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DAILY, per year, . . . ? ?10 00
Payable in advance.
Advbiitih**mts : Filly centspersquare lh? first Inser
tion?twenty-five cents per square for every subsequent
nertloo?fifty cents per square alternate Insertion*. A
liberal deduction to yearly adv.rtlaers.
Editor qf the National Whig,
[roaMRM'T aoLioiroa o? ?*? oawasAt. land owtci.l
OTATES, the COURTS of the DISTRICT anil of the
aoainst conoress or any OF TIIEDE-. %
And claims for spoliations against the Republic of Me.'tmo
before the Dmril of Commissioners established by the Act
n/M of March, 1R40;
ACTS AS AGENT In procuring letters patent for lnven
tiiiua, from the United States, and llrom Foreign Guvern
mentf>: . ,
AND EXECUTEB any business requiring the prenenoe
or atten tlon of counsel or ajrent at the seat of Government
Refer to the Hun IIsnby Johnson, late Senator, nud thf^
Hon. S W. llowns, and Hon. Pmaii* Soul*, Senators of
the United States from the Stale of Loulslani*, and the Sen
tori of the UniUatl Staleefrom the other Statu.
FlCK, Pennsylvania avenue. mar 28?dl??tf*w
annual, supplies for the nay y.
Navy Dkpautmknt,
Mitrcau of Construction, Equipment, and Repair,
May 22, 1849.
BALED PROPOSALS, endorsed "Proposals for
narat supplies'' (naming the ynrd for which the
offer is made,) will be received at this Bureau until
3 o'clock, P. M. of the 30th June next, for furnishing
and delivering, under contract, at the respective Navy
Yards hereinafter named, the several articles speci
fied In this advertisement. One-fourth port of all
the articles required at eoch of said navy yards, com
prising a due proportion of each kind, must be deliv
ered on or before the first of September next; one
other fourth part on or before the first of December
next; one other fourth part on or before the first of
April i and the residue on or beforo the thirtieth of
June, eighteen hundred and fifty; and, In case of
failure to furnish and deliver the articles within the
time and In the proportion specified, the Bureau or
the respective commandants of said navy yards to
have the right to direct purchases to be made to sup
ply any deficiency, and the contractor and his sure
ties to be liable in twice the contract price.
Proposals must provide for furnishing and deliver
ing, on like terms ami conditions, any additional
quantity of the articles contracted for that may be
required at either of the said navy yards before the
expiration of the fiscal year ending on the said 30th
June, I860, on fifteen days' previous notice from the
Bureau or the commandant of the yard where the
articles are required.
Persons offering for more than one yard must
make separate and distinct proposals for the supply
of each, keeping the classes of articles separate, and
embracing the vhole quantity of all the articles enu
merated In the class. The cost of each Item must
be distinctly carried out, and the aggregate of each
class correctly footed up, which Is material to a fair
comparison of bids. An erroneous extension or an
erroneous aggregate will constitute an informality,
and the bid will not be considered.
No extension of time for deliveries under any con
tract will be granted, and penalties for nonfulnlment
will in all cases be rigidly enforced; bidders are there
fore requested to ofler Tor no more than they are sure
they can furnish within the time specified.
All the articles must be of the very best quality,
conforming to samples which will be exhibited on ap
plication to the commandant of the yard at which
they are to be delivered. They must no in good or
der and condition, in suitable vessels or packages, as
the case may be; all vessels, articles, and packages
to be subject to the Inspection of t he yard where they
are received, and be In all respects to the satisfaction
of the commandant.
Approved sureties in twice the estimated amount
will l?e required In the manner set forth in the form
of contract, and ten per centum in addition will be
withheld from the amount of each payment as collat
eral security for the faithful performance of the eon
tract. Ninety per cent, of each delivery will be paid
by the Now Agent within thirty days after the bre
sentation of approved bills, in triplicate, by the com
mandant of the yard at which the deliveries are
Every ofler must oe accompanied by a written
guaranty (the responsibility of the guarantor or guar
antors to be certified by a Navy Agent or other offi
cial person, or by some one known to the Bureau)
that, if the offer be accepted, the bidder or bidders
will, within fivp days aftqr the receipt of the con
tract at the post office designated, exocute the same,
with good and sufficient sureties, to furnish the arti
cles proposed, agreeably to the terms specified In this
advertisement, and which may be embodied In the
contract. The law of 10th August, 184S, forbids the
consideration of all proposals not accompanied by
such guaranty.
Bidders are particularly cautioned to endorse their
offers as above required, that they may be distin
. guished from other business letters, in order to pre
vent their being opened before the proper tlmo.
All offers not mode In strict conformity with this
advertisement in every particular will be rejected as
informal. Those whose offers are accepted will bo
duly notified, and contracts forwarded without de
1 ay."
Persons offering arc directed to designate the post
office through which they desire to be oddressed and
the navy agent to whom the contract shall be sent
for execution.
Washington, May , 1849.
I hereby agree to furnish and deliver, at the Navy
Yard at ??, in conformity with the requirements
uf the advertisement from tne Bureau of Construc
tion, Equipments, and Repair of the 22d May, 1849,
the several articles embraced in classes one and two
for that yard, to wit:
Class No. 1.
lbs. white lead at ? cents . . $
?? lbs. lampblack at ? do ...
lbs. red lead at ? do ...
?- lbfc. litharge at ? do ...
Clam No. 2.
K lions sperm oil at ? cents
? sperm candles at ? do
Very respectfully, A. B.
To Com. Ciuri.bs W. Skinner,
Chief of the Bureau of Conat'n, kc., Washington
We the undersigned, residents of , in the
State of , hereby guaranty that in case the
foregoing bid of -be accepted, that will,
within five days alter the receipt of the contract at
the post-office designated, execute the same, with good
and sufficient sureties, to furnish the supplies embraced
in said bid in conformity with the terms of the adver
tisement under which it was made. A. B.
C. D.
I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowled-g,,
and belief, the above-named guarantors art good and
sufficient. E. p.
Class No. 1?Iron.
