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m.-t't-: '• _tr Post Office at Sacramento as s«csnd class matter
_T«liT| i alien Office, Third st., bet. J and K.
• — . • am .. ■■
. a published every day of the week, Sundays ex
ea :■:■■- 1 Double-sheet on Saturdays.
jfer czis year.— —„_—■...■...— ..._~....".~. Ok
for »ii -.onths..... ._........__...........— ......... S 5»
For three months. »._ .... _.......„_..._. 2 ft '
Mbtcribea served by Carriers at Fitties
taril tier week. ■ In all interior cities and town*
c papei can be had of the principal Periodical
mlrrz. Newsmen and agents.
a th> cheapest and most desirable Home, New* .
a. : i library Journal published on the Pacic.'
rtrmt. One Tear.-. _......_,..- —....92 '_•
Kackamesto. March 20th.
FRDIT-Lemons, Sicily, S»'[email protected] so?* case: Limes,
<5I 75: Bananas, 82 '[email protected],'S 50 ? bunch: Pineap
ples. [email protected]>B Hi dozen: Coeoanuts, [email protected] # 100; Ap
ples. Sl l : x,fl2fo # box; Los Angeles Oranges,
Sl [email protected] ii; Riverside do, «2<g-2 _£>; Navel do, Jlfel
450 ' ■ - '
PIE FP.DITS— 2%-ft cans, $ do?,
81 50; assorted, gallon cans, Si; Peaches, __%
&> cans, il 75; Portland Blueberries, 2-8) cans,
12; Whortleberries, 81 75; Capital Asparagus,
82 25 y dozen cans.
DRIED FRUITS— sliced, 3%@lc ¥ fi>;
do quartered, S)i(£4c; Pears, peeled, [email protected]; do
unpeeled, [email protected]; Plums, pitted, [email protected]; Peaches,
lxV/itaxiix., (Jo peeled, lS»@2oc; Prunes, German
and - French,- [email protected]; Blackberries, [email protected];
Figs, California, [email protected] %> Ho.
TABLE FRUlTS— Assorted, 2}<-Jb cans, ft dor,
82 [email protected]; Peaches, 82 SO; Bartlett Pears, 82 10;
Plums, 0 [email protected]; Blackberries, 82 15; Gooseber
ries, 51 90; Strawberries, 82 75; Apricots, 82 15;
Muscat irapes, 82; Red Currants, 82 40; Cherries,
82 [email protected]> 75. .
VEGETABLES— [email protected] 50; Salt
lAke Potatoes. Sl 25; Earl y . Rose do, [email protected];
5 ctl: Celery, tiOc Vi dozen: Onions. 82 50®
3; Cabbage, [email protected]; Carrots, [email protected] 9 WO;
Turnips, 75c; bunch vegetables, V2y.c '$ doz:
Parsnips, lc: Beets, 75c: Horse Radish, [email protected] 't*
lb; Garde, [email protected]; Asparagus, I' IJ.,c.
BBJBA : F10ur,84 35 barrel; Oatmeal,
Sl fi hid lbs; Commeal, yellow. [email protected] 25;
while. S2ffl2 25 ; Cracked Wheat. S2 [email protected] 40.
POULTRY— Live Turkeys, 17<a;8c <£ ft:
dressed, 20c ; full-grown Chickens, 15 50(2.6 50 "£
dozen: young Roosters, 85 50(3G 50 5* dozen:
Broil irs. Slab; tame Ducks, 86 50; Geese, 81 50
@2 ft pair : Eggs, choice lots, lf>@l7c f» dozen.
GAME-Hare, Sl [email protected]; Rabbits, [email protected] SO ;
Quail, e:<Wl 20; Mallard Ducks, [email protected] 50 ft dozeu;
Teal. 81(31 50 ?l dozen ; Sprig, [email protected] 50 ft dozen.
DAIRY PRODUCTS— Butter, choice, [email protected]
a ft ; mixed lots, in rolls, [email protected]; Cheese, Cali
fornia, 12<&U3c; Western flats, [email protected]; Marin's
Cream, [email protected]
HAY, GRAIN AND FEED— Oat hay, [email protected] $
tou: Aifalfahay,g9<3.lo ft ton; Bran, SM f> ton;
Middlings, SIC ft ton : Barley, whole.Bl 10- ground,
81 15 : Wheat, 81 35 fiewt; tame Oats. Sl 50; white
Wild Oats, 81 10 '*} cwt: Corn, 81 20 ft cwt for
meats— [email protected] ; Mutton, s}ic 9 ft; Pork,
8...- ■'..<•; Veal, small calves, [email protected]; large, [email protected]
*. MIs'"::;.:.ANKOUS — Seeds - Alfalfa, 20c;
Timothy, Eastern,. [email protected]}ie'i* ft; Oregon, 6(_»7c;
Pop Corn, SJ^ai'c & ftf Red Clover. 12fei::c;
Red Top, 7&9 C. Nuts— English Walnuts, 6 '
ac: Califi mla Walnuts, f'-.ei Mc; Almonds. 12© J
tSI : i'< .-.its, California, s,r.fa iie ; Lam (Califor- j
nia), -. -. a, 14c : Eastern, [email protected] ; Hides, salt,
dpht and medium. fiie ; heavy, 9c; dry, [
li',' ._._ : Tallow, 5c ; Hops, in the absence ot |
any particular movement prices may be nomi- |
nally qßOted at 20(_f'22e. - _." ; i
Produce Market.
San Francisco. March 20th.
FLOUR We quote: Best city extra, $4 87^®,
5; mcdi at, S3 7">;a.4 25; shipping, superhue,
52 75®3 75 f. bbl.
WHEAT— Situation unchanged. No transac
tions an being negotiated, and until more ac
tivity prevails at foreign centers, the local move
ment will be dull and light. Market nominally
Quotable at $1 27% ft ctl for the better class of
shipping grades.
. Call trading was limited this morning to 100
tons, buyer season, at Sl 36% <f. ctl.
BARLEY*— The market continues to exhibit a
rather firm tone for feed descriptions. The ask
ing figure Is Sl 'c> 'tl, but there is no general cus
tom in over ii?.. • Brewing remains steady at
the old quotations, say, Sl Oa&l IJ'._. Z ctl.
Speculative operations on call this morning
were not marked by any particular activity. The
demand was small and sellers promptly satisfied
all wants, .-'ales were as follows :
Buy.:» season— loo ton», D'o'Ztf; 200, 9.V ie; 100
'X.'_,.; 7.-. . -.':e; 800, W/_e.
__e.f«*;n-5" tons, 93c.
Buyer I?*>— 100 tons, 99% c; .XX), 99% c; 800,
■fS'Z: 100, '.-.']■■/■ f. eti.
OATS Are finding better inquiry, and sales
are somewhat more free. We quote : Sur
prise ami Milling, 51 [email protected] 40; No. 1, 51 [email protected] 20;
No..'. SiC&fl; oil grades, 80995 c; Black, 51®
1 10-r>ctl.
CORN— No improvement in trade. Rates are un
changed. Quotable at 51 [email protected] 10 for large Yel
low, .-mall Yellow, ;1 [email protected] 20; White, 51 10®
115 9 ctl. Poor lots are quotable at [email protected]
-ft ctl. Nebraska is quotable at 51 10 ft ctl.
SEEDS— We quote : Mustard, 52 [email protected] for
Brown and J-*--' 25 for Yellow: Canary, -PS r..e -
Hen::.: - ._ ! :,c: Rape. 2}£®3o; Timothy, 5K®Cc;
Alfalfa. 6 ' '.',■: v 8>; Flax. 82 2Vg2 SO V ci!"
-Trade is moderate in character. We
quote: Alfalfa, [email protected]; Wheat, *[email protected]; Oat, li®
12: Barley. i7_0.11: Mixed. [email protected] -& ton.
Hoi's— Choice ran be bought at lie; good, [email protected]
10c; medium, [email protected]«c f-l lb.
