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j»fll be 'i posed w> wave far the preen'. i> the
manner sad on the terms ro itrinpUted by those
instructions, direr right to th u brui- h. and to
that branch only, of tile colonial rifle, known
by t hname of threct traite, til >t is to «ay, ihe
trade Carrie 1 directly bum belligerent colonies
to the belligerent» in Europe, wnen that trade
was nut pel maueo l; io peace as m war permit
ted bv the laws of tnc countiy to which 'nos*
The right to a trade he
colonies bel. urged,
tw-en such colonies and the Unite 1 States gcr.c
ral'v, and to that in colon al articles he'ween the
United States and other countries, never can, or
will in my opinion, lie abandoned, or its ex io
nise be suspende I by this government. On the
contrary, it is sul-ly in order to secure, by
exp'csstreaty stipulation, that trade against the
danger of in erruptioi, and thus by a mutu.c
■com vi.lation to avo.d collisions, thaï
spirit of a
the ahmdonmeut of tlic direct btaach can eve
be r siTitetl to.
Pervvt me therefore to request, that yo
*j ■?* \i***r \ ou ur.<V:r*i»oiMi ir. » on lit ose
info i-m
two pm .t<*. a- 1 cert inly meant to be unJer
stoo.l i lutnciv, that me rtiinquifh xe»;», guiIH;;
, of wli.it is called Tie* direct
up! .Led ; und th 0 no :r*
j. t was ft ;
of the
the present, w.
trad', WJ* a; • v
raniTû.nut m t t
j i : t ^ '
■dll's i
c.-.n dünn i )I ti.e
■ ft ullUil
COU I ll.
.vit!» liic •:.tfbtM r - *
L. t SCI
I v.' tin: hnmV to ! f,
spcci .m.i LüiiMi!- r.itb..*i, mi, your m>*.
a:.;; mt gallatin.
Hun. i) V E.
Mr. Erskine to the G- cretary of the Trea
son .
*'îtt<su<! 1 j I
'nur to :*.* k' 1 "
0 'iff ' 3 : *. 'H'f. ii
•our it - r\
t iv.il'd
, • ,: ve : i '.t i i »he
* •!»<* p a >■' ') .it v «v
■re. •» b w *.*.i t !■.* *.
> ; !..
» A
■* f • T « S JM
1 U. .
« iV, •- i , AC :
c• t* i nv.-'iii..
iiom >i i*. i tinn:u i;'> i »»**t ; tic t **
; \ et
iihli-aed by my giveiii'ircnt,
,ne opiili ins ur,- asciibv.l M 'eve..I
tne.niKis of th-.s adin'nis ration which th y ii '
-ary to ascertain
!! VV '
i ..at r
not ei'.tertai.i, it appears ne,.
uielicnsiiin cculil
have take i pi aie."
In answer to vowr cngnirie«. I hive great vi..
tislavtinn m assurmg
any point, a misa
dill' tin re appears t
no misun l.'ist.i'i.ling respecting t!
e or meaning of lire i
ii.,ve be mi
sub t.u
Mr C . ;- ! tile
us, as s ate,
in n al'..fl; ! to.
oe; wee-i
i i ■:
1 . : .
■rus.il of uni' m ta
c ;•
iu.r rrrtver-al'ur. i r >■-| .c,
il e ■ e
'■er.'v -v u
r.i ill
m »t r; •!
t •
a ;
, , : _ I P-d
Cl.. :
V t •
i.C .
: :i
ti.i* twu
: -t t- c :j
'e.= .
t': (e
C'. T I t ) » V
1 *
tre'f cup:*
t ) r '• '
xv . g •
•».v.'-- - ■
tb t -1
] !i"VY
com try to -,
1 *u.'
«•.if* •'
' ui. f
an '
xv :. ■. •n
I'J v Hit
th - tl * s m
f. tU'.u *t, tiie two -ubj«*( s
•nu ) .iut'c i ; nor inive 1 ever k; i. -
iis u.ijesty's government that such p»e
.1 ■' uy pledge, would be g.ven.
W'itti Fentimcnts of the highest respect, 1
• ve the honor to be, sir, your most obedient
humble servant.
