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VHr! ViMi.V UKroliD-CXIOX.
H ■. - f)i«:ei«tl «>tHt-.'rT<tUoß. — Take* at
felgr.a! Station at tbr Same Momrnl.
S -csAjtraio, November 14, 1382— Stt T. s.
.en-ation. |S 'i|l ?l| Iff A.
Oympla. ... 30.25:4', 5.6 Fresti . .C;> Fair
Pjitiacd.... 30.44.44 E. Light.. .ffiCkaf
Eosebars... 36.4" !»j X Liifht. .25 Clear
Mend'jcino. . SO.UItt 5.W .25 Brink Cloudy
KM BioiT... :«.12i7 M.W.M Brisk Clear
S«3-in;ento. J-'.w; )- .%. \V. L'ght. Clew
8. Bruideeo. 3-1.07:63 N. W. Lijfht Clear
ViJia 37.C6 43 X. W. U(;bt.. Clear
boaAßseta. W .!<•* N. 0. fresh Clear
B*3 Diego. g>.W 5i K. W. Light . 1 . . . . . I '. lear
y&ximuin tempcr%ture l 55 ', nunlmuin, 37
River above lew-water mark at 11 a. v., 10 feet C
iLcliei. A till of C incbe* in the past 24 hours.
£cT*roW!t, Sipr»l Ocrpi, C B A.
A scconil edition c( the Rucoas-UMOS le iaeu«d
SKii d at 2P. M. bringing the Easier:! and coast
news up to that *ioux. By this arrangement th
E£CORI>-~K!OS will present tho -tatest news obtain
able at ali points east ud north of Sacramento.
l*be regular moriiiaii edition of the Rscord-Umon
8 carried by morning trains, and is ahead cf all
competitors aa far north as Chico, on On Cuafornia
and Oregon Railroad ; west to Bcniria, a^id south to
S'ocklca, and e;xrt to Colfax, Folsom and Piaccr
fille ai.d all intermediate places. The secoud edition
"natter will be found each day upon the third page.
In New York Govcri.mcnt bonds are OJQoM at
119 for 4s of 1907; |I|| for 4J3; IC2 for 3js ;
Mrtoc $i 61^34 855 ; silver bars, 111 J.
S:. >cr in London, 51 SIUJ oonsoU, 102 1161; 5
lijr cent. Unitt-J hUtes bond*, txtcuded, IC4 ; 4?,
12>} j 4J«, lUJ.
In San Francisco ha';f dollars are quoted at J til*
count to par; Mexican daOais, - ■■■ cento.
Minirg stocks were again in light demand at the
lijard in Si in Francisco yesterday. Wucs iv scv
cr^l cafe-* were even lower than Monday.
The Fruit -growers 1 second annual Convention met
it s^a Jose at 11 a. a. yesterday.
The Major of t hica^o lias appointed Austin J.
Doyle Chief of Police.
Tiie Uepub icans will have 12 maj rity on joint
ballot in the n<\t Legislature of Illinois.
There was a killing fr et in Tennessee, KjQQMbbi
and Kentucky yesterday morning.
A suit against Henry Ward Batcher f-r breach of
contract is bttog tried ia New York.
The Prussian Diet was opened yesterJsy by a
Bjioech from the throne.
A nephew of ex-President Grant died at Eliz.ibUh,
N. J., yesterday.
E. HfIOTJ *'aa ahot and dangerously wt. untied at
The Dalles, Or., yesterday by special policeman
In the case of Fook Ah Ileiin, a Chinese mer
chant, prevented fiom landing from the steamer
Coptic at San Franci o>, it »as decided by Judge
Hoffman yesterday that he needed no certificate, be
ing a merchant, and wjs allowed to go ashore.
Yesterday was the Ssth birthday of Thurlow
Weed. lie is still gradually failing.
It is now believed at London that the passengers
and crew of the steamer sunk [by the Westphalia
Monday will all be henrd from, as there was ample
time in which to fi'jit the unfortunate vessel's boats.
No cholera has appeared in Mecca siuce the V.h
The thirteen hundredth year of the Mohamtrcdan
calendar was celebrated at Conftintinople yesterday
iv an enthusiastic manner.
A uoarding-lK'Uso on Ruby Hill, Nevada, was de
stroyed by fire Monday niijlj!.
Alfred Chartz, who killed Kickar in F.ureka, Her.,
and was sentenced to life imprisonment, Lag been
EOBBedTa a I'arnellite, was elected ti Parliament
in j■■ .i -, Ire'aud, yesterday.
A fire at Wilmington, Los Angeles county, Mon
day night, Ci\i-td I issts aggregating over $10,030.
The body of the missing Tax Collector in Kani
loops. 11. C, has been found, having been murdered
and buried by a Chinaman.
Hoi* on fuget S u:id are being held for $1 10 per
The Indian, Brave Bear, is to be hanged to-day at
Yankton, D. T., the President having declined to
Charles Henry, Jr., a merchant, thot two brothers
named Butler dead at Trpulkala, Tex., Saturday.
The fill of a derrick at Cleveland. O-, yesterday,
kille i three men and badly injured a fourth.
By a boiler explosion at Brantford, Ont., yester
day, two boys were fatally injured.
The British steamship Royal Welsh, cotton laden,
is ashore on th< bar at Charleston, S C.
The Georgia Lctrislature balloted for United States
Senator yesterday without choice.
A dwelling house and content*) were destroyed by
fire Ilondir at Santa Barbara,
Tranquilino Luna, the Republican nominee for
Delegate to Congress from New Mexico, was elected
by about 1,500 majority.
At Sfclina, Ont., Monday night, a father and two
daughters were fatally poisoned by drinking a sup
posed herb tea.
A steamship cleared from New Orleans for Uver
p-ol yesterday with 8,713 bales of cotton— the
largest cargo that ever left that port.
Two brothers were drowned yesltrjay near Hat
ifax, N. a., from a fishing boat.
E. D. Williams, who killed Joseph H. Zeigler at
Tombstone, A. T., on the Ist instant, was captured
at Benson yesterday.
In a shooting a£Trar at Tombstone, A T., yester
day, " Billy the Kid" was killed by " Buukskin
Sergeant Bern, of the Fourth Cavalry, IT. S. A..
was killed in a house of ill-fame at Leavcnwortb,
Ks., last night.
Judge Norwood, on triil at Racevilie, La., for
killing L. J. Polk, was yesterday acquitted.
For the first nine months cf the prescut year the
net earnings of the I'iiion Pacific Railroad were
Joseph Hughes and Marktr Dark were found
murdered in the streets of St. Joseph, Mo., jester
day morning.
A convent at Cedars Village, yaebec, was burned
The stock of the Nicaragua Ship Canal Company
is being liberally subscribed for In San Francisco.
Williim Abrahamsen, a Norwegian, made an un
successful attempt to kill himself in ban Francisco
The account of Frank J.imts ia prison I
shows that the occupation of a bandit ia
attended with great popularity in gome
parts of this country. Frank James ia a
murderer and thief. He is known to hive
committed several cold-blooded, cowardly
and useless assassination?. He has been
a pest to the region he roEided in for years, j
He has never done a beneficent act in his
life. And now, haviug given himself up
very much as some patriot chief might
have done, after an unsuccessful career, it
8 openly announced that he is to be tried
merely as a matter of form, and that his
conviction will be followed evuUir.'y by a
pardon from Governor C:ittcndcn — who
procured the assassiuaticn of his brother.
These fasts have rendered Frank James a
hero in the eyes of so many people that
his incarceration is a triumph instead of a j
punishment. The people who admire this
murderer and thief hare fitted hia ceil up
elegantly, have provided him with creature
comfoita in abundance, and hold
levees in his presence. Women seed him
flowers in profusion, and visit him, and
han£ about him, and sympathize with him.