RYE— Stcadv. Quotable at ?! 15 -I i: 1 . ?eil.
Hli KWHEAT— Quiet trade. Quotable at tl 25
®1 o'i V eti.
POTATOI-S— Wharf rates are: Early Race,
OOgl'iic; River Reds. 65 75c; Petalumi -r ;
, Garnet Chile, S'gGOc ; Peerless, [email protected]; New,
2®2>{C T ib; Humboldt Red, 51 1"; Peach
blows. -i in-. Sweet, [email protected]; Oregon Burbunk
Seed!ing3,Soc®sl lv j* ■ 11.
• ONION'S- From 52 to >:i 75 -* ct] will include
the bulk of business.
LEANS— We quote: Baycs. 52 [email protected]; Butter.
tiei S3; Pink; sl 66; Red, 52; Lima, Si 90; Small
White, Sl [email protected] 90; Pea, ST 51<g2 Vi ctl.
VEGETABLES — Asparagus was in good sup
ply to-day. Rhubarb anil Green Pcs are also
well resented. We quote jobbing lots as
follows Asparagus, -. 2Sfa-l 7fo'f. lux; Rhubarb.
[email protected] B It: Tomatoes, [email protected] 40 "# box; Sprouts,
a®3e V B>; Artichokes, SOc r* dozen; Cucum
bers, &00.®51 50 "ft doz.; Carrots, [email protected]; Turnips,.
[email protected] V ctl; Beets, 40060 c ? ctl; Parsnips,
$1 '$ ■"'-■ Cauliflower, gisoc 13 dozen; Cab
bage. [email protected] $ ctl: Garlic. 7,"-iSot*3>; Celery, fun:
V aoteu: Dried Peppers, [email protected]ßc 7 ft; Green do
10®t2e ? It; Green Peas, common, [email protected] ;
do. Sweet. 2)J®3c lb; String Beans,
20c r "'•: Dried Okra, iv, __„.. ? lb; Harrow
fat Squ sh.|[email protected] ton; Hubbard Squash, 55
®.S ?< ton; Summer Squash, 25c V Ib.
FRI IT Lower rates prevailed for the few
Strawberries that rived this morning, sales
bcinu made at 25}.;@35c :■ '■ ■'.■■'. We quote :
Apples, 75c®Sl for common, anil Sl [email protected] ?.
box for good to choice : Lemons— 54-50 :
do Sicily, Ss®s 50 ; do, California, "scasl 25 ft
box for ordinary, and ?..._• 58 for Sieilv seed ;
Mexican Limes, [email protected]; California do, £l®l 50
for small bass ■ .--■■-,. for large; Oranges,
California. triCd.V)c ffi box for common, 7 c.-i
51 .•:. for Riverside, and 1804 for Navel;
Los Angeles Navel. [email protected] 60 1» box; Bananas,
$1 51)1389 bunch; Pineapples, Ss®6 p dozen.
DRIED FRCIT— Sun-dried Apples, 2_.<@3c ft
t, for sliced and 2®2}<;c lor quartered; Ai
den and Hummer, 6c; Apricots 9e;
Blackberriet lie: i in, 4c for pressed and
Cc for unpre*scd : Smyrna do, 16c for
layers, and Hl^QL'J^c for kegs; Nectarines,
tte; Peaches, 14®15c for peeled, 7®Bc tor un
peeled ; v.--. 4c for ii bole and 3® lc for
sliced: machine dried, Sc; Plums, 7»i®.Sc
fir pitted and IJ-te tor unpitted ; German
Prunes, sc ; French Prunes, Bo fl lb: Raisins,
new crop Layers, St tri-l 75; loose Muscatellc,
fl 60 ¥ box .
HONEY— quote: Comb, [email protected]; Extracted,
4®sK<"f* o>. ' >.->--■
..'. ITER— -So change. Stocks continue lib
era:, and prices remain favorable to consumers.
We (mote M follows: Fancy, '.lie; choice.
li®iyc; rood ;7.- 1-.-; fair, in I6c; mixed lots, 11
«Mc V, ib; firkin, 15® for old and [email protected]
choice new; 12®14c for ordinary to fair; East
ern, !." /.illi'iC ft.
t.'HELSE— Quotable at [email protected]; inferior grades,
6®loc; Easti m, !7-i ire; Western, !.".v.-.i.m- v fc.
iEGGS— Stocks are cleaning up, and the future
hiisamore hopeful outlook. Quotable at 17®
17'<> v down.
ivULTRY — Strictly choice stock is some
what scsircc. We quote prices: Live Turkeys
— gobt-lers, 12<£lle; hens* 19Q30e; dressed,
12 -fw to tb: Roosters,? s SO for old, and M ttl'm
8 for y.iiig: Hens, 86®7 50; Broilers, 55 50®
0 .Vi, as to size; Ducks, J«ss-7 M V* doz; Gee.--.
: 52 SBCU ■■■ fi pair.
GAM & -Trade could hardly be more dull than
U is list ai present. We quote: Hare, 5125®
' X ..' ! l^ahbita, 51 forsmallandtiaiSforOotten-
S l . . lfr ' 51 ' ■.: i 75; Widgeon, [email protected] 25; Teal,
i.V ■$?•'' ; email Ducks, 7,5 c; Grey Geese, 51 75
•?i if, i W/ C T' s ">'*7,-_c; Brant, 75e<9tl; Honkers'.
, -' 50.....2 SOg English Snipe, 51 .V.Kgil 75; com
-, mon do, 6u®7sc >- ■'„.-. [J.
: ,.. li,I i , : '. I ? IO £ s ~ £ast,;rn Hams are quotable at
.Lyal.t've for Four Ace, Dnpce's and Wli maker's.
; other brauds,V.->i®i3cvib.Califoniia,ll'>i®l2 1
■ tor sail and sugar-cured. Eastern Breakfast ifi
, con. 12®13c ; California Bacon, 9}4®loc for
heavy and medium, and 12c for lightmedium,
and. l*l2c for light and extra. li-ht-
Char Sldej ' -He: Pork, 86»16 60 for extra
prime, 51S<jl» 50 for prime in •--.;! x\,„ iif
ii..-- 52060®21 for clear S22®>2 50 for extra
rU-ar: Pigs' feet, ?16<n.ls: Mess Beef, Sls 50H.16
fi» 1 i-'.s. Is 50.39 for hf bbls: Extra Mess Beef
Slt\; if. 50 for toMIA, tms 75 for hf-bbls; Ftnfiti
' Ik-ef, 118019 Vibbl: California Smoked Beet IS
. «I.M.Jc ? Ho; Beef Tongues, 19 60®io 9 dosen
' JEamern Lard. ll®ll>ic for tierces, and ll'iia
11;,< > ft for pails: California do. 10-to tins 'isa
Site. .* tins. 'Ai.9J-ie; pails. lo;..-n,lle for 10-Ib
' U®®UXc for 6-fe, and 11*4® 12e 9 lb for 3- lb
FRESH MEATS— Following arc rates for whole
1 carcasses from slaughterers to dealers : • Bee t—
IKm quality. 9c : second quality. Be; thin)
J quality, 7c ¥ to. Veal Quotable at SS4l2c * ft.
— Wethers are quotable atat .Vc."._ -.-,.- V Ib,
and Fwes at 5c fi lb. Lamb— Quotable at "10." Ute
,WB> for Spring. Pork— Live Hogs, 4gjc; dressed
do, o<s7c~i» ft.
>. General Mercliandlse,
1 •» • *^'But KaANCum. M*eh 20th. '
fJAG3-WitWn xx week two vvssvM i»y« arrived
1 f ..-:.-• -■■■-■ r 7 - '- - '
from Calcutta bringing between seven and eight
million Wheat Bags. These vessels are now dis
charging their cargoes. - The '■' large ' arrivals
though expected, have had a depressing effect
upon the market, especially in view of the fact
that there have been no general rains tothe
State for several weeks. Ten days ago, June
and July delivery of Wheat Bags were quoted at
(".(a-fi'-.ic ; while to-day the rates are weak at o^c.