I ' - . to
( Signe.l)
7 /.c II.n. A .) Gallatin, .V. iVr.
Mr. Canning to Mr Pinkney.
Foreign 'Jfnt\ May tlTtfi, 1809 .
According to the intimation vvh.vh I gav r
(onf.rci.cv, I Dine now lie
a copy of the O
you c our ...
honor t'- .
tier n
'. vr
. t.( : 1 which Ids
• -j
Venu, n*
i e c ran. ■
I : .Vi t •> . .
u.utv.i Si
a . -, wo i m - v 1 . .vr cutei
to c. iuti' ■. ..d spi rot.i ioDS on tire ta; h of
unuiii:: i. ■ j engagements of Mr.
F.r-kiu-- p evt'uixi» the notification in
America ol his M.'j. sty's disavowal ol
those eng e
Having tiad the h mor to read tn von, in
:.s u> which Mr. Kr»
kine is not fun tshvd, i was necrasan f r
to enter into any exp aunt tun of thus ■
in which .Mr. l.i-kme has acted, i.ot ci.lv
not in confoi mitv, but in dir* ct contradic
turn to them.
I fcrlnai < qunllv from troubling you, sir.
with a'.v romment on ti e maimer in whi.i
iv «m
extenso ihe ii.si".
. c
Mr. Erskine'» cornu.unie, 5 : 10 ns have lit 11
i •.crived !\v die American government, or
S nith s
upon the terms and spirit ot Mi.
share of the consideration.
Such observations will be communicated
properly through the Minister,whom
his Majesty has directed to proceed to A
anv special mission (which
Mr. Erskine was not authorized to prom
except upon conditions notons of which
he has obtained) but as the successor of Mr.
Erskine whom his Majesty has nut lust a
moment in recalling.
I have the honor to be with great
side rati >n,
mrrica—not on
Your most obedient,
Humide servant.
['Iere follows the order in council of
Slav - 1 th, 1809 , us published in the Ga
r.clie of the 26 tn jub .]
Mr. Pinkm-v's answer,
ti cat Cumbcrl,»n»1 Place
May 2 ( J, 1809 .
a'• :• Irena to
i*a;»un to
,1 State I. f the
receiv'd the
me the hon'.r tc.
vvhich vuu d :
a nisi.
•T1 ' u:» \ - I
t*- »esmi : t
S. r re•;
r mat ion from nv
i , . t* transui ns «
N *■
;V w -n
\ U.li > ' •
. ,r ■ mmuutcati •« a,
. a v 1 nu-, I can unlv et
•i , . 1 • conciliatory ur
;. d I'lntluil (I, as you
■. r to inf'ii m uv, li
ed Sut
accrt-d.ied Minister .
conséquente, and
pursuance, of régulai
;s feem in. Cou't, are not likeU
11 ii :ve ai; ile.r -fivet which was natural),
to have b. eu exi epted from them.
I : .ve tt'.e honor to
i-r.t . nice rtt J
J 5 c
o la
t UL
; !.. • : » ; 1 C
With gn at consideration,
Yu w m .st obedient,
jiumble servant,
The Righ 1 H,m.
(jfc,rge C inning, li'e. Uc &c.
[Here follows Mr. Galhuin'.s circular to
r..n- bearing date
Augn.- . - t, and Mr. Ma
ni', .ii. s.i-.i:i elate, and at
ish.-d, rtvi k . g hi) former
p co:i. i rcial inter
! tile Coli- i ' .
; tl
die 8 u, u..-,- t.
.c, ,,
11 :n ; .
n-orl.ui: I'i'.ii
•|. (i:
: *4l r
;i;un, i**i toi.sequence*
;'s (li .iV.-.. al oi Mi. Er
..not v.i.h this country—
-■ Gazette ol the 32;h ot
I P-d il
r.uguE.. j
n. Aröibtrong to
crcturv of Stale.
l' .IUs, Sept. 4th, 1809.
. 'etter of vvhich I send you a copy,
c v d do: mg my absence arid de
P iris, til! mv return. 'I he note
t-r 'iin- m it hna not vet been received.
bein' me,'hat the Council of
. ordered to suspend their
[i edu - writ ri g,mi to our vessels.
