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Commissioner Sparks 1 Land Deci
sion—Giant Powder Outrage-
Accidental Shooting.
The ltcccnt Killing of Land Coinllils.iuiic-r
Sis Francisco, June 2>th.— Concerning
a dispatch printed in the daily papers last
Saturday, in reference to the selection of
lands along the Hue of the California .V
Oregon roan, Colonel C. F. Crocker to-day
said : "We have no information concern
ing the reported communication by Land
Coinnjissioner Sparks, except such as we
have received from the papers. Tb.e fact is
that two sections of road, forty miles in all,
have been completed and accepted north of
Redding, and the (rains are running over
them regularly front Redding to Delta.
When sections have been completed it has
been the custom tor Oomroissio»«rs to be
appointed to view the land. Then the
land has been offered for sale. We are
selling land up to Redding. (In the ab
sence of 8 formal forfeiture the Govern
ment should issue patents for the two
sections above Redding. The road being
finished and 'in operation "We want the
land. Commissioner Spark; is reported as
saying 'hat the withdrawal by 'resident
Arthur of an ■express inhibition contained
in a former order, leaves the matter of
allowing' or accepting th« list of selections
in the same situation as if such inhibition
had not been made or -withdrawn. Com
missioner Sparks, in tbe dispatch, is also
represented as saying -that he does not:
think it his official duty to authorize
selections to bemad' ■ending such action
as Congress may be pleased to take.
■I think," said Colonel Crocker, " thai
this grows out of the agitation at the last
session of Congress. Commissioner Sparks
see"- to take the position that he wilJ not
act because he thini-s it possible that Con
gress may declare this land forfeited. If
such is his position his view seems to be
narrow. We think that Congress will not
forfeit the land. The lino is constructed
and these sections are under the same con
ditions as the one next south ef them,
where we are selling land. . It was the
opinion of the last California Legislature
thai the land grant was important to the
road, and that an extension would cause
the California and Oregon road to be built
more speedily than if it was withheld.
The Legislature therefore instructed our
Representatives in Congress to do what
they can toward securing an extension of
the grant."
A Cook Shoots Bimgelf Through the Head.
Sas Fhaxcisco, .luuc 29th. — LouisWe
: years of age, a cook by occupation,
wenl to the house of his brother-in-law,
Win. Meyer, at 604 Minna street, about
noon to-day, and entering the kitchen
placed a revolver at his h< ad and fired. The
bullet entered the left side of the skull and
out the right eve. His sister was
upstairs at the time attending to domestic
duties, she sent immediately for her bus
band to his place of business on Beale
stiee;. and the wounded man was taken to
the receiving Hospital. Weger was last
employed in St Vincent's school, San Ra
fael. He reccn ly had the delirium J re
mena, and since has been acting strangely.
The bullet did not touch the brain, and the
man may recoA ci .
Tin- Stranded Steamship.
Sax Francisco, June 29th. — No dispatch
es have been received to-day at the office of
the Pacific Mail Steamship Company in
reference to the steamship City of Tokio.
In fact only one dispatch lias been re
ceived there since the steamship was first
reported ashore near Yokohama. From
this the steamship officials infer that there
is a chance that the vessel will be saved,
If she had gone to pieces they think they
would have been notified.
The Question of Bednced Overland I'as
senjjer Bate*.
San Francisco, June 29th. — .Mr. Stubbs,
Traffic Manager of the Southern Pacific
Company, and Mr. Cannon, General
Agent and Auditor of the Transcontinental
Association, returned to-day from a trip
East, where they attended the meetings of
the Association in Chicago, Denver and
Omaha, to consider a plan to change the
overland passenger rate. Every road in
the Association except the Atchison. To
peka and Santa Fe was in favor of reduc
ing the first-class rate between this city
and Omaha from $100 to $75. and of abolish
ing third-class trains, attaching immigrant
sleepers to the express trains and making
them second class at $60 between this city
and Omaha, or the Missouri river. The
representative of the Atchison, Topi
and Santa Fe did not assign any reason for
refusing to consent to the plan. ' He simply
stated that lie had been instructed to vote
against it. As soon as this had been
brought out by a question, a motion was
mad to adjourn, which was carried. The
next meeting of the Association will be
held in August, probably at St. Paul.
Wholesale Discharge of Navy Yard Fore
Vai.le.io. .Tune 29th. Telegraphic orders
were received tn-day from Washington by
the navy yard authorities to discharge
immediately all the imyyard foremen.
\i.\s order its out Samuel Hammond,
foreman maker; Win. McWilliams,
foreman blacksmith; M. Jones, 'reman
m older; .1. \V*. Uousely, foreman cop]
smith; A. M. Street, foreman pattern
Another ■•Old-timer" C.one.
Mo?:ti:kky, June £)th.— Major John M.
O"Xei!l, a native of New York, aged 02
years,' died here yesterday. He was one of
the few remaining members of Stevenson's
regiment, landing lure in I^l7. The Major
was it only a member of he Pioneers,
bin also a Mexican veteran, and 'hiring the
late civil war was a Union soldier, having
served under General Conner in l"tah. He
was for more than .fifteen years employed
in the Custom-house in San Francisco.
The post mortem held on account of the
many differing medical opinions, showed
chronic ulcer and dilation of the stomach.
The immediate cause of death was a p!e.ii
ru'ic ttlusion, over twelve pints of water
being in the cavity.
Fire In ■ Mill Camp.
Tun }■.'■. June 29th.— Lonkey & Smith's
mill camp, on Grosser creek, was nearly all
consumed by lire tiundjy night. The
stables^ boarding-house, iolacksiuith-shop,
v portion ot their flume and all the out
buildings were consumed. The loss will
be about $SOO. It was only by the efforts
ol the men employed that the mill and
machinery were Javetl. So insurance.
White Woman .Miliit.-d with Leprosy.
Kan Juke. June Dr. Robert Cald
well last Friday discovered at a hotel in
this city a white woman J SO years of age,
afflicted with tuberculous leprosy in an ad
vanced Stage, t'iie woman came from San
Francisco, and siated that she had l>een
advised to do so by the physicians in St.
Mary's Hospital, where she had been an
inmate. The doctor informed the hotel
keeper of the woman's disease, and she was
obliged to leave the hotel. She said she
ha i .i daughter in Santa Clara, and it was
thought she had gone 'lure, but on Satur
day the doctor found that she had gone to
another hotel. He ■warned the proprietor,
aud the woman was obliged to leave. Her
present wherealxmis i-i nofka»wn, but it
isthoiight she is still in this city.
Killed bj i ( .nr.
Saw J

yard, near town, ■ : . . : ,
so dial he lied ma linutes. He wa i
of Portugal.
Horse-breaker Hurt.
. Merced, Jane 29th.'— Seth farrier, a
liorse breaker lor Wi:i. 1.. Ashe, was
thrown from a bupgy this afternoon and
severely injured. The man In the buggy
with Corner was hut little hurt. The
horse was gentle, hut took fright at some
thing in crossing the railroad track, and
making a sudden turn, threw them out
with great violence.
Assault to Murder ii Wife— BaM OB Chi
iii -i- Gamblers.
Los Ajjcklis, Jane 29th. - Jan McCoy
is in jail on a charge of assault to murder
his wife. He has had trouble with his
wife in regard to the possession of a child,
and the assault grew out of this difficulty.
McCoy will be arraigned to-morrow morn
ing. " : "V
: A raid was made last night by Captain
Benedict and the police force on a Chinese
gambling-house, and thirty-seven Mongo
lians were captured in the act of playing
tan. They gave bail in the sum 0f..-?10
each for their future appearance.
The Katz Tragedy.
Tiv.-TiN, June 20th.— This morning City
Marshal A. G. Buttner and ex-Sheriff
Shibell left for Arivaca, for the purpose of I
clearing up the mystery surrounding tbe J
horrible murder of Katz, the particulars of |
which, so far as known, were related ir,
yesterday's dispatches. City Councilp_, an
Marcus Katz, a brother of deceased,
offers $1,000 reward for theappreh<> i 3j on f
tbe perpetrators of the murder. i t ; s cx _
peeted that both the county a'-.d the Terri
tory will offer further r<- jWar ,J S) anf) no
efforts will be spared ' t o secure the arrest
and conviction of th;- fiend." whocommitleu
the dastardly deed v
llunie Blown. \jp with Giani S'owder.
