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?T woBTumuToai a. indthhn,
The Union of yestoiday devotes a chap
ter to the distention of this interesting uuiuse
ment. It attributes the recent loss of Whig
members of Congress in Connecticut aud
Virginia, to the loo free indulgence, by the
Administration, in the game of playing t
bowls, or in plainer terms, to what is falsely
called the prescriptive policy of the Admin
istration. It says, that they who play at
bowls must expect rubbers?a truism that
no one will deny ; but we deny that the ad
ministration has been or is engaged in any
?uch sport, is or has been prescriptive in the
least degree, and therefore, the rubbers,
which the Whigs have received in the elec
tions just passed, are not the result of any
such cause. If it be true, a-> the Union
contends, that these results are the conse
quence of what it terms the prosciiptive pol
icy of the Administration, how did it hap
pen, that the operation of the same cause did
not produce a similar result at the New
York city election ? If the policy of ihe
administration was prescriptive when the
Connecticut election took place, it was equal
ly io when the New York city election was
bctd. The position of our neighbor is un
Indeed, ao far from attributing our defeat
in Connecticut and Virginia to the prescrip
tive policy of the Administration, to the
bowls which the Union says it has been
playing, we are dinposed to regard it rather
as the fruit of a natural impatience among the
Whigs, lest the appointment policy of;
the new government would not be stringent
enough, would not be healthful enough in
its opyations. They appear to have forgot
ten, that the Administration of Executive
justice requires deliberation and the exercise
of temperate judement. What was and is
self-evident to our friends, in a given and
particular casp, they seem to hBve forgotten,
could not he so plain to the appointing power,
before whom every case must come to be de
cided. We know, that the Whigs of Con
necticut and Virginia entered upon the re
cent contest with a slow pace and uncertain
feelings, taking counsel erroneously but hon
estly, no doubt, of their eager desire to see
the government purged of its notorious cor
luptions and abuses. The enormity of these
corruptions and abuses, was so great in the
eyes of our friends, that th?4y could not
brook the necessary delay in removing them,
and in a moment of despair, they suffered
their confidence in the old chief, whose word
his never yet been known to fail, to be has
tily impaired, and the records prove that they
permitted the elections to go by default.
The rubbers which the Whig party have re
ceived are not the result of the Administra
tion's having played at bowls,?they are the
fruit of a too prevalent misapprehension
among our friends, that the Administration
war not sufficiently alive to the necessity of
purifying the official corps, of restoring the
ptrtonnt! of the government to its original
purity. There had not been time sufficient
for the Administration to demonstrate its up
right purpose, to redeem the promises made
in the Inaugural, in respect to the officers of
government; and the care and caution and
prudence and wisdom displayed bv General
Taylor, in the execution of the appointing
power, were so different fiom the policy of
the expelled dynasty in this particular, that
even Whigs seem to have lost their long tried
But no future, occasion for misnpprehen
tion of the policy of the Administration, in
any respect, can possibly arise. Our Whig
friends in Connecticut and Virginia will not
be slow in repenting of their error in de
clining to be patient in well-doing a little
while longer. They will come to sec, that!
they have done unintentional injustice to|
the old Hero and his Administration, bv
permitting themselves to distrust, for a single
moment, his determination to carry out any
of the purposes expressed in his Inaugural.
Before the people will be called on in the
States, yet to elect delegates to the next
Congress, to exercise fhe right cf suffrage,
the country will have realized to the fullest
citent, the long-expected consummation on
the part of the Whigs, of seeing the Gov
ernment confided throughout its whole ex
tent, to the administration of houest, capa
ble, and faithful officers, in whom the Ex
ecutive can repose confidence. The Whig,
party will then be able to play at bowls with |
their opponents, and will cheerfully receive
*11 the rubbers which the latter can send.
Lonsvuu, April 28ih, 1849.
* * At Cincinnati snd hern, and Indeed every
where thai I hear from, the people are pleased with
the ceufke the Administration Is pursuing in regard
so the officers of Government, who have been In of
8ce for some time. The people expect and desire to
see Gen. Taylor All all the offices of the Government
with men of his own selocilon. The wkinlngt of
the editor of the Union are not only treated with
merited contempt by lh? friend* of the President,
but are sbaoluiely dl*gnstlng to the honest and re
spectable portion of hie own party. Indeed, I hear
many Demorrata declare that he ienni theeipnnent
of their sentiment* and view*, end that hi* itn'i
truthful and undlgniflcd course will can*c them to
csasa to mil hie psper at all.
The " National Whig"?It is just euch a paper
as the Admleiration neede?a* the party should eus
isin, for the cause of good governmew, by nipping
?he falsehood* of the partisan Locofocn pres* In the
K'trscsi.?Col. John S. William* has declined
io run as a Whig candidate for Congree* In the IXth
District i John B. Huston will probably be tho nom
inee of the Convention. H. M. Howl. ii I* onnouncd
aa a Loco candidate in the Vth District (J. B. Thomp
son's) and has taken the stump again*! Mr. Thomp
TifHiiteac.?fn the ltd District Hon. Wm. M.
Cocke and Col. Albert G. Watklne are up for Con
free* on the pan of the Whlge. The Locofocos have
proposed Col. Wm. M. Churchwell In Ihe Hid Dis
trict, (now represented by P. H. Crosier, Whig,) and
Samuel Terney, esq., In the IVth (Hill's, Loco.)
Fob OaeaoM.?Four hundred infantry left St.
Lortson the 90th ult.en ront* for Oregon, via Fort
It in ruully nauseating to look *1 lif t"*?' ??
nonsense, which the (Mum MM "s bueUurn corp*
ot paid or pen*** P?ur, ou, ^Uy ,n' '
columns 0,1 Hie .abject "f removal- and appoint
menis to office; as If either the Prefer, or any
member of hi! cabinet h4d, "t any time before or
after iheir accession <? l>o,v"r. pledged 10 "*
loco/oco faction plenary impunity from tbi cjnse
ouencMoftt wholesome unci necessary discrimina
tion lit the cxercUo of a prlvil??c Known to, and acted
upon,by every preceding administration.
The impudence and effrontery of those open, undis
?uiised and most vindictive enemies of til* President, j
men who moved every specks of party machinery 1
during the Into campaign to defeat ilia election, are |
without parallel in the history of parti's In thl?j
country. ,
Kept alive upon the fungi ot Mr. Polk's delunct i
organ, by Us fcstkljvapora which," like those arising]
ftotn tho enrolls of u inuatc/a jfuturuu in a blatu oi
decomposition, animates thein for the moment for
tho exuclse either of mischief or malice, as the op
portunity may offer for its indulgence-, and which,
were it not that the process of puriJcatUii was In
prospective for the immediate riddance ol such nul
sancos, we might I* justllied in having the filth dis
charged with I he common vortex of party corrup
tion) by the city scavengers, even during the day
lime, without dancer to tho olfactory nerves of res.
pectablc society.
The odoriferous old organ grinder ol ilm past dy
nasty may pique himself upon tho purity of hi.
diction In penning his paragraphs upon political
questions, or he may consider his pen as redolent of
the essence ol roses, when lau ding the acts of the
packet patriots of his late chief while being relieved
of a share of the '-tpoiW they have so long enjoyed;
but If he would analy.su those samo articles, and
judge of I heir merits by the laws of justice and mo_
rality. he would find thetu fall far short, In this res.
pect of the refined code of rthlrs In use among the
flshwomen of Billingsgate. His lnhgyoge lis true
Is not so coarse as theirs, but its very refinement
adds grace IP its point, and makes il more merito
rious in the estimation of those who consider it no
crime, to defame their neighbor, if It can only be dona
In classical style. The effect is the same, in both ,
cases, whether it be a fi.hwoman or a figgelty old i
favorite of a fallen administration that throw.s the ,
<1"xow sir, 1 will ask those same gentry, who are
contributing tins sort of trash to the column, of .he
Union, ninny of whom no doubt are still In the em
ploymcnt m_ihc government [yes, a very large nnm
L Of then? Ed. Nat. mig] what kind of men are
they, who could thus hold office and vilify those by
whoso leniency they hold ill Or, doe. it loilow
that a different rule of religion and morality obtain*
in public office, from that which Is obeerved In pri
vate life? It really looks ?u, if we are to judge of the
course of the Union and Its contributors.