The population of Missouri generally seems
to regard him a) one of the greatest men
of the day, and there can be no doubt that
he thinks so himself. On the whole we
are obliged to conclude that, as "Pip" ,
used to obierve in "Great Expectations,"
this is " a bad side of human nature."
Tin." is the «.»ctmc . t by wbicb Boston put a !
check upon the sale d the t •>■ pistol, which his been
the Instrum-ut of to ranch mischief. Let other j
cities cipy the ordinance: "No person sba I sell
to an; child under the ajre of sixteen year*, wit'iout \
the «i it u n consent of » parent or guardian of such i
child, any cartridge of filed ammunition of which ■
any fulminate is a component pait, or any gun. i
piit-il, or other mechanical c n.trirance arranged for !
he explosion • ( sach cart 'tore or o' any fulminate."
, , .— .
It is Piid t>> an m iiii-Uj in nd of Mi< ls:<r Sir- :
gent that he dxs r.< t Ike living in Berin, and that
both ho and airs, laiyt bCM a stro. .„- di.-taste for
the forKiaJitits if <li; lomatic li ; e.
Wb are tuM Uut the press has declined in power
Tie New York election dots not indicate it. The !
eople went as did the leading lupcn.
It was the declared intention of the Con
| stitutional Convention so to arrange the
new Constitution that the State Prisons
would be ont of politics. That this pro
ject failed may be eaid to have been a nat
ural consequence of the crude provisions
adopted. Those provisions contained no
sufficient checks against the abandonment
of the prison administration to partisan
politics, and therefore it was not to be ex
pected that the politicians wculd fail to
utilize their opportunities. As the Ki.i QBDa
Union long ago pointed out, the only way
by which the end sought could have been
attained would have been by appointing
professional penologists to the office of
Wardens, and making them responsible for
their subordinates, while exercising* strict
supervision over the Biard of Directors.
This advice, however, was disregarded, and
one of the results is that among the changes
{ to be expected from the recent Democratic
success at the polls ie the entire revolu
tionizing of the prison administration. The
public must anticipate what the politicians
call "anew deal," in fact. The present
Wardens and all their officers will doubt
less have to make room for Democrats, and
unfortunately it will be useless to protest
against the change, because it will be eaid
to be only in the line of precedent. The
present Wardens were neither of them
chosen because of any Bpecial fitness for the
work. In fact neither of them knew any
thing a".i jut it when they went in. But
they have been learning ever since, and
now, when they have acquired some under
standing of what is needed, they will have
to make way for altogether untried men.
That is, they will have to do this unless
General Stoueman is prepared to with
stand the solicitations and yessure of the
politicians, and to deal with thjt* import
ant matter from a higher standpoint than
that of partisan politics. If he is willing
and able to do this we can furnish him with
ample reasons. In the first place the appeal
to prccedenta is entirely irrelevant. If
hospitals instead of prisons were in ques
tion, and if one party proposed to put in
ignorant physicians because theotherparty
had done so, everyone would see at once
that such a proposition was outrageous and
irrational. It would be recognized that
the welfare of the patienta must be the
controlling consideration, and that if one
party had been so neglectful of its duty as
to abandon the hospitals to politics, this fact
could not justify the other party in com
mitting the same fault. But there is really
a close analogy between prisons and hos
pitals. Under every enlightened Govern
ment the fact is now recognized that So
ciety is bound, in its own interest as well
as by its duty to its lawless members, to
make the punishment of criminals reform
atory. In other words, it is the highest
and soundest State policy to diminish crime
by curing those who commit it of their
criminal tendencies.
Now, this process of cure, or reform,
calls for science in those who are to arlmin
lßter prisons. It is idle to take men at
haphazard and make Wardens of them.
It U as idle as it would be to put politicians
ia charge o( insane asylums. Penology is
a science in these days, and it requires
long and patient study and special experi
ence. It involves a knowledge of criminal
human nature, which can only be ob
tained by the most deliberate and exten
sive observation. Such knowledge is very
rare. It certainly ia not possessed by the
average man. Politics is not the field in
which it is acquired. Moreover the main
objects of the politician are opposed to what
the main object of overy prison officer
ought to be. The politician has two
special purposes to serve. One is to
avoid Ecandals in prison administration ;
the other is to use the prison government
as a political machinery. Now this kind
of administration is incompatible with the
attainment of the beat result?. The ideal
Warden is a man who ia devoted to crim
inal reform, and who understands how
practically to bring it about. A skilled
penologist would be competent to advise
the Legislature as to the best methods of
securing penal reform, but the reports of
all the prison Wardens who have thus far
held ofh'se in California are chieiJy remark
able for the absence of useful sugges
tions in this regard.
General Stoneman has two courses open
to him besides that which the politicians
will urge %pon him. He may keep the
present Wardens in office ; or he may ap
point skilled penologists to take their
places. It is, however, necessary to point
out that if ever this last plan is adopted
it will be indispensable to leave to the
Warden the choice of his subordinates ;
since to appoint fit Wardens, and then to
give all the subordinate positions to politi
cians, would be to render improvement hope
less, and to muzzle the new Wardens at
once. In fact we are tolerably certain
that no trained penologist would accept
Buch an office unless he had the promise
beforehand of the unfettered choice of his
own lieutenants. We do not lose sight of
| the fact that what we are suggesting is a
very hard thing for a new Governor to do.
It is quite possible, we may even say prob
able, that General Stoneman will receive
no encouragement from the Legislature to
make any such reforms. It will be a
question almost entirely for hia own con
science. Ho must be aware that the pur
i pose of the new Constitution concerning
prison administration has not yet been
fulfilled. He must be aware that it de
pends largely upon himself whether it
shall be hereafter. If he is capable of
rising above partisan politics he can do
this thing, and in that case only.
No doubt a great deal wou'd bo gained
if a Bjard of Directors were appointed
which had large enough views to re
fraiu from all political interference with
the Wardens. If, however, the Bjard and
| the Wardens all belong to the same class
i of politicians, such abstinence from inter
ference would effect little good. The
whole prison administration must be put
upon a right basis if any real reform is to
be assured. It is useies3 to tinker at the
system ; to introduce a little reform her*,
and a little there, yet to leave the chief
abuses still ia existence. If General
| Stoneman believes that it is his duty to
look first to the nature of the public inter
ests involved, he canr-ol mus hig way. For
it is vi questionable that thorough penal re-
I form is demanded and required, and that
I the lack cf it has cost the State many
| hundreds of thousands of dollars hereto
fore, not to speak of the far more strions
if le*B tangible mischief produced
'in the deterioration of morals and
I the encouragement of crime. The greed
■ of the otficee-eekers in fact is squarely and
: emphatically in c ■i-tl'ct with the interest
.of the people in this matter. I; U not
less emphatically ia conflict with the du'y
' of the ?. mmtiDurvai'.h toward its criminals.
We off t these su»gts:ions for the tpecial
use and benoof of the Governor elect. It
is a vi-ry strioua question to which we thus
invite his attention, »tid we hope that he
will to', for want of sufficient reflection,
i entangle hm-elf in promises of •■ffioe which
he cannot perform without sacrificing the
public good to partisan exigencies. We
cannot suppose that he ha 3 yet committed
himself with regard to prison administra
tion, and we trust that he will retuse to do
so, at least until he haa informed himself
thoroughly upon the subject.
