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;jiitleman or great celebrity in agiricul
; who has raised near 200 quart' is,
^ltiOO bushels,) fronrit, and now ofle
accommodate the spirited agricultu
res on the following terms ; from one
b suei to two and an half at 2 1. the
bi.snci, the bag included, and carriage
p .'icl to any part of the kingdom,
superior qiiahti s are, in having a parti
cularly long bulky ear, with smooth chaff
abort and strong stalk, and yielding on
an average one third more than the Eng
IÛ-. wheats Usually sown ; with the a d
... r
vantage ot eai y npening, tom wo ai
trials, it has produced near one third^
more than good English wheat, per
I s
N. 14. The reason of not having it in
my povyer tosend one individual moref
above s.atcd quantity, is by order of the
„ .
grower to that effect,and thereby spread
ing its kind more widely. Dibbling or
Drilling,in this case, recommended.
" Lomlon, Sept. Hi. 1818. Address
Messrs. Rowland anil Son, Mo. 1.
Compton street, John street, Clerkon
\vc II, London.
The above extra-1 is taken, with
the view to inform where samples o)
the wheat may be obtained ; to the
r. d that some spirited individual, or
of our agricultural
ure, from E <glatid or .Spain
may pro«
tliis «Hedged valuable grain,
dlowanees may he made for Seeds
Puffs,* but the account of it
worthy of attention; anil t!o
facts, so puMiely stated, too easily
det, eted, to be false. . It is most pro
balily a winter grain. S«-«d from En
gland, would he most eert in ; as,, in
Arragon, varieties may exist.
December 10th, 1818.
*ln tin; Journal of O. t. 12, it. ap
if the wheat
pears, that the grower
bad so many applications at home,
that he distributed it himself, and did
Seedsmen, to be
not send it to the
sold on commission,
lessen the estimation in which it ap
This dees not
On th«
to have been held.
contrary, the neighbors
-row i r
wi re the best acquainted witli tin
fa is, os to tiie properties of the
wheat. The demand for it sit the
English autumn seed time, shows it
to be a winter . -ruin.
Balt, ..; .u, «îrcrrnbrr 2t.
dure of tins state have
The legt
not yet tiansiieled any business of
iuumrtenee except the. election ■•!
executive, anil it is highly gratifying
to know, that while the choke
ami council has been soju
dieioog as to hi* highly approved of
by he federalists throughout the stale
it has been made with a degree of
Diir-.n iliity which retie ts honor on
federal members composing the
majority of t.
—Take a
aliliiu »limit
Cere for the « ;i.r.s.
Inn ; - of strong Britts!
length, whit-li smooth
two ii."In's in
down with a knife to the thh km-ss
of an inch—apply
of three quart« rs
this morning and evening, first welting
Sn live to seven days
it in void water
will ue complete.
Tue eure
«Singular Occurrence.
It is stated m the Boston papers,
(li.it the coal in Ihe hold of the bri
Edwin, lately arrived ot that port
from Halifax, was discovered, as she
was entering the harbor, to have
caught fire under the rnfiin lire place;
,i tin« the fire reached and discharged
»Mtinderbuss whioh w»s loaded with
that one of the ball*
finir balls ,
muled r man in the eheek; and t«at
all the bails passed through die cabin
The wound was not dan
E<-r«.u*,' and the fire in »he hold was
! ajiishrd without material dam
ex' -
We are requested to state, that tin
SW SH at Oeracaek, which has for
se;-.- time past been eon*i<'erahly ol*
,(,,, r ied by the shifting of the sand,
in opened, vrhi'-h enables v< »
wing from T to 8 feet water;
high tides, into
s* at common
Hole with convenience.
Eilenton ft a*, ist October.
' The Bill to establish a Bank at
Darien, (Georgia'/whirli has excited
dis iission in the Lcgisl.ii ure ol
* li cit si >ije, finally passed the House
ot Representatives on the first inst.
On Friday the Mil inst. about 701)
men vj the neig hhoring townships,fu-
uied a hunting parly Tue signal for 1 ;
proceeding, wan given on French i
town Mountain, which was answered;
!>y all the horns of the hunters, com
.\prising a circuit of forty miles, in the
-space ol 1Ö minutes. I he hunters
j^ cn ^ ÿ 0 g resm i lowurds a centre in
if y.iox township ; shooting and driv
From the Settler.
