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IVm. T. Goldtborougli,of Dorchester county.
First district, composed of Montgomery,
Charles, Calvert, Prince George's. St Mary'~,
and Aune Arundel counties, John G. Chap
Second district, composed of All rrhauy,
Washington, and Frederick counties, J. Dixon
_ Hi man.
Fctrth district, composed of the first fifteen
wards of Baltimore ci'y, John I' Kennedy.
Fifth distri t, composed of Harford, Cecil,
Kent, Q.U'-en Anne's, and Caroline counties.
. uexmwcr umn*.
Sixth district, composed of Taibot, Dorchester,
Somerset, and Worcester counties, Join:
II'. Crisjitld.
TramTaltdfrom the German.
. , BY ? LARA CUSI1MAN- ...
The village was smaH, and the church
was not a. cathedral,'hut a quiet, unostentatious
stone chapel, half covered by climbing
plants, and a forest of dark trees greu
round it. They shaded the interior so completely
in the summer- afternoons that the
ftguVe of the altar-piece?painted, the villagers
averred, by Albrucht Dvvier?could
scarcely .'be distinguished, and rested upon
the.broad canvas* a muss of shadowy outline.
A quaint carved belfry rose above the
trees, and ip the bright duwn of the Sabbath
a chime sweet hnd holy floated from it,
calling the villagers to their devotions; but
the bell whoseiyion tongue gave forth that
chime was not the bell that my story speaks
of?there was another, long before that was
cast, that had hung for many years, perhaps
a centuryin t|ie same place. But now it is
110 longer elevated, its tongue is mute, for it
lies upon the ground at the loot of the church
tower, broken and .bruised. It is half buried
in the rich mould, and there are green stains
creeping over it, eating into its iron heart,
no one heeds it now, fur those who brought
it there are sleeping coldly and silently all
around in the church-yard. The shadow
of those dark trees'" rests on many graves.
How came the old bell to be thus neglected
? A new generation arose?''See," they
said, "the church where our parents worshiped
fails to decay. Its tower crumbles
to dust. The bell has lost its silver tone?
it is cracked, it is broken. We will have
a new tower, and another bell shall call its
to our worship.''
_So the old belfry was destroyed, and the
old bell Taid at the foundation; it was grieved
at the cruel sentence, but it scorned to
complain, it was voiceless. They came
weeks after to rcmoveit?the remains would
still be of use ; but strive as they would, no
strength was able to raise the bell, it had
grown ponderous?it defied them?tooted
to the earth as it seemed.
I'They cannot make me leave my post,"
thought the bell?"1 will still watch over
this liolv spot. it has been my cate for
Time passed, and they strove no longer
to remove the relic. Its successor rang
clearly from the tower above'its head, and
the old bell slumbered on, in the warm sunshine,
aud the dreary storm, unmolested,
and almost forgotten.
The afternoon was calm, but the sun's
rays were most powerful. A bright, noble
hoy had been walking listlessly under the
whispering trees. He was 111 high health
end was resting from eager exercise, for
there war. a flush upon his open brow, and
as he walked he wiped the beaded drops
from his forehead.
"Ah, here is the place," he said ; "1 will
lie down in this cool shade, and read this
plcasanf volume." The lays of Hans Sachs
west in his hand., So the.youlh stretched his
wearied limbs upon the vtfvel gtass, and his
head rested near.the old bell, but he did nut
know it, lor there was a low shrub with
thick serrated leaves and fragrant blossoms
spreading over it, and the youth d.J not
care to look beyond.
Presently the letters in his book began to
grow indistinct, there was a mist creeping
over the page, ami w.hile lie wondered at
the marvel, a low clear voice spo'cc to him.
Yes, it called his name, "Norvaiis."
"1 am here," said the lad, though he could
see no one. He glanced upward and around,
yet there was no living creature in sight.
"Listen," said the voice. "1 have not
spoken to mortal for many, many years.
]\ly voice was hushed at thy birth. Come,
I w ill tell tliee of it " The youth listened,
though lie was sadly amazed. He fell
bound to the spot, and lie could not close
his cars,
"Time has passed swiftly," said the voice,
"since 1 watched the children who are now
men and won,en,at their sports in the neighboring
forest. I looked out from my station
in the old tower, morning and evening beheld
with joy those innocent faces, as they
ran and hounded in wild delight, fearless of
the future, and cart less of the present hour.
They were all my children, for 1 had rejoiced
at their birth; and if it was ordained
that the Good Shepherd early called one of
the lambs to his bosom,! tolled not mournfully.
but solemnly at the departure. I knew
it was far belter for those who slept thus
peacefully, and I could not sorrow for them.
,lI matked one, a lair, delicate girl, who
often seperated herself from her merry companions.
She would leave their noisy play,
and stealing with hcrbookand work through
the dark old trees, would sit for hours in
the "shadow of the tower. Though she
never came without a volume, such an one
as just now you were reading, the hook was
often neglected, and leaning her head upon
her hand, she would remain until the twilight
tenderly veiled her beautiful form,
wrapt in deep, still musing, 1 knew that her
thoughts were holy and pure; often of
..vh.cii, lur snc wouia raise uer eyes 10 i"c
l>cn<lmg bWy, jeweled as it was in the evening
hour, ami stem in prayer, (hough her
Tips moved not, and the listening breezes
could not catch a nnuncrcd word.
"liul the girl grew up, innocent as in her
childhood, yet with a rosier flush upon her
cheeks and a brighter lustre in her dreamy
eye. I did not see her so often then, but
when my voircon the bright Sabbath morning
called those who love the good Father
to come aod thank him for his wonderous
mercy and goodness, she was the first to
obey the summons, anil I watched the
snowy drapery which she always wore, as it
fluttered by the dark foliage, or gleamed in'
the glad sunshine. She did not come alone,
for her grands ire ever leaned upon her arm, j
anil she guided his uncertain steps, and listened
earnestly to the words of wisdom which
he spoke. Then! marked that often another
joined the group, a youth who had been
her companion years agone, when she was
i very child. Now they did not stray ns
hen, with arms entwined, and hand linked
in hand ; but the youth supported the grandire,
and she walked beside him, looking
timidly upon the ground, and if by chance
le spoke to.her,a bright glow would urise
to h-r lips and forehead.
