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Metropolitan Theatre-Miller Bros., Sunday ni^bt.
Piano Tuner and Itepairer — Gcfirirc Grciaer.
Probate Notice - Estate of U. B. Welch, deceased.
Knights Templsr, No. 2— To-night.
Unity Lodge, K. of H.— To-night.
Eociil, Sixih-ttreet M. E. Church— Friday night.
Lost— An uusealej letter.
Loet— Soirtl hor«c.
NoU x- Howard Benevjlenl Association.
O. C. F.— Tonight.
Bberbnra i; Smith— lloutehuld g'xxis, Saturday.
Bell i Co.— Furniture, etc., Kridiy.
Notice to Consiirunrs— Ii;ll & Co.
Business Aavertlsement.
Oeo. D. Allmnnd— Cnr.J openinp, Saturday.
Hale Bri s. ti Co.— Ball's Health Corset.
Thorn >s Bromley— Merchant tailor.
A. & A. Htilbron— Hardware and agricultural im
Mechanics' Store— Dress goods.
The wind-atorui which began yesterday
morning continued all dr^y, and at midnight
had not abitcd in the least. Sergeant Bar
wick, of the Signal Servic-s ttiti >n ia tbia
city, ha 3 prepared for the lirx .hd Union the
following in regard to the storio : The wind
storm of yesterday begaa at 8 A. it., bluwing
eteidily from the north, increasicg rapidly in
veloci'y, reachiusf a m^xioiurn of 36 miles
at 10:30 A »i . 12:15 r v , 12:55 p. m and 3
p. M. At the velocity increased the dircc;ion
varied ; or, ia oiher votda, the t-ii.ii.! arrow
(attached to tbo end cf the third vane that
ruca Utrmijh the jo >f arid into tho signal
oflicf) oscilUted frum n<>rtu to n iltliimt, and
conliiiued to the vtei, up to hood. During
the aftfruoon th^ vans OEciiia'.ed le wee-n
norlhwebl i.r.d noi-thf^^t, (tandfoi; p'.iil ore
sioaally at Dorth. la f jet duciog a'J wiud-
Btorms, no iiiit-.er frcm w:,a, piaßUof tho
com;-:,e* it bl .w», tha wiad-raM ia iicvor at |
ie."_':, buo iilvays changing bttweea certain
poiufa ol the coupa.-3. From Ba. M. jester
day Uj 8 r. m. la-t tight, the total velodtj of
wind w»3 32J miles, m an averaee velocity oi J
27 milts par hoar du:iaij the twelve hour?, i
Tae pressure on one ranata f jot of auif<-.ce at
96 relies per hour is ti.4>> pound.-, ahoving tsat
at several times yesterday the pressure
exe'ted a« .ins buUdlogi and other obstruc
tions to the wirid force was nearly CA pouuda
pertqusuo foot, and the averaga pnanm
durini; the twelve hours from Bam t« Bp. M.
yestctd y, w.s 3.0} pjucdn oa on 2 square toot
of Barfi.o. Tf:e wici ai the 8:02 p. m.
weather r-to.-t 113 1; iii o'ht was blowing leej
than five Tuil^H;ier hour at ullatati.it.c, ex^epi '
Mendccico, a»cr..m°nt3 and Bafi Tr.^cUco. >
No report was received from Ited Bluff on
account of the sickness of the observer. At
Mend'.cko the velccity was riLly nine miles
per hour, at Sacra :neato 18 miles, and at Ssn
Fcaocicoo 16 niltd. The wind along t!.e Pa
cific slops has a tendei'Cy to blow from some
northerly or westerly point of the c~-:cpa6s
The hi^ii wind of yesterday at Sacriiueuto
reached neirly or quite as high a velocity :-.t
has cv«.r beeu r.cor'ed.
Another Heaud From. — SacrameLt > |
youths are frequently hoiri from, and these
column?, hava b.<rne rec:ord of not a few of
their od 1 t»ncies. The lust br-^iit thiDg was
c-ed:tcl to a Fourth Ward (sit:. Now co:;^is
a Third W^rd 13 year o!d b< y, ai.d gois to
the hertd of the class, lie vr^i i,c'nt eff to a
br,ardin^-ec'iool eori! ■ • •:i „ BeOMiUy he
wsa at homa i>.r a hVil :-. . lUas mi old
aJuit trie.id, tho lattai hs.ruu to tell him of
the days v.lie.; h - I t b.iy, and f r years
kei<t at a .ii-.tict b ?.r Ik's ec'i o!. II. ■ t>i,l
of ths routiue at tiiu ; tho if
th 3 !»y»; their bd.tU, ftnd pcrapu an.l
e6caj)?f, efo. The little o»Kf,Tnian liatecetl
attentively, and th^n asked: "Did y..u
havf to go to prayers in your teho jI ?" "Oh
yea." "And si: with your arms Mded?"
"Yes." "D;d you have better diane'-s
when your uicther cime to saa you ?"
"Ye-." " T)ii y. n i ver wi-h aU Ou t< toh r^
were on top of the baiidiii b\ and the hous<* I
was on firo and thsy OOtudat gei down?"
Ti.e "ill boy." ov?rc>m<» by a f1..,l uf
rogpUaotiena, declined to c.nfc.-* to hfa yonth
"ai^ . at rffle-t«l that ti.. c-> |
tn»L^.^ft' ure ever sj much iike tio.c*. that
fas Term ok Office.—A. c->rrespnr,
write- !n kno» irhea the oific r« e!e.--..-d ra
tho 7;'.j ii:s>t. taka their various offiofH, aad
how long thay iarra. The term of «aca ■ t!i m
elected tit the recent elaetiuu be^'iDa cv tiie
ScatMoedty after th«fint diy of .Unusiy,
which n -:xt ye ir fails on the 8;h of th.c
month. All St kte offioeta. with the exception
of Supr>t.o Jodgtt, hold for a term of four
yean. Supremo Judges s=rve fjr twelve
yeari. Members c.f tbe Lfffi-lature, except
laa; nold-ovtr .S-.n^tors, serve foe bra years.
