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PliiWIelphia & Baltimore
hverii Aiondny, Wednesday & Friday»
IT».. Steam Boat SUPERIOR, Captain
Milner, will leave the first wharf above Mat
ket street, RUILAUELPHlA, *t 3 o'clock,
in the at er* o.jn, on the aforesaid days for Bal
The Steam Boat NEW-JEftSEY, Captain
Roge*- vi'.l leave BALTIMORE for 1'hila
delp a i; .he attemoon of said days These
Boacs are connected by a line of Stages, estab
lished on the new turnpike between Wilming
ton and Elkton
%* i'he SUPERIOR will leave Wilming
ton every day for Philadelphia, (Sundays ex
cepted) at 7 o'clock in the morning, and Phila
delphia every afternoon at 3 o'clock, for W il
mington Passengers received and delivered
at Chester and at Marcus Hook.
Seats for Baltimore taken at Mr. David
Brintords Tavern.
May 7—tD
I 1
Turnpike Notice.
THE l'icsiilent and Managers of the Gap &
Newport turnpike Company have directed t lu
tom of Ten Dollar, on each share ot steck 1 *.
the additional subset iption to be paid into the
Treasury, on the first day of June next, being
the tilth and last payment Those nock-holders
who ;
earnestly requested
ment, as no further indulgence can he given.
James Keiton, Treasurer.
Tump se Office, }
May l î , 1817. 3 — —St.
in arrears .vith former instalments are
make immediate pay
To lient,
A FARM in Dragon Neck, Red Lion hun
dred, the estate of Samuel Crow, deceased. In
quire of
Francis Hangliey,
Cuardian of the minor children of said S. Crow.
Feb. 22—tf
S1EP il EN BO 1)1) Y
Infor. the public that he ha» at his shop
corner of Mark. i and Third Streets,
Saddles and Bridles
Of every description; Coach, Gig, Stage, Cart,
and W zggon Harness ;
Of all sizes and every quality—all of which he
will sell tow for G AMI. Also,
Bridle-Rills mid Stirrups,
Plated a. common, lower than can oe obtained
Feb. 12 —tf
1 Bank of helaivare ,
Mav ». 1817.
*T HR President and D rectors of this Bank
have deebr-d a dividend ot ten dollars
and every share of the capital stock- payable to
' the Stockhold«*!^ or _.ieir legal rearer.ema-ives,
«*>* u,, ' c after »ne A) U inst.
jh^iu unc! %Vuri ell.
May -i— lu w4 1
Rank of Delaware,
Mav 3, 1817.
NOTICE is hereby given to the bäockholders
of this Bank, that an Election will be held at
their Banking House, on Monday the second
day ott.PM month, (June) between, the hours ot
three and five o'clock
ehoice of nine Directors for the ensuing year.
By order oi the Board,
Edward Worrell,
he afternoon, for the
May " — law It
Will be given, by tUsn. sain
Of fit sfl co .foi: places, f dt
der" iatii vcci.Lir,;/, . G. Hodg
the Bran
factory, near (■ stiana Bridge, Wilmington.
Tournas Skidmoro,
JRodJi >rd.
doves O'
and Brothers, 0.1
■ Haddock's b/aii
/ lit Mr.
March 5—//
Chin ch Notice.
The Protestant episcopalians of the State of
Del., are are in foamed, that the Annual Meet
ing »ne Convention of this Diocese, will be
»ne Town of Milford, on Saturday the
7thcf June next.
Win. nici.es,
Secretary ot the Convention.
May 10—
Full SALE.
THAT (>••11111.1(1,ut,s .
and Lot, situatedm m B • uughof
twenty two ». cton Water treet, a-d exm.dn
through the square to From street, vvnhcove>
ent buildings 01 Front street fitted f«
Tiiis House »u
has been occupied
;y ijuck Haut».
m* 1
of *h** first materials,
. ?. Public House, is divided
a good cellar under the whoK
that mig .< ne r eel r a Bottling Cellar. Tht
terni » of p «ymcn' vit! be made easy
chav*r, and the property ma> be occupied im
into u
the put
Enquire of
Vilen M'Lune,
, Del.
