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Fourtconth Yoar No 4024
jjgttBDPTEMDBn 20 JOOt
The members of the Society of tliu Army of the
Cumberland nnd all ho served therein bo mnj
Im present In Washington w 111 please assemble nl
tho ltlggs House lids Tuesday evening iit
oclock to take notion In reference to the decease
nnd obsequies of our Into comrade Tames A
i -v dalloch j c htaukwhatjiiu
temple claihc u r da vis mm
Ka Knlghl Templars of which Prcsldem
tlarflcltl was n member has tendered Its services
as escort totho remains on nrrlvnt ns guard of
tioiinrdurlugtlicliltHtlnstntc nlid ns escort to
Ohio BC3l
Avst iircnd buy OUIl MEW SOUTH it is
ouro to please Foe salobyatlflrst classUroccrs
hiiu nuu saiu uy
Dealers In Flour Feed Com Oats ItnyHtrnwdc
jc I weal wasningion it u
Ar KHMrtrOftlrK I
Mulilnmlin 111 lltllt
Thi uttrnt m of iKirtk InteronttHl Is lierrbv til
rctnttottiurullonindtnctor ConfftcMi approved
I to If niirn llwl flint nnnn tlm tinvmi iit nti
or bctorctiV first clay of October IftSi nf till tnxpJ
mid HMCMmentH Icvieil Mnco the flrtrt day of July J
l74umjn church nropcrt v uwl for namoiinse miH
Mcnin i ito jmiricioi tuiuninm im incnnnunft
wmmpiitH lrvlwl imnn all immonncn nrnnorU
lUior tonnia lntof July M7I toRctnpr with nttjHrnil nr in lnrf
mid nil ppunltk s cost nnd Intercut Hint mny Imvi1011 0l ino nca
iiccrued thoreonslmUboiuuUicrcby nrv remit
tnl iitnl rtn iril
ho crnl of those nnrnonnRcs lmvc paid up nnd koH
umiuiiru me oeuuiii 01 mc nci
Jly order of the CommKilonr r 1 U
uojiuut i doixii
netO fit AnHOwr
aiw claHHutTiimdAyntTluirmiyAniidHitturdnyK
llirtlnilnni at hall lool i or residence U1U 12th nt
northwest aemiin
Jlovrnrd Unlvernlty will oiieit fur tho o
ntAn m Tlio trfilvprwllv linn rpntml
lennrlmcnt tbc
iMof tho
lor ino linn former
fHcupleanHachiipellii tl
louiiR iiien n i urn
linn AHMOclntloii IlulldlitK nt tho corner of Ninth
mid Untrectn northwest Tor clrculnrfl or further
iiiiormiuioitnppiyio JAlltn nUTll
welfl fit B31 Klitlllb nt n w IQ Tlrolt Ihilldlllg
AJ9a thgmoHt diirHblculmply coiiAtructednnd
uti iiivviiirii iiiKuiKprcccipncooi nu inier inn
tntloni UoldbyUeoltHcrrlckngeiitK lt
OpeiMfor tho term of 18SI S2 WEDNliSDAY
OtlOJIKIl 5 at 0 oclock In tho cvcnliiR
Iteulnr courHo of two yenm lllty Dollnrn per
iinniim roit Uriiduitto course Twcnty tlvo Dot
Clrculnrn nt Jtorrhonn nnd Angllms or apply td
WM II DENNIS Secretary
mVtt 013 r nt n Wnahlngton City
UKO purtnernhlp lately Hubslstlnir between
Henry rcieracn nnd Henry ANchweeof thin city
In thokecplmrof pnloon nudbnrnt tho corncrol
lliKtrectand 1enna nvenuo northwut under
mo nrm namo or Ieierncn t Anchwee wna
nuiviuii uu ini ui niininiV lOOi UV iilll
tual coiLient Allflcbtiduonndowingtonalil Arm
aro to bo received by said relcrsen and nil do-
iiinuun uii muu iniriiiersuip arc 10 no puiu uy nini
ho conUnulinr tho bunlnew In tho future under the
n rm nnmc aim siyio or 1 lenry reteriien
iiKNiiV rirrEiusEN
My friend nnd Ihs general public will lind mi-
Sll tho old nlncp mr 41 Htrpnt nml lpnnn nvrnnp
lvayn ready to minister to them comfort ultlJ
inui iiiuccnb in iiiiiiurRniiii ino inieni nun oeHiiiif
mnrket nflords
iiraitr 1itkilskn
ntaTitl school ov Mtisia
39 fllstnullahcrtlsm
707 KinilTII ST N W IMano Organ Voice
Violin Ac Church organ for prnctlce anai
Tlio largcnt nssorVmcnt In tho city of lino qunllt
Muii 9 41 1 tw dii o ijcaiiiprs r ouo ino aim
TmhI t nll l a
iu Aiiirvo Ajit uiiu iiii u n rMiicuuia unu
cllng lings locJct books Shawl Straps etc nt tin
established mrjiaiactory of
la 8EV JTNTH ST NW opp Odd Fellows Hnl
Orcr ISa DltTorcnt Ktjlts and SUcs or Trunks on
llEPAIlUNa TrunksIlags nnd Harness
fuirt i prompuyana inorouguiy at lowraies dj
lrst clnjorkmen JcMo
UornerTwclfthfltreet and Pennsylvania Avenue
Is tbc namo of our new
It Is tlio Ilcat cigar yet olTered for tlio money
No 10U Pcnna Avehet Tenth and Elevpnth sts
rcoa1 anil may neoiiinineii or ino secreinry
uir7 tf HOD Seventh street
Till WITTTAM lrilNTKIt No 143B NeM
York Avenue cures Calnrrh Uronchltls Dlscascf
oi Jungs iiver anu muneyn liynpfnnia neural
gin Rheumatism Faralysls and nil Nervous Com
Consnltntlon free mrltt
inticrs x or saio uy uiuggisis nna grocers gencr
010 1cnnsylvanin Avenue
BfSj dies to call nnd exnmlno our lino Import
ed goods
V T BAIDUB Pharmacist
Cor Pennsylvania live and Nineteenth street
Cor iiBbteciUb8t and Pennsylvania avenue
CThina GlaBswaro and
jc Xj wolp dm 3D
A Hiivall shirt for Mo1 llnlshed 73c
A Wamsulta Shirt fur 7Sa UmIsIikI
A Malted Jlosom Shirt for glc1 finished I