Toe question of heldt wm Soaaton is ytt to
be detemiaed. County 'flijars, with the
fxce;itioQof AsHesior afid Superiatendeiit of
Bohooliterre It two ysarj. 'i tj=. Arp*mr>
a-J Sj^iiintotidnnt of Schools hoii for a
terui ■ 1 f. ur j vHr*. tity oud tOWC .':ip effi
eon i: ild for two /•■.-ir.-<. Tim utx;; Keaccal
vill bo held ia 1884, when centers
of C.rgre»s, members of the Lp:;i..!<\'nre, and
cnnr.t.y (ilicrs, inc'uiinp Superior QndggM,
will be okoted. The term of Superior Judges
: iz yeara, bat under the new Coasti'.utio.i
tlie total eraf shortened u^e year, as was alto
that of Ml Stita orfijers.
I'olice Court.—The following business
was transacted in tbe Police Court yesterday :
O.iwr Aidridga, dihturhinij the i>cace, fouud I
guilty, find 85 and costs. O:iver Aliirid^e,
carrying concealed weapon, dirrr.ts aed on mo
tion of CiU Attorney. Wm. Quilty, drunk,
ple»ded cuiUy, ditchaiged. Susan King and
H. H. Kinc, malicious mischief, taken under
ailvisement fcj. Graf and v. Falconer, mis
demeanor, takra under advUemont until to
d<y. George Kei.nedey, emhtzzlement, con
tinued to >ii)VYniß« 20.h. Ah Shin, grand
larceny, di-ch^r^e'l on motion of City At
torney. Matle llamiltoa, miademsauor.
fi-ed ?5.
Auction Salhs. —8.-ll & Co., auctioneer-",
announce that they will sell on next Friday,
•t 10:30 A. li , at their salesroom on J street,
a larija configij merit of household and kitchen
furniture. Aseveu-oc:av« piano i* mentioned,
al» > a m»lioKany winiroba. The same firm
alo calls the attention of parties ninhing to
diapoaeof fimiture to the tiuis at which it
should bj di-pi^ited at t!e:r s»lesro^m....
Sherburn k S:i:ith announce the sale of a
vtry Urge 10. ..:' | m.U. by public aa:tion. ht
tLeir H':(-r<r".m on X street, on Saturday
next, It irclud-w foruiture, ttorea, carpeto,
:<er>, i,lissware, platedwire, and other
HaTKOPOLITAJI Th;:ateb. —T- c Mil'er
Be ithera, \ I • na of their spiritualistic
p:rf r.:aic « ar. Metropolitan Theater last
Snuilny c ■ ■• i „', *re announced to appear
•jrain at the aame place n;>x r- hunday even
ing Tbe poUat »r« ii.vited to secure the
mediuxs in hi ticiff* aud fhackles, and whilo
iu'l.i" ■.-.n.liii ■:: it is sia'ed that BiiiiiU wiil
miterialTz; sni <1- n)&t?rial; z« in full view of
those ore^ciit. Slat"-writinK and other t(,:«
aro sin i> oni-el. Tne box effici will be
open on Saturday mortii:g.
Xrw rsTABLiEHMK.vT. —A. & A. Heilbron
have purch%s>d the hard*:»re and agricult- |
nral implement business of George O. Bates j
frr*-, ift.l r'»r:;..vfd to a new store two doors j
from the oM place, namely, Nos. 217 and 219 |
J street, where they promise to keep on hand i
a full lice uf hardware aud firm implements.
il L Gr«-e« has been secured as manager.
The whole-alo bu'rher bu-icesj of A. Heil
bron & Bro. will b« continued as usual, ax
ceptin.; that the om:e will be located in the
new store.
Isoorporated. —Articles cf incorporation
were tiled with tbe Secretny of State yester
day by the Amaroon Cnnsolidattd Gold Min
ing Coiupai y. Uirectors —I. A. lieichthffen,
LI B«T, Bt»ph— Otis, I. F. Johnson, Fr»n
--• O, W.-stn. (Vpital stock, 810,000,000,
divided Into 100.000 fbares. Principal place
of busings', Ban Francisco.
Comiirbciau—The steamer Flora arrived
yesterday from Btitte City, with a barge
loaded witli wheat. The steamer San Joa
quin No. 3 arrived from Port Costa light,
and returned with a barge of wheat.
Frkght fob the East.—The fjilowirg
merchandise was shipped East from Sacra
mento yester.Uy : Six c«u of wool. 2 of sal
mon, 1 of h ;■». 2 of merchandise, 2 of dried
fruit and 2 of canned goods.
Freight to Arrive — The following freight
la „ F .~«J O^.lfn on iw 12 hie-
Jta..t : Fur J. P. L*«v bridge, 1 ctrload h»rd
■'.^••^ .T.>s?p'i ii*an & Co., 1 box canned
LiTE Arrests. —Tae followiog names were
record.-d at the Station-house last night at 12 ;
o'clock : ("barlne McLaughlin, battery, ly'
offixr F»rrcli; J, B*ri.ey, drunk, by Jod t,
Six hundred acres of tbe estate cf Lewis
Pierce, dejeaeed, located about one miio
above Vaciville, in Vaca valley, waj receutly
surveyed into small parcels of from ten to
fifty acres and yesterday sold by Itaajn,
Easton & Eldiidße, of San Francisco, at auc
tion. The land aaU wm al! valley land, tf
deep alluvial soil, and of the c!o«s which has
become noted in the vicinity for its excelleat
qualities f^r fruit-growing. Ttere wira a
Urpe cumber of peraoas prenent from Sin
Francisco, the Santa Clara Valley, Sonoma
ValUy, and other parti of the State, ft
trauted by the extecsive r.oticj given cf tee
t*)e throux'n the Recorij-Ukion auJ other
»gi-nciei. Many proeijective purchasers
hed teau in the vicinity for two
or three days prior to the sal-,
mafcii'g full investigation aud com
pariiii; the merits of the land and totality
with those of other sections. The day of
s»le wa* exceedinßly clisagreeabla trcm a tor
ritiu i.'j:th wind which compalltd tbea'iiHeaca
which i ■ /I assembled to eeek shelter behind a
lar;;e shed at one Bide of tho pcaOßlato, at
whii-h place, after a cubatantlal lujch at.d re
freahmtnta had been served, the sale took
plscc. The portion of the ctt .resold w.s iii
vi ied by plitji>ito thirty-two tiocks cr pnce!s.
acd the amountH of these ( >mitting fractlor.s
of »c:e?) and 'he parties to whom fold, were
as follows : Twenty-four acres cold at $150
per acr?, to E. P. William*, cf Vacaviils ;^ 13
acres at §145 par acre, to It. A. Lenore, Sai.
