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VOL. I.]
[NO. 28
Printed and Published
On Wednesdays and Saturdays
Market street, a few doors above the Ik nk of
I. The Dei.aware Gazette shall be published
every Wednesday and Saturday, on a large folio
II. The price shall he four boi.i.ars per annum,
exclusive of postage, payable half-yearly in ads.
III. No subscription will be received for a shorter
period than one year.
IV. Subscribers shall have the rig!* of discontinuing
at thb end of a year from the
their subscript'»
time of thrir subscribing, by paying what may be
due, and giving notice of their intention.
V. Advertisements, not exceeding sixteen lines, will
he inserted four times for one dollar, and for every
subsequent insertion twenty cents—longer ones in
the same proportion ; but a reasonable discount
will be made in favor of those who advertise by the
year, half-year, or quarter.
VI. All articles of a persona! or private nature
be charged as advertisements, and must be paid
for before insertion.
VII. Advejiisements, notices, he.
and charitable institutions, within the state of De
laware, shall be conspicuously inserted gratis.
q-y The postage must be paid on all letters and
communications addressed to the Editor, through the
medium of the Post-Office, or they will not be re
af all religious
To the Public .
HE subscriber respectfully informs
his friends and the public that he lias
purchased the whole stock and trade late
of the firm of John lb? Win. Patterson , sad
dlers, and removed to the west side of
Market street a few doors below Third
street, where he continues to carry on the
ntioned business in all it various
branches, and has constantly for sale a large
and elegant assortment of articles in his line,
whit he will dipose of on the most reason
able i *ms.
above me
William Patterson.
QJ Wanted, as apprentices to
the abo\. business, one or two active boys,
of from 14. to 16 years of age.
up 22 3m
John Dixon
AVING succeeded Warners Tor
bert in the grocery business, at the
stores lately occupied by them on Market
street wharf ; offers for sale on the most
moderate terms,tor cash or the usual credit,
A General Assortment of Groceries.
And hopes by a strict attention to busi*
to merit a share of the public patron
The Packet, Sloop Hope, Capt.
ith good accommodations for
passengers, will ply between this Town &
Philadelphia as usual—all freight sent by
aid packet will be carefully attended to.
Wilmington, July 8, 1809.
Tract of Land for sale,
At Private Sale.
Milner, wi
IIE subscriber offers for sale the tract
of Land on which he at present re
iides, situate in Mill-Creek hundred in the
county of New-Castle and state of Delà
containing two hundred and fifty
or less, with a comfortable
dwelling house and kitchen, a cellar, barn,
and a good stone spring-house thereon
erected, a young apple orchard, and a vari
ety of other fruit trees of the best quality ;
it is well watered by a numbèr of excellent
springs ; on said tract there is near twenty
acres ol good timothy meadow land, abwut
forty acres now in clover, a large propor
tion of woodland—and the residue good
arable land capable of improvement to a
high state of cultivation, being within one
mile of limestone where it can he had on
reasonable terms eight miles from Wll
und six from New-Port on llie
acres more
main road leading from thence to Lanças
ter. As it is presumed any person inclining
to purchase will view the premises, it is
thought unnecessary to give a further de
scription*—it will hear a division into three
parts, and will be sold either the whulc to
gether or in parts as may best suit the pur.
chaser. If it is not sold at private sale on
h day of September next,
or before the
it will be sold at public sale on the premises
on said day, and a liberal credit given for
a considerable part of the purchase money,
at which time attendance will he given and
the terms made known, bv
Wijmmgton, June 24, 1809.
Patent Washing Machines.
HE subscriber respectfully informs bis
friends and the public in general, that he
lias, some time ago, purchased an exclusive right
of making and vending Patent Washing Machines
throughout the hundreds of Brandywine and
Christiana, in New-Castle county, a number of
which machines he has already made, which
have been tried by divers persons and highly ap
proved of, as they save a great part of the labour
of washing in the usual way, and are less injuri
ous to clothes. Me will continue to make and
have a supply of them on hand, which he will
sell on reasonable terms to such as favour him
with their custom ; and will also sell to any per
son a right to make and use them within the
the hundreds aforesaid.
Wilmington, Jan.
I, ISO'.).
