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Published nvnry day at 2 o'cjprtk in the nflcrtioon by
J*< Si aims' Union tigs, on the South aide qf Ftmmylvuniu
A Peiwe, hettrern J and 4 1-2 etreete% apposite
Jack Him Hall.
Tbumh op Sitascaiprtow?Five Dollar* per annum, payable
always in advance.
Tkumh of Advbrtisino?Fifty Cents per square, of flfeeu
line* ordetw, die drat insertion, and Twenty Five OuIk
per square for each subsequent insertion. Advertisements
inserted at intervals Fifty Cents per square. All payments
or Advertisements In advance.
(TtAcgnphic Correspondence oftlie Daily National WUig.|
Raltimobc, Nov. 0, 2 p. in.
Oilers of Howard street Flour ut $0, and no buyers.
Dealers wait the receipt of private letters.
City Mills Flour oilcred ut $0 18, but no buyers.?
The foreign news have hud n depressive effect.
Prime white Wheat 128 to 131 cents. Sales of
DOOO bushels of prime red at 125 to 127 cents.
PriuiQ white Corn 03 to 00 cents.
Prime yellow do. 07 cents and small sales.
Outs, small sales ut 38 cents.
Rye, 80 cents.
Whiskey in barrels 29 l-2c.
Beef cattle $2.43 3-4?-sales light.
Live hogs $0.50 per 100 Iba.
The stock market is dull and hus a downward ten.
There is less inquiry for provisions.
Supply of cofTeo in first hands small.
Sales of wool ut 30 cents.
The New York and Philadelphia markets are much
depressed to-day.
BASISMKNT of Wasiiingtnn HtUJ, southwest corner of
Pennsylvania avenue and Sixth Street. On Mouiluy, the
1st of November, this splendid establishment will be thrown
open to the Public, where the friends of the proprietors and
the citi'/.ens generally ore respectfully Invited to call.
ncQtV?tf \ Proprietors.
Cornei' of Pennsylvania Avenue and Sixth Street,
RAND & WILLIAMS, Proprietors.
rpillH Establishment has been fitted up and furnished
X without regnrddo expense, Rpurder to excel any thing
of the kind ever conducted lu Washington. The proprietors
ure determined to keep up their cHtubliahment ill the
style of the commencement?unsurpassed in any respect.
Willi our respectn to friends and the public at lurge. inviting
their patronage; we have only to say, in conclusion,
etui. llntell.] oct dot I
The Columbian Fountain
FOIl SATURDAY, November6th, will contain, besides,
its usual variety, a report of the truly eloquent Address
at TemperattCe. recently delivered by Rev. Levi R. Reese,
' ouMcKeudfee Chapel. Northern Liberties. Persons wishing
to de supplied with copies of this interesting speech con
be accommodated by calling at the Fountaiu Ofikc, on 4 1-2
street, a few doors south of l'a. avenue. nov 1?ul
Permanent office mut residence next dour to Todd's Hal
Store, near Brown's Hotel.
oct 30?ly*
British Lustre,
5 Gross British Lustre, for sale by
oct 30?2m corner Pa. avenue and 7tli street.
Engraving & Copper Plate Printing,
Pa. avenue, bet. 3d and 4 1-2 street, near the corner of 41-2.
washington, d. 0.
oct 28?dly*
Head Quarters for Fashionable
Pennsylvania avenue, near the corner of Fifteenthlstreet,
oct 23?dly*
Coach and Harness Manufacturer,
South side Pennsylvania Avenue,, between 3d and 4 1-2 gin.
opposite GadSby's Ilotel. oct 25?dly*
Patents, Pensions, and Claims.
11IIE undersigned will attend to procuring PATENTS
WARRANTS, flv., and to the prosecution of CLAIMS
before Congress or any of the Departments of Government,
" and to any oilier business requiring an agent or attorney.
Letters mutt he post paid, and they will meet with immediate
attention. Address
Attorney and Counsellor at Law, Washington, D. C.
H3T Office, corner of E and 8th streets, opposite the west
end ot the General Host Office. , oct iy~-dly*
Attorney and Solicitor of Patents,
Who was formerly at the head of the Patent Office,
Prepare* Drawings and Spccifieat ions, ami transacts alt
* business relating to the obtaining of Patents, either
Domestic or fibreign.
Lettura of inquiry, requiring written advice or opinion,
must he accompanied Willi a fee of live do|lurs,aiid the
puslage of letter* to him inuul he paid.
Oppick?P street, Washington city, nix doors eust of the
Patent Office. oct I??(fly*
Cabinet, Chair, and Sola Manufacturers,
(Corner of Ci//i ami O streets, Washington, I). C.t
CQ Are now prepared to manufacture every dcMpfeM-ription
* n respectfully solicit a share ol public patronage. J I I
N. U.?OLD EUUN ITU RE repuired or taken in exchange
for new.
Funerals attended to at (lie shortest notice and Die most
reasonable terms. oct 10?dly*
Pa. avenue, opposite Coleman's Hotel.
Where can be had the following second-hand articles:
Strap-hinges anil hooks, Chains, Stoves, State Pipes, Stove
SI amis, Door Locks, House Hells, Axes, Hoes, Hakes,
Vices, Stove Doms, fiSirnmcs, HaJte Ovens, Pots,
Kettles, PiU Lids, Pol Hooks and Hangers,
Cast-iron Dogs, Old Saics, Door Springs,
and almost all kinds of old Iron 4" Lead,
With many other articles loo numerous to mention all ot
iwhich will be oShred on such terms, for cash, us will ensure
sales. Those in want will please call.
N. H.? Cash paid for old Stoves and all descriptions ot
old Iron. oct 10?dly*
Garrison street, Nuvy Yard, Washington, D. C.
North side Pa. ??., between 4 1^ awl 6 streets,
tfkto Keeps constantly on hand a gcnerol assortment ol
ww 1 Ladies' u|,<' Gentlemen's most habhionaulk BOOTS
' K ANl) SHOES. Prices to suit the times.
oci 10?dly*
Pennsylvania avenue, 1 door west of Jackson Hall,
Soul It Hide of ilanal direct,
Oeorgetuunu JJ. C.
oct 14 -ly*
Mutkcumtlcul liutrumcnt Maker*
Pennsylvania Avenue, opposite United Stales Hotel.
Late Brown A lliint. New York.
oct 14?dly*
Whitney's Russian Bath.
Corner I 1-4 at reel and Missouri avenue.
'ftHKItK is great utility in tiiia Hath In preventing and re*
moving all disease that llesh is heir to. Those who
have never tried it will And it to their advantage to make '
. f the experiment. Price lor single bath FIFTY CRNTR.
. E. TIMS, Agent for Patents.
OFFICE on 8?h street, opposite the weet ettd of the Generat
Poet Office. oct 11 UI7
In answer to numerous application* for informs- *
tion, us to the post offices of the members of the k
Thirtieth Congress, we publish the following table
of particulars, so far as we aro advised. The blanks
will he tilled up as fast as we can ascertain the names
of the post offices not now known. We call upon j?
our friends to aid us in this labor. Jj
We have also lull a column for the residences of ,
I lie member* in Washington, which will be completed
immediately on their arrival In town. It will A
be corrected daily, so as to keep up with the changes
of residence which members may make. This co- Ji
luinn will be of great value to strangers und citizens
who muy have business with members. Hotels und -J'
boarding-houses will do us u fuvor by advising us of j,
the names of such members as muy take lodgings J
with them, giving the exact location of their houses.
Our contemporaries will oblige us by correcting p
any errors they may find in this list, and apprise us
thereof. Those papers in the vicinity of the new
members with whom we exchange, cun serve us by
publishing the uumes of their home post offices, und
drawing our attention to the information by marking
uround the paragraph :
| Whigs hi Italics? Independent in Small Capitals? Democrats
in Human.]
GEORGE MIFFLIN DALLAS, Kx-Officu>, President.
Post-other, Philadelphia?Residence in Washington, ???.
A 'units. Hume P. Office. Pes'e in WushinRtun.
Arthur P. Rugby, Tuskaloosa, Tyler's Hotel.
Ambrose If. Sevier, Pine Bluff,
Chester Ashley, Little Rock,
John M. Niles, Hartford,
J. IV. Huntington, Norwich,
John M. Clayton, Newcastle,
l*rcstey Htpruance,
J. D. Westrotl, jr., Tallahassee, King's, F b. 11 A 15.
David L. Yuice, St. AugUHtine,
Walter T. Colquitt, Columbus,
Sidney Ureese, Carlyle,
Stephen A. Douglass, Quincy,
Eilw. A. llunnegan, Coviugiou,
Jesse D. bright, Madjsou,
John J. Crittenden. Frankfort,
J<t8. It. Undtrttuod, BowlingCreen,
Henry Johnson, New River, Mo. av. b. 3 A 4 1-2.