Fraaeteeo; 14 acres at $140, to sam • ; -I
acrt« a; 5150,t0 H. P. Chadb-juru-? : SSaene
at §147 50, to same ; 23 acres at §l">0. to B.
A. Campbell, ot Cisco ; 17 tcr^s at KM, to
P. B°evea. of Sui-ua ; 52 acres ht !?!52 50,
to J. M. Daegett. cf Lacoon _ V illey ;
33 acres at $147 50. to J. W. Burr,
ham, of Vaca Va'ley ; 20 acrsa t!
8125 t> H. A. Lenore. Sail Francuo ;
20 MHi a k . 8137 50, to 11. P. Cbadb»urne ;
'M acres at 5137 M. to R. C. Cr.apn.sa ; 20
screi at Sl2O, to J. A. Bradley, of S >.n .lose ;
27 acrrs at §125, to Dr. D >bbiu*. of Vact
vil:e ; 26 acres at 5125, to J. A. lSradl<-y, of
Saa Jose; 20 acres at Sl2s, to E, Hitching' :
20 acres at $130, to nun ; 50 atris « §140,
to E P. Sanb?rne. of Vncaville ; 1 » a.:r. ■-.
at 8125, to P. Riordan, of VaeavfOa ; 20
!.cre3 at §120, to Mr. McCauKy, ..f ;S.'a
Fr.-. etopo ; I. acr?s at $117 50, to U. A.
l^er.'iT", S^n Fraiici*cn ; 40 acre at £11 j to
: iV2 acras at §112 50, to R. EL Barton,
V c rvifls ; 17 acres at $'.<O. to E. liitc : .iag^ ;
27 ncr-^ at 186, to H. P. Caadbourne, tud
I 21 a<-;i;n at SHU, to mug.
The rale of the GOO acre*-, thus divided into
! lota, amounted to about $i*O,OOJ, anJ iv place
of the recent exteurite wheat iieldp, SjUie
twenty-tivd homes will soon be bui't, and the
.- \ r 1 iiewi.v-i:ii«le email farms will be tr:»n-<
--fjnnodlatO Knowing and v«luabl> oohards
and vineyardi", wherein is prosperity and
A largo fire iv the tules in Yolo counly
illun.iuated the western heavens last night.
Tlie sti-res cf 3»cram»nto sro be^nning to
present aa appearance of approaching ho!:
The boneH of an infant were foi'nd last
Sunday oa the Riverside road, not iar from
One hundred »nd ten emigrant pa»<wnirerß
wiil arrhra in Secramento from the East tc
Yeaterdoy the Fire Department received
100 feet of rubber hose from t!:e Excehicr
Hose Company.
L. T. Mitchell, of Gait, has r»cMi-ec3 a
patent for a stacking and field derrick for
baiieeliiig purpose?.
Stipremo Trei^urer nt the Order of Ci'i-s«n
Friend*, Kmi Keanedr, will vi> it Friendship
C'Uocil of this city ton evening.
A special trsin Jo-d^-d with rattle arrived
l?st eveniac; fr"m Nevada. They ara iu
tendod for the Sun Francisco market.
It it stated t'nafc H M La Rne. Asa- mMy
mir.-fl^ct from thi* cunty. will be a candi
d*lo f>r S;>e»k?r i.f he ni-xt Assembly, nrni
! i» Ilfaoiitl r»f he viil go into tha coat' fit
with » sfropg support
E. F. Smith, of tbiiiki'-y. n spoken of as a
candirs*t« for tbe Sejetfiryfhip of the Sen
a'p ; P. .1. Har.-.ev is awoken of frir the pifi
t'\n\: of A'ljutanl-Geneaa!. V,. W. Mattta b
ruentijn6d aa private licretary for tho Gov
C>m l»in' is fnqnert!}' rr V byßtrari'^-H,
snd eva by hdw remletitß of Sicramejjto,
th't tiifly ere M'lab'e to travel about tl
I and fpeully fa the ■■httlm", on » not
of thfl s treoti not bsi:% <ie i :. Ed i;> ■ y
Tfnry Sr2ff ird wsn iff en to F.l^m State
H* w*» pe'.tenrwl ths d:4 bafora in Aa Su
p ?; ■•: (.',)u-' tn *w • v?«ic>rSn"-nii l at iv f'n» f
j prison, having pleaded nilty to v charge of
A* the aoeaiicg of isdHc tiled by the How
ard i-r -v it i Tittin to risprij' In at
Pi .n»?r HaU y-st-ird^y, |t 'vbs d cided, i- --:
oon-ulTii'.'. >n, t: 1 a^j-ur^ uni 1 to-'norrow
afternoon, in order t > hire n full meeting be
fore takirg definite actioa oa to the proposed
Wednksdat, If'ivemlier 15, ISS2.
Pipartmeist Two— fy'OJsON, Judge.
Chis. Br«J(-^n. vs. j>.inh B. lUxi.v re— Default of
defendant entered.
James Feeney vs. Walter Leamin — Trial of case
contti v d ami r.?et f<>r Deesmket 9th.
BU M.i\ 0 \ j. Mary A. Wallace — Same order as prc
The People vs. Minor WaMen- Order that J. W.
Havi-cn, of Stanielau?, be allowed US as witness
V.vi.sKMw, .Vovrmber IS, l^S-'.
Nr-vrini-er 1"> John Kider et ai. to Jacob olseu-
Lota 1 to 8 inclusive, in block bounded by A tad B,
Fourteenth aud Fifteemh streets, city ; also, lots 1
to S inclusive, in block bounded by A and D, Fif
teenth mid Sixteenth street", city ; grant.
November 11 — Cohen minors (by Ruardian) to J.
}'. Counts— N'->rth half of lot 5, in bli ck bourded by
D and X, Seventh aud Eighth streets, city ; 8000.
Palt Lake Potatoes ! — Another lurcie in"
voice of Salt Lake potatoes just received in
Si» order. Having made extensive purchases
of Silt Like potatoes, we are tow prepared
to till orlers at the liweat 6r>ireß and at short
notice, either in car-loads or l-~sn, to suit the
conveuiecre of pn.rch»*ers. Tne^a pocat.es
are so well and favorub'y known that we
re9d not speak about the quality. D.
