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THIS KXTK ACT Is put up ill ifuarl hotllat. It llmrt
rhsajmr, pleasanter,und warranted superior to ?ny sold.
Il cures diseases, without vomitings purging, sickening, or
debiliiatin# the patient.
The great beauty and miMrioritj ol this Sarnapojilla over
all Other remedies is, while it eradicates
dlseann, il invigorates the laxly.
1,0*1 cures of Hheumatisiu.
I,t*w I'm' .- ..i it:iip$i|
2X00 cures ol (itimrid Debility and Want uf Nerrouu
fXwtUe (\m,plaints, and over 7,000 cures of Dit
tan** <>f the Blood, rit:
Ulcers, scrofula, erysipelas, salt-rheum, pimples on the
face, etc., acc., together 'with nuineroua cases ol conttump -
|*on, liver complaints, cpinal affections, Ac. This, we are
aware,tnu, t appear incredible, but we have Inters from
iihysictaiisand our nta from all part* of the If lilted States
folurmingnsof extraordinary cures. H. Vuu lluukirk, Esq.,
one of the most respectable druggists in Newark, New Jer
sey, iulorma its) that he can refer to more than una hundred
and fitly cases in that plare alone. There ai* thousands of
cases in the city of New York which we will refer to with
pleasure, and to men of character well kuowu.
Dr. Townsend is almost dally receiving orders from phy
sicians in different parts of the'Muiou.
This in to certify that we, the undersigned, Physicians of
the citv ol Albany, have iu numerous eases prescribed DR.
TOWNSEND'S SAKSAPARII.LA, and believe it to be one
of the most vausble preparation of Sarsaparills iu the mar
I' II Poling, M. D.J Wilson, M D , R R Brings, M
D t. i; nimoixtorf. iu. 1).
Albany, Aprd 1, 134 s).
The following i*i from one of the most respectable phy&i
ciajis ou Long Island ;
OnesNPoiiT, July 10,. 1S40.
I)n. Townsbno-Detir Sir-Il Is with satisfaction that I
say to you, that 1 have recently witnessed, in severaleases,
the Jjiost beneficial results from yonr EXTRACT OF SAR
-AI'AUII.I.A. engaged in the practice of medicine,
. have prescribed it in several cases, and never without be
, it*I*f In the removal of diseases arising Irorn a deranged
Kale of the digestive organs, jaundice, 4c . it far exceed?
any ihivg off e kind ever offered to the public. You will
please u.* ? Ui. two dozen, Ac.
Capl. G. W. MrJ.ean, Member of the Leglalafure. and late
of the United Slates Navy, has kindly sent us the billowing
certificate. It le^ls ila own story.
II am w a v. Jan. 25, 1817.
A year since I was taken with the Influenza, and my
whole system left in a debilitated state. 1 wan Induced to
try DR. TOWNSEND SSARSAPARII.LA, and after taking
IW?> or three bottles, 1 was very much relieved, and attri
bute it entirely to the aaid Sarsapanlla. 1 have continued
taking it, and find tlmt I improve every day. I believe it
saved my life, end would not be without if under any con
?Alteration, U \V. MoLEAN
JOIIN JACKSON, Esq., Editor ol the Rahway Republi
.an,published the above certificate, aiul remarks in an edi
torial as follows:
TION OF SARSAPAKII.I.A appears to be one of the most
extraordinary character. We publish to-day (wo certificates
in ifti helmlf, one from Capt. McLean, of this lown, and oue
from the Rev. Mr. White, of Stat?n Island, a gentleman
well known hi Railway. Oipt. McLean fa be\ eg the medi
rlue to have saved hie life, and Mr. White seems to enter
tain an equally strong confidence in its efficacy. Intelligent
men like the** would not praise so strongly what they did
not fully believe to be deserving.
This certificate conclusively proves thai this SARSAPA
KII.I.A has perfect control over the most ohslinatc diseases
of the blood. Three persona cured In one house in unpre
Dr. Towwskno?? Desr Sir?I have the pleasure fo inform
you ih&t three ol my cliildreirhavt' been cured of the Scro
fula by i he use or your excellent medicine. They were af
llicied very severely with bad sores: have taken only four
bottle*: it took them sway, for which 1 feel myself under
deep obligation. Yours respectfully,
ISAAC W. CRAIN, 108 Woosler street.
New York, Maul) I, 1847.
Cleanse and Srengthen. (Xnwmptian ran h? cvrtd, Hrtrn
cAt'/is, Consumption, Liver tjoinjilatht, Cold*, Coughs,
Catarrh, Asthma, Spitting of IJfootl, Sin enses hi thr Chest,
Ucctic biush. Night &Ureuts, JJiffinift or Prtifusf fJxjter
tvratiou, i*ain in the Side, 4 '' i uare hern and ran be cur?
I td.
Probably tliei'e never was a remedy that has been so sue.
cestui in desperate casi n c?t C<uuiumption as this. If clean
ses and sirengtheiiB the system, and appears fo heal ulcers
on the luugH, and the patients gradually regain their usual
health and strength.
Read (he following, and doubt, if you can, that Consump
tion can be cured. This is only one, of several kindred
cases, tliMt TOWNSEND S SARSAPAKII.I.A has cured :
llnooKi.vN, Sept. l i, 1846.
Dn. ToWNsRNb-Dear Sir?I was taken, a little over a
year ago, with a severe cough and pain iu my side; it in
creased ou me very fast Indeed. I was pronounced by phy
sicians to have, the quick consumption. 1 raised large quan
tities of bad matter, had night sweats, and?sinking very
last?my doctor said he could do nofhiiifi for inc. I went to
the hospital, in hope of being benefited, but was prouounced
as Incurable. I wae how ureutly distreaned at the lungs, and
could hardly breathe: 1 soqn became emaciated, and ex
pected to die; was confined to my bed, and was obliged to
have watcher#. Indeed, I cannot give you any description
that would do justice to my case. I was supposed by my
friends to be past recovery; I had tried a great number ol
remedies, ami all seemed to be of no eflVct. I read of the
.most extraordinary cures, performed by your medicine,and
to telt you tin* truth, 1 Miapeded there wausome humbug in
them. Hut 1 was Induced fo try It; I did so, and am very
thankiu I did, I cannot say that 1 am entirely well, hut 1
am so far recovered as to be about my bushiesa, and hope
to he enfhely well in a lew weeks. My cough, pain in the
side, and night sweats, have left m*, and I raise but very
hide, and am fast galniug my usual strength. I feel it my
duty to give you a Ftati ment of my case, to publish, If you
PETER BROWN, 17 Little rt., Brooklyn.
pressly prepared ip reference to Female Complaints. No
Fpmale should neglect to taks It, as it is* certain preventive
tor uuy of the nunurotisand horrible diseases to which they
uesonjtel. It is valuable tiir those who are approaching
womanhood, as it is calculated to asaist nature by quicken
ll braces the wh >le system, renews permanently the na
tural energies ? by removing the impurities of the blood?by
so far stimulating the system ^
relaxotinn, whicli !s the caae <
eiuale weakness and disease.
Yon who have Pale Comnlexlonr, Dull* Eyes, Blotches
on the Fare. Rough Skin, or Freckles, and are, uom ol spi
rits," use a bottle ur two of Dr. TOWNSEND'S SARSAPA
llll.I.A. It will cleanse the lilood, remove the Freckles
slid lllotches, and give you unimafiup, sparkling eyes, fine
spirits, ami beautiful complexion-all of which are of im
meiise \alue to t nmaiikiko i.adiem.
A sure, remedy for Incipient CONSUMPTION, and thrifts
general prostration of tl.e k7stem no matter whether the
result ot Inherent cause or causes, produced by Irregularity,
illnesa, or accident.
Nothing can be more surprising than its Invigorating el
trots on the humin frame. Persons, all weakneKS and las
situde hefore taking If, at once become robust and full ot
energy under lis influence. It immediately counteracts the
neTveiesynees of the ft male frame, which Is the great cauae
of unhtnplness. . ,
It will not be expected of us, in cases of so delicate a na
ture, to exhibit cefi ftfafea of cures performed, but we can
assure the afflicted that hundreds otcaara have been repor
ted to us.
, Coxsackik, Sept. 23, IR4fi.