Shlrlstoorderaspeclnlty Hatlsraeilnnguaranleetl
at 8 n ELLEIIY to OOS
Mil No ilia F street uorthu est
Dealer In Wall Papers Window Shades Picture
r rallies i iciurcs AC
The Evening Critic
ly National Associated Press
Lona Branch N J Sept 20 J Stan
Third Extra
400 F
The Death Bed
Another Account of the Part
ing Scene
A Very Pathotio Bescription
Another Account of the Dcnllillcd
loy llrown tliorrcslilcuts iirlvntosecrgtiiry1
and Wnrreu ioung Jiw inslslnnt sat Uf
luring tlio nlfilit with tlio lroslclcut before
ami nftcr hli death When Jlrs Onrflcltl
was summoned to her husbands bcdsldo y
Dr lllls ho cntored tho room calmly Tho
President after he told General Swalm thai
ho was suffering from Krait imln In tho to-
Xcvr Vttcroil n Wonl
and soon fell Into nstato of profound silence
and quiet so closely bordering on uucon
ketousness ns to bo almost ludlstlngulshabU
from it Ho appeared to notico nothing
Uo kept his eyes wlrto open nnd bout them
steadily upon tho door as if
Expect InirNoiuo One o Iiitcr There
t was apparent that although extremely
ircalc his mind was still clear Tho
inont tho figure of Mrs Qarflcld appeared
in tlio doorway tuero was n pcrccptlolo in
dinatiou of lifo in tho President and hi
looked as if ho would rlso toward tho door
Tlio rycN oriiotu net
tho President moved his head slowly upon
uls pillow until ins laco was tunica mnj
toward her
It was the first time ho had moved hiA
head bIiico tlio attack of heart pains He
mado no attempt to speak but Uy
Looking Closely Over 111 Wires
Sirs Garfield reached over and took both
his hands In hers
Once ortwlco ho convulsively presso
licr hands as if ho would llko to
ISny Noinelhliiff U Ho Only Could
It was evident from Mrs Garfields man
ncr that sho was under a tremendous strain
to keep from breaking but no sign of till
was shown upon her face Sho sat there
holdlne his hands until ho died
and ho passed nway with his head turned
toward nor nna looking straight into ncr
face and oxplrcd without closing ins eyes
1 His demise was so unlet and Impercepti
ble that ho must havo been dead a fow sec-
Bonds boforo lifo was known to bo extinct
When tho doctors pronounced him dead
Mrs Garfield uttered no word but sat
UrcntTcnrH Inllluir Down Her 1iice
Sho was so very still that tho doctors
who had been very anxious concerning her
ability in her weak condition to bear up
when tho crisis came feared sho was about
to sink to tho floor nnd moved toward her
Sho then aroso and left tho room going to
her own apartment whero suo remained
nlono about fivo minutes At tho expiration
ot that tlmo sho
llennlrnl AkIii to licr llutilmiidV
nnd exhibited not tho least tracu of agita
tion afterward Subsciiucntly when the
mrscons spoko to her about tho disposition
of the remains sho put and ansivcrcd ques
tions in a clear firm voice and discussed
tho arrangements reasonably Mrs Gar
field was naturally opposed to an autopsy
3110 only consented iinaiiy when tho cast
was strongly presented to hor in tho light
or public interest nun Justice to the sur
geons who had attended tho patient At a
lata hour tho Burgeons induced Mrs Uarllclu
to rctiro fur rest assuring her that it was a
Vfivpm Auuonud lovers lllllous FevprHHlf to
duty sccttro tho rcirosumcnt or sleep
Mitil nMinr llaPnulH Itlf lilMllt In tlin RPfUMill tllTf HL
llllOWNINOH JIITIEIIS nnd you will surely cs
fapo them
imOWNINOH lHTTKltS havo been In mo for
over twelve years und no person v ius ever known
in iiuvocnuinur oiiioub luvers wuuu u iiijj 1111-111-
Lind Jfri Garfield for au instant looked
klown to tho floor and during tho moment
Ucr neau was inclined a tremor was seen
unon her 11ns but sho Immediately straight-
lened her flguro again
Iookcil Her Iliinbiinil lull in
ttnd greeting him with a smile moved
ulotly toapiaco at jus neau on ino rigni
ido of tho bed and seated herself there
Tho secretaries judging from tho steadi
ness of tho Presidents gazo when Mrs Gar
field entered tho room thought ho was in u
ilazcu condition looking without seeing
They carefully watched him ai Mrs Gar
field passed around tho bed
Tlio PrcslriaittH Vycn Followed Her
It was evident that ho fully recognized
her When sho seated herself at his side
Ihlio went to Her room and remained there
ill tho ulcht Afterward Dr Illlss whosi
room was adjoining says sho paced tho llooi
until morning To day
Mrs Jarllcld NliovtN lMuhily Hie Ef
fects ofttio Itcnctlou
from tho long strtiKitlo sho has undergone
llio physicians say that whilo sho is doing
as wen as could no expected under the
