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Prohibition Meeting to-night— Metropolitan The
For S*:e— Hop land.
Sacrament > Conitninlery KnighU Templar— To-
F. and A. M. No. 20— To-night.
Evening School— X. Hearich.
Greenback Meeting— To nuclit, Howe's Hall.
St jcktaolders of People's Savings Bank — Monday.
Notice— Mies I. J. Kelloge, M D.
Orisntal Market— G. Poit. ll.irtnunn.
Wanted— Five dozen fresh esrgs.
1. *'.— Buncb of keys.
Company A, Sacramento D itulion of Uniformed
Patriarchs— Thiß evening.
OriMM Hotel— Mrs. H. W. Opir, proprietress
John Eitcl— Aeoayi-r and chemist.
Card -Thou. H. Be: key.
Notice — Hall's Pulmonary Balsam.
Ancient Order U Foresters— To night.
O. C. F. -To-Light.
Baainesa Advertisements.
Mecha->ici" .Store— Rainy day supplies.
Acktrraan & Cj. — Special notice.
ttmtm Bax Factory— Cooke & Son.
Hale Eros, k Co.— Dress Goods Department.
W. P. 0 .-It-man— Real Ent.te.
Lowland bnonUßa-dW, Clirke, of
this city, returtod jesterday from the lower
river country. He reports a very large and
harmonious n.eetiog of nrjrtp landowners as
having been held in the l'eareon district,
near Courtland, ou Tuesday. It waa re
solved to proceed at once to repair the de
stroyed levte j'jst above Ccurtland, where
about . quarter of a mile of the embank
ment is in a dilapidated condition. The
levees of the dbtziet will all bs put in first
class condition at once, ami the district made
as secure ax it it possible to h«ve them with
levee defenses. This will make the entire
line of leveei" from above Ccnrtland to Wal
nut <Jr< vc complete, and give a perfect line
of d>-feDhe ali'ikr the Sacramento river — as
suming the leve>« ab.ive Oourtland and
up to t!.e KiVijisiue ro>d terminus to be safe.
It ouly remailU for reiidenta alorv that line
to b« certain ac to the latter mutter to insure
the win I j ;iue from Sacramento to Grand
island a>;i.i at H >'n\*. Tn9 meeting of the
land D«mn was Uru .iiiou*. and the repairs
pij 1 EtDpfOV6Hl6Btl arc to bd rx»ado without
appeal to the 1 -w for asseeamenU, the money
I -• rained on the 1i;..-h of (if y
cents per acre, and being paid by
voluntary c ntrihution. The w.irks will
thoroughly psotect the heretofore trouble
some IVirs in District. The oli cro^slev:e,
better known as Anderson's or Clarke's levee.
at.il wtii^-h served the purpose last year of
preventing fuck-water froai trouMiLg the j
reeiden'B nf thij city, will soon be overhauled
and made in every way secure. At leant that
U thu preseut iatentua ; aud when this is
done t.'.e pot-sibility cf back-water from the
lower t-treatLs will be removed. The can
tractor for the work on the drainage canal j
came to the city yeaUrday for additicual re
lays of workaien iv order to push the work
on that Hue with vi^or and secure its CLinjple
tion, if possible, before the heavy winter
rains «tt iv. With ft month of fairly favcra
ble weather the Banal will be completed to
tide water, and all the lower lakes well
drained ai_d drainsjje f.>r this city secured
according to the plane originally decided
upon. The completion of the work will prove I
as great a benefii to the residents along the
river below this city as to Sacramento, and
will much eoh&nce the value of their lands.
Surveyor Bi*seU is at the Wnrka superintend
ing the sinking of the oina!.
Fihe Commissioners. — On Tuesday even
ing the Fire ComrruHMouers held their regu
lar mnnt.hbj uieeliuK. all tie member* pres
ent. Tha ruiuutes of last lueeting were read i
and approved. Ou the payroll cf
the department for (he month of October,
for ?l f> •-'.". was duly allowed and ordered
pai j, sr vie.-c also th« folVwine bills : Capital
Gas Company, fl'J 50 ; Van Vorhie»,
S7 f,O ; .T. hn Karren. $2 50 ; Con. Sullivan
, |M,i jjiinm Cr.me, $. r . ; M Madden. §20 72;
& Terry, sll tJI ; R A. Fisk,
1196 84; Wnittier, Fuller k Co, in 15-
Hunting ... Bopklltt& Co., $24 !lj ; .1. W.
Wilson, |22 r,O; G. V. Smith, §7; C. A.
GtUwpta, 522 ; GutU Pereha Rubber Com
pany, 112; Ntubourg & Lai.es, $12 81;
Heveuer & Co , 3>) cents ; C. H. Krebs,
$3 7 r > ; K. Fitzjmfit.t-, $7 ; D. Gsriner
ST. 2S; M. Barber, $12 20; S. S. Nixon, So ;
Wei; el k Son, $2 50 ; Capital Ie; O.ni! a y,
$24: McEliiuy, $12; A. C. Tufts, j
SI 7"i ; PalmM & Co., 82; George Scr..lb, i
ISI ii!t; P. Pottar, isJ 66: LLotusf tvs & F-rr m ,
IS 7'> ; * '. I). Adan.s. tSi flii ; Tnuies Mc-
M»du/>, tSB; S. Ferric, f ,"> ; GeJi«B Me-
Manus, §10.
Freightto Abhive— The fallowing fr.-i(tht
for Sacriiueijto psawd O^den on October
2WI : For Hulman, Staoton & Cj., 1 c»r
liad plow* ; Coatinantal Oil Cmpaiy, 2
Ucki ..il ; EL S. Crocker k Co., 263 lundha
— «pipw; A. A V»n V..)rhifa & Co., 12
bt x»« niil>. 3 rases a.»fidUry hardware :
LUidley t CV., 10 birre s. 5 halt-barrels, 150
ke^M ana 60 cmh ujrup, 25 boxen olotltM
pii.o. 8 packagM wra^ria^ piper; Adams,
McNeiil & IV-.. 1") liniKiies wrappii g paper ;
N. S. Arno d k Co., 2 cvat ■» crockery; Hunt
ingtjr, HopkiM & Co , IKS hurnjie* theet
iron, 1 b..x e,?g b-aters, 201 bo.te< naiU. 1 box
screws, :ft bs~a \nckr. 5 fcox"B «d 1 bnadle
hardivirs ; L. ESkos&Co^ -1 bandte* cott<. n
cooda ; H.;-. Lv rs &. Co., 20hoxescnro*out.
