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-sited States Siosal Oiwcs >
S_CE____ 10, July _, 1888. )
Place of oh I*? f . ~*3 I s - B jf j? sta *? of
scrvation. 3 „ ** _*"g "; " - _ the
3 ■ __- "=*§■ '- I weather
'. ° 1 "?.*•= i _.** : _ I
Clympia.... 29.83 74 Calm Hazy
Portland.. . . 29 .i5. 76 Nff Hazy
Rosetiurg... i-9.„ ;7G Ci'm ."prn Cloudy
Mendocino, !.. ,
Re- liluH . . 29.7c'i.-5 N : Clear
Sacramento. "9. 56,C7 S. 13 Clear
8. Francisco. — .93 5S 5.W.13 jClear
Loa Angclee. 29.0":C4 W. 8 Cloudy
San Diego... 29.03, G0 *"■ W. 6 ICUimly
Maximum temperature, 85.5; r_ini_n_n, 59.9.
Kiver shove 10-*;-watj*r tiarit, at 11 a. _„ 9.U let:
— a fill of 4 inches in th pant '8 hours.
_er-,'**_nt, Signal Coria, U. S. A.
Weather Probabilities.
Washington, July Slh.— lmlis-etiona^for Califor
nia : Fair weather.
aOYBRTIi "lEßnon,
Lodge Uettings— Court Capitol, A. 0. F. : Sacra-
mento Chapter, tt. A. -'! ; Cij.itol Council, I. O.
C. F.
Wanted— Male and female help.
Notice*— Workin-rmen'a ni_33 meeticg.
Notice-To Santa Cruz.^
_usl_aa3 Advertlseiasnts.
W. .A. Stephenson — Successor to George D.
H. B. Crocker _ Co.— La.li-:s' wri'ins-paper.
Red House— Special s,-.10 Wednesday.
."•".e.-.Kii.i s' Store— Miscellaneous.
Boabd ok HEALTiI.— Tho City Board of
Health held a regular meeting Saturday
evening. The Health Officer reported that
he had made 212 official inspections during
the month of Jeine. The report, sad that of
the City Physician, was placed en file. The
Secretary ftiMOnte-J, for the cocaid_-ation of
the Board, some section--, given below, to be
added to the health ordinances of t: - city.
They had met the approval of a previoua
Board, hut were never acted on by the City
Trustee?. ' The object intended to be effected
ia an important one, in a sanitary point of
view, and though their adoption and enforce
ment at this late day would cot effectually
re novo aoaic of tha ovil3 now existing, and
which have been long accu-r.nlating in the
thickly Battled portions of the city, they will
prevent the perpetuation in newer portions
of the city. After a general discussion of
the provisions of tho sections, as well as of
the importance of a more perfect ventilation
of vaults r._cl other receptacles of tilth, the
Secretary was directed to present the amend
ments to the ordinances to the Board of
Trustees for their concurrence : 1. It shall
be unlawful for any person, from and after
the first day of August, ISS3, to erect any
privy, or excavate any privy, vault or cess
pool, within the following described limits of
the city of Sacramento, to wit: between
Front and Twentieth streets and the north
levee and R street, unless the said vault or
cesspool shall be properly cemented and ren
dered water tight. 2. From and after the
passage of this ordinance it shall be unlawful
for any person or persona to drain or empty
into any hole or excavations in thegrouad the
contents of auy privy, privy-vault or ce*,a
pool, or to permit cuch contents to be cov
ered with earth or other substances :ir,il re
main in the ground, without a written per
mit, from the President of the Board cf
Health or the Health Officer. The provi
sions of this section shall apply to all parts of
the city north ol 11 stress aad west cf
Twentieth street.
Inspection of Obchabds.— On Saturday,
Dr. Chapin, Inspector of Insect Pests, made
an inspection of the orchards lying along the
Sacramento river, in the vicinity cf Free
port and Courila_d. No scale was found, ex
cept in one orchard, r.ed there it has been
nearly overcome by vigorous epplication of
the concentrated lys-wash and other ilf irte.
It was introduced into this orchard with Ire -3
brought from San Jose. A few of the scale
had been f-^und sometime 6iace ia another
orchard, but the trees upon which it made its
appearance was also stuck from San
Jose had all been uprooted and burned as
saon as the scale wan discovered upoa them,
and nono have sine 1 , been found upon
tho promises. The codling moth was
found in all orchard-*, but in one
or two the efforts to ex'ermiaato them
has been so successful that hardly any in
fested fruit c_>nld be S3.en upon the trees.
The remedies used wire banding the trees
and killing iho worms that patber under tbe
bands ; co.l noting the fruit from the ground
which falls from worm effect?, and, together
with picking such as is found upon tbe trees
which show the worms' presence, and feeding
the same to hogs to destroy them. The pear
sing was found in considerable numbers at all
points, but co great dial age wbs scea result- 1
ing from them. They ore quite generally
kept subdued in that section, as the orchard
ist_ have found they can do so by throwing
dry earth or du%t through the tops of the
trees. The fruit yield along tho river is
about the average, and the orchards just now
present lively scenes of fruit pi'jkers.
New G. A. R. Post,— The accmd meeting
of veterans of tho late war took place at the
office of Dr. Pinkham Saturday evening.
There was a larger attendance than at the
previous meeting, the charter receiving sev
eral additional signatures. The membership
at present is h.*i follows: J. IT. Mirsh, Co,
K. 33d Mass.; A. L. Bowsher, Co K. Ist U.
S. Cavalry : K. P. Snyder, U. 8. eunhoat
Penguin; J. N. Moore, Co, _>, 19 ;h Maine;
J. B. Pierpcnt. Co. X, 10 ii Conn : F. Dust
man, Co. H. I9tb 111.; C. XV. Wallace, 00.
A. 931 N. V.; XV. C. Gent, Co, G, ift
Ma _; H. Yuhre, Co. A. 16th U. .-. Inf.;
J. H. Miller, Co. X, 2d Wis.; O. E. Pink
bam, Co. H, Ist Maine ; W. A. Houqhtoo,
Co. K. 17th -*. V.; L. M. Kearney, Co. A,
75th Perm.; M. J. Broith, Co. E, '.'".h Ohio;
W. M. Miller, Co. E, lGth Ohio ; Thomas
Standing, Co. A, 69th Perm.; George Yoga.
sang, Co. A, 12th lowa Vols ; Daniel Mea
gher. Co. O, 6th Core; W. W. Fuller, Co.
B. 134 th N. V; N. _*__, Co. D, 31 N. J.;
C. O. Brown, Co. X, 3i Wis.; E. O. Jordan,
Co. I, 7th Conn ; T. J. Kiernan, 4'h Mass.
Battery ; C. Rheiu, U. S. steamer Saginaw ;
C. Ludwig, Co. C, 12. ii Conn. It art* re-
Bolved to hold the charter open f.T thirty
day*, when it is expected .the i.*--. Post will
have a membership of about oue hundred.
