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Sacramento daily record-union. (Sacramento [Calif.]) 1875-1891, September 30, 1882, Image 8

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Political Cathrrlnjn-'liofitlfic it, ,ii, „t
a Lunatic al • («ki..n -Kacn hi Mas
Jo c— Black It iclr. the Slase Kobbrr, ant !
t..;niir. ••- (tic 1,-itr <'. ID >I; *pJr— He. j
i&PKIAL DW'lK'ilM TO Til* RKOORU rM;» .]
The Ba-e» hi Mtn .b»r.
Sak Jobk, September 29 h.— Toe Rrand
parn<l<- of stock at (he fair thh morning at
"j • ! : i.:.v ■• : .-i"':r.-< 1 and tr.ivj evidence of
the rapid advanceraetit that bas b?en m*de
in U,ii district duriup tbe i> .-t year. At the
rac?* r.hU afternoon there was tbe larg.-st at
tend&cce of tba i c leoa. as special intertut
centered in tie rac**", p*nd the
that Lillun Sn-itb, ths ciild rifle-shot, would
?ive an »x^ibiii«n on the track. There was
can«Herable exr<itemeut in the fools f.vor the
fanning race belwaea M»y D. and Night
hawk. List fiv-u'ii:; .'.! iv I). »■!•• the
first choice, bringing $00 to 340 on
Ni<htba«rk. The wind shifted to-day and
sent Nighthawk up as first chnica to eager
buyers, who took her at $*>0 to $30 on May
". Nitrhthawk woa tbe pole, and wm the
leader on the start. .Sh .• covered the half In
'!';. and was then a length ahead of May D .
and made ths mile in 1:43; bnt M ■»>•.!•
pai-sed her on the homestretch, and came
home half a neck ahead in 2:3t> 1' !-l i *
then ran against Nighthawk's bv-t time
(1:4:';), but even v.i-.h li,:ht weight he inide
only 1:42 V. and lost the medal. The ntx'
was a running race, three-quarters and re
peat, f,r a pars'* of $400. In the nools
■1 ) :s fam wis the find choic* at $60 to $33 on
]'. 1 1 Doana, and SlB on the field. D 'i :!ass,
H—Mfagtoa. VsMst K'ii|{ and E:la Doane
otarled, with positions in that order. BUa
Djane and Forest Kmj led. with I).m«l»as
it>..: Ha'Miouton far bahind. K'.la 1) ... ~
won in a c|i*w content, Forest Kin*
s-eeu-.d, I».u;l»8i j bad third.
Ti.iT, l:l. r >jt. Dsogtaa was utiU the
rirot choice in the r>t»"is, bt tun tag $40 tv $12
f.ir E>U* I>oaue, Had tha RAft CO. Kiln !> . -.v.
■ the lead, forest K.ir-g clow b.-hiud, and
Piiiiiil— third OougUss thet pulUd ptst,
birely bi-auMp X 'a D.iane, F.ire-st K^tr-rc
cm I Tim", 1:17. DjagtaM "via e'.iit the.
choice in Oit i>n'« nearly two to out. with
light betting. Il»'dii:gt'-n taii <,ff, Fo-est
Xi • s^irmd, Douglass third. Fores* K'i x
m i>ht.'i(l. liv" mtm inert'ikea and b'-a'.b >
by Ifii l ; r-,'-'>), 1> d^m a bvJ third. Titne,
l:lii'. On the fourth beat the li 11 b- Bffat
150, Doane MB, U u.'la=R $18. Forert
Xi -• (II trim wi. ; ulr»*n un'i-r tha rale.
Xl% Diar.e lod a", t.-nj ■ rt, Kaddiagtoo efa »•;
op, and Doofrlaaa |i-h!c.i. Uider tbe whif
H.^ddiUjjt ii w. n by a lanajth, KIU Djtct
1. liiu», 1:1S}. Haddfcfftaa wa? dt
! the siui.;-' vi V\f r.Hca »i.-<i fir*; morpy,
Ki. Doare tceoad, Dxiflta third. Oaf
1.t .; of t ; .-.? «|Hji-.i»l tr.ii.t.in,j r*ct< tietweer.
Si r Kiui,' yix'i Ctlro w.n tntti-d, with Siarr
Kiui; at t v 'c f>»l'?. Th« brw olternated bj
brecki for the lead, »nd 3:«n Kin? v/ou I y a
neck ir. '_' .'J7\. Th« Italuisa uf tl-.e h=a^s weje
po.-tpr.ned till 10 nYlock t^.-iioirow in jrniD-.-.
Tbe 4'.iiii;>:ti^n.
:\ '.'aih: .\i:a. Beo<embar 29th. — Hon.
M M. Estee and W. VV. Morro* cams up
:r.. Bin ('uen ventura to-day, and were met
' nteetto by a delegation c^f citizen i la
cirriages and the Santa liirhara brass ba» d
yc.rted into town. A.tßo'el ck s lneel
faqtWM *«i ire.-.-.e'J hy E.Uo ;:. lr.^t vi
/■•• ofßos.
Vkfka, September 2:».'i— The hi;'.
Siskiyou Di"jnoratic Assembly ConvcD'.ioa
at Soda BprioK* made no nomuiati m for Ai--
Fcaililymao, but broke op In disatritr, I
at Yrekaon the 30tb, aud at BBOtDi r .. ■ i ig
yent«rday extend ij to tiuie of aJj rar- meat
to I Vt jbar 7th
'me M'jilis X ■;> :!i'.ic> :i fivir'J r- H
KtiL'ht, (if Adii', an t,!i^ Ri ; ullionn ..-,!; .1 i
for AajemWytn*!!.
Sab Bon ravnnta, Seoe'nbar 28 i.—
Ti •• blMtiag lait Ditrht addressed by ;!. i
anl Morrow wtu & tripi tuo .mi, tb>:
coaas; from all parts v't iLe c .tuiitry t-» beat
thi di.
September 29.b.— H .d. .7. J. De
Hmo hu ji«t c'»u»»d one ot the raosten
thntit«atic moeUocf ever ht-iJ iv thi>< town.
Ui- - t eech speinn to carry cjDvictijn with it
to »il ciasß»n. Ho will ru i fifty rotes ahead
of Li» ticket ia Plumm county.
U'"l"1 September 29 Ji. — Edgertoa'g
.«,%. • !i1 oratory inj r .i:ed iks Ueiublican
me-'inz h^re to-^ayti a high pitch of eu
thusjagm, anl baj nronsnl a tpMt that ic
aures a i^ood report of election results in
Kovember. A Kepnblic.w club w.vt organ
ized here thin evening, with, a membership of
at tlic nutotatt.
BAKU Ssptamber 29 .h.— Ki-G<jv.
i is nnw ai : re-s>nß the largoit poliiiiii"
me^'iug «r\ijr heii! in t!jo pUas.
Lorn, S ptamfeer 29 -.— Tr.o.K^pnMicitu
frav.j 1a ;.' ibltqMi nomlnaa for
Cor:; ets. * <"■"• 4 WofSosaa t.-.'ii^ljt, a id h =
is ii-i v a<i h sn :,- -i tin -> >.v tie ics ii the hail.
UurrllUr ;>cnth uf ■ Luaailr.
Bs KXTOX, 3 i mbar SBA. — At 1 o'clock
thi* moroiog the p ilfm «• mooted
.-iaad mdy ot a ur; 1 .; ra I > im/ ou tha raiir » j d
tra k aboat » mile u-.rth <>f the nylon. T,,c
Uoroaec waa at oooi i..f rotd/mi ripairvd t
■t. Tie body -•»< Idsntifiad a\ th&t.f
J. ii. Llmbxigb, »i iiii*'..! of rhe Mylam,,
. Deeeml) r 20. lS7i*. Iron Bio
VteU. Ho hud |.rtl epw a sitd 1-adiutr
from th© grotiiidi JirK! eMSapsd t v e*;r^f;c
tIU ciniiul . .-.-.-')■; i hi.-n »<
-■1 o? :i htticil»l !■..:•-,.. .;:iii i; is tcp
■)ii-* .if thr<-v blamll in fr -nt; of the
'.'lt train, aad i.liag ia?t Ki-< d>--th.
" :.r-\<U -toil invents o: t::f '• Ay li i-<i
th ■ !• -.uk fur tw: ny or thir V \ard.-«.
The 1.. l«tli.^ Mafe l:«bl»rr>— Tlsc- .flan
«**>■<«■ Knl lll.nl> i: |t|r.
;ia B»p fiili-' _".* h.— Special A^^nt
y. • f tt.p Po«ti (li:« Oep:irtment. haa
beeu h?ro several dije iuvtatigating the late
robbery. Ttid iu*n they had arrested,
acd ih '-.lk" I .'. by Bi>..jS to ha BUci l!irt<>, has
*h-r- he wi« !«t l-.c time of the rob
bety, and he 4< doI t' e n >ted Ulatk Jsirte.
lie i « c.'n! i)]-i i-,r,, iii v ur./ler the
•f SonW, Ford, Howards and other
a'ian.'. : i • i ■. >. i i . . ...:j : v hi'nrelf as
an a-.:-'nt of the !■',■ im • \ and at other tim:s
buying sheep r»nee3 and firmß. He bought
a store sotuet;me from Robert Pitt, ot
PirttuKuese Flat, im! Hwitdled him oat of
over $400, fur wfiicb a<:t ba will probably
takt .i tri;. ti .San <J leatis.
The Lakr CtmatJ Fnlr.
LOWSB ittX*, St'uiem"jer 2;l h. — I'r.e »f- I
t*n !..r,c3 at ths f .if In-day was rqa«Uy v
good as yeaVnUy. irn or.iy race t-i-y wu
.i t. . fo pexaenf tlO I, miU
heat-. h«KI ti ■ ; Seth BiokabkHEK
X i1i,.;v,0 entered
k w •< ■• c tir^t. beat ir.
: ' -'■ • ' :' in 3 : 18. third a-.rt the r.i.^B iv
:i :' ;; Hie ■-. h f r the thre • r!<y
5. Thar* i< to im a irr^nd
ball i-j the l'lviliea to i.i,;V, wl.i..h rriil be
well Jit^oded
Tri.' Witling of Anna X Westdorp has
been .Voided bra C.irmer's jury to have
The u.issiouarien en route for China and
Japan h».; h puVtie r. caption at Calvary
( ' larch WtAawd iy m jht,
I j:! \ >>_'• i« ilvi '•< i,ii'l-r arrest for send
iag ohtaeaa potUl oar,f a through ths miils,
and : ■ ; !i M to am* ( r in $1 .000 bail.
W . i.mi Cfooaa, IS y-ars of agt>, who
Bvei .i Mi noa •tract, nssr T«-.:atv«ev
ath, wsoidenUUy (Snt, bintaelf in ti.o left
nand Wt&ue»d*y while playing with a pis
The s.x-.rty ■>. fawnh la-liea organized
to obtain aid for their r«fns»ee coreligion
ists from Russia, have decided to divide
the city into fifty districts, each to be c»n
--vaase-i by two la-lies for subscriptions.
1 r,e will of Cornelius Koopmanochap has
been tiled for piobat-. Tne estate, th«
value of which is uut stated, is bequeathed
t.- the widow, Desire Victoria Touchard
Koopmaneohap, who is also uominated as
John and Catherine Sands, man and wife,
have been arrested and tried before Judge
Rix vi.on a charge of having neglected
their three children and failed to provide
for them v parent* should. They were
fouad guilty.
