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DAILY rSlflV AFJIIE*- «'•!.. LIX-No. 10,<1C3. <
DAILY MX Ol£ll UOUSS— »•!» l\lll-.\o. SMS. )"
Aitvert'k.:uiuiu Of to Ham to snis department ■>
nsezvxi tor Is'e<r:ts (or ona time; iir« lbs** tor 60
• iota or 7? r«ntx per week.
J A Hack .ai.ilTiiiiT-.rntr Slut. TwaTi^jg
trout feet white; white on breast ; a .SI —
brown bj* t over each eye ; name. " Nellie Gray."
Last seen near Railroad Shops and Depot, June 30th.
Return to PHILIP DOUGLAS, at Railroad Shops,
aad get above reward. A. K. ANDERSON, Black's
Station, Yolo county, California. j>6 4t*
afraid of work and hot weather, to canvas*
thin city. Salary, HO per week. Adcresa A. .!., this
office. jy«-6t*
work. Must ie a Good Cook. Inquire at
11R L street. !>♦ :i '*
agents tell to every family. Sena tl 50 for
num. Address, WM. GARRETSON. * CO., 62*
Washington street, San Francisco. Cal. J>4lw
k street. |jy3-tfl a- MORPHY.
disb, " Cordelia" enirraved on cover. Kinder
WiU b« suitably rewarded b> leaving at this otlice.
rWVJ *'- to $\ per day . "- teamsters, f!5 ; also, 12
men to head. $2 per day ; 6 men to drive cultivators;
<i men to work iv brickyards ; 6 waiters, $;'•'» to HO;
i.ii, 8 milker', >:5 ; i t<uun9ters. Female : 15
women and girlo for housework in the city and
country, $12 to $25 ■ also, girls to take care «' chil-
dren and wait, and various other work Aptly to
HOUSTON & CO., Employment Office, Fourth and
X, Sacramento. je!3 lptf
' "n •mmp%a •» mt R or Canvassing
3 ibm sTr loutat Fr-H sio
laWKa I I™ ■'" * i() i" 1 ' (lay at
a IP ill I In homo or traveling.
. Address, FAMILY JOURHAi. ' Yfl ft A V£
PIiBUSHIITO Co., 633 Clayß 111 MII ||
«trf«t, SiN r R»ITCISCO. Cali rnsXMKKLSS!*!
Advertisements of in Hues 1c this ■Jepaf.nv.'ns are
nicrted rot 25 o.i,t» for 'ma Stoe : Uin» ma t.» '5C
•ecu or 76 centa per wnek
1/ Ktock in Shop ; also, Hou'e, with 4 rooms,
bam, 30 by 36 feet, lot 80 by 100 feet, situated in a
village surrounded by the heat land in the State.
Price, M. Particulars, inquire of CARL STRO- ]
BEL, 321 J street, Sacramento. j y2 wit*
City Hotel, containing 11X1 Rooms and Bur-
room, X street, between Third and Fourth — the sa-
loon furnished. The furniture of the hotel will be
aold as a whole or by valuation. Apply to P. CON-
LAN, on the premises. J*-6-tf
street Market of JAKE ARNOLD'S. Also,
% HlaiiKhu-r-houH for sal« with it. Inquire on
premises. Second and N streets, fur information.
\y dred and sixty acres, six ftCj^kTJS
hundred valley and three hundred 13 ' t-ilp' 7 "^
and Bixty timber lands, cnmpns-H '?Tt*W
imr the beautiful anil picturesque ■ "^■■" -
valley known at* " Bear Valley," at the headwaters
ot Bear river, some 5,000 feet üb«ve the level of the
sea ; eighty-fivs mile* east of Sacramento, on C. P.
K. It , and about one mile northwest from Emi-
grant Gap ; approachable from Emigrant Gap and
Alt*. For salubrity of climate, pure water, rich-
ness of soil and magnificent scenery it hits not a
su|>erior in California. The cereals and (trasses,
such as Kentucky blue eras?, timothy, red-top and
clover, do admirably welL Bear river, a beautiful
stream, course* through its entire '.ensth every day
iv tne year, abounding In trout, the whole valley
susceptible of irrigation if needs be, and one of the
finest summer resorts in the State, with an impos-
ing dwelling, complete in all its appointments, to-
gether with all necessary outhouses.
Terms, $1(1,0(0, half cash, remainder one »nd two
years, with interest. Apply to James Davies, on
the farm, or J. B. Chirm, Emigrant Gap, Placer
county, Cal. j)6-lp'-'m*
of TICK A. OLBMEHTB, including the fixtures,
m now offered for sale below con. Ladies, cull and I
»«•.' for yourselves. This sale is genuine, object, I
retiring from business. jv4 tplm
terart, by PSTEB BOHL 326 1 street. jelStf
modioua premises, removed to the store
Formerly known as the BLUE HOUSE, where mer-
chant tailoring will be carried on strictly Bnt-claa. '
Ha has secure.! the services of J. M. CAUY as cut-
tor, who is second to none, and a first cloud fit will
al ways be certain.
: Ht»o->i: PltOK.
At the requ-vt of many jatrons, he hsa aided, i>f
his own manufacture, a full line af
Which he will fit and preas for hi« customers with-
out extra charge. A full and complete assortment of |
ciiiLDKEva v >i» tuny tUimc Asn
Of the LATEST STYLES known to the trade, will
always be kept in stock and sold t: the LOWEST
Corner »l Elshth and J -at.. s rram<-rit«>.
■ jeiit lplm -•■• -
TARS, all sizes, can be found at
I. K. llumnirr'i, 83* J street.
Also, Drams, from $."> up ; Banjo", Flutes, Fifes,
.\ccordeons, etc. Ask for the best Italian four-
length E strings We keep only the Best Strings.
1 '
■■1 AT WARKKOOMS |>F -— -
Hi. K. Hammer,
No. Bjd J UllH, hCHMII,
tV Sold on the InstaUmeat plan. Orders for
TURING promptly attended to. Je2o-lplm
t?t«iK»V, Ul.
g ■' ' _ 1_ Largest Qoarrka a the
QSir- — Pacific Coast Polished Granite
Monuments, Tombstones and Tablets made to order.
Cranllc Building Stone Cut, nresmMl
and P*llakMl to *nlrr ell-li^.u
l f<g3E.j-^ US? Send for Circular and Prren.
&St,»Vi.>ViE!*TtK it CO., IT se» Kont-
•S^yZi-sZ? Rwntry 6treet, tea IranciMO. )n27-lptf
5- GERSON & CO.,
"ITT Dealers in
Imported and »»»nmtle Fruits, Te^eta- -
Idrs. Null Etc.,
NO. 220 J STR€ET.
Between Second and Thin!, Sacramento. jy2-'m ■
SonmMiig Hew— At.antic Market ,
XT°- "25 J STREET-C. L. CHRIS- * J
1.1 TlANbOS(lateof Pacific Market) «**f
has opened the abive place, wheru '''fiß^t^^
will constantly keep on hand all kinds^^T^CJjp
of Fruits, Vegetables, Poultry, Fish, _ YLij^
Butter. Eggs, etc. He has made arrange-^J^^rr-
ments to receive these articles fresh every day.jgjo-ti
WM. M. L\O). w *- CCRTia.
(Successors to WM. M. LYOIT.,
V^ Produce, Vegetables and Fruit*.
