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*11 Obserratiouit Taken on tho Totli Meri
dian . J'.:i-.t«-rii Time.
Signal Office, U. 8. army i
Barom. iTher. i*~ * ' ?
*>:«* of ai^id g| 2 f
tioii. - =■=■*- = • 8 ; si
r §* i =j§ •?=• ? =
„ 1 a» r s ' ; ;s. fl I
Ttiirmh "1
Juau <k- F . !
l»»-M,Wr.»J Clear"
vtombr. .' :;:;;;"
Portlun.l ■•mi-,; B.tt~|~ff'yls3S
Rosfcbur.-. 2 .89 . . .; 5, _ ... B ; lt | „} Threat
Mcii cin>i I
s*° to - > [...Cloudy
f? n , y - r ''- : - ■ n U - .. . < londy
E. L. Obis ■ i
S-^'- ! - ■ ... B.'tt~|"Stu"nbi
i.D1««0..| „ r..,,, K.W.U Cloudy
MaxiraiiTn •.cmr.eralv.rc. ."« 5; m'uiir'iio tein-
Pwaiuj... JAMEa A. BA&WICE,
ierg> . orps, U. a. A.
■ •■ Coandl i:. nwi S. BfMtea
notlci . ana.
Bacnmeoto i . hump < ump
Veteran > dd fellows'.
not. Perkl at enteitalmßent thic ereaing.
HwlntM HlhilMi—mim
Wrfor ..... ... | ibto- pr -;.'.ciive cloak sale.
la-<i Hiiuiie— Ostrich tlj* in cents
Ye-V c -- ■ ■■■ ir attraction!
James .. Dtrit -Fnmitore and carpeU.
1 ■ . San Prancii
•■■■"■■ • ■'■ ■ ■ aii of chick'
rice fruit ti
John Breuuer— Bargains in (umitnre.
A Km Gkaxd Army Post. — H. A. Bur
■•' ■"•' ■ : ■■••■ '>'■:>■ Senior Vice Department
Commander of the Grand Arm; of the
R fi' ■■'• «nied i.y I. s. Moore, also
°.' •" ' ■■ instituted a Port of the
G. A. R. a Auburn Friday evening. The
Il:i '- - !:■ [mdv(
!'"■■>'.,:<■ with twenty-six charter
memo srs, twx :' whom came sixteen miles
l be pi .; al its instituti m. The in
m «" ■ Baker i'...-i,<.i Newcastle. The
n*o installed officers are as fol
lows: Post Commander, J. W. McCul
'"»"h -■ ■ it Vice-Commander, Louis
Bute; Jnni >r Vice-Corn inander, W. I!
Curtis; Quartermaster, 0.8. Lower; Ad
jutant, i. g. Kewc imb; Surgeon, Dr. J M
■T<"!d: Chaplain, H. \\". Richmond; Officer
or the Day, >V. .1. Robinson : Offl er oi the
<- '■■■'■■'■ [cCoy;Se wt-Major. F..1.
\'/'- ■ muster-Sergeant, J. H.
Bit) ifterthe installation exercises
■ • •n( were seated to a
bean bo! bar I ta< k and black d*flee, and
reminiscences of the late unpleasantness
was of the evening. The install
ing i | eak in high terms of the hos
pitality „i the Auburn people.
Tin: i\. | , ;•;,:._ The A/to of Sunday
had til- followi g: "Owing to the heavy
storm V ■ which prevailed v.!;h but
a few ■ .- moments, the formal
opening itrus i a ii- was postponed
until Monday evening, on which occasion
Joe Hon [. .:. Estee will deliver an open
togadd During the evening Mark L
McD >na : nil] aia > deliver an a Idress,
both of rill be In connection with
1 ■ lining features, in the way of
<■''■•> ■ '■ ■ ■ stral music, to be enjoyed
Qurii , le which will be a n
to view and appreciate the
exh . displ iyed in excellent
taste and lavish profusion, rbe following
counties are represented: Sacramento,Yuba,
|; - '■. ■:.'. Coin a, Sfa
sin 1 P Prom Ne* i astle, Placercounty,
«•'- '■'■ ; ■ ' - ' : ivel featore in
the ■• . .-.. catting from the Rose
de i f rowths i:> one seas >n.
Mo! ■ ue : action i
on exhibi on, which were twelve feet in
liislit in ot • season. It is < tpe :id that
the Btecl ' ton will be filled on
Monday - as the in I all
i ■ are involved with the desti
|>| l.ir- Ol thii •; oa lair.
Ba»» . port. —The raini'ail Bat
t(urday-a*ao< '■ to 2.58 of an inch, distri
cted a -..-: From the time it com
n»« which was about 5:30 a. m .
l: i' l " no - . if an inch pre
cipitated; . noon to 7 o'clock :;t iiiLrhi
there was 1 ■i. - : and from thai time
until i 1 :- ■ I rainine, sometime durinii the
: -!:t .n-.. inted to SO of an inch, making
2.55 for t!:.i: day, for tlu> month 6 7s inches,
and for The season 23.98 inches, against
16-58 ii - for the entire season of
1884 85. The highest wind on Saturday
wa v 30 miles per huiir. . hirinir the
afternoon, [n the forenoon 28 miles was
the highest. During the same time it
reached 34 miles j't-r hour at Red Bluff. A
foul-weather sunset was repeated utall Big
r.al's.i v . ;■ poiats nx»a|JLos Angeles to
Olvmpia. .'.- 7 o'clock last night if was
raining at Los Angeles, Bed Bluff and
E*ortland. >be barometer is ri.siu^ in
Washington fcintory and Oregon, and
Jailing in ' iiiiurnia. Southerly winds pre
vailr.l all.: ■_■ the entire Pacific coast. The
temperature in this State is -j to 5 warmer
t!ian th< 24 :. ors preceding. "
Si BSTAS i\i. StbDOTUBBS. — A report that
gained credence <>:i the streets) Saturday,
t tatthe Sai ramento warehouses, the proi>
«ity of I'ri-'.v (tClunie, on the hank of
the Sacramento river, at Front street, sus
tained heavy damage, both to the buildings
and the g ds therein contained, has been
found to be wholly without foundation.