: .- lioui't to be, sir, with high
.-i i
r. Smith, Sc
'•* it
i :kp.
Corïsium \; :un,
Your most obedient and
Ven lu mbit 1 servant,
Count Champaignv to Gen. Arm
Vir.NNA, \ugu»t 8 th, 1809 .
X ou have desired that one of the Ameri
vesmls which are in ihe ports r.f France
migh; he authtuiztd to depar t for the U
r.md Stares with your dispatches,
taken th- orders of his majesty on the sub
jeti of 1 his demand, and h s Majesty alvvav s
disposed to facilitate your
with -our
i have
government has permitted the
departure of tltt vessel y*u shall designate
i mlusin the ministers
! the finances oi tins disposition, rrquts
g " cm to secure the cxrcutinn of it so
on as you shall have made known
u the name of the vessel and the port
It 1 n: which it istodeparr.
i.ve the honor, sir, to appnze you that
snail forth Wifi address to you a note by
order ul hi- .'Tajm; y on tlic actual situati
on of our t via ions with the United States,
hie; se to pi oft' by the departure of the
sei to mal.
I the marine and
un .
i ;
tl'is known to tiic Feder al g
• en.meir. and permit me also to
send '..y
dispatches to the
.Minister l-'icnipctcni'.ary of hts Majesty
the Ut.ited Bta es.
C. -IiV ryuru d borne
Accept, a'.r, the aisurances,
&c. Jcr.
! ils excellency
General Armstrong, £i?c. is'e. 'ùfi.
• -'Il '<•••>• ;«v t J
vlr. .Smith. Sa-rctnnj oj St tlc.
P A H 1 S 19 lh September, J 8 UÖ.
•* I received un the Gdi instant, on mv
return from Holland, tv/o notes trom coutil
Champagnv, copies of which l have lhe
honor to enclose. In une ut these you
Will find an exposition of the principles
which have governed, and which will con
tinue to g iven) the conduct of his majesty
! with regatd to neutral
this, which was ottered as a definitive an
' s.v r to out pr..positions, I have believed
that any repli , before I had received .he
furth. r insti octions ul tile president, would
V "
UUtll! *.
nave or en pre
Lawrence arri ved at L'Ot-t tu on
the y.h, and Mr, Unwell at Tans wi.h
)vnr ilf.pa'cli oi ths 12 th ul .t
on the 1 3 :h ins». 1 iinniedia't it t 'ill c u
nica'i d to count Champaguy r pr -
proclama'. ion, interdicting
tiuwcial inu rcntir n-: ciwi c n i- f
and Great Li hui: ,
piaua.iuus as the cast appeared <o r «.quite.
::) -
,,a- • »,
anu 'puv • a
l.ztracl of a Icilir J , cw> Ci; •/// t,
e , At'eai.urg, Wag. - C.,
[Trans',a or, ]
mai u to addtrs» tc. you the
I st ] u.tt not;-, v. Iden l.is tnuj sty has ot
li i' ., mv t" send to \ou. and v. hi, l
riuuu.-.ccd : . ni last dispa ch. If Trance
• o x u t tin ai tins time ail thaï the United
v.rcicd America can detiire, unir gov
er uni-tit will he a it to sec that neither
p ej.ul. t iior animosity influences its con
i' 'c. 'iiv t if - ct of its attachment
the Americans, mure
ban any other p- uple, arc tuteiesteJ in
supp u'.ir.g, and • f i!ie necessity of repri
sals, which circumstances impose. The
empeni will consider as an happv event
that whten siiah ena! K. him to contribute
to th.; pro-pel itr,l Amer u a, m leaviug to
its commet ce ail the liberty and all the ex
tension which can rentier it flourishing."
[Here follows a letter (which includes
the whole of die documents) ol M. Cham
tiagny's to Mr. Arms'rong, dated Alten
burg, August Ü 2 d, 180 '.), ou the subject of
neutral rigiit-, which was published in the
Gtz.ttc of the 29 .h ult. It was copied
from a London paper of Oct. ISth. On
comparing it with the translation of the
same letter made at Wash tigton, we per
ceive no difference except in the phraseo
la sy*3
. ./ .it
1 ' d).