Towamna. Dec. 12.
y a g the game before them, until lliecir
cle became too small to use guns with
feltj; the an muls were then attacked
^Uibauonds fixed on poles, clubs,
intchfovlis. iv.c. wnli aacti success iJiul
3U(J Jjm .
gnat mirth.
Dears. 9 D oives
and li Foxes were killed. It was
eululuteil that 800 Deer, 10 Dears &
20 Wolves escaped, together with a
great n'uwbsr of smaller an mais. The
expedition was attended with many
eirsmnshmccs highly inter «t.n;; to
huniers, and closed as uuiul with
From the H estern Mind nr.
Lexington. Ke . Oec. S.
OUR ll.A.YXS--uncc in we »
The evils we hare untici-s led from
ihr bank project of our last -'gstatan he
■ re !• I pidt'i'ex'ending, and cons mill!:
developing. No lesx than en iiidepi ti
tent banks, viz. the Chri nun Dank,
and Mechanic ; s Danko/
an. i.iuik of (i. tcui'ide. Dank oj
■f r. ii it/imm. Southern il. ink of Ken
lack.. Dank of Columbi . Dimk of
Lebanon. Danko!' Green Hirer, and
F aniur's and Medium- Dank f
tlaiwodsbiwgii, have, by t - ir d- legn 's
assembled in o.»n.cnliôn t Glasgow.
•• Resolved miaaanousl / to suspend in
the paument of specie, 'sites on inc
Hank o/ r the V.-Sand it hniuches, &
noies on the 'tank of Key why and its
branches, until olherwi c ordered by
said institutions or Ur decision of
the legislature."
From the '1 birrs tvti.
M e find the New York
,..«prrs sidi
ainsi the I ■
-ontiau- their censures a.
States Bank for the loans made to the
and wo mil!) thi >k
south Did W«'St,
-•itbout reason, as th" fo towing farts
It i- then a fact.
will plainly state. .
mât tile whole u-onunt siilis« i-ihei) to
Hie Batik UuiltT Suites north and rosi
of Philadelphia, did not exceed live
■udlions of Uollurs ; that, tlie snhscri
in rs suosi que-. tly sold o-it 3 million*
-so that tin- rich slate of N. York.
and all tin* lY-w
K;t_l.,r,tl stat. s, imtv own but ahoui
2 t.'iill «ms <>' stock in said hank. It is
wnn :\ow J; rs« y,
a f.iel, th d (hi; iT Stop, 8. I', owns
mure stork than New Jersey, N w
York, end all the New England states
ami tl.st Baltimore owns nearly four
It i* a far I
li.nes as many sin.re*.
Hiot the tirnu<-iic8 east oft'hiladclpiiia
have been a dead weight on the »no
liier hank, and that tlie institution
would have giiined more than half a
Million ol dollars if she had never
established a bram h in New York
and east of it, for I lie whole gross
discounts, will not
ma le good to the institution rho loss
in spri te, sent there, and which ex
oeeti , 7 millions-—It is a fact, that the
southern and western branches have
not received one dollar in specie from
ilie mother honk, lint have sent to
the bank cl Hbihtdrlphio three mil
iums of dollars. It is ;» fuel that (.he
Miuhcni and west« ru branches have
p .id nearly all their expenses oat of
ml th.-,(
lllllll.-lt of th.
profits made on exchanges
nearly the whole gross
discounts has been divided as profits;
if ihe same eould he said oi'the New
York and the eastern branches, the
situation of the institution would he
far different from what it now is—lul
lin' small «iivkiend made in July, ami
still smaMer which probably will he
made in J inuary, are entirely to he
attributed t«> the losses sustained by
the bank, in furnishing N«-w York &
Boston with specie. Now who have
a riqiit to eompl in, the souillera
stockholders, or the New York mer
ip fin
i- hunts.
Philadelphia, Deo. 22, 1818
We learn from
is understood the Cabinet have
„meto a Determination that a coo
i, ruble reduction sty all he made .in
staff td - the army ofthe U. State«.
General Jackson is dally expected et
t he seat of government,
of ill health, ami vonsnierations of
business, it is his
Washington, that
On account
Mention to retire.