The outcry of that party, at present, against what ,
It call- "proscription," Is hypocritical and
;m>?hypocrliical, because it knows well that this,
nor any oiher administration, be It whig or locofoco,]
just entering upon a new career of duty, could get j
along as it ought without nicking changes. Let u. j
suppo?e f?r a moment Ihal G?n. Cass had been
elected President Inslead of Hen. Taylor. Does the
Union believe that ha would besailsfied with ihe
services ol Mr. Buchanan's or Mr. C'llhoun'sap.
pointees in the Stale Department, or of Mr. Walker s
In the Treasury, or, In fact, of those who served
under ihe oilier heads of Departments during Mr.
Polk's term of office, unless those |.ersoiis were pre
vlonsly known to him 10 be his personal and politi
cal friends'! When I say political friends, I mean such
,s would go for his re-election to the presidency for |
a weonrf term, Instead of using their influence at hi"
expense were either Mr. Calhoun or Mr. Buchanan
n ominated In his place for the succession. Most
certainly noi. Well, then, If thl. be so. how can the
Union expect the present administration to keep
those about ihem, who ore not only known to
be politically opposed to it, but in whom the heads
of departments probably cannot safely repose full con
fidence respecting official business.
Let us suppose a case, which is not ai all linprobabh.
A head of a Department rel.ilns a clerk who was tho
confident of his predecessor! and, from Ihe very na
,ure of his duties, is compelled to place many matter.
in Iris keeping, directly at variance with the princi
ple Views, a,id intete.ls ol those who have been
driven from power. Is it natural, i. it to ta?????*
that pool human nature Is so strong as to be entirely
tree from political or party bias, a. no:
even against conscience, ami a proper regard l o the
integrity of official duties, as not to have a chink
?omewhere, by which something Important to party,
or pany friends, may not leak out 1 Or. again, what
confidence can a Secretary have In the Integrity of
those messengers, who now stand at their-door, to
admit visitors on business, or apphcants for office
whom they have long known us Wing opposed to
them in polities 'I ,
I will venture to say, sir, that few gentlemen, who
have private business with thi heads of Departments,
or even with heads of Bureaus, would like to enter
upon it in either case, while such clerks or messen
gers happened to be within hearing, or even In an
adjoining room, unless the door connecting the two
apartments were closed.
I have, before now, heard of prying clerk, leave
their (leaks to hear who the person was that hud busi
ncss with the Secretary; and even, In some Instance.
come into his room while the visitor was talking to
him on some pretended cause or other; nay, even leave
the door, separating the Secretary's apartment irom
Ills aiar, hi order tof t??at what wu. going on. W bile
heads ot Departments and business arc subject to a
system of esplsnag. like this, la It safe-is it prudent j
for Ihem to have political enemies In charge of their
most confidential p apers; or if even thoseheads them-1
.elves had no fears about u breach of confidante, w II
the members of tho Whig party, who are in dally
confidential correspondence with them on subjects
of a private and delicate nature, feel the more com
fortable, when they think that such correspondence
finds its Way Into the hands of enemies? I wot not.
Common decency, and proper respect for the leel.
Inge of gentlemen who aro opposed to such charge,
in their Departments, ought to prompt those clark.
to resign, whose political views are known not to
square with those under whom they serve, le. even
a suspicion of their fidelity might arise, though like
Ctcsar's wife, thev might be ftec even from such sus
picion, and be highly honorable men.
We know well that this fun which the Union I.
making about the removal of a few men from office,
i, also time ?fting I for, true to its Instincts of party,
instead of pity for those who may or have been al
ready removed, it is the very thing that It desires,
for the purpose of making a clamor, and creating po
litical effect for party purposes. We know the I mon
too well not to know that this Is lis motive and
I we know it too well also, to know that II ha. very
lit,I. sympathy for any of It. co-.uflerers, except It
Mil All thl. Is too well known, by. the country, to
need rejeclion, but It Is well even to refresh th.
memory of some by recurring to lh?^RNES
TH.?AT?NtD Aa?oi?.?Some incendiaries have
threatened to set fire to the Frankford, Pa., Lunatic
Asylum, on the night of the 1st ln.t. Sheriff Lel??
prevented the execution of the threot by ordering out
a patrol.
Ei.v Moo**.?At l?.t date, execution had issued
against thl. p.r.on, for recovering she payment of
the monev embenled by him, while he w.s th. I'nl
ted States Marshal of New York.
bl tirstiASO.?The Convent of Santa Criw. In thl.
city, has lieen blown up and destroyed by the care
lessness of a soldier In setting fire to a powder mag
.xlne within It. precincts.
Millfsish.?One of Ihe deluded victim, of this
monstrous idea, w.s found in Brooklyn a day or
two ago, In a slate of destitution awaiting the des
truction of the earih.
Thi Sasaii Sands-This steam propeller has ar
rived at New York, aftera long passage from Liv
erpool, In consequence of having received an Injury
lo her propeller, when five days out.
Wheat Caora.-The wheat crops of the North
Western State, promise a rich harvest, as we learn
from a reading of the journals of that section of th*
Gov. Ramk*v.?This gentleman is now In 'h'?
city, and will ?et out for Mlneaot. on the itninst.
withhis family.
Kmiqbation to Camio*nia.?It ia esilmattd that
I not less than 7000 emigrants for California, will le*v?
! th* confine* of Missouri this spring,
i I m mo* ants.?At New Yotlt during the month
' of April, ?,?0 Immigrants MTlved from Europe.
A ' 1
ColUcUrt qf the Cuitumt.
J acob Kusskll, Chicago, 1)1.
Daniel Kn.br, Pasaamaquody, Me.
Cha*. Pirrt.KS, Frenchman's feay, Me.
Bushrod VV. HiNCKl.ur, Penobscot, Me.
William C. Hammbtt, Bangor, Me.
Jgremiau Bailky, Wicasseit, Me.
Benjamin Randall, Bath, Me.
Sumy on of the Customs.
Joskph Gunnison, Eastporl, Me.
Bazallbel Cumiman, Portland, Me.
1 From the Brownsville Flag, l?th ul(. 1
Indian DrpmUlloua.
Indian*, supposed ubout 100, made a foray in ilie
vicinity of Santa Rltn district, say twelve miles
from lids place, where they Mow and drove off u
large number of horse* and mules. As far as heard
from we learn of the murder of two women, and the
carrying olT of a number of children. Tlioy have
been committing depredations with impunity on the
rnnchos throughout this line. Many Mexicans have
j lost llieir entire properly. The lives that have been
lost by the neglect to provide lor the protection of
this line cannot be atoned for, but the property can,
and should be paid for. To see the poor Mexican
bereft of his family, his properly destroyed or stolen,
lleelng to us for protection, and we not have it to
Sire him, is heart-sickening.
On the 12th instant, Indians, 53 In number, sup
posed to be Tonkoways or I.ipans, came to Runcno
Rosarco, about 40 miles from this place, and killed
a Mexican and his wife; another Mexican escaped
wilh an arrow Bhot In his breast. The Indians then
went to Agua Negra, and killed another Mexican,
and coriiod off Ills wife-und a boy ubout ten years of
sire. The Indians were last seen within 18 miles of
this place, where they stole horses and chased seve
ral men. On the morning of the 14th, Col. Morris,
commanding at Tort Brown, wus called upon by a
highly respectable Mexican citizen, accompanied by
several of our citizens, asking for a force to pursue
these marauders, and to protect their families. This
' officer, with the greatest desire to aflbrd the relief
i requested, did not possess the nquisitc means, he
I had no mounted men for purault, having only in
fantry, and of tltem but u small number.
