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MetripcliUn Theater— Matioee and evening.
Letter to liie public-- Henry Longton.
Notix- Wuroc*t«.r3hire sauce.
F. anj A. M OwMJOi'ii Lixifre, No. 117, to-nighl.
A. O. U. W , No. 21- To i.Uht.
Vocal musi.'-Mi s Minna Heitener.
Contract to let— Cutting cord wood.
C«r<i of thanks— W. C. T. U.
Situat "ii wanted— To learu tinsmith ing.
F' r r. Nt— Blacksmith thop.
For sa'e— lnterest in butcher shop.
Wanleil -WoodcUoppers.
Cali'oniii TLinrorAuce Fociety — To-morrow.
Notice -W. M. Lvon.
Wanted — Male and female help.
Easiness Advertisements,
Mechanic* 1 Suire— New York fashion UtU-r.
Tha ciie of Willie K-ene, charged with
the grand larceny of a purse containing over
$2,800, cime up for bearing in the Pclire
Court yesterday sfternocn. No facts in the
case were developed in the trial other than
those heretofore published in the Record-
Vmon, exeeptkg the manner in which the
money was lost. R. K. Nelsoo, the owner of
the property, arrived from San Francisco by
the noun train, aud.w°s the first witness
called in the Mac. He state J that he was a
passenger last Men Jay on the immigrant
traiu bound for San Francisco, and
just before its arrival at the Oakland
depot, the c inductor awakened him, and,
arising, ha pu* his pocketbook ir. his boot
leg. Whoa he Uid dowa again he carelessly
removed his boot, thinking nothing of his
purse. The witness said he gave the blankets
on which ho was lying a " bachelor's tuck :>
[glancing at r.rhcer Br.'ssell, who returned a
knuwic^ look] and ho pnabmed that in thai
w&y he h v : . thrown the purse into the aisle.
In answtT to a qoMtkm, Mr. Nel«on Siid tr c
jnirse h:.d been lust and nit stolen. Ti.U
corroborated the story told by the boy. (J.her
witnwini weie examined, at the cjnclu^ion
of which City Attorney Anderson taid ss
there was do testimony ten ling to Bhow
a fe!oniou3 intent on the part of the boy he
wou'.d move for a Ui-rni val of the charge. It
was so crd red by the Court, and also !Ui or
der made returning to Mr. Nels >n the money
taken from the bay. After receiving the
money acd p-esenting detective Br s«e!l witha
hundredd ill:»r hill, Mr. Nels-in started for
the Centril Pacific Railroad depot, appirent
ly entir< iv sMistiei at receiving his money
with so lit* 1 1- trouble. However, b".t a f.-w
micu'.es h^d elapse. l until he returned to the
police ttatian, aud made a denand on Chief
Kircher for U.e clothes and hat 'he buy wss
then wearing, and which had been purchased
by the youth with the money he had foil .id.
Tne clothes were purchased at a store in this
city and ost>xS, as shown by the bi.l found in
the laa's posscfsion. The Caief would not
concede Mr. Nelson's request unless an order
was obtained from the Court. This order the
dow enraged individual said he wonll obtain
if he had to remain in Sacramento a w<e-k,
and started ctt in search of Jud^e Henry
However, hi? fury seems to have abated, for
an hoar liter he was seen to board the train
for San Fraccisco, muttering curses on the
entire police department of this city. It baa
been learned that the tny, Willie Keere, h»n
not a very strong mind. He is still in cus
tody in this city, a telegram having been le-
Ooivad from Captain Puniye*, of O.lluil,
snjin,: to holi him, ah he is wanted iv that
•city un a chirgo of htealins; a horse ani
wagOD boa a vender of waternieioLH. The
mau who Ins: the horse aud wagon cmi to
thi3 city Thursday evei.iiiL; 3n>t laeatifisd t^ie
boy. Last eveuiag detective Fuller, of OaI:
--l.itcl. camo v. 1 , and will return with the boy
llh moruiag.
MSTBOPOLITAB Theatek. — " Oid Ship
mates, ' a comedy in four acis, waß played
last ti^ht by Frank Mordaunt and a com
pany ttlected for the pice?. It ii:ay bs styled
an oid-tims (i»ma. The piayright has dealt
with only tin c misnonest and simoUat rna
ttri-.N, aril Li- ,xl his plot oa lln lightest of
probabilities — it being a f *ct that the New
Englund sailor has not infrequently intrusted
all his treasures to another's c»re with, ut
other e.-curity than his word. Mr. Mordautit
is a well-known E. stern actor, capable and
practical 1 , and carries m hi 3 broad choulders
■a mjsi of " Old Shipmates." It in sutfi
• humorous, ii may be fug;esed,
without such a quantity of k -s : rg
aad hugging, which, in irs plenitude,
* rtivdy wearisjmA Tnere is aa ocean
of "ship talk" in i:, but that is conven
tional with playwright?, who make sailors
express themselves on the stage as thuy sel
dom do on shore. The Denny of Mr. Waite
stands next to the w.irk of Mr. M >rdaunt.
Thire 'v some dialogue that might well be the
Fii'ject of excisi n, a?, for instance, the
" tras'i " a lawyer is mad* 1 1 utter ab ut the.
" sacre.iness" of his peraoa a« »n "officer of
the Supreme Curt." All such ii too biliy to
bi offered to nn iatellvent Mtditor. Ti;e
load appiaaM at the aniieuce, if Buch mar.i
. top Utoba taken as an index, indicated
tbj pleatnra the spectatiri laat ni^ht expeii
etooii ia witnessing the perform»oc-, e«c!i
t ibl>. ;:< being repeated by demand, arnl Mr.
Mordanot receiving a call before tfce c.ir
tii.i It was another evidence of hiv I
a versatile actor ttay win favor by the u*e of
very unliiutr in»teri«l, ami in characters
that ci.ll for ihe «xsrc^se of but a cjmmoa
order of dramatic tffort. "Old Shipmates"
has in i\ however, toms elcnients th^t awak
en temporary enthusiasm in an audience, but
can never make la- thy iuipre'fi onß, and
probably is a paying and a Bate investment
for the manager who takes to the "road."
For that very reason it will probably draw
go.d euui noes at the matinee this afternoon
acd at its list presentation here this evening.
Boabi) ok Supervisors.— The Board of I
Supervisors met yesterday morning pursuant
to adj mrnment. AH the members present.
A communication calling attention to the bad
condition of certain roads in District No. 12
was rtferred to Supervisor Beckley. A reso
lution was passed authorizing the Road Over
ne^r of District No. 14 to pneeed to open the
road l>i[g between the lands of Andrew
K\»Uy anj Mrs. l.uir.i Vormilya. near the
I nnw river. The C ouuty Clerk wai au
thoriz d to advertite for bids for the conecruc
tion of a bridge across Arcide crerk, bids to
be opened on November Hhb. I. N. Hoag,
Secretary of the Anti Debris Association,
was granted the use of a desk in the commit
tee r.iora of the Hall of Records. Mr. Heck
ley, * ". in ir in of the Board, reported that he
had been serve! with summons and complaint
in the cisc Gf P. H. MeGraw va. the County
of Sacramento. Oj motion the omiilaint
and KuuiininK w«re referred to the District
Attorney with instruc'Jons to deter.d the
county in the cane. Tee Board thru &d
--j mrcel for tho term.
