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An Autumn Spring and Ita Co „=eq• ih.obs
— Farm Scrap - Books — \ Good
Year for the Dairy— Etc.
The early and heavy mica of iJie present
Heas-jn are not wholly uoprtcedente ', »nd are
not without ► ii/niti'-aiice. While they have
•njured dry feed, they have done much more.
The surface of the g,il has basn so thoroughly
wet that all grain and all grass s?ed now on
the soil will germinate, and if warm weather
follows, as r ill probably be the cane, in a few
dtrs the fi^ldß will put on the green tf
B !' r ins? f aDd uew feed will rnors than cja,pen
s»te for the loss of the dry feed lost. Vefje
t ition will come forward as rapidly and prob
ably m^re rapUly thai in the spring, a-> that
is. .vi. will raaßj ba the giiaer* for the early
r.-ina. H»d these early rains besa only Sight,
the old dry feed would h»V3 be«n iijared
■nd we ehjnld hive htd no fresh fee 1 to tike
its place. Th 9 prospect now U that we shall
hsve our genuine Indian summer in October
and November, andahall ex peri 3r.cionecf those
celightful «cas3ns that iv California some
times occurs in the fall of th» year, and may
weil te termed an au'umn epring. We sol
<l >ra have auch a season here except that it is
bUL'ceeded by an open, dry winter, with scant
# rfciiig in the spring. While farmers may be
it j ixing in >» plenty of Rr ea feed in the f»il,
they should not forget that they ara most
fcure to be pinched in the c >tn!U£ spring and
trimmer far Krass rind fed tor tfceir stock.
Ti.ey should import* lie opjicrtunity that
Koo4 weather m\y low Lfford theru to «»ve
u-1 the hay and all the H'raw they p.S'ibiy
i ;u. A v<,:y l»r-;e um-.>ut,t _f hiy and e:raw
ti.ii been injuiei no! cl'uost ruined, but it is
» 1 atill worth H»\iag iv au'ic:p»t!on of a
«h )rt crop nut yen. Straw :u ,i 1 .y* spread
out over th>; (jroua I iw Me by tbe ir.«c!iix.e.
m\y be Wat 'ilui!:b ihrou;h to the ground, and
it. "jay t.ik 4 laio time fit it to d.y oir, but
it ehouM not be ah >ud jncd. Lst it In st.rrel
BD i>nd turueiovtr, and as suou ax .-■ tli juotljT
ury, let it. be KatVrtd up an! put into
xUL-ks. If a licth djfup, so that k dues
pot actually beat end mold, it v not
L;ure<i fur c*tt!e. Oi the c.utrary, thu
d.uipcew will »jf ej i< up, end ta'.de will
<»■. i: all :Ua be'ter. httgt amounts i.f
alt tihk need will duub:le^B hd tuined and i mi
id cocssqueuce f th^' lic»vy taiaa. Very lit
t'.e his been thiabl.to, tad Diost of it En*
fctfccJs in op<ui or fl*s sicctK. Tacte i tacks
bftVJ wet down froiu six t.i tea feet,
fr j.;i t. ji U) !i itt.)':;. Too Bbcd, wi.e^ fe »t;t,
Byrouta very quick, s-.ud it v>iil be hnnni \b',e
yiion: rapidly cnpu. r li tv 6rv« it. Sred
In ihncoudition w-ll hscaiy pay for thnwUoff
asd d:ttfm|jti;iij to H»Vd it. 'l\e loss cf cl >v:-r
»ee:l mr.i! b- very ln>:vy, auJ Ked «iil pi b
;< '.y rule vory h'gh fi>.- next 'print,'n tOWUtg.
l< th*r>iaia-iaat[«nhavd doublet! bwa ilie
h.av'.ejt loFers. I. v.;i- BMUDlll] 1 -ts tnis
:• beforf pr*;i:« war» fipt BOOajbta be
■ r kWu-j&aking, uud lui^u eropa
proi>a ; !ly n ill unpioked la parr.
Itie teisi.n bad hmu a clow <me
ii - Bon-dryiiiKt dud q vsry !■* •,«>
:; of [ha raicius wre bat jjit
i a aesciog to cm ThM wt; j '■.■[
.-};•<«•..-•.; daabUesi fret a few if tLcir
patty-dried rahint iuti 'h~pc bonaea t. ' ra
tha r..iun ctmaim cd. Bat there wm bo Ht-
V- wwoAbq or tbn 1 1 ■■■.■ before tao j.ii.i
ly began to tvi, that it v m.st liifly
■ ii I wiifO i< vcrj noail. Too
n U-dcieii tiioa cooid te otilizsd far wins
maiiingif there w.m plenty vi ino.iies iv
the country co voik tii- ■:. up, bat Boci i a .
tea ess?. '! . , lih [..to that i will
'■ ■' *fl -'* ■'•'■ .-:ici it; 1! j S.a'.' rossitig to
■ ■ • rrui" (.■_-- . groj'i!-, a>.d tney
will Iv loth i and i. -\ , w.-tk up t!.e h^lt
cn ci raisi' » n I mj; m \t>tre are {.is'i graces
*«j 'Aens to k«epfill<y Cr . These c irlj rai .8,
uilij.vtd by f :it8 t .-, *iil bricj; out tbe
Lite potatoes finely, m that a latga crop -I
very tine L: c pntitfiri tuiy bj autic pit.d.
'J'r-.ra faru.us who b»ve already h^rrjv.-<l or
cultivated iiieir wl.cit hSi.b,!t» ui*y coofi
ii> ntly aatiuht ilo good w luut^rr cn>;-.-i if the
eeas .n Kivtd rain eooogii t • make ucy crop at
ali cex 1 ; ye-'-. Tii-sa fi^l Is wiil'fnre the
eaily fall gr;>wt^, and the tt'tji nth ami depth
jf tbj rooU will giva them sucii a t>t;-.rt that
they will Boat likily re' out of the way oi
almost aay pmible drcnyht ia tbeoomiaff
■pting aed tommtr. Tiu c whohava sno-
DMr-faQovrd landa itiU aaaown sbonM I<H«
lio '.iji» ia getlißß Uk 6 s.-..i in, 60 th»t i. n ■>■
have nil thi: advantage f • heavy :'.>l! erowtb
acj an early ripe ii ■; i : - M ipring. Niw i^
v go >d tiiEe to sow rnraipi, leltuca nud r^d
. i !■.■; icru f. Wemmy anticipate ths
ylcasur.i ot eoj>>jing plenty of irean vege
labiis duiiiv; U/n coming winter, and n/ay
thank the c-rly raica f r cKt.r qmctiliea ai.il
improvod qnalidrs. Woiie v/a regret the
that um.t follow to (arir.e:-! ttiit wt-re
CkOght aspraparad, v. : c ■■: e?i uo litti'j good |
that may to!l w. Tba old cajirg tiiat "itiaa :
poor «*in 1 that bkiwi do i nr any good," »iil
ContiuUß Irua iv t.i- cs?.
Farm 'or.^p-Boak' and No es
A C3i.t< .•;.;>. r.i'y tQggcsta to f irniers the
keeping of Imna a ■•.:« and a 3.iap-ho:>k ol
impjrtau' priated matter relating to the ex<
perie:;c3 of o..ljri. Toe su.;i;estioa is a good
an! '.iioely on», sml :'i uUI be heedid by
evjry farm^! who dnlrea to n:aka the mestof
hid own and ufcke.V experience. N > man Las
a memory no retealivfl that b.j c.n call to
naiad tha Mauita uf i.x ; «iietice a*, all times
when needed. N > ma c v retiiem! er exactly
his ova iuijn 1 *Khitii.H itufl cunc'.u-ioiiß a yc»r or
a u.-jatli afttr thi j' huvj been formed, as «c 1
and as vividly as tbey occur to him at the
time they are fjrmod. If it hccou:es n^ccs
ti.iiy i -it v liu-i.n:u in >i t j carry with him a
iute-book in which Io j it down bit hu»iue--s
trai.t'.kctious '"d COgaaWMßli thut reUta to
busiucss why in the mm? eenso it ii r.o : . tec
c-^snry for tie faru.ci (O do s ■ '' It i.-" geLer
erally (bjirved t ial rzpetieaoed «nl
riui-cesaial u:erc»:ni j< brCtOM lie br^t
a:. I most Miooetafal ttmm whea
ttey lura tier a-trutUHl ih.-.t
way. Why wti.i? S Bply h cum iv tb«
m^nagooitrut f «li ir iue*eauiild txpwi
they have required iba : >i.i. of ket)^i <i tc
<•. aati and D as ul Uml i mine p, ft"d w.ta
they go to tir.Liii y '.;. jui' t i^ babit -' ith
them. It is arett io [ut ■ » „> : me uory to
retniu all that i' li^u.L'.i. on* ( w !. - c i: .. ui
ories to per'dvtrj not to i c . t £i'.-lp frooi n( tet
i. nil- at tli'. I '-i-ii ■ cf tb( neeanMaM '-' lh«
evaat to be laanacßbaMd. Who doea not read
with pleasure and p.o'jt an o!d scrapbio'i r
diary kept b> UaMcU »d too yean ago, when
that aiiafi i luinar in illiij liaa baaai ko.-i wit.i
reference to to wija a h Id of expxiCßOa oi
knowlodn « a^ii;«!"-ure or borticu'turo '.'
