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Fata) Case of Sunstroke— Prospector
Drov-ned Man Found
—Indian News.
■ '
" Sco How a Coward Cnu si 'i_"
San F-A-C'H— >, May i.— Perry Pettit,
n well-known character, who bus been ill
the busiuess of a drummer for various
dry goods houses, and was lastly employed
by Levi Strauss <fe Co., committed suicide
last evening. The trouble with him was
domestic unhappiness. The following let
ter, addressed to his wife, was found in his
I ■
I.:. 1-.-N llovkk, Corner Sixth ftiit! Howard.
Hy Dearest Wife: I write yon a few lines— that
is to niv I havi- takeu death as my last result,
and Why should It bono? Sir.ii.l elhat 1 loved
you better than death. You toldt me I was too
much n coward to di". See how a coward can
die. 1 loved you dearly, but yonr wonts and
treatiacnl have I een too much. Had you only
treated lac a little like a . hito man, tlii- would
never l:ii(>; ci!. You have lent everything: may
you prt-per with it ; but all will meet with
What I'.a-s Itoon, Ji ..tli. What you SOW no sh.-ill
you reap. i_.uo I left Tor. Stockton you told
me you did not core forme, and 1 knew It. I
never lik. I to - c- you \s.rk, and you need not
have (lone go much. Thlahouse and company
Ido not like; have appealed without Biiccees.
Cod for - Ive me, a::, you bury me. Since seeing
*lr. Parsons I lied all hone over. Uoil bless
you • (lood by. 1 would have come to-iiitht,
but —r. P. says uo, an he saw you to-day; You
took my life. 1 givo it freely, and God bless
yoll. l'Eill.V ¥ -TTIT.
_.riival from China acd pan.
-A- l'-A-Cisco, May ' h.— The steam
ship City of New York, which arrived at
this port to-day from China, brought 531
Chinese passengers, which makes the total
arrivals at this jiori for the present month
Irom China alone 1,669, and a total ticket
ed directly for San Francisco of 1,130.
These figures do not - show the total
arrivals, for arrivals from domestic ports
are not noted, and therefore exclude all tho
leakage from iho British Columbia border.
Tbe arrivals to-day are ticketed as follows:
San Francisco. 302 ; Havana, 2; Panama,
3; Victoria. -l.
A Very Tamil _.-_l_
S...N* Francsco, May 29th.— The fight at
Ihe Wigwam this evening between young
Mitchell, of San Francisco, end Bob Turn
bull, of Canada; was a very tame atlair.
Although there were seven " rounds, there
•was practically no fighting save in two of
them. Turnbull was knocked oat in the
seventh "... right given to
-tut.; -Icrtic-1.-ral Society.
Sa. F-..."_6c0, May _9:h.— The State
Horticultural Society met this afternoon]
Superintendaht Hatch; of Snisun, presid
ing. The main subject of discussion wa3
Judge Blackwood's resolution condemning
the proposed Heath amendment, for the
reason that the clause relating to the taxa
tion of fruit trees and vines did not meet
the wants of the fruit-growers. It was
finally adopted.
Ilw VlUcuitural Corau-.lssion.
Sam Josn, May 29th.— The morning ses
sion of the Vi-ici iltural Commission was
taken v.p with the further tasting of the
samples of wine, including those made
from varieties of grapes of recent import a ;
Mr. Morse, of the University, is in at
tendance with prepared specimens of the
phylloxera for examination under the
Mr. Wheeler, Secretary of the Shite
Board, is also hero, with specimens of fer
ment germs, and other microscopical speci
mens of interest to viticalturists.
Tim examination of wines will be con
tinued tliis afternoon, to be followed by a
short session in the interest of merchants
and. wine consumers.
The evening session wiil close the labors
of the Convention;
I!lnodshe_ In Shasta unty.
I.SBDI-G, May 29th.— James Greenlee,
Constable of Fall River precinct. Charley
Fitzwater ami John Me.-emor went to
Lookout, in Big valley, to arrest Jo. Gib
bons for shooting Scroggins at Round'
mountain about sun-up day before yester.
day. They discovered Gibbous going to
the woods, where he secreted himself in
tht. top of a fallen tree. Greenlee got to
the atump and ordered Gibbons to surren
der.and upon his refusal firing commenced]
Gibbons shot Greenlee in the center of the
head with a Winchester rifle, tearing the
top of his bead off and killing him in
atantly. Gibbon 3 was .-hot in the ieft
breast. Fitzwater and McXemor captured
the murderer and took him to Lookout!
The ciiii'.ei:s fear a rescue Irom Gibbons'
three sons, and have sent a messenger to
Shasta for theSherirl. Greenlee's body was
taken to Fail River .Mills for burial,
-oraau Jailed fov Larceny — Victim of a
Lee A _Gl___; May —Mrs. Dr. Muir
hcad was sentenced to GO days in jail for
larceny. ;.,.. : '_
Mrs. Maria Antonio De Thompson, late
_ Irs. Woodworth; in an interview with a
reporter, says that A. C. Thompson, her
husband; practiced fraud upon her In get
ting her to sign an agreement, transferring
half of her property to him. She sup
posed it was an obligation to- pay her
|10,000, which she had agreed to loan him
to open business with! She says : '.! 1 con
sider that I was the victim of a deep-
To^ YosemJ-e fit._go Robbers— Decoration
Day— New .Military Company.
Fbes-o; May 29th.— Myers and I 're.cott,
arre-ted for robbing the Yoscmite —age,
have been bound over by Justice Johnson,
of Fresno Flats, in the sum of $20,000 each;
to answer the charge before the Superior
Court. The officers, Messr.. Meade; How;
ward, Kapcljo aud Moore, who made the
arrest, have undoubted proof that they
have the right parties, though none of the
stolen property has been recovered. The
prisoners were brought to Freaiio to-night,
and lodged in jail.
Decoration Day will lie duly observed
hero to-morrow by the Blue and Gray Vet
nans and several other societies. The
business houses will be closed! Extensive
preparations have been made.
A military company was accepted as a
part of tho National Guard of California at
thin place last night. Rlajor-General Turn-
Lull nnd Colonel VV. Forayth'e. of tho Gov;
crnor's stall, wore present. The company
-ill start but with over 100 members. Tne
oilicer. will be clecte.l and the final organ
ization completed on the 15th of June.
J'utisl <.'a._ . of -.: a!..-.
V.-CAVit-B, May 29:h. — Al. Hylten
working on a hay press on B; Christopher 'a
ranch; was sun struck yesterday afternoon;
dying in the evening. His age was about
1 'ouiifl Drowned.
Bio Vista, May 29___- The body of
Tobias Olscn, drowned from the
schooner Whiting on Saturday near 'i o
land's Landing, was found yesterday near
tbe place where the accident occurred. An
inquest was held to-day by Judge Inger
soil, the jury rendering a verdict of acci
dental drowning. The bod v will be buried
here to-day.;.
Prospector Shot by at: Italian.
Columbia'; May 2— ;h. — Ike Harding, a
well-known prospector, was ohot in the
foot Wednesday by an Indian, who at
tempted to rob huh. Tho Indian is still
Savages of GraKbhopperg—lXcaiTtst-sl for
Stockton, May 29th.— The gra*_hopoer..
are consuming every preen thing in "the
northeastern part of the county. The rav
aging arm oi voracious insects are moving
in a south tward direction.
Richard Hicks, whose family resides in
Oakland, and who was recently arrested in
this county on suspicion of insanity and
subsequently discharged, was again ar
rested yesterday while wandering aimli ssly
near tho Contra Costa county line, and
brought to this city in an exhausted con
dition. He has been placed in the County
Hospital. It is believed lie is suffering
from sunstroke, and his condilioii is con
aidcresl hopeless.