Deßernarei & Co.. Not. 308 aud 310 X street.*
Twenty-Dollar Gold Fifces at a D:s
count— E-ghty-five doz«n triple- plated tea-
SDoocf, on pure white metal, only S2 00 per
dozen, at Arkermar.'* cltsiny out sale : s»>ld
everywhere for $3 50. *
Admitting thr\t tha wind was a little etrocg
yeatprd^y, it never prevented t!.e ladies from
vfoiticg thi" ?re»t dry coodn sal» at the Red
Houße. Silks and canhmtres had to suffer
tii.-ou ;h the way they were beincr cut up. *
Bear Good Interest.— Those
tri( le-platod tablespoons ani forks, on whi'e
metal, are a splendid investment lot X "20
rwr r"oz;n, b=i they are sold eveivirhere lor
$6 50 and $7. _ •
B. Dennekt ha^ purchf<«ed thp Rosedale
IV htee MartC: from O'Brien Bro«., an i
1 vt-ili open cut in full blast next Friday and
I S^tcr'ay. •
Tci Close Out.— Pixty-RFvcn dozen of
supe or Frer.ch hire-handle teb'.e Knives are
off-jr '. for S'J pfir d z'n at tha c!ris : ng out
| *-»l(> Ackeru-ai: k Cc; considered low for
Fo Fresh Gave: Millards, canvasbicks,
t*aL widp;i«)Di>, sprigs ard qnail, call at
! "Pe. lie's M«ikeV' J Rtreet, between Sixth
and 'fevrnth ('outb Mdp). *
Tb sksgivino will poon be on hand, onrt
hrusukeepers will do we'l to replenish their
! stock >i crockory and eln^swaro at the closing
Out B lie of Ackerman & Co. *
O«Ino to the blnsteii^c weatner yesterday,
our sJ> of lemiiacU will continue for to-day.
Hale : js. &IV •
Bnl $2 HO w.,rth i.f t .y» at Allmond's hoi-
May iKwniog en Saturday next, aDd diaw a
Jlopd.\ •
Lai t in Henghton's window. *
Ch»ce Mountain Atples, at Lonsrton's
" I'eofle'H Market, " at from $1 to $1 50 a box.*
RelKant Sale continued, on aceouE* of ip
clemest weather yesterday Hale Bnn. k Co.*
500 Bkautifcl Cbris'mas cards to be (riven
away at Allmond's opening on Saturday
next. *
All Remnants will be cloned ont to-day
positi-4ly. Cull early. Hale Bros. & Co.*
BaxAaisi in remnants to-day at Hale
Bros. & Co.V. •
_ Chsslet's Maple Rtm, with Tulc, is tin
rivalaJ for con^hs and r-ildi". *
OOROSI To-dat!— The remnant gale at
Haie Bros. 4 C.>. •
Ikw oioie ten.nacts at Btisfi ts day. *
Loos in HoHßbtoL'o window. *
Secant: Day'a Race*— gatclde of a Wnmsi
-«'ap!nre of a Miir.'crrr In I nknunn
Su'Clde — "!he tiTilmliiriv F.lr.
r..nl:<- Rloo I 11.ir.-i- .4>~orn lion -.••.;,•!
l»y or ihc Full Meeting.
San TlttKtMOß, November 15th.— This
*j* t:.e ■ Bond <iiy f.f the fall meeting of tbe
l'ao;tic Biood Horse Assicution. TVe at
. :<•• dance m pnod, (h^ tr-ick fast :nd the
| weather (avari-b'e. The first race was for
the I. urns' ,-takv, th-p.e-quirtcr da~h. and was
won \.y FliTifiMlh Time. 1:10?. L<5U
Speiicr *a< tee nJ, and M-ri.m ihirrt. The
I ra- c v .* in.? for all, three quarters of
a Kile ar.ii ri ;.. t-t. Tb? first heat wu won
by Pwwuigin, Fofett Kinif second, Fiark
Khoadg thirJ. Time, 1:14$ The second
imM r-\i wm by ■<< a Poweli," Premium eec
onrl, Itioaia thirj. Time, 1:14 J. Howell
took tb» third her.t i^ 1:15 The tnird rac?,
fot ti.ft Voatalatake, mile and aquiri r disb.
was waa by Preciou-, in 2:12 J. Dscb>» of
Norfolk stuuiid, Sinter if Lottery third. The
f'>arth wjb a h^i.iin ay for two-ytarclds, mile
das.h, aud wtg suo hy May B. iv 1:45, Lou
Spetcer second, C'.ara \V. third.
A Woman Hangs Her-c'.r.
_ Sak Francisco, November 15th. — Hen
ri tta Hil<itbraDQt, eoip'.cyu i as a doinefet'C
a- No. 1523 MU-.i-n ftrett, was found hang
ing to a dotbat-hon* on the urcuii tn this
i>; rji!:?. Ctase, whiskey.
Tracking «ompa?y Wi^anized -The Free
holder* Will Filed.
San Fr\kclßCo. November 15:h.— The Pa
c!fi.: Tracking Compeay has b*en iuenrpo
rattd htr.», fir the ru-p>ae of carrjicpon a
pener-1 tracking bu-i-e-s. Capital stock,
SfIOO.OOO, divided iuto 1 000 sf'mrts.
Tae per*.' us e!i.cte '. as frea! oldere to amend
and generally ,<ve the- charter of San Fran
ociwi I „«r-' . I •■a.crrow evening fur p.n in
furmal ■; | imlnn nf future plans. No Ch;ir
ro*n ui'.l bo t'.cs:. r l , as the menhirs < f ths
Board !:»ve Dot yet :f civod their ler'iticutes
'.f fcitc.i>M froiu 'in E'eotioo rVmintnriow- r?.
T.'.e will rf G o.>-e F. Sharp, tbe weil
knowa attorney, wl > died Htl.lenly in Couit
oathel7ia <f October, was filed tc-tl-y f r
prob .'■■ i"h*< total v^lue of the estate ;s
. itiiu^ted at 5150,000, a:,d c .csists of ; ?.l
■estitv, imtioff inttretls, ciah and t»n intu;
ttucu ij,,lii-y t f 1 .
fiipp'M'tf Murderer Arroslxi.
San Francisco, Noveuibsr lf).h. — Liw
ren^a Lodwir, v.. •. in ••! c!ai:iied shot a man
nam- d lieu R->u*-h durirg a fjuatrcl over a
trftiuc o: criU in Contra Cost* county SDne
tinie «:»", wan aire-itd here tv u'gUt. He
\vi:i 1) • tnk^-.i tj Martinez tomorrow, to
asswtr to a c'iary j of uiuoler. Lulwig, who
*ft»-r the ocearrenoe; hid luc^e his way tt»
Arizoni, ta< jutt rsturuei to the city.