Sol. N. Downs, Monroe,
John I'H! rile 111, saco,
Jamea W. Bradbury,
Janus A. Pearce, Cheslertown,
Hevitrtly Juliruion, Baltimore,
Daniel Webster, Ronton,
John Davis, Worcester,
Lewis Cass, Detroit,
Alpheus Felch. Ann Arbor, .
Jefferson Davia, Warrenton,
llenry S. Foote,
Daviil R. Atcheson, Platte city,
Thomas H, Benton, St. Lous, C, b. 3 6c 4 1-2.
Chas. O. Athei'ton, Nashua,
John P. Hai.k, Dover,
Wtn. L Dayton, Trenton,
Jacob W. MiUrr, Morristown,
John A. Dix, Albany, C, b. 3 dt 4 1-2.
Daniel S. Dickinson, Biuglmmptou,
George B. Badger,\ Raleigh,
Willie P. Mangom, Red Mountain,
William Allen, Chllicothe, Brown's Hotel,
Thomas Corwin, Lebanon,
Simon Cameron, Middletown,
Daniel Sturgeon, Uniontown,
Albert C. Greene, Providence,
John If. Clarke.
A. P. Butler, Edgefield C. H.
John C. Calhoun, Pendleton,
Hopkins L. Turney, Winchester,
ThomaR J. Rusk, Nacogdoches,
William Uvham, Montpelier,
Samuel 8. Phelps, Middlebury,
JnincH M. Mason, Winchester,
[Whigs in Italics?Natives in Small Capitals?Democrats in H
Roman.) V
Names. Home P. Office. Res'e in Washington.
John Gaute, Mobile,
Henry W. HiUiurd, Montgomery, .
S. VV. Harris, Wetnmpka, 1
VV. M. luge, Eutuw,
G. S. Houston, Athens,
C. Cobb, Tuscaloosa, ?
F. W. Bowden, Talladega,
Rob. W. Johnson, ?
James Dixon, Hartford, 7'
S. D. Hubbard, Middletown, c
John A. Rockwell, Norwich. '
Truvum Smith, Litchfield, m
John W. Houston, Georgetown, ''
Edward C. Caljell, Tallahasseec. h.
Th. U. King, Fredorica,
Alfred Ivurson,
J no. W. Jones,
II. A. Haralson, Lagrange,
Jno. H. Lumpkin, Rome, .
Howell Cobb, Athens,
Alex. 11. Stevens, Crawlbrdsvllle,
Robert Toombs, Washington,
Robert SmiUi, Upper Alton,
J. A". McClernand, Shawueetown,] p
Orlando B. Ficklin, Charleston, ii
John Wcntworth, Chicago,
W. A Richardson,
Thomas J. Turner,
Abraham Lincoln, s
Elishu Eitihree, Evansville,
Th. J. Henley, N. Washington, '
J. L. Robinson, I
Caleb R. Smith, Connersville, 1
William W. Wick, liidianopolis,
George G. Dunn,
lis W. Thompson, Bedford, l?
John Pettit, Lafayette, 1
C. W. Cathcart, ' Lnpoite, II
William RockluU, ti
IOWA. . ',5
Win. Thompson, tfl
Suepherd Lelller, Burlington, ,,
Samuel Peyton, 1
II. L. Clark, 1
Aylett Buckner, "
./. J/. Thompson,
(Jrcen AUums, ll
Uarrett Duncan, Louisville,
C. 8. Murehead, "
Richard French, Mount Sterling, 1
?/oA/? P. Unities, J*
James J. Farrnn, Cincinnati,
Due id tSahcr, Wilmington,
Robert C. Schenck, Davion, a
JAVA. /?. Catnby, Uellefoiilaiue,
William Sawyer, St. Mary's,
11. Dickinson,
Jul ml I tan D. Morris,
Jus.L. Taylor, Chilicothe,
TH. O. Edttards, Lnucaster,
Daniel Duncan, Newark,
John K. Miller,
Samuel F. Vinton, Ualllpolis, <
James Kichey, I
Nathan Evans, \
William Kennoii, *1
John D. Cummins, N. Philadelphia,
Ocorge Fries, llanoverton,
Lahmel lailun,
John CrotteU,
Joshua R. Holdings, Jefferson,
Joseph M. Root, Norwalk, 1
[No election. | ,
David Iluinmonn, u
A. W. H. Clapp, Portland, j
Hiram Belcher, Farmiugtou,
Franklin Clarke, Wise asset, t
F<pliraim K. Sweet, Camden,
Jauiea s Wilt*. Dor?rr
llezekiah Williams, Castlne,
John Q. Chapman, Port Tobacco,
J. Dixon Roman, Hugerstown, 1
K Wat kins Ligon, I
It McLnne, llaltimore,
I Alex Evans, Elkton, n
John IF. Oris field. Princess Anne,
Rob. C. Winihrop, Howl on,
Dun. P. King, l)anvi-r?, *
Antoa Abbott, Andovrr,
J U Pajfnw,
("baric* Htuhton, Went minuter,
' borer Acbmttn. Springfield,
Juliu* RocktccU, PitlHfleld, 1
John Q Aifabu, Quincjr, J
Arlemat Utile. Bridge water, _ ?
Joccpb (jh-irmtll, New Bed fort!,
ob. Mi Clell.iml, Monroe,
/ncano.) ' ?
innley 8. Bingham, Brighton,
| No elr<*.tiou.)
i?. B. Bowlin, Si Louik,
dm Jamii Koit, Fulton, V.
ik. l. Ore mi,
/illanl P. Ilall,
'lui S. Pliclpu, Springfield.
trws Tack,
il. H. Penult?*,
time* WHmm, Kettle,
IK. II. JuliiiKoii, Haiti,
inr. U. Hampton, 11 ridge ion,
V A. NtweV,
jueph Edna 11, Hamburg,
uhn Vuti Dyke,
Utility S. Gregory,
red. W. Lord,
[. C. Muridiy, Brooklyn,
fenry Nlroll,
/ill. H. Mat-lay, New York,
Ved. A. TallrniuJge, New York,
i. 8. JaekHou,
ViUiam NeDon, Pt-eknkill,
1urneliua Warren,
Uirt. H. AT/. John, Monticelld,
UiuJeiiH Js'hrrrill,
'tier //. Syl renter, Cocknakie,
Hilton Jleyiwlilti, Horn lie,
J. Sinijtrlaiul, Bethlehem,
idney Lawrence,
fugh White, Cohocs,
oaeph Mullin, Watertown,
Villiam Collins,
'iniothy Jenkins, Oneida Castle,
J. A. Starkweather,
lunburn Illrdflall,
Yillium Ihter, Oswego,
Jan id Oott, Pompey,
famum S. Conger, Courtlaudsville,
\'m. T. Lawrence,
'(jhn AT Holley, Lyons,
Hum Ji. Holme#, Brock port,
{alter! L Hone,
Janiel Rummy, Hath,
Judley Marvin, Frcedonia,
Valhan Ji. Hull, llutlulo,
farvey J'utnam, Altieu,
Washington Hunt, Lockjiort*
r, L. Clingman, Astieville, Itrown's hotel.
V. Buy den,
Mm. M. Barringer, Concord,
I. II. Bhetnutrd, Salem,
Lbruhum Veimblo,
. 11. J. Daniel, Halifax,
uines J. McKuv, Eli/.abethtown,
<iich. 8. Bunnell,
Jut id Outlaw, WindNor,
.. C. Lbvin, Philadelphia,
f. It. Ingeraoll, Philadelphia,
.'liarles Brown, Philadelphia,
JharltH J. lugcrsoll, Philudcljihiu,
fohn I-Vccdlry,
f. W. Hon,beck,
1. R. McJtvaine, Brandy wine,
fohn Btrohm, N. Providence,
Villiam Strong,
Hell. Brodhend, Easton,
Jhenter Butler,
Javid Wiltnot, Towanda,
hw. Pollock. Milton,
}forge N. Eckcrt,
'Jettry Nen. York,
Jasper E. Bradu,
fohn Blanrfuird,
indrew Me usart, Uniontown,
lob Mann,
fohn Dickey,
Wonts Hampton,
f. W. FarreUy,
antes Thompson, Erie,
Ilex under Irvine,
'lenry Y. Cranston, Newport,
lenj. B. Thurston,
ames A. Block, Cher'kee Works
lich. K. Siinnou, Pendleton,
08. A. Woodward, Winsboro',
i. D. Sims, Darlington c. li.
irtnislead Hurt, Wellington,
fwuic E. HolmeB, Charleston,
L. Barnwell Rhett, Ashepoo,
indrew Johnson, Greenville,
V. M Cocke, Rutledge,
'ohn H. Crazier, Knoxvdle,
I. L. W. Hill,
leo. W. Jones, Fayettcville,
. H. Thomas,
4. P. Gentry, Franklin,
Yash. Barrow, Nashville.
