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A Pistol Accident— The Lick Ob
servatory—Death from Lau
danum—Suicide— Ktc.
The Federal Court Officials Not Afraid or
Heiug Investigated.
San Fbajjcisco, December sth. — [Special.]
In regard to Inspector Chalmers' charges,
Judge Sawyer says be heartily courts' a
Congressional investigation.
Judge Hotlman denies Chalmers' charges,
and eulogizes District Attorney Carey.
Collector llager says he is perfectly satis
fied with the truth of Chalmers 1 charges.
District Attorney Carey says the Federal
Judges are at honest and incorruptible men
as ever sat on the bench. " There is not,"
he said, " to my knowledge, any corruption
of any form in these Courts, and 1 say it
boldly." Carey says he did not employ
Delmas in the Benson case, his appoint
ment being made by the Department of
The Hotel Del Monte Again Thrown
Open to Visitors.
\Covyrigld, 18S7, by the California Associated FMO.J
Monterey, December Bth.— The Hotel
Del Monte was opened for business to-day.
Everything is going on smoothly, and the
prospects are that a great many excursion
ists will stop at the hotel this winter. An
excursion is expected to arrive to-morrow
with many who will make the hotel Del
Monte their stopping-place.
The main building and one of the an
nexes have been completed, but the second
annex will not be ready till next March.
The army of workingmen that has been
employed on the building has been dimin
ished to a great extent and only a few re
main employed.
Two Residences Burglarized at Reno
Wednesday Night.
[Copyright, ISS7, by Vie California -J^vtcia/aJ Prt:ss.]
Bebo, December Sth. — The residences of
United States Surveyor-General Fish and
J. E. Jones were burglarized last night dur
ing their temporary absence. A quantity
of jewelry and valuables were taken from
the latter.
A Whole Hatch of Criminals Sentenced
to the Penitentiary.
{Copyright, 1887, by tin California Associate 2Yat.]
Pbbsoott, December Sth. — Seven prison
ers, convicted at the present term of the
District Court, were sentenced to-day.
Martin Du ran. for the murder of his mis
tress, at Flagstaff, received the death sen
tence, and the execution was fixed for Jan
uary :2uth. J. P. Behan, for attempted
rape, received twelve years. VA Lowe,
Agent of the Prescott and Arizona Central
Railroad, for stealing a barrel of apples,
got one year, and others, for various crimes,
were sentenced to from eight months to
two years.
A Silver City Bank Runs Short of Funds
and Closes Up.
Ai.i:i\h'ekijue, December Sth. — A Silver
City special says : Great excitement has
been caused by the failure of Meredith it
Alman, bankers, who this morning as
signed to (ieorge D. Goldman, cashier of
the Silver City National Bank. A notice
on the door says : " The money has not
been wasted in speculation, but loaned to
the people of our county, who have prop
erty, but no money."
Meredith is the County Treasurer, and
makes the county a preferred creditor.
Fatally Shot by Accident.
AXBUQUKBQUE, December Sth.— At Silver
City to-day James Mullen, an old miner,
and a late candidate for the appointment of
Governor of the Territory, dropped a pis
tol, which was discharged, fatally wound
ing him in the bowels.
A Supposed Scheme to Refund the Na
tional lieiit.
City o>' Mexico, December Sth. — An
important financial measure was intro
duced in Congress this evening, being a
bill to permit the Government to contract a
loan of £10,000,090. It is believed this is
the beginning of the development cf a
scheme' to fund the existing national debt
■n such manner as will reduce the burdens
of Government, and that behind it is a
irroup of English and French bankers, who
regard the loan aa feasible.
Whisky Makes l'ood for Swine.
\Copyriykl, 1887 a by Uie Calij \>nii,i Associaitd J'ress.]
\'i>alia, December Bth. — Yesterday
morning, a boy working on the ranch of T.
J. Dale, northwest of Visalia, discovered
the remains of a man who had been torn
to pieces by ho^s. A bat, coat ami boots
wen- found: also the skull and the other
bones wt-re found in different parts of the
Held, all stripped of every shred of Mesh.
The body was lhatof James Callahan, who
had been on an extended spree, and whose
friends had been looking for him for sev
eral days.
Electric Light for Nevncla City.
[CopyrigM, 1887, by ihe California Associated Prat.\
Nevada City, December Bth. — An elec
tric-light tower, h<Q feet high, is to be
erected in the Court-house yard in this
place. Four 2.000-candle power lamps will
be suspended from it. The money to de
fray the expense of construction and cost
of running the lights will be raised by
private citizens. This city already main
tains a dozen lights.
Napa Disappointed.
[C'opyrijht, lhS>l, ly tlic California dmckitd Prat. |
St. Hr.ii:xA, December Sth.— Great dis
appointment is generally experienced here
concerning the selection tor the new Veter
ans' Home. It was thotmht that, in con
sequence of Yountville"s favorable location
and the liberality ol the offer connected
with that situation, there would be no
doubt as to the decision.
Yuba Products for the South.
