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Peninsula Advertiser.
W K m ES » A Y, A ÜG ÜST. 20,1S17.
No. 67.
Conditions of this Paper.
a year, payable 3ix months in advance
ADVERTISEMENTS will be inserted
Payment TO BE
The following gentlemen
are authorised to receive sub
scriptions and money for the
Delaware Gazette :
Dover — Mr. .John Manlove.
Smyrna — A.tr. Benjamin CoomVc.
George Toivn, Del. — Mr. James An
Cantwell's Bridge — Mr. David Wil
son, Jure.
Milford — Mr. Peter Robinson.
Lewes Town — Mr. George Bowers.
JVYw Castle—James Booth, Jr. Esq.
Laurel —Mr, Ephraim Collins.
Elkton,Md.—Tobias Rndulph, Esq.
Other appointments will speedily
be made.
Fate of an American Gentle
Messrs. Bottes. & Co —Since my
return to America, from the Desert 0 /
Zaara, in Alni-.i which was on ihr
SOtli May, A. 1), IS IT, at Uoston, !
Iia^e exauiincil in vain, miMry inihl.e
p.ijHTs to find some mention of the
, 11 " ancho'y ihiaih of an America 1
g t!em; n. who was like mysi Jfa slave
to the Arabs. I learned his fate from
John iit own, of New York, who was
ransomed ntMogatiore, near the time
I was, and who was |iasBi-ngei- with
me to Huston. He said lie saw Inn
dir, in IWemhov lath, upon liie De
sert. and buried him with bis own
hands. Iitown did lint know his name:
but u few f.u ts which i learned from
him may lead to a discovery. Drown
mo that tins gentleman was a
passenger in a vessel from Baltimore
to Uuet.os Ayres, railed tin Romp —
that lie was commissioned for tlie ar.
my of the. Patriots in South America
—that lie had been a major in tin- IJ.
States, late army, and was said to hr
a relative of the late Vice President
of the United Stales, and a citizen of
the sou I hero states. He left (he Romp,
and went aboard a Prize bound ti
Buenos Ayres ; Smith, prizemastrr ;
who was drowned, as the vessel went
a shore on the western coast of Africa
in about, lot. ladegressN. This gen
tîenun was enslaved with Brown, \
tiled as mcntioind. Thi* staieinrn'
may he of service, as it may lead to
discovery ot his name, and inform
his stillering friends of his fate.
Syllogism .—In answer to a quei-j
in ilio European Maaag-ine, how
» nothing' can he a substantive, a wri
ter remarks : ' I shall frame my an
swer by proving that nothing is some
thing, and consequently that nothing,
in grammar, has a legitimate claim to
the appellation of substantive. What
is a word l A "word is something.
Nothing is a word—therefore nothing
is something.'
Irish Humour.
One of our fellow citizens, for the
purpose ot arresting attention, caused
his sign to he set upside down. On
AI outlay last, while the rain wasnour
ing down with great violence, a Son
of Hibernia was discovered, directly
opposite, standing with great gravity
upon his head, and fixing his eyes
steadfastly upon the sign. On an en
quiry being made of this inverted
gentleman, why lie stood in so singu
lar an attitude—he answered—I ana
trying to read that sign. [Fed. Rep,
V °w Store,
JUST openen by the subscriber, at No. 82,
Market-street, W lvD'ngtwn, next door to Brir
ton's tavern, a fresh assortment of DK\
GOODS, viz
Real superfine Çû common cloths.
* do. do. enshneres,
Tndia, cambric CS domestic muslins,
do. checks,
Domestic plaids amt stripes,
't -f & f> 4 ginghams. dimities,
Calicoes, vestings, stockings,
Bomlavzdts, flannels. &c. &c.
The whole of which, having been laid in at the
present reduced prices, will be sold wholesale or
retail, very low for cash.
David Tatum.
6th mo. Util, 1817.