BOOTS AND SHOES— Not satisfied with two
trade sales at the opening of the month, the ri
val houses have arranged for other sales this
mouth, Greenebaum & Co. offering 1,200 cases on
the 19th and Newhall son's & Co. offering 1.500
cases on the 23d. Up to within a year, a single
trade sale monthly during the season . was the
rule. This month is to witness -four of these
offerings, a very unusual feature. _ ._,•_._,
BREAD— Bread. 3c; Pilot Bread, 3%@4e;
Soda Crackers, S'.c for plain and 6%C for extra ;
Cakes vary from 'tie to 20c. according to variety.
BRlCK— lx>cul manufacturers of house build
ing descriptions have commenced operations for
the season; and the outturn will be up to the
usual average. ' ' ,"• '
BROOMS— demand tor all kinas and
prices unchanged. ■ ; .
CANDLES— brands are quoted as
follows: Acme Stearic Acid, 14>£c ; Star, 13c;
Adamantine, lie; Taper, 9c: Gross & Co. s
Adamantine, 14 oz.. 12' 4 c; Harkness' Patent
' Wax, 17c : Cornwall & Bro.'s Adamantine, 12JJc
for 14 oz. and liPiifc.lle for 12 oz.; Grant's Phila
delphiiuuade. 12*53 ; Jleriam & Morgan's Par
affine Wax 17c ; Work's Stearic Acid, _tf>JC
for LB oz. and IfrJic for 1-1 oz.; Sperm, ■iitd-fSoc
CASE GOODS— Eastern varieties arc quoted as
follows: Oysters, 81 2,5m 2 30 ; Clams. 81 ,[email protected];
| Lobsters, 82 00&2 80; Chickens and Turkeys,
' S3 25 ; Green Peas, Sl 50; Green Com, £1 50 ?.
' dozen. ■ ■ . ; , ,
CEMENT— of late have been light,
and the stock is not so large.
COAL— spot price of Australian has been
reduced from »75 to SS 50. No changes in other
' foreign kinds. The feature of the week is the
arrival Of the first cargo from the Cedar River
Coal Company's new mine on Puget Sound, be-
I tween Seattle and the Cascades. . .
COFFEE— The prospects of a war among the
' Central American Republics has been used, to
j stiffen the market, but for some reason it does
! not work very well. ,The New York market is
: ! weak, and this, with the want of faith in war
rumors, are probably the causes of the failure to
■ advance prices. We quote fair to choice Central
: American grades at '.i'., (3.12c.
CORDAGE— SisaI, [email protected](%c; San Francisco
! laid Manila. [email protected]
DRUGS— quote: Bi-Carb Soda, "3K©3%C;
I Caustic Soda, S'-.^'.V-.c; Sal Soda, 81 35 for
Pacific and >1 37V., -fir English; Soda Ash, V/JSi'2c;
California Crystals, :::'K«.:;!e lor refined and 34®
35c ?. li, for powdered.
DRY.-' GOODS — The retail trade is about the
I only active branch in the busiuess at present.
FISH— The feature of ike week is the prepar
ation lor the opening of the new season for Cofl
and Salmon. The first vessel for the Codfish
banks sailed on the 12th, and others are being
i made ready to follow this month and in April.
i '1 he usual number will be sent to the grounds In
; the North Pacific. Prices lor the catch of 1881
remain a- they have been for some time. The
Salmon season on the Columbia river will be
legally open on the Ist April. Already 10,000
cases of the anticipated pack have been sold at
Sl. Current rates for last season 6 pack vary
from 81 05 to 51 25. The usual vessel will be
sent to the rivers in Alaska to bring down next
season's pack in the fall.
LEATHER-— Fair demand for the various
LUMBER— Weak and irregular prices continue
to In- the rule. - V
HATCH ES— The Metropolitan brand will here
after be manufactured by an Incorporation to be
known as the Metropolitan Match Company, with
.-('capital of 850,000. The former proprietor re
tains a controlling interest.
METALS— AII kinds of Pig Iron continue dull
and weak, except Clay Lane White, .and liberal
supplies of this description have been ordered,
to arrive within 90 days. Sydney Pig Tin is
| selling in a small way at 20%e, while lots to ar
i rive could not be placed at over^lO^c. . * -■ —
NAlLS— Owing to a cut in overland freights
I the local factory has reduced its rate from 53 25
I to S3, and is prepared, to go lower rather than
I lose business.
l Oil.— Thirty eight vessels have gone north for
Whale, and two more are to follow in a few
days. This is the same number as was engaged
last year, and if they do as well the supply will
be ample.
PAINTS— The consumption at this season of
the year is always large, as there is a good deal
of renovating going ou.
QUICKSILVER— The price is quite dull at 8:53,
and some lots have been reported at lower
figures. The lending producers are shipping
must of their supplies abroad for a market. '
RICE— thousand bags Hawaiian arrived
on the ICth. The stock is pretty well concen
trated, and oc is the prevailing rate. Libera]
supplies of new crop China has caused a decline
to 81 7bfn)4 SO jier two mats.
RUBBER GOODS— of Goodyear' Rub
ber Clothing are quoted as follows: Rubber
Coats, from 115 toS9fi "t>. dozen; Rubber Leggings,
from $6 to slß ft dozen; Rubber Pants, from Sls
to SIS -? dozen; Rubber Boots— Proof
Kubher Boots, Hip. SCO "? dozen; Union Nation
al and Goodyear Rubber Boots, Hip, MS ~$
dozen; Rubber Belting, Packing and Hose,
prices are lower than they have been during
the past season.
SALT.— Prices are without change, and the
market is fairly active. The Codfishera have
been in the market for their usual supplies to
take north. ;,
SOAP— Pale and Chemical Olive. 4J.<(S.Gc;
fancy kinds. [email protected]; Castile, [email protected] for brown
and 10J£@13c for white.
SPICES- only change we have tonote isa
decline in Cassia, which is now quoted at 5-JJ to
('.;..('. Tapioca was recently advanced to ::'.■■.
STARCH— Superior, 7>^i9>ic: do,
Olt urn i-' si ,.-; Niagara. ?.a \)' -..v. Johnson's,
i : -.'•; Cutsinger s, i'en 7 .,e: Peerless, .v.in-; Erk
enbrecher's, CJ^tasj^c; TEverding's, 7J^c. .
SUGAR— the 21th February prices of all
grades in bills at both refineries have been as
, follows :
American Ciilitomii
Refinery. Refinery.
Extra Flue Cube 7c " ' -
(A) Patent Cube 7c
(A) Crushed 7 7
(A) Loaves 8
Pine Crushed ...... ."..'._ 7 7
Powdered. v.... 7 l <
Extra Powdered .'.... . 7
Extra Fine Powdered....... _ s
Dry Granulated _ ..-,' i. : ,
Extra Granulated „ .'. .. (,y_
XX Dry Granulated -. 4 :
Confectioners' (A) iiy.
Extra <• : ny. &/.
Golden 0 &2 hit
El Dorado C... 6 ......
Nonpareil C _ 5 ...„.
D "s"'
SYRL'P— Product of the American Refinery Is
quoted at 30c in hi ■!.-. :;:■ „- in hf 1.1,15, ::7' i c in
. lion kegs and SOc In l-gallon tins. Product
■-! California Refinery is quoted at 31c in bbls,
■7- .- In lif bbls, 42y 2 e- In 5-gallon kegs and 52>ic
in i-gallon tins.
TEA -Japan— Common, [email protected]; good, [email protected] ;
superior, 35c; extra fine* [email protected]; Gunpowder
and Imperial— 30c : superior 37] .-■"■■;
extra due, 67 ?0c ; Congou and .Souchong—Com
mon, 20c; superior, :;7'. .■■,.;:<■ ; extra fine, »«$
7-ic; PouChong— ■ ji, papers, [email protected];
Fooehow— Oolong, :;.•,•■ iv-iii papers ; Comet do,
fme ; Formosa, [email protected] ; fine do, [email protected] ; finest do,
6o(?70c ,-' It.. '■ •
WOODEN WARE— The Coos Bay Stave and
Lumber Company's price list quotes 3 hoop
Painted Pails at 92 50; varnished do, brass
hoop, 52 75; varnished do, galvanized hoop,88;
white do. galvanized hoop, f-.M^'i 50, and brass
hound do, ;•',.' 7 50 per dozen.
