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Delaware patriot & American watchman. [volume] (Wilmington, Del.) 1828-1828, December 05, 1828, Image 4

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W ,LL be sold at private sale, iqpecably ta the las. will
W nd teslament of William Lindsey, deceased, THS j
FARM on which he resided, neai Newark, sind to con- j v
tai 137 acre» 30 of which are Woodland—seven Meadow, j "
and the balance »nable It lavs adjoining lands of F. H.
Halizhecker, John I'ilner, Zuc'haiiah Junes and others, on
the road leading from Chiisnaita to F.lkton. It is well «a-,
tered—and productive as any land in the neighbourhood)— j
it is laid off into sis fields, which are well set in ! .mothy I,
„ _a. ami clever. The impre.ements are a good "
LOG DWEXilrlKTG HOUSE, »Ith three I
, S.aoles, &c.—aVVelloi j
Valuable Farm for Sale.
llll A
rooms on a Ho* i, liai »
excellent Water ai the door. There is also an }
1. is a desirable situation, and well worth
A,.pu tic tard
the attention of those who are disposed to vest their money
in lands. If the ao*»ve farm should not be sold at private
sale, before the *2d day *>1 Februaiy nex>, it will on that
day be oflered at public sale, at the ho-'Se •»! .lames Fraizei,
in Ne walk, at 2 o'clock, I*. M. A»i> person disposed to
ml! apply to the subscribers, who will shew the
I, j
property and make knew il
J A MES A N DHHSON, Kxecutur.
Newark JhtguH 15, lHh'8—61—tf
SL©w;a & gm&saip
Successvirs \u .\d\yw l'uvicWt
.IT Ilia OLD HT.IA'D, A'O 17- M.tltKET STREET,
iriLMiMi ru.Y.
hantl :
fIM subscribers w ill at n'l 'imf-«; kcei»
i;ant av-oitment of nrjujv r.TArE glo
t (1 cSu itulc •• * '
4Joats, PautahfOiis
rder, at
THING. of the must fas
will sell very low M ca*h.
! evi*rv garment in their line, niadt
Intending to pay «»net uttentiun «u
accoTnmoilate their
wu.c'i they
the sh« «t st notice.
less, and to
friends and the public, they ask such a share oi patronage
as their ixcrioos wdl deserve.
September 23, 1828.
l":i, or
their hi
„ ,, I
OTS in Dclaw.ie City, five miles below New Castle,,
offered fur sal. , or lo lei 01 . ground rent m.
reasonable terms The buildings io he elected in
ensuing spring are numerous and exiei.uvc, 'ami irai. s.
men, mteiianics, maiiofsciurers and others disposed ;•
make improvements there, inav find profitable employ
ment, ai d make investments yielding a great income lor i
the capital eniph ved.
The Chesapeake and Delaware Canal at its terminatum
in the Delaware i ver, passe« obliquely iliro»:;: » the c«-i,. j
tre of the ciiy-pl.Ji i which, from its ehg bh: lut n j
promises to become a place ot extensive co.nmeice. as,
»a ll as of great d. posi e ; and must largely participate j
m the benefits of the susqueliannah trade, mat will here
l >: ,. r ,,,,, through the canal to Hie Delaware river. The
tmaciuus uitifin." harbor into which the catt.l ..neu«, oli'eis j
ût important convciiience to shipping, in-lie secure With
. Iiich It Willalibtil to vessels a-a point whence Hie. may .
' cacti the ocean wilt almost any w ind ; ami the tacililo s
f ihtr place for storing coal, lmn1>er, 11 uv, 8cc , anil s*«*P* j
t them fur fore «g n maikcts, especially in the v inter, i
A ; ten ilit navi^aiiui» to Philadelphia is obstiucted by ice ,.
.i '< also be ot prune importance t« the s!r 'pin ç iuteiesis t
l ' immediate v'iC":.»y of Delaway (hty furnishes an <
jjply of tiie Wstcluy; aid lie «Hum facture ol
'»'•ifki is now in c.Ytt nsive opeiatiun there. Wood and ■]
U • r.her ol die best «j-anlit; can be h» 1 at die most rcusuna- j
ober material f»»r making gom), t
lines of siea»n |
ason befwt en |
l'.«'»vengers uill be earned j
ided It
•u«is will <laily convey them *
71 —d
DELANV ARE ( i n .
e now
r'ant si
, ( j ( * terms, aad every
cap and profitable improvement!*
" iTis W„I it.;: du ly dui mg the C'situ: ;
VI: »addphia and this place,
on the canal in pa .Lets |
vest end, whence Me*
Dalumore.* T'his,w;ll he doubtless (he cheapf'J, most ex
a.i of i he
purpose, t«i the ;
pt-il tious, R'.)d mosy popular route to the lather city,
h'.vei'v encouragement w l! be g ven t«> \\ "*
1 Ht-t le in this place.
■ hnuxe cl the :
Delaware City
tt, build.