8200 Reward.
Escaped from the Public Jail of New
castle County, on the evening of Sunday
the 27th day of July last, a negro Servant
named DAVID, about 5 feet 8or 9 inr hilts
high, athlctick, well made, and very at
live, of a light color for a negro and has
a scar upon the back of one of bis hands :
His clothing consisted of two pair o( Pan
taloons, (one of nankeen the other of
colored domestic) an old waistcoat, muslin
shirt, and an old wool hat—It is supposed
that he will change bis name, as l e once
broke jail in Easton, in the year 1816,
and assumed the name ot Harry, and
wa-s afterwards taken in Pennsylvania
and committed to New Castle Jail, as a
runaway. The above Reward willbe Riv
en to any person apprehending the said
Negro and delivering hint at the public
prison of New Castle County, state or
Kdmund W. Barker.
New Castle, Auj). 1.—-6
lMiiiadelphia & Baltimore
THE Steam Boat SUPERIOR, Captair
Wm. Milner, anil the Steam B^at VESTA,
J. H. Burns, are in complété order, &nu
ne of them will leave the first wharf abov<
Like: street. PHIL ADEL PHI A, at Jo»dock,
in the afternoon for Bal-imorff.
The Stages for the line will deliver the pas.
sengers on board the Steam Boat New Jersey,
r the Eagle, at F.'.Rtor* ; one of these boat
will leave Bowleys wharf BALTIMORE,
every afternoon at 5 o'clock for Philadelphia
All tbt* Eng nes of this line are skilfully built,
upon the bafe principles of Bolton &. \\ atts.
Ail baggage at the risx of the owners thereof.
Application for passage to be made to the
Captains on board tike boats at any time of the
I'sssenge.-s received or delivered at Chestei
and at Marcus H: ok. The boat downwards
will pass Chester about 5 o'clock, and upward*
about 9 o'clock. One boat will leave Wilming
ion every morning at half past 6 o'clock, for
Jciy »e—rrj
FOR SALE., a FARM lying in I'cr.cader
hundred. Nr-v» Castle County, state of Delaware,
adjoining lauds of the late Job Harvey, John
Thompson arid others—distant about fi miles
from Elkton» 2 from Newark, and 4 from
Glasgow, containing
228 Acres of Land ;
nearly one half of which is woodland,
considerable '
convenient to
not at present in a high state cf cultivation, but
may be improved at a small expence, being con :
venient to lime kilns. There is a handsome
proportion of meadow'ground The improve
ment are two log dwellings, stable, &c. The si
tuation is remarkably healthy, and a spring of
excellent water convenient to the dwelling; also
a never failing stream of water passing through
the farm.—The new road from Newark to Elk
ton, passes ihrough this property.
The above farm will besold entire, or in lots,
as may best suit purchasers—A more particular
description of the property is deemed unneces
sary, as those inclined to purchase will doubtless
previously view it.
Should the above property not be disposed of
before the 28th of August next, it will on that
day he offered at public sale, on the premises
For terms, application may be made to Mr
James Kerr, residing near the same, or to the
>'ith a
portion of valuable timber, and
Miiis. fhe arable land is
William Thomas,
Head of Chester, Kent County, Maryland
July 19—t28A
To Rent,
A FARM in Dragon Neck, Red Lion hun
dred, the estate of Samuel Crow, deceased. In
quire of
Francis Haughey,
Guardian of the minor children of said S. Crow.
Feb. 22—tf
Executed at. this Office.
The subscriber ofl'crs for rent for a
terra of years, that valuable Fatal in
Oarretson's forest, called the CAVES
which was occupied by the late Mrs,
Margaret Carroll.
This property is about 12 miles dis
'ant from 'he city, in a respectable and
healthy neighborhood. It contams about
500 acres of arable Land, principally
bottom I and. admirably adapted to the
growth of timothy, large quantities of
Which by judicious cultivation may be
raised—Lime stone abounds, for the burn
ing of which for the use of this and ad
joining farm, a kiln has been lately
reeled by Mr. Shoemaker, with whom
satisfactory arrangements will be made
for mutual accommodation.