We carry % full Ktock of Potatoes, Beans, Butter,
Eggs, Chi-ese, Poultry, Nuts, Honey, Alfalfa Scea,
etc, and fill orders at lowest rates.
iSoo. 117. 119 and 183 J street. je°3-lptt
premises, we have enlarged our stock. We
offer you choice Apples, free fn>m worms. Lemons,
Limes, Oranges, Dried Fruits, Nuts, Dates, Canned
Goods, etc., at v ry low prices.
1006 to 1010 Second street, between i and K. Sac-
ramento. ■■■■•■ - je2l-tf
H. G. MAY & CO.,
JL and 430 X St., corner Fifth, Sacramento, Cal.
Wholesale dealers in Butter, Eggs, Produce, Fruit,
Fish, Game. Tropical Fruita and Poultry. Country
orders promptly filled. Poi-totlice Box 437. je'JOtf
Successors to Gregory & Co.),
Jios. 136 and 128 J Street,
Fruit. Full stocks of Potatoes, Vegetables,
Green and Dried Fruits, Beans, Alfalfa, Butter,
Eggs, Cheese, Poultry, etc., always O£ hand. Orders
filled at lowest rates. je!2-tf
308 and 310 X Street,
>.*< K(«i,\m,
CommlfiHlon Merchants and Dealer* In
Batter. Egg*. Poultry. FlHh and General
Produce. t$T All orders, large or small, will
receive prompt attention. jell-lm
—Wholesale Dealers in
So. 610 X Btrest, Sacramento, Cal.
Manufacturer Importer of a
of Mexican and — . Select Stock of
California Sad- JX»^ Saddlery Hard-
die^. J^&^\s\ ware.
« II i^^_ d
including F^§ %} ¥^.\
S toil's Im- tfsi \\l\ Summer Laps
roved /If! V \ (large variety)
Collars of £ frfl fg'j
every kind. Jf£ til'- 1 Buggy Whips
Stoll's P.tent RBB W m <*" ki '" iB) -
K'^lnth'e^ Mf Saddle Clotha.
best in the \ya> A"~^f
world. >^Rjj»^^Jr far Patent
Harness of Leather of
every kind. every kind.
And a complete stock of everything in this business.
Of Goods and Price* are guaranteed. xs\
Price Lint Fnrnlahed.
P O Box 54. jel lplm
WINES mi) LlliJOU*.
Nos. 116 and 118 X street, bet. Front an Second,
Agents for the Celebrated
Pornmery&Greno Champagne
For You,
Whose Complexion betray*
some humiliating imperfec-
tion, whose mirror tells yore
that yon are Tanned, Sallow
and disfigured in counte-
nance, or have Eruptions,
Redness, Roughness or un-
wholesome tints of Complex-
ion, we say use Hasan's Mag-
nolia Balm. ■■
It is a delicate, harmless
and delightful article, pro-
ducing the most natural and
entrancing tints, the artifici-
ality of which no observer
can detect, and which soon
becomes permanent if the
Magnolia Balm is judiciously
Infants and Children
'Withont Morphine or Narcotine.
What (rives oar Children rosy cheeks.
What cures their fevers, makes them slepp;
*Ti< Castorla.
■When Babies fret, and cry by turns.
What cures their colic, kills their worms.
But Castoria.
What quickly cures Constipation,
Sour Stomach, Colds. Indigestion :
Hut Ciwtnrlj.
Farewell then to Morphine Syrups,
Castor Oil and Paregoric, and
, • H;tiirn«tori.i.
1 Centaur Liniment.— ab-
solute cure for Rheumatism,
' i Sprains, Barns, Galls, &c., and an
; instantaneous Pain-reliever.
An Old-Fashloned Free F ght In Balti
more—rant LoruniDllvo TravrlliiK-riie
Anil - Monopoly Fiasco — Prospective
Strike of Miners— Chief Moses ami Ills
Krterviitlon —The Sew llump>'j;r ■ Sen
alorshlp—Jß,c. .•- '■'. : V^;.;
■ '»« ■
Tne Anli-NonapollHt Fiasco.
Chicago, July 6th. — The morning journals de
nominate the Katiunal Anti-Monopoly Convention a
fiasco. With nearly three hundred delegates, the
Convention dwindled down to about fifty at the
close. Denis Kearney claims to have evidence that
the afftir was engineered largely by what he terms
three Washington lobbyists, and that he will show
up their true character at the meeting next Sunday,
when he ill answer the editorial in tbe Times,
which combats his views on the rai'roid question.
He contends in the matter of freight charges that
» bile collectively they are large, still, when taken
in the case of the individual purchaser of a suit of
clothes, as an illustration, they are merely nominal.
Mr. Kearney says he goes to New York city from
here, where he will address the workingmen in
Cooper Institute, and then go to Ohio. lie has en
gagements which will fill three months' time.
A Krs.ni ir '• Knock- and »raa <>u("
Chicaoo, July 6th. — A Baltimore, Md., spec'al
gives an account of a lively battle at Cross Keys, a
notorious sporting place ne»r the city. The trouble
grew out of . cock fight, and before the sport ended
a number of the sportsmen presented as pitiable an
appearance as their fame birds. For a long time
the owners of the birds had been stubborn rival* for
the hi. nor of the pit, and each was backed by niauy
frienls The owners were Perry Knight ana a
prominent local politician. Knight won the main,
a.d then six scrub matches were fought. The ex
citement, aided by beer and the heat, was running
high, when a quarrel was started between a man
from the Eighth Ward and a resident of Cross Keys,
about a sta^e, the holder of which had riri oft.
Blows were exchanged, and in an instant there was
heavy fighting all along tbe line. The crowd moved
in front of the tavern and set to work in earnest.
For nearly an hour they struck and shot at each
other People residing in vhe neighborhood were
much alarmed, and closed their houses. There was
a picnic in progress bait a mile below. The ladies
and children who were taking a walk along the road
ran panic stricken. When the firing began those of
the crowd at the tavern who had vehicles rattled
away for town. In the row knive 1 , billie", stones
and pistols were used indUcrinuiauly. Before the
fi.;tjl was over the road was lined with men with
torn clothing, cut heads and bUck eyes. It is im
possible to get at the exact number of the wounded,
some were taken away in carriages, many shot and
badly wounded, and at least twelve others banged
on the head and in the eyes. The must of those
badly hurt were from the city, and all from the
Eighth Ward— the righting Democratic ward of
Baltimore, where they roll up huge majorities at
Sfltllns for the MiKdrM* of a Babe.
Nkw Ye rk, July 6th.— The Tribune gives the se
quel of the Jessie Maillard ihrsecution by young
Kvy, by whom she wax betrayed. Those who had
beeu dealing with Levy- Brothers were so incensed
at young Levy's actions that they began to discon
tinue their trade. In self-defense, a largefsum of
money was paid to Miss Maillard, and a smaller
sum to her counsel, Colonel Spencer. Th i girl was
paid Beveral thousand dollars, all of which she da -
po-uted in the savings banks. Having taken this
proper step, the Levy Brothers took a more import
ant one by compelling the cause of all their trouble
to leave the firm They then issued a circular stat
ing these farts, which they sent to their former cus
tomers, with tbe effect of causing many of them to
return. Where j oung Levy is now is uot stated, but
Miss Maill.ird and her child are welL It ts hill 2« un
der-tood that Colonel Spencer did not take one cent
of the money given to tbe girl.
Tile Ucmitnd for Matches.