1 c.ise ui'itciiu', S3 barrels barn-, 100 ca-es
hrJ ; W A. k C S. Houg'iton, 1 case book-.
1 MM paper; Sacramento Free Library, 1
csse book" ; G. A. Uiiis, 1 ca>e picture
frames ; Ga r -tuianii & Wilson, 1 c:« 80 dry i
gio.]s; W. D. Comslock, 2 cses mirrors;
Biker k H .nv.ltnn, 32 chs:a and 7 boxes
hanlwere ; L ck° 4 Latranaoo, 3 cai-es herd
ware ; Henry Kjkhardt, 1 cate tirearnj'.
Police OodbK — The following buainess
was transacted in the I'olioe Court yesterday :
"Jake," an Indiau b^y, drutk, pleaded
Ruiity and re ntenced to tw;aty-four hour.* in
the I ity.lail ; .T.'hr. William*, druuk, pUadtd
guilty, fined SIO4 Miry liobertK, cimmon
drunkard, p'.jaded iii'ltv, seuioi.ceu to thirty
days iv County .Tail ; Jake Martin, druak,
pleaded guilty, fiatd S10 ; William Junee,
s'^poing on Mdowalk, deposit forfeited ; John
McXulty, drunk, pleaded guilty, fined S3 ;
Mary CmcoQ, judgment for disturbing tie
peaca deferred.
Pbobt. — Monday night, at Hollister's
p'.ace, below Ci.urtlsnd, there was a heavy
white frost, but a mile or l.wo below ther?, as ]
well as above that point, no frost was seen. 1
It weald appear that tha frost belt waa not
iu< -fo than r half or three quarters of a mile
la width. Is did no chmsKe, however, to the |
new feeii, which ia reported as growing I
nicely, and as being greatly favortd by the
prti-.iit htiibid state of the weather.
I'vhtai.^Dki.ivzky. — The following is the
report of the letter carriers fir the month of
Ootobar, lS6t: Delivered— Registered lat
ters, L7B; n>a:l lett.rs, .53.174; mail po»tal i
card-, (I 274 ; ! dl letters, 8 tM2; locsl pmta]
c .r>!s, -2,75> ; newspapers, 29 551 ; total, 74,- |
'.Ml "rHrrtnrl Mill Vitlwi. 24 621 ; drop |
letter*, 1088; postal cards, 0 146; news- I
papers, 3 119; total, M.96L
[XOOU MATBX-— ArtivltM of incon>oraLion )
were lileil with the Secretary of State yester- I
d»y by the I'.-r mm Mioifjg atd Smelting j
Company. directors — Htnry Wadaworth, !
.ios'p'i S. B bertsor, Solomon D. Bragtow.
Alfrtd X rT. Klwird B. Young. Capital
stock, 93.000.60^ divided into 100.000 shares.
Ihiiulpal place of business, Sin Fratciaco. j
Bobprax lvtroßT.— Dr. A. B. Xixon, of
tha lUilroad Hospital, makes the follcwirg
report f..r the month ending October, 18S2 :
N umber of persons in the hospital October l*t,
n : .'.'imittej during the month, 75 ; dis
ch^r^■»(], 75; died, 2; remaining in the
hospital ()_fber olst, 57; private bouse and I
cßk-e patients treated, 205.
RiVm Nm.— The steamer San Joaquin '
sriivcd yesteuiay f:om San >ranciscj with I
two barge?, light, and returned with a barge \
loadad with wheat. The steamer Dana ar- j
rived from Manhattan Landing on the upper |
Sacramento wita » barge loaded with wheat, |
and returned to Butte City for another cargo i
of grain.
I-NTERNAL r.iVESCE.— A. L. Frost, Col- j
lector of Internal Revenues for this distric 1 , '
report* the Mowing as the collections for the j
month of 0.-toher : Collected on distilled I
spiriu.. $1.-..01s 89; O n tobacco, enuff, cigart, !
etc., tJ,292 55; on fprmeuted liquors, $3 . |
m -" v " s*. Total, §20.107 02.
"■i/isiprEAKiM-.. — Xho»« han<l?ome jelly
di*hei-, with «iiver-i;lated deUchabla hindles,
Mid for 50 ami GO cents at AckermanV, are
disappeariug very rapidly. *
Ok Account of the inclement weather, our
renmaut tale is continued t>aay. Hale Bros
4 Co. •
Progressing— in- ureat eale of dry goods
»t the Kid Houj-e. •
C\ul Early ard have Era! chtica of rem
can:?, »t Haie 13rc*. 4 Co. *
The pact five days have been eventful in ;
i the Chinese quarter of this city. A string of :
; lanterns extended along the front of build
-1 ings on I street, from Second to Fifth. Tho3e
; Mocgolians who are able to indulge in such |
I luxuries moved about arrayed in all the j
I trappings of celestial holiday apparel, or
feasted in brilliantly illuminated apartments
where burting incetse and tapers filled the
air with peculiar Oriental odors. At night
; and far into the morning tha din of trom
: bones and fiddle) and tamtams emanating
j from "bands" station el in receese* along the j
1 street, the crowds if apparently edified celta j
■ tials attracted by tne discordant soun<t», I
tl.e brightly lighted teajplts or headquarters j
of the g]d?, the long lines of illuniiuations >
and girgeous display of images and char
acters in gold and ticsel, and the almost in:
--i potsible combinations of colors, told plainly
I enough that the occasion was one of extraor-
I din^ry import. There seems to be a tecrccy
envel >ping the ceremonies on occasions of
this kind, and it was only with the greatest
j l'ilti u'ty that information concerning the
demonstration or its meaning c iu!d be elicited.
It is a cardinal principle of Buddhism, of
which the religbn of the Chinese ia but a
modification, that the spirits of departed
mortals have both the power and the beHaa
tion to return and bring trouble to tho;e
they left behiud, Thi* peculiar iif:i-ii-i
--exertedbyone or more of numerous d^iiief,
and it is to appease these acgry godd that the
demonstrations referred to were instituted. I
is thought necessary by the orth >dox Chiua-
J nun to propitiate the celestial ire at least
1 ores a year, and any neglect at conciliation
is deemed to ba an inevitable cause of dire
disaster or misfortune to the race. So firm i*
this belief that laree amounts of money Are
annually expended in the ceremonies which
j are designe ito allay the godly wrath. T: :■
amount expended in thin -ity will o^'gregate
$2,000, which is some $300 le*s than the cot t
of last year't demonstration. The custom it
represented to be as old an the doctrines of
Confuciu?, upon which the popular reli^i^us
belief of the Chinese is based.