»prove a
at the house ol the :
MAMTil. liMlE, }
No. 28, South Win."-« h, P ; iitida { «'
Agent, Delà am C v
89—1 Ol
Nov 28d>. 1828.

DOUSE FOR SALE— \\ ill i)t: -old. kw
at public sale, a. ti»e house of Ju m M.Sm.;li, S\ iln,.,. - n, :
I »fi ft day Uth M »uh Illh, a( 2 o'chick, V M. A 1.01,
No.78, (next d«»or above James (iardner's st u*) Mai ket j -* !
F'reet, l.îfce* 4 inclus front, running back 38 feet 5 mcli- !
l s-, tticuce 93 feet 7 i'Ches, and 21 feet 9 inches wide.— '
On Hie same - «-reeled t
' \ Tbvvv Slow Hrirk Uon-o. ]
A I ntl mnrj nue K lion ! c ,„
15fcei 4 incur-» J*'• >»» , :u, d -7 her d« <-, . * k •(•> a goo jr
*! tiree Slury Hvick IVicli L.iiilHig a .nexed *hispiop«t
•y has the privilege of two wide A. !«.•>**, une to M .i »ri îk ^
he other to K ng SUM. It is «»• ■* uf the best standi u tore
IL.i ougti, for a DKV t.OODs SIOUL U.v
Persons u anting t«i\:c*.v \hu pT'periy before the day of : . n
ill call on Willi .«m II Naif. ' t!(t
made known oil the day (if sale—Im- ,
•;i t
mediate possession will be ri*.
I tt
Miii-v l'(»')iusDii.
Wilmington, ll'h Month, 4m 182.J
. .
Arithmetics, Kngli.*b Headers, Scqm-L, Spelling Hooks, ;
Geographies, Bibles, Testaments, slates, Ciphering ai-d
Copv Ho ks, Wiittug and Let cr l'ajn r &i«-. tor sab al A. 1
ti. if. Wilson** Hookatid Stationery Store,No. 5, West High î
street, at reduced p: ice: ;
Trunks, SmYAYcrj uu«Y Hatncàs
.Muk vug.
suîjscrüier having ptm.liased the stock in trade of
(Vitliam IF tak«-s tin* rn-nhod of injurin''i-g i. ^ ,
friends and the public, Dial he intends to carry on the
business of Saddling and Harness making in all v
branches, and that as lie will
i■ a :e the fii'Sl
■M.r (i it.,
ms lor ..a' ,
s v:»r. ;
Q tbc t)est m;»»<
be doe
i oeu empbjycd
*o say »hat the articles in his I
will be too «id ut Lie most taslnonaolr .< tl
and cannot fail tu g w genenl s;Ri>f.t •.!:'»«»
< n hand 8a
Trunks, and
tilers fur sal.* at low prices, ut tue old M
Ret Street, WJrtnngluu, Dei,
, winch lie
a. a
Mo In:
« lluriu*s
lies, H - .les, (
! assort
u.vl (\
• g
"f S . ; lie v, which in
1, Nu. od, Mar
DAM1) T Mll.l i
Octal, er 14Hi, 13'8,
7 i
•f Mus ■ I
5 SCO TT, f»as. j »»?;». recuveo, a frt sii .supply
>3 » tortile Flute, damme', and Violin.—ALu, the Pit-i
eptcr for the French U i 'Ij.
N.Il— J.ä ho. for Sale < xeeantj hand l.'li.r.oi.etof the
«mqiremy. which will boiiiartooed ot a., a very rctiuced •
Nun C. 1828.
t'Oti SALE.
A SloMjt. abo'il. 13 Tons Harden,
■der. Jppl., a i lhUUJ->'\
fi ce, or la
*' ' .