.ucien B. Chase, ClurkesviUe,
'red. 1>. Stanton, Memphis,
Ytn. T. Haskell,
)avld S. Kaufman, Lowe's terry, La
f. Pilsbury, Brazoria, *
Win. Henry,
Jacob Collamer, Woodstock,
'ieorge P. Marsh, Burlington,
Lucius B. Peck,
Archibald Atkinson, Smithtield,
tichurd K. Meade, Petersburg,
Vh. S. Ftoumey, Halifax c. h.
I'll. S. Bocock, Appomatoxch.
Yin. L. Gog gin, Liberty,
rohn M. Bolts, Richmond,
'h. H. Bayly, Drummontown,
t. T. L. Beaie, Westmorl'dch.
ohn U. Pendleton, Culpepper c. h. Seidell's,Paav. b3a.4
lenry Bedinger. CharlcNtnwn,
sines McDowell, - Lexington, *
I'm. P. Preston, Christiansburg,
Indrete S. Pulton, Wylheville,
Lob. A. Thompson, Charleston,
Vin. G. Brown, Kiugwood,
'ohn H. Tweedy,
Corner 7th ahd II streets, Washington, 1). C'.,
iITOULD respectfully inform their friends and the public
rV in general that tliey are prepared to attend funerals at
ic shortest notice.
Mr. Hakvby's residence is on 8th street,! doors above I
diere he can be found all hours ol the night,
act 19- -d3m*
n ssl. ml asaaw 9
7i street, betireen P 4' G, directly east of the. Patent Office..
gttfe The subscriber begs leave to return his thanks dtfR
rQp to his friends and the public generally lor the
Aa very liberal patronage bestowed on him, and JLs
mew pleasure in iiiiorimiitf mem umi ne iiuh constantly on
aiid and daily baking PIES, PUDDISOS and CAKES,
r evejy description. Also, hot POLLS every morning nt
N. II.- Families supplied, and all orders attended to at
ic shortest notice. oct 19?dim*
fRS. LANSDALE would resjiectfully inform heiffriends
lL and the l.adies of Washington, that she has removed
i the corner ol' Pennsylvania uvenue and 13th street. (2d
oor,) where she will be happy to wait upon all who may
ivor her with their patronage.
Thankful for the many tavors of the past she hopes, by
urlimlur ulletition to Cuttiug, Fitting, and making Dressig,
to merit a continuance ot the same.
N. H.? Mrs. L. can accommodate three or four Hoarders,
oct 21?bind*
_TAVING associated themselves together under the
T ti rm of
?r the purpose of conducting the BOOT AND SIIOK
IlISINliHS, In all Its various branches, would
icrclore most respectfully Inform the citizens of this me-opolis
that they have laid In a superior stock of French
ltd American CALF SKINS, with the very best quality ol
IfHinieh and Engtieh BEND-SOLE LEATHER, with a
i n< ml assortment of other materials, which they will manfacture
into gentlemen's dress and other BOOTS in the
ery latest French and American styles. Also, materials
h for the splendid FRENCH OPERA BOOT. Being
satisfied that their experience in the practical operalotions
of their business give litem a decided advantage
vet most, if not all, who are now engaged in this business
I this city, they hesitate not therefore to invite coinpeition?I
we mean no offence to the trade.]
We nave on hand a general assortment of gentlemen's
dress BOOTS, at prices vary ing from $6 to $7. Also,
idies', misses', children's, and boys', together with all derriptions
of Bool's A SHOES?in short, every thing that
i kept in a well regulated Bool and Shoe Establishment;
II ol which will be disposed of on the most pleasing terms
>r CASH.
Members of Congress, Heads of Departments, citizens
nd strangers who prefer ease and elegance combined, are
nvlted to give us a call.
South aide Pa. avenue, 6 doors west ol bih street,
oct 28?dtjani J nearly oppoaite Brown's Hotel.
Eighth Street, near the General Poet Office.
LTIIK SUBSCRIBER having enlarged IiIh premises,
on-1 doubled Ida tbrce, is determined to give even
greater satisfaction than heretofore iuthe MANHFAC
'uiiE of his
Btutifld, Snbstantial, and Comfortable
I would say to those wuihiug to be speedily supplied with
tie above ram and desirable article, tiiat they would do
veil to have their measures recorded on my books. Thornvho
wish ready made work will tiud die best stock in the
>i strict on my shelves, riot excepting the inimitable patent
' Congress Boots," together with every variety (for ladiet,
entlemen, and childreu,) of Water-proof and Cork-sole
loots and Shoes.
Motto.?Small profits, quick sales, and cash at thecouner.
oct 8?eStf*
?NOW on hand, and constantly receiving, a large
assortment of ladies' and gentlemen's Boots and Shoes,
of Hie best material and workmanship.
Also, all kinds of work in my line ot business made to
rder at the shortest notice, and warranted to suit, or no sale
do not sell at 10 per cent, below cost, but will sell as low
nr cash as any other establishment in the city.
Call and examine for yourself at the well known corner,
' ana uui wnnn. *. d>. rviwju&K.
oct 8 culm nov8*
Library of Conffreia, t
October 11th, 1847. S
NOTICE it hereby given, that the Library of Confreee will
Ll be cloaed on Tueariny, the 2Gth ol October, and will not
main be opened until Thuraday, the '25th of November,
oct U-eod lm JOUN S. ME EUAN, Librarian.
Tq be held at ?, *a the ? day of ?18
IIcuuth A r I. a mm ~Oc?. Aulliouy Culby, of New
London ; Hon Ichubod Goodwin, ol Portsmouth.
Snbsiiiutes?Ira Parley, ol Concord ; Thomas E. Sanger,
of Dover.
District No. I?Charles \V. Cutter, ot Portsmouth.
Substitute?(Iilman Marulou. ol Exeter,
DiHtrict No. II George W. Nesinitli, ol Franklin
Substitute? William Sawyer, Jr., ol Wakt tit Id.
District No. II--Aaron P- Hughes, ol Nashville.
Substitute la.nu Sturtevaut, ??l Itwiit.
District No. IV?Jonathan Khtmlge, of Canaan.
Substitute? Augustus V. Brewster, of Hanover.
Dui.kuatuh at Labor.?Solomon Foot, of Rutland ; II.
Everett, of Windsor.
Substitutes?A. L. Miner, of Manchester; Carlo* Coolidge,
of Windsor.
District Nil. I?A. p. l.yman, of llfiiiiingluii.
Substitute -A. L. Callln, of Orwell
District No II?H. Cutis, of Bartlaud.
Substitute -Wm. Hebmrd, of Chelsea.
District Nu. Ill?II E. Ilojrce, of Berkshire.
Substitute?If. II. Stacy, of Burlington.
District No. IV?P. Baxter, ol Derby.
Substitute?L. II. Delauo, ol llardwick.
Agency tor obtaining Patents for New Inventions
at Washington.
WP. EI.I.IOT, formerly ol the Patent Olllce, informs
Ins former clients uuu others, iliut his office may stili
be Ibuinl at l lie same corner where it bus been located lor
(lie last thirty years, directly opposite the Patent OllVre.
lie is prepared to execute With his accustomed accuracy
ami promptness any business in the line of Ins profession?
such as furnishing information respecting the origiuulity
aud patentability ol'inventions, preparing papers and drawnigs
for applications for patents, caveats, Ac.
To those unocanalntsu with him, lis refers to the following
testimonial of the Hon. Henry L. Ellsworth, late Commissioner
of Paleuls :
Patent Office, Feb. 15, 1842.
Mr. William P. Elliot, who has been formerly employed
in fhtt Patent Office as u Draughtsman, Ac. having established
a Patent Agency In the city of Washington, I take
great pleasure in tecum mending him as a gentleman worthy
of confidence, aud as being particularly qualified to
take charge of any business requiring a knowledge of merlianicMl
science, the progress of the uris, and patent improvements.
Mr. EUlot is also well urquulnted with the
practice of this office. HENRY L. ELLSWORTH,
Commissioner of Patents.