The st*»m yacht Brisk belonged to the
late Wm. C. Rtlston. It hai been recon
structed, and is now the Edith. It was
tested by a trip through the Heads on
Wednesday. Sjnie £10,090 was spent in
rebuilding her.
Mary BrowD, the five-year-old daughter
of i . Brown, has been committed to the
Kapa Insane Asylum. The child has been
subj-ct to epileptic tits since five months
old, but of late her dementia has assumed
a more repulsive form.
About a week ago Charles Flint, a pri
vate detective, was arrested for having em
bezzled a valuable book intrusted to him
by School Director Baadciann, and he bad
his case continued for trial. He was re
leased on tiling a bond, but before this case
was disposed of be was arrested for petty
larceny, for having, it is charged, stolen a
directory from a store on Wednesday after
The military order, Loyal Legion of the
Fnited States, California Commandery,
met at iv regular qairterly dinner Wednes
day evening, General Elliott presiding.
About forty veterans were present, includ
ing Generals Miller, Roeecrans, Stonemac,
M«jor Hughes and others. A discussion of
the in- r.u aud various toasts, patriotic and
etharwiaa, occupied the Commandery from
7 !■'[■! --k until 11, the evening being a re
markably pleasant one.
The Authors' Carnival Association has
elected tv officers. Large contributions
have been made to it by Governor Lsland
S:anford, Goodall, Perkins &. Co., Alex
ander Badlam, Judge Tyler and others.
Governor Stanford has been elected honor
ary President ; acting President, if. J.
Burke ; Vice- President. Mrs. Charles
Goodall; Treasurer, Dr. .1. Bauer; Secre
tary, Miss Anna Lake ; Corresponding
Secretary, Mrs. E. Burke.
On the afternoon of the Ist instant, llae
r.ius Kusmuasen, who resides on tbe IV
trero, discovered his boy, three years of
;i_ ■■, in the yard in the rear of his house
bleeding from a sca'p wound on the top of
bis held, an 4 supposing that the child had
fallen down and received the injury by his
head coming in contact with a abarp-edged
etcne, tojk the boy into tbe house, washed
the wouod and applied a simple dressing.
Tne wound did not appear to heal, and the
child grew worse day by day. Last Wed
nesday a physician was called ill and dis
covered a fracture of the skull. He stated
that it was his opinion that the buy had
'." . n struck on the head by a smill <■;> -nt
ballet, which, after passing through the
vkull, had ranged downward and forward
aud lodged bask of the frontal bone.
The Stale Horticultural Commission met
Thursday. C. H. D*inelle was elected
Pre-ident, S. F. Chapin Vice President, M.
T. Brewer Treasurer, J. H. Wheeler Sec
retary. Horticultural Otliuer Cooke re
ported that he had decided to enforce the
horticultural laws and to have inspectors
appointed at Sacramento, Stockton, Los
An^ele--, Oikland and San Francisco, to at
tend to and enforce the disinfection of all
fruit trees imported daring the ensuing
year. The Secretary read a report on the
codling moth, by RaVx Gillet, of Nevada
City, in which was detailed his successful
conijutst against this btteot by the use of
ban i.- of cloth about the trees, to be moved
and cleaned of insects lodging therein at
stated periods ; besides scraping "nd clean
ing the trees well to destroy larva and eges.
Mr. Giilet further reported on the success
ful use of eulpho-carbonate of potassium in
* '.i::iin the a|.p « tree root louse on youac
trees or nursery stock. S)me discussion
aro3e as to how often the bands or
traps Pet for the larvie of the codling
nvjth should be cleaned, (iillutl's experi
uuoe was that the worm developed ;u tif
tt-uu ilayf ; Cooke's, ei^ht days ; Dr. Cha
pin s, uiaete«ii dajs. Mr. Cooka exhibited
a paraaite of tne coiiliag moth of great in
ttrcst to ail. He further rep-irted that,
aft^r ex*emled cocference wiih Commis
sionera and silk growers throncrhout thn
S»r»tv , and pTSO^al iave;"ipation, he c .uld
find no iiibect injurious to the mulberry
tree. Mr. Dwindle reported that efficient
work wit her.Bg done r»y Culonej HoiKrtei
of Sa-i'a B.rlia:a in fighting the Iceryia
,In/i ■i, r cottony cushion slmlc, with
hot Water. Mr D« incite further
a einirinnioaticin from Alt«rt White of
River=iile, which reported t hat the people
of ],->s A.oeele9 Diitritt had become fully
alive to the necessity of washing their
trees and ii_h".ipt; iu^mt pesfs generally;
that much washing with soap foiuticu had
been dose un the citrus trees about Los
I Angele*.
.~ ; i ■ the last report the fallowing tr.-.n-r, net r< •]
ntate hara be a r< ,:orde'J with the County Recorder
of Sacametuo county : •
Sepuniijtr U— George D. fill linn to Gourde 11.
1 1 ■ ■ pw, H'iiuh*e-t p..rti hi n< rthewt qoartef «.rtion
19, towrsliipS north. ran,-u c eaat, conUlniarll
terr», *!,SW.
August 22 - George Heiurt tv P. M. Anniof, por
tion sej ion 33, townehip 10 north, ran;* <S east, cjo
taiiiiiu leu acres, joOO.
Aujriist 29— Wui. F**cett to Wru. Anjrr.km*, lot
3, Mock !>, town of Oult $800.
August 29 -August Tr»fton ct al. to >fell ; e Brown,
east half lot 2, bock N, O, Twelfth aid Thiru.-illi
•ttWtP, city, jl, 2' 0.
Au^uit 25— Daniel Walters to Jam?s H. ISurtiliam,
cast 40 feet lot 7, block 35, t >wn of F<4anm, *.', 000.
Scptenjlur 13-Wm. V. Jahb ela!. to J».. l-anjr,
.■.",:■• i ■ i|irp"ti-- Brction SI, touiu>lap 8 ncrth,
range I eißt. 10C acres, s;rant.
September 12— T. M. Li'-Jh, et jj. t<. Georie
hrjmor, lot 4 Hoik V, q, Twelfth and Thirteenth
Jirceio, »1,00 >.
March 24— Hufus Walton ct al. to Si, J. M^ltir,
south half lot 4, block I>, E, Filtetnth and SivteenUi
street.', grant.
Si'pter.ilier IS— Jrh'.i Mctauihlin to J. K. Slap
herd, gvuth half northwest quarter t«Jt.ion 6, aqd
km I nl4 w.:ti.n .".. townsnip 6 D#:h, r«, .-(;
ISB i-10»acre», ?fl 000.
S^pttmberlU-.'os A Wrisht et sl.t-i Wm. Fl.
Krj • , -■ ..-th i;alf Ketiai iS, au.l pnrti< aDO th l.alf
» il U<!«-t quarter so.t.i'.n 28, tOVqnp 7 M rib,
■ oust, 1 0 ac eg. CtOO.
hup unbar 13- l: hum l)avenp.irt !o .!.:i:i Me-
Laofhiln, nortlxcoit i i • J •■ sr t-on :;;., ;ov>nship 8
uoilh, ra!:-;e 5 catt, 16Q| -n-s, K,OOO
>• p»■ nla-r 14 — rswnj vi.iii WMson c* ::. :*i s. J.
•(ackns.iM, ioct.hHc.4t :,■: rt».r section IJ, ; ' 1.-I.i 18
north, r.i:.'.'<> (; u,-w, i.:i 7:' n.) acres, .-^/i y
■'■••it 17, ISBI — hhnar C. Hunter |i H.I n M.
Wiiiar.l, «c-t hilf southwest quarter i. ition 2S,
t.'«:i^l.i;> 3 north, rjii^'c 3 -a-t. $l'».
baptanbarU— Alex. Mil! rto El. T«>l..r. 1,.t \
Uaek F, G, K^bueiith ami M^eteoutlittrtets, city,
Beptamber M, ls-1 Jot V. P,.rt?r t> ('. W.
C:»rk, swamp !au I fnr>. \ 296, towtdldp ."■ north,
rji .^'i; 4 eas . lf»S acre^, ifrat*.
Be 't -mlji-rli;- Arret'.a Ohittcti'fen et. a!. toAulia
Sha-i-r. inrtli i')l«it, B.uith 104 fast, lot I<\ Modi
'i. R, Twelfth and rUnaeot • s'reets, S'oo.
. cpU ii.i.er 18— Fred lilii.tt ;■> Il'nm i. ViUiaid,
■ortturut quarter tee km l's, tun-nsbip s north,
Mcc E i-tst. 88 aerca #11 40.
••pri l 14, 18W— Central Pkelfls ßaSraad to li. B.
Baduing, n nli i .\t nor bekM qnirteraod aootb
ai 't i|u no :i eatt quarter, (a ton 15, township
\ • uitJi, raf^e ". e*^^, --jo acfav, 92,400
Aijm 10 -Jobs « ii 1 1 r er. at t.> H rgmr t H.
L> i <n, K.t 7, block Sixth. Seventh, 1* ai.<! U strn't-'
■n'er Ifl. A B Rurchjrlt t-> riurlei
U i . a! , to* «i IS .'.I c t •■( ;he eft 10 lot li f
\at 8, in (he block bounded by I Mid J, T*e ftli ai.d
i ■ i r. ■ th rtreeti i iv, ii,
■it I) Bupeoc B. Th.irne to Rlinbe'h
Priest, 'ot s. in tlio b>tk bewared by I' ud »/.
Tenth ami Elev. nth itretW, dty *I.4"ii
Beptetabcr II flharlm H'i-im-'c to Holbrook,
Merrill & Station, tbeea ' g ar t. f -li- :i.'uu half of
lot 3, In tits block bounded bj I «nd J Saejadsad
Ti.ir i b left?, civ. >1.
■! ■■■ t. r 19- Ouria B'A ri ik t. Hr.lbrnok,
Vterri.l .^ si. tmn, the ■it half of li <;. h, the Motk
'• •;■ ■■ dbj ! md .1, Bceond Hid T!nH <.•■■ , i .
dtr, «L
S ptemb r I - Lou's P. Et ing to N T . (i ecn.-
Ciiru*. Hit 1 e^i-t ha'f <»f ih.- n.irt'i»*e-t q uitfr , f uro
: township ß n rtb, Tintc :> ujj;, ooota'.Ding

S<f>trmuar 10 I, miia Bckv*ndonn t.- Krocierirk
s*u .< tl r-*, t ;.m , a.-*t 61 lept b! lot 3 f la t'l.- b'odt
li. UM'ir.l l.y I and I, Twenty scciit'd ai:J Tm tv-
Urird H '.-t ■■. i Iqr, -■ I
Sept :nit r IB—-T. A. Sini'fT to J^!in A ffan n ,
t'.iciici'tn liu'.f of the loubeut nuaiter «,f see ion
16, towitahin 8 Dortb, nage 5 east, coutattiin^ 63
.rr.\ ,itv, *J,OfO.
K. -li'uary 14 - WUltwa Jarv -•» t ) .l*cu!i F.
Kiinnt>;», I-t 11, hi block S4. in : tie town of Folaoa
I \ "
S*ptcoilx-r Ifl Blfn« J. i>i!^'D to A. W. Kew
the e-s>t h»:j of i'it -ii.iii Ihu ta.vn of li k Orove ;
Bci>!»m)>«r If— Janun C rne'l to the Tni<trcs it
the Amtri-an ILi^cr Orartft", the QfWDganf Hali and
lot 1, in the town of Brgliton, toijtaiuiiip three
qiur: ■ : irrant.
