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WE»*E4-)1V AIGI -.T 2, IS--'
Certificate of copartnership— A. Leonard & Son.
Tno late — Bristol's s&rsapwilla krul pills.
Fraun Verein— This afternoon.
Good babies take Castoria.
Wanted— A situation.
Professor Joseph Boms— Conservatory of Music.
V. L Smith - Supervisor J^b DMrid
G. W. Martin— For Public Administrator.
- G. W. Hancock- For tl\>_ Assembly.
D. Gardner— For supervisor First District.
First Ward Republicans— Meet to bight.
Notice^ — Pacific Sportsmen's Club, to-night.
Many lies in a small compass.
Sociable to-niffht— Presbyterian Cliuich.
Land for sale— 3ol acres.
Valua'uie property for talc.
Business Advertisements.
Mechanics' Store— Has, bits, hat;.
iitJEE '-TAI«t)ir>ATES . — Caadid»tea aro
: priogits up in every direction. This year
it seems Hi it the crdsr of things are reversed —
the office is not reeking tho ir.r,n, but every
, man v seeking the office. M. L. Smith', a
X w *^ io(lo farmer of Brighton township, a
I thoroagh and capable business nun, aspires
■ to the office of Supervisor from the Fifth
■ District. Mr. Smith is a thorough Derco-
H erat, and will present his name to the Demo
cratic County Convention. G. W. Martin,
the well-known grocer at Seventeenth and '
N streets, an old and triea Republican, will
present his same to the Republ'c tv County
Convention atl (j as fc the nomimtion at their
hands far Public Administrator. G. W.
Hancock, for many years oue of the leading
Directors in the State Board of Agriculture.
and a member of the city Board of
Education, aonnounces himielf a candidate
for the office of AasemUvnir.t, aud will ap
pear_ before the Convention asking such
nomination. D. Gardmr, a wood decler en
I street, and ope of the pioneer ciu'z ng c.f
Sacramento, will appear b?f< re the Republi
can County Convention and a-k to be made
the noriilnee. of the party for the office of
•Supervisor if the First District.
Cor.vn Finances.— lt is etatel on the
authority of Samuel Blair, who is well kcown
to ba the moot faithful member of the Board
of Supei visors, tl:at the t eaemy of the
connty is empty, and that, from tte present
time until a collection of tax?*, audited
claims against the connty will bear seven p?r
cent interest. Mr. 1 flair thinks thut at the
close of the present fiscal year the general
fund will bj in debt £40,030, and thtt if the
debts of the county— that i<, the audited
claime— are paid dating next year acd the
current expanses of the next tiscil year are
met, that the rate of taxation cannot bD lesa
th»n two per cent. By the compromise ef
fected ia April, the county received in coin
I trom the railroad about $26,000. If it had
I not been for this the treasury would have
I been exhausted by the l>st of Alay, aud the
w general fund would have been in debt at the
I clo«e of the fiscal year about $00 000. It can
T scarcely be denied that the management of
, county finances has been extravagant, and I
that the management of county affair* has
been wanting in every element cf business
sagacity and financial skill.
Anti-Slickesk Healivuahters —Yester
day Graham Hall, ou Sixth street, between T
and X, was opened as an Acti- Debris Head
•luarters. The haS is being renovated and
refitted, and when comp'etfd wiil present a
fine appearance. I. N. Hong, of Washing
ton,_Yolo ccu-ity, ex-Secretary of the State
Agricultural Society and at present a^ricuH
ural editor of th-s Record Us ion, has been
chosen as Superintendent, and Secretary of
the institution. A lararfl and elegant bioner,
iv siz) 6 by 10 Nat, will hi stretched across
the street ia front <f the hall. The banner
will be painted after s cartoon, spread
throughout the State some time since, repre
senting a hytirau'ic uiine pouring down slick
ens upjn and destroying the villejs.
Surravisoß Districts.— There are sevtn
Supervisor Diitricta in this county, bounded
as follows : First District, all that part of
Sacramento city north of X and west of Sev
enth street ; Second District, all that part of
Sacramento city south nf K. and wtst of Sixth
street ; Third District, all that part of Sac
ramento city north of X street and ea^t of
Seventh street ; Fourth District, ail tliatpart
of S.'cramento ticy siuth of X End east of
JjyrtrVsSreet ; Fifth District contains all of
Center, Cosumues, Lee aud Sutter
townships ; Six f h District contains all of
Granite, Mississippi end Natoma townshicn ;
Seventh District c >ntains allot Alabama, Dry
Creek. Franklin, Giorgiana and San Joaquin
Opbs-Air Concert To Night. —The First
Artillery Bind will give an open-air concert
at the Plazt tht? evening. The following
programme of^nu.sic will be rendered in their
u«u»l excellent style : Quickttep, " Wanh
• ington Grays ;" overture, "La Chevalier
Breton ;" n,uick m»r.-b, " Signal Service ;"
waltz, "Summer Cl-mls;" clarionjt golo,
" Wren Polka," hy Wm. Fl»ni?an ; grand
medley cf Irish airs, " P^ep o' D»y ;" cchot
ti^che, " Pretty Kite Ryan ;" grand couiic
medley, "Songs of the People;' "Sweet
Spirit Hear My Pray;r " aad " Homn, Sweet
Home," with vari»tiins by Wm. Flanigan
acd Charles NeaL
Installation —At a regular meeting of
< ' »pital T^Jge, No. r,l, T. v. O. T., htW Urt
• evening, the following <jffic:-r8 were Jastalled
by D. G. W. C. T., L. S. Taylor, to sarve
for the easuiog term : Abe Wilson, W. C T. ;
E-nina Caldwell. W. R. H. S. ; Teresa
Walker, W. L. H. S.; Sidie Cunimicgs, W.
V. T.j J. D. Moyn»h»n, W. S.; Gmeie Me
Coy, W. A. S.; Sam K%tz?nstein, W. V. S.;
Mrs. Rodgers, W. T.; W. Bills, W. <;.; W.
E. McKinuey. W. M.; Ella Stone, W. I. G.;
J. F. Lucas, W. O. G.
Merchandise Report.— The following for
Sacramento firms parsed Ogden on the 29;h
of July : For Locke & Livenson, 1 roll c.ir- !
pet ; Lindky & Co., 30 p»ils tobacco ; Booth |
&. Co., 50 bjxai baking powder ; Hail, Luhrs
ft Co., 50 boxes ppices ; 1«. l-.lk"- & Co., 2
"bundles blankets ; Hustinnton, Hopkics & I
Co., 1 box boxes ; C. P. R. R , 156 cir wheels;
Billiagslsy & Co., 60 bundles broom handles ;
Kirk, Gs»ry k Co., 24 boxes bottles, 5 bar
rela fly i-aper, 2 boxes drugs, 1 basket dye
The t oscert.— Mane. Juh llive-Kinu's
piana concert took place at the Congrega
tional Church last night. It was a pror sea
s-n for a onc3rt, but an appreciative audi
ence fathered and wn delighted. The high
i xpect.Vi oux as to this artist ware fully real
i/. id. Sho is at onc3 a brilliant, clear, forci
ble and gifted pianist. Bar playing was the
i .|'i:il o* any ever heard here, if not superior
to any. It was a masterly performance of
music of the highest crder.
The Bio Circus.— Col. John Foster,
agent of the great Rob'nson circus and me
nagerie, returnsd to the city yesterday, and
repcrta that the hi;: show is dvog a msrvel
ously large business everywhere it exhibit?,
and that it is creating the greatest cnthuu
»«m h» ever saw during his thirty years in the
profession. Oa the 14th and l.V.h inst. our
citizana will have the opportunity to ju Le
for themselves of the merits of thii much
praisod show.
lscOßPOßATEP.— Articles of incorporation
were filed with tho Secretary of State yes
terday of the "Benicia MilU" Principal i
L - place of Im-i; ■'>-, San Fr*nci*co ; capital
" stock. $200,000. divided into two hundred
shares. Directors - Solomon Waogechehn,
Simon Newman, Jr.;ia Newman, John ijie
genbeio and Heury Wongcnheim.
Anniversary Social.— A social and lit
erary entertainir.ent was eiven at Pioneer
Hall last evening by colored riti*»ns in coin
merooratian of the fiftieth anniversary of the
enibDcipaUon of «l»ves iv the Hri'.iVh West
Indies. R. J. Fletcher delivered an address,
after which the rl 'or was cleared and a general
good time was enjoyed.