- -mm*. . r.,-~„^n. * KW York, March 20th.
BREADSTCFFS — Flour is dull and Wheat
ea .■ r,
WOOL— California is quiet and stead vat [email protected]
for fall burry, and [email protected] for clean fall; spring
burn-. :o®li>c; clean spring, 15©25 c; pulled,
[email protected]&
HIDES-Californiaarvfirm at 21.*.
SUGAR— Cuba Centrifugal, $5 17'f£ Z
„.„.. m. "V* Chicago, March 20th.
V \ rl^> T 7 cfor April, "WA&ZMfi for May,
and 81 : ,C fur 1 une. .
RARLEY— ISO. 2, cash, GS&frlc. nominal.
CORN*— 4I-%@41-}£c for May. .
PORK— 4I2 17.; for May. '
LAKD— ftf '.rf'. .'for Mny.
RI llS— Sti .'.. ff32'-' for May.
SHORT RIBS— Hi 40 for May.
....... .~ „ , _, Uveri-o.il. March With.
WHEAT— Rather firmer. California spot lots,
Cs M to 7s ; off coast. 31s Cd ; just shipped, SSs ;
nearly due. 34*1 Cd; cargoes off coast, quiet but
steady ; on passage, better tome; quantity on
passage to Continent. 290,000 urs: Wheat and
Flour to 17. X., 2,975,000 ; weather in England,
."-MKI.TIM. by El.Kl IKIIITY. — Professor
James Warren, of Los Angeles (Cal.) elec
tric light station, is the inventor of a new
process of reducing ore-;, which is done by
the aid of electricity. One day, while ex
amining a piece of gold-bearing quartz, he
accidentally let it fall into one of the
dynamos, which was in motion at the time.
On looking for the piece of quart/, the next
day he found it in the dynamo, and to his
surprise the gold in the quartz bad been
melted and had run tooneside of tin- rock,
forming a beautiful button. Professor
Warren immediately instituted a series of
experiments, and has succeeded in evolv
ing a process by which gold, silver and
copper can be instantly smelted- from con
centrations by a powerful eleWrie I shock,
which almost equals -in i its r intensity a
stroke of lightning. The experiments -"
far have failed on lead and antimony ores.
[American Engineer. :
Those .'complaining of sore throat at
hoarseness should use " Brown's Bronchial
Troches.'' The effect is extraordinary, par
ticularly when used by singers ami speak
ers for "clearing the voice. Sold only in
boxes. '-zi "Z
piles! piles:: piles:.' i
Sure ' cure for Blind, Bleeding and Itching
Piles. One box has cured the worst cases of SO
years' standing. No <sne need suffer five min-
utes after taring William's Indian Pile Ointment.
It absorbs tumors, allays itching, acts as a poul-
tice, gives instant relief. Prepared only for Piles,
itching of the private parts; nothing else. Sold
by druggists, and mailed on receipt ot price, SO
cents and Sl. Kor sale by KIRK. GEARY & CO.,
and JOS. HAHN A CO.. Sncramento.
011-IyTuTW •-:"
The pure, the bright; the beautiful,
- That stirred our hearts in youth." -'
The impulse of a wordless prayer,
The dream of love and truth". -.: .
The longing alter something 10-t,"";; ■',
The spirit's yearning cry.
The striving after better hopes—
These things shall never die.
The timid hand stretched forth to aid
- A brother in bis need, . _.- -
The kindly woH in griefs dark hour,
That proves a friend indeed ; :
The plea for mercy, softly breathed, ..
When justice threatens nigh ; -■ .
The sorrowings of a contrite heart —
These things shall never die.
Let nothing pass, for every hand
Must find some work to do ;
Lose not a chance to waken love.
Be firm and just and true ; ;
So shall a light lhat cannot fade
Beam on tlfee from 011 liigh,"^r~yfr
And angel voices say to thee,
•' These things shall never die,"
Do not put off. God to old age; for old,
lame and sick sacrifices rarely reach as
high heaven. ;r '.' .- zfi'ZZ':
: A writer has said : Sin is bad in the eye,
worse, in the tongue, worse still in the
heart, but worse of all in the^ife.
The responsibilities of life "are gauged
not by what we are, but by what. we may
become. .The man who has ventured only
to the limits of his conscious force has only
readied the threshold of. his possible at
tainments. — [F. G. (.'lark.
Courage, piety, love, wisdom, can teach ;
and every man can open his door to these
angels, and . they shall bring him the gift
of tongues. But the man. who aims to
speak as books enable, as synods use, as
the J fashion guides — let him hush.—
[Emerson. fififfizZiff
- George Herbert calls the Sabbath ' the
torch of other days." -- These ; ' Sabbaths,
placed seven days apart along the path of
the years, arc the fountains jof rest and
peace, without which all other days would
be dull and dark and — -[Chicago
Nothing i* more strange, in this mysteri
ous complexity of impressions and events
that we "call . human existence, than the
fact that two beings, entirely cut off from
all natural means of association and com
munion, may yet, unknown to each' other,
be breathing the same spiritual air and
learning the same moral and intellectual
lessons. — [Julian Hawthorne. -V?-
' Leant these two things: Never be dis
couraged because good things get on so
slowly here, and never fail daily to do that
good which lies next to your hand. Do not
be in a hurry," but he diligent. Enter into
the sublime patience of the Lord." (iod
can afford to wait; why cannot we? Trust
to God to weave your little thread into a
web, though the patterns show it not yet.
— [George Macdonald."
But cannot a man pray with his heart
and yet use a written prayer? Certainly
he can. . Many have done so for years. If
you cannot walk without your crutches," I
would sooner you walk with them than
not at all. Still, it is not the best words
put together by tin- most' devout men that
ever lived, nor the holiest language com
posed extemporaneously by yourself, that
can make up prayer if the heart be gone.
There is infernal freedom and there is
heavenly freedom ; to think and will evil,
as far as* the civil and moral laws do not
restrain, to speak and do it, is from infer
nal freedom; but to think and do good,
and, as far as opportunity is given, to
speak and do it, is from heavenly freedom.
Whatever a man thinks, wills, speaks and
dees from freedom, he perceives as his
own ; for all freedom everyone has from his
love. — [Emanuel Swedenborg.
The church whose methods of adminis
tration and whose social atmosphere are
such as to discourage the attendance of the
poor, is driving Christ from its door. Is
not this His own word, "Inasmuch as ye
did it unto the least of these ye did it unto
me?" It is entirely possible to create and
maintain in our churches a spirit and a
way of working that sliall make the poor
est people perfectly at home in them. The
church in which these are not found needs
a missionary as much as the Patagonians
do. It has not yet learned the alphabet of
Christianity. — [Washington Gladden.
It was when the Lord saw that Moses
turned aside to see that he called unto Him
and mentioned Him by name. This is in
deed a great law. If men would turn aside
to see, God would surely speak to them.
But we do not do this. .We pass hr all the
great Bights of nature with comparative in
difference. The sea wants to speak to us,
but we listen not to its sounding voice ; the
stars are calling to us, but we shut them
jwt : the seasons come, round to tell their
Tale, but we are preoccupied with trifling
engagements. We must bring so uracil
with us if v we would put ourselves into
healthful communion with nature ;\ we
must bring the seeing eye, the bearing ear,
and the understanding heart; we must at
all events be disposed to see and bear, and
God will boner the disposition with more
than expected — [Joseph Parker.
