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MIKSAT »IIV«»K f. 1888
j|^ '^ z Si
Notice— Germania liaiidiri^' and Loan Association.
A. O. F. — Court Capitol, tc-aipht.
K. of II — Caii'nrnia Lod,(«, tonight.
K. of P.— SaeranieuU) Lodge, to-ui^ht.
Strayed or Stolen— Bay Mare.
Far Sale Phaeton, second hand.
Genuine Medical Lake Silt— H. J. Postel, Agent.
Lecture — Westminster Church, tc-morrow night.
Summons— To Sacrament 1 Lumber Company and
Auction B.
Bell kC" — 11 iusi-tin'd Goods, to marrow.
Bell & Co.— New Departure in Auction Business.
Bnslcesa Advertisements
Geonje D. Allmoni]— Holiday Opening, continued.
Ackennan h Co. — " Keep an eye on thU space."
Mississippi Kitchen- Next door to RicordUxicm.
Friend i Teiry Lumber Company— Lum her whole
sale and reuii.
Hale Bros. & Co.—" A Special Garment."
Mechanic*' Store— Men's Clothing, Dress Goods,
E. H. McKee, City Auditor, makes the
following report for the week ending Satur
day, November 18, 1882:
Balance on hand lart report 1151,000 29
Receipts tor the week 1 37s 09
TouU *1M,27S 3S
G«D«nl Fund »15 00
Water W. rks Fund 171 03
Ltn-v Kuii'l 8 0)
Street Kund 45 BO
Police Fund 115 4!)
acvet Fund 56 50
411 62
Total amount in Treastirv $152,506 80
Sinking an<] Interest Fund $97,105 33
General Fund 12.511 90
Water Wurks Fund 8,5«9 8»
■Ire Department Fuud 7,476 73
School Fund 12,2(3 5]
Levee Fund 642 |)5
Cemetery Fund 2,8'i8 36
Street fund 1,533 03
police Fund 5,728 68
Bond Kedrni|itiou Fund 13 84
Kxhumation Fund 501 00
Fire Department liond und Interest Fund C 2 21
Library ('und 1,501 74
Sewer Fund 1,270 07
Dob Fund 5 7U
X, L, Ninth and Tenth street Fund 13 20
Total »152,606 SC
Freight to Arrivl. — The following
freight for Sacramento passad Ogden on the
15 ;h instant : For Van Heuseu & Huntoon,
10 boxes chaiis ; W. D. Comatock, 9 boxes
chairs; Waverhouse & L=eier, 10 bundles
hubs ; W. A. &. C. S. HonghtoD, 3 cases en
velopes, 1 ca»e blank books; Hsle Bros. &
Co , 1 ea»e hosiery ; Capital Furniture Com
piny, 24 bundles chairs ; H»U, Luhre & Co.,
1 box cards: Adams, McNeill & Co., 1 box
cigars ; Scofield & Tevis, 10 barrel < eil, 85
barrels beer; E. K. Avery, 1 box books ; G.
Corwin, 1 c»Ha cigars; W. It, Strong, 5 bar
re'B cheetnutß ; liillicgsiey & Co., 85 bundles
splint baßkfct>, netted, 1 bag corks, 3 cases
cards ; Joseph Hahn & Co., 14 cases, 3 pack
age, 1 bcpket, 4 kege, rt boxes and 1 barrel
drug?, 10 hi.xci soap, 1 cat* dry goods, 1 box
tinware ; Mary S. Cowj;er, 1 bale yarn ; B.
Ly«.n & Co., 1 box h(*i?ry ; Weinstock &
Lubio, 1 measuring inacH-<>, 1 box taps; J.
L. Chadderdon, 1 caso brushes; A. A. Van
Voorhies &. Co , 3 Hcx-s leather dash-boards
3 crates stirruf.u. 1 c^i'e f-anies, 2 boxes Bid
dlery hardware, 1 bos la(es, 1 (ass leather, 1
case cuny-combs ; Iytdlf-y & Co., 10 barrels
hams, 2 os*w ami 1 box cards, 2 packages
tobacco ; Mefcius & Co., 1 cifa cards ; Scott
& Muir, 1 box gu fixtures, 1 cr»te sinks ;
Huntiogton, Hopkina & Co., 200 kegs nails,
2 case« o-rews, 3 cairea iron butts, 1 box lant
erns, 12 luxw ucile?, « roll* boilar felt, 3
bundles bar iron, 1 ciae vises, 1 case lantern
A New Pepartcrb. — Bill 4 Co. auc
tioneers, annuities that they hava decided to
take a new departure iv their line of busi
ness, and will hold an extensive clwieK-ut
e»le to-niorrow, and f:iat hereafter they will
hold two r-gu'.ar sales each weak at their et
tabiixhiaent rm J street — : a<nely, on Tue&
days Hud Fridays. A Urpe lit of p*w i-od
icjond-hanl furniture and household good-;
,' < i to ba sold i.c thenc 8»!c; abo,
i i.p.-.-.itu h. hardwire, pro*i»
iocs, etc. [tit Btited tim hereafter i; will
be a Ita'lin ; nicii,u and commitsiuii him.",
at which ceariy everything th»t cotf ,i nan "■
all kind* msy desire ta purebwe cj;i be vr^
cured of Rood quality at auction, and wliere
merchants and all others can hud mud/ dis
posal of fjnodi-, stock, iiiplemente, etc., of
any kind, to be »o'd at be«t advantnep, upon
ootnmtaiun or otherwwe, aad rituri:B mad 6
in all ci^ea iniiiedUtely up >n el >s; of sale.
