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Thirteontli Yoar No 3057
The Case Critical but Jfot
The Vice Presiflent at the White
His Interview with Irs
This iraiis Bnlletins
Scenes and Incidents at the
White House
Anxiety nt the Whlto House
Attho Wlilto Houso from 0 oclock last
night until 835 oclock this morning the
greatest anxiety prevailed among the watch
ers within tho Mansion and the crowds out
side of tho grounds It was n
Slid Ill 111 Till Scene
Evcryono hoped for tho best but not with
out somo forcbodcings and each hit of news
from tho sick room was eagerly sought for
It was noticed that thcro was considera
bly more hurrying in and about tho Man
sion and u more serious look appeared on
tho faces of tho inmates About 0 oclock
District Attorney Corkhill drove up and
went up stairs and was met by tho
noy Goncral Ho was quickly followed by
Col Win A Cook and A Si Gibson Tlioy
- consulted about half an hour and the last
named two descended and going out into
tho grounds consulted in tho shadow of a
largo treo for a long time All was sugges
tive of a good many tilings but tho great
est mystery surrounded tho movements of
tho gentlemen and tiicy refused to divulge
anything Detectives McElfrcsh and Miller
and Chief of tho Secret Service Brooks witli
Special Agent UiiUiIkjuo and Frank Cos
grove tho Now York detective wets also
there whispering and moving about as
though on tho watch for somo important
development Tho crowd outside of tho
y grounds in tho meantime was rapidly in
creasing Tho people wore orderly but
anxious and impatient to hear tho news
Giiltcnu Makes u Kc volution
District Attorney Corkhill at tho re
quest of Guitcau visited tho latter in his
coll yesterday afternoon and was with him
three hours Guitcau made a full state
ment of his actions and stated where ho
got the money from to purchase his pistol
The District Attorney states that hq also
mado other important disclosures but of
quell a nature that thoy would not lie mado
public unless verified Tho facts wcro an
nounced by Corkhill to tho Cabinet during
his visit to thb White House last night and
later detectives wore sent out to woik tho
matter up Detective McDovltt left bore
on an eastern bound train and it is be
lieved that his sudden departure has somo
thing to do with Guitcuus statement
Horry lie Diiliit Kill Him
Chief Brooks who also had a long talk
with Guitcau yesterday afternoon states
that ho asked Guitcau what induced him to
tho rash act Guitcau leplied that it was
tho wishes of God Almighty Ho asked
Ihooks if tho President suffered much
Aory much indeed was tho reply I am
very sorry Guitcau then said that I did
not shoot ltlm tho third time for that would
Iiavo ended his sufferings
The Vice President Troubled
Vico Picsldcnt Arthur remained at Sou
ator Jones all day Ho looked careworn and
troubled and in talking an air of abstrac
tion wns noticed Ho iccius to feel keenly
tho position in which the death of tho Pros
1 dent would place him Ho positively re
vises to ho interviewed and though ho re
ceives nowspapor coriespondeuts who call
upon him declines to say anything beyond
t expressing his regrets at tho unfortunate
Tho Ciiho Critical Hut Aot Hopeless
Tho Presidents case is critical but not
v Tho IliilIefiiiN This Morning The
Doctors Ntlll Consulting-
Exkcutiyb Mansion
July 1 815 a in
Tho consultation -which began at 730
oclock immediately upon tho arrival of
i Drs Agnow and Hamilton is still iu pro
gress It will not bo posslblo to issuo u
bulletin for half an hour
Shortly after tho above tho following was
Exkcutiyi Mansion
Julyl 815
The condition of tho President is not
materially different from that reported in
tho last bulletin 1230 a iu Ho has dozed
at intervals during tho night and at times
ri has continued to complain of tho pain in
his feot Tho tvmnanitcs ronortod has not
sensibly increased Pulse 103 tempera-
vturo 004 rosplmtlon 10
D W Bll s J K Barnes J J Woodward
Robt Itoyburn 1 K Hamilton of Now
York V Hayes Agnow of Philadelphia
Tho Treatment Approved
July 4 815 a ni
Wo had a consultation with tho physi
cians in chargo of tho Presidents caso at
715 a m and approvo in ovcry particular
of tho management and of tho course of
