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> WASnilfOTOW, D c.
Published every day at 2 o'clock in the ufternoon by
hi /finutm' Untitling*, ini the Suufh side of Pennsylvania
Avenue, betiveen .'I atul 4 1-2 street*, opposite
J tick ion Halt.
Tukmh ok Subshkiitiom?Five Dollarx per aiiuiim, pay alil?'
always In ailvuiice.
Thiimh of Advuutihino ?Fifty Cent* per square, of fif.
eeu line* or lea*, the tirat insertion, and Twenty-Five Cents
per square lor eurh subsequent Insertion. AdvertiseineiilN
' married at Intervals Filly Cents j??;r square. All payments
ur Ailvorimeiiituiu "? advunce.
(Telegraphic jCorrespoinluiiCe of the Dally Nutinnul Whlg.l
Cincinnati, Nov. 8, 10 a. in.
We have just received advices from Santa Fo to
the 7tki of ttoptt?iiit>cr.
It was rumored at (hat place that the American
Traders at Chihuahua have been driven away from
tini city and their property all destroyed by the Mexicans.
All wuh quiet ht Santa Fo, but the American soldiers
wore very disorderly. The Calaboose was full
of prisoners for offoncaii against good order and morality.
Commodore Stockton and party arrived at St. Joseph's
on the 19th of July, on his way home. All
quiet there.
Clbvblano, Nov. 8, 10 a. m.
* Judge Read, of the Supreme Court of Ohio, has
bceu arrested for un uttenipted ra|>e upon a chambermaid
of the Weddell House. The greatest indignation
prevails against him.
Haltimouk, Nov. 8, 2 p. nt.
Ho ward street Flour 96, but no buyers at thut rate.
City Mills do. $6.12?more sellers than buyers.
l'rime white Wheul rungesfrom 128 to 131c?soles
We liavo to recoid a sale of 10,000 btishels of
prime red Wheat at $1.25.
Prime while Corn 63c and small sales.
Prime yellow corn moves slowly at 68 to 70c.
Sulcs of (Jots at 38c.
Do of Whiskey in bbls, at 29 1-2 cents.
The foreign news by the Caledonia tins had a depressing
effect upon the market generally.
XjT No Despatch from New Vork or Philadelphia
nt the hour of going to press.
* UASEMKNT ol Washington Hall, southwest corner of
D Pennsylvania avenue an.I Sixth street. On Mouday, the
1st ol'November, thin splendid establishment will he,tltrown
open to the 1'ubhc, where the friend* of the proprietors and
{lie citizens generally are respectfully invited to cull.
oct30-lf Proprietors.
Corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Sixth Street,
RAND & WILLIAMS, Proprietors.
THIS Hsinblishment hue been lilted up and furnialted
without regard to expense, in order to excel any thing
of the kind ever conducted in Washington. The proprietors
are determined to keep up their establishment in the
style ol the commencement?unsurpassed iu any res|?ecl.
With our reapechi to friends and the public at large, inviting
their patronage, we have only to say, in conclusion,
call. ^ I[Intell. | oct IWtf
By ?. H. VAN PATTEN, M. I>.
Permanent office atul res itie net1 nest tlottr to Todd's ILU
Store, near Brown's Hotel.
oct 30 - ly*
British Lustre.
5fJrous British Lustre, for sale by
oct 30? 2m comer Pa. avenue and 7th afreet.
Engraving & Copper Plate Printing,
Pa. avenue, bet. 3d and 4 1-2 street, uear lite corner of4 1-2.
oct 2H ?<11 y *
Jlontl Quarter* fax* Fashionable
Pennsylvania avenue, neur the corner of Fiftoenthjst roet,
Coach and Harness Manufacturer,
South Hide Pennsylvania Avenue, between 3d and 4 1-2 hIh.
opposite Oadsby's Hotel. octltf-dly'
Patents, Pensions, and Claims.
rniltt undersigned will ultond to procuring PATENTS
WARRANTS, <J'C., and to the prosecution of CLAIMS
before Congress or any of the Departments of Government,
and to uny oilier hu.sini.HH requiring an agent or attorney.
I.t' Hers /??*/ he posr paio, and they will meet with immediate
attention. Address
Attorney and Counsellor at Law, Washington, I). C.
&3r? Office, comer of E and 8th streets, opposite the we*
end in tiie General Post Oll'tco. oct 19?dly*
Attorney and Solicitor of Patents,
Who wart formerly at the head of the Patent Office,
Prepare* I Printings nrul Sjteeifications, mid transacts all
Ousirtcas relating tu the obtaining o/ Patents, either
Domestic or Pbreign.
" tC/* Letters of Inquiry, requiring written advice or opinion,
must lie accompanied with a fee of live dollars,unit the
postage of UeTs to him must be paid.
Ossioa ? F stroct, Washington city, six doors east of the
r.ih nt Oilii ?\ oct 19?-dIy*
Cabinet, Chair, and Sofa Manufacturers,
Corner ../* 6th and O streets, Washington, I). C.,
fil Are HOW prepared to manufacture every de- fil
MBfe scription ol HOUSEHOLD FllHMTtlllfc,aiid Mfe
A\\ respectfully solicit a share ol public imtroiiugc. * II
,v u.?OLD tURNlTURE reputred or taken in exchange
for new.
' Funerals attended to at the shortest notice and the most
reasonable terms. oct 19?dly*
. . CL O. UK VEKlDUE'il
I'a. avenue, opposite Coleman's Hotel.
Where run he bad the following second-hand articles:
Straphliigir* fold hooka, Chains, stove.*, {Stove I'ij*;*, store
Simula, J Ami- Lock*, 1 fount lie 11 a, Axe*, libta, ltokc a,
. . Vice*, Stove /Join*, Intruder.*, JiuJ.r (teen*, l'uts,
Keltic*, Pot Lida, Pot Hwk* mid Hangera,
Out-iron Dog a, Old Sine*, Door SpVinga,
mul almu.it all kind* oj' ohl Iron If Latuf,
f Wilh mwijr other articles too numerous to inuntlnn all ol
which Will he oftVred on such terms, son cash, as will en
mircsHles. Those in want will please call.
N. H.?Cash paid for old StoVes and all descriptions of
old Iron. ,, octlU?diy
m? *. w
CiirriptHi hi,-tut, Navy Yurtl, Wimliliitftuii, 1>, C.
iin lli- -illy*
North Hide Pa. nv., ticlioccn -112 mid fi street*.
Keep* < ouwiuntly oil haud a ?uu? iol assortment of
WWW Ladles' uiidUeiillemeii's most fashion a iilk HOOTS
* Kl AaNI> SIIOKS. Price* to anil the time*.
net iO?dly*
?r ?, mmm m.Wmx UAAU UIIUBkVU
JFANI*.* Mr*JJ+mxw juvvm* y
IViiiiuylvunJ* avenue, 1 door went ?f J<u.k*iu Hall,
OC|l$?illy* WASHINGTON, l?. 0.
South Hide of Caunl Street,
Utorgrlotrn, V. C.
oct II ly*
Mathematical Inatrument Maker*
IV'iiiih) IvAiiia Avenue, opposite United Stalca Hotel
!<?(? Brown A Hunt, New York.
net ll-iily*
Whitnoy's Russian Rath,
Coraaer 41-S afreet end NlMoeri avenue.
'nilkiii; if imi utility in ihi* iuih in nw tenting end re
1 moving ail iIIm^uno thai Itoali in heir to. Thorn wlm
havo never tried It will And it to their advantage to make
the experiment. Price for ninglo bath Flt"T Y t'JbJNTS.
In unswer lo numerous applications lor Inform*
lion, us to llio post office* of the members of the |
Thirtieth Congrats, we publish the following table
of particulars, so far as we are advised. The blanks
will be flllud up us fast as we con ascertain the names (
of the post otliees not now known. We call upon j
our friends to uid us in this labor. J
We I rave also left a column for the residences of J
the members In Washington, which will be completed
immediately on thnir arrival In town. It will A
be corrected dally, so us lo keep up with the changes J
of residence which members may make. This co- j
luinn will be of great value to strangers and citizens
who may liave business with members. Hotels and *
boarding-houses will do us a l'avor by advising us of ,
the names of such members as may take lodgings
with thein, giving the exact location of their houses.
Our contemporaries will oblige us by correcting
any errors they may And in this list, and apprise us
thereof. Those pupers in the vicinity of the uew
members with whom we excitunge, can serve us by
publishing the names of their home post offices, and
drawing our attention to lite information by marking
uround the paragraph:
{Whigs in Italics?Independent in Small Capitals?Democrats
in Roman.)
GKOROE MIFFLIN DALLAS, Hx Officio, President. ]
Post-oOlcc, 1'hiladclpliiu Residence iu Washington, ?? ?.
Attunes. Home. P. OJffcc. lies'e in Washington. .
Arthur 1*. Rugby, Tuskaloosa, Tyler's Hotel.