A. II. 1 <MiH12*tOH.
Lamweli'* IL idge*
W "ell found, uuil in food on
o «. 3i. i?:s.
iîni!* !i and Hello w s Alia 1 11 factory,
commenced ihe above busi-'j
g < i.n w. mf.i z, I.»
a Jf ness in ad ils varieij', at
No. 90, South Second street
Tiro doors heltttp the ULr chant s' CujJte House.
I'hiladvlphiu, July lb. j.S—tf

j The subscriber holds for sale, in the town ol
j v CasMe. several good Houses with Garden*
j " , , ° . i
attached to them, and a number ol built.IMg lots
the property ot &. N. Uicktnson.—Also, a l'ai m ol
(00 acres, within tour miles of New Castle and i,e
j yPll 0 f Wilmington. The subscriber will ex
I, b t jj t f t] e property, and make know n the
" ,u,t " '! sl J" ll,c a, ' " la " L
I termslot sale.
j A harm to let m liratidywtn" Wundrcd, near
} Naamati's Creek, lately held by Thomas Phillips.
No. 87. Market St. UVmtnqton. Oct 3.
_ 74—-tf
Canal Packet Foal,
r llF. Subscribers tender their respects to the public, snd
inlorm them that they liave procured at d fined up
lundsume style, a Canal Fackel Unat, which ihcy design
ning the ensuing season, to and from Delaware (;iiv,
Si. fieorges Hinl Summit Fridge or Deep Cu', on tlie
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal— for the accommod itiun
of visitors and others
. This boat will run i
Huai Kmc*—L eaving Summit llridga and Si.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings,
eight o'clock, and arrive al Delaware City, at 9 o'clock,
»here passengers can take the Steam boat immediately,
lor Philadelphia,—and mi Tiic-i'.av, Thursday ami Saturday
nfli riiiji.ua, upon llte arrival ol tl.e Steam lloat from I'liila
j dclpliia, wdl leave Delaware City, for St. Ceorges a
Summit Urulge.
Passage from Delaware City, to S'. Georges,
*' irom do. to Summit lltidge,
UcUirning, sane price.
conncclion will) Ihe Salem Slcam
at seven anil
111 '
25 cts.
IHT.fi, Fliihde'phia,
T. MCLFOliD. !ii. •
April 16, 133d, -_if
b! If The b> ;.t iv II oe always in rciuliness to ar-*-. - it,o
I dull'parties, fn m 9 o'clock, on Monday We.Ines.lnv and
I Friday morning , to two o'clock, on Tuesdav, Thui 'v
unJ Sat ,, r( ] By Jand on Sundays will meet ai
stt , am g , lt Hialmai arrive at Delà acre City.
. •C*'.!W a « ' * l «all IfiiUl if,
WÄ" S}»'?,-» O'l /jV/I/LV STTI'II'K !
\ ■r'Pj'<ykL» »,■ , , T , j
i v "î ,ê\ > rllri ' "J fti.ns, fungus, |
<|ïj; a5tni!iastnidapi>vuaclii)i£i:o.i \
^ fAi y If* sumptions, 1
j Tbstimontals. (
j f . rim u> so j
as, ™wbte^ri«^ ' s ' ' \.
j _ r I crsonally appeared betöre mt '
]NaHiaiii. tir. Esq Mayor ot ihe ciu ol ! aneastor,
jam! being dulw.orn or affirmed severally de pm d, and
j declared, that t v had made cse of Dr.'i iarkson i'reç
man's Cough Its, for Indian Specific; upon themsc'v,* :
. witli thegrea'etueccss,lor Ihe curing ot coughs, Colds,
s astliinus, constini uiia, spiUitig id blood and diseases cl |
j D»c. breitet aivl .irs-~ai 1 t.i;u in e*. rry iiistanci' their « f*
i fects were comp e and infallible, »!! fully appear by the
,. follow ng usiim > of those who have useii Imml. '
t Mahtix I.Miroi Lancaster, aged 5'J y 'ars, a tt.ng iirnr*
< giieyoiisly alHicfl with a violent»-ougli* pai
jin bis sales and east, spitting t;f m
■] nip,lit sweats aiiceotic 1«
j lus life despairec 1 , was conipli tei> cm 1 by usii.g 3 hot.
t ties, now better an G year.-, and r. mans
| disease of bis brti and lungs—attirn
en |
: frtm his i
and in
.iiuicirtei! i.nil
veil a . to the
( _
ex- fi:y of Lancastetcured by using dirt boid-.s,
I Blanchard, aguT> ycaia, U
j using 2 bottles.-liristi
he t
I ami : *d»seribed ot !
