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Sacramento daily record-union. [volume] (Sacramento [Calif.]) 1875-1891, October 20, 1882, Image 1

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DATLT ■ ■ ' : -;::•- Mf LVm.-NO. **U.
D4.ILV b.:««Klk SO. 4SIB.
Entered .:;•.;.«.■ Ptrst OSiceaiSacran cnluas MOOad i-Us* matter
fecramento MlißMiig Company,
'■♦»• H. nnXB, Ceneral Maaacer.
rraMicsUan Olßce, Third it., bet. J and K.
hpuoiikhi:J tvury da/ of the week, nuudaji exempted.
»orooeytsi $6 00
rcr aii montfaa. S SO
Fcrthree mouths 1 00
Subscribers ft«rrcd by Oarrien at Fimm
Csnts ;"-r v. tk. In all Interior citit* and towns the
9»»f r oau I* had of the principal Periodical Dealnn.
J»err3u:cs ai.i Ascnts.
Adver.lklus lUtesUi Dally Record-Union.
OneStjuare, I time gl 00
OtuzHii^u.: Jtlua* 1 TD
One Bqvan, 3 ti-neci 3 SO
Kaeha-JdiliuoiJUiiia. SO
lWwt I Weeks. lUcnth
E»if S. ; ure, lrtpaye $2 60 «3 60 f6 N
Half Bqnare, M vago 3 £0 6 00 8 00
Half H.jurr.-. 2dpag9 S 00 4 60 ( 00
Half Kqaiur.;. 4th pace * 00 S 00 4 00
Occ Squsra, Ist page. SfiO 100 TOO
Oar S-iUare. !<: ;.jge 6 00 7 00 10 00
1 >cc Squ»ru, 3d vwo 4 00 6 00 8 00
»MS'(U-.r.>. 4thpaße S 00 4 00 6 00
Etfcr KoUax, tt> follow rsadlrg matter, twentyfivc
oeota a \:uv r*c*ch insertion.
AdveKla; liuoiUi'f oituati'ms Wanted. Gnmeflto Let,
8.-xn-ty \'t 'inur, ttc, ot nvc links ua lehs, will bo
hasnadln •.;-,»• I>i:li Uiooed-Union as (allows:
Omttasj 2So«nU
Three ti^r- a 60 cen*.*
O-.e v , ■ • 7a cent*
Sttt a I -tilate a line.
[PablUbad in semi- weekly pirt«)
Is towi an Wfxlnoflday bud Saturday of earh week.
com^:i - -' 'S'^3 iv each issue. orßiiu>un Pa^ee
*aoh M '. wl bl the ciir.vi'est and imwt :!eui^ble
Home. Kei I aai Litexary Juum&l patiiishod on the
Tenus. <.>:.« fear »2 X
genii-"* 1 ! f '■..!>• I'nlon Advcr«t.-lns Uates.
Half Sqn.-.r- 1 Llnu 01 0C
Bach aa.irii. nil time 5C
One* Dare, 1 tine I 00
hinVaiTtnuisHiiiiii ico
Advert '.sements of five lines In this department are
ourrted f:.r 23 onta for one thr.e : threo 'tmeefurfO
sents or 71 oonU per week. ■
and wait on table. Apply at Tnion riouee,
iiitbth and J. olff.3'.'
T w ''i labofing work, lw a man who is steady
and Industrious. Address "F. D. F., this office.
o!9 3f
Drai !Mtk : ", r Parion, >*•■. 1014 1 i^rhth street,
between .1 and X ; baa a tptandid run of naatom.
Also, a narbl ■ top '•■ ''room set ; will be sold cheap.
Inquire o*i preulaaa. o"9 lw
lady a-t Kane. Cri givt beat of rofansMcV
Apph- at 1119 Tentt Mr ■ ■;. '•< .:•*■ i-n X aiid U or at
the Graß.'trj' Store, Tenth and X streets. oIT lw*
i C > ,k», 4 Woodchoppers, 2 Dairyren, Man
to Drive S*nd Teira Fcruait : Two Women for
laundry, 1 Cook, Wo-r.on a: ! Girls for Homework
(city and ooontry). MASTERS Jc CO., No. 100
hi it b -.* ■ -i .1 no \k. o"-tf
or notianas, t»j h, 1 found in this city, for a
NEW BO'iK, which will a II in mar's ever] iamily.
A desirable chance for the nirht party. CaU on
C. H. WUEEi.EK, Western Hotel, Room SS, from
Ito2 1 . ■•> OIS 3l*
MALK: 3 af ILKSBB, WASCS, f» ; ALSO, 6
ranch hand*, $26 ; 2 men t > milk and make
butter, $-.0 ; a barber to rent a shop ; 4 woodchop
l>er*; % waliaua, fIBO to 486 ; a mm cook. Female ; :
2 women onoks, ji:> : alto. C ifirls for housework, rlr.
to $-0 ; ." girls t>> wait and do chamberwork.
Apply to HOUSTON * CO.'S Employment Office,
Fourth aud X streetp, Sacramento. aul3 lptf
I lf^r-1'.:.2, n :".sa of t ~ r .. t I'rsee !a tliUj fiepMtmeat are
M^B> rU Z -r 23 cenU Cot >*xib *,;^je: thiv* i'm^t for 5j
d I per VT'X>Y.
suit. lAiiMS anl Hi»P LAND to 4523*
let. Apt*T 10 DX. CAI'LLS, T•• i.ty fiSBTS
mflei eaat of Baaramento. 014.1 m* Mauls
FE -A '" "•■'■•-■""■" -1,,,
in jnod ranatog nrvr
' " '' ' ' ' ' - j*^^ :^^«
Bar, Bacnmanto cjuiry. Apply : : p tS.*tiiai»
W. A. BROWN, on ths remises, or by letter.
O-syO bt el rinch. •!'■<) acres of which i< lint
bottom, or ■fralrt hintf, nHmtflrt tTTfitj IWiVil from
Sacrament); eomforteble ln"i-.>, thrae
laj-frc oarns. g ! Irring water, ate. Pries »«ry low.
Apply to T. L A'JOCK, DO4 Saveatb atr ( c". S-cra
ment" rtg-lm*
F". SALE 164 CBhS I X NO. 1 L4NO, 100
irl whiflh ' i tod orcnard, alfalfa or hep Inn>l ;
TOO bearing; frail treed, I^OGO yonnv frrape viaes,
a splendid dwel'.infrhonse and lanre iiin;eltven
mile« ft? ■ ■: . r.ii'r.'ad.
NbT. :. ACOCK, »ge»t, 90t S vulu;. Iglm*
OKi.KA .-, fiOT-.:. - FlilST- CLAsS FTJII
'. uiiiiirnished roosaa to let to gentle
met: or fnimiies bj tho ilay, week or month. 1018
Scrond street, between J and K. MIW. U. W. OGO,
Proprietr'-ss. au^-t.
S|"or fine two-ftorv frame dwelling of 7
rooma, "> doaatti and bath-room, i^hs, hot and cold
water. The (ot is 40x160 I witli stable in rear.
Pri^e, $3.«>'i>. Terms of pi>ment very eapy.
For Siilo- MS acr. sof best wfceat or alfal'aT land
goemOe froui a shipping w-irehouse. Price, f3O
per acre.
For Sale — A neat or>e-story Frame Cattaire, 4
rooma, all hard fi:.i bad; lar_-\ high haiemcnt.
Lot ■:.■■<> i feet, nil n. IBfilt. nnn nail cuh down,
liilar. ' 'ii ti'"!' t:; putt bityen.
For Snlr- - " -cri-i ; itnproveii, well located
Fixithsl Farm ; plenty «f water and timber.
Price, $-,500 ; .a-y terma of payment.
For Salr — A h-indsorre ard wellhuilt onc
iton • ir rooaM and hall, a!! bard
Bniabed. The lot is a 40xS0 corner. Price, si, um,
oiio-l-alf eaak fowa, balance on easy terms.
For Sttlr — ID aerea, civ miles frwm Sacramento;
HtflM arc a beartaaj vineyanl. Price, $t,'>'.Hi.
For tale— Two Inß b ockl (adjoining), hi^h and
rich land, with orchard and vineyard and ulf.ilfa.
Booae aod barn. The entire i;r.iperty i< offered
at a very low price, and cm be paid for in iaatal.
For fin lifl acres of imnroved Foothill Land
a raaaifue Btreain of clear, free water to ir
llaalu «il' : S3 acres of ihis firm are as rich and
For Kale - One M itik of flt:e ir^r.len land on rivei
front ; One orchard ; home aud barn. Price,
For Hair- 2'>o »erifi, with improveme-.ts ", fine
Grain Laod ; about 100 acree now p!o*e i
summer fallow; only U m':'e« fr.>m here; well
fence<l ; s <me oik Umber on this farm. Price,
o-.'ly 15,000.
All ttda and IoM more C*Rl_ STRO3SU
will sell y ,m. W* offloa is ID J ttraat
tST tlaaty l.iian* anil Flrr
ißtiiiiaii) <• risks •i.i:.-;u-,l by I'AliL STKO
-1-I. *. lour Itrukrr.