The sale co-morrow will cna^t, in pirt. of
one mahogany wardrobe, ona pine wardrobe,
one pice d üblu w»rdrob?, one child's imag
irt; cradle, one high-top bedstead, feather
pillows, kitchen Baf<?», doable bedsteiidj and
sprinz ma-tresse?, ttiree-qaarter bedatoad?,
round tablep, one barber's cisc, chairs, polu
and hair pillow.*, top mattresses, one counter
and nhelviaK, o|l paintings, cbronos, tables,
chairs, crockery and three acoordeons.
She Gets a Medal. — Some time ago these
column* contained an account of the return
to J. L. Skinner, of this city, of a sword
taken from him in tha late war, when he was
raptured by the Confederates. The officer
who took it f.om him was a Captain Hill,
who wore it during the remainder of the war,
acd who after the close of the rebellion pave
it to his mter, Miw Mollie F. Hill, of Vir
ginia, at her earnest request, that she might,
if possible, restore it to the friends of its
original • woer, it being supposed that he was
dead. The spirit manifested by the letter
which accompanied the sword upon it* re
turn was regarded by the ex- veteran soldiers
who were a--eii;Med at the ii c ;tiu.r on Sat
urday evei icg, &i so noble and heroically
patriotic that it was at once unanimously
resolved to give expression of its rec ignition
in a suitable maater by all the ex-Union sol
dieis in Sacramento. In ace trd&ace with
this purposß a purse was immediately made
up by voluntary contributions to procure a
fine gold medal, with suitable inscriptions,
to present to her, and a commutes appoint- d
to draft r>sjlutions to accompany the pra<
Fokebal. — O^e of the most imposing fune
rals that hu taken place in this city for eouie
time waß that of Prof. Gustave l.nh.re yes
tor.Jay. Tha funeral sermon was by R?v.
Charls* Taubner, of the German Lutheran
Church. Tin S»cramento Hu ears, iv uni
bum, w.'-! ;:. The Sacramento
Tur.i Vtireio, in a l>ody, and delegations from
soc:t:;,B i . - .v Francisco and StosktO'i, were
pretext Rw schoUiß of the gymnasium —
K'ys i»i d — each carrying an offering of
i! iwcif, i-tiL-.ii. At the cen.etery ashoit
addiesi wat dslivere i over the grave by a
mcoibtrof the Turn Verein. At the close of
the burin) the $ta\e was literally covered
wi.h fi iwns ry toe children. Although Mr.
Lohse had bre:> a resident of this coast but
little "v ■ .t y ■ .r. he !i.» 1 made many warm
friend?, who sincerely mouru his loss.
K*ii;hts (.¥ Honor— A Lodge of the'
Knight* of Honor was oigauizad at Benicia,
Solano county, Friday evening, November
17ch, with twenty-five charter members, by
D. G. D , X F. Aiken, of Sacramento, as
sisted by P. D. Shepherd, of Marysvilte.
The new 1. ii_r was named "Benicia, " and
the following- named persons were elected |
officers fur tue term : P. D., N. Laurence • I
D., J. N. Logan ; V. D., W. L. Genung ; A.'
D., J. H Algeo ; R«p , J. Noaker ; F. Rep.,
W. H. ltulofson ; Treasurer, A. Robinson ;
Chaplain, Fred. Schneider ; Gaide, E. Coul
burn ; Guard, A. Fk ming ; Sentinel, J. H.
Oitello; Trustees — F. P. Robinson, Fred.
Schneider and William Lowensteic.
Ci'MMtteiAL. — The following steamers
have arrived at this place since last report :
Varuna, from upper Sacramento, with barge '
of grain acd broinicorn ; San Joaquin No. 2,
from Sin Fruncuco, with general merchan
dise, and barge of coai. Deputed — Varuna,
for upper Sacramento, with barge, light ;
San Joaquiu No. 2, for San Francisco, with
barge brought from upper Sacramento by !
Citt Tkxascrt.— The following are the re- !
ceiptt of the city treasury for the week end
ing Saturday, November 18th : S. R. Cald
well, semetery dum. ISO 75 ; K. D. Scri ver,
water rates. 8787 50; N. A. Kidder, harbor
dues, «10 ; W. A. Henry, PoUce Court fines.
10; George A, Putnam, city license-,
9514 08 ; George A. Putnam, d >g licttnaea, i
$5 76; Total, $1.378 09.
A Ksw Ship.— Uj Saturday there arrived '
ia the port of Sao FraccUcj from Newcastle, '
N. S. W , a new steel ship baded with 3 450
ton&.of coal c lDtigted to toe Capitol G s I
of .S.crimento. Tbis vessel is ;
the Garfield. and is claimed tv be the j
first ship mad- oJ ft»;*l that ever eoi-ted that
port. I
' A Passenger Train Duheß into the Rear
or a Freight Train— A f rakemaa Killed
and Three Cars Burned— The Verdict of
the Coroner's Jury.
On Saturday, at 7:o* P. M , the overland
exprees traiD from San FrancUco ran into a
special freight train a short distance beyond
I > ivi.villa. The freight caboose and two b.x
cars caught fire acd burned np. la the ca-
I booas wag a brakem&n named William Hcg-
I fjatt. who was caught in the shattered car
! acd burned to a crisp before any assistance
| c ii.'i be rendered.
The cjllieion recurred tv: a short distance
from the DavisvUle depot, and on a covered
b.'iige over Putah creek. The freight train
was composed of empty caw, and was ran
ring on, or nearly on, the time of the express
i train. At the time of the acjilent the ca
| boose and three cars from the rear of the
I train were standing detached from the re
maicder of the train, which had gone some
«i,c(i ahead. The conductor, Thomas
ItiUy, was near the front of the train, it be
ing the intention to fide-track at th.-t place.
As soon as he knew of the accident he hur
ried back to the scene and entered the burn
ing caboose, and seizing an ax attempted to
extricate tbe iaiprinr.ned brakeman. He
worked until tbe ti>- drove him from the car,
i; having singed his hair and whisker?.
