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Vntlounl Thpntrc
A largo ami enthusiastic nudlcnco ns
scmblctl nt tlio Nntlonnl last iilflit to wit
nct tlio Rrmid mammoth comblnntlon of
Mr Sam Hague tlio king of British mlu
strcH This troupo Is tlio most original ami
novel of nny In tlio world Tlio nrtlsts nro
nil ntnrs In their vnrlous specialties tlio
imislo Is superb nnd tliorcportoirooxtcnslvo
nnd delightfully Interesting Matlnca to
day nnd Saturday
rortlM Opcrifliotise
Tlio jrnscotto was presented again last
ovcnlng at 1ords to a first class house and
In hnndsomo stylo Tlio singing nndncttng
was perfect nnd tlio delightfully benutlful
duct between JIIss Iucctto nnd Mr FItz
gcnild continues to cnuso tho profoundest
sensntion nnd calls forth npplnuso and nn
meroits encores
Thcntcr Continue
ThoTlicntro Comlquo nttrncts largo nu
dlenccs nightly and nt tho inntincot
Thorno Dimlnps lnntomlmo Troupo is
an linmonso specialty
DrlsorH Siiiuiiirr inrilcnx
Drlvors grotto gartlens contlnuo to nt
tnct Inrgo and well pleased audiences Miss
Ida Hnnlcy tho now attraction is n charm
ing vocalist nnd excellent nctrcss
AliiirrM 1 ii rile 11
Aimers nightly concoits by tho Vienna
Ladies Orchestra aro ono of tho striking
features lit tho amusement circles of tho
city Admission ten cents
A llorrllilo Crimp In Jtcvr York
In a nilsorablo rookery In tho rear of a
tenement house No MO West Twenty
eighth street Now York Lucy Lynch tho
wife of a sailor who Is nwny
on ono of tlio United States war vessels be
canio tlio mother of a female child fifteen
days ago Ilcrbcdwns mado on tho floor
whero sho lay nursing her hiby surrounded
by drunken men and women Ycstordny
forenoon tlio attention of tho police was
attractod by an unusual uoiso in tho houso
Lntcrlng thoy found thoshlld dead and
tho mother half frantic Sho told her story
of having been assaulted by four men who
killed her child nnd sho called upon John
nnd Cclin Campbell neighbors who shared
her rooms as witnesses As theso wcro
both drunk tho polico took them with tho
dead child and Its mother to tho station
house and called on tho coroner to whom
tho woman repeated tho story of tho at
tempted ortrago by tho men who killed tlio
child by stepping on It Tho nrth who aro
believed to bo cx convicts escaped Detec
tives aro on their track
A Serious Clini Rr
John West n colored undertaker was
charged in tho lollco Court tills morning
with carrying n corpso to Ilcckctts grave
yard In tho county and leaving It there
uuburlcd Tho circumstances which will
bo investigated to morrow nro stated to bo
as follows West in order to procuro tho
ticrmlsslon of tho family of tho deceased to
lury tho corpso promised that it should bo
buried in Mt Olivet Cemetery nnd went to
tho Health Olllco and obtained a permit for
that cemetery which ho showed tho family
of tho deceased Ho was unahlo to pay tho
necessary costs for interment nt Mt Olivet
nnd convoyed tho body to Bockotts whero
tho owner refused to let him bury it without
a permit for that place and ho left it thcro
saying that ha would go for a permit
West did not return nnd tho body remained
nnhuricd for three days
Tlio Honorary 3InrIiNincii
Tlio shooting match between tho hono
rary members of tho Union Veteran Corns
tho Washington Light Infantry and tho
National 1 titles for tho prlrc3 put up by tho
former organization a masslvo cup to bq
shot for by all three clubs and a handsomo
gold badgo with pendant caglo and dia
mond took plnco nt Marshall Hall yester
day noon Tho National Illllcs won tho
cup by n scoro of ten Mr Hell of tho
Union Veteran Corps won tho badgo Tlio
following is tho individual Ecoro National
Itiflcs Adcl 31 Downman 20 Lantz 29
AbncrlD Clifford 23 Mcakcl 23 Scott
27 total 177 Washington Light In
fantry Flcinmor 29 Clcary 22 T L
Humo 25 Schilley 21 Frank Hume 25
Hlno 22 Dell 23 total 1G7 Union Vet
cran Corps Itoss 21 Hell 29 Kitten
bousc 20 Steiver 21 Tlcrnoy 19 Scar
lett 15 Carroll 25
Tito Vofcriiii HurlnrN
Gcorgo 11 Crnlg colored and flcorgo M
Iloborts whlto two burglars and both
chums of tho notorious thief Wash Mere
dith wero arrested at 1245 oclock this
morning on suspicion by Officers Fisher
nnd nliauKs Tlio two men Had in their
possession champagne bottles tobacco
cigars etc to tlio valuo of about 12 Tho
men wcro taken to tho Fifth Precinct
station and locked up A list of stolen
articles was soon rccolvcd at tho station
showing that tho goods found In tho pos
session ot tlioso men had boon stolon during
tho night from tlio cigar and drug storo of
W II Sroud nt Fourth and L streets Tho
case will bo tried on Wednesday nextijjW I
Iniiilicrlnnil Coiil Trnilc
Tho shipments from tlio mines of tho
Cumberland coal region for tho wcok ended
October 1 w ero 19017 tons nnd for tho year
to that dato 1513515 tons n decrease of 17
637 tons ns compared with tho correspond
ing period of 1880 Tho coal was carrlod as