circumstances yet they aro oxtrcmcly so
uciiuui uuuui nur ncnitn
Tlio Poor Umiirjitvr
Molllo is a delicate clrl and had been
only tho most reassuring news about
her fathers health up to tho tlmo nf his
death When sho learned tho truth at last
ho fainted and It was a long tlmo before
ho could bo restored licr health is much
itTcctcd by tho shock
Anxiety About President Arthur
All tho morning long thcro was great In
terest displayed in ho course which Presi
dent Arthur would pursue and many
rumors woro afloat as to whothcr ho would
I dont know Im stiro whenover tho
cmbilmcr who was to havo been hero uy
tho first tram 01 tno morning comes i sup-
ino enuiaimiug win no uono nrst r
Lcrtalnlv Wo cannot make thn an
topsy or shall not until tho body has been
It is not in goon conuitioiiT
Oh vis I It Is emaciated of course
but tlio weather Is not very warm and the
remains could bo kept somo tlmo without
dllllculty If tho body is rcauy wo snail
mako tho examination this altcrnoou say
about oclock or later
Who will olio work-
I That Is not cntlruly arranged
1 111 11111111 nl
lLitiiiox Sent 20 22i 11 m Tho
balmer has arrived and tlio body of the
President has becif embalmed
lroildeiit Arthur
Loxti Dranch Sent 20 President Ar
thur has arrived and was well received In
tho people and seemed well pleased by the
reception accorded him Ho was met ul
tho station by about fifty cauhiges nil of
which accompanied hlni on tho roan to
An Iutorewtluir Uueilloii About llio
Ioxti llitANLil Sent 20 A reporter saw
tho coroners clerk as ho emerged from Mr
Mules cottage Tho clcrk says tho Inquest
must undoubtedly uo held Irst tho law
of tho Stato lavs It down emiihallcalb
to tho coroner Secondly tho attending
physicians lrs Agucw nnd Hamilton
uavonotn llccnsoto practico in
icv nnd thercfoto cannot nivo a certificate
- -- i
ir death which can no accepted uy mo
iisscssor who acts llko tho board ol health
Attornov Gcucrat Stockton has advised
Coroner Ilutton that If an Inuuest Is ilccmed
necessary Uuitcnu can waive tno ngnt 01
iippcarlng neioro tno coroner sjury
An Instanco whero a physician failed to
filo his diploma caino up bcfoio tho grand
lurv In tho October term of Monmouth
County court rn 1880 Tho physician wns
Dr Klmmoutli a resident ot iuanasquan
Tho crand inn round au indictment
aealnst tho iihvslclan for not filing a copy
of hlsdlnlnma with tho county clerk but
tho physician was discharged because the
foreman of tho grand jury failed to attach
lilssignatlito to tho indictment
The Cntilnct Decides to Iteiuovc the
IrcHlilcut nt 10 ToOIornni
Ioxri IliiANcii Sent 30 Tho Cabinet
havo decided to rcmovo tho remains of
President Garfield at 10 a in to morrow
nomine by special train to Washington
Tho carriago In which President Arthllrancl
Secretary lllaluo wcro drawn from tho sta
tion is tho new ono which inrllcld pur
chased a short tlmo bcfoio ho was shot On
tho panel of tho door Is tho bright now
monogram J A u
Tho Collin Tor ho Ironldoiit
peclat Dispatch to Tim Evkninu Ciiitic
Lono IIranch Sent 20 Mr DcncdlctJ
tho undertaker has just left for New York
ind will return this evening nt TJO o clock
bringing with hlmtho coffin for tho Presi
It has already been ordered It Is a black
uloth casket with black silk cord trim
mingsvclvct moldings and upholstered in
white nitln It will havo a heavy silver
plato on tho lid with the following inscrip
Dorn November lJ 1HU
Died President of tlio United States September 1
Tho casket is plain but heavy and
gant nnd will bo placed In a largo chestnut
A detail of soldiers will accompany tho
funeral train asn guard of honor
A j u
KiiUlinoro Nml null Jloolliy
HAlTlMoni Ml Sent 20 Tho deep
feeling of sadness and gloom which prevails
lu tho city this morning Is shown by the
kiulct and subdued manner In which both
pcoplo and vehicles seem to move along the
trccts and tho low tones in winch con
versation is carried on Thcro Is a lack of
bolstorousncss even among tho boys selling
extras Stores and olllccs aro being draped
in mourning flags aro at half mast and
kjvorythlngindieatcs a piopor appreciation
ol tho Nations loss
The lrcNlilcnlN Sons
WllllvstsTowv Maks Sept 20 Ham
Garfield left hero on tho 730 oclock train
this morning for New York and will go
direct to Long llrauch ins brother James
Ir is prostrated with malarial fover ami
too 111 to leave his room Thocollcgo Is
quiet Thcro will probably bo somo nujillc
expression oisympiuny oy mo suiuciiis
Tho Police ns Mourners
t tho meeting of Malor llrock and his