About ten acres were last year high
ly manured, and seeded in Timothy,
which promises a very abundant crop,
and by a skilful use of lime the residue
may be equally productive.
The buildings are unusually numerous,
and afford every convenience for secur
ing the crops ; the dwelling is comforta
ble, and .ffm (Is room fora large family!
It is desirable, nay indispensable that
the tenant be an industrie. is and skilful
farmer willing to cultivate the farm upon
the most approved plan, in order to im
prove tlv: property. As an inducement
to appl icants of character to rent the
proper y '.lie subscriber will let it on li
beral 'i rms
The timber is in sufficient abundance
for every purpose of inclosure and fire.
Mr. Samuel Shoemaker will show the
farm, and the terms may be known by
applying tome on Light st. wharf, Balti
Henry Brice.
A UC. 9—4t
ton SALE ,
A Tract of Land .
IN Cecil county, Md. situate on one of the branches of
IN Cecil county, Md. situate on one of the branches of
North East River, aWout two and a half milts from Naviga
tion, containing one hundred and .sixty acres; one hundred
ot which being weikimbered, the remainder arable. '1 ht
is on thcaqove premises an eligible situation for a Mil', Fat
tory, or^ Distillery,&c The c ; :.rtgr,lry ,,f the .-»hovr pro
n navigation renders it well worth the notice of anv
person dealing in Fire-wood or dhip timber lor the balk
market, as there arc, on the pruntses, a great uiiinlxu
:»f valuable white oak trees. There is also .» comfortable
dwelling, kitchen, ham and other necc»sarv building?. Thi
ituationl# healthy, with a #pr»»g of excellent water con
This property adjoin
* >»iul
-auiucl Maflctt, Lsq. ami also Mr. Sir
' y deceased. The payments wllll
than one third will he req
cer.ded credit, with propcrsecurity,
; of the Huiwit rihtr,
•losiitit L. Fo:irt!
on, luukcep

ired in h.
, the
tnainder o
Near Warwick, CeclKJo'inty,
Ju'v 2S~tf
THE Rev. William Frye: having» by cK c»>
duly executed, beating; date the 20th day c 1
November, A. L». 181 fi, made an
of ali his property, both real and p
the suhscrdH'rs, in trust for the benefit of hi:»
said deed.—All per
creditors, as mc»u;onfti i
tie said William Frycc i
erd, by bond, note,
to avail themselvrs cf'he benefit of said aôiig •
ment, according to the terms thereof, are rt
•nt then demands for scitlemen»;
, a id
Id W
quested to ]
and all persons indebted to make iiamediAte
VA LU A ÖLE mil) l* Ell TV.
Public Sale,
Vt flic Uoi.se of Mr*. .Mary Thomas,
in Wilmington, on Satiirilny tlu
18th of October next, at -2 o'clock,
I*. M. when the conditions of sale
will he made known—
NO. t. A FARM in Mill Creek hundred,
New Castle County, containing
14/ Acres,
at present in tenure of Stephen Townsend, ard
is bounded by lands of Thomas Lea, John
Rixicc and others.
NO. 2. A FARM in the hundred and county
aforesaid, bounded by lands of Abraham Men
denhall and others, containing about
90 Acres,
of which, twenty are woodland.
NO- 3. A LOT, on which is erected a three
story brick house and kitchen, No. 225, Market
stiect, Wilmington.
NO. 4. ALL the interest of the said Wil
am Pryceina LOT on Market street, purchas
ed by him from John Ferriss, and which is near
ly opposite No 3.
NO. 5. A LIFE .ESTATE in a Farm, situ
ated in Appoqumnirriink hundred* county afore
said, containing about
280 Acres,
hounded by lands late of John Cochran, deceas
ed v and others, now in the tenure of James
NO. 6. A TRACT OF LAND, conveyed
bylssac Hendrickson to the said Wm. Pryce,
situated on Laurel Creek, in Randolph County,
state of Virginia,.containing
2000 Acres.
Allan Thomson,
Joseph "Downing,
Assignees of the Rev. William Bryce.