Kbw York, July 6th.— The Tribune says: For
several days the down-town street* have been alive
with cries of " Matches, penny a box !" Within the
past three days 85,000 gross of matches of all sizes
and shapes have been sold in this city by agent* of
the factories. The cause of the large sale is that
manufacturer* are on longer obliged to pay a tax on
their goods Last Monday the price of ordinary
lurifer matches fell from 31 50 a gross to 60 cents,
but the demand for them was so great that the
manufacturers raised the price to 75c, and even then
found that they were in danger of running short of
the demand. All kinds depreciated 200 per cent, in
price, and there is no probability tliat wholesale
prices for them will rise.
The Conference with Chief Moat*.
Washington, July — The result of the confer
ence with Secret try Teller and the Commissioner of
Indian Affairs to-day w»s that Chief Moses virtually
agieed to surrender his entire reservation in Wash
ington Territory and settle with his peoole on tbe
Colville reservation. Chief Tomaskat, who repre
sents the Indians now on the Colville reservation,
was present at the conference, and agreed to receive
Moses and his people.
The aenatorlal Context in New Hamp
Chicago, July Bth. — A special from Washington
Bays : A gentleman who just came from Concord
B»ys Senator Ro l:ns has had no chance for re-election
since the caucus was held, but there are no indica
tions yet afforded of what the result will be. The
candidates will have about equal chances so far as
can be seen. Secretary Chandler has no chance.
He issuing to Concord to-morrow to be where he
can take advantage of any favorable circumstance.
Secretary Chandler has made just as determined
enemies in his political management of this State
a<i Senator Rollins his. Both of them have strong
friends and equally determined opponents, and it
happens the present Legislature contains opponents
numerous enough to prevent the election of either
of them.
Cokcord, July 6th —A ballot for United States
Senator resulted in no change.
) Cokcokb. July Oth. — It is reported that the anti-
Rollins men have been in a secret conference this
afternoon, with a view of agreeing upon a candidate
to support f. r Senator next week. It ia stated that
they were unible to agree, and another meeting will
be beld on Tuesday evening.
The Bcpnrtrd Defeat or Fatted States
Troops by the Crees.
Chicago, Ju ; y 6th.— A special from Helen«, Mont.,
gays: The reported defeat of Lieutenant-Colonel
Ibtee by the northern Crees is faise. Hires was noti
fied by M *jor Hhurtleff, of the Canadian police, that
150 Crecß, under Little Pine, had left their Airency
and cone south to Montana, probably on a horse
stealing expedition. Uges immediately took the
field with LOO men, two companies of cavalry and
two of Infantry, in summer camp at Sweetgrass
Hills, near the Ine of the reserve. The Indians were
found on the morning of the 3d by Monti, and shots
were < xchmged, without effect. The scouts then
fell back, and the Crees fled north. They were fol
lowed to the line, where the troops turned bach.
The report of the defeat was started by a cattle
hunter, who heard the firing and saw the scouts
ride hastily back toward the main column. To*
troops have not yet returned to Assiniboine.
I'llzrlniase of Apollo t'ommandery.
Chicago, July fith.— Arrangement! have been
completed for the pilgrimage of Apollo Command
ery, of t.iirt city, to Ku ope, which is undertaken in
lieu of attending the Triennial Conclave at San
Francisco. The Eir Knights will leave Chicago next
Thursiay, arriving at New York S*turd iy. and af
ter mak at a parade in that city wi'l board the
steamor City of Home. Arriving in England, the
party will go at once to London, where a recaption
will be tendered by the Knights Templar there.
After leaving London they will separate, some going
to France, and the remainder to other points of in
terest on the Continent. At New York the pilgrims
will be joined by a delegation of Eastern Knights.
The entire party will number about 200.
Kflmnitt'i Dommtlr Belattona.
Jf«w York, July 6th.— Young Belmont is fre
quently met upon the fashionable thoroughfares, at
the Casino and elsewhere. There is much sym
pathy expressed openly for his young bride, who is
i favorite in Newport society. It is understood
both parties will ask for a divorce — Belmont on the
ground of de-crtion. He will claim that he has a
home in Oakland, where his wife would be welcome,
while the wife will ask tor a speedy separation upon
grounds which will be made public at the proper
time The friends of both parties have va ! n!v en
deavored to effect a reconciliation.
Tbe Escaped Military Convicts.
Omaha, July 6th.— eight military convicts
who escaped from the enard-houae at Fort Omaha
axe still at large. They are : Ed war t J. Murphy,
| enlisted at Washington ; Thomas Fitzgerald, en
i listed at Boston; F. Anderson, enlisted at Fort
i Omaha ; Alonzo Burden, enlisted at Cleveland ;
Franklin Bretton, enlisted at Chicago; William
I CalhouD, enlisted at Fort Elliott. Texas ; George
i Price, enlisted at Banyan, N. V.; Henry Martin, en
listed at Fort McKinney— a'l convicted of desertion
and sentence*) to four years at Fort Leavenworth,
where they were to be taker, in a few days. The
officers say they are all desperate men.
Fatal Keanlt— Fifteen Years In the P. nl
tenf lary.
O*ah», July G'.h.— Martin Knight, who was as
saulted with a club and shot in the stomach as he
lay in bed at 4 o'clock yesterday morning by Ed.
Sears, with whom he bad some difficulty the day
previous, died this morning. No clus yet to Scan'
whereabout*- .
William Duncan, convicted of attempted race
upon his daughter, aged 12, was sentenced to-day
to fifteen years in the penitentiary.
Locomotive Trial.
Chicago, July 6th.— A trial run was made, be
tween this city and Milwaukee, on the Northwest
ern road, with » locomotive invented by Henry &
Shaw, of Massachusetts There was a special train
of seven cars with distinguished railr ad men on
board. Marker' were adjusted to record tbe speed
of the train . This showed a speed at different times
cf 58, 61, 64 and 65 miles per hour.
A Talaable gktm.
Boston. July flth.— The firm of Donaldson, Doro
van & Co., a well-known but and shoe fir n of Bos-
I too, loaned Governor Butler the human «kin which :
i had been tanceti, and the Governor made a great I
nourish over it at the Tewksbury investigation.
Donaldson says he was making a pair of shoes from
it f or the museum in Home. He valued the skin
at 11./HKI, and has begun legal proceedings to se
cure it.
Another Violent Storm
Albany (S. V ), July 6th. — A heavy storm of
wii.d, rain and hail passed over the count y eight
miles south of here yesterday. Trees, houses and
barns were blown dovvu, and great damage done to
PlTKRSBfiiu(Va.), July 6th.— The counties adja
cent to Petersburg were visited list night by a vio
lent storm. Run fell in torrents, a number of
buildings and tress were struck by lightning, eev
eral ptrdODg stunned, and orchard trees damaged.
The telegraph wires were blown dow.i.
Scra.itoX (Pa.), July 6th. — At Dickson City, a
short distance from this city, Klias Roberts' house
was strui 'L by lightning, badly shatt.-riug it, aud
proitrating Roberts and his two children, taking a
bhoe from his little daughter's foot. Roberts was
unconscious for two hours. His watch wai frroond
to a fine powder The spire on Jernn n.i v 'Hi
breaker was knocked off and several houses s.ruck.
Many treed were shattered along the river.
ProKtratlonti by Ibe Heal.
Nkw York, July Otb.-The cases of suintroke
and prostration to-day numbered twenty -six, three
fatal. Albert Daggett, the anti-Grant leader in
Brooklyn, was prostrated by the heat in that city.
Three physicians attend him, and nis condition is
Piiiladklniia, July 6th.— There were six cises of
suuHroke here to-day, five fatal.