Cm Ckmktzrt Retort.— The report of
the Superintendent cf the Ci;y Cemetery for
the month of July is as follows . Died in the
cUy, 35 ; stillborn, 1 ; brought here for in
termer.t, 17; total, 54. Rscjiots for s»le of
lot», $52 50 ; for permits §65 ; exhumation
prrtnit, $10. Total receipts for the month,
»127 50.
Late Arrests —The following appeared
on the slate at the station ho:; -c last vi ,ht at
12 o'clock : Mrs. Ltrcenur, a common drurk
ar 1, by uffijer L ■. ■ . ifee_l.ojj Clara
rl >«, disturbing the peaco, by efficer V.t ire.l ;
Charley Goens, for safe keeping, by Cirri, ll
and X archer local.
Railroad Hospital.— The following is
the railroad hospital report for the month of
July : I'raect in hospiul July Ist, 37 ; ad
n.iit?' duriag the month, 47 ; dischaiged,
50 ; rsinaining in ho'piwl if : nth ending July
Sl»t, 34 ; private house and office patients
treated, 163.
Niw CiTUEir,— Ancrew Jacobs, a native
l^T^ Germany, ujion bis *ffi<}avit lhat he c»u>e
to the Unite i States under ]8 years of age,
was edxit'ed to citizenship up m the testi
mony of W. E. Gerber and Fr»d Kirn.
LASGE Fcnkbal.— The fureral of Mrs. ('.
M. P^s^gsr yesterday aft-raoon wai largely
attaiJfil. The floral offerings were numrr
ous, rare and baautif i\.
Placsevilli Acidimi.- This thoronghly
(quipped and flourishing insu'.uti.n will opea
for ita cext term August 23, 18S2, for both
ia ii?s and g«n'J«men. Adiress G. P. Ticdall,
Priscip»L _ •
To Depart— J. K. Heath will remove to
hU fruit iarc'l neat Newcastle aooc, and it
dosing out his remaining stock o* watchea
tad jairelry b«-lo*v wholesale bedrock price*.*
A Fiw Puces Itn < f the white p ; qne,
k at 5 cents per yaid, at Hale's great clearance
The Black. Silks u» moviLK freely at the
great clearance sale cf Hale Bros & Co. *
Enthuciattic Meetig of German-' niert
cass at Tuxm* Hall Last Fight.
Pursuant to call the German speaking
Republicans atsembl d in Turner Hall last
evening. C. H. Knj n called the meeting to
order, and Raid :
Fellow- citizens : We have assembled
to-night for tfce purpoee of counseling
together acd aseistig in nominatiog and
electing good and reliable men to office. We
represent between |oo and 800 German
spe&king Hepublicajp, and we believe that
our cambers are sucjf that the party eboul 1
gives us a fair repiwentation. We ask for
nothing more. We Jive large interests at
stake. We pay our ioportion of the taxep,
and feel us much J interest in the wel- ■
fare of this Sfite as any otheP
class of citizens. « [ App'auns.] It is a
well known fact tlat t&e Gsrmai.-speak
ing reople have n<J the same advantages
in ro.'itical meetings is the Eoglish-speakiog
clats*. We are rir;t,s:y reason of education,
as i ipab'a of making ourselves understood
as veidily ea those vlo are educated in the
English tongue. I If Hevs that we ought to
«ga*«e & trertn-su Republican club, [Ap
plauss ]
Oa mcticp, F. Heilbron was chosen tem
porary Chairman, aud J. L»ng Secretary.
Mr. J 1 i: ron on takiDg the chair stated
that he was ready to entertain any proposi
tion the meeting might see fit to make.
Professor Winter* remarked that he was in
f«vor cf immediate action. There was no
time to lose. The County and State Con
ventions would soon be held, acd if wa wish
to take part we must go to work at once.
Mr. Wiemeyer favored immediate action,
and moved that the meeting proceed to organ
ize a ' i-rn.i -An.ti ij.in Club.
Mr Kreb3 moved tj amend by calling it
the German-Americ&n Republican Club.
Amendment carried.
On motion, the following named were ap
p inted on permanent organization : V. H.
Kteb», E. Hagfhtein, P. Neumao, K. F.
Wiemeyer, Charles Winter.
The con mittee retired, atd on returning
reported the following tfEceis: Fritz Heil
bror, President ; Charles Winter, First Vice-
President : Joseph Fritz, Second Vice-Pres-i
--ilin t; J. Laog, Recording Secretary: C. H.
Kreba, Corresponding Secretary; K. F. Wie
meyer. Treasure!. Executive Comtuittee —
) First Ward, J, Keaith aad Gecrge Schroth ;
Sec.-md Ward, A. Brewer and C. Rida
maiher; Thir.i Ward, P. Neutnan and Dr.
Vceller; Fourth Ward, L B. Mohr atd A.
Hon. J. Weil was called for and responded
by spying that he favored the organizing of a
German-American Republic m Club. We
cannot afford to stand etiil. We must take a
part in the coming cmtest. The Sunday
.'l'.iestion has already btcorre a prominent
ifsua. The Democrat", through their plat
form, have undertaken to wipe out the Sun
day law entirely. Tnia we are opposed to.
We believe iv a day of rest. Although the
l*w in its present f.roi is objectionable, yet
we want a Surday law — one that will give us
the privilege of enj >ying ourselves on Sunday
the same as on any other day. Ar.y eDJoy
raent or recreation that ia lawful during week
darn cv ;ht to be lawful on Sunday.
The following resolutions were offered and
unanimously adopted :
fiwieaf. Thai we, the undersigned German-
American citizens, who are members of the Republi
| can pirtv, do hereby organize a club, to be known
as the Uennan-Americau Republics Club of Sacra
Bmdmt, That the object of this club shall be to
advance the interests and principles of the Republi
can party, and to maintain the undisturbed rights
of each citizen.
/.'. totted, That every German speaking rater who
favors the prii.-ciDles of the party may become a
member by signing the roll.
During the evening rema-ks were made by
F. Ruhstaller, J. Arnold, P. Neuma»n and
others. A roll was i,nen opened and a
great many names added thereto. Meeting
adjourned to the call of the Chair. Daring
the evening all the speeches were made in the
German language.
The Sacramento river at 8 foot " incbeß
seems to fc«^t a stand-still.
All kinds*f jobs are tallied of in the polit
ical circles ■ the Third and Fourth Waid*.
An elegbft two-s'ory and basement frame
dwelling i* being erected on M, near Uie
northwest mrner of Tenth street.
The rate Jo San Francijci on telegrams on
anl after jp-day will bs 30 cents instead of
40, as fonujprly. A good reduction.
Steameif begin'to fia J tome trouble in nav
igating thf Feather river. Snag boat Seizar
is d >icg g'icl ssrvic? in that section.
FiehtoifK street, betwesn Fifth and Sixth,
Moudty ijeuintr, between a Constable and
barber, EkuiavJ faces, but no arrests.
Dairyn.pi nre furnishing better milk lately i
than lierdfufore. Some cay it is because the
mils testtwis coming iuto common use.
Nicetyjeven immigrant!', including Eeven
ty-seven vales passed Carlia yesterday, en
route to t'a'.iforDia. They will arrive here
at 1 F. M.Jtodaj.
The stimmer Dover on her last trip brought
385 RycAiore logs from the upper Sacra
mento, thf-v arfl coi signed to a furniture
firm at 81 n Francisco.
There will bo a f ociable at tho Presbyter
ian Chu:«h this evening, A pleating pro
gramme If exercises. l)llo*e J . with ice cr jam,
for only I (]ui>»ter of a dollar.
The Ilrst Ward RapubHcanß will moot at
the Rhcnld & TowDsecd House, corner Sec
ond and! streets, this eveaing, to select del
egates f<» the Cuu-nty Convention.
Tfef mowing undelivered messages are at
the WeJern Union Telegraph oftics : E. J.
Richardfin, J»m=s Hammond, C. P. R. R
•hop* ; 'W. T. Ferguson and George Champ
First Li.-utenant J. N. Pike, Comnany V,
Seconl Artiil?ry Raiment, Second Brigade,
has been p'.<>c?d oi: tho retired list, witn rank
if Pecoad Lieutenant, on account of dt<
Crrv School Finances.— J. R. Lane.
City Supcrintecdeot of Publ ; c Schools, has
submitted his r.i:nual report to Chas. E.