6,000 lbs. 1 j inch round iron per pound
5,000 do 1 do do do
4,000 do ) do do do
3>009 do 5 do do do
2,000 do 1 do do do
1,000 do ^ do do Jo
500 do 5-16 do do do
300 do | do d? Jo
300 do 3-16 do do do
'2,000 do 6 by 1 inch Rat do do
'2,000 do 4 by) do Jo do
'2,000 do 9 J by Jdo do do
I,000 do 3 by | do ,1* do
II,000 do 3 by J do 4, do
9,000 do 2 J by Jdo do do
1,000 do 1 by .J fa do do
500 do Russia sheet iron do
1,000 do Rivals or Swede* n,;i rod. do
1,006 da do do spike rods | by i inch do
31,600 pounds
Ml the iron to he of the best American manufacture.
Class No, 3?Copper
?DO lbs. 64 01. braziers' copner sheets 6 by 3 ft p. lb.
do 54 o*. do do do do
l,IN0doMor.. do do do do
1,004 do 32 oz. do do do do
3/KK) founds
300 sh?cti 32 ox. hot rolled sheathinjr coouer
estimated to weigh -1,700 11m per lb.
500 sheets 31 or., hot rolled sheathing capper,
inn ?? *???? 5,000 lb- per lb.
100 sheets IB oz. hot rolled sheathing copper,
estimated to weigh 500 lbs per lb.
100 nheets 22 oz. hot rolled sheathing copper.
estimated to weigh 600 lhs per lb.
All the thtet copper must have straight edres and
sijuare ends and be of parallel widths.
Clash No. 3?Hardware.
5 coopers' axes per sample, each
feoopft* adzes do do
5 broad axes, handled do do
10 narrow axes, handled do do
2 hollow adzes do do do
* carpenters' adzes do do do
25 bradawls do do do
25 awls do do do
3 braces and bills, (48 bills) do do
2 iron do (20 bitts) do do
5 Ugarborn's balances to weigh 501bs do do
?00 Miron brads lj to 1J inch do perM
2trdo Handall's patent bfads do do
2 sets firmer chisels ' to 2 inches
each set, handled do per set
2 sels socket chisels jj to 2 inches
each set, handled do do
10 carpenters'compasses do each
2 coopers' callipers do do
2 mast callipers do do
8 large butchers' cleavers do do
3 small do do do
250 lbs j ineh iron chain do per lb.
250 do 7-16 do do do
860 do 3 do do do
250 do.| do do do
250 do | do do do
6 dozen fine saw files, (Graves fc Son's) per doz.
12 do 4 inch huid-saw files do do
12 do 6 do do do do
12 do 7 do do do do
1 do rat tail files do do
2 sets firmer gouges 4 to 2 inch,
handled per simple, per set
1 sets socket gouges J to 2 inch,
handled do do
3 steel tongued bevils do each
3 bung borers do do
3 tap borers do do
6 dozen brass buttons on plates do per dozon
?i0 lbs, copper burrs do per lb.
?>0 do cut copper rivets do do
10 brass cooks do do
3 coopers' crows do each
2 glazing diamonds do do
3 brass dividers do do
6 dozen brass escutcheons, assort, do per doz.
8 do spike gimlets do do
8 do nail gimlets do do
6 fish kettles do e.ch
fr pans, assorted sizes do do
10 Irving pans do do
^0 bake pans, assorted sizes do do
copper teakettles, 0 quart do do
20 iron tea ket'jes 4a ,lo
* ?.arP?/it1crV Images tin do
ninn? i ? ^lu" do P" 'b
^2 [fl J ?,001" do P"M ?
12 butchers' knives, 12 inch ?lo each
ln? ?h^"- t do 10 do do do
100 fishing hooks, assorted do do
94 Il,r0t ! eta do <i"
24 claw hammers do do
?J yench hammers do do
4 dozen pair 4x4 inch heawy brass butt
hmges, with shifting pi ns per dozen
3 dozen pair 3 x 2A inch hea vy brass butt
hinges, with shifting pin * do
6 dozen pair 2**2 iochlieav y brass butt
hmges, with shifting pin:? do
8 dozen 2 x IJ inch heavy bra ss butt hinges do
1 dozen 4 inch brass door hoc ks
i a 4nd y8 l . P*r ?*mpl?, do
1 dozen 6 inch brass door hool is
and eyes do do
2 dozen iron butt hinges, assort ed do do
c^'r,0n' d" ??>>
? do do
5 m?i ladle, rio do
- waffle irons do do
*'">npot, do do
?A I-?J sorrt:,ary binges With springs do per doz.
10 tinder boxes and steel do each
8.hoe knives ? <lo u.0
5 n . i? ,knives <lo dor
6 pallet knives .1.,
4 putty knives d? ?
2 Bitot kettles do j?
2 hollowing knives Jo do
10 knivM Jo do
10 sail knives j d
i *'1"nk <],oor ke.V? do per gross
W mnrtl J do ?lo do
12 mortice doors (Na shua,) with
in knobs do each
10 dozen 3-inch ir?,n tumbler pad
locks, 12 kind/, of keys to each
r . , do per doz.
dozen 3-inch brass tumbler pad
locks, 19 lnr ids of keys to each
dozen do do
" *rf"1 cupboard locks, do do
1 1 . ds ol keys to each dozen do <io
1 doz. 6-inch iron closet locks, 12
or ds of keys to each dozen do d<v
wmn P* per* "ew'nS needles, assorted do per paper
***> > os. iron cut nails, 4d to 4l)d,
t.yy.. e1u*' quantities each size >do per lb.
lbs. wrought iron naUs, 6d to
12d, equal quantities each size do do
o"U lbs. cut coppnr nails, 4d to 20d,
onn n? , fl^oiities each size ?lu do
Vnj mm fini,llinK nails, 8d and
lOd, equal qui intitiec each size do do
tn icuPPer nai'ts do per M
'2 M } clout nail s do do
6 short jointer p lanes do ? each
.?? !on,K , do do do
?jack planes <i0 do
3 grooving pla nes do do
2 pairs match planes .do do
astngal pla nes 1)er rumple
4 moulding | jlanea 4u
2 bead planes d? do
3 plow planes ,t0 do
3 coopers" block planes * di? do
coopers'do do
1 cooaerV joir.ter short do do
??Pok i shaves do do
'.i bl"'-ket shaves do o'o
^ can shaves do do
?? >n. shaves do do
in r'j V ,?nd l>aPer do per ream. |
J? /-ft. rules, single &. double-joint cd do each
wood rasps do do 1
3 guaging rods do do
10 sail rubbers do do
AW pounds irrjn rivets, assorted sizes do per lb.
