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For Preildeut, <
Subject to the decieion or the Whig National 1
Convention. J
RICHMOND, Aou. 26, 8o'clock,a m. "
New Orleans papers of the 18th are at hand. t
No drmy news in them. The yellow fever war r
-still raging.
TAe Ordinance of 1787.?Mr. Peter Force of out
city, has compiled a correct history uf this cele
braledordinance, which wo shall publish in our columns
in a few days. To the heart and head ul (
Nathan Dune, aa Mr. Webster said some years ago- r
ia the merit of this great fuudtiLental law property
due. p
Edinburo Keview.? VVe have the July e
number of this excellent periodical from Messrs. a
Scott & Co., the publishers. It is a capital f
one,?full of genius, correct thiuking and elo- u
quect language. 1
Important .'?The Washington Correspondent ol ^
ihv ii?n (ma vuuiwt a uuquirer unucr uaie mr ^
3?ud instant, avors that Despatches have been re- f
reived bj the Executive from Oan. 8colt aince the j
4th of June, anil that they are very important. He ^
vera alao, that the intelligence from the Qeneral it .
both warlike and peaceful. After thia very grati"
fying announcement, the public may well brcallu ^
easier. ~
05* Amoa Lane ia fighting the battlea of the t
Indiana Kcgiment in the Union. Had that Regi (
ment done it* duty on the field of Buena Viata a> |,
unequivocally a? the other Regimenta, Mr. Lanr ,.
hadbeen tavrd hie labors in August. t
- ?
ICj* The Pillows of Tcnneteee are trying to
bolater up in the Union the head of their valiant 1
brother now in Mexico against the heavy charges o1 [
CoL Haskell, but the effort is a vain one. e
7'Ae /'resident's Officers.?The New Orleans
Delta tells an amusing story of one of Mr. Polk's (
Officers, who being asked by (Jan. Brooke if be war
qualifying himself to command, by loarning his ex- '
ere"see from a competent instructor, told bim then '
was no occasion to undergo that trouble and ex- e
penes, as he had purchased two pair of drill pan- ''
taloons! v
Col. Benton and Col. Freemant.?The last St.
Louie Republican says that "there is no mistake in
the assertion that Col. Benton has preferred charges '
and asked for the recall and trial of Col. Frecinont '
The history of the case is about this: Col. Benton r
wished to obtain from us the name of the author of a '
communication, which appeared in our paper, writ- 1
ten by an eye witness of the transactions in Califor *
111*. Alter trying several means to induce a disclosure
of the writer's name, he rosolved on preferring
charges, demanding a court martial, and thus bring
the writer out as a witness. Col. Benton bares hi>
charges against Col. Preemont on the communication
in tho Republican, and also on articles which
appeared in the Louisville Journal and the New Or.
leans Picayune?and for the authorship of the two
latter, refers to Lieut. Emory of the United States
Col. Benton left town last evening on his way
as we learn, to Missouri again. Can the expected
return of Col. Frecmont hsvo called him Westward
To the Editort of the Nutioual Whig:
Gentlemen, on seein; the article from the Louii vilte
Journal, headed ' Mr. Benton and Mr. Polk,"
in your paper of this dry, I have to request that the
psper be no longer left at my house.
Yours, respectfully,
August U3d, 1847.
We cannot cutnply with Mr. Benton's request,
for the s;mple reason that he is nu subscriber to the
National Whig.
That our readers may see what it is that has offended
the distinguished Senator so eoriously, wc
append the ortie'e in question.
Jitr. Benton and Mr. Polk.?It ia certain, says
the Louisville Journal of the 17th instant, that Mr.
Bonton is preparing himself for a terrific attack upon
the dmiaistration next winter in the Senate chamber.
At a town in tho interior of Kentucky, a few
days ago, he got into a conversation upon the subject
of the Mexican war, and became immensely
excited, perfectly infuriated. He said that an opportunity
bad been passed by of making an advantageous
and honorable pr*ce, and. that he could
show the fact and would show it. As for tho whoh
management of the war, he avorred that it had been
utterly disgrac ful. He stated that he should go to
Washington and make one speech upon the subject,
only one, and that it would be the greatest speech
of his life and ho was willing that it should bo the
last. In speaking of the Adiuinistra'ion, his language
barely, if at al', fell short of downright
cursing. His wrathful declamation lasted a full
The Sublime and the Ridiculous.?The New (
Orleans Southerner, a Dimmer,.tic Journal, hoists
the following flag:
For President
or ,
Robert J. Walker.
Grund of the Baltimore Bun predicts the 1
overturningof Crutchett'alantern and saya, that I
rthen the,"fool's cap and bells will hang where
they belong," and that will be upon the head 1
of Mr. Vice President Dallas, for he is the approver
ol the scheme.
Grund ol the Baltimore Bun records a praise
worthy act of a banker of this city. The banker 1
borrowed some money a few years ago ol the
late Mr. Reuben Whitney, and the other day
sent to Mrs. Whitney a check for f'JOOO. tiueiy |
?was the banker Mr. Corcoran or Mr. Tyson? i
The Baltimore Bun has a third Washington
correspondent who signs hiipself ' Truth."? |
We are glad that the Bun lias at last got at the
truth which lies between X and Ion !
Grund of the Baltimore Bun assures us tha(
the Administration has set a trap to catch Mr
i talhmin nnH his frienH* in !!.? TV.I... I
Mr. Polk, yon are not caught in it yourself in
the Mine way.
Mr. J. P. Kennedy is the Whig candidate in
the 4th Maryland District for the next Congress.