Bifihop, County Superintendent of Schools,
on various matters pertaining to the city
schools for tl c year commencing July 1,
I 1881, and ending June 30, 1882, The financial
j statistics are Bhown as follows : Teachers'
I salaries, S4;i,7'J7 75 ; rents, repairs, fuel and
contingent expenses, 51!1,274 52 ; school
libraries. $158 50 ; total current expense'
$C'J,23O 77. Paid for i-itep, building and
school furniture-, §7,539 85 ; total expend
itures, §70,770 <\2. Balance on hand at the
beginning of th 9 school year July 1, 1881,
$30,97» 81. R?ceived from the State appor
tionment, §34,972 95 ; from county taxes, as
apportioned by the County Supeiintendect,
$7,015 80 ; city taxes, $27,696 77 ; miscel
laneous sourcss, S4 793 ; total receipts, 6105,
--408 33. Balauce ou hand at the close of the
school jear June 30, 1882, $28,687 71.
Police Court.— The following buMners
was transacted ij the Police Court yester
day : Wm. Carroll, druct, pleaded guilty,
tiDed §10 ; W. F. Steinraeyer, battery, con
tinued to August 3 1 ; D.»u Drury, druuk,
pleaded guilty, $10 or t- n days in ih? city
jiil; Clemmy Ward, batiery, disnii»sed ;
John Browa, drunt, pleaded guilty, and or
dered to be incaicerated in Chief Karcher's
bkstile for ten days, or pay a fine of §10 acd
gaSa liberty ; Thos. McOill, d r nnk, rifpotit
forfeited ; Ah Fun and Aft Coy. snukina
opium, discharged : Ah Sii.p, Ah Lang, Ah
Gow. Ah L:'ng and Ah Ge^, f>r visiting an
opium dec continued t> AojMt 31; Ah
■^inir, burglary, held to answer, bail fixed at
■?2,000 ; Chine Tie. petit larceny, was
brought into Court for sentepce, but judg
ment defenrd until this morning.
School Mattbks.— The following applica
tions for pieitinns a3 teach^ri has reen re
ceived and ordered ou file : Snsie Garfield,
Mary McManus, Mrs. S. B. Eyrod, Miss
Ad» Richardson, Rosa E. Coats. Mrs. L. M.
Well*, MLw M*ry M. Cros-miiler, Miss Ella
C. Stone, Karl Henrich. It hai been decided
t ■■ employ an astiistant teacher at the Orphan
A«vl»iTn, provided that a suitable rooui be
added to the schooi-hui'dirg and lhat no
further rent ba paid. It his also been decided
that janitors who take the proper care of
their echool-buildings during vacation shall
receive half pay, while those who do not are
to receive no pay at all.
National Guard Percentage.— The fol
lowing is announced as the percentage of the
National Guard of California for the month
of June. ISS2: First Infantry Regiment,
6L71 ; First ArtiUery Regiment, 75.90 ;
Sezond Artillery R-gimenl. 68 29 ; Fifth
Infantry Battalion, G7.39. Unattached om
ponies—San Bernardino Cavalry, 7!' 03 ;
Eade Corps. 58.34 ; San Diego City Guard
i '.15.80 : ?aa Francieo Hosßars, 61.97 ; Oak
land Light Cavalry, 01.06; Stockton Guird,
■ 157 ; Chico Guard, 74 66 ; Eureka Guird,
Broke a Blood Vessel.— A few evenings
ince, while Patrick Hayes", an employe at
). Gillia' livery stable, wao creasing Eighth
tree', at J, he struck his toe against the curb
ng. He did not notice it much at the time,
I iut walked on to the stable, half a block dis-
I ant. O i his arrival at the barn he dincov
| red that he wa? bleeding profusely. It so
! lappsned that a surgeon was near at hand,
| iv woucl immediately taken care of, and his
I ifo H.*ved.
i Free Library Retort.— The following is
. he report of the Librarian of the City Free
jibr.-.ry for the week tr, ia; Saturday, July
Khh : Number of rooks issued during the
week, 741 ; fiction. 585; history, 28;'biogra
>ny, 22 ; travels, 42 ; belles lettres, 54 ; reli
;ion, !* ; poetry and drsma, 23 : science and
! iH, 20 Average numb?r drawn p«r day,
j 06 Percentage cf fiction, 72
Postal Delivirt.— The following is the
■ep^rt cf the letter carriers for the month of
j fu!y, 1882 : Dslivered— Mail letters, 30. 4 M ;
' nail postal cards, 5,295 ; drop lettem, 2.145 ;
; 3rop postal cards, 2.197 ; paper*, etc, 26.769;
' egistered let^rs, 227 ; toUL 67,117. Collect
• hi—Mail letter*, 22,4t>9 ; drop letters, 959 ;
; Mstal cards, 4,666; papers, etc, 3 335; toUl,
To day, we would call your particular
I attention to the line of 60-inch cre?m damask,
j kt 65 cents p^r yard, at the great cc trance
I tale of Hale Bros, k Co.
The B )ard of Trustees of the Free Library
met last eveniDg. Present, W. C. Fitch'
Y r ij9-Preeident ; Albert H»rt, and S, H. Ger
rish. Sscretary. The minutes of the last
regular meeting were read and approved.
A communication from BsDJamin G. Smith,
of Cambridge, Miss., was read, offering the
Library a set of rare and valuable horticult
ural works.
On motion of Mr. Hart, the Librarian wa«
directed to answer the letter and inform Mr.
Smith that the Board did not deem it advisa
ble to purchase the books, and had directed
the letter to be placed in the hands of the
State Librarian for his confederation.
The Librarian's report for July was rend,
.as follows: Number of books ia^ued during
the month, 8.275, classified thus : fiction,
2.372 ; history, 138 ; biography, 101 ; travels
and adventures, 169; miscellaneous litera
ture, 229 ; leUgion, 28; poetry and drama.
112 ; science and art, 126 ; average cumber
issued per day, 113 ; percentage of fiction, 72.
Number of patrons, 4,158. Amount of fines
collected 815 10.
The library was ordered closed for cleaning
and repairs from 9 o'clock p. M. Tuesday,
August BA, to 10 o'clock A. n. Thursday.
August 24 ib. No fines to accrue for books
becoming due during that time.
The following bi ; li were allowed : Pacific
Mutual Life Insurance Company, ?37 ; Capi
tal Gas Company, Sl3 80 ; W. A. &C. 8
Houghton. $120 28 ; C. G. Hancock, 8140 82-
B. Kuhl, $79 ; Diy 4 Joy, 812 50 ; Billincs
ley k Co.. $2 75.
After selecting and ordering the f jllowing
hooks purchased the Board adj turned :
Greville's Journals of the Reigns of George
IV. »od William IV.; Uncle litmus, by
Harris ; English Governess at the Siamese
Court, by Leonowens ; Wit and Humor, by
Brown ; The Taxidermist's Manual, by
Biown ; In the Saddle ; Forever acd a Day,
by Fuller ; Political Institutions, by Spencer;
Children of the Abbey; Nasby iv Exile;
The Yon Arldans, by Miss Douglass ; Brinbi,
by Miss K»ma ; Memoirs of Anne Boleyn ;
three volumes Misa Alcott— Shawlstropes,My
GirU, and My Boys; Markof. by Hcorf
Greville ; Toby Tyler, by Otis ; Handy Andy,
by Lover ; Rose Turquand, by Hopkins ;
The Curate in Charge, by Oliphant ; O!d Sir
Douglas, by Hon. Mrs. Norton ; Longfellow's
Home Life ; Pcets and Poetry of Europe, by
Longfellow ; two volurees of Memoir? of
Metternich ; volume 3 of Verne's Exploration
of the World ; Six Sinners, by Wueaton.
Judge B, C. Dcnson has returned from the P.ay.
Hon. William Johnston, of Richland, is in town.
J. H. Foster, of New Yoik, is stopping in the ciiy
J. Bulens, of Roseville, was in the city yesterday.
J. R. Vatson returned from Uontcrey j esterday.
Thoodfre Winters, of Yoln, was in the city yester
Frederick Micr, Jr , ij spending a few days at the
J. J. Smith and 11. Golden, of Auburn, arc in the
Donald Bi uce, of Sui Francisco, was in the city
Harry Weaver has returned from a brief visit to
the si'a&i'Je.
Fdward V..v 'c, of this city, is spending a few days
at Monterey. .