O» I'• •" •. ; ilarv-viil* ; 2,000«af
acr,- ■ 1 tad r- ! l.- ! -fj:!:v3ii l 'n,**'
- ii; up in yoanit timber ; frooJ
bou-- ■.(.:.•. Ti'io well baa the £» ;
drinkii-; water in the rallejr. If not wanted f^r
far:ii\nc. it is one cf the best stock ranches in t'ue
county, aud v.vl 1 o asl I cheap eaough to justify iv
ose for atoek only. Possession pven Ser'tctulwr 1,
I&S2. * !'■ r furtl ' lon inquire of the Sacra
mento Bink^Jincr .niento. California. i>2Slm
> tOKMt, by PBThB EOHL 825 J street.anl7.tf
gHL^rfltl 1 ! BEST VARIETY AXt
JL Laryofet Quarries on tl>«
~ Coast. Polished Granit«
Monuments, Tjmhstones and Tablet* made U\ order.
tST Urmui'.t Kulldlnß Sfonr Cul. »r«-.»i-il
and Paltslit-tl (a nrft^r. atl-lajflaß
Sacramento Pianinsr Mil],
4p J^ Frost asd s| streote, Sacraoiecio.
Boors, Window*. Bllads.
Finish ot Ul kiivls, Window Framoi, M..!.:1-.-i of
every d*»Bcription, and Torninfi:.
C^sjjaHA USE. Senu fur Circular and Price*.
&£J^22.WIi>TKK * CO.. 17 New ttont
4fQ-^S£iiGr gotnery street, Sao Francijcu. ik27-4pt(
Palmer & Sepulveda,
Northeast Corner Second and X streets, Sacramento.
Special attention given to Compounding Prescriptions— ac-,-J
curacy and absolute purity guaranteed. 3[
v» ;. a*tH *^ i i *»«S '\***-:< >*"_■», ■ > "^- -•. t^ . ' j *t-^ j^i
Ir. Wtf'-j-^^ 7^*^* '■ . '; • sssWn»i^r~i*» -"— - 1 ■r ' * *t*M' ■ (
J [j] j&S'Jjllft ,' f " W
ENVELOPES (all sizes), a very large supply ;
WRITING PAP3RS-the bast in the market;
PRINTERS' SUPPLIES, of all kinds ;
Onoice line of VISITING OARDS.
Printing in All Its Branches !
Nos. 208-210 J etreat, : : : Sacrauiento.
[Real Estate Salesroom,
No. 325 J street, Sacramento, Oa].
FRED. MAS 0N , "^ "^5? S N0 S:S J ST ''- Ki;T
msvrt.cn kpr op ' * —£? ,]&, J%q : -jjj K^f sjSb 9 Sacramento.
Hindu ol Unxrs «t linnd JB *^ * 'A^JB — ?pr~
an<! Made to Order. *• * » r *» •'*«*' BOX PEINTIXC.
i>i-l>.,' : J ■•!., 1.1 1. ( t .111 ;.nl Srrna.l (next door to W. R. Stron? & Co.) KISHOLS &C - al7 lpOm
BACttUHHTft, July 11, 188*.
1 take pleasure iv rccoiiimciKlin^ to n»y
tricnilz and the public genera?!), v HAMMER'S
been of jfreat ben* Jit to me.
J, R. HEATH, Jeweler, 820 J gL,fecruaeiiUi,
San FB&ynman g\f.' :: -.
Business Directory
Sroree A. Dutlm A Co — MaLulMturera' AfenM, I
827 -<nd 329 Market street.
Rakrr «V 11- m ilrmi 1:; ; • .* ■ . » of Acmcultural
Implements ami Hardware J Agents of the Kenicut
A£T*l Works. Junction Market, Pine and David sts '■
Hon»*wortli — Oii'iciinand Photosn'»f > ri=''i No. 12 i
Montgomery street. Establis'wd in '. -:,i.
If. N. Took— Minuf. ict urer of Leather Bcltinp, j
Hose, Lacing, ii-iili n Batrs, etc., soutliwest ootMt
Market and Frcmunt streets.
Taelilr tataM i':-litßr »crt Tyleamphls
Inntitutc — (Life tchoiiraiiip, for lu'.l Bl
Course, «70). W. K. Oombariatß, Jr , and T A.
RoMnnon, Proprietors, No. 32J i'o^t btrcet, i pp .-
Bite Uaiou Squire, S. F., Cal. dend t.;r Clrcuiare. i
gtadehabr.r Bran. :tunaf;K'ni!i;; ft, B» !
po»itor>-, 31 Market street A. 11. Lth.-jn, ttauagcr. j
Frank <.. i:dwar<l<i— lni| ortor an.l Dndex, No.
b^'J Market street (I'helati's Bl.x-k), Sin Franciaco.
fiairn.- Pioneer Drutebt, remoTe^i to 722
Ucntgomery St., S. F. OsßMtaJ r.nlers 6o>idtt(f.
*r!m<tl «if Civil I'.^K'nof:;. a. *nn»rl» l S
Pl»»li[mJ A»Bayiny.X Powot. A. VanUer :,';.: ';'.i
C. IS-sTTnann A «'o M«iiufnrlunn oml Im
port^r*. No. r^i K- arny st , no w" S*a;u. ili'-Gnc-t |
hats at the I<i* ust prioea. Factory : 17 Belden »t. !
B»WICJ Bros ' ISiriwate V». -taportora of !
Hard r-js .mc! Agricultural Implex. nUjSos. 801,
303, SOS, 307 and SO9 Market 6trect, Sin Fracciaco.
< anil.irs, ro:y A Oaj tßpertanol Hunl^-arc, j
Iror. ani Stt-el. Air.^Qta for the Pitt^bur^ St^el
W';»ks rthwe^wru Hormj Kail Company, and
S".:'.hin(,'ton Cutlerj- Co. v ;a. ISO and \i2 front
street, and N'os. 117 and 113 Ciiitcrnia street
SwatH't Fft<n!ly Bal-ery »»rt Dlnloc
Saloon— No M 6 Market etrjcl. Weddtn^r >:.'-.;■:,
lse croam, oyatan, ifcUiei, etc, ooostati: .y o : h^ad,
Famliios Bui'piioi. _
Tba Cnila Prrcbn and Knhbcr Miinofort
urinjr Coirjiany — Manufacturers o' Rub jtr Go *ls
of every do^enptioa. Patentee! i! UM cJcbraied
"Maltese '"7^s9 Grand" Cir^o^.Ted Hoco. Cor-.cr
yirst and Market streets. J. W. Taylor, iUi.u-.r.
11. B. Crocbrr at Co. — Importing and Macufwt
arlnpStattonerti, Printers wad Lithographers, Nos.
115, -:i 7 autl 219 Bo3h street, Above Sissome.
Ban Franri«co OfTicr, If*. 8 \ri> Montgom
ery Btrent (Palace HoUl).— J. H. S'arpe, AKeat.
— at WaUROOIu OF—
la, EC. "»=»• -f% •xytr-^ffwrm3r. l
to. Bio J street,- tacrmßcnU
m •?" ln » ul lm*nl plan. Orders for
TUMNQ promptlr attended to. auM Iplm
General Ccmmlsslou Merchants,
and —
WII»l.l>.il.I. AMI Kl.TAit. 01. 4.1.': !!>
| Tropical, California^ aid Oregon
j Batter, Egßs, Poollry, Cxuir, Hoacy.
tST Country or] ra promntly attended to. 7g\
So*. 33S and 310 X -••-.-. , r:i ■■- n;...
<EntAblir,ho<l 1 " :.)
■MB J. ORBOORT. m UJX fi" •OiP.T
(Successors to J. GrthOry),
Roa. l •.■«.: mid !-'s J Mngfc
821-1 p-.: Sacramento, Cal.
». moosf.-i. fl.oiass>.
S. GERSO 7^J & CO.,
IX D« ten In
baVMTtael itnd »oiuc«tic IrrJU, T««ets- I
!>i«n, Ni<i* t r.tr.-
No. i2O .1 strset, between Seoon'. ml Thlrc, e&cra
9*Ti>dse«, rf*Ec:ns:ni, Cattcr, r«s3> Cseeic,
PcaJtry, Orocn and L>ry Fruits, Honey, Eoaaa, nej
tV PotßWc* In nrJead lota or !o»».
au2S-lp;l Kt*. 21 ard B J BUuU.
premisra, w; have OC&MXftA our stock. V-'e
■ : or you c!io b App)c& »ree frota worr-s, Lemons,
T.ujien, OrmnfW, Driinl Frtiits, Kuta, Dates, Car.ne.l
Goods, «lc., at very low ■, rices.
1006 to 1010 Sffeoud street, bctweuu J and K. ir^rs
mento. au?2-tf
W. R. STRUNG & C9 q
*7];[!lQsalB CcDHEiHsioa Esrciiaiits
aSD SSALfJ 15 -» T.I. B^IB3 Of
Aiul GOMHI SicrfUandlsf.
aW All orders pitrnptly attended to. AJdraSJ :
auS-ip'm Kcb. 0, S and 10 J street, Sacraiaonto.
| -
and prol:tk
Csn now bs procured for md. Averaee vie.d, 125
bushels per acre, and wcichs ten pounds mure per
bushel than any other barley ; vtry superior for
brewing ; do:s not fall down or lodjje, and (tools
more than any other known. Call upon or address
B )OTH k CO.,
BST-lptf ■ Front street. Sacramento.
