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V» £
VOL. I.]
[NO . 1.
8 , 1809 .
Printed and published
On Wednesdays a'.fid Saturdays ,
In Market street, a few doo(is above the Bank of
I. The Diuwabi Gazsttb shall be published
every Wednesday and Saturday, on a large folio
II. The price shall be route oouaxs per annum,
exclusive of postage, payable half-yearly in advance.
III. No subscription will be received fora shorter
period than one year.
IV. Subscribers shall have the right of discontinuing
their subscription at the end of a year from the
time of their subscribing, by paying what may be
due, and giving notice of their intention.
V. Advertisement«, not exceeding sixteen lines, will
be inserted four times for one dollar, and for every
subsequent insertion twenty con's—longer ones in
tlte same proportion ; but a reasonable discount
•n ill be made in favor of those who advertise by the
year, half-year, or quarter.
VI All articles of a personal or private nature will
be charged us advettisements, and must be paid
for before insertion.
VII. Advertisements, notices, fee. of all religious
and charitable institutions, within the state of De
laware, shall be conspicuously inserted gratis.
,-- The postage must be paid on ali letters and
communications addressed to tlte Editor, through the ;
medium of tlte Post-Office, or they will nut be re
Genuine, Patent and Family
Richard Lee & Son,
Oiserve — the following Medicines are sold
By Mathew R. Lockerinun
Next above the lîui.k of Delaware, arket
Street, Wilmington, Delaware.
Each article lias on the outride wrapper
the signature of
Richard Lee isP Son
Persons not attendingio the above instruc
liable to he imposed upon.
lions, arc
The proprietors think it necessary
mird tlte public, that these medicines have
bt-ett for several year«- prepared by them —
rite good effects ol which are au'heutit'ated
by some of our most respectable citizens ;
and without attending
above a.-.d our cinnamic, the purchaser
ke (I: .appointed by t veci ing no benefit —t.ot
ha • tag the genuine medicines ol Richard Lee
to re
to .the place of sale as
Worm destroying Lozenges.
This medicine is supet ior to any ever of
fered to Lite public, being innocent and mild,
and efficacious in its operations
Should no worms exist in the body, it will
without pain or griping, dense the stomach
And bowels of whatever is rrml or offensive
and thereby prevent the productions ot worms
and many fatal diforders.
In order that the heads of fani
able to judge of the complaints of children,
ac from worms or r.ot,
which means
ce: issu
1rs may be
whether they orlgt
tve will describe the symptotts
t will be easily known.
Itching nf the stufe and anus; hunger with
; knawingpain in
ravenous appetite t iiauit'
the Itomach or intc'litns ; f etid breath s grind
tng of the teeth and moaning in sleep; in
t'-Tiiikltng weak puife, am! hect'c fever : t'a nt
iiigs; and fo.netimes cottvtidimi fits ; paleness ;
ting of the flesh ; bt.i there are lèverai
kinds of worms ; Itch ng about the anti? with
tenefinus are signs of ascarides, or small thread
wnmrs. Sudden griping? about the nav 1 de
note the common
pa ns in the stomach, ami voracioosnet-», t ue
And a weight in the belly, like
' , or tape
round worm.
maw worms
the rolling of a ball, the taenia,
W; 1 111.
Tor the prevention and cure of hilliou* and ntiilig
liant fevers is recommended.
Lee's Anti-Billious Pills.
Prepared ht/ Richard Lee and Son lir/thnore.
Perfor.s wifhing to purebafe this valuable
medicine are requeued to be paat.cular in
qu r ng for Lee's JntiAl/lliou « Pills, put up In
wooden box-s, having on the outfule wrapper
the figtiature ofRichard Lee & Son—this is
necefsary as there are other pills of the fame
The öperation oftliefe pills is perfectly mild
fn as to he used with safety by perfons in every
fituatioti, and of every age.
They liavi been found remarkablv efficacious
in preventing and curing diforders attendant
on long voya., es, and should be procured and
curefuliy preserved for life by every
Lee's Elixar,
A cetain remedy for cold, coughs, asthmas,
and particulaiJy the whooping cough, fo de.
structive to children.
Lee's Essence of Mustard,.
So well known for the cure of rheumatifm,
gout, palfey, sprains, &c.
Lee's Grand Restorative,
Proved by longexper enceto be unequalled
in the cure of nervou di-or 'er-, consumptions,
lownef- ofspirits, inward weaknefses, etc.
Lee's Sovereign Ointment for tlv
Which is warranted an infallible remedy
by one application.
Ague and Fever Drops.
For the cure of Agues, remittent and inter
mittent Fevers.
Persian Lotion,
Celebrated for the Cure of Ring worms, Tet
ter-, &c.
Lees Genuine Eye-Water,
An effectual remedy for ail difeafe, of the
Tooth. Ache Drops,
which give immediate relief.
Lees Corn-Plaister.
Damask Lip-Salve,
Restorative Powder.
For the teeth and gum*.
The Ar.odvne Elixir,
For ihe cure of every kind of llead-Ache
Indian Vedegeta'ole Specific,
For the cure nf Veneral Complaints.
Lee's Laxitive Pills.