It has been said that the only kind of
people who never learn anything from ex
perience, are foola. The Eiatern sage went
farther when he observed that even if a
fool were brsyed in a mortar yet wculd his
folly not depart from him. We have two
rather striking illustrations of the truth of
these axioms in the coiduct of Jay Hub
bell and the San Francisco C/tronicle. After
the late election Jay Hubbell was "inter
" viewed," and professed himself utterly
unable to account for the Democratic suc
cesses. He could see nothing whatever in
the action or record of the Republican
managers to explain the political revolu
tion. He was altogether certain that his
own " voluntary contribution " system had
had nothing to do with it. In short, it
seemed to him to be an inscrutable mys.
tery, which must thenceforth be ranked
with the matttrs which Herbert Spencer
classifies as " Unknowable." In much the
same way the C/ironiclr, after recovering
from the first stunning effects of the crush
ing blow it hai sustained, seems bent
upon consoling itself with arguments de
signed to show that somehow the defeat
of its pet candidate, Doyle, and of
the howliug anti-railroad faction in
loto, does not in any way indicate popular
disapproval of the doctrines which the re
pudiated faction held. In the teeth of the
most stubborn facts it appears to think it
possible to persuade it.elf— that it cannot
convince tho pnb'.ic has already been
proved — that after all tho ls*e election was
an anti-railroad victory, and that in some
mysterious wjiy the defeat of Doyle was a
demonstration of popular confidence in'him
and his propositions. As illustrations of
the kind of folly which even braying in a
mortar could not eliminate, these casea are
interesting. It is very apparent, however,
that when politicians and journals thus
proclaim their utter incapacity to compre
hend the bent of public opinion, even when
thst opinion has been manifested in the
most emphatic way, those journals and
politicians rni^ht as wtll re-tire from active
business, since they are of no further use
in politics or journalism.
The verdict of the Kentucky Coroner's
jury in the case of the people killed by
the militia during the attack upon the
steamer in which they were conveying the
Ashland murderers to a placß of safety, is a
f?.ir specimen of "Crowner'a quest law."
The jury finds that the aoldicra were "not
"in the discharge of their duty " when
they fired the fatal Bhots. Now the evi
dence ou that point is abundant and con
c'.Ußive. The troops had in the firet place
been threatened with a mob attack. In
the Etcond place a mob took possession of
a ferryboat, and as the steamer Granite
State, containing the troops and pris
oners, approached, the mob opened lire
upon her. Several of the soldiers were
wounded before the commanding officer
gave orders to return the fire. The mob
made a dtlibcrate attack upon the troops,
in fact, and the latter only fired in self
defense, and. in defense of the prisoners
intrusted to them. Every person belong
ing to that mob who wa3 killed by the fire
of the troops unquestionably deserved his
death. The action of the mob was out
rageous, and merited the most severe and
merciless punishment. The troops, how
ever, though they had artillery with them,
never used the guns, confining their fire to
small arms. They did their whole duty.
They deserve well of the State, and the
Coroner's jury which rendered so unjust a
verdict must be a contemptible set uf
idiofs, or else in Rhameful sympathy with
the ruffians who received co merited a
chastisement at the hands of the citizen
At the beginning of the Egyptian trouble
the Reiord Union-, while discussing the
effect which it was likely to have upon the
distribution of the Nile inundation, point
ed out the danger of famine from a neglect
of the customary precautions. It appears
now that a famine is really apprehended,
and that it will be due, if it occurs, to this
cause. The Fellahs were drafted into
Arabi's araiy, being taken from their homes
at the time of year when their labor was
most urgently needed to regulate the (low
of the inundation through the complicated
system of canals which has been con
structed to secure the greatest possible
benclit from the annual irrigation. The
consequence was that the llood wa3 unregu
lated ; that in many places no crops were
sown ; that in others there was an insuf
ficiency of water ; and that as a general
result there will be a great deal of suffer
ing, and possibly an actual famine. No
doubt the English Government will take
prompt measures to avert the worst, though
the distances in E^ypt which cannot be
reached by railway are sometimes consider
able, and, as in India, the people may not
be disposed to apply freely for relief even
where it is available.
Newhall, November 11th. — Passed here
• o-day, t<> arrive in San Fr»ncUcnto morrow
Geor«e 11. Bon-brake, Alia? Thorn, G. H.
Mendell, J- B. Brovru, A. WiliUmsor, \V
J. Collins, Lis Angeks ; Mary W. Wood
ward, Kansas ; Charkß Dewey. Tuc=on ; W.
T. Shannon and wife, San Franci-co ; El.
Kimball »nd wife, Chicagu ; O. A. Bernard,
( i.ik! nil ; F. M. Howe and wife, B «ton ;K.
Sears and wife, Chicago ; Albert E. Castle,
Pare, Franca ; H. R. Waldo and wif.% Bock
vile, IB.; Oauuea D.inaldt.on, El Pasn ; H.
Varclief, Cnloradj ; T. E. DaviF, Tomb
stone; C, Mania, Tucson; J. M. Knight,
Boston ; W. T. Levilt, Samuel Pocnaac,
Sin Francisco.
C'ablis, November 14 h. — Pushed Lere to
day, to arrive in Sacramento t^-morrow :
Miss Aotie Weed, Mrs. Joseph Weed, San
FraucUei; Mr*. J. A. CrosslanH, Indianapo
lis ; G. W. Griffin, Louisville ; Mrs. A. S.
Brush. Marietta, O ; CL J. Briuh, Pitteburp,
Pi.; 1^ L>. LuwllMl, Byrirj Klig, Cuicagoj
A. Thornbu-ir, ili> 'Ihuraburg, Honolulu ;
A, D ; L;*:-, B.'ojkiya. N. V.; Fraacia
Cropper, St. Lend*, Ifa, ; R. H. ('arter, AVy
oming; E M&'?y and wife, Mir-s Marey,
Australia; A. Mc'Murty and wife. Clarendon,
Arbarsis; Miss F. Stetupel, Nirtbunr, Ga.;
Miss Berth* Namrrow, Mecklinborg ; J. H.
G •'-•-, wife and chit), Milwaukee ; Mr-.
W. Cunningham, PilUburg, P^.; Barnn
Richard Wardhi fi and lady, Munica ; C. H.
Lord, E. R, Collinztid,??, Oakland ; C. Hoi
brook, J. J. Harbin, Tur carora ; Mrs. Matlia
Eirp, Salt Lake City; T. It. Perry, O^den ;
.1. W. Pfliqer atd family, Hanolulo ; L. C,
Deen, Ei Dorado. C'al.: Mrs. J. R. McGinnis,
Mountain City ; 14'J immigrant passengerp,
iccludicg 108 malea, to arrive in Sacramento
November 1C !i.
Omaha, Novenriber 14th.— Left here to-day,
to arrive in Sacramento Noremb-r 18>b :
Mm. E B. Lspham and daughter. New Bed
ford, Mu<.; James F. ■'• -: .»■--, Pottsmputh,
P».; C. H. Burop. S. A. Bjrup, Lanra Bn
rnp, Burliigton, Vc; E. T. Lan», W. W,
L^ne, Australia ; Mrs. J. W. Jonee, Miss
D»i»y Jone*, B j r.icii ; Fred. J. LUvi', Eng
lard; Mm. A. E. T. Worley, J. T. Sanford,
E. P. Himiiton and wife, J. M Uaskell, San
RunHwii ; Misi M. K. HonKhUm, Detiacc?,
O.; Carrie li Bfwu. S»n Jiwe ; Sist- r J ...
sepbice, Mobi'e, Ali : Bbtan Vi:;c* n?ia roi!
O ]>:• ", Sr. L •vi* ; Mrs. C, B. UiLiard anr 1
ace, New Yu'k.
Two Broihers Shot Dead In Texas— Henry
Ward Brecher Again In loan me Illi
nois Lcgliilatare— Singular Aeeidrnl at
Cleveland -Frost* In the South— The
Georgia >rnal<.r-lil;i K\-Iu«llau Aeenl
TllTißy Adnillled lo Ball-Brave Bear
lo Die To-Day— Thnrlow Weed's Con
dition—Melvtlle'it Mory Continued—Af
fairs In Foreign Laudfc— Etc.
[sriciAL DisPArcuKs to run rkoord-cxios.J
Kr*cber Sued fur Breach of < outrun.