treatment which has been pursued
Frank II Hamilton of Now York D
Hayes Agnow of Philadelphia
In order that tho President may bo dis
turbed as little as possible tho next bulle
tin will not bo issued till ono oclock
lr Hamiltons Statement to a Critic
Dr Hamilton was seen by a Ciutio man
just after tho consultation but de
clined to state positively tho
Presidents chances for life Ho
said everything depended upon tho
extent of tho inflammation which so far
had only moderately manifested Itself It
might Ijo posslblo to check tho inflamma
tion ho thought or it might limit Itself
Tho Crisis InthoCiiso
would couio this afternoon and should it
bo passed iu safety tho Presidents chances
of recovery were good
Precautious Against Any Shock
fiom tho explosion of flro arms and pyro
technics havo been taken Last night
crackcrsand toy pistols began to make tho
air horrid about tho neighborhood of Fif
teenth street and Col Corbln immediately
lequcstcd a siiflicicnt number of pollco to
put an Immediate stop to tho distur
bance Major Hanncman of tho District
militia was to havo fired tho customary sa
lute in honor of tho 4th of July to day but
was seen by tho Chief of Police and tho idea
abandoned as perfect quiet is absolutely
necessary for thocomfort and wclfaio of His
A Graceful Generous Just Act
Tho last official signature of President
Garfield beforo ho was shot was toBigntho
commission of Capt Win G Mitchell Fifth
United States Infantry lato A D C to
Major Gencral W S Hancock U S A as
Assistant Adjutaut Ucneral U S A with
tho rauk of Major Gen Mitchell has ever
sinco an early period of tho war of tho re
bellion been attached to tho personal staff
of Gen Hancock and it was at the especial
request of Gen Hancock that tho appoint
ment was made Gen Mitchell is a gallant
faithful soldier and high toned genial gen
Tho Presidents Mother Sent For
Tho President took nourishment sovcral
times during yesterday afternoon was
conscious and conversed when allowed
freely At his own request n telegram
was forwaidcd to his mother request
ing her to como to Washington nt once
About 2 oclock when no ono was in tho
room but Mrs Garfield and Dr Bliss tho pa
tient who was taking somo beef tea rp
quested to bo informed what the people were
saying nbout tho affair Dr Bliss not ob
jecting Mrs Garfield selected a paper fiom
a heap piled up iu ono corner of tho apart
ment and read from it extracts relating to
tho cause and effects of the assassination
The President Nays There wns Xo
When slio reached a paragraph setting
forth a theory that tho shooting was tho re
sult of a plot tho President shook his head
dubiously and remarked I do not bc
licvoit It was apparent that ho desired
to say mora on tho subjeot but ho was not
allowed Shortly after that ho fell into a
pleasant sleep and for an hour slept quietly
Tho Assnsslns Photograph
Guitcau was asked when ho wanted to
sit fur his photograph What do you
wanf it for ho exclaimed looking up
quickly For our collection at Pollco
Headquarters and dsp for publication in
tho illustrated papers Guitcau responded
dramatically Well you shall not havo it
for your infamous collection of thieves and
rascals but if you will publish it so all tho
public can ko It I wjR H J11 vo It
taken I especially desire that Harpor and
Frank lesllu shall havo it It has not yet
licen decided when ho will bo photographed
Humors of Gnltenus Itcmovnl to n
It was runiored on tho street yesterday
and denied and again this mornlngnnd still
denied that Guitcau had beep removed
froihthojailto a monitor or to tho Arsenal
This may or may not bo true It would
seem no mora than right that somo such
disposition should ho mado of tho assassin
for if kept Jn tho Jail it will rcquiro a largo
forco of soldiers and pollco constantly on
duty to avoid tho danger of a mob taking
liim from tho jail Whilooua monitor or
in tho Arsenal ho could bo guarded by tho
forco on duty dally
Vice President Arthur nt tho White
Vico President Arthur arrived at the
Whlto Homo shortly after Gibson Cqok
Co had departed Ho was accompanied by
Senator Jones of Nevada Their arrival
was unexpected as It had been announced
that tho physicians deemed it unwlso for