June 12"law2mEttaw lm
C'upper anti Copper Ware.
No* 9o* S, Front-shrct . Philadelphia
Have constant!) on hand, of their own manu
From 20 to 140 gallons, suitable for fruit dis
tillation ; Stills of 100 to any size upwards, loi
Grain, Rum and Turpentine distillation, with
Copper and pewter worms; Sugar and Brew
er's Bailers, Hatter's plank and coloring Ket
tles, Wash Kettles, Sauce Fans, Tea Kettles,
Copper and Brass Preserving Kettles, Grocer
Bumps, Cranes and Measures, made in superior
All articles repaired in the above line*
Old Copper, Brass, Pewter apd Lead,
bought and taken in exchange.
All orders thankfully received, and punctual
ly attended to.
Sheathing Copper, Nails, Bolts, Spikes, 8tc.
\n assortment of BELLS, fitting for Churches,
Plantations, Factories, Ships, Steam-Beats* ötc.
For sale, on reasonable teriri3.
WANTED— 1 Three
the above business.
May 28--2m
four Apprentices tc
THE subscriber having lately erected in thi.
place a large and commodious,Brick buildinr,
calculated for a
and tnar nossesmon enn he had nn the Kr
ana mat post*-* i can ue naa on the ist oi
October next fit an inrnieui&te engagemer.
should tie intdc) or at auv tune between thet
c,.re ,1 „Lr „J u
and the lirst da) ot Januar» .-—He tcc*.s himse"
warranted in saying, that this establishment
f*ir exceed un» nllirr nn rh#> IVn'mcul ,mt
tar t xcud any »tnu .m the t enineul.., not on,
as to the numbt r, s ze, and couve nifree .'f th»
apartments, but aiso as to tie stabling, Steven
out-hu, kling noce ary to render 1. complete ,nd
convnJ S i ail t.fwhicl. are new ,„d if Brick
Its situation in preferable to any other in \ht
place, as it fronts both
deral streets, and is contiguous
fice, Bank. Court Uou ;e, Market Holism. &c
and the town itself isadmiti**d to be superior u
any on the Eastern shore, for a Public House
of experience and capital, it is be
d. bu» few houses present so great a chance
lor realising a fortune.
rent for the ensuing year, or for
term r.f years, if desired, four newly built brick
tenements, calculated to suit either Mechanics
»altes this opportunity to inform the public that
he is now ready to contract for renting the same.
Washington and Ft.
the Post Of
tenements, calculated to suit either Mechanics
or Merchants, being :;itu.tted on Washington
street, adjoining the aforesaid Tavern. These
»• ands a»e considered equal to any in the place
t'or business.
Samuel Gi-ooine,
Easton, MJ.
T» iv 3—lawSt
Fci- pulslistiit»". by suhaei-iptian, ni.
<>'igin.il work, tobe entitled.
Of the loss of the Brig
Of Hai'tr..i<l, (Uoiui.) i-npt. Riley .
"1' the «-»(itivity ul' i-njit. Hile», wh
was lot- two moiulis a slave aui.m^si
the Arabs ; ami nl' (.lie slavery ami
nfi'ei'in^s ni" the author for uilieteeii
mouths, amongst the same penpli ;
will) aeeountsol'tbe manners, eustom
and habits ami a description of the
country of lia» Arabs, By Archibn' ;
I hr narratives and journals of
Travelirrs, Adventures, the Ship
wrecked and j>riwim-rs, are «lieu toi
with exaggerations, and not uofri -
quently eondeinned as deceiving, ra
ther than informing the world. I he
author of the proposed journal is
cit izen of Connecticut, and one of the
suffering crew of Captain Riley.—lie
lias seen life in a sphere uncommon
to bis eouutryuien—he lias enduee.i
miseries uncommon to human nature.