>n r.tn at * laces,
dealers m Produce and Brewers' Supplies Maii
u':ict -i ers of Halt and all kinds of Meals : Cat meal
CornmeaL Cracked Wheat, Graham Floor, Back,
wheat Flour, etc New Grain Bags for Bale. Aircnts
or Buckeye MlUa How-, Marjnrilla. aul7 lp
Neuralgia, Sciatica, Lumbago,
Backache, Soron?ss of tho Chest
Gout, Quinsy, Sots Throat, Swel
lings and Sprcinc, Birns ar.J
Scalds, Generai Bodily
Tooth, Ear and Mecdache, Frostec
Feet end Ears, and all other
Pains and Aches.
No Preparation on er.rth rquals ?r. Jacobs Oh
as a «rt/'<P, jlHrc, eitnjtlc nml rhetip Externa
llf-m^dy. A trial pnta:U but tnw otmparatiTelj
trifling outlay <if 50 (Vnls, nnd every ono sufferiri.'
with pain >-au hays cheap aad poeitive pn»l of it<
Directions in Kleren Lacj-uaEi*.
linllhnorc. 31J.. U. S. -_
J\^ tniim ; : .". r.«. ma ; 715 Howard street, war
T'liri, San Francisco. 'I h:8 house is especially de
giiriuil :h :i <■ .ir.f irUiblu homy (or Hilicsand iren'.!* I
nicn visitine tbe city fr.-m Uu latarlar. isodr-rk
rooms, lii') and mulling water In eich room. 3!ie
fl ora ar.> cororad nit* i. id] Brosr< 13 c rpvt, ami all
the furniture is made ot Mlid black walnut. Kai )i
bed bai a ipriog nuttraia, wiili an additional Inir
top mattress, making iheni It. c most luxurious and
healthy bed* in the world Ladlea wiahloi t" oeok
fur thuinsehva or 1 uniliecara ;■- owed the free use of
a lar^e puWic ItHcfaCT and dining-room. Eenautl
keep Dp a i'i*-t; Irom 8 A m. to Tp. M. Hot and cold
baths ; a large pj.r! r ind reading rcom, containing
a Grand Pfano »H tree to Price, s-in^ie
moms \ht ti!i:ljt, . r .O tcut^ : nor week, from $2 uj>
w;u"dß. HeoM < pen night
K. HCGIIFS, Proprietor.
At Mirkrt -street Frnv, take Omnibal lino 0
street cars to corner ot Third and Howard.
I »» Mft'Ftf
rr.eito — ?trlctly Srjt-cbum, on ;neKu.-op«an plan.
T. D. Scrivur's Carnages wi'.l take a!! paseeujers free
of charge Jtoui rk-^>t to I'-^ai .
sl-Anliu TKKRT h CO.. Mamgerp.
CaL P.Oiuia, to ce:iti »nJ fl per day. Speci»!
ratofl by the mnnlii Hillianl?, c .oico Ilq'jyrs aud
clears. Hot luncu. Jr.iiy fro^: U .-.. m. UD 2r. M.
W. O. ("J05") FOWEiIS,
81-4plta Frorrrictor.
QOt-:--' EAQLfe HOTEL,
<_/ raire'ito. — '^nrt nlafln i". ffrwrr reßMefci Uhe
li.rv'est, t'inuiiaod Ue-:t-Vc:it! : a*.c^ Hotriini . >
r.ATi*— l3, a £,<) Hid |t] ' •,. accoiicg ta.
rooai. <-"ret oa to anu frcin tl:e HotaL
1. l^yaynrn m-. c ..i DcdnA
au<-«rl!s Prorr^elir.
t(l<V X fSTRFET, AD.IdiMNO r -
*&& i tie JJ.tru!...lit*n T..sumt. dfj@S&
bandsttme Prlv-ittr II oujtf.ir i> .rtics. <fci *V
tOUId I'AYF-N, Pr...rii-tor,
au?o-4plm Forn'crly of Hie Hotel de France.
T!i!ril BlrOßl. £U:inef-a J r.nd X,
1 Offlc. Coon oay as,: i.li;ht.
A. J. BPTATR, Pioprtttcr. V /
! "iio-j-i-n
- — oy
D O. Ml* LS & CO.,
exited urA^f* imrwmiiiii
B.IM ItMthOh -\>w York, <!i;.-x(jo,
1 . 'tv, , liubl'U, i":,. :-, VISKSOW,
Berlin, Frankfort-on-SJain, Vicuna, St. Petersburg,
Copsnhagen, Stockholm, Chri-'i mi, Amntcrdam,
Antwerp, Geneva, Venice, p.i 1.1 all uf the principal
cities of EUrMIO.
Tli'.j Bank !'»» correspondents In Mexico, Sf.utn
Atccien, West [odiaa, ABctraHa, i\ nmlaln, and all
pirtii of the world, and special faci'ities for makinf;
collectionq. Sfcl2-4ptf
Interott Paid an y- •_>.. n- Stml- Annually.
US' Ccmmcrci*l an<J Sa'. .r.rn Dep>vita re:-; I . id,
acd a ironeTa! !/ink!ni,' bar.'jc.vi done.
Exeh xnse on Hxn J ninciico and the Taift.
Interest tt^s paid on Baring! Depu-Ita in this
Bank, for tho Sec)>-Ar.na«J Item •ndtng JUßK SOtb,
?.l t..i-' r>i*-3 of 6 \kt »rcr.:.. per nnii'iw sl-<rliD
MONfci FO Itim
— o>— —
<S3r SSK, J«k. X TST
iv WltfMOt^M «t:j:.k mwm
Oalifcmia State Ml
No. ClO E Etreet, Sacrc.:n:-nto, CU ,
Manuf*ctnrer nf
tgBV jA a!l kir.ds of SAD
. '■■: . AJ dlg-,hakke.->s,
ft A DLE-TREES, etc.
. < 'jr*^ J^S ~~~ " - \ ImixTt. 1 - ard
Jobber of tbe best
— ~~ 1 "^ ' of SAP
etc. My goods are
I*** — . guaranteed to be
JT -. ' J ~'Y^^ represontcd.
V - -^1 . DrßECT^Lirrrniis :
\ t I EUX S»,
V / »ji rmiicnlu.
\< si lplm
TV ißi^T!»«r Attirt* w. oil! tie »u«nll.>o of l»»y<n, Hilton,
ad MuiaM n.en f«c«ro;]y throuirhoiil th« Win, w v." ttcihli«»
rf th« VAIJ-EY rKXbh t,r doatf Uluronßilr r~» prlaltw.
K« will nuioUic t!ie «mlnMt rejwUl^oa 10 loot «»«d>«* to "»
boom Tb» e«t of •l<cm>l vA p»rftrt ptintinc h oot frular
llUa MM which U rt!»KT»»«bl. to »rt «i«f h«I»l. A 44™«
H. a. WEAVES. IV, 1 Su. SK7mm»u. CaL
Stabbing AlTdlr nl Sanla Ro*a-Thr Ore
gon Deadlock-Bailor Drnwned-Lord
and Lady Lornr-Tue Fair at Yrrka—
»arm Kchldence Bnrnrd-Stulr rolltirs
Advices from San Frantliico-Elc.
Arre»led for Llbrllac a Judee.
San Francisco, October I'Jth.— Karly this
mcrniDg William Hollia was arrested on a
charge of libel on a warrant sworn to by
rhar!e3 W. Halsty, Judge of Department
len of the Btrpirkn Court. The cotnolhiut
• harges Wiiliam Hollin with libe', who on the
13ih Jiy cf October, 1882, did ■'then and
there, with intent to impeach the h"ne?ty,
lntegritj-, virtus ceil reputation oi Charles
Halsey, then and there beinK oce of tho
Jucigea cf theSnptrior Court ot the city and
ccuuty of San Francisco, apd thereby to ex
pose slid Charles Halsey to pablic hatred,
c'mteojpt acd ridicule, did willfully, unlaw
fully and malici.uely print and publish, oi
acd c. nccrnkg said Charles Hilaey, a certain
false, rrnUntnw and dt f imatory iibel."
M [1 1 !i and Tarso Hold.
San FbaWBBOCL October 19:h.— An auc
tiniii-ale if the thip Bremen, wrecked last
Monday morciDK on the Farallone lHlaDd«,
was hrld this afUrnoon at the Merchant!.'
KxchsD^o. The vessel, with all ripgicg and
iin.infjp, was sold to T. P. H. Whi'.elaw for
VJ.-jO. Uiildiuß started at §300. Tho stated
value of tfi«) f>hin in I.oiidon was ?50,000.
The cargo, about 2 700 torn of coal, wu sold
to »>ib saciß bidder for §05. Iliddiug s-.artcd
at ?20.
f. i.iril of firatli .11 1 < l!.>z.
San Francisco, October l'Jih. — The
montMy raeetint' 1 f the Board of Health wa3
held to-Di'ght. Ji.hn W. Foye, U:t;jent
Phy^icisn of tho gtnall-pcx 1V..-;it,!, an
nounced four ousts cf tmall-jmx aduiitted
during the past n.onth. (J'isran'.ine Officer
Lav/lcr stated thai 100 veptel?, ell in good
Banitary cocditi^n, arrived (lurins; the past
month. From the Secretary's report there
appears to have been 414 deaths during tho
past month, an a-,'iinit 4^o tbe month previ
ous, aad 324 during the cjrreaiiuudiug uionth
of last year.
Chiinse I'crltflratrg— Toons Mm* « liri
-111 1 Ai-sorlalloii Couvrnliou.