A Fatal Fai._— -Aietsmma MeHna, the
7-year-old daughter of G. W. Lower, who
resides at Nine'osath and D -streets, fell from
a willow tree about 6 r. M. Saturday, a dis
tance of 6<mo I*2 feet, End received injuries
from which he died in about an hour. It
appears tb^t the svring in which she amused
herself needed eo_i e repairs, wLich the un
dertook to make herself. Oao of the limbs
upon which her we'ght rested broke c_ and
s-he was precipitated to the ground head first.
Police Court.— Tha following business
was transacted ia the Polioa Court Saturday :
Charles Fisher, pleaded guilty to tho charge
of com m3ii drunkard, and was e-'.ctenced to
thirty days in tho County Jail. Mrs, _Teth
ercott -rai tried and found guilty of disturb
ing tho peacs, and sentenced to twenty-four
hours' impri-ioument in the City Prison. The
c__> of Lindeey Rudolph, c'larged with hay
ing atabbed a man on X street ou the 31,
had hi? Cis continued until the 9:h.
Auditor 'a Rkpobx. — Receipts for the wee
ending Saturday, July 7th : Wm. I.sufkot
ter, cemetery 'dues, 643; K. D. Scrivar,
water rate- , 0495 75 ; N. A. Kidder, harbor
duec, f2 60; W. A. Henry, Police Court
fines, .32 50 : George A. Putnam, city
license?, 830 83 ; dog licenses, §144 ; total,
§1,0"0 (i.l ; total disbursements for week,
88 921 46 : total amount in city treasury,
5259,329 71.
The Station-house Slate.— The follow
ing 'was en the station-house slate at 12
o'clock last night : F. Blum, _ islemeancr ;
O. C. Jours, disturbing the peace; John
Beatfy, sleeping on the sidewalk ; J. M.
Simmon;", battery ; M. Brock, battery ;
No 11, drunk and disturbing the peace : Ah
Sue. , Ah Sue aud Ah Tang, disturbing ' the
Fell Down Stairs.— Yesterday afternoon
_ man named W. Lyon, who was eomawbat
inebriated, started to go to bis room in the In
ternational Hotel. He had just reached the
top of the stairs, when he fall, and when
picked up at the bottom, was insensible. Hi
was taken to his room and a physician sum
moned, who says ha is not probably seriously
injured. -'■■;'
Hale's summer clearance sale co_.__.ee* to-day.
7JS -5 ■di J percale tt "c per yard ; MM yards red
table mask at 25c per yard; pure linen crash at
to per ywd ; S,_>o yards plaid drees goods at 6c per ,
yard ; 8"" yards gnu strain dress silks st Ssc per
yard. - You will save money by visiting this unusual
saie. '• ■ _ _____ " : -9j*J
Ali. of our summer suits have been greatly re
duced : 63 -.-its for ?5, "'."suite for "12, an ■" so on
through the eg .-rtment. Men's real British half
ose at VM. Men's suit- as low 83 f" £0, at Hale's
j-*-ii_! summer clearance. ' .
_____a_!*E-,'<> (■*!:.?.-
Last week thsre was a shooting scrape on
Bsco_d street*, in which a man was seriously
if net fatally wounded. Although it occurred
in the early part of the evening, and in one
of the most populous portions of the ciiy,
no arreata were made. Oa Friday night
three young men, who live in the neighbor
hood of Twentieth and M sheet?, met in
that locality. They had been imbibing pretty
freely of beer at a neighboring "groggsry,"
and were what ie termed "pretty full."
While they were discussing the price e-f hope
and its probable effect on the price of beer,
two of them got into a quarrel acd -greed to
settle their difficulty according to th 9 rules of
the prizi ring. The third individual, whose
name is Johnnie llyan, sought to separate the
boys, and endeavored to act as a psacemaker.
His t-fforU to separate the combatants wen
fruitless, and so he thought ha would take a
hand ia the fight himself. Stepping back a
few feet he drew his j.i^tol and fired. The
ball took effect ir. the cnin cf Martinez,
better known bp "Jesiia," inflicting an ugly
though not daajercus wound. The firing
of the shot apparently had the de
sired efftct, c.3 tho boys < ediate.'y
stopped fighting and tha wounded Individ
ual waa tiken to a neighboring corner gro
cery, whan the ball was found lodged la his
mouth and extracted therefrom without
much trouble. This shoot! scrape, like the
one first spoken of, ha also bean hushed up,
au.l the officers apparently have no knowl
edge of it whatever. He; a were three viola
tions of the I_t? — carrying concealed weap
ons, discharging firearms within the city lim
its, and an attempt to commit murder. The
city of Sacrami at thia time is overrun
with tramps, boo_lumß nd opium fiends,
who owl about at all h>i:r-i ef the "ay and
night, aud aro t_3 terror of the people who
reside ia tho suburbs and oa the o_ts_irta of
tho city. They carry pistol", knivea and other
murderous weapons, and are insolent and in-
Bulting to women and children. In fact they
have becooio so numerous that it is not safe
for women without escorta to be oa t_est_eets
after night, and not unfrequently those
in company with hu.sb::n."a and brothers
have to run the gauntlet at almost every
street corner. Lately tho Sacramento dudo —
a branch of the hoodlum which, if anything,
is more despicable than the Tar Flat round
ercongregate at the lamp-lit camera of the
principal streets, pose ia theatrical attitudes,
.i:;:„ - snatches of gongs Mich br they heard in
lowdivaa, ' .re at every lady that (.si-is, and
make remarks that brings a blush to tiie
cheek of every high-minded woman who is
compelled to pass the place disgraced by the
presence of the: 0 brainless, little caned,
derby-hatted, tight-pantalooned, without-i
--oent-in-his-pocket, indecent fellowß.
Fire Last Ev_sn~o.—L_rt evening, a few
minutes past 8 o'clock, a fire broke cut in the
stationery store cf 11. C. Megerle, on the
southwest corner of Fourth street and the al
ley between J and X „ reete. J. W. Reaves,
at the Coroner's office, was among the first to
observe the fire, and with others broke into
the store and brought out two armfuls of
books and paper?, but by that time the
flames had compassed the whole inside of
the Btore. The Fire Department were soon
on the groun ', and a stream of water extin
guished the flames in a few. minute.*. Mr.
Megerle lives in the rear of the store, but
himself and family were absent at the time.
The origin of the firo is unknown, but there
are two theories advanced. One is, that a
small lamp left on the rear counter exploded,
and the other tbat a cigar or cigarette stump
was dropped among some papers before the
store was closed. The fire and water com
pletely ruined the stock, consisting of sta
tionery, books, papers and some stnffed
bird". Mr. Metrerle estimates his loss at
§2,500. The furniture in the rear was only
damaged by water. When the front doors
were opened the flames cc.u*ht to the awning
and injured it considerably. The injury to
the building is only the cost of replastering
and the damage to the awning. The build
in-; _ owned by James Bailey, now a resi
dent of New York, and is fully insured.