Nlw York. November 14;h.— The s>uit of
Sac. Wilktson agiinst Henry Ward Beecher
was called to-.iay before Judge Barrett, in
the Supreme Court. The action is for breach
of contract. Banket contracted with tha
publishing iirm cf F.-rJ & Co., in December,
18ti.», to write tha " L*fa of Christ." He
agreed to write the bjok within eighteen
months, and received as pirt pay:uent in ad
vance, and btfore fignirg the ci'Ltr&ct, £10,
--000 Wilkeson was a partner ia tie firm,
and paid the advance. Since theu plaintia
cays be has nev*r b?en able to get the book
from Mr. Baecher, nor the SLO.OOO advanced.
The first p»rt was furnished Furd & Co. some
years ag >, and W3s published and circulated.
The second put was only partially furnished
by defendant. Plaintiff alleges that he waa
put to considerable expense in preparing for
printing the work, and sues to recover those
expenses. When the case wai called today
both tUea were rea-iy. Beecher was present,
apd sat by his counsel, Thiimaa G. Sherman.
Counsel tor defendant moved the dismission
of the complaint, on tho grouad that i-. did
net state that the payment of royalty to the
bearar had been fulfilled, acd a statement
had not been given him as la the number of
books published. Oo&ami s.ho aijved to dis
miss the complaint upon the paper it.--. If,
Judge Barret! d;nied the motion. A number
of papsrs wera pat in svid»nce. The first
wHatm called was .Inhn I. H >w«rJ, a mem
bar cf the firm of Howard & Co. He *ay*
itemized statim>ats of the amounts received
»nd paid oat.
Strange and Fatal Accident.
Cleveland (O ). November 14 h —Teh af
ternoon a ntrange accident happened on the
curner of Seneca and Siint Oiair street?,
where a large block is in proce?* of erecti .n,
the walls aad fl ■orinij beir g up three etoriec.
A boom derrick, 100 !eet 'iisb, used to hoisi
materials, through the breaking of the shack
linir cf a wire guy at the anchorage, as sup
posed, toppled and brcke about tv.'enty ftet
trom the grouad, and fell to the ground with
a great crash. Three men were on a plat
form eixty feet from the sidewalk, hoUtiut; a
load of about three tona of b.-ick. Uue
jumped, taught the lower t-uy End slid rafoly
t> the ground. The other two, Dietrich
Stager and William Price, were so iijured
that they died soon afterward?. Ano'uer, a
c.iiored man, was instantly killed by tie der
rick failiiig on him. Still another laborer
was badly injured.
The Forest Clly Iron Works ExploM >n.
Cleveland, November 14 h. — Francis
Btadley, a bo.su carpijntpr, is added to those
killed by the boiler explosion last evening at
the Forest City Iron Works. A corrected
list of the wounded is as follows : Je&kin
Evans, Uus. Haonß, Joseph S.dlfy, l)jvid
Jones, John Muller. William Wil on, John
D. Jonep, Lonis Kraase, John Maloncy,
Ti<om»s Jones. The Coroner ia investi^a'.iuc
the offiir. The boiler was old, &Ld had ei
ploded bsfure.
The Jean nolle Inquiry.
Washington-, November 14 n. — Melville
to-day c iiiimjeu the account of his land trip,
giving no new or interesting points, except to
state, in answor to a qwtkn. that ha be
lieved the trip was n:ade as qnukly as it could
have been done, no unnecessary delays oc
furring at any point. He was asked to state
tha hmm of CoUfaM teing uu^entied from
duty, at.d replied that cc oid Lot po,itively
know the cause ; but Collins was in his U:U..I
health and fit for duty at the time.
A Klpc Old Age
New Youk, November 14'h. — This was
the eighty-fifth birthday of Thnrluw Weed.
His attendant* are very doubtful about re
viving hiai. He lack 3 vitality to get cut of
the house, J his physicians say it is essen
tial thit he should do so. Hia reply t > ung
ge^tioin on the subject is : "I have forgotten
how it looks out of doors. I do not expect
ever to go down stairs, and I ciunot eat."
He loses himself ia reverie fur hours at a time
every day.
I \ !:;<!i.. u Agent Tiffany.
NIK York, November 14th.— Ex Indian
Agent J. Tiffany, indicted ia Arizona Terri
tory for emttzzHcg moneys and Government
properly aggregating about $15,000, gave bail
in 815,000 to apnear at tie opeairg of the
United States District Court in Tucson, A.
T. , the first Monday in February, to plead U>
the indictment?. J. B. Corneli.'an iron mer
chant, became hia bondntta.
Bringing (he lulon I'aclOr ttallroad lo
' Ti : in-.
Chicago, November 14h. — Comm'saioner
Midgly, (if the lowa Trunk Line Association,
issued a circular to-day, directing the lints in
the Ars:c : ation to bill no more freight to
points in Nevada via the Union Pacific road,
unless propaid to Council Bluff.', and even
then to accept it with a hti| u'.ali >n that the
responsibility for its forwarding shall cease at
Council Blntf '. This action is taken tecauae
the Union Pacific refuses to make a joia*.
fixed rate to Nevada pafata Tha circular
dooi not affect the hußinei>s to CbkHforaia.
The effect of this will bo ta compel the Union
Pa-.ific to concede the point, or freight will
go by the Southern Pacific.
Dual Tragedy In Texaa-Tno Brother*
Little Rock (Ark.), November 14. h.—
News v received to-day cf a double tragedy
near Tcpukala, Tex., Saturday ni.^ht. Cha.».
TTIIMJT, Jr., a merchant, after a quarrel with
two brothers named Butler, went home, au:i
was pursued by the Butlers foliowin? him to
a negro cabin, whero he had taken refngr,
and kicking the door down. Henry had a
double-barreled shotgun, and killed both
brothers as they crossed the threshold.
Fatal AUenipl to Kiss a Girl.
New York, November 14tb. — Henry
Kuhn, aged 20, of Brooklyn, attempted to
kiss Barbara Duechlein, aged 1(>, Sunday
evening. A companion named George
Grover, aged 19, tried to stop him, when
Kuhn became enraged and struck Grover.
i'nvy clinched, and Kuhn wan thrown
heavily, his Lead striking the curbstoce.
Kuhu is dying. Grover was arrested.
Two Men Found Murdered.
St. Josei-h (Mo.), Nuvemb.-r 14th.i-The
dead bodies of Joseph Hughes and Marker
Davis were found in South Sixth street this
morning. Having been gambling and won
money fr m a couple ><f strangers called
"Rod" and "Shank," with whom they
quaieled, suspicion points to the latter as
the authors of the deed.
The Illinois Leglftlaturr.
Springfield, November 14.h. — Complete
official returns on the State Lesi-latnre show
that the next Hou?e will have 77 Republicans
and ths Senate 31 Republican?, as already
indicated in theee dispatches, giving that
pirty 12 majority on joint ballot, and tho
control of both branches.
Appointed Chief of Pollre.
_ Chicago, Tfimnwlwr I4ih.— May.-.r Har
rison has apr>oiated Austin J. Doyle Chief of
Police ot C'hic9g\ and the nppoiatment ha 9
been connrmed by the Council.
The Outgo of Silver 1»."1..r-
New York, Noveu,b»r 1 l:h.— The Qf+pkie'i
Washington correspondent sayp : Tho i.utgo
of silver dollars from the Treaeury continues
to ba large, and this month will probably ex
ceed the coin.'.ge hy considerable.
Death or a \ephr\r of Ventral ftrant.
LLi7.AiiETH(X. J.) November 14*.h.— Harry
L .rl.'.vi. i • Giant, oldest son of the lata Or
villa Grant, and nephew of tx-Presid?nt
Gran*, di-d last niaht r,f haaMfrfcai*. Ha
was employed ia thi New York Sub Treas
Brave Bear Hast Hans.