Whigs of the 4ih District?elect him.
The ship Mameluke was struck by a si|uall
ikX) miles east of Sandy Hook on the 15th instant
and capsized. Fifty two persons perised.
Naval.?Commander A. Slidell Mackenzie
has been appointed to the command of the
sloop of war Albany, which has just reached 1
Boston from a cruise in the Gulf. ',
Mat 31, 1847.
The undesigned, her Majeaty'e Mtuieier of Forlign
Affaire, has the honor of acknowledging the
eceipt of the communication dated the 86th mat.,
if 8r. Mora, the Envoy Extraordinary and Miniater
Plenipotentiary of the Meaican Republic, relative to
he elating atale of affair* between Mexico and the
Jnitcd State*; and in regard to the contemplated
bandonment of the Mexican capi al by the Execu- ;
ire to which Sr. Mora refere in hi* le ter?the unleraigned
liaa the honor of aaauring Sr. Mora that:
he Engliali Miniater accredited to the Mexican Uov- j
rnmeut wilt cnnaiJer it hi* duty to follow the Uov- ,
rnment and maintain Ilia relatione with it, in what- 1
ver part of the Mexican territory eaid Government
nay fix it* reetdence.
Accept the aaaurance of my diatinguiahed conaidration
To Su. D. .loauuin Moba,
Miniater of Mexican Renublic.
Tlie Philadelphia North American of yet.- '
erday has the following just remarks upon this
xtraordinary letter:
"The above letter of Lord Paluierston to the
ilexican envoy, canuot be read without inter
st on this hide of the Atlantic. It bean the
ppearance of a very grave signifioancy both '
or Mexicans and Americans; but will be re:eived
with, perhaps, very different feelings in
he two countries. It may, possibly?like Lord
'almerston's late threat against the Spanish
iefalters?mean nothing; the natural appre
lension will be lint it meaus u great deal,?
milling less, in short, than thabUreal Biitain
iesigns to take a position which will be undertood
as one of partiality, if not of deliberate
aterference, in the Mexican war. There is a
iroraise made?nay, an actual assurance given
-that, in the event of the Mexican Capital
ailing into die hands of the Americans, the
British Ambassador will follow the Mexican
Government in its flight, "maintaining his re
ations with it, in whatever part of the Mcxi
an territory said Government may tix its resilence."
"It is manifest that this assurance has an
mnortant bearinc on the Question of a sueedv
>eaee, which Americans have so confidently
ixpected to follow the capture of the city of
tdexico; and that it introduces a new and se
ious obstacle in the path of pacification. The
Uapital may fall; but the Mexican government
s not to fall with it. That is still to exist;
tnd Ureal Britain is pledged to recognise its
xistence wherever it may be, aud?for, doubt
ess, this also is implied in the assurance?
vhalever may be its condition. The American
irms may triumph in every Slate, city, and
illage of Mexico; the whole country may be
,1 the feet of the conquerors; but so long as
he Mexican President and Congress can find
el'uge on a single Mexican cliff, or in a single
Mexican cave or chaparral, the British Minis sr
is still to be with them, to tell the United
ilates that the Mexican government still sur'ives,
recognized by the British crown in all
ts integrity and independence.
"It is understood as almost the avowed plan
if the Administration, upon the fall of the cap.
tal and the Might of the Mexican rulers, to
irect a government defaclo, by means of which
he peace may be obtained which the present
Mexican government is determined shall not
ake place. This intended goverment the Bri
ish ministers, it would seem, have resolved bebrehani
not to recognise?how, indeed, can
hey recognise it, when they have promised,
inder a solemn assurance, their recognition to
he national government now in existence? ?
riiere are to be two governments, then, in
Mexico?a peace government,Recognized by the
Jnited States?and a war government, rccog
tized by Great Britain, How is it possible
hat two such governments can exist, and be
hus recognised in Mexico, without the danger
>f a misunderstanding arising between the U.
States and Great Britain I
"Altogetlier, lint, movement ol the British
secretary for Foreign Affairs is a very siugular
me; and the assurance to the Mexican government
that he will continue to recognize it
tnder all circumstances, cannot but tend to enlourage
the Mexicans in continuing"a war
vhioh to them is so hopeless, and in refusing
he peace which we find so desirable."
We most (irmly believe?we can, indped,
ind no one reasonable ground to doubt?that
he chance of a speedy and just peace with
Vlexico hangs, in some degree, upon the hope
hat a treaty shall have been ratified by that
;overnment before the news can reach Mexico
if the result of the late elections, and of the
irobably ascendency of the whigs in the next
House of Representatives!?[IVath'n Union
nut Evening.
Go to, old man, go to! You need not
hink you and your party will escape the just
ndignation of the country in failing to make a
leace with Mexico by throwing the blame
jpon the'Whigs. Such a statement as the
ibove is only calculated to excite a laugh at
four attempts to escape responsibility.
The New York Courier, speaking of the
experiments recently made, by which the lon?
jitude of New York city has beeu accurately
iscertained by means of the Magnetic Telegraph,
remarks: ' ,
One point ol view in which the facility of
ascertaining the precise time at different and
distant points, is important, has been long appreciated
on the chief Railroads in England.
Many, if not most, accidents on Railroads from
the shock of trains, are the consequences of
mistakes in the precise time ol starting. Hence
the clocks which regulate the movements on
some of the chief Railroads are now set by
magnetic Telegraph despaich, to the Oreen
wich time?so that the apparent hour is the
same all along the line, whatever the difference
of longitude, and by this one standard of time
all the departure, arrivals, and meetings of the ]
cars are graduated. This, it will at once be
perceived, will remove, if carefully attended to,
all evils that have heretofore resulted from difference
in lime.