April 7th, 18J6.
Samuel Denniugcd 36, of Strasburg townshic, Martin
; Kravmer, aged • years, of (hmestbg:
ultime exceeding—Isaac llionm, agt
township, a long j
1 17 veais, of the j
Ci hurles
L r al
aged 42 ye:
Township,--;* d, by using » I odles,
; son, aged 32 y?a r 'f Don gal t«*v. uTUip,»
iged U years o te ( ii> <»l Lancaster, (.. I> Lowe,
! die City of I .after,—Jo
burg t..w:*. s
>1 by
rs, ol Man- i
] a-d J* hi.- *
•Jac* i. v. i'lhelm,
i :
ph Ihi.r, aged 40 ycuis,'ot |
tn hauler, aged U'yt'uis,o1i
j Millerstow n, Mmr >owi.: hip. l.acli of »he above named 1
' persons laboureatder violent coughs, pains a:. 1 sti'ches
hi the sitha am «?asl, for a lung »mu* :md
uf sbme and mat front the Inn;;
swerts, !kc. ScCri were cured i
: i
i Hectic Level and night 1
i a short time b\ a i
swerts, !kc. ScCri were cured i
kw fini tins of it.nil
i a short time b\ using a i
Specific Severally sworn oi uf.
«rmt-d and subsirfi to in 1826 * j
Li te-Lmou;. roof, have » hereunto affixed my hand j
-* ! 'd seal this 25tay o' January, 18^7, in the city of Lan
castel j
[ :hAL l 1MIW1I.I. LIf. lli'N KH, Manor, (
1,1 • of the city ot Lanças» » ;, i ru -tfidlv ;
u,forms (he pubthal siuGcr 'h- .ntruflucimi, «.* 1,1 m ,m*«!.
c ,„ e to tl.e Citis rj- :i.e United ST;.:, . with: »I tin* |; tM i
jr years past, 5de;'.o..itons In: been taken fit foie the ,u
,•<;«, t; j- authori in fbc city of Lau« »str-r —vi/uv. • i
^ t:it pmpor i««!<.:e th< I u\ J.. ]... I' Jf, V / fH .; \
tore s uimie | La,.er, Lsq. I- r rr. m, v. .», ■ M. t
U.v of l,u,casli gr« at n.Imh.T ..» •, Tf'l- I n '
: . n ahlvi man fn- eu v «h «. «,.— ' '
t!(t . r.tturi «fco.
, , 1( ,
m|;v il i
PL ;
.; nr
-liny hi I .Hi .
•tba.ufi /..' ."I.;
'ity of I
iber I.Tt l u in So.«
I tt late
' liai !ii
* 1825,'. i.fiv.
■'! yor « I lia
«I his Li
■of i- pr '
.1 di
MC l y
mvtIL j i lb. « I
the ;
eauv t . ke •
.1 Cl
wher - t!
. <*h of l e
; have beende d, toge lu i- v\i:h ».he ti.n
inaiul fur it, hi >\ his a cuts
1 o 4. 3 and (j(X>>
î »r the public dgc of ns extia*.idi«.uiy c!u ;u -. amt
; virtues
j/* The abmediciuecut: clw ;
puti< ut - J
u g (W - 1
1 :• ir, :i It f r .
>: ' lio lil'Sl uri!l
• J till,
s be lih'l of hisaFents, |
or ot Ute iirtior, at 4<is meil.Moat Himp, South ij
sireet in tl.cn l.t
comp«.sit..»n I •«■
, h M)\ a c »urn
'« i - . He hi t s :»« '.mpresson the I
me wit hou» lus signature ; a base
public, that nu e ..; ;
•« »ted to h* i npovud
tll^ pul».
°f his valuable medicine,
im* sale by JOHN WHITE,
.ton, Del.,
1 Ntl ! H, Vit st 11 1 V.
*ts«» be fount
la. i .','u'- Wraokiou ,.!.
, r-..,, 20,1
^ ne re may
Lbina, v i.*ss, and
Mediae, Uc.
Deine birr lue>trance Cu
« the Str.c «.-J lie- I
NL'MH'0 ED hy 1 he L.gid * .ut:
Mw.tr«*, « capital «t one hundred thousand do'lms.