" Ne?er did my voice ring out for a merrier
bridal than on the morn when they
vere united, before the altar of this very
church. All the village rejoiced with them,
lor (he gentle girl wan loved us a sister, anu
i daughter all said that the youth to whom
he had plighted lipr troth was well worthy
of the jewel he had gained. The old praised,
and the young admired as the bridal party
turned toward their home, a simple, vinehaded
cottage, not a stone's throw from
where thou art lying. They did not forget
the God who had bestowed so much ofhappiness
upon them even in the midst ot
pleasure, and often they would come in the
hush of twillight, and, kneeling hy the alter
give thanks for all the mercies thry had
"Two years?long as the period may
reeni to youth?glides swiftly past when the
heart is not at rest. Then once more a chime
floated from the belfry. It wus at early
dawn, when the mist was lying on the
mountain's side, and the dew hid trembling
in the dower hell, flighted by the first beams
of the rising day-?A son had been given
to then* a bright healthful lmbe with eyes
blue as the mother's who clasped him to
her breast and dedicated him with the first
breath to the parent who hud watched over
her orphan youth, and had given this treasure
to her keeping.
" That .bright day faded, and oven came
sadly upon the face of nature. Deep and
mournful was the tone which 1 flung upon
tli? passing wind; and the fir trees of the
forest sent back a moan from their swaying
as if for very sympathy. Life was that day
given, but another had been recalled. The
young mother's deep sleep wsis not broken
even by the wailing voice of her first born,
for it was the repose ol death'.
"They laid her beside the very spot
where she had |>a.ssed so many hours; and
then I knew it was the grave of her parents
which she had so loved to visit.
"The sou lived, and the father's grief
abated tvfien he saw the boy growing in
the image of bis mother; and when the
child, with uncertain footsteps, had dared
to tread upon the velvet grass, the father
brought him to the church-yard, and clasping
his little hands as lie knelt beside hurt,
taught the babe that he had also a father in
" 1 have lain since that time almost by
her side, for my pride was humbled when
they removed me from the station I had so
long occnpieu. jmv voice tins ncen nuslieil
from lhat sorrowful night even till now,!
but 1 am compelled to speak to iliee.
"Boy ! boy ! it in thy mother of whom I
have lold thee ! Two lives were given'for
Whine: thy mother who brought thee into
the world?thy Saviour who would give
thee a second?they have died that thou
might live; and for no great a sacrifice hew
i much will be required of thee ! See to it |
lhat thou art not found wanting when a '
reckoning is required of thee."
Suddenly as it hud been borne to his ears
the voice became silent. The boy started
as if from deep sleep, and put iiis hand to
his biow. The dew lay damply upon it,
the shades of evening had crept over the
church yard; and he could scarce discern
the white slab that marked the resting place
of his mother. It may have been a dream
?but when be searched about him for the
old bell, it was lying with its lip very neat
to the fragrant pillow upon which lie had
Thoughtfully and slowly the hov went
toward his home, but though he lold none,
not even his father, what had hefulleii him,
die stprv of the old bell was never forgotten,
! i.nd his future life was influenced by itsre|
| (0-Mrs. Catherine Butter worth died at DuI
buqueylowa, on the 30th uh. al the advanced
agej)l one hundred.and fourteen years! She
was a native of Kildare, Ireland.
Lenox't Wharf, near the Long liriil^c.
rislIE Subscriber would respectfully inform his
I iinlrons and (he public lhat be is leceivnic dai
ly the above article of its various kinds and qualities,
[which will make hb present ut>>ck equal to any in the
District.] consisting of Butler, Red Ash, Pine Knot,
Brood Mountain, Clover Hill, suitable lor Cooking
ranges, radiators, grates, furnaces, etc.
I have had, at considerable expense, my yard
planked, and have ericted a commodious shed for !
the preservation of tho c ul from the dust an.' I
weather, and would state to those persons who may
obtain their stock of me in the fall that, in case the
quantity purchased should bo be found not sufli- ]
uent for the season, [no is lliu case vory frequently,]
only a small advance will bo made on the price to I
supply the deficiency. J
1 would request the citizens generally to call be-1
foro making their puicha?es, as I am resolved to
dispose of the nrtie'e at reasonable rates.
N. B. Each load accompanied by ihe cortideate
of a sworn weigher.
Orders will l?e received at the " Butler Coal Office;"
Mr. 8. E. M issolctti's Drug Shore, on Pennsylvania
avenue, opposite Coleman's Hotel; or they
rnny be left with Mr. John F. Callan, Drug Store,
earner r?f 7ti and E streets; [either of whom will j
rem ipt for mc ;] through the post office ; or at the
Yaid, on 13?. street, near the Long Bridge.
up 6?2aw0w JOHN I'ErriUONE. j
oiJMEHoiTu rURNITURE. i'akiji \ and
all kinds of merchandise bought and
sold on commission by W. B. LEWIS.
Having enlarged my store in order to accommodate
the above branch of business, I would inform
the public that lam now ready to receive romegn
mcntp f r public or private sales.
: N. IS. Persons having any amount of furniture in
dispose of would do well to give me n mil, at the
clothi g and furniture store, Pennsylvania avenue
near 11th street. W. I). LEWIS.
I 10 do7.?:n superior Wines, old 8ocia', Madeira, and
I Blackburn brands
i Also, nn invoice of Looking Glasses, Clocks, and
i 1 extra large mahogany Centre Table
| I Eclrigemtor, in good order
I I splendid new pair Candelabra*, five lights each
I With a variety of Other articles for sale low.
aug 18 If W. B. LEWIS.
J 8. PECK would take this method of notifying
j, hi* friends and public generally that lie has re* j
! moved his house t'uminhing Stare from Pennayl* j
| vanit avenue to E street north opposite Rev. O. U.
Brown's, one square we*t of the General Post Office, i
Having a larger house ond a lower rent / ran and
will tell any and all kind* of Hou*e-Furni*hing
Goods cheaper than at any time heretofore. I will f
try to prove this to any one in want of goods that I
will give me a call.
N. B. Human fur rent, furnished or unfurnished, j
epnl 21-3u>
Agency for the National Whig, in Georgetown
The citizens of Georgetown are respeelfull
informed that
John W. Bkonwoh, Em] . Broker, Src.,
in Bridge street, a lew doors west of the Unit)
tavern, is agent for the National Whig. I'et
sons desirous of heing served with the Nations
Whig, in Georgetown, will please leave lltei
names and residences with Mr. Bronaugh.