When • fanufr v .v;a c, !'.ir'd wiih wn«4% or
plant! the sai;>c to crii ex other cinp, a abort
memorauduai us to the ouadbtaa ot the buil,
the \riather, or time i f i\.v ytar rr mOLta,
miy become . f tr^at vi'.ue l> hiui ii af'.tr
yeiie. Whe.i L« i.«» k*pt l.its-j noaonuh
ior a cumber uf yc»i< cfcej 1 1? .>iuo doubly
Vftluible, for thty a(T >ul a torrfcs ba-is of
cjtcpftriajn kiju ea -j'u''* of pcobablli
tiea ia t< a filter. . If a n r.~ • or
cow is sick, u'.d a particular Had
o'. medicioe given is, or a particular
kind of treatment cure* r, a memoraudum o!
ttie f icta andei.-cuouU'.cfn b.c MMa of it
valueforrefuie. coiuau i ilarcartiut- eiuiuro.
Tha whole »ci- i :ice ot : t;ii.ul;uie r-ean up/v
experiment ar.d a9Cdrt....cd facia. If wjhave
no memoranda of thata fsott preserved, how
cm we expect to improve ojr systems of
farming * The beat, books or treatises oa
suicuilcre artl tao«« based oa personal ex
[i rrienoa, an taken d iwa en paper cither at
tt:e time the experieace i I hid or at a f ature
time. Private uotca < 1 iciiiviJual ex(>erierjce
id grape cnlture cr wheat culture or aay other
kiuJ of sfecial cuHure Jtro of the greatest
...:age, not only t > thj person who makes
t' em, but they may l>a mads so to others.
T.ie far.utr who ij kuown to make thefe
Bjotet and to l.c ' ;> bcrap-books if notable
(acts as learned ar_J puMisheJ, will not only
tied these n^tes :»ad tenpa of sre»t v-lue to
iii'i - ii, but he will fcoou become the
re!er«eand wi^e ma if his i:eigtborho d
in rcfrrence t» v.l tcattcrs cf which he
kee;is notes. The be«t rgricnl!;ir»l j jurnali
are tbc«e tha* become t.-.e publishers of the
experiences and cjuclmi'DH cf con!empc
raaeous p.-sc.icit farmer*. If each larrt.f
in a •.•■* i.-hiji or county would make a daily
r ;■! cf bis l.< rv.'.i 'tn ia reference to
practical cuttnre, aud eend it to bra local
paper at the end of ecU mouth for p iblica
tioa, tbe reccids thus preserved and pub
lirbed for one year c.u'.ii hardly faii to be
coma one of the ms Vuluiblj agricultural
w :k> ever published. If it is iastructive for
farmers to meet togetner and on .p»ro expe
ri«r.ceby oral ominunj;ati jds, certainly it
would be instructive f cr them to mad each
ottet'B notts and memoranda ot expsriecces.
A Good Tear for the Dairy.
The past year has been one of the be3t for
tbe dairy industry experieseed in the State
since the lUiry has bccma an important
branch I f California agriculture. Butter and
cheeee have been in gojd demau j, and have
ci.nr.niaaded good, remunerative prices duricg
v > sry m >nth of the year. There has been do
time when butter and cheese could cot b;
fid when ready for matktt at a c<>od profit
over the coat of production. These are f
Notwithstanding there has been more butter
and cheese produced within tbe State this
year than ever before within the same period
of time, c jDsunr.'i in and demand are more
thin k•• ping pica with production. At cer
taiu tune., f ibe year we ship butter to New
York and -V-r Eistein cities, to supply a
demand for fr-sh gris* butter. We have
opciitd v;; a Ur^e trade ia diiry p-oducti ia
tie new S.^tei" an J Territories eaat of v*. aud
now tt.;«t the S mthcic P cine Rdlroad i^
comple.ed tarough to the Sout e-n States,
we ahaQ s^.n fiod a larger uad better
demand fir theie prodcct3 akrg tbe line
of this road than we have had aloag the line
of the Central Pacific. The outl wk id espe
cially good for the dairymen of this State fur
an unlimited period in the future. No coun
try cm produce batter butter or cheese than
we cm, and no country can produce the i
article-i at a leas actual cost, and no c uatrv
lias a Ii tt. r market oi better mjikets for all
that can be p~odu ed than we have. If our
iliiiyn t--i win take piits to make the very
best .».-•:! that can be made, will take
paina t > put it up in tlie beet and most invit
ing -„\' •*, the atat* will in a very few ye.ra
become one of tre vi i,t noted dairy State-; iv
the FJoicn. Oar din ate favura the dairy.
We have no cei.^jn in tbe whole year whtn
gcoJ bu'.U-r cmn -t b) tuade hnd put direct'y
on tho m»rkef. < ) ir Mi.i.ti.erit are compara
tively c> 1 aLd < ur wiLtera are compajatively
whtu.. Our cjws givi milk ten or eleven
raoutl.B ij tha year, as against cix ar.d eight
month* in tha m ft f.v nh'e localities east
of tlie H icky Moun'ains. Oir .!m i . mea.i
owa piodu'ie three and four cr >p# a y> ar, each
crop t-eiag equU ia quantity aud better in
milk ni skiiif: pr^pertie* to the teit crops in
ths Eiitera S-^te>, wh re their lands pro
duce but a single crop in a tweivainonth
The abuve are to ne of the re»»ons wby toe
dairy U nure to continue a good-paying buU
oan ia thia S.ate.
The Orange Trees and Fall Irrigation
We have noticed that tha owners of orau?e
trees about the city havd kept theaa plenti
fully inigatc^ this f.l', and th»t they &re
at this time ge; erally growini; as rapidly, if
not more rspidly, thin at any other time
during the past euoimer. In fact we ha.c
never seen theaa trees growing co rapidly at
this sea*'.n of the year as they are in th : a city
and viciiiity at the present time. The hc-avy
rains joat fallen, followed, an they are likely to
be, wiih w&im '_r .wing weitbtr, will stimulate
their growth Mill aiore than the arlih'tial irri
gvioa tl.oy have received, and keep thcui
gtowiog rabidly tiM checked by coli weather
U-..1 frjHts. A'cordii;jr ta tbe theory that
Mhfse trem ;hiis ke t in a uowi)|r conuiti.m
| late la the ■•■ i-.m are likely to be injured
inorfl by freezing weather than wh'jr, for
want of late mi/a i .n, tie r.ew wood
is allowed to mature and bicome
pnof -.'»!.■ eld weather, a'l tha
I orange irrea in thii vicinity are iv gre^t
dargw c.t te'ng ruine^'. But according to j
tba oppotita tl.e iry, tha* tvet>;raen trees are
aMe tv withctaad the c Odest weatber with
out iuju!j, if the a*p is k«pt in droatatron
at:d tue tr-.e* in a growing c <udition. our j
oranf? tree* uil tVs wi:t-r suffer but little
from co.i, i reo if the wiuttr ab< aid prove to i
te more thin an bvtiago c. Id one. Tiiis i
wi;ittr promiHes to lent th>: corrtct'iess or in- j
c.rrtetiie i of lie opfmbig theories in the j
premiicea, Th< i who brv Latercatedin orange
coltore ir: aiiy portion of tie .State abentd ..'■
serve their tree* this cm-ing winter, ai.d tln:y
»)>>• In ■ • itnritynf lmrritifc liomnn
r it aivaataje tothem. L t no: the op-
I) .tvU:.-,:y 1..
The fanters ou the Sic.amenio rivpr %eem
to have com • i tha cehu •> i tliat they can
Bolosgw depend o i l^ve^s alone for tie i-afaty
of theic unpr ivementj :>o 1 s'..<ck ia t':erairy
' [hit noun U are their oaly tafe
i.wirt. Monad* f-jr booKa, baflM and hti'ck
n:e r6c>:±ti'.z*il Low ai nnnnwillni However
atronjr tbty may l.r.ii.i levoea, they are liable
: . > „■ i a r.-.y, auJ then the iufliwiig v . ■ -
have ii. rtK-rcj. «T;.h fariiiir* ! *vn los" con
'i it.. i c in dam*, whfievct and howevex bnU r .