San Fbancisco, Octobar lUtb. — Up to
date 3 ltsS car;ihjate3 have been i;tued to
Chinese desiring to return to thi3 country
after a vi«if. to CLir.a.
At the Y. M. C. A. Coiiventton this after
noon au address woa delivered by Rev. V. A.
L-wi", of Nspa ; also an addrcas by Hey. E,
(i. Beelrjritfc, of Sia Francise<\ A praUo
Fervice was held tonight. Tha Convcatiun
wi.l auj'jir.n to-morrow evcuiug.
1 ■ ii.'?!j to Animals— l>;iuk t'ouinils.«!on«'rs
Sas Fbakcisco, OoN.b^r 19 h— Tin fee
rotary of the Si>ciety f >r the l'reventi >a of
Crut.lty to Animals reported to the Bird ot
Tms'ees to-day Ihat durius; tho moiith past
forty-thna ci-e3^; of cruelty hive been :A
tended to.
The liink C.)mrLi<sior,erg havo exatr.ine.l
the condition of i.lf Ac> of the O \klanU i!*uk
-f Saviugs", and report the icati'.U'.ion ejlvo^t.
Mliilns iMMMMi
Pan Francisco. October l'.t.i:.— The .Tu?
--ti.-e MlafatfC Conn any has levied au astcss-
BMSt ot 20 cents per bliarc.
The CanipalKn.
San Francisco, O-'.olvr 10;h.— A m-.ss
meeting was held at Platt's li»ll to-ui^iht by
the colored cit'zins. The act of the su-cillcd
Coiored Citizens 1 Convention, dec'aTiiig an
!li»ncß with tha D- nucratic party, wes
utterly repudiated. Speeches were made and
resolutions read to that effect.
Pan Francisco, Oetafew I'Jh.— Tha lie
publican City and Coonty Convention muni
n-t«d to-nipit for Police Judges,!. N. K.
Wilson and Hale Hix.
San Francisco, Ottber 19lh. — Atameot
ing to-Li^-lU of the Dem cratii Dls'iict Con
vention of S»n FjA!.ci:c> ant S;;u Mateo,
.Trrenji^h LjLch was cociinaUd fur Joint
St- at jr.
San FSAVCIBOn, Ootob'r l!>th.— The Tenth
Dhtriet Dtntocratki L -.-islative X'>!iiin»iinK
OmmwlliMi hss iw minatad A. A. r^ardou, H.
E. McPik^, A. U.Tlz ai:d J. W. BbftVU f>r
Iho Assembly.
t-'ANT.\ Babiiaba, OctoScr lO'.h. — Hon. A.
\j. Hart, J. Alexander Forbs* und Hoa.
(isr.rce Steels iddreawd sti aujier.ee ot Lo
bero'i Theater last eveoinj.
Bdtkb Cufkk Ootob*r 19th.— Hob. H. F.
]'. •_•', Hon. Gcorgt^ A Kt;i^ht and Hod. J.
A. E»<jan closed Page* eaavaHißC in this
county last Li^hr, by addrcuJßg a large and
!)nlliact mee'i",-- .n. ha alir (,'ity.
OR&VIIXE, Oc-' b-<r 19.h. — Governor Per
kins waa received here Jo-' i = -ht ty a laifje
delegation of cur RcpabUoan C!nb, with a
brnsi) bird and torch-light procscsiun. He
i> now spcakiDit in front of tho Ur.ion Hotel.
Senator Miller is uaavoiJably absent.
Suiscn, Octobpr 19;h. — Kites sn.i 11-.rrow
&rnved here thi? uirrcirg. Ths farmer U
nov: speakii gat U'.ion HJI. Marrow will
San Ei'ESAYENioaA, October 19;h.— A
mteliog »iv held here to-sight^ which wiu
addro;bei by At:o--.ey Gere.-al Halt, Hon.
V. A. Grecg and W. A. Fortes — ihe Utter
speahing in Bpuilk
San Kakael, O:*.ob=r 19.h.— The immllnu
of the day i. the preaeuce of Mr*. Muion
Todd, cmdidate for AUorne>y-G:U<ral on th«
Greenback ticket. TLe l>jct-,um is packed
to Light listening to her.
1 :■■■ Fair at Yrrka— Heath of a I'foncer.
Yreka, October 19^b. — The first race to
c:»y wan tusnir -,', free for al!, for a purse cf
*;!)0. Ttie cntri-s were Harry 15., Hancock
and Charlie. Ihe first heit wns won hy
Hanccck, Harry B. r?<"cd, Chsrlia dis
tanced. Time, l:50i. In the second heat
Harry P.. was tirit, rlincoL-k second. Tim?,
1-54 J. In the third heat Harry B, was firot,
Hinuock tecind. T me, 2:30. Ths rext wan
a trotting race, three in live. free, for r.H
torses thai had 1 ever beftton 3 lnimite?. The
entries were Sorrel Dick and Tyicr. The
first heat wi<i won by Sorrel Dick. Time,
":1 ! .',. The stci>nd was won by Ty^er. Tiioe,
3:l'.'V la ( hs third heat Tyler w»r ahead
and Sorrel Dick distanced. Time, 2.58. I-i
the quarter-mile race the e:itri?s were Snip.
Si rrel Jim and a lVrcheroa liliy. It was
won by the Utter in :23|.
Charles Birctlaux, aa old pioaeer of this
city, died t:.i j moruini;.
A Drunken Eliormnkcr Sfalts a Saloon-
Sama Kcsa, October 19th .— Panl Heieel,
a Geimaa th >eraak I r, au oil rtdideut here,
while uncicr the uflasnoo cf liquor early thi»
afternoon, rame behind Jack AtKia«, a saloon
keeper, tilting re» i g in hk chair, and ie
v^rely cut him in Him p'^ce.i whith a short
bladed thoe ki.i'e The b'.ado was broken
fr->in tho haiKlle io givi g the las'; cut over
Atkins' hit, evr. Tie worst wonndhjoat
below the line of the pt.ve', on ths right tide.
Another cv*. is upon the It ft l.rea*t. Atkios ?
cooditicn is critiml, with little hope f. r liis
rtcjvery. H> i<?l Kai grown children. He
hal evme tr. al.'.e lact sight with Atkins
while ciriiiki'ur. He is in prison, un.ier enm
mi:n.ent to awuit further devblopiasnt in At
kia«' case.
I>mperaicp Lcclarr.
Kio Wsta, Oc'ob.r l'Jih.— CVlonel Georce
GonUing, Qrsrd Ltcturei of thi> I < ). (J. T ,
opoke ta an an.iienoe of bboui euh'y j er.= r b
bat Bight. Ha declared thrt tiie nhi;':ry
men ruled the pt>Htteal organizitit m ; that
ifrey tlonf did a c»oh busiaevH, wl ie oth.r
dealers boM on credit, and that neither tbey
808 their customers paid ote-tenth of tho
taxes. Tie lectuier was frequaatly ap
Tlir Li» llldM Rflrci.
Ix>s Akoei.i-8, 0.-tobtr 10th.— Tha largest
.»! tcudarci of th« week traß at the races t>
day. The first event was a t?-tMng ric» fnt
three-year-olds, for a purse of 8350. K>»te
Bender, Tempest end L J. ll>-e's Center
were the i-tur^n. Tha ra"^ wai wou by
Center in 2:oO, 3.00 ar.d £581. Tee second
r. ca was for a pane at S2UO. t C horses that
had never run f;r nr>ney. T c nt*rt?M -nere
Majbirrj'.) Miry Jane, L. J. Ilosi's Djbon
nairj ani Co»D"r'i D.-»per— woo by Miry in
L:47, '-':!i) a- d Srlfi. Tne m;st exci-jn? evfr,t
was the ladies' Mltea-nfll m«it< i h. The ««
tries wpra Mrs. Bbckford and Mi^> A4n M .-
C'>y. Oa the eleventh round IDm McCoy
fuiuted. and wm tsken to tho dob-hooaa.
Mr?. B'ackford ti&uhed tbe race ia a clow
canter, exhausted.
Colllxlon at i:-nlrl 1.
BISICTA, October 19:L\— Too westbound
en,i.is.',t train collided with iiioa frei<ht
c%T9 at the mail clock cwilch at 9 o'clock last
nfcht, wreckicß two fieieht card and the cab
of tbe engine, danger' usly hurting engineer
("lark. Condactar Riley eicAped with tligbi
Hrnldrnrr Beittreycd »•> Fire.
Fais.tO, October 19Ui.— On Tus»d»y after-
noon the residence of Jonathan Strine, eitc
ated about reven miles s-uth (.f FrcsDo, was
destroyed by ri-e, toother with its contentp.
Tho 1 S3 is about $1 'JOO ; irsnracce, SSOO.
The origin of the fire is cot known.
Another Limp I vploslon al Marjsvlllr.
Martsviixe, October 19'.h —A lamp ex
plosion in tho buildicg known as the I'*e
hive last night caused a fire alarm. The
ttinic-s wera extiDjraished by wet blankets.
No damage of any coccequence.
Buock nf Earlliqunke.
Mendccino, October l'J,h. — Quite a fhock
of earthquake was fslt here tbU aicrcinf?
about half past 3 u'clcck.
Ballur Uronncd.
Brunoaem, Oot-.ber lOth.— The Meimer
Salinac, in trying to land at the (jrorden
Chute, lost a sailor, whuse cams could tot be
Another Ballot.