Attorney and Counsel lor at LAW
Practices in the Supreme Court of the Unite
dales, and in the courts of Maryland, Virginia, an
the District of Columbia, and
lor persons having business wrh Congress, tb
War, Treasury, Navy, and General Post Office U
;<ort'nents, the General Land Ollice, Pension Ollic
Office of Indian Affairs, Patent OlKce, Ac. Ac.
Missouri Avenue, between .'Id and 4 J streets,
g"J? Particular attention p.id to tho procuring <
tho Bounty due to SnMiors ot'lhe Tidled States ur
lor the law of Feb. 11, 1817, and to the procurin
>i Patents for now Inventions,
ap Mdtf
MENT?The Treasury Department and i
various Fiscal Bureaus ; their origin, orgunizttioi
and practical opt rut ions illustrated; being a tuppl
un nt to the Synopsis of Treasury Instructions ft
he administration ol revenue laws, affecting tl
commercial and revenue system of tho Unite
States; in fourteen chapters. By Robert Mayo, A
L).; one volume quarto. $2,50.
The'ubovo w rk, which has been for a consider
hie time in preparation at the Treasury Departmen
has just been printed, extra copies of which aro ft
sale by WM. Q. FORCE,
nug 24 4t Penn. nvo, corner of 10th street.
~~w9 IP# wmwbT~
Ollice opposite the Patent Ollice,
WILL attend to preparing Specification
Diianv in us, Ac., and all bunine** inlrusti
to him connected with the Patent. Office, or his prt
lession, with promptness and despatch.
Patent Office, Peb. I5tlt, 1842.
Mr. Wm. P. Elliot, who bus been formerly en
ployed in tho Patent Office, as a Draughtsman, A
having established a Patent Agency in the c ty i
Washington. 1 take great pleasure in recommem
ing liiin us a gentleman worthy of confidence, ai
us being particularly qualified to take charge of an
business requiring a knowledge of mechanical sc
ence, the progress of tho arts, arid patent improvi
ments. Mr. Elliot is also well acquainted with til
practice of this ollice.
nug 12 tf Commissioner of Pa ten I
1BE 3Si7.
attention paid to fitting at moderate price
West side 10th street, three doors from C,
aug 14 tf
IjTOllR-AND-A-1IALR streo?, live doors n'o\
JL rcrm. Avenue, cast side. A. M. H. pcrforti
all operations in the line of his profo sion, such t
plugging, donning and inserting artificial teeth, froi
one to a full boI?also full nets made with artifiei
gums. Having had great experience in his line
business for many yeats ni.thcxj'y of Philndt Iphi
he pledges himself that he shall not l?e surpassed ti
beauty or dm ability, and having very great luciliti<
for such work, it will bo done much lower than evi
done in this city.
From four to live o'clock each day devoted to th
attention of children's teeth, to regulate their prop*
positions, for which there will ho no charge for at
vice, but only for actual operation,
aug 2?tf
j TORY, Pennsylvania Avenue, near thecal
ner of 18th.ffrtct.?The Subscriber respectfully beg
le.ve to return his thanks to his friends and th
public generally for the liberal patronage they hav
kindly bestowed upon him, and to inform thorn th;
he is at all times prepared to manufacture every d<
sciiption of Household Furniture at the shorte
notice, in a neat und workmanlike manner, and o
terms the most accommodating.
1 have on 1 onu a small assortment of Furnitun
which I will dispose of on very liberal terms : sue
in Walnut and Mahouanv Spiinr* Meat SOFA I
low, and French p ?oi Bods'eads, Cradles, Cribs,
I oin a so prepan d to attend Funerals at th
shortest notice, and most liberal terms.
aug 21 3td Si 2w4w
1AM now and shall nt. all times he prepared t
cover Roofs of Houses at reduced prices, wit
Leaded Tin, French Zmc. or Galvanized Lol
Samples of which may he seen at my rtore.
I have also, constantly on hand, a good assor
1 moni of builitmg inulcriois, cheap for cash.
! Penn. Avenue, between IOth and 11th streeh
| our 11?.'It
T| MIE SUBSCRIBERS have on band alargnsuf
A ply of pure Potomac Ice, which they will so
at their Icot.ouae corner of Maryland avenue an
Eleventh street, for Twcnty-tivo ecnti per bushel.
N. B.?Ice delivcted ill any part of the city at th
shortest notice. 13. & (J.
junc 2d?if
77//; JLU STHJTIU) ll'.!f/P(KV .A\7
In one vol. 12mo., wi h four fino engravings on
on steed, ftiiil numerous engravings on wood.
Collated w.th the various English editions, and eon
mining additional notes and a Biographical Pre
fore by the American Author.
Two parts. 12ina, 62$ cents each, or one voluin
cloth, f I f>0.
" I have beenn great follower of lishlng myse'l
and in its cheerful solitude have panful snmto of th
happiest hours of a Hullicicnlly happy life."?Pa ley'
I Natural Theology,
" I. has been mado cxtrrmelv vnloobln in
men, hut it in worth fnr mora to evgry body for it
charming literature."?Christian Incptirer.
' It breathes tiio very spirit of innocence, purity
and simplicity of heart; there nro many choice oh
verses interspersed in it; it would sweeten e man',
temper at any time to read it; it would Christianize
I every discordant angry passion; pray make yourael
accpiuinted with it,"?Charles i.atnb in a letter tc
! "Its simplicity, ita swdfctncsa, its natural gract
and happy intermixture of gravo strains with tin
precepts of angling, have rendered this hook desorv
etlly popular."?Madam's l.i eralure of Europe.
" 1'hat well known work has an extreme siuipli
city, and an extreme interest arising out of its very
simplicity. In the description of fish ng tackle yot
perceive the piety and humanity of the author',
mind, liis is the best pastoral in the lat guago, no
excepting Pope's or 1'hlllipt'."?Hozlitt, in a pane,
ol the Hound Table.
Published and for sale by
WII.BY & PUTNAM, Ifil nro.,lw?y.
?ugu?t 2?tf
nOLUMBVS o. WALL, Cabinet Mnkrr"ant
Undertaker, corner of 6th ami (? utrccla.
june 11
DMcClem.ard, En^rnvr*r. Ponn?*y!v?