W. P. Elliot is also the,, author of the plan of the new
Patent Office building.
to-i .etters on business to be post-paid. {
oct H ly*
4 1-2 at reel, Jive doors above Pa. avenue,
ss'i .ivjiiv Performs all operations in the line of his
profession. Artificial Teeth inserted from
(jjy?aKX?PAoiie to a full set, on gold, silver,or peludium.
IT 71 am now prepared to inuiiufucture all kinds
of Teeth used?full sets with or without gums. Having the
advantage of manufacturing my own Teeth, 1 cun afford to
insert them much lower than any one in the District, and
with much greater certainty of their fitting the mouth properly.
as the Porceluiu is fitted to the model of the mouth
while in a soft state.
1 uin determined to do all of the above uamed work 25
per cent, lower tliau it is dene in this city.
Persons wishing Artificial Teelli had better give meacall.
I cau refer them to some of our most distinguished citizens for
whom I have inserted full and parts of sets lor, they having
given me liberty to refer any one to thein who may wish it.
oct 28?bin*
guiiMnniir^ A Card.?Dr. McCONNEI.L returns his
BEBHBflP sincere thanks to his numerous friends and
patrons for the liberal encouragement they
i IT r nave given htm in his profession as Surgeon
Dentist, and would respectfully state that he has connected
himsell with Mr. THOS- J. VILLARD, a gentleman every
way qualified to give unbounded satisiuciion ; so tliul the uh
iiieruus disappointments given by bis necessary absence in
attending to other engagements will not occur again, us he
or ins partner will always be ou the snot, aud pledges himself
tiiut ull culls in ids line as Dental Surgeon will be attended
to with the least possible delay.
Their office is opposite Juckson Hull, between 4 1 2 and
3d streets, on Penusylvauia avenue. Their charges in all
cases will be moderate. oct 10?2md"
"Rough and Ready" Line.
THE subscriber is now ruuuing bis omnibus " Hough
ami Ready" to aud from the Aiexumlriu steamboat and
Pennsylvania avenue, for the low fure of twblvh and a
half ckntu ! uud hopes to receive the patronage of the
Travelling Public. The Omnibus will leuve the wharf ou
tin; arrival of the boats,aiul will set down passengers at any
point they may desire, ou or neur Pennsylvania, between
Fuller's Hotel and the Capitol; ami will leave the southwest
corner of the uvenue and tilh street, (opposite Coleman's) at
81-2 and 101-2, a. m., and 121-2, 21-2, and 4 1-2, p. m.. to
convey passengers to the boat. J. VV. ELLIOJT.
N. H.?Passengers for ttie Mail-boat can take the Omnibus
at 81-2, a. in., and will be called for ut Coleman's and
Druwu's. oct 12?dly*
THE PROPRIETORS cm mis Hotel have secured the aid
of Mr. Orokob W. Ykllott as their general agent in refitting
aud hereafter conducting the establishment.
He is authorized to act iu every matter relating thereto,
ill purchasing and making all and every coutract or engagement
necessary tor conducting the business, as fully us the
proprietors themselves could do, and all the transactions of
the house must be through him alone.
The house, having been enlarged, thoroughly repaired,
and refurnished, will be opened on the 15th of October.
Having secured the services of Mr. R. R. Thompson bp
caterer, (formerly of Colemnu's,) they trust lo render the
house every way worthy of patronage.
H KDDY,7jS^i^SlP Avenue
Kaat of S^aas^r Colmnon's
vim hjj c? iiiuuc uim>k, ?? KUjcm miwir
/*2ZAftiCrV '' there in any confidence to be placed ill
the opinion of all the most scientific genMemtii
in our country Paine's Perifocal or Parabolic
SPECTACLES are the greatest helpa to the humiui vision
ever Invented. The subscriber has just received a lull nunply
o( tliem direct from the works, and haM them for wile
at hia old stand, n few doors earn ot Coleman'*, on Pennsylvania
avenue, Washington city, who is the sole Agent tor
(lie manufacturer. There is a spurious article ill thu hands
of ikult-tinders; beware of litem as you value your eyesight.
/Vr.Sto/e-A few gold hunting WATCHES of superior
style. Cold, English, ami other Lever Watches, with a
genteel assortment of Jewelry.
octh-diy- Stephen eddy
? China, Glass, Kurthen-Warc. Brltniiilia-Ware,
Solar Oil A Lard Laiitpii, Ate.
Wholesale and retail, opposite Brown's Hotel, Pennsylvania
T. PlIKSELL anxious to reduce his extensive stock of the
above articles, will sell at reduced prices for CASH. He
solicits a call from his friends and the public generally, at
his Store and Warehouse, Pennsylvania Avenue.
octtJ?d?m* Til OS. PlIKSELL.
The Greatest Newspaper Depot in the
United Slates!
There are over four thousand live hundred
New a papers received dally atthe Stores of
lirooko, SUlllluytoii A Co* We will name a
few of them i
New York Herald.
New York Tribune.
Baltimore Sun.
New York Herald; New York Tribune; Baltimore Sun;
Saturday Courier, Post, Dollar Newspaper, Neat's Cassette,
Philadelphia: Yaudce Doodle, Emporium, New World, Age,
Spirit of Uie Tunes, Home Journal, Police Gazelle, Flag ol
the Free, Yankee, Uncle Sun, New York; Yankee Blade,
Living Age, Flag of our Union, Boston; Western Continent,
Gazette of our Union, Baltimore; London Pictorial News,
Pictorial Times and Punch.
Union Magazine; Graham's Magazine; Godey's Lady's
Book; National Magazine; Columbian Magazine; The Playmate
(for Children:) Brother Jonathan; Chamber's Miscellany.
Any one of the above meuuoned Papers and Periodicals
will be delivered to Subscribers In any part of the
We have on hand, also; all the Nos. of Harper's Library
of Select Novels; Wiley and Putnun^'s Library of "Books
which are Books;" Preaoott's Conquest of Peru; Napoleon
and ids Marshals, by Headley; Washington ami his Generals,
by Headley; the same by Lippard; The Boys Libra3
of Sports and Amusements; The Court of Louis XIV, by
isa Pardee; Men, Women and Books by Leigh Hunt; A
splendid edition of the Arabian Nights and Kohinsou
Crusoe, Typee and Onod by Herman Melville; Envelopes,
tnncy and plain; Waters, plain, transparent, and motto;
Pens of every description. In fact everything in Uie Book
and Stationery line.
Corner of Penn. Avenue, and 41-2 street, and corner Pcnn.
Ave., and 16th street,
oct 8-?dim"
'I'llB Subscribers having received brum the North their
* Fall and Winter goods, consisting in part of Cloths, Cassi
me res, and Vestiugs, have now on hand, and are constantly
manufacturing, all kinds of Ready-made Clothing, which
lliey will sell at such prices as cannot fail to please all who
may favor them with a call. They have on hand a large as
em, Stocks, CnviM, Umbrella*, Hosiery, doves, Ac.; Perfumery,
Soaps, Shaving Cream, Combs, Brush , ami Razors,
Ac.. Sec.
Just received a lot of Fancy Woods, suitable Ibr presents.
HJ" Wp have just received a few Ane Dead Reticules;
Alao,? Pearl and Shell Card Cases, and a lot of Uuttertly
Coin Its, of late style, which we offer low for cosh.
oct 8?lm' P- HKENNEK A SON
DR. SCHWARTZK'S Coni|>ouiid Extractor SersapariUn,
for the cure of all eruptive diseases, bronchitis, rheumatism,
scrofula, and general debility.
l>r. Schwann's Chroiio-Tliermal Ague Pills, warranted
to cure in 8 hours.
Dr. Schwartxe'a Unrivalled Vermifuge.
I?r. Martin's celebrated Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry,
for the cure of coughs, colds, consumptions, and diseasea
i t the chest generally
Dr. Sw^eteer'a Panacea, lor the cure of scrofula iu all its
iorma, diseases ot tiie sit iu, dropsy, and all affections of the
bladder and kidneys.
Dr. A mull'a Italian Panacea, for the cure of all bilious
disorders, dysentery, dyspepsia, and all diseases depend! lit
on corrupt numors.
Also, hwaim'a long celebrated Panacea, and all other
I remedies ol modern improvement.
tcy For sale at Dr $chwartze's Apothecary Store, Penuavlvania
avenue, near 3d street.
I Octt-aawlm*
Waikln^toB City, D. O.
Practice# in the Sr i'kcaik Coitet yf' the United 8talee, and
in the Coaite of Maryland, Virginia, and the Minimi nf
Columbia, and
ror jtrrnnuM huving butinr.-:n inth (Jungr/OH, the War, Treat/'
my, *\uvy, and Mineral Pool (Mice Department//,
the General Land Ojjlce, Peru/ion <Iffice, Office
of Indian Ajf uir*, Patent Office, Sfc., #c.