VIEOIMIA, Jvtue 211th.— This morning at
about v' o'clock a portion of the Hume re
cently iiot in by the water company east
of th.'dOphir dump, to convey the sewer
water down the canyon for motive power
to the mills, was Motrn up by a giant
pOttder cartridge. The damage is consid
erable. The perpetrator of the outrage is
Fatally Shot while Acting as I'eaoemaker.
\Vixm:.muc< a. .lr.no 29th.— William Will
iams, a Burner on Big Meadow, in this
county, w;;r; shot and fatally wounded at
Lovelocks abort n o'clock last night by
John llendrickson. The latter had a row
with another loan, and Williams was try
ing to pacify him when shot. The bullet
entered bis tight side above the hip, and
range.! inward and downward toward the
groin. Me is still alive, but the doctor
says his wound is fatal. Hcndrickson was
arrested by Deputy Sheriff Ruddell.
Ob Saturday Herman Beurboff, in a tit
pondency, "shuffledofiT" with poison.
■Peter Johnson, a Norwegian sailor, was
fo&nd drowned in the bay Sunday. He
was about 41 years old.
A Chinaman was caught Sunday in the
act of boarding a steamer bound for the
Orient with a white girl baby, about a year
The movement toward making Friday of
this week a holiday as well as Saturday is
receiving the indorsement of many mer
chants and other business men.
General L. H. Alien, a graduate of West
Point and an officer of the Union army
during the late war, has been stricken with
paralysis. He is an oid resident of this city.
Overt tons of steel rails have been
purchased of the South Pacific Company
by Messrs. Hearst, Baldwin and Duane. to
be used in the construction of the proposed
narrow-gauge from Turk street to thcocean
Captain Connolly, of the Pacific Mail
steamship Grenada, tendered his resigna
tion from the employ of the company,
claiming he did not receive iair treatment
in the matter of two recent suspensions
from command.
The Supreme Court has rendered a de
cision that all proceedings in the celebrated
Hill-Sharon divorce case for the payment
of counsel fees' and alimony he stayed pend
ing appeals. This is considered a decided
victory for ex -Senator Sharon.
A note from one of the Grand Army
deli-gates states that Major Walter H.
Holmes, of this city, was robbed by a pick
pocket while in New York. His elegant
gold watch, presented bj Grand Army
friends, was taken by the thief.
The Young Women's Christian As
tion requests all those making jellies from
fruits, to kindly donate one glass or jar to
the association, to be used in their daily
visits among the sick, and to be carried
with them to the hospitals they visit.
Saturday Appraisers Beck and Yost en
tered on their duties. ;H their taking
the oath of office and presenting their
commissions Friday turned Messrs. Den;
and heavy out It was the intention of
the gentlemen not to assume office until
July Ist.
The State Viticultural Commission pro
mulgate the following for poisoning grass
hoppers: Forty pounds bran. 15 pounds
middlings, 2 gallons eh cap syrup. 20 pounds
arsenic, to be mixed thin with water; a
tablespoonful to be put by the side of each
vine or tree.
Lieutenant Craig, of the Signal Service
Office in this city, ask- the farmers of the
State to send whatever records they have
of rains that have come at times to injure
grapes or fruit or raisins, or of frosts or
storms. If they do this, he say-, he could
send out a fanners bulletin, which would
be of great benefit to them.
Captain Daniel 1). Wheeler. Assistant
Quartermaster, i . s. A., has been assigned
to doty as assistant to < 'hief Quartermaster
of the Division of the Pacific and of the
Department of California. He succ i
Captain Charles F. Humphrey, Assistant
Quartermaster at the Presidio, who is re
lieved from duty in this dh ision.
The Mayor of Portland draws $1,50(1 a
year salary.
Shad have made their appearance in the
Feather river.
Many colored people have settled in
Visalia lately.
It isproposi I to erect a $30,000 school
house at Visalia.
• lets are found in San Antonio creek,
Monterey county.
Santa Crus has a boy aged 9 years who
. - 153 pounds.
The electric light has been discontinued
at Fncson, Ariz ma.
!• n Das equal to those grown in the
ids are raised at Vuma, A. T,
The four warehouses at Port < !osta at the
uptime contain 70,000 tni,* of wheat.
PI ' if Benicia this ] ear
is $H30,000, an increase of $100,000 over last
There are about i'.~>,i)"'> tons of lasl year's
wheat crop still stored in Stockton ware-
California | sell in Portland, < >r..
for 10 cents a ponnd, grapes \-<v 20 cents
and tigs for J> i
Friday afternoon a hurricane struck
I ity, I. T., and caused $15,000, to $20,
--000 worth of damage.
Over 5,833 gallons of whale oil was
shipped from die whaleryat Monterey last
San I-'r.iin ■!-
Detw ■ .> !-i and June 1.-t there
were 71,080 acres of Government land lo
Che Xapa Reporter gloats over thecir
.■■i c thai thii te n marriage licenses
■ i there tin* month,
ge number of counterfeit d •
■ tb i ai - m Mini coin
■ ■ >■ i . LSS2, are in cir< illation in Stockton,
The - >bisp ■ !:■ j ■ : ■■.'■■■ .-peaks of
. as beii ;.; epidemic in thai
! me \ij> within the pasl

Che ] p . inst the
tnd Bava that
. . ■■.:>! "barbarous
A Solano county man has four wives
living, has been divorced bis lim.-.s. three
run „in- woman, and has be< ..
. .-!i times.
The FV« Prt*» says : !'• three
I twelve lookouts,
keepers and a num
ii. ii: >n.
\\i£ ten per cent.
I on 127,000 worth ol bridge bonds,
seven | I worth of rail
nd - t pi r ( ent ■ .
("till , .
Piper-Heidsieck and Piper-Sec Get First-
Class Medals at New Orleans.
"We take great pleasure in announcing to '
tin.. ■ that Messrs. John .(.shorn, Son it
< ' >.. as the agents of Messrs. Kunkelmann
,v Co., of Reims, have be< n awarded at the
Nt-.s Orleans Exposition, a lirst-class medal j
for their very dry wine, Piper-Sec, and also
a first-class medal for their medium dry
champagne, [Mper-Heidsieck. — [Bonfort's
Wine and Spirit Circular, June 10, 1885.
Ax Ixtekistixg Bird. — A living species
af four-footed bird, inhabiting the island of
Marajo, in the Lower Amazons, was a short
time ago described by B. M. Brigham. It
is only during infancy that the remarkable
feature of this bird is Been, the two fore feet
appearing early in the development of the
embryo, and continuing perfectly formed I
for several days after hatching, when they
are gradually shed. The zoological name j
of this curious creature is Ojfiithoedma rrix-\
Ma. ■-■'„ '. I
"AS IS THE bud with an envious worm."
8o is many :i youth cut down by the gnaw
ing worm c instnnption. But it iai
made to n I ad stop its gnaw- 1
ing. i'r. I"it,<>'s "Golden Medical D
ry" will, if taken in time, effect i
ures, not only in consumption,
but in all cases of chronic throat, bronchial
aud lung
Ibritatioh of the throat and hoarsenest
immediately relieved by " Brown's Bron>
Terrible Storm in Paris— Cholera
-V — London Newspapers ■' ■ ■■■;
in Rebellion.
The Next Great Sensation in. Europe.
Loxdox, June — The death of Km- |
peror William promises to be the next
great sensation in Europe. Extraordinary
precautions are being taken to prevent the
Bending of any telegram revealing his real ;
condition, but private -letters are not sub
ject to official censorship, and they give
such discouraging forecasts that his death
is daily expected. In official circles in
England the death of the aged Kaiser is
looked upon as an event of the very near
future, and the extent to which this occur
rence is calculated upon and discounted
seems surprising and heartless. Its imme
diate political effect will be to bind Ger
many and England together in a very close
Meeting of Liberals— Gladstone Will Re- j
enter l'arlhimeut. •
London. June 29th. a meeting of the
Midlothian Liberal Association to-day, the
Chairman read a letter from Gladstone, ex
pressing bis deep and grateful sensibility of
the Liberal majority of 1880, in dealing
with difficulties almost unexampled, lie
refrained from criticising the Conservative
Cabinet, feeling it to be his duty to support
and assist them in doing right. lie says he
is confident that the presence of the Liber
als in Parliament will be competent to ex
ercise the necessary vigilance. He asks
Midlothian to assist him in using his
strongest and most sedulous efforts in the
interests of the Liberal party. Gladstone
says he did not think be should again ask
to be returned to Parliament, but that
events have transpired which have rendered
it necessary that be should not imperil the
unity and efficiency of the party. This is
tantamount to a declaration that he will
remain the leader of the Liberals. The
meeting was then addressed by Karl Rose
bery. and a resolution expressing a hearty
confidence in Mr. Gladstone was afterward
Overjoyed Liberals.