Yankton (IX T ), November 14 h — The
President finally refnses to in'erfrre ia the
ca-eof the Indian, Br»ve B^ar. nnd he will
be h»T!gi J tj-m'jfrow ab. v*. 11 o'cli ck.
v. „•.'■ Id Button and Piilladelphla.
Bostos, November 14 h.— The demand for
w." ] i* in >!.::. c, an.l pric:B are unchanged.
Cdliforcii wool is quiet at 2."(& 32c as to
PHiLA»iLrHiA, November 14th.— Wool is
f! -t an-' the o^mnnd fair. OWa^ Peon'yl
-.?..! and West Virginia XX acd above,
Yellow Fcrer.
Austin (To.), November 14th.— The Gov
ernor modifies his quarantine proclaTcation
regariiicg Starr concty, as the ctficial reports
are that the cold is r.-t fe -ere eooneh to de
•troy th« penes at ysl'.ow fever at Browns
ville, and tie fever still ragea at Mier and
Caihego (Mex.) Nf.venjbtr 14h — No
new cues •,{ yellow fever fcr tho past twenty
f..ur houis. The weather has ttcn c -Id thn
pi.st two days. Total cases duritg the epi
deoiic, 1.5U0 ; deaths, 158.
Pessacola (FU.), Nov;-rt-.er 14th.— Th-s
was 3 brigbt, c!etr ii»v : f . r the aiornicg
frost. No ntw ca?es tf y-!low f-ver aad no
de»thi were np-iHed Uf\»j. This is ibe
first time this rt-p rt has b«rn n.arle sicc^
B*omriwr3L Ueaaial j y prevai's »t the
re&sonab'.e Monm tHat t.h<":f nee j be no
aHjrihsc->iua cf a rcjwal of the epidemic,
uulesa the too early return cf absentees fui
nishes fresh f iod for the fever. The authori
ties of Montgomery have so modified their
quarantine as to p m.it the passage of a lady
from OirJeld, near Pecsacola, to Atlanta.
There is much desire for tho speedy rtmoval
of all quarantine regulations.
Baton Rocge (La.), November 14th.— The
first froat and freeze of the Season occuried
last night. The crops were not damaged.
A KlUlnz Frost.
Chattanooga, November 14th. — There
wan a killi! g front in this section thta morn
ing. Thermometer 32°.
Ksoxville (Tern: ), November 14'.h.— Th?
firtt f r..cC if the Bfeoo m appeared here this
mornirg. Nothiat' was damaged. The late
crops sr? more abur.dant t:...n for years.
Corn is 50 per reat. shove tha fever*g»", an>!
more wheiit vne ajwn this fail then ever be
Louisville (Ky ), November 14 :h.— The
firat cutliug float of the season occurred last
The 4ieorsla Secatonhlp,
Ati^nta, November 14th.— The legisla
ture balloteJ todfiy for United States Senator
without eh. ice. The vnta stood : Short term,
Senate, B irlow 21), HiM 14. House, Barlov/
~'J, Hill 91. LoDg term, Senate, Governor
Colquitt 20, Jackson 12, Anderson 7, Black
5. Hou?e, Colquitt S2, Jackson 30, Black 2.,
Anderson IS, Longstreet 3.
Colquitt has 102, or eight short of a ma
jority of the full vote. These his friends
claim he will get on the joint ballot to-mor
row. CAUcusaes are in prcgreps to-night, and
there is a determination on the part of the
opposition to devise some way to defeat Col
quitt if possible. Politicians frjm all parts
of the State have poured in to-day, and
everything in Georgia is bsing worked for all
it ia worth to-night. Coiquitt'a friends claim
to have a dtzen chaugea ia hia favor already,
and bets aro freely offered that he will go
through to-morrow. It ia said tbe opposition
cannoS consolidate on any man except Alex.
H. Stephens, ar.d he w.mld in no event allow
Mi name to be used against Colquitt. P>pe
Barlow* friend" say he willholdhis three votes
advantage, acd thua defeat yi.utg Ben. Kill,
though the local euihusiapiu is very strong for
Hill, acd hw vote waa cheend ta-day in the
Houaa in spite of the strict orders of the
!>■ in -i ...i- Kicking.
Tnov(N. V.), November 14.h.— Great ex
citement exists over the organization of the
Council. The Democrats uumber twelve and
tbe Republicans ar.d ludependenU thirteen.
The latter procfedsd to or.auiz?, when the
Demrc.-its withdrew aud organized their
own Ootmctl. Tne Courta will be aupealed to.
The .\orlh Cnrollna Deiecutlon.
I\ALFn;ii, N ■ivember 1 l:h. — The Corigres
ci mal dcltgation will stand : Pool (K»p,),
First Di^tiict; O'Hara (wlortd Rtp.), Ber>
o:id Diatrict ; York (Cualitiou), Seventh l>i^
tiict. The Democrats elect tbe other repre
MNrilHI Knllrond Wieck.
Kansas Ciiv (UoA Xavembcr 14-.h.—
News is received here ot a disastrous wreck
on tha Al'on road this tveting, twenty miles
east of hcri>. As a construction traiti waa
backing up from Grain Valiey to Oak Grove,
it collided v. i'.h a hand-car, en which were four
men. The men on the car jainp«daud e - o
caped, but the ennstrueti n train of five or
aix cars and caboose waa dirched, and a brake
man nao,eJ Corcoran and rive sectiou rn*:n
killed, ac.l eight or ten others wounded. The
road is blocked Further particulars Cdnnot
te learned tonight.
A "i:;j nr with » Bm kbone.
Toledo (O ). Noveaibcr 14th.— It ia now
btaud thai tie diiininatratioa which pre
vented tx pritst O'«J nnor fn.m lecturing
here Sucifi iy everiaa; vaa an organized move
ment emmattng (roai tha Jesuit church h>re.
Mayor B uners Inetraetod the Chitf of Pulice
that O'Connor o.- knyona else muit be p-o
--tfcted iv tha ri^ht i f tpeech, if the whole
police tattx i.-> require ■'.
hritlth Sjcamsklp Ashore.
CBAaUESIOa ( -i. C). Novamber 14 h —
The liiiii-h Rtean;Khii' X >y:;l Welsh, with a
cargo of 4,00 I i..i ; «:i of ootton for Bajcalona,
got ashore on the bar thia forenoon.
Au AelreNs Avi.tiit. il Hit Salary.
PrrrsnußG, NaTeaaber 14 h. — Iq a rait of
Miaa l/ili.>n Snwoer, an sctres", against
M.-.x teakoaoh, the tkcatrioaj manager, for
over $2GO salary utip.it, b vetdict waa ren
dered tc-day ir favor < f Ali>-s riper-ct r for the
full amount of her c! .ioi.
Largest Cargo or Cotlun on Beeord.
New ObuoB; Norembei l(;h. — Th:
steamship Hankuw c'-.ared to-day for Liver
pool with 8,713 b&lfs of co.ton — the lar^eft
cargo ever cleared Crom this port.
Death In a Dlxic^utable House.
LEAVESWor.TH(Ks ), Novmherl4 h.—Ser
geant Eertz, of troop L. Fourth Cavalry.
United States array, m»t hia death at a B<mee
of i ! l ii.iv • to-tii;ht. It i< Dot kuown whether
he was murdered or committed suicide.
Thrrnionii :i 1,-a!.
Km Yokk, Novctcb-r 14 h— Midnight.—
Highest >uuniuiaHlW tj-day, 37°; lowea't, 32°.
Chicago. Novimber 14. h — Highest tem
perature to-day, 44°: lowest, 85*.
Tried and Acquitted.
Rackville (L>.), November 14;h-The
trial of J-j'lgo D. J. Mi :anod. f^rthe killing
< f L. J. Poik, a lawyer, as Floyd, in July
last, wes ooaemrfed tu-Ujj , and resulted in a
v^rdio'. i f tcquittaL
I'nlon Partflc B:tilr»nd EnrningN.