ImuUPOEATEK. — Artii-les cf incorpira
tion were tiled with the Secretary of St&ie
yeatoniay by tha Tualuas: <* Mill »nd Minitg
Company. Directors — William E. Bushnell,
Joba U. Combs, J. S. Marshall, Daniel West,
Xl : B. Denoon. Cspitil «t ck, $I<X) 000, di
\i i-d into 10,(100 sh»ie». Vriccipal place of
twucaa, dilflan:'., CiL... Aw by the Sierra
}-': 113 Watat C-mpiay. Directors— N. C.
' ■ • r. \V. A. Bpa] Uok, E. T. Pierce, N. H.
IL-iiiT, M:«. J.K. White, A. D. Trvifsel, i
M. .1 Onßorr. Capital stock. §11,000. di- j
videJ into 1,100 nhares. Principal place of j
bu-iness, Sifrra Miira, Cal. . . AUo by the
Bibii^iteca E<pinole He.-pmo Americano de
San graaolaoa. Directors— J, Molera, Jose
T. Godoy, Jose Costa, Toraas M. Jewett,
Mar ia J. Aguirre, Adclph B. Roth, James
O. Celeri+n. J. O. Jewett acd Jose A. G.ircia.
Principal place of business. San Francisco.
■"■■IUIII from the East.— The following
morchsuidise for Sacramento parsed Ogdeß j
on the -i v :h inetf.nt : For Hnntington, Hop- j
kiuF & Co., 8 case hinges, 4 packages hatch
eta, 1 box rlry goods ; Adams, McNeill & Co.,
110 cases baking powder, 50 cases sugar, 13
cues extracts ; H. A. Weaver, 2 boxes paper ;
IT, 8. Arnold & Co , 1 case axles : James I.
Felter & Co , 40 boxes bottles ; L E kus &
Co., 3 boxes hosiery : Whittier, Fuller & Co.,
Ibn moldings ; Lindley k Co., 2 cases ci
gars ; H. Kcka.irJt, 2 cases cartridges.
L*T£ Abbestb. — The f allowing names ap
peared on the sla'.e at the Station-hocse la»t
night at 12 o'clock : P. Daly, for battery,
by oiHjm Kerral ; R'chari Moore, drunk, by
officer Ferral ; Maggie Dupre, drunk, by
i. :;. :er Eidred.
To Chicago asd East. — A eelcci p»rty
now qrgaui/ : .ng, going third clas*, leaving San I
I'rancisco Taesday. 24th, Sacramento. Wed
nesday morning, 2C>th, via O^derj, Omalia,
Chicigc and Northwestern Rulway. For
further information write to J. M. Davies,
No. 2 New M >of;,'omery street, San Fran
cisco. m *
A Splesdid Line of silver-pUtedware ha*
been marked away dowrt for tbe "apeoialrj"
mis of Ackerman 4 Co., SAUirday, Oc:t. fSw,*
Impobtant OrEßiso.— Tha People* Mar
ket, 012 J 6treet, wiil open tu-d>y. * I
Borne of the Social Features of Sacramento
At the season for pleasure seeking and
sociability i-: jHt opening the idea suggebts
itself of looking about to see whether or not
Sacramento offers the advantage in thiß ie
spsct of other cities of the same size. This
city has for many years be?n justly known as
a community of homes, and her citizens have
been proud of that title, while tho society
here is as select and composed of at good
material a 1 any on [he coai>t, or, in fact, as
c;n be found anywhere in this cjuntry. Yet
t l c mere possession of wealth is not supposed
to be a ;■■•;■■: t into goud society, aad the
lack of is certainly does not bar out ptrs^ns
who have the other ci'iaiifhatioas r.eoe-- .1 v
to Introdaea them into the presence of well
bred people. There ar« in th 3 city a lari;e
nu xiber of societies— scieuliSc, literary, ar
tistic, m".!-ieai and social, which faster ani
encourage good fellowship, and tend iv a
great measure to bring the different classes
of pe< pla together more intimately. A Bat
has btea com; led of those already organized,
which will not be uninteresting to the gen
-Iral n ader :
Was organized about two yeari ago. It
assembles on Wednesday evenings at Turner
Hail. The officers and membership are . -
follows : Lewellyn T.>ze\ Frank Miller,
George E. Bales, El. K. Hamilton, A. A'u
bott. Executive Committe?. Mrs. Fred.
Birdsdall, Mrs. A L. Hart. Mrs. Lfwellyn
Ton; Mrs. O. P. Goodhne, Mrs. Frank
Miller, Mrs. Ed. R. Hanultor, Mrs.
George O. Bites, Mri. C. H. Hub
bard, Ladies' Reception Committe?. A.
Abbott, E. K. Aitip, Newton Booth, Harry
Bennett, George E Bates, W. K. Eriggs, W.
P. Culexan. W. H. Colclough. J. Frank
Clark, J. 11. Carroll, Dr. W. B. Clunes>,
John T. Carey, C. F. Dillman, H. U.
Freeman, James I. Felter, W. R. S.
Foye, O. P. Goodhue, Ed. It. Hamilton,
E. G. Hamilton, August Heilhron,
A. L. Hart, W. A. Uughson, C. H. Hub
bird, A. C. Hitikion, \V. A. Houghton, Jos.
H.i- 1.. Grove L. John -on, Geo. B Katzen
stein, Edward Lyon, J. li. LUne, Wo. M.
Lyon. Frank Mill-r, W. H. MiUs, John Me-
Neill, U. J. Merk!ey, Geo. If. M.tt, Jehu
A. M :lat're, B. Mcl!rearv. Alex. Noilson,
Wm. M. Petris, Philip SchtU, Joseph 8b f
feni, H. (J. ST.ith, Geo E. S uith. It. D.
Scrive', P. 1" Tebhet?, A A. Van Vooruie*
and Talbot 11. Wallis. Honorary member,
GiOTernor Gao. C. Perkioß.
Meets on Friday evenings at Jacoba' HiU for
dancing. It was organized on the 6th ic
st v', and has a large membership. It is
1 i>i!ied entirely of young psrsons. The
other* are: C. "E Diud, President; E. 1.
SouthwcTth, Secretary; H. A Smith, Treas
urer. Ths mfmbera are: T. Liniley, C.
Hawkins, 1;. L'.adley, John I^lvie, L'zzie
L-\nr, Fannie Liyson, Robert McCreary, H.
Mc'Jreaiy, !. >v.-.» Miller, M»m!9 Mesick, W.
H. Mills, Irviet; Mills, J. Nelson, E. Owen,
W Ormsby, Fr«k Powers, William Ross,
P. Ross, Harry Russ;ll, Sueie Russell, J.
Ilichanli >v, M. Kishardson, R. R cbardson,
John Shepherd, Charlea Bellinger, Eugene
Smith, Frank Smith, Peter Shields, Harry
Smi'.h, George Sherman, Alice Smith, D.