London, June 29th. — Gladstone's letter is
the political feature of the day. The Lib
erals are now relieved of anxiety over the
question of his continued leadership of the.
party, and are jubilant over his decision to
Terrible Storm in France.
Paris. June 29th. A terrible storm of
wind ami rain swept over this city to-day.
Cellars were flooded, railways washed out
and many buildings in process of erection
were damaged or demolished. A section
of one of the streets sank into the sewer,
and 20 persons were plunged into the wa
ter. Most of them wore in an exhausted
and almost dying condition when rescued.
A boat containing 12 persons was capsized
in the .Seine, and several were drowned.
In the Department of Vosgi 3, seven bouses
and two bridges were destroyed by the
flood. ■ " " !
The Cholera Epidemic
Madrid, June 29th. — The official cholera
reports for Sunday are as follows : Castel
lon de la Plana, city, new cases 6, deaths
none; province, new eases 143, deaths 74;
Valencia, city, new cases S3, deaths 35;
province, 556 new cases, 293 deaths Ali
cante, city, 10 new cases.:; deaths; pro
vince, 158 new cases, 01 deaths ; Saragossa, :
new casts 29, deaths 9; Toledo, city, new,]
cases l. deaths 2; province, new cases 9,
deaths 18 : Aranje, new cases 40. deaths 15 :
Oien Pajalos, new cases 12, deaths 5; Ma
drid, new cases 3, deaths 1.
New York, June 29th. — A Herald's Va
lencia dispatch says : The situation is
graver to-day. The cholera is spreading in
every part of the city, forming new centers
of infection.! Dr. Perron thinks that ■•:- the
weather grows hotter the epidemic will in
crease and Valencia will become in the
condition that Naples was last year. Ac
cordingly, arrangements are being made
for the inoculation of the garrison. The
prison here is in a foul condition and a
great source of danger.
Rebellion Against a Xews Agency.
London. June 29th. — The London news
papers have rebelled against Router's News
Agency. it appears that this agency in
creased the expenses of gathering new.- by
reason of the recent campaign iii the Sou
dan, and difficulties in South Africa. At a
meeting of the newspaper proprietors, i:
was decided to make a stand against Reu
ters demand for increased pay. Rather
than pay more they gave it to be under
stood that they contemplated freeing them
selves from taking Renter's news by estab
lishing a news-gathering association of
their own, similar to the American Associ
ated Press. It cannot be ascertained that
any step has been taken since this meeting,
but enough has transpired to indicate that
both parties will deliberate very cautiously
before committing themselves to a policy
which will lead to an inevitable rupture of
the present relations. The prevalent belief
among those who are best informed is that
some satisfactory compromise will be
An American Lady •' Electioneering" lor
Her Husband.
London, June 29th. — The contest between
Lord Churchill and Grant, for election to
Parliament !r>;n Woodstock, began in ear
nest to-day, and the wed; promises i" be
a dvelyone for the little borough. Lord
ilph has not yel gone near the; — ne
of battle, and does cot even intend to take
any active part in the contest. Lady
Churchill, however, is <>n the ground, and
is making a most vigorous kind of ;
her husband's behalf. She will d
and intends to gel the credit ol victory if
one i achieved, and if she succeeds she is
certain to return to London the lion •:
the season. Her father, Leonard Jerome,
ofNi i York arrived to-day on the A'iii
atic, and may be able to Fi te help
from his knowledge of American election
eering methods.
.New ln\ iniiiiiis for Extracting (iolii from
Londok, June 29th. — The dispatches
speak of two new inventions, promising
largely to increase the quantity of pold ex
tra ted from minerals. One isan ingeni
ous application of electricity with
md < imiuon salt, by which, it is
claimed, the mosl rebellious of auriferous
ores are compelled to yield up their whole
of the precious metals, The rate of
, as proved by exhaustive tests
madeat London, shows that about one ton
per hour of ore can be worked by small
dynamo machines, while the a rtified cosi
amounts to but few shillings per ton. The
value of the ■ average
per cent, of all the ore i ntains.
Attempt l<> Kul> the !'-ii--i.ui linjierlal
-. . . j nne 29th. —A daring
attempt bad been w IL, ,000
roubles from the Imperial treasury at
Ooman, a town in Southern Russia, in the
< iment of Kieve. Several persons
have been arrested on su if being
concerned : :i the attempted robbery.
Typhoid Fever In Tonquin.
I'm:!-. June 29th. It is reported thai
typhoid fever is raging in Tontjuin among
the reserve troops from Marseilles.
forced to Suspend Operation*.
City ok Mexico (via Galveston . June
29th.- -Included among the companies
whose subsidies were stopped by the recenl
- • '.: i ■u/. Harbor Improve
ment Company, a French concern. It to
announced to day I company will
have to susp :nd . i a\ ing the
most important part of its work incom
The Funeral of Ex-minister Pbelps.
Lima, June 29th. -The funeral ofthelats
United Si itea Minister Phelpa took place
Saturday. It was in accordance with the
high position of the d< I i ntleman,
and was attended by all the ministers of
Tlie : .ii, .nli. in Four Per Cent. Loan.
Moxtmal, June 29th. — News was re
ceived here to-night from London tho4 the
Canadian four per cent, loan, £4,000,000,
opened to-day, svaa subscribed for Uiree
times orer, and thai it baa been taken up
at aboul 103 -.
Hobsfobd'g Acid Phosphatk, as an
appetiser. Dr. Morris Qibbs, Howard <'ity.
Mich., says: "I am greatly pleased with
it as a tunic; it is an agreeable and a good
pbtura I'.rrn.Ks were prepar d bj
I>r. .1. if. B. Siegeii for his private use.
- -■;. h I i lay thai they
bars become generally known aa ilie beat
: tonic. Beware of counterfoils.
Ask your grocer or druggist '"">■ •'"' K«nu
ine article, raanufjwtnred by ]Ir. J.O.h.
Last Friday an individual one-half inter
est in the Ventura mine on Bullion Hill.
Cortex District, New, was sold for $500 cash.
Altogether about two hundred ounces of
gold have been cleaned up by washing
with a pan on the Gelatt claim, Coenr
Several pieces of quartz containing free
gold have been found in Ewer's valley,
says the Truckee RepubKean. It appears to
be float rock, and must come from a very
rich ledge.
A silver brick weighing 100 pounds was i
last week shipped from Copper City, Shasta
county. This is the third brick "the new
company lias shipped since taking hold of j
the Winthrop,
New quartz ledges aro constantly being
located in the South Fork of Salmon Dis
trict, which is situated on the Siskiyou
county side of the ridge between Salmon j
and New rivers.
The Pine Creek mines in Union county, i
Or., attract great attention. People are !
leaving their farms for the new discovery, j
From twenty pounds of rock four pounds \
of pore gold was obtained.
About nine miles from Gnadalupe, Santa j
Barbara, some gold placers have been dis- i
covered which have a circumference of
120,000 square feet, and bits of gold have
been found there weighing live drachms.
The partial resumption of work a; the
j Richmond mine and the starting ot the
i new reduction works of the Kurek-.i Con
solidated have restored a more cheerful
outlook to mining in Knreka county, Ne
The Paradise, New. Valley Company :ire
now jrivini; employment to twenty-two
men at their mines ami mill. Paradise
men gay their mines are now looking well,
and the ore which is now beinj; taken nut
is of higher grade than it was a month or
two ago.
Some little excitement is reported over
new placer diggings now being worked ou
I Cottonwood creek, above Shattuck's place
lon tin; othtr .side of the Siskiyons. It ia
said some titty men have been at work
there, some making good wages. — [Ash
! land, < <;•., Tidings.
Rich placer mines have been discovered
in Sawmill Gulch, in Union county. Qr.,
near Sparta, and claims are being located
daily. Water can begot on all the ground
from Eagle creek canal, but quite a num
ber arc now working the old-fashioned
rocker, ami are making good wages.
W.C.Dawes and W. 11. Robbina have
come in from th« mines, says the Prescott,
A. T.. CoHrier,the former with I,7oo Onncea
of silver; the hitler with 132 ounces of
gold. Mr. Dawea took the silver out of the
Peck mine tailings ; Mr. Robbina got liis
gold out of rock from the Del Paaco and
another mine. The gold, which is worth
in the neighborhood of $1,848, is the result
of seven days' run of the Del Paseo four
stamp mill.