The Indian Situation,
Df.mixo, May 29th.— Early tbla morning '
f Geronimo and his warrior, passed Fort
Cummings and a company of troops who
were left to guard the Cook's canyon trail;
a „d struck south for I_ exioo. They crossed
the railroad eight mile, east of Deming
about 10 o'clock. The dust which mark" ! .
the line of Uitir flight was plainly -C .1
from here, and from the house tops, by th .
aid of glasses; the Indians were easily dis
tinguish I. Two bourn ititer the pursuing
troop 5 came in sight. Two days since a
part of squaws passed on the same route,
and aro probably camped near the Mexican
line, awaiting the arrival of -the bucks be
fori crossing. The excitement in Deming
is intense. Volunteers have been called
for, but owing to the lack of arms, ammu
nition, saddles, etc.. only a posse of ten
men could be gotten together, Iv a
sparsely-settled country like this it is im
possible to arm antl equip a party ot men
at short notice. Colonel Lock-art, a citi
r.en, tendered the uso of his herd of
i mules. 100 in number, but found it mi.
. possible to equip them. The Indians
i could have been intercepted and destroyed
i by a force of thirty nun leaving ibis point
at the time the posse of ten left, and it is
probable that even they will be alls to
surprise and route the Indians at their
watering place, near tlie Tres Hermanos
mountains, at daylight to-morrow morn
ing. As far as the troops arc concerned, it
isthe old story. Tho Indians will reach
Mexico without exertion. They have
nothing ahead of them, unless the Deming
pii.so heads them oil.
: .
Ke'eas— l from .Tail— Railway o_i__l~.
Sai.t Lake, May 20th.— John Aird. con
victed April oOih. of unlawful cohabitation
and fined $300, was committed to jail till
paid. To-day lie was released, under the
provisions of the Territorial statute, on
making oath before Commissioner McKay
that he cannot pay his fine, and is not
worth $20 above property exempt from
execution! 7
Charles Francis Adams and party of
Union Pacific officials arrived to-day. Tins
afternoon they look a run out to the lake,
and leave in the morning .....
Terrific b'lgl • with a mountain Lion.
Salt Lake? May 29th. — A man named
James Jackson had v terrific light with B
mountain lion on Little Caramis river,
Wyoming, recently. He started out to cut
wood; taking his "shotgun along. Seeing
some birds perched on a rock he shot at
ili«-iii, but. hit instead a mountain lion; till
then invisible, but which made his pres
ence known by yells of rage and pain, tiic
charge of shot having lodged in his sboul
tlt-r and side. Jackson could have got away
without further trouble, as the iion was
fully occupied in tearing around; not hav
ing noticed the man ; but Jackson thought
he would take the lion's hide— it would
look well mounted. So lie fired at him
with both barrels, filling the beast with bird
shot, but still no notice was ta ken of
the hunter, who, emboldened by the
animal's inattenti' n, walked up close
and peppered him again with two
more charges. That settled it. The
lion for the first tim . noticed the man, and
went for him with mouth open and tail
lashing. Too lute Jackson started to run,
but soon saw it wm of no use, and he stood
with clubbed gun, and as tlie lion came up,
hit -im over the head with it, knocking
him down. He then rasdeanother start to
run, but the lion was np and at him again,
and the man drew h:s pocket-knife for the
light. They closed, and the struggle was
long and hard. Tbe man's clothes were
torn off, and ho was bruised and mangled,
but kept working away with his knife, and
finally got it into the throat of the beast,
making such wound? that tho lion was
weakened from loss of blood, and presently
rolled over dead. Jackson will recover
from liis hurts, and be as well as ever,
though he wiil be laid up a long time.
B-kfeeman Killed.
Sax,. La km, May 29th.— Thomas McLean,
head brakeman on the east-bound Northern
Pacific train, was some days ago accident
ally killed while at his post of duty on top
of the train. While the train was passing
through theßozeman tunnel a. rock, prob
ably dislodged by the vibration caused by
the train, fell from the topof, the tunnel
and struck McL-eas in its descent, knocking
him off tbe car. He fell under the train,
and fourteen cai-s passed over his body,
mangling ami crushing him almost beyond
recognition. The deceased was well known
on the line, and at one time ran on the
Denver and liio Grande.
Denth if a Gulum bli* ItJv^r I'llo*.
Astobial May 29;!:.— Captain Ira Stevens'
for many years a Columbia river pilot for
the O. R. st X. steamers, died to-day. Ho
had been a resident of Astoria, lor twenty
five years. The cause of deatii ww acute
rheumatic fever.
Arrival of Immigrants— Joseph's Ha-id—
oration 1a...
Pobtuakd, May 20: Ii. — During the month
of May 2, tK-Jm migrants arrived in Port
land, against 3,-00 for April. All appear
well pleased with tho country '■- - experi
ence no trouble in finding homes.
Joseph's baud of Xez Perces will proba
bly arrive at their old reservation to-mor
row, but no immediate trouble i_ antici
Decoration Day will bo generally ob
served throughout the titute, and business
will be suspended.
The Hop Market .
A correspondent say . : " I have io*t all
my money in hops, and would like lo
knoiv what there is in that article." The
best authority is Kiuniet Wells' "Weekly
Hop Circular." Under the date May 22d
The New York nop merchants an.l
brewers havo spent moat cf their time this
week at the Brewers' Convention h.ld at
Terrace Garden, this city. The consequence
is little or no business has been transacted
in hops since Inst is.-tue of tho "Circular,"
and we can hardly look for anything doing
before next wrsk.
There is a very firm undertone to tho
market, influenced by continue- encourag
ing cable news from J/Oiuion; yet no hops
seem to he going out on this week's
steamers. : ; "..;■ ':?: . '
Tin! m rivals continue quite heavy—indi
cating considerable tuany purchases in tho
interior. .'rices there, especially in th.
vicinity of Canajobarie, keep -.vrili up, and
aw a cent in advance of New York quota
tions^ according to the Courier', while :it
Waterville the highest quotation this week
is ... or one cent under Now
Reports from all quarters, boll, heme and
abror.tl, speak o( the splendid condition of
the roots, with the vino in some of ihe
districts half way up the poles; but until
the hop pest season arrives these early r<_
ports arc of bat little value. ■■-
It «... on the 31_t of May last when we
bc^an to receive discouraging news from
the English hop plantations. Our highest
quotations for State hops at that time was
26 cents; tho first advance on this figure
was June 13th following; whet we quoted
at 2. cents ; ono woek from that time there
was a further advance of two cents,' and
the week following (June 27th) the crisis
was reached when we quoted 38 cents ns
the top price: from this the price gradu
ally retie.i. i down to tho and of the season;
August 81st, when the best price obtainable
wis- »«*"**- ■
Kapha— .'s M _ »- s ■ib Bat_. — Th
New York Evening Pott announces that the
statement made not long ago that ■he King
of Saxony had offered to the liritisii Gov
ernment the gem of his duns at Dres
den, the celebrated " Madonna di San
Sit-to," appears, according to the Mar.eiieetor
Onardiem, to be correct. | The sum asked is
1,000. The Madonna is one of the most
wonderful creations of Raphael's genius.
According to Vasari it was executed for the
principal altar of St. Sixtus atPlaoenza—
at least, it was there in Vasari's time, and
only removed to Dresden in the last cen
tury. The Virgin appe..ra as the Queen of
Heaven, in a brilliant oompanv of cheru
bim, standing in tl. clouds, w'itli the in
fant Son in her arms. St. Sixtus and an
other Saint knee] at the sides. A cu__iin,
drawn back, incloson the picture. On each
Mill- underneath is a light parapet, on i
which lean two beautiful angels. The
work was executed about 1517-18.
• » — -
Miss Alice Johnson, of Sonora, stopped
a runaway stage team in the Yosemite
thereby preventing a serious accident. A
male fellow passenger jumped out and left
her to deal with the team.
