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fcATie'Jtl 14, 18 *
Metropolitan Theater— Mituiee and evening.
A. O. i . W., No. 21— T^-ni.ht.
War.tcJ— T*v boarders in private family.
K.r ."-aie— Sheep.
To Let — Hop and (arming land.
Attention -Sitlor Boya' Club.
Kotice— Democratic- meetings.
Notice- -Kidney Wort.
Boslnest AdTertlsements.
Mechanics 1 Blete — Damaged iroods.
The Missing Trunk.— The c»re of August
Drager and A. Scuubert, acc:sei of stealing
a tru; k li .in the raiboed depot in thid city,
came up lwfore the Police Court a^in yes
terday. The men are both G=raiane, tlie
former mc-niinsel not being able to speak
Englixb. It appeara fr ig their testimony,
which \v**. p-iriUDy corroborated by other
witnesses, that they came from Half-noon
B»y, ariivi:i > ' in Sacraniecto by the river
boat. Hciub;tt kft his wife, who is Drager c
sUter, a*, (Ml place, while the two went north
for the pursue of finding a home. Their
bacvii--: was transferred from the boat to
the railroad depot by an < xyre-si.nn, and, in
rechecki: g, tK* trunk alleged to have been
stoles wla taken iv place of the oDe belong
ing to Driger. At Marysville they went to
a hotel, an 1 the next morning, without at
tempting to open the trur.lt, left it and went
to Brown's vailey. At tlsat filicj th^y were
arreßted \ y two railroad detective*, and
brought back to this city. Instead of being
a c imi-ial D.-a^er ciainoa to bs iujuted to the
extent of a ln.it trui.k. There being no evi
dence on which t ) hold Suhubart ths charge
of grand larceny against him wna dismissed.
The Court, not being f(uite satisfied as to the
correc'r.e^ of the story t >id, held Drager to
aatwer, with bail fixed at SSOO.
A New Social Clcb — At a ia. e'.ing of
the business men. held last evtniDg at the
office of \V. P. C'oleman for the purpose of
completing the permanent 0.-gan!z»tion of a
s&ciil club, the uam-j Metropolitan Club was
chesn a< tie ooe by which ii will htreafter
be k'iotvn. In the absence »f tbe Pretiiant,
John McXeQl acted as C'h^irmun. The fol
lowing rwmißTipr.t officers were chosen : Pres
ident, ii.k Miller ; Vica-Prtttdent, John
McNeill ; Secretary, A. Abbot; Troasurfr,
XV. \\ '• lem .n ; Dinctnr?, Kiward (Udwal
■dar, ti. M. UottS. K. Al ip, .1. F. Bbee
ban aod Jamei I Felter. Th; meeting was
spirited, and tie Directory te'ectrd was the
unanio.- us choice of the asjß'nblage. A c >n
■titatioa waj adopted, &N > i, cid? of by-lawi,
with tbe exception of one or two hectious,
which wtie returned fat the cju-tnittee with
inntruc'.iout to r, golate aad amend. FoOI
tine roomi f>r the use <>! ths club h&va been
■eeored in th'- Msbopolitao Blick, corner of
rifth and X btreet«. The officers will see
th;it the ri»u.iW are propsrly fitted up at oao ',
toitiation fees will be iname liat'-ly collected,
aud the club will enter upon its existence.
The prospects for its future are very flitter
FlBSt \Vam> RbcbUCAXS. — The Execu
tive Committee of the First Ward Republi
can Club met Ust night and selected the fol
lowing subcommittees : Finance, William
Beckmau, F. F. Tebbets ; Canvassing and
KnroUuient, George P. Putnam, Charles A.
Gillo-pie and F. J. Kearney; Processions
and llridq'iart^rs, George K. Bidar, J. C.
Tobb«, I. .). Hfaskmaa; Literary Kxerci^es
anj .Sp.:kk<fr.-, W. A A-:den«>u, William
I!e3'KLi.an r.r.d J. C. Tubb?. Tha Finance
Committee was iastraeted to procuie sub
■cripUoDi f ir funds sufli.ient to p»y the club
>-X('t-'is!.-', Hid to report the hame uu i.ext
Wednea lav to the Treasuicr. The Oanvars
ing sr.d ESuoUmeot L'o&iinittee was di
rected to proceed at oace with a Utoroagh
oanraa f the ward. The Comiuitte: on
H rs was iaatrocted to procaie a
snitable heedqnimm, aud report the same
to the l'ru.-ideiit. John B. Bodged w:n a •
| id MunaaL Tho ccimtnittee alj >un;o i
' a; \V. A. AndersunV otlics oa Tues
day, October 17ih, at 7 o'clock.
POUCK Coukt — Tho following buiinens
wa' * "iaacted in tbe Police C<.urt ye^terdiy ;
The ca»e of E."-ey Eirley, oa a charge of bat
tery, wab continued until to day. John
Cochran, on a charge of disturbing the pjace,
was dieL-hirk-ed. The cti&rge of petty larceny
aeaiust Phil. Stewart was iijiiniieiiil Ah
You w&h il-iiiiflo; 1 on a clnr^e ot violating
tue rir • mit ordioanoe, the law haviutr l«;cn
complied wit'i. aCrc. (ii.be^t was found
guilty of being a common dnr,k*rd, and sen
tenced to thirty days in the County J ail. A.
Schubert, on a charge of grand larceny, was
discharged. Kichard Bowden appeared for
sentence on a charge of misdemeanor, and
was riueil $10. The charge of grand larceny
against Ang. Draper was again reopened and
bail reduced to $500.
Cujb Umnra and Election.—Thellßric
a-Bi .'• Club hold its first meeting in its new
room-t in <) II Feilowi' Temple last sight.
There w.»s a goad attendaace. In honor of
the decision one lvly pres?nted a beautiful
■ f .i "giod l'lek" borenhoe,
;■:■; - :\ •ud o>lu/i!i. A. dtdlcjitory
. ; it tbo occasion, was read by
a lad] m mbsr. A pri _TAiunje of em cal
exerciaM w;h tht-n cirri>;j on 1 :. It wae re>
. ; : fie honorary member* at
the nexS :;. Btl&g. Tile se>ni-anaual election
was hill with tSiis remit: President. Nor
on Bu^h ; Vlce-Pferi lent, Ms. W. A. Hugh
con; Beoretary, Byr.tn L Ball; Treasurer,
Mr^. J. 11. Lewis; Corre^Dondint,' S-i-.-et.ry.
Mrs. llo!;ry Edgerteo. Tne following new
memhars wiire elected : Active, Wi.liam F.
•Tscksor. and Tj j wis Lunier ; honorary, Frank
Mi ler and Mrs. C. H. Eoaa,
FmiUITT FH"M THE EA^T — The following
merchandise for Sicrameuto pi-*ed O^den
oa the 10 .h : For Kirk, Geary & Co , 13 cases
I'iin killer, or\e case looking gWss ; Hall,
Lnhrs4''o., I ewes tobaco; W. &. D.
