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national whig!""
' AUhcgh myself A WHIO, yet it I had the now- v
sr .au'ce a President ot the JniteJ States, a ad jf I
knew who, in the high < hcc . Pit silent, would an
minister the government i.. the greatest pi Hy and do
most towards restoring it to n hat it was in t^e earlici *y
clays ot the Republic, 1 *"ould uak. that ma.i Pre i- j*
dent, no matter to what pari lie ini^lit nominally belong.?*
Gen. n%ay'or to non. William Graves* *
TPwi. T. Gold.*borough, of Dorchester ?\.un?y.
roa cnwiiRESs. s
- Firsi distrii\ crmposed Mooiromerv. c
C.&rles. Oaiveri. P..nee George's. St. Mart's,
and A rue ArucJtl counties, John G. Chup'"o'-cond
district, composed of Alleghany )(,
Wast niffton. and Freuericlt counties, J. Dixon
if.1! ''iiirict, compcvd of tl , firs' fifteen ^
u I-- of Baltimore citv, JnAn P Kennedy.
Fii't!. (iisiiin, composed of H..rl'ord, Cecil.
K?tii. <iuei n Aunc'e. and Caroline counties,
dusandtr F.eaiis.
S xtn district, composed of Talbot, Dorchet bl
or, Somerset, and Worcester counties, John 0
JV. .Criificld. , u
Mrs. Slocum's Soliloquy, tcith a short
seqwl by one who has efperieneed the honeymoon.?Now,
there's Slocum goto to that ii
horrible club. Confound the men ; I wish
there tvas not one in the world, lle'il stay
there playing Boston 'till day-light, ar<l leave
roe here With these brnts fussing all njghl
long. I w onder what in "the name of com- *'
inoit sense people get married for anyhow ? "
If it wans't for thedrotted men we women #
could get along very well?there wouldn't 1
he such things as children if we women had si
our way ab?ut it?all" the men think about
is having them, but they don't care a drot
what becomes of them, whether they have
a mouthful to cat or a tag to put on their
backs. Mr. Slocum, he'll go and let old I
Snatchall cheat liim out of a hundred dollars i
of a'tiight, and here's dear little Jeames hasn't j
got but bare one shirt to his back?poor L
fellow. lie's Ma's pet. If it wasn't for him j
(God bless his seepy eyes!) I don't know 0
what poor Ma would do 1 do believe tny
heart would break. Slocum sometimes
comes home in such a way, snappin' at |
every thing about the house, cursiug the ^
biscuit, for all the world like a madman, be- t
cause t bey happen to have too much fat in
them, and dashing the coffee in the lire place ?
tor "dish water," und calling me a fool, and '
wishing "all the women were in It?Oh, p
poor Women ! what they have to suffer !?
l oot little thiuss. there vou are sleeninc so
sweetly, little dreaming how your unfeeling
father is lakiog in at old Snatchall's. llockliehhet?Hockshcuier
for all 1 know?Joh- ,
ancsbrrg, Ficahasimo, Big-misery?who '
ever, heard of sucti outlandish names ! yet
fjlocum dreams of nothin' else, and when 1 j
ask him what they mean its "you women ?
have too much infernal curiosity." But I'll ii
let him know that J know all about it?his t
club secrets ' I'll be bound they have some- '
thing to do with women. Lor', if lhad my J
way with the rotten men, I'd soon break up . ,
these clubs, and this tunning after other 1
women?1 could blow there brains out '
Kitty ! Kilty ! 1 Kitty! 1 ! drot the nigger 1
you Kitly ' get up and let your drunken
beast oi a master in. Don't you come honey-1
ing me?go off and honey the women you j
have beeu pesaing the evening with. Havn't I
seen any women: well you've been drinking
and gambling, that's just as bad. You ' '
huvn'i tasted a drop ? now let me smell yout i
Lreaih. Well, I don't suiell any liquor, (
that's a tact. Well, dearest, why didn't you ,
ccme hotnesoonet ? I've been so lonesome j
?1 thought you didn't care anything for i
me, and had gone off to old Snatchall's to l
jvlay nn?ioii wan joiid omun ana me rcBi
of that clique. Mind, don'i let your colu
feet touch the baby, you will wake it up, .
auu something like the pressure of
warm lips was audible as the clock slructc .
12, and dt owned the voice of Mrs. Slocum
Cj-Tbe taawa from Chihuahua bt why of Buenn 1
Vista is not very cheering. y>'t should not be stir- .
prised to bear of the occupation in foice oy the
sdeiie&m 'gai.i of that city an J State.
Ij" A sa l heirth s '.hat aiound which lbs fath- ^
tries# children and widowed wife of Cap.sin Fair- ,
fas now gather. Their string ene on . itth has f
' sen stricken down,'but their safety is in the arm '
of Kirn who is the father indeed of the orphan and ,
vv.dovv. ,
f?j" Mr. iiagby's constituents aro making very
free u?e this natre. We do not open an Alabama (
J a per that is not indulging in the severest stricture# f
upon Ms private a.liirs is connected with the Slate
Uunlt. 1 ..ey arc also republishing with great gusto
his difiicul'y rmh Mr. Nourse. The pillows of pub?
lie men are not pillows of down?ihal's certain.
(Cj' Old Ztch will catty Pennsylvania unam- j
luously, for both the Whig and Democratic parties j .
in thai blale ate for him, for him, ron bim I j
Df)" The Huntsville Advoeate advises Mr. Sen-' !
ator Bi gby to return iiuineuiateiy to Alabama to j (
counteract the con plottings to prevent hisre-clec- ;
tiuii to the V'nite-1 States Seriate. It says that his j
popularity is in a worse condition than Secretary
jMarcy's nether garment.
ITT Mr. Senator Dixon H. Lewis ii on his farm
in Lowmlea county, Alabama, attending to Uie j
horses, and
Counting his belts of cotton snow.
Gen. L. P. Walker, of Lauderdale, is spoken of!
as Speaker of the H. of Delegates in Alabama. If he
is elected, it will bo one instance where true meril
has not been overlooked by it e Democratic party ! ;
Twaddle, a murderer, has been sent to Mistiseip !
pi from General Taylor's camp to take his tiial according
to law. He was a soldier in one of the
A burglary, a larceny, a fight, a boat race, a robWry,
and a full ol a man from the top of a house
were the topics of conversation in Philadelphia on
On the I Uh of August a corporal an J nino men,
, hevirgbrn, anl efiT,deserted from C'spt. Dean'cons
1 any ol l.oi'o arrill, ry at Burns Vista and made
for the United rflates.
Mr. Br wn, who hu |ant?d Genera! Taylor
and his staff, returned to Richmond on the 13Ji
in tent, in goo,! health. Hia picture of old Hough
is p-orouneed to be a matter piece.
Trie 1'irtt At: nicer tar <j of the Uatt'e of Monterey
will be ceiobrated in Htrrishurg, Pa, whan an
rntr*rchsnge of sentiment will wke place in relation
lo rhe steps to he taken for the orgaoixation 0f ,he
tri nds of the Old Hero of Bucna Vista.
(toon. A bill hae l>*en introduced into tire N.
Vol* Legislc'ure to compel ell the inierior banks to
redeem their Bills in specie in New York city.