FuRTHia Accoi'Ntu raOM Tim Ihdiasib.?On
I Saturday last, 14th Inst., quite an excitement was
! created in our town by the arrival of an express from
Palo Alto, about eleven miles distant, line famous
battle-field,) with accounts that thu Mexicans were
arriving there in numbers for security and protection
against bands of muraudlng Indians, who are prowl
ing about the Mexican ranchos, robbing, murdering,
: and burning, immediately on the arrival of this in
telligence, a parly of our fellow citizens, well-mount
ed, started in search of these marauders. About
eight miles from here the party met with three Mexi
cans coming in for protection, having been robbed of
all they possessed. They brought In a shield and
other articles, which convinced its that these Indiana
were Camanches. Our party remained at Palo Alto
during the night of 14th, it raining heavily. Early
next morning they set out, and found about 12 milea
distant from Palo Alto, a Mexican camp that had been
robbed. After examining the premisea our potty
look the Indian trail and followed it some twelve
miles further, when they met another party of Mexi
cans and Americana also In pursuit. Four miles
farther on, our parly met a Mexican who had cscop
ed from the Indians, having been their prisoner?he
had been sorely whipped, and barely escaped with
life. He staled that the party of Indiana that had
taken him had ihirly-odd fresh scalps, and a large
number of horses and mules. Our party here learn
ed that the Indians were so far in advance, with the
advantage of the fresh horses which they had stolen,
that they considered further pursuit would be use
less, ana returned. Colonel Morris, commandant,
on the receipt of the intelligence from Palo Alto, dis
patched fifteen soldiers, under command of I.teul.
Underwood, forthe protection of that place; the day
was extremely stormy, and raining heavily. Never
theless, ihey marched to Palo Alto In quick time,
| and would nnquestlonsbly have done good service,
! hud they been able to meet the Indians.
A Series of Oatr?|ti.
Wo were surprised to learn, that durihg Guilford
Superior Court, last week, the honest and moral
community of Oreensborough was shocked by the
occurrence of several robberies following each other
in quick succcsslon. One of the Jewellery stores of
thut place was broken open, and several articles of
considerable value were stolen. Another depredator
more daring than his contemporary In crime, enter
ed one of the atores in the day-lime, and "removed
the dxpOBiics" in the drawer, amounting to some
thing like 1100, while the pmprietor and clerks were
in the counting-room. A gentleman, also, became
the victim of the dexterity of a pick-pocket, who,
perceiving some bank bills amounting to about $160,
extending from the end of his pocket book, which
protruded a little from the pocket, quietly slipped
them out. leaving the owner In the possession of the
empty book. \N e understand that the parties have
been arrested, supposed to be encaged In all these
depredations, and that they are believed to belong to
a gang of rascals who are travelling from Court to
Court, under the guise of pedlars, traders of tobacco,
Ac. In justice to the citizens of Quliford, it Is but
right to state, that not one of the persons suspected
of being engaged in these recent thefts, is a resident
of thai county.?Haleigh (N. C.) Itegi.'trr.
By the arrival here, yesterday, of the brig Harriet,
Capt. Collins, from Sisal, the 16th instant, we have
received Mertdu papers to the 12th Inst. They con
tain scarcely an item of news. There had been for
some lime a scarcity of grain in the chief towns of
Y ucatan, but on the 7th and 9th several vessels ar
rived at Sisal laden with Indian corn. Much relief
liad been experienced in consequence. The Indians
were vigorously pressing the Beige of Tihusocti, and
although the official sheet of iVIerida is full of ac
counts of skirmishes between the belligerents in the
vicinity of that city, all of which are said to have re
sulted in favor of iho Yucalecos, it is evident that the
latter are unable (o cope with their adversaries out
side the entrenchments. There Is nothing said of
the projected expedition to Bacalar in these papers:
but preceding accounts represented that the most
extensive preparations had been made by Governor
tiarbachano, to capture that great stronghold of the
Indians.?-V O. Ficayime,'ibthult.
From Rio do Janeiro.
The brig Mary Perkins, al NewYork, brings dates
from Rio to the 2fth March, ten days later than pre
vious advices. Capt. Chase reports the harbor of
Rio crowded with American vessels, bound for Cal
So far from the Euipcror intending to give the
Americana a grand reception, as reported a lew days
since on the authority of a letter published in Balti
more, he is anxious to get them out of his domin
ions. Some of the "boys." who had gone on ahore
to see the "elephant," had got themselves into pri
son by their frolicking.
The sicamahip Panama, Captain Porter, the third
vessel of Messrs. Howland at Aspinwall s Pacific,
line, arrived at Rio previous to the 23d of March, and
was io leave for California on the 26th. Sltcj left
New York on the 25th February.
Late and Important from Buenos Ayr**.
Boston, May 2?2. M.
The barque Aladdin Palos, Bates, master, has ar
rived at this port, with dotes from Buenos Aryes to
March 12th. The Argentine Government had sent
a despatch to England respecting; a project for con
vention, with a view to the settlement of the diffi
culties between the two oountriea on the baais of the
Hood Convention. It is thought it will prove suc
Negotiations are still going on with the French,
which it Is thought will result In a formal cessation
of hostilities, and a finol treaty of peace. One of the
Buenos Ayrean papers alate that Montevideo Is daily
losing many of its inhabitants by emigration. The
highest price for Doubloons was 3,41, and the low
est 3,36 1-2. Exchange on the United States con
tinued at 4 per cent discount. The ship Corvo, Lay,
from Cronstadt, had sailed for New York
Distressing Casualty
We lesm from a gentleman who was present In
Salisbury, at the Regimental Review of Rowan Mi
litia, on Friday last, that the horse of one of the Of
ficers on parade became frightened and ran down
the street at a most furious gall, and dashed through
a porch in which were standing several children, a
hoof of the horse striking one or them on the head,
causing a dreadful fracture of the skull, and severely
crushing Ihe ankle bone of another. The hone con
tinued fils course down tho street and finally throw
the rider upon the points of some sharp paling,
breaking several of his ribs, and otherwise seriously
mangling him. Our informant states, that when h'c
left Salisbury on Saturday morning, he understood
the child whose skull had received the fracture, was
dead, and thai the officer was considered almost be
yond the hope of recovery.?RnUigh [N. C.) Rt;.
Wa abe pleased to be able lo congratulate our
friends of the American Regiment on their sate re
turn from their arduous service in Yucatan. Al
though, from the character of the enemy, brilliant
engagements were not to be anticipated; yet the
Regiment, in numerous well-contested contests, ful
ly maintained the reputation of our countrymen for
courage and endurance.?JV. O. Crescent.
Pabish or pLAqoammas, April 23, 1849.
Ecs. CasncEvr : We had last Week two or three
white frosts, which have In some places considera
bly Injured the cane. The cholera has at length
made Its appaarance among the black, population ol
this parish. Many of our planters have already lost
a number of slave*, and from what I have learned it
appears that the dtseaae Is on tHa increase
TsirosA?M ?They are atoui lo build a Itna ol
wires trom St. Louia to the Dalta of Cairo, thajmr
ilon of the Ohio and Mississippi River.
I mnntor- -'^ NsUsn.i wtiig-By lUiu'.
Haltimoss, M?y 3,9 1-2 P. M.
! No ..iinouncemont at the l?o?r I write, of ttw ?r
! rival of lhenteumer ?l St.jMiu's, N. B.
Oomspoii'tfiu o of Uw National WW*.
HAi.viMOnt, Muy 3> 5 P. M.
Tlio Mary In nil Sute Agricultural Society
! bl.d again to-day. Among Oilirr subjects wlilrh
attracted their attention was a communication from
i Mr T S Chappcll, requeuing the Society to ap
point a committee to eamine and rrpo .1 upon hi.
I "Agricultural Salts," "" ""?ly?t? of wl.lcb, by th.
.State Agricultural Cheml-t, in the American Kar
I titer for May, belnj deemed l>y him a" unjust to 111*
! SaitH. .After aomc discussion upon lite suqjecl, It
wan deemed u matter of inlcresuo titc f-rmcrs of
, the State, requiring the attention of the Society, ar.d
I a committee emulating of three (Cot. Capron, of
' Prlnec Oedrge'a, Jatnea T. Barle, Kwi, <>l Queen
Anne', and l)r. Wharton, of Baltimore,) were ap
pointed to examine Into the matter, and to employ
Mich scientific aid an they may d. em proper.
Mr. Karle presented sundry resolutions for u me
moriiil to Congress for a portion of the public lands,
for the support of agricultural college, in the se\eral
States; which were adopted.
Mr. Skinner presented sundry resolution* on v.
rlous subjects i which were adopted.