I have th
j;! s v.!,
t ; : r »:< -
Tr t* a s u r v 1 ) c pa run e nt
Dictml-cr f ik , 1 fit';'.
Si R,
1 have the honor to enclose a report prepared
in obedience to the act entitled An act to esta
blish the Tieasury Department."
1 have the honor to lie,
Very respectfully,
Your obedient serrant,
The Honorable
Ihe. President of the Senate*
In obedience to the directions of the act sun
piemcntAry to .he act cnt'.tlei! An act t«» ou
biish 'die 'Treas ny Depaitinent, M the
• :u t » ry
ot the l iea>u y respectfully submits the follow
ing icpmr and rstimates :
î hr ilnliPMJii ir.erchi.ndize and tonnage which
accrued during the \c. r 1807, stmoumed, alia
dciiactu-g die cxpenccs of collection, to
(hit. t. 'dd, 12 ii, 0 *I 3
From \x bi< 1 » »leducring for deben.
tu res issued on account of rc.cx
port »lions,
Ecft fu tiie nett revenue accrued
during chut year
The same duties during the year
1808 amounted, after deducting
the exprimes of collei tion, to
From which deducting fordeben.,
lures issued, and which on :\c.
count of the embargo did not
1 6 , 0 j 0 , 1 ;./'
10 , 581 , 3 . 5 ;)
240 ,"i )6
Leaves for tlic nett revenue aecruett
during that year, as will appear
by the statement [A]
10,35 2,11>\>
The statement [B] exhibits in detail the seve
ral species of merchandize and other sources
Iron» which that revenue was cobci t<*d
the year 1808 ; and the statement [A] gives a
comparative view of the importation» and
expoitadons of the several species of mach
due for the years 180 ,' and 1808 , shewing tilt re.
by (hstimlly the effect of for.ign angles..
and commet, ial rcsirictions
of foreign articles.
From the returns a'rea.ly received for the
three first quarters of the present yeai, and fiotn
the general knowledge of the irnj
made dining the two last months, it is believed
that ttie gross amount of duties on mere handue
imported during the whole year will, after de
ducting the expences of collection, amount to
about ten million» of dollais.
But as the debentures issued on account of re
export,.non, principally of colonial pr. dure,
will amount Io about 3 , 500,000 dollar«, the net!
* uiioiis
the imj
■f Vf..
l. I V IllblllU'S ,1 ,.| .1
: s :>y the .si .-r'll
•ic.cs have du ; i
(>1 Scott'"..her
• ''il* [I'l that the s„i ,. 3
ng tue year emit
of pu hint
the 3 'ntl)
. M O.«»
U-, HO,), ainounted t,
143,000 acres; art! tue payment» by p.j,
sets to near 500,000 dollars. Ti.e ; roceci* ,,p
sales in the Mis-iss-ippi Territory iteim/, a fnT
deducting the suivejiug and other incidental
expellees, appropriate! in the hut place t„ i| le
payment of a sum of l, 2 .V ',9 ID doll,us to
state of Georgia, arc di-tinchy stat'd.
It appeal» by the <e .ten.ei.t [ DJ that die;
ni the pi im I pa I of the
debt, hating »luting the same period amounted
to nç.o O..' 10 , ODD dollars, die reimbursement of
the 3 per crul. -tuck having taken pl..ce on t |i e
first ul .Ia.tu.ry laut. But ihe aggregate of pa*.
aCCi in,
5). » • • r ipal
- 1808 and 180;) n,
Hi-ii's on account o'
nul Ihr the tvv
sura ot sixteen Indian.s ul dollars a
tn'ei ist « dl
' y law.
tint about*
tio'Urs ui' thr pt:m : ; # I o|* C li«- clrbt
• ii 4 *r • ' < I • • I i I • * li
<i.i m
' «*■ V*«t y eai s ;miI
• "l Ol ! *j ; j
'•iivr, 130 ..;
i. m* * I*
doth S:
• t ! ; ;;
• f •
i III. G O
'•i of the
.] I
i iic l: t
t'racury (bjiin*»*
lït\ e
d l(ÿ
«. i''M till!
uu u.c d
■ ot '•«. pt. 1 , ; D■
r af
dill j
■its. '.>,31
ug te -edirr with the 1 m. ei
V (Ml i 11 C ! St Ol t >C
tob*.:. 1 tiCd, uikI (iintHiiitiii** to I .>, 8 -lf »,7 !7 52
An nggrrgntc , I"
2 j,l o 2 , 4,*0 li ,3
The i.'ishuiserivii.s dining t'nc same year tiuve
cjiis.stcd ui tue li ii u • w. • i ; nein-, viz.