Ds. To whs sun?To all whom this may concern?'lids
.a to certify that my wife uaed one bottle of your SARSA
PAKILLA previous to s critical event, under the most
atarming and delicate circumstances, being troubled with
(he dmpsy.swelling of the feel, nervous stfei lions, and very
much debilitated; Willi my persuasion, and the recommen
dation ol tiiose who had used il, she was induced to fry It,
with little or no faith; and suffice it to say, the medicine
had tha happy and desired effect, not only during the said
period, but after athQ expiration of one week of lis use. the
dropsy and norvoUs affection cava way to an astonishing
dcgTce, and her health Is now better than it had been for a
Ions time previous.
If this will he of anv service lo yon, or any one who
doubts the success of the mcihclne, you are entirely wel
come to It.
) subscribe myself your most obedient and obliged serv'f,
Skptkmssr 16. 184A.
TowHSBMn?Dear Sir--My wife has been, for seve
ral years, atllicted with Rheumatism. She hat tried many
different remedies to obtain some relief, but all to no pur
pose. She was finally induced by neeing your advertise
ment, to give your SARSAPARIT.LA s trial. I was also,
(together with s man iu my employ,) badly troubled wltli
the Plies, sod by using a small quantity of your Sarsapa
rills, our complaint was completely cured. I consider it
one of tilt best of medicines, and would adviae all who arc
afBic*^l to give it a trial.
yfc* Market street, Newark.
9nn Building.
DR. T. w. DYOTT A SONS. Obnisal Aunts, No
.32 North Second Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Agent for Washington Citv, CHARLES STOTT, Dsro
SWT, corner 7tl? street and Penn Avenue.
rrfr- Also, for sals hv DruggtsSa g'Hersllr.
The astonishing success will, which
been combated by this powerful remedy lot|h?last
ihree years, in the IJulrletqf tulumbu, end other
places, hut i nduo-'l the proprietor to
n a more conspicuous manner, under ti t "',
vlc.ion Ihm It. invariable and nneirlugrem?d cnl
virtues will benefit thousands, unuer wnosc none*
lt nluv conic. Therefor, he would ur?e It upon ail
who read lliU not lo let it dm*
ii thai attention to which if isaodesirve y
ll(The following are some of the J^'V*8 which
will testify to i?? never-fading emcac>,\U.
Scrofula, in any lonn :
Incipient stages of Consnmptlon, when proceeding
from a scrofulous habit i
fJhronic Rheumatism ; Bronchitis;
Dypepsia.when proceeding from hepatic derange
ment. , _ , ,
Constitutional Syphilis; General Debility 1
Hnhliii il Costlvneas; Cutaneous Affections, and
tf'dMtriSS deranged secretion- or
P"p'raolis UilTlng*! hi? remedy should not grow 1m
IheVengTh offithM dK^as S j *??
fore I would say to all who may loci disposed to test
its virtues not to commence before they ore fully de
termlned to continue its ubo, whether it be one bot
fj . dooen, or more, as no two caoes are exactly
similar, or can be relieved by any stated number in
""^^accompanying certificates are from gentlemen
of?pectabil?ty residing in
from those abroad, to whom I would refe. all those
who are lit the least doubtful. Hundreds of tisti
inonialacnu be produced as to efficacy, but as they
are" elddin orever reod,' or credence given to them, 1
I have thought a few respectable certificates, coming
from gentlemen well known would suthce.
nr.tr Sir ? Having, through the agency of youi
extract of sarsaparllla, occonipllshed a tnost remark
able cure In'the case of my sister, 1 docrn It impor
tant to unite all acquainted with her cbbb whotnay
todiiCy affllclcd, as It may be the meanaof s.v
vinif manv from a premature death. About tour
..pars ago my Bister's health began to decline, and
continued to do so for the space of two years, when
.lie was "iiddenly attacked with a bronchial ultee
lion or what is oominonly called bronchitis. j'?*'
ins teen attacked with the best medical skill w,,h"
?m benefit, and finally pronounced incuralble she
iletertnined to try your extract of satsarilla, anu, at
ler the use of the very limited number of three but
t|?. she was completely restored, and has enjmed
better health than she ever before experienced.-r
Hoping lhat this description of her caao
under the notice of many who maybe similail) nf
rticted, I an, most f"?^S^rvUvr"sTF.WAI.T
To Dr. N. J. Schwahtje, Jr., June 7, 1848,
To Dr A. J. Schwabtze, Jr. t
Uc<ir Sir: I consider ll a duty I o\ve to you and
or 13 months ago, and has enjoyed perfect heiilih
ever since. Such an Invaluable remedy should be
known throughout the extent of the country ; ai d
I sincerely hope, before long that it will be sought
after hy all the afflicted, fishing you abundant
' ?"? "?"ToS,E^',R8utruKF.
Washinc.tow, December 22, 1317.
Waghinoton, December 28, 1847.
Sir - Hie* byAcknowledge a debt of gra
titude due you, in saying iliat 1.attribute my pre
wnt state of good health entirely to the tiscofy??r in
valuable preparation of SarnparWa. llavlne b^n
Itflicted with an Injlammatory liheumalic Ajfcrtum
?.r I he k nra-tokn t, ?ilioh swelled to si,eh a degree as
o couflnTme 'o led for many weeks, depriving
.K?> imtlre iiho of my limb, and having been
attended by the moat eminent physicians, without
Ihe least prospect of recovering, I made use of yuur
Rx tract of Sarsaphrllla to the amount of 5 bottles
?fier which I began to uso my limb, and upon its
further ubo had the satisfaction to find the dlscusi
?die"ed and n,y general health very much Impro
ved Two years have now elapsed and my health
BlUI continues good. You are at liberty to make ?sc
of this as you may think proper.
Very true|y your obedient ???lfewART.
Waeuinoton, January C, 18-19.
^nrSir - I^g^"'pleasure In stating that,
about 18 month? since, I used your Compound Kr
which has continued*toThe'prcaent t'lmT""
Very re-,^o?ft.U^RiN WASHmaT0N.
To^reW-if-.ol,li?n;ionr -1
Dear Sir: Believing that a public statement
1? Lun?i which induced my friends to despair
nf mv recovery. My health continued to decline
ot my recovery. ?*y . [ h Neuralgia and
for " T/'/il Having applied to physicians, both
?t;vw" hm,t any good ellect, I concluded to try your
' ^:HnoOTbsSai.i.wood.
To A. J ^cHWAaTit, Jr., Jan,,a,y 1848.
WashinotoM, January 24, 1819
I I. ine nleasure to pay that I a,n acquainted
u 'i inr of the above medicine, and also
Ste,; plMto Mly ^d'^n?'
their certificates, that "jj^ygSES WARD.
WacBISMoN, January 3, IR fo.
I am informed of the Jn^dtenu f"
SchwMtie's Cqmfound Kxt? b rMioI1
;nhPeT,MhbC:i?fchVam,ac? jdmlr
ably^?p.?l??|^?I??^K1ELD, M. D.
Wabhihoton, January 10, 1&40.
It gives me pleasure to recoinmeno oie- '
Extract of Sarsaparllla, prepared by Dr. bcnwanic,
n? I have a knowledge of its constituent P?.rtfl*. '
Hove that It will achieve more for the aml^d, th?n
"nyother preparation
PU Washington, January 12, 1&46.
Having been made acquainted with the Ingredients
and mode of preparing IJr. Schwartze s Compound
r.imeiT.f Sarsaparllla, I believe it to be a most hup
nv remedial VomblnaUon of ,h,t valuable root with
the othet remedies of which It Is comgoBed;M p
OtouoXTOWN, January 21, 1848.
B t,efn made acquainted by Dr Schwartire
power. 112. L
Wadiiisoton, January 25, 134S. ^
me as clil?cns ot mgn w f (h(- bt.,l ?|BmUng
aumnrtheP phi^clap. Mayor.
the PROPIUKTOR, P7;!"VAVunsXorT A t;0.'S.
<lrtnra eaat of 3d atroet} ai CHAW. ? 1 ? 1 " j . .
Pennsylvania Avenue, natr 7th? ?tog. g^ ^
R**?lfeRPotNT*"and'fc00KE * PKSxIj^
other Drugglale. . '
\ . PER ADN ERTISlAfJ AOENCY, Tribune Building, :
New York, embraces most of the h? st ue wspaperu ol all the I
oil mm and principal lawns In th? United Suites uml Cairn- I
da, for which he is duly authorized to receive advertise
mcuiauud subscriptions, uud fully empowered lo give r*
Merchants, manufacturers, artirla and individuals gene
rally, besides public Institutions, incorporated companies,
and societies who wish lo advertise lo, or snlmrnbc for,
newspapers of any section of tin* country, are rispectfidly
invited to txamme the libs.