' a- mas i i i <i i i i i* w
{CJ* The steamer Occeola has rrrived. At
(if The Ravels have (7000 in the bills of Prime, j0
Van! <Sc Co. on Ef.ope.
J"*- A ?hootini? mnteh, i,:seppasrr.-.co of a clink. t'"
re. -,ag of \>indowi, .'.e falling of a men into an s0
c house, 'no |tr u rt nler of ? slabler to justice, \\
'ft items of ur arein Baltimore yes" -rday. un
This eveiiiug, the Whigs of BalUmou city orgsite
for the coming elec ions. I.e' them lookout
>r colonist* from the District of Columbia. They |
id be pci'-ed in upon the city. pa
I' is possible that Tweedy, to. lias he. n relur.-.cJ |T
delegate to Congies* from Wisconsin. In eight j1(
.unties h? gained over 1200 vol"*. Oi
A terrible tornado swept over Cornwall in Upper co
-mil uii ??? Dill) or.e tl'e wss lost, but the ,u|
as ol pro.er'y was '"ibiense.
A gang of counterfeiters hs* been broken up in
low York city.
PriinoLteuiA, 14th Sept.
Businew dull, except in dry goods and that is
ri.k. Stocks down. Flour (5 31 to ?5 37, but
othiug doing. No change in other articles. Atindauce
on 'change slim. Weather charming.
Pittibcbg, I lth Kept.
River navigable?5 J feet in channel. No change
i flour and other things. I.ard is in good demand.
Bsr-TiMoRr., 14th Sept. ^
At auction to-day was sold tho cargo of sugar by
te Douglass, viz: 344 hhds. of Porto Rico sugar
t $5 50 to $6 70?also 60 hhds of Muse molests
at 261 to 29. No change in flour?$5 12 to
5 25?wheat no change. Market for provisions ?.
uiet and no change. U S 6's 1867 105 bid. Trea- m
Jry 6's 103 J bid. J
'arm. Wit., South side, between 4j nrid 6th sts. [."J
HAS received a lot of Superior Havana Cigars, vat
"Silver" brand, also an Invoice of Claret in wi
lanes and Casks, some of tho very highest grade; sir
Iso Haul Sauterno, an Invoice of Sherry and Ma- M.
eiria in Casks, aud a lot of flue old whit key, all cor
f which are offered for sale. chi
Sept 6?3lif red
.AMI'S, Ac.. Ac., Wholesale and retail, opposite j
Irown's Hotel, Peunsylvaniu Avenue.
1'. Pursrll anxious to reduce his extensive stock ^
f the above articles, will sell at reduced prices for
ASH. He solicits a call from his frieuds and the /
ubltc generally, at his Store and Warehouse. Pennvlvania
sep 3 il3m 1
l'o llousheeptrs, and nil to wliom it may concern: ja|
A N impression Appears to prevail in tin District, (^p
j\_ that no place, can compete with the North, mc
ar cheap and good work; to eradicate this errnnius
impression, the tubferiher would respectfully
gformHovsLKt irtas, and the public in general, c|0
hat he has opened s new establishment on Pcnnsyl- ue|
nnia Avenue, between 12th and 13th streets,
outh side, for tho purpose of carrying on the Pic- jq
ure Frame lunnees, in all ita various branohes.
He wi'.l manufacture all kinds of 1'ortrait Ficturrs,
and Looking Glass Frames, Box Cornisliing, Ac,,
Ac., of tue beat material, and in ihe neatest mr nner, | (
Twa.ly-Five per cent cheaper than ever before "f-' [
fared in this District. I
N. H All kinds of RrniLDiKU dope; ah"
Looking b'laas PUtia, inserted in old Frames. a|,
All orders execut-d with the greatest despatch ! Terms,
cash on delivery. ] C.
sep 7 l.n JOHN AVAONER. I n
] - AM PS' LAMPS7! J
JUST received a la-go assoitment of i.amps, con
sisting of Lard, Sperm, Solar, and Pino Oil Ui
or S'ores, Parlors, and Hotels. Fsirbank's Hun, > he
ng Fluid and Lamps. A constant supply of Fresh ,nl
pr).7 p?,? i...i.-iu.i..oa. ur:_i? ! ?
J'*.ts<-a, f.r all kindji of Limp*, Pine Oil Lamp*, I ,rl
Hearted and Repaired, by j
ecp 7 Im C treel, T dd'a Buddings.
_ d^i
"Smooth and Ready*' Paint Shop. ! ||j?
thankful for smnli Jobs c igratef! for l.irge ones ! ??j
and ICth eneet, aouth aide, beg* 'cave f in-! ?
rm ibe poblie, that be ia picj ared to execute the 1 ?
"dialing Business, in all ita vari ua branches, ruch \s
Houses, Sign*. Bunn're, Tr inspurencies, fire- ,10i
icrtens. G-nining Pi ptr-Vnrnisking and GL. :ng; P'>
ehich <vni be a'.'.endml to in any part of the city, M?
rithoui delay. Hf respectfully aolicta there of
iublic pat*onego, ',nd hopes to merit it by good **|
trofk, clone attention to bu.incas, and reason*',le cos
bargee lie ia confident the', he can work At price. '2
ow enough to make it to the int real of all to gire him *>''<
i call. ^
N. 'I. I am a'.-o prepared to execute all kind* of j b
!ai, and ornamented Japanning, Bronzing and j AHiding
belli in wood and rattale, also that beauli-,
ul fini b the WHITE POLISH,
sep 3 Iy W. BERON. |
Attorney and Coun ae Ho r at LA1V.
Practices in the Supreme Court of the United I
ti.d in the courts of Maryland, Virginia, and c0_
ihe District of Columbia, and V
or persona having business wuh Congress, the '?
War, Treasury. Navy, and General Post Office Dr
l>r.rnnents, the General Land Office, Pension Office
Office of Indian Affairs, lVoul Office, Ac. Ac. ,
Missouri Avenue, between 'Jd and 4 J streets.
Particular atten'ion paid to tbe procuring of jB,
the Bounty duo lo boldiers or the United State. un- 1H
ler ihe low uf Feb. 11, 1847, and to the procuring
of Patents for new Inventions.
?p uM 12
In one vol. 12ino., wi h four fine engraving* on
on ateel, and numerous engravings on wood.
Collated with the various English editions, and con
laming additional nolcs and a biographical Proface
by the American Author.
Two par 16, 12uio.f 6 cents each, or one volume
cloth, $1 50. |
41 I have beena great follower of fiahing myself, }
and in its cheerful solitude have paused Home of the ,r
happiest hours of a sufficiently happy life."?Pa ley's ^
Natural Theology. j h
M I. hat been made extremely valuable to fisher- j
men, but it i* worth far more to every body for its j
! charming literature."?Christian Inquirer.
" It breithea the very spirit of innocence, purity. |
and simplicity of heart; there are many choice old i
verse* interspcrsid in it; it would sweeten a man's i
temper at any time to read it; it would Chnatiar.iie
every diacordanl angry pawion; pray make youraelf,
acquainted with it."?Charles Lamb in a letter tu ,
" lla simplicity, ita aweetneaa, its natural grace
and happy intermixture of grave atraina with the
precept' of angling, have rendered thia Iwok doner vedly
popular.''?Ha!lain'? Literature of Kurupe.