Siddens, N. Siddons, Ella Sxitb, Lsn Stef
feus, I,nlu Stefftins, Ernest Southworth, Ir
vin Seym 'ur, J. H. Sheiban, Mary Tracy,
Thom&s Wiseman, F. Wiel. Louis Wilcox,
Lilly Wi!c-x, Clinton White, Dr. Woods,
Miy Woods. Carrie Williams. Charles Will
iams, J. Wilsie, L. Wilsie, Ellie Waddi
live, V. Ma3lin, Frank Martin, H. Marvin,
William Acock, Emma Arnold. Bernie
Etta Birdsall, F. J'.ir.i-ali, Mart
Beasley, L«e Brown, (ieorce Bash, W.
i'.iir.lniee, Evi Bennett, Lit.bie Brewer, L.
l'>»rber, May Burnham, Macr. Bontwell,
May Biakctiey, E Hth Bdrkey, Pboiba ]
I'.rown, (Jus. Buchanan. E Carroll, H. C*r
roll, Will. am Co;hrin, Edwarrl Crr ft, Georee |
dishy. William Campbell, Mars! Campbell,
Cro! d x, E'wood (.'rocker, Eugene Uronch,
Harry (,'ror.ch, I'inkey Co-shy, Aioy Crocker,
Beg i* Crouch, Maiiiio Crouch, Lula Car
roll, Minvia Clarkv. Micnie Carroll, May
Carroll, Miui.ie Cluces*, Mable Cluness,
Emma Crackbon, A. Uosjan, Dc.U C trUn,
Will Ctoaear, George Clark, Emma Clarke,
Ntllie Clarke, Laura Clarke, ("natles Dill
man, Carrie Drsy, Lizzij Dillm-.n, May
Dray, Maim. Denson, Annie Dray, H^l Den
k m. Muud Denson, X)ai*y l)avi->, E'h-jl Duel,
A. Dray, Ernest Duel, Edward Frazier, flood
Flint, Aiice Flint, John Frost, Charles Flye,
J.i-io Frost, Elward Fiag, Jennia Gallatic, j
Bart Gailitin, Clarence Havford. Add Hick- '
son, X iward HaiuiU. n, E iward Hailbrop,
Hancah Hinson, Emma Hartwell, E.lith
Hujh^ id, N-ttie Hafjiiltnn, Jam«< Hale, F.
Bnbbard, M. Hall. W. Haabm. Haftie Knox.
Belle K^jox, Evn Kennn'y, t.'anie G icdhuo,
Lily Goorlbu», Jennie Grftliam. Kv.i Griffith,
Susi G »rfield, Emma Garfi;l<?, Pres John
ton, Will Hnutoun, H. Johnston, Ciem
Hartley, F. Johnsou, L. Hr^taar, Z John
son, C*rr"i! H.yford, M. L'milty. D. L:n I
!<.y, J. Licdl»y, E. Li Ru?, Le L* Rti?, D.
]>pach, Jensij Leonard, Ca>rie L.'ckp, 11.
Lindley. M. LinJley, A. Lindley, V. Li
Rue, H. Ls Bo», Kits Msrklev, Cftarl^s
Miilikin, J<hn Millikia, VizaAe Merklev, J.
Mt!".,iland, 15. IGtohtU, Mary Millikio,
Louisa ?>lil!ikic, H. McKillip, Charles Mi-
Kiliip, T. McKuue, Johu Merkley.
S-uial Olat was organized ab^ut one year ago.
Its clfio';rs and mtnib-rchip are ai follows:
IV, i I John T. Stafford ; Vioe-Pre^d^nt,
Mrs. J. T. Stafford ; Secretary, A. \. B >yne; j
Treaanrar, J. J. G. Fitzgerald; Sergeant-at-
Arina, L. \V*. Mahotif-y ; Miry A. liOt} er,
Carrie Davay, Axpea Phfip3, Carrie ML T*tt,
Kai •- Fri6ch, Maggie Hilbert, En:ily Boynr,
Joaie Rippor, E nraa Hughes, AddieHugh b, I
L. Brodt, Chis. 11. Rtppon, Clov":s T. La j
Gravi, Liui A King. Geo. N. Hilbert, (»eo.
E. Kuchlor. C. L. Btiucbamp, Jrhn Liw 1
Hughes. Tiie
Social Club comes next in review s» ova of the
oldens i j tiie city. Tnts club occupies rooms
on the northwest corner of Eighth and X
streets. The membrs are: R Rinckel,
President ; T. E. Jsrgfan, Vic<-Preßident ;
H. Fisher, Secretary ; H. Gathrie, Treas
urer ; J. Bolier, A. Weizil, Gartrg-3 Fucb«,
Trustees ; C. D >hn, Sergeint-at- Arms. G
I Higelstein, J. Franks. E. H i^'.'Uteio. J.
Franks, J. Weizel, Jr., L. NicoUus, H.
Dohr, W. F. Hillebrand. C. Pbleger, H.
Miller, H. Stobcr, 11. Friand and T. H.
The Eureka Social Club was organized in
Ocober, 1872 Tne society has har-d>o:nely
furnUhed rcc-ption, reading, bilii.rl and
cloak-roonist, on the southeast corner of Sec
ond and X streets. Tliey will celebrate their
tenth anniversary on the 9th of November by
an invitation party at Turner Hall. The
members are : Albert Elkus. President ;
Louis Li'hauer, Vice- President ; *ff *rt * Ti*t
en»on. Rec Tding Secretary; Charles K^uf- j
man, Financial Secre ;ary ; ().<cirß;ss. Treas
urer ; I. N. Hirtstoll. Giw. Elkiu, K. Hy-
I roan, Samuel Gerson, Go?. Livens^n, .S. L ir
j yea, C.-isr'.es Zremer, Emil Steinti'an, Samu-1
FelcJhfcim, Moses Livy. D. J. 3iai 8.
Ginsberg and Solomon Nathao.
i Wa* organize'! N ivember 11, 1579 It con
sitts of the fol!o«ine meicliT' : P. B John
ston, President ; E V. Mislin, Viot-PreaJ
dent; C. E. Wrieht, Stcreta'y ; C. E. Fiyp,
'Treasurer; C. E. Se'.lenger. R J. Cohn,
I Crawford Cox. E B. C»rrol!, Elward Fra-
I zier, B. A. Ni ff, E A. Petri-, E. Ji. -Smith,
J. W. Sheppard, M. ML Williamson, F. (.'.
Weil, Albert Piant.
The Brie-a-lirso Oiub w»s organized oath<?
24ih of M-»roh, IK7'.' Tt.e fociety i* davoted
! ta the cultiva*. oj of arr, iwntr. library aod
| social tastes. Tney h»va recently titled up
i handsome rooms in Oi 1 Fellowo' Temple,
j northeast corner of Ninth and X streets. Tne I
I following list comprises th<" membership : 1
President, Norton Bunh ; Vice- President, I
Mm. W. A. Hughson ; Secretary, Byron !
L. Ball ; Treasurer, Mr*. J. H. Lewis ; Cor- i
responding Sen»etary, Mrs. Henry Ed^erton ; J
Mrs. George E. Bat*s, Mrs. M. M. Blake
ney, Mrs. E. C. Bingay, Mrs. Gee W. |
I'hesley. Mn>. J. F. Cooper, Mrs. J. H.
Lewis, Mrs. E. B. Mott, Miss Mionie Clark,
i M 1..1 E'U Evans, Miss Emma Gee, Mi •
j Lizzie Griffia, Miss Amelia Klippell, Mi-s
I M»ry Miliiken, Misi Fanny McClatchy, Miss
I Fanny Tyrrell, Miss Mamie Wiseman, Miss
Daiiy Siddnn*, Mi« Eiia Gregory, Miss j
Jennie Woods, Miss Lucy C. O'Brien,
Norton Bath. B. L. Ball, J. F.
I Cooper, E. W. Maelin, J. A. Wood
' son, Albert Hart, Otto Fleissaer,
! Dr. W. W. Wood, Geo. C. Conawar, C. E.
I Gruacky, W. F. Jackson, Lewis Lussier.
Honorary Members — Hon. Geo. C. Perkic«, •
A. L. Hurt, Hon. John WeUl, Hon. D M.
Burns, J. H. Carroll, Joseph Stiffens, Albert :
I GalUtin, E. 11. Hamilton. W. P. Colemac,
1 L K. Hatninar, James I FelUr. L. Williams,
! Wm. H. Mills, Mrs. Henry Miller, Mr*. W.