To remove all douhta ami misapprehension:-. the *??m
hereby notifies die public, that no person Ih uuthorixed by
him to wihc.lt advertisements, card* or subscriptions for the
newflpspers for whirli be is (lie only uuUioriacd agent
The uuuoyance lo tut-reliant* and others, mowing out ?
uumt ro.ta pretended sgeucies In this city, renders the adop
lion ol Uda course essentially proper to guard sgainst i
Those, therefore, who wish lo transact business with his
agency, and avoid mislskts, are respectfully itivitcd tohnml
in their ordera at the office, or address
American Newspaper Agent, Tribune Buildings
"he coal of advertising iu country pupers?a list of
flic cities and towns throughout the Union, in which the
papers are published?together with the copies of the s/.ve
ruf papeis tor which |te is the duty authorized Agent, may
be seen at this office, iu the Tribuue Buildings
PA. & I.. DEI.MON1CO respect ftilly inform their friends I
i snd the public generally that their New Hotel being
now completed, tlwy are prepared to offtr accommod.dioiu,
for either imnjues <?r ireuilemen as may t>e rcfpured.
Florence's Hotel and Saloons*
Cor. of Rroadway ami Walker iti*, No* 400*
IOIIN FLORENCE, Jr., deems this a fitting opportunity,
<1 when so mauv ol his lorincr natrons from the South,
West, North ami East, are visiting this city-to slate, that |
finding bis old Saloon not large enough lor their scrommo
ilatlon or susceptible of that embellishment doe to the im
kej.t upon the European plan, lie would particularly in
vito attention to the costly and singularly b-.autiful 1'ublic
Saloons connected with the Hotel, and further solicit a trial
by "Epicures" of the proficiency of his Elcvesof "Caremc"
ami "Soger" who preside over the Cuisines of the FLO
Fire Insurance in New York.
porated In 1833, with a perpetual charter, capitul IMO,
0U0, paid up and safely invested, and a surplus of more
thau #40,00u, will make insurance on every description ol
property at the current rate ol premium.
All applications lor Insurance in New York, Brooklyn,
or any part of the Northern uml Eastern States, will have
prompt atteutiou at the Agency, No. 70, Wall street, where I
all claims for lueses will be liberally adjusted and promptly
paid. JOSE I'll HOME, Agent
SrxvtMS A Hokik, Counsellors.
AND BREAST SHIELDS With patent flexible Ivo
mouth piece.
The subscriber respectfully solicits the attention of those
interested, to these contrivances for feeding iniants.
1st. They are free from taste or smell, and pliable.
iiil. Will not act on the milk nor the milk on them.
3?l. They are kept clean Willi very little trouble.
-4ht, Are the best known artificial means for feeding in
fants. They have been iu use lor some yearsaml give very
decided uuhKlachon ?Price 41 and Si 0"
EUli. Dl'PlJY, COO Broadway,
ask for Dupuy's Patent Nursiim Bottle i
cloca ksvaiilisiimi: vr,
No 79 John Street, New York,
WHERE may be louud a large ami splendid assortment
TV of the btfn modern improved Thirty Dau, Eight-Day,
'thirty-Hour, Hi?uu, 1 VuoU ami Alarm CLOCKS. With
Clock Trimmings, Mahogany Knobs, Spool Boxts, Spool
Stands, Iron Rivets, Ac., which will Ih: .-old at the lowtsl
cash prices.
Clocks repaired and warranted.
No. i*-Burhug-?hp. New York.
fHE highest market prices paid, in cash, lor Rags, Cau
toj, ltaggin?\ 4*rusd Ho\A, Tarred Rujte, Hemjt Rojh .
Hiqte Cutting!, Cotton M'unlr, Uunny Hugging, snd all
oinsr kind of Paper Maker's Siock, at their 11 ig Uarehonse,
I I Piatt elreet, New York.
fi AS received tier lals arrlvalsa large and splendid assort
LAMPS of different patterns. Thee'.- Lamjis were invented
by the reltbraled A. 'rhllorier,of the French Academy,and
are considered the best Lamps now in use. These letups
are for sale ouly at 375 Broadway, in this city.
Also ou hand, a large a.ssortmenL ol CUTLER Y, til
SETS, uml every article in the Furnishing line.
Mr. V. being sgent f-r the It HOOK L YN FLINT
GLASS, Is prepared lo eiecute or. I era lor Rich Cut and
Engraved, also Pressed and Plain tilasa ol every variety, at
wholesale and retail, and invites the attention of purchasers
to the splendid assortment of rich Olass Ware on hand at
his establishment, where they can depend upon being fur
nished with the finest quality of Olass Ware tver manufac
tured, being the only place where the Brooklyn Rich Fli^t
Olass can be procured.
PEN.?This Pen received the highest premium at the
last Fair of the Americsn Institute, and has been pronounc
ed, by the thr.t teachers of Penmanship in the country, to
be iufiuitely mperior lo any liold Pen ever before Intro
duced to the American public. The lasting properties of
ibis Pen are undoubted, owing to the total absence of cor
roBiblUty from any of the inks in M?m*? renders it less liable
to damage, more ia?y to repair, and prevents the necessity
THE SUBSCRIBERS, under the firm of BEROEN A I
OALABKUN, having refitted aud replenished this spa
cious establishment,are now prepared to receive company.
There are oue hundred and uine apartments in this house,
consisting of dining saloons, sitting rooms, parlors, loduing
rooms, Ac. The large hall may be used lor balls or public
meetings, The cooking department has been expressly sr
ranged so us to furnish, at s moment's notice, retnshmeiits
for anv number of persons, from one to three hundred, lo
be accommodated at the same time. There sre rooms where
private parties may be furnished with dinners or sup
pets,atio the tables will be furnished with the best the mar*
* affords. Liquors aud wines from the best establish*
_..j?ts in the city. Pastry and Confectionary furnished at]
the shortest notice. There will be a lunch at 11 o'clock |
every day, and no attention will be spared to give satisfac
tion. Men of business snd those visiting the city will find
themselves centrally ami comfortably located, and the
iricts will be louud lo he moderate. The French snd |
Spanish languages are spoken in ihia hotel.
.Ye. 184 Haltitnore Street,
" " * 1000 ounces Quinine
40 pounds Iodide Potash
|(*Y) pounds Oum Myrrh
30 (mass Cab M Magnesia
V0 esses Curb. Magnesia
G bsgs Oum Senegal
2 cases Oum Opiui
100 bids. Epsom Sslls
50 l.bls Whiting
V! tons Ext. |a??woo<I
30 cases L .unpbell's Shells'*
10 caaes Liver Shellac
30 hall picul esses Cassis
2 casks Mace
2 casks Nutmegs I 2 <^*es Oum A tabic
(>i Consignment, at Manufacturer'* Price*,
20 bbls. Olue | 10 bhla. C3opal Varnish
B'lun*n Chnrlea and Light ft
RS BOSI.EY'S Wholmnle and Tift nil Cnrset Manufac
lory is removed to fill Baltimore afreet, over John W
f>t<>ii A Co Store, where Merchants ran be supplied
w ith i ORSF.TS on the most reasonable term.'.
*IIE Suhsrrtbfr. wmilrt call ihf Ml.nllnn m
? ih. public to lh?ir irtock i?f t' AR.HI AI i LS, ul lli.lr own
manufacture, at their establishment, Ths B altiwoss Coach
Factoby, f\exlerirh ttrett oite deor -north of Battiinotf ettert,
where they keen on hand and will manuiacture to order at
the shortest notice, Carriages of every description, and in a
siyle of iinenualled beauty of construction and M supsrlo
rorkinanship. .
Old Carrisges repaired al the shoitcst notice, or isken In J
Carriages Sold on commission
Two first rsle four passenger Carriages, one a doctor's
close carriage, both Baltimore built; ths owner having r~
fnrther use Tor them, will sell at a sacrifice if Immedia
application be made,
Frederick street, near Baltimore.
RESPECTFULLY Informs bin numerous customers, that
he is (as heretofore) prepared to supply them with Liu
en or Muslin Shirts, plain or fsncy, st ths ailortest notice;
snd hsvlttg devoted msny years of his life to ikts Import
These article* ore stifierior to anything i v?r before manu
factured, hi this or any other country, for
durability, beauty, and utility.