Tiic ■««* < ilj Hull flock— An Inknonn
Sas Fuancisco, N,vember lo'.h- %Xhe
Comstttea of the Win** ot the B ird of Su
perflaflca, in exffu ! .:vase«-i.)n to-day, dedded
;o pas? tL9 raanlutloa anthnrrrim «• ■■•i'pro
priaii « i.f 5?2,OO0 Cue the |»iircca6« oi a new
cl ci for tha Ci'.y Hall o>er ih^ veto of
M»v-r Bi:.!<e.
The remsiia ot id Dakaown man was found
t'«-J»y ia a Lonely loeil^y near the l\\x inila
lii.'U-o. OB tbe Alia iou road. Dccaee^ had
■heoii coi-l frain uppearances fat WVrtM]
Breaks, Therd c .ull he no dnubt that the
pam B c >muii:t^>l Miicide. Trtre wm v i u-ly
ray :lver olai<pf d i:i his riaht hard sn i a bu:
let w .uud i:i th; right ten.pla. Nothing w>.b
f j'jni on Li? pHvra whicii cou!d lead to the
idestifiejtioa of the r< ; mains.
<rini nal InToi inaiion Fllnl.
Tax FBaKCOOO, N-j\v:nber Is;h. — A crim
inal iuf iruiali'.Q xrza hl~d to-.i iy In the
UtiitodSwi x District 0. arta^aioat V.\ : .. H.
Kow, maatero! tbe American b i^' Loolm,
for bsktiog or. I wonadtng V. Binfa on the
i]i;h 6- . r f, ;i-ii Ii -i> j- M irliu, the tLiird mate
of the v..~:o! 09 I .-i iii '.r c!ii>ri;e.
I'ai'iiDiultMii la Colombia.
Panama, November Oth. — A. young iii-r
--chant ol H-.T 1 . .;■ >* taxed Prrtes, in core-
P»ej with - la, sstebliabed bi
as ihs bank «>f the rtr« I*u'um»yo, tmoi g
tha «h| 11 i . t f . whi.h there eortn < v ry
i : i lYr-y cr olid a Koine, mtda
.-. in il clearing, and slre»'iy e,tw ti:eir wiy
to r. ■. r '.i bl : ■.. ■ , >vKfn tiiey were vi«
;■.-:'. Iy...:ii '• tr of ( ; -en (. ■• In .ijaa-, w) 0
c.i'e osteoti ily to trade, 'i't.ey wer» rr»eiv-..
we!!, a:-d kppirentl; IttiiGed ; but Mi'i
\-.i, they kttkeked aod killed tl.- (:..! i,:.i
r.'.j, n::\ tv rwudi a oked ar-d ate them.
Th« [ndl»r.» oevei vi Ued Ptttemayo before,
ai.<l th> me ever f»ii in wiih ttwm o:i the
Amazon. O Act tribes nhu tna.'.' ■ • -■ . ; r »p
--ren ,ucd it is l .tli v, .1
;h*t ■ ii»3 i tba more povarfal tir:
driTing tha « tketonM fnoaj the bnatt if tb«
anksown fore**, or that they a.a vulun.
tfttily emi^rsnts, who will nmr.'i-r Mid
(i'.'l-jdiT v. : c' iv> r opportaoity oilers, li.^i
dentf dv tiu fr nitier also sagpe^t that they
ni&y h»vo betn driven fr-'tn their hpine^,
vberever theae i:ny hs, by slavers, wboxo
vcse?!a ascended t*"VDi»l tributr»rie:< of the
Aniizua a inw uxsatbi »co in f»»rch of :-U\ .-,:
and produiv.' Tho Star and lit raid »ays of
t!.i- mxgesti'in : In.iiatis are oaptocad on all
tho iutwi t Mvtrr?, and ciiried i if to d ffer. Nt
out of-thc-.v^y regions, where they are c- m
p' iici to %» ri: i ti iiisntaiians established far
tway from aartbinj; hearing even a repem
bUocfl to ciTiiiuttion. l r , in probable that
tbedaathof l'irtea and !i:s iii-in-ia wiii at
t-..ct the attuuti'ju of the Colombian G v rt
ment to thew lons-ceglecied regiuna of the
%CH-el In Trouble.
London, Novo&bar 15 h. — The (Jermnn
b:»rk Alster", frunn S*a Fran^ifco for Qisens
towa, has taken retu?e at Vaip.raisu, leak
ing badl?. rihe ban pirlly jettisoned her
cargo, and will ri-.-liai m for repaira.
Itraih or a Ilrro.
Londox, November lo'.h. — K-.var.ai;h,
whoee name became fan.ouß in coantcliou
with the siege nf Lntknow, ia dead.
The Reno Gazette eaya the White Plains
well is down KOO feet. At 775 feet they
got a streak of salt water. The water is
getting better with depth. They have four
streaks of water iv all. It flows out over
the top of the pipe. Mr. Chapin thinks of
going down 2,000 feet before he stops.
The cost of treating free gold ores in
twenty-stamp mills on the Pacific coast
during the year 1877 was ?20 per ton. In
IS7S it was reduced to §G per ton, and in
1579 to ??•» per ton. In some districts the
cost now ranges from §1 25 to §1 50 per
ton only, which shows remarkable progress
in the right direction.
Sheriff Torr.pkin'i was aeked by a Nevada
City Tramterwt reporter ad to whether the
Oregon boots had been removed from Dor
scy ?.nd Patterson, as the latter had peti
tioned. The Sheriff 's answer wa? : "No,
sir ; and you can put it down that they
won't be so locg as lam Sheriff. "' Tv
prevent the prisoners from suffering with
cold on account of the encircling iro i they
e.-.ch take a heated brick to bed with them
at night, ami lay their m^cackd leg
upon it.