Scp'.euihtt IS* !?elin<i» G. llivden to Wiiliafn
M. \im>, 'he w«»t 40 feet of lot ... in the Uodk
N'ni'i.i.tJ tv I -u:i! J, Front ai-'t Secuud street.", titv,
s 1.1,1.? -r ici W, mii-'l X Ttli t.i Sa'.Tßment-->
eiuti'y, r'lviw.'v, r nv.;-.htn "■ irtrt \ nmgw f> east;
Mplraibsr 18 Jota Rjma t> Baajuahi Lda,
', ■- ■. + .'iiiiiti, 1:1 biuck boandfd by 8, T, X cv
enthuid Twtlfth rtrr. ts nil : 6M
sjt nber2l— J. W. V \ .- ■ ■ L. c. r.n\l\
iwminp land wtycif %■». Rl '•. Bn oai i '
tirnw ."I. :i". n ud ;;_', towo*hip4
uortb, ritiee 3 c»st : S2,:il".
-mber-23- FtlU Nathan to Mia I. J. lie!
--!o(tz, west 10 feet of east half a >u:lißist half MB,
En I.l'iLk bo Hided by 11, I, Seventh aLd Eighth
ftrcet?. Crtjl ; put
September -J"> — I'aniel T. Ilobingon to James
Walker, e»«t half of eutitliweet qnwier of tOßikwatl
quarter section 2J, tow.<shi|> 10 noith, tug* 5
east; 8700.
Sep'embir !« -W'.«anah F. Davis to PR Greene,
f?wamp La-.d Suiviy No. 304, Andr.l9 Islaad, 107
acres ; prant.
Baptam* IS -Wtr. Spancw ct ai. t) Richard
A. Bilhy. nirth half section UttovaaWpt nortb,
r Aii^ r e B « a<»t, S9O acres ; grant.
■iptfrttl 26— H. A. Bilhy t-o P. W. Fitirnin.
ttwtaeMl quarter section 15, township *> north,
raiu-e :> cart, and portion of northwest quarter
same section, 1761 acres ; iS,S6!.
September 20— W. S. Ruoyon et a!, to Rsbert
Chrigtewen, lots I and 4, also northwen q'jarter
section 3, towuAhi)> .*■ north, rantce 5 east, v acres ;
Bfpt«mb?r 2."— C. Rookstool et al. to W. 11.
Johnston, northwest quarter section 21, township j
nor*, ranire 7 east. Id" acres ; $2,700.
September 27— Henn- Bennett to C. B. Keys,
undivuled eizhth of section 17, t^wnsbip 10 north,
rani;c 6 e^st ; 51.2J0.
September 27 — George Tusch to Chsrtes W.
Sommerj, ;>.5.D acres, portions of sections 4 and 3,
towiwhip B nnnh, ruii;e 5 east ; #1,000.
Seotember 19 -H. P. Wi.liird et al. U) H. P. C>r
neliiu, portion of »>uth»est quarter of section 2S,
township I nor:h. ranje 5 eist— SJ acre* ;
September 27— Erastus Burke to W. H. Siau* m,
lot 4. in the block bounded by K. O, Twtnty-sec.nd
■B i I wenty third street*, city ; J1.200.
April 10. l»tB United Sta't •» to R. S. J«ni«on.
• east half of lot 2, and Dorthean .juvrU r of ■: c'ion
3. tmnship 7 north, range 6 e»t— *o SO acres;
I Januarr !0, ISM -I'.iited States to R. S. Jamison,
I west ha'f of M 2 and northeast quarter o( section
\5. township 7 north, range 6 east— l2o.3o acres .
[ patent.
f eptember 23. Heinrich Mect«l to Henry Reese,
I r,or'.he«t quarter of section 3, township 7 north,
range 6 east— l6o acres : 82, R50.
Crop prospects are splendid in the sur
rounding neighborhood of Downey.
Tar Slate Prohibition Convention ; Dr.
McDonald Nominated for Governor— An
I.Juiiriiun OnM Tnrowa Out «fr»url-
A Boy's Terrible Kail— Lively Divorce
BanlaeiM— The Two Republican Conven
The State Prohibition Convention — Xoni-
San Fk\nci3co, Seplember '20.U. — Th 9
Prohibition Convention had a very lively
session thi« morning. The discuwioa of tl.e
Sunday law pUnk of the p'.atform occasioned
most of the row. A number of deleg»t*>B
have withdrawn on aexmat of the evident
intention of the majority to run a straight
San FBiNcisco, September •J".<ih — Tlu
Prohibition Sta'e Convention h%s n MsJaatMl
Dr. X H. McD .oa!d, of Sm F'inci-ico, for
Governor, and William of Yolo county,
for 1.'•.".I .'•.".: '■en -'it G ivercor.
San Fb.«.<cisco, September 29th. — The
Probibition Scuta Convention has mida tbe
following nominations : Secretary of State,
M. C. Winchester, of Yolo ; State Coutroller,
John M. Rhode?, of Yolo; State Treasurer,
Ad*m Bayne, of San Jose ; Attorney-Gen
eral, Will 1). Gould, of Lob Au^eles ; Sur
veyor Geutral, K. K. Hill, of Blarysviile ;
Superintendent of Public ln-tm ■•-: ■! , Pro
fe-jicr Grant, of Yolo county.
The Two Bepubllcan CoaventioaH.
Sam KRiNCLSCO, September 29ib. — Bath
the Republican County Committee Conven
tion and the Ward Club Presidents' Conven
tion : <■ ■ ".v. ;.e>\ to ni^ht, but dv uouiiaaiioos
wera madj by either. In responae to a writ
ten communication, Higned by Governor Per
kins, Senator Miller, Horace Davis, ex-Gov
ern :>r Low and P. C Cornwall, earnestly de
, irif k the two Conventions to compromise
i heir differences and unite, each Conveiti<<n
..ii:i.'inu ! n cimtaittee to confer, having in
view an iM>.icttblfl a/.justment of th<" pre^ -n"
ditticulty. The Ward Club Presidents' Cjn
vpution appointed the foilowinsr committ ><■ :
K. F. Preston, J. W. Shaffer, J. Simpson, J.
J. Blattner, Amos Curriar. The Coonv
Coismittee Convention appointed W. H. L.
Barnes, R. H. Lloyd, T. B. Shannon, Wm.
Oatter, iS. L, l'heller. Theso cummit ees
nil! meet tn-morriw at noon, and end- I*vor1 * vor
to effect a compromise between the two
I'ull of a Krliklarer-Dlvorrr Salts.
San Vkascisco, September "2<);h — About
11 o'clock this rnornin?, while Frederick
S „': was at w>rk brirklayinp for .ta<:nb
11 . . f , i•■ the third >: ry of the building beug
erected un Dsvfa atreet, near Caliturnii, a
beard coveriug a hatchway bnke acd (.re
lijii'.ite'l the unf oi^onato tcaa to the (iroui A
Hm r. Sa. k was pick'd up in an unccn
sdi a c I'l-'i'i. n »r.d was tMBOTed to tbeCtn
tral BocpttaL He sustained a frazlure of the
|. > and a terrible bruise t.f the head. Hi*
Houvwy, hovenr, i< unid The iLJirtd
i:iau uma from G=rm*'ry but four months
»rf<\ RT^il had j'.i-t sect to the nld couciry for
tiia 'vif'e ani ciildren.
afnre th .n h ty i i/.)roe tuits h\v? be?n bi
pm in tba BapanM Court so f.ir ti.i* montl.'.
k YJaMly U«"M-ii: -Wljfrlor. Hie Stntfslcr.
San Fraboiboo, September -ith.— Fivs
men, who woro <>i a finkiox alo j>, w<»re
picked ap to-ni(ht by tbe steam«r Bay City
opposite G ut lalawi, The meu had taken to
. :'t r, lu 1 ; vru-e rrseoed j'ist iv time.
Wheeler, '.! a atracgler, will be stniecc=d
(••morrow morti^g.
lvj inrllon Itl-nnlosrd -Snl«
>a:; FftASCiaOO, September 2U;h. — The
Court to-d»y dhmicel the injunclioti of (Jal
ifuHi'a Ct;uccii of Cho3en Fiiendi.
The P»c:h'; Bii.k hai commacc>d tit
against Degener & Co., to recover their notea
taken froaj th". biok by lU'lmeich & Huosen,
and returner! )•/ the >■ to i'fgecer & Co.
Terrible Fell of a Boy.
Sam Kbancisco, September 29th. — A lid
:..-.].> .i lli':v :'.■'.-!..■•:'. .!.'•,. ',) >eait>, fell ovf r
a c iff at Ttl. k,rapii Hill to-^ifjh!;. He bJB
and role j a distance of nearly 2W) t.>et. H's
rknll was fractured and l.v h :i\- bavdly man
pled. The boy id still nlivo, but hia death is
expected hourly.
Death In a Bath-Tab.
San Frakcisco, September 2'.Kh. — To-duy
Mr». CnarktwM. Fi=cher, a widow, who with
her diUjth'tr kai t a 1 .il^iDSfhiusfl at ICK7
Market street, ltft iier ;.cui», giTiai< that the
w»fj g iijj; out to take » bitn. she reached
the Siuii»f.um 15ati'. j .4> {Tortt Bsach at
noor. Lite in the tttetu' ■ •.•" •'%» baJ i;( t
come onf, ri the bathruoin, nrci one of '.'jt
enplf.yes kuccke.i at the do >r, L:it fi.i'in< to
?ecfira a rp;!r, l'rokcd over the par i.i"ii aLd
disco-, erf d Airs. Fischer deid iv the bith tub,
» hiuh w« i full of wVer. I)e;eis*l w»s »
native of France, 4" j ears of anc Tha la^y
hid be6ii much dcprpg«ed for several da;s,
.i i had hinted at suicide.
Tbe 'Toil" Again In C.inrl— Worlallly
Ucport -The PuriUc Bauk Check*.
can Frascisc j, Septen.ber 2'Jlh. — William
II l/i v/ lir hna broujbt luit ni.-i-.inst the Poi-t
fubliibirg Company far $20,000 daruagfß,
for ebacgiag that plaistitf and another 1 1 1 -■ :i
.zu a honui mint.
Oue bundled aiul five were repirted
the past wi ck at tt:e Boacd of Health— o3
in»l?8 and 12 female 3 , as R^aitat 81 latt year
at the i-a-ne time
A sn:t has been commenced by the Pacific
Baak to recover possta^ion it' the n'.tes t»ken
from them by II ■.:.--. i, the broker. O.to
Arnoid, oi.e of Hanfei.'s mirf-tie.", wtlkditw
ti-day an a i- .: ' ;.i ■;-, aud delivered Hatjacn
tip. However, H^r.gan obt»ii.ed new bonds
luen, and did not retrain in ouetooy. There
h&s b.e". nj meeting of c-.editors yer.
I>u you know why the papers are tilled
with storks of crime, even in the dulleßt of
periods? Let me explaiD. In the econo
my of all daily journals there is an indus
trious little fellow known as the city edi
tor. To him come the reporters for orders.
Certain reporters have regular daily duty.