The buildings, which cover nearly a block
of ground, arc solid brick structures erected
during tlje ) B It '.ear. and are the W >st ■•nni
pletean tial in this section. They,
i. itwithstandin ; their isolated position,
withstood the heavy wind-storm, and
the hundreds oi thousands <>t dollars worth
of produce stored therein bat enot been dam
aged by either wind or rain to the extent of
a cent's worth. So confident are the pro
prietors of the strength and solidity of their
>: . ■.:» they assert that nothing
short of a first-class Kansas blizzard «
have any effect upon them.
Uainka:.:. Obskbvatiohb.— All persons in
northern central or southern California
who are ::l:: in^ rainfall observations, will
confer :i tavor on flcrgtsnl Barwick by
■ending their records to him for tabolatioa
and publication. If tboaewfao keep a con
stant record will send the Sergeant their
address he will furnish them with official
postal cards, upon which to -send a report
of the rainfall al the end of each month,
without expense to the parties taking the
observations. The greater the number of
observers reporting monthly, the better for
the State. If the highest and lowest aW
ii^' temperature, along with the prevailing
direction of wind couM be added monthly,
it would make ;l.e reports all the more val
A. O. r. W.— Doaean HcPberson,
Qiaad Hastei Wotsjs— of the A. O. 1.W..
now visiting the lodges ul'lhe order named
located in t::i< section, visited Inion
Lodge, Baccameoto, last Saturday evening.
He will also visit lodge** Newcastle on the
i.uh; Lincoln, -'''.•.Ii ; Polsom, 27th. and then
return to Santa Cruz. He has visiteil the
Workmen Lodges at Auburn. CoMax, lowa
Hill, Foresl Hill, sfictdna Bluffs,
Georgetowo and Plaeerville. I'ublic
meotiiiirs wptc lield and well attended at
Auburn. Forest Hill and Hacerville.
and at the ciose of the lodge meeting, at
Michigan Blufb; the members and their
ladies gave a banquet. The Qrand Master
iqwita the order in a fiouriabing condi
Arrests. — The following arrests were
made Saturday and ye.-terday : Tat. >lur
j)hy, by Deputy Constable Gardner, for dis
turbing the peace : Frank Swanson. by otli
cer Frazee, for petit larceny: I.cc You and
l.uey Sinir. by officers Kent and Solhvan,
for battery; Frank Turner and John
Ughtatone, b} - oftieer Sullinan.
for visiting an opium dei:: Ah Gin. by the
same officer, for keeping an opium den;
John Melsaac, by otlioers .Suilivan and
Ilider. on a bench warrant from the Su
perior Court: Frank Wilson and CW.
Bevens. by (.'hiet Jackson and officer Kent,
for petit larceny.
At Clunie A Kiley's this mornins you
CAn buy splendid new blanket.- and shawls
for le«s than cost price. Come and exam
ine for yourselves. Also, Marseilles bed
gpre^rTorsl 05 each, worth $2. Sale at :t
npt, corner Kighth and K. •
. have a large stock of men's rubber
clotliintr that we do not wish to carry over,
consequently have mile the price an object
to buyers. Bed House. •
Sek our list in advertisement of goods to
be sold to-day. Red House. •
Interesting; Sermon by the Keverend H.
C. Christian.
Fully 1,200 people assembled at Armory
Ha!!, last evening, to hear the sermon de
livered by the Ilev. H. C. Christian, pastor of
the Seventh-street M. E. Church South.
All the ministers in the city that have been
engaged in the revival services which were
commenced some days ago by Dr. Mun
hall, were present, aud assisted in the
opening ami -rmrinfl exercises. The minis
ter read from Romans siv.. 10 : " But why
dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost
thou set at nought thy brother. for we
shall all stand before the judgment seat of
Christ." The last sentence he chose as his
text, lie said he bad been impressed dur
ing the meetings held by Dr. Munhall with
the spirit that seemed to lead on the evan
■:••!!-■! in the line of the last judgment.
He would take a Hue of thought supple
mental to I>i\ Stunhall'a discourses, and
for that reason had selected for his text the
words, "for we shall a.! stand before the
judgment seat of t'hri.st." Many asked
the question, "is it true that there is to be
a qbjeat joDoaoon dat,
A day when all men will be gathered to
gether before the great judgment throne of
Christ, and judged according totbeda la
of their body?" We have been taught
that this is to be the case from our ea
childhood. We heard it at our mother'!
knee, it baa been preached to us from the
pulpit, and God's holy wot I prod lima it.
The judgment day was and is the offspring,
not of God's wrath, but of his mercy. If
ihere was no mercy in it the sinner would
have been stricken and damned long ago.
It it aras not mercy Jons < hriat would not
have mffered :'or your tins upon the cross.
He said he desired to add:.-- himself for
a few moments to those who did n i
lieve in the Bible. Many believe in I
Bible, hut not in the revelations. He
wanted to reason also with them. '1 here
be a judgment to come. I-'r in
;!.•• v.r>- miture of God himsi If there must
be a judgment to come. If a child is
asked if it believes that God is just, the re
ply com* - quickly, ye-. All ot! as b
that God is good—thai beisat lof be
. love and grace. It he tl
God thought mon of the people in
paento than he did of thep ■'■.:• Ethi
in Africa, be could not
act ten urn as \ xrsr ood.
Some men say that God la partial; that
menare not rewarded in tiiis life for the
good they do, nor punished in accordance
with the evil they perform. Hethen'drew
a picture of a man who lives in a maj
cent borne, surrounded by all the luxuries
of life, lis elegant mansion Burrounded
with beautiful grounds, blooming Bowers,
grand, attractive; who never knew what it
wa- to want for anything; who is an in
fidel, a corrupt man, who blasphemes be
fore young men, and leada them to)
Christ. His broad acres yield abundant
crops, be grows old in prosperity, and
finally diea and passes away, lie con
trasted with this a poor, afflicted, perse
cuted son of man and child of God, who
had struggled and labored through his en
tire life, was diseased in body, wreel
fortune; an individual win had given hi.-.
hi art to Christ, had accepted salvation. \ • I
was compelled to go about the street
ging for bread. Angels keep \i:'ii ovei him
at night. When he dies, no one stands by
his bedside to soothe his pain or bathe his
fevered brow; none but tbe angels, who
Come ami unloose the silver chord, and
BEAR him home to heavex.