10 cast-steel shovels- do each |
6 spades do do
4 shovels and tongs do do
6 (iuntcr scales do do
6 screw drivers do do
6 steelyards Jo do
10 hap.d saws do do
3 tenon saws ,)o do
?'.ash saws d o do
^ compass saws dtr do
2 wood saws, fralned do do
2 whip s*ws (pit) do do
8 cross-cut saw^ do do
- keyhole and pad saws do do
2 dovetail saws do do
1000 lbs. uatent deck spikes, 4-1 J, ,V5J, 6-6j,7-7i, I
8-9 In. equal quantities each kl nd 1
4 butchers'steels f* ^ |
4 trying squares d do 1
i,ron "*???? do . do
1 "w Mt" do do ]
a do do
A TT do do
4 bread shods ^ ^
3 large tin bread scales,*,ah Mtl weights do
3 small,|? do do d?- ^
inn m . .d? d" do
100 M. copper tacks 4, j j ,.nd i-lnch, e^tal
quantities cash size per M
100 do tinned tacks, 7-H ,ch do
100 do iron tacks J, J, > lnd epual quantl
ties each size ^ perM.
10 boxes XX tin per bo*.
2 bench vices, large per s amp le, each.
?bench vires, sma'. 1 d'o do
8 hand vices d o do
8 eoqiers' rices do, do
1 .iron "???(;*> ts, 1 to 4 pounds p?.' ??t.
; do A , 4 to 28 do da
r>00 .?,0a ' .0 I oz. !? 1 pound do
**? rf- ^nr' do
*)??/ io*?" 'beatli lng nails do
a J^''n< h No. ft iron screws pt r gross,
m a? 11"?- "do " do
If. 5? 8-in< h No. ? do do
in 5? ? -?"'neb No. ? do do
10 do '/-8-incl, No. 9 d? do
10 do 11 iMh Plo. 6 do do
5 do n-inc^ No. j
Class No. A?Flax Canvas*.
S00 bolts No. 1 fla* canvass P" 5""'
150 do No. 3 do .
50 do No. 8 do , ,M InrJian
Kaeh bolt to be 40 yards hi l">rtb, and 90
wide, according to sample, *nd subjcct to the
I test.
Class No. b?Ship Chandlery
50 hickory brooms
100 com brooms
100 whitewash brushes
100 paint brushes, No. IJ
25 sash tool brush?
50 camel's hair brushes
50 hand scrubbing brushes
BO clamp scrubbing brushes
20 long handle tar brushes
uer sample, each,
do <1?
do do
do do.
per sample each,
do do
do do
do do
20 short handle tar brushes
10 rolls worsted binding, assorted
colors . . do
5 pieces white bunting, 40 yards In
length, 18 Inches wide do par ploee.
5 pieces scarlet bunting, 40 yards
In length, 18 Inches wide do do
5 pieces blue bunting. 40 yards In
length, IB inches wide do do
1 piece yellow bunting, 40 yards in
length, 18 Inches wldo do
6 silver calls do ,
30 yards bleached cotton, 7-8 wide do per yard
? 1. h?rut do per set
per set.
per lb.
1 set truss hoops
10 pounds curled hslr do
25 sides rigging leather, estimated to
weigh 500 pounds do
10 sides pump leather, estimated to
weign 200 pounds do
25 sides bellows leather, estimated
to weigh 175 pounds do
50 pounds Tamp wick do
5 gross lamp wick wire do per gross.
25 chalk lines do each.
10 casks line do do
6 tape lines do do
50 gallons whale oil per gallon.
30 gallons tar oil So
10 china bowls for water closets per sample, each
25 Ashing lines do do
25 pounds seine twine do per pound.
25 pounds whipping twine do do
20 pounds yellow baeswax do do
20 mounted roping palms do do
23 mounted seaming palms do do
100 dozen Russia mats, for covering
cordage do per dozen.
3 Turkey oil stones do each.
3 grindstones, estimated at 200
pounds per pound.
100 cast steel scrapers per sample, each.
100 ox hides for rope, estimated to
weigh 10,000 pounds do per pound.
1,000 pounds No. 1 extra soap do
10 do thread, assorted colors pr. sample, pr. lb.
10 do shoe thread do do
200 do tallow do
10 do mop yarn do do
12 bundle* coopers' flags, estimated
at 150 pounds do
5(1 life preservers per sample, each.
1 patent log
1 cotton seTne and bag, 40 fathoms,
18 feet deep
1 cotton seine and bag, 60 fathoms,
24 feet deep
100 feet 3-Inch leather hose
100 feet 2 1-2 Inch do
25 yards black cotton velvet
Class No. 6.?Faints and Oils.
8,000 pounds pure dry white lead
1 000 do lamp black
BOO do red lead
Venitlan red
Spanish whiting
chrome green (woods)
French yellow ochre
per foot.
per yard.
600 do
200 do
, 3,000 do
200 do
100 do
75 do
10 do
gum shellac
per pound,
per gallon,
per cample, per plecc
do per bottf e
1,000 gallons raw DutchTlnseed oil
300 do spirits turpentine
Class No. 7?Oakum.
10,000 pounds oakum (best quality, made from junk) pr. Ib
Class No. 8- Manilla Hemp.
20 tons Matllla hemp, per ton of 2,240 lbs.