lieutenants this morning tho latter were
Authorized to tmrchaso n sufficient nuantitv
bf black material to drupo each of tho
Onlcrsor Precaution
Tho lieutenants wero instructed to use
extra piccautiou in preventing disturbance
or largo gatherings and to prepared to
Summon their forco nt short notico
I G Kimball will build n stablo on I
htrcct near boventh to cost
11 1 Lyman Acting Second Assistant
Iostmastor Gcncnil has rcnuostcd that thn
Commissioners glvo liliu information as to1
tho oxact dlstaneo from tho City Post office
to caen oi tno uovcrnmont and District
Niicclnl Wcnthcr Iliillcllu
Tho special bulletin Issued fiom tho
aai uiuco to uay says
ino uuilcatious arc that lulr weather
will prevail in all districts cist of tho
issippl illvcr oxccptllig tho northern
poitlonof tho upper lako legion to day
orwouldnotcomo and nlllnannorof rca luid to morrow with nearly stationary
sons given for suppositious
wcro clrcum
stances Kvcn as lato as noon neither auj
member of tho Cabinet nor Juilco Lathron
president of tho Now Jorsoy Central Hall-
roau kuow wnctner ho would como or not
A llttlo later howovcr Judgo Lathrop
received n dispatch savinir tlio Proiidenl
had left Now York at noon on u special train
wiucn would reacn iiucron nc low mill
utes aftor one and ho would bo iiccommo
dated In ono or tho Ivlborou cottages
ltmlo ThroiiRli ixiileuieut
As tho tlmo approached tlio crowd at Kl
boron which was rudo rushed from one
sldo ol tho hotel to tno other with every
fresh arrival and stared Bharplyat tho Cab
inet mouibura and other prominent
peoplo They mado u gieat ush to
tho cast porch as a carriage dnivo swiftly
up tho drive to tho cottago door
It was tho first carriage to enter the
grounds dining tho day nnd contained tlu
barber and undertaker Tho failiuo of the
cmbalmor to keep his engagement fo r early
morning greatly voxed tno nnysicinns
WhcnUr Aguow was nsked when the
autopsy would uo mado ho 6ald Impatiently
IllNtrlct JoviTiiiueiit XotiH
L G Douglass will build nu additional
story to his icsldeuco on N street near
Nineteenth street to cost siiuu
Owen JlcCabo will build two brick
dwellings at Kighth mid T streets at mi ex
penso ot yIUUU
M G Ihnory will put WOO worth of re
lIrs on building No 100 Pennsylvania
temperaturo on tho Atlantic coast
Jliirrliifro IloenNes
Georgo lleckott and Mary Downov ol
lUeorgctown ii j
nenry iostcn and Amelia Klein
AnuiitTKiT Clark caino to tho Citv Hall
building this morning and stopped the
work or nil tho hands in consideration of
tho death ol tho lrcsldcnt
Tin stiect ears wero nil draped in mourn
ing to diy
Matiiiiw Undraw nu old soldier was
knocked uowii una ronuca ot ui hist even
ing on Mom us Lane In tho county
Alioux T0 dainago wasdouo last night In
Ucoil oil lamp exploding in tlio house ol
Molllo Pratt ill direct
Oim Niillllioit tho SVdi Hiispoudcd nub
Slteattou nu tho occasion of tho Presidents
death It Is understood however that the
suspension will only bo temporary
A COLOIUU infant was foil lid at Twciitv
fouith street ami Poimsvlvaula avonuo last
lovenlng and taken to St Anns Asylum
Sketch of nil Ivciilfiil Ilfc
President James A Garfiold was a man ofl
peculiarly American growth Ho was nwvo
all other men this country has produced a
Itypo and cxamplo for young mens minds to
coutcmpiato nnd young men s manners to
lollow nnd uo irameit alter lor no was
himself a young mail boyish in every In
stinct savo where tho calm calculating
power and man s bralnworlc was necessary
and youthliil in tno exuueranco ot spicnuiu
physical health anil iresn ireo Bjunts
Ircslilcnt uarncid was a typical Atncri
can Jiv descent no was ono oi our niosi
original citizens His first American an
cestor settled In Wntcrtown Mass as carlj
as KKli This was Kdwaid Garfield a na
tive of Tuddlngton Ksscx County not of
Wales as has been generally reported but
oflhicland Ho died in 1172 His grand
son Capt llcnjnmlii inrllcld was quite
celebrated locally as n justice of tho ncaco
and tho most popular man In his section of
tlio commonwealth jus grandson was the
grandfather of tho President Mr Solomon
Garfield Ho married Miss JUarnli Stimson
and removed to Otsego N Y His son
Abmm Was tho father of Pi csldent Jaini
A Garfield
Abram Garfield was a laboring man of
enormous physical strength nnd though
inlet and pcaccim wns always miystcaii
is well ns mumllv tlio leader of his asso
ciates in labor llo married MlssLllza Hal
Ion of Mount Monndnock X 11 nml lresl
dent Garfield was their fourth sou a do
scendant through tho ninth generation oil