The Stockholders of the Biilliniore and Ohio
Railroad met yesterday in Baltimore, and decided
to carry their road to Wheeling with all
possible despatch. Resolving to do so is one
thing?doing it is another.
Birth Uxtraormnarv.?A Herman wife
gave birth to a fine healthy boy on Thursday
morning last, in the cars near Rochester. |
Although no ticket had been purchased foi |
him, he was allowed a free passage to the end |
ol the line. This is the first instance of the ;
kind on record.
'Yellow Fever in New Orleans.?Fiftytwo
deaths of this terrible disease is recorded
for the 24 hours ending & A. M., 17th instant.
The mortality was chiefly among the poor and
In reply to a question (says the Liverpool
Times of the 3d instant) put to hint in reference
to the present war establishments of this
country, uud the propriety of applying the
priuciple of arbitration in the settlement of
disputes arising among nations, Mr.McGregor,
one of the candidates for the representation of
Glasgow, look occasion to narrate the following
very important and remaiknble anecdote
in connexion with our recent but now happily
terminated difference with the United States
on the Oregon questiou. When our Ambas ador
at Washington (Mr. Pakenhain) refused i
to negotiate on the 4'Jth parallel of north lati
tude as the basis of a treaty, and when, l y
rl ' I ' ?-? q
Walker and Marcy." It intimates that the
President is himself very desirous of providing a
for these officers, before retiring himself to
private life.
The Whigs of Allegheny county, Md., have
nominated old Zaeh for President, and pledged
their heart and hand to give him all their votes.
Huzza for Rough and Ready !
The Administration organs (says the Philadelphia
North American of yesterday) dare to
insinuate a doubt as to whether Gen. Taylor
is in reality a Whig; and are engaged, with
grotesque earnestness, in discussing his claims
to our friendship as a party. Their counsel is
gratuitous and uncalled for, as the Whigs are
lully qualified to manage their own concerns.
"There is," said Mr. Clay in his Cape
Island speech, " gentlemen, one thing before
wc part, which I wish you to remember. This
glorious and beautiful land is our common conn
try?in Peace or in War?in weal or in inn?
under bait administration or good government, f
Wc see it stated that a citizen of Philadelphia
has sent a quantity of hams as a present
to General Tavlor. We presume that the gen
tleman is a Native American, and, (hat he lias 1
sent these cold hams to Gen. Taylor in return
for ^Ite "eoU s/ioultlcr" that old Hough has
given to the Natives.? Prentice.
The editor of the Washington Union says 11
at hearing of the defeat of Robert Dale Owen.
Wasn't he a little more astonished when he '
woke up one cold morning last winter, and
lound himself kicked out of the Senate cham
The trial of Professor McOlintock nnd his
abettors in aiding the escape of the Hagerstown
lave in Carlisle commenced yesterday.
""" ,tlu"ll u,c """sc. u. a .upiu.t .
Great Britain antl America became really mi
miueut, Daniel Webster, formerly Secretary ol !
Stale to the American Government, wrote n
letter to Mr. McGregor, in whicli lie strougly
deprecated Mr. L'akeuliani's conduct, which, if
persisted in and adopted at home, w ould to i
a certainty embroil the two countries, and sue 1
gesled an equitable compromise, taking the ;
40th parallel as the basis of an adjustment.
Mr. McGregor, agreeing entirely with Mr.
Webster in the propriety of a mutual givtug
and taking to avoid a rupture, and the mute
especially as the whole territory in dispute
was nut worth ^'40,000 to either I'ower, while
the preparations alone for a war would cost a
great deal more before the parlies could come
into actual conflict, communicated the contents
of Mr. Webster's letter to Lord John Russell,
who at the time waa living in the neighborhood
of Edinburgh, and iu reply received a letter
from Lord John, iu which he staled his entire
accordance with the proposal recommended by
Mr. Webster and approved of by Mr. McGregor,
and requested the latter, as he (Lord John)
was not in a position to do it himself, to inti
male his opinion to Lord Aberdeen. Mr.
McGregor, ibrmrgh Lord Canning, Undersecretary
f Foreign Department, did so,
and the i was that the first packet that lei I
England carried out to America the proposal,
in accordance with tire communication already
referred lo, on whicli the treaty of Oregon was
happily concluded.
The Wire Correspondence.?Some of the
papers continue to complain of the incorrectness
of the correspondence sent by the wires,
uud operators and correspondents are handled
without gloves. So fur as our experience goes,
we have no reason to complain. At Richmond,
wc have one of the best epitomi/prs we
ever kuew. He gives us, immediately on the
arrival of the New Orleans papers, the very
inarrow ol the war news, when there is any ;
and in every case, the details in the- papers
i?... i.:. ?r..:.r_
? ...a ow.ug
ment. It is not his duty, nor that of any correspondent,
to decide upon the truth of the a
news presented to him. His duly is to dis '
pat'-h it as he finds il;>and neither he nor the '
wire is responsible for its truth.
A Sad Accident.?As the funeral procession
of a young girl was moving through IV
Orleans on the 16th instant, the horse which
was drawing the hearse started ofT at full
speed, and rushing against the curbstunp, the'
coffin was flung on the banquette, and the (
body rolled out. A young man, the brother uf
the deceased, was severely hurt in' the breast
by the shaft of the hearse, while he was en '
deavoring to stop the horse. ,
Discharged.?Edwards, who killed Byrd, >
in New Orleans, last week, in self defence,
Ita3 been discharged.
