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WILMINGTON. WKî)N'I< SOA~V." JUNE r>. 1810 .
[NO. 95
Printed and Published
On Wednesdays and Saturdays
Jn Market street, a few doors above the B .nfc of
J, Tue Dsi. aware Gazette aha I be published
a targe folio
every Wednesday and Saturday,
II. The price shall be tour dolt.ars per annum,
exclusive of postage, payable half-yearly in advance.
HI. No subscription will be received for a shorter
period than one year.
IV. Subscribers shall have the riqht of discontinuing
their subscription a» the end of a year from the '
time of their subscribing, by paying what may be
«lue, and giving notice of Aoir invention.
V. Advertisements, not exceeding sixteen lines, will
be inserted four times for one dollar, and for every
subsequent insertion twenty cents—longer
til« same proportion ; but a reasonable discount
will be made in favor of those who advertise by the
ones in
year, half-year, or quarter.
VI. AM articles of a personal or private nature
be charged as advertisements, and must be paid
for before insertion.
VII. Advertisements, notices, &c. of all religions
rithin the state of De
and charitable institutions,
lavrare, shall be conspicuously ir,scried gratis.
(Pj- The postage must lie paid on all letters and
communications addressed to the Editor, through the
medium of the Post-Office, or they will not be Te
Grand Lodge of Delaware.
Grand Communicati-n of the Grand Lodge
of Delaware will be held at the Town Hell
in the Borough of Wilmington, on Monday 'he
2. r ,lh* day of June next, at ten o'c lock in the
' ur at whi'-h tile M isters, Past Masters
null Wardens of the several Lodges through,
the State are requested !r> at'end.—Published by
order of the Womhinful JESSE GREEN, Esq.
Grand Master of Masons fur the state of Dela
Edward Roche,
' Grand Srcritcry.
M>y '23, 1910.
AN away from the Star Office, in Easton, !
Mil. on Saturday the 19th of May tust, j
an apprentice boy, by the name of Joseph Jlurk , I
about 15 years of age, but fmall for that age, j
lively and free fpeken, looks paie when fpoken
to fliarp, very artful, and may change hi«
name and p oftffi in—-lie is a fast and tole-ab'e
correft compofitor ; bad on when he ian away,a
brewn cloth jacket, dark caffimere panmlets,
&c. The abat e reward will be paid to any '
pterion apprehending (aid boy, f taken our of
th-state of Ma 1 yland. O' ten d-dla:s if taken
in the state, and fecund I'o that I get him, with
leafonable expences if brought home.
It s prefumed he is mak ng for Wilmington
anti Philadelphia. The editou of paper? in
tliofe places are folicited to giv« the abnve a
few infertions, and the favor will be cheei fully
* The 24th being Sunday.
Turks Island Salt and Antigua
0\V landing fretp on bnard the slon'
C.ipt. Yo'k, at Mve.Vohallh' wharf,
hhds. Antigua
biulv-ls Tilths Island SALT
1U. M of a superior quality—for «»le by
S \Mi.. Sr TlIOs. HANSON.
May 2, 1Ä10.
Twentv Dollars Reward.
P. S. All perfons are forwarned harbouring
ftit! boy at lheir peril.
Star office. Easton, Mil.
May 30, 19I0.
At tue Book store of M. R. Lockcrman, Wil
nti igton, Del.
E'/idence axd I'Hectical impoh
or THE
ltd! e.'iis of discourses addressed to young per
Minhtrr eft be Unitarian Chapel, in hissez street.
This volume i* divided into s : x discourse»,viz
l't. Preliminary observations. The question ?tj
toj. l'hiln fjjliical arguments for the Christian
2.1. D'uect histoiicai evidence of the citrilian?
31. Propbedc and internal evidence of the
rVirisi'.an revelation.
istian reveLtion from
Evidences of the «
-s'iuc.iiv of lb'
The practical
isb scriptures.
of tbs' Christian
Wilmington Colle ge.