! R. S. Foye, Mrs. E. B. Crocker, Mr*. Frei.
j Birdsall, Mrs. ,T. T. Glover. L Tczsr, A. A.
j Van Voorhie*, Georee Cidwalader, A. P. j
I Goolhue, John Miliiken, John McNeil!, >
j Horatio Hnrd, H. G. Smith, Dr. W. F. I
Bigs?, H. Weinßtock, C. H. Camming?, W. !
H. E.>»tty, Hon. D. M. Kenfield, Hon.
! Newton Booth, Frank 0.-cutt, James E. j
: Mill*. Frank MiUer and Mrs. C. H. Ro«b.
And Scientino Circle was organized aboat
two yesri ago. The aim of this organization
if t j promote habits of reading and study,
and to develop mental power by the practice
of c'.oie, connected and persistent thicking.
The Society holds meetings every Monday
evecing at the residences of the different
msmbeie. Toe following nunea appear en
the rull ef tb« Society 1 L. £, South, Ftes-
i 'ent ; Mrs. L. J. Neuabaum, Secretary ;
Mrs. M. T. Brewer. Treasurer; K. W.
Pierce, Librarian ; Mis'! Hattia Fraz j e,
Critic ; Mr. aud Mrs. S. E. Heeser, Mrs. E.
E. Hiight, Mhs C. H. Brothera, Miss
A. M. Wait, Miss Gu'fia Wilcox. Mrs.
Henry Ortb, Mr. and Mrs. E. B Hu»<-r,
Mr?. W. H. Divie, Miss A. L. Griffi-.h, Itsv.
J. Q. A. Henry and wife, Mrs. and Mr. Jnhn
Muir, Mrs. M, S. Breaer, Mist. A P. B*b
cock, Mi*s M. E. McCord, Mi*j liene Rich
ardson, Mii-s Msry Barre'.t, Mr. and Mm.
Charles T. Noye*. Miss C. A. G »s, Mi»s Ida
Starrinp, Mica M. E. Mumf rd, Mrs. 11. A.
Fiaz?e. Mrs. B. K. Faircbild, Mrs. I. E.
Dwiuel), Mrs. W. A. Brigßn.
Tre Treasurer of Kern c~udy eettlel with
th* State, paj icg inte its t'rt:-. my the sum of
?JI.7»S 70.
T*<> hundred »nd twenty-Beven immigrants
passed Cirlin, Nev , yesterday, tj arrive in
this city to-morrow.
Tr.ia evening the X pub'icsn county can
didattstvill speak at Wal-h's rtltrm. and
the Democratic nominee*) fit t i ait.
William A. January, Treasurer < f Santa
Clara county, has settled will] the S:at ■ piy
ii g into its treasury the buu of J!) 710 22.
The First Ward Democratic Club held a
meeting at Graham Hall 1..-t evening. Dr.
Montgomery prehided, and there was a good
The charge of embczzemen*'. arainst Jamen
Kellahar was dismissed in the Poltce Court
yesterday, there baing no prosecu .ing witness
present. It was by the constnt of the City
Attorney, who said the charge ought never
to have been made.
County Hospital Supplies —The Board
of Super visors have awarded contracts for
supplies fir the County HospiUl as follows :
To Gerber Brothers— Beef, by the side, at Bl
per pound ; mutton, by the csreaßS, at 83 per
pound. To Kuchler— Bread, at 82 2!> per 100
pound*. For Groceries — To D. Dierssen —
1000 pounds dried apples, at S4 'JO per 100
pounds ; 400 pounds b.icon, O. T., at 14};.;; per
l>ound ; 3 d -zen broom*, at $"J 50 pi?r dt.z»n ;
100 pounds cjndl:*, at ¥10 'M p?r 100 pounds;
1,500 pounr'a cornmeal, at £1 90 per ICO
I'onnds ; 400 dozen e/jja, at 34. J. 1 per dcz;n ;
-IK) ji..iiii • ham, O T., at 17i 1 per pound ;
200 pouuds dried paaohes, at "J • per »oucd ;
2 000 p..u»d< G ildeu C tti^ar, at SlO 20 per
100 pounds ; 000 pounds F C sugar, at §11 96
per 100 |-i ■;;!.. U ; 50 poundi starch, at 71 j p*r
pound ; 500 p .m.Js ealt, at G9a p»r 100
pounds; SOJ pounds laundry so>»p. at 64 "*J
per ICO pmmd> ; 300 pounds M M tea. at
129 99 par 100 pounf*. To S. Dwyer— <>oo
tounde 1>32L8, L. White, at S2 43 per 100
pounds ; 500 pounds ccffee, C It., at i' 9 17?>
ler 100 pouuds ; COO pounds cod fi s h, Calf
f.ir: ia No. 1, at j-'ii (i7J per 100 p-mnda; 100
pounds cheese, No. 1, at $9 4_'J t>er 100
pounJs ; 150 p "Unda h; miny, at S3 S4j per
lOOpiund-*; 15 pound* mustard, at 10c per
pouud ; lh barrels mackerel. No. 1 extra, at
S7 47J I>er half-birr^l ; 5 barrels oatrueul,
Schuuiaker, at §11 771 uer barrel ; 500 pound*
onions, at 73 : per 100 pourds ;30 pounds
pepper, ground, at lljfl per pound; 200
pounds sa^o, at $4 43.V per 100 p-iimds ; 200
pounds tobacco, at S4l W> por 100 pounds ;
.SO gallons Chiua nut oil, at 54:}; per gallon :
300 pound' Biyo beans, at j>2 12i per 100
pounds ; 10 jrross matches, at SI 661 per
Kross. To H. Winters— lo boxes No. 1
macaroni, at 7Ho per box ; 12 dcz;n canned
oysters, Bayer/, at §1 89 per dczan ; 250
pounds rice, S. V , at ?4 79 per 100 pounds ;
200 gallons golden syrup, at 59j per gallon ;
100 gallon* vinegar, at 12.'.c per gallon ; 10
boxss veimiceili, at 71c psr Box. To Schaden
k Rodegerdts— loo pi.unds eornstarcb, at 8£ ■
par pound ; 300 pounds chicory, coirse
grouud, at S4 73 par 100 pound* ; 200 p.und-.
pearl barley, at ?;? 39 per 100 pounds ; 100
pounds raisins, at $t> Oi per UK) pounds ; SCO
pounds sal soda, at $1 39 per 101} pounds.
Coxckut Last Evening — The re-uui m
concert given last evening at the Couurega
tional church uod^r the auspices of the ladies
of that society was very successful. The
house was well filled wi.h an attentive acd
highly appreciative :u liarce. The programme
was a* follows: Qiarte% "The Skylark,"
tUrn Miilikin, Miv. Carter, Messrs. Beau
mont ard limner ; niano srlo, "Birnie
Doon,"M3aa Martha Lv.tletuld ; trio, rl<:t\
clarloaette and piano, M :3sls. Terry ami \V t ;l
and Mrs. Barker; dust, "Greeting" (Han
; ddl-% hr I tie, LtaanmOßt Mrs. Carter;
I so'.o, Mis< X nmi Falter; i ißtruupntaldue*,
"* Trovat<irc," Miaara Gr.-gcrj rim! Biicher;
solo, "The Li ri -isied S 'ne," Mr. Elwood
Bruner ; trio, "E.-ening 1 " (Saiari), Manx .