" Wc will forgive Major Noah for everything,
if he won't come out in favor of General Taylor
some Sunday morning."?New Orleans National. 1
Ah, Thorpe, you are not going to catch the
Major in that way. He won't wail for Sun- a
day morning, to come out for old Each. It t
will be of a Saturday night!
The letter purporting to have been written
by General Scott to Mr. Fillmore?which has I
lately gone the rounds of the papers, is pronounced
by the New York Courier as a hoax, c
Mr. Fillmore has received no such letter.
- . b
Benching Then.?A Washington fi lter to j c
the Bennington Gazelle, an extract uf which j b
is copied by the Boston Post, states that owing I j
to the accession of the States of Iowa, Florida, \
Texas, See., new judicial circuits will have to ! b
be established by the next Congress ; and that j
" if but one additional judgeship is made, Mr. j n
Walker will heannointed to it : if two \1 .r<
How beautiful fur one whu seev.
" Yet I the fug'ant flnwira can emell;
And I can feel the green leaf a rhsde,
And I can hear the nutea that emell I
Prom thoee deer birde that Ood lies made.
" Mo, bister, God to me ia kind,
Though eig t, alas ! He h?s not given ; 1
llut tell me, etc there any blind
Among the children up in heaven V
' No, deereel Edward, there all eee?
Bui why ask me a th ng so odd V <
' Oh Mary, He's so good to me,
1 thought I'd like to look at (rod."
Ere long, dieeaee hie hand had laid I
On that dear boy so meek and mild !
His widow'd mother wept end prayed, t
That God would spare her sightless child.
He fell ber warm tears on his face,
And said? ' Oh never weep for me,
I'm going to a bright?bright place
Where Mary says, I Ood shall see.
And you'll be there, dear Mary too;
But mother, when you get up there,
Tell Edward, mother, that 'tis you?
You know I never saw you here."
He spoke no more, but sweetly smil'd
Until tbo final blow was given?
When God took up that poor blind child
And open'd first, bis eyes in Heaven.
The TtLEQRAru The posts are up from
dubile to wi bin 60 miles of Montgomery,
nil the wires will cross the A (.thaina at Catawba.
Upwards of 100 tn of posts aie
ilso up between New Orleans and Mobile.
" Hon. James Buchanan, the distinguished Secretary
of Slate, returned to Washington on the
IUtli instant, in the full vigor of health, from the
\lexicun country."? Dloomsburg Pa Democrat.
Old Point Comfort?the Mexican country !
What toill father Ritchie say to such scandal?
Cupt. Mcl,can, the husband of Miss Lanlon,
the poetess, is dead.
Tlic rival New Jersey line of wire is going
ihead finely. Good news, that!
General Tavlor's son lias arrived ?i While
Sulphur Springs. He is in delicate health.
August 25,2 I\ M.
No change to notice in stocks.
The flout market quiet. Small sales of Pa.
trands at $6. Corn meal held at $3 25.
Prime red wheal worth $1 18 a $1 25c.,
md white do. $1 30 a $1 35c. Yellow and
vhite corn 74 a 76c.; Bales of oats at 46c.
Cotton market quiet.
Sales of Whiskey in bbls. at 28 els.
Flour Market to day dull. Sales 500 bbls.
lew Howard street at |5 75. Oily Mills $6.
Wheat in better request. Sales 10,000
itishels at 112 to 118 cts. fur red?some very
hoice lots at 120 a 122 cts. A cargo of 1,600
luslitls white sold at 120 a 125 cts. Family
lour white wheat 130 a 135 cts. Sales of
vhitc at'd yellow com at 70 a 72 cts. and dull
fats selling at 30 a 35 and 52 cts.
The demand for provisions moderate and
narket rather heavy: Grocerirs in fair re|uest.
. I
Whiskey dull. Sales at 26 cents in hhds.
nd 27 a 275 cents in bbls. i
Wednesday, August 25.
$500 U. S. Treasury Notes, 6's 1031.
$5000 do do do C's 103i.
$1500 do do do C's 103!.
dales at the Slock Board to day moderate,
vith a si ght advance in some descriptions, '
tnd a moderate decline in others. j
Flour maiket heavy, Small sales of Ge?
lesee $5 75. Ohio and Oswego $5 50 a 5 62}.
Nothing doing in corn meal. Receipts of Hour
Wheat til fair request. Sales of 10,0001
mshels at 132 a 133 cents for Genesee, and
17 cents for prime reds. Corn is quiet?small
ransactions at 70 a 72 for mixed, and 74 a 75 j
or yellow. Oats, 48 a 50 cents ; rye 75 a 78
:euls. "
No new I'eRlure to notice in provisions or
[roceries. Sugars a little firmer..
Cotton market quiet.
Whiskey dull at 27 a 28 cents per galluu.
Weather very pleasant. Now 31 feel water ,
u channel and at a stand.
Markets at a stand. Small sales of Hour at
}4 40 per bbl. ,
?? tiiHiiyi' hi nit- jiriur ui wneai or corn.
An active demand has sprung up for wool
ind prices on the advance.
Good health in our city.
Provision market remains firm. Groceries
without movement.
Canes Dressed and Mounted.
l.otiisinna .htrnur, htltcten ftth mid 7f'i .Sfrreh,'
YVashi.ictov, D. C. .
July SO? 1
II *u * hleeefd lummer Jay,
The flowere bloomed?the air wee mil.l.
