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Ifetropolitac Theater— Leivitt's Specialty Com
Meeting- Lily of the ÜBtjr Lodge, A. O. I. W.
Meeting— Philliarmonic So-ietr.
To Loin— Money.
For Sile— Farm of 1,000 acres.
Wanted— Situation by a }"Ung man.
Wmnteil— Square pool-tible.
WantcJ— Board aud lodging (private).
Car.! of Thanks- Mr. and Mrs. I>. G. Rich!.
C*rd— H. Scheucert.
Probate Notic;— Kitati of Jtfforson Lake, de
Bill— Sacramento Tun: Vertin.
Meeting— CaleJunii Club.
Commencement Ex-rcises— Sacraxento Seminary.
Wanted- Male and female tac'p.
C»rJ— To farmers.
Auction To-day.
Bell & Co.— Housekeeping goods.
Business Advertisements
Sherliurn J: Smith— Crockery and glassware.
A. Leonard & Son—" To Let" aud " For Sale."
BaD i Cu.— Albums.
M(rch;.nics' Store— Gifts for evenbedy.
Boakd ok Education.— The regular mett
icg of the City Board of Education was beld
last evening. Presen*, Messrj. IVji?, Slater,
Stalker, Hanc.ck, Butiir ni.d Tracy and
Sup=rintecdeat l.ii.ie. The Committee on
Forciture and Supplies reported the purchase
of seats for the new school room at the Or
phan Asylum. The Building and Repairs
Committae reported having taken measures
toward driving the bat* out of the Sacramento
Grammar Schco! building, atul th»t work in
ventilating the building waa favorably pro
gre*>iig. This committen was instructed to
test ths furnace at the Ninth and M streets
school-house. iThe Financa Committee re
ported favorably on the following bills, which
wtro ordered vti j : Pay roll of half month's
piy tot teachers acd full pi-y for jinii.ors,
$3,741 65; George Dean. $6250; \V. T
Cottitr, HO 25 ; J. White, $28 ; J.
Bohn, K2s V. M. Cornclle, 523 50; Sc-tt
& Muir, |8 30; Friend & Terry, S-3 37;
Charles Scimidt, SU 50; Davis & Goeuel
S3l 50 ; M. D. Mer/eil, (5; Sun Fire and
Marine Insurance Company, §22 SO • E W
Potter & Co., SlO 93 : B. F. Bel!, S.»; H. S."
Crocker & Co., 546 9S; Baker & Hamilton,
X 25. President Tracy reported as follows
wi*.h referaace to insurance : Building I nud
J, Fifteenth atd Sixteenth streets Sun Fire
And Marine Insurance Company, §3,C00, at
•JO coDts, |23 ."iO, expires December 14, 1883
A. G. Kyagland, agent. Presidutt Tracy
presented a detailed Ktfttement cf insurance
mittars for the jeir 1882. Tr.e application
of Miss Nettie B. Seeley for a recommenda
tion to the State Board of Education fjr an
educational diploma was granted. The ap
plication of Miss Emily M. Thompson for a
position as ter-cher in the public schools was
read and pliced on file. The Baard then ad
Fbeight to A brite.— Freight for Sacra,
ciento passed Ogden on the 15th instant as
follows : Fur Schofield & Tevls, 1 box mixed
piiif, 2U barrels acd 37 boxes varnish ; J. F.
Davis & Soc, 2 boxes Ba^dlery ; Lindley &
Co., 2 ca=es cigars, £5 packages tobacco, 25
cases baked bears ; Henry Fisher, 2 barrels
cmfectic nery ; Baker & Hamilton, 1 box cut
ljry, 1 box silver-plated ware, 1 case hard
- ware ; Mebini & Co., 15 packago* tobacco ;
A. Co-olof, 22 packages tobacco ; A. lab -\ Me-
Ncßl & Co ,1 package tohacco ; Cuoke & Sjn,
1 box mac-iinery ; .10.-ei,h Hahn & Co., 1 box
tnis»esj Cvn f r.il Paciu; Pviirosd, 1 barrel
acd 1 keg c^r tt.tit.ga; L-uis Skss & Co,, 1
meat chcpp,-r ; \V. A. k C. S. Hougbton, 5
bundles n^wepaper, 1 case ruled paper ; H.
A. Weaver, 1 buadle c:,rdboaid; Kirk,
Geiiry & Co., IS package 3 *nd 2 CiSrs
glyccrirje, 1 barrel and 5 boXM drugs,
1 box pot— b, 1 box iodine, 1 barrel
Rlassware, 2 bixr* rubber ; Huatiogton,
Hojikicß k Co., 03 plitia iron, 1 package
staple?, 2CO bundles etfe!, 1 bmtdb wheels, 1
baadla uV-.-.fts, 1 rak: ho^d, 1 bundle teeth, 1
hufc^_ f . co«-barr, 1 box fiber washers, 0
boxt%Pnardv-Mre, 1 box wringers, 9 bundles
Birglc-iiees, 3 bundles hook handles, 1 bundle
tree piuaers, 4 bellow?, 0 visa?, 1 box nails, 1
barrel ahaia ; EiUinp-sley k Co., 2 barrels
hboe Muckiog, 1 case wooden ttittvr-B>old«rs,
1 sack wirkinp, 2 boxea traps ; A. A. Van
Voorhies & Co., 2 c»sea oarneHS blacking ; L.
E kui & Co., 4 ba'.ea cotton goods; E^ner
Bros, k Co., 10 barrels whisky ; B.ioth &
Co., 81 boxe3 spice. 40 boxes baking powder,
1 psckate tobacoo; Hal!. Lubrs & Co., 25
CIBSB bitten, 1 c;f s fiiTia, 180 kei;s, 10 barrels
acd 10 half-barrels i-y: up, 7 packages tobacco ;
D. Stacclift, 2 box«a household goodi.
City Tkvstles.— Tiie Board of City Tius
tees met in rff ular seesioa vejttruay, all the
members present. The report of the Chief
Esgiseer cf the Water Workß showed that
tho pump* had been in opsration 120 hours
durbt; the week, pumping 11,108 750 gallons
of water. A petition requesting thit the
wr.ter pii;a nn Twenty-firat ttreet be extended
to V stteet, w»* referied to the SuperiDteß
deut of the Water Works. A peii i»n a king
for tbe appointment of extra polic:man [jr
holiday week, was placed ca fie. The ie
que^t of D. .jardner to catch fisb in China
sluu;h wis denied. The Huperinteadeut of
tho Water Woika waj directed to correspond
with E iatern manufacturers to atcort:<in the
pricj of 4,000 feet o'. six-inch pipe. The ac
tion taken in regard to tho coal oil ordinance
will be I "in! elsewhere. After allowing the
following bills the Board adjourned : PNtonn
Gastron. S10; A. Grafmiller. S?4SO; Wkad
& Son. $2 ; Willism Watt», SU ; John Nel
son, !>ll; M. Kennedy, §10; T. J. Bal?ou,
S-J4; M. Tansov. S10 ; Jumea Cuffe». SlO ;
T. S'iannahan, 810 ; James Leonard, $5 ; Lee
Y..urg. $3 05; H. Kvan, §12 50; R. Shay,
tlO ; F. OLaujhlm, SlO ; K. Johnson. S2i ;
Thomas Cotter, $15 ; P. McGinnie, §12 ; J.