„>. . ■- I. :.-.. '
I__2 ._'___-. B__-f_-__. FOP. GEIS
Capture of Kiel's ..ie -sonant — China
aud France— French andFnglish
Races — - Hugo's Death-____
[-__!__ D-O-TCBES TO THE RSCO2_-_---.]
Trouble Brewing Between England and
'.•'•" May 20th . The Sun' Lon
d'/.: special says : There is a growing belief
that troubles are brewing for Germany and
England respecting Zanzibar, and -.-','/
also in regard to Saint Luoia buy, farther
south on the eastern const of Africa. Com
plications in the former place have been
caused by the excessive zeal of parents of
the German East African Company,\who
mc . ai.-f to have encroached upon Zanzibar
territory, in their anxiety to secure avail
able trading post.- By this means, it is
. si'l, thpy have diverted large quantities of
ivory," gum/ copal;^india rubber, seeds, and
so on. which formerly came from the in
t.rior to Zanzibar and Pernba; causing
great loss and annoyance to tbe traders
th— 3_gh whose hands this traffic passed;
T!:c latter appealed to the Saltan t-f Znnzi
bar,'who addressed a protest to Germany,
England snd other European Powers.
Encroachments continued; however, and
the Sultan made reprisals by sending 300
of his troops to seize tbe company's chief
tradingposts. The capture was peacefully
effected, but the company sent an urgent
demand upon the Gem . Government for
a force to compel tbo restoration of their
property, which they claim to '•-. urder
the valid treaties with various native chiefs.
This hu3 resulted in an order of the Ger
man squadron to proceed to Zanzibar and
investigate !be subject. The Sultan is
uneasy over this naval demon— ration, and
has warned England that be may possibly
be compelled at any moment to demand
the fulfillment of tlio treaty obligations
shouldered by Gnat Britain when .ha _ _-
sutued a protectorate over Zanzibar.
Beuiiu, May _L.h.— Several of the Ber
lin papers have alarniist '-..•;■ the
trouble between tbe Sultan of Zanzibar and
the German East Africa Company. They
hint that Germany may b__ impelled to
declare ■.-._. England and Italy
. •!• inciting the Sultan against peaceable
German subjects.'. ■'
The Franco-Chlnoso Treaty.
Tientsin, May 29th. — The telegrams
from this place received at Shanghai, slat
ing that all tbc articles of a treaty of peace
between China and Franco had been agreed
to, and that the treaty would be signed to
day, were premature. Negotiations still
continue, and M. Patenbtre, the French
Embassador, lias recently had several in
terviews between i.i Hung Chang, the Chi
ii-e Envoy. Both are awaiting the reply
of th . Peking Government to the lateet
French prapoeala
Victor il-xn's •-__-___«__.
1.1-w Yon-, May __*!h.— The • -_■ -- dcs
Etati-Unii published to-day a letter from
Pari giving a full account of the last ill
ness of Victor Hugo. It contains many
touching anecdotes and sayings of the
great poet when on his dentil-bed. When
lie first was compelled to take td b< ■_, Borne
onefold him that in a few days he would
be cured. "Ko," he answered; "it is the
end. I feel I am about to tlie." When
Mine. Lockroy asked him one morning
bow he felt, he said,' " Well, very well. It
Is death, and death is welcome.. Then
turning to Mine. Lockroy. he said, " It is a
dead man who speaks to you." An instant
Inter he spoke of "death as long in com
ing—too long." He recalled many inci
dents of his yaUih, and while speaking of
some of his boyish adventures, stopped
and began to recite without the le?.-". effort
of memory seveial verses oi p. Spanish
poem. It ;.. supposed this illness was
caused by his own carelessness. He always
dressed the sapie, rai matter what the
weather was and never wore an overcoat.
When his friend Ferdinand dc Less.]- was
received into the Academy, i.nd while
everybody wore hats on account of the
oold, Victor Hugo held his io his band, lie
remained uncovered nearly ten minutes.
This is supposed to havo been tbc cause of
his illness.
l_.oulu.-i.-b for Cholera.
Nkw York, '■." __._.— The Herald's
London correspondent has interviewed the
celebrated physicians, Si- William Gull,
Sir Andrew Clark and Hir Oscar Clayton;
all physicians to the royal family,' on the
subject of, iuoculation for cholera; and all
pronounced against its feasibility. The
correspondent continues: Mean while Dr.
Fer_.ii. experiments have b.en put to tbe
test with the following results; From May :
Ist to the 10th* persona Inoculated" twice,
3,011; inoculated once and subsequently
attacked by cholera, .even. Of, the latter
fully two died, while no one who bad been
twice inoculated died. During tlie same '
period 73 ca_cs of cholera occurred at Alma
among persona r.ot inoculated *n._d 39 were
The Turf la Engl . ar..'. I ranoo.
[...:.- May -.di.— At the Manchester
Whitsuntide meeting to-day the race for
tbe Whitsuntide plate, for two-year-old i,
wm won by 11. Peck's bay rill y Philosophy.
Pauls, May 29tb. — The Salon prizes were
awarded, as follows: Bonguereau iirst, B.
Constant second, Humbert' tlrl.d.
Stanley'- Zs-iil mill lut!a_try.
Lo_r_o», May 29th.— Stanley! in his cam
paign in Europe on behalf of the Congo
ritate, 'has shown scarcely lees energy .en
thusiasm and tact, than are displayed ir: hi.
book on the Congo, liis zeal is boundless
and his industry unconquerable.
Ge_har< lt'_ Losses.
■ . -
London, May 20th.— It is rumored that
Fred. Gebhardt lust £6,000 on his Bole in
the race yesterday for the Manchester cup.
f_i ew Historic— l Dram:*.
London, May 29;h.— Tennyson an
nouncea to-day a new historical drama — a
sequel to " Beckett."
Emperor William's Health.
London, May 29th.— Emperor William
is undoubtedly in a precarious condition.
The Daily Telegraph this morning gives
itim editorially an ante-mortem eulogy.
Abolition ol slavery la I. _ fi— 'il.
Kkw Yokx, May 20th. — The steamer Ad
vance, which arrived here to-day from lilo
tie Janeiro, brings advices to the cfiect that
the new Ministry of .7.11 has adopted a
pri 'grain me for tbe abolition of -'■ ■■'■': .of
which the following i.i a synopsis : General
registry of all slaves, with a declaration of
tbe value of each . .aye registered, subject
to n yearly depreciation or five per cent.,
making the maximum value of slaves of
60 years t.t 2.0 milreis each. Slaves vex
60 years of ngc will have no monetary
value, but will be obliged to serve for a
term of three years. Tho existing emanci
pation fund will be continued, and in ad
dition a new fund will be created from a
tas of five tier cent, on all public revenues,
except exports, and indemnification will 'no
made to slave-owners in five per cent, -.':;
--ci-t to one-half tbe value of each slave,
and a service of five an in payment of
the remainder.
Kiel's lieutenant Captured.
St. Paul (Minn.), May _9;h.— Terry re
ceived a telegram lust night from the com
mander of Port Assinaboine, confirming
the reported capture of Gabriel Dumont
and Michael Dumais on American uotj,
and their arrival there. They wore cap
tured on the 27th by Sergeant Perkins and
two scouts Oil the Milk river trail, ten
miles from tbe fort General Terry has.
ordered the men to be held as prisoners
until further initructions.
Washington. May 29th.— General R. C.
Drum sent the following telegram to Gen
eral . ehofield to-day ;
Replying to yourtelf„r__ of this slat?, rooort
ioK the arrest on American territory of Gabriel
i-umnnt trod Ml— i_el Hum ... Canadian iu.ur
runts. who belonged to Kiel', insurrectionary
force, th _ —.rotary of War Instructs me to <_>•
that the military force* h-vt: no authority to
urn-", or detain them. They must therefore be
relea— xl from military arrest.
The ni!iT-<;i>it__.'r_ IMffl.nlfy In Mexico.