The exprees train was in charge of con
ductor Weat. W. A. G.irri«m w»s tiie en
giueer, and Frank Hal!, fireman. It is
claimed by the engineer and tireman that the
usual red lights were not on the rear of the
freight train. As teun as the train was ob
terved the engineer reversed tbe engine and
nut on the air-brakes. The darkness and the
bridge prevei.ted him from Beeing it in time
to stop the coll is ion. He staved at hu post
of duty, and when the engine struck, the
caboose wax thrown on the top i.f the first box
car, and the front of the engine was elevated
to inch a decree as to pwwrt him from get
ting out of the front of the es.b, und he had to
break the window to make his exit. The
fireman jumped from the moving train at the
first signal of danger acd escaped n»lurt.
The shock to the express train caused the
. usual consternation among the pas'engfr«,
tut Superintecdent Wright, of this divis.;<n,
wbo was on boud, was at the scene of the
wreck as coon as possible, and with the as
tUtancecf the train nien acd the passencer^,
bad the coaches run back cut of dingerof t:»e
fire. The proximity to the bridge placed
that in danker from the (hm-v, and it was
only prevented fr; m burning by wet ! 1 >i k :.
btirg placed on the timbers. An attempt
was first made to reach the brakcrcan in the
burning caboose, but without avail.
_ Word was immediately telegraphed to this
city for a---i---ii.ee and also to the wrecking
traio at Vallejo. Some coaches from the
yard here were sent at once, and the local
passengers ami those bound for Colfax and
j way stations wero trantferred and brought to
thii city, arriving here at l>:15 o'clock. Over
| land pissenge.-e, &^d tho mail and express,
i were left in the cars standing on the track
until the wreck c.uld be cleared. This, with
the assistance of the wrecking train, was ac
complished in Beaton for thedeUved train to
reach Sacramento at 7:45 yesterday morning.
The train sent f io.n this city, as soon as it re
turned with the transferred passengers, went
back and received the passengers from the
San Fracciscy local train, which U due one
hour after the overland. It arrived the sec
ond time, shortly after u.i.ii-fcht. Superin-
I tendent Wright rernkined at tie scene of the
disaster all night, laboring with the wreck
A. J. Vermilya, of this city, who was a pas
reoger on the exprts* train, says he was fit
ting in a car taikiog toother passengers, when
they wereenddenlv filched forward over the
eeatp. His fire: impression wi; that twci
trains had run into each other. He got out
j <-f the ear as s>on as he couid and went for
i ward to the ermine. He says the first thing
he saw was tho engine standing at an angle
of abjut 45 degrees, with the first freight car
us a support, the caboose having been thrown
on top of the first rear box car. He then
heard erica from the caboose, "Oh, niy
head !" and "Help ! help !" He sail Kdwin
Glover, of this ci'y, attempted to enter the
Cibooae to resoua tbe imprisoned brakeman ;
«l»o that tin , pre»eace of mind *nd coolness cf
Superintendent Wright ia directing the men,
and the peri#nal Resistance recdercd, was all
that prevent the bridge from baicg buruer l ,
and parhai* seme ut the cira of the express
Amang tl b Sacramento p'.ople who were
passengers ci l the tnir, ba>i4rs those already
meutioneH, *ere Ju<?g-> S. C. l)ei.s n, W. X
Cierber, Ho; Eidiel, Charles ElJ;ed aud M.
S. Uoran, a f r:u_r S. »-.-.»riie_t;.u.
The civ»« of the accMen". cmM not be
d- finitely «x s^rUiatd. It i;>;jeii'.'t that the
I special frti bt was v ijciej '.> ruu thrm.h,
.kecp-Di; enf i.'. irie ••...-,- cf i^u'»r triune.
ThumjH R lev, the conductor, onto i „t b«
Br-oa jeattn! y, he having left on the first S n
Franciscj t*ir, bu: it i-> ntdentood tiiat he
though; th«ro was sufficient lime tv reach
L>*v;«vil:e. #«c he would have pu . tho tr.-.n
on the bidtgtruck ht "Trenn'nt," about 'i\
miles distant, and the first track beyoLd
Davisville. ;in regard to the cignal lights oa
■ he rear of fci- train, i; was the direct duty of
Horfgatt, who was au old and true.ttd brake
man. Tne fcnuduc'.«.r is said to have pt«ted
that of bio own ksdwlof^-o he did not koow
whether or »o'. the iijht-i were on the rear of
the train. iTi.e caboose ia suppnned to hsv.
caught firei from the lsmpn inside, or else
from the stove. Tha wrecking train arrived
h?re with tfce shattered engine at 11:45 A. M.
yesterday. : Iti rumber is 172.
Ai-sistan ; Superintendent Muir, when
asked yestjpday in regard to fie accidenf,
said if any CDe was responsible it was the de
ceased bnieman. It is senerally under
stood, howler, an. nog railroadmen, that the
conductor ■ di:ec'.ly responsible for any neg
l'gence of br*kemen. Mr. Muir also «»id
the det»chdß c&r* had accidental!? become »o
eU~ ; h" ' 'i:i i■ i w>uld prcbably'have bean
prevenfei. Hw-ver, eye witnesses state
that the remainder of the tr*in was but a
short distaece ahead and also on the main
Tee brakeman, William Hoggatt, who
lost his life, was about 26 er 27 years of age,
and was the tallest man employed on thi-i
pirtion of tbe road. He was known among
railroad men as " Omaha." Some five or six
years since he worked on the Sacramento
Divi-ion for some time, after which be went
East, returning something over a year ago.
He was a native of and his parents still re
tide in Ames, Story county, lowa.
A Coroner's inquest was hald on the re
mains cf the brakeman at Davisvillo yester
day, and news received at the office of the
train dispatcher last night says the jury
brought in a verdict of death caused by the
careledgnesj of the train m«c.
