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THIK«r»«T KT«UB I*. 1882
Democratic Meeting— Armory Hall.
Notie j— DiMoiution of Copartnergbip.
Notice — New England Dinner.
Opening Day— Millinery Rooms, 521 J street.
Attention— Republicans Second Ward.
For Sale— Drewnuking P»rlors.
Notice— Bids for Stitioncrv, etc.
Card— Mr. and Mrs. John N. Larkin.
Wanted — Cb&mb«rmaid.
Wanted -Situation by a Laboring; Man.
Wanted— Boy.
Lost —A Navy-blue Jacket.
A. O. F.— To-night.
O. C. F.— Tonight.
Bastness Advertlsemente,
William M. Ljob— Commission Merchant.
Ackerm&n & Co. — Special Sale.
Uile Bros. & Co.— Knitted Underwear.
Mecbaniot' Store— " Shopping by Mail."
The Republican demonstration last evening
opened with a torchlight procession, that
formed on Sixth and I streets, and moved
along Sixth street to X and up X to Serentb,
where Hons. M. M. Estee and W. M. Mor
row were received in the line in a carriage.
The route was then up X to Tenth, to J, to
Third, to X, to Seventh, and closed witb a
t countermarch to the theater. The line was
led by T. H. Wallu, Marshal, with
J, W. Nixon, Charles Eldred and R.
J. Cooke as Aids. Then came the First
Artillery band; the Boys in Bine. W.
A. Uoughton commanding; the Sailor
Boys Club, Gus Weiman commanding, the
colored citizers' club, I. Donlan marshal ;
and the fur ward clubs under their respective
presidents. The Boys in Blue, the Sailor
Boys and a p irtioD of the colored clubs wore
uniform cspas and caps. There were between
250 and 300 torches in the line. The trans- {
parencies carried indicated each club and
bore also these lines: "Sacramento 1,000
majority for E«tee." "We stand by those
who stood by ua " (borne by the colored citi
zenf). "Unite in peace for success, in war
for defense." " Estee talks to the psople ;
Stooeuian won't" "'lf I can't get fjur
offices I'll take three.' —Stoneman." A large
transparency was drawn on a wagon beside a
saddle mounted on a display stand and b .re '
the wjr.ls, "W. W. Morrow, the hirnepv
maker, f Congressman at L»rge." On tha
ends wne the iaitiuU, "M. M. S. T.," and
on the wagon sides the words "Ejtee and
_Ai rived at the theater a very large an
diemt wn found to have assembled. Tbe
seating capacity of the house U 1,200, aud it
is probable fuby 1,400 wsre in the auditori
um. John Rider, Lhairman <i ths U»pu!>
lican C.iuuty Central Committee, oiled to
order, after music by tho bind, and an
nounced the i fii«ersnf the evening, tsfollows:
President, Hon. William Johnston ; Vice-
President?, Hon. A, C. Freemin, F. R Day,
Cal. Stevens, Genr^ Lytle, Hon. H. O. Bj
atty, John Belluier, Willium P. Coleman,
Hon. W. R. Cantwell, Israel Lu^e, A. C.
Sweetter, Daniel Flint, A. Brawer, C. H.
Krebs, li T. Wheeler, E, J. Croly. J. A.
Kiukle. Albert Leonard, James McCleery,
N. D. GoodeQ, C. J. Neiderhaus, Piofe^jr
Charles Winter, Peter Newman, Charles
Hooper, P. A. Millar ; Secretaries, Herbert
Taylor, John McFetrish.
Mr. Johnston on taking the chair mado a
few re^.mks, iv which hi expressed bi.s thanks
for the honor conferred, and expressed the be
lief that thd best Railroad Commissioners are
the nr.vuabl? streams of the State. He then
introduced Hon. M. M. E<tee, Republican
candidate for Governor, aa " the next Gov
ernor," who was received with applause.
Mr. Estee began to epeak at 8:24 and closed
at 9:83. Durioij the dalivory of hij address
he war frequently applauded. After referring
to his forn.e:ly it siding in this city, and ex
pressing hid gratification and surprise
at so iarge an assemblage of people,
he came to bis address prop«r,
saying he would consider but two ques
tions, tlm Sunday law and c irporations.
As to the Sunday law, ha referred to all na
tions • ;•> i ..- totre kind of a law as to Su..
day. & -.''*'• no * speak of ths closing of sa
loons c»*i,b it day, or touch the question a» to
its relation to the liquor traffic, but gave his
hearers to understand that ha favored Sunday
as a day of re*t, air! to bo enjoyed for wor
ship or recreitioD as each oae wishes. Oa
the question of coi p ..ratioat he considered
the contract nygtem and the charges of :'[•■
crimination nnd exaction?, and favored euch
coatn! hv law *s to prevent all these things.
He objected to c rporstiooi meddlirg in poli
tics, :. ! referred io certain specific cases of
a'l'ged .!'<• riiuin .ti .f..« by railroad companies
as uoj wt. He deDiei that hs was a^rarian
in Wn viTws or a de;na^ogu il, and «aii certain
San Fi-Atici.-c I p»i)ers had attacked his charac;
ter, but he would v jt in return pu'l any man
down and could wait for time to vindicate
him. Oa the eiick^ns queati.n ha deniad
having made bijs to Stcure votes. He
favored ureaervipg the hydraulic mm"« if it
can be time, and was for tha rights of the
valleys, m; J said the people of the State were
able to tiaadle the nuestioa, and would do po.
He ■miffaad the Democratic party aa insin
cere on the Sur.day law question, and as prj
* pasing no remedies on the railroad quesli m.