Ambrose II. Sevier, Pine Rlutr,
Chester Ashley, Little Rock,
John M. Niles, Hartford,
John M. Cluylon, Newcastle,
Presley tjjtruuncc, Smyrna,
J. D. Westcott, jr.y Tallaluuisee, King's, F h. 14 A IG.
David L. Yuiee, St. Augustine,
Walter T. Colquitt, Columbus,
Siduey Breese, Carlyle,
Steplieii A. Doutfluss, Uuiucy,
Edw. A. Iluuiiegaii, Covington, /
Jesse 1). Height, Madison, /
Vacancy. I
Vacancy. j
John J. Crittenden. Frunkioit, (
Joe. 11. Utulerwomi, Bow ling Green, J
Henry John ton, New River, Mo. av. b. 3 A 4 1-2. ^
Sol. N. Downs, Moo roe, J
John Fairfield, Sum, f
Juinew W. lirudbury, ]
Jamea A. Pearce, Cheslertown, (
Heverdy Johnson, Baltimore, /
fktniel We hater, Morton, J
Davis, Worcester, *
Lewis Caws Detroit, \
Alpheus Felch. Ann Arbor, j
Jefferson Davis, Warrenton, .h
Henry S- Foots, -Jackson,
David R. Atrhison, Platlo city, t
Thomas H. Benton, St. Lous, C, b. 3 A 4 1-2.
CIihh. O. Athertou, Nashua, 11
John P. llAi.it, Dover, j
Wm. L. Ikiuion, Trenton, A
Jhcob W. Miller, Morrislowu, p 1
John A. Pi*, Albany, C, b. 3 A 4 1-2.
Daniel S. Dickinson, Uingluimpton, ^
George R. liudger,i Raleigh, l
WiUit P. Mangum, Red Mountain, q
William Allen, Chillcotlie, Brown's Hotel, A
Thomas Corwin, Lebanon, 1
Simon Cameron, Middlctown, ,
Daniel Sturgeon, Unioiilowu,
Alt pert C. Greene, Providence, q
John If Clarke.
A. P. Butler, Edgefield C. 11. ^
Johu C. Culhouii, Pendleton, <
Hopkins L. Turney, Winchester, %
Vacancy. it
Thomas J. Rusk, Nucogdoches, 'i
Vacancy. '1
IViUtam TTnham, Moutnelier, J
Samuel S. Phelps, Middlebury, '1
Jatnea M. Mason, Winchester, J
Rob. M. T. Hunter, Lloyds, P
I Whigs in Italics-Natives in Small Capitals?Democrats in R
Roman. ] V
Names. Home P. Office. Rea'c in Washington.
John Goyle. Mobile,
Henry W. Milliard, Montgomery, 1
S. W. Harris, Wetumpka, 1
S. W Inge, Eutaw, ,|
G. S. Houston, Athens,
W. II. W. Cobb, Bellelont, w
F. W. Bowdeu, Talladega,
Rob. W. Johnson, Little Rock,
J antra Dixon, Hartford, '
8. D. //uftharri, Middletown, d
John A. Rockicell, Norwich. "
Truman Smith, Litchfield, m
John W. JShmAMi Ueorgetown, j
Udtrard C. Dotted, Tallahasseer. h.
Th. U. King, Frederic*,
Alfred I vermin, CollttnbUS,
Jno W Jontm, Griffin,
II. A. Haralson, Lagrange,
Jno. II. Lumpkin, Rome, .
Howell Cobb, Athens, 11
Alrx. H. Strrrtih, Cruwfordsville,
Koltr.it Toombs, Washington, (J(
Robert Smith, Upper Alton,
J. A. MeCleroand, 8fuiwneeto\vii,j |w
Orlando U. Flckllu, Charleston, m
John Wentworth, Chicago,
W. A. Richardson, Quincy,
Thomas J. Turner, Freeport,
Abraham LiiiColu, Springfield,
F.lishn Kmhree, Princeton,
Th. J. llculcy, N. Washington,
J. L. Robinson, Rtiihrllle, T
('atel, B. Smith, Conuersvllle, X
William W. Wick, IndiainmoliN,
Ueorrn O. Dunn, Bedford,
R. IF. T/utmjttiun, Bedford, 1?
John Pcttlt, Lafayelle, M
C. W. Cathcart, Laporte, th
William Rorkhill, Fort Wayne, tr
Wm. Thompson, ,-i
Shephenl LefHer, Burlington, Ul
Lynn Boyd, Cadia, I
Samuel Peyton, 1
B. L. Chirk, 1
J. U. Thompson, liar rod is burgh,
(trern Adams, |
<turret/ Jhtncan, Louisville,
0. 0. Morthcad, Lexington,
Riciiard French, Mount Sterling,
John P. Chunes,
James J. Fa ran, Cincinnati, f?
Durid fSsher, Wilmington,
Kot>crt V. Schmck, Dayton, ?i
Rich. 8. fTmAy, Hellefoiilaino, ,,,
William Sawyer, St. Mftry's,
R. Dickinson, Lo'rSandusky,
Jonathan D. Morris, Hatavia,
Jas.L. Taptor, Chilkothe,
Th. O. Edxcards, I*nca*t*r,
Dunirl Duncan, Newark,
John K. Miller, Mount Vernon,
Samuel F. Vinton, GalHpolia, d
James Riciiey, Somerset, I
Nathan Brans, f 'anihridge, \
William Keunon, St. Clairsviile, T
John D. Cummins, N. Philadelphia,
(JeorgeFricH, llnnovertou,
Samuel (.alim, Canlon,
John ( rotrrUj Wurnjn,
Jos/nuiH. Untiling*. JvflTeraou. .
Jotph M. Had, Nurw.lH,
(Nunlrclioii. 1 ^
David llanimona, gt
A. W K. Clapp, Portland, M
ffirntn lirhhrr, Farmlnglon,
Franklin Clarke, Wiw.ukwi, te
Kpliraim K tSmart, Camden,
Jainra 8. Wllev, Dover, Mo/.ekift'i
William*, Caatiue,
John 0. Chapman, Port Tobarrn,
J. IJixtm llmtuin, lluercliiwii. ?
K WntkhiH l.itfitn, KllicoH'n Mill*, *
K. Mcl.am\ llnHlinore,
Alts. Krtm*, Klkton, ol
John W. CritfirJd, prlncew Anne, I ,
Rob. C ff'inthrop, Borton,
Dan. P. King, Danvera, r
Amo* Ahtpotl, Andover,
J. ti. Put/rev, Cambridge,
t'harlr* I hut mm, WratniinjUcr,
Untrge Aohmnn, StuiugA?-ld,
Jntiu* iittckirtU. 1'ittafleld, \
John Q. AH tun*, Quiiicy, I 1
Artmuia Hair, BridgcvrAter. I
Joorph (Jrinnell, N?vr BeUlunl,
lob. McClcllullll, Moil MM.,
Uiialey 8. Uiujfham, Liviugalou,
[ Nu election.)
an. B. Bowlin. HI. l.uiiiar
oiui Jauiieaoii, Kullou,
ah. L. ureen, Palmyra,
Villard P llall, Weston,
ohil S. Phelps, Springfield.
I mua T*uck, Exeter,
Mi. II. peuslce, Concord,
amea Wilaon, Kecue,
ah. II. Johnson, Math,
'tis (J Hampton, Bridguton,
V. A- Meirelt, Alleniown,
oseph Edsull. Hamburg*
'ohn Van Dyke, N. Brunswick,
htdlcy 8. Gregory, Jersey City,
red. W. Lord,
I. C. Murphy, Brooklyn,
leury Nlcoll, New York,
VIII. U. Murluy, New York,
Veil A. TuUnuidge, New York.
I. S. JackHon, New York,
ViUium Neloun, Peekskill,
'omelius Warren,
kin B. 81 John, Monticello,
iliakim 8herriU,
?eter II. 8yltceter, Cocksakie,
Iideon IleynoUla. Uoosick, ,
r. J Btingerliuul, Bethlehem,
trlundo D. Kellogg, Klizabelhlown,
lidney Lawrence, Maloue,
lugh While, (,'ohoen.
leorge Peine, Canajoharle,
'oaejTh Mull in, Walertown,
Vilfiam Collins, Lowville,
'imolhy Jeukina, Oneida Castle,
I. A. Starkweather, Coonerstowu,
Luahuni lllrdanil, Bingnumpioii,
Villi am Uuer, Oswego,
kmittl Ovti, Pompey,
laruum 8. Conger, Court lundaville,
Win. T. Lnitrence,
'ohn M. Utility, Lyons,
'JliuM B. l/vhnea, Brock|?ort,
lohert L Roar, Cannudaigua,
JanieJ Jlumaey, Bath,
Jwlley Murem, Jaineatown,
Volhun R. Hall, Buffalo,
larrey Putnam, Attica,
Vaahingtun llunl, Locluiort*
P. L. Clingman, Anheville, Brown's hotel.
V. Hoyden,
Jan. Af. Barring?r, Concord,
I. II. Shint Hint, Salem,
ibraham Venuble,
. R. J, Daniel, Halifax,
Nines J. McKav, Elixahethtown,
tich. 8. Donnell, Newhern,
Jdvid Outlaw, Windsor,
.. C. Levin, Philadelphia,
r. It IngrraoU, Philadelphia,
Miarlea Brown, Philadelphia,
;harlea J. Ingeraoll, Philadelphia,
'ohn Prctdley,
r. W. Hombeck,
I. It. Mcllvaine, II randy wine,
'uhn Strohm, N. Providence,
ViIlium Strong,.