C.vrl tlcpattmt ut un JuiUi'g tius
ccllaiicous expellees, un. I lieii-c
incident io r..e intercourse wi'.ii
lorci^H nation«,
Mil.tary and naval establishments
including itie Indian depart
incur, viz.
Md.tary, including
arms and tortih
1 . 4 -u),d 33 25
3 , 3 on, 10,3 is
v, 3 f'), 2 ii 7 «')
1 ntercst on the pub!.
8 '.< 2 , j 03 84
■t ',0 'r,pr i ni
3 , 18 (i, 14.0 IS
1 u, (, 0 a, ; ô; i 4
icimhar'cment of |
tue public debt,
al of
G. 7 d : i,r~r 33
as will
appear more m out ul
v tlic
SiUiemet.t f E 1 t
1 .*, 333,634 67
Ami leavii
the 30 tu Eeptembci, ltiop, a
balance of
in the tiei.surv on
23 ,Kid 470 68
M hence it appears that the
ertiment, exclusively of lii , ..
of tiic principal ol the da, t,
actual reeuptr. into tl
near * hi r tv tan i.u. lie
that the (*.t!itn-i.( y .
of the principal ot tü.
oi the sums prcviou..
oilier w drds out
tlic prec
1 he oulst.nnfi
(ledurlmg the
J ci w ; i. v> for b,
ex; vu', es ul -g
•tent- or. lu count
...ve exceeded the
treasury by a sum of
(loilats ; and
r e teimiiutsr.nrnt
br-ii paid nut
tieisury.oi in
us in tiic revenue of
• -V.HIÎ
wi t, i.d
i» i.» the
•u; vc .r.
revenue bonus mav f aber
ex|iei:ccs of collection, und al
! debts, be estimated to have a*
mounted on the JO::» of September, 1300 , io
</«;//>. 7 , 5000,000
*I 3
'i'iie duties o»i the importations du
ring toe last quarter will not pro
bably, after making
deduction, fail short of
All those wili t>e due piior to the
1 st day ol Jan. 181 I, and make
together with tue balance in tiic
tieasuiy on the 30 th September,
1 80 j, and amounting as above
staled to
a similar
e, 300,000
3 , 800,000
An aggregate of
1 he expence» of tiic present rjuarter
though not yet pieciscly a.-'c,
t lined w ill not probably, ind
ding the pay inents on account of
tile public debt, exceed
Loving on tiic
1310 , a bum of
16 , 100,000
. 5 ;)
3,(500 ono
:-t day of January,
12 . 000,000
About twelve and a half millions of d
cash oi hands payable during the yeai
applicable ta the
lars in
1 jI 0 and
I tliit year.
ci {.•cnees
rsiimat*.», however, is loumîeJ on the supposi
tion that the amount of debenture.) payable ifl
that year will not exceed two million* of dollar*»
and that the receipts duiin*^ the year arising
from importation subsequent to the lii st of Ja
nunry next, and iron» the sales of land, will be
s n f}irient to pay those debentures and to leave at
all times in the tieasuiy at lcuot one million cd
Kstimaiin?* tlic* expences of a < ivil
domestic and fmeiu
»turc, hot a
— - w n, l.»r ti.e year 1810, at t' ,c
amount actually expended for tiiuse olv
j'-Cts during the preceding year, or at about
,tills. l,600,00fi
And adding thereto the annual ap.
propriatior. of
l'or the public debt ; (of which
sum about three millions
hundred and fifty thousand dollars
will be applied to the final reim,
bursernent of the exchanged six
per cent, stock D
8 , 000,000

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