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Delaware gazette and peninsula advertiser. [volume] (Wilmington, Del.) 1814-1820, December 30, 1818, Image 1

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PRINTED AND PI B* i H> U BY V ?• I i *S \. ML.LEU. No. y. fllfill STREET, BETWEEN VI \RKKT AM» A |\(i »TREE la.
WILMi\t. UN.
vol. y.
'ï't HM'înSSî n Y, UW'KW îiKH 30. eus.
Nf>. f -3.
Conditions of this Paper.
ADVERTISEMENTS willbe inserted
The following genllemeii
authorised to receive suh
scriptioits and money for the
X) g law a re Gazette :
A'nt'-Ctislle—George Pierce, I'inq.
llorcr—JIr. John Munlove.
Smyrna —,Wr. Ilcnjumin Cnntr.'ic.
George /'ntt-n, Del.—JUv. Janif* «in
Elkloii..Utt. — Tobins Undiily.h. ft.«oL>
tlthlT iipmiintments will spoodi V
fliy AntUority.J
AN AG i "
M.ikinjjii n niai .ppr girt it : it for llit*
Illli'tai'V «crvSiT of till- C. "St.»I^•"■tked
for the year one tlmmo-mi . i K -,t i
lino'll'll ami nim teen, nml to m.
j,no.n ei .1 _
goat! » dehe-t to the u t p.. >• ti n;
? .» i i;,,,, win nus ifitii. i
fm ililldm 0 treaties WSt.itli
? S '-| < I Mm *,„„1, mol
hell eiiucted hi U .-n,ah one
lion if oj /{einrsnihllr-es o/ me It- •
e,l States ■'!' Amtnca •« u. Il*rrw« a*'
'"I ■* ■
Cruiturll'* Bridge- —*Wr. David •! ii
ton, ■mu.
Milford —eiJr. Prier Rntiinnon.
Lews Town — Mr, George Ilowerr.
fj'tnrcl —Mr. Sipiti-eim U'diins.
JliddleUnni—Jlr. Philip Reading.
r f?.**
*Uey are hereby* .tp > opr .U A l
obj.M'H herein di. •» i!U*. . to e it :
F ,!• Vidis: ftemm of I lip r uv of Mm
V. two Iiu.itlred tlmusuti i dol
1. P .
hoiiïiii^ Irealies wilit unEmn
b ng ii delieit i-i lii- uiqinipri
S ir the ob'ent in the y rar m e
tîio ti.li l ight humlti'tl and eiglilefti,
fil thousand dollars.
8 . a. Ami belt further mailed,'
Tho i fie «r» .it Mima he puni n.M ot
am money in toe Treu *ur ,m»i other
wise approprialed#
» or
ti'it es
air n
H. Cl, .
im- iinuso < • Gy»'
Sy dli€l'
Prpsid.pnt ol Ihn Setii.iept
JDt'.icinlier 16, ini.i —V
JA.'H IiS .»!.»< <ii»E
trill: -'I'e,
Concerning the vVesieraDi si rip; C • rt
of Fen s'lviitti,..
LV il rn irleJbif the Sen-. le G? is oust
of representatives oj the i. nil'll stales
ôj America in Congress i.s .laiitai,
f i'„ it r.o suit, iielton. plea, process, oi
proeeetliilg*al low or in •• [oily, wni )•
tue iwenuelii day o April lust,
ilep, oiling and ii'i'ielerinincd m
tli.- tii-tt'i t or eifeuil eutit'i of the l .
S< tes. Ibr the district nl Eetiiisylvuiiiii
ami uy law thr. tied to b iemo en n
th-.- m riet court vf tit** * ■ 8m es fe
the western iiistrietof Feuttsylviini...
slthil be -is o. tit.tied ur iflitited o
aero 1 of tin s id court tint It ,vin
been op, tied and holden on the lif-t
Mamliiy ot' .tun- as , a,irrai-ly o ib
id Congress passed u.-i (lie tweuii
eih day oi April last ; but timt -II
Such suits, law.aii'l in e.juiiy. shall t-r
deemed, taken, and, t , all intents aim
pu, puses, he lie'll to he depending in
the said ili-tri t eouri or tin* westefi
llistiiel ot IVni'isjlVan », as fully and
effn Uta'ti. as if tin Baid <-nn<t had
been op- m d und hohlen tin the sait)
tir.'t .»i 0 u<i«y of June last.