May 14—4t
"t Ploasrhs
hand, and intend:;
'lpply of Citings anil
tty and of different sort:,
land, from 50, up
size and quality. And
forewarn all persons in
ioiii making, using, or
*s Patent Ploughs, «nly
purchased of me, or by
ohed that Farmers may fie
ig over of the line to get Pa
they may expect to be brought
»st i f they do, as the -Jubscriher
And offers for sale, Patent Rights
is of the state, so that there will
or four hands wanledimmcdiate
uugh making business, two black
two in wood.
David Dickinson,
s. Front street, opposite the Black
By the President of the L : .
WHEREAS by an act entitled " an act pro
viding For the sale of the ract of land jat the
lower rapids of Sandusky «wer," passed on the
27th day of April, 1816 , it was enacted that all
the lauds in the said tract, except the reserva
ade in the said act, should be offered for
sale to the highest bidder, at Wooster, in the
state of Ohio, under the direction of 'he Register
of .he Land Office, and the receiver of public
monies at Wonder, and on such day or days, as
shall, by a public proclamation of the President
of the United Staus, be designated for that pur
pose : and whereas by an act entitled " an act
providing for the sal<- of the tract of land at the
British tort at the Miami of the Lake, at »he
foot of the rapids, and for other purposes,"
passed the 27th day of April, 1816, it was enact
ed that all the lands contained in the said tract,
except the reservations and exceptions made in
the said act, should be offered for sale to the
highest bidder, at Wooster, in the state of Ohio,
under the direction ot the Register of the 1 ar.d
Office, and the Receiver of public monies at
Wooster, and on sut h day or days as shall by
a public proclamation of the President of the
United States be designated for that purpose
\Viierefoi.e, I, James Monroe, President
of the United States, in conformity with the
provisions of the acts before recited, do hereby
declare a*d make known that the lands authori
sed to be be sold by the first mentioned ael, shall
be offe ed for sale to the highest bidder, at Woos
ter in the state of Ohio, on th first Monday <1
July next, and continue open for »even days and
no longer? and that the lands authorised tobe
sold by the last mentioned act, shull be offered
for s*le to the highest bidder at the same place,
on the third Tuesday in July next, and continue
open for seven days and no longef*.
Given under my hand, this 15th day of April,
1817. (Signed)
I 1
.Lancs Monroe.
By the President,
Commissioner of the General Land Office.
April 2Ö—
A Tract of Land ,
IN Cecil county, Md. situate
jrtli fast River, atout two a
, containing
oi Which being v
i.; on the aqove premises
— - Distillery,&c.
navigation render» i
on one of the branches 0/
and a half miles from Naviga
nte htimtrcd and sixty acres; one blind, cd
ell timbered, ihe remainder arable. 1 tier
i eligible situation for a Mill, Fhi.
i he c
of the above
tin. notice of any
Ship timbei fur the Haiti
:,on the premise»,» great r titnUei
:,iling in Fire-wood
: market, as the
of valuable white oak trees,
dwelling, kitchen, barn and uther ntv.
situation is healthy, with a spring of
veulent to the house.
Uicre is also a
This property
;l Maffett, Esq. and al.»u Mr. 8imp 0
. will be m
third will be rti
extended credit, with prop«:
Enquire of the subscriber,
Josiah L. Fouixl,
Near Warwick, Cedi County, Md.
er, late
to wit:
ly ueccased. The pay
in band, .he
nainder on
July 29—tf
Mills tor 8ale.
FOR sale a Grist and Saw Mill, situated ai
the head of the Bohemia river Cecil county,
Maryland. Both ar<- in exccieut order ; die
Grist Mill having been ihorough.) repaired the
last six months, an.; furnished whii new buirs.
The building is oi otsck—there is a nouse, g-r
den, and several acres of land attached to die
n remises.
ha^uB loi'amf nwetilSf £Sla2Picu r u?u. C ' lre i C m?
dam r.as lately been fut usihed with new gates,
and is in excellent condition. 1 here is a joui.
dation laid fi r a Grist or Fulling Mill, for
which it would he an advantageous situation —
For terms, apply at this Office.
t Wilmington, Lei.
Apr! 1G—tf
Maryland, ss.
Cavil County Orphans' Court, April
Tenu, 1»17.
On application "t John Mercer ar.d Peregn u
ors c<t the personal estau Jt
tîcta'cd —li is ordered, ui
Biddle, ad mini ti
ney give the ratio: required by taw for créditer
to exhibit their els iiie against ihe said deceased
estate, and that the same be published 01 ct a
week for live weeks success vv y 111 the Delaware
Gazette, published in W.lnungton, and in the
Baltimore federal Gazette.
