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Advice* from «■■ Francises- The Slate
«.riiiiK<- »n<.i.ilnt Affair at laai-lkt
i .impui.'B Wi-»ihiT lteporiK— Two Mrs
Stabbed at 4»*U»— The pV.tim.tV <nn
iriiilmi w.inun Found Urad In a Hall
way— Brpcrt of an Arlroaa «.r<ttnl Jm >
< 4IJ»-<»KSIA.
brand Lodge of Uood Trmplan.
B*l Francisco, October Gth.— At the
in ri.ins rirr-t ki of the Grand Lodge of Good
Templars at D»«haway Hall, Juice Thomp
son presided. Only routine huxinees was
transacted, .fnut li-f-jru the noon receaa the
election of tht> Board of Lviy Managers of
the Orphai *' Home at Vallejo was entered
into, bat w > nut comp'eled. The intention
ii to close tlii sui-i m t ijy, but there being
» taqpi .in ii :t of 'flatter on tho file, it i*
thought will require an evening meeticg.
The CoHlErrsalioßal 4.»*oetallon
San Fb\ncisoi>, OoViber 6th. — The Con
gregational A/wciatioa to-day adopted reso
lutions hoUliag it to be a Christian duty to
vote for do man who cannot. i>e trusted to
maintain t»ud enforce tie present or similar
Sunday law, r>r< viditg for the suspension
all unnecessary wrk on Sar.day, and favor
ing the prohibition of the sale of liquor in
general, an ' especially on Sunday.
The « blne«e Marder.
San Francisco, O-toVer G.h.— Tho mur
derer of Cheock. th« Chinese hi'hbinder, v
Btiil at Urge. One Chinaman who figures
conspicuously on Lehalf of the other Li?h
binder* wh . w?re B*r,t to San Q lontin for
robbing dec!;'* wifs of her euiiogs and
other jewelry. vs* uteri ia the vicinity cf the
scune if tmirdar a nHir. tiu.6 btf;>re the died
was comn--itted. Ho l>as fiace disappeared,
ar. i M'spicion pnio!* BTonfcly toward him.
M:y or I'rocwiins" --»Vloed by Ibe
Moyor-Ihe M MwtlsM Army."
Sa.n Keancihc >, O t :b*r C.h. — Ten days'
sUy cf mveeMtiagi v.'h ordered t»-day t>y
Judge Ferr^i in lh» cisc r>f Wheel. r, t!)u
, er. Tbiai* ruu'.i'.e Ugfcl procteaegs
in c. pttal C *e.i, *v& has no »x ; ra ►i^i.'.Hc tme.
Miu,r I'.lsko hBK returned U> the 15 iiir.l of
fcuoer'visom. wi'h l>ii vet-, the bills <f tho
S:»n Fr'-m^coGmi^ht Compaßy for Ighr
iog public buildups during the months of
Mar, Jane sml .lv y.
Tae "S»lvatii.n Army" o .ened Heir
KMrltual f..t>cpaigu ti-night at C&Pdien's
Hi!], Tfc:.y Bjarotel tlirm^h the »tree>B in
' i •«. -imping. Eul ttttracteil a, vtryiir^e
i-,w 1. They uimWiiiplate holding a series of
*J.i lal.iy Vrpurt — UuMy of Mlxdenir.nur
— i'atal i ■" "' a Theater.
San KkancihC", Uotsbcc G h. • Number of
d • i»»ln reputed i»t U.e Health Office ilurirj;
t!.p week, 93— in >'o* 57, female* 38.
Oae of \i-i- Cntnuora arr-'-'ted 'Ihirsday
n ni«picioo of beiog ro •earned in na
- f bow Ah Cheoolr, the Chi' e«e
1 i.fit'iuder, wheu searched at tr." t.u'.ion was
I ;o ci •0.-i! I on bit i ot>"in a
e-edged knif ■. To-day b« wa; tried for
D.i'demeuioi Iwfore .1 ihlro Rx. a-d fumd
T.'ij efcofng -T *fph Lamost, whi!> Xt
■ , h S . «t 1 > '■■•, fsll from
■ Biw " to the eto k*. He sutmiaed to ja
ii.H r. -' h' j die iit about t^rf hoars,
Ji4(B«ll tor riatetMT— >uil» AtJitn-i Uit>
San Fb »' L'isc i, (> be 6; - —In the ca^e
<.': Loren < .I'-irn v.i. (.«.-.•• i:.U, Xeln'>n tJP*r
: which w>.< cotnm«oced in Its7"i,
; ' ■■ ■ ••• : ja If : eit for
: . ;. ; the nn ol $10,000 He suit was
Jlj 70,000, r r diini^-« s-id to
ci taiaed by Uobnrn by reason of
t.'.r itaamibip ooiapany li^vin? lield iil-^ni
I - -i'Hi i f Pigeon I* int lanfiiog, ntar
8| aiiishtow., in Si:i Matea county.
Suits arc anw |>tnr^c; a^inst thoei'yin
voiviag to the btxpijtn the mm oi irl'.-i 923.
Draiii of a MtlilDl «>.; n.i.r.
SAS FrincislJ, O: ob?r 6h. — Uinie"
C'mk, a proniin'-nt ininiui; operator, ditd
here to-day oi quick canaamption.
Callfornl.-i stale Umnur Fourth Day*
Stockton, Ojtobtr G h— Tne fouHh dav'g
se^ion of t-.o Sti'b Grunge «•»< marked with
uaaoitod bttacett. Then- 310 100 GmogM in
the State, t>o of which i:ns t> pretested, and
favorable report; from »U of them were re
ceived thi- morning. Tno picciptl work
cf tha d;y «*s ho.iriax r "d au'.irg upon re
p rt* ot the different oumoiittee*. TneC"iu
nii'.'feim Inmrance i- • .r'< ■ '■ in favor of a
wMI-dtvUeJ ulan of lite iacraaaoe. They
fotrei v Rtdowme it raok, unkr tha coatro]
of i.h^ 8t»*« GrMTlge. A iep;rt of th«
Gmufen' tToion ia thii r ity was receiveJ,
el th-^ii" bniiocsi tioce the
i*tio3, Miy It. 1574 to "•h'- pres'-ot
ti: f A. p» r agraph of the report g»T« ; "I i
.>;,• :-s HO ]'-• a Dt. ol ttecipttel«t ek
. i on, >■ !■ of 1G per
cen\ t.j tin- -•■(' rsHrre fu'id »c
--un.se . f t.hu
yr :., . ifi ■ wll\ j M.ily the
; m the r i'iv! lead, t! tit wiil p»y
the c*|.u..i la full, civil g a*
awirki (.. 8100000 Tne i.u-in"^
rfed, r tngint; fro d 176.000 to -*2. : :j (K;0
p v -i.T ■;:.!. ftnd is xi'id-'r tlio oourroi Mid
ii rvUon of k ßoard if Direstors."
The foUowiog lesuilutions bava !>c;.i
ad vtei :
/ That this &ta'e Qraaga must einj.'inir
■y M '' ■'■■'■ with any political
Convention which nu have Maamblad or which
1:1 iv }■!•! axiti!:'<lo i" i.hi*.-ii.i'.i: f r the nomination
of cuitlMmtst iur ulike.
' . ni. while tl,i Order id thus pledged
•glint iai political »etk>n, H aeeefrie ti its mum
bail M iudiviMnls full frefloin on all 'lU-.Ftiu::^.
Ai ■ </, 'i ! at ll is tin 1 vylk'.i ol the blale Orange
of Calif jmia t'>at fit Ht\t LrglalaUlla pass a law
i : .:u'tlie sale of Rpirituoup, vim.m or tor
mented Hqoovsoa Ic^al h»lidavH, and &Uo to c>m
(m-1 iht. «.- u-(i:r. tif all place* where liquors of any
kiii'l sre disp hk-J "f OB those days.
AUo * wanlotfnn inviting H>n. William
Holy eke, laaier of ttM U Chester Co opera
tive Asfociftii -nR tf England, to extend fcis
vioit from the E»Bt«iu Sia'ei tr> thiii caaet.
The r.ex* I'e.s'ion of th<» Stale Griiico wil!
be he'd in H-n Jo'-a us Ih scir.d lu j -<l>y in
October, InS;{. 'l'i:e ho4aem «il wi. J n;>
with tbe msß.iri^ to-uurbt, :»• whii/n the Gflii
i'»i!riß will be c jo f erred, followed !>>» di>
Feast uf I' nmaa.
The Farmer. 1 « »ny; : (lon.
Stockt.c* Oc'nli ■ li b.— Tae deleffßtu : ->
the Farn..*: ■' • . ■■ > .-r. q i : ;o g»uera!l.
ban. Tin- ■ S ■, i ! « ( ir->. .-.- ho! .- it, ffemsttk
Pomona tr> night, ■■ >\ frr Oat a cancm i.f
Convention doiagal ■ . .-'■ ,i- '• M. 'I'm tec
era! fueling aeaosg ti e d«kjra*' N-■ n t- »v< ree
to nominatim fur any bffi m et»pt t^e
Board of X |i.liz»tio!i, Baiitmd Comiaimioa
era and Judges. A Urge numbsr furor
leaving oat tbe .In': 1 ■<. The present [odica*
Hnra itii that Thi Couwttoa »i.l nnmimta
fur Kiilroid CoraoifcutoMta 1) yie, lt^td al<]
Kjote. As tm Foot", it i> a foregone c >cc!n
ri -n — is to tbe other* i*. i< not so certain. I'
the pmgnama b carrl d i', i- bo'.ievtd it w)li
in tli' !■. -ti ;n ol Clirtoa. Ai to the
B>ard of Eci'iaiizifi. :i, the livelita'. kind of a
fitflit will be m*da b i* <■•. Kiiiib^li a:»I Wi!
coxon. K'^ .bill i< here, with vi icy b&ckerp.
AV'iiv x.n in not here. I . i- h»!ieved th»t
Cru'.cher wi!! be c'lost n i ■ ■!-"" ,>f '.;.e Repub
li ;i i ovtUdaaea i» th« T' v i!i Diitiict
Tnere are • thcr d i ;. don* likr
Johrs in or Ciildea, »n I ■ > vill ckooae • c«i»
raw f ■iiS\-i I'ruii-i^ A Btiober (f o'd
poll ioUns are h>r<« irku>«bcni Utrriaou,
of Sin Krai;iT •, ii ii re, W( r'^ii.i," fnr 1 > ..i,-.
- kdwiladsc i.< licr,-, vvrikii-g for a
fnll !icV-<t. but in h%Hiy lik-^'y to K'^t >'•
Tawa— McdnneU it hurt, vorkii • :'
;i tUr, whicb m*k i bj '>' gatnamSe.
The Hnih r
Il4Twai:Pß, Odtobai O/i.— Tne ini!iciti)C3
are that the rain-storm wil! coutioue for the
rest of the week. The dirnage doae to ex
pnned hvr and unthrashed wheat in the upper
part of HM v»l!ey is t*i i to be considerable.
Ttograoad ii thorc\i^!.ly staked, and
is already aipeaiks;.
Ybeka, October G h. — Another rain-siirm
prevailed ail last aighA, Riving .30 of an itch,
and it U ftill rai:.u:s; ; but the barometer ia
dii'itos fair weather.