See. ~. And be it further enae cd,
1 liai tin- said court be, and is herel>y
authot'i/e i fv empowered, from tiun
lo time, It) ilia lie ali such rules nit.
(otlebllig suei, suits, netlm-s.
n <
pit. s; }i,tMess,und proceediiijr», at I w
»■•.t in equity, as tuny miglit or could
have done ; if said too it had lieen
on- neu nsiil liolden ou the said lir»:.
of J'irn*.
Srtt.'s, And be it further enacted.
'.Emit dll suits, actions, pleas, process,
proceeding., aluresaid, which
i.-> tieieaLer uTliiiftl and t.raiis
fem-l from the distn t or ftr.u.i
court of the V. btaios for the uisiriei
f SViMi'jlv III«, (<i I i.r dur, l'IH imrt
tifllie U. 8 .Ile» toi - Ute wesilTn il:»
' i • ot P*' i .Sy IV.l'M , Mi»
Hïl'l pill'pIlM'S, ht 1 i
irtU'tl )'!■ . 'r ji i ; I e s:«!'* . llUrt,
> h"- s i . first .Vliimltiv nf.lune last,
■ni llu* sollte
(■» ail I
*. fiitfsi! an«
•iitn^s iimy
d I. 'Trill, ss li ihr s mir li.iO lli-ci.
' thal dsy entered i tile s -id eon i
i ' erabiy to the . . t ni Con .ress a
M. •' - .AY.
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
,1 I1A..1, nil)
t'r S
'.t «I t
fieemln. 6
en , il. t on
Sid — Appi'i.Vi ii.
S Vf I" ({
'A -
That handsome and hiplny improve.
Karin, MOitVl.N, late the property < i
lapoiin , IL'Vid Ross, deceased, s.lUa'ei'
m lue c. um y o,' New Castle, state of
Delaware, »i hm the dis aoce ot tvv.
miles U'oin tlic lat r town. I'ne ii.de
Iroui \V ilinir.pton an I three of Christi
ana ,'rid.e— 1 i, n ail ing ab- ut I so acre*
t i mil. chieilv araole, and ill a hijth
stale of col'ivanon Some matsli idea
in lord glass, vti'li ihe . ecessary
d. ms the vm.idland is th-iviOe, young
hickory and oak, and ail we I, enclosed
wilt! thorn I .ices. The buildings o.
me place are a good .n'icK (Iwellim.
m use, a lies Brick Barn wiili stui.liiio.
, il v. i,sim jU ' e-ad ol catt'e , a ran.>ry
and c,ino.ge n u e, poultry house, wi.l
ft.«oL> e.is mm f.., ihe poiiltry. a slu. ( .
V hou,.- cmiverueot ai d Weil fil.ed, a Mol..
suioRc Imust a d spnn< wnlt a
'netfi alii ^ sppn£ ot uxcullciu water.
aiid a tit at vvuii bui-i Ice h-use, th«*.t wib
lonum -i ' wagaa, loans. I Ueie IS .10 tin
i»la«t«s 'tine you g oreba-d of the best
Rruli'-d Iruit a vei) handsome and "ÇÜ|
"St.»I^•"■tked ga dco, two good i tulips, all thei
i s "' rk "" *' ni - cons.snog ol borsisp
kei"""'' c '" ,s ' ' l I""',,
i,oui,g steers a hoe bull 4 years old.
n; , . . 7 . 8 vi-rnm* •
i KW 1 ou ï s '*" c b' 1 3 m nnoh,
bogi. poolt.y ol dlticrent kinds, ami
la T'"'' ; u,c " Mh «r t-vci y descript „.
li „ ,, lSU «a ilia, no person mein.
• ed to pure.use so valual'I. an estate, will
*>sn m . i. age artait fust Viewing
P 1 'tosvs, » n 1 VO, b. k »n by -'.
piica'.inn at the pb.ee ; or. it -mv into:
ma'.io snoutd be re-Miired in Philadcl
t>"' >• K n I given by ndlmg on Jolm
'-vntny. Esq No. 72. S I hud street.
î irci (>. 5» ttss, ;i(iiiE\.
with will iuincxcd, on 'he prem ses.
v.ug. 26-—tf
Phi * eijsiiitt Iß Unit, more
■ I L\
ijrilAl'GJ? I» //, b i.Vo TON K lK TGÎ1
Ntw anan^vMiiciit, cinYibiiting x/cditiow
ami c«>uv .Miience.