In testimoi
tracted f,
that the foregoihg is truly ex«
n tht minutes of proceedings ol
s Court
the Or).
cil county, i have
hereto set my name am. affixed ihe public
seal uf my office, this eighth tiu> ot April,
A. D.1817.
Henry 1). Miller,
Regr. Wills for Csecil Couuty.
This is to
c Notice,
That the subscribe 1 .-, of Cæcil county, have
obtained from the Orphans Court ot -.a 1 county,
etters of administration on the pe.M..*a estate
JOHN DAVIS, Es (t it he.
Late of Cxcil county, deceased. All persons
having claims against the said deceased are here
ny warned to exhibit the same with the voucliers
'hereof, to the subscribers,
eighth day of December next ; they may other
wise hy law* be excluded from all bent tit of said
'•■^tate. Persons indebted to said deceased, ar,
inquired to make payment to the subscribers.
Given under our hands, this eighth day of
April,eighteen hundred and seventeen.
John Mercer
or before the
Peregrine Biddle,
Sassafras Neck, April 16—tawGt
The subscribers have this day obtained from
the Register'of Wilis, of New Castle County,
letters of administration, dr bonis non ,
personal estate of Dr. WILLIAM MKEE.
late of New Castle county, deceased—^\.l per
sons having claims against sail deceased are
hereby required to exhibit them, legally proven,
ro the subscribers, on or before the first day of
September next, otherwise tney may be exclu
ded from any benefit of said estate ; and all per
sons indebted to the deceased are required to
make payment without delay.
John Mercer,
Peregrine Biddle,
Adtumisirurorsdc bom» non.
Cxcil County, Sassafras,
April 15, 1817.
N. B. Creditors may del
General JOHN S I QCK.TÜN* who is authoris
ed t» receive them.
April 16—lawfii
their accounts to
THE proprietor of Lee's original Family Medicines, . ...
pcct fully informs his friend« and the public i:i general, that
he continues carefully to prepare the above well established
Medicine» at his Dispensary, No. 63, Hanover street, Bal
timore, where they are always to be lud wholesale and
#• Those who purcha
the most liberal terms.
Elegant Show bills turnished gratis.
Lee's Antihilious Bills.
to *ell again will be trea«* 1
The operation of these highlv esteemed Pills is perfectly
mild, and the experience oF thousands has proved, they
may he used in every situation in life without the least in
&c. &c.
admirably adapted to carry off superfluous bile,
Worm Destroying Lozenges.
The proprietor has now the pleasure of stating that the
following case came under his immediate observation:
is little daughter, about s years old, appeared very vM*
to lose her flesh, no particular cause could be given
for her tlius pining away, she was at length taken with
fever», which, with other symptoms led him tu believe she
had worms ; lie gave her a dose of Lee's Lozenp.es, which
ghtaway,incredible a* tt mav appear.: worms, the
fifteen and the other thirteen Indu s In length, each
three fourths of
inch round ; he lia. ;.
ges to another of his children, which broi
quantity of vei
The proprid
those inclined
Ms Dispensary.
away a
small worms.
iuaV in possession ot the 'arge worms;
them will ho gratified by calling at
Lee's Elixir.
dy for colds, obstinate coughs, catarhs,
, ai. Jajvr .a hing consumptions.
s the determination
. am, brim
A sovereign
le tria
of the tfi
: te
rod y
..it it dModge*
, health fid
evacuate the tough
eus the weakened •.
?f the disor
cl» of the In 1
king at
» are of cours* -f
the n
feet nail y and permanent
the »>mp'
11 red.
Sovereign Itch ifmltnent,
application, f**t
ingredient. Yhisvegt
'* ay lie nie
»t delicate pregnant iady
Genuine Crrm'.ni Lotion.
iiilly, rendering the skin
delicately soft and smooth ; impioving the complexion.
any pernicious
remedy is *'o mild; yet effica
(l with the uti/io»t safety, on the
on a child uf a week old.
mi Mercury
■ i.
, th.
Fhe Persi,
Restorative Tooth Powder.
Tills excellent preparation comfort* and strengthens the
—-.'-- *»— **—mclfrom decay.