Haves I' )>''( »cre»s; B oth & C ■>., 11
packages toba 'jo ; Locke & Lavenson, 1 box
window shad •*» ; Wein'tock it Ijubin, 1 rase
shirts, 1 case booti »n4 sho3- ; Mebiu9& Co.,
1 Cisc tobecoo, 1 c^-e cii;arette4 ; A. A. Yin
Vo >rhi«-< k < V> . 1 o-»aa hard^ars ; H Kletnp,
1 hirrel *l.i-ky ; Central Pacific Railroad,
'J"io steel car springs.
Unawsmsable Stock — The following nr
tic'»i of incorporation were filed with the
Secrct.iryof State yecterd»y : By the Southern
California aid Ariz >a» Holiness Association.
Director*— Sjrih E. T.Mi»e7, John B. L.
Wood, Ktl G. (ireening, Dt'cit'ir Hans
hrousth, We<lay 11. Sleet, (ieorge W, Fo«ten,
Michael Whislar, Adam SI. Neeca and J. G.
Hathorn. Cayital stick, "The Word of
God and His LVea G.-ane.' 1 PrinUpal place
of bu?ine», D.iw.iey, Ljs Angela county.
IiiroKTANT Polick News. — It ia a re
i>ivU »:.3 fttt, but nevertheless tru?, th^t
du-:.'.- ths l.n-t twc'.ty-f.iur hours erd:cg
with 1- '-.'.: '...it n^iit, not a simile ar.-ext
I - en rode i - ; ' n ■-. [I tM«
. I aaa »ny length oi
time. Chi f Karcher . w i Ma ofh.-er* m .'.-.
pat in ti.-.'ir ti:n^ by rgurrrittg au
i ! .- ■ ur for cor.i»t-\ to*
kw-br .'.-■:. the latter appear to
as thj former.
In: i!ipwatei> — Artiolss of icorp --rifi -i
. '■: 'h | B a■• <ry ff S'a.
terdaj of tho Pjuiti^ Set and Twine Gam
pany. Direct rs— Mix Pracht. OWi I B
Stone. Exilio T.irelli, William R. Townsind
and Gti-Uve W. L»«man. Capital Rtock,
*T>o.ooo, in tW jhnre^. Principal place of
b'uinesf, Sju Fraaci<co.
! ■attalios Drill —Therß will be a drill
and dres" p»radj of ths Firat Artillery at the
regimental aryi^ry M^oday evening, October
16-h. to witness which ths public wiil be ad
mitted t-» the gallerie-i. Eatnnce on L street.
Ec sure you are ri<ht and then £"> ahead—
(I > rtraigfat to Pa-oik's, 814 X street, aad g?t
a o.n if tho-; breakfast mackerel, only CO
cent* a can : a five-crallon c»n best co»l oil,
on'y $1 2"> a can ; .VJ-pound sack best Hoar,
only f 1 SO per sack ; g x>d sardines, 10 cents
a c\a. Be sure you are right, and ro to
Pauik's Cash Grocery, BM X street. *
To Chicauo and Kast.— A select parly
now organizing; via "Short Line,"' O^den,
Oaiaha. Chicago and Northwestern Railwiy.
Rates lower than ever. Address or call on
th<> only authorized agent, J. M. Daviea, No.
'2 New Montgomery street, San Francisco, or
871 Filbert street, Oakland.
Best quality ironst 'ne china dinrer, break
*»tt and tea fets complete, only $« X per set.
"&• Ackerman's cbsinc-out sale, 629 J street.*
One Case Flaxxsl Sittings— myr'l».
green, brown, navy blue and garnet— oo!y 2.">
cent* pat yard, at R?d House. ' •
J.xtha ch>ice MounUin Butter, in roll*
and firkins, sold cheap. G. W. Cheslcy H
Fruct street. •
Threk Cases plaid fl%nnels— just placed ir.
stock;— tot only 12J cents r*r yard, at Bed
House. •
There were days when the Californian
gloried in the "plorious climate of this
nloricm State." The spring came and melted
into summer, and summer sank into the ru<- >
set-brown arm? of autumn, and autumn j
melted into the tears of winter, and all this
with a certainty as to time upon which the
pioneer relied with perfect faith. The perio
dicity of the dry an3|;he ra'ny seasoEß were |
the sheet-anchors of his hope for crop§, tor I
prospecting, for all ventures, and under this
sheltering reliance he ccu'.d go to a picnic with
out an umbrella, and an excursion without an
overcoat, and venture upon plain or mountain
day or night with the in >at perfect noncha-
Unce. Like all old time?, they were tho
be-t time. But there came a change. This
mi , rity Government of the people became in
fected with a scientific rraze, and out of it»
advancement came the Signal Service system,
aud iv due course of time it was fastened
upon the infant State, and ever Bioce the
soul oi the Californiaa has kaown no peace,
fur v. hat with ' ' probabilities, " and pro^nre
tio»'iuus, and barjmetrieil indications, and
u.ermometrical registers, and pluviometrical
ni.'.hurer..ents, and anemonietrical state
ment*, ihs averaga Californian is lost
in a ruszd, and mourns th.> old 'Air.
kird of weather. In fact it is >.i 1
that a petition is about to be circulated for
rigaAtmcf, praying the Signal .Service Bu
reau at Washington to remove its statious
from this coast, urging as a reason for the re
oflMt that no such weither as tbat prevailing
fjr the pact mouth was known before the in
troduction of " Old Probs" here, a&d express
ir<g a belief that if the " weather tools" were
reuiovei things v/ould return to their former
Jf any dou')t the nourcful wii that lies
hidden in th ; s m^geiiion, they have but t.j
glanue at the 0 .lu-.m-s of the dii.y preps for the
psst year, ihe newspaper on now no more
go to presa without the scientific speculation*
of the Si^ual Service, than it cau without a
reliable market resort ; uu.i it h.-ii Beriou.-ly
been consiieretl whetaer the Sergeants who
measure the storms and Eomtdi their adve it,
should nos he regularly attached t > the plun
ba^o brigade, wi.h toe hops that, as ne*s
pa|>?r inea, they may vary their va^iries a:u)
give the public a le.ter brand of weitheraud
a in >re Rbttled climate. Yesterday wjj do
exce[.tion to the uew orier of tbirgs, lot hero
comes the Sergeautof tbo Sacramento station
with another s;>ell of weather. H? was not
content wirh |ireci^itating a sudden atorm
upon an uauff-uding people Thursday nizht.
whea the good hnueaife had trone to bee!