The little birde poured forth their ley,
And everything in ntture em led.
In pleaeant thought I wandered on ; t
beneath the deep wood'e ample ehade, v
'Till euddr-nly I came upon (
Two children who bed thither e'rej'd.
duel el an aged birch trce'e fool, . I i
A little boy end girl reclin'd, I
Hi? hand in her'e ahe kindly put,' t
And then I >a* the boy tAaa blind, ,
'J he el ilJun knew not I was near,
A tree concealed me from (lieir virw, a
Hot all they said I wrll could hear,
And I could tee all they might do.
" 1). ar Mary," suid ihe poi r blind boy,
" TJial little bird singe very long ;
Hoy do you aiehim in hia joy.
And in he pretty a? hia ?ong 1" L
' Yi a. Edward, yea," replied the maid, (.
"I i e - the bird on yonder tree ," j
J he pool hoy ?>glied, and gently aaid,
" Hi-ter, I rviah that I cbiilfl aee." ^
" 'J'he flowera, you aay, are very fnir,
And bright green leaves are on Ihe tree*,
And pretty birds are singing ihcie?
Two Wm's, A. Wallace, wood to George Mat- VHrj,
i"gly- and
Win. H., Watson. Levin Marshall, Havre de me||
jraee, coal to .1. Pe t'lono. ^
Rriliant, Thomas Skinner, Tort Lcnthew, Vn., com
:oal to J. i'etlitioiie. S(al
Farmer 6t M cbanic, Jae. Lowry, Havre du p.
trace, coal to Jaa Harvey &. Co. 'p
The Osceola was run into by a schooner off Pa- j,|e |
uxen river, on her trip to bal imore. and her star- ^
ioa d bulwarks were carried away to tho whetlhuuse 8J|e
ut we are happy to learn her regular trips will not a|
ie allccted by thu affair. I
Brown's. I
Win Drown lady and two suns. Halt ?er
A Christ, St l.oJ% leav
A B Pliaw, N Carolina Pu!)l
James T Suair, N Carolina I J1'1"'
W K Pbndleton, Virginia I "".ll
W VV Virdin, Maryland : ?c,l.l
E Dodson, Ohio
W Mauro, Maryland j trJr
II A Clayltrouk, Virginia I whj
P Gregg and Sou, Virginia j <?
O Fecltaller, Canada
F Leblare, do ' low,
George W Johnslon, Baltimore | |
J Cletolier, Virginia j ,|,0,
VV J Oldham, Mississippi
liOuis Come, Montreal ' n
Jatnes Thomas, New York ! rr
J Christiansen, S Carolina |i
C Jankrin, do , J '
L J Parker, Philadelphia j,w*'
L Broadwell and lady, Ohio | _
E Dodson and daught, do ]w
O Mc Law sin, N Carolina I
GA Ward, Mississippi
W H Lynch, do n
Miosis Kurit's, Alexandria B
Coleman*x. j I
J as J Murray, Baltimore
A B Gray I
Ll Col Hart, USA, wile and niece '*
Jno S Walton, Louisiana
Major Colquit, USA
B 'Lequi, jr. N O, Loj \siana c]ol
Jos Grobb, Kentucky nca
it M Potter, N O, Louisiana >
J H Meredith, Baltimore ; [q
D Woodruff, Tuscaloosa
W P,Kllison, Philadelphia ,\ls
C L Krouse, Fredericksburg
Dr W F Camp, and sister, IV C , I e:
L Bojac, Baltimore I.If
K it Duval, Virginia , I ?j
O C Wight; and lady, Rockville t V
H M Bast, Baltimore 1 ?ug
M Miller, Virginia ! -Miss
Hubbs, Philadelphia I
M Hampton, New York
J R Hutchtns, Montreal ', ,n
C F Clark, Montreal '
O N Cole, New York ; To
Gen Patterson, and lady, USA
Col Abercrombie, and lady, USA |
t ;...! w tit I-.,,,, ^ lis A
Master Patterson, Philadelphia
? C Pleasants, and lady, Richmond
Dr M M Duvall, Maryland
L Bovillier, and lady, Unlink)
J YV Smith, Pennsylvania P
A Symington, Philadelphia g
T S Taylor, do
C YV Brooke, do
.1 L Goddard, do
J P Ballard, Virginia (
Dr. Jmale's Panacea.?YVe have received str'
from Mr. Carusi a bottle of Dr. Amate's Italian , p
Par.acea for Chills and Fevers and kindred | ing
diseases. A friend who has tried it rectim-1
mends it in the highest manner. j jj
TEr.r.GBAPHtc!?VY'e saw a person near
rIh street staring upwards at the Telegraph i
wires, with eyes and mouth wide open as il
he were about to swallow an eel. when sod-1
denly he exclaimed " Look a here friend! J[
How in all cieation does the letters gel through in*
them ur posts T 1 kin understand how they
jo on llic wires, but can't understand no how jyje
how they get through the posts." We tried jty.
to explain, but to no avail, and at last advised
hun logo into the Telegraph oflice. '
Scene wt*a the Canai..?" Ocli! an faith j" ?'
an what's that"?exclaimed a son of ICrin, get
ini seeing a nzaru upon a log quietly enjoying
the cun. " Tilt* likes ol thai was niver seen *!jj
in ould Ireland
" Tlial is what we call a lizard," answered
a by slander. JJV
" An will it liilc V' said I'al. prt
" Certainly if you plague il."
" An lo be sure an wliy don't you kill it."