him to seo tho President until after thu
crisis had passed A largo number Of per
sons mainly newspaper correspondents
were in tho vestibule at tho time and when
tho distinguished pair
Appeared Upon tho Scene
tlioio was considerable comment Tho
visitors rushed up stairs without paying
attention to tlQ cftbits of acquaintances
who pressed forward to sjieak with them
They were met at tho head of tho stairs
by Attorney General MaoVcagh Postmaster-General
James aud Secretary
Windoni who ushered them Into tho
Cabinet room Secretary Blalnos carriage
drovo up to tho Mansion immediately after
wards and tho Secretary hurried up to meet
thoso In tho Cabinet room awaiting their
arrival Under tho shadow of deaths man
sion was no time for personal formalities
and when tho Secretary entered tho room
ho walked to wlioro Arthur was sitting
with extended hand exclaiming General
I am glad that you havo arrived
Tho Vice President SeUed tho Prof
fered Ilimd
remarldngwltli feeling And Mr Secretary
I am glad to lo hcio but cannot too fully
regret tho great troublo that has fallen upon
us otlior occupants of tho room watch
ed this proceeding with intorcst and soon all
wcro pleasantly chatting of tho events
of tho past few days Tho
Vice President -later npt Mrs Garfield in
her privato parlor and tho meeting between
them as described by ono who was present
was touching in tho extreme Tears stood
in Gen Arthurs eyes as ho clasped both of
Mrs Garfields hands in his and iu feeling
tones ho expressed hs utmost sympathy
for her aflliction aud his regret of tlio fright
ful tragedy Tho bravo llttlo woman
though did not lndlcato that sho
feared anything moro serious than that
which had already occurred and with
marvelous heroism sho smiled aud
Hurled Her Sorrows
and ihado Inquiries after tho Yico Presi
dents health and expressed a wish
The Evening Critic
chango iu tho Presidents condition beforo
to day should It occur then
Mrs Secretary Blalno and Col Bock well
sat up wllhjflio President all night
How Mrs III r Held Hears Up
Mrs Garfhrrd who bears hcrnflHction llko
a martyr r3Jffiiiicd with tho President un
til 11 ociocftlXyhcn at tho earnest solicita
tion of tlio Wtending physicians sho re
tired to obtAlh much needed rest Sho was
again nt tho Presidents bedsido at an early
hour this morning
Drs Hamilton and Agnow who wcro tele
graphed for arrived hero on nn early tinin
this morning Dr Agnow left for Philadel
phia soon after tho consultation but Dr
Bkctchwl In Jail for This Cnrric by 8 U Xcaly July 3
If Picture of Guitcau who on Satiirday attempted tho llfo of
resident Garfield His faco is not ono to commend himaud tho only wonder is that a man
with isuch a countenance should not havo been arrested at onco when ho intimated so
much anxiety about tho Presidents arrival at tho depot
that ho had not been inconvenienced by
his sudden summons to Washington
Tho Interview busted about twenty
minutes after which tho Vice-President
returned to tho Cabinet room nnd re
mained until nearly 11 oclock It was not
possible though for nim to sco tho Presi
dent Tho physicians positively forbado it
General Arthur nnd Senator Jones
finally departed promising to return to day
Tho Vico Presldent was summoned to tho
Wlilto llouso last night on a personal note
from Secretary Blaine It had been de
livered to him by Messrs MaoVcagh and
James Tho occasion of tho hasty sum
mons nt such a Into hour was tho
result of a Cabinet consultation at
which tho exigencies of tho future iu tho
event of tho death of tho President wcro
seriously discussed Tho fact that tho Scn
ato had elected no president tcmiiore and
that tho Houso was without a Speaker was
considered and it was recognized that
should any
Accident Ilefall the Vice President
Tho country would bo in a state of anarchy
A suggestion was mado that tho President
whllo iu possession of his faculties and
strength should bo lnduacd to call a spe
cial session of tho Senate and Htuso im
mediately iu order to provide a
pro tempore and a now speaker This
was not acted upon though as tho members
of tho Cabinet wero
encouraged by Sens bom tho Sck
to hope for the Presidents recovery Tho
next best plan and ilio ono adopted was to