\Copyrigiit, ISS7, by O.e California Associated Press.;
Marysvii.i.e, December Bth.— Fish Com
missioner Sherwood leaves to-night for Los
Armeies on business connected with the
Fian Commimioa. He will take with him
(ox display in that city some samples of
ripe orar.ges. lemons and Japanese persim
mons from Marysvilie gardens.
A li.irtu r Attempts Suicide.
iCopyrigM, IS."<7, by thf. Cali/nrnta Anodat'd Prat.]
Cmco, December sth.— William Wart
man, a barber, while laboring under tem
porary insanity, shot himself in the head
and breast this afternoon. I'rompt medical
aid saved him. The ball, which entered
the left breast, lodged in the shoulder. The
wound in the shoulder is slight.
The Bednood City Murderer.
ICojn/rijht, ISS7, by the C ' . ■ --mlid Pr'f;]
Redwood City. I>oceraber Bth.— Dr. L.
A. Powell, the murderer of EL S. Smith, of
the Thnrn and QazetU, was brought before
Judge Welch to-day, and the preliminary
examination set for Thursday, the 15th in
stant. His brother is expected here from
Ohio on Saturday nest.
Railroad Surveyors.
[Copyntfd, IsjT, bg Uic Cah/rrnta Msociattd I'rus. I
Lramxoßß, December Sth— Raiload sur
veyors are now camped in San Ramon
\ alley. twelve mile from Livermore work
in;; this way and setting the grade slakes. In
dications are for the speedy commencement
of work.
l":i!r firounds Sold.
\Cojyrig\t, 1557, by the California Aitocidi-.d rreu.]
Nevada City, December Sth.— To-day
the Fair Grounds and other property be
longing to the Seventeenth District Agri
cultural Association was sold by the Sheriff
to satisfy a mortgage for £0.000 held by Ed
win Tiiiey.
Redding Notes.
lCop</ri,fd, ISS7, bj the CaUjarnia Associated Press.]
Keddisc, December 8th .— >'o rain yester-
day, nor yet to-day. The appearances de
note a big storm.
The sales of surrounding lands and town
lots continue active, buildingjalso.
As Redding Goes, So Goes the Nation.
)Copyright, 1567, by tlte California Jssociated Press.]
ItEDrn.NG, December Sth.— -Republicans
here think Cleveland's message makes
Blame President, provided the message
does not prevent Cleveland's renomination,
which seemed so certain before its delivery,
Llvermore Raising.
[Copyrigld, 1»87, hy U,e California Associated Pro*.]
Livekmoke, December Sth.— The first
shipment of Livermore raisins was made
to-day. The fruit is of fine quality.
An Overdose of Laudanum.
Grass Vai.i.f.v, December Sth.— Michael
Byrne, Postmaster, died last night at 11
o'clock from an overdose of laudanum un
doubtedly taken by mistake. He was in
the drug business and a member of the
Board of Education at the time of his
death. He has been County Supervisor
and a popular ollicer. Citizens of all par
ties aro asking that his daughter. Florence
Byrne, be appointed to the postmastership.
The public schools are closed until after
the funeral.
The Kick Observatory.
Sax Jose, December Sth. — The second
car containing castings and machinery lor
the thirty-six-inch telescope at the Lick
Observatory lias arrived, and the work of
hauling to Mount Hamilton will begin at
once. All the material is now at hand
and the telescope will be mounted without
Sinall-I'ox at the Hay.
Bab Francisco, December sth. — [Special.]
Throe new eases of small-pox were dis
covered to-day. Two were sent to the pest
house, and one to the cemetery. The latter
was a Chinaman, who was not reported
until after he was dead.
The Case of Dr. Mays.
San Francisco, December Sth.— [Special.]
The Conference of Congregational Minis
ters to inquire into the charges against Dr.
Mays, of Sunol. concluded its labors to
night. The findings will be announced at
Sunol on Sunday.
A Jury in McCord's Case.
San Francisco, December Sth.— [Special.]
A full jury was secured to day in the Mc-
Cord case, and the case was opened by the
prosecution. The trial will be continued
to-morrow morning.
Mrs. Wegenrr Acquitted.
Sax Fraxcisco, December sth. — [Special ]
The jury in the rase of Mrs. Minnie Weg
ener, on trial the second time on a charge
ot criminal malpractice, to-day returned a
verdict of acquittal.
What heading Republicans Think or the
HI line Interview.
j Copyright, 18S7, by Vie California Associated Press. ]
Nkw York, December Mb.— The inter
view with Blame published this morning
created more of a sensation that the Presi
dent a message. The general Republican
comment is that it was the trumpet-sound
of Republican victory in 1888. The com
ment is that the interview, besides dealing
abiilliant and effective blow at the free
trade doctrine, might properly be regarded
as an intimation that Blame was willing to
run again in a campaign that will turn on
the actual question of party principle.
"The interview with Blame." said Chaun
cey M. Depew, "furnishes the best answer
to the President's message I have yet read,
and I think it may be accepted all'over the
country as the best statement of Republi
can doctrines, in view of the impending
conflict over the larill."