Increaurd Dralh Kale In V-v* lork.
New York, July Ctrl— The hot wave Increases the
death rate. July 4th the number of deaths was
160, on the sth 139, and up to noon to-day 205 A
large proportion of the victims are children under 5
years in the crowded tenement districts.
Tin- lermiint Insurrection.
Burungtos, July 6'.h.— Governor Baretow has
just called out four companies to quell the insurrec
tion at Ely. The information upon which the Gov
ernor's summons is based is to the effect that 300
b'.rikers, nearly all armed, possessing 150 kegs of
gunpowder belonging to tne mining company,
threaten ti destroy the town ot Ely, and have al
leady committed acts of violence. The Sheriff and
posse are un ible to cope with them. The Governor
will go with the com[>anieß, and Colonel Greenleaf,
of the First Regiment, will be in command. The
Governor also tr legraphed the Treastirerof the min
ing company that they must be prepared to pay
men at once.
Blkusotos, July 6th.— The latest from E!y is
tint a compromise has been suggested, by which
the towns of Vershine and Weßt Fairlee will piy the
miners and tike the due-bil sof the company. It
is doubtful if the Selectmen will agree *o this. The
miners bave occupied the two towns in martial style,
with pickets and guard?. All are armed and alt de
termined. They bave given the company until 7
o'clock Saturday night to pay them in lull. If this
U uot done they will destroy the whole place. Ex-
Cnernnr Farnham has been seized by the rioters
and held captive. There ins been uo drunkenness
and no disorder. The rioters have no idea of the
approach of troops.
A Prospective Grneral Strike of Hlnrrv
BCTUKernUX.nL), July 6th. — Information received
in this city indicates that a general strike of coal
miners will take place all over the State in a very
short time, the cause leading to this action being a
disposition on the [.art of operators to ignore the
law allowing a check weighman, also the general dis
position to reduce the price of mining half a cent
per bushel. Information received shows that if a
strike is inaugurated it will be general and simul
taneous throughout the State.
The Heath Penalty.
El Paso (Tex July 6th.— Joseph Brinsto was
hanged at Ysleta to-day for rape upon Mattie Me
Dtvii at Fort Davis % year and a halt ago. He died
game. He dropped a handkerchief as a signal to
the Sheriff that he was ready for the springing of
the trap. He fell seven feet, but the knot slipped
around under bis chin. After hanging three min
utes, b entiling liar.l. he called out in smothered
tone?, "Siy, boys," and began btruggliDg violently.
It becoming evident that be wnuM not choke to
deith for a long time, he was lowered to the plat
form after hanging seven minutes. The kt ot was
readjusted, and he dropped a second time. Tbs knot
slipped again j Ist as before, but his neck was dis
located. He was pulseless in eight minutes, but
was allowed to hang twenty- a minutes. About
400 people were sent, Including nvuiy women
and children. A Cathol c priest was on the scaffold,
and took charge of the bony, briusto was his
army name. He would not give his re >1 name, say
ing he did not wish his friends to know bis fate.
He acknowledged that ho hi. l escaped from the
Columbus (Ohio) Penitentiary three years ajo,
where be Birred three years on > twenty years'
sentence for killing his wife's seducer in 1874. For
this former oil. use he had been sentenced to hang,
but had obtained a new trial and was then sen
tenced to twenty years.
Houston (Tex.), Ju'y Gth.— A negro named John
Cone, for the rape of a white woman, Mrs. Scott, in
January ISB2, was banged in the jail here to-day, in
tbe presence of 103 people, among whom were" the
husband ad father of the outrtged lady. Cone
piadeaa ort speech on the scaffold, protesting his
itinocen c and expressing a hope of salvation.
.La Intensely Thrilling Itlspairli.
CinCAno, July 6th— A New York letter. Bpeaking
Of tbe [wrjoiial Jattr :i'.tiviMit-SH of Mrs. Langtry and
her "fag," asGehhardt is termed, says : The Lily is
not out of sight of New York, although she may
have drupped out of mind. With other people she
rides down to the rnc-s of the Coney I-land Jockey
Clab atop of Fre Jdie Gtbhardt's four. in-hand coach.
She looks more nearly beautiful, as compared with
women about her, than when seen on the stage, for
her wondrously smooth ekin and delicate complex
ion suffers nothing from the irlare of the midday
sunlight. A man with a back like a turtle and a
fate like a boiled lobster joined her in her box dur
ing Freddie's absence, and chatted with her. He
proved to be a theatrical manager. When Freddie
returned she showed no disposition to dismiss the
fat man in a hurry. He got so jeatoußly
angry that his state of mind was plainly
visible in his face. Mrs. Laugtry smiled covertly,
and seemed to enjoy bis discomfiture, but the Liiy
soon h d her own turn at anger. A ter the races
were over Frt Jdie took her to his coa-jh, and o:i the
w»y had to pass cow by a crowd in tin field. The
courle were recognized, and they hvl immedUte
good reason to realize it. Such hooting, yelling at;d
whittling, mingled with disrespectful utterances,
they have never encountered in all their varied pub
lic experience together. The Lily had been straight
•on her stalk under the scrutiny of the thousands of
e>u4 while in the stand, though many of them
lok-!d Straight at her through field glasses ; but she
wiltsd under tbij treatment, clung to Freddie's arm
and ..*»TeLjd away.
■ <\. the l^vnnxvlllc Fire.
Ev»>-evm.g (Minn.), July 6th.— Joss is found
much greater lhau at first estimated. The fire
broke oat yesterday at 11 a. m. In the mis of the
B»nk of Evansnlle, a frame structure of two sto
ries. In all twenty-«ix buildings were burned, caus
ing a loss of $150,C00. The Postoffioe buildings
were burned, but the mails were saved. Tlie offl
ci*U of the Manitoba Railroad ran a freight engine
down from Alt indria, and with the assistance of
th;ir engine the lumber yard and elevatois were
saved. The insurance, it is thought.will not amount
to more than $50,000. At present it is thought not
neotaawy to issue an appeal to the people of the
State for help, hut so little wig saved that this
course may be necessaiy. .Eransville contains about
9,000 inhabitants, and is but four years old. Con
siderable bueines? is done here, the town being
quite a wheat market. It c lined three elevators.
That Marriage Story About Lotta.
Wasiiinotos, Julv6th.— Tbe Critic will to morrow
publish an interview with a lady friend of Lotta and
Mr. Huss. She rays they were positively married ;
that Huss has told her and other intimate friends
so ; that Lotta is now on her way to Europe, and
will be followed by Husa August 1-t; that the ar
rival and departure of Lotta and the preacher was
timed so as to prevent the public from " catching
on ;" that Huss has only to prove his identity to
inherit a large legacy.
Opposition to a President.
CniCAOO, July 6th. —A Timts special says : " De
termined efforts are being made in Arkansas to
drive General D. 11 Hill from the Presidency of
the Industrial University, which he has held for
three years at t3,000 per annum. He is spending
the summer in California. It is claimed that the
University is steadily declining in influence and at
Daring Bobbery of a Bank Messenger.
St. Louis, July 6th. — John Oerheauner, messen
ger of the German Continental Bink, this afternoon
had a wallet containing 429, and several checks
wrenched from him after a desperate struggle.
Qerheausser chased the thief three blocks, but lost
track of him in the crowd, and the thief escaped.
Two Hen Cooked to Death.
Chicago, July 6 h. — This afternoon, while two
men were engaged in cleaning a boiler at the works
of the North Chicago Rolling Mill Companr, a valve
broke, letting the steam in oj them. They were
cooked to death. Their names were John Hero and
John Allengreu.
