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Wednesday, Dec. 30 , 1818 .
To Subscribers.
The present number oj the Gazelle
concludes the second year of our la
in order to eject llie content -
plated alteration in the appearance oj
the. Gazette, no paper will issue from
this o fee until Tuesday next. Should
of importance in the mean
any th
time transpire, it will be laid before
our raiders in an extra.
Matty of our subscribers living a
3 distance from where (here is m
Agent appointed, have become eon
sitlerttbly indebted to this estaMish
The noting of this fact,
hope, will induce them to make early
remittances, either "in lull,'
or " oi.
The present proprietor ef
this establishment commenced hi
labours on the fu st of January 1817 :
a considérable, portion of its patrons
have never contributed one rent, thin
the Gazette has been regularly
transmitted to them, for two ybixs:
_to those persons we recommend a
perusal uf our (er in a, in (lie first, col
Jumn of the lirst page of the Gazett*-.
Tu those who have hern punctual ii
their payments »r offer our t!■ *<>I.-. :
am! hope for a contiuuuuee of their !
of importance iru»j
tjj° .Vothin
transacted in either house of Congres. ;
on .Mondän.
A respectable meeting of a number
of the citsens of New Castle county, lit Id
at the house of Mr- John Uerdmati, Newj^
Ark. on the 26lh inst. for the purpose of
I of
divising some means of obtaining relief
to ti e people cf this state, under tin
present distressed slate o! tjiings.
was unanimously Resolved, that a county
committee be appointed, to
ittg, to meet a' the Bed Lain tavein
Tuesday the 12th ol January next at 1
o'clock A. M. for the t urpo.c of a Idress
call a meet
sing the Legislature ol tlie state on tins
momeiitaiy subject.
U hereupon the following perso
were chosen, Major Isaac Gibbs, Doctor
Thus. \V. Handy, Frederick I loltzbecker
2'hon.as Phillips, and Thomas Massey
Signed by order ol the meeting,
77, 0. H.i.X D V, Chairman.
Tins. W. Eobeso: y, Sec'ry.
In obedience to the will of tlie meeting,
the committee do most earnestly call
upon the citizens of tins county to meet
at the time anil place aforesaid, believing
that the suffering of the people is general
through 'Ut tlie state,
brethren of Kent and Sussex to iiave
similar meetings.

Wa call upon nur
tho • run. i its.
W,ti rise,Toy, Dec. 2/1.
' The Treaty which we this da V publish,
by authority, is that which was concluded
at Madrid, in 1802, but the ratification of,
which, by Spain, has been withheld until
recently. |
The Treaty prov.d . for the settlement,]^
by the arbitration of cornu issim ers, andj
in the must unexceptionable manner,
all claims, prior to the year 1802, of tlie
«ilizen&cf Spain and of the United States,;
respectively, forlosses sustained by tlie
depredations of the citizens ol the two
governments, prior to the year 1802.
T lie claims lor spoliations by Prenchi^^^
privateers carrying their ptizes into the!
ports of Spain, during the same period,
and which have been ever since tbe sub
ject ol négociation, are not provided for.
They are however, expressly reserved,
and the exis'etice of the claims thus
distinctly recognized.
Hank nj Ike United Slates.
The following is the letter from the
President of tbe Bank of tiie United
States, accompanying the Repoitto Con
gi'ess of the state of the Eank, from
whicli we have already extracted all the
tabular statement V(hich appeared to be
h(Utk <)/ the IJ. 8. «JV*:rt\ i t, ISIS.jat
Sir: 1 have ti e honor to transmit
statetnents required by the resolution
the Senate of the Istli of April, a copy ;
of which you were pleased to communi '
cate in your letter of the llili of June
materially important :
The statements are numbered in the
order of the several numbers of the re
solution, and the details and accompany
ing remarks, u is considered, will lender
them perfectly intelligible.
In respect to the payments, made on
account of the cash pait of the second
and third instalments of the capital of tin
bank. it is imp assible to designate the
amou>c actually paid in coin.
