Mary B.
Bodio, July 12-T 8 Whitmore to FHon Filbert.
Yuba City, July 12— lames K. Orr to Jessie Rogers.
Su>ter county, July 10- Edward L. Bcebe to Sallie
Orchard. .....
Puiti Crux, July 9— Martin F. Leak to Lime Smith.
San Jose, July H — B. T. Stone to Mrs. C. R.Thomp-
Heildnburfr, July 10— William H. Hudson to Percie
Sacramento, July 4— Wife of Charlet P. Ilerndon, a
Sasanville, July 13— Wife of A. L. Shinn, a daURh-
Nc»r Oe>ter»ille, June 23— Wife of G. Wyckoff, a
Wat'onville, June 30 -Wife <f H. S.Williann, a son.
Near Watsn ville, July 11— Wi'e 01 l"<jter Lsucard,
a son aod daughter.
V DIED. . J ; . '"■ ;'
Portland, Or.; July 10— Mary L Fitxpatrick (mother
of A. and H. McKenzie, Oragoo; and Xn. Lee
Thomas, of Roseville, Cal.), 51 Tear*. i •
Sinter county, July 10— Mrs. Ejiz.ibi.tb Gold, 71
A. O. I. W.— l niou Loiter. \n. 11, fi__
will meet THIS (Saturday) EVENING, «|JjN '■■
July 16th, at Red Men's 'Hall, Masonic °SV:£V
Tem->le. at 8 o'clock, for work . iv th» ij]i\r»
J unior Workman's DaCTec. " - : vSSQr .
--.;, H. J. NORTON, M. W.
Ciias. Coolet, Recorder. jylO-lt-
Special •ii-iili.^ or Iii ion Lioise. a
No. 58, F. and A. M., will be held at_#A_
Ma=onic Temple, THIS (Saturday) EVKN-^CjT
.\G, at 7:30 o'clock. Visiting brothers cor- r^r \
lialh- invited to attend. By order of-
D. McKat. Secretary. . j>. L6-U
Lnml League Jlf <*ipg.— regular
weekly meeting of the Irish National Land League
will be held at Pioneer Hall, TO-MORROW (Sunday)
AFTKKNOON, July 17th, at 2:3o o'clock. I aportant
business— report i.f delegates to the State Conven-
tion. All in svmp thy with the people of Ireland In
their struggle for free homes are cordially invited to
attend. J. I". DALTON, President.
Daniel Fly.ns, Secretary. jylg-lt
reopen on MONDAY, July IStb, at '■> VUO
Seventh street, between L and M. jviPlt
To he Give* at the ATLANTIC CABMEN
TO-NIGHT, Saturday, July 16th, and TO-MOR-
ROW, Sunday, July 17:h.
Performance and Daiice. By special request, the
Iron- Jaw Man pert^rms. [H. Cl jylC It
. Governor Georgs 0. Perkins
— will ugh ;ik a —
Seventh-street M. E. Church South
Subject: "George Pcato:ly, the Philanthropist."
Al)Ml>SlON'— Fiftv cents. Tickets forsile at P.
H. Rus?cll's. Tuft's Dru,- Stoic, N. U. Nichol't, W.
B. Miller's, Win. PetrieV. Bil'.ingsley 8 Co.'*, L. 1..
Lewi^', V.'. A. IloughU-ii'--, Geoiye .S. Waifs.jlP-2p4t
BELL & CO., Auctioneers,
THIS (Saturday) MORNING, JULY 1 6
■ ■' ; ; At 11 o'clock sharp.
At Salesroom. No. »03 J Street, between
Ninth mill Trill!;,
Of all kinds. Al-o, HORSES, WAGON?, Etc.
jg" Sale positive. |jylC-ltl BELL, Auctioneer. "
(TATESteu JVNn ISth, 1576).
•B=tr .A. X. 3ei Ac 00.
|3l Kid Gloves, SI 35 ; 5 hook genuine Poster Kid
Ulovea, SI <"'">; 7-h ok genuine Foster Kid Glovef,
Slbs; 10-hook genuine Foster Kid Gloves, S2 25.
Very truly yours. fj.vl6 t] HALE &CO
DB»; Rctuei: a; gooravroKTH,
Seventh and J streets, in Eryte's nowSSsj^O
building, up stairs. Tei th extracted without pain
by the usa of imjiroved Liquid Ni>rous Oxide Gas.
8. CAKLS. X. •'. CROLT.
ri;>ii: .*. rsoLY.
\^/ pired to do £.11 kind^ of work In their line, in
City or country. Principal place of business, Sicra-
mento. Shop, No. 1114 Beoond street, between X
and L. Postofflce Box, Ko. 410, Sacrarueuto.