Pres and Ditcclms are now re«:ci\ii j npplica*
r Im e, ut their Office, No. 21, Ship.cj .street,
j between Fron! Second streets, aga».i*t hy IMre 1
i on eve i y de - ion of Huildingt mgr. e. . } M«-rch jiidn-e- '
s » H« chuuld ihm, it urc*, 1
Will their Ci
l otherp ilpmptity ;—also,
■ I b >' in,ani1 **<>ta'.iwu ofyyoda, tv .
Slups i
nst loss or damage

, merchandise,and i
.. „ „ ....
Icimso rance will h« :*hf . uahle as any nf the
|%•*?*''•**"■ «''»'«••* «*' i'hil..,l. ;..hi» or Ncw.Yotk. - i
• fi beTru-rAk
l ' '- V ;
adjusted b company.
•H»iin M s Ag*.*nt to survt v property to lie H .ure-l,
ilu: tov! vicinity oi « w-Castle, in place ot L J> ■
! Hlitnev, d-d.
; Lj vi I! ,8 is Agent to s'jrvcv prowei t«» be L *"
lhUUJ->'\ i Zr n T Ui k''' > Kli '.'
Ju ta C s lA^eiti to snn vy |.ropct i; to be Ilsuic.;
for the tttd vicinity of Smyrna
Joseph is Age »» '«» survey property ta ce }■..
t ^ T ^ ie ttJ ^eTii-Lln s'er and vicinity.
John i on,
•Juscpl ,
David Ison,
D. Bi.SVvt.rarc.
April 25 .
David Rush,
V.'rn. Chamller,
Joseph «iiubb,
Hoben I'orter.
WM. SUAI., r rendent.
43 —
A Kami ill A p p«f| « » . » » IUII1 k
lz N bjihe naine of CA. Il hX I AttM, coi» i j, >
"■ about 350 acres of hand, will» a good P'*?P" rl " °*
.Marsh, and a t»-dhc»ency of Wi-od h»r the use of tut* t.»iro
.»quantity of M»rsh Meadow embanked, ami more may be .
made at a small expense.—It is within one mile ot < ant- I
»ell's Bridge, »here there is always a ready market
kinds ot gram —It is rendered more elligaole hy its «ittia
11011 . on :' ,c , sluU -; rolu ' 1 '•?,""***'? ' e .,f iu 1
,,„ii„n.ink Creek, which facilitates the conv.lance otits
produce to Philadelphia pnd other' »»jketiP'I he un
ptovements arc a commodious l.'K. DiY f.IXINCi tiDUbf., |
in good order, and a wall of good waier near the door, a |
large frame barn, &c—The situation is one of thi* healthiest ;
und |th usuiitest in the .teighborhooil—The »ums shall he
math* accommodating Any person wishing to view the
abu\e prone ity, will please apply to
SVilÜT.u Polk
h of
Lu the. Court of Cliiimt vy of the Stute dI','"
t/. l.liltllL) ^
For .A Vu? Ca.°i!e Cminh;, Op the ll'inter
ri. ; i/./.n
leViHf .I . .//. iu»8. I
ol Cantwell's Hiidge,or
.lumes Cochran,
Oct 30. 13:'8
V S—Die purchaser can have possesion un the
March next.
Jcèiah /'. Clement ,
H tt filed February 11 tf, % 1S28.
L'tmt'd. iSnbju
to I
Jtobtrl /Jlackstock ,
Daniel hin S!yk*.
Ï TT.Y 21 *st # aPidavit of William Hi-nim u
Same day, on motion *»f James Intimer, Jun.
nu A. A. /.
r.!ed —
lor Hie C'impluma
on an iifiidavn made, I lint Rot>vi Lluckitorte
ar '' m,t of Um state, mid do nut itside Hierein; that
the saMl , . toberl HI■"■knock .m l Datiirl Van Sl.ike do
pv kr in this «'curt, t.i Hie e; . \ su", i.n the tht-il day nj l . h.
n " 11 And the Lliancclh r directs that a
' "PY 111 H.m order thall, »"I.n Hi'rty d. ys, be publialied lu •
' Ih-brwnre I'.it'in!,' a.,d in l'ie wiy dir-,■ .'aliens ,
paper printed in the state ol New York, Ihr the spaci o. ;
! three months, next alter it. first publication, and a
j tb.-icof widiiu tliiilv days he posted up in the liegi
| (id ee, and at die Cent! Ilonse duor.