Cujm. CüinpIxiU«
V, « ;ir U aiiiiigton,
sUt'UUlOl«, Capt M iner,
CO.\.\'ECThl)i m EXCELLED l
I )
iS .i
1 leliAI-i.r.
N i À ' V j lû i>
■ v. t Bu-'i.
O a good HI npi-e y.iad.
hrvt yvharf ahovt
Ou« l>oai .vili L a Vi
VI viKct tilrett, 1 ini ad Iph a, every dav ut IV
ill i»e Kir warded with
c'sK i». Tl»e >)%hSt. tigers
t i possible dispatch i»y way of Wilming'.on
.t tl ivlkton, and ari've in Haliiir.ore, cur!)
•e.vt morning in time for ihe Soutnem or West
t\ io : i»er Boat w ll leave Bowlev's wharf,
' t*-. emng at 5 o'clock. The
to • arded without delay,
vlphu, early ni'xt morm. g
•$'litlino*t , ;
[AiiSi'i'.gcrs '
.nd airjv. e> Phi!
t -Eie f r the New York Steam Roats
.'.Il bv
T'ierv u»e two Kost Chai es u» iuug daily
. u h v ,«) , a id oihcrw a«e preparing. Those
rsonbars- > mered on ihe Books ot he Steam
ioat, will i»e en tided to a picture net- in 'he
*' »st Chauea. For passage, apply to the cap
on board, or to
John Bowman,
No. a, North Wharves, I'h ladtlphia.
the charge and at
Baggag** wnt also be
boaid oi the New York
iieam Boats alongside, free of expence.
Aug. 1 » —tf
N. n. All basg-ri 1 ' t
,-. ns of the owners
And possession given on the 25th day of
March next,
Tliat large, commodious, and well known
rsv :
and YARD, with a comfortable dwelling
House, on a Ihren acre lot, in Hie village
of Middletown, tmw occupied by Mr. D
W itherspuon. Ehe buildings are genu
rally built of Brick, ami mere
convenience that is necessary to sut
an establishment. D Witherspoon win
dispose of on advantageous terms, Ins
whole stock of
uv» v
which is uncittgoinjç its different pro
cesses; Alsu a quantity of first rah Span
hi) OAK BARK. Perhaps there is not
a similar situation in the state that offers
the same advantages to the enterprising.
E'or terms, apply to
Philij» Ufiitlin r,
Near Middletown, Del.
Jan. 10—tf
V*» ill he Sold
Jt Public Y nduc.
At th. ■ . I Joseph Gilpin, Wash
ington Inn. uii Saturday January 2d. 18 in.
iliui Hvo str-rv house and Lot in Hi:.,
st' i-t. at present occupied by Th" hs
M'ZJ ovr 1. esq am! possession Riven on
the Ï5lli .Mardi next, t erms at bait.
Johu AnCiuiür
31 — WtB.
Cec. 7, 1818.
VYaUh tea,-ten.
•1 the af r er«iOou
g lc ci.c Watch, marked C. 1J No. 3795
. tht rs, are requested to no
.vale or other
1er» troirt the hoti e of the sir. ser.u?:
t thi 21 t inst uit, .t Fr* - t u
a elm.at
. u . .
j ref j, s t - w c BS l , county state
in(? , he | I; , p . cotv.ainmg .1
j, b, u ndt I in pm by the oiatn post
,. oa| , !o p) uV , e , j. Drawyer's ( reek, on
4 „ n exceliuu I;.in* for sr.v.il
«-alt, and bout 3<t acres of marsh that
. ,, ,.1 n ,
m M ^ ; ,x > " '
j he improvemcius ar« ail »-.-w «ml cr.< t -
J(s , nf a ' )t00tl , ra , e ti . t -|,h. K and ki
adjoining with a well ofwatei at the
a > nr;> t * ib ,v,ll hold ..ne timusa ■
ln , pml | U y house and shell nine
(tt . l p m ., , >y twcmy f or feet wide it.
affords ample shelter lor S'OCS ol eve '
J.e■ •nption---at>,»u' one fourth ot '.his tra.
is wood.and—the soil is excellent for a •
ki -ds of grain, and pl.isler lias for scier,
years past lieen used with great effect m
it. It w uld suit w, :! for a grazing lur ,
or dairy, yvater communication to the
Philadelphia market being so convenient
It is wiili.n a n ils and a eptal
well's Diidge oneol the best rain mark,
eta m the state Also, a tract of
. ce if s,o*l wioe'i
'1 i.tee dollars r- want
. be given for it.
intnriiMhion concerning said evatch wai h,
•hnnktuay received. ' y
■■ ist*
Joli» M Cartoii.
let. 2t—It
At X« 24 Iligh-Htreet.