Department One — Vssn Fleet, Judge.
Monday, June 29, 1885.
Estate of Martha Harrington, deceased— Order
granted for the sale of real estate at auction.
Estate of Mary Brady,' deceased— A. C. Hink
son allowed £200 as attorney's fees, and that the
auction) ■ fees be reduced from 525 to $10.
Estate of Lukae Kreuzberger, deceased—
account settled.
Estate of William Hicks, deceased— Order en
tered confirming sale. •■ •■ •:'
Estate of John A. Landers, deceased—
entered showing that legal notice lias been
Estate of John <). Brown, deceased— Same as
last. \
Estate of L. Bongard, deceased— Order en
tered fixing date for bearing iictition fur sale.
David Burrill vs. Philip Oyer— Motion to strike
out plaintiff's cost bill granted, and motion to
strikeout defendant's submitted and taken un
der advisement.
Mary 1.. Rice vs. Carroll School District — Mo
tion to dismiss appeal abandoned. '
E C. Parsons <_ Co.. in insolvency — Order en
tered confirming sale, assignee to deliver to
purchaser at said sale a bill Of sale and transfer
of said debts and demands.
Bundoc- vs. Conner— for execution
Miller vs. Kripp— Continued until hearing of
motion for new trial is settled.
Caulfield vs. Etna Insurance Company—Con
tinued until July 8, 1885;
People vs. W. 11. Hawks, sentence for assault
with a deadly weapon — Defendant lined 8100;
in default of payment to be imprisoned in the
county jail at the rate of 82 for each day. Bond
in the sum ofS2OO to be furnished forthwith
as a guarantee of payment of tine within two
People vs. Joseph French, robbery — Attach
ment issued for .lame.- Quig, prosecuting wit
ness, returnable next Monday.
Department — McFailand, Judge.
Monday. June 26, 1885.
People vs. John Smith, Jr., et al.— Demurrer
11. K. Clark vs. C. Bunnell— Continued.
Joseph Hiilin vs. U. K. W. Perry et al.—Con
Max Hausmcister vs. James-N. Porter —
under advisement.
San Fbaxcisco, June*29, ISSS.
*--•■-■ ■-'..- ,. ....-■- , ■
Ophir I :io!Union 1 10
Mexican 1 15 Alta [email protected]
G. & C 1 25<_1 30 Caledonia 15c
Best & 8..._ ..2 a>@2 Crallenge -.fie
Con. C. & Va...l [email protected] 85 Occidental 1 45
Savage . :> ■.■...; 70]Navajo _1 10
CnoUar 2 05<5,2 I" Bodle 1 i:<
Potosi l<ai 05 Bulwer 50c
H. & N S%^B%|Mono 00c
S. Nev i 10®l la Peerless l 75
Exchequer. 30< |
Navajo 1 05: C. & Con.Va 1 S5
Bodie-. l IV" 1 ■JO'Sarage ■■ 70®:; 7o
Bulwer .7ic;Chollnr 2 i" ■■■ 215
.Syndicate 35c H. A. N. — s ; ,/;, v.
N Peer 25c Point 1 30
Peer l [email protected] 755. Nev 1 10
Peerless I; Exchequer 2.">e
Potosi I o.V*l 10 Overman 83e
Ophir 1 [email protected] I') Union 1
Mexican 1 lQj.Mtn 'A*
G. AC l 25 Challenge 15c
IV.st i B 1 95®2
|W /f\ DftVAl n*K'«fl yV \J.j
Absolutely Pure.
This POWDER never varies. A marvel ol
parity, ttreneih a;td whoUtsorcoiicss. More
economical than the or.: . ■ kinds, and can-
not be sold ia competition with the multitude of
l'iw test, short « - <.-igiit, alum or phosphate pow-
ders. Sold only iv eon*. i:i>V/L BAKING
POWDER CO., 106 Wall street, New York.
W. T. COLKMAN A CO., A entß,
TONIC'S, qaickly and completely CLEANSES
the action of the Liver and KldnerM. Clears the
completion, makes the skin smooth. It does not
lnjnrc the teeth, cause headache, or produce con-
Physicians and Druggists everywhere recommend it.
Dr N. S RCQGLES. of Mirion. Mips , says: "I
recommend Brown's Iron Bitters a i a valuable tnnic - -
; for enrichingthe blood, and rcmavinjr all dnpeptia
symptoms. It does not hurt tho teeth."
I ■ I)B K. M. Dfxzell. Reynolds Ind . says : " I
have prescribed Brown* Iron Bitters in cases of
anaiTnia and blood diseases, also when a tonic was
noo(ie»I, and it has proved thoroughly satisfactory "
Mr. Wm B TENS, 38 St. Miry St.. New (Mam La.,
says: "Brown's Iron Bitten relieved mo in a case
of blood poisoning, and I heartily commend it to
those needing a purifier."
The Genuine has Trade Jf irk and crossed rod linos .
on wrapper. Take no otlirr. M.-.do only by
BRO»T.\ CHEMICAL CO.. 1; V 1 1 I vr.i:r, Ml>.
I.Anrre' HA3fr> Book— useful and attractive, con-
I taining list of prites for r*'.-ipos information about
j coins, do., given away by all dealers in medicine, or
I raailijd to any address on receipt of 2c. stamp. • ■ <,
an entirely new method, using nothing but Vegetable Medicines, has performed the
most wonderful cures of the following dif eases: Consumption, Neuralgia, Paralyse. Lum-
bago, Cancer, Rheumatism, Seminal Weakness, Pleurisy, Catarrh, Asthma, Bronchitis, Dys-
pepsia, Indigestion, Gastric Troubles of the Stomach, Leueorrha>a. Piles, Fistula, Pulmonary |
Troubles, all Diseases of the Throat and Lungs, Diseases of Women and Children, Cerebro- .
Spinal Meningitis, Bright's Disease of the Kidneys, Scrofula, Taint in the Blood, Tumors,
Impotency, Malarial Fevers. Sciatica, Rupture, Stops the Growth of Hair on the Face, Bald-,
heads, Toothache, Headache, Hip and Spine Diseases, Small Pox, Typhus Fever, Cholera,
Yellow Fever. Deafness, any open Wound, Cut, etc. He therefore invites sufferers to consult
him, as he will be able to afford them quicker relief than any of those physicians who treat
after antiquated methods not In accordance with the progress of modern science. EFKEN Dl
MAIER is a Physician by intuition, and needs only to look at a patient in order to tell him
what ails him and how he should be treated. His celebrated
Have saved persons who have suffered from any of the above-named diseases for more than
twenty years, and no one has ever left him not satisfied with his treatment.
EFFENDI MAIER can be found at his office from 9 to 11 a. m.. and from 1 to l p. m.
No. 1116 Third Street, between X and L.
=^Tjpi : tJßS^^TXJ__iEs ! -•-•■
» I bought of an Eastern Bankrupt Firm, and now offerel at 85 per cent, less than any- V_L
thing heretofore shown. «S" COME EARLY AND SECURE BARGAINS. "Sa f&\
. T7~-. 33. COMSTOOK. jel::-4 tf "
Fruit Growers! Grocerymen!
j Specially adapted for fruit hauling and grocery » • *■ .';i "H. 11U U. UVII ,
purposes. Will be sold at BOTTOM prices. qj. Ann q. PapAnfl «t
««f- Catalogues Mailed to any address. Oil ttDQ 310 beCOHQ Si., OttCraffleDlO.
_^2^_ je26-4p _^
"•-•«■ lOITTGrlO: CASE! Y, 1883 -
No. 50 (New Number 218), X street, Sacramento,
«S"The attention of the Trade is specially called to his large and varied stock of all the
favorite brands of KKSTI'CKY WIIIsKIKS. Orders direct from Bond receive prompt and
careful attention. His large and well-selected stock of rtiii..\i>hi.riii.\ AM) MEW
YORK CKJAKS is well worthy the attention of the Trade. Also, I'ROPKIKTOK
EAGLE S«)UA WORKS. ' m2lV4ptf
&ACKAMENTO, June 20th. I
FRUIT— LemouR. sicily. fancy, to 60(d>7 ;
common, OC't«> 50 'f* case; Limes, ill 50 ;
_au«-uus, f- 73 8 "r 1 bunch : Pineap
ples. »[email protected] 3 dozen: Coeoiinuts. . 86®6 50 "$ K»);
Lot Angeles Oranges, $1 35(S>1 50; Riverside do,
[email protected]; Apples, choice, 50®75c; common, 50®
75c; fancy, »1 _j®l 50: Cherries, White, [email protected];
box ; Crawford Peaches. [email protected] : Peaches V
box, [email protected]; Apricots, [email protected]; Currants. S3_ 3 50
chest ; Blackberries, [email protected]; Early Pears, 75c
(<i>i ; Uartlett Pears, il 70(<c2, Plums, [email protected] p
PIE FRUlTS— Assorted, 2>£-n> cans, $ doz,
51 [email protected] 30; assorted, gallon cans, S-l; Peaches,
2->C.ncans, SI 50; Portland Blueberries, 2-& cans,
12;" Whortleberries, £1 75; Capital Asparagus,
12 25 33 dozen cans.
