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Published every day ut 2 o'clock in the afternoon by
In Hi mint' Building?, on the South tide of Pennsylvania
Avenue, between 3 and 4 1-9 streets, opjneiie
Jackson Hull
TftRMtf of SiraaoNiprioN?Five Dollurapar annum, payable
alwty t* in advance. No aubucriptlon taken for lea* than
ft year.
Tkk*? or Auvkiitihini) -Fifty Onta per aquftrr, of #f.
eu lilit-ft or lean, Ilia lira! Ilioertiun, and Twenty-Fit. Onu
per ui|Uar* lor earll aiibao'liianl iiwertlon AilvertieemeliU
liucrleil al lutervala Fifty Cent. |i?r ?iu?re. All |wyineiil?
fur AilverUacluenl* 111 ailv.nce.
Cement, Calcined Plaster, Ac.
TUB Undersigned hits just received a fresh supply of
Cement, Calcined Plaster, from New York. Also, im
hunU, While Sind, Anthracite, and Cumberland Coal, with
a general supply of While uini Yellow Piue for building
purpose*; Ceunr Pools from eight to alxtteu feet in length;
and is daily receiving wood buruft Llnv , fresh from the
kiln. All of which will bo disputed of low lor cn?A, or to
punciual customers at short dates.
Lumber Yard on 7th street, near the Canalnov
If?d3tAlaw3w P. M PEARSON.
[Fountain and Evening News.)
Ik I T-fsrflln 1 II ?ud nowlaiuliug front
BAoftlJlUfllrrfg Hew York and PltllaJ^' l
HfiftlWW'lelplila our Fnil huu-IwJp
J- II ..=53 ply of GROCERIES, Ac.
4() chests of superior TEAS
GO bags of Lajuyrn, Java, and Rio COFFEE
GO do. Sutinn SALT, fur family use
GO bags do." do.
3 tierces RICE
20 bbls. and hallbbls. MACKEREL
1G kitts No. 1 MACKEREL
30 boxes HERRINGS
A small lot of superior English dairy CHEESE
30 bbls. crushed and pulverized SUGAR
10 boxes SUGAR.
For sale by SIMMS A SON.
nov 13?tr Pa. avenue, opposite Jack>on Hall.
A PURE article ot boston Ice can be had at any time
and hour in the tlkjr by calling at tiie grocery store of
nov 19 2wd* 7th street, opposite Patriotic Bank.
toach aud Harness Manufacturer,
outh side Pennsylvania Avenue, between 3d and 4 1-2 sts.
pposite Gadsby's Hotel. oct 2G?dly*
Gentlemen's Belongings!!!
SI I IIIT.S II--Lambs-wool. Merino, Silk and Cotton?of
every size and quality. Also, lino " Yoke-neck. Shirts"
of late styles. These goods are of good quality uud sold at
vert low prices. The trade supplied aw usu.il.
i>RX \VTC11S IX-?Of Lambs-wool, Merino, Cotton,
Silk, Canton Flannel, and Flannel?some very large sizes.
Also, every article for Genie Wardrobe and Toilet use.
All Goods of good quality mid sold ut reasonable profits.
STEVENS, late Fish A Co.,
nov im-eocitH No. 1, Brown's Hotel.
Agency for obtaining Patents for New Inventions
at Washington.
WP ELMOT, formerly of the Patent Office, informs
i his former clients-ana others, that his office may still
be found at the same corner where it hu? been located for
the last thirty yearn, directly opposite the Patent Office. ,
He is prepareu to execute with itis accustomed accuracy I
and promptness any business in the line oriiiu professionsuch
as furnishing inform ni>>n respecting the originality
and patentability; of inventions, preparing papers and drawings
for applications for patents, caveats, Ac.
To those uiiacqnainteif witli liim, he refers to the following
testimonial ol the lion. Henry 1,. Ellsworth, late Commissioner
of Patents :
Patent Office, Feb. 15, 1*12.
Mr. William P. Elliot, who hus been formerly employed ,
in the Patent Office us a Draughtsman, Ac. having estab- ,
lished a Patent Agency in the city of Washington, I 'tuk?
great pie,mure in recommending liim as a gentleman wor- {
thy' or confidence, and as being particularly qualified to ;
take charge of any business requiring a knowledge of me- i
clmnicul science, the progress of the urts, and patent im- ,
provemeiits. Mr. Elliot is ulso well acquainted with the .
practice ??f this office. HENRY. L. ELLSWORTH,
Commissioner of Patents. ;
W. P. Elliot is also the author of the plan of the new
Patent Office building. t
03? Letters on business to be post-paid. ,
oct 8 ly* (
Pa. avenue, immediately opposite Coleman's. \
A general assortment of Sii.k and (Jinohamm on hand,
suitable for covering Umbrellas. Likewise an assortment
ol materials for every description of repairs, nov :i? rtly * j
(ilades Butter,
RECEIVED lOO kegs of fine Glades Duller. For sale by I
nov 10-:f SIMMS A SON. J
"Rough and Ready" Line.
THR subscriber is now running Ids omnibus " Rough {
and Ready" to and from the Alexandria steamboat and .
Pennsylvania avenue, for the low faro of twelve and a .
iialp cunts! and hopes to receive the patronage of the
Travelling-public. The Omnibus will leave the wharf on
tie.' arrival of the boats, and will set down passengers at any ;
point tlicy may desire, on or near Pennsylvania, between
Fullers Hotel anil me uapnoi; ana wm leave ine Houmwew
corner of the avenne ana Clh street, (opposite Coleman's) at I
81-2 and 101-2, n. m., and 121-2, 21*2, and 41-2, p. m., to 1
convey passengers to the boat. J. W. ELLIOTT. 1
N. 11.?Passengers for the Mail-boat can take the Omnibus
at 81-2, a. m., and will be rolled for at Coleman's and 1
Brown's. oct 12? dly*
IS a newspaper, edited by Duff Green. It will be, |
us fur as practicable, a full, fair, und candid record 1
of passing events, but its chief present purpose is to
counteract the Abolition movement by uninusking
the designs, motives, und end of political abolition?
to demonstrate that its principles areas hostile to thi
rights, property, interests, prosperity, und liberty ol <
the North us to the rights and property of the South; 1
and by appeals to their intelligence und patriotism? J
to unite the wise and good of all parties, In every sec- |
lion, in n common effort to strengthen und perpetuate
the Union.
The Times will bo published weekly in Washington
city, and sent to subscribers, through the mail, 1
for - - - - 82.50 per unn. !
For 5 copies - - 10.00 " " ,
Publication office Pennsylvania avenue, corner
four-and-a-half street.
Brooke, Shillington & Co., Washington.
Hugh Latham, Alexandria.
lO* All persons who approve the purpose for which
the Times i j established are requested to act as agents <
for obtaining subscribers.
Editors throughout the country are requested to
publish this prospectus, and tor ward their papers in '
exchange. nov 16-tf
lath solicitor of tub i
Washington City, D. O.
Practices in the S'Pubmb Court of the United States, and
in the Courts of Maryland, Virginia, ami the District oj
Columbia, and
for persons having business icith Congress, the War, Ti tosm
y, Nary, and General Post Office Departments,
the General Land Office, Pension Office, Office
of Indian Affairs, Patent Offlce%fc.t tfc. (
net 8?lyd' I
paper is about to be enlarged to exactly
twice its present size, and will then consist of eight folio pa*
gos. instead of four, as now and heretofore.
This enlargement will begin with the first number issued
after the end of the month of Juuc. '
The subscription to the paper per year will be, after the
first day of July ensuing, three dollars per annum; being
iu advance, as will be perceived, less by one-half than the
increase of cost of publication caused by the enlargement.
Forthe long sessions of Congress (uveraging eight months)
the price will be two dollars; for the short sessions one dollar
per copy.
A reduction of'JO per cold, (or one-fifth of the, full charge) i
will be made to any one who shall order and pay lor. at one
time, five copies01 the weekly paper; and a like reduction
of25 percent, (orone-fourth ol the full charge) to any one
who will order nnd pay for, at any one time, ten or mors
No accounts being kept for this paper, it will not be forwarded
to any one unless paid for In advance, nor sent any
longer than the lime for which it is so paid for.
will continue to be published, us usual, at Ten Dohars per
year, with this addition to its value to subscribers, that
double sheet (eight pages of the present size, instead of four)
wdl be thrown olTwhtncvcr the press of public Document ,
Proceedings, and Debates in Congress, or of Advertiix ment
shall require it.
will also continue to be published, as heretofore, with this 1
addition also to Its value, that a double siieet will he thrown !
off, probably us often as once a week during the Ncssion ot i
Congress, and nt other times occasionally, whenever the |
press of matter shall, as stated in regard to the Daily paper,
justify the publishers in incurring that additional expense. I
oct 19?tr
Washington City, J). C.