Beyond the death of Hoggatt no one was
injured other than by flight bruises. It ih
stated that the force of the cjllUion was tuch
us to shatter some of the timbers in tue
.Fire.— An alarm tf fire wa3 soutded at
1:30 o'clock this morning caueed by the
burning of a pnn.li frame dwelling in Slater's
ad iii.in to this' city. The building wm
owned and occupied by Mrs. M»ry McCarthy.
The building, together with the furniture, i*
a t<t»l l.ita. The extent of the lo.'s and
amount <l insurance cnuld not b3 learned.
Chief Suliivaa remarked to a Recobd-Umun
representative. •• Wi'.hout water, as> u.u»l "
It was currently reported after the fire that
Mr*. McCarthy periate 1 in the Dimes.
Incorporated. — Articles of incorpora
tion have been filed with the Secretary of State
by the l'aafic Trucking Company. Directors
— SidLey M. Smith, A. D. Cutler, A. F.
Cotiant. Mvx S^mid:, GL B. Jennings Cap
ital stock, SlOO.OuCHivileJ into 1.000 shares.
Principal place of bu -iuess, San Fru.nci.-co.
Late Abbbsts.— The following names ap
peared od the slate at the station-house last
night at 12 o'clock : T. Klibitz, safe keeping,
by Junes, local ; S. Biock, disturbing the
peace, by officers EMred and Carroll ; C.
Furgigoq, battery, by officer Jackson ; Win.
Stone, battery, by Chief Karcher.
Lectcre— A leclure will be given by Rev.
Robert Mackenzie, of San Francisco, at the
Westminster Presbyterian Church on to-mor
row bveuiue. The subject will be "Woman
i^i H'*r v ry "
Gbobcl D. Allmoxd's holiday opening
Saturday proved a grand success. Crowds »f
people visited the store from early morn until
late at night, and all went away pleased.
Over 600 leautiful picture cards were given
away, although ooly 500 were promised, and
all porchafters of $2 50 worth of goods drew
priz-- fro* the grab big that had been ar
ranged. Following »re the name* of thos<>
who drew 85 and $10 prixea, the names of
smaller rit«w>rs not having been taken : Geo
Miller. $5 l Kate Wells, *5 ; J EUbmy, «5 ;
B. Wilcos, $10; R Lockwood, $10. At th*
earnest rt |-:t-- ot maoy visitors the opening
will be c.*tiiii»<l during to day (Monday)
and to-miacw (Tuesday) None nhould f.il
tn attend aad buy at least $2 50 worth and I
draw a prise. •
Fob ThJ»ksgivixg.— Two handrad beau
tiful crystal el u-n c»ke - .ancs, measuring ten
incher, <nlf 35 cent", at A.ckermia'4 doa'.rg
oat sale; uaua! price. 75 ceatc. *
Evebt «nnn who has tried Btll's aelt-
Rdjuhtitg car?t?t xpeaks in the hinutitt terms '
of them. E»erj c rset w»rr»t,t<»dsi'iif(>ctory, |
or muDey rtlunue'. For sale by £Ule ßrot .* I
There was no seebion of the Superior Court
on Saturday.
The trial of the Scott murderers has been
set for one week from to-morrow.
Justice of the Peace Gilmer will preside at
the Police Court during the absence of Judge
Hanry in San Frai cisco.
A man named Lancaster was takes from
the S;. George building Saturday by efficers
acd charged with ics^tiity.
The charge of battcy against A. Furguson
wis dismissed in the Police Court Sa'.urday,
on nioiioo of tha prosecutiug witness.
William Cornwell, a fireaian at the Water
Work*, bad the second finger of LU ruht
hami baiily injured ycoteid^y while cleaning
tha engine.
In the Poli?e Court Saturday Poy Kior, a
Celiftial, Uearied kiiilty to sleepingia a Cen
tral P*cifio Kiilroad car, and was sentenced
to three ciays in the County Jail.
_ The committee of the Auti-Dcbris Associa
tion that went to Batte c >ui'ty returned yes
terday. The petition f r funds to arsist the
Ufociation will be contiiertd by the Super
visors cf that county oa nex*. Thursday.
Notice hae been recsivtd ai the rdilroarl
ticket office in this city that tLe new all nil
rijute from Moj ive sUtion, on the Southern
Pacific, to the Calico District and other
neighboring mini-.g localities, was opened for
passengers aud freight on last Monday.
The eleventh anniversary of Red Cloud
Tribe of the Improved 0.-dsr cf Red Men
wag celebrated last evening. The exercise?,
consisting of addressee und sorgs, took pla:e
at their hall, after waich the company re
paired to Fisher's tHnin^ rooms, where a
cnllation had been prepared for toeir recep
The Miller Brothers gave another " saance"
at the theittr last eveniug to a large house.
H was of tho saiie character as that noticed
last week. Tr.e committee to watch the
"mediums " la»t evpnipg co misted of M. T.
Brewer, Jumts I. Felttr and George New
hert, the latter trying iiandccff; on one of
the enttrtaicers.
Thejßric a-Brsc Clnb held a meeting at it*
art rooms Saturday ci^ht, and ndopteti a new
code of lawn, intended to adrscco the society
and its purposes. It c'.iviJei its woik into '.^ur
classes— art, uiut-;e, literature p.ud docori;tive
art — and opp-.iiited a c ioimittee fjr each, to
devblop the capit ities ol th'? members by sys
tematic methods. Ail mretiacs ari t-i I ■ c
mads ol lik, merit, UEdhucorsiry m:n.b-:siii
vited to all. The next in— Him for hoaonry
ncßiub^rs wai tixed !or Thursday evetitK
Mrs. E. B. Crocker has returned from San Fran
E. C. Atkinson has recovered from liis recent i!l-
George C. Potter, of Oakland, came to Sacramento
Ex- Governor Irwiu and J. G. Carpenter are stop*
ping it; Sacramento.