One is in police headquarters, one ia tho
Coroner's olhop, one id each Police Courr.
one in* each C jurt of whatever uarne. Do
you catch nu? iv other Wurdi, uo n.isde
meanor, great or small, can be known ie
any of the places where al! must be known,
and the reporters not get it. Theu it's
written up. I remember some ycarj ago I
was city editor of a metropolitan journal,
and a resident of Brooklyn wrote me fiom
the country where the was pissing the euih
mer, "A - jy one nading the ■ Brook:ya
News' in the Tuifs would obtain the im
pression ttiat there is nothing done in the
City of Cnurchts but thieving and rascality
in general." I looked, and cure enough, day
after day tiie only news from the gre»t city
was that from the police headquarters
where the "blotter" recorded the arrests of
atca • n<i women for wrongs done their
fellow-citizens. Precisely what good is dene
by tbu incessant publication ot evil doing
1 fail to discover, if a niiu has two wives
and it v found out, oar children read about
it. If a horrid murder is committed its
hideous details are laid upon the breakfast
taMe with our cotf-e and our roll". I" ;;;e
--cially if hitherto " reputable " people are
caught in any snap of dishonor, disloyal, y.
T social scandal, we are compelled to r<iad
it, even if cur tastes in no way run ia that
direction. Now and then toflM wiseacre
announces that the world is growing worse,
that these days are not like the old days,
and that human virtue is a rarity. Human
nature's the same yesterday, to-day, and
forever. The people of the earth are
ciospr tojjethtr than they were one hun
dred years ago. That's the only difference.
If in Paris, Constantinople, Bm Francisco,
New Orleans and Philadelphia there ia to
day a dreadful murder, the people of the
round globe wi'l r<"ad of each and all in the
morning papers.— [Joe Howard, ia Phila
delphia Timer.
Praise Yors Ciiii.l>i:ev — Not ? tew
boys have illustrated the proverb, "Give
a dog a bad name and he will deserve it."
The father of Dr. Adam Ciarke, the Bibli
oil commentator, seldom praised him, ex
cept for his ability to rjli large stones. He
thought bis son a dunce, and said so. Of
course the boy had no faith in himself.
Bat one day a teacher called at the heose
who knew that a little judicious praise
went a great way towards making a man
of a boy. "That boy," said the father,
"is very slow at learning ; I fear yon wi!l
not be able to do much with him." Adam's
heart sank to a lower depth ; bat the wite
teacher, laying his band on his head, said :
"This lad will make a good scholar yet."
Instantly the sympathetic touch and word
beget in the *o called dunce the hope that
he, too, could learn. The hope stimulated
the BDuied mind. He became conscious
of mental power. He learned his lessons
with ease. " I could have doubled the
effort," he says, "had it been required."
That bit of judicious adriea gays the
Methodist* their fa -nous Biblical commen
A Fair Specimen of the Reliability of Come
San Francisco Hewipaper Bepoits.
It U wall known among iaurnalUti that
with at least a portion of the Sao FraLcisco
prei>a the reporters Bent cut aie auder direct
and well understood orders as to wt at
" color " to give the report of any proceeding.
If the order is not positive the reporter know b
at least what colrr it v expected he shall give.
With such journals it is nut deemed nitli -iu.t
to present the truth, bat H held e-.. -.mi ->i to
begin the contest on any givea Uaue by sub
ordinating the report to the position < t the
journal on the Babject. As a sample of the
reliability to be placed on the reports of such
journals there is given below the reports of
the Ks-imint r and the Chronicle of the 2'J;h
instant of the proceedings of the Board of
Railroad Commissioners on the 28th. The
r-ul.j-.-t before the Board was the resolution
of Mr. Cone :
"cMROM.I.KV 1 i: :i"ORT. " E.t tSiMKR's ' KKI'OKT.
'•Have you »ny sivitcs Tne Secretary read atel
lious ' maker" a»ked esfram ir.n: Sir. 1.. .r-
Cone when Profcaor Phyl itecher, which suu- d th it
!--\ t.i Beerstechcr's dis it wms impossible fur Mm
patch from the recesses ol ' Coinniiajioner to attend
his vineyard had been the meeliiiK that .;:.:
rial noon.
"No, sir, no," mind " Have yuu any su^uri s
St. nit in. in, helplessly. — tion to i if.r ':" asked Mr.
Then luruim; his tired Oone of General Stone
eyes to the Secretary, he man.
asked, "Have you that " So, no," answered the
resolution introduced l.y General, and the mi.iuu.*
Mr. Cone :" were approved as read .
Secretary Andrews :;.■-■■". General Stoneman then
be had. and read it, at oa;le<l for the reading of
follows: Mr. Cone's resolutim.
l'.r.-itlreii, That the The Secietary having read
maximum rate for trans 'lie resolution, General
portation. of pissenpen- Stoneni&n said ;
on all railroads in thi* " I'd like to amend th..i
State shall lie baresoti resolution by striking out
rer mile i«er pa^eer.^er. the word* four ctnus and
Slt Hid— lnfixing Iho rate inserting three cents,
of fare for |- .;--■. n_. i -. the tiave you any objection,
distance shall be eatimat Mr. Gone'; asked the
ed at the nearest whole General, looking the other
number of miles, and tht Commissioner straight in
chart's shall be estimated the fjev.
at the nearest niultip eof "1 think — 1 — Tin of
live cents. Third— Thit i;iimon tnat fonr cents is
rate for tr importation otia ftir rite," muttered Mr.
psfsenijers shall go into Jove, who was visibly mi
effect on and after No- nerved Itv the blow aimed
vemher I, Im-i!. at the railroad.
'■ I wt'uld like," paid *' Well,that J dniyamend-
Stoneman, feebly, "to ment,' baid tie General,
amend that resolution by decisively. "My amend
striking out four cents tueut is to strike out four
and putting in its st«ad <ents a mile .ml insert
three cents a mile. Are three c-nts a mile."
there any objection* to Mr. Cone (nervous!}) —
the amendment T' I am satisfied with tiie
Mr. Cone — 1 think that four-cent rate,
four ueuts is a fair rate. ; General Stoneman (pos-
General Stoneman (with itively) — We have several
a jaded persistence) That States m the I'nion—A'a
is my amendment ; to bama, Georgia, Illinois
strike out four cents a and Texes — where the
mile and insert three maximum rate is three
cents a mile. cents a mile. In New
Mr. Cone (decisively)— York the maximum is
I am sa istied with the two centsa mile. We start
four-cent rate. a passenger from El Paw),
General Stoneman this way, and the rate
(| lafciag a» if by rote)— will be four cents a milo.
We have, several Slates in Start a passenger from Xl
the Union — Alabama, Paso eattwirn, and it will
G.or^iit, Ulnu'ls and Tex be three cents a mile. I
a? — where the maximum think they cau carry pa*.
rat Is three oeots a tnQe. -ci^-irs (ran Xl Pmo to
In Suvt York the uiAXi San Francisco as cheap as
mum is two centsa nine, they can carry ihem from
W il Lrtapasnogartrom El I'aso to New Orleans.
El Pas . ti.is my and tbe Mr. C .-lie (with an lux
.. h rill be four cents a i.ius 10-.k at (ha raporters)
mile. Start a passenger -This four-cent rate is a
fro::: Xl Pa»> eastward iinlwUl mdwiUm. lam
ai;d it will hs thru cent ■ tisfied with it, and 1
a mile. 1 ti:ink tiny .»>. Bbonld b. opposed to the
carry pssMosjev from fci other.
Paso to San handseoaa Omen] Btonamao — 1
cheip :n V t-y ..-in c:irr\ tin kitlStio) a i ■ .. ,
thuii from Kll'as, t >Ntw r.-.ln ti.i;i, sad I am ml
Orleans. satisfied with it.
Mr. CiMie-Thij four Mr, Dona (uudcnsly) —
cent rate is a material re i'ou would not support
lucU ii. I am Batisrl.il my ic<u.i:ti-.:, as It 8>
wi.ii If, and 1 should he ilu-i-, u'jolJ you':
BMoad loth, other. G.ntrjl Btooenua— i
General Btonamao'eaU for the vote on v.v
(.|iito testily; I f.!\i 'u.t •<ii!!.i:dmc::t roaki: •; the
saUtfisd with ir. rate three cents.
Mi. Cone (il.i-lii.iir up) Mr Cone - 1 shi i vote
— You would Ml su(i|Kj;t no on tlie amendnu-iit.
mine ah v i*, iii*»!i, w«ju'u tit-iieralM^HKUu: - And
yoiY I shall vote yes.
General St.me Tun (a? Mr. Cone tbt wanto]
though tired nitli tne to take up tbe solutiorj
whole iff iir) - I ask for aformerly introdii;-^ by
>ote on the amendnicct .General Stonenfc n.
Mr. Cone— l shall vote! General >t..n ■-, I ,
no on the amendment. .you vote tor tat suiK-ii
General Stoccman — litute raakini; it ur ceuU
vole yes. |a mile and refut t > vita
Mr. Cone— Now we are for three cer.Ut. mlt- .'
ready to take up your: Mr. Uoue (i Redly)
resolution that you iiitro : Yes.
duced. I GentralStonei \r.-Tlied
General Stoncman (ha'f if I. cannot get l.c rat 4
in fear and half in anger) fixed tt three c* U a mil*
— No; we arc not ready 1 shall take four ents.
to- take up that resolii • lhisspparent angered
tion. I Mr. Cone, who liad ex-
Mr. Cone I\m ready, pected that \w.\e- - (Jtu-
General Stonemau —Do eral btoneiuan w-Hi;ra!i'.t»4
you \ .ie for this nuh^tj- * sweeniv* red let. ' ■!: to
tut«ot four cents a mile, three cents he wmilu ru
and nfusi to vo c for fuse any reduct on whas
three t ui.ts ? cvi r.
Mr. Cone— Yen. "I understood you o
(.en. r»lstoneniir.(su k nj/oxdainxd Vr*. Cnue,
i!j )— I voto for f.ur cei:i.» 'that y.,u wouht Lot au(i.
a uiio then. If I r mi i...r: it .: i). -^ tii. i '. «i»
get three cents I wiil t*kc tixed at thrti* cents a
four. mi^c."
Mr Cone— I understood General Stonrnnii If 1
you to cay you would not cannot ue- ihrto cents I
support it unless it was "ill accept whMt I ran
three cents a mile? <ci. I introduced my re»
General Stoneman — I olmion for a tSrc. cent
ln:ro<luce iLis as an rare as &n ameiMiaici.t.
.].- ■ ,Ii 'i • . " I - .; ....... it, 1 ' gaid Mr.
Mr. Cone— I oppose it. Cone emphatic-all;-.
(;-,,,-r-i Soimuuiu'wiih • 'ihtsn «l is rejected oa
an air Of i .Unite rrliet)— a tic vote," ssid OngJ
It i< rijji-ul on a tie Stnncman, "and now I
vote, aiui now I vole f.ir vote for your resolution
yur rcaohßioD. lor a reduction to four
Mr. ■ one 1 lie f-rii,'in^l eantd a uiiie "
resoluviou It adopttd. : Mr. Cone (la a EiiViued
voice) — The resolution is
Proceedings of the Prohibition Kefoim
Fanj's Convention.
At the Prohibitioa Keforna Convention eea
»ionin San Krarjciso, Thursday, M. C.Win
chester presided. Tl c President, in opening
the Conventiop, cal'.ed attention to the mag
nitude of the task to be accomplished. A
Committee nn Credentials was appiioted.