The French Mi ister gave a uostl«
and superb cfilertaminent at Wash
last week, in vominemoration
of (he e.vaeuatioo uf France <>> the
Must of the officers of'
iiieil troops,
piv- rnineot. foret,-« ministers
ib'spe- table strangers
«he guest*.
were amou^
From an English Provincial Paper!
KIN 1 1.— We ore enuMe".
ex. lusively, to give a few particular
as to the present situation of our ve
neruhle Sovereign. which may not lie
uninteresting to our readers—-end p .i
tiouMrly so when such a stutiied si
len- e prevails on the su-joet. Hu
M.jes'y is perfectly Mini! : and on.u
pies » long suite of rooms, through
1 ; " hieb he. is almost ••unt.iaualiy s( roll—
i -g. Several pious fortes, and h.ipsi
uorils, are placed at certain intervals,
and Hie Monarch frequently slops hi
them, rims over u few notes ol 11 »•
del's Oratorios, and proceeds on his
walk. . lie dines > hieily on - old meats
and frequenty eats standing. He h-.s
a silk plaid Dress, and will sometime
stop anti address hi sell to a no il
duke or lord, thus holding n colloquy,
und furnishing their answers. The
king suffers «is beard to grow two m
three days, seldom, however, ex«et '■
itig three days. His hair is perfect!«
white. The Doctors Willis attende ;
with the other physicians, hut no;
with the privacy of the king,
quite cheerful in Uiseondu t and cm
vers.ilion, eats very heartily, and en
joys good hutlily health.
nteresting anecdote of Curran.
It was at an early period ot Ins In
that an in-ident. on. urred. which
moulded liis fut in e fortunes, & which
he used to relate to his fiiends in
nearly the following words .•—*• 1 was
thru." said he, " a little ragged »|>
preinh e to every kmd of idJi -.ess and
mischief, alt day studying whatever
w s ec-entrii in thus«- older, ami hall
the night pro. Using it lor the «musc
meat of those younger
Heaven only knows where it »ou. '
hi'e ended! But, as my poor mother
said, I was born to be a great man—
;>•»• morning i «vas pi -y ing at marble,
in the «ill ge hall »U«-«,
heori # nd a ligot po-ket.
and the jtst,
gaily round ; those who won laughed.
and those
smUleuly there appeared atm ng us .«
stranger of a very vrnertihle and
very cheerful asped j his intrusion
was not the least restraint upon out
merry little assemblage ; on the eon
tr.r ty, he seemed pleased, and ev*'
delighted—he w.,s a Inmevolent crea
ture, ii« I the days of infancy, (after
all. the happiest we shall ever see)!
pnrhs\()4« roiie upoo Ins imMtsory.
tiless him 1 1 see .bis fine form at the
distance of liatf a century, just as he
stood before me in the little hall aile}
in th<' (b«ys t.r my childhood ! His
name was Boyae ; lie was rector of
\ew Market ; to md he took a par
ti-uliU' fan.-y ; I vvas winning, and »•* -
full of waggery, thinking every thing
that was eeoenlri", and iiv no means
a miser of my eccentricities > every
one was welcome to share them, and i
li.-tl plenty to spare after havitn,
freiglitod tîie company. Some sweet
meals easily Itrihed me home with
with a light
The gibe,
and the plunder w<nt
who lost oheuted ; when
• * I learned from 'poor Boyse my
alphabet and my grautmer, and tin
rudiments of the eiossics : he taught
me ail he could, and tivneosent me to
the school at. Middletown—in short
he made a man of me. 1 recollect it
•mis about 85 ye..rs afterwards, when
i hud risen to emimun c at the Bar.
had a s-at. in Parliament and » good
house in Ely place, on my return one
«lay from Court, l found an old gen *
tenr-n seated alone in the drawing
room, his feet placed on eue» s 'de °f
marble chimney-piece, and -his win I«
air, bespeaking one qu o
He turned round—it was my frient,
of the ball Alley ! 1 rushed iustin.
lively into his arms. I eould not help
bursting into tears.— Words unnum
Describe the scene which followei».
at horn,.
