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«K»\118»a DECEHBEK 1» 188*
Meetins- Valiev Council, L O. C. F.
IfaaM Men and women.
Wanted— Owner fora eaclc of grjio.
S(>ecia! v, •■•.■•:■.; C.i ■ L«lgc-, F. and A. M.
NoiiLe — Company G.
A card — lljhatslltri £chu!er.
Montliiy meetfaf— Y. M. C. A.
Wash taf .i short tim>
Bell & Co.— Jewelry today.
Bel! & O. - Fun.itare Fridi.v.
baton U ;.:ir;.!^e— Real estate.
!>u£lß3sa Advertiseaaer.Js
Baloreo, the tailor— Kew cltth received.
Me. l j ;:. •,• ;,-, pareuts."
NotLo- Beutjn'i cipcino p..rous p'.aater.
The Uaaax Rais.— The rait*!] for Mon
day, accort-'ins to recorle kept by S. B. G;r
rfclj, iai^u-tei t-> . 1 7 of an inch, mailing a
total for the m^ntb, of rain and fop, .173 of an
inch, and for the season 633 inches. For the
season of I>-1 '■.' the rainfall to a correEpond
ing date wa» 4 7oi inches ; for 188C -31, 3. 403
inches; for 1879 -SO. 4.534 inches; for 1878-79,
1. ?:. W. inches ; for 1877-78, 181 inches; for
I -:• 77, 333 inches ; for 1875-70, 8.07 Inches.
The i;.m.e kept !>y Mr. Gerriah measures the
fall tn a t!;' u'&nJth of an inch. The Signal
Service departn.eat only requires the record*
to be kept lo a huadretb of an iocb. The re
port of Serjeant Barwick far the late ruin is
j -Ist the same, bu', t,!je records kepi f.r this
_i^ad other asuocb ditf-r slightly from that of
£b>£r«nbh. He says that the rainfall for
tlio storm <i Mundsy wai 17 of an ice'?,
making 6.59 loohfs) fcr the season, while the
cc .ton Hi 1877- 78, up to a c.rrespor ding
date, only gave ISO inches. The tall for
the season <f 1878-70 ti Fame period was
quite sa.aU, Mag but 147 iorhev, hat for
the saiitoj of 1875 90 ihere wi> 4 09 Inrfcw.
while I 1 1880-8] to a correspond
ing d:»te oi ly gavi IMA iochec, atd the fall
for the icai m of 1881 88, t > ssroe date, was
5.13 beta*. T! c average raisfall for the past
sir year?, up to and including the ll;t» of
Dseembei f each «aoi-, ii 3 Of) iccles. Oa
Campari- . ■: tiie average rainfall with the
amount | vcip'tatt - riming tbi» season it U
fouud that t'..e present one is 2.'.t'.) inches more
than ti.e inrw f t the rust bix yearj.
The Contested Election.— The election
cms occupied the attention of the Superior
C^nrt nearly all day yisterday. The trial
will be continued 111 liaj. and Ihis will be the
■irfi .i»y. (Jiita a lar^e bomber of people
are iv :■.'■;:.!«.« daily. Among* Acs; are
Dotioed a t.':mber of defeated candidate?.
When Qm changes ia the rate for County
Clerk nt.-e £r3t noticed (here were rumors
thit otbet contest* would ba mada, bat there
sj.;i«Br< fa ive belli t.o fi nit dat ion for them.
O&odl la for c un'y ■■ iii:. s ban tin daya
more, including t>day, ia which to tile pa
pers i«r .■>. rccrmi t. Yesterday the ta'ly
fcheetu fr. m the different precincts iv which
the bail ii !* iva not been cuuuttd, were can
vassed by i c Court. The total reiulls of
that can . h, added to the voUs cf tbe pre
cinc's whic : b»ve been donated, gives ("oglan
3,307 to! ■ .In t 5.27 A as returned by the
Board . "-"ors, while Beard has only
8 270 291 returned by Ih? Hoard.
A nu.i, rx ol election wsre exam
ined y> . at there were vn devului)
ment.<, • ■ ting* eorrub<;ratiin of the care
less manner ia which ele^'.ions and ths I
couuti; loti is oaodaoted. Tbe con
testants then .•■e-.t-.d their casa, and os it wait
4 p. m , the C utt adjoaned to 10 a. m. to
NaUOHAL (jljard.— Du-ing the month of
November ihe following chactjes have t&kcn
place r::. rj(j the com,iuicß:oacd otiioers oi the
KattoDii (;a«rl <,f California: Commii
»ioned : Stooad Brifiida — Horace G. Plstt,
Slsjor i2d JuJ;,'e Advocate on staff of Biij»-
•liiir-uti.- ::.! commanding, with rauk from
Novtmbet 1, 1888, vice Kiune, promoted.
Fifth lni"i!:tiy KiUalion— D^lphcß B. Fair
baiA.". Ocptaia Conr.p»Dy C, with rack from
October TO, 1882, vice Armstrong, resigned ;
George \V^ Firet L'eutenaut Com
■>ui>- C, S-.^yKk from Octr.ber 10,1882,
J v*e T*i-t, teaiined; Uilbtit P. Ili-11, Sec
snd Uenta .-* 0 m-.iJiny C, with rink from
October 10, 188^, vico Kahnle, promoted.
He.'i^neu : IJp^rg'j Teller, Firat Lieutenant
Company B, First lofantrv Hs^iment, Sec
ond tiiuraUo. S. O. X .>. 68, Novenibsr 25,
KBS. Batind: Willi.m T. Abfl, CapUin
Compai y li. Fifth I-fmtry Bitt»lion, Sec
ind BrK-uie, with rank of CUptain. S. O
No. ii:\ N" c;u u er CN, 1882. Gjncriil 0.-dezs
>'o. '_'! anoooncisg the appointment if
Gsor^e L, Uijnoids as First Lieutenant and
Second Artii.ery X (jiment,
Second lirigarie, vice Deaa, appniutiuent re
noked, hi i )i csi corrected ta road vicj Daan,
e]jj>'.*tutUi lot rtvjked at hia own rtq'.i;st.
FfyE!; .l < r Millie Parsons. — The
funeral ot Mug Melania Tarsoc* took place
yitete rda.7 It 2 r X, from the rwidence of her
parents. A \o-.y i-r^a r.umber of friends and
ac<(ii»iaUu.-:-. <•< t> t> f«rr<t?y w?re prcsrnt.
Ths II : .:i we:e numerous and rich.
'^'u'-' < ! ud hrs'.i'.ifii! . iTc-rin^
wa§ from t'.c r.PLiir th^s oi tie Hi^-h Sshool,
wbishu ■ i rat i.> a body, together witii
other m i mi if that schiol. llzv. I. E.
jltvineli. i*. D., conduc'.ed the fnoenl cxer
cisaa, th? ra'i .-ic*l ;> rt' m if which was rer.
