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VOL. I.]
[NO, 7.
Printed and Published
On Wednesdays and Salurdaits,
In Market street, a few doors above the Bank of
I. The Delaware Gazette shall be published
every Wednesday and Saturday, on a large folio
II. The price shai^ be four dollars per annum,
Vi. No subscription will be received for a shorter
period than one year.
IV. Subscribers shall have the right of discontinuing
their subscription at the end of a year from the
time of their subscribing, by paying what
due. and giving notice of their intention.
V. Advertisements, not exceeding sixteen lii
be inserted fonr times for one dollar, and for
subsequent insertion twenty cents—longer
the same proportion ; but a reasonable discount
will be made in favor of those who advertise bv the
year, half-year, or quarter.
VI. All articles of a personal or private nature will
be charged as advertisements, and must be paid
for before insertion.
VII. Advertisements, notices, 8tc. of all religions
and charitable institutions, within the state of De
laware, shall be conspicuously inserted gratis.
(£j* The postage must be paid on all letters and
communications addressed to the Editor, through the
medium of the Post-Office, or they will not be
exclusive of postage, payable half-yearly
tes. wüi
onrs in
J-ust Published ,
By C. & A. CONRAD & Co. Philadelphia, (&
subscriptions received by Peter Brymbero,
The American Register,
Or General Repository of History, Politics and Sci
ence—Part second for 1808, Vol. IV.
( Price Three Dollars Twenty Five Cents J
FW1HIS volume contains a general history of
the state of Europe, during the interval
between the peace of Tilsit and the attack of
the French emperor on bpain—Official papets
relative to the evacuation of Portugal by the
Frencli army—Foreign and American state pa
pers—An account of the Red River and coun
try adjacent—An account of Louisiana at the
time of its transfer to the United States—Cm
-tiis of Louisiana—Census of West Florida—
Census of Upper Louisiana—Census of New
Orleans—Catalogue of publications for 1808.
Account of the proceedings of the ssciety of
Friends, for promoting the improvement and
gradual civilization of the Indians—Letters
concerning the fortifications erecting at New
York, &c. Si c. &c.
The American Register is published half
yearly, was commenced in 1807, and the de
mand having been so great for it, that ate but
few complete sets to be had, the publishers
would therefore prefer new subscribers com
mencing with this 4th vol. (as they are now
striking off an additional number) which would
be no disadvantage, each volume being com
plete in itself. The price of each volume will
he demanded on delivery ; and the subscribers
are at liberty to decline at any time.
Also, for - ale by P. B. the works of Fisher
An.cs, compiled bv a number of his friends, to
,which are prefixed notices of his life ami charac
ter. Published at Boston.
■ Wdnv.ngton, July 8, 18O9.
To the Public.
HE subscriber respectfully informs
his friends and the public that he has
purchased the whole stock and trade late
of the firm of John £5? IVm. Patterson, sad
dlers, and removid to the west side ol
Market street a few doors below Third
street, where he continues to carry on the
above mentioned business in all it various
branches, and has constantly for sale a large
and elegant asstrtmentofarticles in his line,
which he will dipose of on the most reason
able terms.
William Patterson.
QJ° Wanted, as apprentices to
the above business, one or two active boys,
of from 14 to 1G years of age.
ap 22 3m
John Dixon
AVING succeeded Warners 8? Tor
heit in the grocery business, at the
on Market
stores lately occupied by them
street wharf ; offers for sale on the most
moderate terms,lor cash or the usual credit,
A General Assortment of Groceries.
And hopes by a strict attention to busi
ness, 10 merit a share oi the public patron
The Packet, Sloop Hope, Capt.
Milnek, with good accommodations for
passengers, will ply between this Town 8t
Philadelphia as usual—all freight sent by
said packet will be carefully attended to.
Wilmington, July 8, 1809.
HAT the subscriber hath obtained
from the orphan's court of Ccecil (
county in Maryland, letters of ad minis- U
'ration on the personal estate of Abner
i/i.i. r n 1 •, . , ah
Kirk, late of Coectl county, deceased. All
persons having claims against the said de
ceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the
same, with the vouchers thereof, to the
subscriber, at or before the 19th day of the
first month, 1810, otherwise they may by
law be excluded from all benefit of the said
estate. Given under mv hand.
Wilmington, June 24, 1809.
° ' J '
. / Miller Wanted.
iOUNG M A N of steady habits,
/ V her, attentive, honest, industrious and
eompleatiy master of his business—To
such a one a liberal salary will be given.—
Apply to the editor.
Wilmington, June 24, 1809.
James Gardner,
ESPECTFULL Yinforms his friend -
and the public that he has removed
his store to the east side of Market-street,
one door above Spackman St Grubbs, (neat
ly opposite the post-office) where he has
opened a large assortment of elegant Dry
Goods among which are.
Blue,black,brown,drab, Marseilles quiltings
cot beau, bottle green, Fustia.ts ami jeans
grey, and dark mixed Elite strings
superfine cloths Sinshaw ami Mantau
Silk Sr york tan glover
Bandanna and Madras
Cammel's hair shawl?