T HE Truftees of the Wilmington College,
> tike plcafure in announcing to a liberal
public, that the Latin department of this inlti
tution Is permanently eftabliflied under #he
immediate care of Mr. Jofeph Downing, who
will alfo teach the higher benches of Mathe
maticks. The healthy situation of Wiliuing
ton, its character for morality, the goodnefs
ot markets, and cheap nets of boardtjrg i com
billed with the well eftabiiflied repmat'on of
Mr. Downing as a fuccef-ful teacher, all concur i
to recommend this leunnary to the attention of J
parents and guardians, to whofe care the edu- j
cation and improvement of youth may be en
trilled—the truftees inform the pubi c with
equal confidence lhat the Knglilh fchool is in a
fluitnflimg lhte under the luper.iitendar.ee of
,i r ;,r - Dare - antl ' h 7 oung ua.es def art
' f,er ' na ' i . t , n "> 7 V - Ve , d T . '
Ot ihe Kcv. Mr. Ucndirrlon w'aofe relive
lability and acknowledged merit arc a lure
pledue of his dlfi.of.iion and ability to improve
the young ladies committed to h s care.
April 4 1910.
Dissolut.ion of Partnership.
HE partnership of Brathin f Iliic is this
dissolved by mutual con-ent. All persons
Hating demands against raid firm are requested
to present them ; and those indebted are desired
to make payment to cither of the su l -scribeis.
Thomas Btadtîh,
Washington Rice.
Wilmington, Feb. SO, 1910. 6(> if
i and Surveyor.
Ï 7) ESPECTKL'LLY inform« ihe old cn«
li nniers of Bratlun & Rice, and the. public
generally, that he has pun based the stock of the
said firm, and will continue the Grocery busi
ness, at tho same stores, v. hcie 1rs friends and
custorricis may be supplied with articles in his
line. Wholesale and Retail, mi reasonable terms.
February SM.
Patent Washimr Machines.
GffAHE subscriber respectfully informs hi
J| [fiends ant! the public in general, that he
har-, some time a Fo, pm chased an exclusive right
of making and vending l
throughout the htydiei's of Brandywine and
Christiana, in New-Castle county, a number ol
which machines he has already made, which
have been tried by divers persons and highly ap
proved of, as they sa"e a great part of the lnboui
of washing in the usual way, and are less injuri
ous to clothes.
have a supply of them on hand, which lie will
sell on reasonable teims to such as favour him
with their custom ; and will also sell to any per
! son a right to make and use them within the
j the hundreds aforesaid.
I , -
j Wilmington, Jan. 21,1 309.
_• -r
J— Ï
Washing Mach,ms
ill continue to make and
John Dixon
AVTNG succeeded Warners 0 s Tor
heit in the grocery business, at the
stores lately occupied by them on Market
street wharf ; offers for sale on the most
moderate terms,for cash or the usual credit,
A General Assortment oj Groceries.
And hopes by a strict attention to busi
ness, to merit a share of the public patron
The Packet, Sloop Hope, Capt.
Milner, with good accommodations for
passengers, will ply between this Town &
Philadelphia a3 usual—all freight sent by
said packet will be carefully attended to.
Wilmington, July 8, 1809.
S an apprentice to the Black Smithing
business, a lad about !5 or 16 years of
For particulars enquire of
Wilmington, April 11, 1810.
Insurance against Fire.