Cm? of Mexico (via Galveston) May
29th.— hostility which has long threat
ened a rupture between President Diaz and ]
ex-President Gonzalez, has- finally culmin
ated in an order adopted in Congress for
the impeachment of the. two Secreta- 1
j ries of the Treasury under the Gons-icr.
administration, and also of minor treasury
officials generally. It i. thought Gonzalez I
will endeavor to vindicate himself. His
friends arc reported as saying he will
precipitate a revolution before submitting.
The Tompci-iice Question In Canada.
Tobonto, May 29th. — At its closing session
to-night, the Grand Lodge cf Good Tem
plars appointed a committee to memorial
ize the American Congress against allow
ing liquors being imported in unbroken
package- and sold in prohibition States
and town--.: also commending in
high terms the courage and efficiency of
the Canadian troops In the >'o— h wes*, and
that this was '•-.">" without ths
use of stimulants, under Genera Middle
ton's orders.
Kussi_'rt I.ply to England's rroyos.-S^
London, May 30th— A. _.— The i___ An
nounces this morning, on ihe highest tu
thority,'that Russia's reply to England's
counterproposals was received in Loudon
yesterday. The reply, .."■-.-■ .-:;■,-, in
volves the acceptance of the proposals, and
practically ..... manner,
[ the whole question of the Afghan bound-
I nry. Both Maruchak and Zulfikar remain
in possession of the Ameer Tlie main
I features of tho work cf delimitation have
j been finally fixed, and tho Boundary', -om-
I mission will tsettlo the detail. The nego
j tiations, according to the A'ews. liuve teen
| conducted in a most friendly spirit on both
| tide-. ,-:".:.:-."-
G!--.-to*ie Applauded.
LoKDO-, M.iy SOtlt— ii.— The Daily
_'__■ editorially soy:- Gladstone has
crowned his illustrious career by again
! rendering the country signal service. ' We
i must not forget; new that peace is assured;
j how near wo came to a war such as this
generation has not seen. Neither mere
| obstinacy nor skill in diplomacy could
I have averted it. The task required a com-
I binaticn of the highest qualities which go
i o make up ihe- complex gift of statesman
[special by T-LBSKAra TO THI r.r._ !?.D-t-iio:i.'!
. „-
-what.-, May 20th.— Tho following
overland passengers passed Netvball May
29th; to arrive in Saii Francisco May SOth:
M. Lamnntei M. Ju&d.'San Francisco; Gc-o.
C. Kncx, Los Angeles; KevJ O. .'. squire,
-■•'■.- A. Crowley, Miss A. Sweeney,
W. W. Holcomb, I__ Angeles; J. C. Ha
singcr, Oakland.
P__-____y (Utah); May 29th.— Tbe fol
lowing overland passengers passed here
to-day to arrive in Sacramento Mnv 31 _;
Y. Kunfko, T. Sato, R. TotainfrJapan ;
_cv. J. T. Quinn, Denver ; Mrs. George IJ.
Homer, and tv/.*> children; Han Francisco;
i has Pierce ant! wife, California ; F. M.
Simonds.'New York; 3. A. D. Fausttia,
Agency City,' lowa; W. I. Moore,' Boston;
Mass.; ' John Fitcaim) Jr.. Philadelphia; J.
Setter- eld and son. Buffalo; Dr.'C. 11.
Martin* Pennsylvania; C. N. Spiers, New
York; P. Fafnfield, San Francisco; F. N.
Delany ,'Al-imcda ; F. La-vton, Philadel
phia; J. KJ Gardiner, England ; J. Robin
sou and wife, Montana; W. Wcitmuti;
Wyoming: F. Vasault, Onrav; Col.; John
Cudihee, Jackson; Midi.; J. E. Moore, In
diana; J. 11. Farthing, San Jose; J. A.
FavniO-tYille," Geo. Gibson, Chicago; Mrs.
J. VV. Stephenson; Oakland ; 11. A. Klein,
Alumeda ; i . Hornier, Ohio.
Tho following freight prised Ogden
S. 2Cth :
For Sacramento— Mebius tt Co., io boxes
bellies. tJ boxes D.' B.' bellies; Huntington,
Hopkins &Co * 2 barrels and 1 case traps,
.... castings ; Wat er hou se & Les
ter,'9 barrels hardware, 9 cases a_l*_; Ba
ker e\ Hamilton. 2 boxes huuies; Earle,
Potter _. Co., 24 vac., stoves ; Bums, Kan
cock t Co., 3 c_.es and £3 barrels glass
ware,' 2 cases and 2 hogsheads crockery;
Adams, McNeill & Co., 1 cate tobacco;!
Stanton & Thompson, 1 boy mower knives;
Lillie Haw, 1 box books ; Weinstock & Lv
: bin, 1 box skirts, : case underwear, 9 boxes
certain poles ; Locke & Lavcnson'l bale
rugs; Hall, Ltthrs & Co.*, 60 tierces hams;
Kirk, Geary _ O)., 1 box ao3p, 2 cases per
fumery, 1 case drugs; C. i -rich , 1 tub
! cheese; H. Cohen j 2 boxes molding ; T.W.
Schwamb, 2 box..- molding-, 12 bundles
. For St< _k.cn— Granger. Union, .. boxes
bandies,' s boxes hardware; Austin Bros.,
16 wheelbarrows; .eater & Harrold, 11
boxc-.s chairs, 20 cases scats ; W. P. Miller,
3 cases saddlery; Dr. J. ... Miller, 21 pack
ages household goods.
' For M irysviilo— White, Cooler & Cutis,
: box binges; Win. Ogden & Son, 33 bun
dles carriage wheels ; Ml Bruce, 1 bale warp;
L. G. English _ Co., 10 bundles iron.
May 20.1885— Geonre Lit . to Benjamin Cham- !
hers a;:d Israel Knapp— Fractions numbered S 1
and 4 In eai t half of (southwest quarter of sco- j
firm 26, to-::, .lip in north; range 7 east .f_ acres;
also p&rtnf wt-t hall of southeatt ..." sec
tion 20, township 10, except 3d acres owned by
John T. Cardwell et si.: 2.700
May 21,1885-1 McCarty to Mrs Ellen Me-
Carty— Southwest quarter of northwest quarter
of section 20, township 7 north, ran . east :
May 23. 1885— J0hn Bec_ to Catherine A. Hill
— Ef— t fifteen et c 10l 1 and west twenty-five
feet of lot 2, P and Ci. Slxi hand Seventh streets;
also lot 5, It and .-.. Sixth and Seventh streets;
12, 00. ■ -.-■:.
April 4, IF— — Jcao .iin.B • btlal to Manual
de Sumas Sitaitlal— Ss.l67 acres of Swamp-land
Survey No. Ill; _ - ".'
May 28, 1885 -John F. Dixon and Malissa A
Dixon t.i J. Il Kiicny— Lot t, P and Q, Twen
tieth and Twenty-first Btroe. : ....
May 26. IBSS— C. A. Hill to '1. E. Hunt and
CI;, t F. Wood— East (ifl'-S-ii feet of lot No. 1 and
went twenty-live feet of lot '_. l- and Q. sixth and
Seventh streets; also lot 6, X and S, Sixth and
ive ith streets; .
• I, _'ay _., _
KOR-t-8 _-_* ION*.
Ophir 14. £-„. -V 1 25®1 20
Mc_ic_u 1 10*1 C. OTO-_.au 4*.
V.&B [email protected] f _ Union 1 _!
Con. C.i Va '__:_ 05 Alta 80c
O. _ C -; 9.. Andes 4._4'le
Savage 3 7.ss ". . 1 Benton.- ;ue
Chollar 2 10 1- avaio l
Potosi 7;-_Ji.__ N. Belle Isle I'-
H. AN 6% Bodies l 3fl
Jacket- .2 COS,'. BS.llono 90c
En*_>_ 8 PotOSi soo
Kavajo - in. _N '?>i„i7
Holmes 4 60 Point .1 49&.1 I.