This is what ex-Judge Xoah Davis said
about the President's message and Blame's
response: "I was delighted to see the
President's message, as I always am to
meet an old acquaintance. If it were not
indecorous to accuse tbe President
of plaigtmsm, I should say he borrowed
the mtssage from the "stump speech
which the late Chief Justice Church,
while leader of the Democracy in Western
New York, was accustomed to make dur
ing the contest between Clay and Polk.
With the exception of internal revenue
taxation, which he also opposed, there is
not much difference of idea, and very little
of language, between the message and that
stump speech."
The Light Thrown Upon Defects in Our
Social -> it, in.
Washington, December Xth. — Justice
Harlan, of the Supreme Court, presided at
this morning's meeting of the Evaucelical
Rev. S. W. Dike, of Massachusetts, read
a paper on "Perils of the Family." The
American family is not strong enough for
the strain upon it, from our social condi
tion. As a social production, our failures
with the family are dangerously numerous.
No Christian country takes greater risks,
from luose marriage and divorce laws than
Colonel Green, of Connecticut, read a pa- i
per on " The Social Vice." The speaker
named — among the more dangerous and
more unnoticed agencies for the promotion
of social vice— the public school, with its
inevitable mingling of thepureand impure,
where evil inliuences are rife, impure
novels, and the sensational, scandal-mon
gering press, which is the close ally of im
pure fiction. The eyes of journalism are
turned into every corner. Alas, that its
wonderful acumen is so largely employed
to discover that which is poisonous. The
arts of printing, sculpture and music often
disseminate impure suggestions in the most
dangerous way of all. The saloon is an
other exceedingly fruitful seed-bed for the
germs of impurity. We must make an
aggressive, as well as defensive warfare.
The Mill Operatives of the East i:.\er-
cised Over the Message.
[Copyriijhl, ISS7, by the California Associated rr<js.\
Boston, December Bth.— The President's
views, if carried out, would be a disastrous
blow, not alone to New England, but to the
country generally. Thirty per cent, of the
print-cloth manufacturers, on account of
the excessive competition, if English man
ufacturers are allowed to enter our markets,
will be soon ruined in New England cities
and towns.
In Kail River the manufacturers are all
indignant, and the operative badly scared
by the free trade ghost, and they are going
to call a big indignation meeting.
♦ ♦-
The Treasury Overflowing and the Fed
eral Kmplnyes Can't Get Their Salariea.
[CepyrtpW, MB7, I'j ft« Ca'ifnrnia JaodaUdPjm.]
Kkw York, December Bth.— The Com
missioners of Emigration look upon their
treatment by the Treasury Department as
peculiar politics. At a special meeting to
day Commissioner Stepbenson recalled the
fact that Secretary Fairchild assured them
more than a month ago that they should
have money to pay the salaries of" the em
ployes. Stepbenson then offered to ad
vance the money to relieve the other Com
missioners from any responsibility for the
debt. The offer was rejected, but'Stephen
son will pay the employes all the same.
Good Haul of Outlaws.
For.T 'Worth (Te\.), December .Sth. —
After months of watching and pursuit, the
ringleaders of the famous Brooking gang
of thieves and train-robbers were last
night landed in jail. The entire Ranger
force on the Panhandle have been at work
on these cases for nearly a year. The out
laws had lived in canyons and caves.
A Jturning Village.
BiNiiHAMTos (N. V.), December :-ih.—
At a late hour to-night a fierce fire is re
ported raging in Great Bend village. The
destruction of the entire business [ortion
of the town is threatened.
House Podbok. — If the condensed breath
collected on the cool window-panes of a
room where a number of ]>ersons have
lx'en assembled be burned, a smell as if of
-incid hair will show the presence of
organic matter; and if the coodenaed
breath be allowed to remain on the
windows for a few days, it will be
found, on examination by microscope, that
it is BUTe with anhcakuke. The inhala
tiun of air containing such pateesoent
matter causes untold complaints, whi<ih
iaijrht be avoided by n circulation of fresh
%it.—Fhilide>pliif'. BidktU.
Virginia Speaks Out— Anarchist Most
Goes to the Bastile— Naval
Affairs— Etc.
The Next Republican National Convention
to he Held at Chicago OB June 19th.
Washington, December Sth.— The Re
publican National Committee was called to
order at the Arlington Hotel at 11 o'clock
by Chairman Jones, who briefly stated that
the purpose of the meeting was to select a
time and place for holding the next Na
tional Convention of the party. He said:
' Kecent utterances indicate a determina
tion to end this prosperity by adverse legis- I
lation, forced upon the country by an Ad- i
ministration hostile to American Industry I
and mlso indicates the necessity of the re- I
turn to power of the Republican party in
the National Government, so that Ameii
cau industry, wool-growing and sugar
raising, equally with iron-making and
textile production, may have continued
prosperity, and the employes in these in
dustries constant employment and con
tinued good wages, such as American work
men should receive. "
The roll was then called, and every State
and Territory, with one or two exceptions
was represented by a delegate or proxy.