Has he received all he deserved '.' You an
swer, no. No man, then, will deny that
there must be a time and place somewhere,
when God will call them Vj judgment and
reward them according to tin- lives they
have led. There must be a retributive jus
tice that all must meet AH men who be
lieve in God believe also tint there will be
a judgment but don't believe in a great
judgment day. They believe that when a
man diea hi' immediately goes into the
presents ol Gi I; i; he has been go "1 ii
admitted into heaven; if he baa lived a life
ol Bin, is consigned to hell. That is what
most all men believe. God, however, could
not so judge, because when a man dv
work of his life is not over. No man is
dead when he dies, and no man shall die
until judgment day, for the influence ol
his life lives 04. A pebble thrown into
inter of a lake causes a circular wave
to form, which moves on and on, until it
breaks upon the shore h.ng after the atom
which started it in motion had sunk to its
bottom. livery word, every deed, is an
atom dropped into the sea of human
no man IS i>;-.mi wi:i:n- BE diss.
Is Tom Payne dead? Eighty years ;c_-,.
they buried him, but he still Uvea through
out the laud. While in San .lose some
time since a young lady told him she was
an admirer 'of Tom Paine— believed the
teachings of his " Age of Reason," and re
jected and disbelieved the " Revelations."
Pom Paine is not dead, nor will he die
until Gabriel blows his trumpet, and time
is no more. One hundred year- ago, in
the village of Sparta, in the State of
Georgia, lived an educated Irench in
structor who was an infidel. He long since
has slept in his grave, but he has lived
since death within a radius of twenty
miles of that place ever since, and stiil
li\cs. He cannot be judged until the final
judgment for the evils ot his life still live.
They cannot die. bui live on and on : there
is no death to their influence. He ad
dressed the father who was living in sin
before hi> children, drinking, swearing and
Your influence, damaging as it is in life.
will live when you are gone. You must
cease to do evil. Efe addressed mothers in
the same manner: if they were leading sin
ful lives their children would follow in
their footsteps, and their example, a part
of their life, would have an influence long
years after they were laid away in tbe
church yard. He spoke very feelingly of
himself, saying that wb< n a young man he
had led hundreds of young men ;.: do evil.
and many who had followed bis sinful ad
vice ami example were now dead. Th ac
thoughts came crushing upon him: will
they stand before the judgment tbrou
on the last day, and accuse me of lead .
them from God? He prayed fervently ■■•
Hod for a remission of hia great sins and
His iu:\yek< HAD atCKB '.N-'.u:i:i:i..
You all have done, enough now to stand
against you at the last day. We have done
so little i:i lite as minister! that we hope
that what we have done at this revival
meeting wiil live on. He referred with
much feeling to his mother, long since
deceased, and said if it had not been for
her good example, earnest pleading and
advice he never would have been saved.
He said it ali the unconverted present were
determined to continue in a lite of sin. the j
sooner you die the better for you and better
for others, for your examples have an in
fluence upon the lives ol others and your
acts will live after you are {]cm.. ,l\ ma
Christ will be the Judge of the quick and
the dead on judgment day. lam glad that
Jesus will be there. Hi-" knows tin- deep
penitence of my heart and 1 will receive ;
my reward. He closed his interesting ser
mon with an exhortation and appeal to '
those who had not already given their
hearts to Christ to do so at once. Some 2'<
or 30 arose in their seats and asked for the
prayers of the Church.
The services this evening will he held in
the Congregational Church.
A Card to the Public.
Bm. llecoru-Vnkin : I wa- MtanUMd
and surprised to find the folluwing in your
columns on Saturday morning :
EM. Kk. ..Ki-rsii n: At the revival meeting |
at tbe OoDßCgatiaaal church on Tuesday even
lag lust. ■ i'« rt']«rter. seated in the gallery. I
insulted leverel ladies aud gentlemeTi in his ■
iu'i:;hi>or)iood by reviling ami ranriag t!u
preacher in an audible voice. His eoatK «nd i
indecent lnnguage could t>e heard hy a mom of \
l" m Doei mii h a reporter worthily repre- !
sent the journalistic profession in this cay ? j
I>ocs such ftpepex deKfTC the support of self
n ipecUng, not to say Christian pooj'V ' Hum
of witnessts to verify statement of above mci- !
dent will W funiisbe'l if desired. Citizen.
Permit me to -tate that norejiorterof tlic
/.'. i ever acted in any such manner: that, i
on the i-ontrary. it was a reporter of the lit( !
who forietl the irreverent youUi to bebtve !
himself as every man should behave him- I
sell. BO matter where he may be situated.
I iru?t that the Christian minister who |
wrote the above card will by as prompt and ;
ready in making reparation as he has been !
rash and recklem in doing injustice. Re
>j>CLtfuUy yours, r. K. .M ■■i.'i.atcht.
Mana^ini; K.iitor S;k.ramento Bee.
The following card has abo been received ;
concerning the same incident :
Ei'-. I!f.< oKii-l'xioN : As the Bttfl Satur
day baaa denies the statement made in a i
card written by me, refering to the miseon- I
duct of one of its • rter3 at one oi the '
revival meeting last week, and calls for j
names, I proceed to give them. At the j
close of the meeting on the evening in |
question, \V. C. Ooode, of 131^ X street, a j
well-known and responsible citizen, stated
the facts as I gave them, at the same time
girinfi me permission to refer to him, and j
remarking that the language referred to .
was ia a toae Lou j enough to be heard by [
all in that vicinity. I did not make the
incident public at once, but did so at the
request of gentlemen who. like myself, were
indignant at the Bee* reports of the re
vival meetings, which Were, as thousands
of dtizeag can testify, garbled, unfair, mis
go^'ngi ami in many particulars elaringhr
false, and at its <:r:tt:iitous abuse of Uf.
Mimiiall. a minister of the gosj>el of na
tional reputation, invited to this city by
the i>astors and leading laymen of nine
churches, and whose v,-ork and spirit bo
w.iii the approval ot all interested, that he
was onanimonsly invited to labor with us
■gain two months hence. It seemed to me
and to ninny that the eemdact referred to.
rm.l the reports in iimstion, were quite in
keeping and almost equally an outrage
upon tiie better sentiment of our oom
nmuity. • ].;. I!. Killi-.
Bacnntenie, January LM. 1 SB6.
• regular monthly meeting of the I ity
Hoard of Education will be held tbia
;es Hicks a few days ago killed a
ter cayote on hia place near Hicks-
A tramp who. visited the house of J. G.
vi. at sixteenth and J streets, yester
day morning, stole a gold watch and chain.