Is J?
Huddle, Humes*, uat<l Trunk U?UblUhiii?ut.
South taut corner oj Seventh and K *treetn, ufjMnite the
Uencral Putt I (JJJice,
Tile Undersigned hnvtlig been reformed unt of
LlA ortke, in whioti lit* hud unfortunately, for himm
Ii, p. rrniii.-.l those w 11.? wanted I..,- political
influence to place hlin.so long hh it suited their interest,Iiuh
rtauntd his old Utf ibovt plan-, whin lis
keeps on hand u regular assortment of articles in his line,
aiul where he Im ulso, m all times, prepared to execute orders
in the beet, cheapest and most expeditious niuiim-r.
United States Military Cloth Dressing and
Dying Establishment,
ClOIJTIIside Pennsylvania uvenue, (the Urat Establishment
iJ East ol t 'oleniairaHotel,) where SILK, ML'MMU, and
all kind* of STRAW U(tMNKTSavo ilye.l in the neateat
Ai.so-All kinds of WUA RING APPAltKL cleansed,
Colored and repaired ill the beat alyle aiul at reduced price*,
oct \H -illy*
I STKVfcNS, (lute Pi eh f Co.,) No. 1 BROWN'S HOTEL.
11 ATS I!! of the newest fashions, and of su- "jCJ
|1 superior elegance, both in iiiiish, shape, mid gflfc
LJ1 style, in UK A I kit, MOLKSKIM, NUTlilA,
Of every variety of shape and material for Gentlemen's,
Youths and Children : also, for the Army and Navy.
The largest aud most varied assortment of elcgnut Wardrobe
and Toilet articles to be found in the city, v ir.: Saris,
Cravats, Gloves, Suspenders, Kohew-de-chnuibrc, Perfumery,
Cunes, Umbrellas, Slocks, Ac., Ac., Ac.
of Goodyear's Muiiulaeture,' every article made from Indian
Rubber on bund, or procured at two or three days notice:
My STOCK is complete in every department of GOODS
of the best quality and newest style, always to be louud oh
my shelves.
Gentlemen are politely iuvited to call.?Goods freely
shown, and prices reasonable. STEVENS,
oct 8-?tl" Late Pish A Co.
Yard?Lenox's Wharf, near the Long Bridge. Office? L.
E. Massnletti's Drug Store, south side Pennsylvania avenue,
to- Dealers anil others can be supplied with Butler Coal, !
by the c:irj??? or otherwise. oct S?tl
DEALER in Tobacco, Cigars, aiut SuufT, Wholesale and
Retail, 12th street, between (J and 11.
oct8?lm novti*
JOSEPH II. NEVETT, Peimsylvu. avenue, opposite Willard's
(late Fuller's) hotel, has received, and is niunu
torturing, u Urge and complete assortment ol Stows and
( raits ol the most approved modem patterns, warranted
to draw well ami not break irom heat ' they will be sold at
as loio prices as they can be bought in the District.
A neat and beautiful variety, finished in the best Planner,
ami are arranged in burn either Anilnaaiie or Cumberland
coal: very cheap, with fire-brick jams and bucks.
Prom the North River Furnaces; the best castings In the
city; warranted to bake weu, and consume but little fuel:
will burn either wood or coat, und extremely low priced.
A great varfety ; consisting of llali, Church, New Style Radiator,
und otuer Parlor Stoves: Cylinders and Solomon- j
ders, lor otQces, workshops, dec.
A new and superb style of Parlor Wood Stoves; including
richly carved cast air-ttglus- Very cheap und handsome
Air-lights ibr cliamners.
For wood or coal. -Ten-plates, UoxStovks, Dining room
Oven Stoves; uii economical and very convenient stove.
Will cook for several hundred people, and the best kind
now in use. 1 can reler to some ol llie best Hotels In the
counlrv that have ihtui in use.
Made expressly tor their use: very convenient and economical.
TnC trade are invited to call and see llietu.
Put up at Northern prices, w.in or without hot water bucks.
All kinds of Plumbing iu connection with the above, unit
Unfiling fixtures and Pumps put up iu the best manner.
Always ou Hand,
Coal-hods, Fire-earners, Ciitdor-sliovels, Siovc-pipe, Firebrick,
Mica or Isiugluss, lor stove doors; Lustre, tor cleaning
stoves; Pols, Ovens, Skillets, Tea-kettles, Plain and
Japanned Tin Ware, und every other article ol Tin, Copper,
or Sheet-iron, made to order in die most w orkmanlike
?A large and beautiful assortment of Britannia Ware;
Block-fin Jelly and Blanc mange Pudding-moulds;
Ice-cream Freezers aud Buckets.
Purchasers are requested to call and examine my slock,
generally, before purchasing, and they will find their tim*
will not be lost.
Radiator and other Stoves rclined and repaired with
Roofing, Cutter and Spouting, for buildings, and all repairs
in my line promptly attended to.
oct 8?eotf *
F. Y. NAYLOK, South side of J?a. avenue, between
:t*l ami 4 1-2 sis, would Tiilorui hie customers and die
JRHraipubhc generally, dial he line just received a large as^^CimirHneutof
Stoves of the newest and most approved
patterns, including Stanley's CAST IKON UADIATOK, or
COAL nilKNEKS. wiurtihe will sell together with Fireboards
and Stove-pipe at the lowest prices tin* cash.
lie also keeps constantly on hand a amend tissortmeiil ol
Tin and Sheet-iron Wure, tu which he invites the uttcntioii
ol housekeeperslli
still continues to do Hooting, Ctittering. and Spouting,
and Sheet iron and Copper Work generally, and at Hit
shortest notice, and on the most reasonable terms.
Persons wishing to purchase will do well to cull and ex
amine his stock before they supply themselves.
His store will he open from sunrise until U-o'clock, P. M
oct 8-If
jib MHS. (JAHItET ANDEltSON hmTsix or seven comBiliil
fortable utid well furnished rooms to rent at a moderate
rate. Siugle gentlemen will he preferred, as
boarding cannot be served. - Mrs. A. can furnish thetn w ith
breukiipit and lea if required,
oct 8 tr
Cabinet^ Chair, and Sofa Manufacturer and
ti? THE subscriber begs leuvo to mtum
thanks to his friends . and the
gjgj ItFT-rt1"111'1"1 lfe,,en|lly f()f the very liberal
patronage which they have bestow ed on
him, mid wouiu rtspecdully iniorm them thai lie has
on hand a general assortment ol Cabinet Furniture, which
he will sell very cheap for cash, or approval paper. lie is
constantly manufacturing all kinds oi Furniture of Ihu latest
style and most approved pattern, such as?
Mahogany Dressing Uurenus
" Spring-seat Solus
u Hocking and parlor Chairs
" Curd, centre, and dining Tables
" Wardrobes
" bedsteads
And, in'fnct, every thing usuuily found in a cabinet wareroom.
He is also prepared to attend funerals at the shortest notice
and oil the most liberal terms; and he is confldtut that
from Ins long experience in attending funerals, that he will
give entire sntislaction to those who may favor him with
tneir patronage. JOHN CONNELLY,
oct 8 6iridAuril8* 7th street, between 11 ami I.
Thankful for small Jobs and grateful for
large ones*
W HERON, Paluter, Pennslyvaula avenue, between 9th
? mid 10th street, south side, begs leave to inform the
public, that he is prepared to execute the Painting Untitle**,
in all its various branches, such us Haunt,*, Sign*;
Banner*. Trunnparcncit*, hHre- Screen*, Graining, PaperYarn
inking, ami Glaiing; which will be attended to in
any part ot the city, without delay, lie respectfully aolicita
a share ol public pairouage, ami hopett to merit it by good
work, clone attention to business, and reasonable charges.
He is confident that he can work at prices low enough tit
make it to the interest of all to give him a call.
N. U. 1 am prepared to execute all kinds of plain and
ornamented Japunning, Bronzing and Gilding, both in
wood and metal; ulso, that beautiful finish, the WHITE
octd 11m* _______
C BY BOLT A CO., (successors of 9. Holmes,) ,7th street,
opposite Patriotic Bank, are receiving a fresh stock,
comprising Teas, Coffee, Sugars, Molasses, Woolsey's Sirup.