Mrj. F. R. Daniorth and daughter hive gone to
the mountains.
J. I*. Huyt, of this city, will arrive to day by the
Southern route.
Hundreds of Sacrament} people are at Monterey
and Santa Cruz.
Misses Mary and Bertie Stantoo, of this city arc
visiting Alameda.
Miss Jennie Mcrgan has gone to San Franc'sco to
remain some tima.
P. F. Sands has gone to San Francisco, and will be
absent Bcveral i!..\s.
Mrs. Cbarles M. Post and Miss M. Richardion left
for Monterey yesterday.
Joseph K. Wilkinson, of the C. P. R. It., came up
from the Bay yesterday.
Mrs. S. Wasserman and family have gone to Santa
Cruz to spend the summer.
Mra J. Stuber 'eft Monday for St. Helena, and
will be absent a few weeks.
Miss Ella Ochsuer zoes to Forest Hill to-day for
a few weeks' visit wilh friends.
C. J. Jones, C. Clavenach, 11. E. Howe and B. T.
Burr, of Sin Francisco, arj in the city.
Mrs. S. M. Bustwick and Miss Emma Gee left yes
terday for Shasta, t) be ;uue two months.
Mrs. Henry liurnhim and her daughter May leave
today for Monterey for a two weeks' 6t»v.
G. II Swinorton and wife h;ve pone to Santa
Cruz and Munterey fur a two monthV vi-it.
Robert Hamilton, of the firm of Baker & Hamil
ton, came up from San Francisco last evenioir.
Mrs. R. M. Brijfg*. Mrs. 0. A. Laerave and Clovis
T. L.agrave, have returned from San Francisco.
8. B. Moore, of the Cosumnes, has to Inde
pendence Lake, where he will remain four wetks.
Miss Emma Reifan, who was visitinff friends In
the city, returned to her homo in Kocklin yesterday.
Misses Lida and Minnie Ray, of Forest Hill, Placer
county, are visiting Shcraraento, the guests of D.
Missts Julia and Annift Mi' r, of Sacramento, 'e&ve
to-day for a four months' visit to tho Eastern
Mrt 1 . L. A. I"p3on and firrjily*, of this city, have
Ifone to Pacific Grove, Monterey, to sjicnd tho
Marcus D. Boruck, proprietor of the Spirit nf
Tin Timrs, was in the city yesterday, accompanied
by his wife.
Oscar Wilde ponouucci Miss Altttia Allen, of
Montgomery, Ala., the roo«t beautiful young lady
ne hid seen in the United States.
Mrs. Wm. M. Siddons and her two daughters,
Daisy and Nellie, left yesterday for Monterey, where
they will remain for several weeks.
Mrs. Mary M. Spaulding, of this city, left today
lot a -isit of several months to lierua"-ents in Maine.
Siie was accompanied by her daughter.
Elwood Bruner and wife, Jennie A. Woods, Alice
Flint, Fred Flint and Allison Bruner returned yes
terday from a camping t r ip tD the Coast Range.
Miss Jennie Katzenstein, of this city, and >li--
Hattic Jerrett. of Georgetown, £1 Dorado county,
returned yesterday from an extended visit to olfax
and Blue Canyon.
Handkerchiefs with very minute colored borders,
and the name embroiderei in a color to match that
of the border, are very popular. A new style has a
border in very small scallops worked in button-hole
etitc!), and with the Christian name of the owner
embroidered in one corner, while in the diagonally
opposite corner is worked the initial of the surname
A snull star ornaments the two vacint corners.
A wedding took place last Tuesday at the resi
dence cf the bride's parents, in Cortina townghip,
Colusa oiULty, tjie principals beimr Frederick V.
Madeley, of Sacramento, and Miss Mary F. Harris.
Tdc groom was attended by James W. Woodland
and his brother, Thomas W. Madeley. Tiie brides
maids were M 199 Nellie Dunlap, of Sacramento, sis
ter of the groom, and M:S3 Abbie Stockton, of
Napa, cousin of the bride. Rev Mr. Keilt per
formed the ceremony. The bride and bridegroom
received many valuable presents and gifta f rom their
numerousfriends and relatives.
The styles of wearing the hair are various, and in
dicate a desire on the part of the hair-dressers to do
away with the graceful simplicity (hat has been in
voifue for some time past. Looped braids falling on
the neck replace the compact Grecian knot. The
old-fashioned *' French twist " of our mothers' days
has been revived ; also, the large bows formed of
hair, which were fashionable some twenty years ago,
and which preceded the chignon. Finger-puffs on
the top of the head are also worn ; so, too, are the
long drooping ringlets, falling on the neck, which
the Princessof Wales brought into favor at the time
of her marriage.
At the residence Of Mrs. S. M. Stafford, near Thir
teenth, on F street, yesterday, John T. fatifford waj
united in marriage to Miss Ida Caliahan by the Key.
H. H. Rice. Mr. Stafford for many years has been
in the employ of Wells, Farpo & Co. in this city, and
Miss Caliahan is well known in SacrjunenUi. Many
friends were present when the ceremony was per^
funnel. Mauy and valuable presents wtre midc
the newly-married couple. Amoni; the presents the
Native Sons of the Golden West presented them
with a handsome silver tea sen ice ; Wells Fargo's
employes, an elegant water pitcher and goblet; the
Entre Kens Club, Bilver pitcher ana goblet. L. W.
Hahnncy and Miss Oussie Meyer stood up with the
couple during the marriage cerc-mony. The bride
and CTOom left on the evening train for Santa Crut.
Tuesday, August 1, 1832.
Dkpartmkxt Two— Dexsos, Judge.
Cnnrt met at 10 o'clock.
Hograns anJ A 1 bee vs. B. T. Holn-cB & Co.—De
murrer to complaint withdrawn, and twenty days
granted defendant to answer without prejudice to
having case let ou next trial calendar.
Mary H&mblinir vs. S. D. Pomeroy ct a!.— Case
called (or trial. Default o( defendants entered, nnd
OUo Walther sworn and testified. Submitted and
decree S'.eJ in favor of p'aint'.S as prayed for.
The People vs. Hike GaJlager, Joe Talbot and C.
Anderson (information for burglary)— Defendant*
arraigned pleaded not guilty. S. S.Holl appointed
counsel for defense.
C. R. Gr.y vs. A. Heiltiron— On trial.
Angelina Budd vs. Henry Bhdd —Demurrer over
ruled, and ten days to answer. Case to be placed
on next trial ciVndar.
William M. Palmer vs. Ben. W. Wilder—Proceed
injts ttayed pendins motion to dismiss.
Brown vs. P. 1). Burbauk— Cisc lieretofote set for
trial, Aumirt 10>h, is continued by consent.
The celebrntvl oarsman of Kingston, Can
ada, Mr. Erf. rrickeU, says : " I have fonnd
St. Jacobs Oil a sure anl certain cure for
rheumatism, etc. "-[New York Clipper.
Mocntaih Facrr.— We are ia receipt daily
of large consignments of select mountain frail-,
coabUting cf nectarine?, peaches, apples,
grapes and pears, all guaranteed free from
lacects. >\e aho receive every iuirtir-; a
laree asortment of choice vegetables,
consisting of celery, sugar peas, cauliflower,
MasaasL.it sweet cjrr, green okra, cranber
ner. beans cucutobeis, dill, tomatoes, arti
caoke^ cantaloupes, watermelons, golden wax
beans, Lima baans, string beans, green pep
pers, horseradish, sweet potatoes, egg plant,
with all other varieties in season. With a
long experience that enable* as to select the
be«t of the market, all orders from the conr.
try will be promptly attended to and carefully
pa-iked. Deßernardi * Co., 308 to 310 X
Btreet. •
The astounding success of Hale'a great
clearance lale may bf a mystery to our com
petitors, bnt it is very plaiu to thoee who
have visited us during the last few wwka.
We have an immense stock on hand, and all
summer goods must bo closed out by Sep.
tember Ist. We are bound to ccli, and get
the coin to inveet in fall goods ; consequently
take advantage of this opportunity to bay a
bargain. «
Orß SHOS Dn-AETMEST presents unparal
leled bargains. Piosh slippjrs, 50 cents per
pair, at Male's great cle&rtnce sale. ■
Fob Whoopiho Cocsh !— Nothing equals
Chesley's Kick and Kya. •
NorwiTHSTANDDiC the quantity of lace
curtain ntt gold during the last few day», we
have still a large assortment left, at Hale'g
great clearance gale. •
Now 18 THE TIM« to porcbane a black silk
dress, reduced in most CBS*3 20 per cent at
Hale's great clearance sale. « •
A Tramp Cat in Twain— Last at Pea-
Sent for a Criminal— PsftMngers to Ar
rkve - < iiin. •< doing Home— Locating
Boundary Monuments— Sad Sennit ot
Practical Joking .1 Dtnd Indian—Cen
erjil Coast Xew*.