The mi ui:d c.nn .t H^ve tbeirurotM or iheir
ir.:nld from d sr'.:cliou, but if built lii^tt acd
broad c oigh it iff >rd« a plsce of oanpira
tive eafety for f«n : ilu» domestic animcl; j
and ptwonal property ijsrerally. Hecce tha |
fr.rnier* »!• ng tit livers have ione b^ck to 1
t 'c prao'.ioe of the abciiginea — uiound tuild-
I f. Bvr.im, fldßl-1703) vvaa i naf.vc of UtnctMSter
Ue took his il^ffrce vi ii. A. hi Trinity OoUtgo, at
CambrMge.ia 1711, and stniioJ rceliaue at Mont
f.r livri'i Friiice. On hta return, lie appUari hiin
xelf t<i teacta a system uf (bortoaod trhieu he htid
[avented, and whldi Im hid aeenred to him by au
act at ParHamact pasnd i:i 1712. Aaoor nil pa
l>iis were Gibboa lid Hone* Walpota, The latter
part >-f Byrovn*i 1 b waa, bowerer, neat in easrand
opnlaDt cirenmttw c.3. lie meoaafled by the death
i ■ i a-' niitar brother to the family property in U d
cr.tßtor, ami lived hik'ii!; reapeeted in that town.
The poatioal works ofl Byron i taaial i -'. .' -ca
■if ■•, vhien aofored inal popolarh^ in
tiiei-iliv, and wero iiicludcii tty (^UU]S?ri i-' hir
c Qtioa "f i\:o [wets.j
I am cintei.t, I do not c*ra,
w . :- i; wilt the w rid f>jr ma ;
Wiien fusa and trot M all nj
It '^ r -t bo uroand :» j I ooald sec ;
S > when away my cirin^ v. snt,
I oouated i i ..tent.
WiU. m"r? "f tlianli and !i a u[ tboogbt,
1 btr.\e t-» isaka i»j mattim int-tt ;
T ■ wotk wbal :ii!o;t-i.t Mgei e^:^'ht.
i'u\ ale ;i:.d 100 i ii> (our ai d t>v\ t -t ;
To lukt; wl.^t paaua in pu'. i :irt,
Ai d keap Mil 1 btoßOpl fioul tin* bftrt.
With anr! geiitle-ti'.imorcd hearts.
I chuosc ti> chat where'er 1 come,
\N bate*er the nibject b»- th:it H'.artH ;
Hut if 1 among the icluni,
1 liold my boagve, V) tell the truth.
And ki-«p ih> lircuth to c *>1 my bfrotflu
V<r ('mice or chanct* < v f petOß or pain,
For Fortune's fa\or or nar frown,
Fur tack or >;lut, tor l^t^s i r qms&,
I aavsr Jt.d^f, n >r uj. n< r dowa ;
Bat tw it; wli a w.iv One ihlp >h^ll swim.
Or tack about »iii aqual vim.
I puit Dot '.vi'cre I n..j'l ti t spi < : .
Nor ii. '.c ■ the turn ..( i \ iry 'iao ;
If einipV Naaa »ii! not wee i >),
I in ker ci baatli' i*. Mil u!ji'J" .
For shii.iiu' wt-'lih, «.r m v i:i^ ;\ c,
1 force U" in- i.d, 1 lt.ar .. . i <■.
uf aptaoddoK u,ol .n-s :in ! .mis,
Ol Ihcwo ;' the v.tiiih:, aiul v... rs i' tiic right,
1 hhuu rh ■ rancors aod <*»l iv.titi*;
And \v.i.hiiik' wtll Bo nfrj w t;hi,
Whatever :..r.. Hm hi ilkr tak I
1 .:ti.m U all but 'J-.i^kd jnd drakes.
WKh arhani I le«al I .i.. r.ot fnw.l,
Hot :f tin; f<> k< aliooJd II .at me, faiat ;
If wo.V'd .vi !.■ dm >.o vithdrawn,
I c « k iso ki:iJ <-i' » o Dip .ii;.l ;
Wilh ln.ije ill-|' ■- d t > a 1 %afee,
Bui ].\: then !■ xt »h > beo; like m!.
Hot th-ti I r.i. bjjmll T he rule
How til mj I .-I . r - itii t: t i.i I. \■ ;
Ba Came ata El fiod bm bo matt* fool)
Nor t.» a BBt * f men a *Uve ;
I line .i f * it it '>!.;;. frt'.' .v.d fi^llk,
Aad bat« to baas; upon .t hank.
F'.inl of a true and trufty tie,
I never lo.ite whate\r 1 link ;
7h('iii:'i i! ■ boefa »^ j bndajea by, •
1 '.i k tbvraon jmt as 1 think ;
M> .\.iid, my work, my heart, luy hand,
fcilil! on a- tiJe t»u r liitr p. and.
If names or nati ids make a notM*,
Wh^lever ha[j the l| lurflnn hath,
laa po i.t imj>»rtiuil_v 1 j^.i^e,
Aiml reii'i or Blit , hu' w tliout writ!: ;
X r >hi ;-l I Uarn, ur break niy I ' .
Pray » Io w.tl pay me for n.y [ui'.is !
I love my aalfhbor a^ myself,
HjneH Uh nim, too, uj I i.i :.
Nor to hid ptL-nture, y .wcr, or pelt,
Come Ut Brooch, a^» 1 o.iiiecive ;
l> idm Katun dontntea has iie»i^ucd
A man the monarch of his tiiind.
Now taste ai:d try this 1 einper, Firs,
-M :it aiid brood it in yutir braaft :
Or if ye ween, for worldly* stirs,
That man dots ric'it u> mar i.i- !-■ *.
LeL iih ba deft, aid deb mait,
1 am cantent, I do not cir.\
A* Exenna ADTMrTPBB. — A refirient
of Batte City, Mcntma, relat:s v adven
ture in the Yellowstone National I'ark
which would have excited the envy cf Bx>
roa MuDcbaußtn. While siamiuing^ge}-.
ser he fell in and disappeared from the
ei^ht of his honiGcd companions. They
looked into the geyser hole and ctnjectur
ed that it was about rifty feet in depth.
They then threw in pebbles to learn
if there was any water in the hole into
which their companion might have fallen.
Water was discovered, but there came no
call for aid from their companion. After
hours of anxious waiting he was given up
as lost and the party departed. The fol
lowing day the musing man walked un
hurt into the c».np. He said that he fell
into tbe water a:.d was not harmed, but did
not have the strength to call to his friends.
He clang to a rock, till in his own word?,
" suddenly I discovered that the water was
rising. This pave me hope that 1 might be
able to keep atl oat until the surface was
reached. The water continued to rise more
rapidly, and 1 at last found myself it the
point from which I had fallen. Although
well-nigh exhausted, I exerted my remain
ing strength in climbing to the surface.
This reached, I managed to crawl some
cii.-tmce away from the mouth of the cra
ter, where I lost consciousness. When I
recovered I was being cared for by stran
ger* — the men who conducted me to my
Notes from a Conversation with One
of New York's Business Kings,
Whose Work ia Often in the Mouths
of Discreet Northwesterners.
And Whose Word* Should Have At
tention From All Who Eat.
i From St. Paul Pioaeer Press ]
A Rf. Paul journalist, who recently spent a
fortnight in New York, one morting threaded
hi< way down Broadway to oM Trinity
church, and thence a!ot>u the best-known and
ra .-t talked of ncascisl thoroughfaie on the
face <.f the earth, to the intersection of Wall
and Front streets, intent upon a friendly call
upon a gentleman whose "raising" had" been
iv the same couutry neiqhbDrhood as disown,
»im! who now head* an imputant department
in the createst producer knn in the world of
what the old dames style '• risio." The j ur
naliat'd friend was f>urd, quite unexpectedly,
in a new and el-,-i t building of
the modern s'yJe, of severe but at
t'aelivra t.rchittctun>, the eDtire tec 'cd
f] >or of which v occupied by the beautiful
extra tive rffijes nf the p.reat manufactory
with which h? is identified. An invitation to
inrp°c' the Apartments wa? readily accepted,
■ir,«l their bright, chaste, ash wood-work and
furnitnre, Inxu-ious capets, tastffnl Httioffg
»ud udornmentH, acd happy adaptation to the
etsy di-<p^ti:h of an <»uorincin business, were
urei'ly ei.j >yed. The stroll through these
rooms fortunately brought the vinitor in con
''c l , with Mr. HoapUnd. Prendeut of the
R'iy»l liking Powder Company, who hap
pened at the nvraient to be erectly interested
in the progress if hi* steam yacht, now build
ing — a fcu^jeet of agreeable mental enthusi
asm to a trio of gentlemen who love aquatic
The yacht discus-el, conversion drifted
very nbturally to h»kin«r powder and the
!■:*. i ,ii l>- of the It >y»' company.* bu?ine«s.