Baillargeoa ?.nd heaummit and Jtr^. Car f er ;
solo, " The llui;*-ii::i:.' Horn " (White). Miw
Mihikin ; doiiSle quartet, " Tell Mh', Flora "
(I'insuti), Mirße-< Millikio, Filter au..i \V
Mrs. C»rtfr, M;t»ir.<. Beiuajont", Parker,
Bruner 3ud 11 Mirgeen The several nuu.
bers were given with pood tfUat sr.d t'ae peo-
Kramine wm much extended by respocscs iv
HMwar to etc. lies.
Flits? liE.iiment.— At a meet ; n^ of the
officers of the First Artillery Rjgimaot, heU
last evoi in^ at Armory Hall, a cubscriptiou
fund iraa raised for the bene6l of the W<ol
land Conn party, who-o armory was destroyed
by Sre last, Sonday m irnii g. Tne compunies
of this dtr ptedgsd a oartain amount eich.
Ciptaia Brown, of Company E. Camptos
villf>, was pre<pp f . ar,d pledged his eortpaEy
lin the s-uo; of $150 G«aeral Ten * wan :»!^>
1 prtt*i j nt afid I'wuarpfl SSO. Thb lotai amount
subscribed will nacb $700.
Valise Rkcjvebeu.— A eaaa named .T. F.
; Braanao wai imM i? tt'i ;ers Jockeoc and
i Martin on Wednesday, charged with Bteaiinß
a vAliie fiiled with clothing from tfce Union
Hotel during latt fair wetk The c»?e has
been \u charge nf cHic«r Jackson eiLce the
larceny uc^urrcd. ()a Wednfs lay the valife
was si M to a second-hand cl'ithir? dealer,
whic!) wae thr- c!r.e that caused the arrest.
The contents of the valise were all recovered
Fjrf. Al^km. — An alarm of fire vtai
dcundcd last evening at 6:55 o'clock. It
proved to have been cau?ed by a brush fire
outside of the fire limits. As engine No. 1
was on its way to answer the alarm it nar
rowly escaped colliding with a pile of lumber
'•n X street, between Tenth and Eleventh.
The foreman of No. 1 nays the en me barely
eseap* d the same obstruction on another oc
casion Borne two weeks Bioce.
Police Court.— The following btuintfcs
was transacted in Ihe PiJba Court yester
-1 daj : James Kalahar, charged with embezzle-
I menf, was discharged, no prcsecu'.ing witness
app-:»rirg. Charier Vandely forfeited §5 de
[ posited an a charge of being druok. The case
I of Willie Keene, charged with grand larceny,
j was dismissed.
Ex Attorney Jo Hamilton ia in the city.
O. \Y. H iair, gf Colu*i, is in Sacn:nin to
Owen Burk, of Sacramento, will arrive by the
overland train thi* morning.
11. Elilred and wi[e returned last tvemny from
Sao triodaaa.
Dr. Te{.'irc!en, of Muyaville, p.isdod through the
city ye tvrday.
Mr«. H. L. Unjipin aim d usliter, of Woodland,
are vibitini: in the city.
lion. C. P. Berry passed through this city jester
j day oa l.id my to Whct>tlaiul.
Kcv. J. I). Warren and family, of Cbieo, passed
through Sacramento yastcrdiy "en rutite to San
Uivernor Perkinn, D. M Burns, .luilfje Dengon
and V. M. Campbell lclt S»ci.iuien'.o yestcrdj} ou
the 3:.V> v. m. traiu.
hulgt S. B, McKee, of the Supreme Court of this
Mm-, pwwd Nt,*'liall, Arizona, jctUrdjy, t.i arrive
in San r'rancisco to day.
Bcv. T. H. B. Anderson, formerly pasU*r of the
Seventh street M. E. Churcii, will rtruovt to San
Francisco in a few weeks.
(;. l'.ichard«on and family, of Virginia City, are
\ieitinu' in Sacramento, the yuet-ts at J. R. ChiMs,
and will lea^e for the East this evening, to take up
their residence at Elmira, N. y., their former home.
Mr. Richardson is well known in mining circles,
having besn foreman <if the Virginia Cousolidatid
mine for the pi9t fifteen years.
Stitc Il.iuse Hotel : W. H. Madden and family, J.
P. Glenn, R. M. Glenn, R. 11. Hooper, Nicolauu ;
G«orjre \V. Loader, Yolo county ; Juhn S. Fletcher
and wile, Misa Rose Fiet=her, Lincoln ; J. J. Miller,
Charles Jordan, M. H. Uldft 'ld, M. l>. Burling >me
PUccrville ; W. S. Wilber, Buckeye ; Mrs. Mahune,
John M.illey, B. D. Becklcy, Walnut Grove; S. A.
Howell, Wm. Grimshaw, Cmumncs ; J. Bigham,
Oalt: J. l'..s;y, Wwdbridge; Joee)>h Woodward,
PUnm; Mrs. Johnson, P. 8. Willi»ms.m, Hitks
ville; S. T. Stewart, J. T. Chinr.ick, Elk Grove ; A.
D. Oakley, Nitoma ; N Gowan, Alameda ; Russ-H
Holmes, Sheridan : S. K. Thomtan, J. Brown, Saa
Look A>teb Yoi-a Flowers :— The frewty
season hftvisg commenced, tender p!ant«
ehou! J ba hoased. Ten thoaßsnd fl >wer pots
of sll kind.", from ">Oc a nU to $6 pet dozin. at
W, H. Hobby 'd, Xo. 3 i7J street *
Look at the heaatiful crystal pobletp,
marfcea down to 70 cents par doz°n, for tke
"specialty" sale of Ackerman i Cc, on
Siturday, October 21 it. •
i HorsEKUPEBs !— Your special attention U
ctlUd to the letter of Henry Luugton on the
eighth pme of thia iaane of the llkcobd-
Ukiok. Don't fail to read i', *
Wb take the lead- Fre>h roll batter, 80
cent* ; choice pickle roll, 70 cents, at the Bea
Hive Ca«h Grocery, 812 X street. •
. —
Sabbatr-brsas?b» can find shrimp (or
fijbbg a! Fulton Market, Fitth and K. *
St. Paul's Episcopal Cfcurcn,
Eighth street, between I and J - Rev. Carroll M.
Da\Li, oftiiiatiLg reclur. Divine service at il a.m.
Sanday-tcbuol at 9:30 A. M.
Klngsley Chapel, H. E. Church,
Eleventh strett, between H »nd I- Rev. C. McKel
ve.v, pastor. Preachiug by the |astor at 10:45 a. m.
and at 7 t. v. tiab!<ath ►.!:■. .i at 12:40. Song
otrvice at G:SO 11.l 1 . M All are cordially iovit. J to at
tend these armcc*.
Ebenezer Church,
Of the EianpcHuil AsFocialion, T.nth street, be
tween O and P—Ktv. James Crouman v ill prea:h
to-morruw at Ir. m. Come and brin^ yuur gospel
hymns. *
Congregational Church,
Sixth strict, between I and J— The pastor, Rtv. I.
E. itA'incl:, will preach to-morrow muruinsr on
" Education under K- lipoub li-rhi' nee," and in the
evening on "Ihe Death of Faith— How lioea it
Come About?" Uhe public are invited.
Sixth-Street Methodist Episcopal Church,
Between X iiid L— llev. T. S. Dunn, psstor, will
preach at 10:45 A. M. aud at 7P. v. Morning; sub
ject : *• Dorcas." Evening Bubjoct : "EirLhly
Bethesdas, or the Struggle for Positionf, Politicil
and Otherwise." Sunday-school &t 12:15 r. H.
