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Payable iu Advance. I
I! __ tli
For President, ml
Subject to tho decision of the Whig- National *"r
Convention. Bli
_ ih?
(Prom our own Correspondent.) ,,f
Awn*. Akundki. Co., Mi> . } dia
September ti, 1847. f
To the Editor of the A'ationul Whig:? j "a
A sojourn ol a few duys in iliis pari ul the p^
venerable old State of Maryland shews me lhal ?.<
Ihe Whiles are up and doing. The nominees at ??'
the laie Stale Convention for the House ol ]"
Delegates ate active and energetic, and there
is said to bo much talent in the Delegation oh
from this-county and the Howard District.? ,n
And it is generally believed that the Whigs mt
Will triumphantly carry ali bclbre I hem. enIt
ia with great pleasure lhal we inform you
that the very best feeling exist here in lavor ol
Oen. Taylor for the next Presidency. The tre
recent visit of Hon. H. Clay in this Stale bus
had a most excellent tendency; and the mover- At
sal conviction that Mr. Clay will give General u?
Taylor hii warmest support, and that he will 9n,
exercise his whole' influence among his old ||?
personal and political friends, will be produc- ja
| tive of the best effects. {|e
The Whigs have brought out Mr. Stewart as sa
the Congressional candidate opposed to Titos. ha
W. Ligon, esq , late member in the last Con- p|,
gress. Mr. Stewart is said to be a gentleman of r0
great worth, will make an independent and ex
celleut member of Congress, and there is little .
or no doubt of his election. [Our correspondent
does not appear to know of Mr. Stewart's
I have, a short lime since, taken a ramble es
through the busy and enterprising village ol n"
Ellicott's Mills ; it would be a most excellent
thing if some of your citizens who are enter- 1111
taining some notion of erecting a cotton factory
in your city, should visit this place to witness w
the industry and thrift universally prevailing, f0i
the rapid advance of property, fcc. The me- be
phanics of this place are. all thriving?their
steady and industrious habits shew them to be en
the bone and sinew of every community. The
numerous coiton factories and machine shops,
pn the banks of the beautiful little I'atapsco,
- gepm |o use up all the water (lowing within its Wl
TUgged banks. Why should not the waters ,e<
of the majestic Potomac be used ip a like man- by
ner. Your devotion to the mechanic interests w
of your citv must be brought to bear on this
subject. A MECHANIC.
The Union recently came down upon Gov. ^
Bebb, of Ohio, with.an avalnntheof astonishment
and hard words, because the Governor
would not furnish the uew regiment at Co? q
lumbus, before he had been officially notified
that the Government had called for it. The j(
Governor only obeyed the laws of his country.
The Department, however, violated those laws,
by turning round aud furnishh.g supplies to w
the jpon before they were mustered into service.
This is lite difference I l'>
The Charleston Me'rcury thinks it is high
time, that there should be a press nt Washington,
which should feel itself at liberty to sp-ak 'll
in defence of the South. The A'alioiuil Whig , e
feels itself not only at liberty to do so, hut does
so, yet while it does so, it is equally at liberty ,.j
to speak in defence of the North, and does so
too. "No pent up Utica confines'?our pen. ju
yi'e go for the truth, and nre Whig, because ;n
We are prepared to prove that Whig doctrines
are the truth and that Democratic doctrines are
not. na
_ ' ? ? | as
A great many ol our leading men .have as j,,.
pired ol'late years to be President makers, hut
tbey shrink into nothing when they come in
the presence of the immortal George Kremer, ih
who is the real Warwick of thp I9ih century w
He made Jackson President. He is in the hi
field again and is out lor Taylor. This very
fact is conclusive of the old Hero's election. \\
The Governor of Kentucky has called for [ pa
I two companies from each Congressional Dis-. I se
t trlct to fill up the two regiments which Mr. j re
i Pollt has summoned from that gallant State. | w;
Capt. Beard, in Lexington, raised 50 men in j M
two hours. Equal success was experienced j an
in every part of the State. Old Kentuck foi-i
ever, say we !
' I w
The New York correspondent of the Chailes- th
^ ton Mercury stales with a great deal of assurance,
that neither of the two patties will hold
a convention to select n Presidential candidate a
I We think that thn'Whig members of the next 'a
' t Congress will deem it to be inexpedient, be- ''I
s cause old Zach will be completely in the field
before the time comes to held one. As to the rp
^ejpocrat?, wp t>e|ieye that tiiey will he gov j
erned by the course of the Whigs in a great ,y
measure. )Jti
The New York correspondent of the Charles- H'|
ton Mercury assures us that Mr. Clay is for
the Missouri compromise in relation to slavery
and new territory. What will the Tribune nnd gj
the Atlas sav to this? Will they tlpny it?? j,
>Vill tfiey denounce \fr. Clay for taking this ,.j
ground? We shall see.
fen of the Slates are for the Wilmol Provi- jp
so, but these ten States do not inane up the 01
Union. It is the preservation of the Union, not di
the slavery or the freedom of the nptrro. that M
constitute the grand object of the energies and tli
power of the American people. tli
The Democrats of Philadelphia nominate Sl
old Zach for President, because they any, that
(ie is the only man in the country who ia c.ipa- a|
ble of closing the war. Do you hoar that, p
Monsieur Polk *} * {,'
party rage, says the Knoxville, Tenn., cl
Tribune?the people will make Gen. Taylor
i their President. That's a fixed fact.
' r |C
'f'he New York correspondpntof the Charles- n
I ton Mercury think* that the Whigs wi(l run n
^r. tiny for the presidency again. We reler b
that correspondent to the Louisville Journal ri
of tfte S3d Ultand he will there find how much n
Mm. Editor?i noticed u e Whig for last work, j
uoUtion from Exekicl 27. 13, "Jivio, Tubal and j
teich; they were thy merchant*; ihi-y tr?ded th"
rsons of mun anil vessels of brass. in the market
J aginifying a deahe to know "whether it whs h J
rrv or while slave trade, and what people a-e in- \
ated by Javan, Tubal and Meaich V' He irous, | i
rays to oblige my friend*, I have examined neve- ! <
<>f the mnatlearni d coin men tutor*, and find thein j |
agree, with but little variati on, that Javart (He- ' .
iw for Greets) was the father of the Greeks. He j ,
a the fourth son of Japheth.