" Gel a stick," aaid the gentleman. col
" A stick to be sure, an what good will that of
do, you could'ul kill the like of that willi a
stick," The gentleman procured a slick and we
gave the lizard a knock, which sent it directly mr
toward Pal, who look lo his heels and did nol
stop till lie had run several squares, at the
game lime exclaiming. " (lie likes of such u i
monster as this, was niver seen in ould Ireland |
since St. Patrick drove 'em out."
There was a prefect uproar of laughter
among the boatmen.
Death.?Mr. Riley, a gentleman who was
severely injured by a bank falling upnn him,
(about a week since, between this city and
Baltimore) died yesterday aged 52 years. It 'h
i thought he would not have died had he been nl
left at the place when the accident occurred.
Attack ok the Guerillas on the Convov | ji
ik Gen. Pierce?The Sim of Jbuihunc, of the the
Mill ultimo, lakes the following details liom a |wu
titer written at iiip National Hridge : 114*'
" The force of the guerillas was considers- : San
lie, as it amounted to GOO armed men; and (Bu
heir position in the vicinity of the Hridge was calli
he best which nature could offer?a place to S
vhiclt always has been considered as a point his
vltich, for its peculiar situation, is of great, an('
tdvamage to the guerillas. On the passing of ffasl
he escort of the (rain of the American army | B'?
ty the places which are 'commanded by the ! ?hot
teights which were in possession of the gue i ^
'Has, they were shot at by the latter; lor this j
cason they resolved to go after their foes, and wp|
is (hey approached them the fire was redoubled, ;
o wli'cli they responded wiilt the same ardor,! Ji
mi Willi inure effect, as alley succeeded in dis- Unl
adiiing 'lie guerillas from their positions. The 0f J
lisorderly manlier in which the latter made mot
heir retreat proved very disastrous, as the i =
onitnander of the American escort threw oil
lietn all the cavalry which he could dispose }
if, aud they made a great havoc among the ' Hup
ugilives, leaving more than a hundred men n"
tretchfd on llie Held, and all that neighbor tcni*
mod was cl-ared of the eueiny."
city afTaTrs. T'
1'OKT or WASHINGTON. ' .!'
Avovtr 2S. |
Arrivals up to 2 o'clock, P. M. ^fn
Oaceola, .la*. Milcha'l pas* ngerrto the city. j a
bummereelt, Thum.ia H. Boleii, SaUhury, M l.,;
umber to Ward dt Lenman.
Angelina, Wm. Wheeler, river, with wood to T. wv
li'er. I I J
I Fight. A fight took place on that part of j
city, usually culled Mount l<Uua, between |
negroes, a free fellow called Henry Doug- I
alius Ilenry Brooks, and a eLve called ,
cly, belonging lo Mr, John Walker, i
teller), about the woman of Brooks, 1
sd Henrietta Hulling. Brook Uiokanaxe'|
antly, and in making a desperate blow at ',
head, the wuman ran in between them, I 1
received it on her Ueud, making an awful i'
i. .She is laying very dangerously ill, and j
uks was committed to jail byC'ajit. Cioddaid i
uLhalt past eleven o'clock.
\in/irraucc Meeting. Those who wish lo |
n to the advocates of I'cctatnliuii would do
I to attend lo night at Temperance Hall. i
III lliglit wJ'ur.? 1 lie lainous mast for the |
ern at die Capitol is hall way to ita place
eMiiiation. It wdl probably he raised to- |
row. I
I AL AGENCY OFFICE. 6 door, we.t Union 11
. I, Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. Where '
L?r 'era will be promptly ami confidentially atc.l
to. aug -6 tf
Ill" SUBSCRIBER is authorized to sell the
following Properly?
ol No. M5, on 3d street, Georgetown, D. (!.
ol No It, in Square Ifi on a6th a'rent, Weat,
veen I and K. atreela, Washing on City.
eral Agent, Bridge atreet, Georgetown, D. V. i
irg 2 ft 2nd I
Treasury Department and its
oca Fiscal Bureaus ; their origin, organization, 1
practical operations illustrat- d; being a supplet
to the Synopsis of Treasury luatruc ions for
administration of revcuua laws, effecting the
mircial and revenue sjsteui of tbo United
en; in fourteen chapters. By Robert Mayo, M.
one volume quarto. 52,50.
he above tv, rk, which has been for a considerable
in preparation at the Treasury Department
just been pr.ntcd, extra copios of which are for
by YV\M. Q. FORCK,
ig 24 4t Penu. avo. corner of lOih street.
G . W. W HE ELK R,
I'cnnsulvatiia Avenue, near the corof
\Sth street.?The Subscriber respectfully begs
e to return Ins thanks to his friends and the
lie generally for the liberal patronage they have j
lly bestowed upon him, and to inform thein that >
. -II lime ..-c.m.l I,, ,n??, factum cv. ro ,lc.
ilion of HouaehoM Furniture at Iho shortest ,
ce, in a neat and workmanlike manner, and on
is tho nio.4 nci'oinin. dating,
bavo on I and a smalt assortment of Furniture,
ell 1 will ili?|ii?-c of on very liberal let ma : euch
Wnl .ut and Mahogany Spring Seat iSOFAS,
, mid Fret.eh post Uadslcads, Cradles, Cribs, dec, .
rin a so prepared to attend Funerals at the i
lest notice, and most liberal leruie. i
ag 21 3ld dt SwJ'.v
BUGGER, dealer in 'I'obaeco, Segara and
SiilIV, Wholesale and Retail, 12th street, hern
U. and 11. aug 20 tf
jTRS. VA. BOYD, Fancy Dress and Habit
A. Maker, on I'enn. Avenue, south side, between
h and 13 h streets. aug 20 If 1
GEf, and all kinds of mi rchaudise bought end 1
I on commission by W. B. I.EW18.