The time will come when a word will be
enough; if the word be the right word," it
need not be multiplied. Its force is in its
unity; it victory is in its intensity and
concentration. Is this possible — that we
shall have but to say to the poet, when he
has his harp in fullest, sublimist tune,
''The Lord hath need of thee," and at
once he will begin the praise of Emanuel '.'
Is it possible that the time will come when
we shall need to say to the man of money
bnt one word, ''The Lord hath need of thy
gold," and the coffers which have not seen
the daylight for many a year will fly open
at the utterance of that simple word? when
we shall have hut to go to the young man
of education and intellectual power and
say, "The Lord hath need of thee," and in
stantly he will spring to the front and
say "Lord, speak, thy servant heareth."
Is it possible that the time can ever come
when we shall have less of the drama, and
the racing ground, and the billiard table,
and a little more at least of that which saves
England from damnation and the highest
life of the world from putrefaction '! That
will be the victory of victories !— [Joseph
Parker. * Z.f-.fZ
One of tin; preachers lias said tlmt
nothing was so comforting to the thought
ful mind as the assured coming of a day of
final allotments .on principles of justice.
It is hitman to judge. - The mind loves to
criticise. Wi- are made to form opinions.
We come to a thousand conclusions daily,
Sinn- of which we know may Ik- wrong. In
all this we are j anticipating something
future and final. But one satisfaction in
judging is seriously disturbed; by the fail
ures of _ multitudes to : judge correctly.
Men are hasty, biased, -limited, ignorant
and perverse ; and :_ so we are obliged to
cheer ourselves with the idea jof i a day of
final review. The great day of judgment
brings satisfaction, on 'account of .the per
son and character of the judge. lie' is
man and God ; jj lie impersonates love and
justice ; he can have no lack of qualifica
tions, and "-.'; no f. motive Mto swerve
from the fines! lines of truth .and
righteousness, and .he is full of sym
pathy with every man's case. And it
gives additional comfort to us to feel the
assurance, on his part/ of a most thorough
sifting •or all facts, : circumstances, f in
fluences : motives, J accessories ' and . con
tingencies | of- life and J conduct, near and
remote, however ■ slight \ their bearing, or
secret their operation.": g Nothing will he
left concealed or ? untouched that ! had a
feather's weight. ZZ. It will be a final satis
faction that all wrongs will be righted and
niisjiidgnu'iits corrected, and not one mis
take left uncanceled, and not one unknown
excellence left obscured, and \ not one pre
tension left unmasked.' j Every « living soul
set I and seen ) exactly.; as Jhe i is, in jj God's
sight— that will be the happy result of the
divine judging at 'the : last. f. Happy they
that do not _ shrink \ from ' such ?an ordeal;
nor dread the issues' of such an inquisi
tion. — [The Pacific.
: FZAR :as °a ; Cause OF DEATH.— Two
voting girls were at 'dinner at their home
in Marseilles, when they, were told that a
special friend of theirs _* had- -\died the day,
previous of i-linli-i-a. At once they became
very, nervous, and left | the 1 table I precipi
lately, ordered a cab and told the driver to'
take them to'Aix,' some distance from sf:ti-
seilles.';>When the cab got outside the city
the coachman looked through the window
to' ask the address of the j place to: which
he was to go. 5He saw one of _ the girls in
convulsions ; and I the - other utterly uncon
scious. -In his turn the driver got fright
ened, abandoned r the '-. cab ; and ran 1 about
like a ;; madman. When i the : police, J. who
were sent for arrived, and opened the cab
they found .one girl dead and the other
dying. : A little way up ~ the road ith'ev
found the coachman lying on his face dead.
— — ~~
p /royal csiio^rV '^^
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This POTDER never varies. A marvel ol
purity, streneth and whoiesomeness. More
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low test, short weight, alum or phosphate pow-
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FOWDER CO., 106 Wall street. New York.
.'••'. TT. T. COtESIAN & CO., Agents,
IQll 1 I 111 U^-THE B
This medicine, combining Iron with puri
i-^evai/ie tonics, . quickly and complete!/
Lares ilv~prpsl;i, Indigestion, Weakti,--- . '
■ii i nre Hlood, .Uai ( bills anil _F«-vr- ■
ut\' Ncurnifiia. . _
It is an unfailing remedy for Diseases ot'th !
Kidney* aad I.iver.
It i* invaluable for Diseases peculiar to
IV.mien, and all who lead sedentary lives.
' It does not injure the teeth.cause headacbe.fr
produce constipation other Iron, •nerlicinet •'•-,
Itenrichesand purifies the blood, stimulat;-* v
ho appetite, aids the assimilation of food, r -
;:eves Heartburn and Belching, and strength
ens the muscles cv.d nerves. "■
Kor Intermittent Fevers, Lassituda, Lac..":
i -:::'->r.*y, &c, it has no equal.
as- The genuine has above trade mark an 2
eroassd red lines on wrapper. Take no other '
■afo« 'rl>7 BKOWSCUKaiCIL In.. UH.T x lx:::) . HD
of California, in and for the county of Sac-
ramento. In the matter of MAX MP, an in-
solvent Debtor. Max Camp having filed in thin
Court his petition, schedule and inventor}' in
insolvency, by which it appearsthat be is mi In-
solvent debtor, the said Max Cam;: ',_, hc-febv de-
clared to be Jfisolv^nS, Tho Sheriff of Sacra-
mento County is hereby directed to take posses-
sion of all the estate, real and personal, of the
said Max Camp, debtor, excect such a- may be
bj law ezempt from execution, and of all his
deeds, vouchers, books of account and papers,
and to keep the same safely until the appoint-
ment of the assignee of his estate. All persons
arc- forbidden to pay any debts to the stud insol-
vent, or to deliver any property belonging to
him or to any person; tirm or corporation for his
use; and the said debtor is liei'jby forbidden to
transferor deliver any property until the further
order o! this Court, except as licrcinAfte* or-
dered. It is further ordered that all creditors of
snid debtor be and appear before the Honorable
W. C. Van Fleet. Judge of the Superior Court of
the county of bacraniento, in open Court, at the
Court-room of said Court, in the city of Sacra-
mento, on the day of APRIL, 1885.1 it l" o'clock
a. .v. of that day, to prove their debts and
choose one or more assignees ofthe estate of
said debtor, it is further ordered that the order
in- published in the Sacbajuento Daily Ukcord-
Union, a newspaper of general circulation pub-
lished in the county of Sacramento, ns often as
the said paper is published before- the said day
set for the meeting of creditors. And it is fur-
ther ordered that all proceedings against said in-
solvent be S ayed. T. B. McX aKI.AND,
. Judge of the Superior Court.
Dated February 21, 1885.
Attest: Wm. B. Hamilton, Clerk. mrJ-Mt
I■ty of • Marin, State of California. MARY
SON, defendant. . Action brought in the Supe-
rior Court of the county of Marin, State of Cali-
fornia, and the complaint filed in the office of
tbe Cleric ofsaid Superior Court. Section 467.
The People of the State of California send greet-
ing to FRANK M. STEVENSON, defendant:
You are hereby required to appear In an action
brought against >ou by the above-named plain-
tiff in tin- Superior Court of the county of Marin,
State of Caliiornia, and to answer thecomplaint
filed therein, within ten days, exclusive of the
day of service, after the service on you of this
summons, if served within this county; or, If
served elsewhere, within thirty days, or judg-
ment by default will he taken against you, ac-
cording to the prayer of said complaint. The
said action is brought to obtain a lodgment of
this Com t dissolving the bonds of matrimony
existing between plaintiff and defendant, on the
ground or the alleged desertion by the defend-
ant of the plaintiff, all of which* is more par-
ticularly and fully set forth in the complaint
on file herein. to which yon are berebyspecially
referred. And you are hereby notified that if you
fail to appearand answer the said complaint as
above required, the at—d plaintiff will apply to
the Court lor the relief therein demanded. -
Given under my hand and seal of the said Su-
perior Court, at the City and county of Marin,
.siiuo of California, this 58th day of November,
in the year -if our Lord one thousand clsht hun-
dred and eighty-four. '-'■-.-■■
Iseai.]- GEO. W. DAVIS, Clerk.