<ier»d t y kchoii consbting cf Jli'ies Mjlli
ken Hii] WTcoJ* ai.<i MeMn. Biiliar^fo.i and
Besumont, aid Jli-s (iii^in, sccju,p3ni«t.
The pall-lia»ier« w»re JodM T. H. McFar
lan.', Wiiii-m U. Aii'l*. K. \V. lirier a..d is.
K. CarriL^'.'i', and Masltrg Charles Kltin
- >r^e .i! I i 1 - I : r y .li«hr.Bi;n, c! the High
School. . be iLtouneut took placa in the City
Cemetery, i te utiea^td beir.g buriej at the
right <.l ihj gra>va of her paternal grand
BkWABO Omn — Yesterday Governor
I'erkiLs i bred a reward c,t $i'oo for the ar
rest cf Elw.ir.l Steinagel, «lo escaped from
the Sher:ll :-.t Auturn Rome time a;o. Stsic
seel was sent from Piicer county to the State
Prison (or thirteen ye»ra for attempting to
rob a [in mill II train near Cape Horn, on the
t'entrjl I'.icitic lUilroad. At the time of hia
esc»ie lue prifoner »aa beiDg conveyed to
Auburn, where he was to bj u-sed as a witness
rjjiii.H*. tho other parties ensriged in the at
tpnjptp i robtay. A reward of -?:JOO wis
al?o offert '1 for the apprebenxion of Antjnio
i i »n-;.i, who murdered a man by the Lame of
Kagese A)v.-i in PUcer c.uuty oa the 2u:h
tf Septeiuber, 188 i
Incom\ rated —Articles of incorporation
v/ere tiieil with the Secrntary of State yester
day by f. c Globe Steam Cultivation Com
pany. l>.rect>r*. Morton C. FUh^r, Wm. 11.
Fisher, .T.,«,i.': D. Peters. 11. C. Sarsent ;
c»pit»l «t ?12."),000, divided into 1,250
thai-e* ; priii :;>.l pIMW cf butine*", Stock
taa, *'i!. \ .by tha Blsok H*nge Conioli
d»trd Micir • ('r.rapar.y ; principal place cf
buniuesn, S\r. Friticii-co, Cal. ; Dirictorn,
Solomon Hy .'i-..f .ldt, Hetry hi. Lsvy, Mor
rk Bofiioh, i'.obert Sherwood, Archibald
BorUnd : oapStal Btock, 510 0. 0,000, divided
iutj !■ <*.■ 0 1 itirH
Notabies Appoisted.— Governor Perkins
h»* appoiut?J the fallowing Notaries Pabßl :
O. I*. 1) jlitiina for SoUco county, to reside at
ly.rfiMd, v!.:? A. J. Dobb ; n% rengr.erl ; G.
W. <' : '. : t Plmmi cou'ity, to ro»ioe at
Dutch l\» l ; 11.I 1 . 11. D»i!idot for Sin Lr.ig
<»dispocouuty, tj resi ; e tt Ssn Luis Obiopo,
vice Ph. Hi;)', ter;a expired ; H. A. I) >m for
M-nteny ewatf, to r£=ii? bt S>li..as City,
vice Uotno, tjrm tipirji ; G -irq) E.
N ■•:».' Mt Triai:y cjuaty, to reside at
r«i.:cK CoCKT.— The f->llo*iag tneincss !
wm ir;,4 :..ic".«lin the Pjlice Court yesterday :
James M 1. .:;,h:i.-, petit larceny, pleaded
guilty, teat«D<i*d to t! irty days in the
; •! ! n Klebitz drunk, pleadad
Si lty. : Ah Chow, ta'icircr, dipotit
tnrfcHcd; Folia i^hamhe:^ dtetatHag tha
P«*ci'. B . | :nt of coats; Mrs.
;■■_■.■■ tha im r, rtijmiiiwi;
•i '■ ■'•" • calmcg money ■:....- Urn
prcteneo, dtatargkd.
Itomaa, AiTi^TlOK :— At f-.o Capital
Clati'ij,; il.ue, en the corner of Sixth and
X etrr-jt*, will be effored this morcing at 9
o'clock Dm f< llowicfj extraordinary bargains :
Mr. Pt.ii:?., tbe proprietor, his 2Co boj»' j
suits, u»:iJj of the beat of goods ard Ute«t \
style, whir'i he says wiil be sold at fifty c?nts I
on the dollar. The olj;ct cf .this rlan^hter
in to d<)MO«ttka boys' clothing line if his
burines-. The C»pitol has hscomp, by recent
improvements made, the finest Kenti' cloth
i:i? uu establishment in the
interior, -^tourilfci who wish to make pur
c^a<ea in this line during tha holidays will do
well aod five money by calling at the Cap
itol clot hicc establishment to-day ear'y, so as j
to ba able to get first choice Theee goods i
are cifered at tifty cents on the dollar, and ■
must I e sold even at this sacrifice. Gentle- '
manly ilorka ate in attendance, who t»k ;
pleasr.io ia anowicg the goods to all who m»y
calL •
A meeting of the Board of Trade and the
Directors of the State Auric altural Society
was held last evenirg at the Board of Trade
headquarters. The meeting wis tie one
agreed upon at the meeting held at the Pa
vilion Ust week, and was for the purpose cf
taking some farther action in regard to tbe
proposed erection cf a new Pavilion to be
uatd fcr exhibition purpoece at the fnirj held
by the State Agricultural Society. There
was a large attendance of the numbers cf
bjth Board?.
11. M. La Rue was ohoeen Chairman of the
iteiticg, aid Geo. K. lute*, Stcratary. Mr.
La Hue txplained ihe inconvenience of the
present pavilion, and the tecetsity for a nev
place to exhibit. He ptated a!s > that the
Agricultural Society was io debt S'J.COO ftuf
Tears fcgo, but was now out of debt and in
Kood ccindili >n.
Albert Giilatin aeke-J if the Board of Sn
pervitors would dotate the proceeds of the
sale of tbe old bail Jin? if a new site was se
lected, and the Chairman said he thought
there would be no doubt about thi«, as te
hid consulted with a number of the members
of the Boatd and they had expressed them
ttlven as favorable to that propositiun.
X K. AUip stated that he believed the old
pavilion could be sold for $15,000.
G. \V. Hdccoek expressed as hi 3 opinion
that there could be no doubt of the need of a
new pavilion, and he would prefer Capitol
Park as a locat-ou if penni^ion could be ob
tained from thci SUte, for the reason that it
would cost, for grounds eufiicient to extend
the present puilion, at lea*t $20,000, and
nearly as much for the improvement of the
building as a ii«w cue wiaili cost, and that
there was littki probability of the State giv
ing any aid if a builuinK was to be c in
structed on en 0;,, i which it did not own.