Licit. Hmdhead, Eaxton,
theater Butler, Wilkvsbarre,
>avid Wilmot, Towanda,
Uw. Pollock. Milton,
teorge N. ticker t,
lenty Nee. York,
'oaeph L. llrodu,
'ohn Ulumhurd, Bellefonl,
imlrew ?S'ictiHiit, Uniontowii,
ob Mann, Bedford,
rohn Dickey, Heaver,
Iloses Hamilton, Pittsburgh,
'. W. PurreUy,
ameu Thompson, Erie,
llexander Irvine,
lobt. B. Cranaton, Newport,
htnj. U. Thurston,
amcs A. Block, Cher'kee Worka
lich. F. Siiiihoii, Pendleton,
os. A. Woodwurd, Winsboro',
i. D. Sims, Darlingtonc.li.
irmistcod Hurt, Wellington,
war. K. Holmes, Charlcutou,
I. Barnwell RlieU, Asliopon,
mdrew Johnson, Oreeuville,
ohn If. Croxier, Knoxvtlle,
I. L. W. Ilill,
leo. W.Joues, Fayetleville,
. II. Thomas,
1. P. ticntry, Franklin,
Yuxh. Uarnne, Nashville,
.ucien II. l.'luiae, C'larkesville,
'red. I'. Stanton, Memphis,
Wm. T. Haskell,
>avkl S. Kaufman, Lowe'a lorry, La
P. Pilabury, Brazoria,
Win. Umry% Bellows' Falls,
Jacob Collumcr, Woodstock,
Jeurge P. Marsh, Uiirliuj(toii(
,uciuw II. Pock, Montpeller,,
Lreliibald Atkinson, Smitldield,
lie hard K. Meade, Petersburg,
''h *V. Ftoumry, Halifax c. ti.
'h. S. Bocock, Appomatoxch.
Vtn. L. Hoggin, Liberty,
ohn M. Bolts, Richmond,
'h. H. Bayly, Accoinac c. h.
.. T. L. Heale, WesUnorl'd c h.
ohn 8. Peiulleton, Culpepper c. li. Seidell's,Pan v. bUa.4
lenry Bed I tiger. Charlestown,
antes McDowell, Lexington.
Vm. B. Preston, Chrlstiansburg,
ndmt 8. h\ilton, Wytheville,
ob. A. Ttiompson, Charlestown,.
ITm. U. Brown, Kiugwood,
ohn If Tireedy,
Corner 7th and If streets, Washington, I). C.,
lTOULD respectfully Inform their friends and the public
r? in general that they arc prepared to attend funerals ut
ie shortest notice.
Mr. Hxkvby's residence is on 8th street,4 doors above I
here he can be found all hours of^lie night.
oct 19?d3m* ?
~ ~ T. 8TRVKN RON ?B
h street, between F 4" G, directly east of the Patent Office.
The subscriber begs leave to return his thanks tgffk
to his f riends and ilie public generally for the iw
Ra, very liberal patrouage bestowed ou hint, and teMLn
aes ploasure in iniornting them that he has constant! y on
ind and daily baking PIE8, PI/DDI HUB and CAKES,
evejy description. Also, hot HOLL8 every morning ut
N. II.- Families supplied, and all orders attended to at
e shortest notice. oct 19?dim*
IKK. i.anmdale won hi reapec.uuiiy iniorni heiflriemls
and llio Ladies of Washington, that she has re mo vet I
the corner of Pennsylvania avenue ami 13lh street, t'Jd
?or,) where she will he happy to wait upon all who may
vor her with their patronage.
Thankful lor tlio many liivora of the punt she hopes, by
irtirular attention to Cutting, Kitting, ami making Dressg,
to merit a coutinuam e ol the same.
N. II. - Mm. I,, cau accommodate three or four Boarders,
net '21 -timd*
IAVINli associated themselves together under the
tirui of
r the puriKiaeof conducting the BOOT ABO 811 OK
:I'SlBKNMf In all lis various branches, would
ierelore most respectfully inform the citizens of this meopolis
that thejr have luld la a superior stock of French
id American CALF SKINS, with the very heat quality ol
puniih and Englilh BEND SOLE LEATHER, with a
uicral assortment of other materials, which they will manlac
lure into geiillemen'N dress ami other BOOTS In the
iry I?teat French and American styles. Also, materials
Lfor the splendid FRENCH OPERA BOOT. Being
mtislied that their experience in the practical operations
of their husiuesa give them a decided advantage
>?n most, if not all, who are now eugaged in this business
i this city, (hey hesitate uot therefore to invite cotnpelion?I
we meun po offence to the trade.]
We have on liaud a general assortment of gentleten's
dress BOOTS, at prices varying from g5 to %7. Aiso.
dies', misses', children's, aud boys', together witii all deriptions
of BOOTH At SHOES- in short, every thing that
kept in a well regululed Bool and Shoe Establishment;
I ol which will be disposed of on the most pleasing terms
Members of Congress, Iteada of Departments, citizens
id strangers who prefer euso ami elegance combined, are
>vtied logivo us a call.
South side Pa. avenue, 5 doom west of blh street,
oct'JB dtjunl' nearly op|N)sire Brown's Hotel.
Eighth Street, near the General Poet Office.
LTIIK SUBSCRIBER having enlarged Ida premises,
and doubled his torec, is determined to?glve even
greater satisfaction than heretofore in the MANIJFAC*
II lift of his
Substantial, and Comfortable
I would say to those wishing to be speedily supplied with
le above rare ami desirable article, thai they would do
ell to have their measure* recorded on my books. Those
ho wish ready made work will tlml the best stock ill the ,
lotoW mi titv mIi-Ivou Ii.it III.- iiiitnilnlilf iiulrul
Co i iff it km Bool*," together with every variety (for ladle*,
mtlerneli, and children,) of Water-proof and Cork-aole
oola and Shnea.
Motto Small profit*. quick aalea, and caah at the route
oct 8 -eSlf*
BNOW on hand, and conatantly receiving, a large
aaNortmeut of ladina' and gentlemen'* Boot* nml SIkmm,
ol the heat material nml wnrkmauahip.
Alao, all ktnda of work in my line of huaineaa made to
tier at the ahorleat notice, and warruuted to nult, or no wale
ilo not aell at 1(1 tier rent, below coat, hot wilt aril aa low
r caah an any other eatabliahtnent in the city
Call ami t xautine for yourtwif at the well known corner,
and llth atrrela. J. E. KOWI.KK
ocl8 eolm tiovH*
Library of CoMsreaa, ' /
October llth, 1847. \
JOTIO* la hereby given,that the Library of fV>ngre*a will
i bo cloned on Tuesday, the 'Jfith of October, and will not
rain be opened until Tburaday, the '?>th of November,
uct I'd?tod lm J01IN S. MEKUAN, Librarian.
To be bold at ?, on ww ? oay 01 ?, ad .
IlKi.ifitiatku at ?d"v- Anthony Colby, of New
London ; lluu. Ichuhod Goodwill, ol Portsmouth.
Substitutes -Ira Parley, of Concord; Thomas K. ganger,
ol Dover.
District No. 1-ClutflelW. Gutter, ol Portsmouth.
Substitute ?Oilman Manrtou, ol Barter.
District No. II?Gear** W. Neamilli,ot Franklin.
Substitute?Wilham Sawyer, Jr., ol Waketicld.
District No. II?Aaron P. Hughes, ol NashvilUSubstitute
Isaac Sturtevanl. of Kecur.
District No. IV?-Jonathan Kittredgc, of Cniiuun.
Substitute?Augustus V. Brewster, ?if Hanover.
Dklkoatbs at Labob.?Solomon root, ol Kutlami; II.
Everett, of Windsor.
Substitute* -A. L. Miner, of Manchester; Carlos C'oolidge,
of Wiiulaor.
District No. I?A. P. Lyman, of Beuuiiiglou.
Substitute A. L. Calltn, of Oryrti
District No. II?II. Cull a. of Hartlainl.
Substitute? Win. Ileburd, of Chelsea.
District No. Ill -II- E. Koyce, of Berkshire.
Substitute?U. 11. Stacy, of Burlington.
Diatrict No. IV?P. Baxter, of Derby.
Substitute -L. II. Delulio, of Hardwick.
Agency for obtaining Patnite for New Inveutloan
at waililugion.
WP. ELLIOT, lormerhr of the Patent Office, inform*
ilia lormer clients iimf ot hers, that hi* olficu may mil!
be found at the -sumo corner where it has been located lor
the I.ml thirty yearn, directly opposite (he Patent Ollke.