" 'I net well known work haa an extreme aimpli- ['
ci y. and on ex'roma intareat arising out of ita very
aimpl Sty. In the 'eacription cf fith ng tackle you r
perceive (he piety a.<d humanity ol the author'a
mind. Hii u the l*at paatoral in the lai guagr, not, "
rx-rpting mr Phillip*'."?1 fazJilt, in a paper
<if the Kountl Ta'ile. j n
Puhli*hr<i and for aale by j .
WU.PY A PUTNAM, 101 Hroadway. (
I auguat 2?tf . |
I -U.J-U-M-f...
cnuyfor llic AWotuil H'lug, in Geornelt,ien.
'I'lie citizens of Georgetown arc respectfully
("orme.I that
John W. Bronaiuh, Esq., Broker, fee.,
Bridge mreet, a few doors wcst.of thn Union
rem, is ag-nt lor the National Vv hig. Perns
desirous of bring sert ed with the National
in Ge'r0e'owu, will please ler,v? ib< ii
noes ?0'' residences with Mr. Brounugh [
Agency for Claims. .
Waduiduton, Jjuu.rv, I8I7.
OHN UNDERWOOD, late Coief Olerk in the
OHice of the First Audit* ol thn Treasury Do- ,
rimer 1, in which be heil been employed for thirty ' -us,
tend. rs hi* amices to Collectors of Custnmr. ;.
tiled H'.aies Maiahul*. Merchant* and oth'Ts htv-1;
5 accounts tc nettle with any of the Brrcutive j
ft.cam claii.won <h Ciovernrrent.
F >r fidelity and prompt attention to any bit ones* |
ronuticd to bin charge, h" rcspiclfully refers to the
lowihg named tie hi l- naod:
Hon. .1 .bo R-eJ, Livut. Gov. of Massachusetts.
Hon. E. Whittlesey, Ol' o.
Hon. John Taliaferro, Virginia.
Hon. George E"ans, Maine.
Hon. Walter Lowrio, lateSecretary U. S. Senate,
N. Y.
Janice W. McCuMoh, Esq , Firal Comptroller of |
James N. Barker. K?q., lato do do do
VI Uliam Collins, Esq., First Auditor of Treasury.
M. St. Clair Clarke, Esq., lain Clerk bouse of
Charles Treichel, Esq., Drp Col. Cuatomi Phila- ]
delphia. ]
A. Martin, Esq., late Ca?hier do do 1
Jamee H. Raymond, E q , Austin Trias.
Oftice on Capitol Hill, aerund square aoulh of 1
sep 2?1 m
IATHE Sletimboal* hav;
resumed their trips at the regularly advertised
urs. the rubscriber baa again placed his Omnibus
IOUUH AND READY" on the route, and will
ray a be found at the Steamboat wharf in Waah[lon
on the arrival of the beat from Alexandria,
idy to convey passengers to any part of Pennsylua
Avenue, or its vicinity, for lift cents.?He
II also leavo the corner of the Avenue and 6th
eel, (opposite Colemau's,) at 8J, and 11 A.! )
, and I S, 3}, and 51, 1*. M., for tho purpose ol j
lveying passengers to tbe boat, at tho same i
irge. He hopes that all in favor of uniform and I
sellable charges will give him their uniform suprt.
aug 27 if ' 1
J. H. T. WERNER, ~
' V It HE It IN M E TJ) L S .V WOOD. :l
Canes Dressed and Mounted.
uisimut JlveiutCy between Kth and 7th Streets, j '
26 1 j
GE$,and all kinds of merchandise bought and j 4
d on commission by VV. 13. LEWIS. . 5
Having enlarged my store in order to accoinmo- ;
e the above bra/icb of business, I would inform 1
1 public tbat I am now ready to receive consign- 2
nte for public or private sales. | 3
N. B. Persons having any amount of furniture to 4
pose of Would do well to give uio a call, nt the '
thi g and fhrnilure store, Pennsylvania avenue 1
ir 11th street. W. 13. LEWIS. 9
detcn superior VVinea, old Socia', Madeira, and
Blackburn brands j j
so, an invoice of Looking Glas.es, Cluck-, and
rxtra large mahogany Centre Table 4
Refrijrcr ilor, ill good order splendid
new pair Candclahras, five light, each j
With a variety 01 other articles'for sale lew. I
g 18 If W. B. LEWIS. I 2
nOIU AS N1 WOLTZ, E. strert, t:eor the cor- j 2
L nir of 11<A. south hide.? The subscriber 6
iu!d respectfully inform his friends and the public I
general, that he ia now prepared to manufacture
ABINET FURNITURE of every description ;
will keen constantly in his employ first rate workin,
ao that ail persons v. ho orih r woik from his
eblisbmeid, can dcpei d 00 receiving a well mads
Those who huvc eld Ftirniluro, tket (hoy wieh to
ve tr paired would do well to give him a call.
He is constantly manufacturing Cba'rs of every
icription, md t urn his long experience in this j
inch of husinus*, I10 ia con6denl that he can
ase the moat fsal'dious. Old Ch irs will be ruled
and repainted, and with small expense be
. ... In L .. u-nll .. nni.
- - ? ?? - I
[1^ term* will bo mdilu to suit li e tiuif* y
lug 30 tf T. N. VVOLTZ, y
^LOVEIi IHLL COAL.?Just nrrivi'J. acirgo ^
J of ihi dltporior U.tumiuou? Coal, whirl) I em
k prepared to deliver to fauiilks nt a rer. unliable
dv?. IVpop* in want of this description of Coal,
uld do wj|f t^ call before purchasing ehttWhere, j
I a Hi determined to ^cll low for ca?h. AUo, dailv o
peeled, a cargo of tho lVach Mountain Ant^uri e 3
fh street, just below Pennsylvania Avenue, casi
p. aug 27 eo?w 1
' HURGE1I, dealer in Tobacco, Hogara nnl 3
Hnull, Wbnl' Male and Kelail, 12ib street, be- 4
een 0, and H tug 20 tf
~ w.'ic. HUU0V. j
Office opposite tlie Patent Office, > 2
t7lii!. attend to preparing PptclnciTiox.,
V Drawimos. Ac., and all buaine ? intrueted1
him connected with the Patent Cilice, or hia pro- t
iion, with proinptneaa and despatch.
Patent Office, Kcb. 15th, 1842. |
Mr. Wx. I'. Elliot, who hua linen formerly em-1 |
yrd in the Patent Office, aaa Draughtsman, &c,l
ring establish) d a Patent Agency in the c:ty o \
asbiiigton. I take great pleaaurc in recommerid[
him art a gentleman worthy of confidence, and
heing particularly qualiiled to lAko charge of any _
silieea requiring a knowledge of mechanical actce,
the progress of the art., and pitcnt improve- ,.
snta. Mr. Elliot ia alio well acquainted with the t
actice of thia office. | -
HCii^K* |,.lil,LOWUUIli, f
aug 13 If Commissioner of Patents.;
Good Attention paid to fining at moderate prices c
/cut Bide 10th street, thrco doom from U, j j
aug 14 tf M
RANDOLPH B. REEVES, 8th street, south ,
I%/ of the General Font Office* would rcs|>cctfully
ivitc the attention of h s friends, the citizens of Vashingtnn
and ita vicinity, to his at ck of Furniire
and Housekeeping articles; comprising in part- j
Mahogany spring seat Sofas |
44 rocking and parlor Chairs j
" centre, card, and dining Tables
44 Bureaus, Sideboards, etc.
44 and gilt Frames, Looking-glasses
Wardrobes, Bedsteads, Cribs, Cradles
Shuck, hair and straw Mattresses
Feather Beds, Sacking Bottoms, etc.