When the second instalment became
dut, the bank of the United States was
in operation, and hi d issued a large a
mount ofits notes: bills w.-re discounted,
and passed to the credit ol individuals,
and specie received on deposite , there
fore, the notes of, and checks on the
hank, were equivalent to specie, and
would have drawn out the specie to pay
the cash part of the instalments, if the
literal formality of paying in specie had
been required. The general course
put sued by the subscribers was to de"
pc,site the coin and notes in the bank, anti
draw a beck for the precise amount of!
the cash part of the instalment.
The banks in the principal cities
jeame due on the 1st of July following :
notes were, of course, received in
sumed specie paymerts on ihe 20th Feb
,1817, and the third instalment be
: all payments due to the hank ai d to the
! revenue, and al-o on deposit, for whic h
specie was liable to he draw n ; of course'
the notes of, and chicks on the Bank
and the notes of
n f t he United Stales,
; the banks actually paying specie,
indiscriminately received, with gold and
stiver.in payment of the cash part ofthis
ins ,, dme!1 ,
ins ,, dme!1 ,
in Uie statement exhibiting tiic debts
(q (he | >anit and its offices, the amount
iscoumeti bears an under pro.
of liilis
I- alive tra; ■: and tnpor
places; but the
d directors to pro
pot ti •!« 'h
tance 'if the respecte
efforts of the hoartl
more equal apportionment have
counteracted by circumstances
-, hich they could not control, the origin
I av be referred to the state ot
iiiee a
of which
die currency, and of domestic exchange,
at tin- pel iod immediately preceding the
establishment of the bank ; tbe consr
f which are yet visible in the
monied operations of those places.
The funds of the cities east of Phila
delpl.it, derived from tlie sale of their
imported commodities, had been suffer
ed to accumulate during the late war,and
establishment of the bank,
until the
chiefly in the cities of Philadelphia and
Baltimore, to an immense amount, in an
■ icipntinn of that event, and the prospects
entertained of ti e consequent improve
The public rsve
nient in the currency,
nut- had also accumulated in the middle'
and western sections of the U. States, to
tlie amount oi many millions, particularly
in the Bunks of Philadelphia, Baltmi re
and the District ot Columbia; and tue
of those places were greatly it.'
dtb'.ed to those to tlie eastward uf them
Shortly after this period, as you
recollect, sir, the banks of New Fork,
Philadelphia. Baltimore, and Virginia,
agreed to resume specie payment on tlie
laothul February, under a special age e
^ ^ l;ank nfthe United -tales,
| which, in order lo bring about this desit a
and in(li llsäblc event, engaged its
credit and resources in protecting the
olj^^ banks< arid j„ hquidating these
Immense balances, by actual remittance*
the eastward, in sjiecie and bills,
the only possible means of inain
vviiat lias been so happily begun, in
par, as
| ,n S
! the mean time, the public deposites in
banks of those places, which had
been transferred to the Bank of tlie U.
States, and the revenue subsequently
ere chief! v tx
collected in the same,
pended in the cities east of the Susque
These circumstances have constantly
maintained so great a demand for ex
cities, that the
change in the eastern
director have been unable to extend the
liscouutsat the offices at New York and
Boston, as they have earnestly desired to
do, without getting into debt to the banks
of those places, and incurring the itnme
diale liability to a demand of pay meat in
specie ; oi tlie large importations of
: winch, by the Bank of the United States
af^reai expense, not Oil « dollar has
the*been expended south or west of Philath 1
of.l'hia- It is a fact, corroborated by the,
; experience of all batiks, that their opera
' lions must .necessarily be ri guluted by
.those of the banks m their immediate
vicinity, otherwise, those which are most
prudent or parsimonious, will become
the creditors of those who are the most
hoeral or extravagant; the consequence
of which is, an immediate specie respon.
sibil,;t. The Bank of the United States
applving its means.not to the purpose
public accommodation, but to the traffic,
in specie, by collecting the bills of other-lb«
, . , . . ,
batiks, drawing nut tile spine tor sale,,
, ,
and repeating the operation, daily, may I
and its oRices, do no form an exception
to this rule, and facts have demonstrated,
that a bank of very limited resources
governed hy an avricious policy, and
subject the largest capital to incessant
contribution. It is conceived! that vviiat|t|u«
has been said will satisfactorily
that the Bank of the United States, could!
not remit- and liquidate, debts o. mJUtr
, •
southern, western, am. imd.l le sect.ons,
to the eastern cutes, and, at the saiiie!