Lynch, Sl2 ; Humingron. Hopkins & Co.,
$3 ; A. Kiog, SBB 05 ; W. J. Wallar.e, S3 25;
Tim Scriver. §1 ; Lem Cnuug, i\o ; W. A.
Anderson, ?20.
The Weather.— The rain-storm of yester
day, according to Sergeant Barwick'u repoit,
was .11 of an incb, inikirjg ,39 of an ii.eh for
the t . :.t! . and G7l for the sessan. The
ssason of 1877-S (rave 2 42 inches ; LB7B !t,
1.47 inches; 1879 80, 4.00 icchi? ; 1830-1,
CO3 isches ; ISBI 2, 5.43 iuchef. Tne aver
age for the pist tix years to the 10th of De
cember of eac'i jmm is 441 inches. Tha
prenent ~ t '^- .< is 2 27 inches in excess of the
mean average for the pa*t six years to a cor
resp)ndin« date Diapa'cbrs received at the
Kecjbd Union office Ehow that the rain bai !
rxtfjiic i over ths whole northern portion cf
tha St»te, with snowfall ia the mountaine.
Tne dispatches also Bt^te th»t the pros; e -to
for a so id crop tbe coming ssasou arc excel-
o:ticul IvZTt'aJS. — Tbe official returns
from the recent general ehctiju have been
canvassed by tbe Secretary of Siate. Tbe
vote c.st fcr Governor is as follows : Stone
man (D.), «JO.6!U : Estee (U.), r.7,175 ; Mc-
D.ina:d (i 1 .), .%772; McQiidciy (ii ) l,0:0.
For <-oi arre»*min. Second District — Bntld
(D) 20,22'J; Paga (U ), 1U.210. For lUil
roa<i C.)mmi.vicv;«T, Fiist District—C»rpen
t-r (I) ). 51.489 ; Kced (R.) 2.l 125 ; Andrews
(P), 1.870: ¥..\<»z'. (v.), 705. For State
Board of E<ina!-7.»liun, Second l>istrict —
Moeslmqm (It.) 20.X20; Cru»ch?r (D.), 19,
--3;^J; Greco (1' ), 80S; McComiell v'J.), 103.
Police Court.— The following business
was trr.rj.-acteu iv the Police Court yesterday :
John Kennedy, b%tt;ry, continued to Decem
ber 23 i ; Lir.'. Ke.ineiij-. e\me as prcc:dinj? ;
Lonb K*vanit'gt > , dru&lr, plaedsd guilty and
fined §!0; Jolin Cats, drunk, deposit for
feiied ; .Mrs. lUvip, luttcry, jary demanded
aid cafe coulinnei to Dectniber 22i ; Mrs.
Mi'.'.er, bitt.'-ry, comiiiuej to December S2d;
Cfcajlw Wdgkt, drunk, discharged ; Joseph j
Suto, mUiieuieauor, pleaded guilty acd judg
meat deferred to December 19 h ; .lames
1. >uip, diuuk, pleaded guilty and lined $3.
Eoabd ok SerEßVisoiis.— Tho Board of
Supervisors met in regular ressioß yesterday.
Prefeat— V'iisoD, Bisir, EuCer, Christy. A
re^oluticn «ss i a^scd agreeing to et ll the
Pavilion and donate tbe proceeds to the State
Agricultural Society, ou condition that tho
Hociety do crer^t another suitable building in
Sin unat... Uje of the horses knotrn as
the chain-gang heroes ba\ingdi*d Superviaar
Butier iv .< directed to purchase another. .
Several claims were allowed under a su?pen
*ion of the ru!<v, »fter which tbe Board took
a r»ct«s • otil 10 a m. to-day.
m Fbom cow until n?xt year, H. G. May& j
0., of tbe Fulton Maiket, Fifth and X '
J-ceU, <hB hay. tbe 6nestdi«play of turkeys, !
(.dete, chickona, dnj^s und market itoUdm in ■
the city. •
French Dolls, lid-ccvered, with un
breakaUrt beads «>i humiin hair. Prices,
froai 50 cents to $2 10, at Hod Ilotue. *
Pbizes valued at f ,-oui 10 cent* to $10 given ',
to evr«-y retail •v.sh r.moiia* r of $2 £0 wortii
of toys ur hulidiy goodj at AilmjcaV-, Ha,
• v •■■ J «ti»>*.
: Bon. T. B. McFarland Els Successor— A
' Handsome Present — The Fresentatlon
Speech and the Secipient s Reply.
Yesterday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock the
' Supeiior Court <f Sacramento county y.tn
called to rrder. It wae generally known that
Hoc. T. B McFarland had received the ap-
I pointment ac Superior Judge, to succeed Hon.
j S. C. I>ir.Fo:j, and nearly ail the attorneys
j who practice in the Court were present, be
sides a cumber of spectators. Judge D;nson
introduced Mr. McFarland to the members cf
the Ea-,and be?ptke fur his successor the
same kindness and courtesy which had always
been thown to h : m. Judge McFarland then
officially announced that Hon. S. C. Denaon
had reigned his office as Jud^eof that Court,
, and tint he had been appointed and commit
sioned by the Governor of the State to till
the vacancy oc3asioned by the resignation,
and r.tatul that be would now aesume th» du
ties of the offisa. At this paint Hon. Grove
L. Jobns:n arose, aad on beba'f of the mem
bers of tbe Bar ef Sacramento county pre
sented the retiring Judge with a very hrttid
soroe table set of solid siiver. It consisted of
a dozen each of knives, fork?, tablespoons
and teaspoons with elegantly carved hr,ndle«
and asjup ladle lined with gold, the whole
encased by a beautiful natin-lined piush care.