SALi.M, October I9dk— Tb« b«Bet to-day
was as foll"Wi : Mitchell, 37 : Snsttuck, 2S-
HermiD, 21 : E. Williams, 2j FaJUog,l;
Burnett, 1. Adjourned.
Salem, October l'.i.h— B:3o r. M —The l^sr
islature will ar j .urn to-morrow. Mitchell'*
vote to-day lacked !» of ru •leeUaa, with 23
Republicans voting for other c»i»aidate3 and
united in oppoaitioi to him. Mitchell iasu^d
an open letter th.H evenir,<?, eayicg that he
wa» in thj hands of bis friends, the letter in
fact bclog au ingenious and n'.rone; appeal to
his turp-rtere to stand by hi;.i iv maintain
in»; the deadlock. He h^s Riven up all hops
of election, and ij now working o defeat tho
election of euybidy eLe. Th-: Danriocrata c f
cuur.e favor the deadlock, i.. the_ hope that
popular dii-gnst will cause a \ ■ Titic-.l revolu
tion of tho Stite, and their l.opc-i rra well
founded. Mitchell cmnot poEiibly hold ni^>re
than 20 .if his 37 to- morn w. and perhspß not
any of them ; but &s only !) are required to
prevent an election, he »eem» lo hold a good
nand in the game. Be'.s are even to tisjlit of
a deadlock.
Sailed Tor Kuropi- «:il nt Dftagcv.
Vieuinia, Oc<:i)!:ci 19th. — Tobn W. Uaek»y
p»iUd to-day, from New York for Enrope.
Mr*. Mackav ia very ill.
Captiia Matt. '«.'..". i". n is now cut of
four ■mufclmm Klllrd.
Vv'i [.liams. October l'J:h— Thirty tfx h-rees
and ir-nles were f*-hu from tl.ia plic-8 Sar
d»y, September 2Ub, by V ur horsethieves,
«n,i they with their phtndei Rt»rt<d the ean>e
niphtovcrknd to dtapoM cf tVetas-.e. Tie
owner?, fotgfctem, to the number of ej§ht
men, Et^rted in pnnnit The h >ne■hieve
wot rarpriaed e.uly Monday marnicg rt
Ti,-erar:» cjuyon, thirty-fire miles enst cf Al
bnqoeiqn*, X. M., and iiftytivp miles eas- of
Williaom. Tt>a thievei wcra killed r.t tie
fit t tiro, ami tha fit l;n li^rjei and mules all
recovered. Tha property and the nea wto
it krted tn parsuil: al ariived at William* tc
d»j, via ihe Atlantic ana Pacific BaQrofjd.
Fosidence Uitniasrri !»>■ rjr<".
)". iseCity, OatebM 19:h.— The nddeoee
of K. G. Curtis, ex Governor (if this Terii
t >ry, w»9 partly destroyed by Cr« ai noon to
day. Every ilt.rt was ma^e to siva the
builditg, but tha flimea were nni fxtin-
K'iiahed uutil af:er tha upper story had heen
( : eatroyed. A valuable ibrary and contiiier
able furniture were badly dam.'fje-). The
house was a tw.->-story framp. The lor 3 U
etUmatad at $3 000 ; co iD.-uranc^. The ac
cidental overturning of a candlq in a (iaik
cli'sst iv the second s'.ory was the ciuae vi tl.e
Tbc Governor - Uenrra! and Princess
Victoria. October 17.h — It is reported
that the Governor-Gin^ral and Prtneaa
Ij-. ui.se will sail for San Francisco on tho Co
mus abor.t the 27:h instatit.
To t!io Peopls of California : Vr'e 1-ave [
been requested by the Buffering people of I
the great valley of thia State to make au
appeal to you in their beha!f. Would that
each one of ycu cculd behold with your
own eyes the devastation that has been
wrought by the unrestrained Haw of n ia
icg detritus. You would be astonished to
know that any number of the An-.crican
people — people claiming revolutionary
eiree — had patiently met such destruction
of their homes. Could you behold thia
you, too, would grow impatieni at the
cold impress of type upon paper. All the
language a Patrick litnry could command,
and thua put forth, would fail to give more
than a glimmer of the wrongs these people
and you have suffered and are about to
suffer. A3 bsa been repeatedly shown, it |
i 3 not alone the people whoss hearthstones
are being invaded who sutler, but all the
people of the State and their children, SDd
their children's children, on down to the !
time when "the earih with aye grows
wan," aud bears
" —the !ait el human mold
That ahull creation's death behold
As Aliira saw her prime !"
Rivera are being destroyed upon whoso
bosom lloats, or has llosted, the commerce
of a rich agricultural territory capable cf
supporting two or three millions of peoplr.
These river 3 are worth to the present spai ss
population not Us? thin two million dol
lars anmilly. More than one hundred
thousand acres of the linest land on the
face of tho earth hss already been destroyed
and aa much mere made impractical of re
clamation. Other hundreds of thousands
of acrca ara in process of destruction.
These rivcra, these lands cannot stand an
other year of unrestrained hydraulic min
ing. The bay of San Francisco must j.o
next, and if you would save any of Cali
fornia worth the eavin^, you must inter
pise, an objection at some stage of the pio
ceeding. Why not sow ?
Tho miners have announced that they
intend to a*k the next Legislature to at
tempt to leg*lizT ia aome way the building
of impounding darns. .Sach a scheme is a
delueion and a snare, and tho rivers and
the valley linda must take the consequence
of a failure. The Courts have decided
that it is unlawful to run this detritm into
the ri\^rc, but the mi'iois hive evaded the
service of the orders of th-j C >urt->, ho^ini;
that the Lsgfaistnre m»y cmc to the res
cue. Oar penp'e do not desire that the
principle of the I.iw shill be chinked, but
that measures be taken to enforce, it. They
appeal to you to see that no pernicious
legislation bo hai. Became the hydraulic
miners have evaded tho processes of the
C.iurts some legislation may be required to
put in fora the princ pies of r^'ut and
justice laid down by the Cjurts, and which
are --* eld as en ir'zition.
With all i.ur Ions; rof&ring, with all our
wrnnus, tliis U si! we have to iwk ci the
voters of the Stftte in thehr sovereign ci
pacify. \Yc ask uo charity — ttc ask to
■ ntl a for damij^a, but we come
(bowing tur wr n;s— yi ur w-.mts— and
ask for jii'li< i a. Wo aak every vbttr in the
State to ste that th- men he serdi to re^.re
tout him irj t're L=^UUture are willing to
give us thia. Ifnoh h:»!i been i^aid and we
do not OBOOM to co into details of fae's or
enter upon an e!ahir»'e argument. It is a
timi; for action. Will you help us ?
Gn Ohlf.yki:,
W. S. Cim.
Salutary St imulatio n.
When vital ac-.iun U ts\a->\ci->\ a stimulant, !
provided it bs pure eni properlj- medicated,
ia the mist rel;tb!e aseat f^r inr.particg the
C£ceß3ary impetu? to the femi-dirmant (r-
Z'-'f, scceleratio^ Jhe lincai 1 cicui^iion ar.d
averlin? the ir.MsdU'a t> which fur.c'ional in
acHvity give lise. PhyMciatM who hava em
ploye.l Hostetter'a StoMMh Biters in their
practi-e pnaoDLc; it the ruost silu'ary tc^Dio
-'i:'. t 'i":.:,t thty hivi>cv»r n'e<s, and ef>peci»l!y
comm»nJ it as a remedy fr.r to'pi'iity of the j
bowelx, liver, stomach and kidn«y«, and as a i
i resn«it»r.t of vital energy. Tne mediciml
1 value of the Bitters is <l".< tn tbe fact that
with their bisia of pure spiri's are coxbined,
in perfect cheitical harmony, Ue best restora
tive and lifc-taatainiuß elemrub kocwn ta
medical b >tauv. The Bitt«ri never cetctic
rato is the mott uif avirible climates.
Th« Unusual Experience of a Prominent
Man Kade Public
Thfl foliowin? article from the Democrat
and Chronicle, li Rochester, N. V., is of so
a nature. And emanates from so re
liable a source, that it is herewiih re^ubiished
intire. In addition to tbe valuable matter it
contains, it will be found exceedingly inter
esting :
To the Editor cf the Democrat and Chron
idt— Sir : My motives for tbe pabfieatkM of
the most unusual statements which follow
are, first, gratitude for the fact that I have
been saved from & ruoft borr'ble death ; and,
Fecondlj-, a desire t> warn all who read this
sta'ema&t against pome of the moat deceptive
ltiflu n-es hv which they have ever b; ea aur
ri uided. I: is a fast that to-day thousands
of penplu are witi.in a foot cf the fcrave ac d
they ■',■> not koow it. To tell how I was
anight away fr.m jutt this position and to
warn others atfaitist nearicg it are icy objects
in ihia communication.
On the lnt d»y of June, 1881, I lay at my
residence in this city surrounded by my
tri°cils and waiting fur my death. Heaven
only knowa ths agony 1 then endured, for
words c<»n nsvar d> scribe it. And yet, if a
few wthltjs previous any one hnd tyid ma that
I was to ba brought so low, ami by co terrible
» iliaesee, I should have scoffed at tiic Ida).