Various other resolutions were presented and dis
cussed. Among others, for the fi\iug of the lime for
holding the State Fair and Cattle Show. The sub
iect was referred to ? committee ol live, who we.,
authorised to report to an adjourned meotnig, at II
o'clock tills morning, und also to prepare the rule*
fur the Fair, and a list of priiea lo be awarded
The coibniiuco met thU morning,and fixed upon
the time for holding the l'alr, which is to take place
on the 10th, llth, and I'.'tliOctober.
The Council of Bishops of the Roman Catholic
Church will assemble here next Sunday. It will be
a highly Imposing afliiir. ?
Twenty-live dignitaries of tlie Church will attend
the Council, among tliem the two Archbishops of
Baltimore and St. Louis j and each of the I.ishops
will be accompanied by one Theologian taken from
thu clergy of h!s diocese. The council will be open
ed In the Cathedral with High Mass, and dally ses
sions will lie held during the week. Three of the
sessions will be public : one on Sunday next, at U
A. M. When the Arehblfhop of Baltimore celebrates
High Mass, the Arcnblnliop of tit. I.otils delivering
the sermon ; the second on Thursday, at 9 A. i .,
when, after a High Mass for the deceased Bishop., ?
sermon will he delivered by B'.shop Pure.II, ol Cin
cinnati ; and the last on the Sunday following, when
again after High Mass, a sermon is to >>e delivered
by Bishop Hughes, of New York.
Corr?stK>nilenre of the Nsrionat Whi?.
Plllt AMtLi'HlA, MAV 2?9 1 ? M.
All iminenae meeting is now assembled in the
Chinese Museum, the object of which is to raisa
funds for completing the Pennsylvania railroad
Corresppndetise of the National Whig.
Piiu.Ai'Ki.s'HiA, May 3?2 P.M.
There is no new feature to notice In our market.?
Business is pretty much &iupentiod in expectation of
the foreign new-. 1 am therefore unable to give yon
either sales, or of reliable quotation!.
Corrwpeud.nre of the National W li(
Nrw York, May 2, 9 Y M.
A broker Is said to bo missin" with ?10,0CU Dull
fornia Gold in his possession.
The ship F.. Coming has arrived here, wlthlaie.au
Important advices trom Rin. I will sand you tii?
news as soon os I ean obtain the pnrtici.lars
t.'orr.spowl?ncs of the National Wlilj.
Nr.w York, May 3, 2 P. M.
Humored Arrival of the Steamer.
There are rumors thonnh vague, that tile atsaniri *
news Is here In hands of speculators. Nothing In.t.IB
market however, indicates anything to that eflru:.
if the news is here, the newspaper press which o'lgh
lo be first is iiehind. for ihey have not announced the
The markets are ahogether unsettled. Govrrm.WQ.
Securities have declined an average of 1-fl per cert.
So unsettled ars the markets generally lha! It M
impossible to give correct quotations Ail are wait
ing in expectation of the news.
Baltivohe, May 3?S t. J(.
At suction to <tsy. 100 bhds Porto Rico Suf U.Sws.iU,
(balance withdrawn.) l,;f?B,l5 , 10 bbl. Porto Rijo.?U?r.
4 '15.4,10 i 41 hhds New Orl-ans s.ix.r common, 3,40? J.?* j
Of. hhds Porto Hieo Molasses,; 15 tierfr. t orto fc.
Ft oca ?'Hie Flour market Is very unsettled today, atw
we have no iransartlons In Howard street of way kM
Sales 800 hanrelseity mills, at II.WJ- 8?les wherat,_M 1
a UOr, for good to prime red. Sal's yellow coi u.-w?^
and white, at Me. Outs, at 28?28c. Whiskey Is <ln... U.
quote at 'JTe without sales.
Provisions.?We have sales of Mess Beef, ut K?? ?
no bblR Prime Pork, ol 8ul? of 310 tid J*U'C
Kami at 5|c. diso't off; 6.000 lbs, shoulders, at J ?
bhds do, 4jc on time, and 100 hhda. Side*, at 5.v K oo
time. Silea Baron, at 4|a4Jc for Shoulders* Sr:dra j-i
snd llama 6a8c; assorted, at 5^c.
Stocks not quite no Arm. Salea of 43,000 (1. ? ? ?
U2|; #2,000 Mil. fi's 99a99|c, 60 snares Bait, onrt O ' >
Road 40n40Jc.
Montreal, Muy 2.?The day p?*?cd away with
out any further rioting, and the Legislative Counci
hod adopted an addrews to Hie Gove fnor Oenaral.
FnANxroBT, Ky.t May 2.?T)m Lniancipatior
Convention has adjourned, taking ground for a ?ya
tem of gradual Kmancipation an?i recommending il
lo the adoption of the State Constitutional Conven
Cu a n leiiton, May 2.?A Mr ; Vcgnot killed him
?elf to-day. The crops In the "vicinity ure auObrini
greatly from drought.
Franklin, La., April 17.?Hie cholcra is stalking
abroad with devastating step umongst the black pop
ulation. The whites have in ?<ofne measure escaped.
Albany, N.tV., May, 1.?-The canal navigation
was fairly resumed to-day, the line being open all till
way through.
OJfice opposite Jackson IlaU, jPetmtytraniu Avetiur
EQr-See first page for prospectus
Smllhboulan Leet?rei.-A courxe ol
loctwes on ?KOLO?Y will be delivered, bv
HOWARD HITCHCOCK, LL. 0., rrealdent of Ainhtrsl
College, in the Lecture Room of ii?e Kum Wing of ibe Sndtb
eonian Buildinur, on Monday, \l*rdr.cs4a\j und fVirfoy eve*
nlnge; to commence at 7i o'clock on Monday evening,
April 30th.
The mobt convenient access on foot to the building In
by 7th and 12th atreetn and by paths from these which will
be Indicated by lampt. ap 30- tf
lhe most severe eases cured.?No hambng.
Vbrnon. Suaaex Co., N. J.
To Qeorge E- Stanton?Dear Mr?The Hunt's Liniment,"
which your agent led ine, I have sold and there hac beea
a number of callii for more. MaJiy persona afflicted witli
various aches and pain* have beeai cured by it, aa they aay,
effectually. One case I will rebtie to you, ai it caused u
hearly laugh, when the person reflated it here in the afore.
It i?tnla--Mr. R.|K Denton, a highly respectable person
living In this vilhige, hgd procure.! a part ofabotde ofyoui
Liniment, at New Milford, N. J. lie la frsquently afflicted
with the Rheumatiam, so that he cau scarcely get about:
he came in at noon, and his leg pained him so that he could
not besr much weight upon it H is wife told him to put
aeme Liniment on it: he says lo h*r, it will not do any
good?it is like all other quack stuff* But she prevailed
on him to try it lie did so, then a4e hla dinner and stem
out, worked'all ibe vltemoon, camt? in at nisbi, Bat down
a while, and thought of bis leg-which he had entirely foi
gotten?the Liniment having given Immediate and perma
neni relief. He came over here the aeme night and Eouglii
two bottles of il. Yours with reapsct, H. H. BETTri.
BO"Sold by all the Dntggisla in tJhle city snd throughout
the country. Price cents iter bottle.
may4?lw. OFAY E. STANTON Si. CO
LACB MANTILLAS, and Laee for Making
and Trimming Mantillas, was opened on Tueaday bjr
/ B. A. A. TATS,
may 4-eoSt Successors to J. T. * C. Kin*
Corner qf Penn. or. 4* 3d sfc. op. Gad sty's hotel.
v ?? THE SUBSCRIBER re*peoiftilly Informs ihr ciil
?Saens of Washington and lis vicinity that be bar. on
(lJphanO a large and extensive assortment of SPRISti
JQ[and SUMMER CLOTHING gotten up In the latest
ind best style, which will be sold at prices that cannot be
beat anywhere. For lbs Information of ihe public the pri
ces of some of the goods are herein annexed, v|g:
Fine Blue and Black Cloth (frock and dress) <6, R, 10, anil
upwanls : tweed of different qualities and colors SI ft0, 2,
4, and b; cashmere and summer cloth from fQ. n. to %?
linen and cotton from CO eta. to g2 and f? W).
Of all kindt snd latest ttylea from 50 centa to t?.
Of all varieties, aittr, tann. cashmere, mareteilles, Valencia,
at 00 eta. 7\ $1. *2 3 and 4.
may 1-Otd X. R09CNST0CK.