follows llaltlmoro t Ohio lUllroad week
28035 tons year 1000010 tons Increase
over 1830 77720 tons Chesapeako Ohio
canal week 13301 tons year 333271 tons
decrease as compared with 1830 131021
tons Pennsylvania Kallroad weok 0077
tons year 209019 tons Incrcaso over 1S80
38159 tons
Ilild fur Ilia Jrninl Jury
fleorco Cair colored was charged In tho
Polico onrt to day witli a second ofTcnso of
petit laieeny Curr was ono of a gang of
three whoso successful uuiglttry or tlirco
buildings in tho vicinity of Twentieth
street nnd Vermont nvcuuo was published
yosterdny Ho was held In default of 500
bonds to await tho action of tho grand
Within her downy cradlotlioio layn llttlo
Anil n giouvi of hovering ungols unseen
AbUIIoiuoso iiniong thorn n loving holy
Whloh ulinuhl nlioil tlio l Idlest blessings
over tho iimv boiu life
Soinobtuntlicd upon horfoitmes and tlio
liiholn beauty glow
With a cheulc like morning blushes and an
Tlllovuiy ono who saw her was thankful
for tho sight
Of a taco bo Hweet and imltuut with over
Then nutspako ono of tho angels nobler
biluiitor than tho lost
As wlthBtiong mm but tender he caught
Yo linvci mnilo horall too lovely for if child
oi uioiiai nice
IlutnoHhadont human bouow shall ilut lion
oer her fuoo
Lulled In my faithful bosom I will bear
ho tin- away
Wheio theio Is no sin nor anguish
low nor decay
And mini a glttmoi o gloi Ions than nil your
gifts shall bo
Lot foiown hor happy splilt with
Thou on his hoait our Uni ling yielded up
Tor tho NFiongor blighter angel w ho loved
hor best win Death
Ilartfoid Post
Tlio Oriole
Manv rears niro tho orlolo as a bird was
qulto numerous In this section It is now
ntmost oxtlnct throughout tho country
Tho orlolo Is to Mnryland ns eminent a
symbol as tho caglo Is to tho nation at
large ithclng synonymous wuu mo nam
mora blrtl so called becauso tho colors of
Lord Ualtlmoros houso nud Hi o hues upon
tho feathers of tho bird wcro strikingly
Tho orlolo Is Hko tho snra nSouth Amer
ican bird nnd enters tlio Southern States In
March nnd disappears In Octobci It has
novor been known to travel further North
than Now York It Is a fair sized bird of
passage about 0 Inches long 0 inches from
tho tins of Its wines which nro of a bright
chestnut Its head neck back wings and
tall hlacK lull anil legs inuisii mncK iris
liarcl nnd nn tho bird grows older
yellow begins to blend with Its colors
Its manner of migration Is noted by Wilson
Bonaparte Audubon and Nuttall as very
peculiar lielng performed from tho South
ern to tho Middle States In a simile night
nnd singly tho males preceding tho females
by n wcok or ton days Thoy nro remark
niily lively nnd vivacious birds and cut up
as many atrial antics as tho uluo jay uno
specialty of tho orlolo is tho caro and cau
tion It displays in Its nost bulldlng It
uses tho largest finest nnd toughest grass
nnd usually selects an npploor n willow
tree near tho habitation of man for its
houso bulldlng They attach tho grass
firmly nnd neatly to tho twigs Immediately
around tho chosen place Tho filaments
nro twisted passed over and under nnd In
terwoven in such a manner ns to defy tho
oyo to follow their windings This Is all
dono by tho bird with Its bill They breed
but onco n season and only from four to six
District Horticultural Society
Tho second annual exhibition of tlio Dis
trict Horticultural Society opened yester
day at Masonic Tcmplo Tho display was
very line and Included professional nnd
nmatcur exhibits Tho principal profes
sional exhibitors aro John Saul leorgo
Olorlous and William Winters Mr Saul
exhibits a largo display of potted plants
and Mr Olorlous a largo assortment of cut
flowers Tho amateur florists whoso dis
plays nro tho largest aro Mr Thomas
Fowler John T U Clark and John L
Hazzard Mr Warrington Olllingbam tho
secretary of tho society oxhlhlts forty vari
eties of apples nnd William Smith twenty
nine Mr Saul makes a good show of
pears thirty two varieties Of peaches
thcro aro n fow specimens shown by Mrs 13
Mooro and Mrs Mary J Allyun A num
ber of tropical plants from tho Botanical
Gardens will bo loaned during tho exhibi
tion which will contlnuo until Friday
National Hotel ArrlMils
J H Wilson Saratoga T Wiscdoll X
Y WH Garrison N Yj A W Itgcn
XYj J P Whlto and wife X Y It F
Downing X Y J It Giles X Y L J
Williams XYj F A Dodgo Halto X
Hoffman W Vaj L Stern lialto S W
Adams N Y V G Carpenter Richmond
Mrs E P Trcadway Chicago Mrs G P
Eddy Niagara Falls W T Valentine Al
bany K FurshippclCtn Hon H Butler
Denver J S Jones Va II W Johnson
Boston II J Ituby Phila K L Piper
WHIIamsport J Onau Kansas City J
McMullcn Kansas City A McCalum
Kansas City J S Galley Phlla W O
Hempstead Phlla M A Ilrlggs Cia C
W Autrlm Klchmond J W Shirley Va
J 11 Huling W Vn j T II Autrlm Itich
Mm Fullers Art School
With this season tho well known and
deservedly popular Art School of Mrs S 13