At t! v oouobatttm of his remarks three
che-iH were (4ivep t> Mr. Ei'.e**, and afttr
music by. the band, Hon. W. W. Morr,;w,
can ii !»te for Coogrres at Urge, was intro
duced a td raeetved with applause. Mr. Mi.r
row f;>"te for three qokrtM of an hour, and
devoted him c f to tiie question of railro.d
control hy Confess as to interstate cone
merce : tne puservation of rivers aad
haib r- ; a tariff for protection of
home induxtrien; :.i ■, finally, the
record of Giteral St iueman as a Railroad
Comniimiooer. He favored Cocgressional
itsul.i ■ n r.f interstate c.imm»rc? on rail
roads, and held that the D .-iaocr.it-. feared
that doctrine, as they thought it was another
step toward crn'.ralization, but Mr. Morrow I
held it to be right and in accordance with the
theory of our Government to exerens such
control. He favored appropriations for in
ternal improvements, by keeping navigable
rivera open and harbors c.eared, as the na
tion's duty to the State. He opposed a tariff
for levecue "My, and argued in favor of pro
tection of home industries by a tariff rate
sufficient for that purpose. He analyzed the
Democratic platform and drew the
conclusion that it is not anti-monop
oly, Concerning General Stonejnan
he read extracts from his first report as a
Railroad GcnuahotoMr to show that if he
was right in 1877 8 he is wrong now, and in
either ca«e is not in a i> isiii >n to inspire con
fidence. He reviewed his acts on the prsent
Railroai Cnmsuistioo, to show that he is not
intelligent and couragsons as to the duties of I
ths < fft ~c md on rai'rosd tariff«, and tioally
ciud Us fiiiturc to destroy a railroad before j
AtUn'a ia the Sherman campaign and said
he had, in all nilrovi matters as to freights
ani bna, proven a failure. He referred also
to Ge.~cr.il Stouetnan's abtenc^ from the •
stuui ;> in this campaign, and said his \>arty
had cayei bim ia Sir. Francisco. Mr. Mor
row was teveral ti'jn«s a; plauded during the
delivery ot !iU a<i Iress. At the conclusion,
after ni-i»io by the band, the audience was
DncooMao Hani' To-Night.—The
Democracy will LoUi a mam meeting this
evening r.t Armiry Hall. The coimty and
city c:t;i;':i iatco on the Democratic ticket will
address tho meeting- Tnited St»Us delator
James T. Farley and other f peakers will also
be pr.sint.
Bi'SIXESs Change. — Announcement is
made of the dissolution of partnership here
tofore existing between W. M. Lyon and C.
C. Barnes, under the firm name of Lyon k
Barn?f>. The business si the old firm will be
continued by William M. Lyon.
Eh Routs. —Tbe Sheriff of Tehama county
passed through the city yesterday, en route
to Fulsom with John Delehanty, who is sen
tenced to the State Prison for nine months
for the crime of ftlony.
To Chicago amu East.—A teUct party
now organising, going third c'a««, leavirg San
Francisco Tuesday 24 Lh. Sacramento. Wed
ce3d»y morning, 25th, via Ojdeo, Omaha,
Chicago aud Northwestern Railway. For
further ir. formvion write to J. M. Davies,
No. 2 New Mju'gomery street, San Fran
cisco. *
PICKLEn piss* feet, sleep's tongues acd
■mokeii bftf toefOtß, at Fniton Market, Fifth
and K. H. G. May & Co. "
Los'GTON will open his " People* Market'
00 Saturday. Lvk out for his card Satur
day moriiipg.
Oc^t a;. Glass Wateb Pitcheps, only 40
■dW^ceuts enuh, at Ackermau's, r.29 J street;
sold for duuble the price elsewhere.
Fresh Vbnison at the Fulton Market,
Fifth and X streets. H. G. May A Co. *
SEE our new advertisement in this issue.
Hala B:os. it Co., Ninth and K. •
CHOICEMountMo Butter.in rolls and firkins
cold cheap. G. W. Cheslty, 51 Front Btreet.*
Rkad Halt's new advertisement.
One hundred and twenty-nine emigrant!
passed Carlln yesterday to reach this city to
Two hundred and fifty barrels of flour were
shipped yesterday by a Sacramento firm to
Yokahama, Japan.
At the annual meeting of the Philharmonic
Society held on Tuesday evening, Dr. C. A.
l'ir.kham was elected Musical Director.
Governor Perkins has appointed Augustus
Frederick Warr a Commissioner of Deeds
for California, to reside at Liverpool, Eng
The only name recorded at the Police Sta
tion la*t iiirfht at 12 o'clock was that of
Henry White, who was locked up for safe
The Grand Jury were in session at the
Court-hnuae yesterday examining criminal
cases. No report has been mad 9to the Court
this week.
The Second Ward Republican Club his bb
lected Howe's schoolroom*, Sixth atreet,
between X and L streets, for its head
In the Superior Oonrt yesterday Judge
Denscn granted Lena Kohne a decree of i!i
voroa from her husband on the ground of ex
treme cruelty.
An owner is wanted at Police headquarters
for a reversible overcoat that was taken from
two young men who ware trying to dispose of
it for the sum of $3.
The Sacramento Cracker Company yester
day shipped 75,000 pounds of pilot bread,
which c impletes the present contract for sup
plying Indian Agencies.
In the Superior Court yesterday, Mrs.
Dace was allowed $16 as witness before the
Grand Jury in the examination of Minor
Walden, charged with perjury.
No witness appearing in the Police Court
yeittniay to prosecute R. Oppenbeim, who
was arrested for cutting down a tree on
Eighth and I streets, the case was dismissed.
Yesterday afternoon officers Lee and
Arlington arrested two girls, aged about 14
years, who were in the act of leaving their
homes in this city to go to Marysville. The
girls were returned to their homes.
Yesterday a horse attached to a butcher'B
o-.rt started from tha corner of Tenth and N
{ street*, and ran up Tenth street to the corner
of O, where it collided with a grocery
wagon, upsetting things generally, but doing
but little damage.
The Women's Christian Temperance Union
pave a New England dinner yeeterday at the
rooms of the Young Mea's Christian Asio
ciation, on J street. The dinner was w«U
patronized by citizens of the city. There
will ba another dinner of the save kind to
day, csmmcacin? at 11:30 A. M.
The candidates on the cou-jty Democratic
ticket held a large and enthusiastic meeting
at the Slough House <>n Tuesday evening.
List evening the Republican candidates ad
drepned the people at Franklin on the issues
ofthediy. Tee attendance was large, and
much enthusiasm wasmat.ifes'ed. Both candi
dates ani speeches were alike well recsived.
Toe ladies of 3t. Paul's Church met v-Bter
day afternoon at their rooms, on Kighth
street, between I and J, and cr^snizal a
society to be known as the "Guild of St.