The insurance on Mr. Meaerle's stock and
fixtures is $1,500 in the Fireman's Fund of
San Francisco. The furniture is insured for
§500— covered by a joint policy in tbe Impe
rial, the London and the Northern of Lon
don and the Queen of Liverpool. The prompt
work of the Fire Department prevented what
wight have been a large conflagration
A. O. U. W.— On Saturday evening last
Union, No. 21, Sacramento, No. 80, sad
Lily of the Valley, No. 11, D. of H. Lodge,
held their first public installation of officers,
on which occasion a large number of mem
bers, their families and friends, responded to
tho invitation, and witnessed the ceremony
of installing the following officers : For Lily
of the Valley, No. 11, D. of 1?. : P. W. S.
of H., Sister S. Kith ; W. S. of H., Sister
H. O. White ; S. of H., Sister G. H. Fran
cis :S. N,, Si tor G. A. Walker ; Secretary,
Sister Annie Ash; Treasurer, Sister J. W.
Guthrie ; I. W., Brother 1). Hurley ; O. W.,
_. Vogelgesang. For Union, No. 21: P.
M. W„ Jos. Judd; M. W ., W. A. Henry ;
Foreman, D. Hickey ; Overseer, J. G. Ma
gann ; Bee-order, J. Bradley ; Financier, H.
J, Norton ; ileceiver, J. G. Davis ; Guide,
J. A. Woods : I. XV., V. Swift : 0. W., A.
Hubert. And for Sacramento. No. 80 : P.
M. V... A. Walters; M. W., D. K. M___ ;
Foreman, D. Hurley : Overseer, -.Schwartz:
Reorder, G. B. Kalzjcsbria ; Financier, M.
E. Beard ; Guide, 8. L. Risd.-n ; 1. XV., T.
Kearnan ;O. W., T. Lurk-. I). 1 ). G. M. 8.
A. Wolfe, assisted by P. G. M. XV. John
Bradley, P. G. M. XV. E. F. Aiken, and
Grand Guide _. J. Gregory, conducted the
installation ceremonies, after which a select
literary and musical en aim-cat intro
duced, ia which W. H. Henry, E. J.
Gregory, Miss M. Grocery, Mis, Davis,
Miss Annie Ash, Misses Henry and Mrs. S.
L. RLjdon touk part, and during its presenta
tion drew forth many enc-'rea and much ap
plause. . Daring a reces. light refreshments
were- served, aud at near midnight ths as
semblage dispersed, we'd pleased with the
evening's entertainment.
Installation AM. BA-WET. — Another
Chinese benevolent institution has been
started in Sacramento, and their new hull
was dedicated on Saturday last. The name
of the Order is Fong Tuck Hong. Invita
tions h_d been sent out to a number of prom
inent citizens to be present at the banquet id
the afternoon. The new hal), which is at 207
I street, has been elegantly fitted up. Henry
Fi:hcr, the well-known caterer, set a table
tin length of the hail, covered with
—1 the good things usually _ rv-tl on such oc
casions. Ty- Shaop, the President of the
institution, presided at the head of the table
wi considerable dignity. Among the guests
present who replied to toasts, and made re
marks suitable to th*- occasion, were General
John 1. Carey, Ciiy Attorney Anderson, C.
T. Jones, G3orge Rider, Major Wallace,
G_*rge W. Kicks, L. C. Chandler and Con.
Sullivan. Th-3 best brands of champagne w?re
served without stint, snd the banquet, which
lifted over two hours, WM very lyable.
The President sara the Fong Tuck coat
mances under very favorable auspices, bavin";
over COO charter members. The Initiation
fee is ?G 50, and each member has to pay a
smill amount each nth 88 dner. Ii case
of sickness the sick brother is entitled to so
much per week. Whan be is out of employ
ment and needs assistance he is properly
cared for. He is entitled to a certain amount
when he gal married, and an additional sum
_t tbo birth tf his first child. When begets
old end decrepit the Society pays bis passage
back t . China, The Secretary of the Order
is Gy Sung, and Charles Sing ia the inter
A Weather Prophet.— Sergeant Bar
wick will not be idle, and when not busy
taking observations or something else, he is
figuring on the weather, p_it, presjnt and
future. A week ago ha found tho following
in a newspaper : "A Watsrtoarn, N. V.,
mac. who has kept an account of the
weather, claims that it invariably repeats
itself, and gives the following as the result of
his observations, viz : - All years ending in 9,
oor 1 are extremely dry ; those ending ia 2,
3, 4, sor 6 are extremely wet : those ending
in 7 or 8 are ordinarily well balanced ; those
ending ia 6 have extremely cold ' winters ;
tho-ia ending in 2 have an early spring ; those
ending in 1 have a late spring ; those ending
in 3or 4 are subject to great flood?." He has
devoted bis spars time sines to demonstrat
ing to bis own satisfaction that the Water
town man's theory is not applicable to past
Sacramento weather. He finds that but 3of
tbe years ending in 9or 1 for the past 39
years Ml below the average, and but 1 of
these cm be called " extremes, dry," Of
the years ending in 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6, __ fell
below the average, while but 4 were "ex
tremely wet." Of the years ending ia 7or 8,
there was but 1 186 S. when 19 5 inches fell
— that was ." ordinarily well balanced,'" the
others being on the extremes. The 3 . years
ending in 6 did not vary but a little over .5°
from the average temper—— re. The mean
temperature of but one spring ending in 2
reached the average. The Watertown man's
theory on ii >:><— is the only one that was
guessed anyy-hare near correctly, and that
was scarcely an average gue?». • -
Cra silk stock has brer, marked particular'}- low.
They mu-r. be sold during this sale, partly .-_ ac
count of the reduction in the duty on them, ami
partly because we are bowid to show you an elegant
line this id!. The prices M -yhlcii they are marked
— Q surprise yoa, bnt our •*_ .ination is to sell.
__.- s___.er clearance sale. • : ..:,>-;;-.:p- .--i.* 'i-
The Board of Education will hold an ad
journed meeticg thia evening.
Tbcmas H. Berkey baa been appointed
Clerk of the Board of Equalization.
Today is the one hundred and twenty
eighth anniversary of Br-ddock's defeat.
George Hemus will lecture this evening at
Ki*ig_ev Chapel on " New Zealand and Its
People." :
The State Prison investigation, before Gov
ernor Sconeraau and Judge Wallace, will be
resumed thia morning at 10 o'clock.
Saturday tt-rncoa Charles Luhra, of Hail,
Luhra & Co., let a cask fall on Ids hands,
which cut elf a portion of one of bis index
The heirs of t';e Billings estate, it is under
stood, are desirous that the same shall be ad
ministered upon by the Public Administrator,
George F. Bronner.
,Mi— M. Devinf-, who resides at the south
west corner of Sixth and N streets, accident
ally fell Friday night and broke her left arm
between the shoulder and elbow.