The Putaluma Anjti* sayß that there is
one phase of the dairy business which is
just no* giving some anxiety to the cheeee
makers. Good cheese is made of milk with
the cream included. " .^im milk cheese "
is pretty veil kn<-wn to experts. Il is the
ioweat grade of cheese, and, of course,
brisga a much lower price than a good arti
cle. The new process is to make cheese
out of milk that has had all the cream
taken off, and then find up so as to pane,
for cream cheese. Tne plan is to Bet the
milk and take the cream off for butter, or
other purposes, and thea enrich this im
poverished uiiik by adding any fatty sub
stance, euch as butterine, oleomargarine or
any oil which is not rank enough to make
an unpleasaut flavor. Now comes the
swindle! Thij bogus mixture is turned
out in competition with genuine cream
chee-e. Ihis should be remedied by strin
gent laws against adulteration of food—un
less it is properly branded and sold as
" adulterated food."
The Diyton Timrs says ? Tho cattle
disease, blackleg is caused by a small
cane-ahaped parasite which enters the
blood usually through the digestive organs.
This animalcule was not at fi-st supposed
to be dangerous to man, bat it is of a very
low order and changes its habits of life
readily. A few cases have occurred in the
X ..»t. where men btcame the victims of the
disease eitner through eating the meat of
diseased animals or by accidental contact.
The disease has been prevalent among the
cattle ia the southern part of the State,
acd a number of Indians in the agricult
ural valleys are suffering from something
which greatly resembles blackleg. The
antiirax parasite was discovered in the
blood of a mao wh> died -with symptoms !
aimiiar to th* bUckleg. and there "is ecarcf - i
ly a doubt that what is now affecting the !
Indians is the same malady, as they have j
been eating freely ot the meat of cattle j
which weu icfvi'Ud.
J. 8. Cone, of Red Bluff, U in the city.
J. A. Morelacd, of New York City, is in town.
8. C. .1- 1! J-«i, of Bue Canyon, was in the city yes
A F. Gunn and wife, of Son Francisco, are in
the ci'y.
A. L. Chandler, Senator-, lect from Slitter county,
is stopping in Sacramento.
Louis Gerber has returned to Sacramento from a
1 six months' 6tay in Ogden.
Isa&c Kf. r .i, a prominent mint-ewner, came down
fru-.i YHViuii City yesterday.
W. S. Jr nnines, Michigan Bar ; R. D. Fitzgerald
and wife, Sin J ■•<■, are in the city.
H. Belmore and wife, L. G. Fowler and H.^M
Canwrijrlit, of Lincoln, arc in town.
Mrs. W. C. Fitch has returned from a short tUit
t j Sin FraLcisco for her health, tcuch improved,
ilisj Carrie Campbcil, of C'..pp'jropoli«, aua W, K.
Barnes and wile, Sin FrautUcn, are vitality Sjvra
Miss Alice Smith, formerly r.f Facram<*t», ha»
rettrned to Oakland after a ehort visit to friends in
this city.
Mrs. W. Cunningham, of Pittsburg, Pa., who has
been stopping in the city for some days, left yester
day for Sau Francisco.
Mrs. I. R. Bennett, J. L. Ilmna, Thomas W.
Ward, L. Scbwitzer, H. S. Miilzuer, J. Steinber^r
and r . A. Hyde, San Francisco, arc stopping in the
Justus Orecley, Thomas Doiurall, Peter En|;elß
and F. K. Krause, of Marysville, came up from San
Franc'.scnyetteidav, aLd went home by the after
noon train.
Mrs A. S. Briuli and C. A. Brush, uf Uarictta,
0., are stopping in the city. Mrs. Brush is a suti-r
of J. S. Cone, < f Ked Bluff. It is her intention to
spend the winter in California.
R. Davidson, Black's, Yo!n county ; R. E. Carter,
Truckee : J. H. Bayley, Oakland ; L R. Poundstone,
Mvi BpriaK*: W. .\. Ford, E. Parnur, Alder Creek;
and H. Watthburn, San Francisco, were in the ~city
Last evening a hirth':ay surprise party was given
I to Miss Nellie Tod'l at the residence of L. P. Gil
man, ou X ttreet, between Twelfth and Thirteenth.
I here waa a 1 r^'e number of truests present, who
parto >k of an excclleut supper and otherwise cele
brated the occasion.
State House Hotel : .1. B. Green, David Osborn,
Mrs. O-born anJ son. Hiss I). Osborn, J. X Oluen
and w fe, Courtland ; G. H. Humphnys, El Djrado
couLty; Charlts Jordan, J. Johnson, J. U. Fosttr,
Placerrillc ; V. L. Imis, i). L. Davis, Jr.: Alex.
Davis, Cosumnea ; S. Murchinson, Jihn Mott and
w fe, Alex. Donalds m, Plcuant Gnu c ; L. Gregory,
P.iotHill; r>. A. Rus^.:ll, Newcastle; A. Jtanh,
Franklin ; EL K. Slug liy. Florin ; J. M". TUUiu^
Tlie Younu Bachelord' Club t' lv c their second
s icin party lattnifrht at Jacobs' Hall. Guuics and
dancing were indulged in until 11 o'clrck, when the
"1. . .clo's" served the comp:niy with refresh
ments. Da' dog waa resumed until 1 o'clock,
whtn the musk- of " Boat, BuMt Home " wirned
ti; ■ piauart-aaken that they n.mt dcpirt. Ttie
anaafammtt was in charge of A. Olsn.i h» door iii
rcctor, ami E. li. Myers, E. A. Petric, H. C. Lest, r
and C. K. Wrij;lit, Hour uimaKers. There is a pos
sibility that the club is pro)>erl.v named, but the at
tention devoted to the fair pcx last evening may
probably cause some of the members to withdraw
ere long.
Visit Georße D, A luiond's yratd hciiriay
opening on Saturday next. *
Kemsants, remnauts to-day at II »\ • .-. « (
Look iv H u^htoc's wiadow.
Near Brighton, November 12— Ey Rev. J. tf. *.
H-.nry, at the residence of the bride'a }>arentt>,
I'rofe3B»-r W. S. Hunt, of Sicram^uto, to Mattie
A. Sharp, of Brghton.
Sin Francisco, November 11 Juhn Castle to Minnie
San FtmndMO, November 11— John Sealer t > Ilattic
San Praadno, November 12— Geor n -e H. Souther to
El'cn Sweeney.
Ytekn, November 5 Daniel W. Carpenter to Juiia
A. Carpenter.
Beott Valley, October 20 -James Johnson to Laura
Bkber, November 5 -Chester Bibcock, Jr., : Adclia
Ackerm n.
ij'iuisr. October 30— H. Kl- ppenlmrg to Margaret
Onivile, November 7 -Samuel Lloyd to Allii:
Near Hta'dsburg, October :;; — Wife of Geo. Slocum,
a sin. '
Sacramento, November 14— Heiry P.ooUuff. a na
tive of Gtrma' y, 52 years, 5 mouths and 10 da>s.
[Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited
Ui atU'tid the funem.l, which will Uke place from
his !atc residence, in *.ho all- y, betwftea r.jurth
anil Fifth, L and M streets, thi-i aflernot-n at 2
Sirr.-.ur nto, No\<r.iber If> — Henry F., st n of Jacob
S .>il, ti \ ' ■ r-, - .rluliths and 2 d lyft
[Friendi :*> i ; : . ..ntancLS urc rtspo.-tfxilly invited
t.» attt'ti'l the funeral, whtaaa will taka pace from
the resilience of pantdf, K strott, lid ■ Mil Six-
UcaOj and SeTentaoatfa, '.i.i.i ttf aueu at £:ao
o'clock. ]
\ illcjo, Oetobor 27— Frank I>. Hi ad, :;7 \ears.
W,: EMS!
~ -•— "— t K2® "XT t^.'OrX!
No. 1015 Fourth street,
Ob« or 6M I re. In Rnttr ronnly. Ihrre
miles from BitrirH' Station, beinf? property of
MAMON BIGGS, Jr. Is the best prain, fniit or
&]filfa land in Butte county ; is well timbered ;
with jp>od larjje dwelling, barns, blacksmith shop,
tools, ennary, etc Will F.xchanok is Part for
KMMOECI is Oakland ok kackamknio.
A Cood Hairy or Hop Ranrh or T27 Acr« t
on Sacramento river. Two good dwel ioirs, barns,
stable ; is well timbered ; lias a few bop poles on
place. Will be lold for Ijw price of 8-0 per acre.
Hop and lirnln U: n. li »r 400 Arrr*. on
Cosumnea river ; 23G MM of fine bottom land.
I '■■•■ I rim tSnnrh or U.i irn -, -Ifr.iicH
7 mi :■- from Sru-raniento ; 17 acres in orchard, '.I
acres in blackberries, 4 ncre» in strawberries, 2S
acres iu vineyard ; rt-'ain enirme and pump for
irriifatinir ; rood buildim. I*,1 *, etc. This is <ne of
the best rait ranch"« mi the plains. Price, « 10,000.
Terms ( f payment easy.
Small Farm af Si *rrr«, nrar rrnr>n,
wit!, fruit trees, of ail varieties ; I.OCO urape
vines, I,S :o blackt crr> aud I, 1 00 raspberrv bushes,
all in (rood Imii c co!..ii:iun. Price, $2,500.
Farm or 1« Arrr*. !-•.> Mltc of llie rily—
108 frnit tw », S.OOfi forcigii gra|>es ; dwcllirp,
barn, etc Price, $3,000.
mnn .s ai.«ip. -.••.■- „..„;...
Vitalise the Sv«ein. %\, A >rre»t t> • ravavt-a of the
drcadful Aicohul l!»'j t, " DII'SuMANIA."
0F 4»k yunr Dm.: i-t «r Wlof|"'« - <*h««t
for ihciii. tl- Syda
»««♦♦t«>,t««,,»t,,tttttl( , t t , , t t t ; ;; ; * • * # *
Weinstock & Lubin.
!!!!!!•••** * #"*"« - • « * •*• • « * * • •" * **~*** * ~«r~i~i~ * * * *""••"
81CEIHEMO TK»U*i«IT3Kt. tl f*T4 nv THE DAV.
Tkmperatdse Yesterdat :
Highest, t -,o Te * deatro i" e<l '" Bartoß Harbor, 177:i.
Lowest, 41
San Kties 6:42 A. M.
Tempkkaiure CoitßESPjNnixT Dav, 1881 : SKa 4 : 4$ P . M .
_• , Moon R:sf« 10:22 A. M.
Higheat. -,$ Moon Suatiu 4 : so p. m.
Lowest, 50 Da; '.> LMkgtfa 10h. Gmin.
«r An assOTtmetit of DRESS GOODS,
rich in the deserving fashions of the day, and
abounding in every sort of staple goods.
This stock is new and fresh, and the eoods
of reliable manufacture. It is customary
with merchants to expect large profits in
DRESS GOODS, particularly in novelties
and new styles ; but for our part, we are
determined that this Department shall do
its share towards sustaining the reputation
of the House for just and reasonable prices.
We cannot run the risk of having our ten
DEPARTMENTS judged by too high prices in
any one Department. Visitors are welcome
to come and see, without any thought of
Apropos of DRESS GOODS, we men
tion the receipt of a large line of DRESS
BUTTONS. The Salesman in charge
informs us there is no pattern or no color
in this season's dress fabrics which he can-
Boys' Clothing!
BLOUSE SUITS, all-wool ; ages, 4 to 10
years ; very neat and stylish. Price, $4.
Good, Strong, All-wool CASSIMERE
SUITS; for ages, 10 to 16 years.
Price, $7 50.
Handsome Brown-checked CHEVIOT
SUITS; ages, 10 to 16 years. Price, .
SCHOOL SUITS; for ages, 7 to 1 1 years.
Price, $5 59.
SUITS; dark gray. Price, $5 50.
Sizes, 32 to 36 breast.
2*4 to 6 years ; with or without capes.
Price, $6.
Nos. 400, 4< 2, 404, 406, 408 K sf., Sacramento.
in i-«i ••■»:. A>tD in.Ai.i ;: in
M"os. 1018 and 1018 Second street, between J aiici K. Saoißa
i&la: WaTCHIIA;^E3 AJ»» «nEf.)-B, »«6 J 4T., Ei, . . »»» „ .» a*4 TISC' i fc; i"
«? Dtifer Iu WATCaES, JEWELR7 AND DJAIiONI>S. Bupt&tbm >p r;i »-, »— ■«— i- -■-■■
under MK. VLOBKiiU. Agent for Ko,--.-»r«J Watch tojcpoi.,. inlMplin
•T* Importor, iJannfvJiurer, Wbclssa'e MB) BafatU ih^ti .a g.w> JuuiUuua t. i '
Wos. tot. MXi and 6Oit K mrcct, Itft. SlvCii aw<l B«Teßth. ix^-f jjnfßir, au7.Sptf
fe^ w?iw! NO. 411 K STREET. BACR*ME*!TO M^S^r-*
ii tan or cnrrAMß, *hu>es, tmrnaam, etc.