Thekla." The foliowia* named were elected
officers : Miss Kittle Van VoorMes, Presi
dent; Miss Carrie S:cvenson, Vico-Presi
dent; Mi** Frankie Spauldiag, Secretary,
and Miss Lillie Wileox, Treasurer.
Cases of Disreputable Houses.— ln the
Polica Court yesterday, on motion of City
Attorney Andersen, all the cases against
»cm?r. charged with keeping houses of lll
fame were dismissed. There have been five
of the women tried and no conviction se
cured, three being acquitted and in tte cases
of tw-> of them the jury failed to agree, in
Ml there has been 18t) jurors summoned by
officer Lw>. There is an ordinal; c> in this
city tending to regulate houses of prostitu
tion, and City Attorney Anderson expressed
the intention to do all in his power toward its
enforcement. The ordinance is aa folbws :
" It shall ba unlawful for any woman beii.g
lewd or uochaste, or haviog the reputation of
being a prostitute or lewd woman, or for any
woman residing or being in a bawdy house or
house of ill-fame, or room or house navir.g
tfce reputation of being a bawdy house, house
cf assignation or ill-fame, to btand or be at or
in the vicinity of &ny door or window of any
Euch room, or hou?e, or on the sidewalk in
front tberoof, unrl by position, look?, motions,
gestures, or words, entio or endeavor to en
tics acy person to enter the house or room,
or by thfir appea't>nc3 there or behavior to
denote to or inform piss«s-by of their char
acter or reputation, or the character or repu
tation of the h< me or riorn. The penalty
may ba ar y Bum uot to exceed $500, or teu
■lays' imprisonment, or by both fine and im
prisonment." Chvi T. Joceß, who has been
attorney for the defendants in nearly all tho
cases, sail that ths ordinance shoulJ !>-> en
f jrced as f .r as it was in his power to anforo*
it. The ■-.-■< agaiubt those charged with
renting the houies to the woiua were also
Knights ok Sherwood Forest — A Con
clave of tha O.der of Knights of Sherwood
Forest wai instituted in the city last evening,
to be known as Conclave No. 12. The fol
lowing otfi:ers were e'ected : R B. Har
mon, C numar.der ; Fred. Dastman, Vice-
Oommandsr; I. L. O«good, Paymaster ; R.
N. M L.naar, Adjutant; Fied. Joy, First
lita tja:nt; J. J. McKinnon, Second Lieu
teuant; B M. Dean. First Sergeant; Dr.
Cha'!e< K. Piokham, Sec im! Strgeaat ; Thau
A. Warinj, (^ lirternja-fer-Sergjar.t ; D. K.
Alexander, JYlaiter-at-Armß. The officer*
MM ir.«*a!l>-d by \). p'Jty Past (.'ouim^nflrr
Wui. 800. The Knights are a uniformed
branch of the Ancient Order of Foresters, and
is i* tba iutcuti >n to meet once a w<"-k :-ml
•iri!!. Tie n;x f n.eeting will be held Frijay,
at tha (.rtka of Dr. Pinkham.
That Rich B-.y —The Captain cf Police
of (>.>,>!„:.,! telegraphed detective BrisKel last
evenisg that he would sond an olh'car to-a»y
for the boy ar.-ait3d in this city with ov*r
52.800 in his pDSßes^ion. It has b?en learael
tti.it the owner of ths money is tha mau in
whose favor the drafts were drawn, K. K.
Nelson, who U at present stopping in a hotel
in S »n Frarciso, but is a resident of Mitchell.
VY%aco county. Offgon. He repotted to the
police at the Bay that he had lost it some
where between the Sixteenth-street depot.
Oakland, and the end of Oakland pier. It U
understood that detective Biissel will hold I
the boy until tha owner of the money appears
to claim hin property. Mr. Nelsou was ex
pected in the city last evening, but did not
Merchandise Report. — The following
merchandise for Sacramento passed O^den
on the 15-h instant : Fjr W. J. O'Brien, 2
boxes shoea; W. D. Comstock, 5 cafes mar
ble ; Baker k Hamilton, 25 boxes rivets ;
Weinstnck i Lubin, 1 box rubber goods ; J. j
I G. Divin, 1 box walaut furni'.ura ; C. H
Gilinan. .'i cases hats ; Huntington. Hopkins
& Co, 57 bundles boiler flies, 5 boxes hay
knives, 1 barrel castings, 1 box iroTi wtuhers ;
Lindley & Co., 300 cans lard ; J. W.
Schwamb, 1 b>x molding ; Hale Bros & Co ,
3 boxes clothing, 4 boxes boots and shoes.
Commercial. —The steamer Reform ar
rived yesterday from San Francisco with a J
barge loaded with lumber for Sucrameatn
rirm-; the steamers San Joaquin No, 2 ard
No. 3 came up from San Francisco loaded
witb general merchandise ; the steamer I-! ■-.■
departed for tha upper S*cramento liver win I
a bir?e light ; the Noponset also arrived '
ye-ter !uy with a load of general merchandise !
fiom the up-river country; the Moucc dc- |
parted last evening for Sau Francisco with a
cargo of merchandise.
Building Improvsmksts.— John Breuner
is erecting a warehouse on the east side of
Sixth street, between X and L. The build- J
ing will have a frontage of 40 feet, with a
depth of GO feet. It will be one «tirv with
basement. Tha estimated cost is $4,000
Charles Schmidt has torn down an old frame
buiidiog <m the north side of X street, be
tween Fifth and Sixth, for the purpose of
erecting in it* place a one-story brick, with
has? ra^nt. The hui'dirg will be 20 feet front
by CO in depth. Katimated cost, $2. 500.
Bicycle Clcb. — The Sacramento Bicycle
: Club yesterday petitioned the Board of Sa
| pervi?ors for permission to ufe the Pavilion
j for the purpose of riding and storing their
bicycles during the coming winter, the Pa
vilion t<> bt eiven np at any time at the re
qu<".-.t of ths Board. On motion of Supervisor
Wilson, the request was granted.
Notaries Appointed. — Governor Perkins
has appointed the following Notaries Public :
B> K. Crowe, for Santa Barbara caunty, to
resid« at Central City ; O. a Hubbeli, for
San Dipgn county, to reaidu at San Diego ;
Fred S. Ewer, lot Nap\ county, to re^M? at
St. Helena ; A P. Jordan, "for Calaveras
county, ti reside at Murphys.