THIS unique and useful invention van awarded 11 Silver
Medal dlii! highest premium) ?t the last Annual Fair of the
A tnericnn Institute, for IU superiority over nil other* offered
loi competition.
It has nu t the approbation of the <fficeraof the army and
... ? ? ol taste v? 1
desirable requisites fn thef*
the Boot or Shoe wore elastic, pt?serves its original style
and Hhnpe, anil gives the hollow part a beautiful and eleva
ted arch, thereby allow tut: the heel to be worn very high
Willi perfect ease, or qui to low, without sxposing the pnnla
11 Boots aotl Shot* with line iwv
New York, Brooklyn, and Jersey City.
The underlined, (the first in the city of New York to
manufacture thin justly celebrated and elegant article, con
tinue* to make them uo in an endl*. sb variety of style*, In
workmanship unequalled, and at price* defying competi
tion. All other kinds of Shoe*, Gaiters, 1'umns, and
Slippers, for ladie*, gentlrrikn, youths, minnes, ami child
138 Fulton street.
P. 8.?Just received, a case of Russian Leather for Gen
tlemen's Roots, both for Dress and Water Proof. This is
probably the first lot of this celebrated Leather ever import
ed into the United States.
Untied States Mail Line to Coves and Southampton, and [
The splendid new Steamship WASHING- I
TOM, 1 /GO ions burthen, Frederic Hewitt, com
maimer, will start from New York on the 23d of Septem
ber, carrying the V. S. Mall.
Siie wdl touch at Gown and Southampton to land pas
sengers and deliver the mulls lor England, Frauce and Bel
gium, and will then proceed to Breuurhavcn. Returning,
will leave Dremerhaven the 15th October.
The Washington is built iu the strongest manner, with i
view to being converted into a ship of war, and subject at I
auy time to inspection by officers appointed by the Presi
dent, both during and after construction.
She has two engines of 1UU) horse power each, and ac
commodations for I'JO passenger*.
passage from New \ ork to Southampton or to Bremen, I
?120. 1
Uo from Bremen ami Southampton to New York, 1130.
She will carry about 300 ions freight, which will be
charged according to the nature of the goods offering. All
letters must pass through the Post Office. Parcels, for
which hillNof lading will be signal, will be charged $5 each.
For Freight or Parnage, apply at the Office of tilt Ocean
Steam Navigation Company, 4f? William street, corner of
Wall. E. MILLS, General Agent. 1
Agents at Southampton, DAY, CROSKEY A ROSS,
at Bremtn, C, A. IIELNEKEN A CO.
The Mcond steamer ol the liue is In due coarse of con
struction, and will be in readiness iu the ensuing fall.
fUE undersigned are manufacturing at their esf-tblishment I
in Baltimore, 0, 6 1 ?>, and 7 Octave PIANOS, of all pat
tern* and styles, which they can confidently recommend to
professors and amateurs. The Pianos manufactured by them I
have that peculiarity of touch which commend them to
players of every school, aw well as those who are distin
guished l?v a coll and delicate nctioji, as those who are cha
racterized by a bold, fiery, ami rapid movement.
They are authorized to ruler to numerous professors in
Baltimore, who have given their Pianos a trial, for their
testimonials in their favor, and they are warranted in re
commending them by the universal approbation which they
l?ave received from the great number of persons who have
thuui iu use in Baltimore, and in the south and west gene
rally. They arc confident that they make an iutirument
equal to any made anywhere iu this country or in Europe,
and their extensive manufacture of Pianos enables thun to
sell on terms llheral and satisfactory. All instruments made I
by them are warranted, and they wdl be kept in tune one
year atier purchase, without charge.
An agent w III visit Richmond in a short time, and various
parts of Virginia and North Carolina, and will receive or
der*, which will be faithfully and promptly executed at our
mail u factory.
tp- Orders will also be received nt our factory direct, ]
and special pains tak?n to give satisfaction.
No. 0 Eutaw st., opp. the Eutaw House, Bait
(TkXi N SA(Ti^..GUNiNY^AGSr"
GISH. offers for sale all kimls of UAGS tor GUAIS, j
Qc.for Shijrnitig and Home Cue. CORN and WHEAT
SACKS - yiw.Oun, manufactured from Linen, Cotton Duck |
and Drills -nixes mid fabrics warranted.
GUNNY HAGS? lOQuOOO: small, medium, large
extra large, for covering Rio Cotfce.
FLOUIl SACKS of various labrics, suitable for the
shipment of Flour to England.
Tt'OOL Si CKS- 10.000
( OFPEE HA GS.?20,(100 llio and Laguy ra Coffiw Bags.
Six*M and fabrics warranted.
SEAMAN A, Ml llt,
ARE daily receiving from the large Auction S;
sortuunt of FANCY mu! STAPLE IfIIY GOODS, J
adapted to the best City Trade, and purchased much below |
the cost of importation, which they are offering at a t
smalt advance.
They have alto received by the various tfeamers anil I
packets, a very general assortment of RICH FANCY]
DRY GOOJJS, to which they invite the attention of pur
chasers. In their stock will be found the NouteauleH qf\
Paris and London. ,
Tltey beg leave to present their thanks for the patronage
so liberally bestowed upon their establishment, and to us
sure the public that they will strive to secure a coutinuann
of confid^iue and support.
It is their purpose to extend their already large business,
ami stimulated by their unexampled success thus tar, they
are determined to leave no honorable efforts untried to ac
cotnplish their design. A considerable amount of expcrl-.
ence in business has demonstrated to their satisfaction that
the only sure method of obtaining and seen rings large bus
iness, Is to have it based upon correct principles, arid that
while, as merchants, they consult the interest of their cus
tomers, they are pursuing the only true method of advancing
their owi
Picture frames, pier and mantel glasses,
Air - WILL!AM 4* STEVENS, 311 Broadway, o
short distance above the Park, IMPORTERS AND
W. S- have made such arrangements with the first
publishing houses in the PRINT line, both in London and
Paris, ak will seenre to them a constant supply of all the
most popular subjects from the best artists, us well as the
first of all novelties as they are produced, which they will
sell at very reasonable prices.
MANTEL AND PIER GLASSES, In all the varieties
of French, Elizabethian and Gothic styles, constantly on
hand or framed to artier from original designs, with supe
rior French plates, and with that faithful attention to quail-1
ty which has always characterized their establishment
Portfolios snd Stands constantly on hand.
No. 33 John street, corner of Nassau.
rroiE Subscribers are prepared with n most extensive and
1 selu t stork of FALL AND WINTER CLOTHING,
to which they respectfully Invite the attention of wholesale
and retail buyers.
They have on hi
wards of FIFTH.,.. _ ?T
which they guarantee to be. made with all the elegance
durability of the best custom \rork of the most fashionable
houses in the United Stater, and u? prices nkast ' "Nk-haik
lkssI! and this, together with the Vn.ih System, forms the
great roc ret of ilieir most flattering success.
Their stock of French, English, German and American
Cloths, Cassimere*, Vrstitigs, Bearers* 1'irerds, <J"c. 4*c., is,
they venture to assert, the largest and best sclevtcd (of any
similar establishment) in New York.
Their work madt to order they guarantee equal to that
made al the most noted merchant tailors ot the city, but at
prices corresponding with their Cheap Cash Systen* For,
... every department, they have secured the services of the
best Cutters ami Wn-bnen the city affords. 1
Terms CASH or uo delivery.
at John street, corner of Nassau.
It A TE MAI* Ql'AXD ?f< Co.
HAVE pw;t received s large assortment of Sheffield Plated
Wnre, consisting in part of?
Table Cutlery With plated handb-ato match their patterns
of Silver Forks; rich F.pcrgres, Silver mounted, with ot
without platteau; Dish Covers; Castors, Tea Kettle* and
I'rnr: Tea ami Coffee,Sets, F.iur Bmler* and Eag Stands;
nUin add chased Waiters in ni/.?n from %to ,'ti iuch. r
Flower, Fruit, Jelly, snd Ice Cream Stands, Ac , A-c.