L P. NOBI.B, 1'bni.loHnu.
THE leading purpose of this journal is, the discussion of!
the question ol Slavery, and the udvocacy of lite main
principles of the Liberty party. Due attention is given to ;
social and political questions ol general importance; nor arc !
the interests of a pure literature overlooked.
It aims to preserve a faithful record of important events;
of Inventions or discoveries aflVctiiig the progress of socle- '
ty ; of public documents of permaiiept value; und, during'
the sessions of Congress, it will convey n correct idea not
only of its action, but of its sulrit and policy. The debates
on the exciting subjects of Slavery und the Mexican war,
expected to arise in the next Congress, will occupy s large
share of its columns.
Arrangements linvt been made for extending and enriching
Its already valuable department of Home and Foreign
It Is printed on a mammoth sheet, of the finest quality, in
the best style, at %'i a ycai %jmyn'Ir in adrance.
The generous spirit In which the Urn has been welcom- .
?d by the nubile press, and (he very liberal pstronafs it has !
received during this, the firs! year of its existence, encour- j
age us to hope fur large accessions to our subscription list. ;
It li dt lift hie tiint Mubecrlptlous be forwarded without j
<o lh?t ilif jr may M ?nt?r?? n?iot? inj upprotcniiif ,
CMirm ArtdrfM L P. NOBLE,
PvVnAcr Vatiemal fc'ra, I
qo IWtf' IPbtAmrron, D C.
Dr. Swcwtser'N Panacea.
rllS MEDICINE in warranted, ou oath, not In contain a
particle of Calomel, Coroaive Sublimate, Arseulc,
Chloride or Cold, or any deieterioun mineral*.
Tlie principle upon .which thi* Medicine acta, in by an
aiming und harmouiziug with nature : It drivenout nil foul
acrimoiiiouahuuiora from the blood and body, and by a*aini
Hating with and alrengtheuing the gantrfc juice of the
atomucii, it nsaiata digeatinn, in abort, there ia uot a win,
artery, mute it* or nerve in tin: human body, that i? not
atrcngtliened by the PANACEA, and it alio poMM-eaee tlie
remarknble property of removing mercury from the bonea
and joltifn
Scurvv, Scohutic, AflTectioua, Tumora, Scroflila or King'*
Evil, While Swelling, Eryaipclua, Ulcer*, Concern. lluiiniiiK
Korea, Scab*ami Biles,time, and u determine.! perseverance
Rejection of Blood, Nauaea, Vomitings, Nervous Affectious,
Bilious Complaints, Headache, Paleness, or Female Irregularities.
Dr. Swkhrmsa's Pamaoia will soon effect ;t cure;
but if obstinate, or attended with griping, Jlying pains, the
done should be increased, and thu cure will noon bo effected.
Li t not the patients frighten themselves witii the idea that
they are too weak to take much medicine; but bear in mind
that this mildly operating medicine puta not weaknt as into
the frame, but moat certainly draws weakness out, leaves
strength in its pluce,aud by giving composed sleep ut night,
and an nupftlte to relish any food, reanimates the whole
frame with vigorous action, clearing the mind and improving
the sight.
Scrofula is said to be hereditary; the iufant receiving
from its parents the seeds of . ? disease, which Increases
with its years, if neglected, and not submitted to ttrequent
purification with I)r. swbbtsbk a p inacea. The glands
are placed in tic corners of the bod/, and out of the way
of direct communication { their real' um is a subject on
which much difference of opinion prevadV) it suffices usto
know that when in a diseased state, Uiey a- 'C.tpuble of being
purified and cleansed by u long court* of Dr. Swept
sb us Panacea.
In cases of Jouiulue, Asthma, Liver Complaint*, Tic
Dj/meux, Uheutnn 'mm, or Hheumatic Gout, '>r. S .vkbtseii'h
Panacea cannot be too highly extolled ; it torch* m out the
very root of the disease, aud by removing it i 'oin the blood
makes u cure certain and permanent.
For disease of the Bladder and Kidneys. Strictures. Gravel,
Stone, Piles, Fistula, Urinary Obstruction*, und Extreme
Costiveness, Dr. Swkktbbk's Panacea is (lie lost
remedy ever'.did; it removes nil these acrimonious humors
from the blood which give rise to the above diseases,
ind by keeping the blood in a pure condition, insures health.
dil. sweetser's panacea,
Ueing composed only of vegetable matter, or medical
ncrbs, Is found perfectly harmless to the most tender age or
he weakest irame, under any stage of human suffering, the
most pleasant and benign ih its operation thui was; ever ofered
to the world ; and. ut the game time too, tnost ctriuin
n searching out the root of any complaint, however deep,
?n?? of performing a cure.
Price, 61 per buttle, or six bottles, for65. For sale, whole
*ule an*' retail, by SRTII S. IIANC'E, 108 Daltimore street,
tJultlniorc. In Wushiugtoii by J. F. (.'ALLAN, aud the
Druggists generally. nov Si2-dl0t*
Cabinet, Chair, and Sofa Manufacturer,
And Undertaker.
Ninth street, between D mid ?, east side,
nov G ?dly'
The old?Mt Tea EstablUUmeut ln.Amrric u !
principal establishment in new york.
beuti popularly known for'many year*, ? . .
IJg 1 Tain is ilie largest und oldest Tea Entub- jjbt '
mmmm bailment iii America. The public Imvt WInAi
iiui iuii proof of their integrity and responsibility.- tuu
incli baa beta the gr?at uiul pressing demand lor their
TEASof lute, that they have been obliged to enlarge, lo a
;real extent, Ihelr two principal establishments in New
i'ork, vie:
145 Chatham and 103 Greenwich StreeU.
They moreover possess facilities, In relation to the Tea
rrade, in a very abundant degree, and doubtless, superior
0 uny other Tea Concern In America. Their scrupulous
regard to all principles that tend to elevate the character ol
1 large house is well understood, and has already secured
hem a connexion, probably, larger than all other Tea Enublishnviits
united, and they consequently ure determined
o sell Tea* purer, more fragrant, and perfect lor the prices,
n the aggregate than uny house in the world?China ex
They most zealously invite the attention of the inhabiants
of Washington to their Agency, where the following
Assortments are always on hand: and they feel no liesitaiou
in stating, that wherever u single trial is made, a very
ieclded preference is given to the celebrated Tens' of the
. to- Header, make the experiment!
Retail Price* a* follow#, subject in till cases to be returned
\f not a pi ir area of?
Hood Young Hyson, #0 30 per lb.
Vine do. 0 62 '
No 2 fragrant do ...... 0 75 %i
No 3 very line do. 1 00 44
Silver Leaf do. 1 25 41
Hood Hysori, 0 75 44
Very fine do. 1 00 44
Extra fragrant 1 2ft 44
Hood Hyson Skin, 0 30 44
Hood Imperial, 0 7ft 44
Very flue do. 1 00 44
Extra tine do. 1 25 44
Hood Unnpowder, 0 75 44
Pttie do, 1 00 44
Extra fine do. I 25 44
No. 1 Souchong, 0 60 44
No. 2 do. * 0 02 44
finest do. 0 7ft 44
fragrant Powrhong, various prices.
Congo, various prices,
fine Oolong, 0 50 44
Very fine do. 0 73 44
Extra fine do i 00
Singyong, various prices
finest English Ureakfast Tea, (very rich Pekoe
flavored,) 0 7ft '
fine Orange Pekoe, 0 02 4'
finest Pekoe flowers, 1 (JO *4
Howqua, or finest Ulack Tea imported, 1 00 41
Ye Plus Ultra TEAS, both Green and Ulack,
of all descriptions, the highest grades
grown in China, I ftO 44
O-TAKE NOTICES t?Tlie Canton Tea
Company are the exclusive verniers of the superior
Ulack Tea called 44 IIOWQUA'S MIXTURE." They iutroluced
It In America in lb'0? und every oilier person or
liouse professing to sell tli i same at all ?nineh less at a
lower price?deceive Ihe unwary, us the public themselves
will perceive, by comparing the spurious with the genuine
Howqua" vended by the Canton Tea Company.