itho original scttlerol tliolainliy in Ainerlea
llowasboru in Orange Ullvnhogil cuiliity
Stato of Ohio on tho lllth of Novem
ber 1831
A peculiar coincidence in this lespcct
Ibrtf llilllillMlin relnbi nleil lliiltiiiinrn ns-
Jtrologlstilud corresiionilcill oClitiJ Clllilc
And Capital of this city In making up the
ihoroscopool unrnoin on tnatvery nay last
nn u nlnlul llnnDnHn1 n11 nt ln
lamo tlmo picdlctcd tho bomb bursting of
tho Czar or Kussla In tho Jdarrhlollowing
Tho father or Pitsldcia Garfield died
Uddenly from u severe cold llio over
worked himself contracted a soio throat
which proved fatal Tho last act or lil
ilifo wo quote from Jlr A G Klildlos
lifo of Garfield was to say to his wife
El Izn I hnvo planted foilr sanl ills ID-
ferrliiK to his children ill theso woods
leave them in yourtlAro Ho walked to the
window called his oxen by name and died
Tho blood and social relationship existent
between Dr liovntoii nnd tho GarflehU
aroso from tho fact I Amos lloynton wnv
tho italt urother or Auraui uarnciui nil
flvthcr hnvlllg lUanlod ft widow lady anil
tho Garfield and Uoyntou iamlllcs grow up
together isolated from others llv neigh
borhood education mid habits of lifo tho
wcro entirely dependent on each other for
society and grow up almost ns eno lumuy
Mrs Garfield tho mother uf tho Presl
Mcnt Wns tho first tutor that ho had and
being a lauy ot great natural anility aim
very fairly educated Bho was oxccculiiglS
aula and successful Garfield wns not
imllkn llin lmvsnfthn mrscut lrenenitinli
lly somo accident ho got ills osaloil of a1
novel called Tho Pirates Own Hook
When qulto a lad and after leading it until
no had it by heart no decided mat tno ucst
courso for him to pursuo In lifo was that
ot a seafaring ninii His UiOtncr however
illscovored Ills mlfposo and pioventcd it
lliokcn up in his first aspirations
uarlield turned his attention to other pur
suits and of au agricultural order until he
was iu years ot nge no was very preco
cious physically as won us niciiiiuiy ami
when scarcely 18 venrs of mro was as larci
- - v
and jiowcrlill as on tho day that the bcastl
cur Gultenu fired unon htm from behind
llo always had a hankering lor mariui
life and went to Cleveland to obtain em M
niovmcnt as a nauii on atciiooner nn
captain of tho boat drunk and profiino
ivjou ran tho boy off tho schooner llmlil
oaths and insults Finding that he
could nut mako n Ritccesti as
wallor Garfield turned his attention
to cnnal uontlng nun started in llle
as a driver un his lirsl
trip ho fell overboard fourteen times and
being utterly unablo to swim his escape1
wcro miraculous Iovcr and ague set
tled upon him whilo canal boating
mil ho gavu up tho scheme and with
what llttlo money ho had bared and con
tributions Iroin lrlcuds entered tho ucatigu
hcmlnary ut Chester Ohio llo was-
1 splendid iatm and Ureclc scholar
mastering tho languages almost with-
knit an effort and strangely enough
for it is rare that a classical scholar is apt
it ligurcs was au excellent mathematician
llo went from Chester to Williams College
whero ho outstripped all competitors und
was as popumr as a comrade among tho stu
dents as ho was eminent as an Intellectual
gliut among tho professors
ltcturnlng to Ohio ho was appointed ton
piotcssorsiup nt tho illram instltuto
About this tlmo ho began pleaching
Polities followed and iu 18VJ ho wa
elected to tho Ohio Senate Ho wu
then hut twenty eight years of ago
Ho cntcicd when tho leaders of slavcn
had so far chunircd tho forms of resist-
Unco to tho oxeiciso of their constitutional
rlglits by tho Aortliorn people that tho
tost would inovitaniv escano liomtholnrms
of political action nnd nssuinu thnso of war
It cannot bo said that tho Notth wero not
amply wurncd In time Iluthaidly nman
ot luar region a year later hollered tlu
-south meant at actual collision of arms It
may bo that It was ns well that the North
was Incapablo of being thus alarmed Tin
nnrtlcs wcro inutunllv deceived Till
South was In earnest but In turn believed
that war inevitable una moony would not
nsuc ror It was assured that tno iiirnt
rs mechanic traders and manufacturers
would not attempt to enforco tho rlghtsnnil
aws ol t ho Mitlou ana list mem nu
touth was more foolhardy than tlio ortb
tupnoscd tho North less timid and pusli
lanlmous than tho South bcllovcd Curlouf
itliow seems that tho peoples of ono blood
language laws anil actual government win
had lived associated trailed and
mosul occupied tho snnio lands and Jolntlj
learned on tno soma poiuicni insiiuuions
ould bo so divided ny tho single thing oi