Fach and every Medicine above enumera
ted have got their direct on. deferihing their
mode of ule in the nioft perfect nirnncr.
October xs
James Gardner
O F.SPECTFULLYinforma his friends
IL <L .it id the public that he ha* removed
his store to the cast side of Market-s'reet,
one door above Sparkman St Grubbs, (neat
ly opposite the post-office) where he has
opened a large assortment of elegant Dry
Goods among which are,
.due,black,Inuwn,drab, j Marseilles qt tilings
cot beau, bottle g'een. i't rtla ;s ami jeans
grey, and dark mixed
superfine cloths
Cats- inlet i s
Bet net's patent cord
Coalings and llaunels
Forest cloths
Velvets and constitution C'.ntim
cords Checkered and striped
Brvtrecns linens
7-3 and 4-4 lri.-h linens Damask shawls
blur & yellow nankeens Rus-t.i ük-'.-twIasliner"
Wide and narrow cotton ilaitinetsichombazelts
lied Sr green hocking
Brown Itoilands
Utr rirellas & parasols
Black satt. ,s and flo
rt- n tin es
Scissors & pen-knives
Silk hose
Gilt Sc [dated buttons
Moroct c & kid shoes,
Arc. Src.
N. B. Country Store Keepers supplied on the
lowest terms for cash or (he usual credit.
James Gardner.
i .me - ' » ni
Si ns It aw ;
,Vik f* tan glove?
Landamta ami Madras
hantlkerc Ittel»
hair sIinvvIk
ru s s: mere* «
OhiiU/R's uni! cnllicoes
Cumluick aiul common •
Durant and Jones' ppin
Cotton and worsted ho
brick, jaekar.et, mnli
nutll, India, British,
hook ,gurraIt, bafta, &:
lean Muslins
Wilmington, March 25, 140
JJUCH persons as are indebted to the es
täte ... . , , , -
i ca»cJ, eltncr nv tioncl, note, or book-debt,
.quested to make immediate payment
John Warner and John Torhei t, or eith
'„f them, who are legally authorised to
receive the same,
claims against said estate are requested to
present them for settlement.
William Warner, Ex'r.
are re
And those who have
Fell. 11, 1809.
A LL persons hav : ng any demands a
gainst the esta.e oi' John Garrett, \ ate
of Christiana Hundred, deceased, are re
quested to bring them forward, properly
attested, for settlement j and those indebt
ed are hereby required to make immediate
payment, to
January 7, 1809.
? E x'rs.
Patent Washing Machines.
a supply of them on hand, which he will
T 011 reasonable terms to such as favour him
with their custom ; and will also sell to any per
son a right to nuke and use them within the
hundreds aforesaid.
f 1 3HE subscriber respectfully informs his
B friends and the public ill general, that he
has, some time a; o, purchased an exclusive rignt
ol making and vending Patent Washing Machina
throughout the hundreds of Brandywine and
Christiana, in New-Custle county, a number of
which machines he has already made, which
have been tried by divers persons and highly ap
proved ol, as they save a great part of the labour
id washing in the usual Way, and are less injuri
as to clothes. He will continue to make and
Wilmington, Jan. 21,1 800.
Scheme of a Lottery ,
For raising a sum of Money
For discharging the Debts due from the
W, ilnangtoR College,
And for repairing the said College.
1 Prize of 5(100 dollars Is 5000
. 3000
1 .
3000 ..
51)0 ..
400 ..
350 ..
300 ..
1 500
. 400
. 350
. 300
. 250
. 2'tO
. 150
. 500
. fiâO
. 400
10. 1000
l ...
b .
13 ..
100 ...
20ti0 ...
2 20;* IViacs.
g 24000
6000 Tickets at g 4 each.
-yj- Less than two blanks tn a prize.
There vv : ! 1 he twenty (lavs drawing of 300
tickets euach day, and part ofih
to be disposed of as follows, viz.
Fire last drawn ticket on the 2nd day's draw*
iug whether blank or prize,
F he last
The last
The last
The 1 isr
The last
The last
The l i t
The fist
The last
I 3ti
I Oil)
, p,j zcs .,„[,[ ([fifty days after tlte .hawing shall
f)e C( „„,,| eU .,| t su hject to a deduction of fife-r,
|, er centum; hut if not demanded in twelve
month* altei the sail! term, will he i on-ideied as
relinquished lor the benefit ot the institution.
The follow ing gentlemen are appointed
Jolm Rumsey,
Dr. E. A. Smith
Dr. Geo. Monroe,
Dr. John Brinkle,
Aaron Paulson,
William Hemphill,
Daniel Lowber
Thomas Duff.
It is believed that the above scheme presents to
the adventurer as fair prospects for success as any
heretofore offered the public.
When tlte trustees take into consideration the
laudable object for which the benefit of this lot
tery is intended, they Hutter themselves, with
canfidenre, that a liberal public will enable them
to eft'rrt the drawing in a very short time.
Tickets may be had of the trustees, and
surb persons as they may appoint.