Every package (in addition to "'a containing full weight,
independent of the wrapper,) be. i the stamp of neutness
?nd legance, and the Teas therein., so thoroughly secured
from light and nlr, that their quality uid powerWill remain
unimpaired in any climate.
novft?dly* At Tbmplei.: an . Hook-store.
PBRBjMfc Would most respectfully coll tl at ntiou of
KVJhI Iheir friends mid. the public gem Uy to their
iveuue, opposite Cob-man's Hotel. Tney are b epured to
10 ull kinds of PLAIN and ORNAMENTAL PAINTING,
'ion?in short, everything appertaining to their trade ill a
manner that cannot fail to give satisfaction both as regards
ptality and despatch. nov fi?tf
$200 REWARD."
if -* RUNAWAY from the subscriber on Sunday, Oct.
yjl 11th. negro man Tom, who calls h mstif TOM
LITTLES. Torn is ubout 28 ytu s of age, very
stout aet,nnd quite black; in height i>hmit6 feel 7 1-2
ncncs, a little bow-legged ; lie is rather stupid looking, but
when spoken to he invariably siniles, showing fine white
mil even teeth; hair quite short and nappy. He had on
when he left, a blue sattinet round jacket, and took with
him two pair of pants, one of striped sattinett. and one of
coarse negro cloth, with one or two new unbleached cotton
shirts; lie wore away a dark olive cloth cap, with fur
around it.
I am authorised to offer the sum of glOO. if the above
named negro is taken in the District or Maryland, and delivered
to me in Washington city, or sect.red in jail, so that
I can get him, or 9200 it taken in any free State, and secured
as above.
A M. HOFFAR, Agent for C. Stonestreet,
Residence on 4 1-2 street, a few doors above Pa. av.
nov 11?tf [Nut. Intelligencer.)
HAVE removed their DAGUERR1AN GALLERY to
the Odeon, corner of 4 1-2 street and Pennsylvania
avenue, and have,at considerable expense,put in a skylight
which will enable them to furnish pictures not surpassed lu
this or any other country. Pictures taken in any kind ol
weather?clear, cloudy, or raining. oct H?dtf
JOHN PF.TT1BONK is receiving dally his simply of the |
11 above nrticle of vnrious kinds, together with the cele
hrutod BUTLER COAL which he has had the pleasure of]
introducing into this market, and which has bee n so highly
recommended by those who have used it, suitable for Klernan's
Uances, Radiators, Ac.
Clover Hill Coal, an excellent article of Bituminous
(l.unui Coal) thought to be equal if not superior to the vn- !
rlous kinds heretofore used in our city.
Orders received at the yard on Lenox'R Wharf, near the
Long Bridge, and at his office, L. E. Massnh tti'a drug store,.
south side Pii. avenue, between 4 1-3 and Gth streets, or at
John F. Callan's. oct 8?-tf
The mvtvai. hf.xkfit lific ixsuraxce
COMPANY (So- 11, Wall street. New York,) Issued i
during the month of October, 1W7, one hundred and fortytwo
new policies, viz: _ |
To Merchants and Traders, A1 I To Servant*. 6 ;
Mechanics 17 Ladles. I,
Clerks, 101 Agents.
Clergymen, B i Physicians,
Seamen, 'J Teachers, V? |
MnnuCtcturere. S| Cashier of Bunk, 1;
Lawyers. ? i Nnvnl officer.
Farmer*. A Other occupations, 5
11* | 'il
Vw policies issued In October, . 142 [
J. C. LEWIS, Agent, Washington, 7th street,
opposite General Post Office. ,
HARVEY UNDSLY, M l>., rnyetnen,
rtfntrr of r end 4 1-2 afreets.
A proepecttie lo be had of rlir A item, setting forth the
principles, operations. and benefit of lift Insurance; show,
pot at mo the trreat eiir.ceim of the Company nov 10?tf
(>oshcu Cheese.
RECEIVED by the aehooner Senelorte boxes of euperlor
Goshen Cheese, en it for eele by
no. 10?If EMMS* EON
~ apsiaa*
A III unw A u
11-2 u/rcetjjivr doors altort I*a. aoenue,
I'Tiurran all operations in the Hue of his
I MjjdKKLEt profession Artificial Teeth inserted from
j Jn^Sai^iino (o a AjII act, on gold,silver,or peloditim.
! ^LT1 hiii now prepared to manufacture all kind*
of Teeth used-lull stu with or without gums. Having the
! advantage of manufacturing my own Teeth, I can afford to
insert them much lowirtiian any one in the District, and
I with much greater certainty of their fitting the mouth prop.
| erly. us the Porcelain is fitted to the model of tin: mouth
; while in u ijult state.
1 I ant determined to do all of the above natucd work 'Jo
1 per cent, lower than it is dona in thia city.
Pcrtamu w ishing Artificial Teeth had better give mo a rail.
; I run refer them to some ofour most distinguished citizens for
i whofii 1 have inserted (\ill and parts of seta lor, they having
j given me liberty to refi r any one to them who may wish it.
I oct 28?6m' _
jHMMjfc, A Card?Dr. McCONNULL returnable
Mm X rt' thank* to Ids numerous trie mis aud
JXfrrdwk patrons for tile literal encouragement they
X XT nave given him in his profession as Surgeon
Deutieh and would respectfully state that lie 1ms connected
himself with Mr. TilOS. J. VILLA III), a gentleman every
way ((iiahlled to give unbounded salisluctiou ; sodn^icuu
merous disappointments glveu by his necessary aoPliee in
attending to other engagements will not occur again, as he
or his partner will always bo on the spot, and pledges him.
si It that all calls in his line as Dental burgeon will bo attended
to with the feast possible delay.
Their office is opposite Jackson Hall, between 4 1 'J and
3d streets, on Pennsylvania avenue. Their charges in all
cases will be moderate. oct lb?*md
Corner 7 th ami 11 streets, Washington, D. C.,
WOULD respectfully in form thtlr friends and the public
in general that they are prcpured to attend funerals at
the shortest notice.
Mr. IfAUVKY'a residence is on 8th street, 4 doors above 1
where lie can he found all hours of the night,
oct lO-ddm __
Window Glass and Putty,
11%. f \ boxen Windsor Glass, all sizes
?JU 2UU0 lbs. Putty, put up in bladders,
For sale cheap by CHARLES STOTT,
ocl 90?Gm corner Pa. avenue and 7th street.
Corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Sixth Street,
RAND & WILLIAMS, Proprietors.
THIS Establishment hus been titled up und furnished
without regard to expense, in order to excel any thing
of the kind ever conducted in Washington. The proprie
tors arc determined to keep up their establishment in tin
style of the commencement?unsurpassed In any respect.
With our respects to friends and the public nt Urge, inviting
their patronage, we have only to say, in conclusion.
call. Unteli.l ' oct 30tf
Pertnanrtif ojfue and residence next dour to Todd's Hat
Store, neur Urotrn's Hotel,
oct 30?ly*
British Lustre.
5 Gross Uritisii Lustre, for sale by
oct liil?2m corner Pa. avenue und 7lh street.
Engraving & Copper Plate Printing,
Pa. avenpe, bet. lid und 4 1-2 street, neur the corner of 4 1-2.
Heacl (iunrtcm for Fanlilouable
Pennsylvania avenue, npar the corner of Fifteenth street,
w.ishixoton, n. c%
oct 28?dly*
C. E. TIMS, Agent for Patents.
0FF1GE on 8th stroct, opposite the west end of tho Gene,
rat Post Office. ocl 11 dly
Pa. avenue, opposite Coleman's Hotel.
Where cau be had the following.second-hand articles:
Strap-hinges and hooks, Chains. Stores, Stove Pipes, Stove
St units, Door Locks, Ifottse Belts, Axes, Hoes, RaJtes,
Vices, Store Doors, Finuwcs, Bake Ovens, Pots,
Kettles. Pot Lids. Pot Hooks and Jfamrrrs,
Coat-iron I^g*, Old Saws, />.? a Spring*,
and ulnwat nil kinds of old Iron 6f lS(ui,
With many oilier articled too numerous to mention all of
which will be offered on such terms, for cash, uh will ensure
tiled. Those in want will please call.
N. B.?Caah pai<i for old Stoves ami all descriptions of
old Iron. oct 111?dly'
dealer in
farming utensils.
Harrison strut, Navy Yard, Washington, D. C.
oct 16?dly*
North side Pa. or., between 4 12 ami 6 street a.