< 41.11 ' MUM 4.
i. 'iml-lij. John.
Sas Fhancisco, August lit.— The steamer
City of Peking sailed today for China. She
took away 210 Chinese, most c f whom took
out return certificates. The British steamer
Aojer Head will sail to-morrow with 502
Chinese, most of whom will be dropped at
AppolnSmenlft by the »urif>»: i.riiri-al
Salt for Damages— Salt Dismissed. •
San JtBAHCJSco. August Ist.— W. H.
Brown, the new Surveyor-General, who en
tere J upon tha discharge of his official duties
to-day, appointed Theodore Reichert Chief
Clerk ; Otto Seyd, Accountant ; E. H. Saw
yer, Cleik of Correspondence ; J. H. Lask,
iUuch Clerk; John Clar, Translator. He
appointed thirty-two clerks and draughtsmen.
Tha case of Andrew F. Cramer agaicst the
Ceutral Pacific Railroad Company, for $30,.
000 damsgss for injuries curtained on ona if
the company's traius in Atamrda county, is
oa trial to-day in Depaitrr.eot Five.
Tne suit of Mary A. Ke'.ly vs. Mark Mc-
D jcald, t > recover 610,100 damages for al
leged fa.-: imprisonment, was •'.{■•. ■:-•■_ 1 to
day by c .r.eeat by Judge Jjiwlor.
Hent Tor the Crlniini.l.
Nivada Citt, August lit.— The District
Att.>ri.ey ot this county to-day pent off the
requisition pip?ra ia the case- of J. C. Patter
sun, now ia jiil at St. Louis, and who U
wanted tv.re to an«wer for tho robb»ry and
m\;rJer of W. F. Camming, near this place,
on the Ist f f September, 1879. Patterson is
expected to arrive here in three or four
wteki. The whereabouts of Doney, Patter
son's accomplice, is unknown.
LOSt at »r:l.
Wilmington, August 1-t. — The I'.riti.-ii
bark Tne Frederick, Roop master, 13."> days
out from Liverpool, arrived nt this port this
forenoon, rtp;rt» that May 20:b, in latitude
45 = 2', longitude 9f 10 we«t, duricg a heavy
-• •!■• ; ■ ..ii._n Martin Atkinson fell from the
jibbDom overboard, ar.d was Ust, the saa
ruaning too heavily to permit of lowering a
Selling the Monument* Hilled.
San Dirr.o, August Ut. — L : eutanant R. A.
Fletcher, U. S. A , leaves here to-morrow
m.rniijf with a de'.ushment of Company A,
Eighth 1 ifinlry, to locate the monuments
along the boundary line. He will be met
halt way by a detachment frem Yuma under
Lieutenant Ames.
An IndUu was accidentally shot dead at
Pala yesterday by Cayelan Go!sh.
Stopped by footpads.
Stockton, August Ist.— Julius Wagner of
Lockefi>rd was robbed Sunday ni^ht by two
men, between Lodi and Woodbrilge, who
presented revnlvera at his head and demanded
his money. They Rot §20.
Kight of Way Ciranlc J.
Tucson, August Ist.— A Washington
special to the Bksr say« : The bill grstting
the right of way for the Southern Pacific
Railroad through th? Papago Reservation
has pa: s vl. The bill is regarded here aa very
important, anu tho numerous frienda r.f Dal
egato Oiiry have been pcotusa in their con
aratnlalicn? over his maOM. The pasea™eof
the hiH, it h i thought, wiil largely promote
the railroad interests »f Arizona.
A Brakt-bar Klrter 111 in Twain.
Winnhiccca, August l?t. — Sunday morn
ing the engineer ot freight traiu No. 7, com
ing east, saw some object aheaion the track,
a f . what is called Brown'a Hill, below Urown'a
Station, just cvrr the Hue, in Churchill,
county. The train was Ktnpped, nnd the j
trsin-meD f «ad o^-the track thi lifeles-a re
in,.!. - of a in-. ii. The body was cut in two
at tha waist, several cars having evidently
pae&e-d over it. There were no papers on the
man by which his body cculd bo identified,
and DO one knew hia came r,r ege, or any
thing about hiu>, Bive the brakeman of the
train, who recognized the budy aa beirg that
of a trarup whom they put off »t Lr.velotk's
on Saturday eveninp:. It is supposed that he
wtnt to sle>p while n i:; on a brake-beam,
and Ml uodtr the cir whe;!?.
The Ore In the Jfex'ran anil I uiou lit
dirtrd by the «.:>■■..! Jary.
A'ikginia, August l»t. — The ore at tho bot
tom of v;ir;7.s No. 1 in the Mexican has turned
e»^t at a depth that will neon carry it acrors
the winze if it continues south. The drift on
the 2,600 fo:.t levd of the l-'nion fa still cut
iing buucVies of ore, which it in hoped will
~et coceolid.tle. Much qualz ir low ehow
<ug in the south drift on tbe 2,!>00 f >ot level
of the Union.
Superintendent I atton leaven for (he East
next Wedceiday, to be absent till September,
and the north end rnicea will be in ci.argo of
Mr. Hackly during hid absence.
Patton Miles Fialoo, Street Inspector, was
to-day indie'ed by tl»e Grand Jury on a
chirge of nM»lnin| m>npy uader fal?e pre
ten»;B. He wis Brr-stai, aad r^leaied on
giving buil.
If A II.
Statr Slo|>p<-il and Bobbrd.
Salt Lake, Asgwt l»f. — A pipsenjrer on
the stage from Wood ltivcr to Keltou bringt
iiiforrna'.i'in iA the robbery of th 9 Kelt n
and W jod River stags twenty miles fr.>ni
Ktlton yesterday afternoou by three maskf d
mer. The coac'i c t.t.iined eevea mm acd
i;ao wmisn, wh»m thcr/atoad up and went
through their peckets, getting money and
jewelry to the amount of $2,000 They then
told the driver to hand oat the treisure-box,
when they broke it open ard rifl.'d it of i.a
content?. The amount it contained is not
known. Th-:y wpiit nb-ut the business very
leisurely, cocturning about two hours in
te^rohing the pk«eengers anl baggage, after
which they toM tha driver they would have a
fair divvy with him in horten ; they would
take two and give him two. The robbers are
described as tall and heavy, dre?3ed as Texas
cowboys, with belts and silver buckles, and
well armed.
Portland Him-.
PoETLiND. August Ist. — Isaac Hoggs, one
o f the tiu ties at the Pecitent'&ry, made fciß
escape yesterday. A reward of £100 ia offered
forlm recapture.
Governor Thayer has appointed B. B.
Snelling, of Lakeview, Judge of Like cour
ty, vice J. S. Watt?, resigiied.
A Free Trade League has been organized
at M ' !i -' •■ Clackamaa couaty.
A »■!•! t'aoe of !r.i< lir.-.S Joking.
Walla Walla, August lit. — A suicide,
that in alt its features is vary Had, acd which
appears to have beea the result of a prictical
joke, is reported fiom Van Sickla Spriai>p,
Umatilla cjunty, occurring there about one
wetk ago. The victim was Mrs. Affinger,
tho wifo of a German farmer. The s'.ory i?,
in sufcstanc?, as fallows : It appears that she
had become the object of dislike to some
youDg men in that neii?hboihood, because
she itfused them the CGtnpacy of her daugh
ter, about 15 years of age. About two
wests tgo a neighbor's cabin was robbed
of $20 in money and some articles of clolh
ing. aud by some of these who dislike Mrs.
AHinger Bhe was accused of the robbery.
Tbw wai ab:mt as unlikely a dory as could
bo imagined, ha ehe wa9 a haid-workinp, in
'l'i-iri' :. wumaD, andtto family were almost
independent in thtir circuir-staccea. The ac
cusation to affected her thut, aV.iit a week
ago, she attempted to tako pettam, but was
prevented by a Mr. Bulow. A'.mort imme
diately after she wtr»t to another ranch,
owned by Mr. A Singer, and there
took a large dese of strjuhnins, which she
procured trora a supply her husband had on
h»cd with which to poison squirrels. Mr.