Divid LubiL thought that there ehouid be
a department of the new Pavilion devoted to
the pertnanen ; exhibition of i:r»i;: ', feeds,
W(o<l«, etc., wl fch are produced on ths Pacific
Mr. Gallatiri concurred in that Idea, and
etated if the E.i;.crvisrri would donate tin
proceeds of thjfeala cf the old buildiug, that
em u?h could l)t rniaed from citizji.s to make
$25 000 or S3O,|CO, aud that on condition that
such aa amouit was sreured, and the State
wculd allow 4e building to ba erected ia
Cayucl Park, «rj.J tha L^islatnro would give
a like am unt fie wuuld subtcribe 81 000.
Geor h e W. 'jheeley meved as ti.e er.-? i f
tbe meeting tliat the new building should be
erected on t.'ie eastern p-jr'.ion of Capitol
Park. Trie vi \um w^> carried auanixously.
James I. F« ter mored that a committee
of three be ap nicted by tbe Chuirman to in
t-.r\i«wlhe Bi ird of fc'upirvisors and ascer
tain if th*y ad tto [v.wer to, and wonlH,
donate the p( icceda of the sale of tfce oia
building to t! fuud f:r the erecti nof the
new. Tnis :\ otinn w.s tho cirried unaLi
monsly, and , c Chain.. iv appointed James
I. Filter, Cbi s. Green and Albert Gallatin
a) Mich omifutee. The committee w>s or
dered to repvt at a geLcral meeting of citi
zens, the Bird of T»a,'e and the Board of
AgticuUur*. to be called by Chairman La
The meeting then adjourned !o reassemble
at ths call of the ('hairrnan.
Considerable ioteresi was manifested, und
the matter of erecting a Dew piviiion is to
be puahpei as rspio'y aa pcssible. It appsars
to be tbe general cpicinn among thoee who
or» taking an ac".ive part iv the matter that a
building to c st uot le^s than 175,000 should
be erected.
Mr. La live suggested st the meeting last
evenicg that a tuilJing tf the same style of
architecture as that of the C. P. It. It. depot
in this city should lie built, as be be'.iev^d a
larger an.l dm ra lobstontial bulldicg could be
erected in that etyls with the funds which
coull be te.iurcJ. It i« proposed that,
when a buiiiiiL^ copt»ining euttici?r.t room
cir. be r cured, tho State Fair ehall ba can
tinued fortfto or thr.-e waek3 ias'.cad of one,
r.s prtient.
Got Theib MojiET I!ack — Yeaterdiy the
Board cf Kumiuers audited the claims of
tho I'ufon Direc'ora againßt the Stats of
California. The fo'.lowiog is a trscscript cf
the proceedings of {be Board : The above
claim-, Nop. 88* and SB9, are ailowud this
date fjr traveling and other expenses cf the
Stata I'riscn Directors. The Le pisla'are of
ISSI amended Section 17 of the Act govern
ing the State Prison? of Califorr.ii, approved
March 11, 1880, by tiiicg the mileage jr.d a!
lowinc a monthly cum to each of the .TJ-reet
or*. The constitnionality of this lav <raa
tested and its invali iity declared by toe Su
preme Court, and tha moseys hitherto paid
them through claims nuditech by thu 3 an?,
and hy warrant* drawn bj the Controller, !
were, in the opinion of said Court, void and •
recoverable, and Raid rjie was remanded to :
the Superior Conrt cf Sacrnrocnto connly fcr
n new trial. And on the 11th day of Eitcem
ber of this yesr eac'j of ths Director pre
sented an MMratit of their actual trav
eling and other i xpensrs incurred te-hile
engaged in the performance of floi-ial
dl iea fi-onu January 13, 18S0, to NovajnV-er
30, 1882, an provided for in the Cori'.iiu
tion. Kaeh account was accompar.iod with
a ncAyt of tha Attorcey-Ciencrcl, cert vin<
that each of said Directors had paid to him
the amount severally rccsived fro:n the Bta:c
Treasury a« competßa:;on es such Din lor?,
and that the Bfiis wf re dismissed ia tttt Su
pa:iT Court if Sacramanto county ; a:i fie
Board beiijvinß that the c ccUicn of tt ':u
--;jrerao Court had ban futy complied .iih,
and ti.ei the accounts cf the Bald DiracUii*
wire n-iw leguUy presented and lawfully <^-.:e
th-iii, h.-.v-, in iiccomUacg with that telief,
auditc.i and tran;:i.ilUd paid claim* to the
Ci:.tnl!e: — tha rwafgtl '''ting &s filir.^s :
from A. H Cha: <t.jd, $3,614 65 : V. Q
Etmvob, n 774 1">; J. H. Neff. 62.641 83 :
tt V,\ fJ^heU, 12.307 00; \V. F. McNntt.
$710 55.
Board <.r Tiiade.— The Biard of Trado
held their ar.i.ur.l meetiiff lust tvenicg. Over
thirty tirma w;ra uprtsEnted. Tha follow
ing named oflicers were electe d tat the c"n-r>
in? rt ar : Pi-mid-nt, Joseph Sltff :rn ; Vice-
Pre*i ien% C. H HnbbarJ ; Director»— John
McNe'.ll. L. Ij. 1-owis, A. S. Hnpkir.s, J. I.
Fd e-. \V. D. Ooautoc^ P. S PUtt, At
t're IllWillim of tie Board of Directors, H. (1.
Smith vai elected Trearnrfr, Gecrfe K.
B»te=, Secretary; A. N i!:c!imn, Asti-t
--a-.i S.c.-elary; G=oige E. B.itts, a'.torcej-.
An Arbitration Ccriiuiit'ee wai cbofec, »■<
follows: M. T. Brewer, T. M. LiDtiley. ('.
T. Wheeler, H. Hurd, G. M. Mott, L Wi!!
hrcs. Spirrow .Saaith, Frank AUiler tnd W.
R. S. Foye.
Kkal Estate Aixtion. — A portion of the
Brings Brothers' vincjaid near Winters f-ti
tioa, Vac.i vallt-y, v announced to hi sold by
Eiston & E'.dridse, i f Sm Fraccisco, by pub
lic auction on next Toesiiay, a- the si.'c.roam,
No. 22 MmtßoaiPry street, at VI o'c'ock,
noon. There are 80 ncrej in the tract. There
are 40 aorej of rai»in grapcviLes three yei n
old, 30 acres of Bsrtle't psar trc:s, plintcd
last cpricf;, and »bent four acres oi peach
trees «even years old.