Nest the liny Scales,
FlXl - ll I) /. .1. UEll,
Of all descriptions. Spanish bides, sole
.eatlier, oil. Tanners' and Gtnrier-'
tools. 8cc. Also, 200 dise 11 first .jyiaiity
sheep skins.
JtltllfS fî '•tjlli!)!).
Sept. 13 Sbi.
I in St. G-or c s Hit'
•f Del
r of Cain*
-m.ii'IjK n .i.ijr
Containing 21 acres, about two milesi
Hit above Harm, ami within bait
tie of a Imilmg—it t- v. rv thickly cuv
i i.d w ith yoi t.g maj4e such as is uset!
making liowtlvr. Em 1 further partie
Mars enqu re ol the subscriber near
' aiitweil's Bridge.
J lî. ^IMä.
Bank ot Ilelltwarfi.
November J, 181*.
The President ït t>irect'i s liave this
, , , , i , ,
dav declared adtvtn nd ol ten dollars per!..
shave on die capital stock, payable to the
Stockholder»-or their legal représenta-.
tive*< anv time a'terthe loth inst.
• a , £l .
J- d? •, i«f1 \V oiTi'i! ( 1 1 * p
i un.nu »vuiïiii 1 4.<u r.
Nov. A— I«y»4t. !

the inhabitants !
it vicn it), fortheir pain lav rs. '
. ins hue, to,
t* the*!n»c*
'ot. 24, ISIS —tf.
FOü »SAL. ».
; 7 ir time of a hrnlllty active nrern
Girl, who k m lurlv ■ year* to tens,
uppiil to the
»/if i:t îf./i o fiixltvn
Goiifi'Cli(im»r, It-i^fill*?«* and
• Wholesale an . R. 'ail, Wilmington,
Returns his smceie 'hanks
of ir •
a,id tiegq Irave to imorm them ,'iat he hds rea
ay ,,'large assor'nn n of goods ,,
, hr ism as a,;d Nea V- ,rs. A'so
'•vruiKtit of Children': Toy., -allai .
j-rice 1 :. He ketp- alt kinds ■ f 1'resLrves. Cake-,
cordial imported frulis.a'.l of snperici quality,
'he Country thankfully receivedi
Ordeia fm
anil punctual > attended to
Dec. 19—3t.
Tampilce A otice.
THE Stockholders in the Wilmington
and Great Valiev , urnptke Company,
are informed that th« GompanyS atirmal
meeting wi.l be held ai the i.ouse of .lohn
Norritt, on ondav the I Ith of Januai)
1819, at two o'clock !'. '. for the pur
..use of electing a President and seven
Managers to transact the In siness ofsai
• iumpany the ensuing yeat.
J. 13. VaiHii'vcr,
Jecember 19
Military Jîminty l.and.
General Land Office,
!60i Nov 1818.
The Lands in the Missouri Territory
(north ot the- river Missouri) appropriât
cd lor militait bounties have been sur
■ e ed, ai d tlic distribulion ot them by
l. t noil commence on the first Monday
in Januai y next.
Soldins who liave received from the
Hi partirent of War. notihc.iiions th n
heir Warrants are lodged in tins « the
'llov sen.I then notifications m me. wi n
orders for location, written bus:
" To be l"cuicd in Missoui ; north, and
the patent sent to the Post Office at
A. B."
t -


" Witness,
The Lottery for Military Bounty lands
on the river St. Francis and Arkansas
wiil not be ready lor several months—
Soldiers who wish to have lands there
may retain their notifications til fuitliet
C. D."
nonce is given
Commissioner General Land Oilier.
Printers w ho puh-.sli the Laws of lit
United States, will publish tile above ooct
i Wi;e*U till J.»m:ury * ar.d thttu stub
' hi ir accounts to the Lnnd OÜict ku
pay ment.
Nov 21 — luwtj
The Assessors of New Castle Cour.it
are reques'ed to meet at the Red l.m.
I avern. on the first Tm sdny of Deem
:.e'ti-xt. at 10 o'clock, A. M in ordert,
cpialize the valuation of personal pm.
t erty. in their respective hundreds.