Oa making the prtstntalion, Mr. Johnson
s;« k« es folicws: •
May it please the Court : To S)>eak well (.f a per
son is pleasant alike to te utterer and hearer of
the words. To s;.-ik well of an officer is pleasant
to tho&e who have been under his control and c -n- I
B'jln.i; 1 1 him tircil from faithful labor. To be able
to speak well of a private s? rvant grat fica employer
and employe both. To be able truthful:,)- to speak
well <>f and toa public servant is exceedingly ]>leas
ant to the people, cheerinsr to the redolent o( the
lanjruage and inspiring to other offijera of tha gov
ern aei.t. When to desurved words of connneudaii c
for penonal service can be added th'jse of^uerited
praise for itii'jial conduct, the plt-asu-e beenmfis a
joy seldom Wlinlwl ALd when to these inirredi
enu can be adied the warmth of friendship for the
man and genuine admiration for his qualities rt
head and heart, the occasion becomes a red itUer
day indeed in the history of our livts. Such a time
is this
Judge .Denson, my brethren of tbe Bar have
given me the prou 1 and pleasant though aifflooH
privilege of voicini; their feelinjrs towards you, sir,
at this hour of your vo'untwy retirement from the
I!i -neh, and have commissioned me to present t > you
in their name a token of their regard.
Hid nov. seven years sine* the voters of the Sixth
Ju licial District of tho State of CUifornii, com
prising the counties of Volo ami Sacramento, called
you, Samuel C. Denson, to act as the blstrict Judj;e
cf that Judicial District. It is now three vvirj
since, under *he provisions of our new Consiitiitiun,
the voters of Sacramento county repeated their cill
and made jou one of the Superior Judges of this
COODt*. For seven j carj the properties, the persons
and the liv.is of our pcop c have been daily brought
before your Court for adjudication by you upon
their diverse aud coiiflkainjf interests. For that
period ff time our profession of the Uw, the most
exacting and critical of all known to m»n. ha.s
(ratebad jnmr eaan* and reviewed your decia'ons.
For that i>eri.)d the whole )>eoplc of Sacrimct.t ■
city and county lave known you alm.st intimately
because the prominence of your station h:is Berved
to direct the eves of all upon you and your actions
»nd speerh. For these long years we lawyers hive
met you in frequent converse in daily trial 3of trivial
and important ti-cs. In talk and actioc as a man,
■ - ;i ;.i\'. ,i-r and as a JuJ>;e have we known and
viewed you, and our unanimous verdict of seven
years' acquaintance I now express in saying that we
respect, aJinire and esteem you in each and all of
thf se relations of life.
The exalted position of a Jodsre inevitib'y bHon
into prominence all th« i|iuliiies of a man— t'nose of
evil, if he his them, us well as those of good— and
proves a crucial test of the inner fibers of hi! men
tal and m.ral niture. The practically unrestrained
I>ower invested in a Judge, his lull control of mat
ters submitted to him and of persons appearing and
attiriie:s practicing in his Court, all tend to foster
in a weak man exaggerated and disat ree^ble id^as
of his own importance, and in »n unprincipled man
c >rrupt notions of self agi-randiz.ment. He who
c»n serve in a hij;h judicial position without raring
the stirrings cf pastion and ambition mu»t be either
le ■ or erealer thaa man, while he who in that
pluce rules and controls i.imsclf and his passion',
writes his name in the hearts of his couutryiuin as
one to be imitated, loved and revered.
Of you, sir, we can and do most truly say that
yon have borne as an honest man should the elec
tric and searching light of a people's vision as well
as the in ward outturuing of your «>ffice and it j
power, ai;d tint yo---r etfetf as a Ju'l^e baa
• out tx taplifteu in a higher dejree those Lifts
of integrity and industry, those acquirements of
stuly aid learning, aud tlutse pure principles of
h'.ait and practices of life, that nule you respectei
as a nun, nonorei a^ a citizen, fai:hful as a mend
and renOA'ned x-> i lawjer, er.' assuming the ermine
Oi the Bmoh. Uniform courtesy towards the bar,
uniform UadxWH towards the suitors in jour Court!
unvirjiiu adherence to the ris-ht as you understood
it, and unwavcrir g fi itlity (a the teachings at the
irrest meters of jutispruuence, l.ava characterized
your entire term of official servicv. Char in the
enunciation cf jour ru'.ings aui decisions, without
priJe, yit preserving due dignity, you havaadomed
the Beech of ilie capital city of the State snd
pr-ivu'l yojrdelf a mi»at worthy successor of th:-se
Judges who occupied that eeat bef.re you and a
bright enmpteto thosa who may follow you. Of
you and your service as Jud^e the wln.le people of
Sacrimento comity are proud. The younger mem
bers at our protaMOO will miss you, for to them
you have ever been more a friend and tdTbtr thin
a Judge — smoothing with able anJ unerring hind
that most difficult of all uudcrcakinirs, the trial by
alasmi of his first cisc, and aiding, though not
unduly, the efforts of those whose years of practice
were yet to be numbered, and whose ttrength was
an unknown t|Hantltjp even to themselves.
While m doubt in your successor the;- wiil meet
the same kindness, yet your memory will ever be
grern in tin: trxlitmngiif tha 'aw students of Sic
r«menti as a Judge always helpful to ayouni: lur>
yer. The older men— the Ulysses ard Nest on of
our f mturnity— will rcmcruber with pleasure tli3
days parsed in '■ legal combat " before you, for you
have mated all vith great pclitenoss and that
deference due age and expi rience, and have nev^r
increased but always sought to lighten their OMML
rhysieians tell us that the huaan body changes
itself entirely in the cjureeof se»eo yon, and while
it is the same person, yet that it is in all physical
napaetl a new nun. You, sir, have passed seven
years in the service of the people of Sacrar: ei.t i
county as Judge of tlieir highest local Court, anJ
tho^e peven years, while rehabilitating your body,
have not chained you either in mind or heirt, sa\e
to increase your capacity for good, to enlarire yiur
leaniiiv, wi i.c elevating your character asa'mau
and a JuJgc.
To-day, in ISS?, Samuel C. Hsiju-siwimh
phjTically— ia the same morally is in 1876, with
iiis reputation B3 a Ml untarnished, aud as a Jud^e
mopt briliiart; his heart beating responsive to
truth, liv mind riehir and stronger than ever,
while his will end power for good are greater than
at any time in hid life, aud give promise of a
g <1 Jen harvest of good deeds in the future.