Mr. U-binson opiwsed aJmittiog any who
would not ajjree to support the party. Jud^e
Thompsun brand admitting all who would
sijree to abi-le by the dscUian of the Coavea
tion. Mr. Kei J ?toce opposed indorsing any
Dominees on tickets now ia the held, aDd
wonld cot abide .uch action if the Louiinee
indorsed waa r.ot a Prohibitior.ist. Mr.
.Swan t'o'i a lii« \iew of that <|iir»'ion.
Geor,e Slotril paid men were pkting as dele
itates—»'. leas' cvt — whom he knew to ho
agaiun: prohibition. Tni-i brought out llev.
John Aj'pSfltcr, of Oroviil?, who announced
that he was a Methodist PimUter, aad ho be
\iv\ 3 ; vh^l if Ihe ("onventi"n ab< u!«i nouiioAte
a ticket it would Injure, if not dtstr-iy, ull
b' i> s yl prohibitiou for at least ten ye*rs.
Us naui' d anoihtr party platform t v .a f . he bs
i v •'. tf^red ell that any revocable temper
acce man nnuld a«k. This created a ferjFi
t.< n and several cills to orifr, minK'ei with
apolau c for Appleton. t. M. Haven ■ i! it
would hi tuicidal to put tba Pro'jibi i .n ticket
ia the field.
Cn the omior in of the report i.f the Com
mittee oa Cfe.ientiiis a litbate requited as to
wh > li-d a right to vote. E W. Schell, i f
Mi:ei',', was refined a seat. Sireuel Kow
ler, of 1 n'are, said he had laft the Darr.o
oratio party since it ha i adopted the San
Joe pli'.form. Ha w«« scltni'tcd with
tweaty kihi proxi<e. J. B. Hewitt, as the
icpre.eitaiive >l tea Qood Tem piars' Jj'>dges
in Coinw chanty, w** aliowai r.en rmtm in
ihe Cunvea'ioD. J. L Col*, of Taolumce
couTty. w*s a lo*e.l ten » Jta^ oa proxies
•rbiab ba r.vi br^fh' wi:h him from the
Teuipiar:)' Ln'gtß ij tha'. c ur.ty.
A warm debate resulted over thfi motion to
allow the Chair to appoint a Committee on I
the Ordtr of Busin^e^. B. N. Ba^bey, of i
S-icramento, protested against giving the
Chair that jowjr. The debite consumed an
h •:;.-. bnd ricring it there was c meiderable
excitexea*. The Prcsidcni, by direction of
the Corvention, appointod the Committee on
PU' form and Ilesolutions : W. C. Stewart,
C. A. Bitemao, M. M. Wright, A. W. I
Motbcrell, F. F. Jewett.
A Committee on Order of Business was \
nominated by the Convention and appointed
by the President, as follows : A. D. Wood,
W. U. Swacn, A J. N'elsoa. Mrs. Stewart, \
W. G. Murphy. F. Steels. Rev. M. Hotch
kna, .Joel R-iuel', .1. N. Kurrs. Duriog the
debate it became plainly evident that a wide
diversion of sentiment txisted among the del
egates as to the propriety cf the nomination
of a State tickec Rev. Mr. D<*al aasored
the Convention Chat if the cut-and-dried pro
gramme of the msj >rity si; cartisd oat, that
a division nf the (.' javentioa wai ineviUble. i
A. I> Wood protested against the preach
ers attemotin^ to bulldrze the Convention,
and ohJsct->d to Mr. Deal's threats and re
il -cli .La upon the members of the Conven
li-v. O:ii Gibson appealed for peace and a
cessation of personal attacks.
W. G. Swana e»id he oSjectad to the Cns
tom-hoose and Mint running the Prohibition
Convention. Excitatcent and onfuiioa fol
These resolation* were offered and referred
to the Committee on Pla'.f :>rm by Motherell
of Tulare :
Rttnlrii. That tMi C-mvention will at this m*et
in^ nominate a fall State ticket, i^njrin/ ail ]<il t -
cai parties oow in tbe li -til.
By Judge Thompson, of San Francisco :
Htt'-lreil. That thU Convention regard* the ulti
m^te prohibition by Constitutional authority of the
nl« n( mrdeat ipiriu and the piaKtit nuiateoance
and eolorcesatst of % Sandaj law w Ux objecti to be
att .ii ■«•«! in thiaState.and that the moral sentiment ot
this Slate in f.vor of theae objects can be made tht
most t- ff by thorough orf;auizj.tion. la view,
however, of the action of the two polit.cal parties
with reference to the Sunday law, »« deem it ei
iK-dient to place at liiis time a political ticket iv the
fleid. •
At the evening sewion several who took
part by d«y wfre noiic_-l to ba absent R-v,
Or. Hill appealed for better orcer, ..:. : said
t!i-- conduct 1 f tbe Conveutioa \: * . been >i
orrleily end uuwoitby ..f i*.
Tee Committea on Order of Bu«ceiw re
ported in favor of tlia DoTOtaation of a
straight-tut S;ate ticket, comoDeucing with
Gover&or and clorin; wits Rkilruai Cminim
si'.'uers. Ths report «v receivod willictieeri.
A motion was made to adopt the report, end
a debate ensued upon this propositi .n.
■IhJs'6 Tbompaonoppceei making nomina
Dr. Hill questioned the advisability of 1
separate ticket-.
Rev. Mr. Fealhcratone, of the M. E.
Cburcb S mtb, said it wan anconotel ai San
Jose that Southern Methodists cevcr
scratched. He said he was a sen' c ler, and
proposed to scratch the whole of the 1 > ---...
cratic ticket, as it waa ths woik of tba Old
M* j tt McQaiddy, Greenback candidate for
(x .vuruor, A. B. Ho f cbki-s cf S*n Dipko,
Robert Tftompaon. of Siu Francisco, Mr. U.i.l
■I Marv»vUl«. E«v. Mr. Mo'herill of Tulare
ccuaty, Mr. Hathaway of S.n Luis Oditpo
cunty, \V. G. Swain of Ht-aldsbur^, and
Carlos White of San Francisco, rpoke iv tavor
< f a straight ticket.
J. L. Lyon, of Oakland, siii it woull be
suicidal to the cause of teaiperanca to nomi
nate a ---i-ii. !it ticket.
J. M. Havin, of UakUnd, defended the lii
publican party from tbe attacks which had
bsea mad« upon it.
M. li. Wrwhtof Riverside, John Robinson
of Gaernevilie. Mr. Murphy, representing
Yuba and Sutter counties. Rev. W. Feather
stone, Mr. Pollard of Santa Clara county,
ana Mr. Peiiar of S»n lienito couLiy, mada
arpumeots in favor of a prohibition ticket.
Rjv. A. J. Hanson, 1 f Sacramento, said
that every Methodist minister iv tbe State
was in f»vor ot prohibition. H-j demanded
to know what was tv be gained by a prohioi
tion ticket now.
Tuouiis Fowler, nf Tulare county, con
gratulated the Contention upn the prohibi
tion snhj set, and predicted that if the ter
n men were united a citizen cf Tulare
county, Majjr MitJ liddy, would bo tho next
Mr. Miller, of S»n Rifael, cpjosed the
t u'-ting oi a Drohihitiin tick«t in tftio fiald.
lifcv O.isGibdnu, of Saa Franci-c, favored
a ix-ilmtijn and » c impiomi.se. Hethoucht
o," i fu inn with temt.eraure men in the lie
publican and Dem->cr*tic parties. Hathnat
eufcil to withdraw if a State ticket was comi
George Morris, Secretary of the Conven
tion, saiJ no tern. .erniice man can onscien
tiously vote fi r tither of the ti.-keiaof the other
two parties.
The reji irt if the Committee on the Order
of Basin' s* wa« bdn[>ted by a large iuaj- rity.
Taa CoiiVinli.iii then aojju.ntd until Fri
day Hior.iug.
g&r Pnaotno Produce Marks t
S»i« FR-vscisoo. Septemljcr 59Lh- 1 r M.
Fi-oi-r- Si>n:e 10,«MW bbls were shipped by yester
day's Chu..i siciii er. B. s; city Extra, $5 3?J;.< | 50 ;
Supertre, «1 60 1:4 75 ; Interior Extra, $4 7o .5*6 J5 ;
In<"Hnr si't#rnnp. »3 75 .-. * ** iibl.
Wiis.vT— Consi.icrins surroundinß disc(lvanta<;i>s,
the ni.irket hoi Is op weli. Accounts from ntur.v
a'lforeiin points o| iisfibution ayree in the state
ment of lai^e stocks *t the several leading centers,
with more or less .litlicu.tv of movement. Ihe cea
satmni.f h •-'. ili'.ie- m ffgrptba* prnb ihl > c SIIBI<I a
o■:■ -Di ration at cert:. id |ointg (>f su;-j.!u n that un
der other circnmsUnces uii^'lit have been somewhat
more widely distributed, lime is wauled to atsa
matters. Tbe local snippiw demand i-i anything
but lively, wiiile the main hope «f an Increase In
bnsbiaas liee-to tbe fact that the distnuajjul ton
nan In oar harbor it lireelv incrcaiin-.', which iti
s;.ir,-* tba t.cli. f thit a fertile- tumhle in frei-Vts is
almottiiievitablc. f ononatelr, then is no crowd
ing of offerings, and (trices are, lher< fore, steadier
than th-.-v would 1 ell theresire to realize beeameat
a!! gtnanl. Atth* rro.luce Kxehanire nosilo hive
i>. en rceordei in ever a we; k. Ab .tit 100 Tons No.
1 shipping s-.M H.lB mornlog on the nufride at
■?l (WJ, andfl C 74 was paid for two or three una'.l
panes! for ndUrav purposes. I'ublic b:da today
*«ie u> fuUuttd:
No. 1 White— Bid. Askuti.
September Jl B3
October 1 05
October, Port Co, ta >1 t7J
October, buyer's option 1 68 1 70
November 1 67J 1 0)
Buyer 18S2 171 n.-]
At the Grain Exchange this afternoon the sales in
cluded 100 t ns No. 2 October, ■JI BO; 100 do, $1 wilt
. 100 do, £1 CO} ; 200 do November, « 62\ ; ICO do,
$1 G3j ; 1(K) ,io February, R « *) ctl.
<ii -i.iTi-Mi-i of No. 2 irrmtios Wheat at Icadios;cen
ters to- lay are telegraphed as follows :
Chicago. St. Loot*. New York.
Sp-it, ¥ cental $1 75 gl 81} gl 7.V!
September . . 1 76S 1 Eli 1 771
October 1 635 lift] 1 77J
November 1 Mi I s."^' 1 793
December 1. . 1 S7J 1 82J
Raklkt — The reason has been r; t ii r la'e this year,
atid recciuts to date ! live not been very 'an:*;. Sup
pttei irf aOßrintfforvaMl more f eely.i id the future
eitu>tion wiil, t>i tons c\ e:,t, depenj upon the
niv""" '•-' "i ccn*ii;i,m-.:iits Rent 10 market next
month. The speiu utive in'ereu gi««i oomHenMa
strength to fau tatna. A larxu amount ha* been
sold for September and October delivery, anu so
lOBg hh o;» rators il 1 not pee the'r wny clear to com
fortably nil contracts, the tone of the market will be
mire Bteady than otherwise Sale 4 thid morning in
clude 50 tons Ho. 1 Feed, soot, on the seawall,
si :»4 ; K(i do, November, si 3'if : 200 do, seller
LSB2,fl 30-J>ctl. The general fcenu.' is indicated
by the fallowing table :
No. 1 Brewing— Bid. Askfd.