Class No. 9?Stationery.
fiO memorandum books, laije persnmple, earl
M da small do ito
10 blsnk books, 2 quires do do
10 do 3 do ?>
20 pleres India mbber
60 half pint bottles black ink
10 do do
20 Inkstands
I Inkstandlsh
to penknives, each 4 blades
6 reams lor paper
20 do foolscap paper
10 do letter do
ft do envelope do
a do blotting do
60 csrdssleet pens
JO sheets drawing paper
fi parallel rulers
5 round rulers
fi flat rulers
5 rolling rulers
90 dozen leeri pencils
GOO slate pencils
25 rameTshalr pencils
n,0TI0 quills
10 sandboxes
30 pounds sand
10 double log slstes do
10 single do do
2 boxes water colors ?o
1(1 noun Is wafers do
w j,?pers Ink powder <*?
0 boxes and pounce
4 Gunter's scales
75 bolls red tape <<?
1 ? &x*mathem"atlcal instruments do
-a (io
per card
, per sheet
do |
| do 1
per uosen
per hundred.
**ch ,
per 100
do 1
per lb.
per bolt
per lb.
per bolt
xiiulft Healing wax
20 bolts taste
Class No. 10?Fuel'}
HO cords mixed oak wood cSmJiiTh."
25 tons red ash coal per ton of 2H0 lbs.
Clash No. 11?Naval Stores.
1,900 barrels Suffolk tar
50 do pitch
25 do rosin
10 do turpentine
Class No. 1?Iron, per pound.
per cord
per barrel
3,000 lbs. J Inch
3 000 do 616 do
3,000 do 3 8 do
1,500 do 7 -16 do
3,000 do i do
'1.000 do 9-16 d-.
3.600 do I do
1,800 do 3 16 do
2,000 do 1116 do
4.1100 do 1 do
000 do 13.16do
iVVIO do i do
Kisit do I do
4 000 1 1C,'?
<'? 11..do
2.000 lbs. 5-16 Inch
3.000 do 3-8 do
4,000 do 7-16 do
2,000 do J do
2,000 do 9-16 do
2,000 do I do
2,000 do 11-10 do
2,000 do '
2.000 do
1,000 do
2,000 do
1,000 do
ZflOO do
97,000 lbs.
71,500 lbs.
I Hoop Iron.
8U ewt two Inch hoop Iron, Nfl. J**1
80 do II whale n? ?op Iron
do do
do do
do do
merchant able hoop Iron
per cwt.
66 do 1}
60 do 11
50 do ll
.10 Ho 11
10 do If
30 do ll
20 do ll
30 do 1
do |
h ?jf th? bundle
Sheet Iron.
3 bundles Russia a) ?e*t iron, No. 16
1AU the Iron to be of the best American menu fccture.
Class No. 2.?Copper. .
360 sheets, say 1,000 lb., 14 oa. hot roiled sheatl tin* WPI*
US sheets, say IQOlbs.; 14 oz. cold rolled do H?
? each 20, 30, 32, M. ?jd 40 lbs. ^
H lf? ?acn <a>,
brazier's copper, say In all I ,*72 lbs.
i < do 60 lbs. brazier's copper, say W0 lb a .
[ All the sheet copper must have Mrsif hi ?dgw at Hi
'?id?ab??r paSUslwMtht
per lb.
per box.
Glass No. 'i.?Ltad and Tin.
2 roll*, each 4,4ft, 5, ami 7 lbs. milled sheet lead
(My 2,060 lbs.)
1,000 poundti India tin
6 boxes 1 C tin plate, 14 by 20
10 do IX do 10 by 14
fi do SDX do
6 do DXX do
J lengths each 1,1}, 2,2} inch milled lead pipe
(nay 315 pounds) per lb.
Class No. 4.?Copper and Composition Nails.
100 pounds 20d copper cut nails per lb.
100 do 12d do do
000 do lOd do do
700 do fld do do
500 do fid do do
lfiO do 1 inch composition itaila do
IKK) do 2k do do do
300 do do do do
300 do 34 do do do
Clash No. 5.?Olass
lty' leet 7 by 9 Bedford crown glass, double thiclc
uess per foot.
100 da ft by 10 do , do do
100 do 9 by 11 do do do
100 do 1.0 by 12 do do do
100 tU> 10 by 14 do do do
100 do 11 by 15 do do do
100 do 11 by 17 d? do do
100 do 12 by 12 do do do
100 do 12 by 16 do do do
100 do 12 by IB <1 do do
24 lights, flint glass, for bowsprit lanterns, per
pattern per light.
12 patent deck lights. 31 by 9 inches do
12 do do .'{* by 10 do ilo
12 do do 3|byll do do
4 12-inch patent magazine lights, 1& inch thick,'
free from all defect* do
4 13-inch do 1? do do do do
Glass No 6 ?Flax Canvass.
60 bolts No. 1 flax canvass, 30 inches wide. 40
yards long, sample per bolt.
CO do 2 do do do do
40 do 3 do do do do
HO do 5 do do do do
Class No. 7.?Cotton Canvass.
10 bolts No 1 cotton canvass, 20 inches wide CO
yards long, per sample
10 do 2 do do do
jt 1 do 3 do do do
per bolt.
tin' 10 do do do
do cotton canvass for cots, 30 inches
wide, ft* yards l.?ng
do hmnmock s^olT, 42 inches wide, 50
yards long- do do
I Jo bag 42 "0 do do
I do Russia duck do do
I do .Ravens do light do do
4000 yards twilled bagging, 39 inches wide do per yard.
Clash No. 8.? Twine.
1000 poi inds flax sewing twine, 3 thread, sample, pound.
700 dir cotton do 7 do i.?
25 do seine do do do
25 do whipping do do do
Class No 9.?Sperm Oil and Candles.
3000 gallons pure winter strained sperm oil per gallon.
8fXX) pounds pure sperm candles per pound.
Class No. 10.? Wood.
250 cords sound oak wood per cord.
Class No. 11.?Coal.