Washi.sgt ■.:.-, X..vi- '•;rl4':h.— The etrn
ii.gs of t ha Union Pacific; Riilroad for the
first rina ninntha cf the year are ifficiallv re
ported M $10,491,788— «v increasj of $842.
--9ii7 ovor ti.e bbme period in ISM.
Houm- or Com mou*.
London, November 14 h — Iq the llou;e
of Uoniiuunß to-day Gladstone made a state
ment regarding Egyptian fff.irs, which w&s
in etf.:c; thit the GoffatMMßt thought it
necetsiry to ha\e 12 GOO Biitiah troops re
main iv Kcypr, but not for any great length
of time. It was proposed to enter into a con
vention with the E.-yptia: s, and have an
article if the treaty provide that the cost of
maintaining these troops shou'd fall not on
Egypt but on Eaßlainl ; • that when matters
were further advanced, the que tion of charee
could be raised and eetlled definitely. He
hoped to ba able to pive such information as
wouli enable Parliament to fully discuss the
subjec' when tha estimates were presented.
He alao hoped 90-,n to be in a position to Rive
informatiju regarding the cost of the expedi
Sir Stafford Northcote expressed his dis-
Bitisfsction at the meager character of the
Bfiurke asked whether the convention
wculd be submitted to the House this session.
Gladstone was unable to say at what date
the c invention wv.uM be completed and ready
to submit.
York (CocEervativi ) moved for a eo/n
--miisaan to kq'iire into the Kihuainhim
GladstoLe declined to a^rea to discuss tho
mo.ion in those terras. He denied the exist
ence if at>y Kilnuiniiani treaty,
\otk withdrew tho motion in order to
amend it to meet thp objection.
Glad.-.tone'a commisaion appointed to in
quire into (he imprisonment oi E. D*ytr
Gray, reported that Jus'.ioo Ltwaon did his
duty in tee case.
Llccilon of a rarneilUr.
Dublin, November 14th. — The election at
Eni'is to-rl iy re-u!t<d in the return of Ken
nedy, a I'arueD'ce, «tv received ]3G votitf.
Reeve?, his oppoueDt, received U5 votes.
The J.ijrr I Hnilly Hum. r Trial.
Duiilkj, November 14;)'.— The trial of
Patrick Jojce on a charge of heirp a pr
ticir.- -nt in tha BUNaMn ar the Joyce fan, ily
at Moimatrasaa was con'inued beLre JuHg«
liarry to-day. Another [risonar act-used of
the murdbr turned tpfXOVM^ and the case
s^eois likely to ba fully made oat. Pbilbin,
the appruvsr, gave evidence against the pris
oner. He presented a sullen, df-jecte I ap
prarsince, and evidently had no sympathy
with his own part in the pioaecuticn. His
testimony, nevertheless, confirmed the story
already published, that tec men w.v.t to
Joyce* house. Ha saw Patrick Joyce, the
pri<oaer, enter the dow. WitneFS then ran
away, acd as he fled heard behind him from
the house shouts of "murder" and ecreamg
for help.
the Sunken Steamer.
London, November 14h. — Captain Lu<*
low, cf the -■ c..::.- r Westphalia, states that
the steimer with which hi] vessel came into
collision yesterday burned blue lights at her
masts for tw i h^urx »ft-:r the collision oc
curred, and that tha crew wou'.d have had
ampl? time to e-ca;<'. He believes they must
h \- :' iVe.-i lli.-ir tv.i.t-'. and is very hopeful
that a.l will b2 heard from in the course of
London, November 14 h.— The steamer
We«tpnaita will forward all her pafsangert
diraet to London, and will herself proceed to
Hamburg v soon as she in turh\-i sntiy repaired
to undertake the trip. This will probably be
t'l-mormw, as her in janes are not serious.
No.hibg has yet been heard from the first
om:er's boat and its half-dozen men.
London, November 13.h.— The Austrian
ship Mir. erv* reports that when going into
Falmi nth she passed a white boat carrying
a red &*:, nut bnviog hve men in it, twenty
miles east cf l'. j a by He\-j. This was nine
hour? »ft»r the Westphalia collisicn, and the
craft i.- supposed to he tbe mi ai^g boat.
The Joint < uirol Uui-.ilai.
Pari?, Nov^m^ur 14 n. — Figaro ha? a dis
patch from C.iro, w; eh utiirina that the
lj.vt.-uii.cm cf England and France have
entered into a definite agreement in regard to
ths control of the finances of Egypt
Openlns of lot Prussian Diet.
Bkrlut, November 14th.— TWo Prussian
Diet was opened to-day by a speech from the
throne. The Emperor says the lelatioas of
Germany with foreign Governments justify
the conviction that the benefits of peace are
llrand Celebration at Constantinople.
Cokstastinople, November 14th— The
Snltan bad a levee to-day to celebrate the
1300 t- year of the Mohammedan calendar,
which, according to the prediction if sooth
sayers, will giva the world a new Prophet rf
IsUm. A new revelation made public by the
astrologers a&sured the Sultan that he himself
ia Mahrii, or the new Prophet of I«!aiu. The
telebratioß of the mystic s^lemiiitiea U so
universal th»t buduesa is at a standstill, ard
the streets tiiven up to precessions and relig
ious festivities.
Mo Mere Cholera.
Mecca, November 14th.— No cholera has
appeared here since the 4th.
The Cholera Kpldcmle.
Cairo, November 14th. —The Sanitary
Council has received a dispatch from the
Sanitary Inspector at Jeddah that the chol
era epidemic continuee.
Forms of Procedure Aetepled.
Cairo, November 14ih.— The Commission
of Inquiry preliminary to the trial cf Arabi
Paaha and other leaders has finally accepted
the forms of procedure insisted upon by the
Lcgllib. Government.
si. in. from Havana.
Havana, November 14'h. — The steamer
City of Washington, for New York, takea
out $255,000 ia gold.
King Alfimo expresses a desire that the
money which would be used to celebrate the
birth of the infant Spanish Pance-is be de
> oted to the relief of the sufferers by the cy
clone in Vrwlta Aba jo.
The provincial rtwmUHon in Pinar de!
Rio have sent a petition to thfl Home Gov
ernment, atkiisg it to buy in Vnolta Ab»j)
the rroantity of tobacco it usuilly purchases
in the Ucittd States.
A ijuiutity Li goods, chi< fly caus of petro
leum, ipj be ug washeJ ashore on the sou'h
easteru coast of Cu'ia. It v rupptued they
formed a portion of the car^-i of some lo=t
Boiler Explosion— Two Boys Fatally lu
BSAHTVOBO (Out). November 14 h— A
sm»!l honz mtal bjibr, beitc tested ti.-o»v,
exj.l >il»d. C::arl-:j and Wiliiam Oorbin, lo
and 15 years oM, were fatally injured.
Father and Two BmajMen Poisoned.
Bowmanville (O.it.), N. v.xber 1-i ■.*!.— At
Salinu, near here, last ni«ht, Wai. Trimble
aud two daughter!, ff;ed 25 end 18, partcrrk
or a fcuppoaed herb tea to relievo n cold. All
were takea fick. Trimble and oce daughter
died t.)-day, aad tho other daughter U not ex
pected to recover.
Two Unit Ik r* Drowned.
Halifax, November Ilia — Two brothers
named HaMwi, of Eis'pirt, Meiway, wore
drowned from a fishing boat to-day.
Convent Destroyed i.v Fire.
St. Dominiu'JE Station (Qie.), Nove-nber
14:h. — Tne convent of tho lariiea' congrega
tion of Notra Dame, a: (,'edard Village, was
burned this afcerno'ia. The loss ia heavy.
No liv<a were lost.
Wood river ore output for the year
amounts to §2 ,100,000.