Gbasd JpflV.— Rio'aard Dil?, the for?m»n
of the Grand Jury, sratea tli»t he has cofi
fied the membera of tliat body to meet on
Tuesday, Daceaub?r 2(i:b, at 10 o'clo-.-k a.
M. Tje n:oetir _■ ia to c impiete criminal busi
ness and to receive reports from the experts
now nt w^rk examining the bcoki of the
Board of Supervisors.
Freight to Arhive.— Freight for Sacn
mento inwd Oxden on th» ;t;h inst , as fol
lows : For Continental 03 Company, 1 tpnk
oil; Adamr, McNeill & Co,, ', barrels bora
ioy, 3 birrels flrar, S"> barrels oat meal;
Hnutineton, Hopkins & Co., 200 reela barb
wire ; Waterhouse t Lester, "_'(' teta carriage
Jewelry bt Acction.— An anction sa!e of
jewelry of all kinds U announced to !i ■■ -iv
this evening; at the salsarooaa of B.U & Co.,
auc-tioueers, at '.'lO J street, and conticue each
c^pcic>; until the cnriirrnnieut on hand ia
buM. The prile will begin at 7JO o'clock, at
which time 1,000 dftan will be sold.
bmnn to tha children— where 10c
&009 ax f*r as .V»: r.r.y where tbo— IJo.l?, ">•,
-'■, Be, .">>•, 79a (aytra value); pocket pin
cushions aid mirror combined, ~>z ; <ii:iiur
trumpets. 5o ; ??hntograph mirrors, 5(3 ; pocket
mirror* (uovuad), 5.: ; cabinet sizj photo
rnph ftHMay t>c ; cUuoaets, oTj; pijcolo?,
25j ; automatic gym^j.st on sheds, 9SS : — an<l
a thons^py^ fftto UHllJl'^ A ' ■' f -'r t ; e ladies
— vi>l6;:ie l.e^s ("), 7.*>.-; cut g'.aaa Iriae eet*.
■*1 "1; tioe J*pin twill tr-mef fiom 50c
to t2; writing desk*, 'Oc; celln'.ol dressini;
c\<et, &2 s'). $3 75, SO 50 and || aibcin?,
from 15j t) ?.">; — other good* too ni neron» to
mriui ,n. •
Look Out :— Keep jour eye« >pen fcr
Auker & More'j C»U Store, 1100 =nd 1102,
career Eleventh and J etreeti, whe; i you c^n
Ket utythin; ycu wii.t at bed-ro k pricff.
All Rood* are warranted. Auker 4 More. *
A laboe L'~>T of nicely-drawed dola ara of
fered at Ackerman'a for 25 cenU, SOfcent?, W
cents acd ii. Toe same are sold t* double
tha rrice by atber dealers. *
Tns Clothiso Depabtmest at Ihe Red
House has got co large that now they are
using the bss;ment, and have (evetaEbandred
of men* aod boys' tuita there, M -If 1 1 as a
la.— , slock of ca-pt tf, matlicf;, etc.
V,r. t atccrt3i-.Lt of toy wagons in the city.
at Allmocd'a sewing machine depot, DO J at. *
( ije hundred and eightef n emigrant pas
sengers will arrive to morrow.
A lot of household and kitcbeu furnitu r e
will b) sold by Ball & Co., auctioneers, en
Friday next.
Buhstaller & Scbaler publit-h a challenge
card, to day, in regard to articles of their own
The Eccremento river remain* at 8 feet 0
inches above low water, where it bis been for
the past ten days.
Sheriff Heilbron has made -mother payment
io.tr> the County Tre a«nry of taxes csllecte.H,
to tha amount of $27,720 98, Tnis m^kps
rh^ fenUl p&id into the Tiea*i.rr to date *57,
--681 3_\ '
The coal oil cases winch have been appealed
to the Superior Crurt have been («t for argu
ment on Mo-day next. Judge D^nson stat.d
that he did not wiah to hear the casen, us he
had as icucb business as he conM attend to
up to the time bis resignation will t»ks effect.
Jatr.es McLiugblin pleaded suilty to a
chargs of petit laicecy in tLe Police Court
yesterrJay. There are several Jaoies Me-
Laughlina in the city, but this particular one
c".me bere with Kobirson's ci:re«. He »ci
charged with the atealirg of four pairs of
Matthew Cooke, Chief Executive Horti
ciltural Offieor, h&s witndr&wn bis re»: ,-pa
tion to take tß^i January l*t, at the mjiest
of the State Vjticultural ffn ■linlsjlusj. and
has consrntcd to terva until July 1-t of next
year. The Commission, it U uu<iertt.»od, will
try and have the salary of the efface increased
by the Legislature at the c using tccim.
Coccird Lsdße, No. 117, F. and A. It,
last evenicg elected the f-llowiet' < fficers for
the eneuiag year : W. M , Wu, E. Ou^-hton ;
& TV., Thomas F«x ; J. W . Ed F. Coho ;
Treasurer, John G.uhler; Secretary, W. H.
Hevecer ; S. U., Harry W. Carroll ; J. I).,
Fie). W. Il.nnton ; Stewards Corrad Clinch
and John Oil.wal.i ; '.larshal, B F. Alexan
rVr ; Organist, J. T. G.iffitts ; Tyler, X. A.
Ssrgeant Barwick reported last evening as
followi : There U s heavy rain storm at
Portland, O;egt.n. It has been raining
heavily there hir.ee 4 o'clock yesterday morn
ing, haviui; rained over four inches. There
has fallen 1 7<> inches at Ulympia during the
«ame time. The barometer is quite low and
falling at Portlai d, and rising eteaoily south
of that print to Sin Diego, and rising tlso at
Oiympia. The wind is south and southeast
frcm Olvmpia to Sr.crr.mento, end wa»t fro:n
S_m FraccKco to Sin Di«go, it !>eing cjlti at
Viaali.^. 'i'ho barometer is hi^a from Had
r.li.if to YiaaSa.
E. H, McKee, City Auditor, makea the
following re]jort for the week ending Satur
day, December 9, 1882 :
Brimoi on hand bat rci>ort MM 121 H
Keceipto for the week * ;
ToUl Jl«,v;u 11
Generrl Fund 82,807 .",.-.