Jons It. B. Wii.kins, Attorney for Plaintiff.
' fe2l-law2mS - . .
A Y ■ For 15 years at 37 Court Place, now at
3 SSS!^LBi?i_le|i
A TtjiitTlf tdwoatrf and legally qualiScl pfcutolag tad ttx* '
most successful, a. his MUttoewfO plOffi. •.:.■...-.•-■
■ Cares all forms of PRIVATE, -
• Spermatorrhea and : liapoloncy, :_-
- result orseU-atraso la youth, tnval t\rtvtic9 in wa- .
fartT yearn, or outer caus^, nml preducicf: ■rmeof tit- lul-
lowing enacts Nervousness, Seminal KmUitons, (ni^ht emis-
sions by dreams). Dimness of M,!. 1, Dttecllor Mea-ory. Phy- ■.
t|<*ftlUocay. l-iniil.-soa _'____•(!, Aversion toS^cietr ofl'«miK •- -
Confusion of Ideas, I_ou of , Simal Power, 4'c rfnilrrioj - '
■aarriajte Improper or nnharpe, are tborougtilr ami peri.a- X
Mtt) «™ SYPHIIiIS P"aiUeelJ cured and BS- .'
5St SSr^Ss* - S22S . Gonorrhea.
OLEET, . Strietnro, OnihiUs. B^lSm-i?™,'.
Pilo and ether private diseases - qaickls cured. .----* -
It Is self-evident that a \,hy sirfnnvho pays spoetal attention »- ! !
toft certain class of diseases, and treating ibttasunds annu-
ally, acquires prat skill. Physicians knowing this fact often
recommend peraons to my tare. -When It Is Imonvanlea to
visit the city for treatment, medicines can be lent prlvatcl/ '
and safely by mail or eaptwss anywhere. -_ •
'*: Cares Guaranteed In all Case*
. undertaken. >*--"_,-.---/ ■-,__.. .--
- OlOMtaSm j^rsonallr or br Setter free and InritM. '.'
Chaises reasonable and currespoirfenca strictly confidenliit.
Of K)0 pages, * nt to ar.y nddnaa, seenrely sealed, fbr thirty ' : '
150) rents. Should be read tv all. Address as abuve.
Offlco toa tram » ____. M. ta »P. V-. 3^ Sundays, .to*P X- ■ i-l
Nervous Debility ** ulck i"' : > f*™*
g ~y; 1 "".Vr ,r"= ulu -y. . nent cure Book
free. Civile Agency, 1® Fultor street, New Torts
lf-:Z\z~.-'l'Z-.'--'Z'--:-of / --'-'iZ-eA--. Zl^^'^-Zl>^ff-■^uir^<.-■..■-■lm;^.:i^:^■-ili77-
■ • - ■'- ■• " . ai'
It"- Ii
■EEsSffis.. ■■■.-•■--'.-.■., . - '■*nE s £SB,
. ■'.. ■ ■:.
.■■■" ■■ - ■•_■'■' . Z

— ria-: —
Is the only paper of gene-
ral circulation published
outside of San Francisco
in California.
Is a consolidation of the
business, circulation,
good-will and news fran-
chises of the SACRA-
MENTO daily ur::oN,
established in 1852, and
tablished in 1867.
As the successors to the
circulation and long-es-
tablished business of the
two great dailies men-
tioned, it takes rank as
OH* 23 ES ST
■ .
X; : -\]\.\'y\~ : :Y.J : '}S'S _>^v\.-: :^H*
T*^ .x^^% •T'i
Published in the interior of
all the Pacific States and
zzzzffYfZ '■YYfiYfifiii- YJifz-i: i ;
YYYYY ■mf j
It is the only -paper
.outside of San Fran-
cisco receiving the full
Daily Telegraphic and
Special Reports of the-
Associated Pres of
New York.
•'■ : -: -'zmzzz
- ■
It is the only paper published in the Capital
of California that has a general coast circu-
lation. As a Political, News and Literary
a Journal it occupies the front rank a} Jour-
nalism Oil the Pacific Slope. It is distrib-
uted in all the cities and towns on the Coast,
and has the largest home circulation. It is
the acknowledged leader and exponent of
public opinion inthe Pacific States Mid Terri-
on the Coast. All Postmasters are
authorized to act as Agents for it.
Terms: . $6 per year; $3 50 for six
months; $2 for /three months. Post-
age prepaid. -
Sacramento Publishing Co.,
D.O. Mills & Co.,
Z'ZZZ 'rr ■ -:r-'. ' ...--■ . Z
* .',.""'-.'"-' ." ' .--. x, . . '
capital... :.:.:................ ...saoo.ooo.
EDGAR M1LL3.................;..... President
FRANK ; M1LLER.....'.........„:_...............Ca5hier.
CHAS. M. PR0DGER....„„:. ! ........:..A55't Cashier
FRANK MILLER. mll-lptf
T=B ._£_&__. 3>TXS:_3B_E : ».O ! ,
322 Pine 5treet:..„„............„5an Francisco,
: Carry or. a General Banking Business. ' Co»- Z'-
respondents In the Principal Cities of tho
Eastern States and in Europe. ■- jyfi-tplm
Does a General Itimkii-.g business.
AS" Draws change on all the principal
Cities of the wond.
President N. D. KIDEOUT.
Vice-President. „ FREDERICK COX
Cashier A. ABBOTT.
A. ABBOTT. auf-
— »— — [ ii" ■ I r r i I 111 ■ mi i_tm m TIM ntj*wi_aa___ij_Mis
leave : FROM JANUARY 1, 1855. ': arrive
(fOR) (from)
I j,
7:20 A. Calistoga and Napa I 7.-05 r.
•2:50 V. " " ." WIS " i.
12:t1 P. Colfax 1130 a.
11:30 ' - Delta and Portland, via Davis] ■:,.;:. i.
•■.•>> a. Delta and Redding, via Davis! £4:05 P.
r ,i.m a. " " ." via Chico-. fhtao r.
7"> p. Knights Landing ; 7*5 a.
SfclS i: I Mojave, Deming,) Express.! *9S» a.
ISM a.li Xl Paso and East l-niigr'ntl -J--- a.
! .. P. [Ogden and East! Express... i 7.-00 A.
■J.tM a. I " ■" '• /Emigrant 1230 a.
230 v. Itcd Bluff, via Marysville 11:15 a.
CSX) a. San Francisco, via Benitia...- I 8:10 p.
7.-J0 A. " ' '• " | 7:06 P.
2:50 i: ", :'■"'. ■•".' " ..... 12Si5 p.
11:10 A. " " vial.ivermore 2:10 P.
•10:00 a. " " via steamer.-. «6.00 a.
11:40 A. San Jose 2:10 p.
11:40 a. Stockton and Gait 2:10 p.
•5:15 P. •' '• '■ *9:00 a.
•11 .-40 a. Tulare and Fresno
730 a. Vallejo... - «12:05 P.
250 P. " - t"^-5 P.
S. and F. It. It.
"7::-' A.|Fo!som and Shingle Springs...! »2:20 p.
*I:00 P.|yolsom — - ....| *U:45 A.
a. For Morning, r. For Afternoon.
* Sundays excepted. f Sundays only.
1 Freight and Accommodation Trains.
A. N. TOWNE, General Manager.
T. 11. Goodman, Gen 1 Pass, and Ticket Agent
.' .-. "-' - felfi-tf '_—_■:
milK _ SPLENDID NEW 3,00-3- m.Z*f '
J. Ton Steamships trill leave the Zt^o^^^m
Company's Wharf, comer Steuart "i,_"7^ if L?
and Harrison streets, at i. p. ft.: 'v-%_Tv<^*tc>
aiAitn-oisA, .JANUARY Ist
Freight, «W I'er Ton.
■Cry-Excursion Tickets at Reduced Rates. For
passsce or further particulars, apply to J. D.