I had always b?ea uncommonly strong and
healthy, had weighed over 200 poucd* tad
hartily knew, iv my own exp?rknce, what
p;in or sickuebs were. Vory insr.y peoph
wiio will re^J this st?.te'nent reiiizj at timea
thit ibty are unusuiUy tired aid cauuot ac
count fur it. They fetl dull tnd irdefkite
pjins in vaiiouo parts of the body and do not
understand it. Or tl.ey me »xcecdingly
hur.£ry oue day and eutirtly without appetite
tbe next. This was jrst the way I TeU whtn
the relent!"!** rcsrady which hr ■] fastened it
sili up >n rue tirst began. Still I thin^-iit it
was nothing ; that probably I had taken a
cod which would soon past away. Shortly
after tliis I noticed a dull, and ai timed a
neuralgic, p an in my head, but as it would
come one day and be Reno tha next, I p&id
but Httl9 attention to it. Howevtr, my
stomach was cut of ordfr and my foo J often
failed to dlpett, ciusicg at times great iiicc
venietce. Yet I bad no idea, eveu es t. pby
fician, thit the^e things meant acythitg
seriou3 or 'Jut a a.ui-ir-m direaes v. .i- be
coming fixed upon me. Camldly, I thought
I was suffering from malaria and so d< ctcred
mytelf accordingly. But I got no bitter. I
rext noticed a peculiar color ai,d odor about
the fluids I waa passing ; also that there were
large quantities one day and very little the
n x", and that a pexaiettnt froth and fcuid
appeared upon the turfite, and a sediment
settled iv the bottom. And yet I did net re
alize my dauppr, for, indeed, es;.itg these
tyrtptom* continually, I finally bic.me ac
customed to them, and my roapicion was
wholly diaaraed by the fact that I h«d no
;.»iu in the i-ffecto 1 orgaoe cr in tbtir vicin
ity. Wltj I should have been to blind I can
not undt-rsUcd.
Thera i.-i a terrirle future fcr aU ph? sica'
ne,kct, a: d impandiog datger always brings
a pwten to bis seaus's even though it nay
Ihn hi too late, I leiiized, it la-t, i; y
ciitical ejedition and around myself to over
oomeU. And, 0a! h>.v h .rd I tried! I
coo3iil'ed tha best medical tkiil in the laud. I
visited all the prominent mineral spriagi in
America, anl traveled from Jl»iLe to C'ali
fttnia. Stiil I grtw worse. No tw«> j-Ly
pi^iacs agreed as to my malady. One said I
waa triubkd wi'.h spinal irritaihn ; atcther,
nervous prmitrfttffn ; another, oaklatia ; an
other, djH-.epsi* ; another, hear; disease ;
anothfr, ceneral dibility; another, oongte
tioa of the base of the brair. ; and co on
through a locg la', of common diseu^ep, the
symptoms of all of which I really h;d. In
this way several yeara patsad, c'uriog aU of
which ticce I wm bteadilv growing wor.-e.
My cinditiou h»d really become pitiable.
Iha slight lytnptoma I at first ezpiticnced
were dejeloped into terrible ami constant dis
ordert — the little twigs of piin hud gron-n to
o»k? of igony. My weight had bteu reduced
from 2)7 to 130 poosda. My life was a tcr
ture to myself us;d fr.e d?. IcruM retain
no food upjn my itoßMcb, and lived wholly
by inactions. X was a living mass cf psia.
My palM was uricotitrollable. In my ngoDy
I frequently fell v; on the ttior, convulsively
clutched the ca pat, and prayed for deith.
Morphine hid little or uo effect ia rieader:iDg
the pain. For nx days and nigh'B I bad the
death-preni'icitory hiccoughs constantly. My
urine aaa K'Jf.d with tube canla end albumin.
I wag struggling wi'.h Bright* Uiseaso of the
Xi lr.eys in it* latt pt;
Wai'e suffering thns I received a call frcni
my pa^tr>^, the Key. pr. Koyte, rrotoroi St.
I'aul'd Church, of thij city. I felt tnat it
Wi'S our latt interview, l:ut iv tbe coarse of
c .itivtre&Uon he meniioieda remedy of which
I had heard much tut had nevtr us:d. l)r.
Foole detailed to me the many rem;nkabie
enres whi.:h bad come under li« observation,
by meana of this remedy, ai,d urged me to
try it. An a practicing ybysicinu and a
graduate of tbe schools, I cherished the ;>rc
jadica both naturol and common wilh ail
regular practitioners, and derided tho icea of
any meuiciae out- Me the reaular channels be
ing the least beneficial. So so!icitou?, how
tver, was Dr. Foot?, that I finally promised
I would waive my prfjudicj end try the
remedy he ca highly recommendtd. I Irgsn
i*j< use on th= l*t diy i f .luao and took it, ec
cording to directioni". At first it fick^ned
me ; tut thi3 I thongh). was a gncd lign for
me ia my debilitated condition. I cinticu-d
to take it; tho sickening sensation At] arte '.
and I wasatilato retain foodopoo mystomac' .
Iv a few days I noticed a decided charge
for the b;tter, as also did my wif=
and friends. My hiccoughs ceaeed and I ex
perle&oed leas pain than formerly. I was »o
rejoiead at this improved condition tha*,
upon what I had believed but a few days be
fore wag my dying bod. I vowed, ia the t tet
ence of n.y f»tnily and friecih, khoald I rt
cjver I «ould both publicly r.r.d privAtely
nuke known this remedy for the benefit of
bnmaaity, wherever anci whcntv:r I had an
opportunity. I also determined that I w.mld
ijive a cjur^o oi lectaiM in Urn (Jut.
Academy <f Music ia this city, stati: g in full
the fcymptoirn an I ulmoit Ihi.i. li.^c-.n cf
my dist-ase nnd tils renarkatla me^4 by
which I have been tcved. My inpr.iVeicen:
was constant f ro n tnat time, and in lets tiian
three months I hvl gained tweuty-six p^urjoe
in fle-h, became entirely free from pair, nnd
I believe I owe my life snd present condition
wholly to Warr.or'a Safe Xidnty and 1-iver
Cure, the reireily whic'i I ucd.
Since toy rec very I have thorougVily rein
v?sti»rat°d the su'j;ct ot ki Incy ilirficultits
atd llright'ij diitasc, and the iruttiß c*evel
oped an aetouudii;g. I therefore state, cit
libarale!y, and .8 ■» uhyslciiD, t!>at I b:-li. ye
that more than on.-half of the deaths which
occur ia America are cm.-c 1 by Bright* iiid
ease of the kidnrya. Tuis riay s wad Uka a
rssh sUtetoen^ but I am preps red to fully
verify it. iSrUht'a tli^afwe has no dia'-ioctive
symptom 1 ! of it* own (indeed, it often dtv.l
--o;w vithoat nny pain wiiatt wr in the !:i iueys
or their vicini.j), but has the pymptonu of
nearly every nt'tn-r kuoivn oomplaiat. Hut
dretU of p j .ip!e die d.iilv, whrsj bariab aro
•QtbotßM by a l lr.'i-iciaii's cer'ifi.'a'e of
" lleaitDi»ca-ie," "Ap-mUx?." "•I*ar.ily<-i3."
H Spinal C'oinplii&t, " " Itheumitieio. "
" Patumncia," and <ith:r co-nnmn enri •
olainta. wher> in reality it waa Blight* Die
raie cf iha K;d-pya. Few phytkuos, hiki
fewer people, re Iz; the extent of this dia
?»!■<>, or Hi daru,s!o!w and iD^idi"U3 nature,
!■ tleali into the syst:m lik^i a thief, mari
fe?'s i's'preiience by tha c:>Tr.r.!..ne»t Bymp
toin-, an I fatten! its; If upon th- 1 c tnsiitution
b It,' the victim in av.-:.r.. It is marly aa
i .i' '. ay a-i cousinp i r, qalU is rom-
BUND im t fully m iilti. V.i.i.e f»ni!!ie«,
icheritiag j; f.-n:n ttetf asestna, have
died, Rmi yet n^ne of the rnmVr koew or
realized the injs*fi i->u3 \> wer which was rz
m jvirg them. loatnd <>l common symp
toms, it of en sh<iw« nono whitfver, bnt
bri grf <i n ith fudienly, »i d as &uch id n^naily
su'.p -sed to b~: heart di»ea'*e. As rue who has
| RifTtre^, anri knows by bitter expeiieaos wh*t
he says, I imr.lore every ore who readj these
v rd* not 'o ne/lc.t the .-o.htp-tt Bjmp\ iim
(,f ki ' ley difficulty. Cert-in agOBJP a?.d pos
fib'u deith will be the tuic rtsult cf such
neglec', »nd no oue on tff jrd to taz>rj such
I cia aware that tad an ucquiiifiel state
ment as thi', ccmiug from cc, koov7-i a« I
am tbrcu^hriut the entire land as a practi
tioner ai.d kc'.urer, will aroa c the turpriee
and possible awlmwrtty of the meiiicil ptofaa>
ision and (B*oii«h all with wham I asu ic
qnaiated, but I make th» firegoing atata»
j m^Dta hased utyn facts whi jh I urn prep»rel
ti product) a*)d tru hi whin I can »v -tjin'.i
ate to the lett r. The welfaie <f ilrsa who
nv*y p »-ihly bs g jff<-rera buct at I wa«, ia an
ax ub inducement for me t> take the eren I
Iwa, ad if lean »ucce"fully warn oth»rs
from t.S» daßwroM pith iv which 1 ouch
walked. I sin willing to endnra all pcofmi ;ail
aud penonal conJcquencrs.