You are right, right you ure
the chimney piece is yours—the pic
tures are yours ; the tiouse is yours •
you gave me all I have—my friend,
my lather! He dined with me; and
in the evening 1 untight the tear glist
enittgin his fine blue eye, when he saw
his poor little .lackey, the creature ol
his bounty, rising in the House ol
Commons Jo reply to a Right Honor
able. Poor Boys«'! he is now gone ;
and no suitor hail a larger deposit ot
practical benevolence in
above. This is his wine.—let us drink
his memory." Such is » very taint
and very humble imitation of the
manner in which Mr. Gurren used to
relate this most interesting era in hi*
history ; and lie never required to it
without weeping.
the court.
R.deigh, Dee. 18.
A letter from a respectable geotle
in Greene, to W ui- Pope, esq. a
member of the legislature Jrom that
i ounty, gives us the melancholy intel
that Hookerton Aoademy
eonsuined hy fire no the night of
dm 30th Oct. The library and other
property of the Pithian S<-ci »y wer*
lestfbyed with the building. So ropid
the flume* liiut not an article
»oultl he snved ; the whole building I
icing in a Maze wittnu jü mti.uus
. oni the first appea urn-e ol the (ire,
■ (lieh, it is supposed, originated in
■ e upper story.
Saturday , Dec. 26 , 1818 .
/' is staled, I lull the collection at the
church in .Allen street, New Fork, on
Sunday last, for the benefit of .ill
Methodist Charity School, amounted
to upwards of five hundred dollars.
The committee of investigation ol
the Bank of the U. States, having
travelled through a mass of hooks t>
papers, are concluding their inqn*
ries by the personal examination of
the officers and directors ofthat inst«
It appears that a circular will be
issued from the Oeriera! Host Office,
•ireeling all the Post Offiees to re.
reive no notes which are not payable
n specie.
a fT a irs with Spain, the let
ter observes—•* The négociations W ith
New York. Di-e. 18.
The Yew ISviiish Treaty —A letter
from W shington is published in tin
Boston Centinel, which adds o litt!«
io our former information on this
In speaking of the Treaty,
t|»e letter says—" Government has
received official accounts of its signa
ttire, autl the outlines of it. Both
parties being disposed to make a just
arrangement, the Treaty was nego -i
,.ted in a few days. Jay's treaty «s
the h»sis. The subject of imprison
ment has been satisfactorily arrang
Spain for the sale of the Floridas is
ill up n the wind. She will not sell
nor alienate, and she thinks that with
the knowledge the U. States lias of
Der statnlm. whii the " Holy Alli
-ire" they will not take' them by
force, merely because they want
In relation to the execution of Am
bricster » tl Arhuthnnt, the same It t
ut thus reuturks—•• The indignation
against Jitt-kson's tyranical and Moud
thirsty conduct continues daily to in
crease; ami nerves of both parties
appeardelermiued to cheek the march
of military despotism, which Ims long
been permitted to move forward in
defiance of law, or even (he Constitu
tion. No services, however great,
ought to screen a tyrant from punish
Mr. Gallatin. -The Democratic
Press state«, that Mr. Gallatm !>a
itten from Paris to a friend in the
Western pa»'t of Pennsylvania, decla
ring his positive determination to re
turn t o the
spring, and stating that lie contera
plates retiring to his former residence
near New Geneva, in Fayette county,
Peersy Ivaaia.
n r
United States in the

What might hare been expected.-. A.
letter from Washington says; "Don't
be surprised if Mr Jones, the Presi
* r.i„> TT <s Pank >1,0,lid
pent of thi U. ... >• • *?.'
and Mr. Cheves should «« put mbs
niace."— hventng 1 out.
On -Saturday last, a Corener's in
quest was heb! on til* dead body of a
black woman, found near tl|e slauter
house, a few rods south or the lower
ferry_Verdict, wilful murder. The
person charged in the inquisition as
having perpetrated this horrid . rime,
we understand has not lief» apprehen
ded.— Albany Unity Adv
The Housr or Representative of
South Carolina have agi-eed to llo
Report o ; * their Comniitlee on Inter
nal Improvement, ro raise » perm
net fuml of One Million o'* Dollar
•I to appropriate *ô(l,ül)0 doiiai
anuuaiy for that purpose.
I • From the Fen Fori Merttuitik Advertiser.
From the h est hunts.
Capt. Haiti ten, from St, Ni »• « ,-<l
St. Martins, inibrms ns. that • |im«<
t- cr under Artiges' (lag, had m a
s - zed und comleuiiicd ut the latter
place. Three »( Brion's squad- u
were cruizing off the purl the I t-*-r
part of November, under, the com
maud of com. Jollii, who hud cap,ur
eu severe! slave vessels. He fired
several shut at Capt. llauifeu's vessel
while lying to.