<t ftl Keeps Constantly on hand a gcnerol assortment of
rfff Indies' and Gentlemen's most fashionable bool's
" ANl) SHOES. Prices to auit the times.
out lO rdly*
Patents, Pensions, and Claims.
fPHF. undersigned will attend to procuring PATENTS
WARRANTS^ <Jv., and to the prosecution of CLAIMS
before Congress or any of the Departments of Government,
and to any other business requiring uu agent or attorney.
Letters must be post paid, and they will meet with immediate
at lent ion. Address
Attomey and Counsellorut Law, Washington, 1). C.
tQr- Office, corner of E and 8th streets, opposite the west
end oi the General Post Office. oct 19?dly"
Attorney and Solicitor of Patents,
Who was formerly at the head of the Patent Office,
Prepares Drawings ami Sjtecifications, and transacts all
business relating to the obtaining of Patents^ either
Domestic or Foreign.
tQr- Letters of inquiry, requiring written advice or opinion,
must ?>e accompanied witli a fte of five dollars,and the
postage of letters to hiin must be paid.
Office.?F street, Washington city, six doors east of the
Patent Office oct 19? dly"
Cabinet, Chair, and Sofa Manufacturers,
and upholsterers,
Corner of 6th and (I streets, Washington, D. C.,
lil Are now prepared to manufacture every de- ttl
HB| fcriptlon ot HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE,nnd Mfe
I n respectfully solicit a share of public patronage. '1 I
N. II OLD FURNITURE repaired or taken in exchange
for new
Funerals attended to at the shortest notice and the most
reaionnble terms. oct 19?dly"
Pennsylvania avenue, 1 door west of Jackson Ilall,
oct 15?dly* WASIITNOTON, D. 0.
South Side of Cniml Street,
Georgetown, D. C.
I net U--ly*
Mathematical Inxtrument Maker*
Pennsylvania Avenue, opposite United Stale* Hotel. j
hate Brown A Hunt, New York. |
j del 14?tily'
STEVENS, (Inlr FHoh 4* Co.,) No. I HROWN'S HOTEL.
A I HATS!!! of the newest fashions, and of mi- W|
superior elegance. both in finish, shape, and Aft
trie, in nllA VKR, MOLKSKtX, SVTRIA,
and CAS SIM t: nt:
Of every variety of shane and material for Ocntlemcn's,
Youths and Children ; also, for the Army and Navy.
The largest and most varied assortment of elegant Wardrobe
and Toilet articles to be found in the city, via: Sc.-yfs,
Cravats, Cloves, Suspenders, Robesdcchambre, Perfiimerjr,
Canes, Umbrellas, Stocks, Ac., Ac., Ac.
Of Hoodyear's Manufarture, every article made from Indian |
Rubber on hand, or procured at two or three days notice. I
My STOCK is complete in every department of GOODS J
of the best quality uiul newest style, always to be found on
my shelves.
Gentlemen are politely invited to rail.?Hoods freely
shown, and prices reasonable. STEVENS,
(H'tfi?tf I.ate Fish A Co.
Wlittnftv's Russian Rath.
Corner 41*8 afreet end Mieeourt nrenne
: rfMlKRE In great utility in thia Hath in preventing and rej
moving all ditfare that fleah la heir to. Thoee who
have never tried it will And it to their advantage to make
the experiment. Prke lor alngle bath FIFTYCENTS.
OCX $-tf
To bo bold at ?, on tho ? day of?, 10-.
DltLKOATKa AT I.auoa -Gov Autliony Colby, ol New !
London; Hou. Ichabod (Joodwin, of Portsmouth.
Substitutes -Ira Parity, of Concord | Thomas E. Sanger. !
of Dover.
District No. I?Charles W Cutter, of Portsmouth |
Substitute?Oilman Marnton. of Exeter.
District No. II -Ucorge \V. Nesmilli,of Franklin ,
Substitute -William Sawyer, Jr., of WakctiiH.
District No. U?Aaron P. Hughe* of NanliviUc.
Substitute?Isaac SturtcvauL of Ifeene.
District No. IV- Jonathan Kutredge,of Canaan.
Subutitute?Augustus V. Brewster, of Hanover.
DkluuarKh at Labob ?Solomon Foot, of Rutland, II
Everett, of Windsor
Substitutes? A. L. Miner, of Manchester; Carlos Coolidge,
of Windsor.
District No. I?A. P. Lyman, of Bennington
Substitute?A. L. C'atlin, of Orwell.
District No. II?II. Cults, of Rutland.
Substitute?Wui. Hcbard, of Chelsea.
District No. Ill?II. E. Hoyce, of Berkshire.
Substitute?II. I). Stacy, of Burlington.
District No. IV?P. Baxter, of Derby.
Substitute?L. II. Delano, of Hardwlck.
DbTaBoatss at Lakos.?Charles W. Rockwell, Truman
Substitutes?Thos. W. Williams, Charles llawlay
District No. I?John II. Kockway.
Substitute?Isaac W. Smart.
District No. II?James F. Uubcock.
SubBlitute?Samuel Kunaell.
District No. Ill?Julio F. Trumbull.
Substitute?Sampson Almv.
I).strict No. IV?Nelson L. White.
Substitute?Ileury K. Harral.
Dbleoatb at Lasob.?Ruliia Clioate, Boston.
Substitutes?Seth Hjirage, Duxbury; W O Bat**, Westtleld.
Substitute?Ensign II. Kellogg, Pit telle Id
Delegates from Districts not yet chosen.
District No. Ill?Will. Pitt Fessenden, Augusta.
No others yet chosen.
HAVING associated themselves together under iht
Arm of
for the purpose of conducting the BOOT AND NIIOE
BUSINESS, in nil ItH vnrloae bruurhru, woulu
therefore most respectfully inform the citizens of thit me
iropolis that they have laid in a superior stock of Fiend,
nid American CALF SKINS, with the very best quality o.
Spanish and English BUNI) SOLE LEATHER, with u
general assortment of other materials, which they will manufacture
into gentlemen's dress and other ROOTS in thi
very latest French and American styles. Also, material*
? for the splendid FRENCH OPERA ROOT. Being
satisfied that their expcrieiicejn thepr.ictical operalotions
of their business give them a decided advantage
over most, if not all, who are now engaged in this butane**
.n this city, they hesitate not therelore to invite competition?I
we mean no offence to the trade.]
We have on hand a general assortment of gentlemen's
dress ROOTS,at prices varying from goto *7. Also,
ladies', misses', children's, and boys', together with all de
script ions of ROOT'S 4c SHOES-- In short, every tiling thai
s kept in u well regulated Root and Shoe Establishment;
ill of which will b?j disposed of on the most pleasing term*
for CASH. 7
Members ol Congress, Heads of Departments, citizen*
tnd strangers who prefer ease and elegance combined, art
invited togivg us a cull.
South side Pa. avenue, 5 doors west of Uth street,
octap?dtjanl* nearly opposite Brown's Hotel.
United States Military Cloth Dressing and
Dying Establishment,
S~OUTH side Pennsylvania avenue, (the first Establishment
East of Coleman's Hotel,) where SILK, MERINO, and
all kinds of STRA W BONNETS are dyed in the neat st
Also?All kiuds of WEARING APPAREL cleansed,
colored and repaired in the best style and at reduced prices,
oct 18?dly
8&?ldle, Harness, aud Trunk Establishment.
South-en*l earner of Seventh and E afreet*, opposite the
General Boat Office,
THE Undersigned bus resumed his old " profession" at the
above place, where he keeps on haud a regular assortincut
of articles iu his line, and where he Is also, at all
times, prciwred to execute orders In the best, cheapest and
most expeditious manner.
oct 8?lyd* THOMAS FITNAM.
General Agency at Washington* D. C.
1 SAMUEL sTETTiN IU 8, General Agent, Notary ,4
m Public, Justice of the Peuce, $c. respecttully informs Ug
nfy the Volunteers and the TJnlteil States Regulars, and iFf
lUL the representatives of the deceased Soldiers, that he jQL
is prepared to undertake the settlement of their Claims with
the Departments ut Washington. He will procure Bounty,
Land Warrants, Treasury Scrip, Pensions for the Wounded,
Pensions due Widows and Orphans of the deceased Soldiers.
Arrearages of pay for services rendered, Mileage, or any
other Claim or. Claims against the Gcueral Government,
that may be confided to his management, will be speedily
attended to.
His terms are moderate.