To Brewers.
r'TT'f) be rented, and possession given the
_L first of tenth tno. (October) next, a
large and convenient Brewery, with every
necessary apparatus in complete order, sit
uate in llie borough of Wilmington.
Brewery is well supplied with good water,
and convenient to a good barley country.
As it is presumed that any person inclining
to rent would first desire to view the pre
mises, a further description is deemed un
The terms will be reasonable:
for particular» apply on the premises, or to
the subscriber at Abbotts and Shcward's
brewery, Philadelphia.
Caleb Shewavd.
7th mn, 19th, 1809.
fyj" A quantity of good malt and casks
may be had of the present tenants.—A lot
of marsh, about two acres and a htdl, to let,
with or widinut the Bn-werv.
1)11. DODDRIDGE'.»
Of Religion in the Soul.
U. ROBERT PORTER, of this town,
has issued proposals for publishing the
above excellent Book, by suhscripiion, on good
paper, and with a plain common sized type, at
the very low price of fill;/ coils.
Perhaps, next lo the Bible, this is the best
book extant for private and family use....No one
is better calculated to awaken, convince and
convert sinners, rtnd to conduct them in the
straight and narrow path to Heaven ; as doubr
less tile experience of many can witness...No one
is more highly esteemed by pious people of all
denominations, as is abundantly evident from
the numerous editions it has passed through both
in this country and Europe.
As the proposed price is only half the sum ii
is now selling for in most of our Book-stores, it
will be seen, that neither the Printer, nor any
persons who promote the woik, have any oh
jeet in view, hut the good ol souls, and the glo
of God.
It is presumed that every one who wishes for
the spiritual rise and progress of religion in hi*
soul, or his family, will subscribe, and
that all friends of religion will encourage the
Recommendation in/ Neon-Castle Prcsbvltry.
Whereas ROBERT PORTER, has issued
proposals lor printing Dr. Doddridge's Rise an 1
Progress of Religion in the Soul, at a veiy low
Resolved, That the Presbytery do recommend
so the people under their care, to subscribe for
aid ex cellent Book.
September i), 1800. _
Pur the prevention amt eure oj' ou/tous und matin
nantfevers h eerammended.
Lee's Anti-Billious Pills.
Prepared ht) Richard Lee and San Raltimore.
Pcrfons wifliing to pnrehafa this valuable
medicine are requefled to he particular in en
qu ring for Lee's An! i-lidtiom Pills, pur up in
wooden boxes, having on the on Tide wrapper
the lignature ol'Richard Lee Sc Son—this is
necefsary as there are other pills of the fame
The operation of thefe highly esteemed pills
is perfectly mild, and the experience of thou
sands lias proved, thev may be used in verve
s tuation in life without ,the lea-t inconvetii
ence or damage.
They are admirably adapted to carry off su
perfluous bile, and prevents its morbid secte
to restore the appetite, produce a regu
lar ha Lit of the Mil, promote free perspiration,
and theieby prevent cold", to often attended
with fatal confequences to tie lives of tiiou
fands— and fcldmn, if ever, fail to remove a
en on its first appearance.
cold, if
tual costivenefs, and its opposite, t
ed bv their wholefome influence, as
diseases arising from them, hcud-aches and
ficknessat the -tomtoll.
It is almoft umieetlliiry to state, that on the
regular hat.it of the system, the bealrh of man
kind depends. To conduce to tiiis all-intport
ant object, perhaps no mt'dicne was ever mare
generally fuccessful than thefe pills—Mi-)/ ne
ver do haem, and at least time times ont of ten
afford relief to thole wiio ufe them lor the pur
pofes for which they aie intended..
,re remov
alf) those
With the most perfect confidence
commend tlicfe pills to the public, and
only further add, that the'r operation
ways pleafain, and that they leave nothing of
that colliv nefs behind them too often attend
ing medicines dcligned for limilar purpofes.
Ten years hive jollified us in stating ill eft
facts, during which we have had a very exte.i
five ndconfiantly increaling fale for this truly
valuable nied cine.
Sold by Mathew R. Lockerman,
Next above the Bank ol Delaware, Market
Street, Wilmington, Delaware.
Aug. 23, 1809.
we rc
1 V 1 II
is al
e faces and complexion are injured w th
Freckles, Riniplef, Black wm'fps, Tan or
Aybnrn, Bing worms, l'rickly heat, &c.