with her clir.hea-line still ia the apple tree
sud the bissm'j^t window? aabattened, but
he must prognjiticate auo;her "pluvial dis
pensation," at the rural reporter dalights
u> term the winter atorm. The Signal
Ssrvica Nemesis tells v* now that hi*
reports raoeivad list night brought the
news Out ti.: weather is still in ai:
iri-t;t'.ied ComJttiou north of CaKforuia :
that is, [nan Olympia to Kiaoburg ; that at
(Jiympi* last niijht the barometer was ex
tremtlylow, viz: 2!) . ii inrhen, a fall of .27
of an inch in 8 hours ; that thero must be
another storm appio.«ching tho csast in the
vicinity of Vancouver Inland, or even far
ther north, as the effect of it is aa yet ocly
felt by the barometer at Olynipia, fur at
I'ortland south to VUaUa the barometer ia
slowly mina with southerly wind.i at I'ort
land and X >seburg, southeast at Sacramento
and westerly at San Praodaoo, Vu>Hli3, L ■
Angeles and S»n Di^po ; that the rain-storm
of yesterday reached Visali* last ninht, as it
was raiuing at 8 v M., .00 of an inch having
been precipitated; tiat it U very evident,
from the instrumental acd meteorolortical
conditions of tl.e atm^phcre, t.;e weather is
still in an unsettled conditioc ; that the indi
cations as published this nn.oruiDg will give
any one a k l '^ idea of the weather for the
'.'4 hours from BP. M. Iswt ni.-ht to BP. M to
night; that (Mympia, Portltnd jnd lt»se
bur,; report foui weather huussU>, wLicb arc
an ev;deuce that dutiog to-day the
weathtr will bs, for the country
::'<i v . o! Ci'iforfia, threatening, and
Lli.t !h-3 storm that appear-, now to be iv
the vicijity of CKvtcpi » ha» uot advaccd far
enough to five any evidence >f its pribahli
< DIM across the continent ; whethi-r it wil'
be hi thi nnrthra **.*iMt i r-oithtast tbeWaeh
i .ytou r< p >rts will better indie ie ; that th
st irai j'i-t pvßed gave in th? past twent-y
--f iv- h ips .91 o'" an i B r'i at Olyuipia ; .72 uf
An inch »t Portland ; .IS of an inch »t li ise
bar* ; .54 U an inch at lied Biuff ; .32 of au
inch at Sicraraento ; .'A'J of an inch at S.m
F.ancisco ; ,ot'i of an inch at Visalis, aud
mac at either L is Angeles or San Diego;
tiis.*. tna raiu:*';l at Saoramento for t.he st'.roi
is SS of &n inch ; f r th« month, 2 03 irch s,
and tor thp ~r s-m:, .'! 20 inches ; that the
season of H77 S eive no raio to correspond
ing cUta ; I»7S 9. .29 of an in^h ; 1879 ;O .8S
of an inch ; 18S0-1, nme ; 18S1 2, .32 of an
Uicb; 1882 :; (oceaaot storm), 020 ir.<-hf s ;
tba* the ararage f«r sir s»'as jus jmst is .78 of
an inch, rrukic,: tho pieeert s?aeon so far
ahoid of the awaja for bix years past to the
amount of 2.42 inches. And here ends the
mjinlcg lesaon on the irnathfir (at the day.
Metropolitan Theater.— Frank Mayo
and his company presented last evenin?, for
the first time in this city, the drama, " Van,
the Virginian." It is a simple and touching
play af domestic woes and j iys. Mayo per
sonates the hero with a depth of feeliug
hardly expected. In several respects it is his
best personation. Miss Clancey rindieated
her claims of merit by an excellent piicj of
acting. It was well rounded work, and hir
emotional power waa shown to h$ preater
tn.-.ti any who had seen her iv other plays
tave her credit for possessing. She was
natural thriughout. Misi Ad* V7allaoa
made hrr tiist appearance, and proved accept
ahk. .las. M. Ward aud wife al-fj put i:i a
Srst appearanoa for thia season, and had the
leadiog onmedy parU a»"J»ere vtry
Ward rjprc' ally wi- nir ( a Ur^a oh^re 1 f the
applaanw. Thiiafb noon, fora matinee pr
f-rinirce, the piec-; will be r .pea*ed. To
u'gli'., " The Btreot« o) NewYflek." In fh's
play still another fresh face will appear, Mi a
Carol Croon, who made her debut here in a
j :v;-.ilrj part some fiva or six years ago. To
night'i" performance concludes tha engage
Republican Meeting.— The Ilepublicana
of the Third Ward held a meeting laxt even
ing in the Court-house. The meeting was
called to order by Thomas Warmby, a mem
ber of the County Central!' 'emmittee. V\ i.i.
J, Davis was chosen President pro tern., and
H. W. Taylor. Sec-etiry. A Committee of
live on Permanent Organization, consisting of
E. I. BoUoaoa, D. liillis, W. R. Cantwell,
B. Shield* and Cuas>. N. P,,st, were appointed.
After short speeches by WiD. J. Davis, I).
Giiiis, C N. Post and oth?r*, the meeting
aijiurn»d to mast on next Monday evening
i.t tbe same place,
AcciDEsr AT BooaXU.- On Thursday af
ternooc, as Gaorge Ayte , n brnkeman on the
railroa-.', was descending from the top of a
box-'-ar at Ilocklia, 1 1 draw the coupling-phi,
he olippid ai:d fell bneath the wteek. Hi*
| ri<ht l.g and a pirtloa of his left foot were
CTBibeaeotliat ansputatim became ncc-s ry.
lie *a? brju^'ht to tbe R>ilroad HocpiUl in
this city for treatipent. Mr. Ayrei id » ca:
penttr by tr.ide, am' ha-, raided ia Sai r -
meoto for a liUUibon f ynrs ; ha i^ also i> re -
eran of tho late war niid bus a wife ao] two
SnmBCED. — ll'c'iard Bowden, having
been cocvictod some days eince in the Police
Cciirt of rpntin^' his house to women of ill
rtpnte, appeared ye^torday for sentence. It
.. proven to -iip ■flMnftfttlim of the Court
■would bi complied with here
h« having iiotirijd the tenants to leave,
M,i .In i_.- '<'. rv sen ecced him to pay a tine
! . i (.is was a case where a trial
I.t j ;-.ry «tm waived. The woman who nccu
pied hi= booaa have not Uen found guilty of
keeping h of ill-fams.
Business Change — H. Loagton, late of
the firm of Longton & May, proprietors of
the Fulton Market, having dissolved connec
tion with that establishment, will open a new
market next week on the ■oath ride of J
street, one door east of Charles P. Nathan*,
between Sixth and Seventh. Ths new stand
i* beirjg handsomely fitted up, cspeniallv for
runrket »lli|jliew and wh.-n linished will be
ex-»sding!y omplete in it] lint, and present
an inviting Rppear*nce.
Entertainment. — A social was held last
evoDin? at the Sixth-street Methodist Episco
arch for the benefit of the Sunday
■ebooL Refreshments were s»rved and a
var:>d pTogramme wv carried out. Six tab
leaux were preheated : music, both vocal and
instrumental, aad several recitations. Th*y
were received with muc'i applause by the
lar^e and appreciative audieace.