Fuller 1318 I street begins Its twelfth
year This establishment of study and edu
cation is designed to teach young la J las tho
higher arts It Is a completely managed
school and has been from its origin a pro
nounced success Tho situation is central
and very pleasantly located facing upon tho
broad acres of Franklin Square Tho school
Is conducted upon tho broad basis of art and
nature Tho mechanical drawing depart
ment is in chargo of Prof Charles Schlaar
ono of tho most talented artists at tho Na
tional Capital
Vulgarity Ilcbultert
Only ono week ago a steamship was cross
ing tho Atlantic Ocean and a fashiouablo
American woman at dinner ono day said to
n fellow passenger from Washington
Mr do you Jnov Mrs Gar
field I do not know her well said
tho gentleman j I know Gen Garfields
I am toldsald tbo female that
President Garfields wifo Is a very common
vulgar sort of person
Woll said tho gontlcmau with asllght
color In his face if to bo tho only edu
cated woman who has been for years In tho
Whlto Houso and tho only wifo of nny
President who can sneak French nnd Ger
man nnd prepare her children In their Latin
for college niil wno is nu unriiilit woman
in every respect and as modest as sho Is
upright constitute hor a common vulgar
woman that sno must do
Tho fashiouablo femalo was slightly con
fused but that man was a good deal of n Civ
vorito with men and women during tho
rest of tho trip
Itrlntlve Mnrrlngos
Somo Interesting statistics havo rcccutly
been given to tbo public by Professor
Hutclfjison In lcgard to tho lnteruwrrlago
of relatives Thoy wcro gathered in Boil in
Among Uoman Catholics who prohibit
marriages botween persons who aio near
blood relatives tho proportion of deaf
mutes Is ono In 3000 j among Protestants
who permit such marriages tho proportion
lsono iu 2000 wlitio among tno Jiourcns
wno eucourago inter marriage iuo
mutes aro ono in -100
Ponulnf Ion or Ureal Ilrlliilu
On tho 3d of April lasttho usual decennial
census was taken by tho agents of tho registrar-general
In England Ireland Scot
land nnd Wales Tho report of population
has just been mado public Tho grand
total of tho Inhabitants of tho United King
dom living nt midnight on tho dato wo
have mentioned including tho army and
nav nnd tho Channel Islands was 35210
GG2 j tho oxcoss of females over males was
738003 Tho total incrcaso of population
sinco tho census of 1871 has been 3101183
Tho population of England alono is 24003
391 London has a population of 3811571
and Scotland of 3731370 so that tho popu
lation of London exceeds that of Scotland
by 80201 Wales has n population of 1339
895 tho Isle of Mau 53492 tho Chaunel
Islands 87731 Tho army navy nnd mer
chant sorvlco glvo an aggregato return of
212811 Tho population of Ireland est
mated by tho roturns previously reported
IsG159839 as against C 112377 in 1871
showlngji decreaso In ton years of 232158
Illizlin nt Annapolis
On Sunday ulght tho fourth class of ca
dets nowly cntorcd Iu tho Naval Acadomy
was hayed unmercifully Mcmbors of tho
third class wero suspected of It nnd whou
tho matter was Investigated refused to ill
vulgo what thoy kuow Yosterdny at 2
oclock p m tho wholo class of fifty mum
hers wcro sent on board tho Santco Thoy
had to tnko bedding and other nttlcles ami
will havo to slay on board until furthor
orders not being allowed to speak to each
Thoro Is complaint In Paris Franco
that tho prlco of wluo lias gone up whllo
tho slzo of tho bottlo has gone down Wo
Infer from this that nny reform in tho
matter will ouly benefit Franco aud that
tho small bottles will bo sent to Amorira
Xotnblo Nny lugs of Xntnblo Men
Tnko mo homo to die Al Supplco
Ivo got my oyo on you Ben But
Where oh I wiiore Is Crump Geo
II Butler
This Is n dlity shako chills
Frank Morgan
Whllo theres llfo theres sonp
Frank Mankln
Didnt I tell you It wouldnt rain yes
day Gen Hazcn
Ohl that I had a world big enough to
tell my tales In It 13 Weeden
Pcoplos Intentions cm only bo decid
ed by their conduct AK Browne
I am glad Im out of It I could by no
means havo staid In It Boss Perry
If wo cant kill them with whisky
well shoot thom with rides Frank Humo
Ill boglnd to get out of tho whnlo
bother of tho business Wnrdcu Crocker
Ho who throws out suspicion should
nt onco bo suspected himself John F En
If Washington misses flro Jersey
lightning will strlkohlm
I will write you something about tho
thlovlsh ways of theso oysttrmen very
soon Itobcrt Held
It is Incorrect that I smoko too much
theio nro not enough cigars for mo In tho
country Secretary Kirkwood
Ofcourso I feel great satisfaction nt
tlio commendations I havo received but I
only tiled to do my duty Major Brock
A government official may novcr bo
coma n painter but ho Is certain to learn
to draw his salary Ex Picsidcnt Hayes
Tho mellow days of Autumn aro here
but they aro n llttlo too mellow for mo this