To thusi posons is recomwendut,
Lee's Persian Lotion,
A certam remedy for removing thufe difa
greeuble barriers to beauty, the proprietors
with the most faced regard to truth, and the
credit of tfiefe medicines alfche the afflicted,
that all the diffluent appearances above enu
merated, are in a fhtu f time subdue.I by wet
ting the parts affected, with this plealant fluid,
according to the directions on each bottle.
l'erfoiis therefore who regard, either what
is due to th mfoives, or the favour and opinion
of the world, who can distingoilh between the
linels of health, and the deformity of dif
and who can weigh the advantages which
belong lo, an 1 are
ging appearance, to «
thcmfeli cs, have by nature,
claims ait feri'tifly allured, that t liefe adva
t.-ges, fi far as heiong to a good Ik n, are to
be obtained by the ufe of lus Lotion, however
y happen to be afflicted.
and debilitating
couile of medicines, which patients went
through formerly, and which, perhaps, tiny
are Hill too frequently obliged to undergo, it
i n w found, that the gieatefl number ot t liefe
cor,plaint", are more ceiiainly, and fpeediiy
removed by the ule of local remedies merely,
than they ever we e by a contrary courte.
I,EE'S 1,0 i ION.
Is celebrated among the falhionable through ut
Europe, as an invaluable cofmttiiy perfectly
innocent and fate, free fiom corrofive'and re
pellent nr nerah (the bafts of other lotLus; and
of unpara'.elled efficacy in p eventing; and re
moving bleini hes n the face and skin, ol every
kind, it operates mildly, without imped-ig
thar natural, uiler.lible perfpiratkn, wh ch "
lb effemial to health, yet its effects arefpeedy
and permanent, tendering the dein delicately
loft and clear, improving the complex on and
bold at the
infe.,arable from an enga
hch perhaps, they
the llfor.geil
violently they ma
Indeed of the dudious,
tor j n , T t | )e b'onm of youth,
p 00 k(ioie of Matthew Lockerman.
^ u(r 1809.
(rr Each article has on the outside wrapper the si
na! Vrc of RICH AltD LEE & SON. Pei
ending 10 the above, arc liable tc be impo
iot at
S hereby given, to all whom it may concern,
that application will he made to the Gen
eral Aflcmbly of the Hate of Delaware at their
next leflion at Dover, far an ait authorizing
them io bank off, flop and drain the waters,
mar 111, low lands and cripple: of the Nortli
V\ ell Blanch of Duck. Creek, at or near Mr.
Edward Roberts's farm, in Thoroughfare
Keck, Appoquimink hundred, New-Caltie
county and Hate of Delaware.
John Fennemore,
John Taylor,
Thomas Emory.
3 in
Al)£. 15.
HE Trustees of Wilmington College
take pleasure in being able to announce
to the public the revival of the Latin school
in this institution, under the immediate
cure of Mr. BigHow and general supertn
tendunce oi the Rev. Dr. Lead. 1 he heal
thy situation of Wilmington, its character
for morality, the goodness of its market
and choice of best hoarding houses, joined
to the evidence of Air* Bigelow s capacity
a leather, and the long and justly esta
blished reputation of Dr. IL-ad as a success
lui preceptor, all concur to recommend this
' the attention of Parents and
, anxious to promote the educa
tion and improvement ol the youth intrust
ed to their care, espscially when they are
further assured that the other departments
ided with tutors ful
and o
seminary to
of the College are prov
ly adequate
unexceptionable moral characters
f the Board,
to their appointments,
By order
July 22, 180"
S UCH persons as are indebted to the es
tate of ESTHER YARNALL, de
ceased, cither by bond, note, or book-debt,
are requested to make ilOtnecliiHe payment
to John Warner and John Torbert,'or eith
ar nt them, who are legally authorised us
eeceive the same. And those who have
claims against said estate are requested to
present them for settlement.
William Warner, Ex'r.
Feb. 11, 1800.
TS hereby-given to all persons in
JL debted to the laic John Baldwin deceased,
that they are required to make immediate payment
of the several sums due iruau diem-—And all
person., having tiny demands against die same
are requested to p.esent their accounts proper,
ly attested for payment to the subscriber, ilia
executor of the last will and testament of the
said John Baldwin.