200 tons best pcach orchard Schuylkill coal,
broken ai id screened
100 do lump Cumberland coal, per ton of 2240 lbs
Clash No. 12.?Paints and Oil*.
30,000 pounds pure dry white lead
per ponnd.
per gallon.
do red lead
do lamp black
do litharge
do yellow ochre
do chrome green
do chrome yellow
do vermilion
2.000 gallons pure linseed oil, raw
750 do spirits turpentiue no
brown Japan do
coj)al varnish do
harness do do
best coach varnish do
25 do do furniture do do ^
Class No. 13.?Leather.
3 sides heavy oiled pump leather (say 160 pounds)
sample, per pound.
25 do best quality W. O. tanned
pump leather, not less than 30
lbs. per side, (say 750 pounds)
100 do
20 do
30 do
35 do
100 do bellows do do
10 do buff do do
10, do whits oak tan ned sole leather do
20 do hose leather do
30 do harness leather, asF8orted thick
do per side.
Class No. 14.?Hardware.
100 pounds, each 20d, 12d, lOd, and 8d
wrought iron boat i.ails
200 do each fid, 5d, 4d, and 3d
100 do eaeh 20d, 12d, lOd, 8d, and 6d
wrought iron nails
100 do 6-inch iron cut splkea
900 do 40d iron cut naUs
300 do 30d do do
100 do SOd do do J
100 do 12d do do
1500 do lOd do do
100 do 8d do do
100 do fid do do
.100 do 4d do do
100 do 3d do do
600 do 12d do brad-head nails'
200 do 8d do do do
100 do lOd do do do
200 1 do fid do do do
100 do f?d do do do
10 M I inch clout nails, wrought iron
10 do 1 do do do
1 do 11 do do do}
20 do 11 do do do
20 do 11 do do do
50 Ibs4d do do
50 do fid do do
fi3 pounds, each. Nos. 3, 5, 6, 7, ft, 9! 10 11, 19.
13. 14, 15, 16, 17, nnd IS iron wire
* inch copper cut tacks
per pound.
do do
35 do
15 do
1 do
10 do
5 do:
5 do t do do do do
6 do | do do do do
1 M f do braiM trunk nails
2 sheets brass, No. 12
do wrought do
per sheet,
* ,rf" ?"?!> " 1?, 19.91,2!, and !
20 M 1 inch iron cut brads
20 do 11 do do
20 do l| do do
20 do I do do
10 M 1 rffli do
10 do I do do
15 do 3 osc. gimp tacks
50 do 8 do iron cut do
10 do 12 do do do
15 do 14 do do do
6 do iron tinned rivets, 2$ to 3 in.
2 seta 7-inch iron bed screwK,
1 do 6-inch do do ao ao
J ^ %'inch Iron sheave rivets, 3-8 in. rtiam. do
i J* 2?" ncI* t,n 516 do do
I ,? ?fcl2cth . <*<> 5-16 do do
5 do 13-8-inch do do do
1 do 14-Inch do do do
1 do II-inch do do do
5 pounds, each, Nos- 17,18, and 19 copper wire,pound
BO do bra mm wire, assorted Nos. 1 to 15 do
12 seta bram table fastenings, sample set
4 comp 11 hasps and plate staples, for ann chairs do
2 sets brass wheel fixtures do
I do do binnacle braces and fixtures do
loosen do sash rollers. No. 4 dozen
I do japanned stubbs and plates ',n
12 do .1-inch best American iron padlocks,
sample do
assorted keys
12 do 21-inch do do
6 do 3-Inch do brass do
to do 21-inch do do do
I do 2-inch do d0 do
J do 12-inch stock locks
Brass Screws, Gross.
sample do
do do
do do
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 15 16 18 19 20
Iron Screivs, gross
Nos. 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 U 12 14 15 i6 igljg af
i dozen 4-inch
I do 3-inch
I do 24-inch
I do 3-inch
?per dot
do desk locks do
do mortice closet locks
do 6-hch _
do 5-Inch do do do
do 4-inch do do do
do yf. inch double-faced cupboard looks do
d? 44 inch upright monies locks,?inch
Utick, braw tcnwi or kppb# dv
12 do
12 do
10 do
34 inch upright mortice locks, f inch
thick, brass screw* for knobs do
4 inch mortice knob latches do
2| inch cupboard ketches, with keys do
2f inch Iron drawer locks do
2| inch do do <fr
2lnch do do ao
14 inch do do do
3inch do do do
3k inch brsss sideboard locks do
blsnk comn'n keys do
do iron drawer lock keys, assorted do
2 Inch flat escutcheons do
24 inch do do
1 inch do do
1 inch do do
1 Inch do do
L Inch do do
in. broia sash knobs, with screws do
inch do shutter knobs do
inch do do do
2 inch mahogany knobs do
2 inch
1 J inch do
1 inch do
g inch do
|inch do
pairs 3 inch
do 3& by 34 inch do
do 4 by 4 Inch do
do 4J by 5 loch brass do
do 4 by 4 inch do
do 34 by 34 Inch do
do 3 by 3 Inch do
do 21 by 2k Inch J~
do 2 by 5'
do 5-Inch
do 4&-inch
do 4-inch
do 34-inch
do 3-inch
do 2}-inch
do 2-inch
H-hpfe do
2i do (rlngh brass eyes, with screws
1 do 24-inth side hooks and eyes
1 do lj-inch ao do
2 do 3 inch do do
8 do 14-lnch do side hooks
1 do 6-inch do cabin door hooks
j do 4-inch do do
1 do 3-inch do
1 do 2J*inch do
I do 3 inch
1 do 2-inch do do do
1 do 5-inch do barrel dff
I do 6-inch do do dp
I do 4-inch do do dq
Ido 5-inch do square raised bolts
do 6iii*h do
tlo 5-luch straight square bolts
1 do 6-inch do bulkhead do
1 do &lnch do do
3 do 4-inch do do * ,
2 do 3'lnnh do flush
2 do 4-inch do t do
2 .do 34-inch do ' tlo
3 do 4-inch do curtail* rings
8 do l-ltich do do
3 do \ Inch do do
8 do 1-inch do do
1 do i-inchrfo flush do
1 do iVlnehdo do
15 yards brass jack ahain No. 15
I dozen li-inch straight U'W* castors
1 set brass eac etoirs trimmings
10 pounds basf quality sash cord
3 brass bib coelw, 4-inch, best American
30 do do {-inch do
3 do do 1-infih do ao ?o
3 dostop do 1-lnch do do do
3 do do Minchdo do do
3 do do 2-inch do do do