We rejoice in your successful adminbt-alion of
your great trnst ; we comrratulat; you anJ yours
upon the fcriiht history you have made a priceless
legacy to those dear children that greet you at your
home : we sorrow at losing you from your font'
a -:.-.i- tonifl post of duty, and be? you to accept this
silver eet as a faint but loving expression ( f our
■ ffection and tbt.'em. May your days be long in
the land ; may you prosper in private station ;
may you ever be with us as our counselorand friend,
if no: as our Judge.
We receive you again into " the ranks," and, ono
and all, we pray that the happy OOQWIOMOaaj that
now so truly fi:lsyour heart, ' f havi.-.g during the
p.ist peven yiars done your duty to your manhood,
yo-ir profession, your office and your country, may
ever attend you through life, making your days
happy and your dreams peaceful.
Farewell, Jud?e Demon. Welcome, lawyer Den
son. Accent, friend Denson, this testimonial fr<t:ii
the Bar of Sacromcuto, all of whom are your friends
and we!!-v.'i. j her§.
In rep'y Mr. Denson said :
liny it please the Court and Gentlemen of the
Bar : 1 scarcely know what 1 can say in response to
the very M lficring remarks that have been in ■■■ hv
Mr. Johns ■!! on behalf of the liar, and I do not
Know how tj thank you for the hi^h compliment
you have paid me aiiJ the beautiful ;>n sett you
have tendered me. 1 am not well to-day. lam
suffering from nervous proatration, succeeding lor^ r
ami c ..litinu. d exertion t<i Eton up my oSeW labors.
I have just been notiHol t!iat something was to be
ilon 1 knew not what— and that has tendid
tv aJ htima! nervousness. A few moments ago I
was ii.f..nued that my presence would be desired
here, as somethii g was to be done. I »Uspcct?d
B*tr*tthing, but not of any definite character, s; that
I am not rre]«arcd to make any remirks that will
be at all lifting or EUitable on this occasion To say
that I fcJ H ittcr^l. to say that I feel proud, to say
thit 1 feel honorei, sounds Uime. Such words
are entire y inadLqiMte to express the
feclin-.-s that well up i:i mv heatt. If
I have deserved half the credit that your
kin 1 ».nd flilteri.ng address a3cribcs to me, then
indeed am I happy. 1 have triet t ■> Be>tve you f ih
fully. T.iat 1 hive committed errors frequently I
krow, and you know, and I wo ild not have beer,
human i! I had net. But I nir.-t say this: That
wi.h the ira:;y t-h >rt c^nrngs wliich are attendaut
on c.iimiini humanity, this Bar has been kind ani
courtenus to ioe for years, and it he: ever dOJM me
the houor and creJit to ascribe them to mip; .kes
made frim human weakne-s rather th>n Una i:->
de-ire 'o do wr'-ug. I believe tint clie warmest
frimd>hip i \ sts between us. L'p'in my part Iku j»
it exists. There unn set of men i.i th- wotM
towards whom I entertain warmer and k:ndli?r
feelings thai 1 Jo tiwards the Birof Sac?aa:en!o,
and 1 hope :l wt'l be our goxl fortune to re:.t-.i'i
Wirether as mfinbDrs of thit much- abused though
valuable fr^t*. raity for years and vcarti to come.
Gentlemen, I will not attempt to make f irther re
mMks in my prtsent coiifiiticin, but I wil simply
*ty from tho bjltoia of my htart, 1 thank you.
Thj retkfac Julge, S. C Danßoa, wai
elected District Junga in Sowaber, 1876,
and elected as Superior Jiv'se at the tit it
eleciion uft?r th^ adoption of the new Cm>
btituti n. Hfl will enter into general practice
at once.
Judge Mcl'Vrlsnd is one of the best known
attorneys in Sacramento county, ted the ivp
| poiutmsut t,ives general satisfaction amosg
the mombcrs of the bar of this county. He
was District Judge of Nevada sved Placer
couatieE for kix yean previous to IS"!*, t-inca
whi^h tio-,e he hai bc£n prr.cticbg at the bsr.
Yesterday af.ernoon Win. J. Divis w;s
appointed to eucceeti Litui."if as official Cjart ,
reporter cf the Superior Court.
H»te you seen tboie handsome washable !
I doll) which ar» roid for $1 at Ackerman's j
' nkwtny mil t ale 1 It not. call at once, as they
I are ci^appeaxiog. veryl>»t; $2 U tho price
; asked for them by othgr titftbre. *
Tot Waconb, tbe Urgest &n 1 choicest iir.e
j in the city, at way down prices, at George D.
I Alimoud'e eenicg ntachice dejwt, 2\o. SOC J
j stmet. *
Do Not Fail to Tu.t %\*s Shoe ]>3p«rt
; meut of the Kei Housa for ficc shoes lor the
! holidays. •
BIAUTiyt::.LT ci»«("l trif>l? plated caster: !
aDljr $;v *S 2."i, $o 50 and H, at Ackero»iTi'.< j
cUmitg.cuS d*!*, tiiJ J street. *
Seventy immigrant pMMßgera will arrive
this afternoon.
It is stated that Snryeyor-General-Mect
Wiiley hag offered thelposition of Cnief Dep
uty to Edward Twitchell, of thu city.
William Kriogle bas been declared insane,
and will be taken to the Napa Insane Asy.
lam t^-Jay by Deputy Sheriff J. J. Orn.
W. C. Goode, a salesman with Huntingtcn,
Hopkins kQo., fell from a step-ladder yester
dty and broke some of the bones in bis he:l.
There has been a change in the Digit cf
the Sacramento river of two ioche?, atd last
I eveuicg it marked 8 feet 8 inches above low
water mark.
The funeral of the late Georpe F. RUhl,
Postmaster at Freeport, took p!aci Sunday,
under the auspices of Ovosso Tribe of Ked
Men, and was largely attended.
The cost bill of the contestcdjelection cape,
recently decided in tbe Superior Court, will
amount to on'y about $120, nearly all the at
tornty,' and witness' fees haviuij been waived.
The commencement exerci/es of the Pacra
mento Seminary will take place at the As
sembly chambers this evening, beginnicg at
8 o'clock. The -public ura invited "to attend.