Xi i Vi-ta, Ootofcer Gtk.— lt Rtirted rain
ier nbjnt 4 .'clock tb'n morning, and rained
lightly all the forenom. It is still cloudy,
wiih indications of more rain to-night.
Chic l, October Oth. — It began rair.inc
aH<s'it 11 o'clock last night, and rained hard
all nu,'bt. It has drizzled all day. It also
rained in tne mountains. The l-->sa by water
will te heavy on the exposed grain if it does
not noon clear op.
(♦rland (Coins* c mnty), October 6'.h. — It
rained here nearly all last lUt There was
a light, steady raia all th 9 forenoon to day,
eufficieiit te pUrt all rowd grain. Toe
weather in e f ill clundy. Tnere is much wheat
in •..■'< €xp»ed in th> fields and corrals.
Alt a, October C:h.— The storm which com
menced September 3>V.h contiauss, but with
much moderation. Yesterday we had a lew
hours of tanebioe, but to-day it hts drizzled
utiuterrupt^diy, with ro signs of cieuiog up
thus fir. Tue rtsult of the storm is five
iuchc?, nmVitii; a total of eight inches this
season. The heavy southeast winds which
prevailed Tuesday ami Wednesday did rruch
damage to the heavily-laden fruit trees, and
nprooted many of the locusts surrounding
our dwellings.
Marysvilli. October 6;h. — Thirty-two
handredtbs of an inch of rain has fallen niece
y-aterilny. At noon tJ-day the weither is
still wet.
Santa Rosa, October 6th. — The heavy
rainfall of last night and this morning has
il ne much injury to the lite grape crop. It
in still threatening raio.
Pet alum a, Octoter 6;h.— The pleasant
weather of yesterday proved only a 101 lin
the htorm. The rain was renewed at mid
night, and continues at interval*, with every
prcspec: of another storm to-nigbt.
The Campaign.
San Francisc >. October6;h. — On Wednes
day the hlufffr.. 1 »nj Duffers' delegatef from
ten legixlative dUtiirta compromised the ex
isting differences, and nci?p»<i in nominating
the following ticket : State Senators, David
McClure end George H. Perry ; Assembly,
Thomas H. Merry, W. B. May. H. C. Fir
baugb. A. G. Booth. To-nisht the«e names
were submitted for ratification to the general
Convention of Duffer* by a delegation from
the Duffen.' District Convention, and after a
long discussion the Convention refused to
ratify the nominations.
The Duffers of the Twelfth Senatorial Dis
trict held a Convention to-night, at which
Thomoa Sawyer acd G. W. Dixon were nom
inated fir State Senators, and Peter Short,
George K. Campbell, M. McNeill, James W.
Baldwin and Joeepb P. Keating were nomi
nated fir the Assembly.
San Francisco, October Gth. — ThU after
noon & conference coasmittfe. consisting of
Senator Miller, Governor Perkins, Horace
Davis P. 15. Cornwall and ex Governor L')W,
aod a eoir.niit'ej "f five e»ch from the lilnt
fc-rs' and Daffers' ConventioDS, met to con
eider propo»itiou» for revtoring harmony
amon? the llepublicana cf San Francisco. A
leadii g meraber of the committee said the
iodictfioLs for ps»ce were favorable.
Bam Frascisco, October 6th.— The repub
lican Join: Senatorial Convention of San
Fraocirei) and San M'.teo this aftemocn
nnnjinated Dr. J. li Goodspsed, of San
Mateo, for joint Senator.
Riverside, October 6th. — M, M. Esteeand
Colunel G:baon a -liirc^c 1 the people laat
night at the Pavilion, both making » good
Dowmkvtlle, October 6th.— A largpj and
i-iithii-i 1 <'.<i: Republican meHing was held
here*this evenini'. and addrerssd by Hon. \V.
A. Cheney r.ad (lon. Calvin B. E jf,erton.
Anticch. October G-.h — Mest-r*. Pace and
Van Dn£er a'*dr?»sed a larsje and intellicront
Hadierce in Union 1I»]I last eveniuer. Mr
Page concistly reviewed his record and that,
nf his pwty o>i the live tonics cf the day, nod
Van Du c er followed np the argument with
*'c lie- hammer blows that shattered the fal
lacies c f the Djmocracy. The meetin? ad
imne 1 with three cbferi for Vtge and the
Kepublicm tiul>e% acd a harnuet was *übse
ooastiy partak-n of by the Republicans at
the American Exchtngo Hotel.
REuwotti) City, October Oth.— The follow
iiiS a:e -I.c defefatai t) the Uomocral :c i'iat
Senatorial (Jjrventior: P. Cisuerly, first
towiißhi-i; P. P.. Ca'ey, second toweship ;
P. F. FlUpatriek, third t >wcship ; Joßet.h
Deb.'iuii-t'.i. f.'isrih ti>wnship; James Me-
Oortnick, fif^h t wnship. Geo. W. Fox, R
L. M»ttin;ly, Jap. McCorni'xk and Riehhrd
Cu'jni.ißham are RfpiraLta for the nomioatijn
from thin couuty.
YRfKA, <).-t"ber« h.— The Uspublican As
peub'.y Conveiitioa fcr Modo9 and Bbkiyoo
). m i Mniiiat id G«acga U. Ki,ight, of Hodoe
con: !y.
Hi LLisiF.it, Oj'oStr G.h.— E.te? and Mar
row :ti;<lrcßiil the Urgest hall meettng ever
h«-l! her. 1 , tonvh'.
CEICO, October 6 h.— Notwithstanding the
raii.-.sfjrf" tonight; by fat ih • largest au ,
most enthusiastic meeting of '.lie campaign
wis addresod ben bj Heuiy EJgerbn, c.\n
didato for C!uni're-.^'i:ia a', l.trpc.
Tax Levy.
Kruwoci) City, October G.h.— The J*>aH
of Supervisor*. «', tr;tir Besting held this
wsek, made the foUowfeg lovy of tt-x^p': S - ate
iunri, 5* *i emU; school tii;d, 16 oerio ;
cr.i.'y ibdijceut iuiH, ;i centi ; coaatj roa<l
: : ■'. H4 OCDts; tN.'Tintv )!.ti»rpi>t i'tud, 8 4
Cfn'B— making a t-ljl of 51 60 on eaobtlCO
ralasHao of property. Lsst yeur the Btate
and c uuty tix was $1 85.
lVuiuaD i ...1 .1 r.-i-. :.: Vim- Allarlivil.
Virgin a, Octilwr G h. — This DMtniaa
M -is. lir jwu, v W11111..11 of the town, tras foood
dim 1 in iue hallway of a borne 08 D Rtrec-t
Htr face WM o jnMJerai.!y b'uised, Lut no
autopay dunrrd oanctestioa of the lunt*.
caused by wiii^ky. The woman was thu di
vorced wife of an ecyirter at the Sivjge
Matt C'a:iav»n hns attached theJCew Yoik
miue for 52,7(i0, due as s»lary, ar.d Ko>-er
Sheehan, the natchmsn, hun attached it for
stabbing AlTr«> la a Itrollirl.
Acstin, October 6th. — la tha fcovre if
"The Kurcki Colt," a wowia ol Urn fanro, .i
r..w occurred thii eveniofr. in which William
Doherty and Thermao riar..:!: >^ w ra teri
;-u- y BUbbed. Hamiltua waa out in <hf
nick »!:J I'ft si'ie, and ilie ebMMM are thut.
he «3I 'ii-.
siioi in Coiii i::.ioti.
Yf.mv (.);tobMCih.— Triia m^tcioa at'hklf.
put 6 o'clock, ]j?opo1J Furrer, Chairman n'
the .'• . o - ;.:rv'nors i f thli :•. r, ity, arsg
sbot in cod i 1 od by \Vii(i..iu I) n.e.iT. a
iiCßa Ci.-piut r f r i!n> S Q'JltU I. c.tic 11 i!
r..ad ■; :i.,n:y. The :tivv :;- -w iui "f a
njonpy ■ r.-' s.. ■■ : i!:, l: *.:^ : \ Doßehy '/.
--ev.'j-j. t'.y wrong. Mash exdteateat exkte.
Vim.a. <);'.>■ r titb. — i"i:e Yumi SaOmtl
to-morrow moiniziK prints U;j foitowiag :
Y-eateid^y morning Leopold Fnnci w,k,
with' tit [irovocat! v or *am\r.y, »ln<t Ly \V*m.
I; .in !.y, in , mployeof tbe railr'>a! cootpaay,
1) n.e;.y had .; potlted with Mr. Fu-rer last
winter a c r:ain tail • f :n v y, which f.e had
ainio-t iiLru ;'li»t< 'y drawn a^.d gambled
•WiT. A. v.»;i.m tiona siaci then Oocehy
I has b rrowad monty at Fu rcr, pnaolaiiis to
!<>)' iiiiu when t.";e pay cs>- nuie. A short
time ago he t^lei;rip*ied tj Mr Furrjr from
<%-lcon iir SiOO, which wm refused. Ou
Thursday nij; it iie Ckuie in fioni lr:dio and
accused yir. Furrer i.f haviog MOBey of hi»,
and icsis*ed ul*oh piyiir'n^. T-ii-i wj^a i*
iused, »rd it 's re i orted that !>>nehy threat
ened vioLccj. Ou P'riday morning Dinphy
tried to a pi<tol fiom tfce hotel, but filling,
bought nun nl Gin'K'cbio's Bto:e Abnu' half
piec r> n'c!' ck be went to Furrer'a
s^! ion, and app oaddog where Mr. Kurrtr
i w«- s jtin s ' readion anewapapsr, bedemas(ie4
j p»yruent 15 f./ie Mr Farter Had time to
prdteet or defend UiDeelfi D.n-hy s' p v; him
I twice, ana ballet atrikin^ Mr. Fu-r.'r iv tLe
| broett, tin b»'l r»!.«^in>; uo*a sad | r,daoiD r ;
d-Ath almoit iiio;.utly. Doneby whs then
aeiied, rlijtrnnd ead taken to j»ti. At toon
r.s the npWH wn ci'calated there was attiiver
-;»'. exiire-si i i lit <orrow and con,tL'raatio»i hy
Mr. Furret'a frii;;i», and it cane near Uking
thediti :■:• ,-b i'if t.f a nccklie (estivs!. Tb-
Coroce 's j i:y fenad -* ver.lict la aocordancj
with t 1 e<f f»c - s. The B Rr.l of Sup?rvii r<,
tit whi h Mr. Porrcr »-m the Chkirmas, held
arfguUr mi* n.< fejteitUy aiterna n, ba*
ui : j Mm.el after ptfeisK raitable lemlaiiom
Warn It beu»uie evident I!. >t tr.« ii i -h.:h (if
sarrerwere iv earnest i-i their Hemindf*
for vtr^uti cc BpOB Dmehv, Sheriff Tyner
r-rativrj hix prisoner to thi Peuitentiiry,
where !ie uill bd c^omnarativily aftfe,
i ■■■ I • ..-I or San Frae.lH.u.
TrcsuN, ( rotobei >> li. — A .sVa;' spicia! frim
J.ena says that the Feast i. f Saa Fran
ci tea is the tirce<t ever known in th? State of
S.ico.-J. Upwards of 15,003 people hue
neen in aiteadarra fur he»era! days. Gov
rmor C*rlo3 Ortiz, tie State <'ffi:di« and the
Sixtb liitt.iim b^ud trriwd from H^rmo
<■«.-! o !his a'lernrov, atid will participate in
tlie feHiviliea this eveninz.