send for General Arthur and with liliu dis
cuss tho wholo situation This Jls why
General Aithur appeared so suddenly at tho
Wlilto Houso last night It is understood
that General Arthur frankly admitted tho
gmvltyof tho situation and expressed him
self perfectly willing to act in harmony
with tho Cabinet
In thcEvcntof the Presidents Ilcnth
Ho was asked if ho was prepared to as-
stimeithe duties of President nt a moments
notice and replied that ho was
In tho meantime
by nil for news from tho sick loom -Bulletins
wero issued ovcry hour and as morn
ing drew near tho Indications wero to tho
effect that tho President was growing worse
Telegrams had been sent summoning tho
Presidents mother and Drs Hamilton
of New York and Agnow of Philadelphia
had boeu summoned to hasten hero by spe
cial train Indeed nt 1 oclock this morning
gravo fears wero exprosed that tho Presi
dent could not livo longer than twelve
hours and
Sadness Pervaded thollttlo GrotipoT
at Ids bedsido and those who waited
patiently below stairs for news of ills con
dition At 1 oclock this morning another
bulletin was issued and read aloud bv Col
Bol Ingcrsoll to a small knot of nowspapor
correspondents on tho Whlto Houso portico
Tills announced tho appearance of tympa
nitis tho advauco agent of peritonitis from
which a victim rarely ever recovers This
was recognized as tho approach of tho crisis
and tho recipients of tho sad news turned
sadly away fi oiu tlio door His death is
now only a mutter of time said Col Ingor
soll tears bcdlmming ids eyes God
help tho country Secretary Blaine
who was Just leaving tho Man
sion overheard tho remark and said Oh
you must not think it as bad as that
Secretary Hunt who was just behind Mr
Blaine shook his head sorrowfully remark
ing This is a bad blow indeed but if ho
pulls through to 10 oclock to morrow ho
will recover Mrs Gorilold heard tho an
nouncement of tho examination with por
fect composure never onco complaining
Dr Bliss said sho was tho most heroic
woman ho over saw Tho Doctor still held
to tho opinion that tho President would
pull thiough
At that hour several persons still hung
around tho outside of tlio grounds but tlio
Mansion becamonioro quiet tho physicians
deciding it so
All the Cabinet Ministers
with their wives and u few other fiicnds
romaiued at tlio Executive Mansion until
about two oclock this morning at which
hour thoy left upon a statcinont from tho
physicians that there wiw uq likelihood of u
Hamilton remained in tlio city several hours
The Consultation of Physicians
this morning lasted from 010 oclock until
835 when a bulletin was issued announc
ing tho improved condition of tho President
and strong hopes of ills pulling through all
right Tho theory that peritonitis had
set in was completely exploded Thcro was a
largo crowd In front of tlio Mansion when
this cheerful news was announced and it
was received with manifestationsof dcliglit
Sir Edwnid Thornton wns among tho earli
est callers to day and ho went away well
pleased with tho outlook It certainlv was
n relief to thd nowspapor i correspondents
nu mm rciiiniucu on uuty at tlio Mansion
an nignc
Second Edition
116 P M
Tluircrlnir About tlio White Houso
Ground- General Solicitude for
tho President
All anxious crowd lingered about tlio
entrances to tho grounds all day and ex
hibited much anxiety over tho situation
It was a quiet sober crowd however and a
tingo of sorrow was discerned in tho faces of
JHspntvh from General Huucock
Gen Sherman this morning received tho
following dispatch from Gen Hancock
Iieccivcilyourlast dispatch aud tho
morning paper seeming to present nothing
accurate as to tlio condition of tlio President
If an opportune moment should como plcaso
express to tho President my best wishes for
his complete recovery
Tlio IMploiuatie Corps
have shown much sympathy for tlio Presi
dent and tho members of each legation call
at tho Whlto House repeatedly during tho
Hay bfr hdward Thornton and tho Nica
raguan members havo been unusually so
licitous Tho former called twice to day
lieforo noon Tlio latter remains about tlio
Mansion all day eager to hear tho lutest
news from tlio sick room
All the Cabinet Ministers
wcro promptly on baud this morning No