Philip Herzop, a well known citizen and
late candidate for the office of Sheriff of tl.ia
couuty, is cocfiued to hU house and und«r
the care of physicians fjr meutal deranee
The twenty-ninth annual Christmas ball of
the Sac:amento Turn Verein wi 1 be held at
their hail i,n Monday evening. December
25:h. Tha annual Christmas trea will bs one
of the f-atures of the evening.
Two boys, named James Duffey and Has
s=y Ilapeman, were erre>ted yesterday by
officer Jackson, aid charged with the petty
lunety of some pocket knives which were
!ak-?n from the store cf Mrc. Fuchs a faw
days ago. Several of the knives were recov
Toe coal-oil ordinance, which wss !aid over
oca wetk at the last mettiEg of the Board of
City Trustees, was passed yeßterd»y. The
cists which were taken to tho Superior Court
on appeil hnve been di-mijsed. Ail tue par
ties thit were convicted in the Police Court,
exe?piiug tha representative <f Seofhl.i k
Tevin, have been granted a license under the
n v; ordinance.
Court Cupitol, Ancient Order of F^rrsiers,
elected last evening the fjliowiDg embers for
the ensuing term: K. N. McLeonac, Chief
Hanger; Grove L. Johnson, Sub. Chief
Ranger ; EL Livine, Treasurer ; J. ,T. Fount
ain, Financial Secretary ; O. N. Crouliilo,
Recording Secretary ; Walter Parkinson,
Senior Wondward ; George L, Schafer, Ju
nior Woodward ; Hugo Kuhl, Savior B?a<He;
B. F. Campbs'l, .Junior Uead'e; Henry
Longton, Thomas Kromly and Tauiuas Ha
n:er, Ttustees.
Metropolitan Theater.— Sl. B. Leavid'a
all star specially enmpssy are acEouLced to
appear at the MetropoHtan Theater this
evenkg, and also to-morrow ma'ince and
evening and Thursday evening. The cam
t>any is .-.nnc.unced to coßsist of all stars of
t!i9 first magnitude. Rcrerved seats cm ba
secured at the theater without oxta charge.
The members cf the company are am;.cg tho
passergers lo arrivo ou tha overland train
this morning.
Free Library Report.— The following is
tie report of the Sacramento Free library for
the week ending December lGrh : Number of
h-wk* Uaned, 854; fiction, Gsl ; biecrrapby,
23 ; history. 31 ; travel', 3'J ; miscellaneous
literature, 53 ; religion, 3 ; poetry an-1 drama,
23 ; science and art, 31 ; j.ercentsce of H:tion,
70. Average number iasu-d per day, '.22.
Acction To- day.— Bell & Co., andiooeer?,
will hold their regular sale to day at th»ir
saleroom on J street, rear Tenth. Walnut
bedroom furniture, Brume's cirptts, Li'.chea
stoves snd furniture, aud a larga assortment
of crockeiy, g'.ass, tin and Wooden ware, arc
am ng the articles to ba sold. Sale com
aisccia at tbe "jsuil hinr.
J. McM. Shatter, of Marin county, was in the city
W. L. Woods, of San Francis.'O, cimc down from
OiWBB, Ntv., yesterdiy.
T. Boynton. of Marysvi'.le, will arrive by the
Southern Paeiflc uveriaud to -day.
Geieral John Eidwe:! returned to Chioo yester
day afteruoon from San Francisco.
W. R. Chamberlain, of Reno, passed through the
city yesterday, en route to San trinjUcu.
Arie. Lathrop came up from San Francisco yes
terday, and went to Vina in the afternoon.
J. R. Knowltou, Jr , d f-an Franciecn, passed
throuirh the city ytsttrday from Carson, New
Mi« 3 Gertie Jones, of this city, will upend the win
ter with her uncle, fcli DennUon, in O-ikland.
X D. Hideout, President of the Calif< rn'a Sute
Bai k, will arrive b> the overland train this mocn
J. B. II iirjiii and son tnaile a vijit to the ranch
known as the NorrU Grant and re'.urned home yes
1 he Xnpos Club held a sheet and pillow cuse partj
la?t evening, which waa enjoyed very mach by those
The Grovcr Comedy Company, from New York,
will pass through this city this morning on the over
land train.
W. E Dian left for Orovillo on tho afternoon train
yesterday, to act as temporary Court Kepjrter of
But-e county.
Mari n iigs'S and family, who have been visitin?
i •'. L-an Francisco for fcveral week<, re'.urucd tj their
houu at I:;.. - Statio i yesterday.
The Hciterkeit Social Club have elected oflicera, as
tallow! : President, !!. Runckel fjrs-daoiad); Viec-
Prcsid'tit, C. Phlcirer ; t'rcretarv, 11. Fisher (re
elected) ; Treasurer, 11. Gutlirie (rc-eltctcd) ; her
(roantat-Armß. A. Wiizcl ; Director', J. Witz.l, H.
SloKr, J. Boiler.
Arrivals at the Golden Eajlo Hotel Monday, De
cember lsth : Mrs. M. A. Alvird, Denver ; O. Btoaxt
Bhanna, John McCoujbe, Charles 11. Carter, William
Cronan, C. A. Grow. S. T. Curbas. J. P. Eisenbaeh,
.1. G. Wall, J. K. C. Hobs, S in flammm ; P. H. Me
Grew, Wm. McUclvray, Oakland ; J K. Frick, Berke
ley ; J. C. Mycr, Piusanton ; P. C. Hale, city.
The officers of the Xiti mal Guard will cive a
srand dinner at the B&ldnin Hotel, S\n fkandsea,
this eveninjr in honor of Governor Perkins. The
Governor and Adjutant-General Sheebati went !o
San Franßlaoa yeßterdny, and to day General Tozer,
Colonel T. W. Shcehan. Miijjr P. J. Harncy, Major
D. M. Bump, kfajot W. 0. Van Fleet and othtm
will co down. General C'adwalader aid stall, of Kcd
Bluff, will be present.
State House Hotel arrivals: L. Wymin. Lyraan
Rogers, G. W. Gasking, DR. Brownell, R. H. Loc,
San Francisco: S. M. Webster, A. E. Webster,
Grizzly Flat; P. Hagerty.Tim Hagerty, Marysville :
Francis (/Mara, Livj Oak ; L. Hunting on, Tnhoe
Ciiy; J. liuckner, Isaac Freeman, Elk Grove ; H.
Kiseiiben.', W. A Ladd, E. J. Bicklcy, Win. Fry,
James Andeison, N. Archer, A. Kinir, Franklin; B.