Genuine Essence ££ Extract
A *afe and effectual remedy for Acute and Cl 1
m.itism, Gout, Rheumatic Gout, Palsy, Sprain», Bruises,
Pains in the Face. Neck, Yc. , „ ,
I he experience many ages and the testimony of the
bÖSt medical practitioner» irom an early period to tlicpre
'-ent time agree in ascribing to Mustard very powemtl and
»inguiar virtues.
ic Rheu
Grand Restorative & 1 Nervous
, to be a .ruly
Proved hy long and extensive experie;
valuable Medicine.
ANODYNE ELIXIR, for the cure of headaches,
.ec's CÜRNPl. A8 FER.
The piop.kio-*
i letters

ad to insert the many Certlfi
,tg the above truly valuable
•w»p.iper, is impracticable—'"
p' dence lespe. ttul'.y proffer»
mg public. They are sold oy

this, ii
•.fore with eferta«.
the .■ . i lierai anl Un
hit appointment, hy
Mrs. Man Lotkerinan.
, Wilmington.
ft. Lockert
cu.li supply from E a It irr. ore.
observe each article has
Who has
J.iitc Michael Lee t? Co.
March 22—tf
TO liEiNT,
The More Cf Wharf
T tiie Southeasterly enaof M ^ ket street,
fine Wharf has been improved lately, so a.s to
..fford ? •' vement landing places at ihe front Inn
• de. a iti a large and safe Dock birih. There
\b also a convenient landing place, by means oi
a slip, for small cratt from the Jerseys, or
elsewhere Possession can ue had immediately.
For terms, apply to
John Patterson.
Jan 16—-St&tawtf
(New Castle County,
the îitutç ot
BY viriueof
order of the Orphan's Court
ior the saiJ County of Ntw-Castlc, wdl he ex
posed to ^le at public vendue
Friday the
thirteenth day of May, inst. at 2 o'clock ir. the
attemoon, at the house of Solomon Hersey, in
i . village of Stanton, in Mill Creek hundred
and county aloresaid, two tracts or parcels of
Situate in White Clay Creek huudrtJ in the
said c ounty, to wit :
NO. L late residence of George R. Massey,
deceased, consisting of a two story brick hr• j,
si..i x, outhouses and seven acres ol land, be the
sain more or less
NO. 2, uom.ded by the road leading to Ogle
the state road leading
town 1
m Cluistiaoa Bridge, on the small, ar.d by lan.-L
of Fawthorti and Smith, containing
red and ferry acres, be the same more or less,
being a part 01 the real estate of George R
Massey, deceased, and to be sold for the pay
mem of his debts Attendance will be given
and the terms of sa e made known at the tune
and place aforesaid, by Victor Dupont and
Nicholas G Williamson, «.squires. Administra
tors of the sa deceased, or their Attorney.
By ordi.r of the Orphan's Court,
John Wiley, Clerk.
New Castle, May 21-»t
ne h und
Wilmington fr 5 Lancaster
The Singes commence running
on Monday the 19 th inet.
THIS line will leave D Urinton's, Wilmmg.
ton, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday,
at 6, A. M. Breakfast at Stephen Greenfields,
dine at Hum y F Slaymaker's, and arrive at
Samuel Slaymaker's, in Lancaster, at 4 P. M.
It will leave La caster every Tuesday, Thun,
day, and Saturday, at 6, A. M. Breakfast at Mr.
Henry F. Slaymaker's, dine at Mr. S. Green
field's, and arrive at Wilmington at 4 P. M.
Stage fare through &4.
way passengers
Id cents per mile 150lhs. baggage equal to a
passenger All freight and baggage at the risk
of the owner.
D. Brintou Co.
May 14—4t
Executed at this office.
Robert Porter * |
Respectfully informs the Public, that he has just received
Lane, New York,
Of the following genuine Medicines :
Hamilton's tVorm Destroying Loten
Which have cured an immense number of persons of both
sexes, of every age, and in every situation, of various dan
gérons complaints arising from worms, and from obstruc
tion» or foulness in the stomach and bowels.
This medicine bears no analogy whatever
similar titles so commonly complained of, as operating with
violence -, on the contrary, a particular excellence of this
remedy is its being suited to every age and constitution. It
contains nothing hut what is perfectly innocent, and is so
mild in its operation that it cannot Injure the most delicate
pregnant lady, or the tenderest infant of a week old,
should no worms exist in the body ; but will, without pains
or griping,cleanse the stomach and bowels, of whateveri
offensive, and thereby prevent the production of
worms, and ulany fatal disordeers. The ozenges are parti;
hi carrying off all gross humors and crup
tions,'feverish and bilious complaints, and arc the safest and
mildest purg
others of
cnlarly eflicnci
be used on any occasion.