He hf prepared to execute with his accustomed accuracy
and promptness any business iu the line of his profession ?
such us furnishing information respecting the originality
and |Nitentiibihty of inventions, preparing papers und drawings
lor uppliculious for iwiteutx, caveats, dec.
To liiose unuciiuuiuteii with him, lie refers lo the following
testnnonial ol the Hon. Henry L. Ellsworth, late Commissioner
of Patents :
Patent oniee, Feb. 15, lftfi.
Mr. William P. Elliot, who has been formerly employed
ii> (he Patent Ollke as a Draughtsman, dec. having established
u Patent Agency in the city of Washington, I take
great pleasure iu recommending him us a gentleman worthy
of confidence, and as being particularly qunlilied to
take charge of uny business requiring a Knowledge or m?ctuinicnl
science, the progress of the arte, ami patent improvements.
Mr. Elliot hi also well acquainted with the
practice of this olllce. 1IENKV L. ELLSWORTH,
L'oininifwiom r of Parents.
W. P. Elliot Is also the author of llie plan of the new'
Patent Office building.
CO- Letters on business to be post-paid. ^
4 1-2 tired, Jive doors above Pa. avenue,
?V Performs all operations in the line of his
ZJ29 prolession. Artiiiciul Teeth inserted Irom
'(XTrOTHHkoue to a full wet, on gold,silver,or peladiutn.
^4.1 T.T f | am now prtjpaml to manufacture all kinds
of Teeth used?full sets with or without gums. Having the
advuiilage of manufacturing uiy own Teeth, I can nfl'ord to
insert thein much lower than any one in the District, nnd
with much greater certainty of their fitting the mouth properly.
as the Porcelain is filled to the model of the mouth
while iu a soli state.
I uin determined to do all of the above named work 25
per c.eut. lower than it is d?ne in this city.
Persons wishing Artiiiciul Teeth hud better give mcacnll.
lean refer them to some of our most distinguished citizens tor
whom 1 huve inserted full and parts of sets for, limy huviug
given me liberty to refer any one to them who may wish it.
oct 28?tim*
as|">'i-r\ A t?ar?l?Dr. McL'ONN ELI. returns his
JWhHbX. Hi,,cere thanks to his numerous friends and
UMlrons for the liberal encpu rage me ut tliey
Y..I r have given him in his protession us Surgeon
Deuliut, ami would respectfully state, iliut he has connected
himself will) Mr. THOS. J. VILLAKD, a gentleman every
way quulitied to give unbounded satisiuciion; so that the untncroiis
disappointments given by bis necessary absence In
attenduig lo other engagements will uot occur again, us he
or his partner will always be ou the spot,'and pledges himself
that all calls in his llhe as Dental Surgeon will be attended
to witli the leust possible delay.
Their uilicc Is opposite Jackson Hall, between4 I 2 uud
3d streets, on Pennsylvania avenue. Their charges in ull
cases will be moderate. oct lti- And"
"Rough and Ready" Line.
THIS subscriber la now running Ina omnibus uHough
and Jtrady" to and from the Alexandria steamboat and
Pennsylvania avenue, for the low fare of twblvk and a
hai.k oknth ! and hopes to jreceive the patronage of the
Travelling Public. Tue OmnibUM will leave the wharf on
th* arrival of the bouts, and will net down passengers at any
point they may desire,on or near Pennsylvania, between
Fuller's Hotel and the Capitol; and will leave the southwest
corner of the avenue and Gth aired, (opposite Coleman's) at
81*2 and 101-2, u. in., and 121-2, 212, ami -11-2, n. m., to
convey passengers to tlie bout. J. W. ELLIOTT.
N. It -Passengers lor Ihe Mail-boatran take the Omnibus
at 81-2, a. m.,aud will be called lor ul Coleman a and
Brown's. . oct 12?dly *
THE PROPRIETOR*} ol una Hotel have secured the uid
of Mr. Orouoh W. VaLLori aa their gcucralageut in retitling
and hereafter conducting I ho eatabhahnient.
He la authorized to uel iu every mallei relating thereto,
in purchasing and makiug all uinl every contractor engagement
necessary lor conducting the business, uh hilly us the
proprielora theinaclvea could do, and alt the transactions of
the house iniimI be through him alone.
The house, having heen enlarged, thoroughly repaired,
and refurnished, will be opened on the 15th of October.
Having secured the services of Mr. R. R. Thompson as
caterer, (formerly of Coleman's,) tltey trust to reuiler the
house every way wurthy of-patronage.
oct 8?1 m*
H. EDDY(i/iEpj&^iiSS^.P Avenue
Raft of S^BSgr Coleman's
Old Eyes n&ufte Young, Weak Eyes made
If there is any confidence to be placed in
y J t the opiniou ol all the most scientific gentlemeii
in our country Paine'a Perifocal or Parabolic
SPECTACLES are the greatest helps (o the human vision
ever iu vented. The subscriber lias just received a full simply
of them direct from the works, and haw them for sale
at his old stand, a few doors east ol CWrowri'*, on- Pennsylvania
avenue, Wnshingiou city, who is the sole Agent lor
the manufacturer. Then* is n spurious article in the hands
of (ault-fiuders; bewure of them asyou value your eyesight.
F\>r .Sto/e?A few gold hunting WATCHES of superior
style. Gold, English, and other Lever Watches, with a
genteel assortment of Jewelry,
oct 8?illy' STEPHEN E1)I?V
f China, Glass, Earthen-Ware, Britannia-Ware,
Nolar Oil A. Lard Lumps, Ae.
Wholesale and retail, opjHisile Brown's Hotel, Peniisyivuiua
T. PIIRSELL anxious to reduce his extensive stock ofthe
above articles, will sell at reduced prices lor CASH lie
solicits a call from his frieuds and the public generally, al
Ids Store and Warehouse, Pennsylvania Avenue.
octS?412m* THUS. PIIRSELL.
The Greatest Newspaper Depot in the
United States!
There are over four thousand Ave hundred
Newspaper* received daftly at the Hi ore sol
Brooke, Hhtlltngton Ac Co* We will name a
few of them i
New York Herald.
New York Tribune.
Baltimore Sun.
New York "lieraid; New Yorle Trltriinc; Baltimore Sun;
Saturday Courier, Post, Dollar Newspaper, Nest's Musette,
Philadelphia; Yamtee Doodle, Emporium, New World. Age,
Spirit ul the Tunes, Home Journal, Pohcu Musette, Flag ?>l
itio Free, Yankee, Uncle Sam, New York; Yankee Blad?-,
Living Ago, Flog of our Union, Host on ; Western Coiilhieut,
tiaaeUe ul uur Union, Baltimore; London Pictorial News,
l'irlorial Times ami Punch.
Union Magazine; Uruham's Magazine; Ciodey's Lady's
liuok; Nalioual Magazine; CulumbtanMagazine; The Play
mate (lor Children:) Brother Joualhan; Chamber ? Miscellany.
Any one of the utwve mentioned Papersund Periodicals
will be delivered to Subscribers iu any purl of the
We liavo on linnd. also; all the No*. of Harper's Library
of Select Novels; Wiley ami PuUism's Library of "Books
which are Upoka;" PreecoU's Conquest ol Peril; Napoleon
mid his Marshals, by llendley; Washington ami his ileuer
uls, by Headley; the same by Lipoara; The Hoys Library
of Sports and Amusements; The Court of Louis XIV, by
Miss Pardoe; Men, Women and llooks by Leigh Hunt; A
splendid edition of the Arabian Night* and Robinson
Crusoe, Typee and Onisi by Herman Melville; Envelope,
faucy and plain; Waters, plain, transparent, and motto;
Pens of every description. In fact everything in the Book
und Stationery line.
Corner of Penn. Avenue, and 4141 street, and comer Peiiu.
Ave , Mid 15th streetoct
' I ill Is Subscribers having received irom the North their
*- Fall and Winter good*, consisting in part of Cloths, Cusaimercn,
and V?*iiiimn, have now on luniU.uiid are constantly
maiiulacturing, alt kinds of Ready-made Clothing, which
they will sell at such prices us cannot fail to please all who
may favor them with a call. They Uavu on hand a large assortment
oi Shirt* ol the luteal style, Dressing Kobe*, Draw
era, Stocks, Cravafu, Umbrellas, Hosiery, (llovcs, Ac.; Perfumery,
Soups, Sliavmg Cream, Combs, Brushes, uml Razor*,
Ac., Ac.
received a lot of Fancy Coods. suitable for presents.
CO- W. have just received a lew flue Bead Reticules; I
Atom?Pearl uml Siiell Cant Caw*, uml a lot of llutlerlly
Combs, of lata siyIn, wlocb we offer low for rash,
oct H?I in' P. BRENNER A SON.
DR. PCIIWARTZK'8 Compound Lx tract of flamptirilla,
for the cure of nil eru|Hlve diseases, bronchitis, rheum v
linm, scrofula, ami general debility.