City intelligence.
Tub Pa tint Orncs lit imm.nu -? Proposal* have beeu i
received for erecting two wings additional, but the nsmee
' ol the successful bidders have not ysl been declared. It:
: may t* of Interest to many of our reader* to have ^ome in
; formation a* 10 what is proposed to be done. We laaru
that each wing building will extend from each end of I ha
present building mat and wear, TO feet, with an entire depth
I Qr longth of 99 J feel. The architectural order in the exie
i vior of theaa buildings will be the earn* with that in the pre
| sent building, whleh is the Greek Doric, composed of a
series of anias (pilasters,) raised on a high bui ement, run
ningthe whole circuit of the exposed wail.;, and surmoun
ted by their regular entablature, corresponding in its dc
tails with th.it of the celebrated Parthenon. The interior
arrangement of these wing* will he-on the earn, the height
luto three stories above the basemeut, divkled into large
office rooms, spacious corridor*, and ?<aii-cases. all groin
arched and mad*? lire-proof in every part; the window a in
euch story ar?: locoi respond with those iu the present
building. The %lng to the weal, be lite for the special ac
commodatiou of the Paleui Office, will, in .the two atories
above the baaemeut. he disposed in one entire room, ordi
i vided into large halla. lor tlie reception of modela, Ac., all
I groin arched, springing from pillars, and made fire proof.
lu the upper afory, a gallery will extend round the entire
| room, supported by column**, and the walla prepared for
tlie recepuon of works of art, to he lighted from above.?
With hoih of the**? winn>t on every floor, a communica
tion will be opened with the present building, so vt> to con
stitute it one for the transaction of the business of the |)e
I purlinent'which shall occupy it.
Tlie lacing of the exterior walla ot them* wings will he
? white marble aud tht roof covered with copper, us in the
i present building.
! An van i lofcMENTt'.?Tli*; Mess* *. Tale, between Tenlhaud
I Eleventh atr<-eta, have lately received a rich and varied ?a
; sortm^ttl of goods, lor ladles' wear. We promise the uir
I ones that they w ill get good bargains and ?plqndid go<?ds.
. Mr. Kit nam, the warden, gives notice, iu another eoluuin,
j that, to enable persona to visit the Penitentiary, they must
obtain a permit from Ilia Inspectors. Tlie President of the
United States, the Heads of l)e|*Hi1meut?, member* oi Con
gre*K. and Judge* of the Court* of the I lilted State*, ire
excepted by the law of Congress.
Advertisement of Ifaury J. linger*, Inform? the public
that the office of the new line oi Telegraph is in the (fcleou
Building, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Poor and a
half street.
1 CoaoNMHs Vxat'Ktir.? On Tuesilay night ail old colsred
woman, named Brown, living in the Northeru Liberties,
aud attached to tlie Methodist Anbury Chapel, while rela
ting her religious experience, whs attacked with hemorrh
age of tlie lungs. She was removed to her residence, and
Hi the cuurse of an hour olterwartls died, rejoicing in the
religion she professed. A Coroiior's inquest waa held, and
a verdict rendered hi accordance with the facts.
Tii u i. roii Nlanuk.h.?The cause of Samuel Diusman re.
Charles Wilkea, is draw ing to a close in the Circuit Court
All the witnesses have been examined, and yesterday the
counsel ou both sides filed bills of exception*; so that, let
the clturge of malice on the pail of Captain Wilkes be di
vided as it may, an appeal will be tskeu to the Supreme
Court of (he United States.
St. Paul's, the seat of government of the Territory. We
understand that he takes in lus route New York snd the
WiNard'e Hold.?Com Downea, USN; !i Stephens, Pa;
Mr. Kemhle, NY; O W Beale, Mass; II Wl Wales, do: J
W Kei'k, Pa; R E Cochran, do; TD Cochran, do ; T F
Purcell, Mo; J W Morris, Md; Rev Mr French; 8 Greens
snd lady, NY; J L Nelson and ladv, Baltimore; Dr L De
Shields, La; Jno Bradley, N V; Mr and Mra Atwood, Pa
T Munroe Jr, N Y ; Wm Heiffer, Bolt: L J Fleming, S C
T Karney, Md ; Wm Jennings, N Y; Wm Maaten, do
L C Ball, do; Wm Kerkhsnt and two daughters, Pa; J
Leland and daughter, 8 C. ,
Brottn'* Hotel ? W C Ellison, Pa ; II M Bush, Bait; Jno
Downing. Ky ; J E Keech, Md ; T I. Keller, Piney Point;
Msj Stoddard, Md ; A Rongnette; JM Porter, Ala; John
Benson, NY; M llenly, Alexandria; R A Weaver, Va:
A Baker, do: Nelson Head, do; W II Mitchell, Md; B
Day, Va; Wm llalalead jr, N J; O B Blakoman, Ps :
ThosH Kent, Bait; M Warden, Va; J Ileiiston. Pa; II
White, Als; D Stienneiz, Pa; BF Cooke, Binghamtou ;
J Morrison, Wisconsin j J McDowell, Va.
Irving Hotel.?K Williams, N C; J I. Park hurst, do: T
L Mattox, la ; L I. Peters, Va ; Wm F English, Florida :
Mr and Mrs II F Hastings, N Y: Hon F A Tallmadge. N
Y ; N L Eldrtdfe, do ; II F Tallmadge, do
Gadsby'e Hotel?W P McFaden, 8 C; George Piatt, Del;
N Craiz and Lady, Ky ; C B Fletcher, Texas; Mra Weed
meyer, Ps; J Moniz, do ; Wm A Duncnn, N Y.
King's Hotel.? John Davidson, Bait; J Valentine, Ala;
D II Thompson, Miss; S River, Mo; W L Chapman,
Mass; S L MUlr, Tenn.
In Georgetown, on Thursday, the 3d instant, by the Rer.
Hb.nby Slicks, Captain M. K. TAYLOR, of Baltimore, to
Miss AUGUSTA, eldest daughter of Dr A. J Schwabtzk.
of Washington.
[Baltimore papers please eopy.l
W. ft. SNETHEN, Attorney and Coun
sellor at Law,
BEGS LEAVE to announce to his friends and the public,
that his connection with the National Whig, as nssole
Editor, does not Interfere in any Manner Willi his.profes
vlonal engagemen s. He will be happy to attend to any
law or agency business entrusted to his care.
Washington, 23d April. April 23-tf
Treasury Department, March 10, 1&49.
I; "PURSUANT to the provision contained in the first settlor
1 | ot an act of Congress entitled "An act making appro
prlationa for the civil and diplomatic expenses of Govern
nient for the year ending the thirtieth of June, elghteei
hundred and fifty, and lor other purposes," approve.
March3, IH49. I hereby give noiice thai the principal nm
inn-rest of all such scrip as has been Issued, or prior to lb
first day of Jidy. 1840, may he issned, under the ninth sec
lion of the act of Congress entitled "An act to raise fori
limited time an additional military force, and for oihei
purposes,'7 approved February II, J817, will upon the pre
sentatioii of the same at the Treasury of the United States
he redeemed and paid on the said first day of July, 1819
and that all Interest on such scrip will cease on said day.
Mar 13?dflmil' Secretary of tlie Treasury.
WANTED.?Two colored servant women, one who Is ?
good cook and washerwoman, the other to do genera
housework. None need apply unless they be recommend
ed as understanding their business thoroughly?to such, i
good place and good wages are offered.
Inquire at the store of Messrs. EDWARD SIMMS A SON
opposite the United States Hotel,
(The Intelligencer, Union, Slid Alexandria Gazette wil
Insert 3 limes a week. April 28
pA ftxr OrrtCB, May, 1849.
IN PURSUANCE! of the met "Ie|alistnjr ant
making appropriations for such necessary objects ui
have been usually includod in the general approprlatioi
bills without authority of law, and to fix and provide foi
certain incidental expenses of the departments and office)
of the Government, and for oilier purposes," approved tin
ftftli of August, 1842, separate proposal* will be received a
this oflkc until the 25th day of June next, for luniishiii'
all the stationery (a list of which is below) and executiii{
all the printing and hook-hiudiug that may bo required In
this office for tnc year commencing on tlie 1st day of inly
1819, and rndiug on the 30th day of June. 18G0. All the ar
tides to be furnished, and the work to ne executed, mus
be of the bent quaiitv, and in the best manner; deliverer
without delay at such times and in such quantities as ma]
be required, and to the satisfaction of the Commissioner.