)'o;iie l 35 Imperial ,*,
-Souo Soc Alpha. I li
Ophir . I to?;! _ Bullion 3.*.
Mexican 1 _)®1 25 . I Ncv 1 : a®] to
O. & 0 2 IS Overman 50c
Be__B 8 _-i. CO E-Obequer 2_c
i.. (Ton. Yawn _ wn 15 Onion l 35
Bavagc .■'.;-.. AlUi liOi.j'JSsj
Choliar - _>.; Andes 0_ :
■ — — __
China and Japan.
By the arrival of t'.ie steamer City of
New York at San Francisco yesterday, wa
are in receipt of late papers from China
and Japan, from - 1.-.I: the following items
are glei
Three Russian men-of-war are now in
Yokohama harbor, and three English ones
are anchored at Yoki suko.
An announcement has been issued to
the effect that Seoul ie now opened to for
eign trade.
It is the intention of the Japanese Gov
ernment to issue convertible notes of the
Nippon Oinko, and to withdraw a corre
sponding amount of kinsatsn.
The Russians have bought up all the
Cardiff coal in the Yokohama market, and
are making active inquiries for steamer, for
transport purpose..
The Niolti NU-hi slates that a telegram
from Tientsin says that both tho Chinese
and Japanese troops in Coreahave received
order, to withdraw and return to their re
upective countries.
" The Corean Government is endeavoring
to raise the wind in every conceivable
manner. Titles have been sold until they
have become too common to be valued;
now official positions are in the market — a
Judgeship being obtainable for 800 yen — so
says a correspondent to a native paper.
: a »
Cost of Ghosj. — En-dish national
drink bill for I___, as summed up by Mr. |
Hoyle in the London Times, shows an in- I
crease of nearly a million pounds over that
of the preceding year. The money spent
for spirits, wines, beer, and ale reached the I
enormous sum of £1-6.349,25- . Tho only
encouraging thing about the statistics is
that they show that there has been a steady I
and appreciable decrease in the sale of
spirits and imported wines, offset by a I
corresponding increase in the use of melt I
liquors..,. 7S--77-:
' I
__________,*TO ______3T. )
— — — —
h-CBA-TSNTO, May 29t_. I
FKUir-Lei-OC!., Sicily, _t%<c_se; ____«, ;
1111*1®-"*; Ban-nag, f3s_ _i hunch: Pineap
ples. [email protected] $ doaec: Coco«_>uti s. :'•'. 6 BO ,v- ;'■
Los Angeles Oranges, 51 4__ &0; Itivei-ida do,
8275453, Navel do, _<•*, 60; Strawberries. [email protected]
p. i .:.;: Cherries, White, Soi{.7.c; Black, 50®
j 60c . ■ box; Kaspberries. SI 25 3s ease: _ caches, '
• tj. t-X. 75eQSl; Apricots, T_ :_„; Cherry.)
| Hun a ._•._ $ it; Currants. [email protected] 3 SO chest ; 1
lilac-berries, 12% c, j
PIE _KUi__— __a___! 2}i-ft cars, J* doz, ;
fl [email protected] 80; assorted, gallon revs, *.; Peaches. '
2-Ji _ eaiiß, Jl to; Portland Blueberries; 2--i casa i
&}■ -___!. ___^| it 56; Capitid Asj'_r_;-g__, j
_ Is*pdos-_ cans., _' '
DRIED FRCTIS— AppIeS, sHced. 2%&3 C '*" *>;
choice, (mattered, 282)40; i'cars, peeled,
6'rf.C; do, _.>!-_ ed, _§Se; V iu__., pitted, Italic;
Peaches, _x__; tio peeled. is.j.v_c; Prunes.
German and Frc_c_, 6ft9c; -lack— -Ties, 10^)
lie; Ftca California, [email protected] "- ...
TABLE, FKDl3B— Assorted, -X-1- cans, ? do:,
si 75(3. _: Peaches. Si i. t--2 s;>4: _____ Pears,
_ :— '; _____„ a -<il 86; Blaeiberries, SI 75®".';
Gooseberrie., E2 _>@2 60; Strawberries, _l 75g>!. ;
I AprfCOtS, Eig.2 25; Muscat t'raj _c. SI 7^3-; Ked
Can-ants. .- _.; Cherries. 82 6.19. 7.5.
Y_—i— _!_--_. iiarly Hose Potatoes. _>&_. "P
ct! ; New Onions. 42 15 v .'*£-; ... il
Ol 25; Carrots, ti.<g7C- *t it..; Turnips, 75c ;
banco vegetables, itiJie 9 _,_ ; Parsnips,
lc; Beets. SI; Hon. Radish, 6g_j V
E>; Garlic 7i:-_ •; Asparagus, [email protected]>£C; _ac_ia
bers, [email protected]_i; string Beans, 3c $ £.; Peas,
2©2Kc *|t it.; Summer Squash, 2K_— - - li> ;
A_icho_ea, __ "p dozen; Tomatoes, ii 2i{__ 60
¥ hox; Green Peppers, IG£l V: *.. It.
BK_._l>.'.UKi- : -F10ar,.4 o'>>bH-rel:Oatnjeal;
S3 75 *£ 100 «_: Corocieal, vtl-.itc nnd yellow;
t"2 in 23 tti B_ei:_. e'2 2. iniOlb sacks, *_0U lbs;
...*_;-_ - heat, S_ __.._ 50; Hominy, .3 _*. . cwt
__t'-_'_Y— liv. luraeys, l&ail6c V _:
fail- grown Chici-eii- So 60 :-.-6 60 V dozen: jonnj:
liOs __;!-, _■ 50_5 .j0 T-. dt i_c:: : __ i_._, Ji®6,
tame Ducks; Si 60 ; Geese, 51 6_ ©2 j« pair ; Egg*,
choice tots, [email protected] vt dozen."
DAIi-Y PRODUCT-— Butter, choice, 21&22
--'w\ It.;- _ii_oi lots, iv rolls, 1834-3_t; packed
in fHr_.ii_-, choice, 22c; eo_ Taion. [email protected]
Cheese, California, ._>..oioc; Western Bkis, 16
©17c; Martin's i.'reb_t. "i7;-;e.
KAT.GKAIM A_.ll KKfcu— Oat hay, SVS&It "Jl
.on: Ali'ailj hay, tl-K .11 » ton; Bi_a, flB i-s ion:
tdlddllngs, S-i » toa: Barley, whole, el 20
;H 25; rolled. SllO; Wheat; _ 3i:S"-l i.i t> ewt;
vinie tl_'_, tl 60; Com, il 30®1 35 fr cwt ior
c ________
J-JSCSU-Vls'SO.S — Soed? - Alfalfa. [email protected];
ri.r.'jihy,_*'Si.--i, t")s..i7}jc";!lb; Oiegon, c.ft7c;
i'op Corn, 3,_.-_.c vi Ii; Red Clover, l:!<-— 1«;
l-^-d I'cp, lisie. Nuts— Chile Walnuts, 7M'S-
So: California Walnuts, 9}£@loc; Almoi— ls, 1. „.
13c: _e__.ate,CslilO— lia, *W&<}ie. 1.e.-n (Califor
ola), cans, i>^@9c: Eastern, l.>[email protected]^e. Hides,
.-it. .ip.-t and medium.' 7J^c ; neavy.lOeidrT-,
17©17J^p, Tci'.ow, _.-. iiops— Jfo > -leciana.
Sates or Pacific coast la Now Vori;l0c; _i_rJs_
val cc here, %%Z c.
! -.__■ I_-A-_.__-0 SfARSItT.
f . ■ .- . ...
• ■
FLOUR— The market shows soft tendency.