Cheese, Sliices, ground and iinground ; Candles, Cih'oh
Shells, Hops, Rice, Catsups, Pickhs, LIiiich, Olives, Capers,
Cherries, l)atn*oUs, Peaches, Quinces, Sardines, Jellies,
English, French, atld American Mustard; Hay Rum, Pepper
Sauce, Baker's, Ritchie's, Hall's, and Paritlou's Cocoa,
Cigars, Tobacco, Maccaroni, Vermicelli, Mace, and a genej
ral assortment of all articles usually kept m a grocery store.
! Also, on liand, a choice article ot Outage county Butter.
1 ocld?lmd*
General Agency at Washington, D. C*
i SAMUEL STETTIN ICS, General Agent, Notary ,4
ml)Puhiic.JtiHlice of the Peace. ?J"r. respecttully informs Ml
TTV the Volunteers and the United State* Regulars, and ITf
till.tin, rt presents!Ives of the deceased Soldiers, that he luL
is prepared to undertake the settleim nt ol their Claims Willi
tlx Department*kt Washington. He will procure Bounty,
Land Warrants, Treasury Scrip, Pensions for the Wounded,
Pensions due Widows and Orphans of tin} deceased Soldiers,
a > > <>.>.-unfa ?,f* tuiv for services rendered. Milenire. or anv
other Claim or Claims against the General Government,
tlmt iii.iv be confided to his management, will be ?|x;e?Jily
attended to.
IIiH terms are moderate.
' lie can be consulted at any time between the hours of 8
o'clock, a. m , mid 0 o'clock, o in ,at his ofhee on Fii'et-nth
street, opposite the Treasury Department
oct d?xmd deed
I AKI>W AUK AM> < t r i. i;Y 1
Ve,,r ,he ^rnnqfUh "'net (]
" i:
* which In* m determined lo JTl ou as good terms as they tl
rtui h?- hail in the l>i?>tj-M i He when* a call from Hihwe- "
keepers, Builders. ami others, who may want g.Hida in his
lillt', helore purchasing. ^
Single and double-barrel Fowling pieces
Single uinl six-barrel Revolving pistols v
Shot bags, Powder bask* aliil horns c
English uinl Fit-lab percussion < upu
(lun locks, Ultuiiiug rods, Percussion tubm, Ac v
Rogers's cympleie sets Ivory table cutlery .
Ivory, bhck, bone, and cocoa knives and lurks
Ivory dining and dessert kuivc*, (separate i
Carver's ami fUet-l's butcher.', cooks', and oyster v
knives )
Rogers A Woateiiholm's pocket cutlery and scissors d
Wade A Butcher's, ami Rogers's razors v
Superior silver plan d dessert and dining forks I
Superior silver plated salt, leu, dessert, ami table a
spoons '|
Herman silver spoons, ladles, and butter knivi s v
llrilaiuiin lea ami table spoons, aud ladles u
Curtail I bands, cluspsand pins
Shovels and tongs. mid andirons (
Cn ml lest irks, sunders, ami trays
I trass and bronzed stair-rmls ami eyes
Tea-trays, waiters, sillers, eotfee-inills
Tea-kettles, sauce pans, ovens ami pots
Hell-metal.aud snainslieit preserving kettles
Iron furnaces, coal hods and shovels
Wood kuwh ami frames, ami handled axes
.lapuiuied, lirilaiiuia, and buss spittoons |
Water ami warilc-irous, sad irons
Rat aud mouse traps, cleavers, hake puns
Mince knives and choppers, lanterns
A gem rul assortment ol Carpenter's I nolo? i
H|* ar A Jackson's saali, tenon, puiiuei. ami hand saws (
Butcher's circular, cross-cut, ami mill-saws I
Ivory and hox-wiasl rules, compass* s i
Iron and steel-blade s(|iiares and hevils I
re w-drivers, augers, giuihlets, chisel-handles i
Firmer, mortise, socket, and turning chisels A gougnpi
llrucetsund bus, plane hits, ami tiles
ll.imim-rs, hatchets, axes and adzes
Iron tiruces, ami extra brace nud auger, bills
Spirit Itvels, plumb aud levels, tupe measures
Drawing-kill vis, spoke-shaves
Lathing hatchets, tack hummers
Carpenter's patent knob-locks, f?, 6, 7, H inch
Mineral knob, cottage, and mortise locks and latches!
Stock, closet, cupboard, chest, pud, till, trunk, hog, A
valise locks
Loose joint, butt, and Parliament hinges, 2 to 6 Inches
Table, chest, III., ulid sirup hinges
" Palmer's" patent wlndow-blunl hinges
Turn buckles (or brick ami inline houses
Shutter screws, stubb* and lifts
Axle and screw pulleys, and sash cord
Folding-door, and barrel bolts and latches
bricklayers and plasterers' trowels
Dusting, sweeping, ami white-wash brushes
l'lus, needles, combs, buttons, knitting-pins
.lewsharps, thimbles, hooks and eyes, fish-hooks
Shaving boxes, razor straps
100 gross Doiint lly's and Golsh's matches
Slates and pencils, steel pens and holders
Duckies, smooth-filed, japanned, and plated
Humes, pud-hooks, tenets, swivels
Bridle-bits, spurs and stifrups
Carriage hubbands, handles and bolts
(Curtain frames, slump joints ami locks
India rubber cloth, uml patent leather
Rowland's eliptlc carriage springs
brass trunk nails, iron clout nulls
Curry-combs, horse cards and brushes
Wagon and carryall boxes
Carpet-bag frames and locks, tinned rivets nml^urni 1
Cut, wrought, and horse-shoe najls
Screw-plates, and stocks, and dies
Solu springs, hat and coat hooks
Music-stool screws, Iron and brass-wheel castor*
, Lace tucks, brass and iron tacks und sprigs
Mahogany knobs, bed-screws |
Sand-paper and glue, iron, brass, und copper wire <
Patent balances, counter wales
Spring balances with dish, tin scales, and weights
American and English blister and cast steel
Cotton, wool, and horse cards
Long and short-handle spades, shovels and forksj
Trace, hulter, back, ox, and dog chains
Grindstones, cranks, and friction rollers
Davis, and Minor, and flortou's ploughs 4t castings.
Fairbanks' Patent burning Fluid ami Lamps, a new and
beautiful article, superior to pine oil or cumphiue ; givh'Jg a
tine light, and requiring no renewal of wick,
of t 5-1 md*
Table and Pocket Cutlery, best Silver Plated
Forks, Spoons, &c?
IlllE SUBSCRIBER has just received from the Nor!In, a
. large and well assorted STOCK of 11OUSEKEEPIjNQ
Articles, consisting in part, of the following:
Rodgers tine und low priced Knives and Forks insets of 51 ps.
do 44 44 44 44 by the dozen,
do 44 44 44 without Forks.
Buck, Bone and Ebony 44 44 by the dozen.
Carvers, Fork and Steels.
1 Vry Sujnriur Silver Plated Table and Dessert Forks.
4 44 44 44 4* Tea anil Dessert Spoons,
Rodgers and Wostenholms, 4 A C Blade Congress and other
Knives, Razors, Scissors Ac.
Candlesticks, Snuffers and Trays, Curtain Bands and Pins,
Andirons, Shovels and Tongs, Fenders,
Stair Rods und Eyes, Frying Puns, Wiillle Irons,
Brass Britannia and Jupuu Spittoons,
Coal Hods und Sifters,
Waiters, in sits, and detached, Brushes, Sillers,
Tea Kittles, Sad Irons, Busting and other Spoons,
And indeed, almost every article in the HOU8EKEEP- |
INU LINE, for sale on the most accommodating terms. I
The. attention of Housekeepers and others, in want of any
of the above GOODS, is most respectfully solicited.
Sign of the Golden Saw. Penn. Avenue, Suvth aide, near
0th sirtrl oct 8?'Jaw4\v
(Rockville Journal 5w, and Marlboro' Gazette, 6w.)
#Mrs. Our ret Anderson's Music
Store, Pennsylvania avenue, hciwien?flHE&<?[
11 tit and ltfll streets, is in receipt ev-f | ? J ft
ery few days of all the new Music published in toe .
Uiiiiid States, and liiillilully utteuds to all orders for Music
and Musical Instruments ol every description. SJm is supplied
with Pianos from various inaiiuluctories, and sells j
them at the manufacturing prices. Old Pianos taken in
part payment lor new.
Persons wishing to purchase Harps, can select their pattern
at the store oi Mrs. A. and receive them at (he mauufacturers
price free ol expense.
/"TaTijbm MRS. ANDERSON keeps a general asAiJtjjjiaJifflp
Bortnu irt or Staple Mild Fancy Stuttouet>,
/xJSSXSsLm/ Fancy Aiiiclcs und Books, a large uhmjii
afalftw mint ol Classical and School Books ol
every description in use in the District
Also a handsome collection ol Bibles uud Prayer Books?
also ol Childreiis Books, suituble lor prescnls.