\ s .■w Castle C
1 r Wx I 1)0 Càl.U; IFY that »ho above is truly copini
( J E # f» '*mth«- llocor.i IN I F.S IIMONV W'lll'TtKOl
j * ^ * I have hereunto sot my hand, ai il aliixot! the s« a!
[uf a t Court, ai .\ra L'u-tle, Hie ?iril day ot Joli, A I)
' jy g. T sT'DCii iU.V, Rtm.u-ri
: g 1KS ,,,. r , , ; M . Y informs his friends ai ,1 the mi' IV
J ^ that he has rcim i d to Hi.-. I'.oru • Hi i.,t• 1 it.:* I ,■
| B , „ m onri H lit. IMINIIM., t.l,A/INl. \NI) |'\lu;
jj k j| ns v u.
., IU i, llOI * 1 o % i, u . .
* ()1 V, •
"'I? ;
»ter i.
it y
( V . unie ey
July 12 , »«•?« — 5 d
( ii Y RL!0S S VI N Dibits
«■ b/ai.cl
l hopes, J«y .si if cl
to merit a share of public j- (ro:,:u ; t
N. It Wanted as an apprcntire, a hoy from 15 lo It
\ cars ot ag

7Ï1IIP, rubflcribrr hardisconl ».net! the
C m SINKSS. bu Commues lie* U'f.nf,
•i liusntusR, f.iheiul adv;
'e, with tin
' ,,, ' l " l !
addition of t'jin.n'.
to Dash
(ion i mice: un li
j July 3, 1828.
(. A!vl)\
4!)- If
tOOPilf' 6 tt NOVEL,s.
r, has j<p.r. bve
: Hock a «1 I fut Sua«.
| *^ / ' r 14 l I'-.2d.
. N - ,{ •' S. I s put several copies of the above work in
1 his ISirannitin:, Library.
2 nils by»:. '
;l lor salt al J hcoll'.» |
i n.wKM.iM. liAciir.i.on,
'1 In* SiiljNtT'iijci*, ] i : t \ j , .*■ ii;ni
d ! ; I
'• i ':ih
, as s !
• ( '
i »Hcntion toil.c DU\ f.OODS IDS!:«;'.
»■N'RcIStn.t asso.tmanî u: L \Ll. (
j |>e*# i..*- H!
j hstine!,, L
l|»nr.ba/.etts, green, re.
j Lan on f.rapes, Iri.h lin> ns <
( and Swiss Mushns« \t ngs rf i-v,
; h *d, (>> tun an;i S-.k. H<»-i:uv
DO.MF.S'1 IL LOOLSf !'-Ui.
i he wn.lt« Shis fne' :s uu! the r. . . -Jp <„ , Vtr ,
,u ,; uli at No. 55 Muikct Slrcct,
i \ » .
\ oiDMIl 'x(*( ]u||«.\
t Nov. 25.
. H ack J) ., :»iuJ :
-t. d L.'.-s
bu t , 'La-!;*; Pi I
«Und«.!' - PL,
n-. , / c . j
»Mi f..: •"•»' uroLe «i/i't'i: 1 ;» in French. ;
. ... , , M " iM " 1 K ut sir. •. ts—thutv 'hr< c 1
lev 1 !«»jn.*i«- L :s W, !! r . j for a Factor'/ '
•itUiUne bh v p. i oi lr- llS 4! , tl j v (o J \
• l( ' \ \\ \ !.!. t, or
V. ilM.il
, u •. \mij 3,1, 18 >i
1 «
NLV. lillDKS.
• ale at
J. Scott'» Hook ami;
' ï' T HKtT.I\ l it, iai.1 f
;*? lia Store, N, «j;
1 Me ■
Mat!: t
2 vol.s. 8 ;•
I v mg's Life of Lulumb
mr.us, \.y a I
Si. Valentin«*'« Day, by the ;
VVdn.ingt« n, Ju
I R' lige us Di
- of Waverly, £;c.
• id, 13.8.