Glass, china, stone, earthen, and iron Ware {
Knives and Forks, Brushes, and Wooden Ware ,
With numerous other articles in the Housekeeping ,
no loo nuinerouH to mention.
He i. prepared to manufacture ill kinds of Furniire
at lire uborteat nolics, and on the moat reaaonale
terms. Ha flatiera himat-lf that from his long
iperience in toe cabinet business, all vvorkrT.ude by
iin will be done in a faithful and workman-like
tannrr, and g *r entire satisfaction.
N. II.--OM Furniture , taken in exchange fori
aep 3 may 27 I y
O. W AI .Ij, f rhin*t Maker u/ta
J l'iulcr/akrr, corner of (ith and (J atrceta.
juito II ,
Of the Members elect to the '/oi"r of JieprcsenInline*.
3"l/i Conf ess, uccording to the latest f
I. David Hammond ( 6. (.Vo choice) ?
J. (.Vo chotc") ti- (.Vo choice) .
I. iiira:.. Bclo or * 7. 1J- ".cLiub Williams t .
I. (oVli choice) I
1. Ames '.''lick ? 3. .'rmir? Wilson '|
2. Jan. H. Johnson I 4. C. 41. Piasiec t i
1. R. C. Winthrop* ti. lieo. Ashmun "
2. Daniel I . King " Julius Rockwell' ]'
' Amos Abbott " 8. J. Quinry Adams " It
1. Jno. G. Palfrey " 9. ArtcmaJ Halo
> C4 -irles Hudson * 1U. Joseph Gruiuell ' ' u
itiinnv i.i.AMri
1. R. U. Cranston * 2. (A'? choice) I u
eoKNEC'j icur. Mi
L. James Dixon 3. J. A. Rockwell " i i<
). S. D. Hubbard ' 4. Truman Smith * I |j
I. William Henry " 3. Ce" P. Marsh * j |,
I. Jacob Collamcr 1 Lucius 11. Peek f ?
1. F. W. Lord ( 18. F. Segus, (O. II ) f
2. II. C. Murphy f lb. Jos* pit Mullen *
3. Henry Nicoll f 20. T. Jenkins, (O. H.) f
4. W. li. Mnciay f 21. G. A. Staikwcaihcr I c
5. F. A. Talltnadge 28. A. UiiJall, (O. II.) ) j *
G. D. S. Jackson 1 23. William Dutr* 11
7. William Nelson 24. Daniel Gott
8. Cornelius Warren 25. iiarman S. Conger * 11
0. D. 11. St. John 26. W. T. Lawrence " <
10. Eliakin Sperrell * 27. Jno. M. Ilolley ? II
II. P. II. Sylvester ' 28. Elias B. Holmes *
12. G. O. Reynolds ' 29. Robert L. Rose * I
13. J. J. Slinget land 30 David Rinnscy * tl
14. O. D. Kellogg " 31. Dudley Marvin *
15. Sidney Lawrence f .32. Nathan K. Hall *
10. Hugh White * 33. llarTey Putnam p
17. G. I'etrie, (O. II.) t 34. Washington Hunt " ?
1. J. G. Hampton 4. Jno. Van Dyke " p
1. W. A. Newell " 5. D. S. Gregory '
I. Jos. E. Edsall t' 1
1. L. C. Levin, Native 13. James Pollock " *
2. J. R. Ingersoll ' 14. Geo. N. Eckerl * I1
3. Charles Brown t 15. Henry Nes
4. C. J. Ingersoll | 1G. Jasper E. Brady * [
5. Jno. Freedley * 17. JiJiii Blanchard *
G. J. VV. Horn beck . 18. Andw. Sttwart " "
7. A. l't. Mcllvaiue ' 19. Job Mann f < '
8. Jno. Strohm 20. Jno. Dickey ? li
9. William Strong | 21. Moses Hampton * t
U. Rich'd Broilhcud ) 22' Jno. W. Fnrcly * n
1. Chester Ilutler * 23. James Tliomi son | u
2. David Wiliuot f 21. Alexander Irvin ?
John W. Houston " ?
(No election.)
. Arch'd Atkinson f 9. Jno. S. Pendleton *
I1...I.M k 1 111 U,...... Ilr>rtii,ar?>r I "
T. S. Flournoy * 11. James McDowell )
. Thos. S. Bocoek t 12. William B. Preston *
. Wm. L. Uoggin * 13. Andrew S. Fulton *
. Jolili M. Bolli * 14. R. A. Thompson t
. Tlios. H. Bayly f 13. William G. llrown f
. Rob't T. L. Bcale t
. T. L. Clingman " 6. James J. McKay t
. Nathaniel lluydcn * 7. Jno. It. J. Daniels |
. D. M. Barringcr * ?J. R. S. Donnell *
. A. H. Shepperd * 'J. David Outlaw '
. A. W. Vcnable \
. .lames A. Black t 5. Armistca i Burl t in
. It. F. Simpson 1 G. Isaac E. Holincs I
. J. A. Woodward t 7. Robert B. Rliell f 0,
. A. D. Sims t r
. Thus. Butler King " 5. J. II. Lumpkin f
. A. Ivcrson t 6- Howell Cjbb f
J. vy. Jones 7. A. H. Stevens *
. H. A. Haralson | B- Robert Toombs * 1
. Lyr.n Eoyd t G. Green Adams * '"j
!. Samuel Peyton t 7. Garnell Duncan *
I. B. L. Clark 8. C. S. Moreliead "
i. Ayielt Bwckner * 9. Richard French t C
i. J. B. Thompson 4 10. Jno. 1'. Gaines " b,
. Andrew Johnson t 7. M. P. Gentry " 0
I. Wm. M. Cocke " 8. Wash. Barrow ir
John H. Crozier 9. L. 1>. Chase t in
. H L. W. H.lit HI. L. F. Stanton t
i. Geo. V'. Jor.es t 11. Wm. T. Haskell * y
!. Gordon t
1. James J. Faran f 19. Samuel F. Vinton *
J. David Fisher " 13. Tiiomaa Ritchey t
3. R. C. Snhcnck " 14. Nathan Evans *
4. It. S. Canby * 15. William Keimon t S,
5. William Sawyer t Hi- J. D. Cummins )
G. Bodol. Dickinson t 17. George Fries f
7. (Vacancy) 18 S. Lahm, (Indrp.) 1
#. J. L. Tay lor * 19. Jno. Crowell
9. Li O Edwards' 20. J, K. Giddings * #.
0 Daniel Duncan * 21. Joseph M. Root '
1. J. K. Miller t
(Nh election.)