A Mo-10l lii-lian Aii.-rl.
TOOBOH, <)of.ob?r oh — Tie Star publishes
te-norrow tbe report cf tbe Grand Jury,
oharginjr, that the Cibicu piisoneie now in
jiil hir^ are irjisicact of any crime, iud tbst
the re. !ly guilty I^diacs w^ro lutp: ego per
mitted to escape through the connivance of
Indian Agent Tifficy. That officer, it ap
peaiß from the evidence given to the Grand
Jury, not only arraoge 1 t" have the guilty
Indians net away, but he purpo«ely arrested
the innocent Indians, and kept them in con
finement for months to cover the flight of the
; murderers. That it was no mistake, but a
con*piracy, is shewn by the evidence of In
dians to-i»y. to whom Tiffiny reve-.led hie
plan, and tolj them that this was the i.n'y
wiy to pave the others from bciDj; Imn;; or
shot. T cI i 'i.ir.K aUo testified to a regular
system of barter of 1-uli.ii Coods by Titf my
with mer^'.inis of Globe, Maxey aiid other
points. Too investigation reveals a condi
tion of granrl peculation and dishonesty that
excels anyUiicg of the kind evdt known on
the frontier.
< :.i .r. . '» -i tii a »).•<■: i i Car.
OoOeW, October C:h.— The Pullman or
"Isaac Walton " went west to-niijht, c intain
ini; R. h. B.Mknap, Treasurer of the North
ern Pacific; K»i!»ay, and wife; James B.
William, assistant to the President of the
same road ; Samuel B iwlea, editor of the
Springfield ttriiMtffteiaj J. P. linker and
Mi*» Webb, of New York. The party will
go direct to San Francisco, thence by steamer
to Portland, Oregon, and will then taka an
excursion over the Northern Pacific to the
cud of the track.
A Philadelphia lady has sued a druggist
of that city for $0,000 for giving her
cathartic pills instead of the rhubarb
pills, which her prescription called for.
The change in medicine nearly caused
the plaintiffs death. The druggist's clerk
aays that his employer instructed him to
make the substitution when the medioine
called for gyre out.
[S*ii Francisco Correspondence Recobb-Usion.l
Sa>- Francisco, October 4, 1882,
Wiod and rain, politics and the Carni
val ; that is about the record. The fury of
the elements for the juat and the an just,
as we read ; politics for the men and the
Carnival for the women — the last two
classes may be the same as the first, but it
wcnld be invidious to say so. As Ameri
can men always have done, and probably
always wiil, the busiest of the politicians
still find, or make time for helping the
women with their charitable enterprise.
One promising concession has been made
likewise. The Protection and Kelief So
ciety has sublet a part of its interest in
the Carnival to the Ladies' Society for
Silk Culture, the Carnival Association re
garding the latter as a beneticent industry,
if not quite a charity. The Silk Culture
booths will show the discovery of the co
coons by some Chinese Empress before the
beginning of time, them the accompliehed
and astute Punelope at her 100m — a chance
for a Greek mt- nor. a la Alma Tadema—
and last, billows and ma&ees of the latest
modern triumphs in silk fabrics, plushes,
satina and brocades to feast the eyes and
rouse the longing sense of touch.
In the ball-giving world General Mc-
Dowell invited society to come and waltz
at Black Point. The ball room arrange
ments were choice enongh for a special
word of description. The dancing-roo:n
was built for the occasion, and a dais about
four feet above the main flooring went
ronnd the walls. This was to accommodate
lookera-on, to whom the elevation gave a
coup d'n'il. At the edge of the dais, can
non balls were piled to preserve a military
character,, and at each cud of the room
were two balconiev, where two bands al
ternately relieved each other. The ceiling
and walla were draped with the silk lligs
of the regiments. The whole was modeled
somewhat on the scene of a fete at St.
Friday night laet the Chancel Siciety of
Grace Cnurch gave tin-ir tableaux at Sara
toga Hall. Tney tilled their hall and made
money. "The Vestals keeping np tho
Sicred Fire " was extremely well grouped
aod lighted, and "Charlotte Corday in
PrisoD," arrugned, with the exception of a
sentinel on guard, like Cnarles Louis Mul
ler's picture in the Corcoran Gallery at
Washington, was a great favorite with the
audience. In the last group, from the
Hall of Statuary at the Tuilleries, the her
ald I/lercury, new lighted, made the joy of
the retiring crowd.
The $30(1 prize for the California Gar
lield monument has been awarded to Mr.
Happersberger, a young Californiin study
ing m Munich. Mr. lUpperiberger will
be in S»n Francisco in a few daje to cx
amiue the proposed situ for the monument.
Tr<e oeiigu i* a fignn of Gariield, in a
natural and dignified attitude, standing
upon a massive granite jKdeota', at the
base of which droops a beautiful female
lu'ure, representing the mourniDg
cation. She holds loosely in her
brad two or threa of the useless bay
wreaths thai should have been her hero's.
The i-aional ea^ltd arc represented with
Epirit ar.i a regard fororiiithoUxry the poor
bird Joiß cot alv>ays receive, lv looking
at three it is not a satire to remember that
u -f it iirri tl;i in from Home and France.
M . BUppmberger *nll superintend the
canting of the model in the great foundry
ol Manicb, wiii.:h supplies ail Europe with
her bfOTLZ s. To transport the clay rnoriui
to America would i.v at a preat rifck. Prince
Leopold, a cousin of Kio^ Lima of lUvaria,
often visas the Munich studu » and showed
a great deal of interest in Mr. Happers
berger's work before it was submitted for
judgment, and promised the young sculp
tor that, if his design was the successful
one, he, the Prince Lwpo'd, won'd give
him, p. ;i. free, one of the most spacious cf
the Munich studios in which to set np the
monument and give it the finishing touches.
Tne tigures are to be modeled cude and
then draped to give them tho requisite solid
ity. Mr. Happtraberger expects to linUh
hia work in a }t-.r aud a half — not long,
when the exteut ar.d importance of the
work are conti ltre<l. One < f the Munich
Professors, on hearing that Mr. H.<pp<jrs
bergfi's was the approve;! design, ex
c'aimed with euthudiasm, "A'i, I like that
ir; the A"iiprican= ; they always j.i-e their
wink to their own arlistß."
CaßLi>. () tober6lb. — Paeead here t> day,
to arrive in Sivcramenci to-morroir : Albert
s. C ok, i'- rkfley, (3d.; G. C. Groaa and
wife. Bit . Mai !o j Ji'is. Onoper, K. Brown,
Mi». G.< It. B^ynuUla, 11. M»rTa Stowell,
G. 8. Dototb>ro, J: Conneßg, New Y< rk ;
Mi s M. Arentz, Norway; A. .1. Btartevaat
jurwiff, Fayette Maine; Ms 11. I, Keith
and c'ild, Btot . : A. Botrsad, Mexi.o;
S. H. Brodie, Orulo 11.ff.. and wlfr-. Ear.
K. Peek, Fr.nk M. Djdda ai;d f a mi!y, Mr.
and Mr?. Adrip i V. ><>s, two chiiriren and
Ktirse, T. Weil, W'ui. M. L' nt, Stn Fr.u
cUoo ; HfP. Ellen Ste*a t, H. 11. Leal, wife,
child an 1 Dar*a, Bietoa; Mrs. M»ry J.
Wf.lier, Bait Like ; Mr?. H. B. K^iidir.
AUnnua, Pu.; J. F. Rodgert, U. ft. A.; J.
X Ijimliurd, New Jerpey ; A. Wheeler,
nUeatn; C-tpi. Edmondß.fi y'.e, England ;
liny. John L*. lliil, Gu4t«tijsl»; John B.
Borcbprsviik. Egyot ; W. C Brajcb. Micii
k-an ; Mi-s H «■« Tl»io, Stoclttnn ; Xbomai
C.ber, .T.,!.n Wilkinson, Griffi-.h Oinrk,
Rttabun ; D. O. Brawley aad wife. Penr.
sylvania.; Jamas Shields, Chicago ; T. J.
Bjrryesa-, O^'den ; Jnlia P.'azier, IcJina ;
M. Obi^i'.ui. Japan ; John A. Wilson, Mra,
John A. Wila.-n, 6t. John, N. B.;W. T.
Wilson, Cunr.da ; J. K. t-'i) lire', liiinois; US
'lir.'rcnt pisitngers, iucludin/ 63 mules, to
arrive in Sacramento October Bth.
Newhall, October i> h. — Passed here to
<!'.y, 'o arrive in S^n F:aici»;o t«.-morrow :
N. C. Strorg. Mia 11. S. Stro«e, A. A.
Eirby, Mr<. Btroog, Daytor, Ooio; H.
Smith, 0. G. l)ccracc>, San Franci«c . ; S.
S^hnauer, Aiameda; J. Brown, New Yor!c ;
P. K. Smiii. end sm, I)eave-, Col ; E I).
E'Jiit*. New York ; O. W. Gihet, Oikland ;
Dr. Gam PhiU.'e!uhi»; W. J. Lindlcy,
S'Q Bernardino: H. W. Brown, Tucson, A.
T.: H. Key. Silver Ci'.y ; Hardy, Bi.ff»lo,
N. V.: B. t;. Billntt, Lib Angeks; Mrs.
Wjodrull, M^ri<. Woodrull fi^iil Bon, John
Berfrttrom. J. A. Netaon, San Franciso ; H.
Stephen, El Paso.
Osiaha, October Oth. — Left here to-day, to
arrive i-i Sacramento O :».ober lOih : Chas.
Liibby aad family, Spokan [Fills, W. T ; J.
U. Waggoner and party, Alton. III.; E.
Wyman, Philadelphia ; J. F. Soari?h*, Mm
McNaunhtoM, .Sjh Francitco ; J. McNau^b
tou, wif ; and child, Forest City ; Margaret
Rwf, Sevill«, Or.io ; E. Gill, Oakland ; Mr?.
A. C Furr,i-<*. Mr?. Uroagtiar, New Yoik;
W, H. Maudoley, S)nthr"'rt, England; (J.
W. Skiucer, Moatp«li"r. Vfcj W. F. Gilej
an J wif , Bflrfeame ; W. B. T&ylor, Ala
Seventy oae throngh emiifra^'s left |on
Irvt night'-i cmigr;>rt train, to arrive in
Sicraii.entn Oj'ob'er lSth.
The tjßomlbf transactions have bet:i reccm'itil
Bince our las-t r«-;*trt :
Oetobar 1- Krai.k Trot to J. W. Per et al —
Northeast qoartar of MedoD 34, township 6 i-or'h,
rof 8 (aft ; «8,000
OctofatrS-O. K. Allen to H. It Bheksaa— Wart
half of lot 7, in the block boiimlnd by F, G, Seven
teenth aMI EWrfctaaßtfe street*, city : Kflot.
Septe.nber M— Andrew J. Daßaj to C. W. Clark—
FortiaD of Svtmp Land Survey No. 988, 10S 12
arrc? ; * '..
CcWbcr3 -John F. Capper lo R. P. Burr— East
half of lot t, in the block bounded by J, X, Tenth
■B I Kleventh trects, city : irranl.
Dtcember 23, ISBO -Edward Cndwahder to E.