Checkered and striped
Damask shawls
Russia &dowlas!inens
Rut tinets &bombazetts
Red Sr green hocking
Brown holla mis
Umbrellas & parasols
Black satins and flo
Scissors Sc pen-knives
Silk hose
Gilt & plated buttons
Oi! cloths
Morocco & kid shoes,
&c. Sec.
Beu net's patent cord
Coatings and flannels
Forest cloths
V civets and constitution
7-8 and 4-4 Irish linens
blue & yellow nankeens
Wide and narrow cotton
r.ussi meres
Chintzes and callicoes
Ca.nbriek and common
Durant and Jones' spin
Cotton and worsted lio
Colored, chambray, cam
brick, jackanet, mull
mull, India, British,
book,gurrah,bafta, &
leno Muslins
N. B. Country Store Keepers supplied on the
lowest terms for cash or the usual credit.
James Gardner.
Wilmington, March 25, 180-.
UCH persons as are indebted to the es
S täte ôf ESTHER YARNALL, de
ceased, either by bond, note, or book-debt,
are requested to make immediate payment
to John Warner and John Torbert , or eith
er ot them, who are legally authorised to
receive the same. And those who have
claims against said estate are requested to
present them for settlement.
William Warner, Ex'r.
Feb. 11, 1809.
For Sale.
f NtW-Ca.dlc County in theSlatc of Delaware, ss.J
Y Virtue of an Order of the Orphan's
Court for the said County of New-Castle,
will be exposed to sale, at Public Vendue, on
Monday, the 7th day of August next, at 2
o'clock in the afternoon, at the house of Mrs.
Diannab Biddle, in the village of St. George,
d the county aforesaid, a certain Plantation 01
Tract of Land situate in St. George's hundred,
the said county, 011 the mam road leading
from the Trap to the village of St. George,
with sundry valuable improvements, containing
two hundred acres of arable land and fifty of
woodland (except five acres of woodland on the
north side of said plantation and immediately
adjoining a farm devised to Thomas M'Donough
by John Larons, deceased) being a part of the
real estate of Patrick M'Donough, deceased,
and to be sold for the payment of bis debts. At
tendance will lie »riven, and the terms of sale
made known, .»t 'h ti ne and place as aforesaid,
by Sarah MMjouough arid Leonard Vandegrift,
Administrators of the said deceased, or their At
By order of the Orphans Court,
New-Castle, July 1 5, 1 80p.
[N. B. The above Plantation contains a large
brick dwelling house, a barn, and other out
A pin t »-i" the improved 'and is enclosed
and the woodhnd uel! tim
with a hedge feir.c,
bered .]
Patent Washing Machines, j
U P 1 ;"' ' a,,,cr , ,b f r rc *P ec l fu!, y lnf ' ,rms Lu
J Vl0n i '! 8 an<1 ,lle P n . bt,c ', n S'««!, ,h \ !
»as, some time ago, purchased an exclusive rigrit
of m , king aml vc ° ndi l nR Vatenl WaMn „ A/,,/,,,,,
throughout the hundreds of Brandywine and
Chrisdana, in New-Castle county, a number of
which machines he has already made, w.deli
have been tried by divers prisons and highly ap
proved of, as they save a great part of the labour
of washing in the usual way, and are less injuri
°" s fo clo,1| es. He will continue lo make and
ha ! e a su i ) l» 1 y 'hem on hand, which he will
« on reasonable terms to such as favour him
with thrir custom ; and will also sell to any per
son a ri,ht to m.ike and Use them within the
he hundreds aforesaid.
Wilmington, Jan. 21,1 809.
Genuine, Patent and Family
Richatd Lee & Son,
Observe —the following Medicines are sold
By Mathew R. Lockertnan
Bookseller ,
Next above the Bank of Delaware, arket
'treet, Wilmington, Delaware.
Each article has on the outside wrapper
the signature of
Richard Lee Son.
Persons not attending to rhe above instruc
tions, arc- liable to be imposed upon.
The proprietors think it necessary to re
mind rhe public, that these medicines have
been for several years prepared by them—
the good effects of which are authenticated
by some of our most respectable citizens ;
and without attending to the place of sale as j
above and our signature, the purchaser may
be disappointed by receiving no benefit—tot
■ d Lee
having the genuine medicines of R
A- Son.
Worm destroying Lozenges.
This medicine is superior to any ever of
fered to the public, being innocent and mild,
certain and efficacious in its operations
Should no worms exist in the body, it will
without pain or griping, dense the stomach
md bowels of whatever is foul or offensive
and thcrcbv prevent the productions of worms
and many fatal diforders.
In order that the heads of families may be
able to judge of the complaints of children,
r they originate front worms or not,
1 describe the symptous by which means
t will be easily known.