An informal discussion ensued as to the
time which ,-hoiild be allowed, and it was
finally decided that fifteen minutes should
be accorded to each delegation. Speaking
on behalf of Minneapolis, Windom con
cluded as follows:
"An issue has been made by the Presi
dent in his message, and the Republican
party must act upon it. The issue is that
of protection or free trade. He (Windom)
was glad that the issue had been made.
The Democrats knew there was an element
in the Republican party of the Northwest
that was not as sound on the question of
protection as it ought to be. Was it not to
the interest of the committee to take the
Convention to the Northwest, where it
would do the most good?"
(ieneral Henderson, of Missouri, acted
as spokesman for a lart-e delegation who
presented the advantages of St. Louis as a
Convention city.
After a recess the Chicago delegates were
admitted, and Mayor Roche, of Chicago,
detailed the conveniences which could be
accorded the members of the Convention
by Chicago in case that city secured the
vote of the committee.
Senator Manderson spoke for Omaha,
and after setting forth the conveniences
which could be afforded by that city, de
clared that he was not over-estimating
them in the slightest degree.
Various other gentlemen spoke in behalf
of Cincinnati, New York, Richmond, Phil
adelphia and other cities, and finally bal
loting was commenced.
The result was that Chicago was selected
as the place for holding the next National
Convention, and June 19th was tixed upon
as the date.
Suggestions of Secretary Whitney to Im-
prove the Navy.
jCoj/yripM, ISS7, by U,t California Associated Prtsc. \
Washington, December Nth.— Secretary
Whitney's report will be sent to Congress
on Friday. He says with the excep
tion of two cases the .Department lias prac
tically abandoned the idea of unprotected
torpedo-boats, but lie recommends the con
tinuation of experiments in submarine
boats, and that attention be given to the
subject of pneumatic guns and pneumatic
On the subject of naval reserves the De
ptrUucut is prepared to formulate a gen-
I erm'j^Um for organization similar to foreign
bodies. To meet the requirements and
condition* of our own institutions it should
resemble in organization that of the militia
and National Guard, and rest upon founda
tions of local interest.
He contemplates the employment and
rapid mobilization of steamers enrolled on
the auxiliary navy list, and calculated to
produce the best results upon comparative
ly small national expenditure. The Secre
tary recommends the construction of live
new ships as follows: Two armor-clad ves
sels, to cost, exclusive of armament, not
more than £'',"00,000, one to be built by
contract and one in the navy-yards; and
three more fast cruisers of the highest
Washington, December Bth. — In his re
port Secretary Whitney says, among other
things : "An examination of the character
istics of single-turretted monitors show that
outsije of the ships in ourownnavy.no
antagonist could be found against which
they could stand for a moment They
were good vessels for their time, but are en
tirely obsolete. A lir^t-class modern iron
clad could safely anchor, surrounded by a
fleet of these monitors without any danger
of injury to herself, and any one of her
guns could tend a projectile clean through
a monitor from stem to stern. It would be
little less than murder to send men in these
at the present time to encounter any re
cently-built iron-clad."
Under the head of ship-building, the re
port says : "It is believed that our private
ship-yards can produce war ships equal,
and perhaps superior, to those produced
elsewhere. It is notably in this connection
that the efforts of the Department to raise
the standard of material for ships have re
sulted in a class of material believed to be
superior to that ever produced for any sim
ilar purpose. Especially has the steel made
upon the Pacilic coast 'been notable for its
quality, and the construction of cruisers
there may mark an important event in its
industrial histury."
Prospective Places Tor the Senators fn.ni
1 In . ( .. i-i
\Co2>ynyht, 1887, ill Ou California Associated litss.K
Washington, December Bth. — The Re
publican Senatorial Coimnittee appointed
to arrange committees for that body ex
pects to have i's work completed by Mon
day, when the Senate will meet again.
Senator Dolph hopes) to be assigned to the
Foreign Affairs Committee, as well as the
Commerce, of which he i.s now a member.
Senator Stewart wants to be a member of
the Judiciary Committee, in which there is
a vacancy in the Republican representation.
When he was a member of the Senate
several years ago he was a member of this
important committee. Senator Hearst, be
ing a new Senator, does not expect to be
assigned to any important committee at
tbis session. Senator Stanford will be made
Chairman of the Committee on Public
Buildings and Ground?, and Senator
Mitcbtll will probably be made Chairman
of the Committee on Territories.
The President Afl'ects Satisfaction at the
Reception of His Policy.
[CopyrijlU, VSSI, lj tlit California Auocialcd rrcss.}
■Washington, December Sth.— President
Cleveland expresses himself as greatly
pleased at the way in which his message
has been received. He thinks that in mak
ing the tariff the issue in the campaign he
insures New York to the Democratic party
in the next election, with a pood prospect
of carrying Minnesota and Michigan. The
complete laying aside of the much-talked
of repeal of the tobacco tai startled and
frightened sonic of the Democrats from the
tobacco-srowing States, but they are com
ing to see that this does not imply party
opposition to the repeal of that tax. Last
summer, at the Oakview conference, the
President took a position in opposition to
the repeal of the tobacco tax, but thought
that the tariff reformers could consent to it
to secure a tariff reduction. That was de
cided upon as the thing to be done.