ono was admitted to tlio Presidents room
not oven the members of tho family ex
cepting Mrs tiarleld They aro all sus
tained by
A NtroiifrHopo
ill tlio Presidents ultimate recovery and
bccm determined that ho shall not bo taken
from them Tlio same feeling seems to per
vado all tho Presidents intimate friends
Mr J Stanley Brown tho Presidents
privato secretary who has Just returned
from a trip abroad to find tho President
dying is almost hclrt brokcn but is firm In
tho belief of tho Presidents recovery
An Alleged Interview with Giilleau
District AttornoM Corkhill gives an au
thoritative denial to tlio interview with
Guitcau as publish jl in a morning paper
Ho says no such Interview took place and
that no ono but thoWoper authorities havo
been or will bo allowed to talk with tho
prisoner Tlio District Attornoy is in fre
quent consultation with Chief Brooks of
tliobccret Scivico
Miss Molllc Garllcld
stands tho ordeal well as in fact do all the
family MlssMolllo leftlhohouso this morn
ing to stop at tlio houso of Secretary Win
AViiltliitr iorlevclopiiieutH
Tho City Hall ofllceswcro all closed tills
morning with tho exception of tho District
Attorneys Olllcc Justice Walter S Cox
was early present in tho ofllco of tlio
but ho Bald to our reporter
that ids visit had no significance save that
ho was anxious to kiow if there wero any
further developments than thoso stated in
tho morning papers
Tho Presidents Nullcrlnfrs
Secretary Blalno said this morning at 8
oclock that whllo tlio President rested
somewhat ho suffered and is suffering
torture from tympanitis Tho President
bears up under tho pain with horoio forti
tude however und though hourly expect
ing death Is calm and unflinching
is a congregation of gases In tho abdominal
cavity caused by inflammation of thollniug
of tho stomach It Is almost always a fore
runner of peritonitis which Is acuto Inflam
mation of tho mucous membrane which lines
tho bowels and is usually icgardcdas fatal
Dispatches from Abroad
Despatches arc continually pouring in to
tho Whlto House from our representatives
abroad and from prominent members of for
eign governments They all express tlio
most Intense anxiety for news of tho Presi
dents condition They aro promptly an
swered by Secretary Blaine
How tho TrnRctly wns Viewed Prom
the Pulpit
Ill all of tho churches of this District yes
tciilay ns stated In a Cpitio extra tho
tragedy was tlio subject of prayer and dls
At tho Vermont Avenue Christian Church
of which President Garfield is a member
tho morning Bcrvico was conducted by Bcv
A L Hobbs of Cincinnati who delivered
an imprcsslvo discourso from tho 15th chap
ter of 1st Corinthians 32l verso Let us
cat and drink for to morrow wo die His
sermon was nlmost entirely Scriptural tho
only references that ho mado to tho subject
which under tho circumstances was tho
uppermost In tlio minds of Ills congregation
wcro in tlio concluding portions Ho dwelt
briefly on that portion of Guiteaus
letter iu which ho savs Life is
but a ilmsy dream and It mat
ters but llttlo when ono goes A human
life is of small value denying both propo
sitions and then referred to tho mania for
ofllce seoking which ho said was on tho in
crease Ho wanted President Garfield to
live ho said liccauso ho had a work to do
His cscapo from instant death at tho hands
of his assassin ho said was providential
But if God wants tlio llfo of James Gar
field Ho will tako it ho said and if Ho
can better accomplish His ends by his
death wo will give it to him
In tho evening at tlio samo church a
special service was held and feeling al
lusions weio made to tho Presidents family
aud friends
fervent Sympathy or tho Hebrews
Tho members of the Washington Hebrew
Congregation assembled nt their temple on
Eighth street and after a fervent prayer
for tho recovery of tho President of tlio
United States adopted tho following ex
pression of their deep felt sorrow Feeling
remarks were mado by Hon Simon Wolf
nnd Lewis Abraham esq tho audience ex
hibiting tho utmost sympathy with tho
proceedings Tho action of tho congrega
tion was at onco transmitted to tho De
partment of State by Isaac L Blout R
Giisdorfii Kaufman J Gothclf Henry
King sr and Adolph Adler