A large number of Caucasians were at
tracted during the week by the - L r » l . .- 1 ■ atd
inexplicable proceedings. But neither the
presence of unbelieving and heretical out
ei.iers nor the embarrassment cf strange facts
deterrei the faithful from goicg through the
prescribed fenma of worship. This opcwtai
b kuuwn auiotg the Chinese as Ikii Jhtu,
.: i ci the ceremonies take place about the ear c
time each year, being regulated by a seer
who deaigaatet the particul.-r time at which
they Bhall be held. The ntctsjar y funds are
raised by subrcriytion from merchants and
wealthy men, who cacose a board of mana
gers called Gh^c Tse, to make the necessury
arranaemento. Tne service of two priests
from Ssn Fraoc'sco was obtained, who con
ducted all tl.e devotional exercises. Thece
comi^t of sacrifices of fruit, tljwers, in
cense, eatables, cenfestion of laymen,
coaaecrition of sicred water, sacred bath ot
baptUm, benedictioLS, etc. At about 8 am.
of each day a procession marched forth from
thetemoleon I street, near Fifth, headed by a
"band." Next c«me the prieetß, dressed in
pontificals somewhat resembiiog the Catholic
bishopf, followed by the temple keeper and
three Chinese boys carrying the records cf
the names of those who subscribed funds-.
These were followed by four others, called
Su Gee, carrying refreshments for the evil apir
ite. This procession moved down I street,
amid a ecene of exj.lodkg fire-crackers and
bombs, to a epecial temple, near Third street,
fitted up for the occasion. This templb ia
filled with all manner of imagee, banners and
allegoric representations. Opposite the en
trance is the hanctuary, with the altar and
images of the gods. On the altar tapers
and incenfe are kept burning conr.ioually.
Charts representing the different degrees and
forms of punishu.ent inflie'ed on the souls of
the uorigateuud adorn the walls. Near the
eLirauee is au aluust life-size image of a
horse, cear which, holding the rein, stands th
rider, whose :■ i --i >;: it is to carry the news of
the proceeding to Trapastrisxtai, who is iijf
the highest Buddhist god. At the coi.clu
si.n of worthir> the procession returned to
the t«mple, where the members lay appar
ently dormant uutil about 3:30 p. M., when
the same \K 'CeediD.'S again occurred. At
various timot duri'^' tee day aad night other
id litrous eorciliations — such es feedirjg
fish — were itemed in, and last evening
t.e sacrifice* having been completed, lighted
taperd wtri* set tfl -it on •LakeCimo"
ior the purj^e of li^htinc the evil i-pirits tn
their abode, where, if the BHciitiues h&ve
been sufficuti', t'aey will remain for another
year. Yea'arj-y a Ctinaman, descrihuig a
;r r a p of in.»i;e' snd dfflii;tj»ii,ig each one,
■"•ill; "Thij rxe „l!e same J»rii;e HeLiy ;
th^s, 'Touinr An icrs in ; tLii4. Miver Jcr;e< ;
tUij, Chief K.'C.r; ai.l tr i. J (|>oiu'.iog to s
small, icfi-ricr looking itia/e), lie a!le sarno
keichnra tlilrty (iiya." To-ilny the S.»n
Fr-ncin^o (Meats will go lo F •ii».m, wlitp
thty will in«tjnr*ie an iLher Pi'iii'ice uuici g
the Chitene Id tint jjlt.ee.
Klectioh Uetiuns.— ln per nance of the
cu=tom cf the It .- coud-Umion las eleetko
returns will be diepUyed ij froi^t of thU
< trice on the evening *f election day and up
to midnight. The returns wiil ba thrown
upon it iiiuriten-foot (■creea by the aid of a
I powerful l»tfeturu. The letters will he of
such biz-? aa to be easily seen and read from
the corner of Tnirl ai:d J or Third at d X
strceU. As Rapidly f« returns ara receive:!,
by telegraphic ripor: aa-i o'herwise, the tu 1 -
stance of the s-jtne wiil be fiislied up n the I
i-creea. Th»e wll he iu*ernperßed with OM i
hunJred asd tit'v vi-jWi) 'I tezicty in the !
United States, France, Kaglacd, Ireland
und Germai.j, portraits of contesting csndi
dated, prjuji»e^t citiz-ns, and distiaguih?d
j men of tne r.ation. There will also be phown
I for the eLtertaicmeL.' 1 f the people wto may
I attenJ to await receipt of the election news,
I n cumber cf hurcornts v'eif. The pictures
for this occasion have beeu felected from a
cillec;i n of 1,000, xwl are all of a very bu- I
perior chancter, ard have not heretofore been
j shown here. This ia(e j-jc*ion of views is in
-1 teiiticd to be a relief to the tetvseary "waits"
that muct occur in the receipt of election
Mwi. Ah (wentythrte States of the Union
hold elections next Tuesday, the returns wiil
I be if ueu-uil interest. To avoid confusion
and interferenc« with the work of the ofiitw,
information will ouly be given of the char
acter of the returns by the means indicated.
The Sijnal Sebvici Rjpobt. — The
barometer U rieing rapidly at O ympia and
Portland. It is well knoun with thore who
are intimate with the barometer, that acy
rapi.i charge in ir, whether lising or f .!!''; v,
U a sure eign of unsettled weather ; but a
the barometer scuth of Portland is chargii g
very slowly, there need te no fear of the uu
settled state of the weather in Waxhiigton
Territory i-fficting the weather tt this p lint.
Tha wind is south and southeast from O!ym
pia to Vi'alia, which ia the direction that in
' dicates the ttorm has not fuiiy decided to
I leave us vet. Tok wind l^e^tgiight, that i?,
1 less than five miles ptr h ;ir, is a good »i,:i
I that the atmospheric equilibrium n nearly
■ reached, and westerly winds may be looked
for. The i&infoll at Sacrament > during the
present storm, up to Si* 1!. last nigh', waß.l7of
an inch, making 3.37 inches for the season lo
date. The season <f 1877 S gave to corre
sponding date .73 of an inch ; season of 1878 it
gava .84 ofan inch ; season of lb7'J-S0 gave
.S3 of an inch-; season of 1880-1, none ; sea
! sou of 1881- 2 gave .85 of an inch. Tne aver-
I .«.i> r .infj.l for the past six seasons to corre-
I sponding date U 1.11 inchei 1 , which shows the
present tewon of ISB2-3 to be, up to date, 2 20
i incbeK ahead of the average fur &ix ywwi past,
j which is quite a large excess so early iv the
season .