J. B. II EN ION, M. D.
Useles Fright.
To worry about any Liver, Kidney or Uri
nary Trouble, especially Brighi'n Dunace or
Diabetes, aa Hop Bitten never tola of a cure
wbeie a core ia poaaible. We know thir.
Ean franclsco Produce Market.
San Frv(iis;x>, October 19th— 1 p.m.
Flock- Libtral nhipmeiiU have Lten niaile'to
Englaml n far this reason. A wheat vtssel
that ataarad yestenlay carried I.ICO barrels
as part .i[ her cargo. We quite: Btat City
Ex ja, £i STJuj , 50; superOno, it 60,a4 75 ; Interior
Lxtra, $i 7Jjjs ■•& ; Ittericr SuptrUae. 13 7t*t V
Wiikat— Fx-portera »rp> ipiite bugy eecurir.if car
goes for raaaua under charter As a coDßeqaence
there is contiduralile movement, without, however,
any appreciation in valuep. Liverpool «duces indi
cate a ontinued improvement. Ihe inquiry at that
center is becoming men ganenl, and better pries
are being obtaiued than at the beginning of the
week. This circumstance temia to keep the local
situation steady. There were nj buyers ou call to
day at the Produce Exchange, but some liberal
transfers wcra re ported < n the outside as having
been negotiated ou a batis of SI 0.1 (er leutal for
good shipping qunlity.
At thi! Grain Lxchangc thij sftrrnoon the aalca
included 100 t^ns No. 2 Oi:tot>er, *l (il ; 100 do. No
vembir, $1 o.} ; 20'J do, *1 C 3 ; TOO do, $1 02J ctl-
V;i ■'.!■. •: - •■! No. 2gmdes Whe^tjit leading cen
ters to-Jjiy are telegraphed as follows : «
Chicaco. St. Louti. New Yorlf.
Spot, V cental *'- Cf.J *1 f'TJ il - ?
Ocu>ber 1 co| 1 57J 1 m
November 111!) 1 6N 1 855
December 1 Sli 1 Oil 1 S?i
January 1 atij 1 0J; 1 BO]
Barlkv— Tba market for Feed wjj a i>had>- lirnur
1 1 <l y, uc ■a.-ioned somewhat by the speculative op
erations of a few prominent deal* rs. No great en
thusiasm prevailed. Sali-s includtd 100 IOM No. 1
Feed, Octotwr, 31 31J ; 400 do, November, $1 33 ;
200 «io, *1 m ; 100 do, Oeccu-bcr, *13J ; 100 do
n■. -2, Ni vi'uiher. <i aa V ct!. Bmoiag it flirty
s'.caiiy at si as(£rl a 7* V etl tor No. 1 grade.
Saks at the Qraio Ex&tßga ii ■■'■■. l« ICO to^s >:o.
I Feed, Deeembar, il :;^ ; auOdo, *l 34 Vul.
Oatb— The market is moderatrly will farniahetl,
though the supply of atricily dmea qualities is
somewhat magi r. Tne ranye tor Feed lots is U»au
at*l 50. -1 6i V ctl, with an advauce for dtsirabie
Un— Trade is quite dull. Qaotakla at
II 9J^i 121 tor No. », and $10531 76 51 ctl for
N .. :: 1::- . ■-
O.K. —A httlo over 2,000 ctls went to Central
Aiu.riia yesterday prr Panama sUaircr. Market
q-iiet :ind quotable at $1 60« lHi Sell for Ycilow.
BiTKwiiKAr— tl 4O.:?l 50 V ctl.
Hay— Good qualities are in demand. Alfalfa,
tUSOftU; Wheat, *l.".ij,ii, Wiiu Oat, Jlsa:o ;
il xwl, IUOU V ton.
Hops - Karket Brm. Clioice Califonii^, niaC7lo •
Fair do, r,7i<26ov:; On-ou and Wafchii.-ton Tirri
tury, Co(<((isc.
Skkiis-lii niothrate demand. Mustard. {2(33^5
for Lr.wn ,ah:l Jl 90^2 ft,i Yci.i-v. ; Canary, f?
ia«c; Hemp, Kar.jc; K?rf. 2J(&3c; Ticotiiv . [ffl
Be fur native, an<t lC^.llc for imported- A'.f»:fa
lCKai'Jic; Flax. 3aa*.%i &. '
PDTATOai Beit, dial 10 J Enrly Krte 7".a-;Cc
Garnet Cbile, (1A1 10; larly GiK.lri^h.
Peerlaaa, HAI 12; Sweet ?i V2U,t\ 25 * ctl.
Ohioss— 4s@Boo V it), for K ood aid 2:(./3Cc V
sack for poor qual.tier.
Bun - KteeiMa ior a day or two have Iccn quite
l.i-uy, -Aiih.ut lindiiiK reaiiy bujers. The market at.
the 1: ■ ;•;• r. 1 has a solUr tote. Bay«, ttfii .-
Bulter, fa 35c«3 TO for Liuall, an<l )"« lOi^o 7f. (or
ianre ; Uma, f.4 .',-•• oj ; .-■_■., ,:; 7j;.,4 ; i-infe, J3^
3 .5 ;P. . - ... jaoiall HLite. i' 3 7...-J : larL'a
in rta, X 76^8 58
Vi.iiKTAßr.Ks— Ko abange. Marrowfat S...;i:ish, $.<
610S ton ; Ca r ■»,::., (Qa ; r.:-ui;v, 7.c :tl * ■:!: :
V ioi; Cabb ... :"/'••::..: Vet! ■
! Hi V 1; dun . ' c "e 1 h \ ;
Qreen Peas, -. " :.-■ .. ■■ m „
V box; Tomato -. ■:■>■ |i box; Celery, soc %l
; Striag Ueans. S;.rj;.L- f) th; Lima Batoa, ::. i
¥ Ib ; QreanOorn, , ■ ,'■ . Dm, 7Ct\«*l ;
K."- r P ant, I 'Vi7r.t; V boa ; Dried Okra, !
1 1;: :r Qnpes are a dnur, and buyers can about
make ti .- : r >--ah li^uns. T< p priceaan^^l.ioin real
i. I, while many lot, aru s id r.t DO-ninal rates in
pcaferesca t> being throv»n anjr. The lateraina
have badly damaged tbia \;-.r'.i-y" Apples, :■ | Oc
mon a:il JSegfl V box for good; Ptare,
50c(ti$'l L."i V thjx; S:riAhcrrits : 06^)8 9 ''cat;
Peaches, GX'^til 25 box; Flja, 40375 c%l
box; Grapts, 25080 a for common, 85850 a for
Black Haniliurj;. Bso6oa lot hovj if Pera,S6^Soa
V box for Hnaoat, and BOOMC box for Tokaj ;
FimuH, 6O@7Gc V box; Qttincaf, *l>^il -2"i \> box;
Watermekms, (t@9VIOO; Ouitaioupee, 60076 c\J
crate; Lem-ua, <7^S S box for fckily a. id -:: f box
for (Jailfornii ; Limda, iD(ir7 V box for Mex
icm ; T»*"»rincia. 12 Vj . V !t ; P— — t &>ja3 M
W bucch ; Tahiti OraTiirc^, r ... t;..". .'■) 9 thoQHalld.
New crop Western Cranberries are at hand offering
;.t |15@10a)bbL
I'riko Frijt— Sun-dried Applef", SJ«Cc for sliced
and 4^ rt sc forquartereo; Aliicn and Piuinmcr,9((*loc;
Apricots, ISQISo; Blackberries, liitUo; Kiss, o^7,;
for pressed and oj'rt^c for ur.presscd; Smyrna do,ie@
l?c; Ncrtarines, 13(314c; Piachu". lc; rt I >: for peeled
and 5 j' ■ f> r unpceled ; Pears, 6(<i7c forwl.oioand
766 c%' Id for aliued ; do, roachii;- dried, 80100 ;
Plums, lHnllJc for pitted and ; ; t4c for un
pittcd; German Fiunea, Bg9c; Prencb Prunes,
lo"illcS B. ; new en ;> Raidins, S'! £S@2 50 V bra.
HcaraT Ollllli, 14g17c: exlraccod. 7WIOO V IV
Umtpr— Trade is said 10 be viry qoitt, while
lower aakma; tatea do not seem tn irnmn 1111 maiiil
iniiuirj 1 . F..r.cv, 4'2*(a4tv;; choice, RS84Oo; fair to
I • J, 3O»3Sc; inferior lots frora coun'-rv st r ,
•JS.'-, ftrLir, ?9(;>3le fnr eood to choiw, and 25g27|c
fcr ordi.uirj ; picklet' roil, CS.jj2'.c ; Extern. 2O'<?
250 V ft..
OLZOHABOABUn - 25c V 2) for k.'^' aid 27ic V Ib f'>r
Ciikfsk- Prices firm. CaOtonita, titffttZt toi
choice; 10#1Sd for fair to j(ood ; do, ;. in
l>..xes, liylCc ; E;:B;ern, H(gl7t; Waaters, B@l2io
S tt..
Eea Are unchanged. C'a'ift rria. choicr, '24ic ;
Interior, 37i@40c ; I'tali, Z7}^fS&c ; Wistirn, SOe ft
d< zm.