morning with summer clothes on Chris
As for my Induction balance ahem
It will do fur n mlnd rcndcr It placed tho
bullet Just where tho doctors thought It
was Prof Bell
T was In tho Atlanta campaign
Whllo liasilntt a hiiiiiII cnuntiy lalgn
Wo siotmed a lcdoubt
Put our fnomen to louht
And caused them to gilova nud com
Ion Rhciman
Theio was a rich mciclmnt named
Who had Unvoted nil ovor tho oi Hi
lie was woundious to sou
llcciuvc unlike men
Ho had u FulstiUlinn goith
David Davis
An Astonishing- lroeecilliig
A Washington dispatch to tho Now York
lltrnld says
A leading member of tho liar who In
common with Ills professional brethren was
astonished at tho procedure of tho govern
ment last iTiuay says
If nftcrn careful reading Ifahly under
stand tlio paper presented September 30 by
Messrs Cook aud Bliss to tho District Court
of tho United Slates for tho District of Co
lumbia tho ollcnso with which Messrs
Brady French Turner nnd others stnnd
charged Is a conspiracy to defraud tho
government of tho United States This
offense clearly comes within tbo provisions
of section 5110 of tho llovlscd Statutes of
tho United States which Imposes a penalty
of both lino nnd imprisonment Under
nrticlo 5 Constitution of tho United Stales
no person shall bo held to answer for n capi
tal or othcrwlso Infamous crlmo unless on
presentment or indictment of a grand jury
When a man Is convicted of an offenso In
consistent with honesty such as offenses
founded on fraud perjury foruory swln
tiling nud tbo like bo is rcudcrcd Infamous
Cokoou Litt 0 1209 j 2 Boll BB 8S0
A conviction under tno chargo mado would
clearly como under tho term infamous
crimes A presentment properly speaking
Is an accusation mado niero molu by a grand
jury of an offenso upon their own observa
tion ami Knowledge or upon ovldcnco bo
foro them nrd without any bill or indict
ment laid before them at tho suit of tho
Government Ulackstone 1301 302 says
Upon n presentment by n grand jury tho
proper olllcer of tho court must framo nn
indictment beforotho party accused can bo
put to answer Both tho Constitution of
tho United States and common lawmovldo
that presentments shall bo found bv cinnd
juries and in tins particular grand juries
pcrlorm most important nuullc lunctlons and
aro n source of security to thocltlzcns ngalnst
vindictive prosecutions cither by tho Gov
ernment or by political partisans Assum
ing that tho Constitution of tho United
States will In tho court of tho District of
Columbia icceho tho consideration its
character deserves tho question naturally
occurs What weight is the paper filed on
tho 30th tilt entitled to and In what way
will iteavo tho bar of thostatuto of limita
tion By section 1111 Bovlsed Statutes
of tho United States wo aio advised that
no person shall bo piosecuted tried or pun
ished for nny offenso not capital unless tho
indictment is found or tho information Is
Instituted within two years noxt nftcr such
offenso is committed Under this law of
Congress tho prosecution of tlio offenso nt
bar is circumscribed to within twoycar3
aud then it must bo on nn Indictment
found or information instituted within tho
two years Tho law of Congress falls to
say In what manner tho presentment is to
bo instituted Iu that It Is ambiguous but
It must bo consistent with tho Constitution
otherwise it Is void If iu giving construc
tion to tho law of Congress though
somewhat ambiguous It can bo brought
within nud explained by tho Consti
tution it cm stand Tho Constitution pio
vides that presentments shall bo by a
grand juiy Tho law of Congress says on
indictment found or Information Instituted
falling simply to say how tho Information
shall bo instituted Tho Constitution
curing this defect says byn grandjury so
that tho section In question lead iu tho
light of tho Constitution reads No per
son shall bo prosecuted tried or punished for
any ollcnso not capital unless tlio indictment
Is found or tho Information Is Instituted by
a giand jury within two years noxt after
such offenso is committed Iu tho law there
fore there is no provision for presentments
by Messrs Cook Bliss et nl nor by tho
Attorney General Thoconclusion Is inevit
able if thostatuto of limitation would run
and bar theso cases before Monday October
3 1831 tho papor filed on tho 30th ult will
not help tho matter uud was simply an
cflort to hide tlio utter failure of tho at
tempt to find anything upon which to baso
an action
Veerholf Dili NcM nlh Street
has a full Uno of now styles of wall papers
nnd window shades
Dr mimics Transfusing llntlcry
ndvcitiscd In another column Is nu nrticlo
of real merit and Is worth Its woiehtiu gold
It will positively do what Is claimed for It
Monoy cheerfully refunded to all using it a
reasonable length of time If they aro not
satisfied Mr It KHolphcnstiuo the well
known diugglst Fourteenth uud Fbtrccts
Ebbitt Houso is tho agent
I walked this morning through tho silent