ND i !<
Those persons to whom Hetty Story, late «rtbcÜ
'l.'ceii -.'il, m ;1s imU-hteili
l; •«ng'i ni \\ ilinif*
in the t/enr eighteen ha
ed to lu ritisi
« d ill'll Utie . a IT
request - 1
nufhenticilt- «
V» ilt.tir.gtot,, or to 1
thi'ir arc
jcil. to Sitiiiuei S (Jiir I,
tiie subsci tfier.
I li Î *•
' r'bfi
1 ni
«fit», nu t'i-A.s,
I'liilad. 10th
llutil, Stute am! Triu.l, V
« Marko« Street
' ftLK

i r> FTtHlNS >.„ , .
; 'fie business inili.i.Ulally, iv. iiiq
: inihlic, mat he intemis licvnti,,,
ticttlavlv to custom w.i-k s
c :
Nos. 08 . t\- i(|()
v, and

„ _. Ht- Hau.-fs li.oisi-;, •
-e <u Ihe business, he
lencral sadshic jon.
ki OU h
M from fris :
'»'lie i.
rth'mcn of U dm:
înietl that the work
by choice
tu die latest /ash
1 > keen«
»ginn an 1 its vi
•M be conducted
mb' bin
1 the «»est ma
1 inimetmtr i
I>K t
lefials, and accci
j He has on band
assort,nr,,, Black -ut,!' f..
i Boots at.. bliocs , Morocco du ; (; a p- ,
■»k,.. do., M- is i Hoots, SI,,:" *
\\ iter I'roet liuoN, ,. s
asaortn.ei,. t r jnJ ,
N. It
ai l-, lute
; ■» larjj,. and rompI> ; t
-ic ;
. utl( > romps: c
«»•«**•- Also, u ye
:m'l:s to taq.plj
' nexltns'ic u«.
. , ■ THUM
•> «»makers would find a ,i v ...
. icmscivea vviii, studs and it
sort moot. 1
j WiJmingR.n, May 1.5, T82ci.
-m SCO I 1* begs leave to »tat** to hi* friends and (he null
el • lie, that he has made àuch arrangements with J r,v,
»ml other cheap Booksellers in Rinludelnhia as *» Pn p'
,„ m ,„ ( |i p , )3t . „f Sr.hml aw! nth-r IU,„kl, together ***'*
general assortment of S I A I lOSKilY at the item- •
either at wfiok-rule onelail. I n conseimm,.
1)t „„pi, arrangement Merchant» ai d Ttachen, from h .in
1 ,own a "' l COu '" r ?> wnuld iiml milch tu their adv, I:
„, ca|| , )lirc | IWM . ( », | 118 re, y rt,lure,I Oricr« »ill
pletely preclude the neces.ii y of their going to the cuv
| ,-, jr any article in liisline of business on the score of el
| hesss / 1 «•**•» •
liana facturera.
——• To let lor ft term of years, that large an,;
'f;! ;•[ conenodious building in die llurouglt „fVVil.
::qij| iniiigtou,formerly occupied at a Hrewen, situai
the corner ol Tatimll mid High streets,
1 U fe. t Its g and .10 feet deep; villi a dwelling attached]
I and a never failing spiing of excellent water m the eelljr
I to pump hy horse power. This building is well calcula!
dI','" 1 a punicuiaiiy weaving,or diviiü,,,.
I— "heilig ma eeutn.l pan ol the liorough ; with agnail
brick stable on the premises The subscriber think«it
unnecessary to say any thing further, as any pencil »ist,.
ing turent would first view the premises.
I April 5th, lhlH. 21—tf IsKAKI, I). JONgv.

: . -ÏI
i mk~£
w- J '
.s- «-M
*• )
IS3-P - :
.Vo. fij, Hal,ml Street, .Vo. Hi. German, and «
(» t'liiLfe S[. Struthinn /., I'hiludt'l/iltUi ,
! AND N,. of.. MAI.",}, I S l id r. r, WILMLNf.TOV,
• I liunlol ft r p.i i lavors, it pc-etliilly infonns his i'iiends ant
lie earrica on
! Vt the above place ■>.
I orders in I,is line v. ii
Ihe Pub,.«
iit-ral. tli:
ah its vat i
branche?*, where a':
• t iiiiiUlnlU received, and r.-rompt*/
hand a large Hinckvl
; attended tu \ IL- .1 »; |, U t
,'h.,l titsii, l.-rnl mid lrnr. 1'ijjcs tf .ltneriw. Mm
' U J" C J»re.
| 'D.-m
K (he work / tnvVf, lie warrants the Vi; • f»r u
Sent 9
Skiji ;ind Cïindliî ^lanuiaetorv.