The Knigh'.a of Labor will hold » mass
meeting to-_i ht at the corner of Fourth and
X streets. P. S. Homey will address the
ting on "Man and Monopoly— Toil and
lira. Washington Fern, who lives on the
Riverside road, ..ia thrown from a buggy at
the corner of Third and R streets, Saturday
afternoon, and sustained a severe fracture of
the right wrist.
There have been many improve— ia
Gait recently, but the town ia not satisfied,
and now wants a bank with a cash capital of
$250,000, a flouring* mill, some new roads
and bridges, snd all tbe old ones repaired.
The fii3t volume cf the evidence taken in
the Troai murder examination h.-.s bean
bouad and delivered to the County Clerk. It
contains 250 pages. When completed it will
consist of four volumes, and will cost the
county about SCOO.
At the meeting of tha California Temper
ance and Benevolent Society last evening an
address waa delivered by Mr. Parker, a piano
solo waa rendered by Miss Gray, a duet by
the Misses McDonald, a bone eo'o by Pro
fessor Crackbon, and a recitation by Miss
Big— • -'■:■-
At the regular meeficg of the Irish Na
tional League, the following delegates were
elected to represent Sacramento in the State
Convention, wbioh assembles at San Fran
cisco next Thursday, July 12th : Captain J.
P. D_ltoi>, M. McEea_a, B. Looey and P.
S. llorney. "*;'
District Deputy T. A. Baker his installed
the officers of Columbia Lodge, No. 42, K. of
P., as follows : W. J. Hawkins, C. C; A.
B. Smith, V. (J.; Charlea Blum, Prelate; J.
W. Guthrie, K. of R. S ; Franklin Brown,
M. of EL; .Tames A. Harney, M. of F.; Ga_.
S. Olive, I. G.; J. Cole, O. G.
The railroad company is putting in a spur
track from Tamarack to Yuba bottom. The
track will be three miles long, and will tap
one of the moat valuable and extensive lum
bering sections in the Sierras. Tamarack is
twelve miles this side of the summit. James
C. Pieraon, civil engineer, has charge of the
The work on the new Exposition building
is progressing rapidly, aud by to-morrow noon
the east wing will be aa far advanced :<h the
north wing was before it fell. There ia no
danger of this one falling, for a workman
will not even pick up hia hammer without
looking to see whether it is not supporting
Since last report steamers have arrived as
follows : San Joaquin No. 2, from San
Francisco, with general merchandise and
bar?e of freight for upper Sacramento, and
barge of lumber to Sacramento Lumber
Company and Friend & Terry Lumber Com
pany ; Governor Dana, from upper Sacra
mento, with barge of graie. Departed —
Varuna, for upper Sacramento, with barge of
freight ; Nopcueet, for upper Sacramento,
with general merchandise ; San Joaquin No.
2, for San Francisco, with barge of grain and
barge of wood for Freeport.
Officers wera installed Saturday evening in
Sacramento Lodge, No. 2, 1. 0. 0. F., by the
D. D. G. M., Elwco" Brenner, 63 follows :
Richard Brown, Noble Grand ; D. A. Leitch,
Vies Grand ; John Domingos, R. S. ; James
McC'eerv. P. S. : W. S. Hunt, T. ;J. 8. Hem
—way. Warden ; N. XV. Bobbins, Conductor;
John Piatt, Outside Guard; J. D. Jost, In
side Guard ; M. J. Smith, E. S. S.; J. W.
Witt, L. S. S.; T. C. Jones, it. S. to N. G.;
G. H. Jost. L. S. to N. _.; J. L. HuntooD,
R. S. to V. G.; F. W. Wat-ins, L. S. to V.
G.; H. F. Dillman, Trustee.
Will B-S-NTBHCKD Wednesday. — Joseph
Hnrtado and Simon Eaten, the condemned
murderers, wiil be sentenced by Judge Arm
strong, in Department One of the Superior
Court, at 1:30 P. jr. on Wednesday net*.
They were to nave been senteccsd to-day, but
a postponement was bad to accommodate the
District Attorney, who has to be in San
Francisco to-day and to-morrow to look after
the rai'.roid tax suit - . Henry Edgerton has
been retained by Hortado,
To Sasta Cbuz.— The South Pacific Coast
Railroad runs eighty miles from San Fran
cisco through Sin Jose, the Santa Clara val
ley, over the Santa Cruz mountains, and
through the Big Tree grove to Santa Cruz.
Too rates and other particulars are given
Jury Cases. — The cases set for jury trial in
the Superior Court on the 10th and 11th Lave
all either been settled or continued for the
term. Jurors need not put in an appearand,
at the Court- house until Thursday, the 12 !«.
at 10 a. m.
Business Chance. — W. A. Stephenson has
succeeded George D. Allmont-, 800 J street,
in tbe rewind machine and general stationery
and fancy goods business. Mr. Stephenson
is late of £. C. Pardons & Co. .
— — — — — —
Omaha, July 7th.— Left here to-day, to arrive -in
Sacramento July 10th : Mary J. Chapman, Dayton,
0.; Mrs. E. D. Barber and two children, Sacra
mento; James Dunning and wife, Baniror, Me.;
John A. Havens, New York ; T. W. Whittle. Phila
delphia, Pa.; 11. B. Nye, Marietta, O.; K. M Gar
netr, San Francisco; Henry Howard, of British
Legation, Washington ; Oscar W. bockett, Buffalo ;
Mrs James E. Gerrish, Portland, Me.; Alfred B.
Li-'dtii, Baltimore ; Jerome H. ll wood, Detroit ;
W. B. Elmore, Madison, Wis.
Omaha, July Sth. — Left here to-day, to arrive in
S—rameuto July 11th : D. O. Mills, and family,
iii Francisco ; F. W. Gilbert and famiy, Portland, >
Or.; William Kent, San Rafael; William L lhacher,
New Haven, Conn.; Mrs. M. A. Hull, San Francisco;
Miss Florence Hall, Montreal ; 0. P. Ayers and
wife, o— __e, Iowa ; Henry Johnson, E. H.
Brooke, U. S. A ; Patrick Noble; San Francisco;
Mrs. Noble, South Carolina ; _iss Nettie McCarty,
Miss Anna Rica, Lopir.siiort, lv.-].; G. L Selbri
Oakland ; J. F. Skelly, W. S. Barnes, Dr. Balm,
Mr?. It. B. Earls, Miss A. M. Butter-eld, San Fran
cisco ; Ernesto Maze ar, New York ; 11. H. Brown,
El Long-street, Chicago. Au^uttiii Daly's " Seven-
Twentr -Eight " troupe left Omaha to-day for Den
ver to play four nijrliis, after which they proceed to
San Francisco.
Kew_Al_, July Passed here to-day, to ar
rive in San Francisco to-morrow: Ada Williams,
Mrs. K. M. Gray, Miss Nellie Holmes, Geo. Haber,
J. Atkins, Miss James, A. D. Goldberg, Mrs. A. A.
Porter, San Francisco; C. W. Loirs, Mr-*. H. C.