Hut;h La Ku3 ai.d Ed. F. Smith returned from
San Fraucisco yesterday.
J. S. But'er, of Red Bluff, pas3ed through the city
from Oakland yesterday.
Samuel Jelly and C. M. Prodger returned from
San Francisco lust evening.
Frank Gillmin end William Knglund, of Marys
villc, were in the city yesterday.
Lieutenant Govcnior-elect John Daggctt arrived
from San Francisco on Siturday.
Judge W. A. Henry and wife will leave today for
a few dajh' visit to S^n f rancisco.
A. J. Binney, Superintendent of the Orovillo
K.uir-'.Hi. was in the city Saturday.
Mrs. A. Heilbrun and dan^hter returned jesterday
from a sh rt vis t to Sin i-rancisco.
Bishop Wir.Bfleld, of Benicia, was in the city yes
terday, but left in tho aftirnoon foi Oroviile.
Miss Jennie Gallatin, who has twen atttndini;
school at Benlcia, has returned t<i Sacramento.
A. T. Gunn, J. G. Gardner, E. L. Pillsbury, A. W.
Thompson, Chiracs B. Dirwin, W. L. Perkins, Saii
Francisco, *ere in yesterday.
Samuel Hale, John Line, Placcn-ille ; George Per
ky, Modesto ; W. C. Gr^en, L .di ; o. R Runyon
and wife, Cnurtlaiul ; I>. W. StevtiiH, Massachusetts;
George Lark, I'hiladt.lphia ; A. C. Camp, New York ;
George C. Wright, St. Lmie, are in the city.
Mr. J. K. Lee gm a di'im r last evening to a
nambtr of his friends They had a very pleasant
and social time.thi rsbe Df;seme fifty ormorecuesis.
Among the number present were the following gen
tlemen: Mts?r.-i. D. E. Ashley, Charles Sl.earer
Fred. Ilobblin, T. Uronn, of San Francisco; H.
Chapman, R.bert Uookc, CharUs Sellingcr, Thomas
Gieason and Jamea A Birwick. The entemim,,eiit
ended about 10:30 r. m.
Yesterday, at the residence of the bride's parent"
on Seventh street, h.-twee i 1. and M, Thonns R
Perry, of o^den, Utah, ni.d ll;ts Kittio Do dv of
t',i< city, werj imiud ia wedlock by the key.
father Or;c«. Juiss ilinme Futter ac:t"d as bndea
maid and tlie bn le's urotii?r, Jimea T. Doody, as
groomsm-n. The happy c .uplo departed on the
afii ruoon train for Kin FkMMboo and other p. .inn
of iiiterc.t. The future home o! the newly-wedded
pail will be st O^der.
Mate House Hotel : J. D. Rickard, Ogiloii ; H.
Lesh'-, Swnia hosa ; J.s-Ji>h Gilwon, T. MjWutie
Charles Dooahna, h. J. ttiidn, K. Ftansin. fhtrltl
Schrica.r. W. H. \vhirtl. r, San Fia:irisc-i ; T. J.
L>k'Utv« "d, "if i a.:d child, M»r>Mille; J. B G-efiie
aud wite, Co-it an. l ; A. W. Wright ud wite, Gait ;
A. C. RooaJi, Stockton ; G. W. \\ o .lacy, Uouiiulu ;
O. C C'omidi ii, l'lacerville ; Del is Uaf*, Mm C. M.
Treit, Klk <ir..ve; A KttMfhni;, Hr., J. W. Anable,
A. Kes't-liiii.', Jr., S. K. Aimuie, Gjld Ban ; \V. H.
<;iim->h «w, Jr., C'-sumnca ; it Helm, CLai. Perry
John Mohr, city.
Henry Tliotnpson, a vouna man formerly a r»i
dent of tbia ci;y, will bi remem>iert:d as :: clerk un
der Secretary of State Beck. He was well known
here as a baa»> of promise, who very frequently ap
peared in nmateui concerts in this city. On leaving
here he went to Italy to study music. A letter
from Milan, dated October 14th, irives an account of
thedeliut of tht yoimir vocalist. He sang recently,
with success, in Milan and at the lioyal ! healer of
i a^usa, in Greece, and soon after in Verdi's ** Mis
nauii-ri," and i.i "Puritana" and " Nubucco." aid
has en^'aJ,'elnents to sins from December ICLh to
February 13th iii Austrian und Italian cities. His
sta^'i; name i 9 Esotsa Brauciforte.
A pleasant surprise Darty w.is gtven on Saturday
n. !iu:_- to W. H. Luther and wife, at I'ioneer I!*:!,
by the Fioneer Association. '1 he event wu the oc
casion of the twtnty-n'fth anniversary of their wed
ding. The Pioneer*, who understand him to pli*y
jokea and enjoy them, arranged this affair with con
siderable skill. About 4 o'cli>( k»n Saturday after
no m A. H. Powers, President of the Society, re
quested Mr. Luther to prepare the hall, as the
young Pioneers intended ti vive a party that even
inc It is needles* to say that eyery detail was care
fully attended to. During the evening the Direct
ors of the Association, si which Mr. Luther U a
member, held a rue-tint in the readiDg room.
In the mean lime Borne ladies called
on Mrs. Luther, and persuaded her to ace ref-ary
them 1 1 the hall, which *-he ciid, ra'her reluctantly.