Spot *i 31 >1 : .,,
September 1 37J
S:Ucrl»S 1-^j
No. 2 Brewing—
Si>ot 1 20 1 ill
No. 1 Feed- '
Ppet 1 aoj 1 :n
()cU)ber 1 :U 1 j«
November 1 Mi 1 3:i*
SrlUe-lSsi I 301 1 at
No. I Feel - '
Hpot 1 2'JJ
October 1 i.ij 1 27J
November 1 27 1 29
December 1 toj
Sales at the Grain K\ Ji ui-c to day irclude 100
tons No. I reed, I)i ci-mber, *1 32 V ctl.
Oaih— Sinie 2,000 bags Ungua arrival to day.
SaliM during the wttk have been ntko mure trie
than ami, and th-' market Is not liko!y to be ee'i
tmftj sffecticl hy one nr two heavy eooaifmieata.
Pi ices rauiie from $1 47: to si ti->j ctl, according
to ijinility.
hvi: -Steady at H 25 for No. 1 and SI 75 for No.
2 irrade.
Corn- No puMic salts. Lirire Yellow is under
stood to sell at *l 7.H1." 1 75*! ctl.
BWMMIf-11 40ial 50 *ctl.
II w -AlUlf*, SUMS M; Wheat, 1U3313 51;
won i>«. mates so v ton.
S'> i -— Tr.ide rjther slow. Mustard, fj for Bnwn
an;i il "Srtl 00. Mi lellow ; Canary, HQCu; Eemp, i
4}^sc ; Cape, 2ig3f ; Timothy, 7!fi»Bc for native, a>ui '
lue. lie fir imported; AlfaUa, lOSIJi--; Flax, 2i
I'otatoEh —^ o fluc'uitirns of coiisequonce fur a
week. Early Rote, SOJiSOc : Garnet Clnio, BOe#fl;
Karly GtKxlrich, TSoflCl ; I'ecrlcss, UOc gsl ; Sweet,
n MVctL
Omi.xj— Soc>(ijc » ctJ.
r.BAX.s- liayiw, *i HgH (i 1 ) ; nutter, [email protected] 23 :
for mnall, and {3 10X3 SO for larce ; l.ima, i
83 SOyC 75: Pea, |2 50y-.>75; Pfnk. K^S;!
K^:i. ftSIK; mull White, |2 50(it2 7j : larvo 1
White. 12 Sua2 40 W ctl.
Hoi's — The market m ver\ s!ron£, and all choice
0 lifornia stliH at 00 \ Bids are made of ■'.'{< 0c
for Oregon ami Washington Territory, to arrive.
We quote: Chain California, 60c; Fiir do, 55(8
57ic ; Ureironand Washinirton Territory, 57iij*(>0c'
TMBUM — The display of all varieties
is (jood for the season. Marrowfat t>q^at}h,
*6 m S * ton ; (Ja-rjts, 30 @foj ; Turntpe,
7.'icasl V '*!; CiuUßowor, [email protected]«5c V iiwcn ;
Cabbajre, 60?(75c * ctl; Garlic, l(;tllc » *;
Cucumbers, l.'[email protected] S box ; Green Peas, Ufik
V Ib : (Jroen Peppers, [email protected] W box ; Toma*
toes, 10.<r2r>.- 9 box ; Celery, 50c V -Jo»n ; Sum
mer biiui«h, 50iti7bc *" Ik)x ; String Beans. 2l«r3c S
ft; Lima Ii .aim, Ua tt> ; Green Corn, 7«JISo >
dozen ; Okra. 75i(.->l ; Krk Plant, 60(g76c S box ;
DrVd Okra, 20c V Hi.
FuriT- l'r.Li-s keep fiirly uniform. Receipts are
Dot l*f^«', ThniMjß f^.rly e.,u:il to all wants. Apples,
30j* 0c for common and 75c^^l box for quod ;
lear«, 40ta(iJc V hox ; Bartlett do, «1 50^2 box ;
Strawberries, $10 Sft 12 # chfc-t ; Kasipin 1 ri" ;
ilo#l2 » cbcit; Paaches, Boomtl M « box ; I
TiK*, U^ISeV box; Grapes, 3.Wf.0-.- f..r common, I
I 4'XrtCoc for Ul*ck Hamburg. S IgffSe dr Rose cf Peru,
50(a75c tibox forMuscat,and7socoesl*!boxforToka\;
Plum«, 25<(i75c V box ; yuincw. 7oc(asi * box ;
Blackberries, $5 $ cheat : Watermelons, [email protected]
Ii : 100; Cantaloupes, 7">c(rt#l 9 ciate; Lem
ons, ?S«9 V box for Sicily and gl.irl 50 i) box
for California: liii.3, «7 lOa'J W nox for Mi-, i
isaii ; Tamarinds, i EglSo V Ib : Biranae, $2.q:i 60 '
V baach ; Pi.-ieapplea, 5683 ? dozen.
Honkt — Comb. 14;<tl7c; extract<!<f. 7<410c Tg S-.
ili rrKR — Ow fancy r|uotation U obtained only in I
exceptional cases. Pit-itled roll sells slowly, an-i yet '
I some holders a-k an advance on our (inures Ftocj, :
I 474 c; choice, fi^'fiix ; (air to g;uod, 30-*4o_- ; !
inferior lots from country st.rs, -C',-t.- . ; drkin. \
2y<g3lc for eood to choice, and 25«27Jc for ordi
;iarj ; pickled roB. 30®32Jc ; Eastern, 20:a25e * ti, j
C'iikui — U not tlrmly held. California, 1: jr ; , I
for choice ; 19<sel2c for fair to eood ; do, factory,
in boxes, lo'/flOc ; Eastern, 16«|17c ; Western,
11O13JC V 8..
Ew.s— Sales are reported in a small way at 41c,
and finale boxes of selected are Slid to h:\\ ■
changed hands at 42>c V dozen Kor ordina-y
invoice iote it is difficult to any advance on our
figure". California, choice, 37}@40c; Interior, 32J .4 '
35c : Utah, 2jW32Jc V dozen.
Poiltrt— Chickens are scarce, and price! are I
stronir. Lire Turkeys, gobblers, 17<*19c ;do He. 11, j
16 cil7c ; Koocters, [email protected] 50 for old, «nl 16 :,<>m 'or !
younj ; H«us, less ; Broilers, $3 50<j»5, ice jrdln»
■n atie; Da-ks, U M '7 » 1oi; 6mm, «'. <jl 25
Tf -»lt ; iV-!ines II ■'" at V pair.
Gamt. - Li^'ht receipts and a good demand impart a
buoyant feeling to the market, ejuail, $1 50<rl 75 9 j
doz ; Mi! lard Ducks, S3 50*4 50 ; Sprigs, $2trl 75 ;
Teal, $1 75g2 25 , Widseon, *i 75ig-» ; Har«. *1 7b<&
2 ; »*!>•>!«», «1«1 M) ; Dove», f>[email protected]« V doz ; :
Venison, SalOo 7f Q>
Wool— The market has been a quiet one thu |
week.' M Sales have conaifted mainly of small lots of I
<>r- •„' n to the local mills and acouren, together
with li(;ht tranjfers of the b<»t Falls, partly to j
shippers, but the bulk to scourer*. We quote I
Humboldt and Mendocino, fib 2f- its- je.
Sonoma 23^25
Siskivouand Modoc [email protected]
San Jomquin, free 17- r>-
San Jottquio, defective No me
Southern Coast, burry and seedy li<rl7
Eastern Oregon, choice „ 23(«24
Eaatern Oregun, fair 8)4*22
Eastern Oregon, poor 1&013
Valley Oregon, One 25-327
Valley Oreiiron, coarse 23a24
Wequotefull: «»«•
San Joaquiu aad coast 10«*l''c
San Joaquin and coafct Lamb .
Northeru fall, free I^l7
Northern fall, defective ". ..".'." ljSli
Northeru fall. Lamb ifMfi-1
Free MounlaiD '.' .'.'.""" ""12^16
Boston Wool market.
w _, , . Boston, September 23th.
WooL-The m«rket :s quiet and firm, with prices
well BusUined. The sales of the week amounted to
2,(00,0«> pounds. Fine f!eec:s i.re in active request
Coarse mid medium are also in demand. Sa'es of
Ohio and PcnnsrlvMii* fleeces are noted at 41,<m->
--for X 4>J'««c for XX, 45c for XXX. choiefxx
Ohio fleeces are held firmly a- 44c aud upwards. In
Mie-!ii«tn neeres sales are noted at 39J*(40c for X.
and 41c for XX, hut the transactions have not been
to any IML In washed fleeces have been in de
mand at [email protected] for low and coi rse, [email protected] fcr line
ai;d medium, i:icluding choice selections. Combiuir
and delaine selections have been m demand with
sales at MM: for fine delaine. 47,- 50 c f™ T,. and
■a. I coicbinir. 1 nwashed co-nbin(t is stllintr at
22c for coarse up to 30* 36c for better grades Cali
toraia waul continues quint, w;th eales at 23K«23c
for spring. Supers have been sold at 45«30c and
cjinmon and good at [email protected] Forei-n woul U (,'uiet
with small sales of Australia, Montevideo and Me 1
iterranean carpets. '
Easwrn aud Foreign Markets,
Niw York, September S-.ith
BKSADSTum — Flour is steady and Wheat Is
unsettled, latter at 81 05^1 13 V bushel
Wool— California is more active at 12314 c for
fall furry, and 16v*20c for clean fall ; sprine nurrv
IMMta : cl«in Hyrinjr, 2»032c ; pulleH. ig-fti** '
IliDßS— Cahforoia are stronir at [email protected]~
ur mm, . „ Chioaoo, September 2"Jth.
Whbat— 9S^o for October.
Corn— s!k for October.
Pork— *»l 25 for October.
Lard— |l2 7JJ for October.
Bacon— «l3 lv for October for ribs and 314 r *>
for short ribs.
Ltorpool, September JJth.
Wurat— California spot lots are dull at !>s Id
to 9s Id. Cargo low, 43s ftl for just sh j.ped
43a ii 1 for nearly due and 43s tid for off coast.
Sacramanto Produce Market— Wholesale.
I'Jorrected d&lly for the Rioord. Union.)
SiCßAMurro. September 29th
FKiiT-Grapes, 90ct> SI 25 * crate; common
6O\g7sc ; Peaches, 75c<a*l 25 S box ; U-monr'
Slcuy, *»aiO ; do, California, *2 50dS M V box '
Oranges— Tahiti, J5 ,[email protected]« box ; Limes
selling at ?1 ii'al £0 W 100 ; Bananas, $Z Eot« 4 si>»
bunch ; Plncippio?, gttfrtfl * doz in : Cocotnuts S7 a
750 TO 100 ; Plums, 4«t€c *! lb ; Pears, common 'sc®
*123;Banletts,«150a2V box; Apples, 7oci<isi2s
Pis Fruits— An»rted, 2J-Si cans, V doi t" ■
MBoned, icallon cans, ib; Peaches, 21- lb ani
ti; Portland B-a-.-borries. 2-tt oaii, ii ; Whot
leberries. tl 75
Tablr Fruith- Assorted, 2J-tti cans, V do», 82 75 •
Peaches, *2 !>5 ; Ba.-.lett Pears, &&;; PlumT $■> si :
Blbckborrios, J3 ; Gooseberries, *S 25 ; Strawberries!