The variety of patterns, ami extent of their assortment Is
much greater than can be found at any or ?very other t~ 1
tablishment in thifl city, and the quality of their Silver, (,
well ns the wwkniausnip,) ?? n??t to Ps surpassed in the
United States. Their assortment of Diamond and oth*
rich Jewilry, Watches, Chains, Ac , is complete; all r
which are ofPsced for t ale nf a small advance on the cosl, l.
the old stand No. IAI Broadway, eign of the Golden Eagle.
Herts a son s amalgamated silver\
STEEL AND PLA TISA PENS -warranted not
IO corrode. All Who Sppwlsis comfort in writing shouUl
use ihc above beautifiil pens, as they aie warranted not to
corrode: and lor elasticity, fineness and durability, sre
unequalled by any other pens ever off. red. These pens
wen* first Introduced into tills country iu Angina, 1M&, at
which lime the manufacturers were unknown to the writ
ius community; the pen, therefore, had to stand on Its own
merits. It is therefore gratifying to the manufacturers to
acknowledge that a discerning public has paid the highest
tribute to their labors, and that the present demand (Which
is iUIIt increasing) far exceeds their utmost expectation*.
Th. qll?ntll)P ofi" m m ?k allil llrlti A Sun,
from Dwcmbi r, IW6. till I) ffmbfr 1P?..?
;i; r, ,nx? gruMi, or 4/*>0^*W doif n, or 4oJ>*KU00 ol pens.
The enormous demand f?r these is a sumdent in oof of
the quality; it is therefore unnecessary to publish Uie vari
ous certificates that the manufacturers have received from
nM parts of the Union. They may be had at Wholesale st
the manufacturers' depot, 89 John street. New \ ork--or 3<i
Cornhlllt Boston?ami retail from all Stationers la the Unl
tsd States.
Th? oldest Ton KstnlilUhment In Amcrtra
lishment In Americu. The public hav
had lull proof of their integrity and responsibility.
kim*h has been the print aud presents demand lor their
TiSAStof laic, that tney have been obliged to eulsrge, in a
great extent, their lwo principal establishments iu New
York, vis:
125 Chatham and 103 Oreemvlrh Streets.
They moreover possess facilities, in relation to the Tea
Trade, in a very abundant degree, and doubtless, superior
lo any other Tea Concern in A nitric a. Their sctnpiilous
regard to nil principles that tend to elevate the character 01
a large house If* well understood, aud has already secured
them a connexion, probably, larger than all other Tea Es
tablishments united, and they consequently are deiermiuct'
lo aell Tens purer, more J"r<tgi ant, and perject lor the jtricea,
in the aggregate than any Louse in the wurld?Chiua ?-x
i hey moat zealously invite the attention of the inhabU
lauts of Washington to their Agency, where the following
assortments are always ou hand; aud they feel no hesita
tion iu stating, that wherever a single trial is made, a very
decided nreterence is given to the celebrated Teas of th? '
rar Reader, make the experiment I
Retail Price a as fvllmct, subject in all casts te bt returned
\f not apjfruvtd of?
Good Young Hyson, . . . |0 50 per lb i
Fine do 0 tS2
No 2 fragrant do a 75
No 3 very flue do. loo
Silver Leaf do. 1 vfi
Good Ifyson, ? . . . . . . (? 75
Very tine do. ' ] on
Extra fragrant ? ? ? . . . ? 1 25
Good Hytuii Skin, Oft)
Good hnptaiai, . . . . . . 0 73
Very fine do. ? ? ? ? 1 00
Extra fine do I 25
Good (*Ui\jHneder} o 75
Fine do, . . . . . . I 00
Extra fine tin. \ ja
No. 1 Sou< hong, 0 50
?<>? 2 'In 0 02
Finest do 76
Fragrant Poiechong, ? various prices.
? ? ? various pric*i
Fine Ook
- 0 GO
Very fine tfi>. . o 75
Extra fine do. 1 00
AVngyonr* various prices.
Fluest EnglishUrmkfast Tea, (very rich Pekoe
flavored.) - 0 75
Fine Orange Pekoe, 0 62
F'uest Pekoe Hotter*, . - . j 00
Ffourqua, or finest Black Tea imported,
\rK Phut I Ttlrn TV. AS! Ka?I. n-i... -?!?
tt3r- TAKE NOTICKI?The Canton Tea
u?>lNViyvenders of the superior
Black Tea "HOWQUA'S MIXTURE." They Intro
dnced it in America iu 1840?and every other person o
house professing to sell the same ai till- much less at u
lower pin e?deceive the unwary, bp ihe public themselves
will perceive, by comparing the spurious with the genuine
" Howqua vended by the Canton Tea Compauy.
Every package (in addition to its containing full weight,
independent of the wrapper,) hears the stamp of neatness
ami elegance, and the Teas therein are so thoroughly secured
from light and air, that their quality and power will remain
unimpaired in any climate.
At Tkmpliman'b Book-store
leave Pier No.St, N. R., foot of Battery Plrces, by Steam
boat JOHN POTTER for South Amboy, everyday, (Sun
day excepted,) at six o'clock.
Passengers will lake the cars from South Amboy to Cam
den and arrive in Philadelphia, about II 1-2 o'clock.
P Fare to Philadelphia, #3; for forward deck passengers lo
Philadelphia, f;J,50; Emigrant and Transportation Line every
day, by Steamboat Transport, at 3 1-2 o'clock P. M., I".ire
?2,25; Freehold and Monmouth, via Stages from llighistown
and West's Turnout; from New York to Freehold U> W? ?(*
Turnout, H7 1-2; from Ne w York to Freehold by flightstown,
81,50; t?> Spot swots I and Wests, 75 cents; South Amboy, 25
cents; Perth Amboy, 12 1-2 cents.
For the accommodation ol those persons wishing to spend
a part of the day iu Philadelphia, either on business or plea
sure, Excursion tickets will oe furnished, entitling the pas
sengera to return by the Mail Line at 4 1-2 o-clock, P. M-,
the same day, or at 0 o'clock the next morning.
Tickets for the Excursion #?"?, to be had at the office, No.
U West Street, or on board the boat.
Fifty pounds of baggage will be allowed to each passen
ger ill Cilia line, and |taiWtiger* are expressly prohibited
Irom taking anything as baggage but their wearing apparel,
which will be ut the risk ol Its owner.
I. BLISS, Agent.
Nails, Tacks, Brads, Brass Ket
tles, Ac.
UT ALTER M SMITH, 280 Pearl street, offers for sale at
?V Ihe lowest market prices, cut,wrought, finishing,clout,
shoe and trunk Nails; Brads, Tacks, ami Wood Screws oi
brass aud iron; brass Kettles, bailed and uulmiied. Ali .
kinds of Hinges, Turn Buckles, Hooks and Staples; III.mi
Fasteners, Stair Rods, Cutlery, Files, Rasps, Ac. Locks ol |
all kinds, Wool Twine, Bed Cords, Rope, Cutlery, Files
Slid Irons, Are.
GOODYEAR'S Patent Gum Elastic Composition for Ma
chine Belting, as has been fully tested, possesses innuj
tin ruble advantages over that manufactured out of ieatherlf
will last a great deal longer, and can be produced at u gieat j
deal less expense.
boilers, h now conceded lo be superior to any article ever
before used for that purpose. The above are sold by
N Y. India Bn|?hor W?rchoil?e. 27 Maiden Lane.
ARRANGEMENTS have been made With Messrs. Burk A |
Co.'s Express Irom Baltimore to Pittsburgh tor the ex
tension of this Line, on and after Monday, October 4th, to .
the above named places, with mail speed. The wagons of
thia line are all new, built with the capacity of 4,500 lbs., |
and the best teams to be obtained have beeu placed along
the line of the National Road.
Messengers will accompany all goods by this line, and se
that the drivers on the road make the allotted time froti
station to station, without failure.
All goods will be receipted for at any of our offices o. .
agencies. North or South, to arrive in Piitshurgh in 50 hours,
and Wheeling in W) hours from Baltimore.
Goods received until 12 o'clock In the day.
rpItE SUBSCRIBER having opened his new Warerooins, 1
L No. 173 Chesnui street, opposite the Stale House, re
spectfully solicits from the public a continuance of the fiat
taring patronage which for many years they have been
pleased to extend him in his former establishment south
Firth street?his stock of Furniture ami Upholstery em
braces almost every article known in the trade, at prices
?s low as articles ot a similar quality can be purchased lor
on the seaboard, and he offVrs to the community his assur
ance that his arrangements in manufacturing will preclude
the possibility of any article being offered to their inspec
tion which will not be entitled to his guarantee.