Bonds, with approved security, to be given by the peraoi
or persons contracting Specimens of the printing am
bluaiug may be seen at this office. It is to be understoot
by persons proposing that the otllce is to be at liberty ti
take either a greater t>r less quantity of any article than ii
specified, according to its wants during lite yes?.
1 Yritiitg'papcr, hand-mude, o/ linen-lutd.
[ 10 reams of folio post juiptr, ruled to pattern, satin fmial
I ?j0 do cap paper ruled, satin finish
20 do letter paper, wove and laid, ruled, per renin
Envelope paper, envelope*, ?Jv,
10 reams envolope paper, huff, per ream
10 do do white do
4 do blotting paper
6000 envelopes, large and small, buft
3000 do do while
10 potuids linen twine
10 do gum arable
3000 quills (80)
3000 steel pens, assorted, best quality
3 gross lead pencils, (hard and soft)
20 dozen red tape
5 gross silk taste
4 pounds wafers
30 do sealiug wax, beat eitra superfine, scarlet
:J d? zen ink, red and black, iu quarts
2 pounds Ndia-rubber, prepared. Goodvear'a or oiher't
2 ds pounce
A dojsn pounce boxes, Ivory
I buuhel black sand
I dozen sand boxes, cncos
I do penknives, 4 blsdes, Rogers it Son a
1 do do 2 blades, do
1 do erasers, do
] do inkstand*. French pump
i do Ivory folders
{ do wafer stamps
0 pairs i>aper shears, .Roger.* A Sons, 8-inch blide, jre:
ti pairs paper shesrs, Roger* 4 Sons, 6$ inch klsde, p?i
I dozen if iseorn
Blankt on writing p<*p*r, <f'C.
Demi size, broadside, per quire
Do half-^heet do
Folio-post, broadside, per quire
Do one page, do
Foolscap, broadside, do
Do one page, do
Quarto-post, one page, do
Til* envelopes and lefier envelopea, per hundred
Circular? on meriting paper.
1 page on a sheet, printed per quire fonlsrip
be of the be?t qua In v
n printing paper.
For composition, per thousand ems, for small pics
11 I)o do do brevier
! Por press-work and paper, per token, for royal
Do do do for medium
! Letter books, per volume
R?-i*ord of patents, tmanudrip*.) per vol.
Records for aaatgnmenta do
i Received lettsrs do
,, Books (library) misceltsneou* do
may 4?la4w qf P*tenl?.
Motive <? Holders at Claims agtlut Jftiiio
f(?i! ky tte Tr???X ? Viknury a,
PURSUANT (o ID order of the Board, notice l?
hereby given thai the Board of Commissioners
I TIT.?""*? I"?16' lbe?c< of^ongrestfaf the 3d of March,
IH4?, entitled " An set to earrv into efli*t certain Ml
ptilat onsof the treaty between the United States
; i SPt Republic of Mexico, of the second day of
Jebrnarr, one thousand eight hundred and forty
' Orfe'is to w? ""ub,i"hwl lCe lowing Rule, and
, "'It' "I'poinloi under the net o/ 3d
I Marth, 184 J entitled ?? An act to carry into effect
i rrrtain tt imitation* of the treaty between the tnited
'? rm""ms'' J' f Mexico, of the 3d of feb.
i -V\rttt PT0,x having claim* upon the
Republic of Mexico, which are provided for by ilic
' .,?w7. T'V1!0 "nlled Sta,<!8 ilnd 'I'e said Re
A "le l"'cond d?y ?f February,
?Si,??ii ,u""cd ">? Bth article of
the unratified convention between tile two Govern
ment* of November 'JO, 1843, to wit; " All claims of,
citizens ol the Lnltcd States against ilie Govern
"lint oiilio .Mexican Republic, which were con
, stdcrcd by tl?o Commissioners and referred to the
umpire appointed und.r the convention of 11th
April, 18.19, and which were not decided by hlui"
ofthta BiJard" c """" wWlthe Secretary
liven memorial eo tiled mint be addressed to Hie
Lominissloiicrs, und must set forth minutely and
particularly tlio luets and circumstances whence the
right to prefer such cialm is derived to the claimant
audit must be verified by hie oath or affirmation. '
?mhI, in otder that the claimant!- may be apprized
ol what Is considered necessary to be averred in eve
ry sucli memorial before the "same will Ik received
and acted on, it la further?
.-eMortll^' 1'1"" eV' ry aUC'' ""'"l0r'ui '< shall be
ri J- '' ur and in behalf of whom the claim is prefer
^ hotlier the claimant is now a citizen of the
Utjitod Hiatus, and if so, whether he is a native or
'/miT I V l"' ,""d W,,trC '? ?UW his doillicil i
and II he claims in lit.-, own right, then whether he
as a citlzcn when the claim bad its origin, and
" b"re ?:?? hi" doillicil I and if he claim" in the
right ol another, ihen whether ouch other was a
citizen when llic claim had its origin, and where was I
then and where is now his domlcif; and If, in either I
case, the doiiiicil of the claimant at the time the
claim had Its origin was in any foreign country, then
whether such claimant was then a subject of the
SaUtSancjj'thereto! C?"n,ry' ?' ""d
3. \V hethcr thei entire amount of tho claim does
now, and did at the time when it had Its oilgitt, be
long solely and absolutely to the claimant "and If
any other person is or has been Interested therein
lor in any part thereof, then who Is such other per
son, and what is or was the nature and extent of his
interest, and how when, and by what means und
lor wliat considerations tho transfer of rights or in
terests, if any such was made, took place between
tue parties.
4. Whether the claimant, or any other who may
at any time have been entitled to the amount
claimed, or any part thereof, hath evei-Teceived any
and if any, what sum of money or other equivalent
or indemnification, for the wholo or any part of the
oss or Injury upon which the claim Is founded and
?0,.mu " "nd fron' wt?>m the same wos received
, "hether the claim was presented to the Com
misslonera appointed by the Governments of the
United Stales and of Mexico, nuder the convention
of 11 th of April, 1839; and If so. how the same was
disposed of by said Commissioners; and if said
claim had its origin urlor lo llrh of April, 1839, and
was not so presented, then what were the reasons or
causes why the same was not so presented
And that time may be allowed to the claimants
topreparcand file the memorials above mentioned
,h ? ^hBl lh'? Bo*rd1 *?? in session on
?e first Monday of November next, and will then
proceed to decide whether the memorials which
"hnll then have been filed with the Secretary -ire In
conformity lo the foregoing orders, and proper to be
received for examination.
And In respect to the claims excepted In the first
or the forgoing rules and orders, It Is?
liemired That, In the opinion of this Board, the
claim* of American citizens referred to in the 5th
article of the unratified convention between the Gov
ernments of the United States and Mexico, of 20th
November, 1843, which article is made a pirt of the
15th article of the treaty of 2d February. 1848 to wit
the claims "which were c?insidered by the Commis
sioners aud referred to the umpire under the conven
tion of llth April, 1939, and w*hlch were not decided
by him, may now be presented to this Board for
hnal decision, upon the memorials, proofs, ami doc.
urnents submitted to said joint Commissioners and
by said Commissioner* to the umpire, and upon'such
new arguments as may be filed with the Secretary
in writing, addressed to the Commissioners.
And that the claimants may be apprized of what
. is necessary in order to bring the same before this
I Hoard, for its consideration and decision, it i.<?