. wisim tniornc - o. 'a. u. ijiiiiii - u
. Tlios. J. Hetilcv I 7. it. W. 1 honipson
. J. L. Robtn-on t 3. J"0' r?ttit t i;
. Cale'o H. Smith 'J. C. VV. Cuthcui t f
. VVm. Vi . WicU 1 l'l. VV. Rockhill t
(No election.)
. Robert Smith | 3. w A Riehtlrdson | jj
. J. A. McClcrnatid t '? Titos. J.Turner f
. O. B. Ficklin t ' 7. Abm. Lir.coln "
. Jtio. Wenlworth f p
. Jchn Gavle ' 5. G. S. Houston t
. H. VV. Ililliard 6. VV. II. Cobb t s
. S. VV. Harris f 7. F. VV. llowdeu 1
. S. M. Inge t <]
. Jus. B. Bowlin f 4. Wiilard P. Hall ?
. Jno. Jameson t 6. Jno. S. Phelps f
: J attics S. Green I , ,
Robert VV. Jonnsott | N
. Kob't McClcllaud t 3. li. S. Bingham t
. (1'acuiici/)
Edtvdrd C Cabell * p;
. T. Pilsbury t 2. I). S. Kaufman t II
(No election.) C'
. VV. Thompson t 2. Shepherd I,tiller t p
Whigs, 112
Democrats U.i
WMig majority 17 p,
Notk.?O. II. signifies Old Hunker: those mirk- 0t
>1 with an asterisk ( * ) arc VVliigs, and those with
:ic obelisk (I) Democrats.
Aniisksos intcnila opening the above named I"
Austral Library as soon aa a sufficient number ol "
ubscribcrs shall have tieen obtained to justify the l'
:arrying the tame into efTect. It hit* been approved ,u
py many, as it will afford nil opportu ,ity to the lie w
rers of mimic of availing thciiisrlvts of what music
hey may want, lor ita use only, at a aniall ojprnac.
I'ho Library will be liirniahrd with tho ale dnrd anil '
icw music, comprising npota inusir, songs, duets, ai
ivaliiea, &c. It
For terms, apply at iny Music and Stationery ll
Stere, where tho Library will be established.
Penn. avenue between 11th and 12th els.
august 5?oaw4w si
? t
1YHE fubacriber would inform hia friends urn] l'
. the public ^enernlly, thit h- has opened n |
KESTA VH ANT and HOTEL, of the above name '
en Sisdi el reel, a few dooia rouih of Pmn. Avonuc, i *
where ho will he happy to entcriain thhin in a man ''
ner that he hopea will be satisfactory. ilia UAR \ v
will be furnished with liquors of the best and must , 8
approved brands, and the Eating Department will i v
always eontain every tlelicocy in season. He hopes j '
to r, ceivo a portion of the patronage of his friends, 11
while he endeavors to cater for the puldx taste. , ''
aug 4?if D. H BEVAN8. ?
Milt. VA. BOYD, Fancy Dress and Habit P
Maln r, on i'enn. Avenue, south sido, between '
lath and 13 h streets. . ang 'dll tf |
MR8. TII.LEY, ori Miaaimri Avenue, letwicn *
4 { ami flih atrcrla, liaa revrral Mvaaaut ]
noma lor Ihe accomodation ot, pi'iin.ineiit or Han- (
kiem lioadtra. au| IB tf
baa l?*cn tho secret principle of loo many
of the wholesale dealers in Tria up t? this lime,
ml they I nve p'ao'Liod lh" moat sham lul imposition
ii the Country M? rchant without any f-ar ??f dcl^c! ??.
.Hut a nev era in the Ten Trade become and
Vklu Ton C'.inia.iy claim* th? ton or of iu inro
lucti 'n They \v?re inc first to rairo H * b niier of
lufcrm, 01. ivhiot it ha inscribed the simple-words:
A complete revolution !?aa been the consequence.
.ei 1^1-uur sui ?? j ?*?t4MI,
IHVO done.
Is*. Wo wen the lint to item) the n Teas that
ised t > be ended too good fi r tin m before*
2d. \\ ? k qvc ilrrfcn out the niurki t * vast am>unt
I trash, u.. ! i ih!u ?d u t?? lti*i clu*-. of Ti't' than ,
?b ever yet been t???l?i Import^* of Pen often corne
> us to get for their own use, u:d for their fr.cilds,
mo qualities they can fi?d nowhere else.
P 1. Wo lire reduced prices mote than 25 per ct., |
uth in Bluck and Green Teas. '1 he wholesale !
rocers ?ay we are mining the trade aim call us
umbugtf. This we have done ulrcajy, aud now |
re what we are nady to do.
Ut. We will sell Tos by the single cheat, half
heat or 14 p"und box, ol the tame prices (hut
wholesale groiern pay to the importers wh' ii they j
uy by the hundred packages.
2d. The wholesale grocers all?w only 13 oral
no l M pounds tare to the half chest. This is a 1
heat. We allow, iu most iu?tuuctb, 15 and 16
1)8. tare on the same.
3d. We hereby undertake to si II every hind of
'ea, from nix to twelve centa per pound cheaper
tianihe who|c*ulo grocers do.
How can we do thin? asks the country merchant. :
This is our emwer. We arc content with seven j
ercent proli' instead of 25 and 00 per cent, a in
wholesale grocer.
We do crvc the thanks of the country merchants
>r having them hereafter from I cing cheated. Let
item come to the Warehouse of the IVkiu 'lea
/oinpany, and compare tampitu; of Tea they get
1st where; and if they buy bud Teas thru at high
rices it is their own fault.
An liiiglish importer lately boasted to us thai be
ould rnukemoro money by sending bud Ten* to the
few York market, thun on good Teas. We are
solved to overthrow this fraud; and now cull upon ;
gcntJ in every town in the United States to conn !
jrwurd and buy Teas imporied by the Pekin Tea |
/ompany. and we pkdge oujselves, that if iu six
lomhs they do not bell more Tea than the oldest i
nil lurge^t dealers in tho town, wo will give thein i
ur Tea wi/hout charge, This i* plain English and
uuiiot bo misunderstood. We appeal for lotiino- |
lony to ihe iiiunenw t-ucco a of our Agents in any
art of I ho United Slates.
Agents wanted in every town in the'United |
tatos for the sale el illeeo Teas, by which they ran |
lake money, and confer a benefit upon the Public !
y supplying the pure.article.
caralooflc, of ri:.is
P?K I If
75 tSr 77 Fulton Street^ J\cw York.
' #* The Tea mentioned in thia Catnlougr, ore
jiih up in quarter pound, hulfpoiliid and one pound
ackage.i?the first or inside wrapper ia luid, the
icoud wrapper is Water proof paper, and the third :
outfli.'.o wrapper is of Chinese ric?* paper. The j
ompany bell none but good Iras, done up in this I
iperior manner nil of them grown in tlm rnout luxrious
d blricte in Cnina. Count*y dealers may ,
sleet ao f mull a quant..y of each kind as they like, {
rid have them pa?-ktd in one cheat. These teas also l
mie in fiver pound Chinese packages, culled qua - I
M>na. a" v?ry convenient fanciful and portable'
[Persons in any part of the Vnit-d Slates or
Ian ad a, can order any of the lew? in this Catalogue,
y letter, in quantities to suit ih?ir wishes. We
nek thern in Chines boxes ai d deliver them to
ie F^.wo'dii.g Merchant tree from charge for packig
in cartage. i'h?* money should ulwayy acccm-n>
the order.