lime, loan a large additional capital to
the latter ; and that, if the latter have not
participated in the loans of the hank, in
proportion to their great wealth and com
liierce, that have at least derived as suo- (
re-!stantial benefits from the operations of
of tbe bank, as any other section of the
In regard to the discount on bills, se
cured by the pledge of public and corpo
rate stocks, it is respectfully observed'
ihat these loans originated in the sudden
redemption of 513.000,000, of the funded
debt, part of the capital of the bank, with
the public funds wh ch bad been
ed lo the bank in the manner represent

This event took place a few months
alter the bank had commenced its opera,
dons, when few ol its offices were in
operation, and
of the institution precluded the p«*ssi«ili'.v
•! an equitable distribution cf us capital
Iii*e li-e ciicumstrt.e-s
It, therefore, became a <1 -s cable object
emp'ov this capital for the benefit f
the institut!- n, without delay, and the only
vhich the case appealerl to in
volve, was. whether the loans ought to lie
made on the collateral security r.f public
or on the more
and cotporate stocks,
pi'icarious security
espnnsibility, where that
commodation did not appear to admit
of mere personal
snecics of ac
The board deler
so great an extension,
mined upon the former course, and pro
ceeded to discount hills on the pled re ol
persons or place,
stock, without regard t
and indiscriminately to tiie extent jvhirli
n was offered, and of course the greatest
, , ,t
loans have bee. i where the greatest ament «
The whole amount
of stock was held
of the loans on pledged stock of every
description, have not at anytime reached,
by 2 millions, the amount of funded liebt
. , , .iso
of those cities, which, Iron, the course ol^
-xchange, and the extra rdtnary demand ,
impracticable ; and, to
redeemed by the government, although
the original amount of the funded debt
I part of file capital of tlie bank, was in
tended to have been (-,28.000,000. lo
Iiave loaned these funds in New Yorkaitdj (
Boston,would iiave required of their pre-j
vious conversion into specie, or the funds
for s|u cie,
have demanded tlie immediate payment
of specie due by the banks in Philadel
and the western country, woul ; have been
impossibilities. The funds
Baltimore, District of Columbia,
to require
were, teeretore, loaned where they were
current, and in their operation produced
tiie gradual diminution of the debts due
by the banks in those places, to the bank
cf the United States, which they had not
be alnlity to discharge, in specie,
demand. The reason why no part ol the
coin in possessicai «if the bank, is exhibited
,ate mellt No. 2. of the exhisting
m tue s
;,1 of the bank, is assigned in the note
annexed to that statement; but the whole
amount of specie in tlie bank and its
offices, at that time, was 52.815,208 96,
xhibiled in the general statement
a* e
rendered to the department.
The crisis in which the directors oi
bank of the United States have acted
has been one ot peculiar delicacy and difi*
culty. The policy and effect of their
administration,cannot be appreciated by
abstract view of any silnge measure:
it must be taken in connexion with every
other which it involves. They have
earnestly endeavored to promote the in
interests of the public, and of the institu
tion, but they disclaim the presumption
* liât would exempt it em from error.
1 have the honor to remain, with great
respect, sir, your obedient servant,
WM. JONES, President,
The Hon. Wm . h. Crufford,
Secretary of the Treasury ,
Washington City,
From the B stun Patriot, Dec. 24.
Latest from Bnglaml.
The ship I riton. capt, Holcomb,
arrived here yesterday in +S days
from Liverpool. By this vestcl we
have rect i'ctl from our rt.tr« (pondent
London papers to the 1st of Xovetn
of.her, inclusive—anil and lire indebted
t*» Mr. lopiiiF lor Live: pool papers to
other-lb« —nearly a fortnight later than
former advices. We have given as
- , h
manv exirartu as otir time and limns
I p, ,niit
The 'i'riton brings
of Stall
vviiat|t|u« seepTof}
prove,Slates. i obtaining the treaty ol eon -
'tierce eon. bn ed hv Mr. (tail 'tin with
mJUtr llrhiM» eommisMom-rs.
I he [.umhin Courier of (lot. 23.
,.„„„„„.,,.,1 tl . Pa(v |, e
fWt . p|| ,. y H „,j Sweden, m
grv iated by the honorable Jonathan
despatches to
of the United
The British army is to he reduced
to 3. , 00 men. Orders Imvc been
n the recruiting parti's in
in suspend recruiting men un
til fur er orders.