, nia A veiling cast of Third slxuct, \V*?hiiigtoi
city, do; 1?Gin
V Of tin' Mimhers elect to the Home of Reitresen
tiilires, 'Mill Collarets, according to tfie lute:
1. David Hammond ( 5. (JV? choice)
li i. (.Yo choice) 6. (.Yo choice)
i .'I. Hiram Ileleher ' 7. Hczekiah Williams t
I. (JYo choice)
1. A inn. Tuck 3. James Wilson "
2 Jan. H. Johnson I 4 C. H. Peaslee f
1. R. Q. Winthrop li Ceo. A-hniun
j '2. Daniel P. King * 7. Julius Rockwell
,1 3. Amos Abbotl " 8. J. Quincy Adams *
1. Jno. G. Palfrey ' '.I. Artcmas Hale *
5. Cliarles Hudson'* 10. Joseph Grinncll *
" 1. R. II. Crahslon * 'J. (.Yo choice)
:e 1. James Dixon 3. J. A. Rockwell *
2. S. D. Hubbaid ' 4. Truman Smith *
1. William Henry * 3. Geo. P. Marsh *
. - Jacob Collanicr 4. Lucius 0. Peek t
I. F. W. Lord t 18. F. Segu?, (O. II ) 1
8 2. II. C. Murphy ) I'J. Joseph Mullen "
.'I. Ileiir) Nicoll | 20. T. Jenkins, (0.11.) |
4. W. B. Maelny ( 21. G. A. Slaikwcaiher
5. F. A. Tatlinudgc 22. A. Birilall, ((). II.) |
, 6. D. S. Jackson f 23. William Ducr *
7. William Nelson * 24. Daniel Gott *
11 8. Cornelius Warren * 25. llarman S. Conger '
n. !). 1). B. St. John " 26. W. T. Lawrence
? 111. Kliakin Speirell * 27. Jno. M. Holley *
ar It. 1'. H. Sylvester 4 28. Elia* B. Holmes
le 12. G. O. Reynolds * 2U. Robert L. Rose *
id 13. J. J. Slingcrluiid * 30. David Rumscy *
1. 14. O. D. Kellogg * 31. Dudley Marvin *
15. Sidney Lawrence | 82. Nathan K. Hall "
a. IB. Hugh White * 33. Harvey l'utnaip "
lt 17. G. Fctrio, (O. H.) f 34. Washmglon Hunt *
I..J. G. Hampton * 4. Jno. Van Dyke *
2. W. A. Newell * 5. D. S. Gregory
3. Jos. E. Edsall t
1. L. C. Levin, Native 13. James l'ollock
2. J. R. lngemull * 14. Geo. N. Eckert *
3. Charles Brown t 15. Henry Ncs *
4. C. J. Ingcrsoll t Hi- Jasper E. Brady *
5. Jno. Frecdlcy " 17. John Blnlicharo "
6. J. W. Horubcek " 1H. Andw. Stewart *
7. A. R. Mcllvuine * 1!). Job Mann t
s 8. Jno. Strolim * 20. Jno. DirJtey *
b, !), William Strong i 21. Moses Hampton *
ill 10. Rich'd Brodhead | 22. Jno. W. Purely 4
j. 11. Chester Butler 4 23. James Thomi son |
. 12. David Wilmut 1 24. Alexander lrvin *
John W. Houston "
c' (No election.)
(No election.)
I. W Thompson t 2. Shepherd Lelfler t
j Whigs, 112
Democrats 95
Whig majority 17
^ Notk.?O. H. signifiesOhl Hunker: those mukcd
with an asterisk ( * ) are Whigs, ami those with
the ohelisk ( | ) Democrats.
itkt Andluhow intends opening the above named
Musical Library as toon as a sufficient number of
^ vulBcribors shall have liocn obtained to justify-the
p carrying thesnino into effect. It lias been approved
H by many, as it will afford an op|H>riunily to the lovers
of music of availing themselves of what music
- they may want, for its use only, at a small oxptnse.
8 The l.ib:nry wiil he furnished with the stn- dnrd and
new music, comprising opeia music, songs, duets,
Wllll7.es, &c.
1 For terms, apply ot rny Music and Ftatioiiery
8 Store, where the Library will bo established.
c Penn. avonue between 11 ill and 12th sts.
1 august f>?oaw4w
3; ri^HE Subscriber would inform his friends and
* JL the public generally, that he has opened a
HE ST A UK ART and HOTEL, of the above name.
where 111! will be .happy to entertain tlihm in a man
' ner that he hopes- will be satisfactory. Ilia BAR
1 will lie furnished with liquors of the hi st and most
| nppriivrd brands, and the Eating Department will
1 always contain every delicacy iri season. Hh hopes
' lortccivn a portion of the patronage of hia friends,
while he endeavors to cater for the public tasle.
?"R 4?If D. H BEVANH.
Mil*. VA. BOYD, Fancy Dress and llahit
Maker, on I'enn. Avenue, south side, between
lath and 13 h streets. aug 20 tf
MRS. Til,I.EY, on Missouri Avenue, between
4 J and 0th streets, has several pleasant
i rooms lor the accomodation of, permanent or tram
| stent Uuadcrs. aug 10 If
I. Areh'd Atkinson f 9. Jno. S. Pendleton *
'J. Rich'd K. Meade | 10. Henry lledinger t
y 3. T. S. Flournoy * II. James McDowell f
'* 4. Tlios. S. Ilocock ( 12. William It. Preston
ii" 5. Wm. Ij. Hoggin * 13. Andrew S. Fulton ?
io it. Jolin M. Rolls * 14. It. A. Thompson f
7. Tlios. II. Bayly t 15- William G. Jtrown f
a. Itob't T. J.. Bcalo I
- I. T. L. Clingman * ti. James J. McKay f
Nathaniel Boyden ' 7. Jno. It. J. Daniels |
3. I). M. Barringer * 8. It. S. Donncll *
? 4. A. II. Shepperd * 9. David Outlaw "
s 5. A. W. Venahle f
I. James A. Black t 5. Armislead Burt f
_ 2. It. T. Simpson ) (i. Isaac K. Holmes t
3. J. A. Woodward | 7. Robert it. Illicit j
4. A. 1). Sims |
I. Thos. Butler King " 5. J. II. Lumpkin f
e 2. A. Iverson t !. Howell Cobb t
is K3. J W. Jones * 7. A. H. Stevens "
n! 4. 11. A. Haralson t 8. Robert Toombs *
?! 1. Lynn Boyd | fi. Green Adams *
. f 2. Samuel Peyton | 7. Ganictt Duncan '
3. B. L. Clark t 8. C. S. Morehead
ir I. AyTtIt Buekner ? 9. Richard French j
5. J. B. Thompson ' 111. Jno. P. Gaines
"' | 1. Andrew Johnson t 7. A4. P. Gentry *
Wm. M. Cocke 8. Wash. Barrow
" :i. John H. Crozier * 9. L. B. Chase t
" 4. H. L. W. Mill t 10. 1-. F. Stanton t
I" 5. Geo. W. Jones f 11. Win. T. Haskell *
ti. Gordon t
1. James J. Faran ) I'd. Samuel F. Vinton "
J. David Fisher ' 19- Thomas Ritchey f
J. R. C. Sehr.nck ' 14. Nathan Evans *
'r 4. R. S. Canby * 15. William Kention f
r" 5. William Sawyer t 16. J. D. Cummins t
6. Rodol. Diekiusou t 17. George Fries f
lB 7. (Vacancy) 1H. S. Lahm, (ludep.) 1
c J. J. L. Taylor * 19. Jno. Crowcll *
'* 9. L. l>. Edwards* SO. J. R. Girtdirgs *
!* 10 Daniel Duncan * SI. Joseph M. Root *
41 11. J. K. Miller t
(No election.)