)3 25: Apricots, IS 86: Muscat Gra>ws, t2 "5- liod
Curranta, «3 25; Cnerriee, «3 26. •*'».«•«>
Drisd Frctts— Apples, sliced, oa7o V !b; do
qua«ter«d, 5aU;; pears, peeled, 7^e!ic; do, un
peeled, 4irsc ; Pl'im«, pitted, 10 .til j; Peaches
Bs7j; do, pooled, 19ti20c; Prune*. Germaa and
French, 12.314 c; Ulnckoerrics, 15^1(i;; Fii-g, Cali
fornia, 5 W6 : 9 B-.
VsaxTAm.ss— Sweet Potatoes, Rod, [email protected] lc W ft, •
Cai olinas, SI ->0 Vc» t ; Wax and String Beans, UdJOe!
Shell Bears, cranberry, 4®sc ; Limas, s(a(ic V lb ;
Green corn, 10?15c per dozen ; Tomatoes. 50#fi0c»
box ; Summer Squash, [email protected] W Ib ; potaioee 'Me®
Jllu^cwt; Ouior.s, 60<g75c»cwt; Cauliflower 75
«30c; Calibii[<-', *lc*l 10 *l cwt ; Car ruts, 75ctf jl $
cwt ; Turniiw, il 25 V 100 ; buach vepetabi-s, 12ic#
doi; Parsnips, lie; Beets, lc ; Celery, 7s* «
d.«cn ; Horse Kailish, SsiilO^- * Bi ; Green Peas, [email protected]
P It. J Artichokes, UfljtOe V dozen ; Cucumbers, 4(«
Uc V :1..7.; (Irecii Peppers, 45?Sc ¥ ». ; Ejig Plants"
4 v usc; Watermelon-, 760891 9 Joz; Cmitaioupee
50e>t75a %f dozen ; Green Okra, 6iS7c # B>.
URiADSTUvyi— Flour, «.■> 2> 9 btil; Uatmeal, *S
V 100 ita ; Oarßmaal, yellow, fc> ISAS Eo • white
U T^t-z i»; dxaekad Wheat, tl rSfH
Fouutkt— Live Turkeys, U^Ue %) ft. ; full irrown
Chickens, *fi 50 $ dozen ; for spring chickens there
is a good demand ; young P.or*;-.ra, «(«! so ?? doz;
Bioilna, *2(5rS; also, there is :i g 1 demand for
taiuu ducks, which are tellimr at s>i;.oia7- Gtcst
sl Mitt m re-ir ; E.^-a, 4O'i{4sc i.' dozen.
Butt i.i-.nil, .1.-1 2» v di.zen ; Milhr.l DiHfts
*::.'4: Sprigs, «1 [email protected]; Teal, $1 s>il 7. r . : Hare,
SI [email protected]: Babbits, sligl 50; Duves, s:i<j7sc 3 doz :
Venison, lOOISe *i R>.
DAiaT PRorccri— Butter, fancy dairy, 37j<S40: "•
tt. ; mixed lots, in rolls, S3MBSc V lb ; ( M v*>.
Caiifornin., from 110160; V.'e-teni, flats, lCtolSc;
Hactin's Cresm, l!'«r2oc.
Mkaik— P;<:, 7c; Mut.'-'n. fi.- », ; fn-jih, [email protected] ;
Pork, lOrtllo ; Vt;ai, prjail e- J, . <m, s,-*^c ; \nr^e, ;c;
llat, Usain and Feed— «>v oa>, v kj-, S:C<?;S •
*lfnli&, 910 fc>SlJ » ton; bran, |* u<n, |U mid
d!!ns«, *2S psrtaa: battar, wh'>: n , $1 40 ; ground
*1 45 ; whoa*, SI CSOI 75 *> cxt ; tame oatß a?
«■• . M 25: "yvns, yellow, i^-2 _'j cwt ; white
i-2 25(g-2 50 ¥ cwt
RisciiLUaiCKors— Seeds— Alfalfa, 10«15ic : Timo
thy, Kwteni, llMlio > B> ; Oreuou^ s |10c:
Red Clove.-, 15^18c; Rod Top, 12J(^lic - Nuts—
English Wa!nnts, 10'SUc ; Alm.inda, 14tl. r.
iv*;.u-.a, 10 .tile ; Tail..*-, 7 [email protected] ; Hides, Wt »,'<«
10c ; dry, 20-- ; Hops — market i.-i more wt ti- ■ I ami
pries range for New York, 50^rfr>S?, and (XI i irui*
I 47C((E0c.
San Francisco Stock Sales.
t.AS Frascisco. Septetubtr £9th.
Ko(li*li 3 80 400 Alta 9 - sf9s
100 Mexican 5j 100 Caledonia )fc
50 Would 4 C 4 25 400 Rilnw Hill lCc
1300 Ca!i?omia. iU 70 OciidenUl..:: 4 ■••:■_ 3D
GUaansr 1 95n»l ft I 415 Scorpion SX"BOf
450C0n. Vlr 1 K\ V) 1 Au.lea 123
1370Cljojiar 3 «5«r3 1> j.5 0 Trojan 5c
I2iopoto-i ! °<y?i s ', <:t'jt s. .\,v uc
6'o H. and X 311 2SO IndemiM . v .. . i 2:1 !
130 C. Point 1 Ci UOBouio 4 SO
50 Belrher ' 6eAlbian !7 32 75
40Alphi i' 110 l>»r <>s«i?iic
13 S. Nevada Ei 573 Oro VXaZtt-'
S5 i:tah 36 100 N. Nt«:.dM.. 15c
fr.ißiilHon 73c .100 Bel!e Lsc ... 4 c
l.Vi i:i-h,quer 40c SOON. BeUelsle !:5-
C C Oremuui SV 5a Navajo e 1
to U'niou. .'I
25 Jackson 25c S1?0 Be t s B 7Jn"l
75 N. Kant 15} 410 Scorpion S':<fSilc I
1250 Prize We .-700. Vin:ini»..l l'«l 05
1100 Argents 85;rS0e rta Poto^i .1 90
50 Navajo 6J> 5 M'jxiear. '}
J'KOlndipend...! 2lxgl 25 100 <h-n'on ;S C :
300 Elk... Isr MEelcher 05c
ro^Bellelse 40c 60 t'nioii ! „
100 Dai 63c G. 5 Crown Tt l(R95c
SSO Albion 2 30| 120 Hu'lion ::■■■:•
SON. Bell- 151a....15(*30c| MO Y. .laaict.. 1 7K31 J5
IXi Coi^mbua i 1> #H AndtT 1 25
40i) Eil liuine! 4x| K^ ; avote 1 9'dtl Hi
t!n-ood»haw 15. '.05 li. sc 425
130<!ro 40c 6V) Kxrhciiiier » c
fOO Brass Wire H!c 2W California. 25c
ifO Tinal 12? 2JAiha. 3
75Oytjr 38 1 '.OS. Nevada f|
■HXiH^det N 3lf 65 Syndicate 100 i
2;sCholia» .3 IC<B3 .f.
The following would be a very hippo
thetical story did it not come from as good
a source as Ihe Santa Rosa Democrat 1 ;
Robert Spcnce, who drives in town OOCS- j
Bionally, works a team of ei^rht horses, four |
abreaet, among which i» n mare 'A\ years j
old, which has been among Mr. Spence's ;
possessions from its birth, has worked al- !
most constantly since, has never been shod ;
and is to-day healthy and vigorous. — [Napa
j Register.
GRANTS (Alum Powder)*. BtfflttMMßßg ' ■■ "^
RUMPORD'S (Phosphate), when fresh.. .|| j
HANFORD'S, wbra iiesli ||g
TJT 1 A T~iTTX^ A ■PN'CS l
AMAZON (Alum Powder)* »|JPP^BlBWffWffirlßisffflHflS*^*™ffiJj
CLEVELAND'S (Short weight, % 0z.)...P j
PIONEER (San Francisco) J
SNOW rLAKE (<i:oir.s, St.Pau!) W
I l E'V r /iS' -- ...
kUhjCK tiki. -.....-.............._. •
HANTORD-3, v.-l: ■■.::.,: frost S|
c. i!. Andrews c co. .conr.-m.s m \mmmjjjmmm~
Olilwaukee.) , ■■„. HBBBSH
3XJLK (Powder sold loose) WB
RUMPORD'S when not fresh -■<-»—
NOTE. — The above Pl\(iß AM illustrates the compirative worth of various Biking Powders, as shown by t chemical Analysis and
| experiments made by PKOF. SCHKDLER. A onc-;oTad cm cf e;ch powder was tiken, the total I»^veDin«r power or volume in each can
I calculated, the result beirs as icdrca'.ed in the above diagram. Thi* practicil test for valne by PKOF. SCHEDLKK only proves wba*
i every observant cosfmmer of the ROYAL BAKING POWDER kuows by experience, that while it ccsts a few cents per pound more
■ than the orJinary kindp, it U far moie economic^ 1 , and, t>e. ile . affordi the advantage of better work.
• While thii Diagram shoes some "f the ahim powder to be 'it a hiiihe r strength tlian other pow.lers ranked "jelo* them, it is not to be taken v indicating
that th* k v have any value. All alum baking |x. i v. den, no u^a'.ttr how hi^h their btreu^th, arc to M avoid^a as dani;crou9.
" I have fsted a pickaire nf Rov»l Dakinj? Powder, which 1 purjhaie-l in tlic open market, an 1 ftiwi it compose-i of pure ard wholesome intrrcUinr.te. it is
a cream cf tartar paMtaf nf a high 'lcgree of merit, and does not contain eitheralum or phosphates, or other injurious subelancui E. O. LOVE, F». fj."
"Itis a scientific fact that the It-yal Baking Powder is absolutely pu'e- H - A - MOTT, Ph. D."
" I have cxiiiincd a package of Royal EaVirg Po*d«r, purchaoed by niystlf in the tn»rk.t. I find it entirely free from alum, terra alba, or «ny other
injurious substance. HKNRv MOUTOS, J'h D., Prctilent SWvtLS lutlitute of Technology."
" I have analj zed a package of Rovil Baking Powder. The materials of which it is compost-i are pure and wholosome.
S. DANA HAVES, Scat* Assa\er, Masi.
-11 June 23, 1881— I bnvemnle a careful analytical t«*t o! Royal Baking Powder, purchased by myself in the r,|xn mirxi:t here, and in the oriarinal package.
i I find it to be a cream of tartar powder of the hiiliest degree of stren(fth, containing notl.inp but pure, wholesome aiwl us-ful insredienU.
Jt'A> H. WKIGUT, M. !>., Aualjtical CliemUt. formerly Wright i Merrell, St. Looi-,"
The ROYAL BAKING FOWDEK rtceivel the highest award over all competitors a*, the Vienni World's Exposition, 1873 ; <vt tha
i Centennial. Philadelphia, 1«76 ; at the American Institute, and at State Fairs throughout the country.
No othei ar'i !e nf human food hn ever re?tived such high, ejnphatio and universal indorsement from eminent chemUte, phy.<<^p^p
ect2nti<ts, and Boards of Health, all over the worl?. ~^
W. T. COL.EMA.ISr & CO., San Francisco,
San Franci'w, S- ptember •!'— James W. Chiles to
Jane F. Nugent.
San Francisco, September *23— Joseph Dami o to
Louise Funel.
Sacramento, September 2S — Wife of P. Hegarty, a
son. (Be please cipy )
Sacriment>. September £v Wife of F. Kennedy, a
SacracenU", S-;pteniber 17— Wife of George P.