The race on roller skates at tbe old
pavilion Saturday evening between Wal
st.'tn and Crazier was won by the latter
run-, Pit i
It was reported Saturday afternoon thai a
• >r,ak bad occurred in the railroad ( m
-benkmenl near the town of Washington,
but there was no truth in the rumor.
The storm on Saturday tore ofT ihe roof
and broke out one end of the barn on
Kanchodel Paso, in which the thorough
bred horses are kept, but without hurting
any of them.
Mr. Morris, who works in the railroad
machine shop, had ins left hand quite
severely hurt Saturday afternoon while he
was op. rating a lathe. His hand was lacer
ate i and some of the bones broken.
Jennie Finlay died suddenly at the
Canada Souse Saturday morning. The
•r was notified, but, after examining
he circumstances, concluded that ft
was unnecessary to hold an inquest
P. !:. Beekley and Boris, well-known resj
of Sacramento county, are principal
owners in the Seckley mine, Calaveras
•.. and have excellent prospects, as
some very fine ore has recently been turned
lie annual election for officers of the
;■ Firemen's Association will he
-lay at Firemen's Hall, between the
hours of .; and 7 cm. EH Mayo will be
of election, and Henry Meyers and
Daniel Brown inspectors.
\ man named Murphy, "the Sacramento
blacksmith." and '• Buffalo.' a San Fran
ciscan, had a glove light in this, city Satur
day night They were both well' wit.de 1
in the fourth round. When officer Coffey
interfered and Stopped them.
The steamer Apache arrived from San
Francisco yesterday morning, thoroughly
repaired, and looking very handsome in
her new paint The Modoc will now be
hauled out, the Onward doing duty in her
place, as she has been doing for the' Apache.
The high water on the plains and in the
fields drive the rabbits from their haunts
yesterday, and caused them to aeek Bafety
on little kiiolis and other raised ground.
It was anything but safety, however, as
men and boys, with dog-. gnns and clubs,
made short work of poor puss.
The hunting party that was going up to
the mouth of the Feather in the steamer
Thomas Dwyer Saturday night reconsid
ered the matter and did not make the trip,
ihe weather being so stormy Saturday and
that evening that li did not Beem probable
the hunt would be a success.
John Mclsaacs, who had a aho
scrape with a young man named Palm
some months ago, was indicted by tin- last
Grand Jury, but could not he 'found to
have a bench warrant served npon him.
and was reported to have left town.
Yesterday, however, officers Sullivan and
llider cam,- across and arrested him.
A Sacramento Chinaman, who gave the
name of Harm Sing, endeavored to gain
possession of a Chinawoman at San Fran
cisco last Friday, by means of a writ of
habeas corpus and a mania.;-.'. Iml tbe
scheme would not t work. The woman
would not have him. 'the police interfered,
and she went from Court with Other parties.
On Friday last, E. J. Crowlev of this
city, came near losing his life while cross
ing Morrison's slough near Walsh's Sta
tion. Himself, horse and buggy, were
carried down stream some distance, when
he caught bold of some brush on the bank,
by which he pulled himself out. lie
afterwards, with assistance, got the horse
and buggy out.
The steamers San Joaquin, No. 4. and I).
!•:. Knight arrived from San FrancN, , yes
terday, with merchandise; steamer San
Joaquin, No. is, from the upper Sacramen
to, with barge load of wood. Cleared,
steamer Neponset, No. 2, for the
upper Sacramento. with merchandise;
steamer San Joaquin, Xo. •*, for Sun Fran
cisco, with wood.
The construction force of the California
and Oregon railroad is within two miles of
Portuguese Flat, and the construction train
will aoon be running to that point, which
will be it= headquarters. The telegraph
gang has already reached there. While no
additional Chinese laborers have been em
ployed, the force of white laborers employed
in road building has been increased.
Frank Swift. Jr.. requests the statement
to be made that while tbe item published
in the Ki:i okh-I'nion concerning several
young men disturbing the revival meeting
in Armory Hall by noisily marching
through the gallery is entirely true, and
als i that he was with them, yet "that lie was
aompelled to pass out as he did, and that
he did not make any unnecessary confusion
in so doing.
A Chinaman who came down from
Truckee a few days since, says that the
climate of California has changed so much
during the last few months that certain lo
calities arc getting quiet unhealthy lor his
countrymen. He expresses thusly in
"pigeon English:" "Tluckee tloo" d —
cold. Slacamento tloo d-» hot. Me go
I.allameda. top side Oakland.' catches
washes house, you sabbee!"
The water on the Marysvilio road, from
Nelson's saloon to the American river
bridge, was so high yesterday that horses
traveling on that grade were more fre
quently swimming than wading, and at all
times the water was in the boxes of the
vehicles that passed over the road. It was
-aid by ..Id residents that they did not re
liber when the water had been in such
me on the plains north of the American
te flags of sti-amers lying along the
• were displayed at half-mast yestcr
out of reaped for the memory of
am .lames (limning, of the steamer
Joaquin, No. •_'. who died yesterday
ning at the residence ol John ]>riscoll.
rest, between Eighth and Ninth. afler :
ng illness. He has been running on
-ivcr for many years, was very compe
in his business, and had the regards
large number of friends and acquaint-
Chinaman named Lee Yen got into an
leaaaatneaa on I street yesterday fore
i with a fellow countryman, who
w him down in the mini and slush
dat exceedingly dirty street, and. while
was held down, a third Chinaman
ited in beating him. Thereupon Mr.
Yen. as soon as he could remove enough
soil from his garments to enable him to
walk, pr.vceded to the station-house to
have Lee You and Lucy Sing arrested for
iilliams. whose term at the < ' outliv
ed last Friday, and who had be-
Saod of the institution that she
ant to leave it, and had to be
;«->, was taken to the station house
for safe keeping. From about 10
lat night until 11 last night she
: in a stupor, from which she
asionaliy be aroused enough to
few words, then relapsing into in
-. The City Physician, who was
see her, thought she might have
some morphine before being
, and taken a dose of it. She will
the hospital to-day.
ry stormy weather of Saturday,
so tassel after another severe
ed all the gutters and low lots of
rath water, and yesterday it was
in ponds in so many places thar
owners became weary of looking
le drainage canal seems to be
poorly, probably because of the
tityof water that has drained into
and sloughs below the city. filling
and the Ilichmond Grove canal
rday full and having little current,
in a day or two this condition of
1 be remedied, if the rain holds
c river is so high that the work of
vill require more time than usual,
of four Chinamen from this city
appearance at Folsom last Thurs
ing. and were captured, while
about Chinatown in a suspicious
iv Deputy Constable Meyers, as-
!sisted by Constable McCoruber and Bob
Wilson. It is believed that they visited
I Folsom fur the po.poee of kidnaping a
Celestial female, but their arrest stopped
the game. As there was no positive evi
dence against them, they were discharged
from custody next day. though one of them
had lirst to pay a fine of $2S, imposed i.y
Justice Anderson, for drawing a pistol upon
Constable Meyers.