Five cas«s m^re (job lot) of ladies' cameVs
hair and napped bsaver has . all c.ilors, far
only 20 cents each, at Red House Millinery
Parlor*. ______ *
Fajict Goods for wicter, new. brinht and
fre-h. at our u-uil low prices. Hale Bros. &
Co., Ninth and X street*. •
Filver plateuwabk, soM forone-half of i-»
actual value, at Ackcrman's closing-out salt.*
Waijtkd.— Two "mart, actirs boys st H»le
Bro?. k Co., Ninth and K. *
Adrlrrs from Sam Krtorl.ro The •rruon
••■■(•rial Hilii Miif Policies— Arqml -
UI of the « »jnaln uf the Harvester- The
Baees at Ln Aaxeles— A Bay Accident
ally Shot-The Treha Fair- BrlUUnt
Social Kreal 1b Oreson— Etc.
The Grand Encampment.
San Francisco, October 18 ;h.— The Grand
Encampment, I. O. O. F., assembled at 10
A. m. to-day, and resumed business. The re
port of the Committee on Kudowmsnt was
taken ud at 10:30, pending the discussion of
which the Grand Encampment took a recess
until 2 P. M.
The following officers were elected for the
eneoine year : E. H. Black, Grand Patri
arch ; W. B. Davis, Grand High Pneet ; J.
H. App'.egate, Grand Senior Warden ; Wal
ter B. Lyon, Grand Scribe ; John Hanson,
Grand Treasurer ; Charles H. Randall, Grand
Representative ; W. W. Ly man. Grand
Junior Warden ; Louis Soher, H. S. Winn,
W. E. Latz, Trustees. Toe entire corps of
officers was elected unanimously.
Ban Francisco, October 18:h.— At the in
stallation of the others of the Grand Ed
campment this afternoon the following offi
cers were appointed : Maurice Briner, Grand
Ssntinel ; N. Quir jlo. Grand Marshal ; E.
Dunker, D. G. Sentinel. The Grand Patri
arch then appointed 43 district crhcars, after
which the standing committees were aa
n*UGced. The thanks of the body were ten
dered to R S. Robbins, for his earnest and
faithful labors as Grand Patiiarch dnriog the
past year. The Committee on Endowment
was continued, and empowered to forward to
subordinate Encampments during the year a
circular containing the salient points of the
endowment system proposed, with a request
that the Encampments take action on tha
- . .." C. F. Irwin, on behalf of the Grand
Encampment, presented to R. S. Robbins a
P. G. Patriarch's jawel. The presentation
and reception speeches were brief, to the
point, and were well received. The Grand
Encampment then adjourned sine die.
Charge* DlnmUtrd,
San Francisco, October 18th.— In Depart
ment No. Oae of the I'olica Court, the charge
of manslaughter against Francis Alstoff, the
engineer of the dummy that caused the
death of a boy named Ray P-tliner on the
Gaary-strcfct iine, anda*imiUr charge against
F. Q, CJ.-im«i>, the engineer of th<) Southern
Pacific Railroad f rtight train which ran ovor
and killed a woiian nnmtd Vtzel on Town
send street, were dismissed to-day.
• i- in ii Library -Bleamrrs I'urchasrd liy
I \ :;m -rnnr Stanford.
San Francisco, October ISrh. — A Spanish
Library Association hia been incorporated in
this city, the pirposj bei;g to estab'ieh a
library ami readicg room, piinuipaliy of
Spanish books, and to foster and encourage
the knowledge and practice of that language.
A Board cf Trustees was appoiuted.
It is Eaiil thatex-GwermrL'lind Stanford
has purchased the little baj steamers Fiora,
Gjvernor Dana and Dover. The purchase
price for all three is said to be $55, 000.
Mlate Convention or the Young Men'»
I hrNllan Association.
San Francisco, October ISch.— The State
Convention of the Young Men's Christian
Association and the e^an^eliol churches of the
Pacific coast met to-night at the Y. M. C. A.
Hall. The meeting w*a presided over by A.
B. Forbes, who delivered an address of wel
come and congratulation. Ths Convention
voi -i-drerßed by Rev. M. M. Gibson ii be
hiif of the churches of Sin Francisco, Dr. R.
H. McDonald and Governor Perkins. Trie
Convention then adjourned until '.1:30 to-mor
row morning.
: ,i:hm! Dead In Bed.
San Fkancisco, Octobsr 18;h. — About 10
"'clock this morning the strvant in the hotel,
435 Pine ttreet, on entering the room of John
McFarland, found him dead in bed. The de
ceased was G5 years of sg*, tangle, End a
native of Irelacd. He came to this country
in early days and accun.u'.ated some §15.000,
which he lost in stocks a few years ago.
Siace that time he has been doing odd chores
about tha hotel for his board and clothes.
He has been ailing for s i:.,e time.
The Canipalgii.
San Francisco, October 18 ;h. — The Tax
payers' and Anti Monopoly Convention nom
inated to-night for County ( lsrk, William T.
Sessions : Treasurer, J. H. Wiiber. Tne
Convention then adjourned until to-morrow
San Francisco. October 18' h.— The Re
publican County Convention will meet to
morrow ii : -■■.;, to complete its nominations.
Oakland, October 18th.— The Democrats
of Alameda county propree to make a very
vigor: us c%nva»s from now until election diy.
A number of speakers w:ll take the stump.
Napa, October 18 h.— W. R. Cjiiklin, can
didate for Lieutenant G 'vernor, anti J. J.
De Haven, candidate f ir Congrei-s, addressed
a R-i>Mbiic*n meeting in tha O,.era House
this <:■••. i.ii p.
Pktah ha, October ISth.— Mrs. Marion
Todd, candidate for Attorney-Gdneral on tha
G.eenbaek ticket ; Warren Chase, candidate
for Congress at Urge, and W. O. H-jwe, of
Siata R-va. csndiinte for Coa?ress in the
Third Dintrict, are (iißcu^sißg ths issues cf
ihe campaign in the interest cf the Grean
back party at the Petalurra Theater to-ci^lit.