SPRECKELS & EROS., Agents, 327 Market s'reet.
corner Fremont. oIS-tf
di. i ii,,j*.atamni>,uni-'Ko^^ie±lS3!i'ALiLS^Si^r*
Office In Odd Fellows' Temple. Ninth and jj
X streets. Complete stock oi Undertakers' *
Goods constantly on hand. City and conn- l
try orders promptly attended to, day or i
night, at reasonable rates. jyl f
,-ar-^^ .,_,-.. •'»^ _.-.y>tf Iyw.^-w^-_-_.f.-._1 yw.^-w^-_-_.f.-._T j 7rrr_?::?>^?ii?y __. *^.
fi,-.. ..ii J. FRANS CLARK, in n .in. i.
3 County Coroner and Undertaker, '|
B No. 1017 Fourth street, between J and X.— »
I Ahvays on hand the most complete Stock of f
5 Undertaking Goods on the coast Country I
I orders, day or night, will receive prompt at- -
§ teiition." Telephone Number, 131. j»-:,-. :.. ;
x^^^^2Bsiu^iUJSSE^s^taAaitax'2^ - ■■ -
SfßßTStsastSTisrxsssesifSßCsi'i. fxe-iym—tmrmasTsf.
B ~~ ' -. • vNPERTAKEK. _\
9513.1 street, bet. Fifth and Sixth. Always ong
Ehand a large assortment of_>iet«]JlC^ |nd|
■Wooden Caskets, Burial Cases, Coffins an,.."
■Shrouds furnished. Coffin orders will receives
hand a large assortments^. Metallic anda
Wooden Caskets, Burial Cases, Coffins an..
Shrouds furnished. Coffin orders will receives
prompt attention on short notice and at thel
lowest rates. Office open day and night. I
-■ ' „ **m
Granting to parties herein _ttalT ed tte
privilege to construct, maintain a^
operate a Street Railroad in the
, City of Sacramente, and granting to
them the right of way for said Street
Railroad over, upon and along cer-
tain streets in the City of Sacra-
of sacramento do ordain as follows :
Section 1. There is hereby granted to K. S., J.
T. and G. Vf. Carey, their heirs and assigns, sub-
ject to the provisions ofthe statutes governing
tfie city of Sacramento, the right to construct,
lay down, repair, maintain and operate, for the
term of fifty years Irom and alter the passage of
this ordinance, a single or double-track street
railway or railroad, with all necessary or con-
venient tracks for curves, turnouts, switches,
tracks, stations, turn-tables and append-
ages; and to propel ears thereon by horse or mule
power, or by wire ropes running under the
streets and moved by stationary steam engines,
and to collect, receive and retain fare and com- j
pensation ior the use thereof, in, through, on,'
over or along, and in, through; on over and j
along the following streets and parts of streets]
in the city of Sacramento, that is to say : Com-
mencing at the Central Pacific Railroad Depot,
at the northern end of Se.-ond street in said city,
running thence along Second to X, thence along
Kto Tenth, thence along Tenth to o, thence
along O to Twentieth, thence along Twentieth
toll, thence along H to Tenth, thence along
Ttnth (loth) to Kj also, fiom the intersection of
X and Tenth streets alone X to 'twentieth. I
Section 2. The rate of fare ou such railroad or
railway must net exceed the sum of live cents
for a single fare. .:
Section 8. The grantees heroin named shall j
pay to the city of Sacrameuto an annual license
of live dollars upon each car run and operated
ujion said railroad or railway, which ' shall en-
title iin m to run, manage and operate their
railroad or railway every day in the year. : .
Section 4. The grantees herein named may at !
any time abandon any part or portiou ot the |
franchise hereby granted, upon filing with the
Board of Trustees of the city of Sacramento a
written declaration of such abandonment, par-
ticularly describing the part or portion intended
to be abandoned. '-.
- Section 5. The rate of speed on said railroad
or railway must not be greater than eight miles
per hour. -
section 6. The grantees herein named shall pay
and be assessed forthecoj-tsof improving the por-
tion of the street reets embraced between the
rails of the track or tracks of their railroad or
railway; and such assessment shall be a lien
against the franchise and railroad of said
grantees from tin- date of such assessment, ami
may be collected in the same, manner as other
assessments for improving streets arc collected;
snd -aid grantees snail keen said portion ofsaid
street or streets constantly in repair.
Section 7. This ordinance shall tako effect Im-
mediately." .■•-..
Passed March 9, ISBS. -
■z -, JOHN Q. BROWN.
President of the Board of Trustees.
E. 11. McKee, Clerk. . . .- mrll-lplOt ■-.:
Wood and Coal Yard, No. 806 I street.
VY and lone Coals. Also, Coke. Pine and Oak.
Charcoal, Pitch Pine, aud Pine Kindling; 4-loot
Second-growth Oak and Stove Wood delivered
promptly. - Tklephosk, No. C 9. ''--•■: ;• „ - . -.=. ■-,-.
air-Mptf »-■ - - -W. K. OSBORN. Proprietor. J
-"': '•': 1303 Set i.ml street, bet. I. and M. " i
Oak (Sto\-e Lengths), «6 SO per cord. Also,
all kinds of Wood and Coal, at lowest possible
r*es. feaM P' f
\\So:if^ifz% '■r.v'osi.Ki'.Mx';
| If health V INVIGORATOR.
A edy for the cure of Nervous and Physical
Debility, Vital Exhaustion, Seminal Weakness,
Loss of Manhood, Failing Meniorv and Relaxed
and Enfeebled condition of the Genito-Urinary
Orgnm, Tr^**i^irtiMllu_P' | McSf'^Uiilia|
It speedily cum Impotence, Early D«-
csy, Loss of Vigor. SEMINAL WEAKNESS, and
all the sad effects of youthful follies and abuse
It permanently prevents all Unnatural
Loss from the systeir, a- thousands can attest
who have used the Lon_n-.lv in the pas) qnarter
of a century which i; has been before the public.
It is indeed a wonderful remedy— toning
the nerves, strengthening the muscles, checkini
the waste, invigorating the whole system and
restoring the afflicted to HEALTH and HAPPI-
NESS. - Tf . ,■
The Doctor will agree to forfeit 91,000 for a
case undertaken not cured. The reason so many
cannot get cured of Weakness and the above di*
eases Is owing to complication called PROSTA-
TORRHEA with Hypers.hesia, which requites
special treatment. "
Dr. LiEE.'q's Inviooratob. No 2, with our pecu-
liar specie! treatment, is tin- only cure for Pros-
tatokkuf.a. By it Manhood is restored and the
hand of time moved back Gram age to youth.
Price of either luvigorator, $2. Case pi
six bottles, 510. Sent to any address, covered
securely from observation.
Dr. Liebig _£ Co. Deal success by Ho-
moeopath v every form of SPECIAL, PRIVATH
or CHRONIC DISEASE without mercury or nau-
seous drugs. If vitality is drained trom the
body, numerous diseases follow that baffle ordi
nary medical treatment. If allowed to continue,
the unnatural loss causes Consumption, Dia-
betes, Bright's Disease, Insanity, etc.- Cures
guaranteed. Diseases of the genito-urinary or-
gans, kidneys, liver and bladder specially treat-
ed. Diseases ok women r, .:•:;■;. .v cckep.
tjiiallllt-d and Responsible Dr. Liebig A
Co. from Elisors »re regular college educated
phjsiriaus, and are now in their niueteenth
year of spi-cial practice.
It pirn les appear on the face and body, if yon
become listless and easily tired and exhausted,
look out for the complication with Seminal
Weakness, discovered at the UEBIG DISPEN-
SARY, known as Prostatorrhcea. DR. LIE-
BIG'S [NVIGORATOB, No. 2, is the only known
remely for the above complication, Proa to-
Most powei '-: ; electric belts free to patients.
To prove thk WONDERFUI power of TilF. IN-
Cnu-ul'.ati free and private.