Water V/orici Fun;! 3,1"J0 32
OKMtery Fund l:( 00
btreet Fuud 93 17
yv.iice Fuud 106 if,
Kxhumatioii Funtl 10 00
Sewi-r Fund I!>> 75
Library Fund S^S 3ti
6,733 30
Total amount in Treasury ?13;'.,ife7 si
Sinking and lateral Fund ffj |gg 40
Uenvnl Fund . . . : ' g, . • .,
Wattt Woria Fund „,, 71:13 30
Firo l>:'iurtmcat Fund .'...' 4'i-.; ]-
Scho.jl Fund iin 07
Levee Fund 5
OeOMtan Fuud 2 oi2 01
Street tmxd „... 1,008 Sfl
PaQi • Pond •
Bond Kclemi'tion Fund ' 13^4
Kx'i.im^tion Pood ' ' . \ 4^ f 0
Fire Dcp&rtrr.. Ntn t Loud and Interest Fu::d 62 "1
Übnuj t\i::d 1,173 J s
Sewer Fund
Dos Fund 10 32
X, L, Ninth aud Tenth ttrect Fund 13 20
T ° tal tOajNB 0
AVilliam Hawkins, of chico, is in the thy.
V. F. Wilder and W. T. Rawlj, of Colorado, art
in Sacranieuto.
Iba, s. H. ,i>£pph3, of Sin ITuiinletm. U vUtiaa
flit-ndy in Uiiscity.
A. W. Walratli and wife, cf BaMda, arrived in
tiit ci:y yesterday.
Mrs. L. C. Welborn, of Mineral Park, A. T., is
visiting in the tity.
Rev. Johu Thompson, of Oakland, )• visiting
frif nds lo S^L-ramento.
M. I . Morris, of Oakland, and H. ZiMtnam, cf
Sii Frandwo, are .n town.
C. S. Hoy, or Ocrinng ; W. l{. Wlllnil and A. F.
Cunn arc sto; j in j in the city.
T. r.. Perry aad wife (formerly Mi« Kiltie Doojj )
have left for their home at Ondun.
M'.-s Fos?ic- Brown, of Tomhst ->r.e, Ariz ; a, i^
viciiinjf Miss Jecn : e McFarlanil iv this city.
Charles Hal:, of Auburn anil S. Lani: and W. B.
Titu", of t\ Pa-m, arrived in the ci'y ytaterjay.
DarVrht llu'.list«r, wlf^ a-id J»u|lit«r. an>i *'■"*
Lida Doraun, <A Uoilister Lindin^, are ndting in
I»aac BionsKy, me t.t the clitnrial wrilers on the
tt fl of the Hiw York Tribunt, is in bxa Fr»!:ci.-co
v iti ti; ■■;; t.Mbmthir, George F. Droailcv.
11. .1. W. I>.tm, (,f San Francisco, 19 stopninjf in
the city. Mr. !>;ini wM be Baoattrt teoretar.
unrier Govcrnortlect Stonemau.
C W. T!;.rk lias rec ivercd sußieient'y from his
rccert liints'? n .'.s to l>e abe to vHt Sxu FrandKu,
(or irbiob place he left jetttrday.
Sol. Duia, lie ot Sim Francisco, arriv-rd litre m
\i3;t4 1 1 fri. nda Ir.s'. cvi-nlv,- from Warhin'j fin and
ill kbo TunitJrica, where he has been located frr t:.e
last lew months.
P. L. Hoover, Mr». He over, Ben. Hoover and P..
i.. i. -i.ht.rty, ut tacraracnto, are attsosj tl.e uum
t< r at cvertaiid paaangeni which will arrive to-day
hy tl.e southtrn I 1 u-;ii ; route.
Fear Not.
AH ti Jney and urinary complaint", e.'pe
ciilly Bdcht'l Disease, Diabetes and Livn
troubles, Hop Bitters will eurely and last
ingly care. C.iscs exactly liko ycur owu hava
been cured in yr.ar own nei.'lhborhool, and
you can fiad reliable proof &t homa cf whit
Hop Bittern li^b and can do.
EEViTAi.i/.tKO the biool U abs ilutely nece?
tary he the euro of eeaeral debility, weak
new, lntHitude. etc. T^e bast unricbar of the
blood ij B.'owu'd Iron Bitten.
Fkesh mackerel and while fish direct from
tha East, fr< zjn io ie?, will be cue here next
Friday by morLin* cvciUad express, and
every Fr; lay thereof :er. Frfsh Baltimore
select oysters in cmi received diily by ci
pr£B.», ar.d we eh ;l!enca competition v* to
quality of ojsters ard fi'l of rare. We fc!so
call the attention of the pu'ilic to the f-ct
that we bave elreajy secured over 5,000 cora
feJ turkeys for the cooiin? holidays, ell to ba
in piime order and dreaded at the barnyard.
We tell no gonila bu; the bent, and do not tiy
to compete with hr.rs;s that tell ehodriy
«oo:!s, as wa believe ia st treating pitrons t»
to cause theii tc plica relia: cc in prices and
quility of goids Oar nioek i* complete, Btd
rnur wap!g will ieceiva prosspt ait»rtio.i.
Oar retail depaitTent will In open f>r the
accjsniTio jatinn <>f tlie vublii' Sand^^. Dtceiß
her24'.h and 31)>. uutil 12 M. D. Deßer
uaiui & Co. *
Boots asd Shoes.— The great call for
the^e goods ut tha II d Hou.'e at this time of
the yeer has erabkd tLem to iL^ke heavy
Emtern pmchatea dir-ct. Also a very heavy
job lot of wonieu'd and cbildrcn'ii kid atd p^at
(too-Jg at mu"h nTider rhe r"f?nl ir price. Their
Had Boom kip boat let £." M surpasses any
tLicg ever offered in the city. *
Te Cakefix about your sweet thipci-. T)o
not piy SO or SO c?ct3 for t.yrup «hea ycu
can ret the lest in the oily f< r 7. r > eapbi at
Aukor & Mnr.'s Cwh Store, 1100 to 1102,
cor;:er }-luvsnlh and J ttreete. *
Loc kaA t!ie Dan<V, tt , e c »bin»t albntr." sold
a. Acierman'M f,, r 9) ttn% SI and SI 25
l tuy are wjrth dcub'e the price asked for. *
AMCEholil.. y sif;; Oae of those rutin-
Uced cisss con'Ur.in- a bo-.utiful hair hru^h
" ■-'■ » nab, cold for «U at Ackerman'f. Cheap
for f.-2 aO. , r
l HE grand gift enterprise sti'l coniinufa (o
draw crowds of people to Allmond'a sewing
michiue aaJ v*tiety e'.ore, 806 J street •
What is Xiceb f,»r » present to a lady
the Red Boot st two-rhirda their rain* •
¥1 10 per yard bnya fine filk. *
Dcv Goons for the holidays ; fanny rood*
etc; 230 doaga silk handkerchiefs, fr.mi >. ! >
csnta to §2 50 ; r»re value ; great sale in full
blast cow on at tha Ke 1 House. ♦
G. B. /onm; the laaiinj: co!oti>i Dem --
crat of S»n Joaquin county, ia ia the ciiy, to
procure a [MltmHa in the coming L=tr:s
laturc. •
Rcbbeb Gloves for Ladies cow for s%\*
a- Allmood'b eewing machine depot, 805 J at.*
Fine line cf albums, cheap, »t Allmond'a
sewing m»chic9 depot, BCG J street. •
rivaled for counts and coldr. *
Bar Yocr Lolls »'. Red House before
th sy are all .■> c •
Moxinr, December H, ISB2.