The Director, who at that time was in another room,
was sent for to J-jiu the pleisurc-eeekers. Poth
n m being present, Mr. Powers cal'ed to order, and
said th-it thii jear ha«l been one of surprises,
socially, to many of the old Pioneers, and as usual,
they had one in store for auother member of their
family and bid estimable wife. Mr. Luther and
wife, who up to this time had no knowledge that the
surprise was intended for them, were called upon
and informed that tho Pioneers and their invited
euests had -Sjembled to celebrate their silver wed
dinir, and 4i:»d adopted this method as a fitting recoß.
ration ol the occasion. The evening «as then de
voted to iramep, dancing and other aOiUscmenU.
During tlie ft-ttivities refreßhments wtre nerved.
Mr. and Mis. Luther were the recipiants of some
hands-me and appropriate presents, amonit which
was a silver tc» tet from the Pioneer Association.
Crnugtl for Sir Hugh Allan, of ocean
steamship fame and wealth, have begun at
Montreal an action for libel against the
Witmtm, of that city. The action is taken
on account of statements which recently
appeared in that journal on the question
regarding the alleged lack of proper ac
commodation for tl.e steerage passengers
on the Sardinian during her recent voyage.
Although the charges were groundless, the
papor would not retract.
On the 22 1 of November there will be
opened in Berlin a srtnd exhibition of
j Brazilian produce. Tho object is to en
tourage the growing trada between Ger
many and Brazil. The chief articles to be
exhibited will be different kinds of timber,
tobacci, tallow and food products. Ther;
will lie, among other things, no fewer than
200 different varieties of cotfee grown in
the South American empire.
Those that advertise to sell groceries below
a living profit ar>! frauds, and the people pay
that when they want to get good viluefor tho
money, they go to T. H. Cook & Co., at toe
"Bi^r Tree" Stor?, where they nerer get
swindled. Look at tbeir lift en another page.*
B. Densest ha* purchased the Rosedale
Produce Market from O'Brien Bro«., and
will open out in full blast next Friday and
Saturday. ♦
Notice to Oor Yolo Fkiekdb —Packages
will b« delivered in Washington on Monday
Wednesday and Friday. Ackerman & Co..
029 J street. ♦
Philharmonic Societt tonight, instead
of Tuesday. All members are urged to at
tend. .
Coscrs's patent 'Chest-Shield" under
shirt, fully de»ciib«i in our advertu-m»nt in
this issue. Hale Bros. & Cc. •
Bird Cages are offered at a great reduc
<ior> at tha closing out sale of Ackerman
& Co. *
Special !— Fifty do*>n la lies' all-wool
scarlet shirts and drawers, $1 25 each, at
Hale Bros. •
Choice French china dinner plates only
jB2 10 per d z»n at Ackf rman & Co. ; Mild
everywhere for $3. •
Cheslet's Mapls Kirn, with Ttlu, is un
riraied for coughs acd colds. •
A New Anvurnat ieni in this :stne. Hale
Brcs. 4 Co. •
Incidents In the Career of a Well-Known
On last Thursday night C. E. Pickett,
who, by his harmless peculiarities, had
etrned the sobriquet of "Philosopher,"
died at the Gallison Hotel, Mariposa, after
an illnees of two weeks. Mr. Pickett had
had a premonition of his death, and before
leaving this city had requested Notary Pub
lic George T. Knox to take charge cf bis
atfairs in the event of his ferrs being con
firmed. Mr. Pickett intrnsted to Mr.
Knox a package of money, which he said
wan All he possessed, and he desired that
after his death the money should be sect
to his brother, Wil!i»<n S. Piekett, of C>
lumbia, Term. Yesterday, Mr. Knox,
upon being apprised of Mr. Pickett's
death, opened the package and found that
it contained $70 — the amount being made
up of three $20-pieeea and a SlO-piece. In
obedience to the request of the " Philos
opher," hii brother was notified of the
bequest, and Mr. Knox is now awaiting an
0. E. Wckett was a man of excellent
family and education. He came to this
coast in early times, and was one of the
inmates of Gutter's Fort in 1544 or 1845,
and while there killed a man. Among the
jury which tried and acquitted him was
Samuel Brannan. In 1848 Mr. Pickett laid
claim to some land on llincon Hill, and
held possession of it until ejected from his
tent by the United States authorities.
Twenty year* after the claimant, who had
by that time come into possession of the
title of " Philosopher," commenced suit for
damages against the owner of the property
on which lie had made the unsuccessful
attempt to squat. After a trip to tJie
Sandwich Islands Mr. Pickett returned to
California, and afterward remained in the
State. At oce time he was considered
well-to-do, but he lost some property near
Sutter's Fort, and subsequently remained i
poor. He showed to anxiety to '
chang« hia condition of life, and
generally took the world aa he
found it. Occasionally, however, a spasm j
of reform dispelled tl>e calmness of hie >
philosophy and made him a more noted ;
character of the city. In one of these ah
normal tits Mr. Pickett attempted to dis
piMMi a Supreme Jadgo who was tup
posed to hold his seat unlawfully. The '
" Philosopher," having the bf>st legal opin- ;
ion of the State to sustain his belief tint !
the Judge had no more authority to eit on i
the Supreme B?nch than had any other '
citizen, quietly took poesession of the :
Judge's chair one morning immediately ;
after Court opened. For this act he was !
convicted of contempt of Caurt and sent to !
the County Jail. The penalty was modi- !
tied and the Philosopher released, but he
never acknowledged that he was in error. '
He was a prolific writer of pamphlets, and I
by those who knew him best was esteemed j
as an affable, upright and intelligent, but '
decidedly eccentric gentleman— [San Fran- '
cisco Examiner, November 19th.
Answer This.
C»n you find a case of Bright* Disease of
the Kidneys, Dic.beteß. Urinary or Livei
Complaints that is curable, that Hop Bitters
has not or cannot cure ? Ask your neighbors
if they can.
Changes os thk Moon's Sirface.
I'rof. M. W. Harriugtoa refers to two
kinds of changes on the moon's surface
which may be regarded as fairly established.