I'lie correspondent, seeiop ber« tl.at wbirh
would assuredly intprsst bis Northwestern
constituency, rund^ a:. .t. - ! • i.k of his head,
and attempted to start the ll>yal President
upon a subject of bo much moment by thi<
apiimach :
"Mr. Huagland, I have not as niiieh dis
position to pry into yr>urhuainp<*> *« curiosity
t>kcow how many p ;Utii<« of hak'ii ; nowder
yoiir riimmov manufactures per ypar."
"W-ll." «&id tie gentleman, "durirfc thai
year 1881 we Bold about
Miltinir an actrreeate of l> 000 OCO pound'
and valued at $2,000,000."
"To what do you attribute thu mirvelous
sale < f your powder ':"
"To the simple fae\ tir, that we havj
aine 1 to make our good* the be« that can by
ary pos..i!>i'i:y ba p'o luced. With us it has
nevtr b ■■«• ni> || wlliiii of c"t when we ouM
ti:, 1 » way to inprove the Rf>y»l BAkinpr
PowdcEi \V»i 6rmly ht-lieve — yes, we konw
] by exi>PTieLf», that the American people,
; tbove all «*h:rs, wanttV -i ba»t, nnri f-i>tthey
a:e willinj; t > vav a far price for an indubita
bly (rood ur icle "
"I li»vo notioe'l that yo'ir otnpanyhaa
! r ':ni;e:it ia exp'>-«i'j£ ihe uae of a'uai
aid <i».t-r a-Ju^erati^rs."
" Y> j , we iiava mtda it a prinoipk in our
bosiueM ti ii ou'.v p.urt! and whole*otii« ma
ii'!-. h!nl oheoerei wo find crmpMit-ra '
who sr minnfacturiog ndnltenled und bju
iion«haking powdsn, we are not ilow in ez- !
„ nine tl • m."
" What d< ss of pcwiltrs do you find moxt
adnl'vratcd ':'
"There ire many r.lum p>wd A ra on tho
market," aild Mr. Hoagland. '^:uall manu
f c U'prs all o i r tb^ c.uolry, who have no
f«cili i<-< for ■■.UruiU.'..u thi purity of n:a
--■ . ai .-■nt; np powder* that
iroald be an ab^nuo v n i.-. thaayaacfany
• ■■• ■ ■;■■'■ ■ :ii. ; . Huyh manafactoien
raiy be h'.ncst iv intention, bnt honesty is
<.. ly the bfiri minj . f th^ nutter."
'•Ago«:d bfntimfag.*' the newspaperman
interpolated, '"bu, !iy bo hicjih tte end < f
ti e r»ce."
" Kxictly." said Mr. H. "Kn wledge and
eip-iieice, with ca;>U&l «ud f«< Itlllaa. are &«
iiprtant v Boaaaty in avoiding the mast
f !! d ceptiucs i»nd iniquiti^f! abou>>dini; in
bakins-powdar Bdatariala, Thtir rf'reiv h ii
varihb'.e -ni ascertain, to say nothing of
tiuirtfaaoage to health. Wny.it woaM be
j i~t as proper for
Wh=re cV.cmica! knowhrtqe it rcq lired. a-> it
v oald be for the 1 jt > formulate »«d Uitnu
faotnra bjkin ; powder,"
" Then you teat all y' ur matariala before
us ; n^' thi m '!'
'■ Why, certainly. I Uaa ea«y for » ■■am 1
to fjc through llu i'>e of a noedla aa fnr any
impority to c.cep Into the nntarUf we u-c
i i our fact ry over there, iv Uroukiyn, with
•ot <,rr k i-v.in,); i."
" Aie v vi chjaical prooaoaj bo perfect ;?
all tba'.f
" Just m peif ct M tlir.t. We have three
practical chemi U cocstaatiy employed in
aearciitg f-'i impniiliei at:d in de:eimiuiag
tbe pi"..p.-'i t« i;< w1..-:cii <>,»..y Bre fotmS.
to] article which falls a j it Ul >w the full
standard if s't'eath and pnril'y ia i ejected
ffom t!ie ll'iyil Biking Powder. In sb'irt,
no preeautijn tbat wo caa in asy v.\-:y devia?,
or that money c*n procure, ia Deflected. We
do toi merely li;liiva that 'honesty in the
! est policy,' but that it requires of manufact
urer; of Io d product-! that th.y *h»H furnish
LrticKs w; icb. will stand unf-paiiu^ sciuu-.y
as to quality, withr.iit shadow i f reproach."
**!»■ many different brands u f baking
powder ar-s there ? '
'"00, Mfk. me where they are noi to he
f itmd, Ti.ey are almost as tile krvU on the
-cosh. r?. '
" Well, aft'r all, if ycu will all jw me, why
cii.V tha nnafl manufactursrii maSte reliable
bkidog-powdat ?"
"Wiiy citi't a little compiny with ?100,
--000 i.ui'.d an 1 Ofterata oceio your big N rth
v..- * -r.( *\i lii '-.-. ti .i ijL.i ■ railway Sjgtftu.' ! '
" .\!*r.if .ally, bocau^e they havo cot the
rorensiry ine«no ana f •ciiiliea."
' Oi cannte. Well, it's exactly so with the
c call biking-powder mn, Th t y have not,
nor c»n tlioy get the
In their material*. So they Bra at the mercy
<>t tlio.-e from whom they puici&t-e, and their
limited capita l , prevents their employing ex
pensive aaal>tlcal ebmafata to protect them
and their cu>ton.ers fi m niuitt. rations. Il
Ua ; '.-i.ive f kj' that cream tar'ar and other
mH l v/iil< ns:d in cirrrrfrjtnndtj honest attempts
ut para baking powdeii r-re greatly aiiuitor
i'.ni, \s funnel in the market; ana it U ex
acly a-, tbis pniat that wo tai c tha greatest
prcein'ion. Weinip>rt our own n> >■„ ri;- ' ,
aniline '.hem iv our own factory, under
the cira r.f <xp;rierc;d cLe.iiis*-, co that it U
praetica'ly impawtbto for ths R>yrd Powder
Co y £ o horwue ih.An übiforui ia puiity ai <1
"Havti/t I 9e=-n occ.»-ioi.al attacks upon
y -nr daioM in tnis DarUealat ? '
" Üb, yea ; meet a ciitjqus cot atd then ;
b:r, pshaw ! we have no time t:> Btop and de
fend ourselves ajaintt the ptty attacks."
"As compared cith othfru in the market,
what it the strength of the Hoy*) ? '
" Well. :> said Mr. 11.. leaching for a
pigeon- hele io his dttk, " borne time a;: >
Midf an txmniLaticu i.s to ci in jiia'ive m»i
i'B of Dearly all the pioniiuent p nrden in
market. Tekirg tone of t'.ose ir titi'.y sol.!
up iv jr.ur rrgior, that < fh' er made the fol
io ring, report as to cooperative streegth,
the figßMt indication the number of cuHic
inches of gas per tech ouuc> of powder, which
i< au PX»Ei -t .ti 11. nit of rejl strength :"
Royal i-> 7 t
!)r. Price's }'i-lX*
aoo* * lake ('Jr. ffs 101 Sii
OiUetfa m.2
Aaintmt (^jntjins alum) 7S 17
" What Bection of the cjuntry do you
mainly supply?"
" Oh, we don't know sections. We ship
to every part of the Ui ite.i Stares and C*na
das, aud to nearly every country with which
• ura h^s c^micerciil lelati i\if. O;jr export
trade to EdwUco, Scotland, Japan, the West
In He-?, and fo on, is very large, and steady
ab tbe fl vt of a river. O^r books show tha*
the people of tlie Northwest value our powder,
and we certainly appreciate your weLdrrful
Wich tharks for the compliment, the cor
rfspoDdsnt made hii adieux, pleased at hav
ing secured io much of interest from one who
is nabitual'y reticent about his business stfairo,
and concerning a corporation of such high
position as that of this great company.