**" I w uhl mpml the public to cill and examine my ianc* stock oi L-oods before purchasing eUe
»hue, aa they will Hnd it to their au vantage.
_fou.>try Onlfr-i Solk-lif.;. antl Smihlmilon «uarnuircd. oSO-
Grand Opening, Saturday, Nov. 1 8.
13- TOVS AND FANCY GOODS of all kinds will b* on exhibition. FIVE HUNDRED BF \fT'^fr
CHRISTMAS CAKD3 WILL BE GIVEN AWAY, and all purchaser, of 42 £0 worth of K o<i.i» wi 1 be
allowed to draw additional prizes, ran K -iug in value from 10 ceuts to JlO, from a GK\B Bai: whirh we
sl.all have on that day. None should fail to a'tend. ' Ao wmctl we
TT3"JET I TarS' X3l2,"Cr<3r STOEI .•, W
CORWCB ';•!: Til A'.T J STREETS. i.r.'ia.S.K-.n,;. . M<t \MY\ TO.^sfUß&lSSSß*'^''
■sroiTK r:s3Ci».7srcj^i o^ 1 buying
At the present prices, wUI vanish,
Ackerman & Co.,
Nos. 629 and 631 J street, Sacramento.
fc-T Our Sioro* wU! <-!o.»e :il 7 P. M. sharp <>'ntnrdayi exc.-ps*«l>. "SJ
j ~ I
«o0 T "F QT A^pff^ TTaf-kpr Paß^ lM
j street. U. J?. OLiiiiilirb, IlduuUl, kowr
.J. Spieker \J f\ \J \j| © . *»^ a^ ft '
Breech-Loading Shotguns,
Winchester Rifles,
Hunters' Supplies,
■ " .'. O!i:\7i> AND SAN Fi?A.«I*«O.
Powder Companies
Lattd (2 r » a> res in vineyard and 4I» aortsvßSr
ir. sum:n«r fallow), near Swinj Stition, four" ■•*
miles from flu ISIIIIIIIU) Price, *<;,'JOO, if sold soon
Onr-vto: v nnd Rnsomcut Frame^Sf^
House, ci»Mtriinmg riitie room 4 *, bith, city EjjL
water, g"a o , cement walks »tid cl'lot. Albo BrtfL
Stable/ Let fcOxlCit, all above gnJe. situatu OD
Iwenty-thirU street, between O and IL
38.'. J Street Sacrament*
*" price: 50CTS
for ««in.H-. COLDS AHTHMA, BB»\-
L«»«» OF TOIi'K, Inripl -!.« Coniompllon,
and all DlKraoeM or Hie Throat an 1 Langx.
A-U for 1..e « 1 ::ii'«-nl.i Tuiru'iii ir\ Baljiam.
and take no slher.
J.!R. Gates & Co.,
417 Sansome st., Fan Francisco, i
■frttfijwimi i
mm new furniture! mm
Sinijle Pieces, Be<i>iini.', etc.
W. D. (OMSTOCK, Cor. Fifth and K streets. ilS n
Ili, GEARY & CO .,
WHOLE "it*. Ai* fililit^""*"
W-.7. 416 J STREET.
Drugr, Cbrmlcnls. I'm; rie jv
lory Ar:lcli'a. lc di >. fefe •
Toilet aiid tare l'o«d r.. j^q»T°- j
Hnapti, Cof>mrli<-> ; Kalr. Vt^^}^'
Toolh, \u!l. < ion.. V.i.ih m£ifn~i\^g
and Flfkh '.'•:-•■ -!i « ; '. • m,
en, Mip;i..-t ■■!• . Hbonldrr liracru. Silk
'lilM Stock, ug*. «'rt Glaaaware. o >
and l"< i fyin ■ (im», tic.
Will 1>« found «. ; ii.i- M 'liar brpt kf an
Honiie iv tbc state.
Prepared by MMHI itVnrn:a< i-.
-o'2G islm
• baeramento, ha« joat takci. the Wh< se«»le
I Saa r-ranu«j.. CIUCKF.HB tdi at lo».
FYansLiio pries, with difference in time an ! Ir- >u
in favor of pur;h:u«rs. Also, FISHbRs CHOICK
C-'iSKFCTIO'-'S. »t inweat market rut-a. auw-it^
', i ?ro flo ui.fortuiiato ae to remitr
ttith i mind mature l and enriched by stup'es of at.
id onier, I can safely say that there is hiird'.y
■ ifaa an in the catalogue of huaiai; ills that I oaa
not treat to a successful iggiie.
LADIES -lam alwava ready to assist vou. M
pant kr.nwit.-dge ha* been Incroascd by e\ttusiv»
exgieriencc. lam now ablo to treat you v : .;<: tfc"i
certainty nf buccsm. No cage peculiar to your del!
cate orvaniem is beyond my sure control.
My Fuinalo Monthly Medicines arc «ar*n I to K
oflerod heretofore, and will be wamntca v, hi ■
desired effect in all cases.
TMose of the public who need my MrvloM .
pen<l aron centleinanly, honorabii and ■
treatment at reasonable nuui
I address p-irucolarly thog" who have boen la
Jnred by ynuthful imUiCTetioua, ana tf.y*,
liavc contractsil local dUeaser
!'■ rooim afß;c'ed can, if they prefer, coimuf. m«
by letter, detailing the syicptoraa of the duxsaae or
triable, and receive medicine by exprew. wiui foil
infitructicng. All letters muet be directed to J. H.
JuSSELYis, U. D 22« SutUr suect, ban rruic*
Cure warn.ited in all eaan, or no pay required.
Conmi.'tationa, personally or by letUr, eraty. Send
fm book. Comfortable apartmenta fjr paliaoti a;
my Inflraiarj' (when desired), wiin t-j<c.-iu:.ot>.'
Ooninltation Parlors. 228 Suiter etree'., aJjoiaia
the Yi.unir Mcu'k Christian Association BuiMini.
Office hours— From 9 A. «. to 8 P. «
Mr Diploma hans* •" ">' »n-.<
Purchase my Kssay on Physlolotfy and Marrnjo.
For sue by all newsdealers.
J. R. JO»SELY>, It. D.
No. 1116 Twelfth -!-•<£, t>rt. k and t.

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