Dr. Schwann*** Chrono Thermal Ague Pills, warranted
to cure iu 8 hours.
Dr. Schwartr.e'a Unrivalled Vermifuge.
Dr. Martin'* celebrated Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry,
lor the cure of coughs, culda, consumptions, mid diseases
rl the cheat generally.
Dr. Hweetter'a Panacea, for the cure of arrnfuln hi all its
forma, disease* of the akin, dropay, and all affection* of the
bladder and kidney*.
Dr. Amah's Italian Panares, lor Die cure of all bilious
disorders, dyaeutery, dyspepsia, ami all dlae?Hea dependent
on corrupt humor*.
Also, Hwoim'? long celebrated Panacea, and all other
remedies ol modem improvement.
Jtl- Kor aale at Dr. SchwartM'a Apothecary Store, Pennsylvania
aveuue. near 3d street.
Oc IB?Jaw lot*
Washington City, D. C.
Pr other* inlltr. Hcpukmh Covin of the Unilrd Stairs, ton I
in the Court* of Murylttiitl, Vii/finia% ami lite Dint rid of
Columbia, and'
ror jH-r.onu httring tnwintu* with <'ungre*ti^ the War, I'l ttuu- |
ury, ft a cy, wul Genera! Pusl (tjh? r Depart intuit,
(he Gena at Land Office, pension Offiec, Office .
of Indian Affair4, Patent Office, 4-c , fcoct
Saddle, Ham?M??nd Trunk KaUblUhuicul.
South-nut turner of Sere nth ami E vitrei*, uyjiostlt Hit
General Post Office,
wahhinoton citv, n. c.
Tile Undersigned huving been reformed olit n(
LMA office, in which lie liuil uulortmiutcly, for himHeir,
permitted tln?i*e who wanted Iiih political
iuiliieiicc to place In 111 ^ mo long an It suited their interest, bus
reMUiiicil liitf old ' profession'7 at the above place, where he
kecjM uo hand u#tfiil.ir assortment of urticie*in hit* line,
and where he in also, at all time*, prepared to execute on tern
in the beat, cheap* wt and moMl expeditious manner.
United States Military (loth Dressing and
Dying Establishment,
S~ OUT1I aide I?ruu?yIvaniu avenue,(the first Establishment
East of Coleman's Hotel.) where SILK, ML HI ft O, and
all kimla of STRA W OONNETS act dyed in the neateat
Ai.hu -All kind* of WE A RING APPAREL cleansed,
color* d and repaired in 11.? best style uiidat reduced prKM.
oct Id?d!y'
STEVENS, (late Fish f Co.,) No 1 BROWN'S.HOTEL.
I1ATS!!! of the ueweat fashions, and of an- II
|? superior elegance, tsitli in ffniah, shape, and
and C A SSI ME RE.
Of every variety of aluipc ami material lor Gentlemen'*,
Yoiilha ami Children ; also, for the Army uud Navy.
The largest and moat varied aosortmeut of elegant Wardrobe
and Toilet article* to be found in the city, vix: Scar I*,
Cravats, Glove*, Suspenders, Robes-dechaiubrr, Perfumery,
Cone*, Umbrella*. Stocki, kc., lie., Ac.
Of Goodyear'* Manufacture, every article made from Indian
Rubber on hand, or procured at two or three day* notice.
My STOCK ii< complete in every department ol" GOODS
of the beat quality and ueweat atyle, always to be found on
'my ahelvca.
Gentlemen are politely invited to call.?Good* freely
hIiowii, aud price* reaaonable. STEVENS,
oct ft?tf Late Fish A Co.
Yard- Lentil'* Wharf, near the Long Bridge. Office -L.
E. MiihHolcitt'H Drug Store, south side PcmiMyIvaniu avenue,
between l 1-2 aud btii street*.
LCjr- Dealer* and other* cun lie aupplied with Oulltr Coal,
by the cargo *ir olherwiae. oct S? tl
F. UDItiiUU,
IVEAI.EIl in Tobacco, Cigar*, and SuuIT, Wholeaale and
1/ Retail, 12th *truct, between G aud Ji.
ocbf?-1 m nov8*
JOSEPH II. NEVETT, Pen nay I va. avenue, oppuaite Wil
lard'* (late Puller'*) hotel, tiua received, au<l in niumiiacluriiig,
a large and complete assortment of Stove* aud
Gral<* ol the moat uppruved modern pattern*, warrunlcd
to druw well and not break trmn heat: they will be aold ut
a* low price* uh lliey can be bought In the Diatrict.
A neat and beautiful variety, tiuinhed iu the heat manner,
uml are arranged to burn either Anthrucite or Cumberland
coal: very cheap, with lire-brick jam* and back*.
From the North Hirer Pni iuwcs; the b**t coating* in the
city ; warranted to hake well, uml roinuime but little fuel:
will burn either wood or cool, uml extremely low priced.
A great variety ; consisting of Hull, Church, New Style Radiator,
uud other Purlor Stove*: Cylinder* uud Saiamaudcra,
lor office*, workshop*, dec.
A new and Ntiperb style of Parlor Wood Stoves; including
richly curved rust air-tight*. Very cheap aud houdaome
Air tight* fbr chambeiM.
For wood or coal.-TKN-pt.Ai Ks, Box Stove*, Dining-room
Oven Stoves; an economical uml very convenient atove.
Will cook for several hundred people, ami the boat kind
* now in uae. I con refer to *ome ol the best llotula In the
country that have them in use.
Made expressly for their use: very convenient and economical.
The trade are invited to call and see them.
Put up lit Northern prices, wim or vyiuioiji not water hacks.
All kinds of PLimailfO ill connection with the abovsmi
Jialhing fixtures and Pumps put up iu the best maimer.
Always on Hand,
Coal-hods, Fire-carriers, Cinder-shovels, Stove-pipe, Firebrick,
Mica orlsiuglass, lor stove doors; Lustre, lor cleaning
stoves; Pols, Ovens, Skillets, Tea-kettles, Plain and
Jupauned Tin Waref and every oilier article ol Tin, Cophsh,
or Shkbt-ikon, made to order in the most workmanlike
VlM A large and beautiful assortment of Ilritunuia Ware;
nfl II lock-tin Jelly and Blauc-mange Puikhng-nioiihis;
mm Ire-cream Freezers and Buckets.
Purchasers are requested to call and examine my stock,
generally, before purchasing, and they will tlud their time
will not be lost.
Radiator and other Stoves rvlined and repaired with
Hooting, Gutter and Spouting, for buildings, und all repairs
iu uiy line promptly aUeudcd to.
| oct 8 -eotf * ^
Jh F. Y. NA YLOR, South side of Pa. avenue, between
3d and 4 1-2 stw, would iiilorm his customers and the
JkM public generally, that he hasjust received a large as^^Csortmentol'Slovt'i
of the newest and most approved
patterns, including Stanley's CAST IKON RADIATOR, or
COAL BURNERS. which he will sell together with Firehoards
und Sum -pipe at the lowest prices lor cash.
lie also keeps constantly on hujid a general assortment of
Tin and Sheet-iron Ware, to which he Invites the afteutiou
ot housekeepersHe
kIill contiuues t* do Rooting, Gultering, and Spouting,
and Sheet iron und Copper Work generally, and at the
shortest notice, and on the most reasonable terms.
Persons wishing to purchase will do well to call lUid ex
amine his stuck he lore they supply themselves.
His A In re will be open from sunrise until tt o'clock, P. M
isrt 8?tf
MRS. DAK RET ANDERSON lum six or seven conilortable
and well furnished rooms to rental a moderule
rate. Single gtiitlemeu will be preferred, as
boarding cannot be served. Mrs. A. can furnish them with
break last slid ten if required,
oct8 If
Cabinet, Chair, and Sofa Manufacturer and
? ii L THE subscriber begs leave to return
fijfe^^^fejMr^khls thanks to his friends und tin
^NM^HH^Kpuhlie generally lor the very liberal
iron age which they have bestowed oil
him, and wouui respectfully inform them that he has
mi hand a general assortment of Cabinet Furniture, which
he will sell very cheap for cash, or u/^rnvrrt pajtrr. He is
cuiisliuilly manufacturing all kinds oi Furniture of the latest
style and most approved pattern, such as Mahogany
Dressing Bureaus
" Spring-seal Sofas
lv-r.Mi.ti.ttM.jim.lv.. v -i.n.1 n
44 Card, ceutre, and (lilting Tables
44 Wardrobes
41 Bc.lHlca.lH
An.l, in fact, every thing usually found in u cabinet wareUNDERTAKING.
lie iw also prepared to allcitd luiieruis at the shortest noline
uiul on the most liberal terms: aud lie in confident thai
Irom l.ie long experience in aitcnuing funerals, that he will
give entire satis/action to those who inay Jlavor him with
their patronage. JOHN I 'ONMH.I.V.
oct 6 6mdXpril8* 7lli Hired, between II ami I.