And looked up nt tho houso I loved so
Tno cats crept tluoutili tho mea ialllngs
Tho milkman passed nnd did not ling
Tho finll pollcoinnu gave no stdc glauco
nun n i
Ho passed ns I did Lovo Is out of tiwn I
All tlio dear windows of tlmt house aio
dai 1
Tho door Is bolted and her pug Is still
No chimneys suuilco bespeaks u human
To light uud cod a tlio Upon tho sill
Tnuollas son u In May look hoi u nnd hi own
All things dccluio that love is out of town I
London World
rncUllngs Tor Iho Critic
Star of tho ovcnlng beautiful Stair
wako up cliango cars
Would any iron bo acquired by tho blood
upon drinking stovo pipes of beer
Our navy Is decidedly played Hunt
might properly bo called Secretary of tho
What an abominnblo old barn of a place
Is tlio present City Post ofllco when
shall wo havo n now ono
Tho dignity of mcnlsii gross humbug
Why Itoscoo Conkllug has to sit down on
tlio floor to cut his toe nails
Two policemen bnvo been seen near tlio
comer of First nnd II streets northwest
within tho last weok Whats up
Let mo sco How many more officers
than men havo wo now In tho army aud
navy 4 Havnt scon census of 1880 yet
Did you ever observo tho dejected np
pcaranco of tho men and horses on tlio Belt
Lino Thoy all havo a God help us
Tho maiden ladles of tho Peninsula Stato
are said to ho claiming somo of tho funds
raised In tho East on tho ground that they
nro Michigan sufferers
I hopo Arthur will tako us out of tlio
ruts of old fogyism nnd glvo us a live on
crgctlc working Government wo may ho
proud of Brethren pray
Theres nn old framo shanty on Sovcnth
street opposlto tho Interior Department
which Is a disgrace to tho locality If not to
a forsaken vlllago In North Carolina
Thcro was an old ehnn named IKfrccs
Who would bilng printers down on their
Hut a follow named Chcstor
With Yimkco ancestor
Said alt eout yoji aro not tho ohcoso
O Myi
Hold for n
from Iho
Itobcrt McXnlly about 22 years old was
bcbro Judge Garoy In tho City Court of
Baltimore yesterday on a petition of habeas
corpus asking his dlschnrgo from tho city
Jail Mr Edward I Clark counsel for Mc-
Nally claimed that tho commitment by
iustlco Grlndall was illegal McNally had
been nrrestcd on tho oath of a citizen of
Baltimore who charged that tho theft ofn
watcii and monoy had been committed by
McNally in Washington city Ho had not
been nrrestcd on nny wnrrnut by tbo au
thorities of Washington nnd no action had
been taken by them Deputy States At
torney Gans held that tho law providing
for arrest and commitment to await requi
sition from another Stato was clearly settled
and mado no argument Judgo Garey said
that tho law of comity between tbo States
allowed tho arrest of a poison charged with
crlmo to await requisition from tho au
thorities of auothcr Stato Ho had received
a telegram from tho District Attornoy of
Washington saying that tho ciso would go
before tho grandjury of that city yester
day Tho commitment should havo stated
for how long n tlmo tho nicuscd was to bo
held as tho law required ho should not bo
detained for nny unreasonable time He
therefore recommitted McNally to nwnlt
tho action of tho authorities of tho District
of Columbia until tho 10th of October at 12
oclock noon
Ilrmlliiiifili Contradicts
Mr Bmdlaugh In n card published by tho
Now York Herald savs that a statement
derived from Mr J Walter of tbo London
Times attributing to Uradhiugh an attempt
to disturb tho religious services on board
tho steamer larthla Is monstrously untruo
A disturbance dUJ occurbctwccnthocaptaln
and tho passengers as to slnglngafterdlnner
In tho smoking room but it had nut tho
smallest connection with tbo religious ser
vices nnd ho denies being ono of tho
singers In regard to Mr Walters as
sertion that it Has all nonsenso nbout Mr
Bradlaugh being brutally injured at tho
Houso of Commons on the 3d of August bo
asserts that ho has not yet rccoored from
tho injuries received nnd whllo suffering
from erysipelas ho was attended by Drs
Kninskill nud Palficcy two eminent Lon
don physicians
A IliiuiuiiiytMnlcli
A special dispatch from Westminster
Mil dated yesterday says that a prominent
lawyer of Hagcrstown was in Westminster
this morning as tho friend of Gov Hamil
ton to Inquire into tho facts concerning tho
reported marriage in August last of Miss
Clare becond daughter of tho governor nud
Mr Jack Stanhope of Hagcrstown Stan
hope In company with Mr Clarcnco J
Dully of Washington wns In Westminster
tho latter pnrt of August on two occasions
nnd on ono of his visits seemed n marringo
license from tho court houso nud mado ap
plication to bo married Dr J W Murray
of tlio M P Church consented to perform
tho ceremony as tho parties wore said to bo
o age and accordingly married them Tho
marrlago was denied by tho friends of Mr
Stauhopo and Miss Hamilton and it 4s only
to day that tbo ttutli of tho raarrlgo Is