Strangers visiting the c.dy are rcspcctfully lavlted to an
examination of his stock, either na purchasers or other
QIIANTIN A I.ITTZ, Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers, I
have ihe honor to inform their friends ami the public iu j
general that they h.ive taken ihe large, commodious ami 1
attractive Bazaar Store, No. 2W CHESNVT STREET, op
posile the Academy oi Fine Aru?, where they now hav
ready for Inspections large ami splendid assortment of ar
tirlep in their line; such ? < parlor, chamber and boudoir fore
niture, in the latest Paris style, whb ri they sell at it.e most I
moderate price.
Qrutehd lor the liberal patronage we have received,
pectfully solicit a cnutiuuanci
vts t< *
r W
eF. LINDsEY has removed lo the newhiiildingr, No ofi
? Lihtity Street A fiiM store from Broadway,) where he is
prepaid to exhibit, with lew exceptions, an entire weir,
seasonable ami desirable stork of
e.mbrsrinc every variety ol plain and figured,black, colored
and changeable Silks.
I WUSS GOODS of every description; plain snd figured I
Csshmeren and Mouse tie Laine*. Merino**. Ac. Aho, h I
large assortment of FANCY CAP AND DQNNliT\
ItllMOXS, together with plain, colore?l ami black Satin 1
Tsffetta u ibtK>ns
FtilNGES AND GIMP TRIMMINGS of every va- )
riety snd newest styles.
SUA M LS ol all kinds am! qualities, including Silk.
Broche Thibl?el, Cashmere Turkerri, Ac. Ac. 11?* wouhl
particularly call attention to his unusually large and desira
ble assortment of LACES, EMBROIDERIES, AND
And he would respectfully ask the iuspw-timi ol his stock
iu gener.il by tln?se who are willing lo avail themselvvs of
l.ow pm 10P.N for Cn*h ami Shut! Credit.
1 AMES PIRSSON, 8H Walker street, lias now on hand.
*1 and is daily finishing, Piano Fortes of every descri|itlon,
from iiis very superior hori/.unial rr.imls down lo plain
square ft 1-4 octaves, combining all the improvements ot
the day, with many other* suggested by his owu experiences
in the tsu ioess All his instruments are made expressly
for the city trade, and no psins or expense is spared to rsu
der them equsl at least to those of any other manufacture!
in the country
Slew route* in N?w Jerwy, Peuusylvaula,
Maryluiul auU Ohio*
Extract from the net of Cong. or 3d March, 13-15. uectiun 18
? Atut If it further enacted. That it h1io.I1 be the duty ol
Hit! t^BiniMKr General. in all futttre lettings of contracts
lor the IrniiKportA'ion oi the mail, to let the same in every
case tn ilie lowest bidder tendering sufficient guarantee*
for faithful perloi mauce. without other reference to the
mode ofsuch transportation thtan may be necessary to pro
ride fur the due ce|erfty, certainly and security of Much
transportation , nor shall any new contractor hereafter he
required to purchase out, or take ut at valuation, the stock
<?r vehicle# of any previous contractor lor the same route."
tO"Bidders will be carefltl to read the forms and lust rue
tioiiM appended to this advertisement They are requeued
to state. in their pro no mla, the mode by which they intend
to convey the mail Where the size and weight of the
mail#, or the speed called for in the nchedulen, shall require
if, the contracts will be made for coach, steamboat, or rail
road conveyance, as the case may be; and, consetpiently,
such mules will be let to bids proposing such mode of con
veyance. In all other cases, the routes will be aligned to
bids proposing the cheapest modvsof transportation.
PROPOSALS for carrying the mnila of the TTnlted States,
from the 1st day of July, IM9, to the VM of June,
1852, inclusive, in NEW JERSEY, PENNSYLVANIA,
MARYLAND, and OHIO, will be received at the Contract
Office of i he Post Office Department, In the city of W ashing
ton, until 9 a m, of the 4tli April, 1849, (to be decided by
the 24th of April, 1849.) on the routes and In the manner
and time herein specified, va :
1369. From New Germantown at 10 a m Wednesday
Ily PottersvIHe and Urtionvjlle
To German Valley, by 2 pm, 12 miles
And back between 5 p m and 9pm same day.
1370. From Key Port at 6 a m, nix times a week, or aa of
ten aa the boats run between New York and
To Squankum, Uy 12 m, 20 miles
? And back between 1pm and G p m same day.
1371. FrotnTuckhaoe at D p in Saturday
By Lower Bridge, on Cedar Creek. Seaville, and
and Townsend Inlet
Proposals to leave in the morning, and return in the af
ternoon of the some day, on a day to be named, will be con
side red.
1372. From Philadelphia CPs.) at 6am Saturday
By Camden (N. J.) and the following placcs:
Ellesbunr, Fellowship, and Green Tree ,
To M<?unt Laurel, Burlington county, (N. J.,) by 12 ,
m, 20 miles
And buck between I p m and 7pm same day.
1373. Cranberry at 9am Saturday
To South Brunswick, by 11 a m,5 miles
And bick between 1pm aud 3pm same day.
I 1707. From Sharon Centre at 0 a m Wednesday
By McKay's Grist Mill, through the vulley of the
I Honeyoye Creek
To Weilsville, tNew York,) by 12 m, 18 mtles.
And back between 1pm and 7 p m same day.
.706. From Perkiomen Bridge itfiam Monday and Friday
By Schwenck's Store, Frederick, Colebrookdale,
and Emails
To Allentown'by 7 p m, 43 miles
And back between 0 a m and 7pm next day.
Proposals to commence this at Norristowu ; also to run
trl-weekly will be considered.
1709 From Poitaville at 1 p m Monday
By Llewellyn, Tremont, Bearmount, Wlconlsco,
and Elizabethville
To Millersburg, by 6 p m, f>5 miles, next day
And back between Gam Wednesday, and 12 m
next day. ,
1710 From Stromlesburg at G a m Wednesday
By BrarkleyvillP, Priceburg, Indian Hill, Cov*e
ville, South Sterling, and East Sterling 1
To Sterling, by 6 p m, 30 miles
And hack between 6 a in and 6 p m next day.
1711. From Penningtonville at G a tn Saturday
By Coop.rsvllle, Green Tree Inn, Bart's and Pas
To Buck, by 12 m, 20 miles
And back between I p m and 7am same day.
1712. From Oil Creek at 6 a ni Friday
By Rome, Eldred, and Spring Creek
To Columbus, by 0 p m. H0 mile a
And hack between tin m and Q p m next day.
1713. From Trexlertown at 9 p m Saturday
By Middletown
To Hereford, by 12 m 10 miles
And back between 1 p m and 4pm name day
1714. From Worcester at 8 a ni Saturday
To Centre Square (meaning probably (Tniou Square,)
bv 10 a nt, 6 miles
And back between 12 m and 2 p m same day.
1715. From JoiitiMtowu at 8a ni Wednesday
To Rherernburg. by 12 ni, 15 miles
Anil back between 1 p in and 4 p m same day.
11716 From'Clarjort at G a m Monday^
Along the northeast side of Clarion River
To llidneway, by.12 m.fiOmlles, next dav,
Aud back between 1 p m and 6 p m Wednesday
717. From Allen at 9 a in Saturday
hh . T.. Boiling Spring, by U m, 10 mib s
Aud ha< k between I p m and 1 p m same day.
1718. From Ilollidaysburit ut G a tn Monday
Ry Alleghany, Ashland Furnace*, and Weaklaud'a
To Newman's Mills, by 12 in, 50 miles, next day
And back between 1 p in Tuesday and G p in
1719. From West Philadelphia at 8 in Tuesday and Satur
day '
By kellyeville, L*oh's Store, Springfield, Rose Tree,
and Bishop's Works
To ilowelsvdle, by 2p m, 20miles
And back between 7 a m and 1 p m Monday and
| Fciilay.
Proposals lor once a week service will be considered,
j7iA>. From Snmneytownat G it m Monday
By Spinerstown
To Emaus, byT2 m, 18 miles
And back between I p ui and 7 p m same day.
Propolis to run on another day (to be named) that will ?
make better connections will be considered.
1721. From Emlentown at 6 a m Wednesday ' I
To'the mouth ofTionestft Creek, by G p m, 30 miles
And back between Gam and G p to next day.