Important WltntM Murdered.
WAStiiNOTON, July 6th. — Attorney General
has received a telegram from Edward Guthridge,
United States Attorney, da'ed Min*ol% Tex., saying
that Charles Haughn, late C<ninty Judge of Marion
county, Texas, and the principal witness in the Ma
rion county election cased, was murdered Oil the 3d
inrt., as supposed by parties indicted in the United
States Cut. The Attorney General instructed
Guthridge to extmine carefully and report fully
upon the circumstances of the murder.
Yellow Fever at Galreston.
GALVErroif (Tex ), July 6th. — The man reported
yesterday as ill on the bark Salome, from Vera
Cruz, has since died of black vomit. Another
sailor on the same vessel is also sick, undoubtedly
from yellow fever. He is expected to die to night.
An rnwtlfomp Visitor.
• Kir» 02UA58. July — The Tina Democrat' *
Mob special last night says : Last nuht news
came that the bark Vega, from Vcra Cruz, had
anchored fifteen miles oS Mobile Bay, with Captain
Haasen, the mat and all the crew but four down
with the yellow fever. The bark was ordered to the
fehip Island quarantine .
nigh License In St. m'«.r n'«.
St. Lous, July 6th.— The House of Delepri'es to
night passed an ordinance, which bad previously
been adop'cd by the Council, establishing hy'i
i license for dram «hop». in conform 1 with the State
' law passed by the Leguliture last winter. It was
expected that the license for beer and wine saloons
would be made uniform with those for dram shops,
but it was fin .lly concluded to let them remain as
heretofore, which is only about one-quarter as high
as for dram shops.
Bounty of Urorge W. child*.
Philadelphia, July 6th. — Eight hundred news
boys on the Fourth partook of the annual dinner
provided by George W. Cbilds, served at Belmont,
in West Park. Each boy was furnished -with a
ticket of admission to the Geological Garden aud a
car ticket home.
An Aeronauts Trip.
Bonsuu (Pa.), July 6th. — A telegram from
Griniley, the aeronaut, who started from here Juh'
4th at 3 o'clock, says : " Landed on the CaUkil!
mountain* in a severe hurricane, liad a terrible
BIIIh Approved and Vetoed.
Hakri iiiro (I"a.), July 6th.— Today ended all
legislation in the hands of the Governor, r'rom tbe
steps of the Capitol 193 bills were read and ap
proved, and 60 vetoed.
Condition Improved.
Dr« Moinkm (Ia ), July Sth. — Governor Hale, I f
Wyoming Territory, who has been lying very ill at
CoUu Springs for several weeks, gave more hopiful
ayiLp oms iast night, and tbe chances of his recov
ery are now favorable.
Deulh of an lowa Plonerr.
Cni' ago, July 6th. — W'm. N. Jones, who voted at
the first Territorial election in lowa, died of apo
p exy at Dcs Monies to-day.
Crop ProHprrtx.
Cvii aoo, July 6th.— Red River valley still suffers
from drought. Minnesota and Houthern Dakota have
been blessed with copious rains, aDd the wheat
crop in that section is estimated at >t per cent, of
;m average yield. Corn is three weeks liter than
In IS7I I was at Naples, when an Ital
ian corvette, the Amirale Caracoiolo, was
launched at Castellamare. The vessel was
christened by the Countess Teresa I'j.rac
ciolo, the daughter of the chief of the
elder branch of the Caracciolo. I was
staying at Naples as the guest of the young
lady's father, and 1 heard from him a very
remarkable story connected with the death
of the unfortunate officer in honor of whose
memory the vessel was named. The cir
cumatances which led to the execution of
Prince Francesco Ciracciolo in 1795) are
well-known. I shall merely state, there
fore, that he was condemned by a court
martial composed of Sicilian officers to be
hanged at the yard-arm of the Hag-ship for
bearing arms against his lawful sovereign.
When the othcial comrrunication of the
rinding and sentence of the Court was
brought to the I'rince, he was explaining
the names and uses of the various parts of
the rigging to some young Neopolitan no
blemen who happened to be on board the
ship. A glance at the letter was sufficient
to show him its contents. He showed no
sign of emotion, but requested the officer
whd brought the dispatca to wait for a few
minutes while he tinisbed hia explanations.
This being done, he retired to his cabin ;
and after a vain attempt to get the sen
tence changed to a more honorable manner
of death, he resigned himself to his fate,
which he met with great fortitude. Some
days after the «vent the King, who had
been for an afternoon's cruiae on a Sicilian
ahip-of-war outside the bay, was returning
to Naples in the evening. It waa a moon
light night, and the sea was perfectly calm.
There was, indeed, so little wind that it
was difficult to steer tbe vessel. The
King was sitting in the balcony of the
stern cabin, watching the sea, when sud
denly he became aware that something was
following the ship. As the object came
nearer it was easy to distinguish that it
w.ib the body of a man in an upright atti
tude, as if treading water ; and very soon
the King was able to recognize the feat
urts of Admiral Caracciolo. His eyes were
open and seemed to be fixed on the King,
and, except for its ghastly pallor, the face
was unchanged. The explanation was sim
ple. At er being submerged for some days
the body had become so buoyant that the
weights attached to the feet were not suffi
cient heavy to keep it under water ; but
they retained it in an upright position, and
it was drawn along by the current created by
the movement of the ship. It is easy to
imagine the horror cf Ferdinand at what
he believed to be an apparition from an
other world. When at length it waa ex
plained to him what had happened, he
gave orders that a boat should be lowered
and that the corpse should be brought on
board and takeu to Napleß for Christian
burial. But the superstitious Sicilians
dared not obey the royal command, an
tbe ship, drawing in its wake the upwright
body of the Admiral, sailed slowly into the
Bay of Naples. Here a boat's crew was
obtained from au English man-of-war, who
took the Admiral's body ashore, where it
was deposited in his own palace, and at
length received the last rites of the church.
[Notes and (Queries.
It ia now gravea on the tablet of history '
that though Columbas ww the first discov
erer of oar Western Continent, from which
the practical beuetitß of occupation and
settlements were received, he was not the
first European to plant footsteps ou its
coil, that having been accomplished further
beyond hia time than the present is re
moved from his great discovery. Erik, a
bold Norseman, colonized Greenland from
Iceland, and Lief, his bolder son, and other
Greenland Norse, discovered America,
probably as far south aa Massachusetts, or
even the Chesapeake, certainly as far as
Labrador and the Island of Newfoundland.
No results, however, followed from these
discoveries, and the hardy Norsemen
seemed content to live in desolate Green
land, although we might add that many
physical appearances and more detioite ac
counts all seem to show that Greenland,
about a. d. 1000 — around which these
events were clustered — -was a much warmer
and more temperate country than it now is.
How long the Greenland Norse existed
we know not exactly. They finally broke
off communication with mother Iceland,
lived and intermarried among the Skr;e
lings, as they called the Esquimaux, but
were extinct in 1679 and 1581, when the
first expeditions were dispatched from
Denmark for the rediscovery of Greenland
and its ancient colonizers, if they still ex
isted, and the resumption of the trade with
its inhabitants. The last definitely known
of the Greenland Norse is that they paid
their tribute to the Crusades in the shape
of walrus tusks, delivered at Bergen, in
1327, and their weight is noted on a re
ceipt, which is still in existence.