IVtlniiu 'lo". Sr/)/. 13. ISM.'.
tor Sate ,
T the Biiok-Siurc of M. R. Lociceh m a:.,
Weems' Life of Washington, containing
a fund of information and amusement.*
An interesting history of the Knight's Terr.
plats, their origin, character and persecution.
The history of the decline and fall of the Ro
man Empire, by Edward Gibbon; contain ng
memoirs of his life and writings.
Patriotic sketches of Ireland, written in Con
naught, by Miss Owenäon.
Poetic Trifles, by John Henry Mills
The Wild Irish Girl, by Miss Owenson.
Montalbert a novel ; Armenian or Ghost Seer;
Joseph Andrews ; Roderick Random; Charlotte
Temple; the Drown'd Wife; the Vicar of
Wakefield; Blair's Lectures; Goldsmith's
Rome ; Jess's Surveying ; Jackson's Book-keep*
ing ; the Clerk's Magazine ; and a gieat variety
of histories,
voyages and travels, day-bool, t t
journals ami ledgers, and writing-books of every
description; writing paper, slates, scales ami
dividers, quills, inkstands, .Wafers, &c. Sic.
* That scientific author speaking of the French
and letlifjp wars about the time of BiMtMcc&'s defeat
descril:es*the effect the news had in £
" Swift as the broad-winged pack
'.he deep, the nev
Its effects there was ti!
a ira hist a
gland thlis : —*
$ could By a-*
was carried to England. -*-•
that of a stone ruddy hurled
Instantly, from ce
circumference* all is rage and hust'e. 1 he hivt* re*
maddening insects; dark tumbling
from tluvr cel's thev spread the hasty wing, und
shrill whizzing through the air, they rush to find the
foe Just s > in tue uu-ruliiig island, from 91 arm-*
bouse to ale-house, from
for light. Even the red*nosed porters, whe.e they
met, bending under their burdens, would stop, full*
but, in the streets, 10 talk of bn'Giamd's wrongs j
and, as *hey talked, their fiery snouts
grow more fiery still, and mere deform, Thetf
throwing their packs to the ground and leaping into
dth sturdy arms across anti
if hornet
re to
cod nay, all were fi' red
f boxers,
the. attitude
rough black jaws stretched out, they bend forward ta
th e fancied fight! The frog-eating toe, in shirtlesa
ruffles and long lank cue, seems to give j
rising in their might, with five striking e;,
hard upon him, and coming in, hand and foot, with
and cuff and many a hearty curse, they shew
wo, how damn 'em ! they would
ound i then
s ilicy press
G I G G 1.1 N G
thump the French."
September 6 , 1300.
James Gardner,
R ESPECTFULLYinforms his friends
■and the public that he has removed
his store to the east side of Market-street,
door above Spademan St Grubbs, (nea a
ly opposite the post-oflicc) where he has
opened a large assortment of elegant Dr if
Goods among which are.
Blue,black,brown,drab, [ Marseilles quiltings
coibeau, bottle green, j I' ustia.rs andjUaus
grey, and dark mixed Lute strinas
superfine cloths Siiishuw and Mantau
Carssimeres silks
Bonnet's patent cord Silk & yorktan gloves
Coatings and Hannels Bandanna and Madras
Forest cloths handkerchiefs
Velvets and constitution Cammtl's hair shawls
cor( | s Checkered and striped
Beverecps I mens
r-0 and 4-4 Irish linens Damask shawls
blue & yellow nankeens RussiaSrdo-.vl.islincn*
Wide and nariow cotton Ratlineu&bombazctts
Chintzes and oallicoes
Camhrit k and common
Durant and Jones' spin
Cotton and worsted ho
Red & green hocking
Brown hiillands
LiF ireil.is Sr pann.-L
Black sutb.s and flo
Scissors & pen-knhrts
Gilt & plated buttons
Oil cloths
Morocco & kid shoes,
&C. &C. •
N. B. Country Store Keepers supplied on tbfc
o west terms fo.r cash or the usual credit.
James Ga-rdue g
Sdk hose
brick, jackanet, mull
mull, India, British,
book,gurrah,bafta, Sr
leno Muslins

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