slarory that thoy could havo so misunder
stood each othor So it was
Garfiold entered tho army when Lincoln
called ror troops in tho thrco mouths scr
vlco as il lieutenant colonel In 18G2 lit
had 1500 men Under his command and his
light was In ivontucky whero ho deleateii
Humphrey Marshall
Ho fought successfully throughout mu
of tho most linnurtnnt camtiatitns of tlu
war and won his laurels through his keen
copipity as military leader and a daring
soldlcr Tho victory nt cuickamauga tin
Stream of Death one of tho bloodiest com
bats In tho present century wns duo to Gar
field llo was mndo n ma or gcncmi tor
gallant and meritorious conduct at tin
battlo of Chlckamnuca
About tins tlmo James Trowurlilgi
memorialized Garfield in n pleasant little
novel entitled Tho Patriot Hoy Ho left
tho War fur politics nt tho call of his peo
ple and nt tho special solicitation of Jlr
Lincoln was elected to Longicss entering
that body In lwil
President Garfields ability as an oratni
find debater is wellknown Ho was power-
nil in both llspetts I his Innguiigo was In
klsive terse and powerful his niilulic
magnetic and his cionucneo grand l oung
Ipowcrful and learned ho was ever a master
lew men wcro ever nioro popular than
fjnrlleld nil 1ilsltletlt was more icncmll
beloved and humane ami tho blood that
flowed from tho assassins wound served to
cement him to tho country enriching tlu
Lillectlou tho pcoplo boro for him and
popularizing him to an extent greater than
liiy iiilltl within llio tour comers ot tne
jnttll had ever been beforo honored and be
loved It was ns Universal ns tho ntmos
nhcro that limits about tho solid eiirth
President Garfields family consists of
Ills mother a dear llttlo old lady to whom
ho Is most devotedly attached It was n
drlkiilflly beautiful sight to seo tho great
largo robust stntcsmun ut sunnily mornings
walking to tho plain llttlo fnimo Campbell
Ito Church In our city with his ngcil mother
on his nrm speaking sweet words of tender
ness to her no was ncr uany iter youngest
Horn tlntl best beloved When tho poorold
lady heard or tlio cruel crime sho wept ami
cried Why do they want to kill my
Jen Garfield was married When mutt
l yodiig man His wlfo was a Miss Lucrctla
Riiilfltlll II f Ohio it lildV of mro lntelll
gencc grace milliner unn grnciousncss ot
disposition and to her much of GarfieldV
greatness is dile Tliclr family consists of
four sons tho eldest almost grown and out
daughter MUi Mollle who Is about 10 year
of ago
Ono or tho most charming lcatuios oi
President Garfield s lifo was his domestic
niituro and lovrlv homo disposition Hi
was il perfectly good man n dovotcd hus
band mid luVlhL fhthcriisho had over been
1 loving son Though nt times betrayed
Into harshness In tho heat of political de
bato and factional light ho was in heart
itnd at homo thu purest tvno of n perfect
Christian gentleman imbued with nil the
manliness ot nu honest soul and peneem
balanced Intellect
Tho published speeches of tho lato Picsi
lent nbollnd In sentences of peculiar force
Tho following quotation from Gcti
ilold s speech in uoinircss on tno nrst iiuui
vorsaryot lrcsldcnt Lincoln s death lias a
special significance just now
Thcru nio times in thn history of men
and nations when thoy stand so near tho veil
that separates mortals ami immortals lime
irom eternity and men iroin mcir uou
that thoy can almost hear tho bicathlng
ind reel tho pulsations or tno heart oi un
lullulto Tluough such a tlmo has thb
nation luissed When two hundred and fiftj
tliouiiind bravo spirits jusscd from tho field
of honor through that thin veil to tho pres
ence of God and when at last its parting
folds admitted tho martyred President to
tho company of tho dead heroes of tho Itc
publlc tlio nation stood so near tho veil that
jtho whispers of God wero heard by tin
Im Hiivod finm lis enemies that all Its
glories should bo restored and on tho ruins
of slavery and treason tho temples of free
dom uud Justlcosliouui DO until aim suuu
torevcr It remains lor us consccnim j
t In innf Avnnl nnd under that covenant
with God to keep tlio faith to go forwaid
111 tho gieat vorK until it mini no torn-
SnniM lis
Will Live
Particulars of tho Presidents
iThe Scene in the Death
General Arthur Takes tlio Oath of
A Quiet but Impressive In
Sorrow nml Uriel CiiImtmiI
-special illipalch to Tun Evunimi Cm nc
Lonii IlltAVtH Sept 20800 a m
Tho flag on Irancklyn eoltago was hung
with crnpo early this morning und thosnuu
hjmblcm of sorruw Is on tho Klbcron Hotel