BpAjnkHTOWC, Oat: b-r IS h—A D.mo
cratic nif-etiug is bein? irmitd to n ; ;'jt by
P. i. Tmiy, nominee For Coogros ior the
Four h Dutrict, John Mirkley, noniinee for
?t^ Board of Equsl'zition for t bo Fourth
District, aui Colon?l J. J. Tobin, of San
Chico, October 18th.— Senator Miller and
J. M. Woedmaa addressed »n au'lience in
Bi.Uvell Hi!! this evening. It w.athe largest
meeting cf the campaign.
Mekce!), October 18:h. — Henry E Jgerton,
R°pu!>iipan cindidate for ConKres-iruan at
large, addrecstd the p9ople of this town to
night in front of El Capitan Hotel,
Shasta, October ISth.— The Joint Repub
lican t'enatorial Convention for Shasta,
Siakiyou, Modoc and Trinity counties, m«t
at Shasta ye?tsrdav, and nominated Hon. A.
B. Carlock, of Sinkiyou county, for Joint
Orland ('Jolnsa county), October 18th.— A
very enthusiastic R-publie-.n rally was held
hers i .-.. ni> ht. Ovtr 1,000 people were j
present, and were very tloquen'ly and eff^ct
ive'y addressed by Senator Miller and Gov
ernor Pcikina.
Thp Lou .'.n^ilr. Fair.
I-os Aso.-les, October 18:h. — Agrirnltur^l
Park was crowded today. Tiie attendance
was much larger than yesterday. The first '
event was a trotting racs. Tha entries were '
Bullet, Charley p. and Pren'ice B>y. Bu!l-t '
soM a bi<? favorite in the pools, which weie
heavy. Five beits were trotte i. Bullet tak
ing the first aud feenn^, and Chirley D. the I
ntxt tlir.' ■ ao<l the r&ce. The best time made I
was 2:33. A half-mile and repeat running
race folJowerl, and was win by OUo K. Th«
second ruaning rice w-.s a mile aul rf p>at,
and was won by Wild Idler. No ti.^e
worthy of mention was made in either of the
runni; g racps.
l'oang Hunter Wounded.
Mebcfd, October ISth.— Henry, the 10
--year old s-»n of W. J. Reynolds, who lives at
[ the Eigle C >1 >ny, near Mlnmtil. whila hnn*.
, ing on botMback it«t Mor.day, w&fi acci
! dentally shot in th-? Isft »r-n by the explosion
i of a shotgun which he hell in bis rii<ht liaml.
The wuuad is dangerou', hut not necsßsirily
1:.... at Yrrka.
Yreka, October 18h.— Tne first race to
| day was trotting, three in hv?, for a pur^e of
I $500. bftnrcen Maggis Arnold and Nellie.
Nellie took the first hea*. Maggie the second,
third and fourth. Tim», fcM} TIHj 1W —
"2:37^. This is the fastest time ever mvle on
I the track. The second event wan a foot-race,
j75 yard*, for a purse of $50. Frank King,
John Sis?el and Myron Cartick— all noted
j runners— ran. Sissel won. Time, 8 second*. '
I The third event was a running race for three- '
l year- olds, for a pursa of ?100, a dash of
three-quarters of a mil?. The entries were
Jennie H., Fred Wickwire and Flying Gald
] ing. Fred won io 1.205.
j Hlabbrd on Ateonnt or a Class «r Bcfr.
Santa Barbara, October 18th.— Henry
: Mulier, a German brewer, and one of the
; pione»rs of the city, wac slabbed l\st eveniaz
by a drunken Bwort— named Jim Morillf.
I Mulier refnsed Moriiio a glass of beer, when j
j the latter, without provocation, drew a pocket '
! kcife and inflicted a daneerous wour.d two
| inches below the heart, and than ran. He was
j 6ub«o.uently arrested. Mulier is lying in a
■ critical condition, but may live.
Damage by Fire.
i Martsville, October 18th.— A lamp ex-
I plosion last night set fire to the hcupe of D.
J. CoonoT, of thi-< city. The damage was
about §400; jesured.
Arrldrnfally KlUni.
NiisoK(Batte connty), October 18th. — A
man named Joe Hart, whi!e i_oviog a se*i
cleaner on Beavii,' place last night, UQ troai
I tiie ecgine and was run ever and killed. He
j was intcxicated.
Tfce flcaat.rlal tontrM.
Salem. October lS:h -The ballot tr.-d»y
I resulted ; Mitchell 37, Shat'.nck 23 Tailing
I 20, Boise 2, Burnett 1, Sliermaa 2. Dunbtr
and Brpce voted for Boise, ai.d Parker (or
Burnett. Adjourned.
Portland, Ostober 18th.— In the Sena
torial content to day, Mitchell held his yester
day's strength. The contending factions are
no nearer a compromise than ever. There is
a possibility that on tha last day Mite:, ill
may secure enough Democratic vote?, bat it
appears now stronger than ever thattheie
will be no election.
Political *\h<s,iiicmli.
Portland, October 18 h,— ln tbo Uaitfd
State* Circuit Court to-day, in his charge to
the Grand Jury, Judce Peady called atten
tion to the law of the United Stated in regard
to political assessment?, and instructed the
jury that if aay violation of that law could
be found, it was their duty to indict the of
Brilliant Social Fvcnl.
Pobtland, October 18th.— Tre Governor's
reception at Salem tonight was the tEoxt
brilliant sr-cial event the capital has seen fur
yean-. All parts of the State were repie
aented by distinguished persons.
The Captain Acquitted.
Seattl«, October 18lh. -The trial of
Captain Alien, of the ahip Harvester, to-day,
ended in his acquittal.
Sacramento Produce Market— Wholesale.
(Corrected duly tor the RboordUmcs.i
Bacumusto, October ISth
Friit— Strawberries, 70^75c 38 drawer ; Hi i: ■•»,
90c to *1 30 V crate ; common, 60@76c ; Psaches,
getting ■■juric, and Bellini? at il -tl 30 y
box ; Lemonr, Siciiv, JS 20 < S6O ; Oranees—Ta
hiti, ts@s 50 $ box ; Liniee, »1 KM 60 V
100; K-uiaau, $3 50<«4 50 V bunch: Plneappir.«,
Jfi'.rfl V docen ; Coooamite, > 7 .' 7 co ¥ 100 ; Plum*,
4i<r6c ¥ Bi ; Peal*, c mmon, $1 25 ; Banletto, tl SOrf
2 V box ; Apples, Uucsil 25 V box.
Pii Fki iiu -Astui .v.:, 2J-B> cans, 9 doc, (2 ,
Msorted, i»1!o:i cans, *6; Peaches, 2J-ft> caiui,
(2; Portlaud Blci'.mrrica, 2-!b cans, (3; Whor
leberrlea. <1 TF.