In sending his recommendations to f'.in
gress the President dealt with what he
thoughtjought to be done— not what he was
I ■willing should be done.
With the knowledge that Carlisle was
" the man with whom the President con-
suited while preparing his message, the
message is read in connection with Car
lisle's speech in taking the chair, and the
tobacco men are contented. They remem
ber that the most they ever expected from
the President was tha' he would say noth
ms on the subject of tobacco : and" as the
matter stands, the message will not drive
away any of the Virginia or North Caio
hna members.
The understanding is that the tariflbill
to be brought forth as a party measure will
include the repeal of the tobacco tax and
this is satisfactory to many of Mr. Randall's
Representative McKenna Offer Sugges
tions to Speaker Carlisle.
[Copyright, ISS7, by Uie California Associated Press. I
Washington. December Bth — Repre
sentative McKenna had an interview with
Speaker Carlisle this morning in reference
to the assignment of the California mem
bers upon .committees of the House. Mr
Mckenna desires to go either upon the
Ways and Means and Appropriations, or
I oreign Affairs. He wishes to be relieved
from the Committee on Claims, where he
served in the last Congress.
The Speaker urgently requested Mc-
Kenna to put in writing his personal de
sire, also the claim of < alifornia to be re
cognized upon higher committees. In re
sponse to this request McKenna left the
Speaker a letter to-day in which, among
other things, be said : " 1 urge the claims
of the Pacific Coast to a representation on
the Committee on Ways and Means. In
one sense the Pacific Coast is a distinct
section, isolated by a wide distance even
from the Western States, so-called, and has
interests which it thinks will be better
suoserved by its own Representatives.
"The Committee of Ways and Means em
braces in its jurisdiction subjects of the
highest national importance, more import
ant now than ever before, and distinctive
now : and. if you pardon my suggestions
the committee should be more representa
tive now of all parts of the Union than
ever before."
The Great liuihling in Which the Next
President Will be Nomluated.
Chicago, December Bth.— The Audito
rium building bore, in which the National
Republican Convention will be held is
well under way. It is seventy-one feet,
rising eighty feet above the roofs. It has a
frontage on Michigan Boulevard, Congress
street and Wabasli Avenue of 7H9 feet or
more than one-eighth of a mile. The value
of the gr-und, which is leased, is $1,000,
--000, and the estimated cost of the structure
is $2,000,000.
The main feature of the building is of
course, the auditorium. Another import
ant feature is the hotel of 500 rooms, and
alter these a lame renting space.
The auditorium will be finished for a
theater, with an immense stage, three gal
leries, and room in front of the footlights
for an orchestra of ninety pieces with
scenery after the plac of the Grand Opera
House, of Paris. Some 5,000 chairs can be
arranged in circular rows in the audience
room proper, while, by clearing the stage
and utilizing the foyer, 3,000 additional
seats may be provided, giving a total seat
ing capacity of S,OOO.
How Congressmen Stand on the Presideu-
tial and Tariff Question.
Njcw York. December sth. — Members of
the World's stair put these questions to over
- ( >° Congressmen and Senators: First— Are
you in favor of the renomination of Blame
for President? Second— lf not, will you
state your preference as to your candidates ?
Third— Do you favor the President's tariff
ideas? Fourth— How far would you be
willing to go in any reduction of taxation ?
The tabulated result is this: Republicans
on choice for President— Non-committal,
li; for Blame, 25; nominee of Convention.'
17; John bherman, 8; Harrison, 2; against
Blame, 4; Uresham, I: Governor Kobinson,
of Massachusetts. 1; total. 98.
In favor of Cleveland's tariff ideas—Dem
ocrats, 'M; Republicans, 7. - Non-committal
—Democrats, 14: Republicans, is..
Opposed to Cleveland's ideas — Demo
rrats, t>; Republicans, 69.
For tariff reform only — Democrats, 59;
Republicans, 9.
For revenue reform only — Democrats,
10: Republicans, 3S.
The National Republican Committee
Sounds the I'arly H.Utle-Cry.
Washington, December Sth.— One of the
most notable social gatherings of Republi
can leaders ever held in this city assem
bled at the club house of the Republican
National League this evening, on the occa
sion of the reception tendered by the
League to the National Republican Com
Almost all the Republican nieinb?rs of
both branches of Congress, as well as
many well-known Republican politicians,
were present. Mottoes of the Republican
doctrine were displayed throughout the
house. The main idea contained was pro
tection to American industry and enter
prise, and this was the keynote of all the
speeches delivered during the evening.
A l'ort that Is Not ISrsponalble for Sur-
plus in the Treasury.
New York, December Bth. — The Tbnef
Washington special says : Secretary Fair
child is sending to a large number of
Collectors of Customs a letter that will
startle some of them. Taking the Collector
at a port in Oregon he tails attention to the
fact that the expenses daring the year
were about three thousand dollars and" the
receipts <>0 cents. He then informs the
Collector that but a small sum is appropri
ated for sustaining custom houses, and
strict economy is necessary to make it
Cover expenses. The Collector is, there
fore, directed to dismiss all employes, stop
paying rent, and to cease incuring con
tingent expenses.