Thou Shalt Xot Kill
Tho members of the Washington Hebrew
Congregation in public meeting assembled
at their houso of worship with hearts bowed
down with inexpressible sorrow desire to
give expression to tho profound grief they
feel at tho dastardly attack on tho life of
His Excellency tho President of tho United
States and in common with their fellow
citizens throughout tho land deplore and
denounce tho horrible crimo that lias so cru
elly stricken tho Nation and so wantonly
afflicted an honored and beloved family
Tho murderers merciless wounds havo
sacrilegiously plunged in poignant grief a
dovotcd wife and affectionately endeared
children Tho assassins impious blow has
mado a wholo Nation bleed I May tho Al
mighty condole tho aUlicted household re
store to perfect health our beloved Presi
dent and tints bind up tho wounds of tlio
Tho members of tho Washington Hebrew
Congregation deeply moved at tho deplor
able inhuman and cxccrablo outrage that
is an offenso against all civilized peoples a
heinous crime against humanity an inex
cusable violation of divine commands and
human codes mourn with tho afflicted re
latives aud Nation and reverently extend
their deepest sympathy aud coiulolcnco to
tho family of President Garfield in their sad
hour of trial and to their fellow citlens at
tho terrible attack on their chosen Chief
Onlertd That a copy of tlio foregoing
duly attested by tho olllcers of tho congrega
tion bo forthwith transmitted to tlio Secre
tary of Stato of tho United States
At Other Churches
The nilmeat at prejeat of tw iu all the JletlwOJ t churches
Bev Dr Sunderland spoko most feelingly
of tho danger of tho President at tho
Street Presbyterian Church and
with tlio congregation offered fervent
prayers In his ljchalf Similar services took
place at all tho Presbyterian churches
Tho Gorman speaking churches mado tlio
German tongtio tlio vehicle or similar pe
titions with thoso which went up from tho
English congregations
At tlio German Evangelical Lutheran
Chinch on Fouith and E streets Bcv Mr
Lcubkcrt added u special prayer in German
to tho lltual asking that the wicked In
tciitlon of tho assassin may bo frtiftratjd
and to our dear country bo prcsorved tho
bend of Its Government
In tho colored churches tlfcro was fre
quent mention of tho tcrriblo dod of Sat
urday and earnest vehement prayer that
tlio bullet of tho assassin might not boner-
mittcd to slay The Itov W H Lee First
Colored Baptist Church South Wash
ington spoko with fervor of tho
good qualities of tlio President and his ser
vices Prayer for tlio President with great
warmth was offered iu tho I street Zlon
Baptist Church and In tho colored church
near tho baso of Capitol Hill the pastor ex
horted his flock to storm Heaven with
their prayers and dcfeit tho wicked mur
derer Tlieso aro but specimens of what
occurred in all tho colored churches
AVliat r Illlss Thought or tho Pros
pect nt Xoon
A representative of Tin Clime saw Dr
Bliss at noon and ho said that no serious
complications havo arisen iu tlio Presi
dents caso to day and that every
hour that passes without such
complications gives them great en
couragement and should it so continuo
during tho day they might bo led to think
tlio President will get along nil right
Still tlio President could hardly
bo said to bo boyond danger
as thcro Is no limit to- such complications
and they aro liable to manifest themselves
at any time Tho great danger Dr Bliss
now fears is from inflammation setting In
causing a cavity around tlio wound and ren
dering its treatment moro dilllcult and com
plicated Tho physicians aro all hopeful
and havo not given way in thu least
Third Edition
300 P M
Tho Holier Expressed by Phislrlims
It is reported at tills writing 12 m that
tho physicians havo succeeded iu allaying
tho pain iu tho Presidents feet aud aro
moro encouraged than over Tho crisis
will occur this afternoon and tho opinion
is now general among tho physicians and
others that should tho President survive to
day which they havo every reason to be
lieve his chances of ultimate recovery aro
very good Indeed
Secretary Lincoln More Coiilideut
Secretary Lincoln who lias been almost
constantly iu attendance on the President