mado public aud Is known to tho friends
and family of tho contracting parties Miss
Hamilton Is at school and Mr Stauhopo
clerking in Baltimore city
arllilils istale
Tho estato of tho lato President Garfield
will shortly bo turned ocr to trustees
All expenses Incurred during tho sickness
of tho President will bo regarded as debts of
the estate and tho bills will bo called for
by tho trustees Whether Congress will
assume a part of tbo familys dobts aud ap
piopriato funds for their liquidation Is not
An Incident of tho Assassination
Tho Baltimore Sim of to day says A
lady who was present nt tho railroad sta
tion at tho tlmo Gcu Garfield was
shot on tho second of July says sho heard
hlin say to Secretary Blalno with pathetic
sarcasm as ho was moaning iu his pain
uniy yesterday a man was saying to mo
what a great thing it Is to bo President of
tho United States
Null AgnliiHt tlio Sliuart IN in to
In tho United States Court nt Rutland
Vt tho case of Alo Stewart against Henry
Hilton was continued until to day Tho
suit Is hrought to recover 100000 llom tho
lato A T Stowarfs estate tho plaintiff
claiming to oo an interesting
developments aio expected
An ninuslng story la related concerning
Mr Hradlcy tho now dean of Westminster
Iloivas onco staying with tho Arnolds in
Westmoreland when u plcnlo was arrauced
Lots wero drawn as to ho should stay at
homo nnd mind tho house and tho olllco
fell to Mr llradloy On tho return of tho
plcnlo party ho remarked that It was n
very good thing ho had stayed behind as a
tramp had tried his best to get in through
tho diawlug rooin window nud would havo
dono so had It not been for him Tho
tramp as most iieonlo endowed with imasl
nation would havo guessed was tho poet
Tlio corporntiou of London la going to
givo Mr Ulaustono n gold box containing
anndilicss asking htm to sit for n marble
bust to bo pineal in Oulldliiill Tlio com
pllraout is nltogotlior npart from political
or party considerations tho majority of tlio
mcmbors of tho corporation being Conserv
atives Among tho fow publlo men to
whom a somowlint similar honor has been
nccoiiled havo been William 1ltt Karl
Oioy SliUobcrt lccl lalmoratou Cinnlug
Kiri Itussoll Cobdcu and llcacousllcld
Whcnnn old maid Is well preserved
slm ought to bo Bwcot enough to kiss
DitArrs on London Dublin nml Purls at
II D Cooko Jr Cos W29 V St
IJarlleliln Career Impossible In
London Times
If ono might venture to say of any ono
In America that ho would novcr bo Presi
dent or oven n distinguished citizen It
would bo an Infant Inn log hut Just res
cued from a forest firo by oflbrts costing
tho llfo of Its father and throwing all tho
work on tho wretched widow How was
such a being to acquire any of tho qualifi
cations for politics or for tho commonest
social position In this country It would
bo pronounced Impossible ovon If tho dlfil
cnlty consisted only iu a limited Income a
vlllago homo n grammar school and a
narrow clrclo of friends Tho ory hero Is
that nothing cm bo dono without enor
mous asslslanco and a destiny carrying
everything before It Nothing it Is said
can bo done without a good start nothing
without good friends nothing without
good opportunities Iu point of fact wo
nro rapidly producing and swelling to nu
nlnrmlng extent tlio most dangerous class
in tlio world a class that with all tho
physical energies nnd appetites of full
grown men Is yet without tho rcnl In
dependence and responsibility by which
theso energies nro directed nnd tlioso appe
tites contracted Tho lesson of truo Inde
pendence has often had to bo taught under
conditions that do It somo Injustice Thcro
is tlio Inevitable reply that tho success
attained is still duo to extraordinary abil
ities or to uncommon luck and that after
oil success Is a vulgar thing thd prizo of
tho worldling Thcro am bo no such dis
paraging thoughts here President Gar
fields has been a truly heroic career ho
roio In its beginning in its long strugglo
and In Its end
Mitrtlu tlio lllgamlst
After several postponements tho easo
of Thomas A Marvin alias Gen Biidlong
A Morton who Is charged with bigamy
grand larceny and forgery lit Richmond
Vn was called In tho Hustings Court yes
terday When tlio prisoner was arralgnid
a fow days ngo his counsel pledged himself
to throw no further obstacles Iu tho way of
proceeding with tho trial to day If tho post
ponement which wns then nsked for wns
accorded Marvin desired tlmo to secure
attendance ns ho alleged of important
witnesses who resided in Now York nnd
Kentucky Tho dclny was granted Yes
terday tho prisoner nppcartd In court with
out any of tho witnesses to secure whosont
tendance his trial had been postponed Tho
Commonwealths attorney oxprosscd readi
ness to proceed w Ith tho trial of Marvin iu
tlio forgery case to which his counsel do
murrcil as ho had not had tlmo to oxamluo
tho indictment and prepare defeuso in that