Dkisd Fmn-re— Apple*, sliced, 6.r7<: » tt>; do
qnattored, s\ati_- : i^ira, peeled, 7 43c; do, n.
peeled, 4@sc ; P!umf, pitted, lOallo; Peacue*,
6.c(7c; do, peeled, Mfltatj Praifw Oermaii and
French, 12^13:; E'uijKncrTiea, 15@l(i:; Flits, CaM
lorrda, 5a6;»»».
Tabu Fruits— Assorh-d, 2{-lb ctm, »i dox, X 7 . ;
Peaches, 12 85 ; Bart'rtt Pears, f? 8 j ; Plums, s2 Si ,
Blackborries, « ; Gooseberries, *3 M ; Strawberri.,*,
13 2S; Apriuou, BW: Mtucat Urapee, fi 76; H»1
Currants, «3 25; Cnenies, 93 26.
VsaBTARLKS— Sweet Potatoes, Red, lfflljc V tt> ;
Caiolinas, il 2501 50 Vrot ; Wax and Strinjf Beii.n.
lj#2c ; Shell Beana, cranberry, 4(Vt!ic ; Limas, f*n; ■ S
tt>; Sreencorn, 10@15c per dozen ; Tomatoes, 50&f'<>c
V box ; Summer S<iuosh,l<ia2c W tti ; potatoes, SI 19 <
*1 ?s¥cv.; Unions, So(a9<>e 9 cwt; Cauliflower, 7.i
®90c ; Cabbige, $1(<*1 25 V c»t ; farrots, 60cgi7fto W
cart; Turnips, DJcgSl V 100; bui.cli ve>,-cl.ibl9S,liJ>. >
dor ; Parsnips, lie ; Beets, lc ; Celery, 75 ■ *
dozen ; Horse Radish, 8.310 c ¥ ft, ; Green Peas, tCBc
V ft' ; Artichokes, 2.)((jSoc S dozen ; Cucumbers, 4 a
6c W ioz; Green Peppers, 4(3 c V 11. ; Km Planw,
4(S5c ; Watermclona, "SeCtfJl Tl «1. iz : Cantaloupir,
SOig'boV dozen ; (irecn Okra, 8(?.0j $1 &>.
BKKiDOTurra— Flour, »."i 2a * h&i; . ••'iu.-> 5
» 100 Bis ; Corumei!, yellow, 12 KM 18 ; while,
*2 KM 00; Cracked Vvheat. J2 TMH.
Puultrt— Llvo Turkey*, lb<jr!4 ; V S, ; full grown
Ohickena, $6 50 S dozen ; youux Knastcrs, 83C«J SO
W <!oz; Bio Hers, t2'g3; tar- Uuc!is, $8 50^7;
Gome. Jl SO,<r2 * D>iir ; Ekvs, 40W5c » dozen.
Oam- yuail, *1 £;. &l 60 V doHn : Malljrd l)u :8,
■S:!."4; SprSca, *1 75«<-J ; Ttai H 609178; Htn-,
I H :..«■:; Rahhiu, Sltsfl 50; Doves, SOQWe » doi
Venison, 10<</12c *> tt>.
Durt Products— Batter, fantrr dutry, 45a47i: »■
lf> ; mixed lots, in rolls, 3.xa42jc %f 1b ; Chi-.ii.ie,
Oablorala, from UMMSe; Western, flats, 10;915c;
Martin's Cream, V.t £^*Joe.
Msati — Scef, 7c; M'ltt.n. 6c 9. ; I^imb, 708 c;
Pork, 10311 c ; Yea!, sirall calves, S'^r*;; larite, ■<:.
ILat, (ikus »nd Fkkd -Ja hi)-, > iuu, Slsjca7 ;
alfalte, *10 tosli V too; bran, ?? Vjc, JIS; njti:
d'.inen, fis per vm: hartar, vbola, ifl 40; grou:u!,
$1 45 ; wheat, $1 8601 75 * cwt ; Ume uate, *■
cwi.. ti 26 ; con:. $-2 » Cwt.
M^jcaLLAßKori- t> cJi — Alfi'Ja, 10@12Jc; Tico
thy. Eastern, lli«iic $ 2i ; Oregon, 8«lto;
Rd Clover. I6#tfc; Red Top, lij(ftl»c ; Kau
bgOrii v."H!nnts, 'o;-llc ; .Slnjn.i.is, UglSe;
Peatmta. lOillc ; Tallnw. 7t:SSo; llidcj, m!t >»■{
10c ; dry, 20c ; Hope- 0-1 ■
(TnoMT, October lbth.
Dbpaktmr.nt Osx A. M. Ckank, .1u.1.-e.
Eugenia HiicMleston vs. UranviHe Huddleeton—
Decree of divorce granted to nUintiff.
J. H. .S:utt w. American Sch^jl District Had
ines Hieo ; juilirmeut lor defendant and for cost.
AngWina Builil vn. Henry Budd— Referee ap
pointed to oecerliin tho cauditiou of parlies to the
Joho B. S-nith vs. Sirah J. Smith, action for di
vorce—Set lor tria/ Cctober IM.
Lena Kohne vs. Henry Kohne— Final decree for
divorce entered.
Kliae Oruh'fr vg. Catherine Gruhter, administra
trix—Commissioner reported sale of real property,
and file confirmed.
Win. Jones vh. .lii'iin l'oli'z— Decree entered to
quiet title tojeal estate.
r Estate of Walther, deceased-Decree con
firming sale of ftcrsonal pro|»erty entered.
Clara L. Brown vs. P. l>. Burbank— Tegtimor.y
closed ; date for argument to be hereafter fix ;d.