Only eight years before Culumbas dis
covered America, according to an old his
torical notice reputed to have been found,
there still lived forty men in Bergen who
were acquainted with the Greenland naviga
tion, and used annually to bring home pre
cious cargoes from that country. On return
ing in that year, they were asked by certain
German merchants who stayed at Bergen to
sell some of their wares, but they declined
to let them have any of them. The Ger
mans then took revenge by murdering
them, in an assault committed during a
banquet to which they had invited them.
From this time, it is said, it became impos
sible to sail for Greenland, because no one
knew the road to ita shores. This is the
last we know definitely of the Norse Green
landers, the receipt for the Crusade tax at
Bergen being the last we 'know definitely.
[Lieutenant Schwatka.
" I am saturated to the epidermis," said
the high school girl, throwing her gam
boots into the corner. " I don't wonder
at that," replied her mother; "they give
yon snch hard lessons at school."— [Oil City
" When are yon going to make me th»t
pair of new boots I ordered ?" asked Gus
De Smith of his shoemaker. " When you
pay for the last pair I made for yoa. "
" Whew ! I can's wait so long as that :" —
[TrXM SiftlDga.
Condition or Count de Chambord— The
Cholera Scourge— Kallroad Accident In
Canada -Confession of an Incendiary—
The English -Attempted »-.«»sio
atlon in Ireland Hood* In ladla—
IClotiuK In France -Elr.
The Cholera In Ksjpt.
Alexandria, Ju'y Bth.— One death from cholera
occurred at Alexandria to day. There were ten
deaths from cholera at Samanad ye terday.
During the twenty-four hours ending at 0 "'clocir
last evening 109 deaths occurred front cholera at
$ lamict and 68 at Marßsuiali. The lazaretto at
Be)rout is cro.vdsd with fugitives from Egypt.
The officers of the institution refuse to admit au]
more pent jus.
St. Petkrsbitro. July 6th. — The Government lias
ord. red the establishment of a rigid quarantine on
the Black Sea, to prevent the introduction of chol
era by vessels coming from Egypt, and has forbid
den the usual pilgrimage to Mecca.
London, July 6th.— latest reports indicate the
state of oft lira slightly wurse at Damietta, but im
proving at Mansurah. The Nile is rising well,
which, it is expected, will cut short the epidemic in
some districts.'
The cattle plague in Kirvpt erased the death of 90
per cent, of the cattle attacked
Berlin, July 6th.— The Prussian Government has
ordered pre aurionarv measures against vessels ar
riving in Prussia irom ports in turkey or the Ked
Sea, the north coast of Airiea, or mv port where the
existence of ch»l> ra is suspected or where the epi
demic of yellow fever prevails. The period of quar
antine for vessels from the su*ftecced ports is six
It is officially announced that the workman who
died here yesterday was a cholera case.
De Cbambord'it Illnen*.
Vienna, July 6th.— Tbe Secretary of Comte de
Cnambord has conveyed to the Comte de Paris the
thanks of tbe sick Prince for coming to Vienna. The
Secretary added, ttut sinoe the physicians' consulta
tion of yesterday the condition of CharnWd has
been less favorable and that vomiting was renewed
during the night.
Paris, July 6th.— Comto de Piria is at Vienna
awaiting advices from FrobfdcriT, where ChaoiLunl
islyic.tr ill. Prince Jerome N>poleon is in Paris
consulting with friends. It is said that several pri
vate meetings have been held at hi residence.
Paris, July 6th.— Comte de Chambord yesterday
received the last sacrament, retaining perfect calm.
new throughout the ceremony. To-day he was able
to take a few spoonful* of soup, and address a few
words to his entourage. Tue Count has iovited
Dues de Nemours and Alencou and Comte de Pans
to ••'rohedorff.
The American Klfle Team.
London, July 6:h.— The American Rifle Team has
been offered the use of tents durinir their stay at
Wimbledon, but declined, preferring private lodg
ing. They left Hounteton to-Juv for Rainham,
where they will practice at long range.
London, July Bth.— Th« Times says: "The
shooting of the American riflemen is excellent.
We believe the international match will be closely
contest id, but experts anticipate that the English
team will win on the long range."
" Assisted " Emigration.
London, July 6th.- In the House of Commons
this afternoon Trevelyan, Chief Secretary for ire
land, replying to O'Brien, member for Mallow, Slid
tie had been informed that out of 1,000 emigrants
who had gone to America, only two families have
been inmates of a workhouse at IMlmullet, from
which section they came, and they had received
money on landing and were doing well. He was not
aware of the grounds on which the United States
returned the emigrants, but he supposed those re
turned were not desirable settlers.
Dublin, July 6th. — a meeting of the Catholic
hierarchy here, motions were adopted condemning
State aid » emigration, and pointing out that there
are large tracts of land in Ireland, which, if culti
vated, would maintain the surplus population.
Attempted Assassination.
DntUl, July 6th.— house of one Griffey was
entered by di.euised men, two of whom helu him in
bed, while auptuer fireu tbree Bhotd at him, that
tering bid knee.
Incendiarism <'onr>K.*ed«
Losoo.f, July Otb. — A dispatch from Copenhagen
say« : A pri««.iit-r named Neilson, who was charged
with couimitiinc arson here, has confessed that he
set fire to the Victoria docks, London, in 1881, with
a view to obtaining pluud.T. The opinion hereto
fore entertained regarding the origin of the fire was
that it was the vtorkof the Ftnians.
The Ki.Ell-.1l Tnrr.
London, Ju'y 6th.— At tbe Newmarket July meet
ing day the nice for three-year-olds was won by-
General Owen Wiili«ms' Cohort, Baron de Roths
child second, J. 11. Keene's Potofi third. There
were nine starters. Cohort won by a length over
Rioting In France.
Marsbiluss, July 6tb. — Four hundred Italians,
employed in the oil factory here, struck yesterday
and endeavored to wreck the factory. They were
dispersed by policemen, who charted thtui with
drawn swords. It is feared there will be a renewal
of rioting.
Confederate Bond*.
London, July 6th.— The Daily Watt, in its finan
cial article, says : A number uf holders of Confeder
ate bonds have subscribed £10,0 JO for use in trying
to induce tbe States wishing to re-establish their
cred tto recognize a portion of their debt. Lori
Penzance Goost, M. P., and T. C. Bruce, M. P., hate
been aDpointed Trustees. The promoters do not
exocct more than 10 per cent, of the debt, averaging
£sOO,OOO per State, to be recognized.
Frightful Tragedy In Germany.
P.stiuM. July 6th. — a. terrible tragedy occured at
Rickedorff, near Berlin. The wife of a small shop
keeper cut toe throats of her two children, fired the
home, and then cut her own throat. Poverty was
the cause
The Wylrrgyhaza Trial.
London, July 6th. — the trial of the Jews at
Nyiregy baza, the prisoner! accused of having placed
a corpse in the river with a view of passing it off as
that of K-tner Salomiss, whom the prisoners are
charged with murdering, declared that their con
fesbions had been obtained by threats to murder
them in prison. One was compelled to drink huge
quantities of water, had keen stripped, struck,
dragged by the hair and shown the gallows. A
number of witnesses testified as to the shocking
treatment received at the bauds of the authorities.
Counsel for the defense pointed out that the people
of Tizza Eziar, where the murder is alleged to have
been committed, had been taught that it was not
wrong to testify falsely against the Jews, the in
terest of the country lequiring their conviction.
Female ">uifr.izt- Rejected.