_ November 21— H. D. Sfcmn to E. M. K-an.ey—
Noitbeatt quater ol aeclion 2b, township 5 norih.
rai'gc 7 easi ; *3,5C0.
October 14— Amelia A. Daj.-ir.ui to Jarups B. Dor
sey-Eitt half of lot 2, in the block bounded by F,
U, Sii.th and Seventh 6tr tU, city; giaat
Cc-ober 18— Charles HcLaushlin (a Daniel Mc-
Kei.rie and N. M. Turner— North half of nort' c tt
nuartor, north lialf of lot 1 of uorthwest qumtir,
lot 2 o( northweat quarter, lot 2 ot a outhwe t quir
ter, Houth \..df ct iot 1 of Bouthwcst quarter, and
north half of eatt quar tr, section 7, township 5
ii'.rtn, rusga 7 east— 437.Uß acr>» ; fr.OSJ 30.
April 10— The United BtiUs to Jaoib Netraan—
Northeast quarter of northeast quarter al section
34, Uiw.iship 6 noith, ran^-e S east — 40 acres ; patent.
.November 10— George H. T;ce to feamu"! A.
Bransombe— Sjuibwest qanrttr of n irtliwest
quarttr of s clion 2, townlhip 7 nortii, ra.^t t'
cist—lo acres; $i>oo.
Decumber 11— J. H. Kent to B F. Beans and
John Thompson— Strip of Uni 30 feet wide along
l.c enst Hoe of southeast quuter of sccUon 31,
to>vnthip 7 north, raojte B east , Mi
De2«n.btr '.> -<. W. McCuiniy to J. A Burns—
Edtt half of Bouth half and Md quarter of north
'iU.^iterof Id 5, in the blo«.k bounded by X, L,
aixtb uil Seventh 6tr.'-ts, cily ; ¥1,000.
Decin:ber 11— Peoples Sa.in^'j Bank to M. F.
ClHjtun — Sou'h half o! cast ha.f, and K>uth <juirter
ot north half of lot 5, in thu t l.v k bounded br X,
L. SfacHl and Seventh btrtetj ; $i,bZO.
Ti'tsuiY, December 12, IJB2.
April 28— W. 11. Strong to hatie Gtors,'.:— East 35
feit of lot 7, io the block hounded by H, I, Twelfth
f.nd Thirteenth Btrtcls, city ; $1,000.
Dtcenaber 12 — Uet-r^e huset'U and wife to George
Allen— Northeast quarter of sectiou 20, towuship 5
north, range 7 east ; $i,750.
October!!— & C. l'trkins, by Sheriff, to Robert
Suddc-n— S*an:u Land survey No. :;«.:; ¥7,000.
December 12 —H. L. ll.iftiu.'a et al. to l'jitrick
I ' r:..!j -L jU 4 and 6, block ixi, town of Folsom ;
TVesmay, December 12, les2,
Departmknt Two — Hkvm'X, Jiriu-e.
Di(f(,'Ory 11.'., s vr. The Amadnr ami Sacramento
Can»lCoinp»ny— Ordered tnailhia cause be returned
to the liift i-ilf. il:r for further hearing, on ueleml
aiil'ii rn.tiuu la malt and irr.<]ii_v the InJnnnHim
Emma Carl i r vs Stmm Carter- The -tit 11. cut in
Matf oi i)i« MM ■ •>! Mdan t llcnrv, deceased—
OrdereJ V< be returned f;r fu'ther tmuisaj, r.u >n
the beta .;■! ] moid at Mm application of N. «'<nlc.
\V. (J. Filch x. 51 inr-in" How -Defendant* mo
tion for a new trial o\erruled.
Bnek v . I'ronner •Uemurr.T lileu, rise sub
mitted, ami judgment ardawj tor i>!.iii,iiiT
«.'. Si. Oaajlu r*. M. K. 1> ml on trial.
EdUtfUß vs. Clayton-- -Cuiithiuc-I.
San Francisco Stock Sales.
Fin Vkakcisco. DicomUr ISth.
n Oflilr 2 Hj 275 S. JfeTada.,.3 Ml 80
4«0 M«ii<na iX. ISJJ7U.-.. •• 1 ■: ■ ,„
169 Gould* 0 ! BIN Bullion I M
SMOaUlonla. U\ | aOFichequtr s*
112) Sswe I X ir> lu'f.n 4 4(jri 4=
4 v O. Vi.-irfni» C ; t! l»AnL'o«
1-iOriiillir ]..' L' 1 Rector. ... 10c
rSlPouwi IB f,75 A11i10u.... 2 7 ; ;'.i''^".
C. v )Hulo*N 14' ldiß-.die
martini t» IHPrim.....' ;5
1-iOV. J«oket 1 V\ 20-JNanjo ' 61061
MKantack ICO HON. iwib ' ' v
iOtAlpha 14 30 En. Tunnel. . "JCc
bflf 85 4'Mo.io Vj
10-J CoußdcLice 1 4*> Hollies '.'"dj
2C kureka 10 If.: ISlKakaavr. SSc
i:i \. Uilu >(l| 100 Iterti B '4 25
ttSVtTijo 6;i 115 S. NemiU. "370
SDO Belli be 5< 7 (1 l-.>to«l 1 25
7.0 Albicn 2 Sii^i S?i 14) M.-i10»n.. . . 4 i .'» 10
RSBodta ItH 25A!U .' Vc
lno R. Tunnel EA SII IWit.r Vie
SCM. White 2 It. £70 v. Jw^.t :";i 4 5
lCOAt'.m* 20S JOG. A(5 2 7.)
20 Silver King 10( 4"l> Pn'llon... 1 CS
7.i Union. 4 361 12'JArdaB. 7 IC
lMOi'hlr 1 81; 2 ofi!»Taße I 10
lfl'jdvi-ruian W'ci 200H»lcaNor 133
52ChoU« 1 55'
In vigorate and be Healthy.
The suurce of nine-tentha of the bodily ilia
of mankin 1 is a deCciency of vital power.
Nj portion cf tho i>hyiical machinery can
e!i'cU-n!Jy j.trfcrm is allotted duty if there
ii icsuMicient motive foic^ in the system. In
vi^.Tate, therefore, in order to regain health.