The ion Ward StrEßVisoßSHir.— The
general expression of voters in the First
i Ware 1 gives the friends of Bernard Steinman
every assurai:ca of the election of that gen
tleman to the Supervisorship of the First
i District. Mr. Steisman has been for thirty
years a resident cf this city, and all his inter
ests are with this county. He is one of the
best known of the citizens of the First Dis
trict, and has the confidence and esteem of
the psople. As a business ni»n, his ability
and capacity as an administrator of county
I affairs' is unquestioned, and it eeemd tn be
j admitted that the voters cf the First_ Ward
i will in ii.r.-e his candidacy by his election.
I>stallation.— The Grand officers of the
I Grand Grove of the l"i ited Ancient Order
. of Diuids installed the following officers of
j Walh»lla Grove, No. 6, last evening : H.
I Meyer, X. A. ; M. Wetzel, V. A. ; A. Lew.
! ick, Tteaeurer ; E. Q. Naghel, Secretary ;H.
! Marks, Conductor ; M. B. Home, I. G ;
William Avery, O. G. After the installation
; a g'cial was held, which i-> spoken of as very
j creditable to Walhallj Grove, it consisting
, of short addresses and musical exerciser.
Prohibition RATuricATios.— A ratification
1 meeting of the Prohibition Home Protection
! party will take place at tha Metropolitan
I Theater this evening. Hod. J. McM.
Shafter, nominee for Congress from the First
1 District, will address the meeting. Dr. K.
H. Mc-Djnild, nominee for Governor, will
also ba present.
Lats Abrests — Tae followirff names »p
--petu-sd on the sUte ■-: the station-house at 12
o'clock last niglri : A. WoxL, grand larceny,
by Deputy Sheriff Frederick* ; Wm. E*ker,
{or violation of the hre ordisacce, by cihcer
To-day. — Remnant»(i all qsmUtiea »nd
prictf, at Hale iitoe. & Co.
A very large audience waß present at the I
dedicatory services of the Young Men's I
Chri«tian Association roome, in the St. j
George building, on Fourth street, last even
i ing. Rev. A. J. Hanson, President of the
I Association, presided. There were prefent
1 u^on the platform the pastors of the several
churches in the city and others.
The services were opened by sir g'.ng'^R.ll
hail the power of Jesus' name," by the au
j dience, and prayer by Rev. C. McKelvty.
A quartet, " Father of Merciee," wag tl en
! siven by Mrs. F. Bell, Mrs. L C. Jordan, i
j and Ifasn J. Abbott and J. Woodbridge,
! Mi--« Hsttie Doan presiding at the crgan.
Rev. Mr. Hanson delivered a brief addrets,
i staling the oh j acts of tha occasion, and giv
ing somewhat in detail the work it was toped
and intend; d the Association, in its new
quarters and with renewed purpose 3 , under
tne energetic direction of a General Sscre
tary. would accomplish.
Ksv. Mr. Henry spoke britfly and very
earnestly in favor of liieße Associations, and
was confident of the good tv be acompltbhed
i:i this city through this agency ; it would
aUo be of value to the churches, in providing
a h?ld where the pastors of the 63verai
churches would frequently unite thtir t Sorts
upon the came plattorm, outeide of their pre-
Rcribed church limits and creed, in broader
aud freer air.
After a duet, " What are the depths of the
Ooean," mng by C. E. Parker and Mrs
Gjdley. Rsv. H. H. Rice followed with ap
propriate remarks. The work in hand, he
said, would require earcett, prayerful and
persistent tffort, but with these ie would bs
successful, lasting and potent.
Rev. T. S. Dunn gave an interestirg ad
dress, introducing it with characteiistic
humor. Many itietiiuliona and great move
uieuts in the interests of mankind were
pointed out as the result of the influences and
on going of Christianity. These would con
tinue, ai.d Ytuag Met^a Christian Associ
atioun were d.,iug a great work fat young men
in thip onward march.
Rev. Dr. F.-oat then offered an impressive
prayer of dedication, ntter which S. D. Fu!
ler, General Secretary of the Association,
spvke of the work in which the Aseoeiui.n
would etgage. He slid they had not yet had
their "Welcome" paiuted on the entrance
daor to the rooms, but they intended to hold
out warm welcome and warm hearts to
the >oung men of the city und other*.
Ibis work aad tkeae roorrs were iotent'el
to supply a pl*ce where young men.strarg^rs
and othiis, can speed pleaeant leisure hours
in reading or socially, surrounded by good
i«fiucncfa and eepara'ed from the vieiom
tecdericws and allurements which are met on
every hand in our cities. He earnestly urged
the aid aad o-nperation of all who are in
sympathy wi'.h efforts for the r\ c'amatioa and
elevation of young men. The rooms, he
said, would soon be handsomely iurni»hed by
the Ladies' Central Committee having the
matter in charge, and be kept open day and
evening, with free invitatitn to all, with ben
efits of the reading-room, well supplied with
leading p: pers andfiperkdicals of ull kind-,
and with otter serial and educational ager.
An opportunity being offered, a number of
memberships were handed in, and after sink
ing by the audierce, doting prayer wa3 of
feieii by Dr. Dwinell.
City Auditor McKee says school warrants
are now ready.
Yesterday Governor Perkins appointed G.
F. Wharttiu a Notary Public tor Sutter
county, to reside at Niclaus.
The SixLb-Btreet Methodist Episoopa]
Churjh yesterday raised the deht on th^ir
building, which amounted to 5°2 000.
Tc-day, eight9en years ago. General Sher
maL'a ccntemplated uiaich tbroryh Georgia
wis authorized by General V. S. Grant.
Tons. H. Birkey publishes a card to-day,
in vv'liich he says that the rumor that he will
withdraw from the fi^ht for Sheriff is untru?.
Tl.e Democratic county candidates will ad
dress the Tolerßof Brighton tr.-nikht, and the
Republicans the voters at Pattersou's Sti
The gold and silver med«ls awarJed at the
late State Fi»ir are now ready for distribu
lio.-, having been received by Secretary
Smith at the Pavilion.
It ia announced thai the Greenback legis
lative and Congrecsl i-ai candidates will ad
dre.«s a mfetini? at Hcwt's Kail, corner of
Sixth an : Iv streets, this evoritg.