hi I. F-lisha Fmbrec * fi. G. G. Dunn "
S,' S. Tlios. J. Henley 1 7. R. W. Thompson *
i, 9. J. I. Robinson ( 3. Jno. Pettit t
i>, 4. Caleb II. Sinilli * 9. C. W. Cnthcart i
,e 5. Win. W. Wick | 10. W. Rockhill t
(No election.)
I. Robert Smith t 5. W. A Richardson i
J. J. A. MeClernnnd ( 6. Tlios. J. Turner t
9. O. II. Ficklin t 7. Ahm. Lincoln
4. Jno. Wcntworth 1
o 1. John Gayle 5. G. S. Houston t
I, 9. II. W. Milliard * 6. W. K. Cobb t
3. S. W. Harris f 7. F. W. liowden j
I. S. M. Inge t
1. Jas. B. Row I in f 4. Willard P. Hall)
9. Jno. Jameson t 6. Jno. S. Phelps f
3. Jarncs S. Green t
Robert W. Johnson f
1. R-oh't McClelland f 3. K. S. Bingham f
' i 9. (Vacancy)
d | Edward C Cabell *
1 . T in , TEXAS.
1 r nil IS bas Icon Ihe secret principle of too unnv
1 of ti e wholesale dealers in Teas up to this time,
and they have praline J the most shameful imposition
on the Country Merchant without any fear of detection.
Hut a new era in the Tea Trade hus come and
Pekin Tea Company claims the honor of its introduction
They were the first to raise the 1. inner of
Reform, on which it has inscribed the simple words:
A complete revolution has heen the consequence.
I.ot consumers of Tea everywhere look at what we
have done.
1st. We were the first to send them Teas that
used to he caii'-d too good for them bctorc.
2d. We have driven out the market a vast amount
ol trash, uud introduced a hitter cjass of Teas than
has ever yet heen sold, importers of Ten often come
to us to get lor their own use, and for their ir.cnds,
tine qualities they ran find nowhere the.
3d. We have reduced prices mole than 25 per r.t.,
both in Dluck and Green Teas. The wholesale
grocers say we are ruining the trade and call us
humbugs. This we have done already, and now
nee what we are ready to do.
1st. We will sell Teas by the single chest, halt
| chest or 14 pound box, at the same prices that
wholesale grocers pay to the importers when thev
huv bv the hundred nack.ioes.
2d. The wholesale grocers allow only 13 or oi
mo t 14 noun(Id tare to iho half cheat. This is n
cheat. VVc allow, iu most instances, 15 anil lt>
Iha. tare on the same.
3d. We hereby undertake to sell every kind of
Tea, from six to twelve cents per pound cheaper
than the wholesale grocers do.
How can we do thiol asks the country merchant.
This ia our answer. We are content with aoven
percent profit instead of 25 and 50 per cent, u la
wholesale grocer.
We deserve the thanks of tho country merchants
for saving them hereafter from being cheated. Let
them come to the Warehouse of tho IV kin Tea
Company, and compare samples of Tea they get
else where; and if they buy bud Teas then at high
prices it is their own fault.
An English importer lately boasted to us that lie
could make more money by sending bad Teas to the
New York inurket, than on good Teas. We arc
resolved to overthrow this fraud; and now call upon
agents in every town in the United States to come
forward and buy Teas imported by the Pekin Tea
Company, and we pledge oujhcIvos, that if in six
mouths they do not sell more Tea than the oldest
and largest dealers in tho town, wo will give them
our Tea wi/hout charge. This is plain English and
cannot be misunderstood. Wc appeal for tcstimo*
many to the immense auc.ce.~s of our Agent* in any
part of the United States.
Agents wunted in every town in the United
Status for the sale of these Teas, by which they can
make money, nnd confer a benefit upon the Public
by supplying tbe pure article.
75 ? 77 Fulton Street, New York.
#* Tho Tea mentioned in this Catalougc, nrc
done up iu quarter pound, half pound and one pound
packages?the first or inside wrapper is lend, the
uoiWM.,1 wr..i..u.F ic Mf ? or ..F.w,r tiaii.tr a.?l il l. lKSr.1
?r outside wrapper is ?f Chinese rice paper. 'J'lie
Company sell none hut good It as, done up in this
superior manner nil of them grown in the moat luxurious
d stride in Criiua. Country dealers may
select as small a quantity of each kind as they liko,
antl huvo them par ked in one chest. These tens also
come in five (round Chinese packages, called qua'tootis,
a very convenient fanciful and pottable
[Persons in any part of the Unitrd Stales or
Canada* can order any of the teas in this Catalogue,
by letter, in quantities to suit their wishes. We
pack them in Chinese boxes and deliver them to
tbc for warding Merchant Iren from drarEo for pocking
ill cartage. The money should always accompany
the order.