3 dozen bestC. M. wood axes, handled samples each
2 do iio brad awls, handled do do
i do do carpenters'adzea, handled do
4 do do coopers' do do
I do do da adzes do do
3 anvils
3 Iron braces, with 20bltta each
3 wood do 48 bitta each
6 bung borers
6 tap borers
1 patent balance to weigh 500 pounda
2 dozen C. S- carpenters' compasses
1 do coopers' do
2 do flrmerchisels, assort., handled
2 do socket do do do
500 pounds white chalk
6 cooper's crows
3 seta drills, with boxes and bows
2 sets dies, letters and figures, | inch
3glazi*rs' diamonds, best quality
3 pairs brass dividers, for sailmakers
1 cooper's trow
1 dozen each, 8,10,12, and 14 in. flat files
1 do 8,9, and 10 in. round
1 do 8,10, 12, and 14 in. | do
1 do 3, 4, 5 and G in. rat-tail
C do whipaaw files
2 do handaaw do
2 do crosscut do
2 do fine aaw do
ti do nail gimlets, assorted
3 do spike do
1 do firmergouges do Hsnd
1 do aocket do
BO pounds glue, best make, Cooper's
6 carpenter's gauges
do do
do do
do do
do do
do pound
do set
do do
tlo each
do do
do do
do dozen
do do
do do
do do
do do
do pound
do each
do per 100
6 do
1 do
1 do
1 do
do tin
claw nsmmers
screw wrench do, 16 in.
11 cooper's marking irons
4 do beck irons
2 dozen best quality ahoe knives
1 do drawing do
I d*t pallet do
1 do putty do
3 glue kettles, copper do
3 iron pitch kettles
2 doaen best quality sail knives ,
2 do do butcher do
1 do do cheese do
1 do iron casting ladles
1 do chalk lines
4 do pitch ladies
I do C. S. pincers
1 do do plyers
2 reams Band paper
12 smoothing planes, double irons
6 jack do
3 pr. match do
4 cooper's long jointer do
4 do short do
3 dozen 2 ft rules, 4 fold
3 do wood rasps, 11 Inch
4 ?auging rods
6 dozen best C. S. shovels
2 do do spades
1 do best bread shovels .
4 do best C. S. sheep sheers
4 do pairs brass snuffers
1 do best C. 8. squares
10 pounds brass solder
2 iron stakes
3 tinner's edging stakes
3 planishing stakes
6 small screw plates and taps
2tinner's shears
2 do hand shears
2 steelyards, to weigh 250 lbs
2 dozen best quality handsaws
2 crosscut saws, 4A ft. long
3 wood saws and frames
3 sash saws
C panel Haws
12 ooinpass saws
2 keyhole saws and pads
12 tenon saws
2 dovetail saws
1 spoke shaves, assort.
3 Turkey oil stonew
2 grindstones
2 patent saw sets
3 brass squares, tor sail miners
12 scale beams,
6 butcher's steels
3 tape lines ot 100 ft
24 hand vices
3 small bench vices
2 large bench vices
6 cooper's vices
6 sets lead weights, 1 oz. to I lb.
6 sets iron weights, 1 lb. to 4 lb.
6 do do 4 to 28
12 gridirons
4 griddles
6Tron tea kettles
1 fish kettle
6 frying pans
25 stew pans, assort.
6 waffle inns
3 camp kettles
Class No. 15? Druahea,
12 dozen best extra whitewash brushes
2 do long handled tar do
4 do short do do
A do varniah do do
1 do painters' dusting do
2 do hand . do do
2 <k? OOOOOOO paint do
tlo pound
fbt pound
No. 5 sash tool
clamp acrub
hand acrub
do h'dl'd do do
CiARfi No. 16?Ship Chandlery.
25 barrels rosin
20 pounds copper hose rivets
10 do
llIpalr.m?fKln. (oeka . ?
600 pounds match rope. do pound
25 dozen C. S. ahlp scrapers, Iron handles do dozen
100 pounda best quality brown soap pound
do aal ammoniac
1 barrel c??ai tar
100 barrels best thin tar
70 do whit* turpentine do
75 pounda aewing thread, white,red and blue do pound
25 do ahoe do do do
2000 do tallow do do
75 do thrums do do
7000 quilla for tubes do M
300 pounda beeswax do pound
il? 23 J?1!! coEE* *,re'
40 do black worsted yarn do
18 CfelM bowls Md tutur*i |or water clouts do
2 dozen comp'n water closet coczs, 1 men do Uoxeu
3000 barrel hoop |>olee, Am quality 100
r>0 bundle* coopers' Aags do barrel
JW00 I inch yellow pine deck plugs do M
20000 I luch do ? do do dj
500 1} inch do d? do do
ft bolts, each 18 Inch, white^eariet, and blue
bunting do bolt
5 bolts, ea. 13inch., white afld scarlet bunt's uo do
6 do each 9 Inch, whlta and acarlet bunt
Ing do do
20 bolts, esch 4 In. white and scarlet bunt
ioc do do
500 beet Shaker com brooms do dosen
400 do hickory do do do
100 Bristol bricks do each
12 pound sbest quality bristles do pound
6 dosen rolls riven worsted binding do roll
100 fathoms 3-8Tn. abort link proof chain pound
1C0 do 6-16 in. do do do do
130 do 4-16 in* do do do do
135 do 3-16 In. do do do do
10 yards bottle green cloth do yard
-to do 34 loch nair cloth Uo <
15 do 28 do do i
15 do 30 do, do <
10 do 26 do do <
600 pounds spun cotton, or caulking do pound
12 Doatswafn's silver calls do each
3 pounds catgut do pound
25 yards Fearnaugld do yard
80 do black silk gimp do do
1000 pounds hambrollna do pound
1000 -do houseline do do
500 sheets lsrge middle horn do sheet
100 pounds picked ourted hair do pound
6 coasting lines, 80 fathoms, ! inch do llna
2 dozen 0?d lines do dosen
25 da Ashing lines, 30 fsths. each, assort* do do
500 pounds tarred marline do pound
500 do white do do do
1000 sailmsker's seaming needles do 100
100 4 thread needles do do
100 gallons Ash oil gallon
?cl'M V
25 wood baud pump* do| esch
2 dozen seeming and roping palms,
mounted do dozen
Class No. 17?Stationery.