Tubal, the hflh son of Japheth ; Joseph us makes j (
n the father of the Iberians, settled on tbe east ol i
ttk Nea. Boctant makes him the prog, tutor of
I Tiber* aa, on the Nuilta of Armenia I til* I,em; |
J them u nothing to binder hit being the parent
both the'e tribea, at their ailuition ia not Very
Meeech waa the aixtli eon of Jiplieth, a.-pjioited to I
vo beau the father of lite Mnaclieni who inhabited
i Motchia tnountaina on the Nortli Kant of Ca|iilocia,
and that the Muacovitea are partly hie detndanla.
Befme the Chaldean conquest, the Moteni
traded with the Tynans in veaaela of braaa
alavee. Javan, 'f'ultal and Maseeh, then, were
ithren , dea. endanta of Janheth, (not of H im),
d, from their lineage and thatr whereat.u ita, it ih
ar tin v were "white f .Ike," and they drove a tiade
white nierchainliee,
But when /atfi made acquainted with ])" t of un
ercaUng drama, I ain alwaya desirous la Know the
d; and if my friend, the Editor, ia eimil rly conluted,
I shall detail from the eauie au hmity, the
ecinl vinilatium of Almighty upon llieao- slaor
iichanle and their countriea ; not with ut fear end
mhling, for my own ! H.
Go ahead, sir, but be sure you enumerate
L the sins fur which these people suffered
t visitations of God, Are there nul a ihuutid
more terrible and soul consuming sins
it the enslaving of our lellow beings? Were
van,TuhalandMesech punished for theirslave
alings only ? Take heed. Did our blessed
viour denounce slavery as a sin at all! You 1
ve a glorious Held before you. It was ex ,
jred by One "who in Judea bore our sor- (
Mr. Kendall's universal claim of properly
every possible invention for writing by pultion
upon a magnetic wire, bas aroused Mr.
Keilly to offer a prize of $300 for the best
say upon the progress of electric discovery,
d the machinery which can be moved by
e application of magnetic or electric pulsa
The Cleveland Democrat promises Mr. Corin
the support of a part of the Liberty party
r Presideut. How thankful Mr. C. ought to
The Nashville Orthopolitau says, that the
emies of old Zach oqly hasten their owu
struction. To he sure they do.
The epidemic in New Orleans, at last dates,
as horrible. It was carrying off the accliina
I. T'trep hundred apd eleven, in one week,
the fell destroyer. And yet there are men
ho are such fools as to say it is not a contauus
plague I
The Southern Presbyterian, published at
illedgeville, Georgia, by Dr. Washington
aird, is a capital religious paper.
Our kind friends of the Aaronsburg (Pa.)
bserver has our thanks, for their kind notice
us in their valuable German slupi : it iiing
noble battle for old Zach and Irvin.
Some Southern Democratic, editor, on bis
ay North, writes home to his paper that he
d not go to Washington, la-cause nobody was
ere, and that iioloily was at the White House,
hat editor helped to put him there.
In Lapeer county, Michigan, iltey use two
tndred thousand bushels of potatoes, at ten
tils a bushel, to matte standi of.
The Charleston Mercury says that Mr. Hit
tanau's ami Wilntot Proviso letier is most
iporlune, and cannot fail to exercise a health
I iulluenuo.upon the diseased public opinion
the free Sjlalea.
Faith, said a Cincinnati preacher, is God's
agnetir telegraph. Where is the office?
ked one who heard the remark. In every
wly heart of prayer: was the just reply.
The Cincinnati Gazette is anxious for filter
facts about Paredes's pass. The President
ill tell all about it in his message, if we press
m harJ.
There is an appie tree on Mad Anthony
'uyneis olJ treaty ground in Ohio, whose
irent scion was planted fiy the General him
If: it hears fine fruit.?Taking of apples
minds us, tfial an tipple 14 inches round
as recently presented to the editor of the
ontgoinery Journal; it Is callwJ a Rough
nl Ready apple.
QCJ- The recent failures'of the Southern mail
ere owing to the burning of the bridge over
e South Anna liver.
0CJ- Mr. Charles R- Stewart ( Whig j declines
Congressional canvass in Mr, Ljgon's Mary
ml District, so that Mr. L. will go in probay
without opposition. I
'The'fktteen wt|s drqnl: with al| jhe honors!'
pegled'Mrs. Partington io herself, while read
g an qccaunt flf the De $ny dinner at Cork.
Veil, jf that isn't the beaier I I'm afraid her
fnWars don't preach very good morals to her;
id what nn example to set her children, even
lowing she is n queen.'
Colonel Fremont received company at Col.
raul's in St. Louis on the 31 st inat&nt. lie
a little lion now and properly so1, fur his
rath has ItPen in "the desert."
The St. Louis Republican says that the mil
irymou arriving frog] California preserve an
nttious silence upon the transactions in that
slant land. They are waiting for the Court
larlial to give their testimony. We take it,
at President Polk will cut a pretty figure on
e trial of Col. Fremont, if the Court will not
ippresa the truth.
Park Benjamin proposes to publish a Rough
ad Ready Rollgr Weekly in fljew York.?
ark brags mightily over the the new concern,
at the subject is a very elevating one and we
an excuse him.
The editor of the Washington Union wishes
t know what (he Whigs of the House of Rep.
rsentativos will do, now that they have the
tajority. Prentice 'says, they will let in the
lessed light of day upon those dark and horble
recesses of official guilt which the Adunistratiqn
has kept covtred from the public
hern a mewing of ilie Mexican Generals al
Mexico. All but ll^ree, jnyluding Santu Ana, ,jj
have ilpejileil in layer delivering up the city |(|
of Mexico to Uen, Scott. Gen. Valencia uml
two othera determined to light it oiit to the d
law, and not give up. We now discover cj(
Santa Ana's character in lull. Finding that
he could not whip the Yankees, lie intends to
make them the instruments of placing liini al ^
the bend of the Government, and there protect
tiini. This is one ol his rrries, and is ill keep
ing with the report that he promised our Qov .
eminent he wopld ttial.e peace if they would 1
give hitn n passport to fetdrn to Mexico. He }*'
now apparently Wilnts to" fulfil Ins promise. ''
when he finds he cannot subserve his ambition 7
otherwise. ' . '
Commodore Perry came up yesterday on a 'n
visit. He gave'Captain F. ol the sloop of war
S. a severe lectpre for nut overhauling the
Briliali steamer and arresting Gen. Paredes.