We are still celling that choice pickled roll
for 70 cents a roll. It is better than most of
the fresh butter that U sold for 9 I cents and
$'. by other dealers. H. H. Paulk, Cash
Grower, M-l X street. *
Tkeee Hundred D( zeh clear crystal flint
sauceplateii, only X) cents per dozen, at Acker
man's, IS J street. '
One Case Bradford fancy suitings — all
shades — jast placed ia rtock at lied Honße.
Pric?, 17 cents per yard. . *
City Licenses ami Wateb Rates tow due.
Pay on or btf.re ltV.h isst., and says cci'? of
ouit. •
Ladies' kid, foxedßalmnralg — double 80le — |
ouly 75 eeiits and $1, at Red House. *
There is no chain gang in this city at pres
ent, the terms oi the members having expired
and no recruits received.
| A list of place*, with dates at which the
j Democratic nominees will address the citizens
j of Sacramento county, is published this morn
| ing.
A boy named Bartholomew Boyle died this
week at the County Hospital from iujuiies
received last August at Agi icultural Park ,
I by \i-'m. : kicked by a colt.
| The Executive C >mmittee of the Fourth
Ward Republican Club are preparing an ad
dress to the voters of that ward, which will
be mailed to each individual.
At the Coroner's iLquest htld yesterday
over the regains cf Chester Carcey. nesr the
Cr sumnes river, the jury found that the de
ceased c\me to his death from natural causes.
Farmers who were in town yesterday Bay
that ULle.-d there is a hot sun or a biting frost,
sufficient moisture haa already penetrated the
ground to m&ke good pisturage. A great
maay grapes Lavo been entirely ruined.
Sheriff Harkey, cf Sutter countj, paned
through this city yesterday, en rout« to Fol
-B;tn, having in charge a prisoatr named Ed
ward Doran, eeutecced to ono year ia the
State Piison t>T assault to commit robbery.
Governor Peikir,.* has a| piloted the fol
lowing Notaries Public : Join Lambert for
Yo'.o cour.tr, to resid-a at Woodlacd ; also
William Higgins for Sid Frarckco, to r^nir'e
at Sin Francisco; James O'Nlil for Yolo
county, to reside at DavLmlle.
Tho carts mentioned a few days ago as
having been put on a lot in the rear of tbe
City Prison, were arranf;ed no &3 to form a
fence around the place, and sevpral carloads
of horses are now within the inclosure, the
b-xe? of the c?rt) b.>in,' used as feeding
A few days ago, as L Winters, of Court
land, was driving a spirited horss on Elev
enth street, a number of young hoodlums
frightened the hor?e so that he ran away.
Mr. Winters was thrown tut aid had two
tinkers of the left hard brokeD, besides re
ceivin.' other i.ijurisa.
A nuiiber «.f t!ie amateur astronomers,
wlio hive been tngag'.u iv tailing observations
>f ihe comst, report that it is waning, be
coming I?3S briUiunt, tnd that those who
hay.i teen waiting f>r it to became visible
1 arlie : in the evening will s on lose an oppir
tunityof viewing thii celestial w.-nder through
v easirel'S- ether.
Joh:i iiu-pbv left Litrobe, El Dorado
c >unty, on the 27th <<f Se;iten.b3r, with the
i iteration of going ti San Francisco to obtain
medical advice, since which timo he has tot
beon heard of. Thinking ho might hava be
come suddenly ill in Sacramento while en
routp. Chief Crowley, of San Frwr.cisco, has
written to tht> police department in this ci'y
Mr. Murphy is described as b'ing tW yeirs of
~-ge, hight 5 feet !• iucheß, spare build, sallow
complexion, gray hair, and joint cf one tiuger
Land Patents. — The following patonts
for land have b;en received at the United
States Land OfrL-e in this city : Entry No.
2..i07, to the heirs of Frederick Herbert, of
Calaveras cu-ity ; also, entry N >. 804, to
Nathaniel Whit:.ey and Martin GraUe, of
Amador county.
Es Route.— Sheriff Harkey. of Sutter
county, passed through the city yesterday
en route to Folsiin with Edward Dorau, sen
tenced to the State Pri-ion for the term of
one year for assault to c luimit murder.
G. Pa^e, of this city, arrive 1 from the East yes
Bishop O'Connell, of Sail Francisco, is it iy|ilin in
the city.
Stit« Engineer Hall rctum=d from San Francisco
Mrs. Tr.l'...ir, of San Francisco, is on a visit to
Mrs. L. Salumon.
CbM, Traver and wife ntOnad yesterday bom
Mcndocino county.
C Hasan Pay, < xl> pistmmi Commander of
the O. A. X., is visiti y in .Sacramento.
P. H. Byrne pMMd thnnuh yesterday fiom Pan
r"ranc:sc-->, n route to Marvsville.
Sheiiff T. A. OfMAglu^ <»f Butte couuty, and Obtd
Hirvey, of G lit, were in the city yesterday.
H. tie Venue, of San Francisco, who has been vis-
i Li i i_r iru-ndd in this city, wiil return home to day.
Mcs rs. R berts & l>e Graff, proprictiM of the Big
1: md mi&e near Oroville ll l n wl (rum the East vc.^
--t :ril i.v.
Stat^ Hinise Hotel— Mrs. Oeori;c, Mi«g Qfflao,
Georct* Williame, Thomas Ho!-9 and wife, Kranklin ;
A. s. I indJey, Antekp? ; Jos. Lttbun, city ; K. C.
L>enise and wif.-, Mn*. II Deflin aud family, Nici*
lam ; iMnn (\ Hill MW . wifo and child, O.ilt ; *.'. L
l)eimi:in, Chico ; \V. J. Proper, BtatUßt Creek ; J.
11. White, Mrs. Dora White, K. M:i\ii h\, Collnre
City ; Mrs. Win. Jacks n, 11. 1). Heckley, Willi.-
B*okW, Walnut Grove ; J. H. Foster, Charles Hil
bert, lMacervil;e ; K. M. sheultr. Lake House ; 11.
Leslie, S'tuta Kt«a ; A. W. Srimdfa, I>ixon ; B. K.
Moad, Pleasant Grove ; J. T. Oool«y, Pctaluma ;
A I'iurs.m, W. Bdinick, Thoniaa L"a, San Fran
cisco; A. K. Walien, Stockton; Ge'>. M. link,
Dixoo ; Miss M. A. Luhrr, Shwidar ; Mis. KA rt,
bobßO, Mr. and Mra. 11. 11. Oabot, St. Louis ; L. X
Hldfont, New Y< rk ; Ja'iivs Martin, Modesto ; Geo.
Burnhatn, I'iacerville ; W. H. Hall, San PnMiflCO ;
W. A. Ktnney, Oakland ; Miss Liz/.io Hill.trt, PU
cerville ; B. F. Cotton, Klk Grove.