'I he tig of England !ms .■»mplct
ed the - ill year of his reign, being
(wo venrs longer than any iiioti m-h
who ever before n ignetl in Englnml.
On the demis of the queen, it is said
to lie thr intention of the ministry to
propose in parliament a greatly di
'n'mished eHtaldiMinieet for the kin.
( [ ,, n .i
'n'mished eHtaldiMinieet kin.
at Windsor. The care of his inujeM v
io lie oonr.ded to the ilttke
wlm is to have an additional allowance
for his servier*.
f Yelk.
Corn Exchange, October 2fi.—Our
market was very moderately supplie«*
with wheat this morning from Essex
anil Kent, ami lit«' rons were in de
nimiil, and «dit lined an advance uf IVoiii
i lo 2s per quarter. hut there is no
improvement in oilier kinds Fine
!'-al ign wheat also wens »heiter sah
l-.isl week, hut all oilier dpHcrip
•Pius go i«T heavily, in conspqiieilep o!
■ he e<
litturd large arrivals from On
_The supply of lîngüsh
•e Monday li s hern
and for line qualities thaï
Of. 3(
wheat sin
«lev's pii'"'s are fully reaüzeiî,
the trade in getirr d lolet'iF i.l
LlVKBPmiL. del. SI.
All (he Allied Sovereigns A their
ministers, ex-ept (he K-nperur
.Vustriii, liavc now lest Atx la Uhup« !
le and have repaired to the front irr»
,f Frauee, in order to review for the
List time. th>* Army of Occupation
before its final departure.

S'ime transports are «'xpeetrd to
[leave London in a few days, with no
less than 1500 volunteers, enrolled in
tins country inr the insurgent army
of South America.
A private letter from Madrid
spunks of the great embarrassment in
whi b the 'new minister of Rnam e is
He cannot raise the lean hv
any means. .
: l'he Austrian troops commence«'
their retreat over the Rhine on Un
it is said considerable derer
Noil. 2.
1 The conference at A:x la Ch, pelle,
.iso far ns sovereigns look a part it. it.
ol^ ( . 0|)r q Rtcm-por oi «.ts
, & Hlid King of Prussia left (ha. place
0B ll,e ; 20th tilt, and have proceeded
to Paris. I he Tori res* of v ah mien
nes has been delivered up to France,
being the. first fortress that has been
( i img hnd oeeured.
London. Oct. 25.
inferences with America adjusted.
—Tho unit Its, not in dispute exactly,
hut in untiertainty, uml which wt
left for arrangement between this
country nnd America, at tile conclu
sion of the lute war. are said («> Imvt
been, the greater number of them,
happily, settled by eommissimtei's ap
pointe«! for (hat purpose un our part,
amt Mr. Gallatin «in the other, betöre
that gentleman quilted England.—
The boundary, whirl; was left unset
tled in (he treaty, at tbe. end of lhe
revolutionary war, is now actually
fixed. This, if true, is a great point.
The right of fishing, anil drying fish
on the coasts of Newfoundland, is,
(early de fined ; and tlie terms of in—
odv West Intim
tetvoui'se betwpen
Islam's and the vessels of the Uniter
States are specified and agreed
I'hese also are matters difficulty re
nains behind, uml it is probable li"
the reason, that il is (he greatest, that
is so lemttirs :—tbe right of visitation
and the power of apprehending the
si Hiuen of each country, when found
mi tu) ,cil the ships of the other, is
unset lied.
London. Oct. 30.
We have received this morning the
lollowing letter from our correspon
dent at Aiv la ('Impede :—
•* '1 'he tipproa hing departure of
Lord Cast 1er.-ugh for Cainhray, lias
In en announced here : hut his lord
ship lias not yet quitted our city, and
every thing concurs to show th l he
will not
upon tile last list of conferences, four
teen questions iiiseriheil. The «flairs
of Aineri-a mid Spain will not he the
suhjei t of a purtii ulur necision, but
l' e soverei,.ns,assemble,; in Congress,
w II recognize as a pi iueiph, that
neutrality, for ail tile European pow
ers. is the. only stale ol tilings with It
they wish to maintain wiib^tiu- new
world, and which will permit them to
wail with confidence the result of
the iiciua) war."