Tin: SwOBD CO-tTKST. — Notwithstan ling
the threatening weather and the fact that
the grounds cou':d not be expected to be in
even moderately good condition, because
of Saturday's storm, it was derided that the
mounted sword contest between Duncan C.
Bess and Sergeant Welsh should take place
a! S t. m. yesterday. The contestants made
a little pari de, wearing the armor they
were to battle in, and notices were posted
that the contest would take place j hut the
public had taken other means to secure
amusement, not expecting that the match
would come "iv. and the attendance at
Agricultural Park was small in consequence.
The* combat took place in front of the
grand stand on the track. The first attack
was xatber interesting, and made the spec
tators believe that they were going to enjoy
themselves. Altera clashing of sabers and
vicious striking, each man bitting his op
ponent, the ri -ercc. Captain F. Heilbron,
announced that no points had been
gained, as the hits were simultaneous.
I'r.mi 1 1 i :. i time Walsh's horse, frightened
by the swords, would not he persuaded to
act like a noble charger, but imitated the
style nf a worried cow, and Ross had the
tight as he liked. He scored ten points to
Walsh's two, the latter having gained his
toward the dose of the match, after a citizen
had loaned him his buggy-horse for a
mount. The new horse did not take well
to the business, and the combat, which had
lost all interest for the spectators, was
brought to a close. Walsh intimated a
wish to tight it out on Boot, but Uoss re
minded him that the conditions aid
" horseback," and claimed the match and
championship medal. Walsh had the third
finger of his right hand, and also the thumb,
injured by bis opponent's blows, ile is
matched to mccl Captain Daly, the all
•• and athlete recently from the East, in a
sword contest at Woodward's Gardens, San
Francisco, next Sunday.
The Raileoajw.— Another washout oc
curred Saturday afternoon, near Army
Point, and the overland train had to come
by way of Stockton that evening, while
the second-class train came by way ol Val
lejo. The break was repaired late V_ r
day. and trains will run via Uenicia this
morning, and they came up that way last
eveumg. The Napa branch road bad sev
eral smaii washouts, which were ;.\\ re
paired by noon yesterday, and the Northern
mail the same. A land-slide took place
Saturday night between Verdi and Bronco,
and the overland express wa. •■• ayed
seven hours, not reaching Sacrami utu ...
12:10 o'clock yesterday afternoon The
Delta train was an hour and a balf behind
time in getting here yesterday ;.;;. ; aoon,
and the Western met with detention and
was about two hours late in Brriving,cansing
the California Oregon train to be held
until it arrived. The reports of the I
Ing forces on tne Southern Pacific state
that work is being urged day and night.
Unless Saturday's rain-storm sh >u ld cause
further damage, repairs will be completed
by next Wednesday.
Tin: Rivers — The A_perii an river wast
big, wild stream yesterday morning, and is
rej •■- ted to have riai n a! Folson. to twenty
nine feet .-ix inches, which is about six
inches below the high-water mark. At its
junction with the Sacramento, . _ . . t river
being high, the current i f the American
struck with such violence that swells five
or six feet in hight were formed, dim:
inj; in bight as they progri to tl
ramento's further th< re. The steanu
Joaquin No. 3, coming down with a
load ol wood, had difficulty in keepii
tow on; of the brush on Lite wesi sideol
the Sacrami nto, and lively work was i
sitated to get the barge straightened i
the run through the draw of the br
but it was made in go< dsbupe. The Am r
ican bad receded somewhat by night, but
the Sacramento was still rising at 11 p.m.,
when it marked twenty-three feet nine
A Sad Casi — Last .week the fact was
brought to the attention of some charita
ble ladies that an elderly woman and bet
two daughters living in the alley betwei a !.
and M. ! iitii ntid Sixth streets, were suffer
ing for the necessaries of life. They did
not have a hid. but slept upon the slat- of
;i bedstead, the board, being covered with
gunny sacks, and one quilt constituting
the bedding. For a week their fond was
potatoes and salt. The mother was sick,
and died toward the close of the week,
not exactly of starvation, bat lite next
thing to it, though, as soon as the desper
ate strait of the family became known as
sistance was promptly extended. The
children have been looked alter and com
fortably quartered since their mother's
Police CotTHX. — In the Police Court Sat
urday the two boys, Dan O'Hare and Willie
Farren, arrested for stealing from the Ree
Hive Store, pleaded guilty and were ordered
tii appear tor sentence next Saturday.
Meanwhile they are out on hail Si.
ISrady, for having been drunk, was sen
tenced to fifty days in the city fail, where
he has been a regular boarder lor a long
time Allien Sherman pleaded guilty of
battery, and will be sentenced to-day.
Annie Manning, arrested for petit larceny,
wa- discharged, the prosecuting witness
failing to appear.
BOBBY BußßS.— This is the 130 th anniver
sary of the birth of Scotland's favorite poet,
Bobby Barns, and the Caladonian Club will
celebrate;! by giving a grand complimentary
entertainment and ball to their friends at
Armory Hall this evening. A line musical
and literary programme will he presented,
and the canny Soots will see to it that
their guests have enjoyment until the wee
sma' hours.
O, Frank Perkins and pupils will give a
novel and pleasing entertainment at the
United Brethren's church, corner of Four
teenth and EC streets, this evening. The pro
gramme will consist of songs, dramatic
reading and amusing features. Admit
tance. 25 cents; children free. A singing
class will lie organized at the close of the
To-nvv, ladies' full-size gossamers, with
hood. 76 cents ; misses' and children's the
same, for >.'. cents. These goods are all
perfect and much under our former price :
object being, ''do not wish to earn - them
over until another season.'' Red House. *
OWTFG to the inclemency of the weather
last Saturday, we will continue our sale to
day of blan';cts. shawls, gossamers and
bedspreads. Sale to commence at '■• UK.
prompt Clunie A Kilev, corner Eighth
and K. «
Do vol- want a Hehr or Mathushek.