Thank Ail for small Jobi and grateful for
large ones*
117 HURON, 1'aiuter, Pennslyvauia avenue, between Oth
If * and lUth Hireel, south Hide, begs leave to inlorm the
public, that he is prepared to execute the Painting liusiitr
sri, in all its vuriouti branches, such an House.* y 'Signs,
Bannerb} Tratutparencte*, /Vre-atercrmr, Grattuttg, Pujtr.rVarnishing,
una Uluting; which will be altemied (o in
auy purl oi the city, without delay. lie rcspectluliy solicits
a share of public patronage, and Iio(m-m to merit it by good
work, close utlenilou to busiuesfs and reasonable charger,.
He ih confident that he can work at prices low enough to
make it to the interest of all to give lnm a cull.
N. B. 1 am prepared to executo all kinds of plain und
ornamented Juponinng, Unitizing and (Hiding, both in ,
wood and metal; also, that beautiful finish, Die WMTK
octB lint"
iEBmSSs 5 SSPSi?
iiKVluil.TA.CO . (successors of S. Iloluus.) 7th street.
lj opposite Puiriotic Hank, are receiviug u fresh stock,
comprising Teas, Collie, Sugurs, Molasses, Woolaey's Sirup.
.Cliet he, Spleen, xroiiittl uuti niigmuml; Candies, (Nhoh
Shell*, Hop*, Kite, Catsups, lkickIts, Lime*, OlivtH, Cmjmtk,
Cherries, Damson*, Peaches, QdHicet, Sardines, Jellies,
English, French, ami American Mustard; Day Hum, Pi p
r r Sauce, Hikers, Ritchie's, Hall's, ami Pari lion 's Cocoa,
igant, Tobacco, Murcaroui, Vermicelli, Mace, ami a geneml
amurlmeiit of nil articles usually kepi in a grocery store. k
Mko, on hand, s choice article of Orange county Bum r.
net B-lnuI *
General Agency at Washington, l>. O.
1.1 SAMUKI. HTKTTINIUtt, iimeral Agent, Notary . A
klkV*uM'ri *if tf>r. iVocf, tjv respectfully informs Ilk
the Volunteers mid the United Stairs Regulars, and Ey
HlL?tlie representatives of the deceased Soldiers, that lie JUL
is prepared to timh-rlukft the settlement of their Claims with
the Departments at Washington. He will prm-iire Bounty,
Land warrants,Treasury Scrip, Pensions lor the WoiuuUd,
Pensions due Widows mid I irphnns of the deceaacd Soldiers,
Arrearages of |?ay lor services rendered, Milage, or any
other Claim or Claims against the General Government,
that may be confided to Ins management, will be speedily
attended to.
His terms are moderate
lie can he consulted at any time between the hours of 3
o'clock, a. m., and 6 o'clock, p. m.,at his ofdos on Fifteenth
street, opposite the Treasury Department
I uct tt-intl a?8
' '
H AKt>W All K ASIO 1'tW.KHY.
'IMlfe! Subscriber i* just rorriviu^ In* l-'all *upply ofgoods,
1 which lit- ih dele nniued to hi II on a* good term* ax Ihey t
can he lutd iu the Dial rut lie solicit* u call troni House- I
keeper*. Ilttilder*, an.I others, who may want guod* in hi*
line, I if lore pun haul in; >
Sinjtle ami double-barrel Fowling piece*
Single ami aix-barrel Revolving piatol*
Shot bag*, Powder husk* and horns
fcnglish and French P*r?u**iou cap*
(Juu hs-ka, (Meaning risla, A't rcuaaiou tube*, Ac.
II"ifi r*'rt complete wet* Ivory table cutlery
Ivory, buck, Inhic, and roc on knivc* and tork*
Ivory dining und dessert knives, (separate)
Carver's and Steel'* butcher*', .cook*', ami oyster v
knivc* >
IInip-r* A WoHtcuholnr* pocket cutlery and HClranra u
Wade A lluiclier'*, and Roger*'* razors , \
Superior silver plated deasirt and dining tork* 1
Superior silver plated ?alt, lea, dessert, aud table m
*poou* j
Herman silver spoons, ladles, und butler knivc* y
Britannia tea and lublv spoons, and ladles J(
Curtain baml*. elusp* ami pius ? (
I Shovels ami tonus, ami n ml irons I
I t.'amllealicka, sun tiers, ami trays
Itr.iN* aud broir/.ctl stair rod* ami eve*
Tea trays, waiter*, sillers, foflVr-niill* 1
Ten-ktUle*, sauce pan*, oven* ami pot*
liell-mebtl ami eiminelied pren? r\ lute kettle*
Iron lurnarew, coal hod* ami *hovel*
Wmsl mwi and frames, aud Innulled axes
Japanned, Britannia, and brass spittoons I
Water and wnrtle-irons, sad iron*
Hal *nd mouse trap*, cleaver*, hake-pan*
Mim e knives and choppers, lantern*
A general assortment of Cariientcr'* tools - < I
Speqr A Jackson's suuli, tenon, panuel, and hand saw* t
Butcher'* circular, mms-cui, and mill-saw* I
Ivory ami box-wood rules, eompa**e* ,
Iron aud Hteel-bluile square* aiul bevila I
| Screw-driver*, auger*, giniblri*, < hi*el handle* ,
> Firmer, mortiwe, socket, and turning cIiImcI* & gouge*
Hammers, hatchets, axes and udxes
Iron braces, ami extra brace ami miner I>U(h
Spirit levels, plumb ami level*, tape measures
Drawing-knives, spoke-shaves
Lathing hatchets, tack hammers
Carpenter's patent knob-harks, fi, 0, 7, 8 inch
Mineral knob, cottage, ami mortise locks ami latches!
Slock, dowel. eupboariJ, cheat, pail, till, trunk, bag, <Sc
valise locks
Loose joint, butt, ami Parliament hinges, 'J to ft Inches
Table, client, 111., ami strap hinges 1
44 Palmer's" patent wiudow-bliud hinges
New England Co.'s screws, 3-8 to -1 inches
Turn buckles fur brick ami frame houses
j Shutter screws, stubbs ami litis
I Axle and screw pulleys, ami sash cord
Koliling-door, and barrel bolts and latches
bricklayers and plasterers' trowels
| Dusting, sweeping, and while-wash brushes
Pins, ueedlcs, combs, buttons, kiiitliug-pius
JewshnrpH, thimbles, hooks and eyes, fish-hooks '
Shaving boxes, rax or straps
KM) gross Donnelly's and Uolsli's matches
Slates and pencils, steel pens and holders
buckles, smooth-filed, japanned, and plated
Hauics, pud hooks, tercels, swivels
bridle-hits, spurs and stirrups
Curringc hubtiumls, handles and bolts
Curtain frames, stump joints ami locks
Imlis rubber cloth, atul patent leather
Rowland's ellptic carriage springs
brass trunk nails, iron clout nulls
Curry-combs, horse curds and brushes
VVagoii and carryall boxes
Carpet-bag frames and locks, tinned rivets and burrs
Cut, wrought, aud horse-shoe nails
Screw-plates, and slocks, aud dies
| Sofa springs, hut and coat hooks
I Music-stool screws, iron ami brass-wheel castors
Lacc tacks, brass and iron tacks ami sprigs
| Mahogany knobs, bed-screws
Sand-paper and glue, iron, brass, and copper wire
Patent balances, counter scales
Spring balam.es with dish, tin scales, and weights
American und English blister and cast steel
Option, wool, and Imrse curds
l.oug ami short-handle spades, shovels and lurks]
Trace, halter, back, ox, and dog chains
Grindstones, cranks, ami friction rollers
Davis, aud Miuor, and llortou a ploughs & castings.
# Al.SO?
Fairbanks^Patent burning Fluid aud Lamps, a new and
beautiful article, superior to pine oil or cumphinc; giving a
line light, and reipuring no renewal of wick,
oct 8? tmd*
Table and Pocket Cutlery, best Silver Plated
Forks, Spoons, &c.,
THE SUBSCRIBER lina just received from the North, u
large and well assorted STOCK of HOUSEKEEPING
Articles, consisting.in part, of the following:
Rodger* tine ami low priced Knives and Forks in ncls of 51 pa.
do 44 44 44 44 by the dozen,
do 44 44 44 without Forks. ]
buck, Boue and Ebony 44 44 by the iloftcu. ,
Carvers, Fork and Steels. i
Very Sujxrior Silver Plated Table and Dessert Forks.
44 44 44 44 *4 Tea aud Dessert Spoons,
Itrslgers and Wostenholms, 4 8 Blade Congress and other
Knives, Razors, Scissors dec.
Candlesticks, Snuffers and Trays, Curtaiu bands aud Pius,
Andirons, Shovels and Tongs, Fenders,
Stair Rods and Eyes, Frying Pans, Waffle Irons,
brass lll-itauniu and Japan Spittoons,
| Coal Hods and Sifters.