IJulow and her husband e^w her mixing the
poieon in a riMßi and made an effort to reach
her bcfo:e ahe c u'.i] taka jr.- but failed. They
starred with her back to her houre, but on
the way tht fell bade ia the wa^on cod died.
She leave* a iarge f >mily of children, among
them a b*by aKmt three months old.
John Hiuton, » printer reported £8 musing
from IVn'e City, ia working at hU business
in the Btatum»n offc're.
l)j FreToinet refusts absolutely to remain
in the French Cabinet.
The French residents of Port Said protest
againßt the withdrawal of the French equ»d
roo, and announce their intention <f pUcioir
themaelvts under the protection of the UniUd
The motion of the Maiquis of Hartmgfon
approving the dispatch to E^ypt of 500 la
dian troora, with a rteerve of 1,000, was
agreed to in the English House »f Commons
by 14 to 23.
The Ministers publish » lone proclamation
at Alexandria announcing that Arabi Pasha
is deposed from the office of Minister of War,
and giving about tbe same reasons for his
deposition as were given in the Khedive's
Captain Fisher and L^rd Charles Beresford
have returned to their ship*.
Prince LouU BaHenburg commands the
Gatliug bitteria* at R iiVd-Tin.
Lcotisg continues at R*mleh.
The water alone the coast near Port Said is
very shallow, and large ships cannot approach
within four miles of Kosetta. or within three
mile* of Djoiietta.
The feeling among the Frtnch inhabitant*
as.'.i: -t i i^L'-R c[.-i v vary strong. The Eng
lish Vice-Consul has a letter declaring that
as he e'ded tbe Governor of Port Said in
escapicg Arabi Pasha's veDgeance, he has
been CTidenmed to death.
The Kbedire has dispatched a native emis
sary to the caojp of Arabi Parha for the pur
pose of procuring the release cf Midshipman
Dechair. u^^_____
H. M. Wilson, whose ranch is near
ileaidsburc. has juat thraehed his whe-it.
A portion of it went as high aa seventy
two bushels to the acre, while the average
for the entire field w*» sixty-two bu»beU j
to the acre.
Newhall, Angurt l»t.— Passed hen to
day, to an r. a in San Francisco to-morrow :
Mrs. F. B. Smitli, Tucson ; Mrs. Len»
Hughes, Tomb*toEe ; L M. DinkeUpiel,
James Onnnit.pta'n, San Francisco ; lire. S.
E. McClintock, Pc<raix ; Mrs. William
Hood, Ben. C. Truman, S»n Francisco ; W.
B. Dudson, New York ; O. D. Bell, E. B.
Ryan. H. Kohn, San Francisco ; D. H. Pin
ney, Pfciuaix ; R. Scott, Arizona; H. A.
Palmer, Oakland ; S. Hnff, San Leandro ; J.
P. Hoyt, Sacramento ; G. B. Mc.unttverde,
Yuma ; G. F. Woodward. New Mexico ; J.
C. Etner, W. J. Day, San Francisco ; J. B.
Simmons, Riverside ; J. B. Hicjtcox, Wash
ington, D. C. ; A. Wilson, wife and two
children, Kansas ; James HecdersoD, Kansas
City, Mo.
Caelih, August Ist.— Passed here to-d»y,
to arrive in Sacramento to-morrow : Dr. A.
Nevinger, E. Wnlden and wife, James B.
McMinn, Philadeltbia ; J. D. French, Hart
ford, Uonn. ; H. Payne?, New York ; Alex.
Kuntz and wife, Portland, Or. ; H. G. Bird
sill, C. P. Hastings, San Francisco ; Marcns
Bader and wife, Washington, D. C. ;
Madame Bole, Paris, FraDce ; Jacob
Stabler, Salem, Or. ; J. A. Stafford, Lead
ville, Col. ; J. A. Soyder, Lincoln ; J. C.
Minion, Pittsburg. Pa. ; J. Mason, Neva
da ; Robert Smith, Chicago; Wm. Charldon,
Lincoln. Neb. ; N. A. Baldwin, lowa ; Miss
L. J. Shaw, Missouri. Also 93 emigrant
passenger*; including 77 males, to arrive in
San Francisco August 3J.
Omaha, Aupnst Ist. — Loft here to-day,
to arrive in Sacramento Angust sth : B.
Birrett. Galena, 111.; Fratk W. Nabor, U.
S. N.; Mrs. M. S. Nabor, Ohio: W. T. Reel,
wife and child, Syracuse, Neb.; J. N.
Knowles, Oakland; Mr* Samuel D. Wig
(jius, H. J. McCoy, wife and child, San
Francisco ; Mrs. Muncey, Mis* Jennie Mun
cey, Chicago; Miss Wade, London, Eog. ;
T.W. Asano, W. S. Asano, Japan ; Dr. Gus
tava C. Beckh, Chicago ; George A. Kline,
J. G. Eugleson, S. J. Nathan and son, San
Twenty- f.iur through emigrants left on lai t
night's emigrant train, to arrive in Sacra
mento August Bth.
Or Many Lies in a Small Compass.
A Declaration of War by the Colonel on
the "Chlco Becord."
Eds. Record Union : This evening a clip
ping from s rural newspaper (?) called the
Cliico Recml, was copied in the /><< , twenty
two lines. in length, and containing nine dis
tinct anil positive lie*, and m " I must needs
report the truth" and, to further quote Shakes
peare, pronource the article
" A lie ; an odious, damned lie ;
Upon my Bout, a wicked lie."
Firstly — Robinson's show has had no bad
luck since it reached the Pacific coast.
Secondly — One of the principal actors, nor
aoy other memter of the large company, was
shot by anybody.
Thirdly— The mammoth ex did not die in
Nevada. The mammoth ox is nov.° with the
Fourthly — No lion died, nor did any of our
camels or leopards die in I tan or elsewhere
this season.
Fifthly — No dromedary was knocked eff
the cars nor killed at Wheatland.
Sixthly — John Lowlow oil not die at Red
ding, nor anywhere else, but if still alive and
appearing »t each performance.
Seventhly — The ehuw did not fl uiish in
Nevada, bat had the worse honxe and worse
treatment in that bankrupt State it ever had
in ten years.
Kightly— The chow did not make more
money in Nevada und Utah thit season than
it made the whole of last year in the East.
Ninthly — The show was not in the E»at at
all last season.
Such a bttch of willful lies I never read In
one short article, and I lay it to the belief that
the Rcr.tnl — like many other ob.-cure village
(miscalled) newspapers — did not succeed in
\ wheedling our advance agent out of a two or
tHree dollar advertisement. Responsible and
first claps newspapers pronounce the show the
beet ever placed up m the road. Respectfully
yours, John .1. Foster,
Agent Rohinson'a Circus.
Sacramento, Augmt 1, 1882. •
To-Day, twenty-tive dozen full-finished,
brown Ji»!brii!i;an hose will be placed upon
on center table, for lOjj cent? per pair, at
Bale's great cloar&nce Kale. *
Sacramento, August I— By Key. H. 11. Rice, John
T. Stafford to Ida S. Callihan, both of thia city.
Little Stuney, July ly— Jusiah Nolin to i.'ursi M
Fairfisld, July 26-James T. McQuire to M.iry Me-
Sacramento, July 31— Wife of liernarJ Mclnbwh, a
Sacramento, July J7— Wife of Louis Clrichs, a
Sicramento, Auirust 1 — Wife cf De Witt Rcnfro, a
daughter. (Grass Valley papers please ctpy.)
Franklin Sacramento county, July 31— Wife of ' Henry
Frty, a daushUr.
Sjrramtmto county, July 21— Wife of Peter Haase,
a son.
Koutii-r'j. Socrimento county, Jufy 22— Wife of
George McDonald, a son.
Sim Jwe, July 28— Wife of N Benjamin, a son.
SmU Barbara, July 24— Wife of Key. F. A. Beck
with, a daughter.
Santa Barbara, July 21— Wife of A. Silva, a son.
Santa Ana, July 24— Wife of J. K. Coulee, a daugh
N.ar Yim!b, July 20— Wife of A. McOinni*, a son.