He la Taught the Dlfferenoe Between
Free Speech and License.
New York, December 8. — Hen Most,
the Anarchist, who was convicted ot' mis
demeanor, was arraigned in the General
Sessions Court to-day. His counsel, Mr.
Howe, argued in his behalf jor a new trial.
Judire Cowing denied the motion, but
granted a certilicate to the Supreme Court
at the general term, when the whole case
might be heard.
When the Clerk of the Court asked Most
what he had to say why sentence should
not be pronounced on him, Most, in a very
dramatic manner, replied at some length,
Signing for free speech, and saying that his
punishment is an honor to him who suf
ters lor opinion's sake. He protested his
innocence, and appealed to the Judge to
make use nf his discretionary power.
Judge Cowing 1 ! only reply was: " The
sentence of the Court is that you be con
fined in the penitentiary for the period of
one year, without line."
Most was removed to the Tombs.
Applications for Koiiiim for the Kepubli-
can Convention Pouring lv.
Chicaoo, December Bth.— Almost as soon
as Chicago had been chosen as the place
for holding the Republican Convention,the
hotels were iv receipt of telegrams from
many of the committee, asking that apart
ments be reserved for them. J. B. Chaflee
and W. A. Hamlll. representing the Col
orado delegation, asked for the same rooms
as were given tlsciu at the last Convention.
The Ohio delegaliun, represented by A. L.
Conger, telegraphed for rooms. The
Pennsylvania people, represented by Chris.
L. Magee, desired ten rooms. Many of the
leading papers in New York. Baltimore
and Cinci:\3£.ti hare engaged rooms.
Farther Action Taken by the American
Cincinnati, December Bih.— Tbe Ameri- j
can Baseball Association 10-iiay re-electej I
AYheeler Wychaff President, and Chw*.
Yon der Ashe, of St. Louis, Vice-rresi'^*r t
The Pittsburg rule agreement, was
adopted, with the exception of th.c iule to
Lave two substitutes on the benvh at each
game, which was rejected for theAssxia-
tion. but consent given for its adoption by
the League, if wanted.
The rule proposing to count on balls as a
factor in earned runs was recommitted.
The report ot the Umpire Committee was
approved, itnd an addition made that no
umpire can be suspended without the con
sent of at least four clubs, and he shall
have an opportunity to make a defense.
Congress Not Yet Ready.
Washington, December Bth. — The
House adjourned at l_':2o until Monday
after the introduction of a few resolutions
relating to the amendment of the rules.
The Speaker laid before the House the
annual reports of the .Secretary of the
Treasury and Attorney .Geueial and the
Clerk of the House.
The Committee on Mileage was an
nounced, as follows : Rogers of Arkansas,
Belden ot New York. Howard of Indiana,
Burnett of Massachusetts and Felton ol
Alter the reading of tue journal and the
presentation of a few department com
munications, the Senate, on motion of
Furwell, adjourned till Monday.
National Capital Notes.
Washihotok, December Bth. — Itepresent
ativeSpringir to-day offered a resolution pro
viding for the abolition of the Commit tees on
Pacific Railroad, In valid Pensions, Mileage,
Militia, and Improvement of the Missis
sippi River, and the transfer of their func
tions to other committees.
Secretary Fairchild has recommended
that the salary of the Assistant Treasurer
Sat an Francisco be increased to s<>,tx>o per
annum, ami Lbeßalaries of Assistant Treas
urers at Chicago, New Orleans and St.
l.ouis to $o,u<)o each.
W. S. Waters has been agreed upon for
appointment to the Los Angeles Land
An Indian Agent Let* Go.
[Copyright, 1357, by Uic California Associated l'rcss.\
Wahhihgton, December Bth. — Henry
Williamson, the Agent at the Crow Agent v,
-Montana, has ic-signed. Williamson is an
uncle of Acting Commissioner of Indian
Affairs I'pshaw. lie was appointed to the
position from Mississippi September 25,
1885, at a salary of 12,000 per year. His
resignation, which was called for by the
Secretary of the Interior, is practically the
result of an investigation recently made by
Inspector Armstrong during his late trip to
the Crow Agency to investigate the cause
of the outbreak there.
A Summer's Labor Thrown Away.
[Copyright, ISS7, by tht California Associated rress.]
New York, December >Sth.— The Wash
ington correspondence of the Mail and Ex
press says concerning Cleveland's message,
that it had been in course of preparation
all summer ; Cleveland had begun to form
ulate it before he went on his Western tour;
that he talked with leading members of his
party about it, and some of it was gotten
up with Speaker Carlisle while Cleveland
sat on the porch of the summer home of
the latter.
California Pensions.
[( 'opjfrtjU, 1887, by the California Associated /'rcsi.J
Washington, December Bth.— California
pensions have been granted as follows : S.