.Board ok Supekvisors— The Bosrd of
Sapervisois mat yeaerday morning. All the
members present. Polling places for the
ominir election wera es^ablUhel in the vari
ous vjtiog preciucta. The petition for the
establishment of a new leoUnjatioD district
on An<lrui I4an<! wai eat f--r hearicg on
Novciiibar 'J.h at 10 a. m.
Crowds of pa. i>!e are taking ndvantagp nf
the imtn -i sa rttock cf goods now being sold at
the K^d Houae. •
Peskect Timf keepers, only gl 40, at
AckeruiauV, i>2*.l .1 utreet. *
Sacrnm<-i.to, October 18 -By Rev. 11. H. Bice, Jack
eon M. SaunVy, of Oakland, to Mury F. Kirby, of
Mht'hlun, ."Sacramento county.
S&crarcciiln, Ott jbtr Is— iiy Kcv. T. S. Dunn, at the
MrthorHW paaraag*. w illUm Wapjjh to ll»ttic
Fo>kr, hoth «>: .-an Francisco.
Walnut 1 reek, O.tober 10-Samucl 0. fct-ale to Hat
tie 11 Ji*!i%n.
Siu FrinHf „ O-'o'ier 17— J0.-epb Daniels to Jen
nie *■ Ufl 11 kaney.
Sau Fram-Uco, Ottobj. 17-David F. Hearn to Mij;.
cie I'jrK r.
fan ftaodaso, Ociobrr 15— Christian Koefod to
Marthe IX Baasjas,
San Franci«c >, Oct b.r 17— Paolo Pellegrini to An
gelio* Ilietori.
dan Francisco, Walter Sullivan to Man' B->«
Malis .n, October 18- Arthur Sc :tt to Mary C.
Sacramento, October 14— Wife of W. H. Dunston. a
Chico, October 15-Wife of Tsiac McCloskey. t
Chico. October lii -Wife nf Willi.m Middleham, a
Durham, Oc»ob.r 15-Wife ot Mr. Locey.a daughter.
Woodland, Ocvober 17— Wife "f T. »! Spaulding a
Cbico, October 17- V.'ife of P. M. fluynn, n son.
Lower Lake, October &~ Wife of Jainta W. Brown,
a son.
Fairfield, October 11— Gcorue Kmml CS jeajs 2
months and 7 <U< a
f=aa Viego, fnpliiallur is -yd-on H. 01 ! 8 , ft years.
I Uutte (J mnty Infirciiiry, September 6 Chaa. Smith,
. 35 j ears.
Special Notice
— TO —
Those who have
We ar* r»n*lnnlly havl n g appllrntloß
ami litter, or Inqnlrjr to Purchase
Land* of all binds.
find it to Thc'.r advantage to place them in
our bands, as they » ill be at
No Expense for Advertising
Ot We have oorrerpon !-nn- in differs it pirU of
the Stat* and othT advatr^jrei, which cTcatly
facilitates us iv the DISPOSAL 1 F LA N! 8.
yt- TJ J*k. Hi 4^. tr v*^%
No. 1015 Fourth street,
— — ' _? * _ ********************** •*•♦••* ♦ »
Weinstock & Lubin. ::
: i 1 1 : i t iTjTTj j* : 1 :Ti : ; : :::: : : : j ; : : : ; :;:;;;;
TiMPEBATCE* Yesterday : ~~
„, . . Cornws'lis •urreD'lerj', 1781.
f'« h _ff 7 J of CjdM Creek, Va., ISO 4.
J-«owesf, 5i _____
„, Sun Rise*, 6:13 a.m.
Tcmpbbatcrb Correspondikg Dat, 1881 ! Sun Seta, 5:18 p. m.
„. . Moon Rise*. 11 : 25 A. M.
Honest, 72 Moon Souths, 6:02 p m
lowest 45 Day's Lsngth llh. Ouuiii.
Shopping by Mail.
Surprising as has been the growth in
recent years of the system of shopping
by mail, it is yet destined to a much
greater degree of usefulness. Scattered
over this coast are thousands of people,
with a high knowledge of appropriate
ness in dress, and with a thorough
understanding of the value and worth
of goods; and, yet, who chancing to live
in the small towns and by-places, are
confined in their selection of goods to
the small assortment and high prices of
the country dealers. Thus, it is sure to
happen in the near future that a due
regard for economy, as well as the desire
for better and more fashionable goods,
will cause such pcoplc-unless they have
already done so -to transfer a' large
part of their trade from the country'to
the city merchants. The important
question with those who have never
tested the convenience and superiority
of this system of trade is— Where to
send? Having made the filling of
country orders an important feature
in our business, and believing that ive
possess decided advantages, ive propose
to note briefly some of the points in our
business of special interest to out-of
town customers :
FIRST — Our Establishment is the largest
X collection of general merchandise on the
coast. It is, therefore, reasonable to
believe that we stand first in low prices
and varied assortments.
SECOND — We keep everything needed to
clothe the human form, besides many
things of personal and household ase.
Anything which we do not keep, we
will get as an accommodation.
THIRD— Our location in Central California
k places us in quick, easy and direct con
nection with nearly every part of the
coast. It is almost invariably saving
in time and forwarding charges to send
to us.
FOURTH— We send a Catalogue of 128
1 pages, anvi with over 800 illustrations,
free on application. It gives the most
explicit information about all our goods.
We also send free samples of Domestics,
Dress Goods, Laces, etc., marked with
the price per yard, and the exact width
of the goods. Thus, not a village store,
but a great city warehouse is brought to
the very door of the remotest country
FIFTH — Out-of-town customers get the
ksame goods and same prices that they
would if they stood at our counters.
Their orders are filled by the head sales
man in each Department, thus insuring
the best our stock contains. We are
always ready to give such information
or suggestions as our experience and
facilities enables us to do in regard to
present fashions, colors, etc.
SIXTH — Any goods not as ordered may be
returned at our expense.
SEVENTH — The cost of sending goods to
and fro hardly figures in the handsome
saving usually made. Transportation
charges are considerably less than
In conclusion, we wish to say that
our own interest prompts us to fill every
order to the very best of our ability. We
do not know but that tlte smallest order
may be a test one. and if filled satis
factorily be the forerunner of many
more to come. If you have never dealt
in this way, send your name and ad
dress on a postal card for our Price
List, together with any samples you
may desire. We are quite sure you
will find it a step in the right direction.