DRIED FRUITS— Apples, sliced, 2J^?3c ■& ft;
choice, 5e : do quartered, [email protected]%C; Pears, peeled,
[email protected]; do, anpeelcd, 4®sc; Plums, pitted, 10(gillc;
Peaches, [email protected]; do peeled, [email protected]; Prunes,
German and French, [email protected]; Blackberries, [email protected]
lie; Figs, California, [email protected] "ji 8).
TABLE FRUITS— -'K-tt. cans, doz.
81 [email protected]: Peaches, 82 [email protected] :;;' ,; Bartlett Pears,
52 37; Plums, II [email protected] 85; Blackberries, SI [email protected];
Gooseberries, '2 2&@2 50; Strawberries, S2 75fa,3:
Apricots, %1 '.'•'■-; Muscat Grapes. 41 [email protected]; lied
Currants. £2 40: Cherries. 52 V>;ai2 10.
VEGETABLES— EarIy Rose Potatoes, [email protected] V
ctl: New Onions. 82 [email protected] 30; Cabbage,
81 [email protected] 25 ; Carrots, $1 & 100; Turnips. 7jc :
bunch vegetables, 12% c doz ; Parsnips,
1c; Beets, SI; Horse Radish, 6©sc ?i ft: Garlic, [email protected]
6c; Cucumbers, [email protected],'.^0; String Beans, [email protected]%)
Ib; Wax Beans, _' i '■■< ■ V Hi; Summer Squash, 2%c
t* ft; Peas, [email protected]>ic %* '■*>'■ Artichokes, 40c V
dozen; Tomatoes. [email protected] v box; Green Pep
pers. f>@"7i; V lb; Green corn. 15c V doz.
B KEADSTTJ -r"iour.« to « uarrel :Oatmeal
53 7 ) "ft 100 lbs; Cornmeal. white and yellow,
82 in 25 lb sacks. $2 25 in 10 lb sacks, 'f' 100 lbs;
Cracked heat. S2 [email protected] 50; Hominy, i:; 25 9 cut.
POULTRY— Live Turkeys, 15#16e %s B>;
full-grown Chickens. £5 [email protected] 50 t* dozen; young
Roosters, 85 50i56.50 J* dozen; Broil 3rs. [email protected];
tame Ducks, 86 50 ; CJeese, SI [email protected] Si pair ; Eggs,
choice lots, 10<ai7c ?( dozen.
DAIRY PRODUCTS— Butter, choice roll, 230
24c fi ll> ; packed in firkins, choice, [email protected]; com
mon, [email protected], Cheese, California, [email protected]; West
ern flats, 15(?-17e; Martin's <.'roam, 17J<e.
HAY, GRAIN AND FEED— hay, [email protected] ?
ton: Alfalfa hay, l'J&ll "ft ton; Bran, SIS <j» ton:
Middlings, 522 % ton: Barley, whole. SI 25
(a 1 80; rolled. SI 50 ; Wheat, SI [email protected] 40 ft cwt;
tame Oats, 81 50: Corn, 61 30 # cwt for choice.
MISCELLANEOUS — Seeds — Alfalfa, [email protected]:
Timothy, Eastern, G%@7%c^ib; Oregon, [email protected];
Pop Corn, 3>£@4c ft 5." Red Clover. [email protected];
Red Top, 7(s9c. Nuts— Chile Walnuts. 7%@
9c; California Walnuts, m.'jy,c; Almonds, 12®
13c; Peanuts, Oaliiornia, 4}£&6>:c. L»m (Califor
nia), cans, sJv.i'Jc; Eastern, 11 J^@ll^c. Hides,
■salt, light and medium, he : heavy, U%c; dry,
[email protected]|c. Tallow, sc. Hops — No demand.
Sales of Pacific coast in New York, 10c; market
value l.ere. 3<i Be. • ■
MEATS— 7c; Mutton, [email protected]^c '$ ft:
Lamb, be: Veal, small calves, 10c: large, 9c;
Hogs, :;®4e; Dressed Pork, o>ic; Hams, East
ern, [email protected]; California, ll«jl'iVc; Bacon, me
dium, '■•!■*■: selected, 12c; extra light, \- '■'•■.
San Francisco! June 29th.
FLOUR— We quote : Best city extra. {4 25<a
I 85; medium, $3 [email protected]; shipping superfine, 52 75$
3 50« bbl.
WHEAT— No improvement in business and no
change in values. Light transfers arc reported
within the old range; of 51 40 to SI !-';_, V ctl for
the better class of shipping.
Call Board sales at the morning session of the
San Francisco Produce Exchange were a.- fol
lows :
Buyer season— loo tons, SI 6% 200, 81 66%; 100,
SI 66%.
Buyer 1885—100 tons, SI 58; 800, $157%; 800,
51 :>T'\ ? ctl.
BARLEY— Market demoralized. The best
kind of new feed sold on 'Change this morning
at Si 10 v <"tl. Old brewing is not to badly af
fected, though holders have to make more or
less concessions In order to create business.
From $1 25 to SI 35 is about the range lor this
class of stock. New brewing will not command
much more than new feed, and is therefore
nominally quotable at Si I" 1 '" l 17% v ctl.
Call Board sales at the morning session of the
?an Francisco Produce Exchange were as fol
lows :
Seller season— loo tons, SI 11%: 200, ?1 12.
Buyer 1885— COO tons, SI 20; aOO, si _'n\, ; 100,
¥1 20% 100, SI -■'!:'.: 100, SI 20%; 900,8121; 1,408,
SI -Jl'<; 1,600, 51 -11,.I 1 ,.
Seller 1885 500 tons, SI 12; 100,81 11%.
Seller ins.-,, now— tons, il i:i'.. ; SOO.a 13;
100, SI 12%; 400. 51 l- ; i 3 ell.
Afternoon Bales were:
Buyer season— 3oo tons, SI 27..: 100, ?1 28; 100,
SI 28vi.
Seller season— loo tons. SI 11 %.
Buyer 1885— 200 tons, SI 21 'A; 400, 81 21% : 300,
SI Jl 1 ..; 100. SI 21%; 500,81 21%.
Seller 1885 -100 tons, ?1 11%; 100, SI 12.
Seller 1885, new— loo tons, SI 12%; 200,5113;
100, SI l:; 1 ,.
Seller inss, after September Ist— loo tons, SI 16;
100, -; 15* ctl.
OATS— Are in large supply. Trade dull and
prices weak. We quote: Surprise and Milling,
SI [email protected] 4. i: No. 1, M 223 ,wl ■.■:'..: No. 2,81 1." &
1 IT 1 ;: Black, Si [email protected] 15 fl ctl."
CORN— quote: Large Yellow, SI 22%<§
1 25 : small Yellow. SI -'> ; large White. SI & :
small White, nominal at SI -■">>' ctl.
VEGETABLES— The market is overstocked
with Tomatoes, and quantities will have to
be thrown away. We quote: Tomatoes, 25c;
for Winters, and [email protected] '■?. box for river;
Green Corn, 8210 c for common, 15&lSc |* dozen
for sweet ; Egg Plant, S(a,loc v B>; Artichokes,
30c V dozen; Cucumbers, -KijgoOc for Vacavilie,
and [email protected] 251? box for bay; Carrots. [email protected];
Turnips, 50(3-6(k: ctl : Beets, [email protected] V ctl; Pars
nips, 81 «* c.l ; Cauliflower. C3c & dozen ; Cab
bage, 75c • CM; Garlic, -J'. _.-'.:;■: f(S>; Celery, 60c
dozen: Dried Peppers. 15® 18c ¥ to: Green do,
50 j inn- ~$ box; Chile do, 8_ 10c 9 6; Green Peas,
2.:. l .r v ">; String Beans, [email protected] V for poor,
_" ._. ■• ..•: >- lh for choice: Dried Okra, 15<a25cjB tb;
Green do, loc^Ib; Marrowfat Squash, |[email protected]
& ton : Bummer Squash, 20c t* box lor
Vacavilie. and [email protected] box for bay.