Subsc'ibf; takes this opportuiilty to infhrin t! '
(•••'die bill he continue> the above business it» nil it';
s, at »hr tihi viand, c
»•■«/.■ in? l\ tendu* .1/ -
M.«nu far;
! Difii CYNfîLliS,
'lot qualify
N. IL 'f'lie highest p»ice glvn
Ext, »titl Tat of » vert description.
' W ilrrjing"on, July 'll, 1^23.
i of d utnafl and Queen
'/ /Dir e, wlieie he wit!
nish, a 1'hiKufe'phiapiices ,•Uouliliml
dlm*a t VtUù\v 9 ti nd ttmv't SOAP, of ii«e
lor Lui Lav, BuiClien*
\ '*we YVtduce.iV Vn Due Dullax. ■
SI L'LLYk'IvVs ^Äl^-jfc-4
i m
JJg^ notice tLat he Im
*• reciticcil the fare
m« the Statge and Slcam H >at Lii:e to ar,d f,om Pail
j phia, via Ciaveii's i-'eiry, to one dollar. A stage w:i/wll
; f° r ps^sangera at their own doors in Salem, every di.v,
c 1 (•'''•ndays cxcopied) and me .t the steam beat Baltitwre,
' ,: apf. Whil :.-u ni Craven's ut 2 (-Meck I*. M. TheH.il*
J \ t.more will leave Pbila«!
! ml) at 6 o'clock A M.
! U eii ou
, him runs as usual for the* pi est at.
'a tvciy day (Sundaysexcept
1 passenger'* will hi* landed at
doors in Salem bv 11 o'clock The Hsltiir.ori
,\' t pi. 23.
I Sl'E (TE IV.
»HF.SE IMPROVED PILLS are an efTectnal reine
for dyafiefma,
ealion, jaundice, head-ache , heart*
j b Oi'n , auk ness at the stumm U, uuihty, fa: nines », loss nf up j
flatulence, voa'ivene.n, pi les, :ucakaesi, of the limbs,
j »// * , palpitation of the haul, slow hi, 'tous fever, stupor, and 3*1
j tiio-fc very afflictive complaints connected with «iifiicul'v (ii
tiie d'gestivc organs, and dtruiifcmtnt in the functions <jt£
uv t-r.
; t
('erf if cate of Dr. Jiamnlin.
a nrtif cut ■ from Dr C, F Jfuvmiin, *
'divine, ui the (j/durrtity rf Gjctmyen ,
n Cam bridge, Muss,
• effects of Jewe'tTI c.*
j pruvc'd \ egetahle PoL, in several bovt ie cases of lUfczrf
.»1 die Liver and digraiive organs, and the* result basci «*
; vineed lorn that they are c-rni « u tly cal*:ulaled to sub«. rve
the purpose for uhiub they are designed Considéra#
them '.Jingo! her superior to those articles cmnmonly o.iei
; eil fur similar complaints, I would checniuWi add n.y ttfS'.i*
; rnemy in fav«»r uf so valuable a medicine.
- 1 The fullaunng is
« h^adnate. in VI
1 " I"«' 1 ""»" «I > u S h •**'<«'
'I he buliscnher haste3'e«l t;
N. It. In ttic above recqmtneiKhitioti, 1 pat'iil'ulally ufi..'
; to tliosi Fills incl .snd in a Mue wrapper, and signed on.
yellow luficl,//. J'!umley.
go, Sept, lo, 18i7.
( '« it if cute of Dr. A. .9. Grenville.
s Having the o-.ust .sutisfactury' evidence *»f the nr ' r -
qualité*, and highly salutary op ■rat ion of JE WET I *8 /' n '
proved i> ■;u:ht'e F tile, (prepared by H Painiley,) i »
of indig« ti i r Dy>pe|js;a, .iKundice, «liseuse «d the five»*
uc. I 1 confidently rccumuunul their use to those
who may hi* .fllicttd w»t i th • above class of cömplainD,
an iuvulitablc i emc !'
a :
( ■ a.ilei.1 J
e'e at WÜ
■ i. Market
CimbridH " .r 1
The ahove
niiiigtoi) U v I
sMeel,) .Ins. «!
May 30, löu8
-Ac ■

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