For the rcatorition of ! : t vitality, Hrstet
tei'a Stomach Bitters are the best tonic that
c^a be £e!»cteii, since they not only impart
frtsh vigor itto the I't-bilitatei system, but
overcome disorders ol the stomach, liver and
h-iweia, which intsrfrre with complete assim
ilation of tli^ food, ar.d thus perpetuate Wtak-
MM, Ik* Hitter* likewise cuio and prevent
ma] irious fevers, romely drbilitatiux urinary
troubles, and eliminate from the blood thrnugh
tha kid;ieya the ioi;:urUieß which originate
"■ ut, rheum.-iti-in and dropsy. Appetite,
digestion, tlcep — in short, tvery essential
condi'.ion cf health, are promoted by their
FoitTHV feeble lares rgair.st wiutry blaets
wi»-h HalV X :my < I Botabi und aud Tar,
Piko'a Tonthic'.e 1).-ots ctre in me minute.
San Frap.-isco, XovemUr 22— Joseph Rossi to Mary
S:n nrMK'SM, Pcccin v ir 7— Thomas Br»dley to
Neilie Mordn.
S«n tnmitwet DecemlMj IS— OnM Livinjston to
Lina Siehenhancr.
San Francisco, December »- Willard B. Morris to
Cora Ka^mrutrHng.
San Francisco, December 10— John S. S. Purter to
Isat>v!!a A. Trait.
San Francitci, lieccmber a -George T. Reynolds to
hie E. Anderson.
San Francisco, Docua>ocr7— Fred. B. Tuck to Emma
y. Welch.
San Fr.mcisco, Kovciaber 21'— M J. Vau^bn ts Sirah
San Francisei, December s— Theodore Yon Kscht
to Mary Xi iiv.
Fan Kr..r.c.3:0. December C -George Zuhlkc t •> Katie
S.if-smentf., r>.ocmb:r 11~ Wife o! John A. Aze-
V-. tl •, a d-il^htsr. «
Near Wtlltowa, Sicramento county, DecemVr 11—
Anna 1)., wife of J. Matthew rchmiut (formerly
o' Sacrini'.nto), 1.9 jeare, g cionths an 1 6 days.
[Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited
to attend the funeral, which will take [Oaco to m
St. Uo«e Clmrch to murrow (Thursday) afternoon
at 1:30 o'clock .l
Wei Dk IbnA Catarrh Cdbk
Absolutely cures snbffl??, runnicg nostrils,
d'straeeed breathing, paim over tha eyts, acd
all catarrhal eympton-.s. SI, of all druggists.
Babj*it Witrp.lDr.
When baby has D»i^3 at dead of night.
Mother in a fright, htbar la a plight ;
When worms do bite, biby mutt or,
It ftver sets in, b»l.v may'die.
If croupy pains 1. 11l Leonora,
In that Inline thirc'B no < .ixK.rln,
For mothers learn without dela\,
»'.-.«! (irsn cures by iiifrht and d.iy.
A Dairy Farm
©r 4f.0 acre*, with so-nl DwclTlnc. one and
a lialf stories hiah ; a la»"^e Uarn, 4('x112 ; small
Barn, '2fxlo ; p»r>d Orchtrd ; snm'l Vu-cjard ; 60
acres sown to AlfMfa and Ited Clovpr ; can be ;a
ircus^l'to 100 acre* ; i !«e is well timbered. In
cluded with place are 10 head of Cattle, 0 Hordes
ami 8 Waj'ii-, lot of Hogs, »11 Farming Tools,
lit} i'resees, elo.
Good Milk Route
Id Ibr Rnurlohloz Imn of PlymnGlh,
which is tt aWy BMfwall l' ; situited within one
mile an ! a bait of l'l; m.uth, Amador countf.
Bom', vrrr StttwMj lnr««r<l <"»( y Propcrry
for a raijeh of 1.0.0 acres or more.
or mnvnp faumisu uvab
For any itformation of the *boTe apply to
No. 1015 Fourth street,
* * * * * * * * *■*-*_*_ * »«»»««»-»»«»«»«»»»»;;;*;»;
Weinstock & Lubin.
j **
A-«-l-*-L».»_» r*XD r:TT";T7~r:T~t T;"; :Yi '; ;~;~r: :::;:; t : T
M(1:1 " ll » 1 > TEMPEK4TIUE. RDH OF THE DAY.
Temperature Yesteudat : J'° c feafs Uturnaide at Kredericksbnrp,
Highest, 55 New Mexico orgar i/e J as a Territory, 1850.
Lowest, • "«III"II« 41
_ San Rises, 7:08 a. v
„. . Moon Rises 8:14 a m.
""? heBt - H Moon Souths 2:48 p. m
I>>weBt; ' 42 Uay'sLensth, 9a. 34min.
I iff ■"**•* --w. + • *
Hints to Parents.
Gifts to Children.
Little Boys' Fancy Boots, $i to $i 50.
Fancy Kilts, with silk sashes, $6 75 and $7 50.
Small Hand-packing Trunks, 50 cents.
Boys" Blacking Brush and Blacking, in a neat wooden
case, 40 cents.
Children's Turbans and Jockey Caps, from 50 cents
Pretty Plaid Chevrons for Fine Dresses, $1 20 per
yard ; Invisible Check Goods, 25 cents per yard.
The "WARWICK"— a Single-breasted, Plaited
Bloase Suit of Scotch Cheviot, $6 50.
Children's Plated Napkin Ring, 10 cents.
Iron-handled Pocket Knives, 15 cents. A large
variety of styles at other prices.
A larger display of HOLIDAY HATS than ever
before. These goods are handsomely lined, and
artistically designed.
School Shawls for Little Girls ; Ready-made Dresses,
$4 50 and upwards.
Remnants of all grades for Children's Dresses.
Gold-plated Chains, Rings, Sleeve-buttons, Cuff
Pins, etc.
Linen Handkerchiefs, with Colored Borders, 7^
cents. Also, Handkerchiefs in Fancy Boxes.
Agates and Rolly-Bollys.
Boys' Pretty Satin Bows, 10 and 15 cents; Dress
Cravats, 50 cents ; full assortment of Small
sized Scarf Pins and Cuff Buttons.
Boys' Knit Wool Jackets, 75 cents and $1 10 ; Wool
Mufflers, 50 cents; Wristlets, 10 cents to 35
cents ; Warm Knit Gloves, 35 cents.
FOR LITTLE BOYS !— We have Terra Cotta
Colored Hats, in different shades of Olive Green,
and some striking shapes in Butchers' Blue.
Dress Suits of Black Diagonal, for ages 10 to 15
years, $8 to $10.
"TAM O'SHANTERS!"— One of the latest novelties
in head-gear for children ; in different shades,
red and blue.