He can be consulted at any time between the hours of 8
o'clock, a. m., and 6 o'clock, p. m.,ut his office on Fifteenth
street, opposite the Treasury Department.
.?ct s?zmd decS
Cabinet, Chair, and Sofa Manufacturer and
rnilF. SUBSCRIBER begs leave to return his slnceri
1 thanks to his friends and the public generally foi
the very liberal patrbuoge which they have bestowed on
him, and would respectfully inform them that he hn*
on hand a general assortment of Cubiuet Furniture, which
he will sell very cheap for cash, or approvedpaj>er. He i*
constantly manufacturing all kinds ol Furniture of the latest
style and most approved pattern, such as?
Mahogany Dressing Bureaus
44 Spring-seat Sofas
uockillj; uiiu parior uuiairs
44 Cord.centre, and dining Tables
44 Wardrobes
44 Bedsteads
And, in foci, every thing usually found iu a cabinet wareroom.
lie ia also prepared to ulteud funerals at the shortest notice
and on tne most liberal terms: and he is confident tbic
from his long experience in attending Minerals, that he wil
uive entire satisfaction to those who may favor him will
their patronage. JOHN CONNELLY.
octB 6mdApril8* 7th street, between H and I.
f China, Glaus, Kartl?cn-Ware, Britannia-Ware,
Solar OH A Lard Lamps, Ac.
Wholesale and retail, opposite Brown's Hotel, Penn
sylvania Avenue.
T. PuRSELL anxioiMto reduce his extensive stock of tin
above articles, will selrat reduced prices for CASH. 11
solicits a call from his friends and the public genenilly, a
his Store and Warehouse, Pennsylvania Avenue.
octB?r!2m* THOS P11RSK1.L.
H. Avenit.
Rust of Coleman's
Old Byes made Young, Weak Byes made
j'^pkrv/'JY If there Is any confidence to be placed h.
r the opinion of all the most scientific gen
tlenien in our country Paine's Perifocal or Parabolh
SPECTACLES are the greatest helps to the humun vision
ever invented. The subscriber 1ms just received a full sup
ply of them direct from the works, and hus them for sal?
at his old stand, a few doors east ol Coictnan'*, on Penn
sylvania avenue, Washington city, who is the solo Agent foi
the manufacturer. There Is a spurious article in the hand*
of (ault-flnders; beware of them as you value your eyesight
^ For Sale?A few gold HUNTING
WATCHES of superior style. Gold,
tf^nnfilPw\ English, and other Lever Watci.es,
IHHHH with agenteel assortment of Jewelry.
octft~my 8TEPHEN BT>PV.
Thankful for small Jobs and gratefbl for
largo ones*
W. BERON, Painter, Pa. av.. beL 9th and HJtli
street, south side, hogs leave to Inform the public,
that lie is prepared to execute the Painting Hum 1
ue*?, in all its various branches, such as litmae*, Sign*. >
Manner*. Tran*)Htreneie*, Fin-Screen*, Graining, PaperVarnithuig,
ami Glazing; which will be attended to in
any part of the city, without delay. He respectfiil|y solicits
a share of public patronage, and hopes to merit it by good
work, close attention to business, and reasonable charges
Ife is confident that he can work at prices low enough to
make it to the interest of all to give him a call.
N. B. I am prepared to execute all kinds of plain and
ornamented Japanning, Bronzing and Gilding, both in
wood and metal; also, that beautiful finish, the WHITE
oct8 1 Im*
F- Y- NAYLOR, South side of Pa. avenue, l?ctween
<SS| .1<l and 4 1-2 ats, would inform his customers and the
inn public, generally, that he h.vNjunt received a large assort
men t of Stoves of the newest and most approved
patterns. Including Stanley's CAST IRON RADIATOR, or
COAL BURNERS, which he will sell together with Fire
boards and 8tov c-pi|??* at tho lowest prices for cash.
IIe also keeps constantly on hand a general assortment of
Tin and Sheet-iron Ware, to which ho invites the attention
of housekeepersHe
mill continues to do Roofing, ( uttering,and Spouting,
and Sheet iron and Copper Work generally, and at the
shortest notice, and on the moat reasonable terms.
Persons wishing to purchase will do well to call and e*
amine his stock before they supply themselves.
His store will be opto from sunrise until 9 o'clock, P. M.
oct d? tf
OB At.Kit INi
A:mjmm xcbd.
Yard?Lenox's Wharf, near the Long Bridge. Qflce?L.
K. Massoletti's Drtig Store, south side Pennsylvania avenue,
between 4 1-2 and 6th streets,
tri? Dealers and others can be supplied with Dutbr rw.
by the carfo or (therwlm. oct 8?tl
MRS. GARRET ANDERSON has six or aeren comH-fl
fort able and well tarnished room* to rent at a moderate
rate. Siugle gentlemen will be preferred, aa
boarding cannot be erred Mr* A. can furnish them with
breakfast and tea if required. t
oct 8 tr
in answer to numoroua applications for Information,
ita to tlto poat offices of the members of tho
Thirtieth Congress, wo publish tho following table
of particulars, so far as we arc advised. The Blanks
will he filled up as fast as wo con ascertain the names
(it the post offices not now known. We call upon !
our friends to aid us in this labor.
Wo liavo also left a column for tho residences of
the members In Washington, which will be comElctcd
Immediately on their arrival in town. It will
e corrected daily, so ns to keep up with the changes |
of residence which members tnay make. This co- ,
lumn will be of great value to strangers and citizens :
who may have business with members. Hotels and
boarding-houses will do us a favor by advising us of
the names of such members as tnay take lodgings j
with them, giving the exact location of their houses. ;
Our conteinnorories will oblige us bv correcting i
any crrorH they may find in this list, and apprise u* ;
thereof. Those papers in the vicinity of tho new J
members with whom wc exchange, cun serve us by ,
publishing the names of their home post offices, and ,
drawing our attention to the information by mark- I
ing around the-paragraph:
(Whigs in Italic*-Independent tu Small Capitals? Demoera
is in Roman ]
GEORGE MIFFLIN DALLAS, Ex-Officio, President.
Post-office, Philadelphia?Residence In Washington, .
Names. UomeP. Office, lies'c in Washington.
Arthur P. Bagby, Tuakuloosa, Tyler's Hotel.
Ambrose II. Sevier, Pint- Bluff,
Cheater Ashley, Little Rock,
Johu M. Niles, Hartford,
R. Baldwin,
John M Clayton, Newcastle,
Prtslry Spruance, Smyrna,
J. D. Westcott, jr., Tallahassee, King's, P b. 14 Ac 13.
David L. Yulee, St. Augustine,
Walter T. Colquitt, Columbus,
W. C. Dawson.
Sidney Urecse, Carlyle,
Stephen A. Douglass, Quincy,
Edw. A Hannegan, Covington,
Jesse D. Bright, Madison,
John J. Crittenden. Frankfort,
Jos. R. Vndencood, Bowling Green,
Henry Johnson, New River, Mo av. b 3 Ac 4 1-2.
Sol N. Downs, Monroe,
John Fnirfield, Saco,
James \V. Bradbury, Augusta,
JumesA. Peurce, Cheslertown,
Be eerily Johnson, Baltimore,
Daniel Webster, Boston,
John Davis, Worcester,
Lewis Cass, Detroit, Tylej's hotel.
Alpheus Fetch. Ann Arbor, National hpltl'
JcfferNon Davis, Worrcnton, Gadsby's hotel.
Henry S. Foot*, Jackson, Gadsby's hotgL_^_
David R Atchison. Platte citv.
i'homua II. Benton, St. Lous,' C, b. 3 & 4 1-2.
Ohua. O. Alherton, Nashua,
John P. Halk, Dbver,
Wvl. L. Dayton, Trenton,
Jacob W. MUltr, Morrisfown,
John A. Dix, Albany, C, b. 3 & 4 1-2.
Daniel S. Dickinson, llinghampton,
George E. Badger, Raleigh,
Willir. P. Man gum, Red Mountain,
William Allen, Chllicottie, Brown's Hotel,
Thomas Carpet?, Lebanon,
Simon Cameron, Middletown,.
Daniel Sturgeon, Uniontown,
Albert C. Greene, Providence,
John II. Clarke.
A. P. Butler, Edgefield C. 11.
John C. Calhoun, Pendleton,
Hopkins L. Turney, Winchester, Brown's hotel.
John Bell.
Thomas J. Rii?k, Nacogdoches.