6 expenditure books, each
ti letter hooks, 3 quires, cap size, | bound, sample, each
2 dpzen 2 quire cap blank books, do dozen
1 do 1 do do do do
5 do memorsudum do do do
1 do Ivory letter folders, dq do
3 esses mathematical instruments, do case
6 dosen hslf pint bottles blaok ink, Maynard
4c Nuyen, dozen
2 do pint bottles do do do
1| do half pint red do do
6 do papers ink powder. do
3 do inkstands, metal, with covers, sample, do
3 do pieces India rubber. do do
15 reams foolscap paper, faint lined, do ream
10 do regulation do do do do
10 do letter paper do do do
tj do buff envelope paper, do do
2 do blptting do do do
6 do log do do do
60 Bheets elephant drawing paper, Wliartman's, do sheet
24 penknives, 4 bladec, do each
1 dosen camel's hair pencils, do dozen
QO0 slate pencils, sample, per 100
4 gross lead pencils, A. W. Fiber's best, do per gross
12 dpzeu boxes oi steel pens, 1 dosen
and holder in box, sample, pr doz. boxes
12 ivory pounce boxes, filled with pounce, sample, each
I10Q0 quUlp, No, 0Q
6 rolling rules. sample, each
6 parallel do, attach do do
6 round rules do do
6 flat do do do
6 dozen half pint papers black sand dozen
2 do best quality sand boxes do do
U do slates do do
1} do long slates do do
1 do Qunter's scales, boxwood do do
12 do nieces red tape do do
50 rolls silk taste do per roll
6 boxes water colors do per box
6 wafer seals do each
12 pounds waters do pound
10 do sealing wax do do
Class No. 1.?Iron, pcr^/lb.
^do do
kTotal round iron 91,000 pound*
600 pouni
2,000 do
1 by flinch ^ 600 pounds
by i do 1,000 do
2] by II do 1 000 do
2A by i do 1,000 do
2j by ? do 2,000 do
2| by U do * 2.0U0 do
f *' 2,000 do
1,000 do
1,000 do
2,000 do
2,000 do
2,000 do
2,000 do
2,000 do
1,500 do
Total Aat iron 48,iXD pounds.
Sheet iron 1 inch thick, &00 pounds
Do do 3-16 do do 800
Do do 1 do do 1,000
Total plate iron 2^00
Square iron 3A Inch, 1,500 pounds
I)o do 4 do 2,000 do
Do do 41 do 2,000 do
Class No. 2?Copper, per pound
inch diameter 20,000 pounds
11-16 do do 25,000 do
? do do 20,000 do
13-16 do do 5,000 do
1 do do 5,000 do * *
11-16 do do r 10,000 do VJ
1 1-8 do do 10,000 do v
I 3-16 do do ! 20,000 do M
II do do 20,000 do ?
1 5-16 do do 15,000 do
1| do do 15,000 do 7*
1 7-16 do do 15,000 do >
1< do do 15,000 do
1 9-16 do do 10,000 do
Ij do do VI 10,000 do ?
1 11-16 do do 5,000 do
IJ do do ?&/ s,oo(l do
' do
Total bolts copper, 225,000 do I
700 aheeta of 28 ounce sheathing coppei
1000 do 30 do do
500 do 34 do do
Total weight of sheathing copper, 19,500 lbs.,
per lb
All the shut copper muat have straight edges
and square ends ana be parallel widths.
Class No. 3?liarilicart.
3 dozen 6-inch knob locks,
brass works, with screws,
escutcheon, per sample, per doz.
3 dozen 6-inch dead locks,
with screws, escutcheon do do
4 dozen 4 do double-faced
closet locks,with screws,
escutcheon, do do
2 dozen 3-inch brass pad
locks, do do
9 dozen 7-inch do tank
plates and screws, do do
2 dozen pairs 2-inch brass
flush hooks, eyes and
screws, do do
2 doz. 5-inch sash springs,
eyes snd screws, do do
4 doz 32 inch sssh springs,
eyes snd screws, do do
4 doz 2}-inch buttons, with
screws rounded, do do
4 gross 11-inch screws, No. 16, io
6 dozen ,-inch iron drawer rollen, with
screws, do
100 lbs. 6-penny finishing nails, per lb.
100 do 8-penny do do
100 do 10-penny do do
10,000 lbs. pig lead, per lb.
Class No 4.?/To On mat.
33 bolts No. 1,90-inches wide and 40 yards long,
by sample, per bolt
184 do No. 9, do do do do do
29 do No. 3, do do do do do
99 do No. 4, do do do do do
36 do No. 5, do do do do do
130 do No. 6, do do do do do
12 do No. 7, do do do do do
33 do No. tf, do do do do do
Class No. 5.?Cotton Consols.
3 bolts No. 1, SO-iocb wide, SO yards long,
by sample, per bolt
12 do No. 2, do do do do do
19 do No. 4, do do do do do
13 do No. 5, do do do do do
30 do No. 6, do do do do do
3 do No. 8, do do da do do
14 do No. 10, do do do do do
14 do cotton hammock stuff, 43 inches wide, SO
yards long, per bolt
13 do bag do do do do do
13 do No. 4,30 inches wide
1400 yards twilled flax barging, 30 inches wide,
per yard
Class No. 6.?Ship Chirullery.