Our men of war certainly are ol' great' service ^
id us here! They all lie al Anton Lizardo, ,
a distance of 11 miles ; and in reference to
them, it, may be justly said that the guerillas "
cpuld. were (hey strong and' daring enough, ,
coma in and cut all uur throats before we could
get any assiatauce from them. The best excuse 1
| they have, is (hat (hare is no sickness there, "
[From the Daily Picayune F.xtra) I si
Nkw Ohi.hns, 30?10 a. m. w
Oeit Scull's ad ounce to .'hjntlu?Safety of .Ma- J
jnr I.c.Ufi Train? Urpntu of Americum at , r,
.Vatio,ail Bridge. j I(J
The schooner Mississippi arrived from V<?
tiruz ori Sunday, having sailed thence oil the 1 ^
"veiling of the iilst malam At that time the j
Fashion had not arrived there, <hotr<<|i con 1
rianlly expected. She left here lhe\yeuing of
he 17th.
The most important news hy this arrival I
toncerus the ruovements of Gen. Scon. There j ln
iiad been various rumors o i the subject in i 0{
Vera Cruz, many of which our correspondent re
(lieu to be unfounded, hut he writes us on
he afternoon of Saturday, the yisi instant, oh
what he considers "the best authority," that
;he vanguard ol General Scott's army was at s'
Ayotla on Friday, the 13th instant, and np in ca
hut dale hud not 'ired a gun. This news reach- ru
-d Vera Cruz by a gentleman who lelt Ayotla bt
iii ilie loll), coming down by way ?l Unzatii. to
Avoila in but twenty-one miles from the riiy
j( Mexico, being twenty iniji a beyond the pass
jf Rio Frio. We now turn lor a moment to I"
other subjects of great interest
The expedition which left Vera Cruz about to
lie lollt instant to teinlorce Major Lilly's ca
'oinuiand, was composed of Captain Wells's tit
company ol die |i>ib infantry, Captain Mitde's p
company of lite I4lh infantry, and Capt. Fairchild's
company o! Louisiana rangers, all under
command of Captain Wells. They returned '
10 Vera Cruz on the I7tlt, after having pro I
needed as far as the National Bridge, white
they expected to overtake Major Lally's com ill
ninnil. Major Lally, however, had gone on, Ik
ind by subsequent advices at Vera Cruz it is
known that be bad carried up bis train in safety 8li
beyond Jalapa. ()[
'I be command of Captain Wells were com .
pelled to fight their wav to the bridge ; and they ,f
made the attempt to pass it, but found all the w
heights occupied by the guerriilas, who opened M
I heavy tire upon them, killing nearly all the co
mules and forcing the whole party to retire. a[
They left the whole of their wagons, save only
arte, in the possession of the enemy. All the to
vimrutri nf the ndieprs and knaosackB of the
men, which were in Hip wagons, tell into the
hands of the Mexicans, and little else brides ('
[he mail was saved. The loss of men in this
(flair has been five or six killed and two or of
lliree wounded, and several men have subse- w
ijuenily died from fatigue aud exposure on the w
inarch. v(,
About eight miles this side of the bridge, jj
Captain Wells, on his advance, detached 12 .
dragoons, accompanied by L)r. Cooper, with J
directions to go forward cautiously, and, if 8e
lltey found it prudent to report to Maj. Lally ; 'al
hut if they encountered any obstacle, to return mi
ind report the fact at once. Nothing hassiuce tei
heen heard of this party, and it is supposed co
ihe whole have fallen into the hands of the U)
Mexicans. The twelve dragoons we suppose
lo lie a portion of Faitchild's company. Or. ','F
Cooper was the surgeon who went up with ""
ihe train. f?
Captain Wells had five successive engage sjh
items with the epemy before the final affair in
it the ht'idge. In this the Mexicans had one |)a
piece of artillery engaged, Irotp tyliich they (h
fired grape, ppd \yere thus able to make good
[heir stand against the command of Captain
Maj. Lally on going up with lite train is said
to have had a sharp skirmish with tne guertl lnj
las at Cerro Gordo, and to haye expected ano
iber tirnsli with tliem at I.a Hnvu. No accounts w
of these affairs have been received. Inn our la- ''i
test letters say that tlrore is no doubt of the w
safely of the train. No ui-ws bad lieeu heard la
at Vera Cruz of Capt. D'-sancon's company I"
for a fortnight. It was out 011 a scout when '?
news reached there that Major furlly requited
reinforcements, ami it is hv many supposed v'
that the eompaov fed in with the train, and, 'a
crossing the National Bridge, continued up di
wirli ii. Otlicts again iliink iJIflcieiiity, an.l
suppose the whole company has In en cut oil
hy the Mexicans. Such is the tenor of our la
test letters.
In regard to Qen. Scott's march, there were ca
rumors at Vera Cruz that he had .net the ene ^
my ami repulsed them at' r a sharp engage 01
menl, in which he lust b(H) men. This the p,
Mexicans regurcli d as a victory on their pari, q,
their loss was insignilicant. Notwithsland I ga
lug these details, our correspondent writes II.at fr
ill. re is nu truth iii them wnati ver. Me also e>
considers the announcement of the Sun of Ana-) rc
liinic li;..t Ocii. Scott uirived at Ayotla on llm. J"
111I1 as a gtnteiueiit hnzaided upon mere ru ! .Il
uior. He lias cioihdem'e in the veracity of the j 0
man who arrived on lite 21st, and declares the
vanguard of Scott's army to have been in Ayu- |?
tin on 1 lie I Dili. having met go resistance so tar.
Both the Vera Cruz papers and our correspondent.
believed thai Ueiieral Scott was in pos- dr
session of Mexico hy the 20th itist. but they ar
tiad no information to this effect.
We have mure minute accounts 011 board
the ship Agries, of the various engagements hi
with the guerillas mentioned above. The Mis. to
sissippi, being a fust sailer, has anticipated j w
iIiosh accounts, but without uitpptying siu me
dentils. jc?