Burt, Miss M. C. Burt, Amador City ; R. Birken
firld, Arno Station ; O. B. McGranney. 11. H. Wil
-Bon, sutler county ; Sperrv Dye, Walnut Grove ; B.
W. Wildtr, Ttm Grimshaw, Walter Grimsluw,
Cofuniiits; W. W. Hoyt, Diamond Springs; John
Arrow, Biirfrs Station ; J.hn Lowell, Sicrannnta
county ; Ben. Kici-, Sam McKrehan, Courtiand ; J.
I!. I!;, kford and wife, Newcastle ; J. J. Cciintr, W.
F. Ateel, BoßrSla.
Mo.NttAV, December 18, 1852.
rr.riitTMEXT Two-McFarlanp, Judge.
Cur.isvf. Heilbron- Ordered that defendant re
cover c -st«.
!i!ir)rara Keeler vs. J. C. Atwu;d— Pcmurrcr
overruled ; fifteen days to unuHer.
Kstue of -lane Mullens, decoa'cd— retiti.m to re
cover escheated cstitc cunt:nued for hearing for
oue week.
Batata i.f J F. Metz«r, deceased — Petition fur
dletr.bution arttued >ud subruiiteit:
Es'.atu of John P. Decker, dewawd -Hearing cf
petition of John G!imlkimp for latus of adoiiais
trat.nn eootinued for one week.
The Teople v.->. D. M. Bank et al.— Appeal dis
Ti.land vs. Heilbron— Demurrer overruled ; ten
dars to answer.
Estite o! Samuel Rickur, deceased— CjLtinued for
one week.
Creditors vp. S. Bonktein— Petition he order of
Indication bawd anl order granted.
Bimj T. Curtis ra. Ado;i.!i Hcilbron— Ciuac eet
for trial January 2j'.h.
l'::"y I*. Duffy— Continac.l to December lfitb.
r»nerl>iirn i Smith vs. Frank Saiit — Coutluued fur
on: weak.
lUUit'r of Michael Murray, deceased Hewing of
petition for final settlcmeut continued fur one week.
Eruoia Carter vf. Jamt-9 Carter— Continued for
ene wceV.
WUaoo vs. Wilson— Cost bi'l Ntßed by striking
out the sum of $14. witness fee.
M. A. Cross v». i.^ i in. .'lit . Bin k— Continued ono
W. T. WOten vs E. M. Wilson— Plaintiff allowed
five days t" j>uko amend rccu'.s to MatMBSBt on mo
tiyn fol^tT Jri.il. I
„ *% <sr — - •
1 '•' r^?i Christmas Huntingt-.p, UopUics &.
Co. vx'i^it each of their etipbyea with a
turkey.fjsing in all over forty. They are to
he oupp'itd this sear by H. G. May & Co,,
Kultou Market, Fifth aud X streeta. *
Dolls in great variety at Allraond's, H >.
BCii J sti t- .t. Some sl.^utly damaged at half
the ueml prio*. »
AMI pe'ect:.;n of t'iyb and holiday fc,-oods
i^ tha city at GeorßO D. AUmond's, No. 80C
J street. •
Best quality triple plated te.-wpoon* only
$2 tO per dcz:u ; tabl*i.poons er forks of tbe :
saaje qunlity, only 20 par doz:n at Acker
man's cioring-out sale. *
Tot wagons and doll bu?!?ies are offered 25
per ctct. under the regular price at AcVer
m»n'a closiag-out sale, CJS J street. •
Fisg Clothiso for the holidays at Red
Houj*. •
Fos vases and motto cc;>* anrl taucerp, |
c'is»veit,«o to George D. Allmotd, Ko. 866 :
J street. •
Cheslet's Mapli Ki-ji, wjth Tele, v nc
rivaled for com?bs and c !i!.-. *
Dolls asd Tots at Rjd House. •
j Cbarce of HanUanghter BUmlucd-Ea
fereemeat or the Sunday law in B>e>
dteton, «'r. I.ild Bobbery m Arizona—
Mitldt'ii Dralb at Attorla— Xorel Pedes
trian Contest— Ele.
Charge «r Manslausblrr Dismissed.
San Francisco. December 18;h. — The
chirgo cf manslaughter preferred acains; •!.
Clauses?, i-n-:i» '--r cf the train whici ran
over sad killed a man named Freeman wme
d»ys pgo. was dismissed to-day in ihs Police
Court. It appeared that the shocking acci
dei.t was tt.e retult of Freeman's ravines.]
and temerity, an i entirely beyond the p3wer
of the engineer to avert.
< ini;>'-!« : Vfi.ic.aliull Tin- 1 \: lii|>(«.
San Frahcisco, December ISih.— Charges
having b. on preferred against the Chief of
Police of Oakland to the effect that ha had
attempted to levy blackmail » gainst a house
of ill-repute, a thorough investigation of the
matter was niaJe to-night by the Slayoi and
Council. The result cf the investigation was
the complete exoneration of tha Chief by a
unanimous vote.
A meeting of the E tempt Fira Company
was held to-night, when the Board nf Trus
tees presented ita annual report. From the
report it appears that i' 2 707 50 has been paid
to widows of deceased members ; So"15 to
orphans : §350 to sick members ; funeral ex
penses, SCO. The funda of the Aißociation
are rapidly increasing.
Xovel Pedestrian Contest Proposed.
Nevada, December 18 ;b. — A novel pedes
trian contest U talked of here, and will prob
ably take | 1 k; ; Wednesday evening, between
C. A. Harritnan, the champion walker, sad
twenty well-known citizens of this place.
The racs is for twenty aiiies. Harrimau will
go the entire distance, while hia acversurL's
travel one mile each — a new maa couiiug on
at the ecu ef pvory mile. The winning side
take* the gate money, no stakes being up on
the con'stt. It is a go-as-you-please match.
, M ______
Mining Company Robbed.'
Lori>?burg, December lS:h.— From a Clif
toa (Arizaua) special it i« learned that three
wall-dressed maekert men to-day entered the
oßcaof the Detnit Copper Mining Company
at Morencia, tame wWea south of Clifton, and
demanded of W. Church, the Superintend
ent, and Ml brother, to open the safe, at the
same time pre-entinp their eix-xhooterß. The
safe was opened, ana about £150 taken by the
robbers. A package containing 85,000 v,-as
overlooked by them. They are supposed to
bj the famj tan who robbed Norton & Stew
ards sto:e at VilLox, Arizjns, a few days
The <;<■.. i.; Flondx Skall (rnshed-Sa<l
<:. ii Ctralh «r a t>trumiitalp r.niilnrer.