OL'NG HYSON, good $o 38 !
do do sweet enrgo 50 !
do do do do finer til1',
do do fine cargo 75
do do extra fine 87 j
do do silver leaf 1 CO
itver Liitf.?Seldom sold even by large dcaieis, '
became of the very small profits made ou its 1
sale.?This is a very superior Tea.
do do golden chop, plantation
or carden piow Hi 1 50
olden CI,op.?This is tlic tintjst Green Tt a culti- j
valtJ in China. H is of the tirst picking.-, and ] '
excels all other Green Teas for it (inpRucy i,f I
flavor, strength and aroma. Heretofore, this
Tea has never reached this country except in
small lots, ."'s presents to importers.
IYSON, very hue 75
do plantation growth 1 tilt
i IJN POWDER, good 75
do sltpci lor 1 00
do small leaf, plantation growth 125
Ml'KltlAL, good 7ft
do oiisk and fragrant ] 00
do curious leaf, very superior 1 25
IY8GIV SKtNf, good, tine flavor i!8
do do extra fine ti-.",
OUCFIONG, good, lull flavor 38
da line 50
do very superior 75
OUCIIUNC, good 38
do extra tine 50
iOI.ON'U, strong, flavor fine 50
Wong,?This Tea is a great favorite, and gives
universal satisfaction/,
do very line 03
do in one pound and half pound
cattys, extra line 75
E PLUfs (JLTRA, I 50
Ct Plus Ultra ?This Tea is as fro grant and sweet
as a nosegay. It yields a perlumc that is truly
delightful. It is of garden growth, and superior
to anylhing^if the Kind ever sold in this country.
NGLisii Breakfast 'i ka, fine r?u
do do do extra lino (j'-Jl
iUWQUA'ri MlXTl !tK, a strong and rich
black Tea, Pekoe llavor 75
ONCiO, good, ,'lb ,
do very line 50 I
do do garden growth 1 50
Besides the above, w'e expect daily from
hina, several splendid rhbpsof Ten, exclusively
xporlcd hy the 4< PEKIN TEA CO.,M and which
c intent! to copyright to prevent trickery. Let
lr agents get ffcudj.
Heretofore it has lw.cn very difficult, indeed im>e*ible,
to always obtain good green and b'ack teas. !
ut now yoq have only to visit the wnrerooms ol
to Pekin Tea Lou pany, 7it and 77 Fulton sliret,
i ohinin as delieioua and frograul teas aa jou could
ish for.?Daily 8yn.
We have tried the teaw imported by ?hn Pekin
ea Company, 75 and 7i Fulton street New Vork,
nd it we livo will try them often. They are selling
iu most delicious teas wo ever dr.ink, and retail .
icm at wholesale prices.?Evening Post.
The finest specimens of green and hhek turn evei j
ild in this counliy, are imported by the Pelun Tea
Company. 75 and 77 Fulton at. Tlio-e who want
ood Iron ut rriiaonablo prices, call always gel tin rn
*1 Word to Trn Urni/crrs.?The Fckin Tea
Company, 75 and 77 l'ullon utroe?, have imported
ito tbin iiiarkt-l borne five bundled thousand dollars
forth of the lineal grades of green and blac k teas,
town in the Ccb-i.lial Empire ; done up in all the
arioUH fancy packages, that Chinese ingenuity can
ivent. It is (i privilege to buy teas at this cre.it ?j
iblinhmcnt and n luxury #arul a comfort to drink
bum. They sell good it a* only, and tctail them at
thidfbplc price*. Country merchant* who wish to
Iwaya'bcll good tens can always obtain them at thia
lace on reasonable terms.
The Pekin Tee Company, 76 and 77 Pulton uL,
re performing a great and good work. and will, in a
i'W yearn, twyoiid all doubt, drive all the poor tela
vhich have deluged this country, ami defrauded
:on?umeraof tho ar Icle, rut of thia market. They ,
mport none but pure fragrant teas, and retail them !
7 the single pou nd at wholesale prices. 1 amili i? ,
are always mho of obtaining good less ti iL*m feat
warehottdn, in qu unutha to ouit thair convenience, i
and at the aine j ri *e thai, the rurtcluiit pay 4 who v i
Uujk 10 at 11 again ?Daily True 3uu. | ,,|e.
~"7. ' "lri
Fin* (J'f/'j. f? /Mr'A* 7.O.?The 1' ! in Tea Com- ilr;
nary, 75 on! Yt Fulton fc'rect, cell* a dolicioue Go 1 i?ai
1003 Tea i t fi'ty tele per pound. Cou-Uioere of1 in-o
tea, v*!u# havj L? en payhn ox h.'lJin! per p-und led
for thin ariic'n, are r'-que ltd to co.n;>:t r it win. ti n ' .o',
above and judso for ibnn^elvja which is the best. If "
you enn buy a Lct'or t?v .0 lour bhilhrus per p tund 1 ??f v
than you h ive hern ge'.t ngat six -htli iiqh, you will j thai
bo obliged t> ui for thia n hce. Try the Voting Tbi
IFyaoii, < old at this great U a isUbUabnieiit, at 75c. mil
Ii is O tter iban any thing of the kind hav?; evei by
bought il-Lwhc c ut one', liar.?(Jew. Adv. turn. , mj|\
It' any of our r adem desire to have good tea. tbey eha
can obtain i' of thw Frith) Tea L'onipuuy, 76 and lier
and 77 Fulton btrcct.?Mercury. iicj
Tiib IV.kin Tea Cumimm.?We very cheeiful- de*
ly cull tbo ationtiou of uli love ? of pure and liugr.i t hcl-i
l ea.-, bu,h. in town and country, to the great 'JVa hH
Wureb use of thi* Company. Our !bug acquaint' u
anee wi h the IVoprutora cnitbloe uh to bc.*pejk fur
morn tin mure coiuiuunceoi loo pumic. we /c.iuw 1 V
ihut 'h*?ir jl i, both h quality an I price, aie all j
that istt^'ed of the n. Many of a lover of the f.ugront r I1
herb has bin compelled to eschew thc'iirttking ol 1
Tea in consequence of its injurious elfectH, until ut l'ari
length he has become hopeless of (hiding, among any oroK
of the imported varieties of Teas in our market, a l"*'1
kind which hud not ?uch an cAect. In this, hovev '
Vr, *ucli persona will ho agit'oably disappointed.? ! 011 1
The Pekin Tea Company lm\e commenced the |
importation of choice variolic* of liardeu Tcun, oi i eclu
moot delicious flavor, tultivand and picked with great '
euro, (which ha\e heretofore never been introduced I
into this country, except U* presents to importers.? ce
Among lhc?e they have n Ou/ung, m:!d as a zephyr, "
and fragrant as a roue, which wo specially rccominctid
to all nervous persona. Its effect up'an many |J
of thoao who huvc tried it hao been to uiake thorn ('j,
coiiftrmod tea drinkers. Ladies who have used it. 1 ,ta
way they never before drank such tea. Put all tastes I l,
tan bore bo suited, with the great advantage over | on
the oihcia ol gelling a pure article at wholesale price, . ' j*'
however small the quantity. The t 'ompauv's ware- ! .