At. a meeting at Ul «sgow, Ky. of
Representatives of ten of the Inde«
pendent Bunks of Kentucky, as they
are called—that Is, the Banks ehar
ti red Soin number, diuing the last
winter—it was unanimously resolved,
to recommend to their respective in
i■ tu ions, to suspend the payment of
specie, notes oil the bank ol the Fnit
etl States and its bram-hes, notes na
the hunk or Kentucky «cits bran,-ties,
until otherwise ordered by said insti
tuais, or the decision of the Legisla
This is stopping payment by
jVat. Lit.
■jJ* To-morrow being Christmas,
will account lor the early appearance
of the (ïaZ'-t'e,
Thomas PoweLL
No. 88, Market street, intending to
change his busines, offers for sah- his
stock of goods cheap consisting of cloths
casimers and ready mode clothes ot vari
ous descriptions which he will sell St
reduced prices, for CASH only.
THOSE persons already indebted will
please to make immediate payment,
J\ew Cusife
A four horse Post Coach wifi leave the
Union Line Hot I, every morning, at
half past eight o'clock, lor Philadelphia,
and vlr. Peacock's sign of the Swan,
North Third street, every morning at
nine o'clock, for n'llmington and New
Castie ; will alto run in conjunction
with the Lover Stage.
J. £f. Th. Janvier.
Dec. 22, 18 18 - I <>
N 14 The Staue will stop at Mr. Jo
seph Gilpin's Inn Wilmington, going
up, every morning, where passengers
can take Sta s. •»
FOH "iVLtf.
I*o be sold at Public Vendue, on Thurs
day the Till of January, 1819. a: he
house of Cumford Lockwood, inkc- per,
in Smyrna, 28S acres of Land. 222 of
which is woodland, with White Oak,
Black Oak, and Spanish Oak ; the re
mainder is clear, with two dwelling !„ u*
ses. This land is situated in Appoquini*
mins Hundred. Newcastle Com.««, slate
of Delaware; within 3 miles of Smyrna,
and the same distance to i he ir 1 *•■ re
landing on Duck Creek, which is 5 milts
below the head of the creek, aim ta.-r
ot all the Shoals ; from the Brick store
to Philadelphia is a safe and excellent
navigation. The situation of this land
makes ii very valuable to any person ivho
wishes io purchase Wood-Land, to cut
down, for Timber of all kinds ; a gr« -it
quantity of Spanish Oak bark can b»
got off the Timber. The terms will be
as follows, viz :
Two thirds of the purchase money to
be paid on executing the Deed, the re
mainder may lay over 13 months at ths
option of the purchaser, with interest
and Security. Any person wishing to
view the Land, will please to rail -on
JOHN DENNING, Merchant Smyrna.
An indisputable till* will be made
to the purchaser.—Sale to commence
at 10 o'clock, A. M.
Smyrna, Dec. 19, 1818.—5t.
Turnpike , \ ol ice.
THE Stockholders in the Wilmington
and Great Valiev Turnpike Company,
'are informed that the Company's amnial
.. , , . T ,
tneettng will be held at the house of John
Normt, on Monday the l lth-ol January
1819, «t two o'clock P. M. forthepur
pose of electing a President and seven
^j ana p erst0 transact the business ofsaid
Company the ensuing year.
J. B. Vandever,
December 19
Charles Borie,
Confectioner, Distiller and
Wholesale and Retail, Wilmington,
Kctarns bis sinceie «hanks
of rT.imington and vicinity, for their pa-• fiv-r«,
-,ud heg, leave to intorm them that he ha rea
.ly a large assorlmeni of goods in his ho- f<W
Dhristmas ami Nev Yc.is- Also a gee* ,ai a.
- -rment nf Children's Toy«, ait at «he ■■.»■e*«
. ices- He keeps all kinds . f Preserves. C .kes,
uiisls tmiH-r'ed tru ; «--,aH '.f supe u-r qn.l-; .
Order* from the l . untry ibankfWlj n o i j
3,. ni ,punctua!'y attepücd t*.
Uoe. 19—3»
.lie inh hi<anu

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