Fancy Articles and Periumery?A great variety of Snuff, 1
Tobacco, and Segars of the best quality. ?j
oct 8 IP a
MrfHYak-ai THE Subscriber has lor sale 14 copies of ..
AjalHLA, " New Work entitled MCKENNEY S ME- /
mmmmr wrongs and rights of the in
ibis work is gotten up iu the handsomest iuunite
r, is written in a concise uud pleasing style, and eontuins I
facts which cannot fail to be most interesting to every read- '
er. The patronage of lite Reading Pitblic is most respectfully
solicited JOHN W. BKONADGII,
General Agent, Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C fj
oclS- lm* > J
U AVE removed their DAUli EltlllAN (iALLERY to J,
the Ookun, corner ol 4 12 street and Pennsylvania ,,
avenue, and have, at considerable expense, put ill a skylight n
wliiclL will enable them to lurui&li picturis not surpass* u In ,,
this or uny other country. Pictures taken in any kind o. s
ailu i clear, cloudy, or raining. on 8?-tilt
Marble Mantles, Monuments, Tombs, &c.
f|HIE SUBSCRIBER has lor sale Plain and Gothic, Egyp- Jj
mikl low lor CASII.1
Aldilile Counter ami Table Tops lo order. '
Also, on hand it MAHULL AtuM MLNT of beaut i- (j
Jul design aini finish, will be- sold low.
Window Heads and Sills, Steps and Marble Work in
Uciierul, executed ill the best maimer and An reasonable
terms. k,
Persons arc respectfully invited to give uic a call. ,
ALLX'H. KUiilEHfURl), "
Marble Yard, near the corner oi 11 tit street, on Penn. Ave. (I
South side. oct b??-eodlnr tJ
JOHN PETTHIONE ia receiving daily his supply of the
above article oi various kuios, together witu ttie celr- .
oruled Ul'TLl'JK COAL which lie bus hud the pleasure oi
iniroducing into this market, und winch has been so highly
recommended by those who have used it, smudge lor Kler .
nan a Ranges, Radiators, Ac.
Clover Itill Coal, an excellent article of Bituminous
l Lump Coal) thought to he equal il not superior to the vu- w
rious tunds heretofore used in our city. m
Orders received at the yard on Lenox's Wharf, near the
Long Bridge, and at his of lice, L- L Mussolein '4 drug store,
soutli side Pa. avenue, between 4 1-2 and bill streets, or mi "
John K- Callun's. _ _ oct tf?II j[
MISS M. E. WILSON, having permanently located in
Wushuigloii, otters her services to the ladies us a lash
tunable dress maker. An experience of ten years in a lash 81
tollable community justifies tier ill thinking sue can give sat- ?
isfaclion to all.
Her facilities for receiving the latest fashions und furnish- e'
South (title <>l Pennsy Ivaniu Avenue, between 9Ui aud 10th .
sircls, ? sinry oi J. li. Hill's Variety Store u
Notice to Marluern.
jaa"i>v The recent Survey of the Entrance to MOHI1.E
???!Ln?i HAY, by I.lent. Cunt. V. P. Patterson, II. S. N., q
AM.Mdut ,u the Coast Survey, shows tliut the b? nt water in 1
crossing Hie bar is now to be n?uiul by bringing Sand Island |
l.iglit-houne to bear N. Ill degret h YV\, (true,) N. ^t> degrees t,
\V\, (by compass,) about a slop's length to tlie wtstwurd ot v
the east cm I ol lbtiiphiii Island woods, and ruiiiiiug lor it. t,
This course carries SfOiM lert over the bar ut mean low
water. The bur deepens gradually oil the inside, and rapidly
to a lathoni on the side towards the sea.
Oct 15?dtl A I) itA<'IIE, Sup't U. S. Coast Survey.
JUST received 1,500 pounds of Alum, for sale by
Drug and Apoth , corner 7th street, ami Penn. Aveuue.
oct H?law'4d*
JUST received a superior article of VARNISH, composed
in |?rt of
Coach Varnish,
No. 1 Furniture do
*% 'J do do
Scraping do
Ja|tau do
Leather do
For sale in five gallon tins by CIlAS. 8TOTT,
Drug and Apoth., corner Ah street and Penn. Avenue.
1 octtt? Uw'iB'
I'JblM-* -This p.?per ib about to be ? oUtrg* * to * *-? ')
wice it* present size, uud wiltAlien consist ol eight folio jut
t ?. irirteud of four, hm now and iierstoforr.
This enlargement wili brgm with thg brut numfe* i*?ut d
ftrr the e mfoi the month ol June.
The subacription to (he paper per year will be, after the
irst day of July ensuing, three dollars jier annum ; being
ii advance, as will he jxrrcelved, Una by one-hall than the
ii< n line ol cost of publication caused by Hie enlargement
For the long aeNsions of Congress (averaging; eight nnAiths.)
lie price will be two dollars; lor the short sessions one dol
?r per copy. If
A retraction of'JO per cent, (or one-Ahh of the full charge)
ill h? made to any one who Khali order and pay lor. at one
line, five copies ol the weekly ja?per; and a like reduction
I Jo percent, (or otie-lourih ol the lull cburge; to any one
rho will order and pay lor, at uny one time, ten or more
oui? * - _ im
Nil. (irmun/H bring kept lor inia mprr, 11 will um ?n
rurded Io any one unless paid lor in advance, nor sent any ! (Ml
lUgi-r than the dine lor which it is so paid for. J ?, j
rill continue to be published, as usual, ji Ten Do'liira per
ear, widi tins addition U> ila value tu subpcripeia, ibai u
ouble sheet (eight pages of the present sue, instead of lour;
nil be thrown oif whenever Ibe ^reiiguf public Dhcunierit ,
'roceedings, and Debates in Congress, or of Advertiseimu:
ball require it.
rill also continue to bo published, as heretofore, with this
ddihon also to ittt value, dial a double sheet will be thrown
If, probably us often us once a week during the session of J IV
miigress, and at other times occasionally. .whenever the , ,
ire*s of matter shall, as mated in regard to the Dally paper, ju
ustiiy the ^publishers in incurring that additional -expense- .jjlj j
Pun the ;1;
Dongresaional iilobe and Appendix. \
WE issue this Prosptciuu to apprise Uie public of rt ne wed \j;
preparations mi our part to publiaii the ConqhkniioNAL
t.i.ouK and Apprnoix lor the approaching Mtsion,
nid to invite subscriptions. The two Houses having ?:on
Iraeted Willi ax lor the work, ou such terms as euidms ok
uutr to make complete reports, to multiply aud lesue th? num ,<
Iters in quicker succession than heretofore, and without in''reusing
the price u> subscribers, we hope to make a good 'yah
return lor the liberality iuvi high oiKciul aaiictiou thus be
stowed on ibe publication. VVe shall increase ine volume jflf
al least oue-lhinl beyond the ordinary bulk, und end?uv>.? ,
ro add to its UMeliilnesa by extending ?nll luriher its Isigc t
circulation. j ,
This last is not the least irppnrtant point in the view vi f .
Congress. Faithful and durable reports ol the debates ol (ho JKP
body are of value in proportion lo die extent ol their circuIniion
among the people. It is in Ibis way tiial Conge rs is ;' .
brought hito the presence ol its remote constituents; mat it ,
obtains easy access aiid holds communication with ihtm ' .
Irom day to day, uud renders the Government really repre- j j
scntalivc. >',*j
Having received from ail parties in Congress the atrongf *t ffflj
marks ot approbation and confidence, in the liberal nanus jU
and permanent contrort voted to continue the work, we shall
not be found wauling in die impartiality and inuustry neces- I
sary lo Ibe due fulfilment ol me tugagtniept ou our part. | j
The next ftegsiou will task to the utmost the best tttoiis of 9H
hose connected with the undertaking. It will be disti/i
guislied by discussions of exlruordinary interest and result* ta?|
of abiding concern. Tin* #"ir, its origin, and conduct by ot r
lie era in the cabinet and in die jjeld, will lurnisli objects 04 I
prolouud inquiry and consideration. The leims 01 peace, !, :
,fc"' *n???oni?m t?i>? mailt! of coiuiuLsts.die consequt ncesto ; j
I?e drawn from all that has burn done, as atfectlpg part it h in
thin country, and especially un bearing on the upproucluiig j
Presidential election, will open up novel and powi.rit.illy operating
ilitscuHHions, rendering die councils at Washington <
durum the uee.t year as pre# nurd of good or ovil to this tonliuem
aa those of JKnme were to the old world In the days ol ,
her eorly energy. ?uch a field for deliberation and action
wan never presented to any previousCongrcwr All that has '
transpired or may hereafter transpire he lore the close of the j
approaching session of Congress, in New Mexico, California, J
in tiie capital of Mexico andihe provinces still depeudent on
it, will come Under the consideration of the next Congress. .
lis deludes will contain the liisiory 6f the war, and its action
determine its results, whether they be decided by arpm or J
diplomacy. Ami whattver is developed concerning (Iiih
vast and interesting matter on tiie lioor of Congresb orln the
Executive messages, will be jfauqd.Wrded in the Congressional
Globe and Appendix.