Caving enlarged my store in order to accotnmnc
the above branch of business, I would inform
public thirl I am now ready to receive cotungnnte
f. r public or private sales.
N. B. Persons having arty amount of furniture to
pose of Mould do well to give me a call, at tin
bi.ig and furniture store, Pennsylvania ave..u<-.
r lltli street. W. B. LEWIS.
dozen superior Wince, old Socia', Madeira, ami
Blackburn brands
o, an invoice of Looking Glasses, Clock , and
lira largo mahogany Centre Table
etrigcrulor, in good order
ilendid new pair C'audelabraa, five lights each
Vitb a variety of o.her articles tor e.lo low.
18 tf W. B. LEWIS.
JLY REPOllT.?The Mutual Benefit Life
Insurance Company (office No. 11, Wall street,
tv York) issued doting the utoiiiliof July, 1817,
new Poin t) . \lz .
Mcrch'sit 1 udcrs GO I.adics 11
Clerks 18 Agents 5
Manufacturers 9 Farmers 4
Mechanics lfi Sea captains 3
Physicians 3 Engineer I
Clergymen 9 Students 5
Lawyers 8 Other occupations G
122 37
* 123
lew policies issued in July, 14!)
lurplus, July 31, over $3o(J,0U<l.
BENJ. C. MILLER, Sco'ry.
ir ammgioH agency.
. C. Lewis, Agent, /th ft., Washington
Iarvt Lindsly, Physician, corner of C and 4j
I. B.?A new Prospectus just received, show- ,
the superior advantages and great 'uecess of
Company. nug IS?(it
Corner or Gnr.r.N and Oi.ive st?,
Georoetoiyn, D. C.
TAKE this occasion thus publicly to relurn my
thanka to tlx ciiizens of Georgetown, Washton
and Ah xsndria, for their kind appreciation
the Mineral Water, manufactured by me,
ich proves that the recommends'ions of the
dical Faculty to the public in relation to its pur-1
excellence, and unsurpassable superiority, are j
vcrsally approved of; which gem rid acknowledge- 1
III of tny iellow-ciliiens puts me in suili an cle- I
ed position, that the calumnious and jealous exerts
of a certain man. need no reply 011 my part.
My Establishment is open for every ic entitle 1
itlcmau, who lakes an interest in the matter.
I take great pletsute in laying before the public
011 the Certificate of some of the most eminent I
) anions of the District.
(iloroemwv, June 16, 1847.
We, the undersigned, physicians, have, at the in lion
of Mr. J. K >t< er, carefully examined hie
neral Water Establishment, ami take pleasure in '
mouncing our entire satisfaction with his superior j
i neat arrangements.
The apparatus and holding machine annexed, is 1
iriMluclioii of the lale>t American invention, s? |
istructed aa to ensure a full and perfect saturation 1
gas to a degree hcrctoro unknown to us.
The water used fur its manufacture ia pure and
lolcsome, and the rare taken in the process, aa
II aa the cleanliness pervading the whole establishlit,
meets with our enure approbation, and induces
to recommend it to the public, aa a very sti|ierior
I healthy article.
J. lUI.EY, M. D.
CHA8. II. CKAtitX, M. D.
r.KNJ. S. ROllKF.It, M. I).
J. M. THOMAS, M. l?.
T. R. J. FRYF., M./D.
Jtl" N. B. T..k? notice that Uottlks containing
e Minaral Wa'cr nianufarlurrit by in? havo tbr
tnr of J. Roilivt im|>iMa??l in the gUsa.
aua 1 l tf J. ilUTHER.
(Ueorgt,lown AJvo;alc, 3 time*.)
PlIHE Subscriber would inform hie friends end
1 (he public generally, the! he he* opened a
S EST A V RANT and HOTEL, of the shove neme,
jii Sixth street, s few dooraeouth of Penn. Avenue,
whrre he will be bappy to entertain tbhm in a manner
that he hopes will be satisfactory. His BAR
will lie furnished with liquors of the best and most
ipj.rnvt'd hrsnde, and the Eating Department will
Iways contain every delicacy in aeaaon. He hopes
o receive a p rtion of the patronage of his friend*,
while be endeavore to cater for the public taste,
atig 4?if Iv- H BBVAN8,
Ij^OtJR-AND-A-HALP street, See doom aN?va
I'enn. Avenue, east side. A. M. H. performs
ill operations in the line of hie profc aion, such ee
plugging, cli'sning end inserting artiticlal teeth, from
me to s full set?also full seta made with artificial
gums. Having had great experience In his line of
business for many yeais in thu city of Philed-lpMg,
ue pledgee himself that he i lia'I not be surpassed for ,
beauty or durability, and having very great facilities
fur vuch work, it will bo dono uiuch lower than ever
lone in thi city.