Sacraraento, Angiist I— Florence, youngest child of
Mirhaei and Miilit- liarrv, a native of Sacramento,
S raou'.ha and 15 iaffc
[Friends and acquaintance* are respectlully in\ited
to attend the funeral, which will take place from
the residence of parents, O street, between Tenth
and Eleventh, this morning at 10:30 o'clock.]
South Boston, Maj s , July 22- Catherine Grant,
widow of the late George L. Grant, and mother of
C.iptain James A Grant, of £acramento, 79 years
and 4 months.
i.omi Babies.
'Tis a jolly day from East to West,
For cliildreu thrive, and mothers rest.
The datlin? girls all named Victoria,
And with the boys, ; her have Castorta.
It is a fact, there is ,io *' may be,"
A mother's milk can't save the b»by,
While sweet I'amorln dige'ti their food,
Gives them health and makes them good.
Sweetser & Alsip
No. 1015 Fourth street,
KM Arrrs of the Well-known fcirn.-iu
Tract, 2i Miles Southeast of Sacramento.
ISO Acres Nrar Anbnrn, Placer coiiniy.
well improved. Has Go<xi Orchard— all var*etits
of Trees, %'ineyard ; Small Dwelling, IJ.irn, Farm
ing Tools, etc. Price,
— AL3»
A Hairy Farm or .WO a^•«C* : «.oo.i Dwell
ing ; Urge Darn ; Outbuikiingi, etc.; land will
all produce Alfalfa ; not subject to overflow ;
tcven miles from Sacramento ; price $16,009.
A Farm or 160 Arrrs near lulrarn : Good
Building ; email Orchard, vineyard, etc.; price
AJFarm or 40 Acre* on Lower Morkfon
Iload, four miles from Sacramento ; price $1,000.
A Fine Fralt Ranch or 16? Acre*, near
Stcratnento, consisting of 10 acres in Vineyard,
S acres in Strawberries, 6 acres in Blackberries, 6
acres in Orchard, with fruit of all varieties ; 10
Windmills and I'umpc, horsepower; good build
ings; well fennel ; price SlO.OOO.
1 i-nr Arre>. one-hair mile east or the
city, with small dwelling and barn ; price £700.
A Farm of U Acres- SmaU Dwelling and
Barn, ICO Fruit Trees, S arrei in Grape*, 40 acres
under cultivation, ba'ance in timber land ; 2
Wagons, 2 Horses, 1 Cow, and all Farming Tools.
Will exchange ."or a small place n the city.
Capvnty, 6,000 feet per day ; in a gooc 1 location ;
everything complete ; 160 acres of timbered land
included with place, being in a thickly timbered
country, and trie trees mostly sugar pine. Price,
SWSETStR * ALSIP, gaeraincnle.
New Crockery** Glassware,
rUrapU' tke Cheapest.
333 X Street, betweem T«!rd a D 4 ftink.
Tmpebatcbi Yestkkdat : President Lincoln called for 500,000 "men,
Highert, 85 1861>
Lowest, 57
Sun Rises 5:04 A. M.
IEMPEEATDEI CoBB«8PONDIKO Dat, 1881 : Sun Sets 7.08 P. M.
Moon Rise* 8:59 p. v.
Highest, 89 i Moon Souths 2:34 A. M.
Lowest, 56 I Day* Length 14b. 4min.
" Hats !
Hats I
Are amongst the SAMPLE HATS that have
lately been received in the
Infants' Wear.
We are quite willing to have our assort
ment of Infants' Dresses, Skirts, Robes,
etc., compared in the following particulars
with any goods of a similar nature in the
market :
First — The materials; their worth.
Second — Strength and finish.
Third — The neatness and beauty
of the designs.
Fourth — Prices.
Believing, when thus judged, the extra care
and pains we have taken with this stock will
readily become apparent.
Infants' Short Dresses, $° 75
Infants' Muslin Skirts, o 45
Infants' Flannel Embroidered
Skirts 1 85
Infants' Mull Dresses, 2 50
Infants' Mull Dresses (elab
orately trimmed 5 35
Flannel Embroidered Shawls, 240
Infants' Robes (best kinds), ... 700
&^T As city merchants, we not only offer
to out-of-town customers important ad
vantages in price, but goods and styles fresh
and new from the largest markets. We
FREE, and spare no pains to thoroughly
suit those who intrust us with 'their orders.
The goods for them are selected from our
general stock, and are as choice and perfect
as those offered the city trade. Thousands
of customers, all over the coast, attest the
skill, taste, discretion and care displayed in
this branch of our work, as well as the great
benefits and satisfaction therefrom derived.
Those who have never ordered in this way
should test us. It will pay.
Boots and Shoes.
The lowest prices in BOOTS and
SHOES anywhere consistent with good
faithful work are to be found in this depart
ment of our stores. There is every reason
why it should be so. The largest selling
makes the largest buying, and the largest
buying the lowest prices :
Men's Opera Plush Slippers
(patent quarters), $1 00
Men's Good Wearing, Light
Brogans, 1 50
Men's Calf, Sewed Boots, ... 400
Men's Buckle Alexis Shoes, ... 165
Ladies' Low-cut, French Kid
Shoes, 2 00
Ladies' Kid and Cloth Lace
Shoes, 1 25
Boys' Low-cut, Calf Shoes, ... 250
Misses' Button Newport Ties
(Kid), 1 25
Infants' Kid, Lace Shoes, ... 050
Children's Good Pebble Goat
Shoes, 100 *
Bottle Green, Navy Blue and Cadet
colored LADIES' CLOTHS for Riding
Habits, etc., 75 cents to $1 25 per yard.
®* Men's Wide-end LINEN AND
LAWN TIES, fancy ends, 15 cents;
very stylish,
Nos. 400, 402, 404, 406, 408 X st., Sacramento.
We bare jiut received Invoices or Ibe following dc»lrab!e and new brands nf
*SKT MIS Si: E JEi Si,
Which we offer now in lots to quit :
Oscar Pepper, Mellwood, Gem of Kentucky and Glenway Bourbons.
Nos. 1016 and 1018 Second street, : : : : Sacramento.
j*^.?** l8 ' ln w ATCnE3, JEWELUY AXD DIAMONDS. Re>»Uriu» ln »!1 [ta br»nche« a »pedal
nnder MR. FLOBERQ. Agcul for Roekrord WateU «-.ri •:.?.}- aIS-Splm
a johw 33»jE3Xjr^sraa»^
' T ' Importer, Manufnoturer, Wholesale ao4 Retail Dealer In every descripUon of
Nos. «»4, MS aad cos X street, bel. Sixth nnd {Seventh, Sacramento. n7-3ptf
«g^» and will be sold at VERY LOW FIGURES. Also, all kinds of BEDDLN'O I '^
J. €!. MAVIS, So. 411 X str<*et,
pricen. (ro to UfcO. D. ALLMOSD. No. 800 J STREET. 1 keep the lanceut stock in the city sell at
the lowest prices for cash, or en the Installment p!an if desirc-l, ami guarantee every nrichine for five
years. Agent fur " WIIITK," " NKW HOME," '• CKOWN," and oth«r ht«n<Unl niakti n- NEEDLKS
tef/Wfl^S'SJSft^? SP"* 33 <lf »" kill<ta ; -* JEVVKLBY, TOYS. STATIONEKY:
rAriCV 00000, IsOTIONb, etc., etc. • e jy „{
GEO. D. ALLMOND, No. 806 J street.
J. J. Speiker DRUGS.' ""S,"
Rubber Hose,
Hose Carriages, 1
Hose Pipes,
Niagara. Sprinklers,
Universal Sprinklers,
Spray Nozzles,
Lawn Mowers,
Grass Hooks,
Grass Shears,
Laivn Hakes,
hopkins & co.,
SACBANK\TO WO HAS I.■ l\< :*«•,.
Thai Xli uiiu T»ci-,inri- nn<l i:.i«<-nii-ni
Brick Dwelling, »t the sou<heast corner ol Ki.i th
ami I streets. Has rcctiitly been put in first-class
An Elrgaul Two-Morr Fraiuf. \o. BU SI
street; sx rooms, with ckoets, bath aiil ifas;
lot 40x160, aLd stable on the alley. Rent, $ :o.
A Very IVsliml.li- ilnnxr. »"o. I6IT Vonr
tcenth street, east side, between P and Q ; B*a
rooms, beside a summer kitchen and cellar de
tached; lot, BQxHO ;no d garden, plenty' of fruit;
wood-house, tonl-hotKe, chicken house and stable,
all for ?1S jier month.