YOUNG 1IY30N, good $0 38
do do sweet cargo 50 1
do . do do do finer 62J
do do tine cargo 75
do do .extra fine 87J
do do silver leaf 1 00
Sllrtr Leaf.? Seldom sold even by large dealeis,
because of the very small profits made on its
sale.?This is a very superior Tea.
do do golden chop, plantation
or garden growth 1 50
Uolelrn Chop.?This is the lincst Green Tea cultivated
in China. It is of the first pickings, and
excels nil other Green Teas for its delicacy of
flavor, strength and aroma. Heretofore, this
Tea Iras never reached this country except in ,
small lots, as presents to Importers. <
IIYbON, very hne 75 i
do plantation growth 1 00
GUNPOWDER, good 75
do superior 1 00 I
do small leaf, plantation growth 1 25
IMPERIAL, good 75 '
do brisk and fragrant ] 00
do curious leaf, very superior 125
HYSON SKIN, good, hne flavor 38 1
do do extra line 021
rOUCHONG, good, lull flavor 38
do flue 50
do very superior 75
SOUCHONG, good 36
do extra fine 50
OOLONG, strong, flav or fine 50
Oolontf.?This Tea is u great favorite, and gives
universal satisfaction,
do very tine G3
do ill one pound and half pound
caltys, extra tine 75
We Plus Ultra ?This Tea is as fragrant and sweet
as a nosegay. It yields a perfume that is truly
delightful. It is of garden growth, and superior
tn anything of the kind ever sold in this country.
iId do do extra lino 62]
HOWQUA'S MIXTURE, a strong and rir-li
black Tea, Pekoe flavor 75
CONGO, good, , 38
do very tine 50
do do garden growth 1 50
Beside* tbo above, we expect daily from
China, several splendid ebons of 'Pea, txciutircly
imported by the " PEKIN TEA CO.," and which
we inlcnif In ropyright to inevent trickiry. Let
our agents get roady.
Heretofore it has la-en very difficult, indeed ini- ]
possible, to always obtain good green nmi black Iras, j
But nnw you have only to visil llin ware rooms of
the Pekin Tea Con pany, 75 and 77 Pulton slrcel, j
to nbiain as delicious ami fragrant teas as you could ,
wish for.?Daily Sun.
We hsvo tried the teas imported by the Pekin |
Tea Company, 75 and 77 Fulton street, Now Fork. ,
and if we live will try thcin often. Tliny ur? scllinu ,
me mum uuncwus irnn wu rver urauit, nuu reran j
thorn at wholesale prices.?Evening Post. j
The firieat specimen* of green ?n<! black (cm ever [
sold in this country, nro imported by the Pekiu Tea .
Company. 75 and 77 Fulton at. Those who want (
good teas at reasonable prices, can always gut them ,
there.?Tribune. j
Jl Word In Ten Drinker*.?The Pekin Ten ,
Company, 75 and 77 Fulton troct, have imported |
into this market some five hundred thousand dollars j
worth of the finest grades of green and black tens,
grown in the Celestial Empire ; done up in all the
various fancy puckngca, that Chinese ingenuity can
invent. It ia a privilege to buy teas at this groat establishment
and a luxury and a comfort to drink
them. They sell good teas only, and retail thorn at
wholcspte prices. Country merchants who wish to
alivnys sell good tens can always obtain them at this
I place on reasonable terms.
The Pekin Tea Company, 75 and 77 Fulton at,
are performing a great and good work, and will, in a t,
fow vears. Irevond all doubt, drive all the boor tern t
which ha?a deluged thia country, and defrauded r
, rumumrra of tha nrirlA, out of thia market. They
, import nona hut j ure fragrant tea*, and retail them
by tho otalgia j?ou nd at wluilcaala pricea. Fariiiltca
are always sure of obtaining good lea* at ihii greal
warehouse, in quantities to suit their convenience
and tt the ?aine price that the merchant pays wtu
buys to si II ogaiit.?Daily True Hun.
Fine Oolong Black Tea.?Tire Pekin Tea Com.
pany, 75 and 77 Fulton street, sells a delicious Ooj
long Tea at fitly rents per pound. Cousumers o
tea, who have b in paying six shilUug per pound
lor thiw arlic n, are requested to compare it with the
taw and judge for themseivcj which in th? he?t, !l
you can buy a betler ten at frur shillings per pound
than you have been getting at six shillings, you will
be obliged to us for this notice. Try the Young
Hyson, sold at this great tea establishment, at 76c
It ia bbtter thuu any thing of the kind we have evel
bought elsewhere at one dollar.?Com. Advcitiacr.
If any of our readers desire to have good tea, they
can obtain it of the Pekin Tea Company, 75 aiul
and 77 Fulton street.?Mercury.
Tint Pekin Tea Company.?Wo very cheerfully
call the attention of ull love s of pure and fragrant
leas, both in town and country, to the great Tea
Warehouse of this Company. Our long acquaintance
wi h the Proprietors enables us to bos|ieuk for
tbcin the? mire confidence of tho public. We know
that their Teas, both in quality an-J price, uic all
that is stated of tbeni. Many of a lover of the fragrant
In rb has been compelled to eschew the drinking ol
lea in consequence of its injurious ctlccls, until at
length he has become hopeless of finding, among any
of the imported varieties of Teas in our market, o
kind which had not such an died. In this, however,
such persons will he agreeably disappointed.?
The i'ekin Tea Company have commenced the
w. ... V.U.V.U.. ?voa, ...
most delicious flavor, cultivated ami picked withgreal
cure, which have heretofore never hcen introduced
into this country, except as presents to importers.?
Among these they havo on Oolong, mild as u zephyr
and frugrant as a rose, which we specially recommend
to all nervous persons. Its effect upon man)
of those who have tried it has been to make then
confirmed lea drinkers. Ladies who have used it
say they never before drank such tea. ISut all tastct
can hero he suited, with the great advantage ovei
the otheis of getting a pure article at wholesale prico,
however small the quantity. The Compaq's warehouse
is at 75 and 77 i'ulton st.?Golden Rule.
Tka.?The Pekin Tea Company, No. 75 and 7"3
Pulton street, unquestionably sell the best Teas im
ported into this market. That they can soil then
cheaper than any other establishment is a fact provot
in a thousand instances since tl ey have opened theii
More. Wo would advise our friends to call at thii
place, and if they don't wish to buy, at least to oh
tain a little puniphlet, kept on their counter, entitle:
"Hints to Tea Drinkers,"and therefrom learnalitlU
u eful information on the subject. The phamphlet
is given gratis.?Journal of Comment?.
YVc drink Green Tea, and for many years hav?
been paying one dollar per pound for it. But thank:
to ihc Pekin Ten Company, we now get a hotter lei
from them at 75 cents per pound. We drink ont
pound per week, by which we are now saving thirteen
dollars per year, and enjoying belt r tea in th<
baigain. Commend us to the Pekin Tea Compaii)
say we.?Mirror.