I'oktlasd, December 18th.— In Beaton
county the recent rains carried away six
wagun I ridge*. The lo«8 to the county ia
about JI.OOO. The ptivate losses in lodging
camps mi! Bawmills was very considerable.
JttT l'impion, a l.'Kger, aged 21, was killed
by folliuff from a lo(t on tho Luckiatnute
riv«r, tear Kiog's valley, Benton county,
Tuesday. His blcuU waa'crmhed, aad doath
Was i. n" -r ':;,.,-■:'.
PaVrkk Feancil. eecond assistant engineer
of the BteaaiShip Oregop, dropped dead while
the rcMal was lyicg at Actoria yesterday.
The gandaj- Lam r.n forced.
Pendletos, December 18th.— The Grand
Jury of Umatilla county to-day indicted
every dealu in Pendleton for violation of the
Sunday hw. All pleaded guilty, and were
fin;d §10 each end coate.
Sati rpay, Decenil.fr 10, 1552.
December 15— Frank Miller ami P. Uerzijr to
Uip'i.el Uvy-L.t 4, block boundei l.y J and X,
fourth and Filth streets, city ; SiT.'JOO.
Monday, December Is, ISSi
December lr. — Ray»ii?e! Levy to Kruii!; filler — Lot
4, Mocfe bonified by J and*K, Fourth and Fifth
streets, city; (27,000.
December 1(1 fhllwtm ""'l'* to Miry D.
Grace— Lot 4, block bounded bf II and I, Twenty
first and Twenty second streets, city ; $800.
THlfflll ffflTTf ftckel-platid tsbie knives
only S3 40 ptr cozen at Ackeiuaaa's, 029 J. *
Beai"tikcl line of Christmiß carJ-i at AK
moud'a, Xo. 806 J etreet. •
BILK and 1 ice haadkerchiefa for the holidays
at lied House. *
Sacramnnto, P?ceml>er 13 —By Bcr. T. H. IS. Arder
smi, 1). It., Thimiaj D. Uttlcfitld to AmiiJn S.
Kipel. (Socipis. San Francisco a:ul Missouri
pa| urs please copy.)
H II IIIIIIIIIII% December IS— By Eev. T. S. Dunn,
Charles Trourfhi to Catharine E. Mahon, bo!,h of
Sutler county.
Woodland, December 13- J. C. Albertson to Mary
h. trauoo.
Yuba City, December 10 -Amly Schanck to Laura
K. Ashuret.
Sicramento, Ecccmbcr IS— May, daughter of John
11. and Uarbira Martin, a native of California, 0
years, 7 months anJ \'i days.
[Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited
to attend the funeral, which will take place from
the residence of parents, Seventeenth street, be
tween M and N, this forenoon at 10 o'clock.)
Sacramento, December 16 David C, son of David
F. and !>. E. Strickland, a native of California.
(San FrantUco pa|>era please copy.)
IFritndsand acquaintances are respectfully invited
to attend the funeral, which will take place from
the residence of parents, X street, between Thir
teenth and Fourteenth, this afiernoon at 2
Sacramento, December 17- Margaret Foster, of
Shake Kid(;e, Amador county, 05 yea.-g.
(Remains will be Bent to Shake Kidije today for in
Sacramento, December 16 -Morris Lamb.
Tremont, Solaio county, November 25— Mary H.
Maxwell, a native of California, 21 years, C months
and 10 days.
Tremont, Silano county, December 10— David Car
■nichael, a native of Scotland, 54 years. (Chico
papers please copy).
Near Gait, December 9— George W. Wriaten, 22
year*, S months and 19 days.
Ncir Gilt, December 11— Diilard K. Wristen, 10
years, 8 months and :■ days.
Near Gait, Dcctmber 10 -Martha A. 11. Crammer,
25 years, 3 months and 7 days.
Marysville, December 15— Edward MuCormick, 54
}iaM, 11 months and If) days.
Opliir Hill, near Gram \alley, December 19 — Jainea
Koesiur, 62 yearn.
Woodland, December " Alfred Devtl, 2 years, 11
months and 3 days.
A Dairy Farm
Or «■ •■ arrm, with good Dirt-lilnc. n«» and
a half stories hiiih ; a larje I! i-n, 46x112 ; snnll
Bam, 2fxlO ; tfood Orchard ; cni»U Vineyard ; 50
acres sown to Alfalfa and lied Clore<- ; can bo in
trcas?d to 100 acre.4 ; place Is well timbered. In
cluded with place arc 19 bead of Cattle, 6 Hones
aid » Wujf.n-, lot of flogs, all Farming Tools,
ilay I'rcSMn, etc.
Good Milk Route
In Ilif iionrl-hSnc town of Plimo»lh,
whicn is st a lily incrcasinc ; situated within cue
mile an J a half of Plj in julh, Aojidor cjunty.
gmn* *»rydr»lr»bly lneafril C'lfy Property
for a raitch of 1,000 acres or more.
he iiay£ a n mis imi: fob a tract
For «dj infonnatioo of tlic above appif t*
No. ICIS Fourth street,
ImTrTEU J -i.\D X, SMK.B£S7O.
n Weinstock & Lubin. ::
Temperature Yestekoay : _,
Battle of r»iBKar», 1813.
Highest, 58
Lowest, 48
San Rises 7-u M
TEMPERATURE CORRESPONDING DAT, 18«1 : Sun Sets, 4 : 44 p. M |
Moon Rises, 1:53 p! m"
Highest, 54 Moon Souths, 7 : 3$ P . Jti
Lowest, 33 Day's Length, 9h. 33miii.
For the week commencing MONDAY, December 18th, our Stores
will remain open until 8 o'clock in the evening, for the accommo
Of Interest to Papents !
Gifts from Parents to Children:
Fancy Boots, Holiday Hats,
Small Trunks, Infants' Caps,
Turbans and Caps, \ Slates,
Dress Remnants, Knives,
Blouse Suits, Gossamer Circulars,
Napkin Rings, Drawing Sets,
School Shawls, Bows,
Jewelry. School Shoes.
Of Interest to Men.