Decker, Wheelock, Stock, Fisher, Geo.
Woods. Emiuorson piano^ go to Cooper's
new music store, corner Seventh and J
streets, where can be found latest sheet mv
sic, books, strings, all kinds small musical
instruments. *

Ho. tk ! That wants blankets and shawls;
also. Marseil'es bedspreads for $1 85 each,
worth 53, come to our sale this morning at
'J o'clock prompt. Clunie k Kilev. corner
Eighth and K. •
--a< ramento. January 24 — Wife of Jame« Cross,
a sou.
Michigan Bluff. January 21— Wife of Aaron Han
snn. n son.
Miehi^an Bar. January 21— Wife of Wm. A.
Brown, a >ou.
Near AinmiorOity. Ania*lor county, Januan" 18 —
Wife of Mr. Baker, a (UuKhter.
Sacramento. Imoaarj 24— Iinuieio A. Gonfale», n
native o! Saeruuiento, S months.
[Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
vitod to attend the funeral, which will take
place from residence of parent*, Fifth street,
between L and M, at :> o'clock this afternoon, j*
Sacramento, Januan- 24— James Gunnine, a na
tive of England. 57 years. (San Francisco and
Stockmen papers please copy.) [Funeral notice
herea!t?r ]
Sacramento. January 22— Kn-jier ?ehrx-h, a tia
tiveof Switzerland, 65 yeais. (Funeral private!
Sar-ramento, January 24— Eramor-'ene, wife of
Wm. Dougherty, a native of New York. 32
years. [Funeral notice tereafter 1
Marysville. Janwf Tt TnirpfciM O'Brien. 1
year. 5 moDths aud 3 lays.
When Baby was sick, we gare her Castoria.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria,
When she becamo Hiss, she clang to Castoria,
When ah* had Children, she gare them Castoria,
Beginning with T HIS -MORN ING, January 25th,
A Stylish Fabric Down in Price.
This is news.
A French Woo! Dress Fabric, the surface stylishly
finished in moire and crape effects, 58 cents per yard!
In shades of Olive; Brown, Navy, Wine, Myrtle
and Black.
Medium-weight and with fine draping qualities.
These cloths will be placed upon our counters for
sale, beginning with THIS MORNING.
In order to avoid disappointment, those who are
interested should call promptly.
A Prospective Cloak Sale.
We are at work overhauling our Cloak Depart
ment with a view of having a CLEARANCE SALE
as early as WEDNESDAY, January 27th. We shall
aim to name the reductions such as to make it pay for
those who are interested to buy now.
Further details will be given in to-morrow's paper.
As to Young Men's Furnishings.
The very latest shapes in Flat Scarfs, Ties, etc., in
both lively and sombre effects.
The "Tular," "Mertin," "Margate," "Congo"
and other recent brands in Collars. This collectio:-Tin
cludes Standii ; Collars up to 2yi inches in hight
Fresh Novelties in Colored Hosiery.
The proper things in Evening, Street and Driving
Full Dress Shirts.
Canes and Walking Sticks.
406. 4 ox, 404, 406, £0$ K Bf.< Sacramento,
(J . next to Weils. Farro A Co. The only
Factor; in Sacramento that DsestfaeClgmnnaken
As-uriiii.T! Label of ih<' Pacific Coast. Ask for
t'lc " Little Plant" 5 eenl Cigar. dls-sptf
EsM^'' a "3
King of Soaps!
IT 7j i n
DM IT fur Cln.ppe.l HmxU.
I"SE IT for Itemoviii^ Tnn illid Freckles.
USE IT for ilrulii:); Saddle Stiresaud (iallx
Vpon Hor>f«.
CSE IT on Monday, and Save Time and
Labor. d.::- Spcim
"'^-^g/7!^] IT TAKES THE LEAK.
@/'. : ,iJVf J " OHINKSK MIST GO!"
' a *£lp3sf\\ «*-ti:y \ -nkw ukckku
-*«Z6^^^*WASHKI:. K. W. MKLVIN,
Prop. A; MannTr. Mechunica' Mill,i?ac'to.jnli>-lm
Nineteenth and I streets.
and 710 J meet. White htln only cm
yed. jal^-:iplm
188*. FIRST I'REStIV.II. 18So.
1J of tho commitUe composed of three practi- I
cal machinists: 'The commifee has decided
that, consideiine points of simplicity, of con
struction, durability and style o! lini.sh. the Do
mestic .Sewiiisr Machine is entitled to Kir>t Pre
mi'im." A.J.Voiumer. Agent. :*&.) <x. .>*'-. n'J-"pt
Manufacturers, Importers- and Dealers in
eiy. etc.. Iron. Steel, Coal, fowder. Cutlery,
Cordate, Barb Fence Wires, etc. Ja.S-4p
."<■<•"> J .street, betweer. Fifth and Sixth.
Billiard end Luuch K'^om.
jalJ »plm E WERTHEIM. Prop.
Windows, Biiud«, Mcidiii2>. ftt^ '^'i ".'
F ! aish D.;or a.rj Wiiviow Vrdin.f..! "•7SiV:---l i "" ,
Brackets and urtire?:aif Work -ffly *~!
a Specialty. jSf- a
O- Uomer fitmi. anfl Q streetn," y "
S^cr&meuto. I »-'■* 1
My Entire Stock is made up of just
such baits as a BEDROOM SUITE of
j seven pieces,
«-Thl« is thfl price that makes UK.H
PJUCED DEALERS FQCtfiJf. Cut it makes
sensible piirc!i:i>c:s of KritNlTritK AND BED
DIKG goto the Largest and Cheapest Fnrtiiture
House in the bttte fin tlieir sunpiies.
John Brenner,
Nos. 604, 606, 60S X STREET,
I T "ill do well t') liK.k nt the properly on the
Noithweat Com?r of tighteenthaDdGftreeta.
The I it ll Boxl6o feel, tilled very high; beauti
roily laid out with shade aad ornamental trees
and j''anN. with splendid stalile and other
buildings. The hoDMaoMaim "i»e lain rooms,
le-iil's pantry, bathroom and closets. It is
heated by ■■< bat-air furnace, and is a modern
home la every I'Mrticular. The price is put
down to <M5,7.->l>, whkh is jositively a Imiflu
Wfl have a ii( i-> I J HOrSEof live rooms, with
Lot IPKMO. on E strevl. l>etween Tenth and
Eh' Tenth. foi *!>OO. The Lot is wor:h the
We have a NICE COTTAGE of five rwms, on
N KMat, between Seventeenth and Eighteenth.