caso It was finally agreed to postpone tho
ciso till to day
Tho feature In yesterdays proceedings
was tho subpicua by tho prlsonor of Miss
Loulso Turpln to whom Marvin as nllcgcd
wns married in Klchmond on July 20
This lady has been visiting friends near
Baltimore for several weeks past but It is
understood that sho will bo iu Richmond
to day and give her testimony against tho
prisoner it was somewhat or a surprise
that this lady was summoned by tbo de
An AcUnnnlcilirril 1neli
That Elscmau Bros comer Seventh nud
13 strcctsuro tlio rcliablo clothiers and tailors
of Washington
Lulgui Bocro an Italian who was held a
prisoner for fifteen mouths on ono of tho
South Sea Islands was recently ransomed
by an exploring expedition He with five
other Europeans wcro held ns slavos and
subjected to horrlblo treatment Bocro was
tho only survivor
Alilcrney Dairy Wiiroiih
Fresh Aldcmoy butter churned ovcry
mornlngand delivered in J lb Ward piints
at 43c per lb Also cottago cheese 5e per
ball buttermilk 5c per quart aud sweet
milk 5c per quart
AIIKIIK On Tnnulny morning October 4 Ml
chnel A eldest Bon of Bartholomew Ahern In
UmJDth j tar of hlttfiKe
Tlio funeral u ill tnku plnco from tits lntn resi
dence Nn lis IhlnlHtnet northwest on Thurs
day the ith Inst nt 2 p in
niah iikaii HTiuir iioituinowx
llv Irtnn nf a ilootl of truqt Tprnrileil
In liber No W1 folio lMIetfeouuof the land
records forthu District nfroliunbln IutllHell
nt mihlta nui tlnn mi 1lllDAV tho 7th dnv ofUl7
ldllKll Al 1831nt5ocluckp in In front of
tho premises nil that t crtnlu pnrcel or ground
knuu as pnrt of lot numbered one hundred nnd
fourteen fill Inl hninns IIcilUm addition In tudil
IcorKetnun beginning lor IheKmnont u point oil
tbo est llnu of tlreeu ntrett m hundred fiet
Hoitth from tbo Intersection nf Jltnll nnd Ireen
HtrcetsnndruuuIhgfiMith with thu wtsl lino of
ireen Mreettweuty tJUlcct thento west thlrtv
tau letn tnencenoriu iwcniy tJti leei men ensi
3 iwj iti i lutreeuHirei im ini puiui ui uc
inng together with all lmnroemcnts wimj
cnsementH tc
Terms Cash A dennstt nf SW renulred nt Hmo
offuile Terms to he compiled with In 10 daK
oinerwtso iho trustee reserves tno right to ruei
nt tbo risk nnd cost of defaulting purchaser upon
giving Jtvodn s publlo notlco of Kticb resale In
nomo newspaper published In Washington 1 C
Uon eynnclng nnd recording nt purchasers cost
ii u Lookj Jit
seTin ocS 17 Trustee
ins MJViiNTit sthiit
MirL rKNWJCi A HAHXmi havo nnentd
h line RelPUlon of iTH riTUNlHlIINUS at
127 HeeniHMreei VJUCJ1 iney ur prepared 10
kpII at iirfces that mint cl o ftalUtactlou to all
Wo solicit an examination of our Roods nelOir
Smoke J O ID Cigars
Ior Hnlo nt OHIUS A nNiUH cor Ninth I ids
Holman Liver and Ague Pad
Southeast Oorner Ninth and E StreeU
Snenntl Flnnr
If ou urosiifferlne from poor health
cheer lor
Hop Bitters will Cure you
Jf you nro almply nlllnK If you feel
wink nnd ilNplriUtl without tlrurly
knowhu why
Hop Bitters will Revive you
If ou nro ii minister ami lm o nt or
tuxitl ourself with our
or n Mother woru out with caro
mul work
Hop Bitters will Restore you
If jouaro a nmnof lmstncw or la
horer weftkenoil liy the strain of
our ccnwhy iIuiIch or ft man of
letter tolling oer jinir midnight
Hop Bitters will Strengthen you
If ounro8unerlnc from ocr catlnu
oruriiikint any tnuiscreuon or uihm
imtlon oruro jouiik ami growing too
fa it ns U often tho case
Hop Bitters will Relieve you
Ifyounrohi tho workshop ou tlio
farm ut thu desk any wht re and ft el
that your rtjstem neuin Ucandnir ton
Mmc or atlimilatlng without Intoxlcat
Hop Bitters is what you need
If ou aro old nnd jour blood thin
and Impure pulso leblo our nere
unsteady uud our faculties w fining
Hop Bitters will give you new Life and
HOl UTTiilH W nu elPKunt
healthy and refrcuhlnff lunorlng for
sick room drinks linpuro water etc
rtnderlnu them harmless nud sweet
enlmr tho mouth and Lleanslnu tho
stomach au3t
JTreiicliPattemBonnets and Hats
Leading Novelties in Millinery
Wednesday and Thursday Oct 5 and 6 81
iv h
boots and shoes
gsoso f bektkbbt
Bel II ii nil Koodsnt cost fur tlio next GO dajs
to niako room for Fall Htock
V27 gll nnd 31U lKNN AVnXUr H 1
tJ10Becnth Street and 1D22 lennnve
Tin himt and ohkammt
402 BuvrNTH HTninrr
Kig n nf I ho Old Womnn In Vlndnw
Metropolitan Ktnro
710 Seventh Street Northwest
Constant Quotations
Direct and Private Wire
xoie i6Ie
OM IXftblhhcd Ladles and Gents
Restaurant and Oyster Saloon
Tho Lamest nml Most Complete In tlio country
Oomtnntly on IiimI ovcrv brand of Ojstcrs found
In American Wiiter8lth n boundltin firlotyol
HAM1I nnd cvi ry delicacy that tho Northern
Kaatcrn nnd Southern Mnrktta can produce Also
Our TttbledIIotccnnnotuoeTcelledln quality and
1010 Cor rcnim A o nnd Klcvontti At
OnG Prico Shoo Store
Umlor Odd 1ollows Hall
4011enii8jlvanla AM N W
T WCHOrI Proprietor
to Now York Philadelphia and