Anil the symptoms by which they are
known :
Worms.« hielt Infeat the human body, are chiefly of four
nils, viz.... I he l eres, or large round worm; the Ascarides,
sni.m mam-worm : ihe wiicurhltnia,or short, Hat, white
■itly, the 'I tenia or tape worm, « called from
•to tape. This i» often many yards long,
st difficult ti
worm ; and la
s rcsembl
;s full of joints.
is most hurtful and
Among the symptoms attending worms arc...disagreeable
breath, especially in the morning; bad and corrupted
gums ; iti hing in the nose, and about the scat; convulsions,
epileptic tits, and sometimes privation of spe-'ch ; starting
and grinding of the teeth in sleep, irregular appetite
sometime«loathing food, and sometimes voracious; purg
ing, with slimy and iocti»' stools; vomiting; large and
hard belly ; pains and sickness at the stomach ; pains in the
head and thighs, with lowness of spirits ; slow fever, with
small and irregular pulse; a dry cough; excessive thirst;
sometimes pale and unhealthy countenance, vnd sometimes
the face bloated and flushed.
Persons afflicted with any of the above symptoms,should
have immediate recourse to Hamilton 1 » Worm Destroying
Lozenges, which have beenconstanly attended with
in ail complaints similar to those above described.
A dose of this medicine given occasionally during the
warm season, will effectually prevent " the vomiting and
purging of children...a dreadful disorder, which annually
destroy» thousands of the Infant part of our citizens. It is
likewi-e the mildest and most certain remedy known, and
has restored to health and strength a great number when In
an advanced stage of this fatal complaint. Particular and
plain instructions are given for every part of the necessary
treatment in such
Children generally take this medicine with eagerness ;
having a pleasing appearance, and an agreeable taste.
liahii i Auli-hiiious Pitts.
The operation of these pills is perfectly mild,
used by persons in every situation, and of every age.
They a rc excellently adapted to carry off all (superfluous
bile, and prevent its morbid secretions', to restore and a
d the appetite; to produce a free respiration, and there
by prevent colds, which are often of fatal consequences.
A dose nev«r fails to remove a cold, if taken on its first ap
celebrated for removing habitual cos
id ache,
to be
tivencss, dvikness at the stomach, and sv
be taken by all persons i
liecn found remarkably
and ought î
They ha*.
ing and curing disorders attendant 0
should he procured and carefully prese
long voyages, and
red fur use by every
Hamilton's'Essence & Extract of
edy for rheumatisms, gout, palsy,
white swelling*, old strain;., and relaxa
weakness of Ia neck, y lin» uf the side,
, fru7.cn limits, .t.id every similar
it prevents chilolalns, or chopped hands, and
damp in the feet.
A safe and effectual
sprains and brui
d f.
head ache
the iff effect* of getting wet
'Pile pentane Persian Lotion.
nongtlic fashionable tlnougliont Europe,
smetic, perfectly innor r.t am! safe, free
c ami repellent minerals, (the hasi* of other lo
tions) and of unp .ralle'.ed efficacy in remov itig olemUlie» of
the face and skin, ficckics, pimples,inflammatory reduces,
scrufs, tetters, ringwoims, sunburns, prirkley hear, dc.
.otion opera res miluly, without impeding the
sihle persi Tratten, wbioli is essential to health,
yet its eilect. are speedy ar.d permanent, rendering the skin
delicately soft and »mouth, and improving the complexion.
iitslurulive Powder for
and (rums.
So celebrated
an invaluable
from co
the Teeth
whiter;» the teeth,by absorbing
fnolnes», which, snlrtnu to *c
jure and filially ruin them.
Hanitton's Grand Restorative.
client preparation comforts and strengthen» the
;rvcs tl\c enamel from decay, and ciean.se»
; all the acrimonious slime and
Is recommended as an invaluable medicine for the
speedy relief and pernunent cure of the various complaint^
ill mg from rilsttlpated pleasures, juvenile indis«retion»,
rt.d.JenaTn climates unfavorable to the constitution, the
îoderate use of tea, frequent intoxicati
destructive intcivqierauce, thcrmskiifui or
mercury, tfic diseases peculiar to females at a
.»..d lyings in,&.