' ov 25.
Agricultural Society.
Notice is liertby given, to the Agri
roltural S cisty of the County of New
Castle, that agreeable to an aa emittier
of the 12tla s c'.ion of the by laws, a
meeting ol the society will tve held at tin
■ utt House ia the town ol New Cas. It
Monday the Sotti inst at ten o cluck
\. M Also that ng i enable to the I 7 1 1,
section of the bt-laws th 1 Rowing ntctn
ter» have b. eo appoioied by the Socirii
a commit tee of Examiners fi r 'he cm
•rut year, te, wi': Samuel II Black Vic
, ! Du Font, Ji.fi.n Cn.w, Kinsey John»
juti and Andrew Gray.
Joint I'nnr.
Recording Secretary.
New Castle, Nov. 2, IS IS.—It
The Committee of Examiners of " the
Agricultural Society of "ti e (.'oimty of
" will meet at the house of
John Ciow, in the town of New Castle,
on Monuay Hie ïïdd instant, at 10 o'clock
A. M. in ordtr t<> examine any Lssuy
which may be submitted to them by any
member of the Society, upon the subject
of Agriculture, Horticulture, ur Hus
»amiry ; and in particular, any Essay
"'hicli may hv submitted to tliem on the
prize question, proposed at the last meet
mg ol toe Society, in relation to them
trinsic value «( \rabte lanid.
tsamuel U Mack,
Chairman of the Committee.
Nov. 7—lawSt
al^' ew k «wtle-.
Ml I IL Ii,
... . T ,
Was committed to the public Jail ol
per!.. ,, . , . . J ,
- tnl • l,ul1 » ' d 1 ' u s a e " A liw "' r '"
. * «««lay tl.e od day of th.- u.si byl
I l , h '; n '^ 1 r >T v '/'."I ? ne °f h * J ''"" ces
'-»I the IVfce m Sc lor tfu* suiri ( minty, a
i, , n i i»'t i
|bb: C U man whoralln Imnsult l barles. on
.. .. . . - , , .
! suspicion ni navnig abscm.tled from the
■ service of his inas'er — <e Mates .«hm - el
belong.to Wm. Malthas ini\\ ashtogton
Com,ty, Maryland: herefore
Xolice h hereby given,
' '•
that u: less the oyri.er or some othgrper
sonic all; authorized to Haim the »lore
! said hurles, dots come lor ward an-'
' prove hi'-i to be tiieii propetty, pay all
'chat ges and mke him ..way, that a' tne
i( ;xpiraiion of six wi eks from tins day. he
"'ll ' ,e discharged from hisconfinemetit
1 without fee or lew rd agreeable to an act
j ol the. General kssernbiy of this state
made 8c ptovid'd.
noch Joyce , *fjj'
Dover, Nov 4, '818.-8t
Treauu iÿ Office l> »v«r Oc< 12, 1818
The imdersigned will
the 4ii , and unt.l l »'clock, P M.on the
Novt iribcr nex% at Georgetown,
• »1 a' New CüS'
»he 18
tii 1 o'clock, P M. on the 19tb, and at Dow
,i the 27 li &, 2 -th ot ttie same month, foi u.
jUiposin^of rccuving the State Tax, and
iihvr dents due to the St »te of Delaware, which
h-sdutyt ree ve. The collectors and ot»
. r. art-tiiciet' re requested tube unctual in inci
« nuance ai.d pr mp: in their p
I oriieiias f, Con-ejfvs.
ÔiMe Treswvter
Ci«i. 47—Jm
t) i eïiis Hewanl.
LdO away from the substiiber •«□
Iliu-sday nimnii'u last an appr 1 ' cc
Hoy. named John V\ hitv Arlan s . be
tween tm and tlevtn years ot a i .u ht
e>mpkxi«n and sui»cly t li.nr ; ha< « n «
blue round about and |> inal ns, .i;< a
i ab colored t-ivat coat,.« hail won it
* «a* - at.<• took wiib bint I blue roundabout
■did pantalet's 8co \ )1 per>ons art
»d to hurbui said boy as 1 will p v no
ivnrjres. Whotm tiling bun homo
shall be emrb cl lotbe above reward.
lie 1 r\ J. ejij.er,
Go d and Silver Smith, N» 6U M ..« tareeÇ,
VV ililintg'un, Llel.