1722. From Suuville at I p m Tuesday
Hy ?
And back between 10 a in and 1 p m same day
172-1. From A1 lent own at 9 p m Saturday
Bv Sncekjivllle
To Kern's Mill, hy 12 m, Id miles
And back between 1pm and 4 p m p.ime day.
1725. From Norristowu at 4 p in Tuesday, Thursday, an<
Br JetVeraonville, Shannonsville, and Lumbervilh
To PlHunixvllia, by 7 p m, 10 mllfs
And b^ck beiween 4 a m and 7 a m same day.
Proposals to run six times a week will be considered.
1720. Frnm Gap at Sam Saturday
Itv Hat and Intercourse
To New Holland, by 12 m, It miles
Aud lackbctween 1 p tn and 0 p m same day.
Proposals for tri-weekly service will be considered. !
1727. From West Petin at 1 p tn Wednesday
To Lehighton, by 4 p m, 10 miles
Aud back, between 9am and 12 m same day.
Proposals to run on a day and at hours that will make
better connections will be considered.
728. From Smith's Ferry at 7 a m Saturday
Hy Ohiovllle
To Darlington* hy 12 m, 15 miles
And back between 1pm and G p m same day.
1729. From Dnnnlngsvllle at 9 a m Wednesday
Bv Vunceville
To Hillsborough, by 12 m, 10 miles
And back between lpm and 4pm same day.
1700. From Pittsburg at Ga ni Wednesday
Bv Breakneck, Whiteatown, and Prospcct
To Browulngtown, by G p m. 40 miles
And back between G a msnd 7 p in next day
Froposals for tri weekly or six-Mmey-a-wrek convey
auce, with change of schedule, will he considered.
1731. From .Williamsport at 9 a tn Monday
By Loyalsock Valley
To Cherry, by 11 p m. 45 miles
And back between Gam and 8pm next day.
proposals stating the Intermediate points are invited.
1732. From areensboroneh at 9 a m Wednesday
Bv i. E Taylor's Store
To Whdely, by 12 m. 10 miles
And back between 1 p in and 4pm same day.
1733. From Providence at G a m Wednesday
By .fohu Cobb, llolhstersville, Hamilton, snd Par.o
V-'t Tart on, by 6 p m, 3*1 miles
Ami back betwren Gam and 6pm next day.
1731 From Wattsburj at 6 a m Monday, Wednctday, and
nv rgUimbiiK, Spring Cr??k, Pilt.fxlil, Y"u"t"
tillr, nnd Irvine
Tn W.rrfn, lijr 6 p m, 10 nii'.ri
Antl bick between 6 a m an?! 6 p m nejt (t?v
I95f. From Baltimore *i 0 ? m S-tinnlay
Hy Cub Hill ?nil Put* Meriin? hoii?.
To neUlr. (Md.)byOpm, ?m?ea
And bru:k between ti a ui an.I 6 p ni Friilay
I0"V7 l*ri>m PcinCeaa Anne at 0 3 m Wejnewlay
H. Kinr?on
Til JeHVraon Curner, by 12 in. II mllea
Ami hick between I p m an.,1 7 n m lame day.
t*.1 l-rom Ell mil 1. M ills a!m Sainrrtay
Br riarkwlll'and Simly Spring
To Rni'kville, by '' p m. & mil.a
Anil bark between !> a ni iliul 9pm FrMay
PrjnoMls IT tri weekly rnnveyaur, m (.larkavlllr, n
thronih .in lb' whi le rmtte. wi? be c.nfidert.l .
?>;7 From Chickasaw at ft a m Silurday
To Cranberry Prairie, by 12 m. 12 mlleu
An l back between 1 p in and 0 p in w*me day.
Propoaslfl to commence at New Bremen will be roiisb
e,Q27rt From Mdlnn at 9 a m Tues?lay and Friday
Bv Bloomimsville
To Sandusky City 12.12 milrs
And back between 1 p m and 4pm same day
propyls to end route on the railroad (to be turned
Also more frequent conveyance, will be conrniere.i
2279 From Sabina at G a in Wednesday
i Bv Quinu's Mills and Centrevllle
, To Highland, by 12 m, 15 miles
And back between I p ni irnd .? p m . <me ?tsy
An,l bark Ulween^m atij, ^
al'ler* il
cottalder"! . a m WednMiUr
V",'M irni^ill.. M ill'"-""". I.?m I burg,
> ville, Prinretntt, and S.w llo,?
b)' Rl' "1, mile.
.^Thub betwein nam and A p m nait day.
Pro'poaaU ? end route at New Hope wl\l b. eon^deml
2D82 From Defiance st 6 u ui Wsdnc silay
ByBrunei sburg an.I If icksville
.vvw, ^ by ft a m and r. p m next day.
flBKt. From Tidhi at ft a m Monday
Hy Van Burcn and lmI?*|wiuI?>h<-**
To?Defiance.by U u?. 75 miles, Wednesday
Friday ten 1 P m Ww'M?^y and 6p ?
228L From Oarretsville ai 6 am Wednesday
By Freedom, Hhaltr.ville, Kireetri?m>', Hudson,
Richtield. and llinkley
To Brunswick, by G p m, 37 milea
And hack between Gam aud C p'm next day.
2288. From Lower Sandusky at H a m Saturday
To piut Clinton, by 12 m, 15 miles
And back between 1 p m and 5 p in same day.
2336. From Hagerstown at 8 a in Wednesday
To Eaton, by 12 m, 13 miles
Aud back between 1 p ui and 5pm same day.
; 2287. From Jackson C, 11. al 6 a m Friday
By Jarkm>n Furnace?
To Portsmouth, by tf ii m,32 miles
And back between 0 a in and 5pm uext day.
228S. From Walertilta at fl a m Tuesday
By Turkey Fool
To Bryan, by 12 m next day, CO mile*
Aud back between I p m Wednesday and ftp m
2*9. From Wat. rfordatli a m Wednesday
By Watertown
To Barlow, by 12 m, 10 miles
Ami bark between 1 p m and 1pm same day.
2290. From Jacksonville at 8 a in, Tueaday
By Houston's X Roads and Cranberry Prairie
To Monlexutna. by ft n m, 24 mllea
And bark between 8 a in and 6 p m next day,
Query ; Whether llou&ou'a X Roads belongs to this
route I
2291. From Hamilton at 6 a in Wedueaday
Bv Morning Sun
To Richmond, ila ,) by R p m, 40 milea
And back between Gam und 8pm next day.'
Proposal* naming the intermediate points to be supplied,
also mure frequent service and greater speed, will be con*
2292. From Ithaca al 5 a m Wednesday
To New Oastine, by 7 p m, 5 inilea
And back between 2a m and 4 a ni aame (by.
Propose Is to extend No. 2261 to New Cystine are Invited.
2293. From Xenia at 1 pm Saturday
By Byron
To Fairfield, by 5 p m, 12 mllca
And back between 6 p m and 10 p m aame day.
2294. From St Joseph at 5 a m Wednesday
Bv Willi.-mi Centre and Beunersburg
To Defiance, by G p m, 30 miles
And back between Gam and 6 p m next day.
PrnpoKileto end route at Bruucrsburg will be considered.
Eaoh proposal should be accompanied by a guaranty,
signed by one or more responsible persons, in the follow,
iug mannar, viz
"The undersigned -guarutee that ,la his bid
for carrying the mail from ? to be accepted by
the Postmaster General, shall enter an obligation prior to
the first Jay of July next, with good and uutlkient sureties,
to perform the service proposed."
This should be accompanied by the. certificate of a post,
master, or of.er equivalent testimony, that the guarantors
are men of property, and able to make good their guaranty.
The proposals should be sent to the department, endor
sed 44 Proposals for route No. , in - and addressed
to the Frst Assistant Posimnster General.
For the prohibition of bid* resultinir from, combination,
and the terms und conditions <>n which the contract is to
bs made, see the annual ndvtrtlsement In another column.
C, JOHNSON, rost master General.
Dccembrr IS, 1C43. Mar 12? lawttw.
Sole proprietors of the celebrated
[ Beg leave to call attention to this important and invaluable
artirle, the greatest discovery of the age?patented ill
Washington, December, 1847.
fHE above invaluable preparation, which entiilea the In*
ventor to, and must, when fully known, gain for bim
I the gratitude and blessings of the whole human family,
possesses the power of immediately destroying the most
offensive odor, from whatever cause ariaing.