St. Paula Episcopal Cnurcc,
E strett, between I and J— Rev. Carroll M.
Divh, <AdattDg raotor. Duiue service at 11 a.m.
S.iadai-;c!ijjl a.i f'::i ' t ■!.
Kingsley Chapel, M. E. Churcn,
Eleventh street, betweon 11 and [—Bar. C. V.K.!
vey, jt.i«t'»r, Prtwi**T*"g by tin pMtor at 10; iS A. K.
jtivi ut 7r. M. S.ib:"atli Htllaul at 1.!:,u. Bl »-■
s. i , i• it 5: ,' i l . m. All in oardolij invited v. at
tcLd then Btr>ice«.
Ebenezer Church,
Of the Evan.'eli- aI Aspociation, TVnth etreot, be
t»\?e'i () and P— Bar. H. W. Axtholni, pa?t.>r, will
preach in German to morrow morning at 11 o'ckK-L
lad 7:'iJ P. si. Sundav-ach'iul at 10 A. M. All :»rc
Congregational Ciiurch,
Sixth street, between 1 and J — The past f >r, Eev. I.
li. li.viueli, will praaob to-morrow in ■•ruii.ir i
evening at the usual boOBB. In the morning on
*' The Method o Salvatini," a:i!l in the BTOnillg on
"The Seed of Civic Virtue." i'he public an in
Sixth-Street Methodist Episcopal Churcli,
ltetwccu X and L— Rev. T. S. Dunn, pastor, will
preach at W-.15 A. m and at 71. «. Morninir sub
ject : M Excellency of K-:o..led^e" kvenlng snh
ject : " Why did Jcs-.is I.cue the World '.'" Bunday
scbool at l^:|j r. M. Btnagan invited.
Westminster Fresbyterla.n Church,
Sixth stree*., corner of L — The p.utor, Uev. H. 11.
Hio 1 , will |iiMllll 111 l riillllllll it 10 Iff I m an.l 7.:; i
r. v Ifondni subject, "Thjuahts from the
Byrod.™ Eveniiiff suiject, "The Passover aid the
Lom'4 Supper,"' bein^ the fourth Henuon in th<;
eyries on the ciosin^ sjeues in the life <>f Clirist. A.\
arc welcome.
First Baptist Church.
Xintli street, between L and M— The pastor, Rev. A.
J. Frost, will preach tomorrow at 10:10 A. m. and
7r. m. Wnrnlnt tabjact: "H>w to study the
Hible." Eveninif subject : "Temperance and th-
Stindar La*; Home Protection an-i the I>»;u.ue ol
Freedom ; G')d and C;«iar." Public cordially in
vited, rain or shine.
Calvary Baptist Church,
I street, between Twelfth nni Thirteenth- Rev. .1.
V. A. Henry, pastor. Preochii.i; at 10:45 a. m. and
7:30 r. «. Miming subject : " The lilies «.f Relume "
(by rei'iucsO. Kveniiu : "T«ikative, Of I
|i!iis'-y Of Si'l," tein:; the eleven'h Bermon on
IJitnvan'a " PUgxtal*! Pn>i. r r^^^." Worker^' mavdpg
in the vestry at 7 o'clock V. M All are weiconw t-i
theso snicos. Btran^ora lr.vit.d. l'aslor'a r.si
deuce, ltul L street.
U BOUT, October 11, lv>J.
Oetolier 10— Hiram Bfaka 10 Thouns Mcjort- -
Portion of Survey So. H3, 74.18 acres ; SSOO.
Tw k^.ay, O:*obcr 12. ls?2.
- tonber*— A. V. Y*xm to Henry Ilebb-Lot
10, b'.ocli 5, town oi Isiu'.ou.
Fwinv, October 1: - :
OotoMr IS — C. W. Pfana tj Proton A. 8 i g
Portion section 6, : - , r > _■ • 7 ei-.t,
known as " Itusscil Tract," 1«J UP i ; :?l,«00.
October IS— \V. H. Bestt.r to Owmu Farley- Lai
5, block bounded by Twenty-third, Twcniy-fourth,
X and L streets, city ; $£00.
What Next ': — A distinguished German
professor recently announced that if a
drop of human blcod was placed under a
microscope capable of magnifying it twenty
million times larger, it would show all the
kinds of animals that ever existed, or now
exist on the earth. In the blood of a
heilthy person the auimals are quiet ; in
that of a Bick person they fight. From
this he draws the conclusion that man baa
within him all the elements from which the
universs was created. He further says
that if a dead cat was Hang into a pool of
water and left to decompose, the drops of
water would show, when under a micro
scope, all the animals belonging to the cat
A correspondent asks : " What time of
the year do tho days begin to shorten ?"
Wnen you have a note in bank. A note in
bank is the great annihiUtor of tim?. The
days are crowded together In thin layers
and the nights are like a Eraear from a
blacking brush. — [Arkansas Traveler.
Ladies' Cloaks ahd Dolmans !— Another
invoice just placeJ in etj-k at lUd House.*
Handsome itfiai of crji'a' trait howl*,
only 25 and SO M«ti each, »? Ack:ru a,n's.*
Heavt Black Silks just placed in etockat
Red House, I'rice, from 51 25 to $3 per yard.*
Gcoi), clear cryiial, fiir.t s.-iueep'ate?, only
ZZ cents p:tdcz^c ; »t Ackermm's, G'JO J et."
Alexander Talbot has been sent to jail
for battering a Cninanian.
Charlea S. Favor, I»eputy United States
Marshal, has been dismissed from office for
infracti n of rules and irregularities in
making revenue seizures.
Ad art' -iaa well is beipg sunk by the
California Wire Works on the site of thtir
proposed manufactory on Filbert street,
between Mason aud PowelL
In General Stoceman's letter to the col
ored Convention he announced himself as
an old Abolitionist, one of the eimon pure,
and once known as the only Abolitionist in
hia regiment.
At a meeting of colored citizens held
Thursday the acts of the late colored Con
vention were repudiated, and the colored
voters present declared themselves true to
the Kspublicin party. A mass meeting
has been ordered.
The celebration of the ninety- second
birthday of Father Theobold Mathew, the
great temperance apostle of Ireland, tras
well attended. Rev. J. B. McNally, Tres
ident of the Central Total Abstinence
Union, conducted the exercises.
Daniel Bagley was convicted of selling
liquor to Indiana of the Visalia, or Tuk
Kivtr Reservation, in the United States
District Court 'I'nnri.iiay, upon the testi
mony of A. K. Martin, who, disguised ts
a buck, acted aa a spy for the ladian agent.
The Ecreams of a parrot, "Poor Polly,"
"Come here," etc., aroused the household
of Dr. \V. P. Sweetland, 405 Hayes street,
and the kitchen was found to be in tlanics.