We quote : Rest city extra, ft _>y_;. me
dium, X _>©-; bhir-puj,- tutierCue, t_ Tog). 50
« bbL
WHEAT— The absence of any very pronounced
export demand dec. not seem to worry the
holding intei_*t; 'Iho piospect of _ tort crops
encourages tellers iv keeping heir stocks off
the market; - Hih: there is comparatively little
pressure to realize. Foreign markets ere tc
coming e_*io: instead of stronger, and therefore
any marked activity iv the near future i. not
generally expected. For the better ei-ia. of
shipping quality t-1 S.K tj. ctl is about the
standard ri;,-iire. though »J ■;..;. ctl could perhaps
bo realized for a Saucy puice-1.
Call hoard _i:ia i.t the moruir; eoesdon wert
r;? follows:
Buyer season— loo '-.■". tl -. :.:
I.', $i avy; ioo. si zyy.
Buyer I__— -MO tuns, - 1 _. \i\ 200,81 66; 200,
H _% SOO, _ 55%; SJO.BI _.}i; 100.il KJif.
Stiller 1885 — IC_ ious, 51 39 V e.iL
Afternoon .-tea w ero :
Buyecseason— loo tons, 51 39*_; 200.51 39.f.
Ruyer 1.--..-2.- _ to_ s. .1 .-<;_. 1 {£•;-: cv.
eeller 3 _5-__i tons, il Viyi, fcctl. . _ .
Ba.RLE_— Next Monday the new storag. sea
-Bon co— imcnccs at tho several warehouses, aud
it a'* i terminates the time lor tlio settlement of
Gull Board contracts. The se two circumstances,
combined •■•■i'.ii .; light spot demand have im
parted a weak tone to the market during, tbe
i__ few days. There h:i3 Itc.'i c.ri-iderab'.o
e.lur. to work otf .lock., and those who were
determined to sell have had to doso at a marked
....... ago good Feed could I c Ti'acl
nt £'. . ), with moderate demand, but -ince- then
the inquiry lua been nominal ami values have
dropped more or lees every day. At the moment
3i la _ cii Ih ulir.ut *.l:c fall tlguro at Which spot
lots of desirable Feed quality c_ i bo quoted.
Brewing is also shaping to a lower level; the
range for good to choice being 3l _/-.; .5$ ctl.
Some light Brewing sold to-day at _ 2_3_ $ ctl.
h-les at the morning session ol the ...
Seller new season— 2oo tons, 51 IZii; 200,
El _% 200, R 14. 4
Buyer Iv-~__ tons, el 2C; 400, JI 2GV ; 600,
SI _"/{.
beiler 18-- 200 toes, tl 13%; ICO, JI 13^
Sales on the afternoon call were :
Buyer 18S_— 1.6i/0 ton . gi !G%®l 29.
Seller 18S5-SUO tons, il 16! _>.:. ?! 16Vf.
Seller 1885, new— 3oo tuns, si i&y,'.
VEGETABLES— -Rhubarb is about out of
season. Asparagus receive, but little attention,
owingto heavy offerings of other seasonable
varieties. V.'c quote us lollo_ s : Asparagus, [email protected]
Si ?i box; Tomatoes, _! -p. box ior Los Ange
les ami i 2 _ ) 1.1 lox lur Winters; Green Corn,
_-•> 1 -;-_ c. ior oommon, and lyyiia '# dozen
for sweet; Artie notes, :>__ *js dozen; Cu
cumbers, 15&2Je:;_ dozen; Carrots, .- "...
Tur_ips, sii_ ?'. ctl : Beets, [email protected]__ $) ctl; i'an_
ntps, ji -i. ctl ; Cauliflower, (__ si dozen ; Cab
bage, 76c ft ctl; Uarßcnew, 5c v. ft; Celery, 6oc
■fscozcu; Mcl Peppers. 10y..1&c %■ _: Green do,
■..■'-;::--:-- lb; Green Peas,
'roeiiil ?! tac_: ..tring Beans, [email protected] '$
pound; Dried U_ia, 15:;2ic \i Bi; Marrowfat
Squash, 510 $ ton; Summer SquaahJ 2.0 c ';. box
for_ VacaviUe, and _sg6oc %. box For buy.
FRUIT— Too market presents a 6ne spot :t._lc
just now. Aimoi-i very vane y i.i in amindant
supply. Low prices are the rule, nnd this c1r
..... in working ell' supplies.
It' il were not ior ts good i__ „!iu£ trade, large
quantities of fully-ripe fruit wouisi have to he
thrown away. Cherries of choice quality v. -er.
never so cheap aa now, nnd as v. con.'jque-ice
the consumption ''us neve.' so .',,-::■
cots are i_r in excess of market wants, and the
only hope for cleaning up stock is iv oauners
coming forward as ii_>r_ buyer- Currants con
tinue to cr.j-.vtl in as heavily ad ever, though ar
rivals aro much better in quality. Peaches make
a good icprc nutation, but river -Mpment- as
yet amount to very little, the warmi weather,
howevcr.vt . I booh cause free coniiigumcnt. from
that direction. Apple- and Pears are green a.
yet. '. ■--...:■- of _.;! As:r.ic_nu to
be _ :en, tha*. ...'.i at about double Hie %ui_ for
Rreen qttality, Ben of all kinds are in favor
and Cud qiticu custom. We quote ..- fol
lows : Chortles, SO^-Ijc \\ hoi for -lack. 480
.'■Ua lor Whito. Straw bomes, S7(!JS ior good
and [email protected] ». clie.t tor choice consifrnnients;
Currants, aii. i 3jt ches': Cherry Piums, 2tia*
3'Jc *->. box: Raspberries, [email protected] \\ che_ ; Black
berries,- ft chest ; Goo.-ebcrrio^, -KiiSc f\ Ifc;
Apricots, SXciiTic \\ lai-ge box; Peaches,
<o^7sc .-. box; Apples, 355400 ■, bat'.et
and _s.'i7£.. '. box; Green Pears, S-i-tOo
ft basket, aud [email protected] '3 box; Lemons— Malaga,
;.. 6y; do Sicily, t-f.5.7; do, California. ftii__*
1 25 %i box for ordinary snd S! 25t_l 60 tor
Sicily «* _ ; Mexican Umee, _.Q [email protected] fl box;
CttHlomla do,' Sir. - 25 for small boxes nnd Si®
2 50 for large: tlnsntre.s, California, sis_l 10 ft
box for common,' 81 _ .--I 76 foi Riverside, and
ti IJ-Si for Navel; Tahiti do, Uot_-}l_ £0 :.f;
i; s-ii-uaj, SI — '_.. . ti_;ch: Piueanul— 55 ......
c dozen.
FKESR MEATS — Follcwi-g ate rn_G for
whole oarc_ises from slaugh torer. to
dealer^: heef-rlrst quality, 6__i-m7c; seoctid
quaihy.sK &<_: third quality, fxafcxe. Mutton—
Wethorsare quota!. la at &«i-Xc>i d, and Ewc-sst
'■_! i)*P ". *• ___■_-_ -Quotable .... \t tbfor
Spnng. Veal— Quotable at Sailc $ ir». Pork—
i.ivo aog-, oa toot, 3>k*J ■-.-'. di-C-cod do, & - 6KO
. h. ■ -:
- ,__.■_. —
F___-.-_X._-h T __-B rOKFJtGN M_VKK_T_.
" Chicago, May 29th.
WHEAT— for June.
CORN— 4,'i-ic ior June. -.•'•■' -
__ ill-— - 1. •_>£ for June.
LAHD -_ I 4- for June,
Xi lis- €-5 12;-. for June.
BHO_T RL.c— .<"> _ for June.
Livkwool, May 25th.
WII.KAT— Very heavy. California ipot lots,
5s Bd to6s lid; off coast, iw.. .d: lust f.hipp<__,
-ii: ue.u-ly due, Sis l-d; cargoes oif ooa_, rather
sn sier; on passage, very inactive and cheaper;
Mark .. ::.: Wheat and .Maize, rather worse;
English and French country markets cuiti'-
Wheal and Flour in Paris, rattier easier.