. There still remained
Ar.ir Yokk, Dec. 28.
We understand the Vice President of
the United States and he Secret.ii y < f
Navy, will leave this city this morning
fin th ■ seat of govennent.
The Senate of me United States have
been for several days smin. w iIt closed
coots, und the maty with Orest Britain
having an ived. it is piesunied the Senate
have it under consideration.
Beware of fifth- dollar miles of the .Yew
York t'a-k. „
A note for one dollar, of the late ■ mis
sion >,f small notes made by the Bank of
New \ • I k- has been presented at 'lie
bank for payment, after heilig altereil to
Fifty. This lias beta eflected by taking
out the word ot in two places, and the
figure I in two places, (by mea, s of some
liquid.) and substituting the wort: fifty,
in two places and tin figures 4,> in two
other places, and by adding die iettci *
to the word dollar.— T.ve Tout.
Nov. 27.
A report Was etirrt l lo re a levy
days ago that the troops « •■•iiip«siiqç
(in expedition, hound In the Yellow
S'one river, were tired on lit >i»
iv-mzas Indians.
! am tlmt (he report is wi)
•hilion—H appeal's li ai a young man,
who fell «In pony. ' < nul to Si, Lou
is, was hailed by some strangho,.
liions, uni lii'-ti on, bn »use fie would
not obey their order to poll l
Si Lou!
We are h j.py 10
.1 *'
- '.IT*.
From the Itoston Gaz. Dec. 17.
('«il. Tnim!)uil , a iViutiiijc.
hill u> exhibited tlii» lUy no n 7,
util 1 o'. Im k. for il,«- pair;- ti -.ur.
.ose of giving aid to the Me,-« -o
y I ts of Miiss.vi'hus- tu The visitors
oo or,- i,ion. u dl intve i
tunity not only of viewiin; ■ hi
pieitire, hut oi'si'i tng the d-'
■f I lie t at.le, prepared foe the Fi'ii'iiui
hl Festiv«! »ft lu- Massa hiiseiisCllur
Halde Mi'eti.iai Vssueialiuii.
IMPiitM'ii Mi'.N . S.
A gentleman ofthis city .!■ •» 1«v**ly
isi'«ivere«l a very great i upt''»'
in the Oiinstt uet:«m of . Wnicr A
which is fully asrertaineil to pi »«■ a
• dti.ilile ueipiisition lo the prnpe'ling
• if Steam uml i'e.iin Boats. A Imat
with one of these wheels' is now in
uperutiou. plying la tween (his - ity
.ml Willinmstmrg. Long island, (he
ffeei of w 1 i It are fully tleinonslr.it«
l—.V. V.Mer .tdr. *
At ti special meeting ot the
" Society of the State ul JJtljwoe. .or
the promotion of American Mat ufac
tuves.'' con, ned by public noMte. at tbe
II. V\ llmington, Dec 4, 1318,
the Presiiletitai.il >e«retary hting absent
Uobeit Porter. Lsq. w.,s called to the
chair, and J. D. Cartel, secretary, pro
'<="'• he following resolulloi.s were
severally p< Sj.oued and agreed to-
^ 'ZhVZZ'^Tto Com
« lhe subject of aiding and pro
u . c , j ni , Ameiica.. manufactures, which
memorial shall be submitted to the so
ciety at then next meeting.
2. That Roben Porter, J. D. Carter,
and Seieck Osborn be a committee to
draft ihe a ores .id memorial
3. I'hat'he proceedings of this meet
ing be published in the newspapers of
this place.
Ailjourned to meet at this place on
Hatin',tay the 2d Januaiy next, at two
o'clock, P. M.
J. D. Cautku, Sec'ry.
A 8traj Cow.
Came to the subscriber on Monday the
14 h December, a dark brintHe Cow;
tlie marks is as near as 1 can describe
them, is, both ears cut off. and there ap
lo lie two slits in eacli ear. with
some white under lier belly, and a white
spot in her forehead, and is very old, and
lias since calved. Whoever has lo-t tiie
by applying to the sulisi riber in
Newport, proving their property paying
charges, may take her away.
Aaron Juslis.
Newport, .Dec. 29,—St.

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