flags on nil other buildings uro out hnll
most Sorrow nnd grief Is universal Pri
vato Secretary Blown and Wnrreu C Young
mt up with tho President last night Mr
Young says
Tho President IooIcn Xntiirnl
but rather thin and emaciated Tho famlh
ind other attendants letlrcd at 2 a in Mrs
nnd Miss Molllo Garfield bear tho blow won
klcrfully well They had nerved themselves
for It It came howovcr sudden and un
Thn President AVns Conscious
up to half an hour of his death Ho com
plained twlco to Gen Swalm of pilu over
tho heart and so far as can bu learned now
Ills Inst Words Were
Oh Swalm I upon saying which ho fell
Into a Bivoon nnd passed quietly away All
tho family nnd sovcrnl of tho Cabinet were
with him nt tho tlmo of his death Mrs
Garfield received messages of condolence
from all sources thlsMyrniug Including out
from Oueen Victoria
Tlix 1 iiiierul Arrangements
iro not qulto complete and mu iu the
hands of a New York undertaker Tin
remains will bo removed to Washington on
Wednesday and lay in tho Capitol iu state
till Friday when they will bo removed to
Cleveland whero ho will bo buried on Sun
day Gen Aithur is expected heio at 11 a
in Gen Grant is also coming
Considerable interest is shown in tho re
sult of tlio nutopsy o bo held this after
noon Tlio Govornmcnt has pre emptcdRtood out
tho telegraph who at Klbcron and all news
dispatches havo to bo sent by messenger to
West Knd causing delay
Tho Question of Holding nn Iniiucsl
will bo determined by tho lesult of tlu
autopsy to bo held at fl oclock
Tho Cabinet havo been overwhelmed
with applications for positions on tho jury
Attorney General Miicvcigh was tho only
nicinber of tho Cabinet with tho President
nt tho tlmo of his death Tho others arrived
Micro Immediately nftcr Tho special train
carrying tho Vice President is detained in
New York for Secretary rtlaino and
tars Lincoln who will aieompiny lilm
here Gen Arthur
Xotllli il tlio Cabinet
that ho took tho oath of ollico beforo Judgi
Orady in New York early this morning and
that ho would notify them further of hi
intentions and when ho would arrive
Tho Inrllcld Hojn
Harry and James havo been summoned
from Williams College and will nrrlvo hen
to day
It has lHcu decided not to send for tlu
Presidents mother and tho younger boys-
now In Ohio Dr Curtis of Washington
was sent for to mako tho autopsy and all
tho physicians who hnvo been identified
with tho case in any ol its stages iinvc
been invited to bo piosent und assist it tlu
examination Dr llllsu is probably tlu
most delected individual hero Ho is over
como with sorrow und disappointment and
completely broken down A J C
TIc4Jllltrls About Hie Colllige
Mpcclul Dispatch to Tun EvtsiNo Clime
Long IIranch Sept Tin
guards around tho Presidents cottago and
thn ml o n ng one occupied ny rrivaii
chlldioii ol men wo siricKcu uy 5Icllrv urlwn havo been doubled and
voice tho American knelt iu tcarfulftcrcaf V
reverence und mado a solemn covenant wltblno ono Is allowed to approach t hen i oxccllt
rinl nml iwl oHmr Hint this nation shouldltho doctors and thu members ot tho Cabi
net Active picparatlous are in progress in
each fur tho
ltiuionl l Washington To iiiorroH
mil everything is being packed up and
boxed for instant removal John 1 l in
iilng prosecuting attoinoy for this corpora
liml n eniifcrmim this inornlllg will
plcted rollowing tho lead of that Rat UorloyaoncnH in refeicnco to tlu
I1 I1 W 0 sh ChSitS f tml I nropcr steps to bo taken in reference to tin
ici ill
Ho hnssouniled forth lllilruniKl that shall
Ho IssiniiiK out tho hearts of men beforo hi-
llo swmmy soul to answer Hum bo Jubilant
uy ii t u v 15 -
President death Tho lunoral nrrango i
uicnts havo been placed iu charge of
V llencdict of New York who arrived
hero this movuing with two assistants lit
will not tako charge of tho body until nf
tcr ho postmortem
Tho details havo not been arranged anil
cannot bo perfected till nftcr tho autopsy
Tin Hotly Iiiibiiluieil
Tho cmbalmcr lias taken chargo of tho
body and embalmed It it Is believed that
his process will Improvo his nppcaranco by
filling out tho tissues and ninking tno nico
fullea A J C
Ir Airiuiv Xol NuriirlMciI nl ll
-special Dispatch InTlinEVKNINO ClllTlc
Dr Aguow nalil toaCniTic reporter that ho
was not surprised nt tho death A person
in that depressed condition was liable to
llo at nny moment Ho thought that when
tho President placed his hand over his left
breast and said
ISsinlm IiV 11 Pnin Here llii ol
That ho was sufiering Troiii 11 ncunilgla
ittack of tho heart which was followed by