PxrL MoRrHY. — l'aul Morphy, the
chess- player, having recently been asked to
famish materials for a biographical notice
in a proposed volume, writes to the New
Orleans i>'< t that hi* father having left him
an estate "ample enough to allow me to
decently defray all my fxpecse*. I have
followed no calling and have given no cause
for a biography. I have received a diploma
as a lawyer." He, however, adds: "A
Liuitianian by birth and in heart, a son of
a father who acquired a reputation of juris
consult at the Louisiana bar, who was a
member of the Legislature, Attorney-Gen
eral, and Judge of the Supreme Court, and
a grandchild of a grandfather who bad the
honor of representing Spain in New Or
leans during a part of the first quarter of
this century, I could but approve of a
work that would bring to light the ser
vices, recent or old, rendered to oar Lou
Dr. Hexamer says, in speaking of the
great increase in strawberry culture, that
in 1872 strawberries shipped from Charles
ton to Ncrthern marki ts brought an aver
age price of 57 cents per quart ; in 1574
3S cents ; in IS7O, 21 cents ; in lS7'.t, 14
cents ; in ISSO, 124 cents. Miny years
ago, Jacnndas from Knox, at Pittsbu.-i,
brought in New York from jO to 75
cents per quart, and for some years
after the war selected bi rriea of
Triomphe de Grand sold readily at
from 40 to 50 cents per quart by the crate
There, are, however, one or t*o good
points in this decline. These ri-'e sorts
then had no competition in the many ex
cellent varieties which have since sprung
into existence and supplied the market ;
and the scant supply then, cotlined to a
few purchasers, is replaced by the enor
mous quantities which enabled anyone who
has a tew cents to feast on strawberries,
and the whole people can have them.
In treating cows for horn brittlenees, a
- ti" ■ k r.-.i. it in Austria found no good result
frirn feeding bone-meal when the water
used was from a spring perfectly sof: —
tl.at is, without mineral matter. But upon
changing them to the water cf another
spring containing carbonate, sulphate and
phosphate of lime, and chlorate of mag
nesia in small Quantities, the < ll'.xts Mete
as fellows : 1. The animals drar.k half as
much again as before. 2 The cows gave
■MMa and better milk than before. 3. The
worht diseased cows at once began to get
better, and this was the first case in
which any of them recovered without re- !
moval. 4. The oxen showed far better !
condition than could be previously attained
on the best food and with the most careful j
attention. 5. No freeh cases occurred as [
soon as the change of water was intro- :
Mr. Tarry, who has long been a very i
successful grower of the raspberry, gave i
the New Jersey Horticultural Society a
statement V.f some of the large prori's ob
tained when this fruit sold at hi^h prices, j
He said the best American varieties, with
fair treatment, will yield as many ; mm Is
per acre as cara, and generally bringing \
live times as much in narket, nnd when '
once planted remain for several years. A !
neighbor of hi? sent to market a one horse ■
wagon load of rid raspberries, and received j
(290 for the lot. A lady near him rented !
out her farm, reserving a portion for a rasp- '
berry plantation, from which blm sold one !
year 4."} 000 quarts of berries, worth, at S
cents a quart, >'.'i,440, which was more thun 1
the tenant made from all the other ec >ps on
the farm.
Ten miles from Lindon is a tine old pace ■
called Chirlton I'ark. Miny years age a :
great sale of mulberry trees, with other j
timber, took place there. The anct'onter !
could give no explanations ao to how such
an immense quantity of mulberry timber 1
should he there, but it was subsequently
explained that with a view to British eilk
culture, Jini'.n I. had done all iv his power
to enci>ur»j;e mulherry plantations, and !
actually appeared ia couri in a silk suit i
wovin out of cocoons which the Qa -en hr.d
personally raised from her silk-worms. It
was later on deemed to be impolite to
check French imp-irt?, so the silk schrme
fell through. TneCharltoo tree* U-. Ib en
pa nted at the timj of the ray for bilk- i
The development of the beet-toot ia
France bus bee.* greatly hindered by the
i;oli weather w'lich h=u prevailed, ami the '
root remains fcmaii, «hore, ami forked,
growing at do i:rcat depth in the toil, lv :
Germany, uutil quire recently, tntre have ■
been abundant rains and a low tempera- '
ture. Lately, however, tnsre was au im- |
provemeut in tho weather. The beet was '
l1llliel<t»IIH fairly well, but it had lost a lit- •
tic of iv richne&s. From Austria and Hun
gary there were complaints of icceatant
r-»ins, whish, though it promoted the
growth of the bout, i\ v* fllWlging th« ijual- '
!ty. Advices from K'lbsia also fpeak rather
uni'avuiably of the prospects. In Bohemia
the quality is very inferior.
With the view of promoting silk culture ;
in Iniia, it ia •.■:.•'*■:. i that the revenue and
agricultural departments have made ar- |
raugements for supplying such of the local
gnvernmtnts and administrations as are
prepirod to join in the experiment with
in. all quantities of silk worm eg^s of the
ucivolcne variety, for the purp.ise of siik
worm reariug duiiug the next ooU weather.
It haa also been rajßestad to the provin
cial .;fivernment3 that, if the rxperroeat be |
CMiitd out on a lsr fe e scale, the extensive I
cultivation of the mulberry should ho at :
occj commenced ia the localities st'.ccttd ;
for the tiiil.
Ou a ranch twenty-two miles norihweat i
of Stockton, oa Bow Cretk, [ova, m-o '
1,500 head of Mexican-grade Bhtep that !
nave been v°int>rcd on bblTilo grass from
the rang" 1 . They sheared four pounds per j
hfad, making a clip of ti.ooo oronds, worth ]
2- cents, amounting to $1,321. Thtre ia I
a!eo a fine lot of lambs, worth §1.500, thus ;
making a t.'tal income cf f2,830 The
total expense of keeping the sheep for the
past year hss not exceeded *aOO, leaving a
profit of •*•_• 02a
Tne incr«a*e in the number of cotton- j
epludles in the Southern States during the j
year ISSI 82 has bein an follows : Geor
gia, 1(1(5,000 i Alabama, :{4.(;00 ; Tennessee,
2-i.OOO ; Miaeiarippi, 32.000; Louisiana,
21,000; North Carolina, 48 000 ; BoaUl
Carolina, Dti.OOO ; total new spinilcp, 301,
--000. Ks'iuMting the cost at .*27 pet tpin
die, the investment represents .*!• 763,200,
which, with "2") ptr cent, additional s-um to
operate with, iniiicates about §12.214, C00
placed in the industry in the South.
A new and rare century plant, botan
icilly knnwu as Ag-.ve Victirni' re,;ir.M-, is
now in blossom iv the p»lm liouse of Har- j
yard College. It is said to be the first of
its kind to b!o3som in cultivation, and no
specimen of the specie*, to far as is kuown,
haa been setn in bloom in ita native home
among the mountains of northern Mexico.
The ii II M-eacence, which U (escribed as
looking like an immense yellow bottle
bnnh, stands upon a stem about eleven
fett Ugh,
Canary seed is ecarco ; the supply in the
United States will barely last lifteen
months, and no more can l>e gathered for a
year. Abroad, too, the supply is scanty.
England is phipping canary teed to Spain —
(enciing emU to Newcastle — and Spain and
joiuhern France are calling upon Smyrna j
and the Levant. Svviizerlant), too, ia short. '
and Italy has no surplus. Toe owners of I
canary birds should therefjre be economical I
in feeding the : r pets.
There are many farmers who have extra j
good butter caws and do no 1 : know it. !
They h»ve poor pastures in summer and i
no shelter and indifferent feed ia winter, i
In the houaa they hay; no convenience for j
ma!;ing butter ; the milk ia eet where there
are no arrani.i nents for keeping it coul in '
snmrner, and in the living room, exposed j
to the odors of the kitchen, in winter ; and j
neither the quantity nor the quality are
any index of what a cow can do.
From Xetv Zealand ha^ besn Bhipped to |
England a qnsntity of preserved rabbits, |
estiirated to we'g'i som-j tifcy t. n3. The |
rabbits arp packed in tins holding two |
pounds each, and thirty cix tina make a
,:.-,..;,. — that is, seventy-two pounds. The |
supply of raShite appears to be inexhaust- ;
ible. The average quantity delivered per ]
(lay is 5.000 Oa one occasion recently
'.•,000 were delivered in a day.
The village cf Brockport, Moaroe county, |
N. V., ij probably the largest market for |
beans from first hands in the country. As I
many as 120 OOG bu£hels have been sold i
there in a single eeason, all the product of
neighboring farms. The price of beans at |
Brockport is generally from 10 to 20 cents |
per bushel higher than in the city of Ujch j
ester, some stveateen milts dietaut.
A threatening field fire which had bean j
fought by a large part of the population of !
South Lewiston, Me., without staying it, I
was subdued by a Bteam tire engine sent !
down from Lewiston. Three thousand feet
af hose was used, water being taken from
■ brook. By saturating the mossy ground j
the fire was speedily stopped, though a
large timbering bad been burned over.
According to Professor Miles, toads live !
almost entirely upon slugs, caterpillars, ,
beetles and other ioaecte, making their '
rounds at night when the farmer is asleep i
— and the birds, too — and the insects are I
supposed to be having their own way. ,
French farmers understand theee facts so !
well that they purchase toads at so much a i
dozen and turn them loose.