We lniye no leller iliroot from the army.? j r'
The I)oleup..tie Isis IWieias, of Jalupa, saysj'j
that more correspondence from the at my litis ri.
been intercepted bv the gpprilljis. This paper ot
appears to jtave advicfs front I'nebla to the Hy
11llli inst.; hut only states that the last division a
of the American army |elt tin that day dllOU or
strong, s"
(Ourrrspimdcncr of the Commercial Times.)
Y'kra Cruz, August 17, IS47. hiCJeatltmcn
: Since 1 last wrote vott there h.isi 311
been quite a move in our circle of au'ljurilies re
The harbor ntus'.ef has |<psn retnovi d iVoin his i
office in consequence of allowing Gen I'a redes i J,'
to land. So /roar Mr. Clark lost his office by j
doing Qen. Paiedes a good deed. It appears
that Messrs. Atocba and Tarnara were the
gentlemen wlyo accompanied the General to Wl
th' ir or his domicile. 'The Governor had Mr. of
Atbcha up" abollt it, who told him that he was ijv
not nn informer. This was rather digging Iqr ?(
his Ejfcellpgcy. Vt\< have teaeiyed some ae
counts front AWarndu ; it appears that Capt.
?? got his vessel, the Ilecla, a staunch brig a t
ol war, ashore on the bar, and when he and
twelve ol his crew landed in the boat they were
made prisoners by a party of Alvaradians, men ?
who have been treated more like friends than
enemies. Your obedient servant,
' " " ^!ta Bucket.
VeriCruz, August 19, 1847. ^
A renort lias iusl come in, that there bus ?
Iiougli mini* Sl>Y 'h?t il i"1 had there if not |
oist- lli.m hfrf.
Tlj>* barque < 'urn arrived yesterday; we liiivp 0oj
ily '-i? Vessel* in |Kiri, principal lv small one*. ^
Flour $11 5iI per Mil, ?lu 1 y iiiiii chargi i I
I: Lard IDn>i2*2 cent* p?-i II; Potatoes $0 :sl
$7 5b per bhl; Onions $7 SMperb'il; Hams, ,
nie good, 121 to IS cfnis. Everything elsp m
luniJaiiCf. Yuurs. Tin Hn.nr I?Monarchy
iu Mexico. ^
Havana, August 12, 1847. | |,
L)kak Fhibnd*':?On board ilie English
ail strainer Tcviot, arrived lioin England
i the 8ih insl., was Gen. Don Mariano Fades
y Ariguda, ex-President of the Mesial
Republic, accompanied by four English '
iieers, and they left yesterday in llie I I
earner lor Vera Ctur.. As is naturally the l"'"
ise, this has given rise bete to a thousand '
mors, and the most absurd slories have '
(en invented. 1 will, however, relate to j W(]
you what 1 think mo-t probable, and
hich is regarded as such by the rellerting I we
lople. It has been ascertained that Fare- I
is comes with full powers to propose Ku-, 'u
jiean intervention, (Anglo Gaille, as they j 1
dl it,) uud to terminate at once the dilficitl- i
;a between Mexico and the United Stairs.: '
is also stated that afterwards San'.n Amu ?
ill be hnmslied, showing to the Mexican j?,
,'ople that the "benefactor of his couutiy;"
wnemerite tie la pat'in,) as they cull him,
is done nothing else but cheat thetn, and I
at his intention has ulways been to sacri- I
;e his country to his private interests. I an<
lnlu Anna unpu banished Pnrpdpa U'ill as- I I
ime the power, and assisted by his numeris
and influential pariizans, he will estab- ( 1
ih a monarchy in Mexico, and Paredeg
ill be nominated Geneialissimo of the ,
[exican armies. Opinions are divided (
incerning the origin of this monarchy. It I
ipears almost impossible that there should 1
i a coalition between Prance and England, '
place on the Mexican Throne Donna Ma- '
1 Christiana, and the Duke of Monimorot, s
lianznries ) This appears ridiculous, but (
ere are many who believe it. Others are
opinion that the plan is solely French, ,
ith the acquiescence and aid of England,
hich offers her assistance in order to pre- t
nt the farther extension of territory by the
nited States, and to prevent all objections
r France, when Great Britain presents her- '
If (very soon, it is said,) in the arena, to J"'
ke possession of the Isle of Culm, in pay- *''
enl of the Spanish debt, and with the in-r wi'
ntion that the mongrel monarchy of Mexi- 'be
1 may lend its assistance tq Great Britain, Av
case the (Jniled Stales design to resist, or r
ipose her possession of the f^ueen qf lues,
(Cuba.) 1 Qen. faredes avoided all ''Cf
mrpnnicadons with any pup during bis 'nu
orl slay here. This has given rise to to i
ny suspicions among the ''Savants," whe uni
ve nut succeeded this time in fathoming a l(
e truth. BLAS. eas
A Word about the I'ost Of/ice. The distrihtit |(pI]
? office for ibis section ot country is Petersir-r.
Tl\c? Suiilli.-rii mail is taken out lltere?
r cats pas* on ? ami it iR detained. Now. it con
ouid he fur bettPT, it strikes us, to establish bu)
e distributing office at Richmond, and indeed
e can imagine no reason why it is not so es
blished. Our Soutliern papers, under the
resent S5stern, are kept a day in J?etersburg,
I our very great inconvenience, und to the
'vantage of nobody, as far as we can see.? I I
Vt hope some one who has influence will 44 g
ke up this matter and endeavor to prevail on
le Postmaster General to alter the arrange01.1
llivh Whig. ' " ' '
Curiosity Cusin.?While one of Col. Price's w|
ittles with the Mexican^ and Indians, during the
impaign last winter, was going on, a bomb-shell,
ith the fuse lighted, fell among some houses, he- an
ml which were hidden a half dozen Mexicans. 1 \jKi
hey saw the queer-looking thing rolling towards j
em, and without knowing what.il was, one m
cm picked it up for examination?his comrades I g?-t
ithering round. For a few moments it passed I
0111 hand to hand, die fuse still burning, arid then I (
:ploded, killing two or three, and scatt^riug the | |H
st on the ground ygriously wounded. For aj
oment all was still; at length one fellow less L wc
irt than the Others VentUrcd to raise his head and uai
ok rottnd? . %?