Several Small Housrs, In fcood !<irai:»ii-,
from «s to $lf.
A. Leonard.
101? Fourth Slr.-rl BacrainrnK,
Agents fitr racific Coast.
ill— Fannie I. Smllh'x «■< l.ci grhool.
corner of Sixth ami L streets, will continue
during tlie Public School Vacation. Attention
uiven to the Primary, Intermediate and Gr.tmm»r
Branches. Charges moderate.
Jy3l-3plw FANN'IE I. SMITH
fs&iDT!??.*/^ J Ciaii.Uci fiad lscraiiT? eai^ltrccaS.
y^ — ~yA y Eadfoi'isd/llegojJLro.il.
C U i C OLLE GE..:.:,
1013 I Slrcrt, Hacraaiento, Cat.
Thj Twentieth Year will begin
Wr-lnrxlij »ii S ii«i 2, IWSS.
_Jyl3-Bplm Prir.cipals.
RET. 11. E. JfcWKTT. Principal.
X «' Golden Oaic Academy, will o|*>n Tl ESDAY
MORNING, JI"LY \i, UK The Kaildin? and
Grounds are undenr'iinir extensive improvements.
Classical, Literary and English Courses. Trttlllihj
taught. IV'js and youn* men r»ceivcd. Send for
Prospectus to H. E. JEWETT. Principal. Jes-3plm
Bradley & Rulofson's
to their NEW GALLERY, It beo mes neces
sary to destroy some of the negatives take:i prior to
JI'LY 1, 1577. All persons who may wi.h thi-ir
negative* preserved will please to call en or notify
them, no they may ben registered. Jv2< isImMWK
. Sacramento, baa just taken tho Wholesale
of San Franciaco. CRACKERS sold at lowest San
Francisco prices, with difference in time and freisrht
in favor of purchasers. Also, FISHER'S CHOICE
OOJf FECTIONS. at lowest market rate*. jyM-3r*m
><>. Hi: Elehlecnlh'glrrcl, Beeramento,
nia Wines and Grape Brandy constantly co
nan:, an 1 retails at the lowest cash prices. Goodb
delivered. [je?!l-3;4y] M. 8. NEVIS, Proprietor.
«MS X STRMT.^...^:..^-.^--" SACRAMENTO. OAU
Too lair !
: How o't.n do «c hear this cry of anguish from
those who find themselves Binkinc '&st under the
pressure of direise, as they look back at the lw»t
opportunity to regain their health. To all tuch we
•»y, it is tMt t/m la'e; try BRISTOL'S SARSA-
I'AR' I.LA AND PILL*. Tht-y have cured hundreds
.if tutl-riri. Try them ; try them. au2lt
trhl Ran, Pan Franciaro, <tonbl«<l In
aim, is tlii- Kr^Mt lipannse sale exhibition in the
■ocU, BHAITCCK 4 FLETCHER export their
printing inks to Japan, receive Japanese goods in
raanrs.uid th's is why lelii Ban survival on low
PWes* Logical, isn't it? Wholesale and retail.
O«xk!s fur every branch of retail country trade. Jy4-tf
x,£ nrt L Trnr *' 'ip'rlcnro ornn old nurse
prescription tf ono of the best female physicians
auj nurs<-» in the United State.-, and has been useJ
for f rtj jmn witb nevrr-faiiimr successby miliiops
fl limtiii'n. Vi r their children. It rolieves the child
from pain, ciires dysentery and diarrhoea, pripinir in
i ■-•!», ni:d »ind-co:.c i!y riving health to the
:•: I, it rum tlio mother. Price, 25 cents a bottle
■■::! 1 Mfu
■ ."^ ■ . .... — - ' — - . •*
The Swimming- Baths,
1 A»> 1 X f ~ T " EEI '. AlE OPEN EVEhY DAY
JL V -w-T uattnalag. Bithin;; suits furnished.
S. GERSOf^ & CO.,
J[ l/^"!.r, In
(mporSed UMt Duiatstlc VrrJtn, Vc|eM>
Uas, Num. ekv
SO. ttt I •.:■•". I tfMIMM nd Third, Baer«-
PUnt^-. ■ auS-lm
n .>-in"c, Itwmtalm, Kctter, Km*, •'heviao,
( Dl . ■: • -.. «.;■! Prj Fruits, Homy. Baa;:?, etc
."<Sf" P.>Uto=« !a car-loid !oto or less.
j- " 'i-tfj Km. :i r.nn S3 J gtrwt.
<K-labti«l>f<l 13520
(rJucctsa^rsi to J. Gmrory),
\y I'.ii.ra in PKuDUGE AND FRUIT.
Urn, i:a nj 12s j utre«!t.
JyZl-lptt yanrameiit<j. Cal.
premises, we have enlarged our stock. We
oner you cho' c Apples, free from worms, Lemons,
lino, Ontngeo, DtiM Fruit*, Sots, DatǤ, Caiined
(n-..,.i), etc, very low prices.
H. F. iii.EWER & CO.,
IiXW to lul') Second rti-:et, batwaea J and X, Sacra
inca'-O. je'22-4f
Batter. Ej^B, Poultry, Vegetables.
ftnll, WUtt Wmt 5-rueraJ Produce.
Wiiolosalß Goiaffliijsion' Merchants
xav dealiif i.i IUI vjsTm or
WBm, ho:;ey, seed
aff" All orders urumpUy aUvudeii to. Addrtu .'
ai)-l plm r.c£. t>, 3 a:id llf J stru«t, bauiamtnV .
J[ with the jjreatest care.
iU tl7>cta nr.: at wondirful ?.<A satisfactory ai
tv. r.
It r^tores sxsy or faded hair to its venthful color.
!t reinovt a nil onipiiovn, itchinpr ajnl damlruff;
tosA the icalp bf its use becomes w^itc and clean.
Uy Us tonic properties it restores the capillary
p'ur.Jfl to their normal viiror, preventinsr baldness,
an I making the hair grow thick and Btri>n^.
Ai a dnssfag nuthlng l.ia been found bo effeotual,
or Jusirable.
Ds. A A. Hates, State Asuiyer of M&fWachus«tt 9.
$aya r.f it: " I consider it tub biwt preparation for
i!s intended purjK>sc»."
t3TTliia elirant preparation may be reliw! on tn
j rhafitftr the color ol the beard f rrm pray or in oihn
■ nndatinbtc shade, to bran or black, at discretion.
It Is trsily apjilicd, hcinit in on* i-rf.paratios, and
qnieklf ami tHtctually produces a permanent color
which will neither rub nof wash off.
j R. P. HALL & CO,, Nashua, N. H.
VTholrssle 4?.n 1- 1 .rrsmrnli,
n4 MWFfatwS
: JL yon »re so nrfirtunate as to rrquirx them,
i With a mind mature I an.i enriched by studies of an
I advanced or 'or, I <-an tuJcly say that there is hardly
I a disease in the catalrvn«; nt human ills that I can-
I not treat to a successful iswue.
j LADIES-lam always ready to aseist you. My
nsst knowieJjre has been incrciscd by extensive
■ experience. lam now able to treat you with the
certainty rf success. No case peculiar to your dsli
cate ortanism is beyond my sure control.
My Female Monthly M.ilicincs are superior to any
offered heretofore, an-1 will be warranted to have tb«
i de«ired effect in ul> ctses.
Those of the public who need my sendees can do
; pend upon gentlemanly, honorable and scientific
treatment at reasonable rates.
j I address particularly thosa who have been In
j Jured by youthful indiscretions, and those who
• have contracted local ni-eeses.
I Persons afHic eil can, if they prefer, consult me
I by letter, deta-.linir the n.tiT-ptomg of the disease er
I trouble, and recilve medicine hy express, with full
j instruction*. All letters must be directed to J. H.
1 JOBSELYN, M. I)., M Sutter street, San Francis
j co, Cal.
j Cure warrante<l in all casts, or no pay required.
; Consultations, personally or by letter, gratis. Send
1' foi book. Comfortable apartments tor patients «t
my Infirmary (when desired), with' experienced
■ nurses. ■
Consultation Parlors. 22C Sutter rtreet, adioining
I the Y'.ung Men's Christian Association Builiiiw
('Bice hours - From 9 A. >!. to 3 P. M.
My Diploma bangi In my olllee.
I'urchve my Essay on Physiology and liitmteo-
For gale by ail uewsdralers. . „ _
J. H. JfO««BH'». M. •>•

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