The first is the land slidee, which may doubt
lees be caused by the great alterations of
temperature to which the moon is subject.
Many cf these slides may be easily recog
nized with good telescopes. The second
form of change is illustrated by craters,
which have been proven to be different in
6ize and chape from what they were record
ed by earlier observers. Many other
changes have been suspected, but they are
of a more uncertain and doubtful char
A man near Newman, Ga., has been
working an alleged gold mine forty years,
and has never made a cent. He is still
confident that there's " millions in it."
Sacr.imen'o, Ni>v< mbcr 10 — By Key. James U Dor.
sc\. Platoon Gist n to Jennie Pearson.
Red Bloff, NoTsabar IS— Wm Midd'eton t>Mrs.
M. !I( Nimara
Santi K«a, November S -James M. Williams to
Belli: Cuirj.
Ktn», NovtiuUr 7 George 11. Poster to Adda Jar.
Saerßmunto, November 10 -Wife of Jas. J. Phuikttt,
a (laughter.
-anta How, November 3— Wife rf S. Mora!, a son.
■ onocna, Korember S — WH» <if Herman Loux.ason.
Yuba City, Nuvcmber IS -Wife of P. L. Buuce, a
Near Vt ill >ws, November 9— Wite cf James Feencv,
a daughter.
Muridi.ui, October 21— W ifa of George Thornbroujh,
a son.
Kirksvillo, November 6 — Wife of John Cole, a sin.
ltutte Sluugh, November S- Wife of J. O. Newman,
twins- sun and daughter.
Fresno, November S— Wife cf Joshua Newman, a
lirighton, November 19 -Lucy, daughter of P. H.
and Carrie R. Murphj-, II monthp.
[Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited
to attend the funeral, which will take place from
residue-' of parents this day at 12 o'clock.]
Chico, November 17 -Ellen J. Hamilton, 34 years, 6
months and *2t> d typ.
Red Bluff, November 15— M. Loweil Austin, Ci
Wei De Meyer's Qatarrh Core.
Poinonr us mnMtf, hawkicGr, drippiDg in
the thrcaf, bid hre:.th, impaireH voice find
Ij^'i ri :.-. alsolutely uurni. $1, of all drug
Bnt>y-« TTarnluic.
When baby has pains at dead of night,
Mather in a fright, father in a plight ;
When worms do bite, baby must cry,
If fever sets in, baby may die.
If cmupy pains kill Leonora,
In that house there's no I astnrln,
For mothers !earn without delay,
< i.-lorla cures by night and day.
— AML— —
No. 1015 Fourth street,
One of i. ".I Arrt», In Ituilr manly, three
miles fr»w: Biirca* Utatii>n, being property uf
M V KIOX UIGtiS, Jr. Is the best grain, fruit or
alf ilfa land in Bjtte county ; is well timbered ;
with g od lar^e dwelling, barns, blacksmith shop,
tool*. granary, etc Will Kxcuakok is Pari roa
A Cood Rnlrjr nr n«p Kanrh of T2T 4rrr«.
on Sacramento river. Iwo good dwellings, barns,
stable ; is well timbered ; has a few hop poles on
place. WiU be told for low price of $20 per acre.
Dap and Craln Ranch or -no Arrer, on
Cosmnnea river; 250 acres of fine bottom land.
Unf »'rnll Kanrh nt r,i »<■!■«•.. kit listed
7 miles frcm Sacramento ; 17 acrei in orchard, S
acres in blackberries, 4 acres in strawberries, 25
acres lv vinevar.t ; steam engine and pnui| for
irriEating ; good buildings, etc This is one of
the best 'ruit ranches on the plains. Price, 110,000.
Terms ef payment easy.
Small Farm of ■-'•> Arr«>, aear Temrjm,
w.th EOO fruit trees, of all varieties ; 1,000 grape
vines, 1,500 blackberry and I,'M raspberry bushes,
all in good beari: g condition. Price, $2,500.
— Aiao— —
Farm or n; Aerr; 1-3 Mile of the City—
510 frjit trots, 3.(i00 foreign grapes; dwelling,
bim, etc. Prite, t3,C«10.
•WEKTSEK * AMJOr, SaentkßCßt*.
Weinstock & Lubin.
■ *•
;::::;:;::;::; : : : : sT; i* : ij » 1 1 1 :;";:": : ; : jt * t t~t
Temperature Yesterday : E^ ard L
Highest, .57 The Great Storm, 1703.
Lowest, ..'..'.'.'.'.'...'.'. 34
Sun Rises 6:46 A. M.
Temperature Corresponding Day, 1881 : Sun Set* 4 : 45 P . M#
Moon Rises 1:45 p. m
Higoesf, 52 Moon Souths 817 p m
Lowest, 33 Day's Length Oa. 29min.
Hi ' Men's Fancy Mixed,
j^ :? c£s§ilil Cheviot Sack Suits;
fN& well niade, and in
H| ; ?m?^ pleasing patterns.
; ■.^■ : '^H Dark Brown Tweed
' ; ; 'fwi Plaid Gray Twilled,
Double-breasted Gray Satinet Overcoats;
plaid lining, $5.
Genuine Imported French Chinchilla Over
coats; satin trimmings, $32 50.
Gray Chinchilla Ulsters; strong check
lining, $10.
Men's Dark Cassirnere Sack Suits, $10.
llSgP* Dress Goods !
ENGLTSH COROELINES, 25 cents a yard.
BROCADED PLUSH, in various colors,
$3 25 per yard; magnificently designed
on elegant quality plush.
BLA CX SA TIN BROCADES, all silk, $1 35
per yard.
Ladies' Calico
■ w -^•k- l^^/ W^kJ M JL. J a •
A large stock of choice and charming
things for
Ladies' Neck-dressing,
At most advantageous prices. We mention
at random;
HANDSOME FICHUS, of Mull and Blonde
Net, with Oriental or Mauresque Lace,
in rose designs, $2.
with Applique Lace, 50 cents.
ends, 20 cents; solid colors.