If— -Berries of all kinds are in large
supply, and buyers have the advantage.
We quote as follows: Watermelons, 8250 ■?
dozen ; Cantaloupes, S3_*4 V dozen; Nec
tarines, 50e<iiSl <: rH>ox: Prunes, [email protected]«bskt;
50®65c ,' box ; Cherries, Go(Sj7sc ' ■ box; Grapes,
:;.',■ 7,c - t . box" Strawberries, [email protected] f* chest;
Currants, [email protected] 75 9 chest: Plums. 15(5;i0c v
box; Raspberries, [email protected] ßehest; Blackberries,
[email protected] 9 chest; Apricots, :V)@soe V large
box; Peaches, common, [email protected]^ box,[email protected]^
bskt: CJrawl'ords, [email protected] v box. [email protected] v
bskt: Figs, 2jf<y»e^lx.x; Apples, [email protected]^ bskt.
and [email protected] l>ox : Pears, 20(«30c basket, and
!. 1 75 c box; Lemons— Sicily seed. Si 8 '- 5 50;
do. California. Sl&l 25 V box for ordinary
and SI rii,.- 1 75 for Sicily seed : Mexican Limes,
SlOiffill ■$ box : California do, SI 25<ai 50 for
small boxes, and 75<a3 for large: Oranges. Cali
fornia SI 2-'Kai 50 « box for common. [email protected]
for Riverside: Tahiti [email protected] f M: Bananas, j
SI fiO(»S ■-•■ bunch: Pineapples, 85 [email protected] i* dozen.
FRESH MEATS— Following are rates for
whole carcasses from slaughterers to dealers :
Beef— quality, 6_>7c; second quality,
5j ■■.'■■■. third quality, 4<&sc %> It. Mutton—
Wethers are quotable at [email protected] Ib, and Ewes at
■i:.il'.,e t* m. Lamb— Quotable at fr^7c 9 0".
Veal— Quotable at 7KSflO>-$c t> B. Pork— Live
nogs, on foot, ;: : ., iil' dressed do, 5(&6e 1? fi>. <
Chicago, June 29th.
WHEAT— B®£e for July.
COkN— J7\c for July.
UvrßPooi., .Tune 29th.
WHEAT— Qniet but steady. California spot
lots. 6alod to 7s Id; off coast, [email protected] 6d; just
shipped, :;r,s 6d; nearly due. "-">-: carpies off
const and on passage, steady; Mark Lane Wheat,
higher prices asked but no advance established:
English country markets, generally dearer;
French, quiet; Wheaf in Paris, quiet; Flour,
steady; weather in England, cool for the season.
: Sure cure for Blind, Bleeding and Itching
Piles. One box has cured the worst, cases at 'JO
years' standing. No one need mffer I've min-
utes after us-ing William's Indian Pile Ointment.
It absorbs tumors, allays itching, acts as a poul-
tice, gives instant relief. Prepared only for Piles,
itching of the private parts; nothing else. Sold
by (iniireirts. and mailed on receipt ol price, 50
cents and SI. For sale by KIRK. GEABY & CO.
fli;<l JOS. IIAHX & CO.. Sacramento.
DELTA, CAL.. AT THE TER- i v>\,— v^
minus of the C. 1' R. X., Jg&jMk .S
• on the Sacramento river. Ev-ft^MESSSa.
; erything new. fitted up **-»!} ,'■>,»« MM,-
, peeially for the accommoda- ■' -—Z£*+iLi-
i lion of Tourists. Fine Turnouts furnished
; guests at reasonable rates. If desired, a good
1 guide will be provided. The cold water ol the
I Sacramento »Dounds in fish and the mountains
! are filled with game. The entertainment of
■ guests will be the chief consideration of
|el6-lm I. M. WILEY, Proprietor..
chnnniiu' retreat in one of JS__'-'-^D>r .s
, the loveliest canyons in l.nti'Hi'^jPTJ
, county, with well-drained |ffi *, f ffijgMyr-
i grounds and trout stream ■* -—r7s£—T-
at hotel, having been entirely refitted and re-
. furnished, is now open for the reception of
, guests. The Springs are Soda, Chalybeate and
; white Sulphur, and their medicinal value is
: superior. The new proprietor will endeavor to
. make this resort a pleasant home for invalids.
pleasure-seekers and hunters. Terms reason-
i able. Railway to Williams, thence 40 miles by
, daily stage for the Springs, on arrival of train.
; WULUD BASLEB, Proprietor.
Is N;)W OPEN FOR GUESTS. A >avi--v-v
The most charming summer /s£li?jj^lji *•
resort in California for comfort, Mj**^i,7''iff^jb*
A pleasant home, good living, BJJJJXSWiJr
; pure air and sparkling moun-" »"-^ — iMw-
tain water. Terms reasonable.
jeS-3m I. B. LEACH. Proprietor.
\j Lincoln street, Santa Cruz, Cal. MRS. M.
A. E. SHEARER, Proprietor. Pleasant sunny
rooms to rent by the Day, Week or Month.
! Centrally located. Cars to the beach pass the
; door every 15 minutes. jeC-4p3m
Resort on LAKE TAIIOE. &CjS!k~ .S
Cottages, with board, £< ' '- Ma ■* -L ! :^T'*_^
per Avt'ek. Boat!: free; fish ing SrJJilcferf^T"
unparalleled; game abundant; - — - ■*" —
romantic surroundings.
m29-3m J. W. McKLNNEY, Proprietor.
Railroads, steamers, etc.
leave fkoji .;!">;:-: 1: 1885. arrive
[ (FOX) (FP.OM)
7:20 A. Calistoga and Napa 7:05 P.
i *2:50 Y. " ."- - *11:25 A.
12:05 P. Col fax _ 10:20 A.
10:30 A. Delta <_ Portland, via Davis 3:45 p.
«;*6:Wi a. Redding, via Davisville «;*2:50 p.
■ «;*6:05 A. " viaChico f*ll:30 P.
7:05 P. Knights Li-.:. ■;.' : 7:05 a.
■ "5:15 p. f Woiave.Demiiijr, I Expr's *9:00 A.
I 1:00 A. hi las.i and :.., I | Lmgr't 2:00 a.
; 7:35 p. J Ogden and East Express 7.-00 a.
9:15 a. I " " '" (Emign't 1:50 P.
I 2:30 p. Red Bluff, via Marysvill'e.... 10:15 A.
6:00 a. -an Francisco, via Benicia.. 8:00 p.
7:20 A. " ' '' " .. 7*6 P.
j 2:50 P. " ;; " : ' "■ " .. 11:.". A.
1 11:80 a. " " "Livermore 2:20 p. •
' *10:00 a. " :•'•<: " steamer... *6.00 a.
11:30 a. San Jose 2:20 P.
11:33 a. Stockton and Gait 2:20 p.
*5:15 p. " ■■ " *9:00 A.
♦11: ii a. Tulare and Fresno
7:20 A. Vallejo *11:25 a.
2:50 P. " t'."os P.
S. ami P. It. R.
*7:30 a. f Folsom, Latrobe ") *155 p.
*3:00 P. ■< and V *10:15 A.
f3:00 P. ( Shingle Springs, ) -j-IOsX) A.
A. For Morning. p. For Afternoon.
* Sundays excepted. t Sundays only.
t* Freight find Accommodation Trains.
A. N. TOWNE, General Manager.
T. H. Gooi'Man, Gen'lPasa. and Ticket Agent.
■■ jel-tf
mHE SPLENDID NEW 3,000- „^»
L Ton Steamships will leave the
Company's Wharf, corner Steuart S?£TXjU!Lj?'
find Harrison streets, at 3P. M.: T xS£^¥~*zi&
MAKiroS \, JULY Jst
Freight, 155 Per Ton.
*3-Kxcursion Tickets at Reduced Rates. For
passage or further particulars, apply to J. D.