You nny lie fcuro of obtaining at all times pun
mid higlily flavored ti as by tlm single pound, ?i
wholesale prices, of the Pekin Tea Company, 7f
and 77 Fulton street. They have probably tin
largest stock, and greatest variety of fine green am
blank teas, of any establishment in the United .States
They are doing a large business, and a great benefil
to consumers of tea.
?l^J'Editors and Pullisl era of Newspapers in tin
United States, Cunadas, West Indies, etc., who wil
give the above 13 insertions in their respective Jour
nals, including this notice, will be paid for the saint
in any Teas they may chooso to select from the abovt
Catalogue, at the prices there named, and by thcii
purchasing of the Company twico the amount o
their bill, which they arc at liberty to dispose of ui
they pb asc.
Papers who advertise, must direct copies market
to the Vtkin Tea Company Cuzetle, 75 and 77 Ful
ton street, New York. aug 3 UUs
IUST RECEIVED, and for sale at the
rJ Book Store of A. ADAM, on Pennsylvanii
Avenue, the following late and attractive literary pro
duetion.s, viz:
By JaMKS. The Ancient Regime, 25 cents; Chas
ryrrel, or the Bitter Blood, ets; The Robber, 2i
its; Corse de Leon, 25 ets; False Heir, 25; Heidlc
berg, 25; Step Mother, 2 vols. 50; the Smuggler 25
Beatichainp, 25.
By Miss Pickering. The Quiet Husband; tin
Expectant; the Stjuirc; the Prince and Fedler; Mm
Secret Foe; Agnes Serl; Nandarrel; Cousin Hinton
the Fright,each 2a cunts; the Heiress,23: Who shall
!>e Heir, 25.
By cllarles Lever. Tom Burke of Ours, 50 cts
.he Nevilles of Garretstmvn, 25 ets; Jack Hinton, 50
Charles O'Mnlley, 50; Arthur O'Leary, 25 cents
Knight of (jwynne,25.
By Alexander Dumas. Genevieve, 50 ets, Che
Sillier dc 1 larineiual, 25; Lady ol' Monsoreuu, '2 vols
Mi the Three Guardsmen, 25, the Countc of Monte
[ hribto, 2 vols $1 ; Duke of Burgundy, 25, Joan, the
Heroic Maiden, 25
By Georuk Lipi'ard. The Quaker City, 2 vols
?1; Blanche ol Brandy wine, 3 vols 75 eta
By Samuel Lover. Handy Andy, 50cts; Legend;*nd
Stories of Ireland, 50 cts; Kory O'Moore, 50 cts.
Song; and Ballads, 25
By W. H. Ainswoutii. The Tower of London, 50;
Chrichton, 25; Diana of Mcridor, $1 for the 2 vol.
The Dutchman's Fireside, 25 cts
Young Kate, or the Rescue, 25
The Young Prima Donna, by Messrs Grey, 25
Kruitzner, or the German's Talc, 25
Wilfulness of Woman, 25
Evelina, by Miss Bnrncy, 25
The Daguerreotype Miniature, 12?
Lives of Statesmen, by Hon J Q Adams, 25
Confessions ol a Pretty Woman, by Miss Pardoc 25
Amelia Wvndlianu 25 Father Darey, 25
The Prairie Bird, by Murray, 25
Love and Mesmerism, by Horace Smith, 25
The Female Minister, 25
Hose Marie, or tlio Gogo Family, 25
Archibald YVernpr, 50
Sylvester Sound, the Somnambulist, 37J
Stories of Waterloo, by Maxwell, 25
Guy Rivers, a Talc of Georgia, 25
My Own Home and Fireside, 50 .
History of the Bastile. by Davenport, 50
The Protege, by J E T 25 The Tartar Chief, 25
A lie Venice urangc liirt, 1'Z.j
Freaks of Cupid, in three part?, each 12A
1 tontine, 25 Ormond, or the Secret /fitness, 25
The Chronicles of Clover Nook, 12?cts
Charmed Sea by H. Martineau, 25
Groves of Blarney by Mrs. Hall, 25
Siege of Vienna, 25
Eucrctia by Bulwer, 25
Leila, 12?
DR. 8HEYVS Watir Cure Institution at 8yosset,
(Oysier Boy), near New York, is now opened
"or tho reception of patient*. Passage doily from
Pulton Market, (steamboat Croton), ot 3 o'clock, p.
n., or persons may go by the Long Island Railroad,
is far as Hicksvillc, at OA a. m.; also in the afternoon
ach day. For hualthfulncss and beauty of location,
t is believed this place is unrivalled; and tho numerous
and very copious Springs are of gieatcr purly
than tho.o of any other establishment in this or
ho old country, so far as analyses have been given,
1'tio terms of board nnd treatment shall bo made nn
nodcrate as is consistent with the necessary expenics
of an establishment of this kind. The charge,
iftcr the first medical consultation and investigation
if tho patient's cose, will vary from five to ton dolors
per week. Persons wilt bring their sheets, hlanlets,
toweL, and injee iori instruments, or these may
>o hired or purchased on rcsonahln terms at tho esahlishinrnt.
For further particulars address post
laid, Joel Show, M. i)., either at New York City
ir Syossct, Long Island, New York. City patient',
vill ho treated at Show's residence, 47 Bond street.
Vow York.
N. B.?For some weeks during tho hottest wcaher,
I)r. 8hew will bo able to ntlond to patients at
lis office, (47 Bond strait), only ou Saturdays, from
0 a. in. to 2 p. m. july 31 tf
Hull'* extract of Saisupaiilla
nHnil n tin tin
Lclily'l do do
Towuaend'a do
Hchwarlte'i do
Ilonck'e Panacea
Hwalm'i do
Syrup Saraapnrilla rompoiind
Theae mcdicince are all of Standard Morit, and
ir? warranted pure and genuine. At thia aeaaon of
he year they will bo found highly beneficial for puifying
the blood and invigorating the ayetem.
For aale hy (1H AH. BTO'IT.
Drug dc Apoth corner of 7th dt Pa ar.
may 21 If
- - ^
. D. APPLETON 6c Co., 300 Broadway, New
> York, have lately published in a fino style? Elements
of Military An and Science; or course of Instruction
in Strategy, Fortifications, Tactics of Bet.
ties, Ac., embracing tbe duties of Staff, Infantry,
f Cavalry, Artillery, and Engineers. Adapted to the
use of Volunteers and Militia. l)y H. Wager HalI
leek, A. M., Lieut, of Engineers, U. S. Army. 1
1 vo'. t'Smo. illustrated. Price $1 60.