MoGiiiri— Soath half of lot« 7 and 8, in the block
boimded by Q and R, beventeenth and Eighteenth
street*, city ; *!,00>'.
Ju"y Jii-Cliar!ea Green to E. Tiusmin— f _ot *, in
the block bounded by N, O, Twenty-tbird and
Twenty fourth streets, city ; quit claim.
Ausrust 9— E. Tau3iuau to l>. W. Welch— Same as
precedi: l.
Aujfumt 7-l> W. Welch to M. L. G. O'Brien-
Sam? ad precedim:.
BAiu-ust ;-.l— M. L. C. O'Brien to Ka'.e h. O'Brien -
Same as preceding.
September 4— W. R. Hinkson et al. to Kate L
O'Brien— Same as preceding.
October t— W. B. Shannon ft al. to Mrs. Mary De
Pue— West 40 feet of east C 4 feet of lot 6, in the
block b ivind-d by M, L, Sevsntcer.th and Ei.-ntecn h
street', city ; rrant.
October 4— C. W. Pierce t.> E. W. F.igter-South
east quart r of sooth wriit <|uarter of section 22,
township B n irth, range ."> east, 237 acres : $.i,500.
Ortotier 5-C. L. Newton BD George E. Bate»— Lot
3, block bourdpd by O, P, Sixteenth and Seven
teen rtreet*. city : erant.
October s— Gaonte E. Bates to A. C. Swettser et
al.— Same v preceding.
October s— Mary A. Ames to K»teL. O'Brien— Lot
4, block bounded by N, (). Twenty-third and Twen
ty f.mrth streeto. city ; nu : t claim.
May 23 B. *'. Wilder to Sicramonto coun v—
I; n.i» ..> ; 50.
0.-fibire— Chirlei Le* to Pno?Se D. Arnold—
Nurtb half of northeast quarter, norths st quarter
section 12, township 7 north, ran?e 5 east : grant.
October (i— SaTimento Bank to Mich&e! McQnth
—South half of lot 5, block bounded by C, D, Thir
teenth and Fourteenth streets, city ; 9930.
Elizabeth Stuart Phelpa, as she was walk
ing on the beach one day, was asked if she
were not afraid oi the terrific storm then
raging. She replied : " No ; I prefer th»
Toice of God to the summer boarder. "
A Eemirkable Temperance lecture la as
Initiatory Ordeal. • £
The Independent Order of Rangers is the
title borne by a beneficiary organization,
numbering about 40.000 members. The
leadiog camp at the present time ia under
stood to be "Camp Theatrical, No. 10," of
this city, which has some two hundred
members, among whom an, ai might
be inferred from its name, a large propor
tion of actors, scenic artists, and stage
machinists. On the third Sunday of every
month this camp meets in the Lawrence
building, corner of Second avenue and
First street. Some months ago this par
ticular camp determined to have a new
ritual, worthy of its name and member
ship, one which wouM give the widest
possible scope to the inventive ingenuity
and histrionic talent of its members, and
Chief Ranger Sallivan appointed a com
mittee to prepare such a "work." The
Chairman of the Committee of Construc
tion was Grand Marshal Henry H. Hadley,
the moderatiocist, who is also one of the
Rangers' State Directors. With him in
the task were associated C iptain William
Fowler, of the "Thirteen" Club, and a
score of secret societies ; John F. Collins,
Master of Howard Lodge, F. and A. M. ;
Tim Pixton, who wrote most of the Mem
pliian rite ; Dr. Walter M. Fleming, Illus
trious Grand Potentate of the Nobles of
the Mystic Shrine ; Captain Joe Ai ken and
Daniel Sickels, of the Masonic Guild, all
high Masons and noted ritualists, each
of whom belongs to at least a dozen
different orders. The result of their
labors is said by the initiated to be
something astounding, overwhelming, for
beyond the wildest endeavor of the Sons of
Malta, Egyptian Mons, or the famous
clan of Guinea Witches. It includes not
only masks, costumes, collins, real corpses,
gallows-tree, headsman's block, elaborate
mechanical tricks, and scenic effects of ihe
most startling character, but a great deal
of theatrical work, in ornate aad high
flown language for the Chief Ranger, Vice-
Chief Ranger, Grand Marshal, heralds,
warders, guides, and cohorts. After the
committee had planned fully how the can
didates should be obligated, killed, buried
and resurrected, aad how by the sharpest
tests his eecrecy, fortitude, fidelity and
staying powers generally should be tried,
( '*ptain Fowler exclaimed : "There, there,
boys, let's stop. If a candidate lives to
Lot thus far consider him in, for to put him
through more would kill him." " Yes, or
leave him a pensioner on the Order for life,"
said Sickles, with a laugh. " Well, at any
rate, he would be pretty dry,' suggested
l'ixton, and upon that hint the committee
called off from labor to refreshment for a
brief time. The exercises ia which they
then indulged eu^^ested to Modtraticnist
Had'ey the happy thought ot laying out
for the candidate one more agonizing ordeal
in the shape of a brief temperance lecture,
with trimming!. It was accepted, and,
with the lest (J the ritual, pat in practice.
l"p to the last meeting of "Camp Theit
rioil" it was worked regularly, to the
intinite dismay of the c&ndidato and
amusement of his tormentors, but they do
not intend to play it on anybody any more.
Their last expeiieneigave them such a set
bxAi that they promptly excised it from
the ritual.
After the weary candidate had gom
tin Dgh a.l the ordeals, the Grand M ;:
shal — an awful being attired in II .wing
rubes of fiery red, with m&rron whiskers,
turban, battleax, dirk and sword — acting
as nil conductor, would s&y to !na :
'" My brother, I congratulate \ou upou
having passed the tests of endurance,
eecresy, bravery, the inspection of the sur
geon?, and that you have given satisfactory
evidences of contidence, fortitude and hero
ism, and that now the hurel crown of our
Order rests upon your brow. Before being
instructed, however, iv the grips and pis::
words, let us turn aside for refreshment."
11, n; the Grand Marshal would tale
from behind an altar and hand to the can
didate a -;a-H tilled apparently with port
wine, but really with a horrible and lieud
ith compound of gall, bitter alloen, brine,
and other abomiuable things, one teaspoon
fill of which would make the toughest can
didate bhivtr, turn pale, aad swear that
he would rather die than take any more r.f
it. Tfce refusal would be reported to the
Cfcief Kingtr, who would appear to taste
the contests of the glass, report the bever
■■■gi correct, and order imperatively that
ttie candidate must drink whether ho
would or not. Often force would have to
b-3 employed to got another drop into th"
victim' 3 mojt.i, but wht-n tha 1 ; was accom
plished a smita of gratiticatio 1 would play
«i)on his lace, aud without aoy more diffi
culty he would empty the glass, whioh was
reilly now one rilled with good port wine,
dettly substituted for the other containing
the awful mixture. T»ea the Grand M ir
6ii.il would gtt in his little moral work,
exclaiming :
"Ah! you appear to relish it. And
yet the addtr'a tooth iv this last is sharper
than in the lirst. The tirst you could
easily resist, bicau?e it was otTensive, but
thia, with subtle power to charm, is often
man's strorgett foe."
That all worked very well in prac'icc
up to a recent meeting, but an incident
occurring then knocked the moral lesson
higher than Hilderoy's kite. A scene
paint'r, familiarly known among hie friends
aa "Windy" Murray, wai being initiat
ed. The succors with which he had
passed through all the preceding ordeali
had given him an ill-advised contiience,
and when the B»>ductive-looking beversge
was offered him, he, being very tired, hot
and thirsty, eagerly Beiztid the glass, and
with one gulp shallowed its contents.
Not until they were in his stomach did
the rlivor reach his palate. Then he
shuddered, paled, and astonishment, hor
ror, disgust ani indignation were vividly
depicted in his countenance, while he
gasped, struggled, and tore his laurel
crown to shreds, clutching at hia hair.
The Grand Marshal stood before him
."peeciiltsß with amtz^ment and completely
i:on plusaed, v.hile a howl of laughter from
the brethren — sounding unearthly ai it
came fro-n beneath their mavks— fairly
shook the building.
Bat tl,e c*;np physician — i doctor of
high standing, under whose supervision
the treacheivns mixture had been pre
pjred—did Loi laugb. Springing to his
feet, he shouted to the senior Herald :
" Kun to my office for a slomach-pump
as hard as you ran go. The man has
swallowed enough to kill a horse." Mer
riment instantly gave place to panic.
Poor Murray's fright may be imagined.
He could hardly breathe, but he could
hear, an I gave hirns?if up fot los^ Masks
and robes were hastily thrown off, foo!
--iug abandoned, the cimptira extinguished,
a* d all busied themselves doing what
they could to relievo the sufferer. Be
fore the man Bint fur the stomach pump
con M return with it, a strong emetic
was procured and tlwilliltwui with good
results. An hour later Murray was sent
home in a carriage in a wre'ehed plight,
and the doctor had to remain with him
u-'irly all night. Ha hai snltie : ently re
oovored to be up and about, but unless
his appreciation of the Independent Order
of Kingera is greatly increased from what
it mn> at !:r>t accouats, it is hardly prob
able th»t he will ever go back to get the
passwords, grips and feigns, which there
was no time to give him that night. But
Cimp Tneatrical has given up trying to
impress temperance lesEons on its candi
dates. — [New York Times.
San Francisco Stock Sales.
San Fraxcikoo. October eth.
giOnh* 3 5!<5r3 50 200 Union 51
170 Mexican H 13M Alta BOW7l>c !
3 OKuiud 4 C 4 OUa* stOJulia 10c
100 Bert & B H 30 Occidental 925
lln > California. Ssc 7JO Scorpion 85ct30c
ISO Hange 1 6><rl 65 COO Trojan 5c
320 Con. Vlr 9* 100 Noonday 35c
SSOChollar 3SO 50 N. Nixmriaj 2fc
llMPotosi 1 *VSI 5) 50 M. White 430
a?) »?. and N. . .2 3»<rt 2S 40 ladeiiend'ce 125
SMC. Point. ...1 [email protected] 35 7JO Albion 2 £5*2 50 j
14 01-iiperi-.I St JOOElto 15'WICc
2il illnhl 185(81 % sCOArgenta. 800 ■
2M Belcher 85» 20u Prize 50c I
HiO Confidence... ...1!5 100 Narajo 61
18) S. Nerada fj 100 B. Tunnel 65c I
20 T Ja ket 15) 25 HH»t Kic* 12
20 OMb. 3 » 50 Eortk* n
If 10. Bullion SOcj 100 Iwj Me
15U Eich=qo« 4*c
arrißN'ooK -r-.-i.-v
ITSEnreka. HIJO6O Chollar J 20iS3 2S
50 N. rWin- 121 luOMaiioan. 'jir.'i
S's Argento 8 c 25.» Putod 1 sovfl 45 I
SSO Kar*jo 6j. 4<o O. 40 4(53 95
lMOlndepend...! 3:* l 3u| 350 OptL- 3 4IXa3 25
lOOOEko t<r>(tlsc J^ Y. .I»eket...l 40&1 45
950.*Jh400 2 s>g2 65 93 3. Nerada. 54 '
10) Mt. Di»t>o 4 3'OTTnJon. sfoesj :
ISCl.HtkyHiil Sc! 400 Belcher 80ig«5c !