Crosslev, a son.
Near Oridley, September IC— Wife of E. Kigali, a
Marysville, September 21 — Wife of Henry Beix, a
Nord, September 10— Wile of Clark Mitchi 1!. a son.
6acr»mento, September J^— John Welsh, a native of
Ireland, 4t> years. (Philadelphia papers please
[Friends and acquaintance! are respectfully invited
to attend the funeral, »h:ch will take pace from
the undertaking rooms of J. Frank C^ark, No.
1017 Fourth street, between J and X, this after
noon at 2 o clock ; thence to St. Rose Church,
where funeral services will be heli.]
Marysville, September 21— Mary A. Harrington, 43
years, 3 months and '25 d-iys.
Coluss, September 17— Calhoun McDow, 41 years.
Princeton, Septeiul>cr 20 —Antonia Maria Bobbio, 33
Plymouth, September 19— E. SI. Bi^cs, Jr., 24 years.
Ul>eraie» wnn ■"■WIQ uiwn rhc Kidneys,
Liver, liowpls, aucl Pores
or th.- Skin,
Jfeutralizinß, Absorbing:, nml Vrp.-ll.in;
Scrofuloun, Cancerous, an<l
Th*- cans.- of most human ill*, and curinu wln-ii
physicians, hospitals, and all other nuiliods ar. i
ramediaf fail, ueiolUh or King's E\ll, Glundul.-ir
Swi'llings, Ulcers, Old tSores, Ml'k Lc?, Mercurial
Affections, Krysipolns, Tumors, Ahscesncs. (.'arbnn.
:\-*, Bella, Bkiod raaoaa, Brii;lit'a Disease, Watlug
rt'the Ki(lncy» and l.ivcr, KOenmattan, Coiwtipa
\i"ii. FB»i ]")yspci)sia, and nil Itching, uud scaly
Of the Sklu xuh! Scalp, — such .is Salt Rlioiim,
fttntedSi Tetter, Biofwozs^ Barber*! Ktch, Bcald
Head, ltol.in^ I'iKs, mill t>tlit-r ] Iliflguiiiig and
TorturinLf Humors from a pimple. 1 to a toroftllitic
utrtT, when ;L*sistcJ tty CL'TltCltA aud CU'IICIIIU
toAP, the great Cons.
A sweet, unch.-inj.'l'nhli' Medicinal .Telly, clears ofl
nil external evidence of Blood Humors," eati away
l>ead ."-'kin and Flesh, instantly uUuvh Itching und
Irritations, Softens, .Soothes, and Beala, VV.',tb
I its weight in gold for ull Itching Dbeaaea.
An Exquisite Toilet, Dath, and Efanery .Sanative.
Fragrant with delicious llower odors and in-alinu' l>al-
Fom. Contains in a moditicd form all the.ii: tesof
Ccticcra, the groat Skin Cure, and is i:uli - n
i:i the treatment of Skin aud fcalp ! Ibeasca, anil
f<ir rest*jrlnif t preser\iin;, and bcautifyini; the com
plexion aud ekin. The only Medicinal Bab; Soap.
C'CTicruA Remedies are the only real -matives
for diseases of the tfkin, r>calp, and HI 1.
Price: CiTlcfßA I:esoi.ve.nt, %\MO per bottle;
Cuticl'ka, Me. per box; brce boxes, $L 00; <iti
. ii:a Mtiin i.na'. Toii.kt BoaPi Be.; Cdtk lt.a
Medicinal BEOIM Boap, 15c. Sold everywhere.
Princii>:il Depot, %V:'eks & Potter, Boston
• atlrd nirrtlns •'» <'»iic«r«i l.oilm-. A
:■.'■>. 117, K. ar:.l A. il.. lil!> ' - i:-r,. .> ) • ,\_
EVENING, September :!Otb, at 7:30 o'clock, /v^r\
for work. Visiting brethren arc t.'trii ally \
invited, li.- order of W. E. OUGHTOK, W. M.
W. H. llkvkxhr, Secretary. 18. C I >30-lt
Order of Ibe Iron HI! — Mcmbrrs or
Brarcli No. 104 art: BOttfied to »tttn.l a Special
Bleating i ' the touch "Ti s FKDAY, i ctobei Ist, a-.
;i :-. m. Ptaea of mcct.au -,vi:i he at the rootn ol •!.
13. Be Lousn, X t-ireet, ini«uu k'UXb aod si\-Ji. By
ordtr^ |830 If] A. LANDAW, C ,T.
JL fri« stven trees. The nuts and a «,>.*! price
will bo dr.eu. H. a. MAY, Fultuu Market, Kifih
and K. ( kSO-St
Ho"ui4 for Housekeepii<tr. AU>o, Two Seaily
Kurnishiil lledrooms for Gentlemen. Pleasan',
liealthv 1 .cality— south side of Plszi— No. OI6J J
street." S 930 -Jt
li«:ty R'ven that I will not be responxible for
an> d^l^; contracted after this date ty any parson
on iiu- a^.-ouiit, •xc »t with my approval "first or:
-t-line.-'. t |-SO:it I ASDUKW KAKStK.
!'s ,ast4ki>»>i'. v ., ; a.').-,i\; Z.lcxto, %nd rcr.pvjled
I the siml , and it will he open to his friends a' -.1 t!:c
irab ;cT»ilS(Satu:rl:y) K.Vr.NISO, September aotb,
wlihh !nt-*iil be t'liid to uiett all his friend?.
18 C. rtO :•■
t ~ ■* /i|
Tfeariulay Even inc. Urtobrr stb.
TICKE* (adaiittiu.' gentleman and lady) $|.
[B.C.j a3OH
! 1115 J . bot. 11th & 12th Stu. SiR-ameate.
toentb and Fourteenth. Hlrtll lIHJ BUM 111
j tccurc 1 f.<r the le:m. begim i-s; OCTOB X 1. l£BS.
a-29-islw Mlts. F. M. BOSS, PrisoipJ.
cern— Ten head of Hone* (yearling* I£ST^
and others) have strayed to the Kancho Xl i^C. ?\_
Paao (Ni.rris Qrant), from the south sice of tne
American nvcr, as believed. The owner will have
his stock returned on making proper identification
thereof and jtavinff charges.
JOHN W. MACKEY, Superintendent of Grant.
[B. C. I e3O-3t
For Sheriff.
County Convention for Sheriff. f3O td
For Senator.
State Senator. s3O-ta
For County Coroner.
(Of Fritz It Miller)
County Coroner. sM-td
Third Ward Democratic Club.
their headquarters, corner of Twelfth and J
BtreeU, THIS (Saturday) EVENING, at S o'clock.
A good attendance is required, a"d all Democrats of
the Ward are invited to be present.
ADD. C. UINKSON, Pres't.
A. S. Woods, See'y. |H. <J.] 8 :! C It
Just rec lived and opened TODAY by
"i . ,">i:t J :, . it, I ieiwr< n > „iii and Slxlb.
Sherburn & Smith, Auctioneers.
W l l.l, SSLI. ON
At 10:3 C a M , the entire stock of
R. coFPiagr,
ncss. This pale is positive, and embraces a
good line of Second hand Furniture, Carpet*, Parlcr
and Cook stoves, Kaniie;', Crockery and Glaraware,
Loungeß, Mattresses, Bedding, etc., all to be seen in
storj any tinje prior to sale.
tS" i < : >,i, Cu»h and Sale Po.Hlve. TSS
s:io 4t SHEP.3URN & SMITH, Auctioneers.
TUE3-AY, OCTOBER ?, 1882,
At 10: 0 A. I ,BS ■ riji-ncc of
HB.t. HiniU, SO. SM TWi:LKT!I,
!'> ' raen X an 1 F streets,
All Tii.c i ;:;m n ■;:;■, i- ' ap£i s, Picn res,
etc., eumpriMOg r^ri-r Furr.itui>, Pictures,
Curialus, tftrudMl* UarpeUi, W.-.lnut lte-iroom furni
ture, HairanJ Sprli g ■'■ it- na, Tables, M:d steads,
Bnrcaaa, Dining ruoui Fa ttiture, Chain', yint Tree,
Matttl , , ! duds. Improved Buck's
Patent Ooali sui.t-, t^i I'uiiur s^j\es,and other
useful article! too DOBterom to mention.
We wiil offer tin north half of lot S, tn tlie Mock
b<iuuded by X and F. Kleventh and Twelfth streets.
Ail sold on account of ren-.oval.
ts i< ins- ««.!•. n
s3o:it SHEKBCRN & SMITH. Auctioneers.
BELL A CO., Aucti()M< w rs,
&ATI3D.4V HUltfi, SFIT. :w. IS8«,
At 11 o'o'ock 3harp,
In fro Tit of Ralewr*eaa. Sa. DIC W^o^^^~
I'.lwcfii Xintli and Tenth :
ONE kirn: sfan ok m \"chkp LE
_, w-'is-ii i >ij.l^.ajp^!<ii>gr{ Irij;'i,'oio1 rij;'i,'oio i«.und3
IMp; soutui ; ki:» I and mstie to drive double or
singK- AM), one I!o-:n Horse 9 ye;rs oIJ, and Ja a
fit?e riili.ii: bone for a lady, aiid drives pii gle ; one
Brewbter BogCT, '" eo»d order; oik s.t Siti^'Vilar
ntss. Also, our- fine Bug"y H.r.tu, 6 jcurs old,
sound and a trood travf-lcr.
lii.Ll. k CO.. Auctioneers.
»301t Bbi J street. »a,.raniento.
BMOto — sb. In the Su|K-ror Court in and
for said counir. Tl.. Paopte oi the aUte of Cali.
fornia to S. E. \V. 'HP.;, Elt, ip-eeting : Yoa are
hereby notifieil that an action was commented
in the Superior Court of tht county of Sacra*
mento, f>tate aforesaid, by the filing a complaint
in the Clerk's ortice of »aid Court, «jii the 2-.'d day <-f
KKPfKMBBR, !<*2, in vriuch acticc HLI.-.S A.
ILK" EX is l-lainliff, and you arc defendant. Tliat
the lrifare t-f the action, as apftcars from
said cuniplaint, is v* followj : T<M>l>taiu a decree of
s«id Court divorcing said plaintiff fr. m defendant
upon the gruiinds o! wilhul dotertlos, failure to
provide, and habitual in tern reran c* 1 , and for costs
of suit, all of «hich in more fully >et forth in the
complaiut en file herein, reference to which
is hereby made. And }ou are hereby directed
to appear and aitswrr said complaint within
ten i!:iys fr»in the service of this writ, ex.
elusive of the day of sen-ice, if served on you in
j said eottarv of Sacramento ; pnrl within thirty dayfl (
exclusive at the day of service, if served elsewhere;
pr.'l yoa urc furttier noting that unless you s-< ap
pear and answer within the time above B|>ccined,
the phiiiititt will apply to the Court for the relief
demaudt'l in t).e complain.
In testimony whereof, I, Thomas H. Berkey, Clerk
of *'.ie Court aforesaid, do iiiiriiQirtß fct mv hand
! a'ul affix the seal of said Court, this ~-<l day of
! SKPIEMBtR. A. D. In-2.
[3XAL-1 THUS. 11. BERKEY, County Clerk.
By I'lHti.ks SI. Colas, Doputv Cierk.
W, I! Camukij.. Attorney for P aintiff.

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