Prom four to live o'clock each day devoted to the
mention of children' teeth, to regulete their proper
jo.iuons, for which there will be no chargo for educe,
but o'dy for actual operation.
ug 3?tf
WNTiSa 1F? fflOTWWHT..
tmtmmtm mm iwmsae as seaey
O oJ situation paid to fitting at moderate pries*
West >i<le 10th strost, three doors from C.
sug 14 if
Barber, Hair Dresser, and Shainpooner;
(Hadshy's Hotel, oorasr Pennsylvania avenue and 3d
itrsst jj II?tf
Andsssos intends opening the shoes named
Musical Library aa soon as a sufficient number at
lubacribera shall have been obtained to justify the
tarrying the same into effect. It baa been approved
ty many, sail will afford an opportunity to the lo>
mrs of music of availing themselves of what music
hey may want, for its use only, at a small expense,
l'he Lib.ary will be furnished with the standard and
tew music, comprising opera music, songs, duets,
vsl'zcs, Ac.
Fur terms, apply at my Muric and stationery
Stc. e, where the Library will be established.
Peun. avenue between I lib sod 13th ate.
august 6?oaw4w
tAM now and shall at all limes be prepared to
cover Roofs of Hnusee st reduced prices, with
r.eadsd Tin, French Zinc, or Ualvanixed Iron.
Samples of which may be seen et my slots.
I have also, constantly on hand, a good assortnent
of building materials, cheap for'caab.
Penn. Avenue, between 10th and 11th alreete.
sup tl?3t
MRS. TILLEY, on Missouri Avenue, between
and 6lh streets, has several pleasant
.terns lor tbe accomodation of permanent or traitdent
Bonders. sug 10 tf
for sale nn very low term* at lha Founluin
Bookstore, near the Railroad Depot,
may 18 tf
ITTOLTZ A CONWAY, Cabinet and Chair
Wl e?. ? v k.,?. inik kn.1 i us
?trrets. julj 24
stints, Oils, and Paint Brushes, fcc.
The subsctilier has just rpceival a large and
Irish supply of PAINT8, OILS, partol which
are named below. They are guaranteed to be para
and good, and from the beat manufactories. All
persons wanting such articles would find it to their
advantage to call, as I am determined to sell lower
than similar articles can be got at any other place
in ibis city.
350 kegs White Lead
120 lbs. Chrome Green
120 lbs. Chrome Yellow
20 lbs. Chrome Red
100 lbs. Pure Verdegris
300 lbs. Red Lead and Litharge
100 lbs. Imperial Green
500 lbs. Venetian Red and 8p. Brown in oil
300 lbs. Yellow Ochre in oil
100 lbs. Paris Green, dry
50 lbs. do. do. in oil
.3 large assortment of' Paint and White Wash
400 lbs. Lamp Black, dry and in oil
10 lbs. 8p. Whiting
1000 lbs. Putty
200 Boxes of Window Glass, all sixes
5 bbls. Linseed Oil ,
5 bbls. Copal and Japan Varnish
3 bbls. Bp. Turpentino
1 cask bleached Lamp Oil, at 75 els pr. gall.
?? "<>? ? row wi Hui arm 01 >UC nHIOfini Uf
fence?iufanlry, cavalry, artillery, ami engineer*?
; described with much pteciaton. Indeed, no patna H
| seem to have been spared to make an authentic and
1 instructive hook."?Commercial Advertiser. H
august S?tf H
Ea*tmkhwa*b, Chiha, ard Glass. T. Pes- I
-ii.i , importer and dealer in K. Ware, I hi""
(viewy wholesale and retail, at his store. W"**'* H
Brown's Hotel, Pennsylvania Avenue Washington
city. !>. C. H
! HAN OB 11*1*8, AO- v . H
1 NemCy piimctl at tha Office oi .ha Wb>*
aiko, rum rinii uib, neiif?l fresh from the
manufactory every week.
CHARLES 8TOTT, corner 7th street
sprit 27?6mo and Penh. A*.
H LLOYD has ingeniously succeeded in in,
venting a Compound of such a delightful
nsture ss to render the hardest and roughest skin soft,
fair, ami delicately white.
Ladies Riding, Gardening, or Painting, and Gentlemen
Shooting. Hunting, Fishing, Cricketing,
Rowing, Ac., or any amusement or exertion prejudicial
to the bands, will find the improved ROUGH
pleasingly efficacious in removing all hardness stain,
reuness, ana an outer cuianeoua disfigurement; presenting
an?l randeiing the akin soft, fair, and pliable.
From the nice combination of Balaemic ingredients
introduced into the composition, they form n
fine Creamy Lather, with the hardest or Sea Water,
which renders them eery desirable for Salt Water
Baths. They produce the most aoftening and refreshing
sensation, and will be found an ezoallent
substitute for the Flesh Brush.
They are highly recommended to Cap'ains of
Ships, Merchants, and all who trade w lib foreign
countries, as they will retain their virtue in any climate.
For sale by OH AS. 8TOTT.
Orug. + Apolh,, comer of 7M + Pa. or.
may 13?U
I). APPLETON it Co., 200 Broadway, New
York, have lately published in a fine style?Elements
of Military Art and Science; or course of Instruction
in Strategy, Fortifications, Tactics of Battles,
Ac., embracing the t'utiee of Staff, Infantry.
Cavalry, Artillery, and Engineers. Adapted to the
use of Volunteers and Militia. By H. Wager Hal!eck,
A. M.. Lieut, of Engineers, U. S. Army. 1
vo'. ISmo. illustrated. Puce 11 60.
" For those who take pleasure in studying the ert
ol war. and especially for those wboee profession is
that of arms, th'ia must prove a valuable work.?
' The author sppeare to be . erfcctly welt informed in
military tactice, and has illustrated hia instructions
by various drawings and plana, which make themselves
understood. The various means of national
defence are minutely set forth?the position end
character of the fortifications, on our Northern frontier
especially, are accurately described, and the du

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