The land on most of the islands on the
coast of S ,u;h Carolina and Georgia is now i
owned by negroes, and is divided into very j
small farms. Sea island cotton i« the chief j
crop produced, bat considerable attention
is given to the rawing of early vegetables ,
for Korthera markets, '
A Pretty Room. — A ycung working
girl of this city, by the exercise of her own
innate pood taste in putting every spare
penny where it would do the most g->od,
, has furnished forth a charming room at
comparatively small expense and si.ii. ■:
i ently esthetic to please the most ii&t'.di
; ova person. The flocr, painted by her own
. hands, is a dark walnut shade, partly cov
i ered by a large rug made of cheap ingrsin
carpet in a small pattern of cre&ru and
' olive, bordeied up a i.r a 1 band of plain
i olive felt. The inexpensive wall-paper is
plaia olive, llecked with pink, tiuished hy
■ a narrow olive frieze, terminating^ the
' corners with a cluster of four tiny pink
fans. One window faces a dingy brick
wall, and she painted the wicdjw-panes in
bright water- colors, following a pretty
traced pattern, which gives a bit cf stained
class quite effective in the pretty room
■ The other window is draped gracefully
i with long, full folds of sprigged muslin,
■ depending from rings on a plain pine roll,
to be replaced in the winter with a heavier
curtiin of olive cotton ikr.nel. Tnefurui
ture is light wood, and a lamp with a roty
tram juraccy stands on a five o'clock te»
'■ table of unvarni-hed wood, and throws a
soft li-iht over the r.ooin, which also con
; tains books, shelves of p : ne, a couple of
I second-hand easy chairs anil a small dry
goods box for shoej, covered by her own
hands with pink and olive cretonne. A
large clothes hoiße, on whic'i she p»»ted
the story of Cinderella in Walter Crane's
pictures over olive paper, shuts eff the
washstand and bedstead from view. The I
i toilet accessories, set of with sprigged
muslin over a pink lining, are a pink and
I white washbowl and a large pitcher of
1 the qur.iut shape that comes now in the
\ cheaper grades of china; a secondhand
I wardrobe, draped with a portiere of olive
| Canton tlannel, omtains the unesthetic
i duet-pan, brooms, and other homely arti
cles necessary to neatness and comfort, all
tr.llea of that doacriptioa bought at the .'>•
! cent counters. A pretty willow rockiiik;
--i chair, crnamented with olive and pink
: ribbon, and a knitted hassock to match,
the two laUer Christmas Rifts, stand on
I the ru^. On the olive-draped mantel are
t grandma's Nankin teapot, two tall ailver
candlesticks, and a Urge gingar jar, not
decorateJ, and spoiled with gu:;nned-on
j pictures, I at left in its pristine blue and
| whi'.u be; 'it}-, tilled with white daisied
I gathered on Sunday afternoon walks.
Two or three photographs of good subjects,
that are better than chromos and cost
| loss, hang on the wall and complete the
j pretty refuge of this proud and industri
| ous girl, who is self-respecting enough to
; earn her «>vu living MtMt than to be de
■ l>endfnt upon her rich lelaticm.—[Hart
l ford Times.
BrOHOI Cakk —Heat the yolks of eight
eg^s thoroughly, aid oce pint of su^ar lit
j tie by lictle, and the grated rind of one
kmon ; beat the whites of the eggs to a
| Ht.tr froth, and add thtm alternately with
j tliree gils of flour, beating very gently and
barely long enough to mix well ; when
part of the floor ii in, add the lemon juic.-.
Hike twenty minutu in small loaves. I\j
make dominoes, bake the sponge cike iv
long pie tins (two mob tini wil! make
twelve dominoes, nnd if 30 more arc re
quired, th« mt of the batter may l,e
I baked in a. loaf). The batter in tha pie
i tins aboold mo be more Hum one-third of
j an inch deep; spread it treaty aud bake
jin a qirck oven. Hive c brown paper
nearly twice the size of ths cake en the
! tablf, and the moment cue of the cakes
j cornea fiMtu the oven turu it upside d<>«n
;in the center of the pa^ r. Spread it with
! a thia layer of enrrsat j :'ly and lay the
; oth< r uak>> on it upsiie down ; cut it with
\ a ':nt, sharp kuife lengthwise, dir-.ctl,
j through toe center, then .tivije it ajr.i-s iv
. six iqual parts, push them with the kn.f
about an inch aoart, an 1 ice them with
ordinary white icin^', pnttiag a large desert
s;-«oiiful en every j.ieca ; the heat of the
cake »^ll soften it, end with a tittle help
the edges and sides will be smooibly cov
ered. All of the. icing that runs over on
the paper may be carefully taken np aci
j used a^ain. It will then dry, which it will
I do very quickly. Mike a honi of stiff white
paper about five inches long, one and a half
iuches aoro?8 the top, and one-eighth of an
inch at the other cud ; put in it a dtsert
spoontul oj dark ohoooiate icing, cose the
horn at the top, and pressing out the iuin«
j from the tin ill opsnini/, draw a line of it
I acrosi the center of every cake, and then
1 make ipotl like those of ivory dominoM ;
keep the h^.rn su; plied with ie:ug.
IVu 11 SHOBTCAK.It — Take t.vo lieacin;;
: teaapooEfuls of baking powder sifted into
; me quart of Sow, a ejant half a te-icap 0:
, butter, two Übleapoonfabi of t-w^nr, a little
i s.-ilt, euougli sweet m<lk (or water) to mike
j a sofs dongb ; roll out almost as thin as
piecrust, place one layer in a baking-pan,
: and sprcai with a very little butter, urnn
j which sprinkle some fl >ur, then aud another
! layer or crust aid spread as before, and so
on until the crust is all U3I.J. Tnis i.'akes
I four layers in a pan fourteen inches by
seven. Bake about fifteen minu^ in a
■ quick ovsn, turn out upside down, take off
I the top layer (the bottom when baking)
i place on a dish, spread plentifully with toft
; ripe peaches picviortsly sweetened with
pulverize 1 sugar, pli.ee layer uprn lave-,
treating each one in the same way, and
when done yon will have a handsome cak?,
to be served warm with sugar and cream.
The secret of having light dough is to han
dle ac little, and mix as quickly as possible.
•Shortcake is delicious fcrved with Char
lotte ruß3e or w'uipped cream.
Wai.i.kd Oysteiis —Make a wall one and
j a half inches high and thiee quarters wide
of one quart of nicely-mashed and well
seasoned potatoes just inside the raised
edge oi platter, glaze it by covering with
1 boatfn egjr and placing in tha oven for a
few minutes, Piace the liquor from one
qUi.rt of oysters in a porcelain kettle, let
boil, skim well; thin aid the oystcru sea
| sontd with s^-lt, boil up once, ak:m oat the
I oysters (this liquor can be u»cd for soup)
and add them to a oream dressing mndo by
putting a tcscup of rich cream, butter siz"i
of half an e^g, ani a little Depp'r and
I salt, in a pan placed witbm a veatetof boil
ing water (or a double boiler). YVnen hot,
add two ounces of flour mix"d smooth ie
some cream or nrlk, and let cook till thick
ened, and then plann oyslerj and fir. et'ng
within the po'ito ami serve imme Im'ely.
EBOKBCnra —To imitate black ebony,
■ first wet the wcol with a solution if log
I wood and coppera«, boiled together, and
: laid on hot For this purpose two ounces
of log-.vocd chips, with one and one-ha:f
ounces of copperas, to a quvt of water,
] will bs required. When the work h^s be-
I come dry wet the surface ajain with a
' mixture of vinegar and steel filings. This
I m ; xtur<i may bs made by dissolving two
t ouocea of steel tilings in one hilf pint of
; vinegar. When the work has become dry
! agiin sandpaper down until quito smooth.
j Ttien oil and till it with powdered drop
black mixed in the filler. Work to be
ebonizad should bej smooth and free from
! hiles, etc. The work may receive a liyht
j coai of quick drying varnish, and then'be
I rubbed with finely ;ul'.-er:zd pumice stone
j and iinsetd oil until very smooth.
Oabbaok Salad — Two (|nartsof finely
chpped or sliced cabbage, two tablespcon
'fu s of gal", two of white sugar, ore of
I black p< pp r and one of pround mustard ;
rub the yolks of four hard-boiled eggs un
til smooth, and add a cup of butter slightly
j warmed : mix thoroughly with the cab
j bage, and add a teacup of good cider
I vinegar. Serve with the whites of the
j eggs sliced and plural on the cabbage.
: Fre:h, cr'sp, new cabbage sliced tine and
: eaten with good vinegar is easily digested,
! aad often highly relished by those suffering
j fn>m " weak stomach."