Ordered, That ail persons having claims of this
description do file a memorial with the Secretary of
the Hoard, addressed to the Commissioners, brieflv
describing the claim, and the riglil of the claimant to
receive Indemnity for the injury complained of In
all cases where the original memorial addressed to
the Commissioners, under the convention of 1839
does not aver the claimant.and any other person un
i dcr whom the claim is derived, to be, and at the time
when the claim had its origin to have been a citizen
' of United States, then the said memorial shall
(| conform to the requirements of the second articles of
(J the forgoing: rules relating to that subject, and shall
P be verified by oath or affirmation. *
Ordered, That, when the Board shall close lis pre
sent session, It will adjourn to meet In this city on
. the first Monday of Juno next, and will then proceed
to consider the claims referred to in the fifth article
? U, L unrali"c<) eonvention of 2d November 1813
which may hove been presented In conformity to the
lorgolng order, and all such cases are hereby set
down for hearing ut that time; and If any claimant
, desire a longer time In which to file a memorial or
1 Pir'"eni ?r8"m?n'"t,he must file a written motion to
. that effect, setting forth the reasons for the snme on
i or beiorc said day.
Ordered) That all motions and arguments ad
! dirssed to the Hoard be made in writing und filed
I j with tho Secretary, who shall note thereon tho time
when they arc received; but brief verbal explanations
may be made by the claimants or their agents In,
I mediately alter the opening of each day's session.
, Ordered. That the following Hides and Order- re
, luting to testimony und proofs to lie advanced in
r support ol claims which may be presented forudiu
i dlotion, be, and the same arehercby, established.
i 1. All testimony must be in writing, and upon oath
, or aftirmatioii, duly administered according to the
. laws of the place where the same is taken, by a mag
istrate competent by such laws to take depositions
having no interest In the claim to which the testi-'!
uiotty relates, und not being the agent or attorney of I
any ncrson having such interest, and It iniist be cer-1
tihed by him tliat such is the case. The credibility
of tho aftiant or deponent, if known to such niagis-'
trutc, or other person authorized to lake such testi-1
tnony. must be entitled by liiiu, und if not known
must lie certified on the same pu|>cr upon oath by
sonic other person known to eueli magistrate having
no intcrcst iji Stieli claim, and not being the agent or
"?wrney oi any persoij having sueh Interest, whose
credlblDly must be certified by such magistrate. The
,, deposition must be reduced to writing by the m rsoii
taking the same, or by some person in Ills presence
I having no interest, and not being the agent or at
! torney of any person having un Interest in tile t laim,
und must be carefully read to the deponent bv the
| magistrate before being signed bv him,and thisinust
, be certified.
2. Depositions taken in any city, poit, or place
, without the limits of tho United Stales, may be tu
I ken before any consul or other public civil oflicer of
i the I ulled States resident in such city, port, or
J place, having no interest, and nut being agent or
attorney of any person having an interest in the
i n "L ,vmch the teatimonyeo taken relates In
I all other cases, whether in the United States or in
any foreign place, the right of tho person taking the
! same to administer oaths by the laws of the place
? i must be proved.
3. Kverv affiant or deponent must be required to
state In hla deposition his age, place of birth, resi
. dence and occupation, and where was his residence
and what was his occupation at the time the events
look place In remrd to which he deposes ; and must
I ^ >V<! any- ?nd if ""v. what Interest
'?'he cl*1? '? eupport which his testimony is ta
j Ken ; and it he have any contingent interest in the
ri ,0 e^!w''? and "P011 th* happening of
r .v. 'Ten'he will |ie entitled to receive any part of
' wulch n,'y, bet aw?r<l"l by the Commis
! h K U '' m"al ^ required to stale whether
he be the spent or attorney of the claimant, nr of
, any p'rson having nn Interest in the claim.
r A 0r'^'11*1 exhibited in proof must be veri
fied as originals by the oath of a witness whose
credibility must be certified as required In the first
of these rules, bttt when the fact ia within the exclu
alve knowledge of the claimant It may be verified by
hla own oath or affirmation. Papers in the hand
writing of any person who has deceased, or whose
ree dence is unknown to the claimant, may be varl
fi>d by proof of etich handwriting, and of the death
of the parly, or Ms removal fo places unknown.
5. All testimony taken in any foreign language,
and all papers and documents in any foreign Ian
guage which may be exhibited In proof, must be ac
' companled by a translation of the same Into the En*
?H<h language.
! 6. When the claim arises from ihe seizure or losj
; of anv ship or vessel, or the cargo of any shin or
i vessel, a certified copy of the enrollment nr registry
; of such ship or vessel muse be produced, together
| with the original clearance, mnnlfests, and all other
i papers and documents required by the lawa of the
j United States, which she possessed on her last voyage
from the Ifnlted States, when the same are in the noa
fssion of the claimant, or can be obtained by him ;
| r.nd when not, certified copies of the fame must be
i produced, togrrher with hla oath or affirmation that
| the origfcieta are not hi hU poeeeasioo, and cannot be
cbtaloed by him. -
7. la all caeca wliero property of any description
rot the seizure or low of which a ekim has been
presented, was at the time of such seixnre Or loiwi in
sured, ihe original policy of insurance, or a cerlifted
fogy thereof, must be produced.
87 If the claimant be a naturalized citizen of the
United States, a copy of the record of hi* naturali
xatloty duly certified, must be produced. ?
And to -tho end that the attention of claimant*
may be distinctly called to what is necessary to be
done In order to obtain books, records, or documents
which may be deemed nocesaary to the just decision
of any cluim presented to the Board, and which are
In the posMettxIon or power of the Mexican Republic,
the last clause of the fifteenth article ol the aforesaid
treaty of February % 1H4M, and the last clause of the
thin) section of the said act of Congress of March 3,
1849, are likewise, pursuant to 'no order of the
Board, herewith published ;
Extra*from Article XV. of the treaty between the
UniUd State* and the Republic of Mexico of 2et
February. 1043.
If, In the opinion of the said? 8i enjuclo del dichoTribn
Board of Commissioner*, or'nalde Comisearlos, o enelde
of the claimants, any books, Mo* reclamantei ae necesiaare
records or documents, ingheipera la justs derision de eual
K.-.session or power of theJquicr reclamation, algunosli.
ivtrument of the Mexican bros, pepeles dearchieo o do
Republic, s hall be deemed ne-jenroentoe que poses el Gobi
rrtmnry U> the just decision otterno Mexicano, o que eaten
any claim, ihe Commission- sen an poder; low Comiaarion,
era, or the claimants through',o loiu reclaineutee porconduc
Ha in, (.hull, within such pc-!lo de ellos, los pedlran por es
rlod as Confreas may desig-;crilo (dentro del piaao que
naif, make an application Injdesigne el Congreeo) dirigen
writingforthesame,address jdose al Mlnistro Mexicanode
ml to, the Mexican Minister'Relaclones Exterlores^quieu
for Foreign A (ft ire, to beltransniitlra las petlctonea de
u-aiuiinitted by the Secretary rata claac el Secretarie de Ea
of Slate of the United Stales; jtado deloa Estados L'nldos: y
and the Mexican Governmcnljel Gobierno Mexicano se com
enijMgcH, at the earliest pofsi-jprouieteaentregaraln mayor
bit* moment alter the recelptjorevedad posibie, despues de
of such demand, to cause anyjreciblde cada demands, los
of the books, records, or doe-Jllbros, papeles de arehlvo o
unieuts, no specified, whiehjdocumentoH,asi specifieadoe,
aliall be in their possession or que poaea o eaten en su poder,
power, (or authenticated co-iocoplasocxtracioaautentlcos
jiit*? or extracts of *ume,)'<!e los uiismos, cou el objeto
to be transmitted to the said de que seen transmUidos al
Secretary of State, who tfhall'Secretario de Estado, qnieu
immediately deliver them o-jloa paaara iumediamente al
ver to the said Hoard of Com-iexpresado Tribunal de Com
missioners: Provided, Thatiissarlos. Yuoee hara petici
do auch application shall bejon alguna de los enundados
made by, or at the inslancedibros, papeles odocumemos,
of, any claimant, until the'poroa Instaucla de nlnguu
facta which it is expected to reclauiaute, sin que antes ae
prove l? auch bookh.reeords. peya aseveradobajojttramsn.
or documents shall have,to o cou aflrmacion solemn**
been staled under oath or lu veniad de los hechosque
affirmation. /con el los ne pretends probar.
Extract from section 3 of the act qf Congest iff 3d
March, 1649. entitled " An act to carry into effect
certain jtipulationd qf the treaty btlyse^n the United
&'tale* and the Hcpnblic of Mexico of the 2d day
qf February. 1849.