Two Chinamen have been found dead
from starvation iv the Chinese quarters at
Orovilie during the past month.
A miner named Anderson had his right
arm shattered, one eye blown out, and his
body frightfully mangled at a mine in Mon
tana by the txplos-ion of a slick of giant
powder he was thawiag out.
Two brothers, Wiliim and Archie Me-
Cowan, living in Montana, quarreled about
some trivial matter last week, and William
ehot and killed his brother with a Win
chester rifle. Tae fratricide uin jail
There died cear Ciarksvil'.e. Xl Oirado
county, Novernbpr <>:h, Mrs. Annie Wilgon,
aged "V. Mrs. Wilton came to California
in 1854 from Crawford county, Illinois.
She was the wife of Benjamin Wilson, a
veteran of the -war of ISI2. The deceased
lady was a native cf Indiana.
The principal mints at the north end of
the Ccmstock aie now officially thrown
open for a few daya to the inspection cf
stockholders. It will do some "of them a
power of good, no doubt, to see the vari
ous holea whertin they bare lost their
money, also the future chancee in that re
spect.—[Austin Reveille.
The indications are cood for develop
ments in the mines in a very short time :
indeed, eon.ethiny of value id liable to be
found almost any day, either in the middle
mines or at the ncrth end. Any develop
ments that may be made will come ia pood
time, as our people miw have politic .1 af.
fairs off their hands— [Virginia City En
John Btdt MoKissiok, a v.-ell known
horseman, was very daEyr-rously hurt at
Susanville one day last week. He was run
over by v six-horse team, the wajon pass
ing across bin breast, breaking both arms
above the elbow, and from all that could
be learned his breast was badly crushed.
The latest advicca Mere that he was not ex
pected to live.
The prominent I'iutes who went to Wads
worth a few days ago to elect a chief to
succeed Wiunemucoi, sj>s the SUoer State
of last Saturday, have leturned without
accomplisliicg the rbject of their mission.
They say their hearts were too tad over the
death A the old chiff, and they postponed
the election one moon. The new chief,
whoever he may be, will be known as Win
nemucca, which is a title, rot a name.
The I'lumas National says : "The fish
law shut out the anglers on Wedneniay,
and the trout will have a rest until the Ist
day of April, ISS3. The law is entirely
wrong as far as I'iuinas is concerned, and a
move should be made to have it changed.
As it now stands the open season com
mences just about the time the fish are
spiwuiug, acd just when il'cy should be
protect; d. Tnere ie r.o reason for stopping
the catching of ii=h in I*l am as ccunty until
after the Ut of Janaijr, or even February,
and then the close scaum should last until
the Ist of June. April and \iny are the
spawning mrnt'is, varying a little, of
c urse, in different seasons. If the fisher
men would make the effort, the charge in
the law as regards our ccunty could be
easily effected.
FokTh ck II pads I ear; stomach*, 1>
ness Welit.' May A; pie Piih cathartic
10 and 25 cents.
Unluhls of ItnutMl I «rrM I- »« V
r.^-uiir mi King if lin 0 n<l;.ie will !.•■
h"ld in I < 1 Mm's Ear.q'ulirc ll,;l, llli.s I
(Wednesday) hVK.MMi, at 7 :.vj o'ei ck.
K. a BAKMO!f, Oammandar. L *^
li. K. Mcl.gyyAS. Adj.ti'.t. fclt-H
FICUKh.-'; rcfere^cei reqauxd. WZIN
STO'.'K A U:ilIX.
Boy, tnd 13 jsura ; rtf. re ma riTtn. Ad
dre?s "P. W. C." tt.ia < lii x. [I;. C.j nir.tf
i T OOOK, ooatpttant to iai.c cii«r«c of Um
largest kitchen, deuns a attuadon cither ir.
country. P.ea«e a.Uress cr cull on Juil '•
IiMiVK, W.-.h-. ni ili.t.!. . ; :;•
Vinfyard, Hup. Grain nr Pasture Laml.^y
inqii'.roof OAML SI'KOBEL, Nn. 321 J strei-t.JEL
S icraraento, L'al. nlO lm*
i^ mento — us. In tho Superior Court, in and for
said county. The People o( the Mate of California, to
FRF.OF.KICK GIBSON, grcetinir : You are hereby
notified that aa action was commenced in the
Superior Court (f the county "f Sacramento, State
aforesaid, by the fiiinz a complaint in the Clerk's
office of said Court, on the 14th day of NO'. EHBER,
1&82, In wmch action UIZ UIBsON is plaintiff,
and you are defendant. Tnat the pei'eral nature of
the action, as appears from s.ui complaint, is as
follows : To o'jt^in a decree of said Court divorcing
plaintiff from defendant, on the grounds of willful
neglect and failure to provide plaiitiff with
the necessaries of Wit, end adultery ; that p ain
tiff be awardtd the care ana cuato-lj of the
minor rbild cf said parties. Al*o, f . r c -n- r.l
f<- 8, comh of suit, alimony and general n-li-f,
all of which is more fully sctforth in the c mpKint
on file herein, reference to whi' h is hereby
made. And you are hereby di'et**d to ap
pear and angwer said coii ; p!aint within v-\ days
from the service of this writ, exclusive of tbe
day of service, if served en jmi in said county
of Sacramento; and within thiity days, exclusive
of the day of service, if served else«-herp ; and you
are further notified that unless *.ou so aj.pear and
answer within the time above sfieciflcri, U.e plaintiff
will apply to the Court for the relief demanded
la the complaint.
In testimony whereof, I, Thos. H. Berkey, Clerk
of tV.o Court aforesaid, do hereunto set my hud
and affix the seal of mid Ci.art, this H.h'day of
I>-«AL.I TH >S. H. BERKEY, Hcrk.
By Chui. M. Cosla.l, De uty Clerk.
Grovt L. Jonxs.-N, Attortiev for l'laictiff.
i.!4 li«2iaW
V. IS. « . tlrnil <r> of the T. B. C, *a
and their invited friends, will celebrate their wv
First Fan Party. THIS (Weduesdav) EVEK./fA
ING, at Jacobs' Hall. Dancing at 8:15 o'clock U.inL
n!5 It*
Y. H. C. A. -Tbe Wetk or Prayer «h|
be otaerved by a Goepel Ser>ice every day this
we«k (except Saturi'a.v) at 3 p. M., at Y. M. C. A.
Roomg, No. 1009 Fourth street. Services conducted
hy RKV. J. 8. UKOMLKV and the Clersy. All are
invited. Bring? j t>ur Gospel Hvrnr.B.
nl4 4tncd S. D. ft'LLER, Genera; Secretary.
Annual Iteetlns or AtocUhaMer< or Ilie
P.ople'a Savings Bu:k will be held MONDAY
LVESING, December 4, I»b2, at 7 o'clock, at the
bank office, southeast corner J and Fourth i-ttvtt*.
[u2 Iml WM. F. lI L'NTOON, Cashier.
Dr. iJt !Har'» f>emlnal PHU cure all
cases of Nervuim D-bility Physical Prostration,
such as Losb of Vi^or, Nocturnal Emissions hupo
tency and the many distreesi i|f ailments cauwd by
liidiocretion. Dissipation and Stlf-Al>use. This peer
less remedy invigorates and builds up the whole
pystem, repaitu waste and arrefcts decay. To the
Feeble and Infirm, to the Prematurely Old, and to
all who need a Health-Giving Tonic Klixir, DK. LA
MAR's SEMINAL PILLS are confidently recom
mended. Price, t2 60 per bottle. Sent by mill on
receipt of price, or by express, C. O. 1)., to any
address, secure from observation. Addrcwfi all or
ders to A. McBOYLE & U>., Drutewtt, KM Wash
inirtoa street. San Francisco. Poetofßi* li >x 1952.