since tho shooting feels a trifle moro confi
dent of tlio Presidents recovery thi3 morn
Mrs Judirc Itlnclt to Mrs Garllcld
Mrs Garfield lias received the following
telegram from Mrs J S Black wlfo of
Judge Black at York Pa
Wo aro in tlio deepest anxiety and dis
tress at tlio awful disaster Wo aro pray
ing that tlio Presidents precious life may
bo spared I sympathlzo with you In your
great trouble
Similar dispatches havo been received from
persons all over tho country irrespective of
polities or creed
Tho Patients Condition nt 12110
Tho following lias just been issued
Executivk Mansion
July 4 1230 p in
There has been but littio chango in tho
Presidents condition sinco the last bulletin
Complains much less of tho pain in his feet
Slight vomiting occasionally PulscrllO
temperature 100 respiration 21
D W Bus-
J K lUiixiis
Tlio next bulletin will bo issued at 1
oclock i in
At Trinity P E Church the associate rec 1
tor Bev Dr Forrest announced a special Uo 1orGfiicriil Hopeful
afternoon service as follows Wo will meot I r General James says at 1130
together this afternoon for prayer for our vtr gratified with the Presi
country and to invoke the mercy of God c7 tio tolny lml u v
tn Krn tn a llf fHnl nl I Clt 0 Will ICCOVer
i w w wu uuy
man itsJChief Magistrate who lies ther
suffeiing fiom tho baud of a ruthless assas
sin Special services for tlio offering of
prayers in behalf of tho Piisldent were also
held at tho P E Chinch otfiw Epiphanyf
at which tho lcspoucs wcro very fervent
and earnest
At St Matthews Church Hoy John D
lloland reminded tho
solemn duty of all iricspi
or creed to offer up fervent prayers for tho
J speedy recovery of tlio President At St
Aloysius and tlio ether Catholic churches
similar announcements wero made Eov J
B Paxton at tlio New York Avcnuo Pros
bytorlan Church read beforo his prayer for
tlio President tlio latest report of his con
dition At tho Foundry M K Church tho
morning exercises conducted by Bcv Sir
Ward wero mado a servico of pmycr for tho
Executive Dr Rankin of tho Congrega
tional Church and preachers at other
churches prefaced their sermons by allusions
to tlio sorrowful ovent
At tho Congregational Church Rev Dr
Rankin asked tlio congregation to uuito in
prayer for tho wounded Chicf Magistrato
nnd during tlio servico read a dispatch from
ids bedside at tlio Whlto House an
nouncing tho fuvorublo nrpect of his condi
tion In tho solemn communion servico
prayer was also mado for him
At tho SIctliodist Society South Wash
ington earnest prayer was offered for tho
recovery of General Garfield and nt Ryland
Chapel Rev Dr Dcalo mentioned In special
prayer tho victim and tho family at tho
Wlilto House
Sympathetic Callers
Among tho hundreds of proiulnoiit callers
iu addition to tho Cabinet officers nnd tho
foreign ministers wero Justico Bradley
Justlco Harlan Senator Camden Gen Sher
man SInishall Jewell ox Seciotary Thomp
son Gen Georgo Thomas Representative
Vallentine Itcpnuentatlvo Torgenseti
wiVla retav ezendorf Commissioner Dent
Ion of tho
Zftrlfi111 Bishop Andrews Judge Hagner
L - m Il Trca nwr Gllflllnn Senator
iscujainlii Himison and Senator Beck
Continued on 4tli Pagel
1 Thnrps Xow Ntore
818 F street tlio placo to get a good articlo
of wino brandy whisky or any tiling in tho
liquor line at fair prices Goods reliable
All In want of anything in his lino should
give hint a call
Our Whole Sloclt
of summer dress goods at
Bohrend 707 Market Spaco
America Lends
Statistics show that tlio whin rmn nf
Franco and Germany havo of lato been n
completo fiillure Chris Xandor has a lino
stock of native wines superior to tho Im
ported which aro guaranteed pure and gen
uine No 111 Seventh Btrect northwest
Tho Most Intensive Assortment
of boys and childrens clothing bovs shirt8
and childrens shirt waists ever displayed
at tho popular Boys Clothing Houso of B
Robinson Co U09 Pennsylvania nvenuo
lleeauso or tho Precarious Condition
of tho President tho music nt Abncrs
Di Ivors and tlio Theatre Comique on Sat-
Itrdnv ini cfnvtnml Vit v iicli 111 -
Llko piaycrs were offered played at tlieso places wliilo hi condition
rcatuus 5 a vuUul

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