IIF. fubferiber g ; ves not' ce that tire D'rec
toi -3 of the Farmers' Bank of the State of De
laware at New-Castle, b-tng now ready to re
ive appl'cation« ami effect inlbrancc a gain ft
lofs or damage by lire, have appointed the fub
feriber tlie'r general Agent and Surveyor.—
Communications on the fubject of Inl'urance,
poll: pmd, Diall be promptly and cheerfully at
tended to, by
New-Castle, April 6, 8',o.
|C?-Notice of Deputy Surveyors fliall be
given asf non as arrangements are made for
p„r .if«

_ . ,
. t^eoaotnf (his interreningdiscovery
'' K ,vcn by a Mr. Adams, an Englishman,
long resident at Sr. Petersburg, whose love
of science was not to he cont ruled by dan
gera and difficulties, anti all'the horrors of
» distant journey to the frozen regions of
Asiatic Russia. Having remained a few
days at Jakousk on the river Lena, and
provided himself with recommendatory let
ters to the agents of govern meut, add to
some wealthy trailers in fur, whom the love
of gain keeps wandering lot years on%e
borders of .he Frozen Ocean, in the most
un(:01 ,triable of all donates, he proceed
ed descend the river,sometimes „ boms,
« -, , . . , , *
am î. 9 . on a reindeer, which he de
8c [ l!,es l ! le most disagreeable substitute for
* 1,1> ' | 8e . h , e ' vas ev, ; r condemned to. . 1 he
people inhabiting those wild regions where
the Lena fails into the sea, call then selves
Tongoux, and their county Angcnlam. To
the north of the embouchure is an Isthmus,
which, though faintly marked on our maps,
is of considerable extent, and here it is
sual for the neighbouring tribes to assemble
during the short summer they are favored
with, in quest of fish, and of mammoth
teeth, dr horns, (they may he called either)
which are frequently found scattered upon
the strand, it was in one of these excur
Diicovery of'a real and entire Mammoth.
*ioo* ihm a Torgoux chief. caiEtlSuumach
off, perceived'in the summer of 1799, an
unknown mass, incased towards the upper
extremity of a block ol ice, which had been
thrown ashore, and left by the waves. In
the succeeding summer he could distin
guish one side, and afterwards the feet of
an animat of great size which he soon con
jectured to be the mamm >lh ; hut on his re
turn home to communicate the good news,
the 6eers of the tribe alarmed him by d
nouncing the vengeance of heaven, if he
proceeded at.v farther in his enterprize A
similar monster had appeared hut once be
fore, they said, and all who had presumed
to examine it, and thusprv into the secrets
of nature, had fallen victims to a contage
ous disorder ; as all wisdom and power of
communication with .he gut's, it. these bar
baroua countr'us resides iu a few old men,
SomacholF reproached himself with his
impiety, and had nearly died ol a violentill
ness with which he was shortly afterwards
seized. Finding himself alive, however,
at the end of five years, and his hunting and
fishing excursions had been more than
sually successful, he determined to pursue
his project in defiance Tjf the seers. It for
tunately happened too, that the interval cf
the summer having been longer than usual
in the year 1804, the ice immediately about
the mammoth was melted, and the- body
of the animal, being extricated from the
case where it had been, fur many centuries
probably contained, and impelled by its en
ormous tvcg'it,rolled down upon the strand
below, where Soumachoff and his friends
assembled ; delighted with their prize, they
immediately proceeded to saw off the teeth,
which weighed upwards of four hundrod
pounds, and were sold for fifty rubles, and
the carcass was then abandoned to those
who Clios» to feed their dogs with it ar.d to
the wild beasts of the dci-ert.