By the blessing- of a merciful Provi
dence lie has survived to detail his
sufferings to the world, if truth will
excite astonishment, anil even occa
sion incredulity, he cannot help it
but. lie is resolved to tell a plain un
varnished tale of extreme suffering—
of the manners, customs end habits o!
the extraordinary people among whom
be endured it, lie will submit to the
world hoping that the liberality of
the publiek will in a small degree,
compensate I nu for his suffering, by
reading the tajl of it.
I. The work shall constitute a duo
decimo volume of about thieo hundred
pages, to he handsomely bound.
II. The price to subscribers, will
he one dollar, tonon-subserihers SI SL
III. Those, who procure twelve
subscribers, and become responsible
for the payment, shall have a thir
teenth gratis,
Hartford, July -t, t847.
Robert Porter,
Respectfully Informs tlit Public, that he ha. 1 ; just iccdred
from LEE'S PA ft N'T MEDICINE STORE «ß Maiden
Lane, New York,
Of the following genuine Medicines:
Hamilton's Worm Destroying Lozen
Which have cured ar. immense number of person» of both
y ape, .»nil in everv situation, ol**various dan
aints arising from Worms, ami from obstiue*
tu the stomach and bowel*.
no analogy whatever to others of
similar titles so commonly complained of, as operating whh
violence} .on the contrary, a particular excellence of this
remedy is les being suited to every age and constitution. It
contains nothing nut what Is perfectly innocent, ano 1 -mo
mild in its operation that it cannot injure the most delicate
pregnant lady, or the tenderest infant "of a week, okl,
should no worms exist lathe body j but will, without pains
or griping,cleanse tue stomach and bowels, of whateveri
foul or offensive, and thereby prevent the puVjttion of
worm», and many fatal disorueers. The ozenges :»tc partij
cniarly efficnclous in carrying «tV all gross humotsatrd «fn.p
Hons, feverish and bilious complaints, and are the safest and
mildest purgative that can be used on any occasion.
», of cv
This medicine bears
And the symptoms by which they are
knoten :
it which infest tile human body, arc chiefly of fout
The Teres, or large round worm; the AscurUbu,
n-wonn; the Cucurbit nia, er short, flat, white
worm ; and lastly, the Taenia n tape worm, sr called front»
its resemblance tu tape. This is Often many yards lortg, ar.d
is full of joints, it is most hurtful and most difficult to iy
. Among the symptoms attending wornv »rt..div\pr- nlilr
breath, especially ut the morning; bad and corrupted
gums; itching in the nose, nml about the ee
epileptic tits, and »oinctimc« privation of s-pc tU ; starting
and grinding of the teeth in sleep ; irregular appetite,
sometimes loathing food, and sometime# voracious* purg
ing, with slimy and foetid stools ; vomiting ; large and
haidbeily pains and sickness at thcu'.oinach; j*ain«mthe
head and thighs, with lownes» of spirit.-» j slow fever, with
small and irregular pulse ; a dry cough ; excessive thirst ;
sometimes p. e and unht-dthy countenance, end sometimes
the face bloated and flushed,
is alF.i- ted witi
have immédiat » recourse to Hamilton 4 # \V
; convulsion
svmptqms, should
Form Destroy ing
Lozenge#, which, have been constanly attended with #uce>;«
in all complaints similar to those above described,
A dos0 r uf thlfi me<Hrinc „ ivt . n occasionally during the
warm season, will effectually prevent " the vomiting in*
P" 1 « 1 "» °f vMMren...a UrcaiiM disorder, winch anmully
.destroy-, thousand seif the »nfant part ot our citizens, it is
ukciw»»' the mildest and most certain remedy known, and
Wilrihas restore.', to health and strength a great uumber when th
* ln advanced stage of thi# f.tral complain'.. Paiticular and
: p i lin instructions are riven for every part of the ne«»«/
treatment litstu.li cases.
» Cliiidren generally take this medicine with eagerae*« /
'* '-6l/'OU« J*»,W.
of the above
The operation of those pill? is perfectly mild,
used by person# in every situation, and of every age.
They are excellently adapted to cany oif a!l]stiperfluuus
b !, e, aiid prevent its morbid secretion# j to restore anda
mend the appetite; to produce a free respiration, and there
by prevent colds, which are often of Utal cUnecquence#.