Westminster Presbyterian Church,
Sixth street, corner of L — The pastor, Rev. 11. H.
Her, will preach vii Silbith at 10:45 a. m and 1M
f. 11 Morning subject, " Worda to tbu Winnem
of tsouls." Evening suliject, "ChrUt ia Gethsjni
ane." This bermoit will M illustrated br 1 black
board sketch of the locality. All are welcome.
First Baptist Church.
Kinth street, between I. and 1!--The pastor, Rtv. A.
J. Frost, will prc-ajh to morrow at 10:15 A. »'.. and
7 r si. Morning nubj -ct : **How to Study the
Bible." Evening mi:.j .■; : " All About the State
Convention of the Vountf iieu'tt ChrUlian Asbocia
tiou at San Fraj.dieo." An adilress to young mm.
M. E. Church South,
Seventh street, between J and K— liev. K. Waiter
Featlienjiun, |>astor. Service Sabbath at 11 a. m..
and 7 ::50 r. M. tmt» free. All arc invited.
Christian Chapel,
Eighth street, between N and i) -Services by ffHri
B. li Ware at 11 o'clock A m and 7:30 P. M. Sun
diy school at 9::iO A. M. All aro invited. *
Calvary Baptist Church,
I street, between Twelfth and Thirteenth- Rev. J.
V- A. llcnry, pastor. Pf tliliig at 10:45 A. M. and
7:30 y. M. Morning subject: "Ihe Prodigal Sou."
Evening: " Vanity Fair,"' tnis beinjr the twelfth in
ateriia on BuDjiu's " Pilirrim's Progress." Work
era meeting at 7 r. m. in the vestry. Sunday -
echool at 12:16 r, m. Paslor'u re»ide ca 1601 1.
street. All m welcome at the services of this
Friday, October 20, 15;2.
Dm iRt jnsr Two— l'keslk\ Dnaur, Judge pro tern.
Wadew nth BadcAa v*. J. I. L'n.lerhill et a).—
Witnesses examined und furlhtr heirii g ev>ntiDU<.d
to October :24th.
Friday, Octubcr CO, 18S2.
Octobir Il'-C 0. BaMwin to La Monte W.
Estfs- Eaet bnlrot lot 5, Mock boumlcJ liy F and
O, Eleventh and TveUtb 'tieets, city ; erunt.
October 1 7— Ooddcatal Buil iin^' and Loan As
sim ;.iti'm t" Ullsbeth V. l'licliman— Lot G, block
bounded by Shteenth and Seventeenth, 0 and I.
stretU, city.
The citizens of Whiskytown and sur
rounding country have raised by subscrip
tion and private donation the means to
construct a wire foot-bridge across Clear
creek, at the old site of the Whiskytown
ferry. The bridge will have two abut
ments and two spans of about lifty feet
each. The material is now upon the
ground, and work ia in active progress. —
[Redding Independent.
A Remarkably Elastic Carpet.
The cew cork floor covering — L'noltum — is
bo rapidly increasing in popularity that it is
mperaeding all articles used fjr that purpose.
I:« reo:arkihle durability is the secret of its
success. All tirst-.l.its carpet dealers keep it.
1 The e.T.uiae c!oth ha« the nvne "Linole
um " on the back of every rqnaro yard.
PIOKI eat and ilriuk to sustain life, the
cFjiyraent of which depends largely upon the
q'lalityof the articled used, providing the table
with good m?it?, pane, etc , well c >oked and
fl ivored with the mdiapa&Mble La & l'er
rir a' Sauce ('he Worcestershire), genuine and
Prepake yourself for tfco great "tofcialty"
sile of Ackerruan & Co , S iturday, Oct. 21st.*
Choice M >untsin Butter, in miUandarkins.
sold ohe»p. (J. W. Chtiiley, 51 Front street.*
The fiufR 1 - Toksy t-rapes of the Eeason at
H. G. May fc Co.'-. Fifth and K.
(Jo TO the B?e Hive Cash Grocery for K.
.T.»rn!.'r. Star l>utt^r, !»J cents a roll. * *
FnKsn irouat^ii trout at Fulton Market,
Fut i aud K.
San Francisco, October IS — John Ra-tels to l.u-inda
L. lirown.
San FnndKO, Oc'.iber 12— Montgomtrv S. Currey
to Louisa K. Tin lor.
San Francisco, October 18-August H. Lell to
Ltt'hanna It <t'nenbusuh.
San Francisco, October 11' Johu Ogle to Mary J.
San Franci;c -.Octoberld— Emory O. Tuttlo to Jessie
Hiifgn, October 10— S. 11. Falkncr to Alio* Cartland.
Big^*, October 6- <>. C. Miller loManan A. Window.
Santa Cruz, October 14 — E. J. Ballard to O. V.
San :i:ii.>.i. October 15- James Morrow to Mary
Fall Xiv t r Valley, Octoher s— Homer Kesler to Ada
Xt'ir Unrlmn, October 1^ — benjamin Thomas to
Edith Olive While.
Sacramento, October 19 - Wife of E. Ri|>p in, a son.
Dixon, Octobarls Wife tf James McMillin, a daugh
Dboa, (M .her ID- Wife of G. G. Ba.vlty, a dam.li
S.-uiV Point, October ]4-Wife of C. F. Carter, a
i.. >-cnil!e, October S— Walter Skairire, a son.
YieUa, October 14-Wi.'e of W. J. Wailis, a daugh
Grass Va'.lev, October 10-Wifo of Geo. W. Rouse, a
Sacramento, October 19 -Nellie, daughter of Mry.
Catherine and the late John B. Walsh, ft native of
Sacramento, is years, 0 months and a days.
I Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited
to attend the funeral, winch will take place from
lite residence, R Btreet, between Second and
Third, tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon at 2:30
oclixk ; thence to St. Rose Church, where funeral
services will be held.l
Near Newcastle, Placer county, September 21;- Mre.
I. . • i Pena, M years.
Santa Cruz, Oc-obcr B— Mrs. Gracs Churchill, 17
years and 18 days.
Near Santo Cruz, October 25— Daniel Montielh, 62
PeUluma, October I— Hannah Moody, 7 7 years.
Special Notice
TO «"^™
I Those vsrho have
M> are conHtnnlij- bavinc appllralion
nii'l Inters »r ln<inlry to Parrhsxe
l.iiinN of all ktnda.
flnrl it to their a^lvant«^e to pl&cv Uicui in
j our hands, aa they »i!l be at
No Expense for Advertising
£& We bare corresponJetie; in different parts of
the Statn and other advantages, which gTeaily
I facilitates <U iv the DISPOSAL OF LANDS.
No. 1015 Fourth street,
I Weinstock & Lubin. jj
; ; ; ; ; 1 j mj ♦•••»•*• "»~» ••••'••*••••»«.« vw • • •
*^^^^^^*^f_?_? »* » ■-. •..■.-...,..,.,......
tt- . Ka'thnnalrt in San Franti.'co, 18Cy.
h e « B t t ' 77 Battle of Trafalgar, 1805.
Sen Itisec, <>:I.'> a. m.
'I kmperatcbe Cokbesponihxg Dat, 18S1 • Sun Sets, 5:15 p. M.
_. , Moon Kines, 0:33 p. M.
"■Sheat, 74 jf oon Scutha, 7:48 p. it.
Lowest, 5i Udj'i Length lib. Main.
[from our special correspondent.]
-unn-an oimi in tuk uttK-MBi bkaiimx; i\
< lII. MI I I AM» (.<>! l> <ORD.
New York, October 14, 1882.