Orders in Stocks and Iuvestment Securities Execute with Bespatcli
Government Bonds Foreign Exchange Coin o
H D COOKE Jr CO Bankers
Wo tin Ito tho Iubllo to cxamlno our QuoUitlous anil nnll themselves of our services an llrokcrs
lilliiliignmlHcUtnK Ic3tr
TlioniilynATTnilY known to tlio Worlil capn
bin nf IhIiiii ClIAltUIUI Willi MlMllCINAr
Till bVUM
KoniiUH mill llnllll DlHeimos mill la
nit itiiuniis lvTMNT iriuTitia
Ioiuluil frinn tlio nock by iiiciiiih of n
kIIUoii cunl mul rest iipan tlio spinal
No other lllio 111 Sent by mull oorj
OlillilreuHlzo SO cu AilulfHtlzo 4100
Send for Circular
roil BAIK ONLY 11Y
coiiNiiii iouiiTiiaTii and r STitinrrs
iiibltt House Wiwhlnjlon D C
AKCiitsoIliotliBCTis wanted
Now and Sooond Hnnd Furniture
ANDTlllJ ONLY MNfi nrTwriN
tju iaht and Tin wizsr
via Washington
hrtFL ItAlMl
Bchedulo to tnko em ct Huudny May ZM IbSl
a m mavi wahiiinutoni
1220- Ciucauo Cincinnati ANPbTLouwFAs
Kx nu as
0 oo ltalttmoro IMltcot City nnd Wy StalIon
050 IJnUlniore Animiiolls nnd Vny lIrd
mont Htrnsburc Winchester Ilugerslown
nnl wav U Jltlny
oto Iolnt or Jtocka ami wny Stations
IIxiiikh1 1arlor cars to Ifew York
040 Htauntov and Vallky Jxrni JM Con
iicct for Itacerstow n and ut lotnt of Itoclcs
for rrtnlerlck
1000 On Hunday only Baltimore Annapolbiand
lOOO Haltimork Ilxvnt VH Blopi nt II MU
vllle Collesu lIeltsUle IiUurLl Annnpollr
Junction JetttUpH nnd IIanoer
tl04o riTTKiiuunii Chicago Cincinnati nm
bt Ixui8 UxriihHs
1310 IlnltlmoroEnicotCltyAnnapollsnndWnj
120 On Hunday Only for Baltimore nnd Way
330 ltalilmoru nml Way Stations nvincN sttr
1rederlck Hagcrstown and wuy ia lie
4 30 iUiriMonr IIvattsviltr ani Laurel
llxniLKM lrcdirlck via Jtclny utops at
A nnajol Injunction
t440 Italtlmore Annnpolli and Wny Htnlloni
f4 40 Point of ItockH Trederlck HuRerstowz
Wlnchesterand Way OnHunUuy to Point
of Ilotks nnd Wny Station
040 Kaitimohk Ixirks Slnrtlnsbure ana
Wny la ltclay mops at J I j ntts Ule nnd
005 Point ot Itocks nnd Way H tat I on
fo40 Itnltlmorcnud Way Stations
730 Haltimork Hvattsvillk nnd LAunrL
1015 PiTTHiiunoit Cincinnati nnd St Louu
0 00 PiiiLADrMitiAXKW Yohk and Boston
Kxiiti sH hit epiiiff cars loKcw York
to 00 Baltimohk Hvattjviiie andlxAUUM
IIxiiuM stop nu signal or to let oil pas
Benders at any station between Washington
aud Annapolis Junction
tDnlly Sunday only Other trains dally ex
All trains from Washington stop at Belay Sta
Ior further Information npply nt tho Baltimore
A Ohio Ticket Othces Wmhinirton Btatlon and C19
nnd 1131 lennn nvenue cor of 11th street whna
orders w 111 be taken tf bnugajjo to bo checked and
received at nny point iu the city
1881 TllE guiat 1881
Splendid Scenery Magnificent liulpmert
In iftct May 18 isi
corner of fclxth nnd B streets
iu follows
Pot IMttfiburBnndthoWest8tta m Dally with
Slccpliuccnrato rittsburKnml Clilcnco laao a
m dully with bleeping cars from HorrlsburK
tu Cincinnati St Louis ami Chicago- tfX p ta
dally with 1ulncoCnrto llttsburft
Tor CunaudulKun Jiochester Butlalo Ntngark
Falls with rarlor Car to Wat kins aud the
North 8 a m dally except hominy at 030 n
m dally except Hniunhiy with lulaco car to
Cannuualguanud Watklns
Tor Wllllamsnort Ick JInen and Klmlra
10 Wn m dally except Sunday
Tor New York and the Jnst 8 ou a in 103 a mt
iai iu iu mm juj - p ni un cmimuy uo iu u
nnd 101 p m Limited Express of Pullman
Patnco Curs 1 tO a in riallv t xront Similnv
llroukhn N ii i ri
i uti iimniiiu iruius cuiiuecv
JcrBcy City with bonts of llrookljn Anncr r
loniiiiRinrcciiranBicr 10 i niton nirfK l aola
Int cloublo Icrrinffo ucrosa New Yorlc cliy
For riilluilclihlu suo a in 1030 a in 2W 40
10 oil nnd 10 15 ni On Humlay nt iw S40
100 ami 1015 p in UmlteU Kxnressti JO a in
dally except bnnday
Ior llalilmore 010 8 030 10 30 a ni and S00
1 so ml 40 oj6 1000 and 1015 p m On Bun
day 8U0 103d a 111 20U 540 U 30 1000 and 1015
p in
For Popes Creek Line MO n m ard 4 40 p in
dally except Hunday
For AnnapoUsllOa ninnd440p ni dally ex
Ior Alexandria 77Jouaiiin1 11 JOn in -ISO
Uo Hnndll Wp in Ouhundajs at 700 lx
and llJOn mnndiip in
For ltlcbiunnd nnd tlio houtli 700 and 1110 a m
dally nnd 5 p in dally except Sunday
Trains Ieao Alexandria for Washington 6 80
nnd 10 a in 12 H J 5 7 a 010 p m and li mid
night On bunday at 805 and 10 a m 7 aud
0 ai p in
Tlckels infurniatloii sleeping and jinrlor car no
ronmiodntloiii can bo procure d nil huoUUcfl north
east corner oflhlrtcenthstriet nnd lonnsyluuila
avenue nnd at the stailon whero orders can be
left for the checking ofbaBgngo todesllnalloufroir
hotels and rvsltlences
J It WOODdcnernl lossenger Agent
4il JIlghthBtreellHtD nnd Jl n w
Closo Cnrrlnges for Weddings Calls and Jtect p
tlons DoanUng nnd IU pry blables
A 11 KlYlX
Closo Carriages for Weddings Cnllsiind
iiiuii jiuuiuing nuu inery n
HotelHtahles corner nth nnd 11
oaa srvKNTir bt n w iiirr I and k

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