Williams, Bishop Creek ; 11. A. Stanberry,
Hornitos; R. P. Hammond, San Francisco;
L. S. York, Woodland; Garrett Kavanaugh,
San (Juentin ; R. B. Sanchez, San Fran
cisco; J. A. Oliver, San Francisco; J.
smith, Santa Rosa ; John Bead, Son Luis
Obispo ; S. Higley, San Jose.
lietter Have Settled Before.
[Copyright, 1867, by the California AUvciated Frcss.l
New York, December Bth.— A finding
(or $s,s,>s:js 05 was rendered in the United
States Circuit Court by Judge Lacorube this
morning against the Government in the
Mousseline-Delaine suit brought by the
executors of the estate of Alexander Eick
ard against the executors of the estate of
Augustus Schell. The c;ise was begun in
1857 and could then have been settled by
the Government for $20,00u.
Home Nevis From Al>roa<l.
[Copyright, IS?7, by the California Amciatcd Pnu.]
Washington, December Sih. — Acting
Land Commissioner Stockslager has re
ceived information that twenty-four new
indictments have been found by the United
States Grand J<SV '■'■ Ja:: Francisco against
the principal members of the California
surveying ring for conspiracy to defraud
the United States by means of fraudulent
surveys of public lands.
Corrupting tlie Youth.
[CopyrigU, ISB7, h>j On California Amrvtttd Prtst-l
New York, December Bth.—Twenty
seven Chinamen and one district messen
ger boy were arrested in a Chinese opium
joint and gambling-house last night in this
city. When the police entered the place
the keeper had just prepared opium for the
messenger boy, seventeen years old, to
Confederation uf Labor.
\Coj,t/ri!jM, im, iv tfie California Msociatai J'r-:ss.'
Baltimor* (Md.), December Bth.— The
Second Annual Convention ot the Ameri
can "Con federation of Labor, which will
meet in this city on the 13th inst.. will in
clude reputed representatives of 50,000
organized mechanics.
Bonded Warehouse for Napa.
{Copyright, IS,*:, by Oe California Asiociated Prea.}
Washington. December Bth. — A new
bonded warehouse for the storage of grape
brandy has been established at Napa, Cal.
This is the sixth warehouse of the kind
established in the San Francisco District.
Virginia Opposes Internal Revenue.
Ki< hmond (Va.), December Sth.— The
Seme of Delegates to-day adopted a joint
resolution directing Virginia's Senators
and Representatives iv Congress to use
their ellorts to secure the repeal at an early
day of the entire internal revenue system
of taxation, and failing in that, to secure,
it possible, the rppeal of so much of the
system as imposes a tax on tobacco and
on spirits distilled from fruits.
Cruuter Number Five.
Wabhih6TO!i, December Nth.— The con
tract for the building of cruiser No. 5 by
the (Tnion Iron Works was finally approved
and signed by the President and Secretary
Whitney yesterday. Irving M. Scott says:
" Everything is in shape, and the work will
be begun on the cruiser at once. 1 leave
for hoint in a day or two. The deck-plates
for the Charleston are now on the way to
San Francisco. That is the last bit of stuff
that will be purchased in the East for that
They Mean Business.
Washington, December Bth. — The
Wool-Growers today passed a resolution
declaring that recent events have demon
strated the necessity fur a central organ iza
tion at Washington, or elsewhere, and re
quest all wo<jl-grower3 and officers of wool
growing associations in the United States
to immediately send their addresses to
Albert Chapman, at Middleborg, Vt.
Grand Army Conference.
CoixMnr.s CO.), Decert'bei yih. — J. P.
Kea, Grand Couimandfr oi the <;. A. X.,
and staff are here for the purpose of per
fecting arrangements and fixing the date for
holding the Grand Kncampment of 1888.
During the day General I'.ta undstafi called
upon Governor Foraker. This evening the
party were entertained by Wells Tost, G.
A. 11.
Virginia's N'fi Snnafor.
llifiiMoxui Ya }, December Stb.— A caucus
of the Democratic members of the General
Assembly to-night terminated by the ac
clamation of Eton. John I>. Isarbour for
election as United States Senator to succeed
Senator Uiddieberger.
The Striking Ore-Ilaudl«rg.
Cleveland. December Bth. — Two hun
dred members of the Fifth Uegimeut of
the Ohio National Guard lefi tin; city this
afternoon en route to Fairport, where
trouble is expected from the striking ore
Suit Against a Railroad.
I'iTTsi:t.i:'j, December Kth. — Papers are
being prepared for a suit against the Penn
sylvania iiailroad tor (114,000 by Holdship
& Irwin, 'ul-refiners of this city, for unjust
discrimination against them in rates.
IViro-Murder and Suicide.
MOBTBOCI Uowaj, December Bth. — Thos.
EUis, Jr., who was being sued for divorce
by bis wife, went to her house this after- ]
iic.ou and shot her fatally. He then killed I
Notable Death In lowa.
Drm.\iUE (la.), December Bth.— Hotl. N.
C. Deering, of Osage, l:i.. ex-Oongresman
and ex-National Bank Examiner, died this
New !'.i-t M.i-'r .
■Washington, December Bth. — Mrs. L.