FfCHUS, with two roivs of Byzantine
Lace, relieved by Silk Fringe of a con
trasting hue.
Nos. 400, 402, 404, 406, 408 X St., Sacramento.
Nos. 1016 and 1018 Second street, between J and X, Sacramento,
/fl Importer, ManaJaoturer, Wholes»o aau Retail Dealer In evory deacn&Uon d
fflld j» tMrV NO. 411 X STREET, SACRAMf NTO, ataMMfe.-,
latest patteb\s of 1 i\oi iiii a m> oil « lotus. ai>o, a i tkt.l mmbi
»:k\t of «iktai.v«., mhih-. cormuks, dd.
W 1 \v ,uld requtst the public to cill and examine my large stock of j;ooda before p«r. l.ism" eii'
»h«re, as they will find it to their auvactage.
C'oniitry Ordfni Sollcllrd, and S»ili.fanlon Cn«rmilfeil. ciO
tar Prizes of from 10 cents to *10 will be given away the fame as on SATURDAY, to all purchasers
of $2 •■•0 worth of Rood*. Come One! < onie All ! TbU a chanre nour chonld mU*.
GEORGE P. ALLMOND, No. 806 J street.
Tufts' Yerbine^ Cough Balsam
MILL (Kit: 101 X < 01 111 i/i: COLU
I irH«:He Tt. .Til <M. I»VIUI'«. v.: .ii ■,«« WAHr.STO.^SSHB^-' '"'" "
1 V
; ■-■>' Oft ■ — —
Important Business to Conimnnicate I
' TO TB'Cfc'Sy
Ackerman & Co., j
NO3. 629 and 631 J street, .Sacramento.
t& Our Store* will e!o»e al 5 P. M. Mbarp (*alardajK exropK-d). -Si
|_ ■ ~^J_
«sT 1? i CT AHf'T^D TTa++GY« IfaiistjUs
j stkit. I J . r . Oi-lti. 1 JJ IV, Hd) U Utjl , | raw Ml;
J.J.SpiekerQ R U G S . | ' a ™® B |S. Sl "™
EXULISH AMD '.n: Kit \\
Breech-Loading Shotguns,
Winchester Rifles,
Hunters' Supplies,
Powder Companies
miT *mcrvxu.T cum
Vitaliie the System, and arren the rarages of the
dreadful Aicohol Habit, " DIPSOMANIA."
tsr a»H 3 our DniseUt «r Wlnr|tt>rehaaa
for Ihrm. rl2 3i*ni
mm new furniture! mm
Singie riecca, Bedding, etc.
W. D. COIISTOCK, Cor. Filth and X stieets. .i 3p ,
different Committees appointed for duty in
connection »ith the fl-nvar:! iiencrnlmt Ass> "latioi.
BALL will take place ou .MONDAY AFIfehKCON.
at 1:30 o'clock, at I'iOLeor Hall. I.tt none full to
attend, as evtry df tail for the work wiH be arrayed.
The Ueixrkl Commif.ee i xtends an invitation to all
ladies to attend »ho de»'re to aid ihi» worthy lost:
tuiion. MBS, w. A. HfcNKY, President
Mk3. J. N. Youso, Secretary. nls-2t
Drue, (heuilcal.t, l*r< ..r:»- j»>.
lory Articles, Perfumery, fS^T c
Toilet a'Kl l.ir, |\.v ■■• r ,. J^^~Y
s-iiv. r»Miee<ics; Hair, fiy^v-i
Tomb. y.m. riolb, Kathjgghfi^gjgjL
and Flfkh t.r- -!■ > ; Traits
en, >ui>|»r fir-, !>hu»'drr Ilri.c. !>llk
-11 ,-l'r gtoek'SK*, CM (ilsmware, ollet
anil P«-rTjine C')*e». rtr.
Will be ruund equal to Ikal kept !i; an?
Koa«c tD lUr Kate.
Prepared by fomi>f ion. pkiruxiui.
you are so unfortunate as to r&juir< ,hen.
With a mind maturol and emiched by stuves of an
advanced order, I can pofeiy say that there is hardly
a disease in 'he catalogue if bunian ills tit .; I can
not treat to a successful is»ue.
I.ADIK-' -1 am always ready to asrirt you. Hy
past knowlodife has been Increased by l\r. n«i. ■'*
exjierience. lam Dow able to treat you witn the
certainty of success. No case peculiar to your dell
cate oncanigm is beyond my sure control.
My Female Monthly Medicines are superior to an?
offered heretofore, and will be warranted to have
dc&ircd effect in all cases.
Those of the public who need soy services can de
pend upon (jentleroanly, honorable and sclcntift
treatment at reasonable rates.
I address particularly tbnse who have been i.. ■
lnred by youthful Indiscretions, and than
have contracted local disuse*
Persons afflic'ed can, if they prefer, consul mo
by letter, detailing the symptoms of the diwam or
trouble, and receive medicine by express, with full
instructions. AU letters must be directed to J. H.
JOSSELYN, 11. D., 226 Sutter street, San Fnuicu
d, OU.
Cure warm.itcd in all cases, or no pay required
Consultations, personally or by letter, (rrais. .- .'■
for book. Comfortable apartntenta for patienta at
my Infirmary (when deeiied), with «xperienoed
Consultation Parlors. 236 Butter street, adjoinin
the Young Men's Chrijtiau Association Buiidin*.
Office hours — From 8 A. «. to 8 P. M.
My Itlpluma hung* In my uid<v>.
Purchase my Essay on Physiology and Marru;e.
For Hkle by all newsdealers.
J. H. JOC4EI.YM, H. O.
Jy7 3plm

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