William Uphtun. Montnellrr,
Samuel S, Phelp*, Middlcbury,
Jumctf M. Mason, Winchester,
Rob. M. T. Hunter, Lloyds,
[Whigs in Italics?Natives in Small Capitals?Democrats in
Same a. Home P. Office. Rcs'e in Washington.
John Gaulr, Mobile, Tyler's hotel.
Henry W. IliUiard, Montgomery,
S. W. Harris, Wifumpka,
3. W. Inge, Eutaw, Tyler's hotel.
G. S. Houston, Alliens,
W. R. W. Cobb, Hcllefont,
P. W. Bowden, Talladega,
Rob. W. Johnson, Little Rock,
Janus Dixon, Hartford,
S'. D. Hubbard, Middletown,
John A Jtockicell, Norwich,
Truman Smith, Litchfield, Willard'a hotel.
John W. Houston, Georgetown,
Edward C. Cabell, Tallahassee c. h.
Th. D. King, Frcderica,
Alfred Irerson, Columbus,
Jno W. Jones, Gritfin,
H. A. Haralson. Lagrange,
I no. II. Lumpkin, Rome,
Howell Cobb, Alliens, Brown's hotel.
Alex. //. Stevens, Crawfordsvllle,
Hubert Toombs, Washington,
Robert Smith, Upper Alton,
J. A. McClemand, Snawneetown,)
Orlando 1). Ficklin, Charleston,
John Wentworth, Chicago,
VV. A Richardson, Quincy,
riiomasJ. Turtier, Freeport, Brown's hotel.
Abraham Lincoln, Springfield,
Rlisha Emhrtt. PrlncVton^' v.i ' i.
CI,J Henley, Nr^S;tt0 ho.nl.
h .Kob.nmin Ru.hville, * '
**?f B
lohn Pettit, I ainv.ii- IJiown't holel
C. W. Catlicart, I iwmi '
William Kockhill, FofTwiyi,,.
Wm. Thompion, IOWA.
Shepherd Leffler, Burlington, Brown ?hol?l |
I.jrnn Boyd, oS 0"1'
Samuel Peyton, '
" L. Clark,
tylr" JJurlmtr,
a&%ZSr< llon-odabuiulj,
cT'i&ZZS: l*ejtlneton' Mounl9?'1"V.
te! C'nclm"?,
Sr/Sr* Bar-'
Ic. D.ckiimon, i,??-J?, .
ft&tss* &
am- sr-? i
w'lll^n. kV""*' Oamliridjfe, """n'* hotel.
XSMgZ* N:fafc,,N*U??l h?".
Sr&zir ;Sr?n' ,,r0wu',,,o," :
Jotroh M 'Oil'"*"- I
.ftetpA A/. Wool, Norwalk,
Emtlle l,a Serr, Newo'S^
fa's^r01"- tovJ!,AfNE . I
r~. I
flexokia'i William*. CaaiJue,
mabvia vn
John G. Chapman Port Tobacco, Tyler's hotel.
J. Itixon Rinnan, Hsftnrtown.
Ft. WAtkins Ligon, Emcoti'a Mill*,
It MtLsne, llHltimorc,
Ales. Emm, Elkton,
John W CritjleM, Princess Anne,
Rob. C. Winthrop, Boston,
Don. P. King, Dan vers,
Amoe Ahftott, Amlovrr,
J. G. Palfrtv, Cambridge,
Chorion Hitdeon, Westminster,
George Aehmun. Springfield,
Juliue RockieHI, Plttafirld,
| John Q- Attaint, Quincy,
Artemao Hale, Bridgewate t Jooeph
Orinmil, Ren Bedford,
Bob. McClelland, Monroe, National hotel j
Charlea K. Stuart,
Klnaley S. Bingham, l.iviugaton,
J. Tlionipaon,
W. 8. Fmlherittou, I
Patrick Tumnkiim, Vickaburg, *
Albert G. Brown, a
Jaa. D. Bowlin, St. Louib,
John Jamicbon, Fulton,
Jaa. L. Green, Pnlinyra,
WilUrrI P. Ilall. Weston,
John S. Phelpa, Springfield,
Amos Tuck, Exeter,
Ch. II. Peaalee, Concord,
James Wilton, Ketnc,
Jaa. II. Johuaon, Hath,
Jot ff Hampton, Brldgetnn,
W. A SetMl, A lien town,
Joaeph Edaall, Hamburg,
John Van Duke, N. Urunawick,
Dudley S. Gregory, Jeraey City,
Fred. W. Lord,
H. C. Murphy, Brooklyn.
Henry Nicoli, New York,
Will. B. Mac lay, New York,
/Ved. A Tallmadge, New York.
1). S. Jackaou, New York,
William Nelson, Peckakill,
Cornelius Warren,
Dan. /J. St. John, Monticello,
Etiakim Shrrrill,
Peter II. Sylvester, Cockaakle,
Gideon Reynolds. I Iocs irk,
J. J. Stinrerlaiul, Bethlehem,
Orlando D. Kellogg, Ellxubethtown,
Sidney Lawrence, Mulone,
Hugh White, Cohoee.
George Petrie, Cnnajofiarie,
Joseph Mullin, Watertowu,
Wilfium Coliina, Lowville,
Timothy Jcuklua, Oucida Caatle,
G. A. Starkweather, Cooperatowu,
Auahurn Birdaall, Biughamptoii,
William Duer, Oawego,
Daniel Gott, Potnpey,
Harmon 8. Conger, Courtlaudaville,
Win. T. Lawrence,
John M. Holley, I.youa,
Elias B. Holmes, Ilrockpoi t,
Robert L. Rose, (,'anaudaigua,
Daniel Rumsey, Bath,
Dudley Murvin, Jiunealown,
Nathan R. Hall, BglThlo, Gadsby'a hotel
Harvey Putnam, Attica,
IPaMirtffton Hunt, Locluiort,
T. L. Clingman, Abbeville, Brown'a hotel.
Jv. poudtil,
Dan. Af. Bar ringer, Concord, Browu'a hotel
A. if. ShepiHird. Sal tin,
Abraham V enable,
J. R. J. Daniel, Halifax, i
James J McKay, Elizabethtown, a
Rich. 8. Donnelly Newbern, I
David Outlaw, Windsor,
L. C. Lbvin, Philadelphia, Brown's hotel
J. R. Ingcrsoll, Philadelphia,
Charles Brown, Philadelphia,
Charles J. higersoll, Philadelphia,
John Freedley,
J. W Horn beck,
A. R. Mcllvaine, Bran'lywine,
John Rtrohm, N.Providence.
William Strong
Hu h. Hrodhead, Eastou, Willard'a hotel
Chester Duller, Wilkesharre,
David Wilmoi, Towunda,
Job. Pollock, Milton,
George N. Eckert,
Henry Ses, Vork,
Joseph L. Brady, Chnmbersburg,
John BlancharJ, Bellcfniit,
Andrew St neart, Uniontowu,
Job Mann, Bedford,
John Dickey, Heaver,
Moses Hampton, Pittsburgh,
J. W. Farrelly, fladsby's hotel
James Thompson, Erie,
Alexander Irvine,
Rol/t B. Cranston, Newport,
Benj. B. Thurston, Brown's hotel
JameB A. Black, Cher'kee Works
Rich. F. Simson, * Pendleton,
Jos. A. Woodward, Winsboro',
A.D.Sims, Darlington c. h.
Armixtead Burt. Wellington,
Isaac. E. Holmes, Charleston,
R. Barnwell Khett, Ashepoo,
Andrew Johnson, Greenville,
If. M. Cocke, Rutledge,
John H. C'rosier, , Knoxvilie,
II. L. W. Hill, National hotel.
Geo. W. Jones, Fsyetteville, National hotel.
J. II. Thomas, Brown's hotel
M. P. Gentry, Franklin,
Wash. Barrote, Nashville.
Lucien B. Chase, Clarkesville, Brown's hotel
Fred. P. Stanton, Memphis,
I Km. T. Haskell,
DavUl S. Kaufman, Lowe's ferry, La
T. PHstwry, Brazoria,
TKm. Henry, Bellows' Falls,
Jacob CoUatner, Woodstock,
George P. Marsh, Burlington, National hotel.
Lucius B. Peck, Montpelier,
Archibald Atkinson, Smithfield, ,
Richard K. Meade, Petersburg,
Th. S. Ptourney, Halifax o. h.
Th. S. Bocock. Anponiatoxc li. ' ?