McKinkley has been appointed Postmistress
at Winters, Yolo county, Cal.
is the only paper on tha
coast, outside of San Fran
cisco, that receives full Asso
ciated Pres3 Dispatches from
all parts of the world.
WHOLE NO. ] 1,434.
PKL\( E.
The Russo-Anstrian Affair — Ru
mored Personnel of the New
French Ministry— Etc.
Alarm iv Austria Gives Way to a Calmer
Pbsth, December Bth-— ln the best in
lormed circles the situation arising from
the reiuforccment of Russian troops in
l'oland is not regarded as portending im
mediate danger. Nothing more will be
done yet beyond sending a warning to
Russia that Austria is watchful and will
not leave unanswered any further military
measure that iiusiia takes.
Austria will not precipitate cotmter meas
ures because she does not desire to leave
Russia without a loophole, or to give her
retreat the appearance of being due to Aus
trian menace. It is expected that Austria
wnl «rant to Russia a dalay for furnishi^
■ spontaneous explanation of the massing
cf troops. Meanwhile, Austrian prepara
tions will quietly continue. The press
regard the matters in a perfectly calm
Vienna, December .sth. — It is reported
that all the Russian troops whose time of
service expired in the autumn will be re
tained in the ranks: that 25,000 recruits
have been enrolled in the army corps
which forms the military line from Lubin
to Zttmoz. and that a strong body of cav
alry has been .stationed between Rovno
and Kovel. All the places named are on
the Russian frontier.
BUSBIA I'idn't mi:\n anything.
St. Peter-iur.;, December Bth.—Well
informed persons assert that the Russian
Government's intentions are entirely pa
cific, and that public opinion in Russia is
also in favor of peace. The Russian move
ments on the frontier consist merely of the
dispatching thither of a division of cavalry,
not with an aggressive idea, but for the pro
tection of certain localities.
Vienna, December Bth.— The War Office
is taking measures to permanently increase
the facilities by which troops can be mobi
lized, and to place (ialicia in a better posi
tion for defense.
At the Military Council to-day it was de
cided not to summon the delegations for
the present, as Russhi has apparently
stopped her menacing movements. Meas
ures for the mobilization of troops were
arranged, which will be immediately
adopted should Russia continue massing
troops on the frontier.
Vienna. December Sth.— The Emperor
has summoned another Military Council
for to-morrow.
Colonel Seuckeir, the Russian Military
Attache here, has been summoned to St.
Advices from the frontier say the Rus
sian troops are suffering from bad accom
modations and bad food.
Reported Composition of the New trench
Paris, December Bth.— lt is reported that
the Cabinet will be composed as follows :
Goblet, President of the Council and Minis
ter of the Interior ; Ribot, Minister of Jus
tice ; Flourens, Minister of Foreign Af
fairs ; Rutard, Minister of Education ; Lou
bet, Minister of Agriculture : Menard
Dorian, Minister of Public Works: Clama
gereau. Minister of Finance ; Siegfried.
Minister of Commerce; BoogloUe, Minister
of Marine; General Ferrier (or General
Thomasin) Minister of War.
Wrecking of Ocean Steamers, ami tlin
Loss of Many Lives.
London, December ,-ith. — The ISritish
steamer Lome, prying in t hinese waters,
was wrecked on Sunday on the east coast of
the Island of Hainan. Of those on board
69 were saved. The fate of the others i 3
London, December sth. — The Royal Mail
Steamship Line's steamer Isla de Sanay,
which left Liverpool November 20th, for
Manila, Singapore, etc.. is ashore nine miles
north of Sagres, Portugal. Seven of her
crew were drowned.
Kxciteuient. at Halifax Over an Attempt
to lilon lp :i Fort.
[CapgrigU, 1887, bfUu California AuodatcdPms^
Hai-iiax., December Sth. — An attempt
wu.- made to-night to blow up one of the
principal forts. Seiions damage was done
There is sreat excitement among the sol
Good News for Germans.
IH-.rlix, December Sth. — The M- ■-.'/-•
nrresiiondent at San Ilemo
says thai daring the past few days the
physicians attending the Crown Prince
nave expressed a hope that not only hia
life will be preserved, bat also thai be will
completely recover from his throat trouble.
He Freferrvd the Dungeon.
Dvbi.ix, December Bth. — The Court, in
sentencing Harrington to-day, offered to
release him on hi a own recognizance,, if he
would agree not to publish any more re
ports of meetings of suppressed brunches
of the League, bat Harrington refused to
give sucti promise.
Too Much Free Trade in England.
London, December Bth. — A meeting to
advocate " fair " trade was held in St.
James Hall to-day. Resolutions were
adopted favoring moderate import duties,
and uruing a modification of the free-trade
Boulam;er Acain.
Paris, December *th.— lt is stated that
Soblet, who has undertaken to form a
Ministry, intends to demand that General
lioulanger steal] be Minister of War.
No Accounting for Tutk
DruuN, December Bth. — Mandeville,
who is a prisoner in Tnllamore jail, has
been subj*»ted to a bread-and-water diet
for forty-eight hours for reiui-in^ to clean
his cell.
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