LonDON, July 6th.— The House of Commons to
niyht—l3o to — rejected the motion made by
H^^h Mason (L beral), memb-r for Ashtou-under-
Tyne, in favor of female suffrage. „:••:
Rrlllxh Trcop* Attacked by Vatlrea.
Calcutta, July 6th.— Five hundred members of a
tribe of natives attacked a detachment of British
troop*, which, with a political agent, had been sent
to chastise a refractory village in Assam. The na
tives were repulsed, with a loss of fifty kill The
British suffered DO lost
Heavy Flood* in India.
Calcutta, Ju'yOth. — Heavy floods have prevailed
in Surat, causing great damage to property and
some loss of life. The waters are now subsiding.
Traffic on the railways has been interrupted.
Report of a Victory Discredited.
Lima, July 6th.— El Comercieo believes to be
entirely false the story in an Ariquipa journal that
Canceres gained a great victory at Coaapalca, the
enemy losing 700 killed and wounded, besides many
prisoners, of whom three were chiefs ; also four
guns and 2,000 rill '.-s.
Railroad Accident In Canada.
Port Hops, July 6th.— Two freight trains co'lided
on the Oraud Trunk Riilroad a short distance east of
Port Hope to day. Both locomotives and twelve
cars were completely destroyed. All train hands
escaped uninjured, except the brakeman Porter,
who is probably fatally injured. Logs, $200,000.
The Schoolma'am and the Dn>H. —
"Sohoole ma'am — ah, me eabbe him heap
well. Him get vacatee ; go Santa
Cloz ; ketchee dude." "Whoafoh. Me
tbin&ee dade like ketchee schoolee ma'am ?"
"No muchee. Dade flaid lookee at
schoolee ma'am ; him thinkee schoolee
ma'am pickee him up, apian k him Telly
bad. Schoolee ma'am heap sabbe dnde ;
pat on pokae hat, bigee shoe, alle same
Oakclan gellee ; let son buln his nose, put
fleckle on him ea, sittee in sand alle day
lead book. Bymeby dnde come along,
say, 'Ah — h — h, me epottee fine mash;
me see nice ittle gellee, allee same seminee
gellee ; me askee him go baggy lide moone
lite.' Den rchoolee ma'am glab him lite
away." "Wha him do?" "Him laise
biggee low ; him yell velly high ; alle
same fog-holn — no good." "Why him no
calle pleeceman ?" " Yon thinkee pleece
man make schoolee ma'am tliid? You no
A pressing bint :
Her lip) were like the leaves, he said.
By autumn's crimson tinted ;
Some people autumn leaves preserve
By pre sing them, she hinted .
The meaning of the gentle hint
The lover did discern,
Aril to he clasped her round the neck
. And glued his lip* to hcr'n.
It will require two yean to baiil the steel cm sers
just oontr&Hed tor.
1 VOLUME IViI-.UJl«i:it iIU.
Flashes of Sews from all Farts of the-
The Fourth of July was celebrated at BelJaul, Ire
A dispatrh from Berlin reports that a workman
has died there, it is ktupeoted, cf cholera.
The remains of P*i at >r Cipriani have been cre
mzxvd at Rome. This m the first case of cremation
iv that ci.v.
Two ships have arrived from Vera Cruz at lV.iai
cob, Via., with jellow fever. Tha v»i«ie!a are
ieoluted in i(u ir*i tine.
The London Times' correspondent at Dublin re
rives tin.- report mat James Carey, t a informer,
has left Ireland in disguise.
Ifon oonnaei has been employed hy Hill, the 9u
pervißin^ Architect His C'twe isasAUujin^r fixture
senous form than was expected.
It is calculated that all the French troops on the
way to Tovqain have arrived. The Wei seasou
will prevent any immediate fighting.
It is expected that the agreement between the
Government and Chief Moses will result in throw
hi!,' open for settlement two million acres.
Ihe raid on the trade dollar East is said to have
been organized by speculative broker*, and will
prot> ibly i If it the future coinage of silver.
Strong hi>K-» art) entertained of the recovery of
General H. 11. Sibley, a must conspicuous citizen of
Minnesota, who long has been dangerously ill.
All the check stamps forwarded for redemption
and all corretpurdt nee relating tbtreto, should bo
addruMori ta ihe Commissiouer of internal Rev
Brooke's spinning mill at McHelcy, Fngland, wag
burned Thursday. Trent] -seven thousand spindles
and a large btutk of cotton was destrovel; loss.
•£•.'s/, 00.
Nelson Howard (colored), who killed John Kane
on tbe fourth, at Mound City, 111., was taken out
of jail by a mob and hanged at i o'clock yesterday
It is reported on high authority that Minister
Nova believes that peace wi ! be consummated, and
that the Peruvian authorities will be in possession
on August Ut.
Judge O'Brien, addressing the Grand Jury at Lim
erick Tbnrtday, declared that the diminution of the
number of ou rages since lust August amounts to a
social revolution.
A Bpecial fr..m Raleiich, N. C, of July sth, gays :
At Wortham's Bridge, Columbus county, near
Whiteville, six netrrK-'S — four meu and two wotueu
— were drowned yeswrda>.
The Supreme Lodge of the Independert Order ol
Immaculcs, a colored organization, most of whose
lodges are in the Southern States, has boon in ses
sion at Chicago since Monday.
The first bale of the new cotton crop w»s sold at
Albany, Ga., for SSJ cents per pound. It weighed
■'■;."> fiouuds, clitsed middling, and was raised by
PiimusT Jones, of Butler county.
The striking ironworkers at WednesbwJv, county
of Staffordstliire, England, entered the foundries
there Thursday niirht, md damaged the machinery
and forced the employes to quit work.
An oil tank containing 27,000 barrels of oil vai
fired by lightning :it Oil City, Pa., Thursday night
Other tanks were fired and one of the largest fires
in the history of the oil region was threatened.
It is reported in New York that the duel alleged
to have been fought between John Armory Knox
and t>. B. Slieahau, Thursday, which resulted in the
wounding of Knn\, is a hoax, ai.d thbt the princi
pals never left the city.
Timothy Smith, a trusted clerk in the broker's
office of John Pickering? Moslev, Boston, is a de
faulter in the amount of $17,009 in money, lost in
bucksl-shop speculations. Smith made afullcou
ft-swion and was arrested.
A »i>fcial says : Sidquirch Rice, of St. Paul, hag
secured a commission as Second Lieutenant in the
Uniu;d States Army, after laboring three years for
it, having been promised the appointment by Presi
dents Hayes, (jarfield anJ Arthur.
The movement to reorganize the Knights of Labor
i.f Pennsylvania, or establish in its place a federa
tion ot trades, each independent of the other, we ins
to be gathering strenjrtb. A nil for a National
Convention in likely to be issued shortly.
Two bodies have been picked up in a dory off the
western binks, near Gloucester, Ma'B , imdoubtedly
tho6e of James Gordon and Cyrus Shubley, belong
ir» to the schooner Clvtie, of Gloucester. The men
were twelve days adrift before they were found.
The decision of the Home G vemment to repudi
ate the proposed annexation of New Guinea to
(Queensland, causes dircontentmt nt in the colony,
lv the Legislative Assembly at Melbourne the
Premier ot Victjria declined to accept the decision
as final.
The findings in the Waswon Court m:.rti»l anil th«
reviewing auth ritie9* decision reached Ssn Antonio,
Tex., and have been read to Was«on, who received
them with an air of fiing (raid. He is to be writ to
the Lansing Penitentiary, and is p eking up and ar
ranging t.is affairs.