Itching of the nofe and anus ; hunger with
ravenous appetite ; naufea -, knawiugpain in
tile llomach orintellines ; foetid breath ; grind
ing of the teeth and moaning in sleep; in
termitting weak pulle, and hectic fever : famt
ings; and fotnetimes cottvulfion fits ; paleness ;
wasting cf the flesh ; but there are fcveral
kinds of worms ; Itch ng about the anus with
tetiefmusare signs of ascarides, or small thread
womrs. Sudden gripings about the navel de
note the common round worm. Gnawing
pants in the stomach, and voracinusnefs, the
maw worms And a weight in the belly, like
the rolling of a ball, the taenia, or tape
For the prevention and cure of billions and malig -
naatfivers is recommended.
Lee's Anti-Billiotis Pills.
Preparer! bji Richard Lee and Son RrltimOre.
l'erfons wilhing to purchal'e this valuable
medicine are requelled to be paaticular in en
qu ring for Lee's Anti-BMious Pills, put up In
wooden boxes, having on the oulfide wrapper
the lignature of Richard Lee Si Son—this is
necelsary as there are other pills of the fame
The operation of tltefe pills is perfectly mild
fit as to be used with safety by perlons in every
fituation, and of every age.
'Tlu-y have been found remarkably efficacious
in preventing and curing diforders attendant
on long voyages, and should be procured a,id
care fuliy preserved for ufe by every seaman
Lee's Elixar,
A cetain remedy for cold, coughs, asthmas,
and particularly the whooping cough, fo de
structive to children.
Lee's Essence of Mustard,
So well known for the core, of rheumatifm,
gout, palfcy, sprains, &c.
Lee's Grand Restorative,
Proved by long experience to be unequalled
in the cure of nervou- disor. er», con nmpticn 1 ,
lowtiefs of spirits, inq-ard vveaknefses, etc.
Lee's Sovereign Ointment for the
W li'ch h warranted an infallible remedy
bv m*e application.
Ague and Fever Drops.
Far the cure of Agues, remittent and inter
mittent Fevers.
Persian Lotion,
Celebrated for the Cure of Ring worm«, Tet
ters, &.Ç.
Lees Genuine Eye-Water,
An effectual remedy for all difeafes of thç
Tooth-Ache Drops,
which give immediate relief.
Lees Corn-Plaister.
Damask Lip Salve,
Restorative Powder.
For the teeth and gutns.
The Anodyne Elixir,
For the cut e of every kind o 1 Head-Ache.,
Indian Veck-gc table Specific,
For the core of Venera! C omp'air.ts.
Lee's Laxitive Pd!s.
Each aud every Medicine above enumera
ted have got their direct on- deferibing their
mode of ufe it: the tnoft perfect manner.
October i y.
A Valuable b arm
I ^OR PRIVATE SALK, situate.! eight
_ miles north West of Wilmington, in ken
nut township, Chester county, formerly the
property of Caleb Hoops, deceased; containing
about 1 SO acres of excellent land, under good
repair. Payments will be made easy to the put •
chaser. For further particulars, apply to the
subscriber in Wilmington.
Win. Gibbons.
Wibi i igton. Jane 3, 180t).
LI. persons having any demands a
gninst the estate of föhn Garrett, 1 ate
of Christiana Hundred, deceased, are re
quested to bring them forward, properly
attested, for settlement ; and those indebt
ed are hereby required to make immediate
pavment, to
Levi garrett, o r
lanuarv 7, 1809.
E x'rs.
S hereby given, that in pursuance of a
private Act of the General Assembly of
the state of Delaware passed at their last
session, application will be made to the
next Orphan's Court, to be held at New
castle on the 17th day of next mouth, for
an order to sell the real estate of James
Marshall, late of the borough of Wilming
ton, deceased, for the benefit of the devi
sees named in his will.
Acting Executor.
Brandywine Mills, 7th mo. 12, 1809.
Tract of Land for sale,
At Private Sale.
HE subscriber offers for sale the tract
of Land on which he at present re
sides, situate in Mill-Creek hundred in the
county of New-Castle and state of Dela
ware, containing two hundred and fifty
acres more or less, with a comfortable
dwelling house and kitchen a cellar, barn,
and a good stone spring-house thereon
erected, a young apple orchard, and a vari
ety of other fruit trees of the best quality ;
it is well watered by a number of excellent
springs ; on said tract there is near twenty)
acres oi good timothy meadow land, about
forty acres now in clover, a large propor-j
tion of woodland—and the residue good,
arable land capable of improvement to a
high slate of cultivation, being within one !
mile of limestone where it can be had on
reasonable terms eight miles from Wil
mington and six from New-Port on Ihe
main road leading from thence to Lanças»
ter. As it is presumed any person inclining
purchase will view the premises, it lit
thought unnecessary to give a further de
it will bear a division into three
parts, and will be sold either the whole to
gether or in parts as may best suit the pur
chaser. If it is not sold at private sale on
or before the 28Lh day of September next,
it will be sold at public sale on the premises
said dav, anil a liberal credit given for
a considerable part of the purchase money,
at which time attendance will be given ant»
the terms made known, by
Wilmington, June 24, 1809.

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