By It Hospital Ward* can be disinfected of miasma and
j Water Closets, Cess Pools, Cellars. &o., Ac., of Impure
gases. In the sick chamber this Fluid will be found in
valuable, as the nauseous ?mell ariaing from sores on the
body, or from the night stool, ore by its use atonce dis
pelled, und should the disorder terminate (atally, the corps*
con (it from any cause necessary) be kept several weeks,
by using the Fluid, without becoming in the slightest degree
Captsius of .emigrant ships will derive Incalculable ad
vantages from its use in the steerage, for disinfecting and
ttlce, which will fully convince the most sceptical of
its wonderful qualities.
It is entirely ? free from any odor of Ita own, simple in Its
application aud certain in its effect*.
To Chcner*, Agent*, Captain* of vcuseht and other* .?For
sale in large quantities, for steerage of emigrant ships,
bilk* water, slid other diainfeciing purposes. By an appli
cation of tins Fluid, the contents ot a Privy can be remov.
ed without causing that highly offensive stench, and thus
rendering night soil a valuable manure.
The undersigned, desire to brink this article into public
t use. It will he furnished in quailDottles of uurownstamp
j for local uses or by the gallon
Orders are resptetlully solicited, and will he immediately
supplied. POl l.IN. ROGERS A CO.,
39 Merchants' Exchange, William street,
New York.
For sale in this city by
W. A J H. (11 I.MAN. Druggists,
Pennsylvania Avenue.
Nbw Vouk, September 19. 1848.
GtnllemenHaving used your Disinfecting Fluid on my
1 last voyage in the Washington acro-sthe Atlantic, I found
it an invaluable artirle for destroying the effluvia from tlm
Water closet, Ace.
It is also valuable for the passengt ra to use in their state
rooms, particularly in cases of rftckness. 1 think It the best
disinfecting agent ever Invented.
(Signed,] J. JOHNSTON,
Master Steamer Washington,
Of Ocean Steam Navigation Company
To Messrs. Pot'LtN, Bookijh Ai Co.
jan yii-dCm
IITE WILL hereafter fell all tlie following WINES and
' IT LIQUORS at frem ltf to 25 per cent, below our former
75 basket* Hiedsleck CHAMPAGNE WtNE
50 do Cieoh-rs'* champagne of extra fine quality.
25 do Ilochi's champagne fair article.
25 do Shield brand, pta. and qts.
35 doz. old reserve MADE HI A, vintage 1815.
42 " London L. P., very flue.
15 44 Sercial, old and fine.
11 ,4 llual Madeira, very old and fine.
10 4* Malmsey do. a choice artir le.
12 44 Gra|wrjuice do. viry old.
t 15 '4 Pomar's Bro, sherry, extra fine.
| 13 44 .Do. " fine artirle.
12 4 Am>>ntilado pale sherry, very fine.
15 " OLD PORT M7iV/;,very fine.
50 44 OLD COON A C H HA A*6 Y, i?ie and dark.
50 OLD MO SOS (i A11 EL A WHISKY, very prim*.
With a great variatv ofothbr wines and liquors all of which
will be sold unusually low. SIMMS A SON.
P. S. We have on hand part of the stock of Madeira and
Sherry of the late Walter Smith, which was selected from
his stock of wines with much care, and will be sold much
below his fixed prices ten years ago. s. A 8.
jan I ?illy Pa. avenue, opposite Jackson Hall.
1UIE aubscriber will open on the 1st of September next,
, the Merchanta' Erchange Hotel, located m Slate street,
j aud In the immediate vicinity of tue Banks, the Post Of
fice, and the Exchange, and hones by the strictest attention
to tne wants and comiuris of Uiw guesis, to merit a good
I share of the public patronage. The house has one nun
1 dred rooms, has been thoroughly renovated and repair*
ed, and the undersigned feels confident that he is now pre
pared to entertain the iraveihtn: public in a style equal to
any Hotel in the city. The bedding and furniture gensraUy
has been replenished, aud the appointments and conveni
ences of the House are inferior to none of its kind. Ry
prompt personal attention to the desires of his guests, th?
subscriber hopes to merit his share of the public favor and
1 patronage.
Transient Boarders One Dollar per day.
I sa^_*l-1 Steam Communication direct from
Southampton to New Orientals and
bat lc. -i'ursu iui to order from the Lords Commissioners
of the Admirably, on the '2A of November next, and thence
11 forward on the ^ud of each succeeding mouth, the ROYAL
MAIL STEAM PACKETS will proceed direct from South
I uniptou to Bermuda, Nassau, Havana, Cat or Ship Island,
(New Orleans,) Vera Crux and Tumpico, returning by the
I same route to England.
This arrangement admits of an easy and quick convey |
I nnce to and from Southampton and the places above men
tioned, and passengers tor New Orleans will be conveyed |
I thither from the Company's vessel* on their arrival at Cat
or Slup Island, by the Mexican Gulf Railway Company, |
who will have a steamer ready, and other convenience*,
provided for that purpose, at a cost not exceeding three dob |
lan for each person. The same facilities will be alTbrded
from New Orleans, embarking on board the Royal Mail |
Steam Packets for Europe, dec.
The estimated time for the voyage from Southampton Is I
I as follows:?To Bermuda, 16 daya; Nassau21 days; Havana
I 23 days. Ship or Cat Udaud, New Orleans, 281-2 daya; Vera
Crux, 33 days: Tampico, 36 days.
The Steam Packets are appointed to leave Ship or Cat
land Harbor on their rtturu to England at fi A. M., on ths
21st of each month. By the above alteration, paaaeng?r?
proceeding to the West Indies, by the 2d of the month ateam*
er, will be conveyed via Bermuda, ami by the 17th of the
month steamer, as heretofore, via Maderia and BartedcM*
Particulars ss to fares, etc., may be obtsined ?"
lion At the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company'a Offlcea, W
Moorgate atroet, London; ditto W inkle atreet,.. ',rb??Pjwti
Messrs. Delrue ?t Co., rue d Enghitu. * ari?.'
14 Boulevard Potownlere,ditto; Mr. Ilundeiker, Ilambuifbi
Mexican Oulf Railwav Company, Njw
65 Moorgate street, London B CHAPPEI., Secretary.
MEKES ASD VE.s J'LS fiS, No*. llGsnd 118 Chsrfy
ritreet, corner ofCatharine, have on hand a very large stock
of Fashionable ready m? fe Clothing, just manufacuivad,
and especially adapted to the season. Also, CLOTlfiL
I CASSfMEHES awt VEST/NOS, by the piece, or In
.iiuutlnes to suit purchasers.
UARMENTSoi every description manufactured to or*
I der iu the beat possible manner and in point of style not to
I be surpassed.
UAfitililt A UROTUERS, No. 63. South St., tlireedoora
from Pratt street, Valtimore, Manufactum* and t*n
uZrtnreof Ma/henhUiauvkj/ical, and Phifo*of>Ahal Intfm.
t?+tUa.?A goinl nsr?.rtn? ^ of the following articles, uhich
we offer lor sale al reduced price*:
j Suiveyor'a Compaases; Eugiueer's Levels; Therurdoilte*
Theodolites Compasses; Sluj s, Plain, Sturm, sod Tranaps
!relit Com|iass? s; Sjiy-glawK-s; Plain and Double Tangent
Uu.-idtants; Sextants; Barometers* Thermometers: Log
GIsssls; Halt-hour Clashes; Tajie Lines; Cae^k ol Draw
lug Instrumeutr.; Pocket Compaq ?; Surveyor's Chains;
Carpentti'V and Lumber Roles; Tatlota and Hailmakera'
S<|u.ires; Bra^s ami Guuter S^aks; P.?raltel Kuiea; Draw*
Ing Pens: Dividers; Protractor*: llowditch N?i? igifuin;
Blum's Const Pilot*-; Stdpni-ifcisr* Awistattls: Seaman's
Friends; Nautical Almsiiat f : Lunar TaMes; L'?g Books;
Shipping Papers; S.sm?u'-Jooruak. l>lewlsWf;
A grtod .ts?orim<nt u? Chans ol iff jtoltt id the world;
Otiuging Out Ntckn, T'?ttHsc large S?
siutimnt of Iasrni'MKNia in the Mathemancal H?e.
Hgf- lust rnenra of every deecr.pt! rspsired, or mAdf
o order, Inrue neatest r

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