Wm. L. Hoggin, Liberty,
John M. Botts, Richmond,
Th. H. Bayly, Accomac c. h.
R. T. L. Beale, Westmorl'dch.
John S. Pendleton, Culpepper c. li, Selden's.Paav. b3 *4
Henry Uedlnger, Charlestowu,
James McDowell, Lexington,
IKm. B. Preston, Christian aburg,
Andrew S. FulU.n, Wythevllle,
Rob. A. Thompson, Charlestowu.
Wm. G. Brown, Kingwood,
John U. Tweedy, (
#Mrs. Gnrrct AuiIcrion'H Music nrfitti n
Store, Pennsylvania avenue, butw'ccnMaBHMalB I
11th and I2tn streets, in in receipt cv-fj ? If* '
ery few du)s of all the new Music published in tut
Uiiin.il Stales, aiul faithfully utleiulB to all orders for Music 1
and Mimical instruments ??1 every description. She in supplied
with Piunbs from various hianuiactoriea, and sell8
Uiein at the manufacturing prices. Old Pianos taken in
part payment for new.
Persons wishing to purchase Ilarps, can select their pattern
at the store of'Mrs. A. and receive them ut the manufacturers
price free of expense.
zfgYabjm MRS. ANDERSON keeps a general asr
i f /iBw aortment of Staple and Fancy Stationery,
fimkgjgg^y Fancy Articles and Rooks, a large assortyBUMWw
meut of Classical and School Rooks ol
every description in use iu the DistrictAlso
a handsome collection ol Rihles and Prayer Rooks?
also of Children* Rooks, suitable for presents.
Fancy Articles aud Perfumery?A great variety of Snuff,
Tobacco, and Segars of the best quality.
oct 8 tf* !
W ellar's Patent Japan Liquid Paste
THE undersigned begs leave to cull the attention of those I
desirous o? lining a good article of Illucking, to the !
abovenamed. The Manufacturer, knowing the excellent
properties of this Blacking, sent samples to various person* i
(such as Root Makers, Ac.) ulgo to several of the newspapers.
The extracts underneath are from some of the papers:
they speak lor themselves; also several persons who tried
it have culled and said that the Japan Liquid lilac/ting was
superior to any thing they hail ever used.
Welter's Patent Japan IHacking is the name of nil excellent
article; we have seen it used, and can highly recom
mend It.? N. American, April 15.
Wellar's Blacking is one of tho most superb and satisfactory
articles of the day, it imparts a brilliance and polish
beyond description. We have tried it. "Go and do
likewise."?Spirit of the Times, April 2.
By reference to another column, an advertisement will
be tbtittd for an excellent article of Blacking, in AiJquid
form, for Boots, 6cc. It lias been highly recommended by
many who have tried it. ft not only gives, with very litlc
trouble, ? beaut fid jet polish, but retains it much longer
than any other. It is sold by tho agent of the manufacturer
at No. 50, Chestnut street. Buy a bottle, oue trial will
prove the fact.--Phil. Ledger, April 23.
Wellar's Blacking is oue of the most shining articles in
the market.?Spirit of the Times, April 2.
Patent Blacking.?Nr. J. Wellar, No. 50 Chestnut street I
has prepared a Patent Liquid Blacking, which produces a j
beautiful iet polish, and docs not injure the leather. Those I
who would have a polished understanding should read the :
advertisement in another column.?U. S. Cia2eit,r, May I. |
1 Vellar's Patent Japan lilac king is about the beat article
of tin kind we have Been. The polish which it impart* to
the under statu! ings of man is Drillinnt and laming: we
have tried it, aud it boots us to say all this iif its behalf.
[ Evening Bulletin, June 7.
The Manufacturer can produce numerous testimonial*
similar to the above, from private individuals and from
other papers, but the above extracts arc aufUcient to convince
any person that the manufacturer has not exaggerated;
but that upon a fair trial th? Blacking will be found u?
represented, excellent in every respect.
J. WELLAR, Manufacturer, No. DO Chestnut street, Phi
CHARLES STOTT, corner Penn. Avenue and 7th street,
Agent for Washington, I). C. wot 8 tapril I*
Paints, Oils, and Paint Brushes, &c.,
The Suhscri/ter has just received a targe, and fresh supply qf
PAINTS, OILS, Ac., a part of which are named below
They are guaranteed to be pure and good, and from the
best manufactories. AH persons wanting such articles
would find it to their advontnge to call, as lam determined
to sell lower than similar articles can be got at any other
place in this city.
360 kegs White Lead
120 lbs. Chrome Green
120 lbs. Chrome Yellow
20 lbs. Chrome Red
100 lbs. Pure Verdigris
300 lbs. Red Led and Litharge
100 lbs. Imperial Green
500 lbs. Venitian Red and Sp. Brown Oil
300 lbs. Yellow Ochre in Oil
100 lbs. Paris Green, dry
60 lbs. do do in Oil
A large assortment rtf Paint and White Wash Brushes.
400 lbs. I^mp Black, dry and In Oil
10 lbs. Sp. Whiting
1000 lbs. Puttv
900 boxes of Window Glass, all sites
5 hbls. Unseed Oil
B bbla. Copal and Japan Varnish
3bbls. Sp Turpentine,
Also, PURE PINE OIL, received fresh from ths man:I
factory eeery week. CHAS. 8TOTT,
\ Dtu| and Apotli, < orner 7th street and Penn. Avenue
1 newspaper, edited by duvr Grun and published at the
City of Washington.
'olitical abolition existed at die adoption of die Federal ContUiitioii.
The ambitioua men of that day saw in that question
, me insof arraying the North against the South,and ofsecurug
to northern men a political control ol the whole country
l in now demonstrable that the ordinances of '87 and the Missuri
compromise were parts of a system having this object
n view. The popularity of Gen. Washington, the folly of
he Elder Adarns, the election of Mr. JeflVrsou, and the oranimation
oI parties in reference to that election, impeded
Is progress, but it was kept alive, aud was ever sctive in its
tlbrt to urray die North agaiust die South.
To trace die progress o( such intrigues undto unmask the
esigns of ambitious men, is the proper duty of the press;
ut Virginia enfeebled by the mTairol Southampton, and berayed
by interested political combinations gravely debated
lie question ot Emancipation, and that measure wus defeat
d in the House of Delegates by one or two votes only ; Gen.
ackson was then in power; Mr. Van Buren was his candilale
for the succession, aud Mr. llitchle was his partisan
Sditor. It was Mr. Vail llurrn's interest to denounce the
ffur| then matie to unite the South in deience of their proicriy
and political equality, as a false clamor intended to aray
the South against the North, and dissolve the Union and
lie Richmond Enquirer, aided as it then wos by the court lence
which the people of the South reposed in Gen. Jackon
as a southern man, exerted its influence, and persuaded
he nidi that those who denounced the abolition movement
vere alar mi at*
The veteran editor of that paper, brought to Washington
is the avowed organ of an administration professing to be
mutheru in its feelings and principles, could see nothing in
he progress of abolition?nothing in the establishment in
his city of a paper devoted to that cause, richly endowed,
ibly couducted, aud extensively circulated?nothing in tlie
iVilmot proviso or its adoptiuu by the House of Represeustives?
nothing in the proceedings of tiie Legislatures ol
lie non-ulaveholdiug States, pledging the people of those
Hates to its support, which, in Ins opinion, should arouse
ir unite the south. It was not until the people of some of
he southern Stub s adopted resolutions declaring thut they
vould in no event support any cuudidutc for the Presidenv
who approved of the Wiimot proviso, that Mr. Buchanan
vrote his fetter in favor of exteuding the Missouri compronise
line; and now it is so manifest that that measure, so
[?rogatory to the rights, interests, and character of the
ninth, is un expedient to seduce the south into the support
>f u party Presidential candidate, that all who reflect must
tee that, to preserve their property, and maintain their uoitlcal
equality, the south must unite, and act together, litis
lannot he accomplished without the aid of an ably-coiiductsd
paper, published at the Heat of Government, and commanding
the confidence of the south as a medium of intercommunication.
The undersigned has been for many years an editor. Ilia
spinions uiid political principles ure well known, lie beieves
that he lias claims upon the confidence and support
jrcss can offer. lie has devoted' the energies of his best
lays, and the earnings of an active life, to tiieir cause ; not
tecause he was the partisan of the south, or of the pecuiar
institutions of that section ; hut because he desired to
trengthen and perpetuate the Union, and because he knew
hut the purpose oi leading Abolitionists was, to so organze
public opinion in the nuu-slnvthoUling States, as to edible
anti-slavery to control the offices and putronugo of the
federal Government.
lie is aware of the responsibility he assumes, and would
;ladly at any time surrender the tusk into more competeut
lands; but events are in progress of rapid development:?