We may now be B»id to be in the flash of the Aatnmn retail trade —
bu?ice3», or rather fashion, holding high carnival, an.i to a sensible extent
Jiviiio^ talk, it not laterest, with the political campaign. But as this is
hardly of iuvnediate concern outside the limits' of the State — it matters not what
may be iU rstl active and future (fTrct — we dismi 3 it with the wish that what
ever may came t:> pa=h cf it, or through it, m?y bs for the national a< well as
the local good ; and we turn to wb.^t will doubtless be more acceptable to the
fairer portion of our readers.
In rejsrd, however, to the fashionF. S . abundant at this titna are t!ie
male.ia'.s upon which we have to draft for information, that whit to notico and
what to pa<ta by aßMttad 19 almost as diffi -u!t to decide up-> 3, as what to
choose acd what to neglect ia the hunjred diahes of a King's dinner. At
any rate, as tt certain interest to the ladies of the Pacific nm',
w» feel constrained to a little self-ccngratnlation in the prediction,
enunciated week« ajf>, that' tha time hvl not yet come for the temporary
difcardin? cf plu?h, Rni'jEg either drees roateziaii or millinery materials. The cry
which reached our e:n in an echo of tha Putt <li--!u»i, •* Avriy with pltnh !"
wt.», as has been proved, a I »!ie c.'7 ; ai w>^ the report that ostrich feathers
for miliicery tii:iiiain»- wer? to b» Mip rsoJ.eu by fancy feathers ; and as was
hiso the *iii3per that mootfa felt wn u',>rly ta saoplant beaver effects in bon
nets aud luti. In oontrxHattoa. phrfi not only exists as one of the mateiiaU
Bpecij'lj devised as a dres'*»tuff and for millinery p upow*, but plush sensibly
rivals vfhet; while the lat»r Iwpottltfcm iv bonnets and hats indicate the con
tinued preference for ostrich feathers, as th? richest and most suitable millinery
parnilure for the caller sfaaocs ; aod beav.'r bonnets anJ hr.ts abound in the
market — and not on'y abound, but fiai nuTierous purchasers.
A quint, unique acd uovel fancy, io the way of a matufacture, is shown
ir. what we shill chois; to atyie preasod-nnd-cu^ plu=h. Tiiia miterial, which is
alri.rist iuc impftr.ibly ri^h, in dsdxiM of largi' spots, fl iriitioas, birds' tieade, etc. ,
ia BhadiDgs of a nincle color, the cutting or the clipping tSTcalisg the design in
rffiuisite relief. To illustrate : Oue of the iuo3t remarkable cjstnnier of this
MMOft'* fatportattoa, ai thui far ravea'ed, Jaaa tbs skirt of the variety of
p!u»h in quostion, in owla'-h3ada design— t'as coloring brown and ecru tints of
the i/.umage of the i w", and the cutting developing in relief the eyes, the ears,
and other salic .t features uf the bird. Tne skirt of this dress i* trimmed with
a double b x-!i!i»iatcd ruche, at the fo.)t, about five inches deep, and lined with
ecru satis, while the drapery aud ths waist aro of ijroß d'Ottoman, or ottoman
nilk, the drapery be ! .ng quite v.)!umiaou?, formiag a diagonal apron
cf many f >Ulc, aad a full biuffant arrangement at the back,
the want be'nj a short jacket, tha ba.-.;-ie cut in turret blocks
overlying turret blocke, or a simulated under-jacket, of the plush, with collar
and cuff* of the plush. A cloak, of the circular style, intendei for evening
wear and a orriaga mantle, is of pre?«ed'and-cut piu3h, in ro;e design, of
browa shaditig into e?ru tints, the petals of the roses almr.st as distinctly
defined as if molde.l in wax; lined with cream-white quilted satin, finished
with a capuchin collar firmed of alternate rows of brown and ecru satin
piping, and trimmed with very rich chenille fringe corresponding in color
and shading witli the plus'?. Floriated and plaided plushes enter into the
composition of many of the most elegant costumes ; plain and striped (lush
line handsome cloak?, and plu;h in all varntijs is eeen in mi'.linery.
But yet, with the fact admitted, that plmh is by no m=ans inconspicu
ous aT.orjg the fashionable materis!*, and that it is a rival of velvet iv
popnlar taßte, we must adtnit that velvet h regarded mire kindly than
plusb, inasmuch ai with no less elevate; of effect, it is a more u?eful r.:..i
durable material. The seemingly prospective overshadowing of satin wa» likewiao
deceptive. The preference for faille, or grogs-graia siik, as the more servicea
ble fabric, influences choice wi'h the economical and tha pradent, it is true,
bnt satin has not been supplanted by faille, nnr is it likely that it will go
ont of notice as lons as the elaborate styles ( f dref^making and cimbini
tione of materials prevail; while the distinctive novelty, be it remembered,
in the silk stuffs of the season, is gro3 d'Ottoman, or the French reproduc
tion of the distinguishing Turkish manufacture — a sofr, heavy pliai,i t texture,
cf fine satin warp and loose, heavy threads in the woof. It shirrs as
readily as Batin, and is very adaptable to drapery effects — falling as softly as
India cashmeri 1 , yet with the rich weight of velvet. We are now ar.d then
shown costumes with tha foundation or the skirt linics of tsftVas siik, alpaca
or s'ont Mlesii, upon which U a superstructure combicin? pros d'Ottoman with
certain effecr« in plain satii, plain plush and pressed velvet ; rr the plain velvet
with fl >riat«d plush eaters into th<j combination. Your dressmalcWs will readily
understand how thess various materials may be availably and agreeably em
ployed, ar.d that any material in vogue may ba made available ia the combina
tions which now enter into costumer.
For handsome street wear, however, the coetam»s in greatest f ivor are those of
which Freuo'i ladyV cloth, c*meV hair cloth, cheviot cloth or one or the other of
the fashionable wnolsn^i* the o v jjctive miterii! ; and there are quite as many in
which the cloth '»lone in the apparent material, as in which there i-; relief of
pluah, velvet or 'ttoman silk. We have noticed very effective and desirable
caFiames with the skirt of velvet or plush, bordered either with self niching or
ruching of the c!o',h, with the dr-pery of the cloth, and a cloth jacket rp?ning
on a vert cf tho velvet or plush ; while equally handsome creations show wide
double box-plaiting or kiUin ; on the skirt, of the clotb, full drapery of the
cloth, and a basqus or jacket of the cloth, as cloeely fitted as a pair of corsets
and as severely finished ac the oat of a Holdier — the military fit and finish be
inr, indeed, a prime desideratum in tho fashionable clotb promenade dres*.
Our far-.-ff Western friands will also be&r in mind that robe costumes of
ev^ry imaginable style are worn, and that ore rt the most popular of the cos
tumes in vogue incorporates a skirt o( plaided serge with a jacket waist, or a
fanciful ba«q;i?, of cloth — the waist of plain velvet or plain pimh aceompany
ioK a skirt of fancy silk. Many of the cloth costumes are made et robicg ma
terials, wrmght in soutache embroidery — a variety cf handiwork juet now very
much indulge j in by ladies, wh" havo the cloth for their coatumes cut and stamped
and do their own embroirVry. As we have before told you, thers are exceed
ingly rich robe effects on French cashmere and soft satin in Hamburg silk or
namentation, and in needle-woik, in !i riateii designs; ard in the Hamburg
designs licelU or laca effects are frequently incorporated. Thus much in outline
drawing in reference to costumes intended for outdoor wear. In our next letter
we propone to give some hints ia regard to dresses for caremonicus occasion —
dincer, reception and evening toilets.