NeJßhas been received at Helena, Mont, from
the north that troops under command of Lieuten
ant Colonel liges, at Asiiniboine, out on a scout t j
lrivo back the British Crees, met the enemy this
side of the line Tuesday and were defeated by th«
Indians, who greatly outnumbered the troops.
Business failures throughout the country in the
past seven da>s, as reported, number 130, which is
i' jusiderably below the averaee of the put ten
weeks. Ihere have been few iirport&nt failures
anywhere, and none in New Ycrk city to especially
note New England Stites, 10 ; Wcsttrn, 50 ; Mid
dle, IS ; Southern, 24 ; Pacific and Territories, 13 ;
New York city, 7 ; and Canada, 16.
A special repurts the arrest at Downer Lak%
Minn. , of Juhn Reed, who twelve years ago shot and
killed Joan McCormick, a yum:.; g-irl. at r habhora,
111., owing to her refusal to marry him. The mur
der was peculiarly atrocious, and Reed at the time
was threatened with lynch law. While lying iv
j ii! iwiiting trial he managed to make his escape,
aud hip whereabouts until now was unknown.
An Otaeiro lake, Mich., sjxxial sajs : Ahiander
Perrj , SO years old, attempted to utter the house of
Amos Ridwell while the yountc wile of tho latter
was alone. He had visited her during the day, but
bad left after making improper overtures to her.
When he was obptrved approaching; the second time
he was warned by Mrs. Btdwell, and failing* to regard
it, she shot and killed him witli a Winchester rifle.
Governor Ranuey, the head of the Utah Commis
sion, in speaking of the work of the < ommission,
says : " The election lant Nuvemher of a delegate to
Conpr«w did not touch the hearts of the |>eople nrtr
socially awaken their interest, but in Au_';i-: tho
polling is for members ■ f the Lesislature, Probate
Jodgeß, Sheriffs. e:c, offices which come direttly
home to the local interests. It is ao important elec
Secretary Lincoln, accompanied by General Crook,
called at the Department of the Interior yesterday,
and had a long conference with Secretary Teller in
regard to the disposition of the Apache captives.
At the conclusion of the conference Secretary TeJ
ler informed the representatives^ tho Associated
Press thath-j had declined to receive the captives on
the San Carlos reservation and be responsible for
their good behavior.
A. I). Edgar, General Eastern Agent of the North
ern Pacific Railway, has received a letter from K.
BOOM, Osiieril Paweaaer Auent of th»t roa't, in
form ii ;■ him that the cmtract between theN-itinnal
Pnrk Improvement Company and stage lino has
been signed, and will go into effect July 15th. It is
expected tvit the National Park branch of tho
Northern Pacfic will Iw completed to a point fifteen
miles eolith of Livingstone on the earn 1 ) datf , and
by August lht thirty mi es will !>*■ unibbed clear to
the northern boundary of the Park.
Omaha, Ju'y 6th. — Lef< hern to-d»y, to arrive in
Sacramento July 10th : >!r- i:.i.-h;i Oodk ami two
children, W. H. Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Syiveatcr Trull,
S*n Franc'goo ; Mra. F. Thayer, M:ir. it ■(.'»; J E.
Condict, San Francisco ; Miiis A. W. I'itni »n. Phila
delphia ; Mrs. F.mily A. Moore, Boston Highlands.
Macs ; T. M. Irish, Dubuqu*, lowa ; Mrs. Aldcn
Fletcher, lowa City ; A. V. Lunt, W. 11. Brigirs and
wife. Miss Ha.tie Hri»-jf. Phelps, Wit; Mrs. L. E.
Lynn, Fannie Lyon, Chicigo ; A. R. Bickenbach
and wife, Freeport, 111 ; 66 through emigrants lelt
on last night's train for San Francisco.
Carus, July 6th.— Passed Carlln to d»y, to «r
--rive in Sacramento to-morrow : Alex. H. Lewiv,
New York ; Kdward Mehli^t, l\ Outline, Mrs. A.
Griffith, Mis. '/.. Conant, A. Gump, Mrs. N K. Craven,
Gertie Craven, Juliu* P. Smith and wile, Charles
Foncan, Mrs. M. C. Morgan, atiiti K,'ii-« Format!,
Jake Spit, M. A. Gunst, H Mansfield, Mrs. John
Parrott, Miss Parrott, Mis* Christine Parrott, John
Parrott, Jr., and wife, Miss Mary K. Parrott, and
four servants, B. W. Osborn, William Fast. M.
Harloe, Ross Aleficli), San Fraiiciic ; Lieotenaiit
Cook, U.S. N.; O. B. Oilman, Louisville, Ky.; Mrs.
SallieK. Bundel and child, Sharon, Pa.; Mrs. A. It.
Gilhs, Youn|f»to» r. , O.; il. D. Cresswell, Ku aland ;
Wm. II Jones, Grand Rapid?, Mich.; C. L. bimen,
H. B. Lincoln, Onkiand ; Henry B Halsey, 8 Y.
H?lB-y, Dutch FU', Cat; F. H. Barnar.i, E. L.
Clapp^ Wisconsin; H. G. Elsworth, Nile", Cal.;
W. R. Springer, wife and three children,
Oregon, Mo : G. M. Quinn, W. T. Allen, John
Durpey, 9. H. H :le«h, rred. Anderson, H. H. Klch
mrnd, AW. Benedict, Terrace, I. lab ; Charles P.
Williams, R. 3. Child, Jr , H. B O«-b, Philadelphia;
K. K'iti, Oeim^nv : M J. Mmsfield, Colorado;
Wm Marker, Phil:.delpnia ; Momtji Skeen, J. W.
McLwie, Oeden ; Mairirie E liott, Paieley, III.; Ch w.
Ripka, London, Eng ; L. Hchrysler, Michigan ; D.
Connor, Wahinjrton, D C; A. Uauthtrn, P. Bun
nin^, Corvallifi, Or ; Granville S. Foster and family.
Carbondale, III.; also, the followine Knight* Temp
lar—MiM Rubertson, Wasbinvtun, I* ; M. J. Buck,
Lansing, Micb ; Mrs. Charles Cnrnell, Grand Lodge,
Michigan; 9? emigrant passengers, includitg £6
males, to arrive in Sacramento July Bth.
Niwhall, July 6th.— Pawed here to-day, to tr
rive in San Francisco to-morrow: J.W.Wright,
Port Cost* ; Win. Henderson »nd family, San An
tonio ; J. Brier and wile, Topcka ; Mirs E. J. Stew
art, San Francisco : Mrs. H. Farley, Tucson ; Urn.
L D Mayuard and ton, Riverside; C. Cloutman
and wile, Hrg. -1. 11. Smith, Canton, <).; I', K. Bled
»oe, Sin Bernardino; J. Green Djko, San Die ;
Willie Davin, Is,* Arpelm ; Mi") S Roucb, New Or
leans ; Miss IdaEd^ar, Visa Rose Wilson, Santa An ;
Sidney Lacty and wife, Los Argele9 ; A. J. Stevenr.
Sacramento; N. Maher, Lot Anireles; W. Earl, Tuc
son ; Q. 8. Prindel, J.H. O'Neil, Ariiona ; C. P.
Hemp r!z and son, Berkeley ; Mis« Thavir, San
Francifc > ; Vtisn R. A. Lorgotnet, Mr» M. H. Cap
ron, Tucson ; P. L. Wooßt*r, San Fr.a:cijico ; Uhl
M. L. L^vTcace, I'uxzix, Ariz.

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