In the Superior Court ye?t?rdiy, A. M.
Crane prefidiiig, Janus Donovan, h native of
Ireland, in admitted 1 1 citizenfh'p on th«
testimocy of Chiiles Killer and P.itricK ile-
Richard Murr»y, win for a ruml>pr ri
years w»i employed as a salesman wiih S.
l-ipi^.<n & Co., (-f this city. di*l rf coasuuip
tioc at San L)i^go on the 22d of O t >ber. Tne
deceased 1-ft Sacramento Home tnree months
a^o, hi j> Di{ that a charge of ■ . :i, .:-i might
ia prove b.1.3 cjadition.
Coi^tt Jail.— Sheriff Heiibron makes the
the.v Uowicg jail report for the month of Octo
ber : Number of prisoners c -.nfined, 7S, as
follows : Murder, 5 ; assault to murder, 1 ;
giand larceny, ">; burglary, lti ; robbery, Z;
aes.uilt with intent to rob, 1 ; arson, 1 ; em
bczzlemett, 1 ; tbtaining money under false
prtte-ncfp, 1 ; fel< ny, 2; abduction, 1; con
spiracy to commie felony, 1 ; petit larceny,
] !• ; u.isdemeaiior, 1 ; distnrl'icg the pea' c, 1 ;
I vagrancy. 7; citijmon drunkards, 11; bittery,
4 : pafe keep'n?, 4 ; insane, 1. There were
41 prisoners disbursed, »s follows: Kxpi
ratiou of sei.tence, 19; taktn to State Prison,
12; to iupane asylum, 1 ; by order of Court,
5 ; w-i&t of charge, 2 ; pardoned, 1 .
Sergeant Babwick.— Yesterday Sergeant
Barwick, tf this c'<ty, received a letter from
the Chief Signal Officer at Washington in
quiring whether he woul'l re-enlUt at the ei
piration of his term. Mr. Barwick answered
in the affirmative. There is a general desire
that he m?y be kept in charge of the Sacra
mento office, as no ono Cduld bj more accorj
uio'iating in furnishing weather reports to the
press and the pnb'.ic. The term of his firat
re-eniistaierit will expire March 31, 18S3, and
not 1881, as was erroneously Ktated last even
ing. As each tfUcer enlists for the peri dof
five years, Barwick will h»ve been in the
service ten years ia March, 18S3.
The Forester Gun Clcb. — Th« Forester
Gun Club held a meeting last evening at th?
office of the Presided, J. D. Yiuig. The
club resolved thRC it w.w not aversj to a
match with the O'Neil liua Club, but as a
preliminary step, dine -id the Secretary to
forward a list of the Forenters, »nd request
she O'Neil Club to send their list in return.
Tif.bday, October 31, ISS2.
October 28— State o! California to Martin B»sier—
Southwest quarter of section 86, township 10 north,
range 4 can ; patent.
October .",O— C. Clareuhach and wife to Chtrle^
RoUen — Undivided oue-thiiJ of west 4'» feetoi north
CO feet of east half, ami east 25 feet of mxt half at
!ot 8 ; f lso ni>r.h half of ««t 80 feet of lot 7, block
bounded hy N, (>, Fior.tjand I- street?, city ; 1800.
October Sl— Findlc-y K. Dray to r're lerlek B, Ber
ber and wife— South half <.f nl half of oast half of
lot 8, bl ck bounded by J, It, fourth atid Fifth
stroi t<, city ; $3,750 ; also subjjut to mjrt'aL'Ocf
October 27— G. IHsso! et al. to Sarah H Co.mer—
isr>j acres on American river, near Moiir^atown *
October :il— People's Icriagl Bmk toH. J. Payne
- MtJ acres, between J street a.d Sacrament : Valley
Railroad, and east of Thirty -first street ; tt.,000.
WWW BAT, November 1. ISK.
<)otfiber 20— James 31. Campbell to Annie M.
CainpLcl!— Portion ol r.ortheatt q urter of section
27, tow r>.-hip 5 north, raii<e fl tast ; fl.
October -28— Mariraret Broderick to Mre. Catherine
Mailman— Lot 4, in block bounded hv 11, I, Twchtv
(lrat and Twenty-aeeoml streets ; $700.
Oct b-.r 27— J. A. White to John Heynoldfi-Four
parrels of land, C.UI seres, 1 56 aores, ii.SO acres an J
13 09 acres, in Butter township ; fLSM.
October 30— John Rfyno'.dj to John Ncal— l.so
acres of land, lying between Sacramento river and
Ho; t tract : $1.
October 30— J:hn Reynolds to John Neal— 9.-0
acres, known as Hasting* trict, and 0.01 acres,
known as Hayt tract ; 53.5C0.
November I— Kohert Uatbc to August Kuhn—
Ea«t half of lot 1, in block bounded by H, I, Tvteo.
ty first and Tweniy-tecond streets, city ; SOO9.
Salt Lake Potatoes. — HaviDe m»de ex.
tensile pcrchaee of Salt Late and Nevada
potatoes, we are cow prepared to fill orders at
the lowest 6gnre and at ebort notice, either
in cirlrad or less, to suit the convenience of
purchasers. These potatoes are so well and
favorably known th«t we need not speak
about the quality. D. Deßernardi & Co..
308 and 310 X street.
Attractive.— ln passit? Ackerman'sshow
windows, look at ttie Florencs hairbrushes
and combs, in satin-lined ca^es, Bold tor $1 ;
actual value, j 2 50. *
The Boston 5, 10. 15 and iVcent Bazaar
has removed to 821 K. street, in Clanie block.
Call acd tee iv.
Flannel, mualin, gincharu and dress goods
remnants of every conceivable style and price,
to-day at Hale Bros. & Co., Ninth and K. *
Oat Thocsasd remnants to do-e out to
( day. Reduction of 25 per cct. Hale Eros.
& Co., Ninth an<j X ttreetg. •
A New P.jL'-ab for ta old one to-day, at
Hale £>ro». & C ■■>.. Ninth atd X streeta. *
The cheapnst and handsomest Scrap Al
j bums in the city »re %o be found at Aclc»f.
1 man's, 129 J street. ♦ .
Dr. Obed Harvey, of Gait, wm id the city yester
K. H. UcOonald, Jr , of Sau Francisco, is in the
| city.
Miss C. P.. Broth.rs left last evening for New
George C. Fab*n°, if San Fraucisco, was iv the
city > • sii niay.
C. H. Hubbard and wife returned from San Fran
cisco yesteitUy.