SPRECKELS & BROS., Agtni*. 327 Market Ftrcet.
corner Fremont. 018-tf
C3-XS.XJLS3, Fovsrcioi', StOi
, je2-tn»f . ______
Clocks Ninth and Tenth, TV and V streets,
__ SACRAMENTO, CAL. je!6 4p
DvJ rl t\ L/ rl . California Univer-
sal Insect Exterminator. Sure death to all In-
sects and harmless to human life. A California
production. Millions ot people are enjoying its
great usefulness. Directions with each p ick-
) age. Druggists and grocers sell it at 25 cents, 50
1 cents, 75 cents, 81 25 a can, and 1- pound cans at
SI GO per can. Never buy BUHACH in bulk,
; but in original cans, and see . that they are
sealed and covered by our trade mark, as sue-
| cess will not crown your dibits unless you use
; genuine BUHACH. " .
154 Levee Street, Stockton, Cal., and
49 Cedar Street, New York City, N. Y.
cheap a"d free from all offensive odors.
cheap a_d free from all offensive odors.
: Orders left at Carpenter's Wood and Coal Yard,
j <2fi X street; or at Pacific Market, 725 J street,
1 will be promptly attended to.
I jel6-4p3m J. H. CAMPBELL _ CO. ,
IXas never "fc>oox». undersold, and. novcr
Chamber Sets, Parlor Sets, Lounges, Extension Tables, Sideboards;
Ami Examine Ills Immense Stork of Goods nml Prices. Wo trouble to show goodn.
=: 5St""~O" JFL' & ixr a. isr
KTo. 230 3SI STREET, con. OP THinD.
Whiskies, Brandies, Champagnes, Cordials and Liquors of all kinds.
- f -j^ . _ . -. SOMETHING rfEWI
S^r^^yfe^f^Y 1;> shots in live setomls.v
'jjtffF*^ \b^ Also, FI^HINii TACKLE AND BASE-BALI*- GOODS of every description. ■•
ti>^*^ 13L. 23olx.l3.n>x'd.'t cCs Sou, 583 X »t.. Sacramento". ; iptf
I 1 hood and secret diseases causes more suf-
fering, suicl les, nervous debility, Impotence,
sterility strictures, variocele, diseased prostrate
gland, bladder, kidneys, heart, catarrh, con-
sumption, dropsy, diabetes and Blight's dis-
ease, than everything else, and cannot be cured
with stomachic medicines alone, electricity,
crayons, belts, cauterizations, sound?, catheters
or cutting. The Asahel Mineral Spring Water
physician, 891 Broadway, New York, will Bend
ii treatise, with 13 wood cuts, for 26 cents, Riving
the remedies which cure them at home, without
pain, privately. ' JeJ-lmTuThS |
Is the pure extract from the drug from which
ail the hurtful properties are removed and tho
medical ones retained. No headache, costive- •
ness or sickness of the stomach attend its use. ,
Price. BO cents. All druggists. s2S-lyTuThS j
Manhood Restored j
Kemedt Fans.— A victim of youthful imprudence
causing Prematuro Decay, Kervous Debility. Lfl '
Manhood, Ac., having tried in vain every known
remedy.Uasdiacoverea a simple moansof self-cure^
which he will send FREE toliis fellow-BufferenJ j
Address, 43 CuatuamSt.,New York.
Ba-lyTuTfcH I
Sores, I';:;:; 11 . Ecuma, all Itchy Skin Era|>ti as, no ',
vvattrr f,uic obttmaU or tony etandwj. At Druggists. ■
Fcr is years at 37 Court Place, now at •: |
322 Market Street, T nnjPTn|]p Yv I
Bet. Third and Fourth, JjUlllU V lllO, A. j
A tTßutariT ■>;•'! t<--1 and 1' "\- ■' rjiinliti-. '. j<tiTi>iviili had th 1 *
most iiicceuful, as bii practice will |>rore. I
Cures all forms of PRIVATE, |
ZAS£S. 1 w 1
Spermatorrnoa and Izupotoncx, |
m the resuU of self-abuse in youth, r ■ \tnl r xrevcj tn tua<
turer rears, or other causes, aud iroducins b.vn« o f the fol- !
lowing elTects: Nerrouancss, Seminal Ktni&sions, (night »-i ii.
:i »as by dreams). Dimness of Mi:l.f, D BKtii Mrtnnrr, Phy-
sical Decay, Pimples on Face, A version to Socim of Kenmlry,
Coafu-i' v of Mean, J.om of Sexual foner, A■■ . nii'l- ■ c<
marriage improper or unhappT, »re il.oroiifthlv anJ prnsa*
o-m;> cured. S Yi* JIIL IS P"***^ 11 - rt<i and en-
*£!& IS£!£2}*& fr":nthe system: Gonorrhea,
GLEET, Stricture, Orchids. Hernia, (or tti*i>iure);
I'il- .- a tui other private di^ea^i quickly Cured.
It Is sclf-erideot th:: t a phy slclan who pays special attenua-
to a certain class of disease. 1 ), and treating thousands acn3>
ally, acquires treat -kill. Physicians knowing this fact oftca |
reeotmaend persons to my care. When it i- uwonTenli ■■' \ i [
Tisit the city for treatment, medicines enn be sent privaU:lj !
■ad .safely It mail or express anywhere. !
Cures Guaranteed in all Cases
undertaken, , ' !
Consultations iH>rsonally or ny letter free ana InTi'.ea. ,
Chart '■■'■' reasonable and cbrrespohdencc strictly coafUeutUl. j
Of 200 po^es, sent to any address, securely sWmlirf, for t'nirt/ !
(30) ceiiU. Should be read by- all. Address us uli«r«. i
O^ce toman fn-iu BA.M.to j P. 11. Sundays, 2t04 f Ai
Office in Odd Fellows' Temple, Ninth and B
X streets. Complete stock 01 Undertakers' B
Goods constantly 0:1 baud^.Hly and coun- jj I
try orders promptly attended to, day or I
night, at reasonable rates. jyl r
County Coroner and Undertaker, i
No. 1017 Fourth street, between J and. X.— |
Always on hand the most complete Stock of 1 1
Undertaking Goods on the coast. Country j
orders, day or night, will receive prompt at- 5
teution. Telephone Number, 134. ji>-ipira » |
. "Ii 11 I I IHI I ll»HH ■' 1 1 P'"H l'» K» Ii I I 1 I
% mfDERTAKER, 5?
6513 J street, bet. Fifth and Sixth. Always o-i,!
•hand a large asfortment of Metallic E.n<l# i
SWooden CasSets, Burial rases, Coffins sndfl
BShrouds furnished. Coffin orders will receive?
Bproinpt attention on ehort notice tnd at tkos
Slowest rates. Office open day and night. J
-jL!rp*nTrn'-fyiiT : i-''' "**•* ** "--=^**?«"^— »^»»<*
Furnishing Stationery
jE52.5i.22.15. Bools.s !
Office of State Board op Ex«minefs, j
Sacramento, June - ! '. 1885. >
at this office, until 12 o'clock m.
To furnish Stationery and Blank Books, in ac-
cordance with Schedules iurnished by Secretary
of Staie.
Samples or minute description of each article
must accompany each proposal. ;
Each class of goods in the Schedule must be •
bid on separately. ■. :
The proposals must be for the delivery of the | ;
Stationery and Blank Hooks bid on at the office :
of the Secretary of State in such quantities, :
more or less, than the Schedule names, and at
such times between the date of contract and
the Ist day of DECEMBER, 1886, as the Secre-
tary of State may direct.
Each bid must be accompanied by a certified
check on some bank of good standing, drawn
to the order of the Secretary of the Board of
Examiners, for a sum equal to 20 per cent, of
the amount of the bid, which check will be
forfeited to the State if the bid which such check
accompanies shall be accepted, and the party
making such bid shall refuse to give a satisfac-
tory bond for the performance of the contract
awarded to him.
The Board reserves the right to reject all bids
if deemed too high.
All bids must be directed to the undersigned
indorsed, "Proposals for Stationery and Blank
Books." W. W. MOR ELAND.
e22-?0t Clerk of State Board of Examiners.
Dividend Notice
532 California Street, corner Webb.
F IS-S5. a dividend has been declared at the ;
rate of four and one half <4>.,) 1 per cent, per j .
annum on Term Deposits, and three and ! ree- '
tourths (3-k) per cent, per annum ou Ordinary (
Deposits, free from taxes payable on and aiter ,
Ist JVLY, 1885. , , )
,*»««*«» ■ LOVELL WHITE, Cashier.
T 1 ARAREBOOK.Justi'Ut. How to D*.
lAII I r X Vl ' ! ''P tlw Bast and form." Fall . x-
lJXll/IJJtJ i ,!l fbeonjy method. Mailed
BOlOd lot -Me AJ.I:, Si I. U. Drawer 17:'. lluflAlo. M. V.