I Have ready a pot of boiling water, and
i throw in a handful}of salt ; wash a leg of
! mutton and rub salt through it. If it is to
jbe rare, cook about two hours ; if well
j done, three hoars or longer, according to
! size. Boil a pint of milk, thicken with
; Hour well blended, add batter, salt and
j pepper and two tablespoonfuls of capers,
or mint sauce if preferred.
The housekeeping of Queen Victoria's
i establishment is cared for by a bntler who
■ has asalarycf ?S OOOperannum. He hasfour
; assistants, who do the purchasing and see
i that good mev^ures are given by the trades-
I men. The chief cook has a salary of 83.500
! and the two pastry cooks have §1,500 each.
j Tho gold and silver plate, valued at §15,
--000, COO, is cared for by three special ser
vants. The number of household servants
j is ninety- fonr.
The Auditor of Ohio report* 714,555
horses. 1 31S 755 oattlr, 4 591,609 iheep
»Dd 1,624 077 bog* in the State and sub
ject to taxation.
London's latest is a comedy by Stephanie
Forrester, entitled "Black but Comely."
Correct ! Barton is a blonde.
George Fawcett Rowe has written for the
Rice troupe a new domestic drama, with
musical interludes, cilled " Pop."
Jeffreys- Lewio, handsomer than ever, has
returned from Kagland, and is rehearsing
in " L» Belle Russe " for her starring tour.
Agnes Booth is to create the character of
Y'oungMrs. Winthropin Bronaon Howard's
uew comedy at the Madison Square, next
Steele Mackaye has contributed to the
North A merican Jit view an article on
"Safety in Theaters," which will be pub
lished in the October number.
Pateraon, N. J., has been suffering dur
ing the paat month, from such an epidemic
of small-pox that the Opera House has
been closed and all engagements canceled.
Joaquin Miller ha 3 written a new play,
of which he intends Miss Cayvan to act
the heroine. He will turn the play into a
story, instead of writing tha story lirst, in
order to clench the copyright.
Salmi Moree, his determination to attlict
New York with his " l'assion l'lay " still
unabated, U negotiating for a church on
Twunty-third street, to be turned into a
theattr. under his management.
Laura Don will double the two old wo
men in the first and fourth acts of " A
Daughter of the Nile," during her provin
cial tour, and has engaged Alice Gray for
the two parts, in the places of Mrs. Sol.
Smith and Mrs. I'irker.
Harry Paulton has completed the libretto
of a new comio oper.i, which he considers
even better than " l.'-s Manteaux Noirs.''
Tne music is beinj done by Mr. Stanislaus,
the composer of " The L»ncishire Witch
es," an exceedingly bright opera.
The provincial crticdeclare that 'Viva,"
in which Alice and I. mis Harrison play
emotional part*, is a success. The
business has been line and the com
pany work well together. The rich K>ch
esier /iiincrttf anil Qkrwaieif stall present
ed Mi's Alice with a troi.hy of tljwers and
fruit during her season there.
This is the way Fanny Davenport's hus
band and manager '• works'' th<s London
press: "In one seen* she wears precious
»tone* valued at L' 12,000 (So' 0,000). one
jswel alone, formerly the property of the
CJaern of Spain, is said to be worth t'l.ooo
;$.■). 000)." (iooi advertising ; but very
hard upon kukuatrick, the j«we'er.
Meyer Lut/. his completed a new comic
opera, in three acts, the libretto of which
is by that most hard- working of men,
Robert Soutar. The work is strictly a '
c jmic opera, as distinguished from an ope ra
boutK', and the libretto is so far original
that it is not based on any other Man or
dramatic piece, though t?.e subject v de
rived from a French tale.
— ♦ ♦
The Covernmentis still lookiuj,' after the
vourg hipefu'a of the red men. TtM new
Indian schools are soon to be entaViiehed.
The London movement for the Lo: gfi I
low memorial has now received pretty gen
erally the en-operation and approval of the
great men of Great Britain.
In a libel suit »t Montreal, John O'Keilly
testitied that McNim«-e, the founder of the
Hi*>ernian Sciciety, offered him $000 to put
daylight thruu.;h C. J. 8.-ydges-, a railway
A lady put her vatoh nmK-r bar pillow
T.he other night, but cinhln't ki'«>;i 1* ' r
because U disturbed her sleep. Air.l trure,
all the time, was her bed ticking ri^ht un
der her, and elie never thought of that at
A real estate dealer advertises in a Da
kota newspiper : ' I can be found either
in the Oold Mine playing 'freeze out,' at
Mitchell's Exehanee betting on the age of
'old hoases' with Brown, or at my resi
dence, on Oak rtreet ptraaing the Scrip
Kila Wheeler has written s pot rn to prove
that "Love is BaWßgh." (JrUeooi, the
faster, thought fog was enoui;h, but if oi:e
was to be tied dowc *o a choice between
iove and fog as a permanent die*, Ella's re
commendation would bo adopted by a large
A jeweler lias long dnnnr.l a lady of
fashion for the amount of bis big bill, bn*. in
vain. When he rints the bell the to '
s-.ys politely, but liinily, "Sir the Crun
teas ouly receives en Tufsn.v.s." " I dcu't
care when she reotivea, ' thuucV.rod the
ir;ite and l.inL'-sufferini* creditor ; " what I
want to know is the day the pays on !"
They have a bogus baby case in Phila
delphia similar to that which ciused so
much of a sensation in London some years
ago, a wife having scoured, as is alleged,
a baby at a foundling home, which she
presented as her own to the husband when
he returned from F.nrope.
The Crown Princess of (lermany has es
tablished a school for the train:n_' of chil
dren's nurses at Berlin. The tirot thing
she ahoald teach them is never to yank a
chill around by tbo 1 rms, and the we 11 i
is to pay more atte:.ti.'ii to their charges
and less to thj youg men they meet in
tho park.
For the "HalcSSlTri
lungs. j^^^vJLedCyJLll
Care* Consumption, Cold*, Pncnteonla
Inlincnsa, Bronrbi.tl Dliarnltlrit, Broc
eliltln, 11'rarM'iif), Astlima, Croup
tvti«.'>;i!ni: ? i.Hi.'!i. and all -llm .v« or «i(
"rra-'u?];: OfrnnH. si »ooth< > and heali
iiio ?•!• m!>r.-.jf «7 Mir I cr.;«. i'.il-.mutl and
■ i-. . . 1 bj the <!..<■. and prevent.
the Elxlit mews anil ti^binrits rcrotn th<
Ii ■■ i-ii'ili ::r. . .i.:i .i-.v It. t (!\>i M
"•>'. i- not un tncuraUle mat. ."). St i>
only Q»rpKHary to bnvc the rlplit rrnie<ly
nnd li'lV> BALSAM Is thnt reiurtij.
mmrt mw •* "rtw. tor imi
••i-. • sprcliir Hill rare )ou, €ve>
tbonsb profetiHional niil ..•!».
&T Ask rorDR. WM. HALL'S BALSAM, and taki
no other. KI&H, (,i i!!l A CO., Agentt.
The Mont Powerful Healing Ointment
end Disinfectant ever Discovered.
Bnrefa mbbouo salvl cures eore3.
nan carboucsalvecukfs ekuptions
ann cahdimc salve heals umplee
Atk for Hrnry'4 and nve us other.
t;W Bowarc- rA Countorfeitt. Ta
KIRK, ar 4'< V A CO.. Whnlritale Asrcta
Bectrc Appliances are sent on 30 Days' Trial.
"tTr'l'J are rafli-Mni? fr<.m Kitnvorj riEßiLrrr
,'* «' ST VrTALIr »'. Lack or Nebte Totuz iin>
\ ir^iii, W astin.; \\ KAESEKSm. ana all tho-<- dijt;af i-s
of a lixsosa. Katvrs roult-ns from Apb«s and
dtiiik Causes. Spwijr relief an.l pnm|i!ew rerto
rati.jn of Health. Viqoe and Manhood mnumiii.
Iht- trraadMt discovery or tho Nin<.-t«-nth Onturr
Send at once for Illustrated I'amphlot free. Address
aul» 1 ) i» • ; is* v* )) &
E>>j|. 1 fit unLAT <^fe J
Neuralgia, Sciatica, Lumbago, '
Backache, Soreness of tha Chest
Gout, Quinsy, Sore Throat, Swell
ings and Sprains, Burns and
Scalds, General Bodily
Tooth, Ear and Headache, Frostec
Feet and Ears, and all other
Pains and Aches.
Ho Preparation on earth equals St. Jacobs On
*• a mafe, aurr, simple aud cheap External
B*me4j. A trial rntaila but the comparatively
trifling outlay of 50 Cents, and every one suffering
with paia cao havo cheap and iiotitive proof of iti
Directions in Eleven I-*n?uar<M>.