Nos. 400, 402, 404, 406, 408 X St., Sacramento.
Nos. 1016 and 1018 Second street, between J and X, SacrameEto.
01 **' a3 " ~"^^O r W r 3H7
WT Denier in WATCHES, JEWELRY AXD DIAMONDS, aepairlcir In all It* branch.* amv-.-l.it.
auder MR. FLOBEKO. Agent for RncLford Wattu «omp»ny. aulTs^m
' fl Importer, Manofaotorar, Wholesale and Betall Dealer In every description of I^
Nm. sol. MS and 608 It street, bet. Sixth mad Seventh, Harraniru to. au7-Sptf
and win l'« •»'" *' VERY LOW FIGURES. Also, all kinda of BEDDLNQ. W^B^
.?. (w. DAVIS, Xo, 411 H street.
Send Stamp for Catalogue.
GEO. D. ALLMOXD, 808 J St., bet. Eighth and Xinth.
Attention, Horsemen ! t^^f
OTFREE. (All •-!> t.KI <>>i: t S H-'m fhJS
ASS? TUPTS' 1>35,T7C3- KTORr, «^Lt^. jj&&
CORSES TEXTII ANfD J BTKEETB, [m^-3pC:i :. . . ti.«.rßlni;\TO.
actual value, $2.
crystal lined only $1 10 ; cheap for $2.
SPOONHOLDSSS, only $1 ; cheap for
$1 75.
22 Barrels, containing 137 Dozen Plain Crystal
Goblets, for 70 cents per dozen ; sold every
where for $1 25.
200 Dozen English Threaded & Mitchell Sauce
plates on stand, only 50 cents per dozen ; a
decided bargain for $1 a dozen.
Nos. 629 and 631 J street, : : : : Sacramento.
*:;" Oar Storeg will close at ; P. >!. Sharp <?atnrday exeeptrd). ThS
J. J. Spieker; DRUG S.| """ ™}M "i"™- S I T"
o-xTiwss! Peruvian
Breech-Loading Shotguns, '
Winchester Rifles, j gfitvliHffiil} , 'ff
Hunters' Supplies. „ - - IEH^
hopkihs & co., '*timm
CALIFOEKIA ADD HAZARD v;; " : ;;;^^~,,-" 1 '
THE FI\I>T BITTEK4 t.\ 111! » M:l j.
Powder Companies 7I " 17 trncn ' Awt cirb
Vitalize the System, and arrest Hie ravices of tha
A I mil A Oil 0 OOU dreadful Alcohol Habit, " DI i^OMANIA."
. LtUNAHU & bUN, -TA.I, y.«DriSnr.rir.«» Wh .M
101/ roorth Street S^rsm.nto i J^i!E??L_
— 4>D JL yoa "re bo ui.furtnnate a» M require tliem.
With a miml mature 1 an;! enriche<l >iy Btudies of an
REAL ESTATE AGENTS, SSZtfS; £££?£•%»£ fcj&TS
RRPRESF.XT A LARGE LIiT OF FIRST- no J '"»*'» a , 8llccll ? fJ iw>u '-
claw Insurance Co.npanies, givinir abaolu'e M, I , , "v'?™ rea ' lv to »«i»t yon. M>
indemnity at equitable rau-s P" 81 knowledge has ten benand by eUonaiv
experience. lam now able to treat you with tho
certainty <;f success. No ease peculiar to yoar doll-
Dnol Pnfntr, [..at ---*■ o v My Fcm:l| c Montiily Muiirinca arc xu;,erior to »n-'
iLnJjl 83jA16 CODSUU SIIQ SQIQ. off "''d heretofore, and »M bownrnuiu.il to bar.
t, v wii« uuiui desired effect in all canes.
Those of the [niMic uh<i need my services can dc
__^ _ r>eDd upon xeiitlcmanlr. honorable and scion'.ifl
RtNTS COLLECTED. treatment at reasonable raivea.
I addrcs* particularly thosa who have bocn in
jurci by youthful Indiscretion^ aud tho^:
TVWC^HEf^t^^ HaO-A-XB 1 ' lave COllt '':>c'f'l local dii-osea
-»^'fc^^^*™i Permns alfiic cc! ™i, if they prefer, commit me
On Krai E«tntt -"iniin. by letter, detailing the sjnptoms of the disease or
aul7-3plm trouli.'e, and rcc; ive mt-licine by cxpreas, with foil
1 instruction:). All letters must be directed t<> J H
** ■» *% liwl Km IH I \mf Cure wam.ited in all cases, or no pay required.
y*"~N Th» Diiliimi Consulutimis, r>creoipr.!!y or by letur, taitis. Send
f/^j\ Trnlnlnsr f<<-hoi>l f"' book. Ojmfortah!o apartments fjr patient* at
VS/J of the Paelfia m y Inftrmary (wl.cn denireu;, witb experienced
/^jy4'/> y^ <»n»<. (iraili- riurM-a.
*S^Zi2£&y/£&ifs*~\' xt *'* ■ <1 »1»««^ •■ Consultation Parlors. T2B Sntter utrect, a-lloinln
J'lktatninst em- the Younjt Men's Christian Ateociation BuiluiDg.
f/>^J J**JS ;.lc.j m. tit. t. n4 Office k urs— I'rom J*. ». t-. Sp. ».
f C/^'/v;- f" 1 ""• Collins fl> Bl|>luraa !>auu« In my ofttr*.
• V ''CctZSfC' Journal, /jucsl Purchase my Kraay on Phi-siolxry acj Marriise
-^"■*»««_^ r E. 0. i*t;-jmw. 3K't«, Cdk For sale by all DewtL-alcrs.
. tvM^mfawan. JyrS,^ BSEI - VS - »' P '
Imporuraud Dealer in all klri'ls .1 TT FISHER, KOB. MM AM) Sl* J STRKET
JVCutlery canfolly Ground, Polished aud Repaired SL. 8 *? Fr » IM -" 19r "- CKACKEKS sold at iowt-t H«n
Nc^^trre. be, ronr, n .na ,mh
'" -'''"" CONFhCTm.Va. at loge«t m.rkot raf.^ anK-3p«
W D. COMSTOCK, Cor. Fifth and X streets. tl .^.
wilcox, x»o*^v^iaEe.s^^GO

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