1 blood clot Iu other words that ho died
from angina pectoris Further Hum this
Dr Agucw refused to talk about tlio ease
A J c
General Arthur to till Culiliiol
Sim YntiKHoiit J0 S10 11 111 General
Arthur has sent tho following to tho
ict at Long llrauch
I havo your messago announcing tho
laith of President Garfield
Penult mo to rcnow through you tho
expression of sorrow ami sympathy which I
havo already telegraphed to
nil MaoVcagh In acconlauco with your
I llmi Tnliel th Onll ol Olllri
us President beforotho Hon John P llrndy
ijustlco of tho Supremo Court of tho Statu
of Now York I will soon advlso you fur
ther in regard to other suggestions Iu your
Signed 0 A Arthur
President Arthur i peeled nl Long
IONO IlliANfll Sept 20 fa 10 a 111 It
is Bald that President Arthur will nrrivo
jlicro at 11 oclock by n special train
Huron Victoria to Mr larllelil
hosii Branch N J Sept 20 Tho
Queen of lhigland cabled Mrs Garfield at
Long llrauch ns follows
Words cannot express tlio deep sympa
thy 1 feel with you ut this terrible moment
May God biipport and comfort you ns llo
ilonoeiu Tin Juiin
September 20 lfadl llalmoral Court
A llllnl of Honor Ior The Into
LoNO IliiANCH Sept 20 Attorney-Gen
eral MaoVcagh has received tho following
from Trenton
lion mjnc JnclVngv
I am directed by Gov Ludlow to tender
you a guard ol honor to 1110 remains 01
President Garfield
Wji S Stiiiki ii Aitjt iciT
Attorney General MaoVcagh answered
stating that tho oiler would probably bo
Jloir Aril ur is IiinuKurnlciI
Nkw York Sept 20 Gen Arthur was
worn in nt 215 oclock this morning at Ills
house Two judges of tho Now ork bu
prcmo Court had been sent for J IE Brady
md Charles Donohuc Judgo Brady arrived
with Messrs Itollins and Boat at 150 but
tho ceremony wns out of courtesy deferred
until Judgo Donohuos ai rival at a llttlo
after two oclock with ox Coiumissloncr
French On Judgu Donohuos arrival
lcu Arthur Hoso from Ills Sent
In tho library and advanced to tho front
parlor It is a largo room with largo
French windows Oil paintings by old
masters hang from tho celling Dispatches
books and writing matciUls weio scat
tered nil over tho largo tablo that stands In
tho centre Gen Arthur stood behind this
tablo facing tho window 1 to had rcgaiueil
his composuio j his cyo was clear and his
manner dignified Tho gas In tho library
was burning dimly and his fine tall form
grandly from tho dark
Touml Old allegorical pictures loomed
out from tho darkness Pictures of con
quests and of triumphs of defeats and of
despairs and abovo all was a white marlilo
bust of Henry Clay
Judgo Brady stood 011 tho other sldo of
tho table facing Gen Arthur Grouped
around tho two men wcro Judgo Douohuo
rilihii Boot Commissioner French and
Daniel G Itollins and Gen Arthurs son
Lludgo Brady slowly advanced a step and
raised his right hand Gen Arthur did
AMomiiit of Iniprcsslto Slltiico Pol
Ion cl
Gen Arthurs fcatuics wcro almost fixed
riicn Judgo Brady administered tho oath
Gen Arthur speaking In n clear ringing
volco Ido solemnly swear that I will
faithfully oxecuto tho ollico of Picsldcnt of
tho United States and will to tho best of
my ability preserve protect and defend
tho Constitution of tho United States
After this ho remained standing a moment
longer his hand still raised Nu imo spoko
nor did tho President afterward glvo ex
pression to nny emotion Up to l oclock
ho had not decided when to leavo tho city
for Washington
Tho Inst Suit Scenes
When tho end caino last night Dr
ton was at thoFlberou and wns suddenly
summoned from un Interview with a
porter Thu interview was being held iu
tho main loom of llio BIbeioii at 11 tablo
likely to become historical and on which
in hour beforo tho death AttornoyMcncrai
MacVeagh had written tho last uncertain
oMiiIng bulletin to Minister Inwell Dr
lloynton had not changed his opinion us to
tlio llcsldunts chances nnd was saying bo
it tho moment ho was summoned to tho
death bed Tlio hotel was almost deserted
md ho and tlio leporter wcro aluno
Tho doctor lclterated his opinion
of tho morning and oven strength-
ncd it somewhat although it is
tho opinion which ho hud freely expressed
for days and for expressing which somo
tiling liicrvo than minor says fault was
found Allusions had been mado to tho
fact as stated by nil tho physicians that tho
iftcinoou and ovening had beon spoilt
inletly by tho resident and Dr lloynton
Mid I do not under tho clieuuistanccs
regard tho quiet and comfortablo evening
Continued on Fourth lngel

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