The tire department saved the house, but
the parrot that gave the timely alarm was
J. T. Davi?, convicted in a Stanislaus
county Court of perjury and sentenced to
tive years' imprisonment, has had tht
judgment reversed aud a new trial granted
oy the Supreme Court. The charge o'
perjury was brought against Davis by 11.
A. Matthews regarding testimony given by
l>ivia in a tuit brought against him by
Matthews and his wife on a promissory
no:e. In making the charge to tne jury the
Court below erred in laying too great strejt<
03 the testimony of Matthew?, which alont
was opposed to that of Davis.
The anniversary exercises of the Church
Extension Board of ihe Pacitic Annui!
Conference of the M. K. Caurch Sou' b
were held Thursday evening at Uev. Mr.
Simmons' Church, Rusa street. After de
votional exercises, Dr. T. H. B. Anderson,
President of the Board, announced that
this was the beginning of their work. He
thought it would bo a popular movement.
The Secretary, Uev. \V. F. Compton, read
an account of the organization of the Board
of Church Extension of Pacitic Conference,
also its constitution. Bishop R. H. Har
grove delivered an addreES. A reception
than followed, tendered to the Bishop.
Rev, J. C. Simmons making the welcoming
Deer, grouse and uu.iU are so abundant
up abcut Lake Tal.nj that the men at the
lodging camps have struck against that
kind of provender. They hive threatened
to quit work if the bosses don't gis'e them
boiled beef and fried bacon at least three
times a wetk.
Hed Bluff people are up and stirring to
rebuild the block of houses which recently
burned down. lc is stated that the owners
have agreed amon^ themselves not to allow
any partition wall to be less than sixteen
inches thick, and particular watch is kept
i>ver the bricklayers ad to how they do
their work.
Santa Itisacan lay some claim to being a
manufacturing towu. Tsear the depot are
the woolen mills, the grict mills, the fruit
drying establishment, planing mills, the
wine-tank manufact ->ry, several tanneries,
a carriage factory and a winery. In other
paria of towa are several m-n'ir factories.
— [Kevcille. .
Up on the marshes they " bait " the
ponds for the dackl iMiiuy the season a
jot of wheit ib scattered in the ponds, co
that the ducks will tiad it on the bottom.
This "baiting ' is repeated several tinus
during tlie feason. Tie uuck3 wtH desert
ponda where there is " natuial feed " and
(lock to the " baited " pooda.
A pretty "little " nugget is to be seen at
the office of the Bald Mouutiiu I'.impaLy
in this place. Although it is worth only
£1 300, it crea'eß great curiosity on account
of its being one solid chubk of go.d, not
the less* cjuartz \tehg connected wivh it.
It was found in the company's mini last
Wednesday. — [t'orest City Tribute.
The tirst regular courcing match of the
I'etalnma Cours'ng Clnb will be held ne»r
the Liberty S'jl; ul- house, on Meehau's
ranch, abou: s;x inil<-s from the town, on
Tuesday, Ojtobtr lit h. I'iizes foe the
pappy and old do;; slakes will be given to
winning do^s of the club, also a nnniola
tion stake freo for all dois ownei in the
NbwHAIX, Oclobcr 13th. — VaE«c3 hero to
•Uy. to .rriva in H&u Franciaoo tv-morrow :
■f. I^. Duihp, lili Armeies; J. (;. Clirric',
OaUlBd; L. I*. Me'Jarly, I>iriiis I'o;>e,
Jobs •I--'; . ;•! iv.i ■:-;t ; T. TroXUil,
r»hn Bobeitt, Ed. Lrk. Texac ; Willisui
R dgers, Prtveott ; L. V. Fl yd. Lordabarg ;
E. J. Fadfte, W. V,*. Jenktsa, Los Angeks;
1-. Wiuter, Sin Dtaco; Mi'a O. Parkin*,
I'.-isadena; C. T. Mill-, Brooilya; ,T. S.
( 'r..npr>R ! ?r, C. Dieirer, Texas; Mrs. G.
Lewis, Kiu»a j ; M" j . I . Banmm, J. L M<-
ICee, Tucs ->n ; J. U. Vau Aspern, C-.iliun ;
Uhirles Coldmnn, Ptoeaix; M. 11. FleUt -
BU, .1. A.cock, Eagiaad ; Mrs B«nf<iru,
Mi-s Banford. Colorado ; Wm, Uuging, K3^
sa<; Mxs, Simons, St. L.m.i ■. .
1 'MU.it.. October 13;h. — Pas.'edhere to day.
t • i.rKvr; iv Sscramento tomorrow : Mrp. A.
M<;D (tell, lienieia : Alra. M. J. Leach, Btaf
'< r'.-irr? ; X T. McOnbo and wife, lVnnfjl
rani* ; Mrs. M. G. Greeley, Marysville, Om.;
M. 1). v!dsn:i acd wife, A. B. Danford ami
wiff, Mia Dunford, S»lt Like ; John Currie
a d wil^, Mis 3 IL-'U r hton, Isew York ; Mrs.
M. W. Upton anJ two children, Oakland:
E It. Hamiy and wife, \V. A. Fierce, lows;
W, S. Holt and family, Sbnngh&i. ("hiiia ; 0.
H. Schofield. U. P. A.; J. A. Bodkmg asd
wif^, Pr/vi^enoa : A. J. Ijcwia, Mr?. A
<:ra!ib, MiHs Crabb, Dr. K. C. Webl), Gen.
J. M. fc'chofield and wife. Miss Schutield, G.
P. Unestell. Otis Bildwin, Mr?. Westk* ar.d
funilv. Sail Fr»u!i<co : W. .T. Madden,
Sr.artiville, Cal.; Kliz t Filcher, Bntte Moun
tain ; Mr*. M. A. Hri 'ire, Jarksonvilk, Fla :
Mr». Captain H. N. Turner, Berkeley ; Mr.
Ficklan and family, Colorado ; Chris. Gretke,
Minnesota; Charles Hayden, Samuel -I.
Gritfi'.h, Hiltjburx, I'.i.; E;jim» Hopf, Berlin;
J. A. Reed and wite, Buffalo, X. V.; Her
loan Weibtzahl, Albany, N. V.; Mrs. Ger
ard I) uiplisa, Miss Klton, Miss X itie Klton,
B^o Mittnel, Ca).; 98 emigrant psssjns^r?, in
c'udin? 66 milee, to arrivo ir. Sicriment' < ». •
tobtr l").:i.
Omaha. O^.nber 13.h. — Left hpre to-^a",
t ar.ivs in Sacramento October 17th : M.
V. MilUid !>n<i wHb, Misi S. |". hr.prki?y,
Fall Uivr, Mhsb.; Kdward F. DOgar, (lak-
Ut d ; G Merri»a!° and wife, Fydnoy, Aut
trilia ; J. W. Hol'.i lay. Clevelatxl, () ;!!..h
11 ige». Tortlani Or; Mr*, A. M. TWU »\ in,
-}>".: ri ; y.T->. J. X. Boyer, Erie. Pa ;
Mr.-. G. A. Cnwic, S^a Di^g 1 ; W. Brook
smith and wife, Hndderaford, EngUnd ; Mm.