I."!. H'xs., with nice lawn and butt and orua-
MHrfll itees. True, Sl.flOO.
Prepared from the Active Medicinal
PropertieH Contained in
Man.lrake. Dandelion, Butternut, Black
Root, Bog Bane. Bitter Root, Blood
Root. Calisaya Bark, Barberry
Bark. Sweet Flag, Indian
Hemp. Wa-a-Hoo.
Golden Seal, etc.
For the Speedy and Permanent Relief of the
most hopeless eases of
Dy*nep*ia, .Jaundice. Chill* and Fever,
lji-iir.li reil DigeKtlon. Sick Headache,
General Debility,
And all other diseafes arising from a Billot •
atate of the stomach, or an Inactive or
DkcaMi Uver.
San Francisco, _ Wholeaale Agents.
39~ For sale \<y all druffihng. 015-3 ply
frfr" •• i^^^^Zi" *' -ivvrmiln flOilaji
•'.■" ■ .-^ ,-*!'■■ It. li-.n < KI«-tri>->Ia«
-«C^fL J>ft;.->^y ' ■ '■'■■ '■•■<• 7ru.w.-ombmH.
r MyE3& -> "si -. MAj&r ' i'jaranV 1 e*i the otily one in
1 , ?>S^B^"^"^ the world cent-rat lnir ft oon.
\\*.'/^B " timo>;< F.lfrtrrt-Mnynette Cur
\&jYJr?*t- K-ii r.tinr. Powerful, Dnrable,
("omfortAble and EtT**.-tive in curing
Rnprar<-. Pnrp nMuewl. 600 cured In S3. Send
•camp for ittmphift.
709, 711, 713 »:< ■! 715 J Street, Sacramento. \
So*. 16 to 22 Bes le Streei &*& Francisco I
Ko. 1M front Sire*:.. [al-tf] Kew York
I 3X3 J" atreet. f024-Bitfl - Saorarn onto
\WAICHSIAKIRS & JKWKLEKS, 4SB J sti«ot. )>€t. Fourth ami Fifth. £7^
v^s />s- Dealers in WATCHM, JCWKLBT AMD DIAMONDS. Eer>fliiii^ In Rl! itsj&tJß
'jrauches B i-pecialty, under Mr. FLOBKKG. Agents lor KOCKFOIID WATCH COMPANY, dj-jptf
CHRIS. EHMANN, Proprietor,
! Nos. 1028 aad 1030 J street, Corner of Eievesth Sacramento
**- We buy for CASH, H> that no BOBW cau utidtr.-ei: t:s. Pfodnoe taken in BTPbnt»W at
market rates. nl£Sp
!2STo. 230 OESI BTHEBT, CCX. O^» I'XXX3ttDO.
Whisklfis, Brandies, Champagnss, Cordials and Liqaors o! til l!nds
The Oldest Sivrsos Bask ls the City,
! Corner J »:id Fifth streets, Sacramento.
' up Capital, 5200,000. Loans on Iteal Estate,
1 ,'ulv 1, IS-5, S'-'.'Ul.-is. Ti ii.i mid Cirdiuan,' De
: posits, July 1. ls*s. 5L,966,621. Term and Or
! ('.inary Deposics received, aud Dividend* paid in
January and July. HssMj Loaned uniin !<ea;
>Ntate only. Tnis Bank does exclusively s
Bauk buNiness. Information furnished
I on application to \Y. P. COLEMAM, President
Ed. R. Hamilton. Cashier. i;i2J-is6ni_
"national bank
;D.O. Mills & Co.,
f.TF.:.:-. tTH Vioe President
CHAS. F. DiI.LMAN UftCaahte:
o. o. unxs, h.L"...\K M'
V 7. S. CBAKBSRLAIN, CHAS r t>tt.t.vak
8. PBENTI63 SMITH. ]all-4pU
Dost a General !. f.Ul.'ij tlinliiiiss
ICt- Dravrs E^eliangij or. nil the priiicipa;
U cs of tba -worli.
Pte idem s. t>. rtdkoot
Vici-Piesident ->JRSDESICE r\)X
O*Bhiet._ A. ABHOTi
A W. OLARr.. 850. •". PKKKINS,
Oillce— So. 400 J street, Sacramento.
Capital Stock Paid Up $225,237 00.
Int' red Paid on lieposit? Semi-Aimually.
•^ Money Loaned on Keal Estate Only.
WM. BECKMAN. President.
Wm. r. Huntoon. Secretary. d£Msm
CHA'-.i; ..■ :. K. ( . ITOOLITOBTK, W. H.
23. -Ts_ rcCT JEE. JS 2tß. S .
:aa PJtie Street ,S»n Frauctsco
Cony "t. . posinese. Co>
respendena in the Principal Citit* of tie
Kafit-:;: States and in Euro] a. d'-lplrc
James CL Davis,
O J!k. tt. E3 T? St !
NOS. 411 AND 413 X ST.
feet upj. made in lihick Walnut, Asb. Cherry
and Mahogany: manufactured in GRAND
RAPIDS, MICHIGAN: Bnish and workmanship
is tin' Im-1 that i* made: prices ai-e lower
Hutu any House. Parties that visit my Btorcs,
\vli:i \v;!iit f t) parcbftSCtj invariably artr&ys buy.
The goods »nd prices ten :>>r themselTcs.
A Large Variety of Body Brussels,
Tapestry, Three-piy and Two-ply
Carpets; Linoleums, MattiEgs, and
a full line kept in a Caipet Store.
**-PKirE,< v. ill be I.OWKR tha:i anybody.
<"all and 1 tun watt yon will l>r convincr 1.
tt tilll'lll FOR C ATAI.CC L'E. -fco
Has ju^t received a tine line of
A Splendid Assortment of Lounges,
Bed Lounges. Book-cases,
Secretaries, etc.
*B" The Mock i> one of the moat complete to
he tonnd. jaKMptf
if you are so unfortunate as to requirsthen.
itb a mind matured and er.riehed by studio.of
an advanced ord»r, I can safely say that there Is
hardly r disease in the cataloirue of human ills
that I cannot treat to a successful l£? ne,
LADLES — I rie alvrxys ready to fu-*ist you. My
past knowledge has been Increased by extensive
experience, iam now able to treat yon wilh
the certainty{ of nue^e*.". No case peculiar to
yourdellcateorßaiiiKra isbeyond my pure control.