For the Ijiflle.'.— Please »uik your phy
sician hi* opinion of PCUE CALIFORNIA PORT
as a Tonic and Cure for Dvsnepsia or Inuiirtstion. If
satisfactorj', try HALL'S PEPSIN WINE BITTERS.
Ichl Ban, Nan FraneUco, donbled In
size, is the Ur^ct Japanese sale exhibition in the
world. SHAfTUCK & FLETCHER export theii
printing inks to Japan, receive Japanese goodi hi
return, and this ia why Ichi Ban survives on lo»
prices. Logical, isn't it? Wholesale and rrt.il.
Goods for evfcrv branch oi retail country trade. ]y4-tf
rt° SS T? f A PPetite, Bowels costive. Pain in
me Head, with a dull sensation in the
k? C £ J^i 1 ' Pain und er the Shoulder
blade, fullness after eating, with a disin
clination to exertion of body or mind,
irritability pf temper, Low spirits, with
aioelingof having neglected some duty,
w<s« a ?'J? s ? f ,P' zzin e.ss, Fluttering at the
Heart, Dots before the eyes. Yellow Skin,
Headache generally over the right eye,
Si uKnd Um dreamB «
TCTT'S PILLS are especially adapted to
surh cases, one dose effects such ■ chauiro
of i.Tim; an to aatunish the sufferer.
i ,\ I 2. < T a »*' lll< " and causo the
b..ily Jo Tmlie on >'lo*h. thus the systi-oi if
•MM.rl.luxl. and I>• ti „ ,, TonleAetiob i.niho
l>ijr«Mitive. Orea;... Bcitul;ir .Stool* arc pr..-
J tvnts. S5 .Murray St., M. Y.
Black byasincleup])licatir,noftnislJYK. Itim
[•arts a nutural color, acts Instantaneously Sold
by Drujrgists. or sent by express on receipt of M
/■.."r-TrTTS llSr.lL of V.luaMr l=rormillon u,,' \
Vtitful K.«l>to will be »»iltd FREE oo IJI.IK.uULi
Jwst Received,
2,500 YARDS
Twills !
fS" These gnoda taavtng Vca delayed enkbe road,
and owinif to the lat- ness of the seaami, we offer
them at the GREATLY IIEDUCED PRlC^of
ts~st\» for sinriiis.'-i
1,000 PATES
£T fonntry Orders r»)i>>rai:r attended to.
fi --'iti
Corner ii'lrii and J Ktrerfc.
Fire and Harlne.
EDW. CADWALADEK, Matey Puhl'c, Comrnls
sio <cr of PtaJa aad Cob wyncar. P ll ■':>■'
A Two-story Brick Dwell
ing-house of TV n Jtoj>nts,
situate on SI street, bet.
Ninth :n:<! Tenth; $;i5.
A.Leonard &Son
l«l« Fourth Street. taeruHiK
4flfejtf -M^.^^'M^. RhWAKD ! FOR
SIC m M Hi? » ■ ■ an - v Ci ""« o' Blind,
trii.iun; ft ES ti.at l>r.!:l.Wi PILE RKMEUY falls
to cure. PrepireH by J. P, MILLKR, V. D, at hi*
OruirSturc, 15 North iMMt street, PhiUl*-lrhi«,
Pa. Won* (cevUine wltlwrt hw > ifrnature. Send for
circular, sold bv rtruuc <■'*. *1 In mail
'■9-2i.lv ■„ w , &<wl>W
arei *wvay .- EOKi pianos.
, street, Oct. Bixtb and (k ~ritb,pßWMM(
oprnrite Conrvhouao. PIAJJOg TO|T f 1 |l
L£T. Pluoe sold «c tiurilLiceati. MU-Xpln:
Xo. 23 Montgomery Street, opposite Lick
House, an Franci^ru.
J. O. ELU2IDUL Auctioneer.
At 12 o'clock m., on the premises,
About One Eile from Vacavili?, Solano Co.
K WILL H ::.:.-
By Ord3r Fxeoutors Pierca Estate,
— OS
Long Credit and Easy Terms
of Payment,
IN MUM TO feiir HUM,
TERMS OF S4I.V: Onc-Ihini (a<b ; bal
ance In Two and Four Year*. Id two
equal pnynirntK. Deferred par»ieat>> to
bear Interest at the rate ot S fcer teat.
l.r aunuoi, and ;o be Hecarcil t>y mort
sage on tbe property. Inlereti payable
These lan'ts a-c lrcati>d in tin odeferstcd Vaca
Valley, in the nrf h. art of the fruit belt, which
produce* the earliest and heat fruit m the world.
The lands are BUrr<inmled bv the niiij ant paying
orchards <if M>s?rs. W. W. Srnirh, Eta., L. W. Buck
E*(., M. h. Miller, William Canteiow, Ur W. J.
Dobhins and others, to whom we m:ik<. reference as
to the quality of the land we off> r, a.s well as to all
fruit i;ro»ere in BoUno OODOtr, wtu ■■ •■ ■ fruit deal
ers in Sau Francisc:., Sacraiii.ntc, :iMi EmsUxb ex
porters. The i.r.porty h:fB the advantage of pure
water, good roids, low taxes, near la Khooll and
ehorcfaes, tnd -he finest climate in irttfa
water cummunicatiun at Suis^u aud railroad direct
from Vaea to all points I
The farms will be «..!.l in traeti frtun t ■ -res up,
ami wetpucially i:.\:te tbe .-..: ivera
U» this rare and altrac'ive late, bj^iii; urranjre
nients have been made f'.r parik-.j desirii } '... view
the land.
Tickets for thia delightful excursion may be had
at the office of the Auctioneer! f..r i:, 7u for the
round trip to Elmira and return ; fare on tho nar-
Tmr-gKafe extra ta Y.ic irtlle, SO cents. Conveyance
fn.oi Vacavilie f^r ail tjmers FI.EK to view the
These lands will pay from CO to GO pec cent, per
annum on the outlay, aid fur trust funds, or a safe,
sure investment, present to t: . , or per
suijs of small means, tpecal iuiiucut:'
Sale as Advertised, Eaia or Shine, imple
Collation Provided for all Corners.
Doa'i Fail to See this Laad Before the
Da? of Sale.
tS" For tickets, catalogues, map«, diagrams and
full particulars apply at the ofßea of PACIFIC
LAUD BUEEAO, N,>. 22 Mootgonery itrwl
i'artios at a distance will ha seut catalogues on
application, by mail.
I.fiTOV Jt i i i!J !<.»:.
shebum 4 mmi
XO. 3°?. K -TH*fcT. SUKAMLSTO. '
metbopolitan" thkater.
D. .1. Simmi.xs, Sol,- Lasm n : Mana^^r.
Weal spectacular Pamomime !
From their Cra'.:i Opan H"i-i<, Sjn Francisco.
In the New Sj.a:V ; .n;" Fur,- '-.:v, ii, T ; irio Acte,
Hainpty I)i!n;p()*> Picnfe!
Sew au I Oorgeoai fmatt) »r,l Cqtbimm '.
A Superb Truns-fnnijatiari Si
The ••■ i ra Performing Dosrs !
The Trained U-mkey lad Goat I
Popular Prlrr , r,o anil :s cents.
Popular Vrirr*, W and tt rent*.
r.F.3EKVF.D SEATS, 91.
Cr Box Office open THTJB3DA7 MOKMSG, at
10 o'clock. nl4-td
• . 0
Elegant Presents
~ C K Ci?Q U E,
ton M rbie,
Dresden China I
From tba Oak btatod Art P«tterim«i !C;iropc.
22 Post sr.reet,
SAN EBft8!P«8oo.
D^LjE «fc CO.'S.
SAB FEIE ISOO iffilßl,
DAILY iiE</'?Ill)-UMON,
:__„ AT —
Us. 8 Hew *»e&(i i; >.r>- rtr&et,
a.16 ..

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