State Treasurer John Wei! returned from San
Fr-tnciico yesterday.
' Officer Jackson will arrive this moruigg from the
East by the ovcrlaod train.
Secretary of State D. M. Burns returned from
Sin FrancUo last evening.
J. A. Fillraore will arrive fr jm the o'.h-.r eiJe of
the mouiitiins this morning.
A. C. Clumbers piss»<i Usongb the city yesterday
from Truckee to Sin Francisco.
Mrs. Mark Hopkins a:;d E. W. Hopkins and
family arrived from the East yesterday.
Ed. F. Ta>lor and Grant Taylor, of Sacramento,
passed Omaha yesterday, to arrive November sth.
M. B. West, wife and two children, of OroviHe,
wi.l .11 ri , r ia Sacramento from trie Kast this morn
Fred. Gehrir.g returned laet evening from San
Francisco, where he has been for the ant few days
on account of ill health. He returned very much
S. Scuirin, Mrs. S.uaj;e, Mrs. Slartin and Mr Cof
fin, «f Sacrament/*, are amon? the overland posser.
gers to arrive from the Ea t to day by the Southern
Pacific route.
Theodore V. Van Heusfn, of Albany, N. V.,
brother af G. K. Van Hensen, of Sacramcnfj, his
been nominated for member of Congress by the Re
publicans of that d^trict.
A social part) for the benefit of Mrs. Ada Whipple
and family will be jriveu this evening at Florin.
Preparations are Wag made by a Urge number of
jx-rh 'Ut- in the city to attend. M nir will be fur
nii-hed by the l.rhrl.ton band. Tickets, includinf;
bupper, will cost but $2.
H. T. Wynian, Wmtiafttm, D. C; T. M Gilharr,
S. M. Fielding, San Francisco ; M/s. L. I). Oioke
and daughter, S.ocktm; J. X. Payne, Nevada City ;
William M. Titu", Ntw York city ; N. B. Whittaker,
Stanislaus: W. J. Owen, Oakland, and C li.
Ashurst, Red Blud, are stopping in the city.
StaU' Huuse Hotel : C. M. Ricliards. B. Fehe
mann. Woodland ; P. Pitts, W. Thompson, Ptafr
ant Grove; Jainea A. Tuckt-r, L. b. Sharp. W.
Shar)i. Brighton ; Dr. S. T. Mspno, PtaMi;
Miss Jer.nie liyerson, Los Anptles ; J. Y. Davis,
Freeport ; John bud*. John Bank, Hubert Woo<l.
warJ, Sheridan ; J. H. Hi.ri>ie, Fh.rin ; G. H.
Potter, Shii;if'eSpr:iii;B; G. H. Truman, J. H. Ho«.
Lett, Veruon: J If. tUrn, Laffoaua: llmmas Duffy,
Elk Urnve; D. H. Mas-, C. Utialer, Frank Battbeler,
Sjii Francifcu.
Sa n Francisco Stock Sales.
Sam Fbanch.-x, Novemlierlst.
■norm !»lssi .».
671 Onfall 3 9*43 M !75Utsh 3
iHJ Mellnau 4 70<«4i;.' J59 Klch> «cr 40c
3:0 (I. S. 0 3 [email protected] 8 £&><)rarn&n 'Ec
30 b«»t & B. f.j 645Unou .'...;. .51
12!>"i Taifornia 30<. 60 DccidfuUJ !7u
160 Ma v»Ke 1 2 '! 8D Ai dea 7u
45UCou. V» SSuSV 1 3SO Kcr.rpion '.15<.(al
6"O CbuU«t I 65.01 701 191 Alhi.>. .. 3
4i«lFoto«i 1 4HOSI 4 30 S. King . "Hi
VJ) UalefeNor..t 7 <ai M| 261 Aruenta ' " 45c
2».i Point 1 6'(Sl 0 i 250 Vnut . . . . ' " 45c
lis V. Jatket...l 45<gl » 10 Bodle 33S
50 Kentuck i 50 Mono 30c
7'J) Belt her 9V , K SU M. Whito r4
850Slerr» iiev .7}<B7
3W) Prize 50c TOB&tt B GJ
9W Artrcnta. 50< 290 Fotosf 1 40
S&J lodepend 85c 250>avage ..,.i;sal2')
800 Kiko 10c 80 C»lifornia 30c
200 Belie Isle 30c 676C'ho!lar 1 65
53) Albion 2 M 4?) Oplilr 3 3 (fr3 85
250 N. Belle Isle 25< 275 Tnion 5J
I OMt. Foto3i 40c 46i I'tsh 3
760 Hollies 2(c 100 Ardos. 7U;i7sc
30Bodie 34 ' 130 Pmut 1 tis
350 Noonday 40c 350 H.Uo * N...1 75C<1 70
15lJ X»»a)o 5j 350 A ti. 5. 7 i<is'c
55 M. White 4rt4 10 140 Alpha 1 40
7u('.i!uii]liU3 1 2f lUO Hen-on. l"c
S4O Atlas 2 275 Oould & 0..3 75ff3 70
870 V. Jacket 1 4;«il! 10C-0 Im. erial 5c
475 O.Virginia 75<a30c 650 Justice 10c
!l"0 S. Nevada. 7«*«t 145 Mexican 4 4 vii 45
620 Sconiioit l(oSsc 150 :..-. 1.. r 9 (r/95c
Sacramento, October Sl— By Rev. T. 11. B. Ander
son, D Lt., Henry G. Hays to Surah A. Kent.
San Fraud co, October 31— John lliumaun to Ange
lina Camp.
San Francisco, October 29— Adolph H. Craner to
Bab.tta SUm. •
Si.n Francisco, October 29 — otto Deicke to Louise
San Francisco, Oc'-ob-. r 21) — George Hewston, Jr., to
■^ ii. ! '.' Simpaon.
San Frmii; : sco, October 41— Emil Heubn- r to Katha
rina Mueller.
San Francisco, October 30— Wm. H. Holmes to Alma
L. Leppien.
San Franciw, October 12— J. Osbom to Fannie
San Francisco, OctobcrJ £■• — Louis F. Braodt to
Jennie >teinman.
San Francisco, October 29— Robeit W. Cox to Fannie
F. Doe.
San tmtdten, October 28— Joliann Me\n to Maria
Wars Kneidcr
San frmclieo, October 15-Jasper Pavit2a to Annie
Sui Krancifci, October 30 Bayard T. Sxith to
S"(IU« Hyde.