FOR YOUTHS' WEAR !— Button, London Toe
Shoes, made in same style as Men's ; sizes, 1 1
to 13^. Price, $2.
Full line of Children's Fashionable Cloaks, Have
locks, Ulsters, etc., from $3 to $27 50.
Nos. 400, 402, 404, 406, 408 Kst., Sacramento.
A.isrr> liquors,
Noe. 1016 and 1018 Second street, between J and E. Sacramento.
*ar Dealer In WATCHES, JEvTSLKY AND DIAMONDS. KepalrUm la nil ita brirchoß n JnZO?!,
a^er MR. PIOtiZRG. Agpni for Koe^ford Walct. CoaipSay. auJ?.^" 7
• if I tnporter, MMnfactorer, Wtolsss^e and Retail Dealer la every deacriotion of |T8
Xos. rtua. 64W anil »is X »;r^p?. b«-t. Stgtl. and Sfvfniii. S»frsTO<-nto. au7-3 D tf
JT^~C3Fr~DDAr i V r STS,
mem of tiirrms, mudis, cormces, etc.
. JTis? :Tm,v it c s? a:nine my larEe stock ° f goods before p- jrehMiD « ei»
«onnlry Ordrrs Snl.rltrct. and Kall»farllon Cop.rnntrr.l. 030-
Just Arrived at G£o. D. ALLMO^D'S Sewing Machine Depot, £06 J st :
r^tenmsr Eiciru.t line of Silk lUndkerchiri,, fr,,,:, V. , t ,.t» t^fc ;£o leich S qS™
JM New T«^l Cir.J|-tha ***** araurtnunt j m brootht to this city- price*, "om 10 "ntf £»«£
TO\b of all k.iuis. »..!.(;}• Cu|.» uod bauwrd, from IS cents u> H5O elch. Vmig Ik.' ln jVw iv "lVr^s
•to. Kow Is the lime lo Lv,. «mi, *v,rjll.ln E is n *,v and fr.^Tanij prices ari low
Tufts' Yerbine Cough Balsam
.a., cs. ■aa?tJE i> rrsß, DaTjooiaT, ->^S«^«il
fORKEK TE\TII AVW J «*TKEF,Ti* !in-J,i:,| ",n.| . SA< 'KAIWESTO.
I P!TTI?TQ l I I T\/r A Q
Is olof c tt lnn<l, and with it ill the joy and hippincss occationed by '.lie various GIFT 3
received by our little ones. Wo are fully prepired Ui meet the wui t^ of the
public, and hive a variety of frooda suitable for the pjorly and
well filled purse.
j it : ti:e sbxi few si v».» we vi jj.l <>ffeb tiif. following i\-
i 200Beautifu!CabinetAibums
FOR 90 cents, §1 and $1 25
WORTII si .v, -y.' and •! ",0,
| I SOFlorenceHairßrushesand
Oombs 3 in satin-Sined cases,
Only SI per set ; worth $2 50
For 25 cents, 59 cents, 90 cents and $1 ;
Ackerman & Co., j
No 3. 629 and 631 J street, Sacramento.
*~it "ti 1 ST ATF.T? r TTflttprl w^^
I __.—. M HJLULJII.-111 -— o'"!rp^rn_
jbs rsr^Hi:.^ Jxs.Q£in? jsrssuiEiCST? "stock
J. HI "UN, Jit, So. St 6 .1 Rtreft, Sacramento, fa?.
Breech-Loading Shotguns,
Winchester Rifles,
Hunters' Supplies,
HOPKifIS a 00.,
Poi3?der Coinpaniss
• bacramviito, has Just taken the Wholesale
Agency ol the CALirOitS I A CRACKER Cusl PAN V
of ban Francisco. CRACKEfiS "old at lowest Slot
FranciTCO prices, with difference in time nnr' freifrht
In favor of purchasers. Also, FISHERS CHOICE
CONFECTIONS, at lowent market ratwi anM-Sn*
you are to ui.fortui.ate as to require trcai
With a mind mature I and enriched hy ftm."M of ai
advanced onler, I can cafely say that thcro is hutilj
a disease in tho catalc^riie of human ilia that I cm
not treat to a successful issue.
LADIES -I am altravs ready to asfcint yon. S'y
past knowledge hns been increucil by exb-nuve
exr>erience. lam now sole to treat yu with trc
certainty of success. No ca?c peculiar to your Joi-'-
Cite oruanitm ia bejond my sure control.
My F«.n:^le Slnnth'.y Modiciues are I" a-y
oflered heretofore, and will be warranted to hare- the
desired effect in all c*ees.
Those of the public who need try sen-fees can de
pend upon srenileiEar.ly, honorable and scientific
treatment tt reasonable rates.
I address particularly tlmne who have been n-
Jured by youthful indiscretions, aiid tboec who
have contract?d local <ii esses
Persons affiiccl cm, if they prefer, consult me
by letter, detailing the Bytrptoms of the disease or
trouble, and rtcfive medicine by express, with fuli
instructions. AH letters must be directed to J. H
JOSBCLTX M. I)., i-16 Sutur succt, fc'an Francis
co, Qd.
Cure warra.ited in all cases, or no nay required.
Consultations, personally or by letter, cratw. Si'nd
fot book. Comfortable anartnjenU fsr patients at
my Infirmary (when desired), with ejperieuocd
Cons>i!'ati->n Parlors, 220 Sutter street, adloinln
the Y'.ung Men's Christian Awocintion builui:i^.
Office hours— From !) A. «. to S r. M.
My t>ip]»m:i ban;< In mr office.
r'iri.ha»e my Eszay on Phy&iol'^y and Marriage
For tale by all" newudeairrs.
J. H. JO-4.11V, 81. D.
JgS4"W.«SJf OrVKff FIKMII KE Inntorli.nnil FonrCnr hnl<lo urrlvil^B^2?^»
B'ngle Piece?, Bcdlin?, etc.
W. D. COMSTOCK, Cor. Fifth and X streets. «*
All our assortmrnt of
AT —
D^X/E <fe CO.'S.
n'l laif
Tllir KrfSCTIAt.LT C 1.1
Vitalise the System, an-* arrest the ravaec^ of tl)»
dreadful Alcohol Il^b't, " LUi-SoJlAlilA."
W Auk yonr DrusUot or Wine <"-. rrhasl
for Ihfni. hi -i Spflm
LOSS OF VOICE, Incipient Cmxamptloa.
s.n<l all I*:-.-::. r, of the Throat an-1 I one".
Auk forti.f « '»:ir<irn!a Pnlmunarr Diliaa,
and lake no other.
tS-yoili BT ALL OKI i.«.> 7«. "9-1
J. H. Grates & Co.,
417 Sansome st., Tan Francisco.
ii - o 44ptf&jwtfVV3

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