HǤr p -''*bU'vl Strcngthenins
H tMsr^AfcU a V B Strengthening
'K^T^Aa Remedy
•'«mk-^^aJ» an(^ Nerve Tonic
J?s«|r' $Ks ! fflS:Bßcur»H with unfall-
-1 iiS'.K»'S»?* ;^%«^|;SS" B certnlntv Ner-
y}|lK» ••» '«' v'^/in vousand'Physi i. I 1-
"-• «Xt : ';" r '£^/?f/l!»8 ''''">" Weak-
Si S Vj»>?S?'-*kS?I IK™" CSS - fivnnutorrhoca,
•'HMSt^^AsljniliiMx'tciity. ITosta-
■ \ r iU\iU tfKKA;Uii°«'rrlm-a. Hypera'S-
iSSSESEISCSSSISSC^i^tIH^iii (ovor-sousitive-
ness of the parts), Kidney ami Bladder Com-
. plaints, Impurities of the Blood .1 id Diseases ot
the skin.
! it permanently stops all unnatural weak-
! ening drains upon the .s\>tem, however they
occur, preventing Involnntarj seminal losses,
. debilitating dreams, seminal losses with the
' urine, or while at stool, etc.. so destructive to
I mind and body, and cures all the evil effects of
youthful follies and excesses, restoring K.t-
bausted Vitality, Sexual Decline and Lossol
■ Manhood, however complicated the case
' may be.
i A thuroiiKli as well as a permanent euro
' and complete restoration to perfect health,
! Strength and Vigor o; Manhood is absolutely
' cnanmteed by this justly celebrated and re-
' liable Great Remedy. ' Price SJ ■ ■■ per bottle, 01
I five bottles for 810. Sent upon receipt or price,
' or C. O. D., to any address, secure from obsovva-
i lion and strictly private by
; DR. C. D. II! I.l>,
'• P* . t i<\ v».iw o< Sufßcienl to show its
r\A\n\ CS(^i\t> Wrtro Vii-i-:. will be Bent to
j QJiWJSXWVIVUJIiQIV.W.fInyoiie applying by
, ■■—■■!'■■ i ■■ ■■ m I ■«»■■!■ m letter, stuting his
■ symptoms and age.
I Consultations strictly confidential, by let-
: ter or at Office, free.
i It is an established fact, acknowledged
: by all, that DX. S.YLKIKU>\S KEJCVKN-
j a'tok is tin- only true Rpeeillc, which /|L>
] never fails to cure Nervous Mobility, I'ros- ■
tatitis anil the nbove-iiientlone<l com-
i plain td, positively restoring Lost Manhood,
! and with \\lii<h expensive special treat-
j lucnt is nut required.
j *#- For the convenience of patients, and in
[ order to insure perfect secrecy, i have adopted a
private address, under which all packages are
; forwarded; -iKtwtf
! J. Special Diseases with the same wonderful
; success as of old.
■ Mas/g^" :. . ' • ■•-• Is a never-falliriß- euro
! |g?lSlSs?=S§«£i§3 for Nervous Silly,
! BWS^^-N^SS®! X x h au s t c d Vitality,
>,s&s£' SZ Seminal Weakness, j^
■ \Us! I ..r -v cv' •$• Spi'nnatorrlio?», i-'-^t
i '/jFJi <JCb_J M:K::^J Manhoo<l,linpotency,
By' / v '- >•■' !■' i lhQ
*£■ ? l .vMff-T'- : -'*:<-r terriliie eilKw of self-
-1 lW\ '^ .-'t-y^x l*tft abuse, youthful follies
' KSx. iwC^'At^wA and excesses in mature
! pj^-i.«i.-.r- 's^AQi^MX veßrs— Hich as Loss of
S^f V^h'&ZfSl Memory, .■ • I v le,
i /ff^aata3^i>irt?y^ Nocturnal hmissuns,
Aversion to Society, Dimness ol Visior., Noifes
in the Head : the viral fluid passing unooserved
, in the urine, and many other diseases that lead
to insanity and death. : - . '
I UK. SIXNTXE, who Is a regular physician
1 (gitduateof theUnivendtyofFei
: agiseto forfeit Five Hundred Dollar* fora
case of this kind the VITAL RESTORATIVE
(under his special advice and treatment) will
! not cure, or tor anything impure o: Injurious
! found in it. Till MINTIK treats f.!l • vste
Diseases successfully without mercury, C«u-
-| snltatton Free. ThorouHß exaraiaauon and
vice, including analysis of urine, 60. i'rico
ot Vital Restorative, *1 BO a bottle, or four
times t!ie quantity, Ss;sent to any ':ess
upon receipt of price, or C. O. D., secured from
observation, and in private name if desired, be
j A. E. .MINTIE, St. 1)., No. 11 K*arcy
i street, San icisno, Cal.
j Will be sent to any one applying by letter, atnt-
Ing svToptomß, sex and age. f-tnot secrecy in
regard to oil business transactions.
! rili-.LTlCl.M, cures all kinds of Kidney and
i Bladder Complaints, GonotrhiEa, Gleet, Leucor-
rhroa. For sale by ail Druggists :$1 a bottle ; six
i bottles for So.
the best and cheapest DYSPEPSIA and
BILIOUS cure in the market. For ---lie by all
KIKK", GEARY & CO., Sacrfunciro Wholesale
Agents my9-tply<S:o6wly. : .
■ ■ SK X ■ ONLY. A quick, rtrmMwnt Curl for L"it
m\M BL, [MB Manhocl, Debility, Ncr\.'u-n.-i. WV«kn, ■>..
HA M~ m No quackery. Iniifi«ilat.le l'roon. Bookbj
I W II k 1 V mail. •e.ilwi, 10 '•■«<*■ ■■■•"■' ■ FREE.
""" ** i"" MEDICAL CO. UfKFALO. N.Y.
To the Unfortunate.
633 Kearny Street, San Francisco.
-«• — =»^ Established In ISS-1,
As^i%^s*»i^^\ Syphilis in all itsforms)
\'- P°teney, i-kin Diseases,
6111 1 " 1 1 Weakness.
,fit^^siSmS : sj?^K,-ijfe>3 vice or depraved sex-
ual indulgence is practiced by the youth of both
sexes to an almost unlimited extent, producing
with unerring certainty the following train of
morbid symptoms, unless combated by scientific
medical measures, viz: Sallow countenance,
dark spots under the eye.-, pain in the head,
ringing in the ears, noise like the rustling of
leaves and rattling of chariots, uneasiness about
the loins, weakness of the limbs, confused vis-
ion, blunted intellect, loss of confidence, difli-
dehce in approaching strangers, a dislike to form
new acquaintances, disposition to shun society,
lass of memory, hectic Bashes, pimple.-, and va-
rious eruptions about the lace, furred tongue,
foetid breath, coughs, consumption, night sweats, •
monomania and frequently insanity.
Persons at a distance may be cured at home by
addressing a letter to DX. GIBBON, stating case,
symptoms, length of time the disease has con-
tinued, and have medicines promptly fonvaided
free from damage and curiosity, to any part of
the country, with full and plain directions. By
Inclosing ten dollars in registered letter, through
the Postofflce, or through Wells, Fargo & Co., a .
package of medicine will be fnrwaroSsd to any
part of the Union. The Doctor cures when others
fail. Try him. Mention the Keclkp-Uxion.
Address DR. J. F. GIBBON,
ja24-4ptf Itox 1057, San Francisco.
Prrmntnrc Decline from errors or excesses,
Lost Tower, Diseases of Hie Kiilm-Ts, illad-
«ler. and Prostate (ilnnd n'lticn wuliont
Stonuii-h Medicines by the Marston Bolus \a-
ricocele cured without surgery. Treatise 1*
ttmonlalafree. All eorrespondpnro eonlhlpntlal.
46 West 14th Street, NEW YORK.
K^SnS^. tt^^rl^.Su-^^
itS aont waled fr?e. EIIIK ME'>; CO.. liuffjlo, N. Y.
T. D. SCBTVEK, .... Proprietor.
day or night. Coupes, Phaeton*. ftf Win
Rockaways, Baroucheß. Buggies, with" "■ "■
the best roadsters to be found in any livery
stable on the coast, for hire. Horses kept in
■:%•■ ry at reasonable rates. Livery Stable ou
Fourth street, between I and J. iyl-U
sP«J a TON* OF COAL, at the C. O. D. W"oou\
and Coal Yard, No. 401 I street. All orders
promptly delivered to any part or the city.
■ • ■ je2-tf

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