My Femslfc MontMy Medtetnes are rjperior to
any offered heretofore, and will be warranted to
have the desired effect In all cases.
Those of the public who need my services can
depend upon gentlemanly, h~zt>rable and sci
entific treatment at reasonable rates.
I add.-eMi particularly those who have been in
lured ty youth/nl iudiJcr-jtions, and those who
have contracted local diseases.
Person* Atßlcted can 4f they prefer, raw.ii
me by letter, detailing the symptoms of the dis
ease or trouble, and receive medicines by ex
press, with fuil instructions. All letters mu>t
be directed : J. E. KHBXLTH, M. D., 2J6 Sutler
street, San Francisco. Cal.
Cure warranted tn ail cases, or no pay re
quired. Consultation, personally or by lettei,
eraliA. Stnd for book. Comfortable apartments
for patients at my luSnn*ry (when desired), j
with experienced nurses.
Consultation Parlors, L* Sutler street, adjo:n- '
ing the Young Meu'e ChrUtian a :- social:' n
BuUdin*. I
i 0(5<« Ilour* — From 9a . jl to Bp. M
Slj Diploma lihi.^x in my office.
i^rchase my EK-^y oa Physiology and Mani ■
«^e. Far saio \y ad new. '.ft&ieiv
02-3pti i
i 1 Market. Al«o, a fine liae of Imported aa<J
I Key West on hand, at 225 X street.
ja«-islm E. H. PKTTIT, Proprietor.
3'! ii U> SX6 X s net, ,>!.[, ,,. i t (, I'ostofflce.
J uolc ol Sacramento. Cal. Board and
!.■ on>, r; uii-1 $: ■.;. •.-,■ ,-... Board, :i pcx
week. Meals, 35 centt • , and fioa»
the Hotel.
' ■ Sa ('■.:,. ,■ ; tnplnyeat,^t
la* }■ ' ■'- WELI ; ;.;tor. |
KlKhikl H-iOK Rt.. bat. t-.i-l.ih auil .Niuth
BOABO, pr vet ■ ti
iwarbandlodGiki :':::::::::::sw'ss
•IBAXS 2j ccsu
BOttNIKDI «R<l^., r ; , ;r >tor...
**" -' : ■ : edr.oreTerr
five minutca. ny'-u
Comer X aiul Tenth streets, Sacra mi- nto»
CHARUffI A. JESMS3, Pm i-:iet(.i:.
*S-Hoari and Lodging, ;n :■' ?!.' per "eek;
Single M als, 2S cents; Sngl ■■ 9 cents.
: ii n'inei at the H i taatta< hed.
Free v: siUus to and ttom Lhe House. Street
1 '.ts :■■ : •■ -y «ix m'nates d'S-;f
Corner Seventh and X nlreets.
Free 'Bus to and from the Ore.
jafi-tf VT. O. liOffMS, Pr>iwi-tor.
BLKSSIXf. * GDTEB ■ ■.>m.
■ ■ <. Omnibui to snd nxm ■ r rs-*»
J_ Letding Business an J Tan :..:.. of.ssc
ramento, Cal, The most convenient to Port.
Express f-n-t . < :; .: i m -,■ . X t c
Places of Amusement j>i.;i,;. ■;.-, ct>m.i. FinV
elast : ; all its appointments. Free coacli to and
from the Hotel WM. LA;»*i: Vror-riawr
Corner Jl cn:l I'iMJi Stn•^t^, Sim ruix-nto.
to all places of amut >■■• . ; Tb< :..--t fHm
iiy hotel in the oily, rhe Table alwajvsapplied
with the beet the market afibrds. Street cirs
bom !!.••■ det>ot pass the door every five minutes
Meals, M cenU. C. F. SIKGLEION Prop
±^>±T_ ' '
'.||| J st-john i:.\n,. PSOPBIXTOB.
■Mil A SpecialtT made of Dinners, Lunches
iiiid Sntpers i<t Parties. Fine Wedding Cakes
made to urder. Ice Cream. Centers ai^i oher
delicadei always on hand. Goods delivered
try; t.i any part of the- city. CountrY orders
promptly attended to. d!7-lm
This aotel is in the very center of the busi
ness portion of the city. Tne traveling public
will find thi- tb be the mo'.r comftirtablc end to
spectable llo'.ei in the city. Board and room
SI, SI t> and Si 50 per day. riot and Ooid Baths
Frw. free tviacti to and from the Hotel.
715 Howitrd St., n*arTlilrd,S»n Franrlsco.
taming 190 rooms: water and pas in each
room: no baiter bed] in the world; no cuest al
lowed to use the iineii once used by another- a
huge readtofr-room: hot and cold 'water baths
see. Prir,e of rooms : Per night, 50 and 75 centa.
per wi-ck, from !J upwards. Oi*n all night F
BCGHES, Proprietor. At Market-s:reet F»nr
::>aibus line of street cars for Third "and
Howard. .iy2- r TuTh3lf
Tliplrniiiiirration Associiitionof North
ern Ciililornia N now prepariag to i>-no
the January nunihor of thr "HOME
SEEKEK."' II is 1« ho ensured, and
fully iHnstraiodrfithlHho^raptiie views
of Norlhurn Califoriiia. ll will contain
practical information of the resources
and advantages of the Northei n i'(tnn
tios. Alltlio]irocecdsol'this;>iil»iication
will I*4' devoted to the carryiujr on ot
immigration work. >Ye anpeul to the
husiness men oftlio Xorllicrn iiart of the
State to irive it their advertising sup
port. Uy sod<iii:fr, the work of briar*
insr an increase of nnpf lutinfc to the
State will l>e carried on. At Osrden a
copy will Ik 1 put in the hands of each
incoming iiasseii!r<-r. In addition to this,
several thousand copies will lie dig.
trilnited on the train l'-jivinar Chicago,
in order to attmel the settler intending
to settle in other State* ii'id Territories.
Give the " HO.ML SKEKEU" your ■»
port. atiT-tf
•*-* ' • s-
The"EviM.v;Joi i:n>t.." print
ed at Albany, the capitnl of tl:e
stMi" o! Ni w Vnrk.is theijeetad-
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W. I. AKKKi.I., l'resident
Allmny, K. T.
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! Markvt. Ask Your Grocer lor It.
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