Baltimore, Mil., U. S. .*.
Ladles of Delicate « onstllullon tin
not use the coarse cathartics without danger.
properties of a gentle laxative and a {.totnaohie,
:>M" ..i to he especially adapted v< the wants of the
XX. O" It
Forir rears' experience or an nld nnrite
prescription <»f one of the heat female physicians
and nurses in tba Uniteil States, and has beeu useJ
j for f rty years with nevcrfailini.- success by millions
(I ir.ntliers f r their ciiildreu. It relieves the child
from pain, cures dysentery and diarrha-i, ..'ripiiii; in
the In.wcla, and win.i-o>!ic Bj Kirtng baaltli I 1 t!.e
child, it rr.sta tho mother. Pnoa, -j oanti a bottle.
oil-l KWb
>VonM hi VTlsili>ni.
BTo doctor viH fail to hnprttfj li:-* pitn-its "that
Ik* ii:niii!i aad taatb sboold b« hdlthj timnag II
I the f.Mxl and prufarrs it lor its digestive
«.rk" I ■-•■ .> ZODONT, grmtUy your family phy
■Wan,and«n(oyUfacomi rtattlr. ti:i3truTliS
For Ihe luilii'-. PlcaM a«fc ynur !>••»■
ridaa bb opinion of PUBt CALIFORNI* PoltT
1 i'm. II
artlafattiiri, tr» BALL'S PEPSIN WINK BITTER&
Ichl Ban, «•«» Fmctkeet don'tlt <* In
' ie ii'_- ' la| vi sale exhibition in tbe
■arid. BUAfTI CX ft PLETCBEB cxp.,r. Uaail
printing iiK-i feo .!.»} '■ . r ■•
ri'ium, an.i ; . ; . rarviTei on low
Lotieal, i:.i. :';■.? Wholeoale and . I
Ooivinfort-v. - - -\y \-*'
Aiid o*her l:uids in Cortra Costi ooanty, com
pn 3 i. ;: a' 1011: 2,600 aepsa, bi '. log to
the Esutl ■! OILBRRt W.
COLIIY, de.'eiiav.l,
In front of tile Court house, at
f ol the Tract ki own »?ihe Gov
«r 11 r: •■ • Ranch, eoippriauis; abon 1,2 n-rep, to
•jstbar with the Undiy led lia'foi the li:i^\:. - \
Frlsbie \- Land ) ittrl I So !7i, .■ otaining
abool !..-: j :01 1. ,■ Ing .: Ija . ■ t to •:.. ■
aud subject to a|rrai mant -i f oord, by which s:\i-i
tw,ini|i laruls ore I . I so :u» 1 1 sive aih
owner th* : :.rt , • :,. iha uplands.
f»rf .Mi the above lai.-Os to be aoU in one body.
Bawd — Also. In* mnHisasl charter ol . • lion 8, and
tie northwest qaarter ot asction '.'. :.■ townahtp i
north, mm ' weat, Mount Di.w 1 mcrid an, eon
t.iim: v about SSS ucreg, un.i known u^ the bird
» oniuiodious Km m Buildins^ •» liuih
Slid iiD- ■!•■ js arc (In-t claed Wbcat Lan U, and said
s.v;iai|i land* are first c!a-s Paetnra?-e ami Garden
Lands. Open said Government Ku.ch ia situated
Avon Stall f the Sin PaMq and Tulart Railroad,
oply 34 uhl'.-s di&tarit frmu Martinez.
l'oH-O'-lonj <.lvrn on BrIITTIT ttitfftl
TERMS OF SALE— A dspoatl of ton |«r cent,
j'i\ .i'le on dayol sale, in c:vsh or appc&vad check,
and the babnos on oonflrmstion cf ailcs and deliv
er> of deedj.
For particulars apply t.i 1.. I>. S.WDOIIN, Admin
istrator of tha )■ M..t. ol O. \V. Colby, deceased, at
ISenicia, Cal., or to the Grangers' Bii-.k, Sin Fran
Cisco, or KASTON Si. KLU.^IKOE,
*'.!•■! -»• AiiL-tiotiet-r 1 , San Francisco.
TIIKrt I'll, lIAMtteOII,
at Tiir vmiv
343 X Street, ii.-i ■ . ■- : Third ana roarlti
x>. or. QixaMcsirs&co
Al! clissoa Auction Business promptly attended to
Miii-, No. 1013 fourth M., bet. J anil K.
D. O. JViILLS & CO.,
SXrHANtfll C-N
San Kranrlscn, New York, thlrago,
London, Duhlln, Tari>., SkacMw,
"orlln. Frankfi.rt-cn-Vain, Vienna, Sr. Pcttrshurp,
Cojwnhapen, Stockholm, ChrWiaiia, Amati
! Antwerp, Geneva, Venice, aud ail of the principal
cities of £uro|«.
This Bank has correspnn lents in Mexico. South
America, West IndiL-s, Australia, HonnUdn, and all
p*rti of the world, and special laeffitiaa f'.r making
o'lw.tlonii. Rcl9-«Dtf
liiii-r. •■! Paid on DepoKils Scml-Aunually.
Bl 4ptf
t *: and X, Sacramento.
JoT Commercial and Saving Deposits received,
a d a areneral b»nl.:np hu£::ic«3 done.
F:xchan?c on San Francisco and the East.
Interest was pail on Savings Deposits' In this
Bank, for the Semi-Annual Term ending JUNE 30th,
at the rate of 6 pot cent, per aunnm. sl-4plm
— os^—
€38- It JBL. 3C MT
California State Bank,
JT Feed, etc, at lowest cash prices. Special atten
tion given to country- orders.
ssirriTrs « bkmv.
iC 2plß> Ho. 812 X itreet, Bacram«ato.
For State Senator.
State iicnator. sl-Mstd
For Senator.
State Senator. s3otd
For the Assembly.
Assembly. aIS-It
For the Assembly.
For Sheriff.
Sheriff. c-t.td
For Shariff.
County Convention for Sheriff. fSOtd
For Assessor.
(Late of J. T. 6IUIUII i Co , Dry Coods I>ealer9),
AsH'SHnr. t29-td
For Treasurer.
County Treasurer. »23td
For Auditor and Recorder.
County Auditor and Recorder. .- - J 7 ■t■ I
For Supei in; enrent of Schools.
County Superintendent of I'uhlic Schools.
For Public Administrator.
Public Administrator. s-26-ul
For Coroner
County Coroner. »39-istd
For Supervisor.
Supervisor if Second Ward. siO istd
For Supervisor.
By|iaif laor ol the Third Distoiet. aSSiatd
For Supervisor.
S. GOTTi I !S.
Supervisor, Fonrth 1 1 tl it tl*i-td
For Bupervkor.
bep: war a . tl isM c n.
Snperriaor, Kirn '.--'re*. o,'i tj
For Police Judge.
PoUoa Ju.l-e. 523-1 d
For Justice of the Peace.
Justice of ti.i. !•...< (01 Baonmtnto city.
! t«. C. j 04 td"
For Stj.'H Senator.
M:»te B«pator. 11
For Ehnjiff.
Sheriff. O 3td
For County Cierk,
County Clerk. i=t<i
For County Assecsor.
, County Assemor. aSO istd*
For Treasurer.
Treasurer. si 1 istd
For District Attorney.
_ / District Attorney. 6 oi) td
For County Coroner.
(Of Frilz ,v. Miller)
County Coroner. s:!0-W
For Supervisor.
Supervianri.f Il.ird District. 05-td
For Supervisor.
v/:lliam m<-laughlin,
Supervw»rof theSei-i.Ril Di>trict. Biaiistd
For Supervisor.
o' first District. „4.
For Supervisor.
Supervifiir. Fourth Diatrict. nig-td
For Police Juige.
Fotie* Jotf ga. , ]5 w
Corßer Third and J street*.
Fire and Marine.
EDW. CADWALADER, Notary Public, Commfe
annftr/'f Daadiand Owrrgpaaear. il2-2ptf
So. 8 Ji>w HoDtgomcry Street,
3C*^avX.^a I .CS'« : 1 3BCC»'3?3ai,
ml V?ptf
Grape-Growers, AttentionTj
our Capital Distillery and Winery in FLOUIN,
and pay the market cash price.
»13tf n. W. CARROLL « CO.
T. D. SCRIVER —Proprieto.
day or night. Coopos, PhKiom'Sfa
Rociawavs, Baroacheg, Bu^irles, with the fITB
beet roadsters to b« lonnd in tn» U very stable on
the oout, for hlr* Horses kett In Uron at num.
*'ao<U *"" UTCTT 3Ub ' e °° FoUlth ***"*' bctween

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