Wci-H r, Los Angeles ; Mrs. Etta Squire?, 11.
Muheldorll and two children, J. W. Davis, H. H.
Davis, San Francisco; J. Percivlll, C. Lasher, C. W.
Nixon, Sacramento; M. C. ltawike, W. C. Muller,
San Francisco.
Cai-.lis, July Bth.— Passed Carlln today, to ar
rive in Sacramento to-morrow : ,_ W. Hornick
and wife. Portland, Or." Captain F. I_ Ward, Ene
land; James Darlow, Chicago; Governor J. W.
Adams, Wyoming; Mrs. C. Thayer and daughter,
Siratoga Spring?, N. V; S. Trull and wife, San
Francisco; Air. and Mr?. E. De V. Corcoran, Bed
ford, En;.; T. M. Irish, Dubuque, I_; Mr_ Aides
Fletcher, lowa City, la.; David B. Bead, New York
city; J. E. Condit, San Francisco; Mrs. A. W. Pit
man, Philadelphia; Mrs. E. A. Moore, Washington,
I' C: Carroll Cook, Oakland; N. M. Allen and wife,
Salt Like : M. J. Had a, Louisville, Ky.; Mis.
Elisha Cook, Hiss Lconide Cook, Muster V. Cook,
San Franci»co; Miss Clara A. Mitchell. Illinois ; A.
R. Bi— roach and wile, Free port, 111; J. F. Har
word, Maine; William Hon* Co"k, San Francisco;
Thomas Samuels and wile, Stockton, Has ; Thomas
Hinkley, Cincinnati: Jennie Samuels, Harry
j Samuels, Stockton, Kas.; Mary K-cuUo n. New
York ; Lutie Samuels, Anna Samuel. Etta Samuels,
Stockton, Kas.; Mr-.. Goldsteiu, San Francisco;
Miss Stacy, Germany ; Henry Stacey, Philadelphia;
Mr. Bleich, Colorado ; James Gordon, O.; J. J.
F_.t, Helena, Mont.; J. H. Campbell and lady,
Kansas ; Homer Bishop, San Francisco ; Mrs. H. W.
Carder. East Schuyler, N. '■'.; Mrs. W. W. Vandvck,
I'tiea, N. V.; A. Payne, Cherry Creek, W. T.; Mary
Powers, Pittsburg ; Miss Dita Bradley, Mrs. J. H.
Randell, Nevada, and the following Kiifcrhta Temp
lar and thtir families : Mrs. L. E. Lyon, Mies
Fannie Lyon, Chicago. Seventy-seven emigrant
passengers, Including fifty males, to arrive i:i Sacra- I
mrnti July UK—
f a a — — ___—
" I'M happy to say Dr. _-_.?__ Skin Curs
his cured my eczama of the scalp of four
years' standing."— John A. Andrew?, attor
ney-at-law, Ashton, 111. 81, -at druggists.
Indorsed by physicians.
Half. Bros _ Co. have spent one week in prepara
tion for their summer clearance sale, and this mom
ing everything is in readiness. We are bound to close
out all summer goods, We are bound to be ready
for our fall stovk, consequently wo have made re
markable reductions throughout the fa -use. *
Five H uxors, pairs ladies' kid sandals and opera
slippers at 73c ; It*, pairs men's buckle Alexis shoes,
sizes sto 10, for $1 it per pair. Kb department
1 escapes at Hale's summer clearance sale, now in
progress. ... ■

Foe Picxic .tamo Chniliii *s unrivaled Club-
Ho_. Punch. For --.i.t- by •!, bottle or case. G.
W. Obealey, 61 Front street, »_ afaak ■ '*''• i
To- r. -vis tbe cemmenarsect «/ Btf*- summer !
clearance sale. *
Mrs. George _ Terki na is at Monterey.
Mrs. F. i. Ebner left Saturday for Monterey.
Miss Cora State-, of Gait, is visiting friends in
■Miss Georgia Ray, of Gait, returned from Bodie
last week.
Wm. Beckman and wife came up from Sin Fran
cisco last night. .
Robert Mcliillic — and family returned Saturday
from Lake Tahoe.
Miss Gertie Jones is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Eli
Dennison, in Oakland.
C. W. Nixon, of this city, will arrive by the over
land train this morning. -
Stewart Close left Napa I- -**- week to enteyi
medical college in New York.
Mrs. C. Eilinger, of Chico is in the city, the guest
of her sister, Mrs. W. W. Wade.
Mrs. Charles A. Doraey has returned from a few
weeks' sojourn in the mountains.
Mrs. A. J. Starr, sister of Mr?. J. H. Carroll, will
leave Cor her home in the East to-day.
' 1). 0. Cook and C. K. Daugherty returned Satur
day from a two week- trip to the IToaemite.
* G. W. Johnson has returned from a year's visit to
old Mormon headquarters, Nauvoo, Illinois.
Isaac Requa passed through the city yesterday,
en ronts from Virginia Ciiy to San Francisco. ■
Mi— Übbie Fowler, cf Gait, is visiting Sacra
mento, and this week will leave lor Santa Cruz.
Mi— Jennie Liu.llev has gone to the coast, and
will visit San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Monterey.
■ Chas. Jackins, of San Jose, and Mr*. Henry Mo*
Gown, of shingle Spring?, are at the Eldred House.
Saturday evening Mrs. J. II Carroll and Misses
Flora, Minnie and Lelia C.vroll returned from Del
Ed. Kataenat— n has returned from a three weeks'
trip to the mountains, .cry much improved in
health. k-.-': :
The Misses Scott, of lone City, who have been
visit—a; Wends in this city fir a week, returned
home yesterday.
Mr. and Mis. A. J. Stevens and J. It. Watson have
returned from Chicago. B. a Welch and family, who
accompanied them East, have not yet returned.
Mr. and Mrs. V. V. Jackson will leave to-morrow
lor ilia m omtaii s, to spend the summer. Mr. Jack-
Son will spend the time in sketching nd painting.
Misses Hattie an' Kate Bay, of Chico, are visiting
friends In Oakland, where they formerly resided,
and are ... v. stoppl. g .it tie residence of Mi— Kate
White, 9— Myrtle etreet.
Judge Field, accompanied by Mrs. Field, and Mrs.
Alfred Poett, will leave on the next steamer for
Japan; they will only inakc a short stay, probably
returning on the same steamer.
Miss Emma. Winters came up from San Francisco
last evening. She was met a*, I _ depot by her
father and a large number of friends. Accompanied
by her father she left on the east-bound train for
New York.
Miss Fannie B. Ewing, accompanied by Miss B.
Burke, cf San Praneisco, is spsu-Jing her vacation
at the residence of her father, _. S. Ewing, in Stit
t.'r county. They will resume their studies at St.