4Cfl Geary srrecl, San Francisco, Cal.
Private Entrance. 4-'"> Mason street, four blocks
up Geary street from Kearny. Mam entrant
through Dispensary Drug Store.. dS-lvAwly
To the Unfortunate.
623 Ker*rny street, Sin »-*ranclsco.
J- " ■ 'Zf f - Ksiablished in 1854.
jtry ••-!-L for the treatment ol
/W a—- ■ . ZZrio Sexual ami Seminal
fi* ' — Zfff^ .'-";'}{>* Diseases, such as Gon-
_r-3 «.- __.-o^'?^';,'*- '' "' '■' ■'••' '~'fictures,
/o%s r 7:i'-f'"'tZ> •■;-:-. Syphilis in all its forms
L'&V 1 i.! I*'1 *' p3wi Beminal Weakness, Im
_SM Vi ■■$:&"?, potency, Skin Diseases,
tf t , -JA LsP^_»«»?s etc., permanently cured
mkWT&r-fZ:-' ■■"!".::-.
-„.... ,JbOTK®S Seminal Weakness.
§fc\&'i-'MW 4 ' ! . ■ : Seminal Emissions
t^^txk^M-Zf'ff'i.^f the eo-jseouence of self-
: CV^-.fei^_i-i:";-' - abuse. This solitary
«s>N_Sssss.i«^-*'.^; i - vice or depraved sex-
ual indulgence is practiced by the youth of both
sexes to an almost unlimited extent, producing
with unerring certainty the following train ol
morbid symptoms, unless combated by scientific
medical measures, viz : Sallow countenance
dark spots under the eyes, pain in the head,
ringing in the ears, noise like the rustling ol
leaves and rattling of chariots, uneasiness about
the loins, weakness of the limbs, confused vis-
ion, blunted intellect, loss of confidence, diffi-
dence in approaching strangers, a dislike to form
new acquaintances, disposition to shun society,
loss ol memory, beetle flushes, pimples and va-
rious eruptions about the face, furred tongue,
fetid breath, coughs, consumption, sweats
monomania and frequently insanity
ctr.i.r- AT r.or.iK.
Persons m a distance may be cured at home by
addressing a letter to DR. GIBBON, stating case
symptoms, length of time the disease has con-
tinued, and havemedieines promptly forwarded
free from damage and curiosity, to any part ol
the country, with lull and plain directions. By
inclosing ten dollars in registered letter, through
the Postofflce, or through Wells, Fargo & Co., a
package of medicine will be forwarded to any .•
part of the Union. The Doctor cures when othet
lail. Try him. Mention the Recop.d-Unios.
Address ' DR. J. F. GIBBON.
)a24-4ptf Box 95", Sap Francisco.
Tom. 3V_IX2ST^?IEJ.
A Special Diseases with the same wonderful
success as of old. _'■-'
SS^ *, J»^Sswj=<«ii! Is never-failing cure
f ~^«3_2S®s?!B£ for Nervous Debility,
aSS^^S^S Exhausted Yitalitv-
g£*7/i!? "SST^tA* Seminal ""eakness,
'ifi '-'^ ..sSVw', .-pSimatorrhtea, Lost
Sfi Mi^- - :" Manhood.lmndteney,
B"* 'V ■ -'^->V*i' S3 Paralysis, and all the
£'■-'', a '''--zii .?i terrible efTer-ts of self-
ss>x < t^&Ztai&jni aensfi, rohlhflil mines
'J-—<iZi—^ J &ii3 «nd excesses in mature
■—.-,, , .., rAK/fe-ZreZ i<fi'tf— as Loss of
HM^rT^it^a^ '-••''>. i WtuJe,
w<£3!osa2S£&i2£Z^%4 Nocturnal Ej_c.issi.in_s,
Aversion to Society, Dimness of Vlsioi, Noises
in the Head ; the vital fluid passing s.-rved
in the urine, and many other diseases that lead
to insanity and death.
DR. MXNTTE, who Is a regular physician
(gi iduate of the University of Pennsylvania), will
ague to forfeit Five Hundred Dollar* for
case of this kind the VITAL RESTORATIVE
(under his special advice and treatment) will
uot cure, or "for anything impure or Injurious
found in it. DR SIINTIE beats all PriTFts
Diseases successfully without mercury. Con-'
stiJt.it Free. Thorough examination and
' noi'"e, including analysis of urine, 95. Price
ot vliai_? ** w ' or! ? ;i - < ''. * l '° a bottle, or four
limes the nna!,^' ,v - * 3 i, s *?' ,. to :1!1 >' address
upon receipt of price, rC - °- D secured from
observation, and in nrlraw na ? )e if desired, by
A. E. BIINTIE, M. li.. lot. " Kearny
street. San Francisco, Cal.
Will he sent to any one applying by letter, stat-
ing symptoms, sex and age. Strict secrecy in
regard to all business transactions.
PHRETICtJM, cures all kinds of Kidney end
Bladder Complaints, Gonorihsea, Gleet. Leucor-
rh'B:i. For sale by all Druggists ; 81 a bottle ; six
bottles for S5.
,the best and cheapest DYSPEPSIA and
BILIOUS cure in the market. For sale by all
Druggists. - -
KIRK, iffy.AHlY & CO., Sacramento, Wholesale
_Utent> my9-tplrAo_>wlv
?Fif ; < a 'ri-n t X3 THK leoiti.
iill'vßfarlri iiySitLATE result of
jlin.^agg^^SSli * gover twenty years ol
? 5 J : "^fivWss 1 rilctioal experience
«:■•' -".-.■; "' WmmWM graduate pht.
v o '<yPS";'jßfi'» SSICIAX -if of the
r> : ;L*'^K»'»i h 'S ties,; medical col-
-0 Wf?fi%£&M^il 1 leges c f Europe. '
If Si \io^Wtfl JK § -It Positively cures
J jr.lstS^iTAl I SB! x ' rvous and Physical
VEfiAl UlllDebility, Seminal
WX.SS__s.Vi____a___B__,-a^__E______S'-Vcakness, Sperm a-
-09 . * Ift vs-l^ <if. , torrlnea, Impotency.
______■______■________■■ i >■■> ■____>_• sensitiveness of the
parts,) Kidney and Bladder Complaints, Impuri*
lies of the Blood and Diseasesof the Skin.
It permanently stops all unnatural weak-
ening drains upon the system, however thej
occur, preventing involuntary seminal losses,
debilitating dreams, seminal losses with the
urine, or wnile at -tool, etc., so destructive to
mind and body, and cures all the evil effects of
youthful follies and excesses, restoring Ex
hausted, vitality, Sexual Decline ana Loss
Manhood,* however complicated the cane
may be.
A thorough as well as a permanent cnre
and complete restoration to perfect health,
Strength and Vigor of Manhood is absolutely
guaranteed by this justly celebrated and re-
liable Great Remedy. Price, 82 10 per bottle, or
five bottles tor $10. Sent upon receipt of price-
or C. O. D., to any address, secure from observa-
tion and strictly private by
216 KEARNY Street. SAN Francisco, CAU
Sufficient to show its merit, will be sent to any
one applying by letter, stating cis symptoirs
and age.
. Consultations strictly confidential, by let-
ter or at office, free.
For the convenience of patients and in ordei
to insure perfect secrecy, I have adopted a pri- - _
vate address, under which all packages are for- ■_-.
Delicious Beer always on draught at 5 cents
a. glass. - Best of Wines, Liquors and Cigars in
stock. . ; EDWARD DIETEKLE, Proprietor.
:■..: -•-■■■.".-■ -.. ■:■?-.- mr!7-4ptf '■ ' .-.*.. --■_■.- .■ .
, mento, Cal. z. Machinery of all kinds Made
stnd Repaired.;; 49- Water Works a Specialty.
-•■■■--, 'a27-tt -'."-. - ■ - ■
.-'..■■"•''.-v.' ■■;. - "ir~'.. m -::•:■:'• ■- • --;■'-■". :: ■

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