}ylg-4ptl ■■■■■■ ■■y-.^.---
X Ktreet, bet. Fifth and Sixth,
lag, June 17th, under the \. | #jf
maiiaeement of M. H. SUEPAKD and '"\JL-j/F
QBO. 11. DRESSER. The management ~-*£SF
will be in the style of similar institutions at San
FrAiicisco. Open day and night. jyl(i-4plm
Corner Tenth and X Streets, Sacramento.
IE • in),' at the most reasonable rates. Bar and
billiard rooms attached. Street cars pass the dorr
every five minnte?.
<g"Free omnibus to and from the House. j_vl6-4riln-
WMINKSD*Y, July 20ih. at 11 o'clock a.m.
slurp, for account of II ■ DURVITASI and S. H.
DAVI-, Executors of the E'tate of JOHN' I.
FRIEND, deOMfled, on the premises, the following,
described property, viz.: feast 30 fee*, of lot M and
N, Ninth and Tenth streets, with improvements
there in, consisting of a fine Two-story Brick Dwell-
ing, with 14 rooms and all modern improvements.
Also, at the same time and 1 1 :ce, Lot 0, II and I,
Eighth and Ninth streets, with improvements.
Sale positive. Terms cash. Ten per cent, of pur-
i hate m -no/ to be paid down, balance un confirma-
tion of sale by Probate Court.
House open for inspection daily until sale.
11. BURN HAM, ) E „,„„„
S.H.DAVIS, \ Executors.
BELL & CO., Auctioneer?. Jvl6 Id
wife, MARY A. SHEAR, nude a certain
deed of trust to ED. K. HAMILTON and W. P.
COI EM AN, dated November 0, IS3O. and recorded in
fiook 9) of I), eds, at pa^o 237 and following, record*
of the county of Sicnmento, State of California,
said deed conveying the real property hereinafter
describe), for the pose of securing the payment
of a certain prom!fsory note ; and whereas, default
has been mide in the piymentof the interest on
said note. Now, therefore, under the authority
vested in them by said trust deed and upon tha ap-
plication of Urn Sacramento Bank, holder of Slid
note, the undersigned, as such Trustees, will, on the
11th day of AUGUST, 1831, at the hour of 12 o'clock
m., at the front door of the Court-house of said
county, soil at public auction, to the highest bidder
for cash, in United States gold coin, all the said real
property, de-*cr bed as follows, to wit : lots num-
bered five (5) and six (6) in the square between F
and G and Nineteenth (lO.h)and Twentieth (20th)
streets, in the city of Sacramento, county of Sacra-
nici.t >, in the State of California, together w th all
the improvements and appurtenances thereto be-
Sacramento, July 14, 1881.
ED. K. HAMILTON, Tru«t?o.
jyl6-STuTh3w W. P. COLEMAN, Trustee.
Choicest in the Market. Full
Weight Cans.
:' ; ." 1G E IT8. : . ;■ :Je3-tEJ!
Temperature for Yesterday : I Temperature < OBBKFOKIHtra Day, 1880:
Highest,...:. ..........;..76 I Highest, S3
Lowest, .56 j Lowest,.... ....63
To clever ARCHITECTS, is largely due the
favorable appearance of a city. On its
CLOTHIERS greatly depends the
neat and tasteful look of its Boys.
In this respect we have aimed
to do more an our a re,
keeping only the most
modern garments,
which 'will be
foa n d
to ex-
and Dura-
bility, as a
glimpse at our stock
will show. 8 for prices,
we buy direct from the
makers, and sell close to
cost, which justifies us in say-
To please the wee boys, we have SAILOR
SUITS, of mixed Cheviot, with neat brass
buttons and fancy stitching. Price, $5.
Also, KILT SUITS, plain and neat, in
Mixed Union Cas.ilm.ere, at $3 80 ; ages,
2 1-2 to 4.
Something very genteel for boys a little
older than above, in $3 KILT SUITS; cut
sailor style, with embroidered collar and
plaited skirt.
GARIBALDI SUITS, ages 3 to 9 years,
$1 00. Not very fancy, but cable.
Garibaldi Style,
€p<&j Cv OLLLu.
We show many styles of CLOTHING for
BOYS, from sto 10 years old. Yet our
customers seem partial to a particular line
of SUITS in Dark Scotch Mixture. They
are certainly Strong, Durable and Genteel.
Price, $4.. 25. Made to sell for more money.
We recommend in addition to above, for
BOYS of same age, a STRIPED CASSI-
MERE SUIT, at $4 50. Cut in blouse style.
BEAVER, for Youths from 12 to 16 years.
Price, $12 50. Finished with a heavy Silk
SACK SUITS for Young Men— excellent
for School and Business wear. Price, $8 50.
WLS 1 \3 V# I w wi\ aa a»W JLJfi I^
Proprietors Mechanics' Store,
Nbs. 400, 402, 404, 406, 408 X street, Sacramento.

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