■ ._ ■ * _« " _ -* - -*_ Mc*__*i-_-fMtC __■! 11 i "'mi lIU r.*r » . ■ * _f_
J3-3-- _____■__> Q__-*.___>r3_Kre-
ON SUNDAY, MAY 81, 1886. MAIN' En-
trance. Sixteenth street, between P and O.
mis popular pis ie of amu sercout has been
new y refitted and is Blocked with the be _ of
Wines, Liquors and Cigars. A Fine Bfeud of
Music has been engaged for this occasion. No
lif reputable characters will be alio wed on these
jrouada A cordial iuvitatiou i_ extended to
.he public mid a good time guaranteed. Ro-
'pectlully, ■„■.-,.
-3-1- MRS. A. DK-TEKtCH. Proprietress.
c_au_,andShipper_of_llki_d3of (jyj^
Fruits, Vegetables. Fish, Game, ._____!__
Poultry, Eggs and General Produoe.
Careful attention given to the Selection and
bucking of Choice -.nit* for Distant Markets. I
l«* on. 3CS and 310 X st., Sacramento, Cal. i
i_-0- lm ___________/'
Ko. 332 J street, (nilO-lplm] Baara_-»_t_ i
I F«u_t-__t_.-___-i- Presbyterian CUnrcli,
between O ami Services at 11 a. si.,' con
ducted by the pastor, A% 7_5f.-_ concert ser
vice by the S_t___-sc_-_.. Sur.da} -school,
I'.:SO P. M Bible lecture -hurst lay, 7:t,*> _'„ *
M. E. ClinroX South, Seventh street, be
tween J and X— The pastor, XC. Christian, will
preach at 11 a. •_. Subject. "]__-_ tb.
S'roph-t." Rev. M. Spangler, ot" South Atactica
will preach .„Br. v. Everybody invited, ospe
dially strangers. »
St. Paul's Church, F.ltUt'u &trs»_t, 1. .
ts", ecu I' anil J. Tho lie r. __\'_rd H. Ward _ ill
c_ _;..c, iiv.r Communion, 1 a. ... Sund.y
_ho_. 5:1 a. :t. Morning prayer, 11 .\. m.
Behcet Sixteenth and N, 6 P. k. •_' .•/■•
Firs. l_sjsi!_,t Clmnili, Ninth street, _<■-
f.vceit I. and — — 3. FrOst, pastor, v i.i preach
in tl.e morning. Subject, " Christ, the i.ilc."
- This Church will worship with tho Calvary
Baptist Church iv the eve-icg.
Calvnvy Baptist Church. I street, bo
twoon Twelfth .md Thirt— mth— Preaching by
Rev. A. C llerrick; at ii a. m. Subject; "_; auic
mid Christian Work." Rev. A. W. Runyon. of
Maine, Is expected to preach at 8 _ _. A cor
dial welcome to every one .: *
CongregutioDisl Church, Sixth Street, be
tween i sud J— Rev. W. C. Merrill, pastor. T!.o
pastor Hill preach to- morrow nt lOUo a. j:. Sub
ject' "\\ 111-power i" Religion.'; Sunday-school
at '..-j. _;<i eveniagsen.ee.
Central SI. t:.. Church, I-_v'_nlh street, '
between il una .-—Rev. C. MeKelvey. pit-tor.
Services _t !_!*> ... ._ and T.-l". v. m. Sunday
school at 12-5 1-. .!. -cats tree". All invited.
Suaugers veleo-nc. *„
Chri.Uan Cliurcli— Eighth, li-twcen N
and O streets — Sunday-school at 9.<5 ... m. No
preaching morning nor evening, on account of
Ulness of the pastor.
....tii -street 51. E. Church, between X
_'id 1, — The pas-tor. Rev. 15. it. Dille, will preach
morning aim evening, Morning subject, "'1 no
__iita of the Spirit." livening, " _oei:i! Dis
tinctions in the uouso of l_ ._." All tsi. wel

Westminster Presbyterian Church, ststh
street, comer of I_— Tne pastor, Itov. 11. H.
Kioc, nil! preach oa Sabbath at I__ a. m. and
7:15 I', n. Morning subject, '•The Crucl-xion
of bt." Strangers cordially invited „.*'■;
Reorganized Cburoli of Js: <ti3 Christ «>t
Latter l»ay __:.*_, corner Twenty -fourth ami X
1 streets— Fres—iing every Sunday at lii:. a.-.
_ab__th-.ch— il ut I__ i r. _. T_ :uniuuy meet-
A Needed Caution.
There will _o imitrttio.-_ nf successful
articles, and that moat remarkablo of nil
floor coverings, " LneotEUM," is no excep
tion. Lieyonilall Cjiitroverpy the superi
ority of tlie American make of these goods
i. j . proven. T!ie brat English pot—is never
'reach t!:'_ market. Cor the high quality of
the American goods completely supersedes
iii.in. All carpet dealers keep* it.
___-.. __-j_-._ r* __■>__ ■_. __a__pje__a____-W_-__p I— 1 1 _ ___-__—_--
bac-amento, May 23— Ry Rev. I. Mot-elver-,
Wbaley J. Smith to EW_ Reed, both of Sacra-
«___•■ ■_--*_-'-»i--ar t_.-:-w--- tiws'-i-W- *M_u_'^nc-_-ic(-oVi
I »oi_>r
Sacramento, May i_-V.l_ of _. Wallace Smith!
1 r-iKD. is'
_ oar Sacramento. May '3— lle::ry Dan, a native
Of Nt _' York, Ti your?.
ST.. .... -li - >* >_»-...<_wjtf— j— _—«».«&_ — — — — fW—W^i .
_l_- r ._I .-.;s-.S-_t____-"
'--ar-_:l i .i.t. O. A. It.— Comrades Mill
Assemble in lull uniform it their Post-room
THIS C'aturday) AFTERNOON, at 1 o'clock." to
particl: at. in Memorial Services. Visiting
Comrade- invited to Join the parade.
E. <;. JORDAN, Commander.
_______ -___ : i__ : ' Adjntant. mso-lt*
Attention. Sacramento Hinsarsl _„*i
You tiro hereby ordered to appear at £>?->,
your Armory, in fn I uniform, THIS /£Zf\U
(Saturday) AFIERNOON, at 1 o'clock.- _-
sharp, for escort duty. By oris r of
F. HEILBRON, Captain.
P. E. Emu;, O. P. -_.__ ni-_U«
Tn th- officers and members of fs
Union Lodge." No.' 2l," Al 0. V. Vi.— A 'fiilf\
recnlar meeting <<t the Lodge will beS?-^_j_
held Tits (Saturday) EVEN ING. May y;V£s
CO, "i—s. .in ..... corner ."_egf
Tenth and _ streets. Election of ofiicti-i for
the ensuing term _r.d exempli&cation of (li-
ber-ret work. Members _rj requested to be pr__-
entii they can possibly make it convenient to
att-".:tl. Sojourning members cordially invited
to bo present. JOHN MJRION, it. Vl*.
EC. Vy. Il.'._kr, Recorder. miki-lt*
_L_C>'W^__3 __=_.! !
„_ bring or send FL__y___ to Grangers' Hall;
corner Tenth and X streetc, TilK MORNING,
for li'-CoratlDg tlie C raves of Onion Veterans.
II A. BURNETT, Chairman.
O. .. DOPOR, Secretary. mi-i-lt
&m$ /\_ t**€n
__/ __? _____" ____=. ES___ W
Great Excitement on J
Mothers Worried to Death!
Fattes Happy! Babies
Ml on accoQ_t'ef the great slander
made in tlie prleo of BABY CARRIAGES.