R. L. Mvrick and daughter, StocUtjn ; M,b.
Albtrt Hill, Halifnx ; W. Gilchrist andwifp,
New Z;»!and; Mrs. S. E. Main and c'..i'.d,
Ldspenderce, lowa ; P. A. Brownell. v. fe
and chiW, Ore?o,i ; L. Ilomaia, Xew York ;
W. B. Wilox, J. F. Co'e, U. S. N.; John
n. Clnke, Mifsoari.
Ninety-two through emigrant* left on last
■ itfi emiprßnt train, to arrive in Sacra
mento October 20tK
DOOBU TTMB-Kill'inu. — An invention
has just been patented by which the time
of two distirxt places, at whatever dis
tinoe situated, can be simultaneously
marked on the face of a watch or other
time-piece without interfering with the
lixed time which it is desired to ke?p, or
necessitating the moving of tho hands of
the piece. This invention consists in two
supplemental movable rims, working inde
pendently of the fixed dial and ot each
other. The inner rim is diyided into hour
sections, the outer one into minutes. Two
tiny wheel?, projecting Blightly from the
metal bezel which holds the crystal in posi
tion, enable the wearer to bring the hour
and minute at which he wishes to set these
movable Hiais exactly opposite the hour or
fraction of hour and minute, respectively,
then and there indicated by the hands of
the fixed dial. By this simp!e device two
different times are kept at the option of the
wearer. These supplemental diila may
a'io bo used for tiie recording of ergige
:nents, and for a variety of other purposes.
The Proviilense defaulter did not gpscu
!ate in stock*, sad 'was a member of a club
aad not of a churcb. Jt is harder than ever
to t*U whem to treat.
i __ -■ 1
*******»*«»»***»»«»**»♦»«♦»*»«» ************
I Weinstock & Lubin. ;■
• •*S*J2*ti**lJJ • } i ; t •" • ******************** *
* *._****■»**»««»*«» *••*•**#********•*•„ *
Temperature Yestbbdat :
tj. . First shot thrown into Paris ,by Germans,
rltjjnest, tj > IS7O
Ljiveat, ,"i
Sun Rise?, C:OS a. m.
Temperature Coniwnaw D.w, 1881 • Sun Seta, 5 : -_>r> p. m.
_ , Moon llisea, G:5l a. M.
H.ghest 68 Moon Sonthi 1:41 p. jr
L jwest JO Diy's Length llh. 17min!
The things damaged were chiefly
Staples, such as CHEVIOTS, CRE
TONNES, CALICOS, etc., and our
Buyer chancing on the spot secured the
most desirable of these goods — to the
extent of thousands of yards — at most
advantageous prices.
We propose to distribute these
goods at our usual small margin of
profit — giving to our customers what
ever we have gained through a lucky
chance and skillful buying.
At this writing, these goods are in
our basement being overhauled, and we
cannot give full particulars. We are
able to promise, however, from the pro
gress already made, CALICO, wetted
by rain water , as low as 3 cents per
yard ; some not so much wetted, at 4,
414 and 5 cents.
Although we shall commence this
sale with a very large quantity of these
goods on hand ; yet, as the number of
our customers are great, we shall have
to limit the quantity to be sold to each,
in order that all who desire may have a
ia the »atue houß3 a.» Cleomenes in Shake
■«|p /<'^\v^v specie's "The Winter's Tile," i-. said to
jgg^gj*' .\X*'ss>k '***? bf m n<< * niore remarkable than his tir*t
<a3S^^^ ventaw, hnt his nnKagcment in 1857 at tho
J3jf ' "'' ''""' '* va '- Klinrmrsb. seems to indicate
JBBy ,;»*--- :jot- aISIS that his studious and coc^ ienti'ju* atte-ition
**k£^. 'f^Z r T> to h ' 3 u - rc waa nut unfruitful ia results at
wVTj "' P^Wi 1 : '- : ■ 5 * !'' miiticif. Two year* and i hilf with
< Js?~ a r:'iiipiny ij cindiog ftU"h perfomeis as Mi-i
- , W Cnahmaa, Mi-s Helen Fuucit, Mrssri. Van
-1?£ gr dech ft, U.ibson, Charlfa Mathcwa the
r -*- J - J *~ f) younger, Bw}amia \Wi>«tcr and Wright,
1\ ' I proTi \ inv.-lu:ib!e to the yoT'Dt; a^j.irant.
AY, \ who, in 1858, appeared in th« PHnceta The
' JV. ater, l.i .i .si. His brief engagement there
- -~i>)*l^.'v- ;s t-»^ w '" iI f' l - 00 '" 11 *' 1 by h'u eng»seo:ent in Man-
cheater, where he ur.dertojk to play Hamlet.
-^sii^-/ W-X:: -VV^yA> l'y 1""1 he ii.d earned a high pesition as an
S^^^^^g^^^^ jy 1^ :"^0;< actor, and appeared as suoh on the boards uf
a^^^lN ''•■ portapt parts. In" l";s and "l" < ;' "he^c ted
I^^^^^^^^f^^ 'iSillfil^.- i n l! - N;w (l ieeu '* ard I>rur y La ne theaters
>n the same imtropolis, with still increasi. ■-:
■^^^^S^S^^H^^^^^ " t'«;»tion. Engatien.ents at the Vaudeville
*^^^^^^<J^X^,^^^^^ Dni Lycenmtheat-r. f „1 ,v.cd. In the last-
r.a.n.d h..u«e bis personation of Mathias in
>: s^^% "J he 1{^ 8 " « aye hi: " » re P nt»tion t .,nil to
S^^^f^^^ ;^'^^. greatest t ver e arte'l on the »Uge, an 1 his
' ™ |.lace in the f^re front at crntempnrary actor?
HENRY TRVTNTr !iaH beeu m^^tainsd ever since. Thin wss in
HXiIH XI J. S.JX V i.a U, Nowmhen 1871. i date n.e norable in the «c
-the rorcLAS ESGLISH actor. nala oi triumphact acting. A subsequent
notable racceea was hia part of Charlea 1. in
Henry Irving was horn at Kuaton, n»sr ™« £• Wills' "Charles the First," which
Glaatonbury, Somerfetehire, £ncland, Feb- w as pcrf'irnjcd on coneccutiva nights for more
ru»ry 0, I^3B. His full name is John Henry g*» half a year. Mr. Ining's Rlebelien,
Erodrib Irvirg. He %vaa educated at a pri- J la ailet, Mactelh, I'.'iilip in Tenx.yson's
vate academy in London. His firat appear- " Qieen Siary," Richard 111., his apsun.p
acce before tie oublic was at Sur.derland, in ti&n c f the two Dartu nf Lesnrques and Du
tha North of Eif?land. where he o?myed, bow fat CSl»riei K°ade'a " Lyrns Mail," and
with no striking scccess, the part of Orleans cis I, mis the Eleventh are kEown, by name
in " Rictelieu." HU subsequent appearance at least, to all readers of the newspspera.