BJ Bodia 3 »[email protected] 951 ISO Crown Pt 1 3D '
SSOMouo s'c 500 0. Vlndnia 9&@9«c
SOJ Noonday »5c 3UO California. 36e
550 Oro *c l»:0 Imperial 5c
yi BodieTua 65c 260 Alta 70c
30M White 4 40 170He«t*B %
100 Mmt » INOJuIU Ito
. SSDsmws. 16MH60) 10 Alate. 179
1 t»aST«...ii»a>ilio«BMtM k,
At the quarterly meetirg of the Board r.f
State Horticultural CouiOiissioners, Presi
dent C. H. Dwiuelle made a statement of
observation and experiment upon the woolly
aphis to the following effaet :
Some months ago, at a meeting of the
State Horticultural Society, I called atten
tion to the «.<> illy aphis as the most threat
ening enemy to apple culture on this coast.
While the codling moth thins out tne fruit,
this aphis n'unts or destroys the whole tree.
On the limbs it causes unsightly swelliogs
and distortions, check* tke growth of wood
and fruit, encourages the growth of tbe leaf
fungus (Fumilgo talictna), and makes
the tree a foul ana disgusting ob
ject. Where it attacks the roots, they
too show excrescences and eventually
become decayed and useles*. The similar
ity cf the insect to the phylloxera of the vine
suggested to me the search for a resistant
stock on which to work apples, and thus ren
der them proof aeainst the pest. I a answer
to my inquiries, John Lewelling stated that
be h»d found seedlings of the GoHen Russet
ard II iwW Jennet to be free from the at
tacks of the wcolly aphis, and that in (elect
iug you^g stocks he found those wi'.h de?p,
straight roots to ba better than such as had
fibrons roots near the surfsc?. He also com
n.-i.ii-. placing line and wood ashes about
the crown of th ■ tree as a rem
edy for the &phi*. Afterwards John 11 >ck,
cf San Jose, presented to the University two
trees of a IpOM seedling stock which, as far
a* he h^l observed, was free from woolly
aphis. They were planted in an irifested
orchard, and repeated attempts have been
made to colonizj them by placing twigs cov
ered with the insects abi.ut them in the soil.
Th'iß far none have been observed upon them.
If they withstand for another year, wa shall
thick that a very valuable stock has been dis
Id !':_•>. :in,' thia inject on the tops Gf trees,
admirable results heve been obtained in the
University orchard by sprayiDg in sum
mer and early autumn with a hot
I'e.'octiou of tobacco. Oue pound of tobacco
to one gallon of water is the strength when
first made, but from one to three times ns
much water is added bofore use. The to
bacco used i- the refusa stems and sweepings
from the San Francisco factories. To secure
efficiency the greater strength is preferred.
The liquid ia straiced and applied by niftans
f a Meriirnt furce pu*up and bug spray. The
wire ganz ■ 'v removed from the nczz'e
• n;l the i .ii liran'n having tbe largest
r>pec ; ng ia >:*•; isoas to secure a free passage
for the fljid. Tin- m zz'e is htld within a
few inches of the infested limbs, so that the
proces* is more a washing than a spraying
oce. The leaves are also dr-juched as far as
prae!ij»b'e. both under and upper Bides. The
temperature of the liquid iv the barrel from
which it ii putpp»d i* maintained as neatly
practicab'e at 130° Fahrenheit. This is not
very difficult t > dj by adding a pailful hot
from the boiler occasionally. This ia the
s'ltne remedy recommenced by Kllwood
Cjuper, of tbia Board, nft^r mm;? it with
meeess u^hinst the buck scale of the olive
{Ltcanium Olcu). Trees that were languish
iug uuilcr ruyriailn <.f the apUa were vas'ly
improved by the washing. Th} destruction
of tt c aplii* alluvrd the soap to nourish the
apples, and thty increased very rapidly in
We hive not as yet bad satisfactory results
in treating lha rob of th« infected (.rets.
QaeHoM destroyed lha insect.- 1 , but irjuied
'he rout.-b.^Uy. wtitre drainage wmt imperfect.
It nr-.y prove to to ;nfo on deep, well-araineil
| ?oi!s in tins'! ci'iantlti. j— say a shovelful on a
cirole of fix f<wt iv di^ojetcr. Etperiments
stould b.i tried ciu'.i nnly, r.nd at first on
l.i'e-<of littl ! vilue. Ttia effect on the in
!>eit-i nr.d trees onnot b^ j v ged of until
then i v been a good i'eai of raiu or irr''t,M
ti>n to carry the (olyaat p irw of the gas lime
d >w,i thnngh the soil. (J.ir'ion bnulphid* is
on trial, Mil may prov« t.i be the remedy
s ujht when we kujw ju-t how to ajip'y ir.
Ti e seijon'i" »xp-rier.c^ bai -hown a won
i!, it ii in:iease in tii? peot in [tt old hiu:ite,
and its ai ji^aranca iv now ones. An active
cimpiign apaiost it should ba b gan at ence.
1 Tne owaers of soain of ths nlllial acd hereto
fore au*t prodaetiva :.;■,;■ orchards in the
State tell me that unle33 a remedy is fotmd
I there will bs no prifit in apple culture in the
j future. Tr c Chilean Consul s»ys that at one
: ti:ue this pest swept off the wili apole trefs
liv Chile. This soaain tho past has bjen ob
3frvf div Alaraeda ouualy on the paar i« well
aa the app'e. Further observations as to re
r-int>irit tteekl should be miis by those who
have opportunity. Tlie winged form of the
woolly aphis will appeal within tho nex v . few
w.eki 1 , and it is imp -rtant that as maayof
tbecn as possible s'r.n'd be destroyed b foM
that time. lafeated tracs that are not worth
fi>ht;ng fir shiuli bi destroyed at oace.
Grub th" v oat wi U a*, lei«t two fe»t of the
roota, »'<! bora thjin. An old c'uup with a
f «w saoken aboat it v.i'l b.-ei.l enoagfa of it
to keep Bp tbe stock < i :h- neighborhood.
Vne pett i-i w?ll e-»t*'iiish'd in miny tf our
Linwilw, an-.i tiie greatest c»re should he cx
i'.-cis^d V: iujaro Urn >":i;i: f.uti 1:1 i>f tttcs
! ought tKij winter. jTuj roots a; well as
tops ehciiM be dipped in wesk lye, ona pound
of the c laiine'ciai article ti one gallon if
sv^.'er, it faked in soijwuds or tobacco de
coction, tt:cr cu'.ti:^ eff c^i burning all
roots tbat r.uve been iojure i by tba aphis.
The First National Gold Bink of Sia
Francisco declared a quarterly dividend a:
the rate of S per cent, per ansam, payable
on the 10. h.
Within thf p»st two day* thero has been
a ship from New York, LJ mion and Phila
delphia, respectively, and all with assorted
cargoes. There is vow no vessel actually
due from cither of these ports.
The argument on the plea of the Gath
erer's Mate, Watts, to the jurisdiction of
the United .States District; Court tn try i
him, ha 3 been csntinued by Judge Hoff
man to the l_:h instant.
Tne Viula Piercy guardianship case has
been continued by Judg^ Finn to Tuesday |
morning. Moat of the time Thursday was
consumed in reading the depositions of
rniny people living in Boston, where Mr.
I'iercy died, and to whom he said that
ho wished his child left in his mother's
Daniel McMillan, a Bodie miner, and
Tom Nolan, a teaiister of this city, Thurs
day night g»ve an exhibition of collar-and
elbow wrestling at Concordia Hall. The
match was for $200, best two in threo,
square back falls. McMillan won the
purdc iv two successive falls, the first in
forty-four and the second in twenty min
The s'famer San Jose lias arrived from
Xew York via Straits of Magellan and Pan
ama, She is one of the three iron steamers
huilt a few months ago for the Pacific Mail
Company. The other two are the San
I'ilas and Sin Juan, both of which will
ultimately be brought oat here for service
in the Pacific. The S»n .Toae is advertised
to sail for Panama on the l'.Uh instant.
Olticer3 W. T. Burke and Pries, abo-.it
one o'clock yesterday morning, arrasted
two girls, Nora and Annie Wilson, at the
Mission. The pair, who are only fifteen
years of aye, were indulging in objesne !
conversation and acting indecently, aud j
vere in compiny with Thomas Matthews,
who was drunk. The girls gays tuitions
addresses, and the officer* had a vain search !
for their r— idsaoes. Tne pair were booked
f..r the Industrial Sc'iool. Oil them was
found a filthy scrap of poetry.
Captain J. W. White, acting Superintend
ent of the Twelfth Lite Saving District,
has received orders from Sumner I. Kim
ball, General Superintendent of the L ; .fe-
S.tving Service, to place three life-saving i
crews en this coast. A keeper and a crew !
of six m<rn have been engaged for Station j
No. 7, situated on the beach near Golden I
<;»te Park. They w;nt out to the station j
on Monday, the terms of service extending
from October Ist to Jone liOth. The keep
ers receive $700 a year, and each of the
crew receive a salary of $40 a month. Sta
tion No. 3, situated on the Columbia river,
and Station No. 5 on Humboldt bay, will
also soon be provided with crewr.
During the trial of George Kendall, a
boy charged with stealing coil from-F.
Bimard's coal yard, on Broadway, before
Judge Rosenbaum yesterday, the complain
ing witness made an exposure of the man
ner in which poor people residing near his
placs schooled their offspring for the jail
and prison. After stating that he had j
cangbt the accused as he was making off
with a aack fall of coal, Mr. Barnard stated
that in the last three months he had loat
100 tens of coal, valued at $1,000, by younff I
thieves. For five years past a gang of 75 j
bays in that neighborhood have stolen on j
an average 20 tons of coal a month. This j
coal they take home to their parents, and, i
after supplying them, they sell the surplus
to saloons and groceries in exshange for
stimulants and groceries. Mr. Barnard
further stated that he could mention theae I
families to the ncmber of two score or more i
that never bought a dollar's worth o! fuel.
The accused was convicted of petit lar-
A Correspondent Writes the " Becord-
Unioa" to Continue Its Expose of that
City's Affairs.
Era. Record Union : I hope that after
so good a brcimir.c you will not drop the in
vestigation of San FrancUco politic* without
contributing some practical bints towards tbe
btst method of extrication from our present
unfortunate predicament. Toere is nothirg
for which the p)opie of San Francisco ought
to feel so grateful as for an intelligent and
dispassionate dUcussioa of the situation by
those whose remoteness from the scaue of
action insures their disinterestedness. By all
meaDs let the Record Unios render a service
to the cause of systematic politics by a free
discussion of the present difficulties with
reference to all their source) and conse
It is, p?rh»p», worth while to Bumniariz9
what has been already established. It will
serve as a base-lino from which to advance to
a further survey of the question.
1. The men in actual control of the politics
of the city are entirely selfish, and are work
ing for purely personal ends. The two fac
tions of the Republican party are almost, if
not quite, eo/iaily unworthy of confidence.
2. Against tbe small minority of practical
politicians now io i . ■ •-• - -i. .i flora are arrayed
the masses of the party, who ara impatient
and aufjry, not to say ditgusied. They do
not tyrapathi/. 3 with either faction, and ;:r ■
ready to cry "A plague on both your
3 The inaction of the latter Has* of Re
publicans is not attributable to indifference
any more than it ii to active sympathy with
either of the factions. It \< due to inability
to dircover any practicable remedy. They
would be willing euough to strike if they
could see where the blow r./u!;' be delivered
with effect atjaiofct the spirit of faction and
ia tavor of good government ; but the issues
are so crossed and entangled that no point of
attack ia exposed.