Catharine's Academy, Benicia, about the Ist of
L. Elkus, who was 56 years of age yesterday, was
surprised last evening by about sixty couple of his
friends at hi* residence, at SO " G street. The guests
took charge of the premises for the evening, and
inaugurated so much fun that Mr. Elkus began to
think be was a boy again, and danced around with
the young folks like a young man of 20,
Arrivals at the Go'den Estrie Betel : Mrs. B.
Vance, Yolo county: Charles Hifka, John L. Laird,
Philadelphia ; Win. H. Jones, Grand Kapids, Mich.;
Joe Kinney, Folsom ; C. F. Jones, Shasta county ;
John W. Scott, St. Louis ; H. A. Hoys, Ban:,. . Can
ada; Mrs. George L. Miller, aha; Wm. B. Beck
man, Sacramento ; 11. 11. TuUle, C. J. Jones. E. 11.
Miller. Jr., H. Kohlcr. James K. Lyon, A. 11. __•
km, San Francisco.
Ths local papers of N'orwalk, Ohio, the former
leside'nceof Rev. H. B. Rice, of this city, and
where he was for many years pastor of the largest
church in the place, contain extended accounts of
the very warm public reception recently given him
self and wife, during their visit there. The recep
tion was joined in not only by Mr. Race's former
congregation but by the people of the city gener
ally, and a prolonged occasion was enjoyed of speech
making **_*] feasting.
rajH»B s on
i^^KS'l__S?_lS __s__s_s___l__-S
Ufaf-MAN o__S¥i_L_ll
CURES,. _'.*..
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciatica,
Lumbago, Backache, Headache. Toothache,
riuins. M-nlils. Frost ltites,
I eld bj Druggists nn.l Dealers evcrrwb^rt. Fifty C_U a LclUa
r— cetlou la 11 l.aogu.|r?s.
IBooCTMors Iv A. VOU£l_ai_l.) ■__■_»,__,__ A.
i im.iii ■.. ——ill i. ■ ■i. i. ■■ i ■ —__*i ■.— — -rrn— r
Plymouth, July I—Thomas1 — Thomas V. Norman to Fannie
Chico, July -Thomas Finiressy to Mollie MeSße.
Plactrviile, June 30— H. D. Nightingale to Myra
PlaoervQle, June SO— Heinricli Bohling to Christine
Plieervilie-L. M. '."avis, Jr., to E. M. F.iles.
Ifaynard's ranch. El Dorado county, May 29— John
A. Allison to Mary Eva Chapman.
mamaamwmammmWa jww— — — — maaaa^mmmmwmwmmwM.
Oilr ly, July 5— Wife of S. A. Salisbury (formerly of
Pleasant Crnve), a daughter.
Columbia, July 3 - Wife ;of John C. Parson.9, »
daughter. . *
r Colu*nbia. July .■—W ife oi Henry Kruse, twins—
' son and daughter.
Red Bluff, July 6— Wi'e of Adolpb Ilausc-r, a daugh-
Nevada City, July s— Wife of James Moore, a daugh-
ter. •
Colusa, July 20— Wife of Dr. W. H. Belton, a daugh.
Near Colusa, July U— Wife of J. K. Totman, a
Piae-r.ille, July 3— Wife of G H. Miller, a daughter.
Near Sutter Creek, Jure 23— Wife of James Hlkins,
a daughter.
«I—.«—_»«»—WM—M— ********
Sacramento, July 7--Artneir.c Amelia, third daugh-
ter of George ami Amy Lower, a native of San
Frapcisco, 7 years, 2 months and 0 days. (San
Francisco papers plea% copy.) . .
[Friends and acquaintances are respectfully Invited
to attend the funeral, which will take place from
residence of parenls, Sixteenth aud V streets, this
afternoon at 2:3o o'clock.) .'-,." *
Near Amador City, Juno iIG-Mary Hornberger, 62
years, 11 months and 2 days.
Mokelumne Hill, July 4— William Low, 63 years, 1
month and 26 days.
-Tear Sun Andreas, July 3— Matthias Caspar, 3 years
a*id » months.
Capay, July 5— ; i..-t!in Brown, I year and 8 months.
Auburn, July 4— Uodrick Ball, 70 years.
Colusa, July 3— Jonas Sped, 66 years.
- BY " \.'~~.
No. 1015 "fourth street, between J and X,
Sacramento : - -'. V
TTe have subdivided a tract or land, three
miles southeast of the city, into tracts of 20 acres
and more, and offer it from "CO to 835 per acre.
Part cf this Is plar,t-d to Grapevines and Fruit
Trees; the land is of a superior quality of a re-
land, being from four to six feet deep. Terms of
payment: One-third cash; deferred payments
lua-ic- satisfactory.
■—-ALSO - :--■ '-•'' : ,t „;J
290 Acre* of Fine liottoci _-..<', with -uort
Ijwellinir and Barnjjenting on a Lease for $6
cash rent per acre. Price, J6O per acre.
— — ALSO—
l!i3 Acres Year Orovllle. with One-quarter
of crop of Wheat and Barley, that will yield 13
bushels to acre. Price, 84,000.
654 Acre* Sine ")« riling, large Bnrn.
Outbuilding-, etc. ; fenced in several fields ; ail
veiy fine lan-; ; pro jure from 40 to 50 Bushels of
Grain ; 200 acres in Alfalfa. Price, $60 per acre ;
three miles from Biggs' Station. ' -
— also— -
F«r «"J,OOO - Acres ' la Capay Tollej,
i.l county. Good Grain Land or Fruit Land;
Cache Creek running through it.
— ALSO '-."]'y.< '■'.-,
For -SlS.©"!© -1,414 Acre* : -rain, Circling
and Timber Land ; partly fenced ; some fine bot-
tom land on Sacramento river, 7j. miles from Bed-
ding, Shasta county. -.;"-'-
--■ —.ALSO ' ■-.'-'•--
-480 Acre*. - lib Dwelling anil Ram; Fine
Grain Land, nine miles from Sacramento. Price,
$9,000. . ALSO—
For S'".oO--~0 Acre*, with Title; 160
Acres, Possessory Title ; nine miles from Auburn,
in El IKirado county. Good Dwelling and Barn,
Fruit Trees, Grapevines, Berries, etc Well Um-
bered and watered.
— ALSO —
For ftl.WO— 80 Acre*. with Xew I* - el Hoc,
and Barn ; 6,000 Grapevines, 2,000 Fruit Trees ;
; Four Acres in Alfalfa ; Horse, Caw, Hogs, Wagon,
and all Farming Tools ; three miles from Penryn,
Placer county. " .'. V„
. — ALSO— -
-20 Acre*— Dvvelllcß and Bnrn ; 800 Fruit
Trees, 1,500 Blackberry, 1,000 Kaspbc-rry and 1,000
Grapevines. . Price, #2,500. '.