" CJracin u I)ios!" he exclaimed; 11 In inc has
lvado de los infiernos! .lap 14s quierre mirur a lie'
s ccgas c^trunas otrq vez!" ma
Which, translated, means about this?
II Thank God! you have saved me from the ,,,,,
:vil; 1 shall never wish to look at strange things it \
lother time!"'?St. Louis Reveille. .
Magnetic Engine.?Several magnetic engine* j*'1
ive been patented, models of which are to ho "()l
ui.rd at the Patent Office. They have all failed, f
0 believe, because upon plans that wo ild 'not adit
of a sufficiency of power. If l!iis desideratum ' Sa
hi be attained at all, we cannot imagine any prin- ' j.(1,
pie more effectual than that of this enginy. The 1
plication of the magoetic agent ;s similar to that i nu'
thy engines op thy steamers ui the East?by di- I no
ot action upon a double layer or horizontal beam, 1.
le end of which connects v. i h the shaft of the j a
-wheel. The he.id of an upright bee01, fixed in j ,
heavy timber as a foundation, forms the pivot 1
1 which this horizontal lever oper&t"#. On ei. h j oil)
Je, fixed in the bottom timber, is to be a power-1 Sl,p
I permanent steel magnet. Alternate j hi tea or |
neks of soft iron, wound round with copper w ire, I
id of permanent steel magnets, all connected by I wo
as? links, and designed to give incraa.iej power
d play to the force einployod, a?a attracted and ; " s
jc'Aeu in regularly fcrbaki'ng und reversing the ; cut
r,.?nl '.,f tr?i Ivullium cr. f . .
11W..." |li|p
.anting elevation ami depression in (he arms of
b suspended lever.?Maywille (h'y.) Eagle. , \cr
. 1 " ! 1110
Professor Lijebig, o( Germany, b^s recency trie
ntieo u letter to Professor Stlliman, a portion \Jr
which is taken up \yii^ e^iH'RibR the rela- tair
e adyarpa^ea lif boiling and roasting meal.-- i|ie
i ibis is a subject tlint comes home to the |,aj
aoihs and stomachs of all classes, we subjoin wit
diorl extract:
The method of roasting is obviously the best pe||
make llesh the most nutritious, l^ut it does f
It lollow thel boiling i? to lie interdicted. If a al
wo ol meat b*' Put l'?'d water, and ibis Sti
ated to boiling, and boiled till it is 'done,' it ma
ill become harder and have less taste than i! |0 ,
e same piece had been thrown inlo water al ...
adv boiling, (n the first cage, the mailers *atefo|
to |he taste and smell go into the ex "'a
ict?tire soup; in the second, the albumen of is r
e meal coagulates from the surface inward, un(
id envelopes the interior with a layei which
impregnable to water. In the latter case, ,r"
e soup will be indifferent, but tbe meal deli 'nS
'Tlie Inst letter which has hern received ai hal
e War Ofiice from Gen. Taylor is dated in ^
tigusl. He acknowledges llip reception of . ,
e letter which |\nd been undressed to hint by 1
e Hcarelury, I'm his portrait to l?e engraved hui
poll the medal which has heen voted to him det
r Congress. The General refers the Secreta W|
' to the picture which hnd been painted ol
im by Mr. Brown, of Richmond, as contain- ,u
g a correct, perhaps the hps| likeness of him. cot
| Union full tost.
We yesterday inudveitently classed Messrs. ^
an Ruren, Marcy, and Polk, as among the an
ioco Poco leaders who had neither kith nor ,j,
in in service in Mexico. Maj. Van Buren is
ritli General Taylor, and Governor Marcy ,0
as a son in the paymaster's department in *il
California. Mr. Polk's brother was appointed te
Major of Dragoons a few days since, and is 8l
bout to leave for Vera Cruz. Alb. Ev. Jour.
IS'kiv York, li Sept. (5 p. in. j
titles hi Hnur ai $ ? in I in $ j V ??. Ditio til : u
m ai 65 to ti8r. \V iieai in 5 C"iiis lower.? ?
les nt i ye at Kic I 'nitmi 1 p ( Iti lower.
Bl.ATIMnHV, li Sepl li p. III. !
I'altle, 51 11I'll(i Milil ai ail iivi raa.. Ill day ul
li2 grri?e. Hogs brisk a $0 5ll in J," Flnili
'25 in $') 57. Wheal 110 io l'25\ I turn j
10 li8<; Uyi* 7*11 in 7"2r. Oais 35 in 4()i:.
ouUlers 8 in 8i. Sides 9 lo 9it". Hams 10 in I
!. Lard III!. Whi?k?y '27n.
Skptcmbkh li.? Arrivals up to'2o'clock r. m.
Sleinner I uluniliia, Geo Guyllier, master,
ii'liiiinjisa lo sundry merchants; Baliiuuire
Srli'i I '(iliuabus, Samuel LungsliiH, maslei,
n lu M ilniivn & Brother; Philadelphia
3i:liV l.illey Ml .cliell, } llnrsiuan, master,
mil In G M llllliglty; river
Sch'r Way Marke, Peter Wheeler, ma-lt-i,
011 In G Maltingley; liver
icli'r Felicity, \\ in Dixon, nusier, won.i
A Clarke; river
Sch'r Angelina, William Wheeler, masiei,
mil lo A Clarke; river
ich'r Mfluie, Lewis P Steel, rnnsier, Wnntl w
Jituies Harvey St Co; river
3CH i imi/.h, ii^ur) uuwe, uiut.it'r, wuiw iw
lie-- Harvey & Coj river.
canal tuade.
Skptemuer ti.?Arrivals up to I o'clock p m.
'anal liuai Friendship, wood lor Mnldlelou
.1 Beall
Canal boat Piince W illiam, wood lor K
Canal boat General Taylor, wood for C
.'anal tioal F.dgur, wood for Captain Neal
''anal boat Fox, sand for G Ennis
Canal boat Caroline, wood lor several citi
Canal boat Champion, wood for H Haislip
Canal boat Long John, wood not sold A
Canal boat Oregon, wood fur railroad depot
Canal boat Hough und Ready, wood for 1'
trknees. September
Canal boat Wave, sand fur N Plant
Canal hoai Friendship, sand lor T Young
Canal boat Liberty, wood lor J S Harvey
Whose duty is it lo sweep Pennsylvania avre
? Does it belong to Congress or to the
I council ? Surely it is the duty of some
blic authority. Will someone inform us ?
is tiling must be luoked into, and no rest
II be given to the authority entrusted with
duty, until it is performed, People on the
enue?second uur efforts.