4 Theie ie no one to take the initiative in
a movement towards reform, mi-1 if any euch
should appear the ttf >rt v .'.;!.; te abortive on
account of tha impossibility of agreement
upon the method* to be pursued. Further
more, no matter how good might be the mo
tives of euch a third p«rty, the pewpap?rs
committed to the present factions would
thro* enough dust in the eyes of the public to
create the impre&sion that the last comers
wsre on a level with their predecessors in re
spect to motives.
5 Afier the "Duffers" acd "Bluffers"
have blustered long enouch to convince ! hem
hi-lvei that neither can frighten the other out
< f the field, they will come together and com
promise their differences — not out of aay re
gard for the party or the people, bat simply
as a matter of self-preservation. None of tke
causes that produced these complications will
ba eradicated, and therefore the Bituation will
repeat itself whenever the conditions are pro
I might, perhaps, summariz3 as foil wj the
deductions Iroui the above facts, which y< v
huve already drawn in your editorial com
inenfs. with a few others to whic'i you will
probably assent :
(a ) The Sin Francisco affiir ia not n>>
r.idic, but is, on the contrary, a c ndi.i.in of
things i)i it exists or hts ixiv.e] iv many
Arrericm cities.
(b ) This special C'liditim is the product (f
certain antecedent goncral c >nditior s. It :
the natural d'stioation of mucicipa: polities
fo lons* as dirtctf d by the present terideDcfe3.
(c ) It r. flits from the preceding eanabltt
atiijii that an evil of Buch loug slaiidiLt; and
so widespread admits of only a gradual core.
Any temporary ''rising "of the respectability
of the party sgiitint i's baser els^tnti", any
more to act icd ;pead:ntly of party for the
titre be".rg, c i.-uM only *feet a transitory
alleviation of tbe evil. \tlku wa diare^ard
the regularly orgc.niz^J partie; 1 , wi; ;;ri :,
forced to come back t.> them. Therefore, it
i« of the greatest Importance to fn-e tl c
a.ion of such parties frjm the vices that In
here therein.
('/ ) A radicil reform of the abuses of mv
: ■ - 1 . ■* I government requires an tatellittent
study of all the motives, forces a'ad tenden
cies that go to ujake up the statics anil dy
namic* of palitics in this countiy. Then,
when a correct understanding of the problem
has been attained, its mluUuu rtqaireo a long
and steady persistence in certaiu curse-, it
f dion that will heavily tux the patieiice of
ths multitude.
(c.) Tn<» greatest obstacle is not thy scarcity
of honest men so moot) as tbe laokot ii iptdar
ictelligenca to piik them out a^'l surround
• hem with couili'.i'.na likely to preserve their
integrity. Private individuals and corpora
tions have little diffi ulty ia finding men suf
ficiently honest to intrust witu their boai
cets; or, whi*. AKicuits to tho laiui thio~,
they eondnet *b«& bmii.ess oa sue'i a sy«t*m
that ttaering is luipueeibta or bu profitable
thin honest [ c ■fotnaeoe ai «!uty.
(.».) This ia the X — the mknown qnanti v
• f the problem — to ascertain how tm public
busiuess can bs transicteil on tbe tame prac
tical, oomn m-^ense principle-? as private busi
ces«. To do this it is r.ecessary to unravel
the we'i of i-itrigu«, anl selfi-h
--ress v.-hii h ppems to embr.-.ce all tl.e evil ia
flnecces in tre city, ai'.i make every tct.r..d
mia !» cmrpirator s ninst th^ public good.
I am cerUia r,f the ability of the Uec ii.n-
I'm "N to carry en t;ie iliseussion ot t;.^6?
queati'ii^ ia amy wUchwQl be veiy pn ; -
ble at the iresent tiiiif. K.
Sin Francisco, October 5, 18?2
' Francisco Produce Market.
Sas FssaacßMO, October fith — 1 r. M.
Kr.orß — Th°re i.» v > d h>c-il movement, lkst
City Ev.rs, $5 37J r . j0; Soperflav, ft 50i4 7i;
Interior IZ\fr:i, ;4 7> iS 25; Interior >„ .r. ..r,
13 7MM *f bbl
Wiikvt— A decidedly better testing prevailed to
da) 1 . Shipi«.rs ami millers wore both in market and
fairly large trans icti>ns are understood to have been
oitK'initM.it. :1 at $1 63 for No. 1 shipping and si (:?(
f<tr choice milling. It is a long time since 8u much
disengaged t«nnaee was in port, with corresponding
low asking charter rutt s. Any slight, appreciation
of values at leading foreign centers would yive a
i raarkci impetus to loc d business. Telegrams fr.>n»
Liverpool this morning report an advance over yi-s.
ttrday's figures of 6d ail round on uargoe*, and this
fact will probably account for t»ie improv»*d feeliug
on 'Change this mornmg. The call developed a
pretty g octal speculative spirit, but it waa free
from excitement, and operators kept within certain
well denned limits in their bldciu?. The sale? em
braced 100 tins No. 1 White, seller ISS2, $1 GhJ ; 100
do. No. 1 Sonora, buyer 18S2, *'. 7iJ ; 300 do,
Ct 71 1 ; £00 do, il 72} V ctl. Closing Lids were iw
No. 1 White— Bid. Asked.
Spot s?i 67J
OctoVr 1 (iO 1 , 1 SB
October, l'ort Co.U 1 €0 1 (,7
November 1 U7} 1 70
December 1 d7i
Buyer IS<2 1 7; •; 1 75
No. 2 White-
October 1 60
At the Grain Kxch.ange ibis aflernoon the sales in
cluded 11*0 t lit No. 1 January, £1 70 ; 100 do No.
•1 November, SI WSi, : SOO d^> Kebruan", $1 65 V ctl.
of .No. 2 |radM Wheat at leading cen
te:s loiay uro Ujlegmphod ax follows :
Chicago. St. Louis. New York.
Spot, V cental >1 IB *1 M;\ si . ;
Octotxr 1 "-.' 1 57j 1 si{
November 1 f.i; 1 SSI 1 s:t;
December Id.' 1 , 1 59 J 1 s«i
January ■. 1 <•-',
BuuJtr— F« the first time this week not a sole
was recorded at the cill Be**iou this murnintf. I»ur
inL- fie past four days there has been a good specu
lative tnde in Feed descriptions, averaging cio*e
up>n l,.vx> tons daily. Tne continued r»in his more
than hktly caused a ttni|wrar}' halt in buiine«s.
Brewing is nut generally inciuirtd after, th>ui:h we
Obtain bales in a suvill way of eood qaabij at :to.
Cheialicr char;.-i!< Imids wholly tbreofti prHaM
sounds, beinu nuotit)leat $] ">0 for Standard bay
■ads] Dfll X ( ctl for coast, Tlie faUowing table
■ISsillll tiie vijwsof cperatuti on eaO tv Jaj :
No. 1 Brewing— Bid. Asked.
>p .t .-i ::7»
October 137}
No. l Feed-
Spot 1M)
October 1 3)3 1 30
November 181 1 31 J
December 1 iil\ 1 .ft
Bow UN I 1 34
No. 2 Ft.-; -
Octobrr 1 1 27}
November 1 M) 1 H ;
Seller 1852... 1 IB 1 .7
"\r< -Business is fairly a'.-tiv-e, an 1 al:houg!i re
ceipts have bocn comparatively free within the
week, there is no particularly noticeable acciraula
ti.ms of Stock. There is stiil a wide inir.'in m val
ue*, the ran^e bcinjr from $1 50 to si 65 V ctl.
KM— The Nebraska article competes with the
home product. The < ff'*ri:i§rß of choice California
are ROt lar^e, but the demand is not srentral, and :
ejnfined at the best of times t-j limited quantities
From il 00 t> 82 12} is about the ranije for irood
sample?, whi c No. 2 would bardly bring over il 7 r >
V cl.
Coh.^-*1 €7; '1 70 ¥< cl for large Yellow.
BI'CKWHBAT— SI 4'Jitl W ctl.
Hat— Steady at current rates Alfalfa, 813 50«
11 ; Wheat, ilo'-gli; w,id Oat, »155«16 * ton.
Hum- The market U a strong one, and >I 1 good
lota scM resdily at the quotations For large par.
ccl» au advance can be had on our quotations. We
quote: Choice California, WQC2 : ; Fair do, "js.a
b7ic ; Orciron and Washington Territory, S7MMOC.
Skkds- N) large businesa. -M:niar.i, |„ <; 25 for
Bown and 81 9052 lor Yellow; Canary, tMgte;
Hemp, [email protected]&i:; Rape, 2i<a3c; Timothy, [email protected]: for
native, aorl lOiailc f<r imporUxl ; Alfalfa, lOa'.^Jo ;
FUx. >|Bia*».
Potators — Liglit receipts for a day or two have
occasioned an advance in prices. Early Rose, CO9
00c: Oaraet Chile, 9j"<a*l 10; Early G.x>lrich,
75c?$l; Peerless, CSc«l 10; Sweot gl 73 V ctl.
Onai-in in abundant snpply for all Immediate
want*. (; lotible at bC(aooc V ctl.
Bsaas- Tlie market is Btevly, and prices are
slightly buoyant. Bayoa, K6i}^2 75; Butter,
ST}'tf3 2> for tcia;l, and S3 10a$i 50 for large ; Ultra.
J3 sn<a3 75; Pea, »2G5»t2»5; Pink, J2 l'U
2 37»; Red, 12 12)^2 37} ; small White. «2 75<a
2 Si : lante White, «S 3Oi»-2 40 « cU.
Vboetablw— Values generally more steady, and
better prices for some varieties are being obtained.
Marrowfat Squash, 10 as $ ton ; Car _>t«, 30\a*0c :
Turnip*, 76c.gil » ctl; Cauliflower, SCyUGoc %t
loren ; Cabbage, 5.>aT5..- V ctl ; Garlic, 1 '1 »c V
». ; Cucumbers, 40050 c V b*x ; Green Peaa, :!j t
;-W Si; Oreen Peppers, iO(glh-. V box; To
aaaioee, 25^30c V box ; Celery, SOc V dozes ; Son
our Squash, TicMll » box , 3trinf Beans, «i(94c V
B>:1 Lima Beans, 4J^sc » !b ; Greea Corn,[email protected] »'
dozen ; Okra, 75«a*l ; Ekk Plant, WX«f7sc V box ;
Dried Okr», 20c V tt>-
FttriT— Receipts for a couple of days have been
rather limited, hat the weather is not favorable to
any lar>re consumption, ana prices have not been
materially disturtied. 1 here are but few good Ap
ples in market, while Pears have almost given out.