A'dost: nc% «» fail# to remove a cold, if taken on its Irrst .ip
pearaike. They arecckbuted for temoviny habitual *:os
tivenc«. sickles« at the »tomach, and severe head ache,
and ought to he taken by all persons on a change of climate
They have hecnfoimd remarkably eificacious in prevent*
nd curimt disorders Attendant on long voyage#, and
Mi* ' rf UK by eve up
to bf
should be prucucen anu
Hamilton's Es*
Hamilton's Es*
A tufc and t-fTcctt
Drains and brui
head ache, swelled f.»
prcveuti ui».a»*ii»s, u. . *
the die fleets of getting wet or damp in the icet.
Tin genuine Persian Loi ion.
So celebrated among the fashionable throughout Europe,
Is an invaluable cosmetic, perfectly Innocent and safe, free
from corrosive and repellent minerals, (the hash? of other lo
riot»!») and of unparalleled efficacy hi removing blemishes of
• lie face and skin, freckles, pimples,inflammatory redm-s*,
scrufs, tetter», ringworm», sunburns, prickle)- hear, etc.
I he Persian Lotion o-.•crates mildly, witliout impeding the
natural insensible perspiration, whioh is essential to health,
vc. it> v-llect# aie speedy and permanent, rendering the skin
delicately soft andsmoo'-h, and improving the complexion.
Restorative Tmcder for the Tenth
and Gums*
is, and
preparation conifx u and <
the enamel from uccay, and clean-cs and
trbing all the acrimonious tdhne and
ro accumulate, never fails to in
I ' r
This excellent
gums, pre.serve
whitens the teeth,by
fouine#», which, su(
jure and Anally ruin them.
Hamilton's Brand Restorative.
invaluable medicine for the
eof the various complaints
res, juvenile im!i#ciction#,
stitutiori, the
frequent intoxication, or any Ollier
excessive u*e of
Is recommended as
veils relief and penm-
suiting from dissipated ple.»>
limâtes unfavoiable
-tructiye intemperance, the
mercury, the disea-vs peculiar to fcinalc# at acutalu period
of lire, bad lyings In, Sc.
Hamilton's Elixir.
e of colds, o>)Kinattoo^hs,Vs 5 Wr.i »,
and approaching consumptions, and a certain remedy for
the whooping cough. <.
Hahn's Genuine Eye Wahr.
A sovereign remedy for all diseases of the eyes whether
the effect of natural weak lies» or of accident.
l'aolu ^ntè itraps*
dy yet discovert J which givcs| immediate
in the most severe instances*
Celebrated for the
The only
and lasting relief
Lee's Ointment f-r the Jlcli.
Warranted an infallible remedy
be used v/ith perfect safety on ii.Lu-ts a week cid, not con
taining a particle of mercury or any dangerous Incrément
whatever, and not accompanied with that tormenting
smart which attends the application of other remedies.
, may
Lee's Infallible Ague. & Ee--er Drops,
; of agues, remittent, and Intermittent fevers.
Fox thee
Hahns true and genuine German
Corn Plaister.
N B. At the place of sale uamplUets may U had gratis,
describing cures performed f>v the above medicine» i tiie
number, importance and resprctahility of which, fully jus
tify veer y article of the advertisement.
Jan- 8—it
GENTLEMEN of New Castle County
having business to transact wi...
surer, willbe pleased to attend
New Castle, on Thursday tht 21st day of
August, inst.
August 2— 3t_
ith the State Trea
at the town of
Improvement of Navigation
NOTICE is hereby given to all persons, riiat
the subscribers intend applying to tire General
Assembly of the Stale of Delaware, at their
sitting in January neat, for a law to authorise
them to improve the navigation ot Frinee
Hook and Bruadkiln Creeks, oy cutting a Canal
across Blum Point.
Bevins Morriss, sen.
John Smith l? Co.
July 30—6t
Blanks of eveuj description neatly
executed at this Ojice.

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