The Congressional Globe is made up of (be.daily proceedings
of the two Houses of Congress, aud printed on superfine
double royal paper, with small type, (brevier and lion- ]
pa/ell,) in quarto lorm, each number containing 16 royal
tjunrto pages. The speeches of the numbers, in this hist
loenwire condensed-?the full report of -.ie nrepared speeches ;
being ?eserved lor the Appendix. An rex dutions, motions,
aud other proceedings are given Initu tor*i of the Journals,
with the yeas 3'ul nays on every Imp ?r<axt questioii.
Every member will have an oppose irtitv to read his remarks
be tore they ?ro P1" 10 pr***, ?er our report if
lie shall think it incori? ct- . . ? ,? . ...
The Appendix is mud* *'0 of the President's Annual Message,
the Reports of the prli'iri.!*1 officers of ?ho Government
that accompany it, aud all Speec/,: * of Members of Congress
written out or revised by themselves - printed in the *
same lorm as the Congressional Globe, *.nrf u>u*,,y niakes
about the same number ol pasts during a se? won- .
During the tirst month or six.weeksof ji nugSt.0^* "**re is
rarely more business done limn will mnke two numbers a
week one ol the Congressional Globe and one of the Appendix;
but during tiie vtmuiuderol the session, there is
usually sufficient mutter lor two or three numbers of each
and tvefy week. The next session will be unusually inter
estiug; therefore, we calculate that the Congressional Globe !
and Appendix together will make near 3,UU0 large quarto
pages, printed in smuil type?-brevier and nonpareil. VV'o
turnlsh complete Indexes to both at the end ol a session.
... !u0 . endeavor u> print a sufficient number ol surplus
I 11- u y ?Al ^lal ni*y b<3 miscarried or lost in the
malls; but subscribers should be very particular to hie their 1
papers carefully, tor tear Lhut we sliould not be able to sup
ply off the lost numbers. K
c?PifS of the Congressional Globe
l 01 Co??re?s, which we will nth lor the
roiS!fi rS a"'p"011 Pr,ce?gj acopy. We have no surplus
topiee ol tiie Appendix for (hat session. ;
tor one copy of the Congressional Globe - Mn an
tor one copy ol the Appendix - - J 00
ror ?iji copies of eithtr, or part ol both IU 00 1
Proprietor* ol newspapers wlio copy this Prospectus b
tore the lirst day ol December, and send us one copy o! their fl
paper containing it, marked around with u pen. to direct our
attention to it, shall have their names tnititu ou our books I
for one copy ol the Congressional Globe and Appendix du- . |
ring the session. I
Our prices lor these papers are so low that we cannot afford
to credit the in out; therefore no person need consume >
time in writing lor them unless the money accompanies the
Subscriptions should be here by the loth December, at
luifhest, to ensure all the numbers.
Washington, Ocfoix r 1, 181?.. --Oct. l."> io the.- h
Inside Venftlan Window llllnUs.
Dealer and Manufacturer of Inside Venitian Window ,
Minds, south side Pennsylvania avenue, between
\ith and lOf/i streets, Washington. j
BI.INDS of ail Sixes and styles furnished to order. Split \
Blinds, plain aud painted, of all sizes.
Brass fixtures aud trimmings furnished.
Linen and transparent Curtains put up m the best style.
Fire--screens und wide paper lor curtains, very cheap.
All work done pn reasonable terms, aud with piomptN.
It Old Blinds repaired and repainted.
octrt 4id Oct la* t
| IIST received a large assortment of Lamps, consisting n.
I Lard, Sperm. Solar, and Pine Oil for stores, and parlors,
ud hotels. Palrbauk's Burning Fluid laimps. A contain
supply oflVvm Pine Oil. Pure, Sperm, Lard and S?
ir Oils, Wicks, Glasses, tor all kinda ot Lamps. Pine Oil
.amps cleaned and reiwired by ;
oct8?1 ?nnov8 0 street, Todd's Buildings.
it ellar's Patent Japan Liquid Paste
pJIK undersigned begs leave to call the attention of Biom*
L desirous oi using a good article of Blacking, to (lie
bovenamed. The Manufacturer, knowing the excclh ut
roperlies ol tins Blacking, sent samples to various persons
<uch as Boot Makers, Ac.) also to several ol the new spa- I
era, The extracts underneath are from someot the papers; I
tey speak lor themselves; also several persons who tried I
ha\e caihd and said that the Japan Liquid Blacking was I
uperior to uuy thing they hud ever used. 1
Wdlr.r'H J'ale at Japan Blacking is I he nauie of au excel ul
urticle; we have setn it used, and can highly reconi
?eiid it.? jv. American, April 10.
Wellar's blacking is one of the most superb and satis
ictory articles of the day, it imparts a briiliauce and po- ;
sh beyond description. We have tried it. "ilo and do
ktwise."-? Spirit of the 'limes, Ajril Itf.
By reference to another column, an advertisement will
e louiiU tor au excelleut article of Blacking, in a Liquid
>rm, tor Boots, Ac. It has beeu highly recommendeu by
any who have tried it It not only gives, with very Idle
ouble, a heautijul jet polish, but retains it much longer
mn any other. It ia sold by the agent of the manuiacturr
at No. 60, Chestnut street. Buy a bottle, one trial will
rove the tact.-? Phil. Ledger,, April'Zi.
WeUar's Blacking is one of the most shining articles in
10 market.?Spirit qf the April 2.
Patent Blacking.?-Mr. J. Wellar, No. 60 Chestnut street,
as prepared a Patent Liquid Blacking, winch products a
fuuutul jet polish, aiul does not iqjure die leather Those
'ho would have a polished understanding should read the
Ivertisement iu another column.? V. ?>'. OatetP, May 1
MW/or's Patent Japan Blacking is about the best article
I' the kind we have seen. The polish which it imparts to
ie untlnstandings of man is brilliant and lasting: we
ave tried it, and it bouts us to say ail this ill Us behaif.
[ Evening Bulletin, June 7.
The Manufacturer can produce numerous testimonials
miliar to the above, Iroin private individuals uud from
ther papers, but the above extracts ore sufficient to conince
any person that the manufacturer has not exaggeratd;
but that upon a lair trial the Blacking will be found as
( presented, excellent in every respect.
J. WELLAK, Manufacturer, No. 60 Chestnut street, Phi
idelphia. MM
< HAKI.ES STOTT, corner Penn. Avenue and 7th street, w
gent lor Washington, l>. C. f*t d taprit 1*
Paints, Oils, and Paint Brushes, &c.,
"he Subscriber has just received a targe andfresh supply qf
)AINTS, OILS, Ac., a part ot Which are named below.
[ Ttiey are guarantetd to be pur* ami good, and from the
est mainline torn*. All persons wanting such articles
I'ouid Hud it lo tlieir advantage to call, as I am determined
11 aell lower ihaii similar articles ean be got at any other
lace in thiscity.
KfjjH wnite i.(?u
I'JO IbM. Chrome Green
I'JO lbs. Chrome Yellow
J?) lbs. Chrome Red
IUO lbs. Pure Verdigris
300 lbs. Red Led snd Litharge
IUO lbs. Imperial Green
MM) lbs. Venitian Red and Sp. Brown Oil
300 lbs. Yellow Ochre in Oil
100 lbs. Paris Green, dry
00 lbs. do do in Oil
A large assort men! Paint and White Wash Unities.
400 lbs. Lamp Black, dry and in Oil
10 lbs Sp Whiting
1000 lbs. Putty
'300 boxes ol Window Glass, all site*
6 bbts. Linseed Oil
5 bbls. Copal and Japan Varnish
3 bbls. Sp. Turpentine,
Also, PURF. PINK OIL, received fresh
tartory every week. ('HAS STOTT,
Drug and Apoth , comer 7th street and Penn Aveuus
oct S?tWawW

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