I'eacSieg make a ifood exhibit. Fiirs are in fair sup
ply and good in quality. Straw berries come in daily ,
but are not in general request, and consequently do
not sell freely. Watermelons and Canteloupes
can be had at buyeis' owu fißUres. Apples,
S(Xgsoc fur common 'and [email protected]*l » box for good;
Pears, 40c(irSl » box ; Strawberries, *7 ® 10 V chest;
Peaches, 6uc«**l *> # box; Figs, 4?®^ »
box; Grapes, 35<5jt5Oc for common, 4<X'*6oc for
Black Hamburg. £>oig"sc for Rose of Peru, sO**7sc
Sbox for Muscat, and sOiC?7sc 9 box for Tokay ;
I Plnms, WXsT75c V box ; Quinces, 75«a«l V box ;
Watermelons, *4'99S 100; Cantaloupes, s<*&9oc V
crate; Lemons, »7<«S V box for Sicily and «3 ¥ 'box
for California; Limes, p>@l # W for Mex
icm ; Tamarind*. ISQUc S*: Bananas. P!<S3 60
V bunch ; Tahiti Oranges, [email protected] » thousand.
HosiT— Comb, U<£l7c : extracted, 7c*loc * *.
Bittkr— Dealers believe that top prices have
been touched this season, fiicept for prime fancy
dairies it i» difficult to obtain the outside quota
tions. Medium fresh qualities are in lanje sup
ply, while the Btock of pickled in the city is
known to be rather extensive, and it Is believed
that a pretty fair quantity is yet in first hands
in the country. Fancy, 47Jc ; choice, [email protected] ;
fair to good, SO^MOi; ; Inferior lota from country
stores, 23<a253; firkin, 29<<*31c for good to choice,
and 25»27Jc for ordiaarj ; pickled roll, 30<!{32Jc ;
Eastern, 2iXot ac 9 ft.
Ciixiuk— ls mortaa off a? well as could be ex
pected. Prices keep easy. California, 124<313ic for
choice ; 106*12 c for fair to stood ; do, factory,
in boxes, ■ [email protected] ; Eastern, ICigl.c ; Western,
liwnjc » n>.
Egos— Arc scarce, and holders are not anxious to
cell. The rainy weather is likely to prevent the
transportation of liberal supplies. California, choice,
42<g44c ; Interior, 3s^t4Oc ; Utah, gS&NI ; West
ern, 3tlc $ d.izin.
Pwltiiy— There has been a good demand all
through the week. Live Turkeys, pobblers, luV*
It*: ; do Hens, U'glfys ; ttoostcirs, 85 f>o u-6 50 for old,
and J6<{t7 50 for young ; Heta, 10 60^7 50 • Broilers,
»4(55, aiordlne m tiv; Ducts, J4 fo'<<7 »
do*; G»ae,«[email protected] 25 $ pair ; Oosliu/', *1 6032 19
Gamk — Consignments in good order find quick
sale, yuail.si boul 76 W doz ; Mallard Ducks, S4 sOtf
660 ; Sprigs, s:i:<*3 60 ; Teal, ¥2<.c/2 25 ; Widgeon,
•S.'@2 23 ; Hare, «2 «2 25 ; RMblte, 11 2531 75 ; Veni
son, 6s9e V tti
Wool— The market has been a dull one during thu
past week. The principal demand has come from
local mills and 6courers, being confined mainly to
Oregon and the better grades "f Fall descriptions.
Poor spring and defective fall move slowly. Wo
quote spriug:
Humboldt and Mondocino, $ Ib 25>820c
Souorna 22 "24
San Joatjuin, free 17ii?lS
San Joaquin, defective 14 - 1 7
Southern Coast, burry aud seedy 15(a17
Eastern Oregon, choice 23(324
Eastern Oregon, fair .20C*22
Eastern Oregon, poor 18011
Valley Oregon, fine 25#27
Valley Oregon, coarse. [email protected]
We quote fall :
San J.>ai|iiin and coast 10(<U2c
San Jom|uin and co:iet Lamb, good i : - ; ♦
Northern fall, free 15(gl~
Northern fall, defective 11«J15
Northern fall, Lamb 16(517J
Free Mountain 13gl(i
Eastern and Foreign Markets.
Nkw York, October Cth.
Brbadstufts — Floor is steady and Wheat is
Strong, latter at *1 Or>!gl 13 $ bushel.
Wooi^-Califoruia is more active at 12314 c for
fall lorry, aud I&S2OC f or clean fall ; spring burry,
IMSOe ; dean spring, 24c*32j ; pulled, [email protected]
HiuiiSr— California are strung at ;;4i<s24Jc.
Cmc.vy 1, October G'.h.
Whbat- '.•'.:■ It K.veml.er
Oom tHje for November.
Pour — i-Jl !>5 for November.
Lard — 512 .V> for November.
Baoos— <U I. t if X.iv..-inber for nhj and ?; I BO
for dhort ribs.
Litirpool, Cctober Sth
Whuat— CaJHornia »pot lnt» are dull al M 1 1
to 9s 6. Cari;o lots, 41s for juat shipped, 41a
fur nearly due and 4 is for o!I coast.
Boston Wool Market.
I>m ik, October 6th.
WnoL The demand for Wo il isttea '•■ . ':
show a (jliiiiL- off compared with asma previous
weeks, bat t *j •- bugineM done urns f.ir, the aggregate
amounting to 2,350,000 pounds fur the week. S^lcs
nf Ohio tiini Poni q Irai i.i Beeees haw ijc^n nude :it
il .' ilc for X, [email protected] f r XX and \\.\ and above.
Michigan X flacces have been MlHng at ::■ '10 and
in tinn at there prieea. Oomhhig aaddefadoe Mlee
it.uis are in deinuud, with suit's at 4r.'4<»-j for fiiie
.1 1 J.iiin-. !7 .1:" : c i.>r X'>. 1 combing. Coirse c >mbin^
nagai (rom SSeto4le,and now aha 1 fromS£}c toSSc
for course and mt-daim. I'nwashcd wools' are in
dem.nd, a-.il have been gelling at Isa23c for coarse
and low, WgS3c for Sac and medium, with choice
selections higher. California w.-ol is quiet, at 21j(d
Sic, us to quality, with moderate sain. Polled
wools are firm aL 44 ,£4:>c for choitre and Buperior,
with sales at those fUaires, and 134340 c for c »mmoii
and i;ood supers. Foreign wool has been ci'iiet.
There is very little on hand. Sales of 190,000
pounds Cupe on urivate terras; also sales of sn-.al.
lots of Heaitamßsaa carpet.
Soxri^unto Prodaoo Mariot— "Wliolecale
iOi>rrect«d daily.ior the Uscokd-Ukion.j
S4CRAMBNTO, O -.'lober fitll.
Fki'lT — The rains have injured the angathftred
enp nf Gn«i.i;, \t.rv materially. They ure qootod
at 90c to jl 25 V crave; common. So#7Gc; i.m. h
cs, -^l.-i^l -^ y box ; Ijcnionr, s; .:' . , i.> :.'_';!* ; do,
(Uoomia, i2Me 3 SO 9 box ; Orangog Tahiti,
X ■:. 50 f box ; umaa saOiog al n 2531 50 W 100 ;
iv.uD'w, £i M^4soa] bunch; lv, mptw, -
ir>?er. ; Cjeoaujv-i.i7.u-7 :< > V 198; Phun*,
Ib; Paan, eammon, Bl 2s ; Bartietta, fl 6o32V box-
Apples, [email protected] ?i tx>x.
.ii» r':-.i. in— Assarted, ",\-% can-;, ?9 dor, ?-2 ;
■ !, gallon ttim, i r >; Peuched, £i-lt. ami.
12; Portland BlnsDerriea, ■.'-&»:::,?.'; Wh.
Iclwrries. *1 75
TißLii ttM lia Assurtad, Cj-5> can«, ¥ <lot, X 7.' ;
Paacl-.c*, J2 C 5 ; Barttott Pears, & 8 . ; I'iiiiL „ -
erries, $B ; GOOI • -. 8 ;Sl • • rn-is
18 - r -; A>>ricotß, 12 8S; M^.ci. .-.-v,-.;=, J2 7 j ; ucd
Currants, $3 25; Osenfas, $3 25.
D'uao Fiuina — App!u», tjllcwl, BS7o •$ fi,; do
■Viauered. 5:lt0;: pean, po:'.ed. 7 •rse; d->, v.;i
pecied, 4u<sc ; riatn,-, pltieJ, 10 ■• 11 ; ; Poaches.
6c7c: d peeled, I: 1 ."JOc ; !'- ■ •.■ r.rjm anil
French, 12JHc; Rackbonies, 10^10:; Fi«i, Ca'.i-
V— WAWiiia Sweet r-.tu'oos. Bad, 191^0 V n> ;
Oaolinas, SI 50 V»t ; Wax and strinj,- Beans, 1; •■ .' ;
Shall Bsana, cranberry, tfl6e ; Lfaaas, Mtdc
areen corn, 100166 mt d'izeii ; Touvitoea, 50^60c
ooz; Summer Sipi.tah. lftSo V- tt. ; Potatoes, 90ck
$1 10$cwt; Onioos, BO^SUeVcwt; Cauliflower, 75
ttt'JOc ; 'Jabb«e, Sli-tl -i"i %> cwt ; Tirrots ;;.m;i Sj
c<»t ; Turnips, il io S 100 ; 'j.iueh vegctab'.aa, I2^c«3
iloj ; Parßni|«, lie; Beet 3, lc ; Celery, 70: W
doica ; Ilorse UidUh, BjrlOc¥ tt> ; Green Pc-.^, [email protected]
W R> ; Artichoke?, 2S<a3oc ■> dozen ; Curiunbere, 4m-
Sc^doi; Green Peppers, tsl-cK »; V.tz Pln.nt^i
4 <r."ic ; Watennelong, 75c<i*$l doz; C uitaioupes,
50«i75.' ¥ dozun; Gretu Okra, &S7c ¥ «■.
BRKAiWnrrre— Flour, »fi 25 * b&i; i»tn<cal. »B
« 100 B« ; G-niu:eal. yellow, 32 2iiS2 50 ; white,
S2 35<tt2 tf>; Cracked Wheat, EJ W> -r.i.
Poultry— Li\c Turkey, 1301 4 -** It; full crown
Chickens, $0 ;>0 ¥ dozen ; yount Kotwtore, MWM 50 i
$ doi: Btr.ilcrs, IB0B: tami Dncka, *rj :>'>^j~ ; ■
Gee«. tl m<i° 5> puir ; Fjirs, 40(a-!.V >< dwu. ~
Outl c t ni iil, »l ?f,(.rl b0 ¥ dozen ; SUilml I)u-Vb,
Si:« 4; Bpcig».tl 76®8; Teal, «1 5001 75; Hare,
II !30S; Kibi.its, >1>...1 ;.O; Doves, s,\<}7sc doz ;
Venisiin, [email protected] V ft..
Daiiit Prodbct* — liutt«r, tarcv dnirv, 10 945; V
Ib ; mixed lots, In rolls, g6£4oc !!■ ; Ci.f^j,
California, from itSIGo; Western, flats, 10i3-15c ;
Mirtin'a Cream, !•.) ,»20c.
Mrais— Beul, 7c; Unttnn. 6c ¥ It. ; f-anih, 7^B,'-
Pork, 10411 c; V—i, small calvts, hw!k ; larxe, 7c.