Itam,.ton's Elixir.
... uther
excessive use of
1:« lebrated for the cure uf colds, obitinatecoughs,asthma»,
. d ..pproaching consumption», and a certain remedy fur
the win oping cough.
Hahn's Genuine Eye Water.
A »over» t»n remedy for aii discahcs of the eyes whether
he effect of natural weakness or of accident.
Tooth-Ache Drops.
The only remedy yet discovered which gives] immediate
a nd Luting relief in the most severe in.- tance».
Lee's Ointment j\*r the Heb,
infallible remedy at one application, may
be used with perfect safety on infant» a week old, not con
taining a particle uf mercury or any d 1, gérons ingredient
whatever, and not accompanied with that m '
iait which attends the application o r othe
til's Injuttiule Ague & he. er t.eop »,
For the cure ol agues, remittent, and intermittent fevers.
Uiihn's true and genuine German
Corn /'latster.
N. B. At the place of sale pamphlets may he had gratis,
describing cures performed t»v the above medkines; the
her,Importance r.jyj resprctabibty 01 which, fully jus
tify veer y article of the advertisement.
Jan. d—tf
; mem ing
All persons indebled to the estate of
Doctor Alexander Forrester» dec.
itquested to make payment to the sub
scribers; and such as have any claims
against said estate, to present them to the
same for settlement, previous to the first
of June next.
Catharine Forrester.
Clara Forrester.
April Ô0—10t.
Bargain—for Cash.
TO be soiu, at private sale, about 30 acres of
Laud, (four nr five of which is woudland) lying
~~ ihe Wilmington and Gap Turnpike Road,
bounded by lands of M »ses Montgomery and
Thomas Brack in—there is on said premises a
good Stone dwelling house, with«£xcellent water
near the dour—the houve is suitable for two fa
milies* It is an eligible sstuation for a Tavern.
For terms—apply to
Jacob H. Gregg.
May 14—tf
N. B A Taylor, Shoemaker or Blacksmith,
would meet with good encouragement in the
vicinity of said property.
The Subscriber oflers for sale a new Savv-Mili
in complete order and tn full operation, on St
Georges Creek, in a well timbered neighborhood,
nr Pencader hundred and County of New Cast!*,
a Tenant house hi good repair and about 35 acres
ot Land, 2d rcres of it Woodland, hounded hy,
or near, lands ..I the late Esquire Howell, decea
sed, on the roa.t nom Glasgow to Middletown,
The stand is good fora Distillery and Tan-yard j
for terms apply to Nathan Bouldcn, Esq. near
the premises, or to
Morgan Jones,
Wilmington, Del.
Dec. tfi—tf
7 91 f ~o , j
State of Pennsylvania.
fourth class.
S. ALLEN, Manages.
t 10 CC 0 is 4C0CO
First drawn No. istdny,
Do. do. 4th do. 1
Do. do. 7 th do. 1
Do. do. 10th do. i
Do. do. i.uh do. i ,00c
Do. do. ictli tin. a,coo
Do. do. ajth do.
do. 30th do- i.coo
Do. do. 3$th ùu. 1
Do. do. 40th du. i
Do. do. 4 stli do. a
Do. do. soth do.
Do. do. jjth do.
Do. do. 60tli do. 3cj
10000 -lOCOO
jooo - tcocc
- taoco
700 - 35000
50 •
8 - B80C0
. XU
35000 TICKET
Not 2 blanks to a
ist drawn 4000 blanks
to be entitled
dollars each.
e»g: t
The last drawn numbers on the nth, 12th, 13th, 14th,
10th, 17th, 18th, loth, aist,ud, 23 d, 24th, iftth, « 7 th,asth,
*yth, 31st, 3*d, J3d, 34th, 36th, 37th, «Ht ii, 3otli, 4ih
42d, 43d, 46th, 47th, 4 Htll, 40th, list, 52d, 53d, {4th, |6tl
$7th, jtttli, soth, 61st, öid, 03d, 64th, ojth, 66th, 07th,
68th, Auth and 70th days drrwlug, will each be entitled to
ONE HUNDRED TPCKF.TS in this Lottery ; commencing
•ith number 30001 and proceeding In regular succession
iber 35,000.