PoiLrnv No turplus in markvf Live Turkeys,
gobblen, 15@17 : .i" Sens, 14@lSe; Root ten, jf> :o
t'.u for old, and ?£^7 for jeUD£ ; Ecc*, |66i 7 '■ Uri il
cr?, Haji, j. ior.:i:y to siX ; Duels, ?5(a7 CO *t
dorm ; Oeeee, $lfijl 25 V pair ; Gosling, $1 75(^2 'J5
<;.■■>:►: - Bar!} arriv.iU •_■ nernllj- sold »t full Bg nro
The B^ocktOO Doat was ate thi.s momiiiir, and con
i*ynntftnta from ti.is .Hre-tion wore i-j-;s readily
placed. Quill, tl@l 85 t< to*; ICtDard Duck°.
•446; Spriga, ti -^. :■"■:;; Teal.9l EOgS; Widaaoo,
I 7.i ; Uar , c-aJ 25; Baboo*, ;1 76;
Voiii* ii, <; &a ¥ Iti
Psonaio a -cood demmd. Ki-ttrn Ham?, i;0(*
2OJo M n. ; Ciliforui- l,':.!ii^, ;i;J :<-i( ]_■ for pWo, and
I(ii.gi7i: for sii.-ar euri-i eamaaed; Ea»tor:i Sreak
fart Ea-on, 17*.<»sc; Calibmia Bnoked Ba<^D,
ltij^Kijj for heavy and m«dttun. Mid 17; ■■ ISe
fori.'.'hi and extra light; Clear bidet It '.^.".: ; ,1 irk,
$21 50;*C2 forKxtr.i Prim-, . l • 5 for >'r:. le ilpss.
1 M forllees, i_7 tot ( lear, I ■• -: > for Ex
tra Cleji- ; ¥>£<.• Feet, rW©lB T» tt! ; I •. ' ! I
tar b '. and fcr half hbls; Extra >:•»■> Beef,
Hi 50 .r' s; Family F>ef, ?iei.'"i; id I! b!.! ; Cili
forn.a Si'.m.i.-, .j i; c . ;, !;. .14^c« »; Tioc: Tonsuoe,
r,i Lar.l, l. r >;c for tienes
and 16J'317c 9 1!> f r pai's ; C-Uiforniu do, 10-E)
tins, 14rir>e; 5-B> no, l.Vtir.Jo; palla, i^niric,
■: RoviitW. loj^ltijofra 10-tb.lOj ■■:'• •
for SS, an ri6J;gl7c «t Ib Tor 3-li paDa.
Ban Francises Maat Karltct.
Poflowlng ara rr-tCB for whole carcswi'TS fnim
alau^l.urcra to dealers :
Bki-f— l'rimc, 7J(<r6c ; raixUnm trrauen, CfiiTc;
ti:f- 'V ... ■ . !t..
Vila large calves, 7J-{'»ic ; Email ones, S(<i9io
?? ft>.
llrrrox— MTcth.era are ocotil.'k' M 4} 5 sc, and
ewoi» at 4i« 4 }c ?: U , acoordtng to qua'itv.
Lam— Quotable »toui;^ «».
Pork— lave hoxs, <"■ ■•'7; ■ f>* hard, ™-J CJ*i^ ■ for
»ift; dnaaed do, li;<:ti"{.: %B> for bard ,jr«in
Eastern end Foreign S-irkots
Nkw Vohk, October lath.
— Fio'-.r is steady und V.bi»t le
ttrDDr, latU-r at #1 06S1 13 » bum.'.
Wool — California ia mere active at 12314 c for
fall ►•a.-ry, aad lO&SOe for dean fall ; sprint liurry,
15-.r2."K;; dean s:>rii.jf, 24C'02. ; polfad, 18f
llidsv — Oallbinla are stronif »f nfeMa.
OWCiao, October 19:h.
WwiiiT- 97Jc fo,- :;ovcmb*r
■ a—tße lor Korembar.
Pokk— «2rt72J tor N. vtmber.
L»Rn— *l2 Ii) for Xovtmber.
Bacos— *ll SO f^r November for nba and Jls 25
for «hort riha.
Liverpool, Oetobar inth.
WaßAT— California Fpot lot» are dull at tl» rd
to 9s :.d. Car-.i lots, 4.'>3 for Jiut sh pped, 45s for
ncariy due and 4.'>j for i.if coast.
'acrameato Produce MCartat— Wtole^ale.
iOorrccted dal'.y for the RBCCRD-fv:
abknto, October Mth
Fri it— Strawberries, 7O4g7Sc 9 drawer; Orapaf,
9(ic to SI 30 V crate ; eonimmi, 6P(."7.>; I' lahca.
retting scarce, and aaUlmt at ?l-'l 30 V
boa ; Lfmom>, Stall ,18 5 & 50; Or .m."c - Ta
hiti. Kjtr, SO ? box ; Lin.. ■ , ; ! ■..'.,„ I£o V
EM : Baaanaa, 83 Fo.a4 50 V bunch ; ; .• 'r. ,
WOO town; Ooeoamita, J7*7 t:i V W6; Plona,
l@6o V tti; Pisrs, ooounoa, 81 -5; Bartlotu, il iOB
2 W box ; Apples, 90ci/Sl 86 * Ix.v.
Pi« Fauitb— As*;n». >, '/.'.-I. oaoa, ¥t dta, (J;
•saorled, (aDoa c-^ic, CO; Pcsclie*, Si-3> rauie,
B; y•' and t : \, ... i t », 2-^ emu, J-J;
1.- 'ic:i:ii-, SI 7r.
liMaa numa— Apples, aßosd, C>7: r a; do
)a<:ULt--. 5iC;: r«M«, p^c'o'J TtiWc; d.j, ni
','•"■: ' •■• ■ ■ . i ■ He; Pcaabae.
fi-7^-; <i-. | ■ lie: V. - ;'Tuiniod
■. 12V3-; macmberric , IS 118s; ;:.-.% Cali
!oriiia. 6 a 6; V 2.
Taslii ranria— Aawrkd, JJ-It cans, ' -'•■ doz, tl 7Z ;
: BartM r ft •>-!■, if: b". ; ! p ::i!iis, 88 65 ;
Blnektjt'riM, Sf3 ; 0.-^ee!wrrie», S3 26 ; .Siras-t^rnes,
fS S5; Apricot*, 82 So; M;)oa>.t Qnpea, $2 75; Bed
C-.TRsts, »3 25; Ccerrtee, S3 25.
VKOKTAm.ni — Sweat Fotatoea, Kcd, lgljc V tt> :
Caioln.i . . iOVuwt; Wax and Suli«Bcmi.".
li« 2. ;; Sh.jll Beans, r.rani>erry, 4m*-: ; Limr.«, saCo 9
Bi", ureencom, lOQJUcperdoafi ; Pom toea,6OCtepe
Woox: SamrotrSf|U.?'i,r-iic> ft. ; .•,.-, ■.., -; j, „
$1 -s*cwt; Ouions, SiXaWw « cwt; OaaUflowar, 7S
iifMc ; Cabbi?;-. Jlfrtl 25 cwt ; < jrri ts nOcAttSe i»
ewt: Turnip*, »X-.j/«l » lftij; bunch voireUb'.c •. 1 1 )c »
dot; Panoipa, l.»; Ew.^a, lc; Oalui. 7..: »
!'.:en ; Ho^e Raduh. %S(1&;>; i ; Green Pens, o«6o
tJ tt> ; Artic'iokes, ilgtffß * dozen ; Oaenmban, 4(<»
8c * mi; Green Pippern, 4®jc V 1». ; 1~-a Planta.
»(ajc; Watermelons, "ocfit^l ?» doz; Cantoloupea,
fO<->7s: ¥ dozen ; Green Okra, 84.0 c it.
Bksxdbt. ??<s— Kiour, at i> n i.e.!; oxaaal. t&
»10oR.s: Com.iioal. yellu.v, ?^ IBM :.-> ; whit*.
*2 35« i 60; Cncltc.l i*r«at. !■> 7". ■•
Puci/i-RT— U»e Turkey*, 13*t!4: V B. ;fuil irronn
Chickeiw, J6 50 £ d-zeti ; youog Rs *tsrn, f3:<« 50
* do?; BieUaca, ties: tamn Ducks, $C 50@7;
O»«j. tl ROM • T^:r ; EBCa, 4O. c <4s<- f 1 il.uteu.
G.\ME--Quail,«l (Gfti £.0 V d< aan ; Villiid Du^a,
8334; Rpriga, ft ;&«*; Teal, *1 s>al 75 ; !l»ro,
81 7532 ; Ruhbits, *I>.«<l 50 ; Doves, 5t©750 V<l.i;
Vaaiaoß, 10<Sl2<; * Ib.
Di.tT PRouvcia — Bitter, fancy dilr>\ 4504?J« f
ft. ; mixed lota, In rolls, Sf*»42Jc W tt>; Ch<-«ee,
California, from 12kStl5<;; Western, Sata, 10<iil6c ;
Martin's Cream, l'jSfJOc.
MiacaiiASSint — 3ced«— Alfi'Ja, Utßfi' i rm °-
thy. Eastcni, 11<312c V S> ; Otmj:''". *< 1Oe ;
Red Clover. 15^16c; Rod Top, 12J*!Uc ; NuU-
KrjflUh W.inuta, lOigllc ; Almonds, 14 4UV;
Peaouta, lOailc : Tallnw. l^SSe ; Hidea, aalt, »A
10c ; dry, 20c ; Hope— oo@e7 Jc.

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