I'he next session of Congress will couslitute a crisis on
vhlch the destinies of tins country may depend; and be;uving
that "Thr Timks" wdl give confidence and
itrenglh to the friends of the union and cquulity of the
states, he does not hesitate to commence the publication,
ippeaiing to the iriends of the Union and good government
hroughout the wholu country lor support. The Times
vili address the judgment and patriotism of the north, as
veil us ot the south, it Will unmask the men?their moIves
and the means by which the north has been arrayed
iguiust tiie south. It will fearlessly expose the intrigues
which have arruyed section ugainst section, and seeks, by
utch means, to elevate unworthy men to office. U will
ihow thai the printing patronage, in the haudsof the Exe:ulive
and of Congress, is a corruption-fund endangering
he public liberty, by poisoning the sources of public Inteligeuce?It
will suggest ami enforce a remedy. It will main
am tiie freedom oi elections, and, as a consequence, oppose
hut usurpation culled a "National Convention," giving a
Ictailed ucconnt of its rise, progress, and tendency, imbruing
the names, and, us fur as practicable, the personal and
lolitical history of persons who huvc been lis members;
ihowlng die manner in which they have combined to disribute
among themselves, their personal aud political ussojutes,
connexions atul dependants, tiie offices, Jobs, conracls,
and patronage of the Government. It will discuss
he Mexican wur, its origin and its consequeuces. It will
'eview tiie annexation oi Texus, showing tiiut so fur from
>eing the cause of war with Mexico it prevented a war Willi
ringlund. It will prove that had our negotiations with Mexi:o
been conducted with a desire to preserve peace, there
vouid have been no war. It will probe the conduct of those
who are justly responsible for the wur, und inilict upon
hem the censure they deserve; but, iu doing this, it will
t member that although the war might have beeu avoided,
lie conduct of Mexico has been such that the honor of this
muntry. aud the interests of humanity, now require that
Mexico De compelled to pay un indemnity for the pust, and
five guarantees for the future.
wilt i?? ii*.ntihll<-Mfi- lirildiiiff members of
Congress anil the Executive responsible to the people n*
lie legitimate source of power, acknowledging no lurther
illegiance to party than ia necessary for efficient co-opera*
ion in carrying out such meaaurea an a proper regard for
lie public welfare may dictate; and, with thia view it will,
it the proper time, and after due consultation, give an arient
and efficient support to the Presidential candidate indicated
by public opinion ua the peraou on whom the opponents
of a National Convention ahould unite.
The Times will be published every Saturday, and aeiit
to subscribers through the mail, at two dollars and titty
centa per annum, payable ultruy* in advance: at which
price it will also be delivered to subscribers in the cities of
Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria.
P. S ? Editors wishing to exchange, are requested to address
"Times," Washington city. Persons wishing to sid
in the circulation of the 'I inies, ure requested to obtuin subicribep*?
For a sngile paper t'2 50 per annum,
For five copies, " 10 00 ?
mil send a list to the Editor.
Congressional Globe and Appendix*
WE issue this Prospectus to apprise the public of rcuewed
preparations on our purt to publish the Conohessional
Gi.obb and Ai'pbndix for the approaching st salon,
and to invite subscriptions. The two Houses having contracted
with us tor the work, on such terms us enables us
note to make complete reports, to multiply and issue the numbers
in quicker succession than heretofore, and wiliiout in:reusing
the price to subscribers, we hope to make a good
return tor the liberality and high official sanction thus be
ttowed on the publication. We shall inriease itie volun.u
it least one-third beyond the ordinary bulk, *ud eudeavt.*
to add to its usefulness by extending Mill lurther its Jaige
This Inst is not the least important point in the view oi
Congress. Faithful and durable reports of the debutes of the
body ure of value iu proportion to the exttnt of their circulation
among the people. It is in this way that C'ongrt ss is
brought into the presence of its remote constituents: ihut it
obtains easy access and holds communication with them
from day to duy, and renders the Government really repres?
marks ol approbation and confidence, in the liberal means
md permanent contract voted to continue the work, we eMail
not be found wanting in the impartiality uud industry necessary
to the due fulfilment of the engagement on our part.
The next session will task to the utmost the best tftbits of
those connected with the undertaking. It will be distinguished
by diM-ufrsiouB of extraordinary Interest and results
r?l abiding concern. The War, its origin, and conduct by of.
th ere in the cabinet and in the tit-Id, will furnish objects of
profound inquiry and consideratiou. The terms ol peace,
the disposition to be made of conquests, the consequences to
1)0 drawn from all that has been done, asuffecting parties in
this country, and especially us bearing on the approaching
Presidential election, will open up novel and powerfully oprating
discussions, rendering the councils at Washington
[luring the next year us pregnant of good or evil to this continent
as those of Home were to the old world lit the days ot
her early euergy. Such a Held lor deliberation and action
was never presented to any previous Congress. All that has
transpired or may hereafter transpire before the close of the
approaching session of Congress, in New Mexico, California,
In the capital ol Mexico end the provinces still depmdtnt on
it, will come under the consideration of the next Congftf*.
Its debates will contain the history of the war. and its action
determine its results. Whether they be decided by arms or
diplomacy. And whatever is developed concerning this
vast and interesting matter on the floor of Congress or in the
Executive messages, will he found recorded in the Congressional
Globe and Appendix.
The Congressional Globe is made up of the daily proceedings
of the two Houses of Congress, and printed on supertin"
double royal paper, with small type, (brevier and iioupnreil,)
in quarto Ibrm, each number containing 10 royal
quarto pages. The speeches of the numbers, in this hrst
hu m, arecond* used?the full report of ..ie prepared speeches
being rt served for (lie Appendix. An res dutlons, motions,
and other proceedings art- given in the i.irxi of the Journals,
wi'h the yeas ami iiuys on every Imp urea at question.
Every member will have an oppose j?:ty to read hit remarks
before they are put to prist, ,i I alter our report If
lie shall think it incorrect.
The Appendix is made up of the President's Annual Message,
the Reports of the principal officers of the Government
that accompahy it, and all Speeches o! Members of Cohgress
written out or revised by themselves. It is printed in the
same form as the Congressional Globe, and usuully makes
about the same number of pages during a session.
During tire first month or six weeks of a session, there is
rarely more business done than will make two numbers a
week?one of the Congressional Globe and oue of the Appendix;
but during the r< inaiuder of the session, there is
usually sufficient matter for two or three untnbirs of each
and every week. The next session will be unusually intereating
; therefore, we calculate that the Congressional Globs
and Appendix together will make near ;J,UU0 Urge quarto
pages, printed in small type?brevier and nonpareil. We
Wf will todeiTor to print a sufficient number ot surplus
copies to supply ail that may be miscarried or lost in the
muils; but subacribcas should be Ttry particular to file their
papen* carefully, tor frnr that we should uot be able to supply
all the lost numbers.
We have a few surplus copies of the Congressional Globs
for the last session of Congress, which we will sell for the
original subscription price? %1 acopy. Wt have uo surplus
copies of the Appendix for that session.
For one copy of the Congressional Globe f2 00
For one copy of the Appendix 2 00
For six copies of cither, or i?urt of both 10 00
Proprietors ot newspapers w ho copy this Prospectus b ?
fore the firm day of December, and send us one copy ot their
paper containing it, marked around with a pen. to direct our
attention to it, snail have their nanus entered on our books
for one copy of the Congressional Globe and Appeudix du _
ring the session. 1
Our prices for these papers are so low that we cannot af- ' 1
ford to cmlit them out; therefore no person need consume |
time in writiug for IIhqi unless the mouey accompanies the
Subscriptions should be here by the 15th December, at
I forthi st, to ensure all the numbers.
' Washington, October 4, ISI7..?Oct. IF* to Dec.*
JUST received a superior article of VARNISH, composed j
in port of
Coach Varnish,
No. I Furniture do J
* '2 do do I
Scraping do I
Japan do 1
I Leather do
For sale In five gallon tine by CIIAS. STOIT,
Drug and ApotU.,corner ?th street and Penn. Avenue.
j JtlffT melTSd 1,600 pounds of ?$r>TT
J Drug and Anoth., sornsr ftb street ,t9ua A**y-*
oat ?~Uw'li'

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