Hay, Oraih >su Fkf.d— '.>»; h-.«, t> voa, fisv3i7 •
V.r»!!«, *10 to $12 * loa; brsn, '» ton. gls. mi.i.
ii'dnjr«, *28 per ton : Wlrv, whoj«, f 1 to ; ground I
*1 4f. ; wheat, $1 Cf.iT'l 75 » cn-f ; tanie *'■.. « |
-wt.. »2 95: c.m, yellow, (SQ3 25 p C wt ; white,
*J 25-J-J 60 » cwt
WfiaHiMWOW Heals Alfalfa, 1C{^1"1" ■ Timo.
thy, Eastern, 11<vi12c $ Ib ; Oreron," BftlOc 1
Bed Cio.et, l. r >nrl«c; Red Top, l:'j;fflic ; Snt«_'
English Walnuts, lOJgfUc ; Aim-win it-ir,-
Peanuts 10 nile : Tallow, 7j.<rS' ; UU\i~> i»!t Cki»
iy; *tv. 20'; Ho-w— Have t»k--n a still further
risi and are now mMug st from (lOci i c.
A Cincinnati laborer was brought before
a police magistrate on complaint of his wife,
who said that her hueband was possessed
of a book, of magic, by means of which he
waa able to cist a spell over her children,
and do with them zs he liked. It appeirs
that for five years the husband has kept
his family in a state of abject terror
through their belief in this superstitious
bock of magic and its power, fie was
I will now state thai I mule nbaetdom cure of
one of the worst ca a ea of skin rtinnMn known. The
i i.raii'M i« a man forty yaaxl 01.l ; h id red aftc:n
! vc.ir-. Ilia eyes. ?c»lp, and n< -irlv b'n «bo c body
presented a frishtfu! arpeari'»e. Hal had the
' atteniion nf tw.lv<; different phytidana, who pre
j scribed the bett remedies knowu to the i»r. I
euch h* lodiie, potis-ium, arsenic, UttiiMiTt k 'iV-
Innate, Klrsap-irijb, (tc. Had paid j.'ifM) for medical
treatment, with but little 'clief. I prevailed upon
him M uae the Ci-icira RanLTOI i itcrnallv,
: and the Citicira and CVTHitU Soap externally.
j He did so. and was completely cured. The skin on
his bead, face, and many other parts of his body,
which presented a moat loathsome appearance, is
now as soft and smooth as an infants, with no scar
or trace <»f the disease left behind, lie has now been
cured twelve moitln. Reported by
F. H. BROWN. E*q.. Barnwell, S. C.
Rev. Dr . in detailing his experience with the
CUTICURA REMEDIES, fail Hut through Divine
Providence one of his pari^hionera was cured of a
scrofulous 9<*re, which was slowly iira : nintr away his
life, by the CUTICUR* RE< iLVKST internally,
andCUTICUR\and CUTICI.RA SOAP externally.
Tho poipon that ha<l fed the diiease was completely
driven out
Sixteen months since an eruption )>r.>ke out on
my le:,' and both feet, which turned out to be Ecze
ma, and c wed me great pain and ann< yance. I
tried various remedies with no cood results, ULtil I
usrd'hcCTTICCKX RKS >LVKNT internally an I
CUTICURA and Cl HCURA SOAP externally .which
entirely cured me, so that my skin is as smooth and
natural as ever. LES. M. FRAILEY.
6t .South street, Baltimore.
The Cuticura treatment, for the curt of Skin,
Scilp and Blood di'eues, consists in the internal use
of CUTICUdA RESOLVENT, the new Blood Puri
fier, and the external use cf CUTfCI'RA and CUTI
tURA SOAP, the Grea". Skin Cures. Price oj
CUTICURA, small *oi>s, BO cent* ; larp> boxes, »1.
CUTICURA RESOLVENT, *l per bottle. CUT!-
SOAP, 15 cenU. Depot,
W EKS ft POTTER, Boston, Kaa.
Sacramento, October s— By J. C. Tnbba, Justice of
the I'eice, at the residence of John Maguirc,
William Dougherty to Emmergcne Haguire, both
of Sacramento city.
Sacramento, October 4— By Rev.T. 11. B. Anderson,
1 en hart G. Sillers to Mary Eller.
San Frandso, October 4— Ernest L. Barada to
Mamie E Kennedy.
S»n Francisco, October I— Emmanuel Kaeinti to
Mary E. Ballhaug.
Sin Francisco, October 5— C. F. Kammau to Bertha
I. Werlin.
San Francisco, October 4— H. Loobnier to Elizi
San Francisco, Octobers— John F. Morrow to Magyie
J. Cady.
Sin Francisco, October 6— Adam Ritchie to Rom
Wa«hinpton, Tolo county, October I— Wife of Mat
thew Lennox, a son.
A Happy Family.
Pulled from the breast, squeezed from the bottle,
stomachs will sour and milk will curdle ;
Baby hallelujah all that night.
Household buinpine heads in awful fright.
Don't deny, 'twas thus with Victoria,
Night was hideous without Canlorla :
When colic left ; for peaceful slumber,
Ail 9ald their prayers and slept like thunder.
Miiml Assembly ol Karranirnto 4-
Commandery, No. -, Knights Tt-mplar,
at the AB.vium, THIS (Saturday) EVES- I^S
ING, October 7th, at 7:30 o'clock. So- I 1
journing Sir Knights are courteously in- l/\/^J
vited to attend. E. B. WILLIS, K. C.
A. A. Rkdisotow. Recorder. 07-lt
I'nlon Loilse, No. SI. A. O V. IT., (a
will meet THIS EVENING, jHflE^tN
October 7th, at Red Men's Hall, Masonic *?s\' : Av
Temple, :it 7"'i o'clock. The matter "f j^rtf
catablidhinir a Decree of Honor will be
considered. A full attendance desired.
Ciias. COolkt, Reconler. o7H
Silo. i m lii: K< -. >...-.•. I. O. «: •«.,
meets- I HIS (Saturday) EVENING, at 7:3o^ •
'/clock sharp. Vi«itintr memhers curdiallv [>'• o r
invited toatu-nd. M. J. AHMAN, W. O f.'fcr^if'
L. E. Vaxdkrcook, Secretary. o7 11*
K. of P. N» hi! (mli Mill l.oi-l
a business meetiog, THIS (Saturday) i^»
tVEMSO, at Dr." Pinkbam'a ofßc-. X;^\l^O7'
All members of the Order of Knighu 'T^^fv
of Pj'thiii3 are coruialiy invited. All xi^^v^
members of the Club »re reipiestf d to -<SIL-- > '^>.
be pre-ent. DX. PINKHAM, President.
Sam. KATzKxyntis, Secretary. [B.C.] o7lt
Atlrnllnn, Boyn In Klur. There will br
a meeting THIS (Saturday) EVENING, at 8 o'clock,
at Cogtfins' oltico. Special bu^iuesn of impotiince.
W. A. HOUGH TON, Captain.
J. B. PiRRRPOaT, Adjutant. o7lt
Armory ll. ill AKHortallon. — Krgnlar
monthly meeting THIS (Saturday) EVENING,
October 7th, for payment of installment and meet
ing of Directors. T. W. SHEEUAN, President.
Jou.s P. DaLTox, Sccretarj-. [B. C I 07-lt
Virnl Urslmrnt Ball. Thr ( ommlllrr of
Arranirements will m^et at the Armory, MI>NI>AY
ETCHING, October 9th, at. s o'clock, to audit bills
and settle up uti<iirs. All peroons will please stttle
for tickets, ami present bills on or before that even
ing. By order of TUB CHAIRMAN.
o" ::t |B. C]
House Barber Shop, X ktrat, between
Ninth and Tenth. o7 It"
2 Cook?, 4 Woodc!i'-|>]v-jfs, i Dairyu en, Han
to hrive Sand Te'im Femah : Pwa Women f«>r
laundry, 1 Cook. Women ami Qirb for Housework
(city and couirry). MASTttttj & CO., Xo. I"JS
Eighth street, hrt»u-a I hi- i X < 7-tf
J. KIE.YI, lato of Virginia Civ, la prorrietor
Of the Hit* Restaurant. SOB J»U I -
Mends and the i übUc in general la first-dais meala
at bid-rock prices. t7-li:i
that I wili pay D > i> !i^ and i^i-wi r to no lia
lilli'ies contracts i bj anj pen a f<r me, or in my
nam% cm* m ayiintrti me, from and ;.i *-r this 'Lit--,
except when 1 h»ire given . \j'. author
Stockton, Cal., October 5, lSi^. c6-3t
— I', >X— ■
hold an Examination r,f Applicants for Teachers'
Certifleatas, «t Ilich tcho »l Bni!dinr, conmH DdQff
at B:3O a. «. WgDNtSDAV, OeU 11th. [B.C
Houaehr.M Goo.|f t«v
JO2HTlsr <00>3t*Jfc*Xa8T
(iceoassor to i:. OOPPUS),
>o. 78; X >1rrft. ....'. -7.;pM|... "nrramynt".
1 w&yC" Esfaljlis'iwxl
: i ?%s2r ' G ' a - PIT - ? - L STOCK
kl iT-'»ijpis<'o. Cnl., .Tuly 1, l^S"i.
We, tn\<r filmmiin in prcaotfaaa; j«r
your <<>iisi<l« ralion the fi>l!uw:u^ Tnlrty
i^hth Simi-Amiual Statement of the couditiou
of tkisliauk:
Bunk Prcmims 5150.000 Ort
oilier Hcul Estate b£msSB
I'niK-tl Stall--* tSoiHlft G-J'.»..V)7 <;<>
, l.ami Asn<k i.iliiin Stork.. 1.">. I"1 ,V>
1.;.:.ii-. mill Diaeoamtsj I.7S.l. <>()<> u<;
nuc frosii lfcmks 527.379 O»
Money on linnd ,„. _«J.'tw :to
liIABIMTIKS. j*:«.7.-»a:»!t;> <n»
: <'niiital paiilsip S1,OO<M)OO OO
! sii'vlum — i<;<»oo 70
! Due l>f|i<>«itors I,!t>:;.(i7'> so
t One ISanks 335.45 M «!»
«>i vhlcr.ils v JJinti.l .___ _i:{ I 5»
This Itnnk lias sperinl r:«oilitir!« toy
•i-itiii all kinds of banting' bus;:n>s.
I 7 i.--niTuT!.S.\bu.!,i,la»W
"metropolitan "theaterT
Reslanlnx Weilnr.i!:.} Kvenlnp. Orl. lull.
JIIK 1111181 ArTJB,
Supported !>/ his own rumpsr).
MuriiccYs CharDiinj; Bat kwoods Idyl,
First time in Sacramento nf Mr. Mayn's jreat success,
SAITROAY I:v.-;N"IM;, OCloilElt 14m,
The ever pf-pular drami,
Presented with al. of its ifrai.d nemo effects.
«.raml «»)» JiallnreSainrJij \ltcrnoon.
/HT Sj\ offlea open Tuesday moriiinn. where Rrata
can In tenured withont extrj charge. Hi. C. 1 o7 7t
a\ ramwww hit:
an i>ini:\si: nir;
Of the great melodrama,
tysm 2Div «;ka\d matim:e:-s»
By special rcipiest,
The Barker's Daughter!
tf Positively no Sunday Night Performance. tSI
First appearance of the eminent actor,
828-9t Supported by his own company. [B. C.I
coseisnxo or —
Drmiiallr I'rrlorinnn. r. Concert and «n
EVENING, October 8, 1832. Admiuioo, V, oeata.
To commence at S o'clock. ofl -t

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