100 lbs. flax twine, per lb
100 dp cotton do do
, 35 do Thrums j do
3 bbls. fish oil, per barrel
90 do tar do
40 do p tch do
13 do rosin do
36 do clear white turpentine do
97(10 lbs. clean tallow, per lb.
Class No. 7? Sperm Oil.
100 gallons best whiter strained sperm oil, m tight
vessels, per gallon.
Class No. 1.?ha, (ky the pound.)
300 pounds 3-inch round iron per pound
3000 do J do do do
4000 do 1 do do do
4000 do li do do do
4000 do 1{ do do do
6000 do ll do do do
The bar and plate iron for one cam boose for a
second-class frigate, vis:
Plate iron, weighing about 3400 pounds per pound
Bar do do do 2500 do do
The bar and plate iron for six cam booses for
second-class sloops, viz :
Plate iron, weighing about 9500 pounds per pound
Bar do do do 8500 do do
Schedules of the dimensions of the plates and
bars for the same to be furnished from the navy
AH the iron to be of the best American manu
Class No. 3?Copper.
30 sheets, or 1,300 pounds, braziers' copper, 30
by 60 inches and 50 ounces to the foot
per pound
6 sheets, or 350 pounds, braziers' copper, 30 by
72 inches and 60 ounces to the foot
per pound.
All the thee I copper must have straight edges
end square ends and be of parallel widths.
Class No. 3?Hardware, l(c.
6000 i-inch Randal's finishing brads per M
4000 1 do do do do do
6000 lj do do do do do
i ream ssrtd-paper, Nos. 1 and 3 per ream.
Class No. 4?Lead and Tin.
1 roll milled sheet-lead, 10 lbs. to the foot, say
500 lbs., per pound.
1 roll milled sheet-lead, 8 lbs. to the foot, say
400 lbs., per pound.
1 roll milled sheet-lead, 5 lbs. to the foot, say
350 lbs. per pound.
10,000 pounds English or East India
block-tin do
4 boxes double X tin, 13} by 17 inches bythe box
" do single X tin do
Class No. 5?Paints, Ifc.
1000 pounds pure white lead, (dry) per pound
700 do Spanish whiting do do
1000 do red lead do do
ISO do litharge do do
100 do Parte green do do
13 do chrome green do do
300 do pure lampblack do do
5 do Chinese vermilion do do
6 do Prussian blue do do
130 gallons best American raw linseed oil per gal.
30 do spirits of turpentine do
Class No. 6
50 tons No. 1 American gray pig iron, per (on
of 2240 lbs.
Class No. 1?Round, Flat, and Square Iron.
1000 pounds 1 inch round iron per pound
1500 do 5-16 do do do
3000 do i do do ~aa
3500 do i do do do
6000 do i do do do
4000 do ] 1-16 do do - do
6000 do 1J do , do do
3000 do 3] do do do
600 do 4 do do do
1000 do 1 by.j inch flat iron ? do
1000 do 1{ by J do do do
1000 do 1? by 4 do do do
1000 do if by { do do do
1000 do 3 by j do do do
1000 do 3 by J da do do
1000 do 5 by j do do do
500 do 6 by J do do do
3000 do 1J by J do do do
3000 do 2j by 2 do do do
9000 do 2j by 2 do do do
3000 do 3; by 3 do do do
3000 do 3 by 3 do do do
1000 do 3] by j do do do
3000 do 31 by J do do do
3000 do 4 by | do do do
3000 do 4j by} do do do
500 do 5 by ? do do do
1500 do 5] by I do do do
1000 do 6 by | do do do
4000 do 5$ by A do do do
1000 do 3; by | do do do
2000 do 5 by J do do do
1000 do 5J by 3 do do do)
3000 do 5] by j do do do
9000 do 6 by } do do dO|
1000 do lj by 1 do do do
1000 do 2 by J do do do
1000 do 3J by 1 do do do
4000 do 5 by i do do do
3000 do 2 by 1 do do do
3000 do 2j by 1 do do do
4000 do 3 by 1 do do do
1000 do 3J by 1 do do do
1000 do 5| by IJ do do do
1000 do 6 by 1{ do do do
3000 do 3 by 1A do do do
1500 do 3J by 11 do do do |
3000 do 4 by 11 do do do
9000 do 5 by 1} do do do
1000 do 4 by lj do do do
2000 do 3 by 2 do do <lo
1000 do 3 J by 3 do do ilo
2000 do 4' by 3} do do do
1000 do {-inch square iron do
1000 do 5-16 do do do
10,000 do 7-16 do do do
10,000 do 9-16 do do do
134,100 do
All the iron to be of the best American manu
Class No. 2.?Plate and Hoop hron.
1,000 pounds 3-16-inch plate iron per pound
5,000 do 1 do do , do
1,500 do 9-16 do do do
130 pounds iron hoops, 9 feet 7 inches long, 21 in
ches wide, and J inch thick do
120 do iron hoops, 10 feet I inch long, 2} inches
wide, and } inch thick do
3,000 pounds hoop iron, 1} inch wide, 1-10 inch
thick, not less than 22 ft. long do
1,900 do hoop iron, 1] inch wide, 4-16 inches
thick, not less than 92 ft. long do
9,000 do hoop iron, lj inch wide, 1-16 inch
thick, not less than 23 ft. long do
All to be of the best manufacture.
Class No. 3?Bolt and Square Copper.
30,000 pounds ? inch bolt copper per pound
90,000 do i do do do
10,000 do li do do do
15,000 do lj do do do
500 do 5-16 do square coppor rod* do
500 do | do do do
500 do 11-16 do do do
Class No. 4?Hardware, ifr.
6 smiths' anvils (from 110 to 150 pounds each,)
per sample
20 dozen com brooms,(copper-wire bound) p dos
90 do hickory do p. sample, p. dox
18 do 10-knot whitewash brushes do do
1 do dusting do do
6 do iron-bound vamish do do tlO
13 do 0000 paim(fine ground) do do do
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