As hinted in the foregoing, in taking dp the pen we had proposed to say a
word in reference to late developments in millinery. Only a word it muat be.
Fashion and fancy seem about t qnally divided in choice between very large and
very Bmall bonnets. Of the former the poke shape continue* the most prom
inent, while there has baen latterly an outcropping of the aabefa — a revival of
a fancy of our grandmothers — in a large bonnet with broad, flat crown, to
which is attached, from *he tdje, a deep shine! brim, the brim finished toward
the front wit'a several double ruffles about one and a half itches wide. Mad*
of velvet this bonnet is sometimes fiaifhed v. itli the string* alone, or at most
with a large bird, «oft!y stuffed, or a tuft of amal!, cnrling ostrich tips. An
other bonret shape has the brim bent nj> in an acnte »ngle at the top, this angle
giving pace for effective insi ie trimming. The capota is relaiced as the head
dress of the ceremonious visiting toilet and eve&ins wear. In, the construction,
of bonnet 3 the most striking ik ve'ty exiata ja csier braiding— this, of cheniile,
and gold or silvar cord, following the braidiog oi »ai«ii India rubber tubing,
which came oat late in the sararter. 2Jcr9 anon.
■ ■I «■!■■■ AMt sir-, i.. i: isr
Nos. 1016 and 1018 Second street, between J and K. Sacraaiento,
p^ O\. 2sT~ XE X> T? 2ST XI «EI&
■iaf Dcaicr 'a WATCHKS, JEWELRY ANT) DIAMOXIrb. ■HHlll»U In nil Hi branch ...» » «p«dary
nnder MR. rijOBERO. A«rL-i lor Boclcfortf H'atcli in, p;.>ij. aulB-3plm
GL JTOSSSff ]B3E3LX^XJ t 3S8 a *3l3t., ft
' fl Importer, Manuftvrturer, Wto!ea«.!e ana I'cuii L»e»!er to .ivory ilesertinloo of I*
\o». om, 63* and otj« X Mrert, in-t. sixth and Srvemh, taeraaatalah au7-3pt«
■fejujs?^!f Mid will be s;ldvit VERY LOW FIQI RES. Also, all kinds t>f BE.I>DI.\g! &tp ! T^y
J. a DAVIS, Xo. 41itist;e<t
Scud Stamp for Catalogue.
GEO. D. ALLMOKD, 80« J sf., bet. Erg hi h and NinttK
Attention, Horsemen 1
tS- FKKE. «-ALL ANU KEr «\K Ta
-A.TP ■X'-Cn*TC°S' X9X&TTGS- ETO^.*, i(XL r ~
COR>CR TE^TH A\D J STUKKTS. [m23-Bpen | SAI KAMENY . '^J^S^':.-^?^^'
actual value, $2.
crystal lined only $1 10 ; cheap for $2.
SPOONIiOLDERS, only $1 ; cheap for
$1 75.
22 Barrels, containing 137 Dozen Plain Crystal
Goblets, for 70 cents per dozen ; sold every
where for $1 25.
200 Dozen English Threaded & Mitchell Sauce
plates on stand, only 50 cents per dozen ; a
decided bargain for §1 a dozen.
Nos. 629 and 631 J street, : : : : Sacramento.
£■■''' Oar Mori-- will rlnsp ill 7 P. M. Sharp ("iitm-tlny r\rr|>!v«l>. ■. :-,
*r iJ. P. SLATER, Hatter,;^
JT C^i'fiVav I"\*3l I^^Cfe wmnwcsi corker sixth
. «l . apieiier; \J f\ %J \js m I mm^otkels.
em; 1 1 -it in unaucavv
Breech-Loading Shotguns,
Winchester Rifles,
Hunters' Supplies,
——FOR hAI,.K PY —
Powder Companies;
1013 Fourth Street. ...Saerbmrnto j
class Insurance Oocnpaviaa, giving absolute
indemnity at eciuitaole ratra.
Real Estate Bouglit ssd Sold,;
iveowe-e- to x.»r>jst.rsr
On Beat Entatr BwillJ
Tlie riailif ii
r/WA Xminin^f Nraool
}t^yy of tlui i ii - i l
f~^2iC S* f* Coast. (.-:■.'..-
V^^ »itt«-M llHOlHlcfl IB
\—^&c€ctfG* Joamal. AJdraL
*'■ - t*—^^S Z.3.iiusaK.ai'ts,aa.
C. A. D. GRAY,
Practical Cutler,
Importer and tualer in all kinda of
aWt'utien. carefully Ground, Polished aud Repaired. I
No. im J ittrcet, bel »ouriii and firth
COMSTO€K, Cor. Fifth and X streets. „.»,„
605 X STREET.,.. -. . . ...{mMpemj — '.—......SAORAMENTO CA«-
(CIN" "I'j.na ROBBA )
VttaDsa Hie Byatan o:i I arrwt the ravwes ot the
dreadful Aicoi.i.l 11.-Wt, " DIPSi :M AN [A ."
XT .»dk your BraqutM or Wln«- Hrrrhani
Tor Ihrm. al-2 3p«m
yon are ao acforßraate sis to reqnin ihoa.
V\ itu a niiurl matureo and enriched by studies of aa
advanced or 'er, I ca-i mtdymy that titorc id haixliv
a dmciw faa tho catalogue i f bnman i'.:s Had I
not traat to a■■ ' iif .1 issue.
LADIE-J—l am sl»^e re.idv to assist too. Mj
paat ki..,»!e !;;o hs-i hec-n Increased by txten«iv»
eximicoee. 1 urn no»- jhle to treat y,u with the
eertalDtr of Rteeeat. -Vo case pvrnlUr to your ,;_;i.
Gate oru'inir-.i ia htj-onl my furo control.
Mv Female afaoioly Hcak imsore RqierSorto an
off«m] baretobn, and will be warranted to have
dwireil effect, in :i!i I i ■■.
Tl:o c of the public who noed my servlcos can rtr
I«nd u|«m Kanttemasly, honorahlo mid EcLi.t.t
taatmes.t at roasonatile rates.
1 ; r ■- pardeabrlj those vao have been tn
jure) by y.nithful indiscr. tious, and tho»:
l.ait: eoutriel 'i ;..ca! dbeaaja
Persuue liilicted can, if they prefer, cnnoalt me
by letter, detailing the syit-ptoms of the disease o
trouble, and rcc-ivn medicine by expn-Hi. with fu :
inbtrufitions. Ail lettora must be directed to J H
JOSaELYK, M. D., 220 Sutler stieot, ."an fnroj.
Co, Oal.
Curo wnrrsited ia all cases, or no pnv rc<;'i!red
Consultationg, pereoiaily or *>y latter. ;,-rt!tis.' Scurf
fui book. Comfortable apartments tjr patteala a'
my Infirmary (when desircdX with •sparianeM
Conmiltation I'arlirs. 226 Suttpr street, adjoinin
tii" \ .'.inn; Men's Uhristian Association Buildinp.
OHitc hours- From a a. m. to S p. m.
Mr :iii-i.iiii:i lianas In niy offire.
I'urcha o ray linfuy on Phyeiolngy and Marriage
For tule by all newstkalers.
j. n. j .- 1 1 \n. m. d.
• Sacrur.eQto, has jufH taken the \\h .lcasli
of San FranciKo. CRACKERS sold at lowMt fan
Franc!»co prices, with difference In time and frrijrbt
In favor o« purchArcn. Also, FISHER d CJIOICE
CdNKKCTIij.NS. bt lowest lr^rket rate*, suit Uil

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