Sai Francisco, Octobar 2d- Edward L. Wri.-it t<
K.te Mu.lden.
San FnaeiMO, October 86— Albert Cohen to M«ry
Sin Frari -ico, October 18— J. P. Warren to MirtVa
i Netaoß.
Lo< Angelas, October 25— Thomas Story to Emma
ticra C.ty, October 17— William Cox to liinme
We^Urn Placer, iijtober 10-D. Waltz to Lucy M.
Vn lidaW», llumboidt county, October 10 — P'att B
Gilbert to Hattia fuller.
Monterey, October 2J — James Ande:s>n to Mary
Monterey, <'cte'icrC4 Thomas J. Field to Catarina
Don;;! ula.
San Babel, O-tober 27— J. L. Lauff to Miss A. L.
San Rafael, October 2! — Wife of J. F. Manney, a
San Jose, O.t iber lii-Wife of W. C. Hamilton, a
Nevada rity-, October 20— Wife cf A. Durbio. a sod.
Nevada City, OctoDer ta -Wife of John Thorns*, a
St. Helenu, October 21— Wife of George Chasp, a
Yoseir.ite M'ne, Marip"?a county, Octsber 12— Wife
t;f .lames R, Guest, a pod.
Gnies Valley, October 2S-Wife rf M. F. Crai?, a
firass Valley, October 2S— Wife of William Meitr, a
s- m.
Sacramento, November I—Michael1 — Michael Kchoe, a native
of Ireland, about 40 j ears.
[Funeral untied hereafter.)
Marysville, October 24— Fred Schindle'. 27 years.
Cheirwleld, Maine, September ll Mali I'. Hill, 83
Mortal lly Report.
For the week ending; October 28 1882, made by
S. R. Caldwbll, Superintendent of the City
Cemetery. Office at the Chapel, City Cemetery :
October 19— Nellie Wa'sh, 18 ycar.«, 6 months and 3
days; California.
October 21 -Fonif Seen Fat, 29 years ; China.
Octohrr 22— (juodk Buck, 59 years ; China.
October 'i5— A. Wussman, 1 day ; California.
Besides the above theic were brought here for in
terment the following :
October 20— John Gale, 5S years : Mjryland.
October 24— George H. Kenuey, 22 jears and 9
months ; California.
Special Notice
Those" who have
FOB 3S:.«a*,X.3E;,
We arr ronstnntly liarlng appllratlon
aud ir:ior> of Inquiry to l*urrba*f
I ,«?nls of all Mini-.
find it to their advantage to place them in
cur hands, as they will be at
No Expense for Advertising
*y We have correspondence in different parts of
the State and other aJvant&ges, which greatly
facilitates us in tte DISPOSAL OF LANDS.
XfcXl.£LXa 33 EnCJIL. m JFJbi
— JSD—
No. 1015 Fourth street,
r.tTVVE'J* J AXD K, S«R.I.H£M(!.
»| Weinstock & Lubin. :;
********* *^ * • • * * • * • i^ifc *~i * * + *> + i #**"*•* * * * 0 *~V~~* * «~
»*» «»»«»»»»•»» *********** » _ » » * » » ••*•*•***.» *
Erie Canal finished, 1825.
Highest 57
Lowest, 4t>
Snn Rises C:27 A. M.
rEMPERATDRE CoRBESPONDISG Dat, 18«1 : Sun Seta 5:01 P. M.
Mood Rises 11:40 p. m.
Highest, Co Moon Souths 5:48 A. M.
Lowest, 4 t ; Bay's Length 10b. 34uain.
Rainy Day Supplies:
$16 per pattern.
Black Satin Brocades,
75 cents per yard.
English Cordelines, 25
Jersey Serges, 44-in.
all-wool, 50 cents per
Basket Brocades and
Corded Lusters,
12 1-2 centsperyard.
Faille Byxantinc, 44
-pcr yard.
Fancy Dress Plaids,
for Misses 9 and Chil
drcn's ivear, in Lin
stock, Colchester,
Vicenxa and Chip
pen dale effects,
12 1-2 centsperyard.
Serge Ceylon, a new
black goods material,
Black Drnp d'Alma,
$1 35 per yard.
(Silk Warp.)
Brocaded Plush, in
Lustre, 3larine, Pis
tache, 3larlborough,
Plevna, Noir — very
rich designs.
Black de Lyon Bra
carles. $2 per yard ;
all -silk; elegant pat
secure this grade sell
4. «fe -illii HENRY GEORGE.
W ' r :fßl|^jj^ ■*sfe|«s>" e author of "Progreea and Poverty," ia
fS"*^S^ > a the United States ;<.iin, after an absence
I - ..V> iu the United Kingdom <f nearly a vt ;»r.
i3jr%ffi?ifck SiSa'iW l^ *^Wf> yw.:-.<--. -■' r - tleorge b a native cf Philadel-
; * "■'j : '^^i^iy^' "'""'' phia. He was born September 2, 183S. After
fi ? j&w(!F*ismi;£zE&rs}' receiving an ordinary education, snpple-
mected by a britf i eriod at the High Scboi 1
-» : aEP*^E3yffiy&^jy HK^ < f hirf native city, be eut^red a printing office
-^jßjg Ss, mltij&h£& >^ Hl '' [ l CHtrK( * t° fe " '}"P e ' At he be-
W&i. ***\ Kr^ Ws£'/ Ciitrc a e»il"r, bat after one voyage resuroed
' : £J£j&&y!JBM /:'tjifSV f?K/s%!m!sfw the nso <.r the composinK-fticlt. He contin-
twenty, when lie left f.rCalifortii. In Is 1
'•'^ tiw'zWwMwff/ff!/ 1 ho 9tatted the Ectniit 3 Pott - oi San Fran
' ° Jw^^'/'AWWlf'l cisso ' a cne " cent P*^ 1 ' which iwrew ir to a
; '' : ' - ' ' : *ffisffl&s.Jffi?&o%/ ; - «ff' five-c«nt JDuraal, of which he wm ecit<r acd
%MO, : 43fi'^!fflW%' P artoTDer - He removed to New York in
■^"fW#'sf%&&s'''--'\i' t*" 19 sacaiisr c t 1681, ia.l U stiil a resident of
Nos. 400, 402, 404, 406, 408 K St., Sacramento. "
Nos. 1016 and 1018 Second street, between J acd K, Sacramento.
g^ jr. 38. ssL^^cj'i^r^T" ~*ST
TTATCHnAKEK Ai«D JE WKIKK. n« J (ii., BXi. nu USB and Tnilß A
» Tl Importer, Mviufa.-tn.rer, Wholeaa'e and Retail Dealer In every de-jcrlstlon o!