4* And the period of one yen t from and after the organ
izatiou of r^aid Hoard Is hereby designated within which
such aaid Comnissioners muy', at the instance of any
claimant or claimants, apply, through the Secretary ot
State of the United State*, to the Mexican Minister of For
eign Affairs, for all such hooks, records, or documents, in
the pnasession or power of the Government of the Mexican
Republic, as shall be deemed necessary to the just decision
of any claim or claims submitted to said Hoard, In con
formity with the provisions of said treaty."
Ordered to be published dally, for the space of
thirty days, In the Notional Whig, the National In
telligencer, and the Union, newspapers published
in the city of Washington.
Office or said Commission,
Washington, Apeii. 23, 1949.
VVM. CARRY JONES, Secretary.
Wasiiinoton City, April 3, 1049
In relinquishing the practice of Dentistry In this city, to
Dr. WM. II. DIBBLE, I feel ii a duty as wellaa a pleasure
to stale, from the evidence he has exhibited to me of his
aklll. that I consider him irell qualified for the profession In
which he is enraged, and recommend him to my frieLdssnd
patrons, confidently believing that to thoa* who may avail
themselves of his services, he will prove himself worthy |
I heir confidence. II- BARRON
W. II. DIBBLE, having taken
the office formerly occupied by Dr Bar
ron, Is prepared to perform all operations
which coin# within me range of DEN
After several yeare experience, and careful examination
into the various branches of Hent'stry, he haa become sat
isfied thai the greater portion of Artificial Treth are mere
ly ornamental, answering very litile or no purpose In
utility. His manner of inserting is such an to combine
both beauty and usefulness, and he feel:; confident In se
curing the approbation of those who may honor him with
their patronage.
It being his intention to maks Washington hla permanent
residence, hl&charger for Ihe present will be very mode
rate, thereby giving an opportunity for persons to test the
truth of the foregoing.
BCy-Office and residence. Ward's Building, Penney 1
rania avenue, between 6th and 7th streets, and next doer
I to Oilman's Drug Store.
Dr. I.. PARMELE, Demist.
/. 1> * W. 11. OILMAN (ap 17?dbm
mwr w
| Office, Pennsylvania aremie, near Railroad Depot.
THIS public are respectfully Informed that w* remtune f>
run our express between Washington, Baltimore, Phlla
delphia, New York, Boston, and all ihe principal cities and
towns, for the sale ami speedy conveyance of merchandise
packages, bullion, bank-notes, Ac.
Particular attention will be paid to thccollectionandpay
ment ol notes, drafts, hills, Ac.
Custom house entries at Bost .
and Baltimore promptly attended
Our customers and other?, ordering goods from Ihe sart.
are particularly requested to order by ?? idams 4* Oo.'a Ex
presn.M which will ensure Ihelr conveyance with great de
Our express for Richmond. Petersburg, and the south
leaves daily at 7 p. m., and arrives daily at 4| n. m.
Our express from the north arrives daily at ll^ a. m. and
I 7i p. m., ami departs daily at 5 p. m.
' '-?? ?? PITrfjP J. Bt'CKEV, Agent
Ill AVE just received a lot ot CRIMP ISO TOXOS and
PINKING /iZOAW of all-sizes and styles: ulso Fluting
and Quilling Scissors, Hardware of all Kinds, Lead Pipe
and Iron Pump building materlsls. House-furnishing arti
cles. Gardening tools. Fancy Goods, Toys for children, Sir.
Children's Basket Carriages, Cradles, Chairs, Hobby
Horses and Propellers, Bathing-tubs of all sir.es, Tin Safe--,
Bird Cages, Refrigerators, Cast Boxes, Spice Boxes, Coun
ter and Platform Scales, and a great variety of Fancy and
other goods too numerous to mention.
I sm also prepared to cover houses with tin or copper,
and all will be sold or done at reduced prices lor cash
'Call soon and pee for yourselves.
may 1?eotKtt Bet. 10th and llth sts. Pa. Avenue.
HOVIE TO R>PV?-A splen
' did three-slot y House situated on Missouri avenue, be
I tween 3d ami streets, five doors west from the residence
of the Hon. Mr. Badger, furnished throughout iu the most
| superior manner, with every convenience for a genteel
I family. For further particulars inquire of
H. C. * G. F. DYER,
ap 9?if Auctioneers and Com. Merchants.
hand a large and elegant stock of READY-MADE
GOODS for gentlemen's wear. Fine dress and frock Coats,
d'Orsay Coats, Overcoats of various styles antl qualities.
Pantaloons and Vests In great variety, with every other
article of dress to outfit u ucnilenuin iu the best style and
without delay.
Sonic very handsome white silk and other vests for even
ing wear.
Also, fine Shirts; while, black, and other kid Gloves.
With Crnvaltv, and many other pretty ami desirable Good*
or gentlemen's life.
We are also prepared to make up any irarment to order
| it short notice in the best atyle,
' Terms cash, or to prompt customers on short credit. Only
me price. YOUNG A OR EM,
fvb 10- dtf 3doors wertol Brown's Hote
WE have iu store (and are constantly teeeiving fresh
supplies; a very extensive and complete araortmeni
I of BOOTS and SHOES, embracing almost every variei,
of quality and price, consisting in part, as follows, via .
1 Ladies' black and fancy colored French Gaiter*
Do do embroidered French Sandal*
Do black, bronzed, and light colored Gaiters and Halt
Do black, do do do do Slippers
Do do and white Satin and Kid do
Misses' do and fancy Gaiters, Half-Gaiters, Slippers.
Children's blue, bronzed, and light colored Gaiters, and
Laced Boots
Ankle Ties and Buskins, in great variety
Gentlemen's Dress Boots, sewed and pegged, all qualities
and prices
Do Patent Leather Shoep, various stylr*
|)o Gaiter and Congret?.* Booc.
Boys', Youths', and Children'.; Dancing pumpe. very
' handsome.
; All of which will be sold ou the moa reasonable terms.
ap 30?law:iw ANDREW ( OYLE A SON
HTI1E NATIONAL HOTEL in the city ot Wsahtofipo,
forniely kept by Coleman, and now in the pro#e?fto*.
ackwell'8 Trustees, i: ofl>red tor rent.
| Persons desirous of leasing the property are requested
to apply in person or by Isiter, addrcssed to U\a
of the National Hotel, Washington City
Early possession may be had.
ap 3?if-TThS-tf ?
IN virtue of a writ ot venditioni exi-onas, on judgment
condemnation, on a writ of attachment issued from the
Clark's office of the Circuit Conn of the District of Cohun
bia for the couuty of Washington, and to me directed.! sha^
expose to public pie, for ca*h, on Wednesday# the Wt> day
of Slay nest al. W o'clock, .M., beiore ihe Court House door
of esld county, all the right, title, and iidereet ?.f Richard
Butler Price iu and to lha followina properly, Let
No 6, in square No ,U*., in the city of WsNhingtOB, wont
ing 151 feet on Twyliii. sireei west and U6 foet on Vlrjir.'.e
avenue, seized and levied upon as the property of the sail
Richard Butler Price, and sold to satisfy ptdiciatoNo US
to March term, IS40. in favor of J ore ph Lindsay.
i aP 1^?<1** Marshal of the District of Columbia
WAR ft HAL'ft JIALir
IN virtue of a writ of fieri facias, on scire facias under tf.s
I lien law, loaned from the Clerk'r Office of the District ot
Columbia tor the county of Washington, and to me ?WI*
ed, I ?hall expose to public nale, for csnh, on Wednes?ta>,
the lOth day of January next, at Ihe front of ihe Court houa''
door of said county, at 12 o ?lock, M . ih.- foHewlug ?mp
erty via; live iw?vstory ami attic frame dwelling housej,
with back buildings to each, on pans of l.ols Xo. 4 and 6, i'.
Square No. 36S, in the city of Washington, sriaednnd levied
upon as the property ol Sylvjnus Holme*, and sold tojM'
(my Judicial^ No, 34. to Msichtetm. I^W* in favor of Clyi
dec 13~dts Marshal of the Disiriei of Cohunhls
K>-Tk? above wle not ksvlag beearen^
ailed with, will be resoU and ?sle take place on the let.
d.T ol *.r ? H.. 1-toHyOJ ^AVLAvcr
ap 10?dts Marshal ot the District of Columbia.

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