Waiters, in seta, and detached, brushes, Sifters,
Tea Kettles, Sad Irons, basting and other Spoons,
Aud indeed, almost every article in the HOUSEKEEPING
LINE, for sale on the most accommodating terms.
The attention of Housekeepers aud others, iu Want of any
of the above GOODS, is most respectfully solicited.
Sign of tlie Golden Saw. Penn. Avenue, South Hide, near
iith atreet. Oct 8-lhw4w
(Rod, ville Journal 5w, am! Marl!?oro' Gu/.etn-, tJw.
#JHrs. Uarret Andervou'ii
Store, Pennsylvania avenue, between
11th ami 12th streets, ih in receipt tv |f | | |!
ery few days of all the new Music puniislud ill tin.
tinned States, and lailhlully attends to all orders lor Music
and Musical instruments ot every description. Site is supplied
with Pianos from various manufactories, and sens
i hem at the muiiufucluriug prices. Old Pianos taken in
part payment tor new.
Persona wishing to purchase Harps, can select their |>attcrn
at the store ot Mrs. A. and receive them at the inunulac
turn's price free of expense.
mjatafrfm MRS. ANDERSON keeps a general assort
meat ol Staple and l ancy Stationery. (
Fancy Articles and Hooks, u large assortyflMUr
meni ol Classical and School llooks of
every description in use lu the District? .
Also a handsome collection ol Bibles and Prayer Books?
also of ChildreuB Books, suitable lor presents.
Fancy Articles aud Perfumery? A great variety of Snuff,
Tobacco, and Segnrs of the best quality. <
octHlf* ?
WiTklw THE Subscriber has for sale 11 copies of i
? H New Work entitled M< KENNE V S MK '
DIANS.? 1 his work is gotten up in the handsomest man tier,
is written in a concise and phasing style, and contains \
facts which cannot fail to be most interesting to every reader.
The patronage of the Reading Public is most respectfully
solicited JOHN W BUONAUGH.
General Agent, Bridge street, Georgetown, D. V t
octS lin*
HAVE removed Uieir DA UlJKRMAN UALLERY to [
the. DuuoN, corner of 4 I -'J street und Peuusylvuuiu ,
avenue, and have,at considerable exp? use, put in a skylight |
which will enable them to furnish pictures not surpassed in ,
this or any other country. Pictures taken m any kind oi f
weather- -clear, cloudy, or raining. oct S?dtl
Marble Mantles, Monuments, Tombs, &c.
'1MIE SUBSCRIBER has tor sale Plain and Gothic, Egyp .
1 tinn, Italian Vein, and Black MANTLES; which will uc
sold low tor CASH.
Marble Counter und Table Tops to order. <
Also, on hand u large MARBLE MONUMENT of l?cuuli- J
lul design and Unish, will be Moid low. j
Window Heads and Sills, Steps and Marble Work ill
Geuerui, executed tu the best manner and on reasonable
Peisous are respectfully Invited to give me a call. !
Al.EX'K. ltCTliEIlfOKD, ,
Marble Vurd, near the corner of 11th street, on Peun. Ave. ,
South side. ocl 8?eodlnt" v
JOHN PETTIHONK is receiving daily his supply of the
above article ot various kinds, together with me celebrated
BUTLER COAL which he has had the pleasure ill
introducing into this market, and which has been so highly
recommended by those who have used it, suitable lor Kler- .
nan's Ranges, Rail tutors, Ac. 1
Clover lliii Coal, an excellent article of Bituminous
(Lump Coal) thought to ho equal if not superior to the \u- v
riotis Kinds heretofore used in our city. al
- Orders received at the yard on Leuox'u Wliurt, near the
Long Bridge, and at las oltice, L. E. Mubsoletti's drug store,
south side Pa. avenue, between *11 J and blh streets, or st J
rfww r. v?iiw ?. " " . |
MISS M. Iv WILSON, having permanently located ill
Wnnhinglon, otterw her aervicieto On- lathi-nan* lanhloiutblc
drraa maker An experience of tea yearn iu it (ami- b
unable community juMiiicn Iter in thinking aue can five nut- '
iafactioli to all.
Her facilities lor receiving the latent fnshioun ami fumudn
iug trimming* are tunpb .
. South mile ol I'cmiHy IvMiiia Avenue, between 9th and lUtb .
Mtreeta, aectint I atory oi J. It- Illll'a Variety Storeuclfr-itlwmowp'
Notice to llarinei1*
JUVW The recent Survey ol the Entrain e to MOltlLE
BAY, by Lieut, Coni.^HVTaiternou, I). S. IS.,
AMthwiu III the Coaal Survey, ymwn thai the lie at water 111 1
croaailig the bat ia now to be tduhd by bunging Sand Inland
Light-holier to bear N. 19 degfite W., (true,) N. 2b degreta i
\V , (by compnne,) about a nhip4* length to the wt-alwurtl of ,
(he rant end ol llau|>hiu lalund winmih, and ruumiig lor It. j
Thin court# carries 'JUJ-4 leet over the lmr at mean low j
Water. Tt??- bar deepen* gradually on the imude, ami rain
til y to a fathom on the aide toward* the aeu.
act 16?tltf A. D. HA ('HE, Sup't U. S. Count Survey.
JUST received 1.601) poumle of Alum, for nale by
Drug ami Apoth , corner 7th atreet, ami Tenn. Avenue,
ori H--law'4M*
JUKI' received u auperior article of VAKNISII, computed
iu part of
Coach Vnruinh,
No. 1 Furniture do
44 2 do do
Scraping tin
Japan do
For w\lo in five gaMmi tins l>v C1IA8. STOTT,
l>ru* and AuoUi, corner ?th ntrect and Penn. Avenue,
uct g?law'46' /
CKH.--Tlito paper iw about lo be enlarged to t xut ily
wice itH present size, ami will then consist ol eight f??ho pa
[t8. instead of Jour, us now ami brrrtolbre.
This enlargement will begin with (he first uuuibtr Issued
ifter the end of the mouth of June.
The subscription to the paper per year will be, after (lie
irst day of July eusuing, three dollars per annum ; being
u advuuee, mm will be perceived, less by ..n? liail (nail tin:
iirreaM ol coot of publication caused by the enlargement.
For the long sessions of Congress (averuging eight months.)
he price will be two dollurtt; tor the short sessions one do*
ar per copy.
A reduction of an per cent, (or one filth of the full charge)
will he made to any one who shall order and pay lor, at one
ime, Ave copies ol tins weekly paper; and a Ake reduction
.l i'i per ceiti. (or oue-lburth ol tiie lull charge) i<. any one
vho will order aud pay lor, at any one lime, ten or more
iio in rutinbeing kept for thia paper, it will not be lor
vardni lo any one unkaa paid lor in advance, nor sent any
miger than the time for which it la so paid lor.
vill continue to be putiliolieii, us usual, at Ten Dollars j" r
ear, with this addiliou to its value to subscriber*, that u
louhle sheet (eight pages of tiie present size, instead of lour)
vill he thrown otl'wheuever the preaeuf public Document ,
Proceedings, and Debates iu Congress, or of Advertisem* m
hail n quire it,
vill aiao coutiuue to l>e published, us heretofore. With this
uldition also to its value, that a double sheet will be thrown
>tf, probably as often as once a week during the session of j
Joiigress, and at other times occasionally, whenever the
tress of mutter aliall, as stated ffl regard to the Daily pu|?er, >
ustily the publishers in incurring that additional expeuuj
out IU- tr ___________ , j
Cougresgional tilobe and Appendix.
WE issue thia Prospectus to apprise the pyblic of rruewed
preparations ou our purt to publish the Cumuukssionai.
ifi.osK and Ahi'kndu for Uic approaching session,
liid to invite suhm'iiptioiis. The two Houses liaving*011
I rue ted with lis tor the work, ou such terms us enables us ' ,
uotr to muke complete reports, to multiply and issue the numbers
in quicker eucgeeeltm titan herttalorv, and without m
r.reusing tiio price to subscribers, w? iiope to make a good '
return lor the liberality and high official sanction thus he
stowed on tiie publication. We shall increase uie volume
nt least one-third beyond the ordinury bulk, and endemvt*
to add to it* usefulness by extending null further its laigc
circulation. ,-j
This last is not the least important point in ^he view ,?i J,
CoftgVMNi. Fuitlilul uiul dill aide re|H>rts ot die debutes ol the
body ore of value ill proportion to the extent of their circulation
among the people. It is in tiiis way that Congress is 1
brought into die presence of it* remote constituents: that it
obtains eusy access and holds communication witii them
Irom day to day, and renders the Government really reprv- { '
Having received from all parties in Congress lite strong* si !
marks of approbation ami confidence, in the liberal meuns
and permanent contract voted to continue Lbe work, we shall
not be Idund wanting in the impartiality and industry uccts- (
sary to the due fuluiinent of the engagement on our part.