403 . Acre*— One mile ' from ■ Plymouth ;
-good Building ; 49 acres in Clover, can be in-
creased to 60 ; 16 heal — Cows and Heifers ; 6
Horses, 3 Vi n-ron?, 1 * _ Hogs, all Farming Tools,
' with a paying" _—k Route in torn of irli moat-
Price, J10.000.* I.*:-:,-'
■..,.;, ALSO — —
399 . Acre*— One mile from latrobe % ■ all
fenced, Price, 10 per acr.'. . *
__I-E2 i- A£sliVßset__ie_to.l;
»*****_* * i~~i _"* * ■"* t*» v "» »**_***-* *_"_"''_ +.~~ v "i _
»»»»«>>_tt«-»tt-t*.»»t*ti* t ttt«'i»»*»i»>>>' l »'it'ii »
•H* --»
' H Weinstock & Lubin. H
' * * * * "*" * 5" *" *' * £ * ************************* *"_" +'* *~
. _» .*._» * r ♦ JgL-LJ „* „*_* *.» * .*. * ,t *„*►_*_» * * »_„^.*!____^-L_-_*-»L. *-*-__ .».____■■_»■_■■____•» *
MONDAY, JULY 9, 1883.
Te_p__atde_ Yestkedat .- '_9. .9 . , . V'lill
Braddock a defe_t, 1700.
Highest, 85.5 9
Lowest, 59. U \I; - "
dun Rlsea, 4:46 _. m.
-EMPERATCB": COE__"PO-Dl_c Day, Vio'2 : San Seta, -- - 7:24 p. _.
Moon Rises, 10:20 A. m
Highest, , .' 90 Moon Sooths, 4:14 p. M
Lowest, 07 Doy-Le-Kt-, 141j_38__'
3 Dressmaking 1
Those who are planning toilets for Summer
resorts will likely find it of advantage to inspect our
facilities for doing fine, tasteful work. We are
employing most skilled and competent labor, and it is
our determination to give full and complete satis-
faction with each order intrusted to our care. We
make up any materials brought us, whether purchased
in our stores or not.
Men's and Boys' Hats
Linen Duck Hats, with round crowns.
Men's Mixed-braid Hats, with round crowns and
broad brims, $i 25.
Straw Hats for Children and Boys, 5 cents.
Low, Square Crown, Straight Brim Mackinaw Hats
for Young Men, $1 50.
Boys' Webster Braid Hats, with either straight or
curled brims, $1 25.
Stiff Hats for Men and Boys, in the latest styles and
Dunlap's Stiff Hats for Men. Also, Knox's Sill-
Fop Traveling,
Packing Trunks,
Dressing Trunks,
Saratoga Trunks,
Zinc Trunks,
9 Canvas Trunks,
Monitor Trunks,
Leather Trunks.
Canvas Valises,
Morocco Valises,
Sheepskin Valises,
Bellows Valises,
Sole-Leather Valises,
Orange-colored Valises.
mm. w- a S"_ ' • *_* ' " ' t
Tourists' Bags,
Conductors '. Satchels,
Shawl and Trunk Straps.
■■. '.'.;9-9':' ' '
- • -
Men's Fancy Shirts I
Fancy Colored Cheviot Shirts, with separate collars
and cuffs, $1. Finer Grades, $1 40 and $1 65.
Calico Shirts, with separate collars and cuffs, 75
Neat patterns in Percale Shirts, $1 25.
Best Percale Shirts, $1 40 to $1 90.
Nos, 400, 402, 404, 406, 408 X STREET,
Sacramento, Cal.
- fiSJ_________*_F-H^T_>w-^*__fey^
— ___? —
No, 615 J strse-.
_____RP_P_._ *»W-«^™-«««" .BILLHEADS
Ladies 9 JSTote.
__■— imiim_ii mam ■■! I— ■! IM—^M— — a— — —— — — a— i^— — — — —
Sole Acc_'», Xos.- 1018 anil 1018 Second street, Sacramento (Orleans Building).
g~~"'. a*. . ~__»7" _HC x_ i_r _3S" _a .
4__l WATC__A_U__ ASD -__*__£_, Sf« _ -•_., .--<'. f_---.fi •„ -3 T!KKfi 4__fe
SAT Dealer In "V*ATC__3, JEWE—t'f AND ____O:*"DS. Repairing lo _1 !- err.-*.. -»**pe_,!'y
_*d»r_R. sLOBERG. Ai-entfi.r Rockford Watch Co. ll— removed to 423 J St., April lOtb aulS-Bp__
"^" "^roiirar" _B_o-_Era 3tT ..,,.
I I I Importer, _ __■__— isr, Who!**- c aad _ct_.l _«__■ la tv«*_ de_3*l__>_ c" " -- 1
FXJ_BISriTTJ_£-_S an c -:-I>"_o l._STO
Karl. 6*5, COS »_•! di" — street, bet. Sixth c__ fecTCEt-. Sscrsaic-oti*. ■_'■_•■„ .
_—^^——a^^—?——^^— —»———" ■ ___—_-._.■ i_i i ii i ___»
J. €!. DAVIS; No. 411 Ii street; >aC-ttmeDto,
and CARPKTS —itf-ii PAtlcritH of ILvirmn and Oil flat---. Also, a UirseftL
AiMortment of Cnrtalns, Shades, t'«rnlccj«, etc. F|»*j
SOT 1 would request the public to call and Diamine nq lartro mock of goods brtur. p_*„i*-_r.g- .'.*.*• " * «
whore, ag they will find It to their aovan'.age.
four. try Orders Solicited, ar.rt SaHslactlott «_arann-e-. je 1 *
Manufacturers of Barbed Fence Wire, Baling Wire,
XOS. 307 AXl> 309 J STREET [je2C3m]... *A< "-A ._ «'■.*< TO*
«__ —Ik - l_J_3i."_ I_"__■__!£_1 _ " __■__!£_ I ■_»••* _•*•« bet. FUth and -"ixth.KacraD.cnto. alO -3p
. T.-._i_ m — ■■■■■■gMTTiiiTir-^^ - -' — " —— ~ -~ - .""*^*T^*~"~r~~****TTt!***~*~~~~~
Mason's and Gem Fruit Jars
• J3E_3_»_C_"_Z" C3._-__-iL_S__-_-_S 3
50 cents, 65 cents, 75 cents, 85 cents, 90 cents, $1 and $1 10 per doz.
Crockery, Blass and Hated-fare, Oatlery,
■■ ■ _ _IM__-Il I- II ■■■!■ ■■ llW_lW_il ■I ■■ I ——-—■■— ■'■"**"— I— — — — ■ ■ — »«— -BO K— g— — — I I- _» M - -~l ■■ IMIIHU— WB--I
HDDs.-- nUOt--:
A. roll Stock Just _ece!«-_l.
220 to 220 _. slr-ct, acraaii-Mto,
— AXD —
modiou3 promises, removed to tho store ■ ; .. .