The largest display, the finest stock, and
cheapest prices Sacramento ever wit-
nessed. Call and see them. Bring the
Baby with you to
3" _____"& ___eooi'_»"e€3.,
The Largest and Finest Stock of
& Fancy Glassware
Ever seen in Sacramento, consisting of:
Dinner and Tea Sets; A. O. Coffee
Croton Seta; Salad Set.; Fish,
Game an- Nut Sots (decorated and
plain), both flue and cheap; Cus-
padores (all kinds, shapes and
Pine Hand-painted and Plain Bo-
hemian and Amberina "Ware (all
oolors and styles l , consisting of Oil
and Vinegar Bottle ; Salad, Berry,
Punch and Liquor Sets; Pitcher,
holders, Sugars, Batter-
Finger Bowls, etc
Svci-yone is cordially invito, to call and ex-
amine our beautiful stock,
.HOMES at less than wholesale prices.
3nr Store will be illuminatad by
ELECTRIC LIGHT, every night
until 8 o'clock.
629 J istroet.
TOT! cm.... •
Ui _____ (v iL 4- _ a __ E l-- -___
Everytbing that is Fariiyin- 'and
Beautifying Cuticura \V:u Do.
I?OR cleansing tho Skis _'d Pcsip ofr.ist'g-
I, uring Iturjors, for allaying llchiu .. Ku:ti-
lng and Inflammation; for curing ihe hrs: ,mp
ts):us cf Ecxema, Psoriasi., MuJt Cri—t, Seall
Read, b'croir'a. ar.d olh*r Inherited »-'.'.: aati
blood diseases, Cum K.s.tl.c great Skin Cure,
and Cm ncuiu Soap, an exquisite .kin Iteauti-
-Ber, externally, an.l cvticii: s Ki— :n.v_.--.. the
new Blood PuHflcr, lntcin— Iv, a.c iutai;tble.
We havo _ 'en eelliug your CvmcVRS, -IK-*-
-d_» for the pa., three or iu;:r seais, atitt have
never heard aught but -r tcttl word— nthsir favor,
-our <_•_«;■ A_UA.t< decidedly ih • bl&'. tell-
i—K medicinal .-ctip we hitr.ttle, and :. I.lphly
prized hcio for _tH eoothing aud as.itcniac: ■ ..ot
upon the sliu. J. CI-I.H'N VY lEAT.'jr.
Drusii-t, \Yinchta_ier, Va.
Our sates cf Cirri— nu are as large* If hot larger,
than of Any medicine we sell; and we assure
you that »o have never fc:i_ n linge Ins ;..::r« in
which the purchaser was dl&aati&hi tl A_ toyotu
_oap, we ean'sell t.o ether; every -'-''.'.-,
MILLER _ CUAP-TAJT; Drngslsts, "
i-u-ia-.:. Mo.
-ALT RgJEUM CitllKl).
Two of the worst cii«o- of Silt Rheum I cv»>r
saw were cured Ly your CCTI— !Ka ki: i_n:ti,
and their sales exceeded thoso ol all other UKc
remedies. I sell veryllitlo of any other medt
ciua! soap than Cl-iCUR ..
UEUKIiE A. A_ i IL -IY, riUfKl-.
I am selling the CCTtcrRA P.-SEnii-i and fmil
they aro very much lihe.l. I nni ti. ing tl cm in
my o_ fatally end would net be without .hex
Etcrj" or.c ._*Vn well cf s_*ti_i_a Rn--DIE».
CHAS. Vf. QRaSAM, l>rt— gist;
Wheo'dug, \V. Vft.
-:;-, .
PoM everywhere. Prico, rtrnciiEA, re cents.
Rbsolvkkt, _; Sn.ii', 2f, cents. Piepared by the
Send for "How to Cur.) M_u Olieasci."
__. _______
ft -.HP. Pimples, Skin Blem'shea and P.ahj
....Li. ••..•, ii'ju.cr.-s cured by Cuticvba Soar.
MAT t-RI-sA,
I Grand Concort Company I
Friday Etc:. . . Jun. 5, 1886.
(Court Sla-rcr f:v_i the Impe: ..'1 Opera, Vienna),
tlie lauiou. Wagnerian _i.igtr.
- (Conceit Pianist.) 7
K-Rfrv .1 Seats g] 60
General Admission 1 CC
ci- Tic-eta en sale tm ant! aft..- Tl-CSPA.,
Jun-e 3d, nt C. ... iIULG.ITti.V- Bookstore, Ho.
61S J Mrcet, between Sixth nnd Seventh; whore
ortl.rs may now be lelt. Address nil coi-imuni-
Cationsto Mr. WAKCUS }|; lit NRY; Agent.
iu2._ Si:. M title 11. UlCi'. I', M-nagor.
SATURDAY (Beooraiinn D-j), _ t _V 3<Jt_.
I. I.c_Kue o: .san Francisco, vs. L'MO--'S, 01
Sa:ra_ieuto. _aiue c_.!u:'. at Sr. :r.
nOCKERiJ, of Sacramento, vs. OAhLAND, Ot
This game '•"■ 11l commence at 1 r-'ci- ">ck, -or
which liis ticked Nine and Unions v. lll play.
*v- A~_i!<_on (iuc'.uJina b-lli cameo), 2S
cents. m_- K
J__-_--3.A^jt_=s'-- T.T,_.
1. Baseball at Agricultural Par., SUNDAY
AFTERNOON, May Klst, commcacing at 2.M,
between the HAVERLYS, of i-hi: .r_ icisxi.
add tho ALTAS, of _ itramento. The reputa-
tion Of theva Cluba will insuro 1. Erst-class and
closely contested game. There wRI a'^o be a
Footrace between .RANK ELDREDaEdJAME-
DEVVAN, ol_loo yards, tor 51M3. . i__cO-lt
ciicsr •_E»_s_.__-__-sr.
TO-ES, WAT, ON .- CO. Wli.L GIVE .-»«
O their Closing Party; at Toronto Rail,- as
Kf.Ti GROVE. _AT--_ A_ LVK-INJ,/;i\
-T ity ■-, IS? A, rr.:. ■'■-:.-■"■■■" ra:A.-2t una
— OTDF.E THE Al>PlCr_ . -' TUT.
___.___. __-■__- -___ _=_.___: ,.
and races.
An extra platform for Jig and Reel Daocinp
will be provided. _.
Jliiiic by the Fir. t Artillery llr-tid.
__"• Admission; tients, fi!) cents. Ladles, free.
For further particulars _ se l=rge bills and
Tivoli programipe. [.';. C.] _ __•.£__
the Ca'.e.t.nln Picnic, to be held at E_st
Park, SATURDAY; June 6th, will bn received at
XOil SCOTT'S, St' 3 J street, up to 7:3 1 o'clock,
_u«-s:*.»y :"v<;.in_r. Jane 3d.
By ortler of tni-Mw, THE COMMITTEE. _
jj Parties dc-itinj. to rent the same will apply
at the Grove. J. i. _.- i_HlO_, Proprietor.
■_— s— —a^pMMWl . 1.1 ii .n /^ih"m.^' _i_ B^g'._*^— —
-par a "^p^
JhiJL ■____-■__*- -s&a
T_o Estate of H. J. GLENN has a
large quantity of CHOI^TE HAY at
Jacinto, Colasa county. It would like
to tract it in the stack in the field.
The purchaser could bale and ship
From Jacinto ty river freight, or from
Willows by rail ; or, if preferred, the
Estate would bale and deliver it at
Jacinto or ■Willows.
Address Estate cf H. J. GLENS,
Jacinto, Gal., personally or by letter..
ni—. _p2w - Administrator.
Oorner Third and J Streets.
ml _ptf
So. BIS J street, Sacramento
(9 to 10, morning, (
D___CX HOURS:-! - to 4, altenio—i.^ _i_>- 2p_»
I7tn R. ovr.tiit.ff. I
. street, bet Siithaiid_evetilh.S!^SSS
)T>FO_t- Ooiirt-housa. PIANOS 1 Ofl I 11 STB '
___. PlaiK__>ld-iinm-ii--ai__l' ■-«»/- '
m. tplm

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