1'be Puputc Printers.?Since our last noi
of these gentleman, we learn that they do
snd to execute their contract. They are able
Jo so, that's certain. We are iuformed on
ioubied authority, that they have taken for
rrn of years, that fine building in thesoutht
coiner of Pennsylvania Avenue and )3lh
let, occupied by Messrs. Haslup and Winei.
They purpose to he in operation by the
of October, it is said. Their loss ou the
nraet will be immeuse, work it as they may.
I, if they do their woik well, we have no
ibt, Cougress will more than reinibuise them
Akothf.r Fhacas.?A blacksmith named
ios. Maeuire, and an ostler named Lollies,
>ot their dander up" on Saturday, wltPti
liies subbet) iVlag'yire. A warraut was
tied by Justice Smith, and served by officers
indy and flutehins. They arrested Lollies,
to gave security in ihe sum of $250 lor his
:oud appearance before the Justice. When
investigation was made yesteiday muiuing,
flies was discharged, front the fuel that
tguire threw a knife ut hint previous to bis *
lii.g slabbed.
^oHoNEhV Inhukst, ?Coroner Woodward J
d an inquest over lite body of a colored foi
man, a few days ago in Georgetown, Iler
me was Mary Jordan, a slave, belonging lo
s. E. Kills, ii appears that a friend gave CI
r a small paper coiiiuiuiiig, us site supposed,
gncaiu: Miry look two spoonfuls, and bene
veiv ill. Physicians were called in, wben
vis ascertained tint site bad taken arsenic : ^
I, notwithstanding all ibe efforts pf the
ysicians to restory her, she died in a lew
urs. ?
I'hey wlio love gooJ, pure C'laret and Haul I'u
uierne, and an aromatic Sogur, can find tlte I1
l of lliese thing? al Buibman's on lite Ave
e. He deals in tlte unadulterated article and w
mistake. Tlte ion viraut will only neei, W
:... st... o ?.i ed
k ' ' ' * _ ?! *
Wagner's Picture Frame Factory.? Out
I atul country readers would do Well to (w
what Mr. Wagnkr says in apftlher: te
titiiti about Picture (i'ljamea. A beuer j
r(it;UU. tiidit lie, iln-re is in no city. He j ^
ervee to be encouraged, and will be | oS
oureged the moment he is knuyyn?and I e j 111
; taken the tneaipj ,0 become known by ad-1
lisiug m the jXutinnaJ Whip;, whicli has
re readers than any other ^"Ufnal jit lite Dis:t
by ten .0 pqfs. Wa speak this word for '
. Wamrer, because we are in favor ol sus- ^
ting home manufactures. He practices upon to
same principle, and stands by our home ul
jer. Ilia picture frames will vie any day ["
It Sltultz or Cariss's Itest in ^aliiino^e. ?
rt.AiM's Of^ivS.? vt e take pleasure in re. *
ring our country rentiers, woo have business H
Washington, to the aJvert,isemeul of Mr.
kttinus in another column. Mr. 8 was for ^
ny years in the reap,ensile otfiee of Agetd |e
lite V\'.Islington Branch of Baltimore and
io Hailroatl, an.l is highly esteemed as a ''
n of the most prompt business habits- He
t great favorite with claimants for Pensions
Jer the old and new laws. They who en"
st their business to Mr. S will lie sureol huv_
11 quickly and well attended to.
\ow kor Hats.?September is in, Rttd new ?
is are out?that is Steven's new patern is.
i liis advertisement. It 19 short and nappy
9 lite article advertised. Bet our young
iks and old bucks, our wild clerks and out
nure clerks?all call upon Stevens. They r
II be sure to cotuo away minus an old hat. *
J richer a new uue. The style is very be, ?
ning indeed. (
Whittlesey's.?There's our old friend .
hitllesey in the mat hot with a hundred fresh |
d new tilings in his useful line. He sells
ings we oau'rgel along without, and his as-1
rtnient has a character (hat our word cannot
id to, though it may help to draw public at*
ntion to it. We say ihen to those, who want
ich things as he advertises, to give hint a
" A Vo'i't* I'rom the South," li t* b-en sent
s by Brooke, Shilling ion U Co. More of it Th.
(hen we trail n.
O.ntue Market, September 7.
Beef, (i to 111 cents per lb ,
Mutton, . ti to H " " v__
r-". '!! :: ::
I lone v, .
Lamb, .'17 to 5(1 cent* per ipmrter. .
Irish potatoes, . 1 9 to 911 cents" per puck. Pu
Sweet potatoes, :t7 " "
Apples, . . 1(1 to.'17 J " " f
Peaches, . i5 to 75 " " "*
Tomatoes, 8 to 19 " " *c*
Turnips, , , 18 to 95 " " *
Onions, 95 . " " pW
Cuntelopes, I to 5 cents u-piecc. Oik
Watermelons, 3 to 15 " " ful I
llutter, . lfi to 95 " " w
Beets, . 3 cents per Inincll.
I.iina heati?, In cent- per quirt.
Crapes, 4 " ' T1
F.ggs, 1(1 to 19 cents per daZ. fl 1
Corn, 1(1 " " by tl
Cucumbers, .4 " " addi
Cabbage,. 4 to G cents per head. ami
Chickens, 37J to 50 cents per pair. tion
(?Boct.RiE?, Sept. 7.?Our city is well supplied
ith good groceries, at present. We annex prices
Flour, superfine Rochester brands, at j>(! 95.