Formerly known as the BLUE HOUSE, where mer-
chant tailoring will be carried on strictly first-class.
He has secured the services of J. . M. CADY as cut-
ter, who is second to none, and a first class fit will ;
always bo certain. j
THE STOCK I ' 0.-E OF THE I.AR«l'sr }
OHIO-: from. ;•
At the request of many patroap, lie has added, of
his own manufacture, a f _ 1 line el
Which he will fit and press for his customers with-
out extra charge. A full and complete assortment of
cuii-naES*-- A.O HOT-' clotbix-r AKD
Of the LATEST STYLES known totb_ti d will
always be kept in stock and sold at tho LOWEST
prices. --/* v -;'' ..■;.';-.::
Corner of Eighth ami .1 st . , Sacramento.
je'_i '.■-.m
flags !*^^. flags i
RE". 1 . FRIX'-E- _ACE«, BATOr.fl,
F-EKTU OF ___- _<':»»•'.
j022-islm ■._iAJ»>- &i 00
attentio:. to his Itr-ro stock of _«w^.X*ii>*3
The only Piano having the Patent Metallic Action
not affected by atmospheric change. It stands-, .
the b„— of all makes.
■"Var-M-iMi*— ;. 810 J Street, S«cra»_->ino. '
•-.-. -.-■ . . ■ m5-3pl_.
Union Brewery,
— -coasea oor"9r — r"9 '\ ;
Twentieth aad 0 sts., Sacramento.
large addition to my new Brewery, (&■_■
and added the lato-t imp'oved macbliitry,*i_r/A
I am now prepared to supply tbe tridj with the
Country Order* Promptly Al(e__e) to.
Liberal disc, net to the trade. Beer delivered to
any part of the city free of charge.
JACOB Q- -ER.T, P- oprlctor.
- :.-■. ])6-3ptf '.:-■
jl\ Jewelry made to order. Old Goldjworked over.
Repairing » special ty. . - jv- it
/ Tbe coolest and best dxub ia tb9 city ; and
great reduction in price. Call ar- ' fee that you too
rent a nice euitc of rooms for ?! _ wock ; single
roocia, $1 25 a week. Eeferencef lequircd. - Street
cars from the-Depct pa_ -.tbejldoor every five aim |
ute_ '.:■ '.■ -V" '- "--•-- ' J«W-U :
FO !£& __S-_f-.3_.__5,
£720— Lot *-. ° and P. Twentieth end Twenty,
first, 30x160.
SSOO— '", ° - d Y. Nineteenth and Twen.
" " tie:'., SOxITO.
S7OO-"*"t~. O and P, Nineteenth an l Tv.in-
tieth, 80x100.
SSOO-Eo* C, 0 and I*, Ninteentb a**-'. Twen-
" " tilth, 80x160.
SSOO— Lot 7, O and P, ___teect"i end Twen-
tieth, 80-IML
£500— South three-quarters of lot 8, O and ?,
Nineteenth and Twentieth, SO* 120
51 OOO— Southeast corner Sixth aixP; 50x100.
£SCO— South siib P street, between Sixthaad
Seventh, 10x160.
$4 Southwest corner rcur-_. .th and H ',
" lot, 80x160 ; dwtUinc, lor 9 ma,
£3 O-O-No't 11 s'kle P gtroet, Iliud and -.- ourth ;
two-story house, 10 rooms ; lot, 4Cxl'_>.
52 500—1 street, '■•''' side, FoateeUth aad . if-
tcei-th; 7 rooms; lot, tOxlliO.
SI 3 0 O— K street, Sevent»ciub and Eighteenth ;
' bono Grooms; lot _).__>.
SI 450— E street, between Thirt-.-iith and Four-
** ' "* teen! ; house 6 rooms ; lot, 10x78.
And many others from $9XI to ,r.t.09.
Money to loan, Rants collected;
A. Leonard & Son
No. Hi"'* t-«_r»_ MX - «.•«-■„__•_!<»
. fel.-'p'— ;
_.__.__._!_:__ _.- 8,
— -ova —
Growing Crops
Sow In the fitlu, with
W. P. mmm.
So. ft"!" .» Strum • __£______*
Science of Oarpentry
for on YEAR,
Sent to any address upon receipt of £Q. J.iliUl
813 „MH_~IM| Strrr-t, *•'__ -»-ri-.Tirl*r<i.
His Lime Co.,
H. T. Sl ■>!.? »- _—__••_
|_ and Het_l Dealers in Alabeetee and Santa Cruz
Lime, Cement, Piaster, Marble Dtwt, Chimney ard
Sewer ripe, an i Ger.end Buiidin*; Mat* rial.
LIME furnished in carload lo'_ to outside trade*
Orders are respectfully eoliuted.
513 AWt>slsl ST.-, i O3al_3NTO.
. .■-■■-. jan-apt t ...'
~ S. J. M-RTL- J. B. MART 1.1.
MARTI*! & CO.,
(Su— esscrs to Julius Strut;),
3_TC->. <3bs o J* o _.3__i_!__i
luipertcra and Wholoeale Dealers in
Finest Brandies, Win 33 & Liquors.
jeCOlatf .
Simond'a Isabob Bcnrbon Whisky.
nees, debility, ir di^cetlon, fever, wtair.es",
dyspepsia, chills, etc. las been told in all tbe East-
ern States and (riven nniversal satisfaction, it Is
highly ..•cc-tunsndod by tba Facn'ty for al! el»wei- ol
: fever and as^ie, nervousness, weiJii.ctn, debility,
1 dvipejtti--. Indigestion, etc. . It Is BOD introduced to
the public of tlic Pacific fclope, indorsed by *he cer-
tificate of the eminent Dr. B. Din* Haves, the State
Assayer _ Vr.*>B-.cru«:_, and Dt. U. U. Louderback
of St. Louis, He., both gentlemen prominent In :
-,i ...r profession, and which i. a (OUt-tee to ail
buyers ol ha purity and quality. I can __nr thou-
sands of letters from per*.:.', from a!' parts cf the
Union and Canada, to testify to it» m.rite the
b-i-eSt it has __>rded as a family re Red* and tonic
Kapt by all Leading Dnu.'i.-i„i and Orof_re. •_ CpSm
TH ~- ILf^ T*s 0 |j /*^ F ? c -"-
-! Bsa_i_9 ¥\ MXJ v3lFfaii-9
I Private < arret-, Shield . Prtsoltrc Qii-llte,
In quarts or pints, fro._ Kru* _ Co., Itul__.
Sold by nil • ••'«- '. »»-*—- and _sS£
tV Look to the '.or'-., when out cf :'.■ bottle, for
"KROU- CO." branded thereon, and for -ocr-
foratcd letter " X " on the labels. .;":/-
rS" Dew-re of California rt_l«»»«lo__i*l«
ii~;i.;.~7.ir- V BB»». A CO., •**•■•" -Ufe_t«,
625 FRONT -TEE- J S. -. J«ll-3p_n

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