M»g. t»«. 6W and 608 U. Mr-M, b«t. Sixth and SevNilli, Sacramento. au7Si,:(
/U=^\~ ROOM £E?*2r^
Mi:.\r OF I'IUTAINS, HOIDtS, <t>UVl4i:s. ETC.
tS~ I w>uld request the public lo ell and examine my large stock of poods bsfore purchasing else
where, as they will hud it to their advantage.
ronntry Oriler» *<,li<-Hrrt, and S;i<l<f«cllon <Jnnranle««l. oSO
Send Stamp (or Catalogue.
GEO. P. ALMIOXD, SOU J sf., bet. Eighth and Smth.
js\.rsr Tcxmcs' xsufEJCi- s^oxcr,
COENEB I'KVIH tvii J KTREETH, [m23-Sp?ir] *n V.AMi:\TU. 'gJaM^^-''
(I ||
~~JP ' :
pecial Notice!
From and after this date, goods sold at

| retail must be paid for at our store,
! or delivered 0. 0, D. As we are
I retiring from business, this rule will
I lie strictly adhered to. j
Ackerman & Co.,
Nos. 629 and 631 J street, Sacramento.
t3T Our Hnm will clone at J I*. M. Sharp (•ntarday fxi'ipl(d), •. t
SLATER, Hatter^li?
!!■ 1.1--L.. i,,,,. ilium „,n , M | | _|,. || / * t r:-'i\".m
J.T S-n4otAT>I lEff I Si 11^^ fiOKTH^ST COKHiR SIXTH
.w . opiejb.er j|^ i" 11^ B a»d k struts,
«3rXT3^"^ 1 A. LEONARD & SON S
1013 Fonrth St?e<t, Sacramento
i:\cli«» am» Aiii::t!C.iv AND
Breech-Loading Shotguns, real estate agents*
Wincnester Kines, Tv *«■ inf..r, r « compiniw, g iv.,u atsduto
» mdemmtj at cjuiuLlo rati».
Hunters' Supplies,
—.«*■— Eeal Eitate anfl Sold.
On Kcal BMate Brrur!.y.
nurf\!ii« os yy^j
Powder Companies j^^^p^®^
TO MY OLD PATRONS. | 'iQ "I—— "7^N
you are 60 unfortunate as 10 require thooi V' WJ //"»";' -—^ .<»^-~^>>.- i ' C
With i mind matr.ro 1 and enriched by stjdiea of at f^&tl /^3a r^ I VS.
advanced orJer, I can safe'.y aay mat there i8 hanih / 75*&*ir^^'Ur I V\\
a disease in the catalogue of hum >n ilia that i can" / Br ?^^JsJiT^^\. T.^ / \\\
not treat to a gucccaatul issue. [ ,' MRviM.' \ 1 rvVj^T~vO
LADIES-lain alw.va ready to assist yon. M; >, ' X /vlfr.L// T^tt'O-A '
past knowledge haa lieen increased b> ext<;-isi-.-. ■* "^f2t\ >' IjT^i' •>iA \\
experieneo. I »ra now able W> treat you with tU m(1 :! 1Bk6l'^S Jva, fT\ \\
certainty of success. No ease pcouliru* U> yo^r tiii'i 'M/8i tr^/-J' jh \ I
cat«oriiauism is beyond my sure coutiol. " IfW '.31 -^ /' K, V/l Vr I
My Female Monthly M«lKi'.;tB ure superior to an^ ' iliT/ r^— A 1
offtn^d heretofore, and will be warranted to have ,|'s i i 'I! ' / V K -*./\ V
desired effect in all cues. IS \ K \\\j\ I 3
Those of tl.e j'Ublic who need tay aervlcea ran it j i^J ■ f JS| T/K\ \J \\ 1
pcnl upon trcntlemanly, honorable and ec entJi I j ' V^Jra J KV"^"
treatment at reasonable rates. ~~.V^' C^Sja * nV
I address pinicularly thoso who have bra in — -" -^SSSI Ji^E^l /{ i ttr^
lured by youthful indiscretions, and tho- ! ~HT^^hi»aßß^ :± ~^J 1^
hi've ci>ntract3(l local di-eases ~^^^^^j^^_^ '
Persons afflicted can, if they prefer, consult me jmtiL^xj > -"*~~ c - *^^\^ m • '
by letter, detailing the «j n;ptom» of the diwaes or * ■
trouble, and receive medicine by cxpreSß. with fun ,«T»-n^,«« . ..~« .
instructions. A'l letters must be airicied to J. H (CINCHONA lI UBRA.)
JOSSELYN, M. IX, 226 Sutler stift.Ssn Francis THE FIXr.ST BITTEKA IS IDE KCEI3.
co, Cal.
Cure muM in all casts, or no pay riqiired. Tim smttTi'AiLT curb
Contultrtions, perwinally or by letur, pmtw. Stnd MAI&PIAI T, l<! ST&C^SS I
foibook. Comlortable apartment! for pa-i(n'^ at KTMI-«rCI#M» UI^CAfiC?!
my Infirmary (w!n-n desired^ with expereiced V\U:V,7.j the System, am! arrest the ravn-ei of tha
B cSSSnIUHon Parlors. Sutter rtreet, adjoinln *******" WM«3S».-
Mr Diploma hang* In bit ..me.
j. h. jo£<tELYs, m. d. I'llAvS.t no & OtJ!U tu 1 iIHo I
traciikr of Agcr.cyof theCALIFORMA CRACKK.K OoMPAJfT
I -wy f% *-m /%. -w- -„. T. _, _. __ of San Franoi-y-o. Ct-iCKKCS ao:d at lowest ban
*-**-* -* m - "" - I ** *J «» K3 Fmr.cifeo pr:ce», with oiCcr.'nce tn ttma and Creitrbt
!*o. 1116 Twrlflh ntrttl, bet. K nud t. : n Inn t p-jrc!,.ifers. AJao, FIRHI3 : CHofc*
021 wlm ONFKCTK^. 1 -. at lowest loarket ratf* hoCS-Eiiß
' Single Keeoe, Ked'iir:^, etc.
W D. COMSTOCK, Cor. Filth and K streets. „„.,„,
606 K STREET tml-Spta 1 — • M .. ..SACRAMENTO C/i -

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