house is at 75 ui.d 77 Pulton at.?Li olden Rule. 1111
. . tn ti
Tea.?The Ptkin Tea Company, No. 75 and 77
Pulton street, ur questionably sell tho best Teas imported
into tlt.a market. 'J'hat they can sell them
cheaper than any other establishment is a fret proved
in a thou and instances since they have opened then
store. We would advise our friends to call at this
pl'ce, and it they dolt'l wish to buy, at h a t to ohJ^iu
a liUlo pamphlet, kept on their counter, entitled
"Hints to Tin Drinker.*,"and then from learnnlittle
u tiuI information on the subject. Tho pluiuphlct
if given gratis.?Journal of Commerce. y ^
Wc drink Orcr n Tea, and for mnny years have
been paying one dollar pur pound for it. Out thanks
to the Pekin i'eu Company, we now get a better tea
from tin rn ut 75 cents per pound. Wc drink ono
pound per week, by which wo arc norV saving thirteen
dollars jr^r year, and enjoying belt r to t in the
bargain. Commend uj to the Pekin Tea Company
say" we.?Mirror.
Y??u ni >y he sure of obtaining at nil times pure ^
and highly flavoicd t?ns by the - ingle pound, at j ,nar
wholesale prices, nf tho Pekin Tea Company, 75 |
and 77 Fulton street. They have probably the nl
lorg >;t stock, and greatest variety of line green and ,
blank Uuu of any eatub'i diluent in the United State*, j
They uic doing a large business, and a gn at I'Oiietit I
to cmibutncrs of ten. |
Lditorb ami Pu i li?d cr* of Newspapers in the (
Hulled Utiles, Cuiiadus, West Indies, etc., who will j
give the above Id iiirertion's in their respective Jour
uaL, irit lulling this notice, will be paid fur the t-uint
in any Teas they may c hoose to select from the above F
< 'atyogne, at the prices there named, and by their
purchasing of t!i Company twice the amount of fT
their ! ill, which they aic at liberty to dispose of ue .Li
l!iey pha*\ nan
Paper j who advertise, must direct copies marked ,al[*
to the 1'tfcin Tea Icompany (Jazcllt, 75 and 77 Ful .
ton street, New York. aug 1 'It? ,,efr
A- M. HOF FAR, "f
sukgeon DEMIST,
0 r J ft-A N D-A-11AI j F s.iec', live doors above vcnJ
Pel.11 Avenue, efist aide. A. M, If. performs p
ill operations in the line of his profe sion, such q onts
plugging, cleaning und insi rtlng artificial tc'elh, from gnu
lino lo a full ?>el?also full 8*'ts made with artificial w|jj,
gua.H HaVing liaJ great rxpcrieticc in hin line of jjjij
business f.?r rn?ny y.ais iu the ci'y of Philadi Iphia,1 jrcw|
be |>lu*J(5* s law-oil thai he shall not be surpassed foi j sul),.
beauty m durability. and having very great facilities ! 'p
l??r iu h work, it will bo done much lower than ever ! y^jj
done in tin city. j COUl
From four to five o'clock each day devoted to the . ma(,
uttpnt'oii of children'!, icoth, to rcguluto their proper
( o-i'iuhn, for tvhieh there will bo no charge for advice;
but only for actual operation.
?"??-* . _ _ ll(
<;. W. WHEELER, '
j TORY, Frritixijlvunia Avenue, it tor the cur-1
tier of I ftth street.?The {Subscriber respectfully hog -1
loivo to rt turn his thanks to lib friends and tin-j
public eonerally for the liberal palroung* thry have J
kindly bestowed upon him, and to inform the n that '
In* is at all time.4-' prepared to manufacture every do- but
hr.ription of Household Furniture at the shorte t ?f 1
notice, in a neat to d workmanlike manner, and on whi<
tcrthH the most accommodating. Med
I linvo oji band a pmall assorUTierit of Furniture, ity?
which 1 will d if pose of on VeryMtberul terms: such uni\
,.s Wilnut and Mnliocnnv spring Went SOFAS, men
low. and French post liodslcadc, Cradles, I 'ribs, dee. 1101,1
I am n so prepared to attend Funerals at the
shortest notice, and most liberal terms. I gnit
U. W. WHEELER, ' i
uug "I aid & 2wl'.v I'gui
RAM now tti.'U shall at ull litnrg l>o prepared to j
. cover Knot'* of 11 'Hi sen at reduced prices, with j
Leaded Tin, French Zinc, or (*a!\unized Iron. I Ij<
rfainplcH of which may he seen at my bioru.
1 have also, constantly on hand, a good assort* " ')Fv
liclit of building materials, cheap lor cash. f
lVnti. Avenue, between IOth and 11th streets. ,
it *. who
?u? l|-JL well
MENT?The Treasury Department and it 11,1
vnriot Fiscal Dur?aui; their origin, organization,
and practical operations illustr.iU d; being a supplein
nt to th. Synopsis of Treasury Inutruc ions foi
the iidrmnistration of revenue laws, ftlfeetiug the
cOinnix rcial and revenue system of ihe United
?Sti?U?f; in fourteen chapters. By Kolicil Mayo, M.
L); 0110 volume, quarto. $2,60.
The above work, which lian l-icn lor n corioidero
t'lr liino in preparation ulthe Treasury llcpurtmer I
hms jost been pr.ntcd, extra copies of which are lot
nale hy WM. Q FOHUK,
nng '<ti 4t I'enn. nvp. corner of lOih ntreet. D
IOE! ICE! ! ICE ! !! nam
f I ^HE tfUUSCKI BERtf htivrou hand a largo sup- Rl
JL ply of |Hirc Potomac Ii.e., which they will Mill 0
at their Ice-house comer of Maryland avenue and
Eleventh street, for Twenty-live cents per bushel. I '
BIUL) <V CiuNiNEM.. ?J
N. if.?Ice delivcicd in any part of the city at the '
.shortcut notice. 13. & O. "
june 23?tf ?,
Hull's extract of Sitrsaimrllla
Stand's do do
Lc lily's do do
Townsend's do
Mi'liwartze's do
Hoack's Fauarea
Kaolin's do
k.rmi Mornntiarilla Conutoond Ji
Thcae medicine* aiu all of Hundard Merit, and I:
are warranted pure and genuine. At lliid etniun ul
the year they will bo foujid Idglily twncltcial for purifying
ilie blood and invigorating the *v*toui.
For aale by UHAH.HTOIT. J
Drug & Ai^Jlh corner ol 7th & l'a av. I
may 21 if j sire
DMcCi.Kt.LAni>. Kngravir. iVniiaylva, '
, nia Avenue, cast of Tlnrd street, Washington I 'nS
eitj. dec 1?Um I U'?