Sugar 7 to 9 cents per lb. 'J
Tea . 5(1 to 150 " " P?rl
Coffee . H to 1G " " v**1
Cheese ., . 19J " " Cni
Rice . bj to 7 " ' ing
Candies 14 no Off
Card . .17 to 19 " " I
Soap . GJ to 8 " " coir
Bacon, (ham) . II to 14 " " folk
Bacon, (shoulder) St to II " " t
Bacon, (raiddl's) 19) " " p
Molasses 37 to 75 cents per gallon. j
Oats . 45 to 50 cents per bushel. j
Corn 8U on j
Cornmeal . Hi) " "
Shipsluif . 35 to 40 " " j
CoUman'i. y
J Reed and lady Mass )
J Parsons and lady do
W T Gould Ga C
W Denecom niece and daughter Ga
l)r W T Mouise SO /
Jno M Wyae Md J
T Harris N V
C F Worthinglon Md Cs(
Jno Nicholson do .
P B Stephens NY Cjl
Jas N Lemis and lady V*
Mrs Gadsden and Son SO ^
Thos Uohertson Va
ST Armstrong N Y
Thos P Chjeruer Va p?
E W Dewces do he,
B Bisen La ml,
B M Norman La
HA Taylor NY ,rll
J Ely N J i
J T Archer Fa has
B F Starks Ky 1
Mrs Purrish do dea
Miss Fleming do brai
VV Montague do plei
P L Coi lady child and servant La paii
Jno Fowler and lady Ohio ??<
Mrs E C Barnes St Louis. 1
C Cornegge U S N
Mr Turner V\ ashihglou
J H Groove Md '
W H Tunnall Vn T
Thos MeGuire Brazil Jt
Lsi i noa o ivierrcr \ a ??'
Tlios Berry Mil W
J A Culling Mass ,ur
C Ilouliiud Hini lady Y'l
'1' C Cunner Tumi
Thus H Taylor do
W H Norpnrh Aliom
J Calrut and lout ladies Md
J no Baruet d C
H S Collet (In
T Lumberman Ga
J 'I Waikins and lady Va
B M Deiinger Bliiladt-lpliia y
UN line
fUST received a largo aseottment al Lamps, con- ^|e
stating of Lard, $p?trm, fcJoLr, and I'ine Oil nXp,
r Stor. a, Parlors, 41 id Hotels. Pi. ir bank's Uurn- j,jm
g fiuid aad Lamps. A constant supply of Fresh ma|
ine Oil, Pure, Sperm, Lard and Solar Oils, Wicks, p
laasifi, for all kiuds of Larn|>s. Fine Oil Lampt, new
leaned and Repaired, by -r~
iep 7 if C stree*, Todd's QuiUiingH. JlJ
General Agency at the City of J
HAu/iiugloii, D. C. V
ji AMUBlt HTBTT1NU8, General Agent, Ko*
9 tar a Public, Justice of the Ft ace, J{c? roped- A
lly inform the Volunteers atui the United States
agulars, and ihe representatives of the dece Med C
ddiers that he is prepared to undertake ihe settle- Lui
nnt of their Claims, with the Depar merit at urtii
Washington. He will procure bounty and Land l?Wl
Warrants, Treasury Scrip, Pensions for the Wound- tim?
I, Pensions due Widows and Orphans of the ^
ceased Soldier, An parages of payment for ?er- ?**?t
ces rendered, mileage, or any cdhe^ Claim or a
bims again*' t\tg General ^oterriment, that may i
i confident bin management will he speedily atmlcd
His terms are moderate. ^
He can he consulted h* any between the ^5
mrs of c;'ciock, A M., and U oVIo k P. M . at his W
[joe on L6th street, opposite the Treasury Departent.
sep 7 3<n j"?
V> Houskeeptrt. and all tu whom it may concern: rc"
A N impression appear* tn prevail in the District,
thei no place, can compete with the North, g(r0
r cheep end good worn i to eradicate thia errnni- ^
la impression, the aglracrilicr would reepectfully ri)j|
form HeVfttKiriBa. and the public in general, ^
at he haa opened a new eaiabliabment on i'ennayl- rgg(
inia Avenue, between 12th and 13th alrcete, (
nith aide, for the purpoae of carrying on Ihe i'ic- (
ire Frame htpineea, in all ita varioua branehee. ?
e will manufacture all kinde of Portrait Pictures, ar>
id Looking Close frames. Box Pornishiag, rj-c., ^
e? ol the heat material, and in lite neateat manner, tlov
'wenty-five per cent cheaper than aver before of- p,j(
red in Ihie Dieuici.
N. B. All kinks of RaotLBiNo done; alao
ookiug Glesa Plalea, inverted in old Framea. ex.
All ordera executed with the greateal deepatch. cos
1'erma caah on delivery. Igt
acp 7 Int JOHN WAGNER. ,jd,
RHA 1 ?.
August, IM47. JL
STKVEN'8 [Me Fish's,]
lentlemen'e Outlining Store, Brown's Hotel. 1
eep 7 Ct l,#'
rOHN II. BU'fllMANN. Pennsylvania Awnue, ?
) south side, between 4 J enil 6th streets, hee isceiv.
it a lot ol' Superior Henna Cigars, 'Silver" brand, 1
Iso en Invoice of Claret in Ceeee and C veka, enme
i the very highest grade; aleo Haut Sauterne an In- H'
oice of Sherry and' Medeiie in Casks, and a lot of *"
Inn old whiskey, all of which are offered for vale. ^
Sept 6? 3lif
LAMPS, die.. Ac., Wholesale and retail, opposite
Brown'e Hotel, Pennsylvania Avenue.
T. Pureed anxious to reduce hie extensive etock
of the above articles, will sell at reduced pncea for
CASH. He solicits a call from hie mends and the
public genendy. at his Store and Warehouse. Pvun -i
sylvania Avenue. THOS. PL'KSELL. |
sep 3 d3in ^
of I). Ciagelt tc Co., up stair*,
THE Steamboats huvreauined
<h< if trips at the regularly advertised
r?. the subscriber has again placed his Omnibus
Ul'tJH AND READY" on the route, and will
iy- bo found si the Steaaboat wharf in WashIon
on the artival of the boat from Alexandria,
ly to convty pussengers to any part of Psnnsyl
i? Yicumy, tor cenis.?He
I alto leave tlia corner ol' the Avenue and 6th
et, (opposite Coleman's,) at 8}, and 11 A.
anil 11. 34, and 54, P. M., for the purpose of
veying passengers to the boat, at the same
rge. He hope* that all in favor of uniform and
unable charges will give him their uniform supt.
ug 37 tf
fLOVER HILL COAL.?Just arrived, a cargo
/ of this super.or B.luminous Coal, which 1 am ^
r prepared to dslivai to families at a reasonable
?. Persons in want of this description of Coal,
lid de well to call before purchasing elsewhere,
lam determined to >ell low cash. Also, daily
meted, a cargo of lha l'each Mountain Anthracite
I. WM. E. 8TUBB8.
h street, just below Pennsylvania Avenue, aast
?. aug 37 eo3w
iHE SUBSCRIBER is authorised to sell the
following Property?