Nos. 400, 402, 404, 406, 408 X st, Sacramento.
C* WXI 3E» JEC JL €3 3E3 t
MISOrLL AN rO ..= !-.
Nos. 1016 and 1018 Second street, between J acd K. Sacramento,
Jj^jfll TTATCfIMAKEIt UB JKWI. 11l J n H n», * stOfifc „»<! THI-» JT
*ST Dealer tt> WATCHES, JEWELRY AHB DiAiIONDS. Kep»ua« in *J, ito Lrancn^ » mu^.T^
order MR. FLOBEHO. Agent for Kockr.rtl TOateb < oiu^iany.
• Importer, M.-»n.ifr»-".urcr. Whoieo»!« ui<i Recall Oesler in e?ery d«»<namion c«
No«. Sftl, 606 and GOH X Blrert, •«•«. s»xth :ad r-svent*-. Ss-n-nit-iWo. au7-3ptt
( GKf t J3F?2 !r an '' wi " '■* Wj:lit VERY LOW FIUI'UES. Al», all kinds of BPDDLSO. '4KBiW* : )
.?. K. DAVIS. Xo. 411 Ksn-ect-
S OM ET Hj WG^ !M IE W !
Send Stamp for Catalogue.
UFA). P. ALLMOM), 80l> J st M bet. Eighth and Ninth.
-A_ttention» Horsemen !
tar i -km-:. « hi «>:> «.i.: <»m. -x
«'fl r .sr.R TE>TH A\B J DTIEETK, |t)23-3,klii ' . SA<U,i>il> "H^^
j\. G-reat Many People
S^^m9 T^^' HIT -*^L TT jm. *^B^ **3^^B
ir £v C-r JL -£i&. JLa 2S wlak, JLa XS
On WI HM>IIII '.IST, on account of (In Inrlcm rc> or the wrnthtr.
on Hliirli occasion we |>lur«-<I on our counters
1.200 Dozen Best Ironstone China Binner
Plates for 75 cents per dozen ; sold
everywhere for $1 25.
We will |ilar<- Itar balanri- am hnnii before Ike pnt> ie on
$1 Per Dozen; usu&l price $1 50.
Nos. 629 and 631 J street, : : : : Sacramento.
*:' Our Stores « 111 llosr at 7 I*. 11. Sharp (».i<ur<i n r\r< ii(r-l). *
I ~T
*^!J. F. SLATER, Hatter,^S 8
_l * 3 r.-J-3p::m
. d.&piejier iL/r?. WV^O.; TS
f.\«;li«ii a*d a«i;i!h h
Breech-Loading Shotguns,
Winchester Rifles.
Hunters' Supplies,
Powder Companies
1013 Fourth Street. Sacnunrmo
1 93*817 XC-3-ZS~C XS
chips lnfiiinncc <" ■■••.■■ mt: 1 -.*, gtrlng a!)9olute '
hMJemnitj at 'jquitaMc- rates.
Eeal Estate Borglit and £oici.
Un Real "Mate Srcnrlij.
JJk The It a■ln ■ < <
7"\ TrnlflnjySi »io.;l
sj or tl»o Pacific
S* t'onM. (. rutiii
'&fZU.Zls~\~ u -* aariste-l In
C. A. D. GRAY~
Practical Cutler,
iTirv.rVra.iU D:a!erln ail kiml»»{
aVC'ntlery carefully Ground, Polished and Repaired.
No. 408 J htreel, bet Fourth and Hrib.
/ Single fiecep, Btdding, itc.
W, D. COMSTOCK, Cor. Fifth and X streets. „ , r ,
i 60S X STREET... [mi-sptoj | SACRAMENTO OAU
tii«v irrauiu \u.. cr»i
ntal /■; t'i- S\^^,.ni an.l arre>t!h< ravage of the
draadtul Aicocol Habit, •' Dlp.-j -jMania."
«y 4»h j«or Urue^iht or niur Merchant
for I hem. iU ::i^n,
> 11 r.r.' ».i in fortunate as to rcq lire •. jm.
With a wind nmllin l *:ii! cn.-iched by stu'iie" of an
3riv;u!cil nrlcr, I call asfolf my that ti:ere is hardly
• \3aga* nf human ills that 1 can
. ••):,•(-, .i,f ( igfiuf.
LADIES— I am alwari ready to a«igt you. Mj
-■ ■ II I" • " i » ■•■■■■ td hy i \t'-naiv«
.■\ rience. 1 :■; i.o'v atlc to tnatyoa w:; •, tnn
:-■■ easi pteuttu is yoai 'icU.
cit.- omidasi is beyond my pnr<i control.
M- Pen ala llontbly Madlctnai an fiu[H:n.jr to any
offr. •! heretofon hh <i,l i.c warranted tv Imvo the
■ tred flfl tin -use*.
, M"I t! ■_• puUic who need ny BtrvtsM oaa 'i«
r*n.l upon gi it] i •.;., honorable oj:J (dentUl*
■ at at rcaao »1>1« nm.
I a.Urcsw pardodariy thun" »i,-.. ban h«.: : n in
: by ymrthfol Indtoattom » n <l tlio?i who
ban ooDtraeted I'jca' diHaaM.
Panaos aflUa*«l can, if the> prefvr, consult ro«
by It.ttur, detailing the sjluptoinn of thy dtEoMe or
tr able, and reciive medicine by Express, v.i'h fell
i::ptruclions. All letters must bo directed to .1 II
JOSSKLYX, VS. D., 22C Sutter street, San I .
o>, Cal.
Cure warranted in all caws, or no [ov required.
■ itioii!", personally c.r by htt«r, pat -
fni liT..k. C'lmfortablo apartmui.tK f ,.- I'a'icnM at
my Intlrmary (wuen dugiredk witl< ■ -
Co&mltKtlaa rirlnrs. 226 Sutter »trc.t, m
aag Mch'h Cbrtatlai] Aseociat: ':i Hu:
Ofll'-p h >nrs- From 0 A. «. to 8 r. M.
Ny Itiplnma h;inc< in my office.
I*urcba»e mv lj»a.v <,n PkydUtagj and Marrm<e.
For sale by all Mml, aid>.
j. ii. jwmn, n. i>.
jj 7 3rio
• S>rrn.':<.r.tc. Ufj j'i!t taken I'm ■ ala
.' . • ■:.■-. 1 the CAUrORSI . ORAOKCR COHFAST
of San Frantiuco. CRACK^I-l »o!d at lotr. -t San
KrancißCij prices, *ritn diCi nncf 1.. tfane m
in Javor of pntchaeen. AI«O,nBHKBS CHu.CR
OOaOßOniara, at lowest n:ar^ot rat^. auJ2-a;^l

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