It was two years after this, in the year
1800, that Mr. Adams arrived at the -pot,
where the skeleton of the animal covered
by the hide was still extended. His first
cere was to have the hide taken off, and the
united efforts often men were necessary to
drag it along, and stretch it open to the
He then separated the hones in such
to be able to put diem togeth
er again, and returned after a few excursi
ons into the neighbouring country, which
he has related in a very interresiing man
ner, perfectly repaid, he says, for all the
fatigue he had undergone, and the ezpvnce
he had incurred, 'i he mammoth in ques
tion appears to have been nine feet high,
and fourteen feet in length, with a long and
shaggy mane, but with no tad, as the ele
phant has, and differing in some other less
important particulars from that animal ;
they are probably varieties of one species ;
he hones of its head weighed four hundred
•and fifty pounds. I shallcmiclude the very
imperfect extract I have gi?*n of Mr. Ad
am's account in his own word». '* On com
paring the mammoth in my possession with
the description of the One discovered near
New York, there appears to be a consider
aide difference between them ; the last, (o
a manner as
. ,
judge by the indication ot tu teeth, must
have been a carniverous animal, which was
not the cas« with mine ; the thick fur of
rpine would imply that it had been a native
*^ e coldfer regions, but still it might be
•difficult to conceive how it became incased
with ice. As to the remains of mammoths
which have been discovered in the southern
parts of Europe, the probability is, that they
have been transported there at a very dis
tarn period by the violence of some great
inundation." It is added in a note, that
■ >5 r. Adams proposes to sell his skeleton
ci a mammoth, and to nppiy the proceeds
to the expenecs of an excursion which lie
hopes to make to the Islands of jacltou and
Sich ill, not without some expectation of
finding there a par: of ihe American conti
iüttug "o f the ä ltncm
[by auThor; : 7 y.j
■WÎ- -
In addition to an art, entitled, » An act
the Library far the use of bath Houses of Congress.' -
B E it enacted f>y the Senate and House of
Representatives of the United States of
America, in Congress assembled, 'I hat the
President ol the Senate and Speaker cf the
House of R epresentatives t or the time
ing, be, and they are
giatitthei.se of the bunks id the Library
of Congress,*o the agent in the joint
of Congress appointed iti relation to
ihe Library, on the same terms, conditions
anil restrictions as members of Congress
are allowed to
hereby authorized to
^se said books, any thing
contained in any formier law to the contrary
J. B. Varnum
Speaker ot tlie House of Representatives.
John Gaillard,
President of the Senate, pro tempore.
. May 1. 1810.
Linking furîV •
f >r complet
i' purpsvs.
ph#; Cap.
itol, and f.»r
-JI'j it enacted by the Senate and House cf
.$ Representatives of the United States of
Ame t ica» in Congress assembled,
addition to the
1 hat i
ations herctot re
made, the following sums of money be, and
the same are hereby appropr
applied under the direction of the Presi
dent of the United States, to die purposes
hereinafter mentioned, that is to sav :
For sculpture, and warming and ventila
ting die chamber of the lious« of R
tntives, seven thousand, five hundred dol
lars ;
i.U'.'d, to be
For defraying the expcnce of completing
the court room, and the officers of the ju.
dietary on the east side, completing the Se
nate chamber and stopping the leeks in the
roof of the north wing of the capitoLtwenty
thousand dollars.
For repairs to the President's house and
offices, five thousand dollars ;
Sec. S And be it further enacted, That
it he the duty of the superintendent of the
city of Washington, prior to any fur-her
advances of money being rnadé; :o call for
all claims on ascucnt of materials finished,
or work done in the Public Buildi
order that the same may be liquidated
ngs irs
Sic. 3. And be it furl!.
the several hUnis of money hereby appro
priated, shall be paid out of any money
the treasury not otherwise appropriated.
Speaker r.i* ihn House of Representatives
John Gaillard,
President cf the Senate pu> tetri.
enacted , That
J. B.
May 1, 1310.
r,n fir i/;t' better ncotmnodetthv:
General Poil Of ce and Patent office,
other purposes.
of P '
oml fir
¥~> F. it enacted by th
.13 Representatives of the Unite,
: assembled.
note and House cf.
Steles cf
1'hat ihr
tes hi,and bere
America, in Ccngr
President of die United
by is authorized to et
purchace, a building suitable for the accom
modation of the general pest-office,, and ti
the office of the keeper of the patents, in
such situation, and finished in such man
ner, as the interest of ihe United States anti
the safety and convenience of those offices,
respectfully, and the arrangement'of the
models in the patent office, shall in his opi
:r procure by
mon require.
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That th?
Présidera of the United Suit*» be, and

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