February 4,
n«th abtTiincd
3l. from the orphan's court of Cœcil
county in Maryland, letters of adminis
tration on the personal estate of Abner
Kirk, late of Ccecil county, deceased. Al.
personshaving claims against the said de
ceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the
same, with the vouchers thereof, to the
subscriber, at or before the 19th day of the
first month, 1810, otherwise they may by
law be excluded from all benefit of the said
estate. Given under ray hand.
Wilmington, June 24, 1809.
M Miller Wanted .
\ YOUNG MAN of steady habits, so
£\ her, attentive, honest, industrious and
compleat'.y master of his business—To
such a one a liberal salary will be given.—
Apply to the editor.
Wilmington, June 24, 1809.
For Sale
T the Book-store of MATHEW R.
EOCKERMAN, next above the Bank,
Maiket-street, Wilmington.
Handsome family Bibles, of excellent paper
ami print, also Bible'» with Cann's notes and
refciences, and very small pocket bibles well
bound and printed.
Guthrie's Geographical, Histoiical and Com
mercial Grammar, and present state of the sev
eral kingdoms of the world with all the latest
ilteratiotis and improvements.
A Cntical Pronouncing Dictionary and Ex
pos j tor () f t h c English Language, by John Wal
| {er> aut hor ol Elements of Elocution, Rhvming
Dictionary, &c. &c. Price S 3 50.
Grace ami Truth, or the Glory and Fullness *
0 |* Uie Redeemer displayed by the Uev, William
M'Ewen. Pti< e S I
Sketches of the history, genius, disposition,
accomplishments, employments, custcyn*. virtues
and vices o* the fait s:x in all parts ot the world
Price Q 1
The American Ncpos a collection of the most
remarkable ami the most eminent men who have
contributed to the discovery, the settlement and
the independence of America. Price & 1
Tile Ladies Friend, being a treatise on the
virtues and qualifications which are the brightest
or. laments ot the fair sex. Price 5 7$ certs,
Eugen , a am! Amena, or Hie vici-fitudes of life,
hv the Rev. William Roberts. Price 62^ cents
Poems,translated from the French ol Madame
cV la Mnthc Guion, by the late William Cov.pM.
Esq. lUthor ot the Task. Price 37{ cents.
Lette s from the dead to the living, to w hich,
tre added letters moral and entertaining, by Eli»
zabetti Rowe. Price S 1
A selection of Sermons from the works of the
Rev. James Saurin, oil the following subjects t
1. The Omnipresence of God.
2. The Manner of praising God.
3. The Sovereignty of Jesus Christin the
4. The Equality of Mankind.
5. The Worth of the soul.
(i. The Biith of Jesus Christ.
7. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
8. The Absurdity of Libertinism and Infidel
Price 25 50
9. The Harmony of Religion and civil polity
10. Christian Heroism.
1 1. General Mistakes. Price S 1
Evans's Sketch of the denominations of the
Christian world, accompanied with a persuasive
to religious modération. To which is prefixed
an account of atheists, deists, tbeophilanthro
pists, Judaism, Chinese religion, Christianity,
mt'.h amctanbi.t.
Christian Sect'.
Trinitarians, athanasians, sabellians, arians, ne
cessarians, materialists, socinians, caivar.ists, sit
blapsarians and supralapsaiians, arminians, bax
teiians, antinomeutts, papists, Greek, or Russian
■ hurch, protestants, lutlv iar.;, hu^onots, episco
palians, or church of EJnglar d, dissenters, kiik
of Scotland, seceders, English presbytetia-*-. in
dependents, brownists, paîdobaptists, l Jtsts
general and particular.
Quakers, methodists, new method.«*, jum
pers, universaiists, rellyat) universaltsts, dc-truc
tionists, Sabbatarians, mofavituts, sundetnai rims,
liutchinsonians, dunkers, shakers,new American
«eel, mystics, swedrnborgians, mdlrnarians, to
getlier with reflections on the whole, and a re
capitulary table. Price g 1
To the Public.
HE subscriber respectfully mfoiirt*
his Iriencis and the public that he has
purchased the wholi stuck and tratie late
of the firm of John £s? Wm Pat terse:. , sad
dlers, and removed to the west side of
Market street a few doots bch w third
-Treat, where he commues to Cat,-' < -t the
above mentioned business in all it minus
branches, and has constantly for sale a targe
and elegant assortment of articles in his line,
which he will dtpose of on the most reason
able terms.
V^illiam Patterson.
Wanted, as a
the above business, one or two active bovs,
of from 14- to 10 years of age.
trentices to
ap 22 3tn
Matthew Kean
NFORMS his ltieods and the public,
that he has opened a Dry Good Store on
the west side of Market Street, next door
below the corner of Second Street ; where
he offers for sale a handsome assortment of
seasons Je goods on moderate trims.
Wilniir-glin June 17, 1809
1 " N TICE.
TOCKHOLDERS in the Gap & New
Port Turnpike Company, will observe,
that the President and Managers thereof,
have dtreewd a call of Ten Dollars, to he
made on each share of the capt.al stock ;
and that the same be paid into the treasur),
on or before the first da\ of August next.
By order of the Foard.
LEA PUSEY, Treasurer.
Londoa-Grove, June 24, 1809.

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