December 5—St
f i<\ hourers Wanted
The subscribei vvLIie, m lure a few
i.abouiers the ensuing year, tor lusfaim
ill Sassaf. as Neck ; or vvould porch <c
iwoorthret u (jr men or inns of eood
character, for a ttrm of years.
X'i (xkI I Iitijipi-rH
are also wanted, and m y nave cmistaxt
i.ployment. . Apply to >lr. Geoi h t VV,
Moore, at Christiana Mills.
O Horsey.
N'ov. 25 6t
a u ni: sold
A lot of Gr und; containing half art
ac-e, si unted in the village of Biamly
wine. nti the Concord road mar the toll
ga'e with a large m wlv erected two story
stone ilwel it r house and a wood built
eo mein erected the eon. The house
t- well calculated fi.ra
men' being in
quire ol
' aving es'ubiish.
tie ytemitv of este, -ive
For farther pa ttcular*
Mnrmjni Jones.
Wi! ntV.'ton. Del. Nt 28 5t
Fts. « Uiiidiuii^ t)C.
; Hu
be Subscriber, liavmjç been i'
the Rntenh^use Srhuol lor 5 v tai s i ~*t
j. , think« it ex »r ia i
lO » 4
al the ch^iL* «»f the nrea-. M
a uistnn*; tu empl ir an En ish
l '.jcheis w i» i pleure to cull on flu* Her.
John Crawford, Esq.
uaoiiiS NaiiUitin, Esq ^Jcssrs. /M«. x*
»«nier l raw tord und Peter B Delaiijr«
v i i u -Si ce s ut said School) or Abraham
laut?« E«q. and for terras, to ihe S»»b
t iiber. at »he Kiticnhouse School, near
«UUdletown, Delaware.
• imb.
Janus II, Caider.
Not 31—tt
Upwards ok ihirty Head oi Fat G.tme are ot*
> l i.i r, living near New*
ai*, New GabLe Counq Delaware.
F. Ü. Iloltzlipcker.
.c d for sile . u.
Oct. 17—At. •
Le ward.
1 will , ivc the above reward fpr ajr-
pieheoding and securing, so that i get
turn again, my n an AMOS, who.ran
away without the smallest piovocation,
this inurnin the 2'.)tb of November, pro-
vided he is taken out of the Nate ol Mai y-
laiid, filty dollars if aken in Ccenlcouu.
ty, and brought home, and one I ndretl
dollars it taken up in any other [tart of
Maryland. Amos is a'out 20 years u£
age, of a dmk brown coruplexioii.
I ige mouth with thick li
, look, alert and obliging in tiis
ol , , . , ,
vt; iy stunt in his person, rather inclined
toby lusty, he is by trat. e a coper sod
byl Mi . e|s ltl „ cll i„ s prot »s,o„. A*
jlu. as i ca- discover he took won him
a u -, ... ,
il»c loll« » w it 1 clot lies only i—
' % _ ritl - , , , .
coat cons|('tr»ibly worn, a dark stuped
L 0(ltiljll ckt ., Iw , of p ttnta | ( ,„„ s Tne
el ()f clJlU ' rr lwn(tl d , llu
j r(W|sc „ , (( . ckll)lrs , „ a
,h„i pair of Sum, y slmes. wnh a yv
woul "«>. ' v >'h yellow in ing. up t. « inch
is written
name- and the name . I mv tar
of a ^ n m
1*1)4 r,
» f at
Amos "f the Gmvt '
was born m mv t.miilv on 'lie Wentern
S ore ol Maryland, arm is a y
stranger to tin- pari of-he conu'rv \11
pe.sons are hereby v>atned und
sevetest penalties of the lu», m
limit oi en.pliiy in any way wli . ever,
be above tunaway.
'. .r*
William Lee.
Grove I'oint < oec.i ; Count-, M.l
Nov 29'h. 1818. tm
The Atimra wi I imt rt this duil^r
fur one month and transmit' his ac
count to tins oÜict for settlement.
Noiit't* is herebji jrivt*u,
I'ha: on the fourth day of rex
January 1819 an Election will bi held a*
:he tavern of Joseph Gilpin in ihe brum ,4
,t Wilmington, for to elect ten mat agtrs,
to transact the business of the Wilming
ton and Kennet Road for tlic euani-ig
year. Election ta commence at 10 ,, cloi.fe
on said day.
Joshua WoLUhUhi, jawiEim
Oct, 9.-t7J.

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