Gifts Suitable to? Men to Make Ladies :
Lace Ties, Perfumes,
Kid Gloves, Fichus,
Purses, Slippers,
Dress Patterns, Bonnets,
Diaries, ISB3. Opera Glasses,
Silk Ties, Dressing Trunks,
Cloaks and Wraps, Autograph Albums,
Fans, Silk Handkerchiefs,
Table Linens, Piano Covers,
Bracelets, Lace Curtains,
Vases, Stereoscopes,
Pins and Ear-rings. Box Handkerchiefs,
Of Interest to Ladies.
Gifts Suitable Tor Ladies to Make Gentlemen :
Embroid'ed Slippers, Opera Glasses,
Sleeve-buttons, I Pocket Books,
... ■ ■
Sills Handkerchiefs, > Overcoats,
Fine Pipes, Collars and Cuffs,
Valises, Gloves,
Neckwear, Razors,
Fine Hats, Suspenders,
1-2-doz. White Shirts, Studs,
Colognes, Microscopes,
! Chain and Lockets, Business Suits.
Of Interest to Children.
Slijrpcrs, Fancy Papeterie,
Smokers 9 Articles, \ Silk and Lace Ties,
Cutlery, Fans,
Blacking Cases, Plush Satchels,
Neckties, Jewelry,
Perfumery, Albums,
Purses, Bread Knives,
Account Books, Stereoscopes,
Handkerchiefs. House Sliirpers.
Nos. 400, 402, 404, 406, 408 X st, Sacramento.
Nos. 1016 and 1018 Second street, between J and E, Sacramento.
to *»-» ■-.assy
* ll Importer, Manof»<:tuier, Who!e«:« »na KcUll Dealer in every dedcrlDtion c!
<on. BCt. 608 »nd COS X ulrrn, tx-t. Bi»th mill OtiTewih. fafranimla. »u7-S t ,tf
.JTi^Sf anal? c^^isiiT* 11 my "^ of "^ before purchainK eiae -
Cftnnlr^Ordfw 80ll f ||,d. , Bd Hall.rarllon Cn.ranlfed. o?0
Just Arrived at G£o. D. ALLMOSD'S Sewing Machine Depot 806 Jst •
MdX Ek-frar.t line of Silk Handkerchiefs, from 75 ce,.^ to «•> £o!"h Frilfed a^ri?.m«
and New Year's C*rd»-tlie larreet assortment ever hroucht to tbi) rtv-nri.e" from 10 lefts 4 i^^
mXB of all kinds. Fancy Cup, and Queers, frcn> S mti to iiSJ^&wL Je^ln- %££
etc. Now I, Ibe llmr lo buy. vMIr i%cr)ib| ae i. „«■„ « n a frrnh, and lprJcw are low!
Bottles, P<r"uiterT, Wall Pockets for Hair Brushes uud Combs • Odor F-'X.-.y-
Ca=es, Celluloid and Plus*! Haud-uiirrcra, etc., >;,»" C'"'ms if
-arse ———•——>' —>—.—d- stokb, I^Tifiif
NHRWm A\» J STREET* [mg3-3pSir.] S*fKf»ESTO ; - ;V ' : '-;~kr&?—*&'*
: _
— D
In Chinawarell
-AT T HE- nGlaS&Ware! -
Ackerman & Go.,
Nos. 629 and 631 J street, Sacramento.
.isfO. SLATER, Hatter, IL
mnmiiiii in^^^iiMiiMiiini.i.m Q.-l'pSm
J. J. Spiekerj DRU G S . | * mH^J§^ SiX ™
J. HYMAX, Jr., Xo. s€fi J street, Sacramento. Cal.
examineTellts stock !
Fresh from the Manufacturers, selected ■with great care,
Watches and Diamonds!
Largest and Best Assorted Stock Ever Imported.
No. 422 J street, between Fourth apd Fifth (south side), Sacramento.
o-'U'xirs !
EXCLISn AliU Al!i:i:H \ .
Breech-Loading Shotguns,
Winchester Rifles,
Hunters' Supplies,
— FORj-fALB BT— —
Powder Companies
S'.njle Piec*, lfcddln?, etc
W. D. COMSTOCK, Cor. Fifth and X streets.
X you lira so ui.f irtunate as to lHjUils Ihenj.
With a uuik! matured and enriched by studies of cv
advanced or -tr, 1 can safely say that Bun i? hardly
% dist-aee in the catul-jiue *f human iils thh* I caa*
not tri'a' to * piii-cL-cif -I is-'Ui-.
LAI/IE" -I am afamn ready to assist yox My
pm»t kro«'!cdKO haß been increased by extvasive
expericuee. lam now nble to treat yuu with the
certainty of success. No case pecul-ir to your del!
cite oniani-m is beyond my sure control.
My Female Monthly Medicines are guiwrier to »ry
off*, red heretofore, and wiil be wuT&ntoii to have the
d-rjired effect in all cases.
Those of the public « ho r.eed my seniccs an de
pend upon gentlemanly, honorable and acientiCc
treatment at reasonable rates.
I adJruss particularly thos« who hava been ■■■■
lured by youthful indiscretions, aud those wh«
liave contracted local dbesßea
Persona affliccd can, if th*y prefer, consult rae
by letter, cictailiitu: the svn ptoms of till -I.m -.ise or
trouble, and reoaive medicine by c\prtfj, v.ith full
instructions. All lettern must be directed to J. H.
JOSSKLYK, M. D., tZi Eutttr stret-t, (Ml rraods
eo, Cal.
Cure warn.iteU in a!l cases, or no p>7 req»i*r*<J.
O/nsultiitionx, pcreonaliy <-r by lett.r, vraUs. Een4
foi bo-ik. CoTufortable niartnienta hr patients »t
my Iniirnru-y (when dcsirulX v,ita sx|-tt. ;uuei
Consultation Parlors, 228 Sutter street, adjoicla
Hm Ton( Mvn's Christian Association Uuiliiug.
ofnee hour.' — From 9 a. k. to s r. h.
Hjr !•)•.!. i.ii baicn In mj iililce.
Purchase uv Essay ou Physiology and Morri*g»
For sale by all newsdealers.
J. 11. J*»>:«*El.lX, K. D.
I \^j «rs, corner of Fourth aiKi ,
1 I. Btrnflta, StflHSMßtOt h»T€ o> £**TJWf* f
bwid the Kr.T«t atsfrtmettot Ir'"?.,' ? .
UuTia^rs, Vra,;C&s md Buenics to to i j&jd In Sacra.
m*nto. wMch th*7 will ad! at Very It" rit«.

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