I " For those who laVo pleasure in studying tbe art
I of war, and especially for those whose profession is
I that of arms, this must prove a valuable work.?
I The author appears to be perfectly well informed in
. military tactics, and has illustrated his instructions
by various drawings and plans, which make themselves
understood. Tho various means of national
defence are minutely act forth?tho position and
chsiacter of tho fortifications, on our N o-thern IronI
tier especially, arc accurately described, and tbedu
ties and organization of each arm of the national defence?infan'ry,
cavalry, artillery, and engineers?
1 described with much precision. Indeed, no pains
seem to'have been spared to moke an authentic and
' instructive book."?Commercial Advertiser,
august 3?tf
"superior soda water.
rn C. FARQUHAK At CO., corner of 15th
I J[ s'rrcl Ncw Y?r,< av??uc, are now pre
pareu to lurnisn me puunc me Move delicious be*erogc,
with e full assortment of Syrup, carefully
prepared by themselves.
Their apparatus is entirely new, anil constructed
uu the latest and must approved principle.
They Hatter themselves that their Soda Water ia
equal, if not superior, to any iu the city, and invite
the public to call and judge for themselves.
Soda Fountains tilled to order at the shortest nolice.
may22 d:tm
l joints, Oils, and Paint Brushes, Ac.
I The suhtciibcr has just received a large and
Ircsh supply ?f FAINTS, OILS, die., part of which
are named below. They arc guaranteed to be pure
arid good, and from the best manufactories. All
persons wanting such articles would find it to their
advantage to call, as I am determined to sell lower
than similar articles can be got at any other place
in this city.
350 kegs Whilo Load
120 lbs. Chromo Green
120 lbs. Chrome Yellow
20 lbs. Chrome Red
100 lbs. Turo Verdegris
000 lbs. lied Lead and Litharge
100 lbs. Imperial Cretin
fiOO lbs. Venetian Red and 8p. Brown in oil
304 lbs. Yellow Ocbre in oil
100 lbs. Paris Crccn, dry
00 lbs, do. tlo. in oil
-1 large assortment of 1'uiiU and White Wiuh
100 lbs. Lump Illack, dry and in oil
10 lbs. 8p. Whiting
1000 lbs. Putty
200 Boxes of Window Class, all sixes
0 bids. Linseed Oil
0 bb!s. Copal and Japan Varnish
3 bids. Hp. Turpentine
1 cask blenched Lamp Oil, at 75cfs pr. gall.
Also, PUKE PINE OIL, received fresh from the
manufactory every week.
CHARLES STOTT, comer 7lh street
anril 27?limn *??! Poo? A ?
! * | . """ * "
1 Ij L OYD'S
TIT LLOYD lias ingeniously succeeded in in'
[I venting a Compound of. such a delightful
1 imiuic sm to render the hardest and roughest skin soil,
fair, and delicately white.
I Ladies Hiding, Gardening, or Painting, and Gentlemen
Shooting. Hunting, Fishing, Cricketing,
Rowing, die., or any amusement or exertion prejudicial
to the hands, will find the improved ROUGH
i pleasingly efficacious in removing all hardness, stain,
- redness, and all other cutaneous disfigurement; preventing
and rendering tho skin soft, fair, and pliablo.
From the nice combination of Balsamic ingredi'
ents introduced into the cpmposition, they form a
fine Creamy Lather, with the hardest or Sea Water,
which renders them very desirable for Salt Water
i Baths. They produce the moat softening and re
: freahing sensation, anil will bo found an excellent
> substitute for (he flesh Bruab.
They are highly recommended to Caplaine of
Ships, Merchants, and all who trade with fereign
' countriea, an they will retain their virtue in any cli;
mate, for dale by CHAS. BTOTT.
Drue. 4- Apoth,, corner of 7tli if Pa. av.
may 12?tf
Geor<;etown,D. C.
I TAKE thia occasion thus publicly to return my
thnnka to the cilizena of Georgetown, Waah
ingtnn and Alixnndria, for their kind appreciation
of tho Min r.nal Watkii, manufactured by me,
which proven that the reeummendaliona of the
Medical faculty to the public in relation to ita purity,
excellence, and unsurpassable superiority, are
universally approved of; which general acknowledgement
of my iellow-eitixena. puta me in aueh on elevated
poaitinn, that the calumnioua and joaloua exertiona
of a certain man, need no reply on my pr.rt.
My Establishment ia open lor every scientific
gentleman, who taken an intercut in (he matter.
I take great pleasure in laying before the public
again the Cerificate of aomc of the moat eminent
Physicians of the Diatriet.
Gkohoetowit, June 16, 1847.
We, the undersigned, physicians, have, at the invitation
of Mr. J. Bother, carefully examined hia
Mineral Water Establishment, and take pleasure in
pronouncing our entire satisfaction with hia superior
and neat arrangements.
I ne apparatus and Homing macmne annexed, is
a production of tlie latent Amtrican invention, ae
constructed as In ensute n full and perfect saturation
of gas to a degree lierotoro unknown to us.
The wnier used for its manufacture is pure and
wholesome, and tlio care lakrn in the process, as
well as the cleanliness pervading the wholo eatahlishinrnl,
meets with our entire approbation, and induces
us to recommend it to the public, as a very superior
and healthy article.
T. B. J. FRYK, M. 1>.
?LJ~* N. II. Take notice thai Buttlkk containing
ihc Mineral Water manufactured by me have the
name of J. Kollier impressed in the glass,
aug 13 tf J. ROTHER.
(Georgetown Advocate, 3 timca.)
TuLV REPORT.?The Mutual Benefit Life
,J Insurance Company (office No. II, Wall street.
New York) issued doling the month of July, 1817,
149 new Policies, viz : _
To Mrrrh'niiTraders tin l .nines n
Clerks 18 Agents 5
Manufacturers !) Farmers 4
Mechanics Hi Sea captains 6 3
Physicians 3 Engineer 1
Clergymen 3 Students 5
Lawyers 8 Other occupations 8
123 37
Now policies issued in July, 149 *
Surplus, July 31, over 53f>tl,(HK).
P ' HOII. L. PATTERSON, rres't
HENJ. C. MILLER, Bee'ry.
JfWitnglim Jifttney.
J. C. Lewis, Agent, 7th St., Washington
IIarvt Limuilt, Physician, comer of C and 4]
N. B.?A new Prospectus just received, showing
the superior advantages and great success o
the Company. aug 18?ft

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