The above scheme of the Fourth Class oi the State Lot*
tery, Is respectfully offered to the public, under the Im
prest ion that ir will not only be acceptable, but attractive,
for almost evvry day, in the whole lottery, yields a high
Prize, independent of Six Capitals, which are floating, and
liable to he drawn on any day of drawing.
The object of this Lottery is to aid In die improvement
of the internal Navigation of the state of the state ref
Pennsylvania, and was authorized by the Legislature ex
pressly for that purpose. It is for the interest of the citi
zens of the state geflcrally, and more particularly those of
the City of Philadelphia, that it should utcccod. it nur
be hoped, therefore, that all who feel friendly to theboiect
of this lottery, will buy a ticket in the same, and such as
should not he so fortunate as to draw prize», will at least
jn) the satisfaction of having contributed their aid to
to the advancement of a must laudable undertaking.
This Lottery will commence drawing
on or before the. SOtli day of June next,
d he continued three da vs in each week, 500 numbers .x
day, until completed. The Prizes will be paid sixty days
after the drawing is finished, subject tu a deduction of is
c the payment of w bich, a bond in the
of one hundred thousand dollars is lodged with the
secretary of the Commonwealth.
Commissioners appointed by the Gov
er nor to superintend the drawing :— «
George Latimer, Esq.
Isa. «■ Worrell, Esq.
Thomas Leiter, Esq.
John Connelly, K»q. and
.Andrew Bayard. Esq.
ffuarlers St 75
SO I Eighths
Lucky Lottery Offices,
No. 2, S. Third street, Philadelphia.
No. 158, Market srrcct, Baltimore.
No. 11», Broadway, New York.
» I». Market street, Albany,
(UP Orders (post, paid) to either of
.S', ii JU. At.I.E^T'S Offices, will be.
promptly attended to.
May "—ly
By the President of the United
WHEREAS, hy the first * section uf an act of
Congress, passed on the 3If/ day of March , 1808,
entitled " An act concerning the sale of the lands of
the United States and for other purposesthe Pro
sident of the United States is authorised to cause
certain public lands to be offered\Jor sale :
■Wherefore, I James Mon hoe, President
of the United States, in conformity with the said
act, and other acts of Congress, providing for the sale
and disposal if the lands of the United States south
cf Tennessee, do hen by declare and make known
that public sales, for the disposal, agreeably to law,
of the Public Lunds ; n the district east of Pearl
river, bounded on the west by Chickasaw hay river ,
on the south by the parallel ofthe 3 If / degree if north
latitude, on the east by the Mobile and Tombigby
rivers, and on the north by the Creeks, Santabogue
d Bogue Homo, (/At* one falling into the Tom»
big by and the other into the Chickatuwhay^ ri
vers') which have been surveyed and returned to the
Register of the Land Off ce ai St. Stephens, ar.d
which have not been disposed of\ or excepted from
sale by law, shall be held at St. Stephens , on the
ßrst Monday (if July next, and continue till the said
lands have been offered for sale.
Given under my hand the eighth day rf March,
one thousand eight hundred and seventeen.
James Monroe.
By the President ,
of the General Land Office.
March 22— 1 awt 1 June
Meigs, Commissioner
Department of War.
. Additional Accountant'll Office,
Sc/.tttnbcr 27, 18 i G.
" IT having been made the duty of this office
by law, ta adjust and settle all accounts in tbc
War Department, which remained unsettled
the conclusion of the late war, and are now t...
settled—It is hereby made known to the offi
cers of the late army, who have public accounts
to settle, and to such non-commissioned officers
and privates discharged, who have arrearages
of pay due them, that, by forwarding their pa
pers to this office hy mail, (heir accounts will be
settled, and the balances remitted,
• ithout in
curring any expense by the appointmenr of au
agent to transact their business for them. The
heirs and representatives of deceased officers
and soldiers of the late army are also informed, '
that, hy forwarding their papers to this office for
any arrears of pay due the deceased, theaccotr a
will be adjusted, and the balances be remitted
free of expense."
The duties heretofore confided to the Addi- V"
lional Accountant having Iwi'ir assigned to this
office, applications relative to'ihe above notifica
tion will he addressed accordingly.
Peter Hagner,
Treasury Department,
Third Auditor's Off ce.
Apprentices Wanted.
Wanted, as Apprentices to the
Printing business, tivo Boys, between
ti and 1C years of age.

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