Ixit No. M6, on 3d street. Georgetown, D. C.
Lot No II, in Square 10 on 36th street. Wast,
.ween I and K. street a. Wasliing'on City.
uem oirrni, urioge street, Georgetown, D. C.
tug 26 2wd
AI, AGENCY OFFICE,*door* ml Union
He I, Bridge tlreei, Georgetown, D. C. Where
ordere wilt be | fotaptljr end confidentiall* elided
to. tug 26 tf
J. U. T. H'KRN BR,
Canes Ttreaaed and Monnted.
meet *ni> mr.p*ie?d.
outeiaoa .frrnue, bt.ictt i 6th rnul 7th Stritf,
wash ington, p. c..
tug 26
F BURGER. dealer in Tot *e .. ""J
Baud Who ?rde ?ud Re.td, 12th "'* **
raio.?dh. .u.20u ^ ^
? III' ?fill" 1
C.in. John Taliaferro, Virginia.
Ion. George Evana, Maine.
Ion. Walter Lowrie, late Secretary U.S. Senate,
tinea W. MeCulloh, Esq., First Comptroller of
amee N. Barker, E?q., late do do do
Villiam Collins, Esq., First Auditor of Treasury,
f. St. Clair Clarke, Esq., lato Clerk house of
Iharlos Treichel, Esq., Dep Col. Customs Philadelphia.
I. Martin, Esq., late Cashier do do
amss H. Raymond, Esq., Austin Texas.
Office on Capitol Hill, second square south of
ep 2? 1 m
qOBIAS N. WOLTZ, E. street, near the cor.
ner of I Ith, south side.?The subscriber
ild respectfully inform his friends and the public
eneral, that be is now prepared to manufacture
BINET FURNITURE of every description ;
sill keep constantly in his employ first rata workl,
so that all persona who order work from his
rblishment, can depend on receiving a well made
Pbose who have old Furniture, that they wish to
e repaired would do well to give him a call,
le is constantly manufacturing Chairs of every
cription, and from his long exp rience in this
nch of business, he is confident that he can
ise the moat fastidious. Old Chairs will be rered
and repainted, and with small expense be
le to look as well as new.
lis terms will be made to suit the times.
ug 30 tf T. N. WOLTZ.
aNTtoi.PH n arr.vve ii-LI __.l
_ -? ?? ..MM oiu nrem, a.ium
%, of the Goneral Pott Office, wuuhl reapsctfully
rit* the attention of h.? frisnila, the cilirens of
ashington and ita vicinity, to hia at ck of Furni't*
and Housekeeping articlea; comprising in partMahogany
spring aeat Sofat
" rocking and parlor Chain
" centre, card, and dining Tablee
' Bureaus, Sideboards, ate.
" and gilt Frames, Looking-glasses
Wardrobes, Bedsteads, Cribs, Cradles
Shuck, hair and straw Mattresses
Feather Beds, Sacking Bottoms, etc.
Glass, china, atone, earthen, and iron Ware
Knives and Forks, Brushes, and Wooden Ware
iVith numerous other articles in the Housekeeping
too numerous to mention.
fe is prepared to manfacture all kinds of Furnii
at the shorn. I notion, and on the most rcaaonaterms.
He flatters himself that from his long
ericnce in the Cabinet business, sll work made by
i will be done in a faithful and workman-like
iner, and give entire satisfaction,
f. B.--0ld Furniture , token iu exchange for
aep 3 may 27 ly
We invite the attention of all persons wishing
umiah to our general aaeortment of gooda, conrig
'urnilure, Hardware, and Cutlery
ihina, Glass, and Crockery Ware
Mated. Aloata, and German Silver ware
Vooden Ware, Willow Ware, Brushes snd
ind a groat variety of miscellaneous and fancy
iirandolus, I,amps, Candlebras, &c.
' stock embraces all the vaiiety of housekeeping
:lea, and wo pledge ouraelves to sell at the very
est prices for cash, or to punctual customers on
looms opposite tho Centre Marker. fc?* ,1
"Smooth oa<t Ready" Point Shop.
twkful far mall Jobi an J grateful for htrge onet.
and 10th street, aoulh side, begs leave to inn
(be pu'lie, that he ia prepared to execute the
tnl 'nr Burmese, in all ita various brancliea. such
Hutua, tiigna, Banner a, Trwupurencirt, Fire rnt,
Graining Papir- Vamiahtng and Glazing-,
ch will be attendml to in any part of the ciljr,
liout delay. He reepectfully aolto.U n abare of j
lie patronage, and hopee to merit it by good
It, cloee j attention to business, and reasonable
rgea. Ho is confident that he can work at prices
enough to make it to the interest of all to give him
4. B. I am also prepared to execute all kinda of
n and ornamented Japanning, Bronxing and
ling, both in wool and rattals, also that beautiinish
up 3 ly W. BERON.
| A VINO a negro-woman Cook, and a negrnI
woman Nurse to hire, either by the year or
be month, ran hear of a good hoqae far them, by
easing A. B. through the Post Office, poet-paid,
by elating particulars of disposition, quaiificai,
price, etc. sep 3 6i*
Agency for Claims.
Washikoton, January, 1847.
>HN UNDERWOOD, late Coief Clerk in the
Office of tho First Auditor of the Treasury Dement,
in winch ho hail been employed for thirty
IS, tenders his sendees to Collectors of Customs,
led States Marshals, Merchants and others havticcounts
to settle with any of the Executlre
ices or claims on the Government.
'or fidelity and prompt attention to any business
imittsd to his charge, he respectfully refers to the
>wing named gentlemen:
Ion. John Reed, Lieut. Gov. of Massachusetts.
r? ? ni,;?

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