). A.PPLETON &> 'Jo., 200 Broadway, New
rk, have lately published in a tine siyle?EloAu
of Milita-y An i nd Science; or of Ink
ion in Sir teev, F t ideations* Tactics of Bat,
Ac, embracing the duties of duff Infantry,
ru'ry, Artillery, ami Engineer*. Adapted to the
of .iH.tiv and Mlfitlsu By H. Wager Ualt,
A. M., Lieut, of Engmoere. U. b Army. 1
t !m illustrated. Price SI f?0.
' Far th wp who take jdouilfO In Ikn^ini the art
Mar, an I especially for thoue whoso profession ia
t of uiin?, tUia mmi prove a va'uublo work.?
t author appears to bo perfectly well informed in
itary tactic**, and hat illustrated his iustructions
van >us drawing ! arid ^lans, which make t!:em'es
uuJyrstooJ. The various means of national
sriee are minutely forth?tho position and
meter ot the lorlificuti ma, on our Northern iront?peciaily,
are accurately described, and thedu
and organization ?t each arm of the national dere?infantry,
Cavalry, aitillery, and emiinrers ?
bribed with much precision. Indeed. no pains
ii lo have been spared to make an authentic and
rtidive book."?Commercial Advertiser.
ugust S?tf
C. FARQUHAR At CO., corner of 15th
# street and New York avenue, ore now prei'd
to furnish the public the above delicious dovpi,
with u lull assortment of tiyrup, carefully
mred by themselves.
'heir apparatus is entirely new, and constructed
he latest and mo t approved principle.
'hey flatter themscivc* (hat their Soda Water is
al, if not superior, to any iu the city, and invite
public to on11 and judge for themselves,
oda Fountain* tilled to order at the shortest noisy
22 dJlin
a&iitfl, Oile, and Paint Brushes, Ate.
The subbcAlter ban just received a large and
H supply of PAINT8, OILS, Ate., part of which
named below. They are guaranteed to be pure
good, and from the bout manufactories. All
ions wanting such articles woul I find it to their
milage to call, as I am determined to bell lower
l similar articles can be got al any other place
his city.
350 kegs White J.tad
120 lbs. Chrome Green
120 lbs. Chronfe Yellow
20 lbs. Chrome Red
100 lbs. Pure Verdegris
300 lbs. lied Lead and Litharge
100 U s. Imperial Green
oiiii iim. vciii'iiun Keu anil bp. Uruwn in oil
. 300 !hr?. Yollow Ochre in oil
100 11m. Pari* Green, dry
00 Iht*. do. do. in oil
urge assortment of I'nint and White Wash
'100 lb?. Lump Dluck, dry and in oil
10 lh?. bp. Whiting
1000 ll?e. Fully
200 Uoxeb ol Window Glass, all sizc?
5 bbl.s. Lin ked Oil
5 bbU Cupal arid Japan Vtirniah } ',J
3 bbl*. bp. Turpentine
1 cask bleached Lamp Oil, at 7ft cla pr. gait
lao, Pb'ltK FINE Oil., received frcoh fiurn the
lu'actory every week.
CMAKLES ?>TOTT, corner 7th atrcet
pril 27?Oni'j and Peim. At.
l<LO? 1>'S
LLOYD ha. ingeniously succeeded in in,
venting a Compound of such n delightful
ire as lo render tho hardest anil roughest skinaofl,
and delicately while.
cdius Riding, Gardening, or Tainting, anil Oeulen
Shooting, Hunting, Fishing, Cricketing,
ring, Ac., or any amusement or exertion prejuu
M the hands, will fnnl the improved ROUGH
singly rllicaciuus in removing all hardneus, stain,
teas, end ull other cutaneous disfigurement; proing
and roudcting the akin soft, fair, and pliable,
rem the nice combination of Balsamic ingrediintroduced
into the composition, they form a
Creamy Lailicr, with the hardest or Sea Water,
n renders them very desirable for Salt Water
is. 'They produce the most softening and renin;
sensatinn, and will lie found an cxcelleiit
lituio fur the Flesh Brush,
hey are highly recommended to Captain, of
is, Merchants, and all who trade with fereigu
dries, as ihcy will retain their virtue in any cli- ?
>. For sole by CHAS. 8T0TT.
Drug. ?V Apolh,, corner of Ilk <V 1'u. on.
ay 13?ft
UfcOlttitTOWM, D. C.
TAKE this occasion thus publicly to rolurn my
lhaiiks to the cilircn. of Georgetown, Wash
i ii and Ahxumlria, for their kind appreciation
lie MiKcHtr. Wat in, manufactured by me,
Ii proves ihut the rccummcndalions of tho
ical Faculty to 111< public in relation to its pur
rxcri once, auu uiiourp.txBuuiu tuju-iKiriiy, are
orsally approved of; which general ucknowledge1
f my lullow-ciihtens, puts mo in such an clcil
jnij.ii!'ui, Ihat the calumnious and jealous cxcri
ni' a cc riuin man, need no reply on my part,
ly Establishment is open lor every scientific
h niun, who takes an interest in the matter,
take itreat pleasure in laying before the public
n ihe Or'ificuta of some of the moat eminent
ticiaiie of tho District.
Gtuiuorrowx, June 16, 1847.
i'e, the undersigned, physicians, hove, at tho inion
of Mr. J. H ither, carefully examined his
crnl Water Establishment, end take pleasure ir?
jouncing our entire satisfaction with his superior
neat arrangements.
he ajiparaius and holding machine annexed, is
eduction of Hie latest Amtricim invention, so
itrucied ns to em toe a full and perfect saturation
us to a degree heretore unknown to us.
lie walei i sud lor its manufacture is pure ami
Icaeme, and lliu care Inktm in the process, as
aa the cleanliness jiervading the '.vh'ole uslshli ht,
inecls with our eutiru ajiprobalioii, and induces
a recommend it to the public, as a very superior
healthy aiticlc.
J. A. HITCHIK, M. 1).
J. ItlLKV, W. U.
C11 AS. II. CRAOIN, M. t>.
ltli.\J. 8. NOURISH, M. D.
T. I). J. Kit VIC, M. I?.
iv. I!. Tuke notice that Dottlks containing
Mineral Waicr moiiufartiired by me have the
ic of .1. Kothci iinpu'a.rod in Iho glass,
iig 14 'if J. IIOTIIEK.
Georgetown Advocate, II times.)
IjV llJil'OR'l . The Mutual Bcnelit I-ife
Insurance Company (office No. II, Wall street,
v York) issued iluiing the month of July, 1817,
new 1'olicies, viz.
Meich'?&Traders 60 I I .tidies It
Clerks 18 Agents 5
Manufacturers !l | Farmers 4
Meehan.es lb I Sea captains 3
Physicians 3 Engineer 1
O I SllIlllMlts 5
Lawyer* 8 | Other occupations H
ft1 'v policies ) ?:uad i'l July, 149
urplu*, July 31. ovcrs:isu,?x)0.
UOlt. L I'A I I KRBON, 1'rcs I.
lyatliin^lon .Hgmey.
. C. Lewis, Agent, 7tli St., Washington
Iahvt LiNust-r, Physician, corner of C and J]
I. B.?A new Prospectus just received, thowthe
superior advantages and great success nt
Company. aug lb?b

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