The next session will task to the utmost the lurst efforts of
those connected with the undertaking. It will he dit.nn
guisheil by discussions oi exiruoruiuary ini?n?i aim n wim
id tihidiug concern. The wur, it* origin, mid conduct by oi
licer* iu the cabinet and iu the field, will luruish object* of
profound inquiry and consideration. The Urm* oi peace,
ihc disposition tobr made of conquests, lb* consequences to
be drawn I rum all that ha* been done, a* affecting parti** in
thin country, ami especially n* beariiiK on the approaching
Presidential election, will opeu Up novel and powerfully opt
rating discussions, rendering the council* at Washington
iluring Die next year a* pregnant uf good or evil to this continent
a* I how: of Home were to the old world in the day* ol
her early energy- .Such a Held lor deliberation mid action
was never presented to any previous Congress. Ail that ha*
transpired or may hereafter transpire belore tiie close of the ,
approarhiiig *e**ion ol Congress, in New Mexico, California,
iu the capital of Mexico and the province* Will dependent on
it, will come under the consideration of die next Congress.
It* debate* will contain the history of the wur, and it* action
determine ila results, whether lliey be decided by arm* or
diplomacy. And whatever is developed concerning this I
vast and interesting matter on the floor of Congress or in tiie j
Executive messages, will be louud recorded in the CougrcskioiiuI
Globe and Appendix.
The Congreseionaf Globe ie made up of die daily proceedings
of the two House* of Congress, and printed on supertine
double royal paper, with smalt type, (brevier and tionparei),)
iu quarto Ibrm, each number containing lti royal
quarto pages. The speeches ol tiie members, iu Huh hist ' '
lorm, ure condensed- the full report of mi? orepared sptt dies
being reserved lor tiie Appendix. An res dutious, motions,
ami other proceedings are given in ins form of the Journals, ,
with the yea* and nnv* on every imp ?roiat question.
Every member will liave an oppv.OSity to read hi* remarks
before they are pill to pre**, >ij alter our report If
he shall think it incorrect. f
The Appendix is made up of the President's Annual Message,
the Report* of the principal officers of tiie Government ;
that accompany it, and all Speeches of Member* of Congress
written out or revised by tlieuiselvts. It is printed in the
same form a* the Congressional Globe, and usually mukt-s
about the, same number ol (uiges during a session.
During the lirsl month or six weeks of a session, there is
rarely more business done than will make two numbers a
week--one of the Congressional Globe and one of the Appendix;
but duriiig the r< niaiiider of the session, there is
usually sufficient matter tor two or three numbers of each
unit every week. The uext session will be unusually interesting
; therefore, we calculate thai the Congressional Globe
and Appeudkx together will make uear il,UOU large quarto
pages, printed in small type?brevier and nonpareil. We
. furnish complete Indexes to both at the end ol a session. r
We will endeavor to print a sufficient number of surplus
copies to supply all that may be miscarried or lost in the
inuils; but subscribe.!*should be very particular to Ate their t
I papers carefully, for tear that we should not be able to supply
all the lost numbers.
We have a few surplus copies of the Congressional Globe
for the last amnion of Congress, which we will soli lor the
original subscription price?#J acopy. Wc have no surplus
copies of the Appendix for that session.
For one copy of the Congressional Globe ? #i! 00
For one copy ol (lie Ap|?eiuiix 2 00
For six copies ol either, or part of both - 14) Ut
Proprietors ol newspapers who copy this .Prospectus h lore
the first day of December, and send us one copy oi their
paper couiaiiiiug it, murked around with n pen. to direct our
uin utiou to it, shall have their mums entered on our books
.lbs one copy of the Congressional Globe aud Appendix duriug
the session. '
Our prices for these papers are so low that we cannot af- '
ford to credit thcui out; therefore no person need consume
time in writing lor them unless the money accompaun ?the
Subscriptions should he here by the 16lh December, at
lortlitst, to ensure ail the numbers.
....... ^ Ml.AIR it. RIVES.
Washington, October 4, 1817.. -Oct. 16 to Die. *
lusidc Veiiltlmu Window JJUnd..
Otaltr urn/ Muiiu/acturrr oj Inside Vrnitian Window
Blind*, south side i'nuisyltnnia amine, between .
IUU and 10lit streets, Washington.
HLINDBol' all sixes and styles turuislied to order. Split
i> Blinds, plain and painted, of ail Bir.es. j
Brass fixtures mid trimmings I urn mind.
Linen and transparent Curtains put up hi die best style. ;
Fire-screens and wide paper lor efirtaiu*, very cheap. <
All work done ou reasonable terms, and with prompt- I
N. B. Old Blinds repaired and repainted,
oct 8 4td OctlB'
Ill ST received a large assortment of Lumps, consisting o.
Lunl, Sperm. Solar, aiul Pino Oil for storm, and parlor*,
iiol hotel*. Pairbank's Horning Fluid Lamp*. A coniLint
supply oSfYtsh Pine Oil. Pure, Sperm, Lard and So*
?r Oils, Wickc, Glasses, tor all kiuds pi Lump*. 1'inc Oil
Lumjm cleaned und repaired by
' o. winrn.KSKv.
oct8?linnqvH (J street, Todd's Building*.
Cellar's Patent Japan LiquidPaste
rllK undersigned begs leave to call the attention of Iliosri
desirous 01 using a goo*I article of Blacking, to the
iliovenaoted. The Manuiaelurer, knowing tlie excellent
irojwrties ol this Ulnckiug, sent suinplcs to various person*
such n* Hoot Mukeia, Ac.) also to several ot the ntwspa era.
The extracts underheath are troui sumeoi the (taper*:
I icy npcuk lor themselves; ulsu several persona w ho Into
i have called and said that the Japan Lipoid Blacking was
lupcrior to uny thing they hud ever used.
Welter's Patent Japan /Hacking in the uainc of nu excelrut
article; we have ueiu it used, uud can highly rccoin
neud it.?A'. American, Ajrril lft.
WeUar"s lilac king is one of die most superb au<l salisnclory
arllch a of the day. it imparls a brilliance und puish
beyond description. We have tried it. uGo und do
lice wise. "-rj&pirit the Times, April 2.
By reference to another column, au advertise in* nt will
?e ioiuid for uu excellent article of Blacking, hi a Liquid
orrn, for Boots, Ac. It lias been highly rccoramtiukd by
nany who have tiled it. It uot only gives, with v? ry Idle
rouble, a hcautijul jet jmtish, but retains it much longer
ban uny other. It is sold by the agent of the miuiuiactui
r at No. CO, Chestnut street. Buy a bottle, oue trial will
irove tlie tact.?l'hil. Ledger, April 23.
Well or's /Hacking is oue of the most shining articles ia
lie murkel.? Spirit iff the Time*, April 2.
Patent Blacking.?Mr. 4. We liar, No. CO Chestnut street,
las prepared a l'.dcnt Liquid Blacking, which produce* u
leuutiful ict polish, and does uot injure the leather. Those
vho would have a polished understanding should rcud-ihe
ulvertiscmeui in aiiotlter column.--IJ. ?V Ouxette., May L
Wcllur's Patent Japan Blacking is about the best article
if tlie kind we have seen. The polish which it imparts to
he undcistandings ol msu is brilliant and lasting: we
nive tried it, and it boots us to nay all this in Its behalf.
(Avtsisf Bulletin, Jan* 7.
The Manufacturer can produce numerous testimonials
ilmilar to the above, from private individuals and from
>ther papers, but the above extracts are sufficient to conduce
any person that the manufacturer has not exuggarattd;
but that upon a lair trial ih* Blacking will be lound as
< presented, excellent iu every respect ,
J WKIXAK, Maiiuincturer, No. GO Chestnut street. Phi
J ClfARLES STOTT, corner Penn. Avenue and 7th street,
tgent tor Wssliingtou, D. C. uct d tupril V
Paints, Oils, anil Paint Brushes, &c..
The Subscriber has jnst received u large and fresh supply of
I)A1NTS, OII.S, Ac., a part oI which are okined below
I They are guaranteed to he pure and good, and from the
est manulariorie*. All pernouft wanting such articles
would find it to their advantage to call, as lam determined
o sell lower than similar articles ean be got at any other
Mace in this city.
3G0 kegs White Lead
1211 lbs. Chrome Green
120 lbs. Chrome Yellow
20 lbs. Chrome Red
100 Iba. Pure Verdigris
300 lbs. Red Led and Litharge
UMllhiL lmtM-rrnl Urrrii
600 lb* Venitiun KmI and 8p. Urown Oil
:wu lb*. Yellow Ochre in oil
100 lb*. pari* (Jrecn, dry
DO lb*, tlo do in Oil
A large assortment Pain I am/ White Wash Brush**.
400 lb* lutmu llluck, dry and In Oil
10 lb* st. whiting *
1000 lb* Fully
200 boxes ol Window Ola**, all irtxen
b bbl*. I.itixred Oil
f> bbls. Copal and Japan Varuieh
3 bbl* So. Turpentine,
Also, PtlW PINK Ol|.. receie.nl freah from theman .
factory every week. C1IAS 8T?XT,
I) rug and Apoth., corner 7th street ami Penn. Aeeuuw

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